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File: d2633c949f20043⋯.png (1.04 KB, 122x87, 122:87, Metrication-US-logo.png)


How does /liberty/ suggest the U.S. metricate?


For some mysterious reason, most folks can convert between metric and american-imperial measures of weight. One eighth of an ounce is about 3,500mg.

From this, I can surmise that the best way to promote the metric system is to end capitalism, which is a function of the state. How the hell one has a parable of a psuedolibertarian king and worship of literally state-created megacorps (fiat distribution, regulatory capture, et cetera) in the same ideology I have no fucking idea…



>capitalism is a function of the state

What the fuck am I reading


File: df68dbe67bf2f10⋯.jpg (55.41 KB, 536x1024, 67:128, DTwarotW0AEeCN-.jpg)


>people can and do already convert to/from the metric system as needed

>therefore, we should put a coercive restriction on all voluntary exchanges


File: 513b64d37f2c3e1⋯.png (6.07 KB, 389x253, 389:253, 1511739508185.png)


shit, left my larping flag on


Many businesses already use metric because they need to cooperate internationally. Those they don't would get subsumed because they need to eventually integrate with the global supply chain. Scientific labs already use metric because they need to cooperate internationally. Isn't the only reason the metric system continues to persist in the U.S. because of government requirements (I mean, aside from minor cultural phenomenon like using Fahrenheit and quoting in inches for your home projects)?

That said:

> Government military requires metric specifications.

> Government highway signage required to be in metric.

> Government weather forecasting required to be in metric.

Would be about all the U.S. needs, and then just let the rest naturally take its due course.



There's even a handy guide in parenthesis!


>ending restrictions on buying and selling would kill the market!

Y'all really are compliant domestic-abuse victims, aren't you?


File: 7b0c70cadcd33a2⋯.jpg (18.88 KB, 280x373, 280:373, dude stop.jpg)


>these non-capitalist things are capitalism







You'd best start speaking up when folks use Marx/Lenin as a straw socialist, then, despite the actual history… because you're DEEP in "Schrödingers' capitalism" territory here.

Actually-existing capitalism is the use of regulatory barriers against exchange to seperate by dictate those who may functionally use capital goods to meet their own needs from those who may not in a system of crony-distributed currency backed by fiat, and your special-snowflake "capitalism" has only ever been practiced by left anticapitalist movements.

…and you can find many individuals on this board trying to argue that that system is "voluntary."

Speak up, every time, or gtfo with that shit.



>these things a public entity does are private enterprise

You really don't read posts, do you.



>You really don't read posts, do you.

That… is a good point about the spam campaign you're paid to work in.

It need not be true of third parties.



>You'd best start speaking up when folks use Marx/Lenin as a straw socialist

It isn't our duty to study and memorize the exact ways everyone is wrong so that we can, with extreme vigilance, correct everyone. Also you type like an absolute retard "gtfo" with your "shit".


>It wasn't real capitalism tho!

like clockwork



Funny how capitalism keeps people from starving even when interrupted by the state, though


The U.S. didn't convert to the metric system already pretty much due to the price tag. It's a big country by raw landmass and a great deal of that is developed with infrastructure (as opposed to Russia or Canada where much of that humongous territory is barren wilderness). That's why all of the hype for metric conversion in the 1970s hit with a resounding thud; the government woke up to how much it would have cost and the time involved with actually replacing all of the speed markers on the freeway.

If your personal crusade is going to be getting America fully off Imperial British units and onto metric full-time, then focus on cost-effective plans. Devolving the matter to states and localities, posting metric signs near Imperial ones for a few years before removing the latter. Outsourcing the jobs to private contractors that have to bid low.



>Funny how capitalism keeps people from starving even when it's actually never happened

I know, right? It's… Schrödinger's capitalism!



>when it's actually never happened

Can someone take IPhone away from this braindead leftist? He's retarded.



>capitalism is a binary state

Yeah, you're retarded.



So, capitalism is when winners and losers are decided by the state? Just hand out bailouts, a little regulatory capture?

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