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Ya'll need Mises.

File: 533d1b2f66d3eec⋯.jpg (1016.24 KB, 1569x3278, 1569:3278, Screenshot_20190109-204941….jpg)


If a national socialist country was "smaller government" than the US, would you move there?

Would you fight for it?

Alternatively, would it be worth compromising my libertarian sensibilities to allow my children to live among my race?


Yes. Libertarianism is a means to an end in my book.



Given the current state of things. No

The country would probably be run by a bunch of brain-dead skinheads.



>If a national socialist country was "smaller government" than the US, would you move there? Would you fight for it?

I probably would if I won't starve there or have to depend on the government to take care of my shit, but then it wouldn't be such a small government now would it?

>Alternatively, would it be worth compromising my libertarian sensibilities to allow my children to live among my race?

It depends on what you mean by "libertarian sensibilities". The first thing neetsocs would do when they get into power (after hanging a bunch of kikes) is start treading on businesses, so that would lead poverty and all the same shit that you find in other socialist shitholes, but I might be willing to live in poverty if it means that my children can grow up in a good environment, but poverty also leads to different kinds of degeneracies and preferably I would move to a place like Japan or Korea which are both capitalist and not degenerate.


>If a national socialist country

>"smaller government"

The only government larger than a NatSoc would be some imaginary Digital Gulag with slave collars blowing your head off if you come late to work in StateWorkMinistryIndusty.

As White people is a purely arbitrary construct (here in Russia literal Caucasians are called Blacks due to hairy-swarthy look, take your chances Americans), I imagine this pitiful state degenerating into an eternally poor dictatorship obsessed with constantly changing degrees of White-ness (to always have enough tax cows to slaughter). Like any NatSoc/Fascist dictatorship in the recent history it will either become poor cultureless irrelevant Francoist Spain on someone else's account or will blitzkrieg Canada and get itself nuked in a vain attempt to rob other people faster than its Ponzi finance collapses.

You can find any admixture you want in the autosomal DNA, including a lot of different admixtures among scores of Jewish sub-peoples, because Jewish-ness is a club you get born into by your mother, not a race. So the Bureau of Race and Resettlement will forever have enough reasons to arbitrary expropriate stuff and exile any amount of people at will because you happened to have like 15% of your 8th chromosome common with some unknown long dead Jewish man the Bureau arbitrary decided to mark genetically unacceptably Jewish.


File: 9b41efed790f71e⋯.jpg (68.82 KB, 960x710, 96:71, 9b41efed790f71e923235bc261….jpg)


Neet-soc was never about race or whiteness though, they killed Europeans and even had a few literal niggers in the Wehrmaht helping them do it. Neet-soc is your plain old socialism, just with a rhetoric aimed at conservatives and traditionalists instead of liberals and degenerates.



>I imagine this pitiful state degenerating into an eternally poor dictatorship obsessed with constantly changing degrees of White-ness.

Reminds me of that murdoch murdoch episode where Dr. Murdoch joins an ethnostate and becomes ruler of it kicking everyone out for not being white enough despite it being filled with white people.



Damn. Now I want to write a comic book series where post-USA collapse the White American States appear in the North-West going full NatSoc, using Malmstrom and Minot nukes to threaten the world into sending them food aid. Faced with looming famine due to grossly inefficient socialist economics after several waves of expropriation due to 'insufficient whiteness' laws, they eventually invade Canada for the "grain space" citing as a casus belli a Chinese migration to Vancouver or something, waste a million or so white dudes in the Calgary Blitz because socialists can't use human resources for shit, then eventually get their capital city nuked by some private nuclear arms owner from Texas because he had had enough of this shit.



no because that gov would grow


File: 3d72b7e74061042⋯.jpg (104.02 KB, 1142x800, 571:400, orrery.jpg)


No. Any and all nazis I have ever discussed anything with all come across as unhinged weirdos, so I wouldnt want to live among them just based on that alone. Second, I dont really believe any "nice face" they would put up, its still a fascistic state, where you would be subject to the whims of some paranoid ruling class.

Also, the main aspect of western civilization that has always been great is its emphasis on individualism. Each person working to fulfill their full potential, and through forging their own path, add to society as a whole. This is the basis for the early greek and roman republics, the age of enlightenment, and even in myths like King Arthur. To deny this and to subscribe to complete cucking out to some tyrannical state in the promise of vague protection goes completely against this. Those that would do this seem to reject the individual effort due to their own lack of confidence in themselves. They are admitting they are nothing and "taking their rightful place" underneath a better, something that makes me sick just thinking about. The only people I can see going to something like this are ancap kiddies since they arent even liberals in the first place and are just crypto-fascist


File: c753cd956ac9aa6⋯.png (1.33 MB, 1080x2220, 18:37, 0eed9bd0fe38d3d6a90f745ffb….png)

Even if it starts small, national socialism doesn't lend itself to staying small.



This "anarchists are actually fascists" thing you and several other people have been asserting lately is really irritating. Do you not know what words mean, or what?



Would it, without non-whites?


File: cc850e66718509b⋯.jpg (2.39 MB, 1046x8614, 523:4307, 20190110_144251.jpg)

Section 2 of the proposed constitution



Im not saying anarchist are fascist, Im saying ancaps are confused and ignorant of what these words mean and just through together a meme ideology and at the bottom of it, they are all just neo-nazi sympathizers.

