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i was told by PhD student that IQ differences between races are due to IQ tests being europocentric

is it true?

he was working as a speech pathologist with aborigenal children in australia and still he thinks we are equal

is he a cuck?





Simple response, why do Asians outscore us?

Why does brain size (which, within racial groups, correlates with intelligence) differ in average size between races?

Why is the MAOA-2R allele, which is associated with aggression and criminality, five times more common in blacks than whites (and almost 10 times more common in whites than Asia, i.e. ~0.1% Asians, 1% whites, 5.5% blacks)?

Why is the Asiatic cheetah AFTER ONLY 30,000 YEARS OUTSIDE OF AFRICA A DISTINCT BIOLOGICAL SUBSPECIES but Asian humans after SIXTY THOUSAND years outside of Africa "JUST LIKE" Africans" they have the EXACT same average neurological ability?

Okay, you know what, this is the easy route:

-IQ is a polygenic, highly heritable trait (i.e. genetics are a major factor in an individuals' level of intelligence)

-If individuals differ in intelligence due to genes (they do), isn't it necessarily true that large genetically distinct groups, even if their environments are made identical, will have AT LEAST A SLIGHT GREATER THAN 0 DIFFERENCE in their average intelligence? Yes, it is, the only question is how large that difference is. The same applies to aggression, which is partially determined by a variety of important biologically/genetically determined factors.



asians are smarter



East Asians populations have higher average IQ scores, correct.



ok thx for reply

what about genders

are males more intelligent (higher iq) than females?



First of all, it doesn't really matter because there's not really a "eugenics option" for males versus females, any population of humans really needs to be at least 40% female in my opinion, Richard Lynn said there's about a 3 point difference in average IQ, what IS NOT debated is that men score better on some specific cognitive tasks and women score better on others, off the top of my head, I believe men are better at visual-spatial reasoning and doing things like imagining a 3D "world" based off of a 2D map of a labyrinth, what also is much more accepted than a difference in average intelligence is a greater standard deviation in the male IQ bell curve which means you have men less centered around the average, more geniuses and more retards, if you had a population with an IQ of 98 and a really broad bell curve and a population with an IQ of 106 and an extremely narrow bell curve, the latter population would most likely have significantly fewer geniuses (and retards) than the former.



so tl;dr people will yell at you for saying there's a small difference in average intelligence between men and women, that's not really that important, the broader IQ bell curve explains why you have more male geniuses and more homeless men and contributes to male criminality (on top of other biological factors.)



is average male more intelligent (IQ) than average female?



Also, it's useful to, before discussing racial differences, emphasize the importance on accepting where the facts lead, being impartial, Occam's razor (genetic differences are an infinitely more parsimonious explanation for universal negroid failure than MUH RAYCISM), basically get the person to admit that they should be truth oriented (if they're not pieces of shit who deny that) before you discuss race, this will have a somewhat countervailing effect to the constant process in the back of their head telling them that "racist ideas" hurt their social capital so that's bad for their genitals reproducing into more genitals (potentially harmful to their ability to find partners, etc.)



>was told by PhD student that IQ differences between races are due to IQ tests being europocentric

>is it true?

I've heard this claim a few times but still have no idea what it's supposed to mean. Either they're going full relativist, in which case their opinion holds as little weight as that of any other faggot telling you that gender/ethics/etc. are a social construct. Or they claim that IQ-tests fail to give proper weight, or any weight at all, to skills that should be seen as a part of intelligence. That's a far more reasonable claim, and one that I could get behind. IQ-tests really don't measure creativity, for example, or critical thinking, or social skills and empathy. I wouldn't call them worthless and probably not even overrated, as they do have a use, just a more limited one than autistic morons who brag about getting 140% on them kek would have you believe.

