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File: 5cf14a58002f1df⋯.jpg (11.59 KB, 300x299, 300:299, 1462288222001.jpg)



It's their private property, they can do what they want. Poland’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration agreed to it when they accepted the terms of use.



kill yourself



Pretty much this. However, there are other outlets that will host this video.



Why would anyone here care about a private company taking down a video regarding another State preventing free association? lol



This is why liberty are cucks.



There's a difference between legality and ethics. Legally yes they can do that, ethically its a dick move.


>implying the migration is free association

You forgetting about the economic migrants leaving for gibs and refugees fleeing because of US foreign policy?



It's not against the NAP.



>if you don't like your job just get a better one


>no, not like that, that's not allowed!

Why can't /liberty/ stick to their own principles?



Why? Tell me. Show me that you can actually apply our theories and are not just memeing.



yes it is


violating somebodys property to do it is indeed not allowed. if you wanted to do that, then yes it would be right to say 'no, not like that'



>this is another example of NAP cucks cucking even further by applying their own ideology in a flawed way



>beeing this naive



It's like removing graffiti from your property. The infrastructure is owned by Youtube, you can't force them to keep serving your content. That would be slavery. If anything, claiming that Youtube has any obligations to propagate the content you like is what could be perceived as aggression against the property of Youtube.



It's the state that violates property rights, not the migrants.



>Being consistent in your principles makes you a cuck

This is why you're portrayed as a bunch of angsty whiners. That's what you do.



who has a stronger claim to the property: the people who it was stolen from, or random strangers from another country?

that property is not unowned. citizens have the right of way over random strangers as far as property rights over things forcibly taken from them



really depends on what those principles are



liberty is a good principle to have



The real catastrophe was that millions of refugees were saved from appalling conditions in the Middle East and Northern Africa.



natural rights and liberty are different things


File: 2e11a9c4f4e2d46⋯.webm (9.62 MB, 853x480, 853:480, 1489784885666484327.webm)


>natural rights



Liberty is the default state of being. How unnatural is that?



that does not imply rights

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