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Ya'll need Mises.

File: 3d2cf63b7292cd3⋯.jpg (70.94 KB, 800x462, 400:231, 1469899132473095467.jpg)


in d*mocracy political parties DO have incentive to take care of future, unlike hoppe says, because they want to be elected once again

prove me wrong


Assuming for the moment this is a serious question:

They're still spending other people's money, which is always high time-preference. And they don't need to care about the future, just two to four years into it. Even for congressmen that are elected indefinitely, they just need to come up with a new band-aid solution every two years to "address" whatever the issue du jour is, and have no incentive to treat anything but the symptoms instead of the root cause. If anything, letting problems snowball by ignoring the root cause is in the interest of elected officials, because once everything blows up, they can be the ones to take credit for fixing it.



>have no incentive to treat anything but the symptoms instead of the root cause




Because they have no incentive to actually make the problem go away, just to make the proles not see the problem for long enough that they vote the right way next election cycle. Case in point, it's easy for a politician to get re-elected for "creating jobs" when all he does is start a bunch of government makework programs. The economy isn't better than it was before, in fact it's worse off, the effects of which will be felt in a few years. But the voters just see "Good politician man created more jobs. He is good man who helps economy," which is enough for them to vote for him.



Hoppe is a crank crypto-fascist and his faulty kraut brain is incapable of understanding a liberal society. This is why hes a literally who and only edgy kids from /pol/ care about him.


File: 7564b88916ec433⋯.png (271 KB, 900x500, 9:5, commies are animals.png)


>only edgy kids from /pol/ care about him

Lurk more or go back to reddit. Nobody in /pol/ cares about him. He's too edgy for /pol/, and more based than Hitler.



Show me on the doll where the covenant touched you.



>what is the iron law of oligarchy



>prove me wrong



>muh fasshism!

Antifa faggot detected.


>prove me wrong

Why should I, when the US has established that you can just float a one-party state and not care about the sub-20-percent voter turnout?


Those desperate clingy little shits latching onto aryan girls. Can't even get their own women.



Honestly, if I saw that while walking down the street, I'd walk up to one of those niglets and kick it in the face, it's not exactly illegal in my cunt as long as you can get away with.




Fuck off /pol/tard incels, if your whitoid boys get cucked out of tiptop white cunny by more dominant races, that's on their effeminate beta whitoid genes and complete lack of ability to sexually compete


File: 2d45575812571e7⋯.jpg (59.77 KB, 850x400, 17:8, 1513309515138.jpg)

>political parties DO have incentive to take care of the future

<massive debt, still rising

<social security soon to be insolvent

<blowback from international wars

<war on citizens, sold as "war on drugs"

<infected public water supplies

<welfare cliffs keep the poor down

Truly, elected leaders are the wisest custodians of humanity to ever walk the earth. Where would we be today without Biden and McConnell?



Shit bait. Back to the cuckshed, /pol/.




Racism is completely unacceptable in libertarian society. Neck yourself for the maggots, you falseflagging whitoid ape.



You don't understand what freedom of dissociation or private property are.



If racism is unacceptable why are you calling someone a "whitoid ape" which seems to be some kind of low-IQ attempt at a racial slur?



>dumb whitoid thinks you can be racist against whites

kek, eat shit


File: 8707c86b84c16e9⋯.jpg (54.45 KB, 760x507, 760:507, political_parties_do_have_….jpg)



would you fuck her anons?


File: 14e4bfee27421b5⋯.jpg (85.31 KB, 864x717, 288:239, shrug 543.jpg)


>prove me wrong

They may loot slightly less so they can loot for a longer time, they're still inevitably going to lose power, and reelection is an extremely tenuous prospect in the first place.



>waaaaagh stop being mean

fuck off nigger



She's not even an attractive sociopath and looked like a hag even in her youth. Are you high?


op, the khmer rogue managed to exterminate a quarter of the cambodian population in less than an election cycle. Wilson caused WWII with actions done within a year. By the time Hitler wouldn't have landslided any election, such an election couldn't have done jack shit to stop the war prematurely.


>using "whitoid" like a "speak 'murican"-dipshit

there's already a word for that you absolute nitwit.



i was quoting other….



If the problems go away, what will the politicians promise to fix?



they are not being elected to promise



>Wilson caused WWII with actions done within a year.

Which actions are you referring to?



Sorry, I answered the wrong post.



Mainly making the U.S enter WWI, which was, at the time, tending towards balance and a peace that's not devastating for the loser. Entering it made the scales tip heavily in disfavour of AHE and the German empire, which in turn meant harsher conditions for peace, such as the weimar republic and the Versailles deal. These in turn crippled the german people tremendously and almost guaranteed the rise of an authoritarian dictator. The rest, i.e how the policy of said dictator, Hitler, led to WWII, is very well known.


Is this the board where /leftypol/ and /tv/ attempt bait?


Those sand niggers looks a lot like niggers in Brazil. This supports my theory that the arab race are actually half niggers, which also explains why their higher ups have white skin.

>egyptians where white (med)

>jews show up

>do their thing

>most whites move north and build Rome

>whites that stay are BLACKED and become the arabs

arabs are later shiped to Europe as an army

Arabs are real life uruks



They weren't 'niggers' originlly. But when they conquered agricultural Egypt and Mesopotamia, they had a problem of insufficient work force due to previous constant wars between Eastern Rome and Persia plus all the plagues. So they imported the Zanj - East African slaves from around Tanzania, Kenya or Somalia. There were so many Zanj in modern south Iraq they once successfully rebelled and ruled that region for a decade, with gleeful genocides from both sides and up to 2 million casualties (more like 200 million in modern terms).

Same in Egypt. IIRC both Egypt and Iraq have ~20% East African Blacks admixture now on average. So it means while some might be up to 100% Meds, there are others that are up to 40% blacks, with most being in-between.

Egypt was ruled by Nubians for some time, but these are an intermediate race between Europeoids and Negroids anyway, and there was no mass population replacement recorder, just opportunistic tribals-mercs doing their own thing like Germanics did with Western Rome. And no historical sources for mass Jewish slavery and/or exile in Ancient Egypt. Jews didn't exist back then anyway, but their nomadic ancestors Amoreans did and probably participated in Hyksos conquest of Egypt using prime Indo-European tech of battle chariot.

After the Mongols further obliterated Mesopotamia, once highly rich and cultural mostly Persian-speaking region got fully Arabized, and also irrelevant as so much good shit got wrecked never to be restored.

Now the funny thing - the above 'sand niggers' look 100% racially Europeoid, ergo 'hwite'. They are most certainly not the Europeans, but not much difference from the 56%ers, who consider Arabs and North Africans 'hwite' as by modern anthropology.


>most whites move north and build Rome

Top lel. Romans would butcher you for daring to compare them to either Germanic savages or Graeco-Aegyptian faggots. Early European Farmers from Anatolia mixed with Indo-European settlers.

I hope you won't accidentally discover that all modern Europeans (except for like 1/3 of Scandinavia and the isle of Sardinia) mostly descend from the Indo-Europeans of the Pontic steppe, with their purest descendants being so called 'Slavshits', the Eastern it goes the hwiter it gets.





He may not be fascist but he's still a fucking retard



im neither leftypol nor tv

t. op



females' preferences have changed because of gynocracy



Prove yourself right.

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