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Ya'll need Mises.

File: 84c6b57739bff0e⋯.webm (3.84 MB, 528x297, 16:9, 1516213664770581137.webm)


why is greece bankrupt?


>The whole issue started in 2009 when Greece announced that the level of government debt had been mis-reported.

Asset understatement in short terms. Imagine, yourself as a Greek Prime-Minister. Since 1945 your country witnessed civil war,coup detat,military junta, Golden Dawn, Communists, useless war with Turkey etc.

After entering the EU everything became somewhat positive. EU was giving Greece money for reason. After 2008 crisis shit went to top roof and Greece started take more money from IMF and EU which is okay but Greek goberment didnt report debt all the way through because corruption that, this country is soaked in since 50s

Then first bailout in 2010 made shit twice worse. And YES and NO shit made it more difficult and so on



so they are bankrupt becuase they did not undertake measures because they did not know about debt because corruption? but they know about debt now and they are not going to do austerity measures

also im waiting for data supporting your claim that greece has big corruption when compared to other eu member states


Basically a greek party that had only 3% of the vote befriended people in EU parliament.

The people in EU parliament gave them subsidies.

This greek party used the cash to bribe other small greek parties into joining them, until they had over 30% of the vote, which was the majority.

Then they proceeded to rob the country, and didn't pay their EU buddies back.

The EU then got butthurt and called some imaginary debts in.




give me comparison greece vs rest of eu





how did they rob the country?

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