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File: 6f4f9b2e1f3401c⋯.jpg (15.08 KB, 480x360, 4:3, no_step_on_snek.jpg)


>study hard

>work hard

>save money so i have something when i retire

>gommies take over

>they take my saved money, because property tax

>shit, but ok gommies will take care of me when i'm old

>grow old

>gommunizm eventually collapses, because ppl want a little more than their fair share of nothing and black markets start vibrating

>ok, market is rebooted

>i'm old and have nothing because gommies took it back then

>fugg :^D

How can i stop communists from treading me so hard, that i starve when i retire? Is there any solution besides leaving the country?



I'm not actually in imminent danger. I live in Germany (a moderately social democrat country), and the conservative(CSU, AfD) and free-market (FDP) parties are actually rising a little in polls. I just want to know: What if?






>free market



>is there any solution

the final solution

or just hide your money somehow, get into black markets early ect.


You make sure the gommies never rise to power in the first place. Or if they do, you destroy them and take their ill-gotten goods.

Unfortunately lolbergs are in the worst possible position to do either.


File: 22585448d993110⋯.jpg (26.13 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1461731800089.jpg)


Hide your money, or find in roads to government. When power changes hands they usually just change the sign on the door, but the people inside stay the same. If you can keep tabs on what is hapening you will be able to redirect your income before laws and policys come into effect. Think of it as a form of insider trading. There is no real way to permanently keep your personal wealth, but if you are able to shift it around quickly, you will do better.

In the US there is a whole group of people called financial planners who specialize in skating around the law and getting as many tax breaks as possible. There are proabably people like this in germany as well. Be careful though, as the many jews in this industry that will charge you a percent rather than a flat fee for their services.

t. resident of commiefornia


>he thinks communist revolution is eminent anywhere

You would be witnessing the signs of the times if revolution was in the air. It took the largest war man had seen to thus point to trigger the first successful socialist revolution.

Be more afraid of social democrats.



agreed fabian socialists are far more insidious than the tankies. Fabians actually hold poisitions of power.



> my heavily armed bunker is the worst possible position to kill "people" and take their shit when they show up at my door



All socialists are commies, that includes natsocs. You're all just fighting over which one of you gets to steal my shit, fuck you.



this tbh



>he doesn't see eminent commie revolution on Brazil

NAP me up.



hallo neufreund




Brazil here. Our social democratic system has completely collapsed, but I believe I don't need to state that.

My tip for you is to keep all your money away from government if you want to be safe. Acquire gold or property or make a safe long-term investment; anything that tends to rise in value, above inflation and currency depreciation. I personally wouldn't trust Bitcoin as a very long-term investment; the fact it relies entirely on technology is its greatest advantage and its greatest downside.

I don't know how many here are ancaps; I know the vast majority of us are, but for those who aren't, please don't trust the government to take care of you and your loved ones when you grow old. I'm not trying to convert you, it's just logic; if you have a system where there's more people receiving money than people working, that's going to crash hard someday. Governments will try to amend this every now and then to keep it from exploding (it's happening in Brazil right now), but we can never be sure how long before it escapes their control.



>he trusts /leftypol/ hype blindly


brazil is fucked but what it will reshape into will be far from socialist despite your wet dreams.



>Acquire gold or property or make a safe long-term investment

The only thing that cant be repossessed is ideas and information. Any property or items of value can be taxed or taken completely. It is, in my opinion, much better to understand the forces of government and move assets around as nesecary.

If you do need to make purchases to store your wealth at home, source them from the black market exclusively. Things like guns and art pieces hold their value quite well and can be liquidated as need be, but more importantly they produce far less paperwork or commotion than items such as raw gold.



why gold?



>wet dreams

I request you turn off that projector or go shitpost elsewhere, or explain why you think i'm a "socialist"(You can't, retard)


File: a95d6cb4bc97bbf⋯.png (239.92 KB, 2000x1224, 250:153, 2000px-Gold_Spot_Price_per….png)

File: c3798f133b24518⋯.jpeg (72.77 KB, 690x518, 345:259, this girl is on fire.jpeg)


Gold is, and has been used for centuries for trade, so you could wager that it will still be used in like 50-60 years. It tends to slowly rise in price too, because the demand is constantly rising but the supply of gold is finite. That's why fiat money has inflation and depreciates; government like to print money.

Of course I could also be wrong; maybe people will stop using gold or something. It's hard to predict and as said before, you must always keep an eye on how the economy is going and what government is doing.

Pic is related. I believe the boom in the late 70s was because of the stagflation that hit many european countries and the US because of the post-war Keynesianism. People wanted something to protect their money, so the price spiked.


You do have a extremely valid point. Any physical possession can be taxed, but if we take that thought to extreme, we wouldn't acquire anything because government could steal it from us. We must by all means protect our property, or so to say.

I do agree entirely that if we want to play safe we must keep an eye on the economy and the State, and move assets as necessary.


The average brazilian has learned to hate and mock all politicians and all political parties. The Left has been completely destroyed and their attempts to pick up steam again are pathetic, no one believes them anymore. We still have *lots* of leftists dominating schools and universities (just as described by Gramsci), but people are learning to not listen to them.

Brazilians may deeply dislike politicians and socialism, however we love the State, state-run enterprises (especially Petrobrás) and 'free' stuff. Not to mention we're pretty nationalistic. We don't like socialism (anymore), but we still like fascism.


You get taxed when you make it, you get property taxes, taxes on everything you buy, and ripoffs like government controlling insurance, and inflation.

Blogpostan, this is why I don't work hard.

I bought an antique out of state, and because the other guy wanted the correct amount on all the paperwork (which was needlessly complicated), I had to pay sales tax on something much older than me after I had it inspected (for a fee), paid to send in paper work to not have to pay property taxes. And now, I got a letter that despite not needing new tags or anything, there is property tax on the antique tag, since they can't tax the vehicle. Likewise, after buying something in state built in the 1930s, I have to pay the state and provide proof that I don't use it for a business to not have to pay property taxes on it. All while paying thousands to the local school district which my children will never go to for the taxes on the building I store this shit in.

I don't take welfare or subsidies, but I only work hard enough now to pay taxes and insurance and electric while keeping fed. I have gardens and animals, but that ground gets taxed too.

I've been waiting on at least a minor collapse for 20 years now. Now I think RWDS may be our only option.


Buy guns. If properly kept and maintained they only increase in value over time.




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