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File: fc23e3410d30e8e⋯.jpg (48.24 KB, 231x354, 77:118, CapitalismSocialismAndDemo….jpg)


What does /liberty/ think of Schumpeter's thoughts that Capitalism will meet its demise? Before you jump, I am not arguing that it should. Likewise, Schumpeter wasn't arguing that it should either, which I find interesting. He makes an argument of its collapse being inevitable, and the rise of crony crapitalism being inevitable, despite being sympathetic for and in fact agreeing with the effectiveness of capitalism, and not wanting capitalism to meet its demise.


Won't the more cronyist societies be out-competed in free markets?



I haven't read it, but maybe it could offer some answers on how to prevent a statist society from regressing into statism.



<Capitalism is so ruthlessly successful that it will create a class of rich asshats with too much time on their hands that will sow the seeds of cronyism that will destroy the Capitalist framework.

>Vaccines are so effective at removing a disease that there are now so few cases of a disease that people think that vaccines cause that disease.

Capitalism is a victim of its own success.



sure, they're less competitive. Problem is, a cronyist society is, by definition, not subject to a free market.

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