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File: 16ba44049d600fb⋯.jpg (91.36 KB, 768x400, 48:25, 1963491_orig.jpg)


So how do you explain Scandinavia with its social democracy and high taxes? Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark… all of these countries are highly successful with good living standards no matter how you cut it despite having heavy regulations. And keep in mind it's still capitalism, so no screeching about "socialism" (ironically you would concede that socialism does work if you call it that) because the government has some stake in it, private property is still a thing.



>hurr durr sweden refugees

Yes yes, and now what about the rest of scandinavia? What about the system without the refugees in the equation?


We are not actually against the welfare state, we just say it so we can feel superior to those who are even poorer than us.






YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


In addition to everything in this article, you have to keep in mind that Scandinavian states are actually economically freer than the United States in other ways. They have higher taxes in general, but a lower corporate tax, and fewer regulations on business itself, which leads to these countries scoring higher on the ease of doing business index.

I know he's seen as a hack around these parts (and rightly so), but Molyneux's video on the subject is surprisingly coherent.


File: b6c6655cf8afde0⋯.png (116.27 KB, 959x973, 137:139, statesGDPnew-1.png)

File: c4d75945cfe506c⋯.pdf (173.98 KB, Tax-Foundation-FF559.pdf)

File: 03016bc4b44c9a5⋯.png (27.59 KB, 884x601, 884:601, tax_burden_as_a_whole.png)


>all of these countries are highly successful with good living standards no matter how you cut it despite having heavy regulations.


I explain it with pic related. It's based on Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) instead of normal GDP, E.G. it's based on how much the "cost" is to buy a basket of common goods as well as a couple luxury items at a supermarket and converted into international dollars (which they use USD for simplicity because everyone trades in USD more or less). It's pretty much the most "accurate" way of measuring large-scale economies as it accounts for wealth gap. On a state-by-state basis, they're poorer than more than 2/3rds of the USA. If they had US corporate tax rates instead of the relatively low corporate tax rates that are the only thing keeping business there, they'd probably be poorer than Mississippi; the state that legally redefined the mental retardation cutoff point in the US by 10 points because its average IQ was just a few points shy of it.

See page 6 of PDF related for corporate tax rates, and second pic for consumer/total tax rates. Europe has relatively low corporate tax despite consumer tax being so high, which allows them to counterbalance and convince businesses to stay (well in reality those businesses are just hiring migrants from Eastern Europe, but we'll ignore that point for now since it's not my main point).



Let's not forget that socially, the US and most of Mainland Europe developed a "gibs" complex back during the Great Depression, that is, the social aversion to welfare claims started to erode in the late 30s/early 40s. In Scandinavian cultures, aversion to welfare didn't begin to occur until much, much later (I think it was like the 80s/90s?).


Don't most of these countries spend less on their military because of the US bases near them? If you take that away and they have to spend on their own military wouldn't they have to reduce their welfare as a result?



Or have even lower standards of living, yes.


File: 4b086e13124f9db⋯.pdf (1.57 MB, Nima Sanandaji - Scandinav….pdf)


PDF related. Haven't read it yet, but plan to.



Also these.


File: 0ac2977d3f82b83⋯.jpg (190.77 KB, 875x1283, 875:1283, 21a70f08a2268fa434b5bf420a….jpg)


>What about the system without the refugees in the equation?

National Socialism >>>/pol/

Socialism works better in a family.

It can still function is the extended family known as ethnicity or even the race… but has diminishing returns.



The closest socialism can come to "working" is completely voluntary organizations, in which case you can't really call it socialism because property rights are still very much enforceable and there's no nanny state, you just have a small number of people that have chosen to act in a cooperative manner.


File: ea2a850154059ce⋯.jpg (73.09 KB, 802x1024, 401:512, c2911cb62a9f42184d93f6ea04….jpg)


Yes, cooperative/syndicalism/mutualism is superior, that is true. The more voluntary society is the better for the freedom loving trouble is most don't actually like freedom


File: 07c8fc4b27ce9ca⋯.png (249.25 KB, 466x660, 233:330, ayn_rand.png)



That's not what I said, you avatar-posting faggot. It's the closest thing to socialism that might, possibly, work on an extremely small scale without exploding. That doesn't mean it's not antithetical to the kind of organization market forces and purposeful action will create.


File: 0cd6cd28d034319⋯.jpg (62.9 KB, 583x413, 583:413, 66848157_p0.jpg)


no sexualising Haruka



> And keep in mind it's still capitalism, so no screeching about "socialism"

so why their ruling party has "social democratic" in name?



>hates avatarfags

>posts with roman flag

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