And that brings me to why claims of europocentrism are most likely still bullshit: These different intelligence skills that are insufficiently measured by IQ-tests are not skills that are more predominant or more valued in different cultures. Africans are not known for being particularly critical and thorough thinkers, or being particularly creative, and if they have an edge over us with regards to social abilities - which I highly doubt - then that might just be because dumb people tend to flock more together than smarter people. In other words, even that edge would disappear if you compared samples of europeans and africans with the same IQ. IF it exists, I can't stress that enough. If Africans had a superior emotional intelligence, they wouldn't eat their enemies during wartimes.



Probably, but the difference is small enough that leftists can pretend it doesn't exist, which is something they can't do with racial differences in IQ.



>IQ-tests really don't measure creativity, for example, or critical thinking, or social skills and empathy. I wouldn't call them worthless and probably not even overrated, as they do have a use

Fluid intelligence is the ability to solve abstract problems, think in novel ways, identify patterns, think logically, etc. an IQ test that tested for empathy or social skills would be an IQ test with poor validity because those are not relevant to fluid/crystallized intelligence, or any intellectual ability measured by IQ testing. And creativity is correlated with IQ, not many 80 IQ dindus involved in engineering medical implants or producing great inventions.

Also, if people claim "omg IQ tests don't measure all types of intelligence like maybe africans are better at chucking spears", guess what, the type of intelligence measured by IQ tests the type of ability you need to do well in a modern day Western economy, and they're valid for predicting your ability to do that




You should have contemplated if something IQ tests can ever be valid at all.

>Is he a cuck?

Are you posting in the wrong board again?



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Statistics (biased as fuck as well) and isolated experiments as proof of anything related to the human psyche


File: b354efd4e90b1af⋯.jpg (34.97 KB, 454x340, 227:170, 0d68a2cb393d2a99b58a6c10a5….jpg)


Not an argument.



I didn't know there was even a distinction between crystallized and fluid intelligence. In this case, I stand (partially?) corrected. For the record, though, I never claimed IQ was useless. Sorry if I made that impression.



I did not think you meant IQ was useless, I did not pin you for a hardcore "IQ denialist", but I think that your skepticism of its validity is probably mostly misplaced, given how accurately it predicts relevant real world outcomes.



> Is he a cuck?

That or he's actually a massive retard.



No they are Industrial Society-Centric in the sense they measure how well you function in an industrial society.



IQ is a measure of ones ability to discern patterns

Being able to discern patterns is a critical aspect (but not the only aspect) of intelligence as it allows one to predict future events more accurately than those with low intelligence.


True, but they lack something.



IQ curve is much more centered around the median like with females. Asian culture also places emphasis on obeying your teacher and not on original thinking.


asians and israelites have been caught cheating a lot, I am sure every ethnicity cheats but they are the ones who get caught.



>asians and israelites have been caught cheating a lot,

[citation needed]




No, non-whites especially blacks tend to do worse on tests that aren't culturally biased like Ravens progressive matrices


IQ is soft science.



why are japan ppl most important despite being poor and stupid peasants while in mesoamerica people had well developed civilization with maths and astronomy and so on? should not descendants of the incas be most intelligent because of inheritance?



Yeah and Roman historiographers considered Ethiopia one of the three great empires of the known world. IQ and civilisation can go to shit hard and fast.



This is a very interesting point. some times you have to wonder if lady luck had anything to do with it. To develop, maintain and spread a civilsation you need many factors that depend on the environment and certain key things. For example Aztecs did not have a fully devloped writing system, that could have been one of the causes for not developing and sustaining a civilization.



were not aztecs decimated by european invaders?


File: f76946e103d11b1⋯.png (27.79 KB, 320x480, 2:3, Culture Fair 3.png)

Absurd. There are many kinds of IQ test, some are language independent.



is it the circle with the square inside? i always score low on these because of the time limit.



Japan had formal grammars when Mesoamerica had the ritual cannibalism of nobles to appease star deities. So much for the "maths and astronomy" of a culture that couldn't even record abstract ideas or smelt iron. I wholly reject the premise of the question which is, in all probability, a strawman for >>48031's equally ignorant apologia (that isn't an argument).



Invidulated IQ tests are cheap, like $25 dollars.


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