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File: c4ba30e10b95789⋯.png (256.97 KB, 516x526, 258:263, naked banana.png)


How do we stop postmodernism and cultural marxism?

The decay of western civilization can all be attributed to these 2 godless ideologies.


File: fe896c1037e77f9⋯.jpg (288.01 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, cultural-marxism.jpg)

File: df6cf5b3d73ae69⋯.jpeg (74.58 KB, 800x1147, 800:1147, culturalmarxism.jpeg)

File: a634624b8c102d3⋯.jpg (30.58 KB, 600x302, 300:151, Frankfurt-School.jpg)

File: fbf17ccd849fdd8⋯.jpg (920.63 KB, 1541x1842, 1541:1842, 638.jpg)


cultural marxism isn't a real thing

postmodernism was a rebuttal to marxism so really you should love it.



0/10 poor bait



it's bait but it's also true



I just view >>94040 as a resummarization of >>94039. Pretty accurate as such.

Also, while cultural marxism has never existed, this actually makes me sad, because every time someone tries to describe it, it sounds awesome, and then I remember that there actually is no secret conspiracy to replace "teh amerikan famuly" with genetically-engineered catgirls. :(


You mean Frankfurt school?




Cultural Marxism is real you retards, we see it happening right infront of our eyes in the America.

Socialism slowly destroying the foundations of western civilization, for decades. They've infiltrated academia and have brainwashed millenials.

Another word for cultural marxism is "social justice warrior" but I prefer cultural marxist because it adds emphasis on the link with communism, and that's what they are. Godless commies, instead today it's about immigrants and minorities instead of the working class.



>Cultural Marxism is real you retards

God I wish…


Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Here's a Jew talking about the Jewish tendencies of the Frankfurt school.



how is postmodernism bad? i think i can coexist with ancap quite well



which episode is this



postmodernism is a theory based on the understanding that there are no objective truths, only subjective ones.

marxism is a materialst analysis of history that shows objective truths do exist.

cultural marxism is just a rehashing of cultural bolshevism which was a nazi conspiracy theory to explain the decadence of weimar germany.

right wingers: "i don't know what these things are but i hate them all so they must be the same!"



Marxism is literally a western ideology that is built of the Western canon

The writings of Marx and Engels are based on Hegel and hegels ideas were part of the Enlightenment and the German romanticism movements in Europe

If you want to Critisize Marxism don't do it in a way so nonsensical it can easily be disproven like this



1164, another great episode from the TWS




is there no objective truth in your opinion?



The Bible is true so yes there is objective truth.

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