>do you know what words mean

oh the irony. Anarchist Capitalism is an oxymoron


Covington didn't actually postulated purely authoritarian natsoc state in his books though. He promoted very interesting mixture of organic democracy with very original voting system and republic in taste of the Founding Fathers with a very strong presence of the state pretty much only at defense/military and education and all the laws of the country fitted in one thin book. In his (ethno)state national socialists are part of the government together with other groups, including very libertarian leave-me-the-fuck-alone party, not it's sole entity as in natsoc Germany. He even mentions (I think in The Brigade) that for a large portion of white separatists fighting for Northwest Republic, the motivation was solely a country in which they could be left alone to do their thing and not annoyed by anyone, state included.

Niggers at least read the books before you debate it. You don't need to even be white nationalists/natsocs/etc to enjoy it, he was actually bretty fucking great writer. Especially The Brigade, which is his masterpiece (and also first to read in the series).



So what's your take? Is it worth migrating as a /liberty/ poster?



If there are no non-whites available, they will be invented. The state machine need an enemy to rally its cattle against, works like a charm every time. And you'll need rough men to deal with your enemies for you, ain't that right? You aren't a closet non-white now, are you?


>Argumentum ad Nazi Feewings

It gets tiresome pretty fast. If people happen to sympathize (sympathize, not endorse) with literal fascist dictators against communism, you can't but wonder just how much worse communism is, if fascism and/or death is a preferable alternative.


>and republic in taste of the Founding Fathers

An obligatory reminder that the Founding Fathers used the Tea Tax as a pretext for secession. The very first thing the government did after winning the secession war was introducing the Whiskey Tax at bayonet point.

So Americans won the right to be taxed by local government on Whiskey instead of foreign government taxing them on Tea they didn't drink much anyway.

The State. Will. Grow. Every. Single. Time. There are no incentives not to grow, and all the incentives to overtax the cattle even more.




see- poland



>If people happen to sympathize (sympathize, not endorse) with literal fascist dictators against communism, you can't but wonder just how much worse communism is, if fascism and/or death is a preferable alternative.

Or I can just point out that those people are fascist or fascist sympathizers, and that all their supposed "liberalism" is complete bullshit.

I dont get why you would get mad at me for pointing out some aspect of yourself that you yourself admit to.



>Refusing to be robbed and enslaved by communists is literally fascism

Any day of the week, buddy. Now off to the free helicopter ride you go.



Killing is a fascist's answer to everything.








>t. 52% goblino



0 out of 100 is still 0, Pollackowsky.



>Tea/Whiskey Tax

It sounds to me you are just trying to find some universal thus vague reason why X is bad in your book. History is not linear, nor it repeats itself contrary to the popular belief. Covington also resolved this by tying pretty much all executive political power to the very specific requirements for any person that wishes to engage in it, which in my view mitigated all possible corrupt or power-hungry elements to bare minimum. Really, can't hurt to read his books - worst happens to you is that you'll read through some pretty nice Clancy-like novel with original setting.

Also I think it is important to note that you are seemingly basing your political views/expectations solely from history of materialistic systems - all those around the third way and likes of it are unique not because muh jews or muh economy or even because of muh ethnostate, but because they implement traditional spiritual western/european way of thought to it's politics which at it's core despises materialism. Covington with his Northwest Republic did same - based the whole state around one main principle embodied by 14 words. Everything else is based around as much decentralized government, local people bossing local things and maximization of individual freedom. Covington believed that in ethnostate where people adhere to it's one central tenet and share responsibility together, people wouldn't need too much of a control above their heads (or laws in the first place). Not only he is correct in his views (see 60s Sweden or 50s America - people didn't even had to lock their cars and houses, every 15 y/o had gun and Sweden had annual amount of hard crimes amounting to a statistical error) but he also based socio-political questions of his state around this belief. He even proposed total banishment of lawyer profession, since in his Northwest state there are little of laws so most can learn them easily, they make sense and most disputes can be thus resolved on individual level. He also theorized about dueling as way to resolve things (not deadly, but possibly if disputers wanted) and legalization of many today illegal substances. It's funny how state proposed by an old grumpy natsoc would be hundred times more free than today "liberal democracy".


Today? No. If/when people start building it there? Absolutely. I myself will, and I'm not even American.


>Human answer to everything

Violence resolved more issues in this world than anything else. You may not like it, but that's how humanity rolls since the beginning of time and will continue to do so.



>trying to find some universal thus vague reason why X is bad in your book

>robbery at gun point is not bad

Yeah, nah, off the helicopter with you. Everyone advocating more taxed clearly doesn't pay them.



Have you actually read beyond that sentence or you just have reading comprehension of a lobotomized gorilla, anon. Why would anyone take you seriously with this hysteric rhetoric is beyond me.



Is Poland a welfare state?



>not real scotsman


File: 8c7d6bc5e0aa8ee⋯.png (290.7 KB, 1740x2364, 145:197, gdp (2).png)

File: 5ef2e6948d4e3fd⋯.png (45.13 KB, 470x505, 94:101, GDP.png)


East Europe in general is more capitalist than the Western world.

If you define socialism as redistributing wealth, and grade it by what percentage of GDP is redistributed, you get this fine graph showing that communist china is redistributing less of its peoples wealth than the West.

Also explains why their populations are increasing. It takes roughly 1/5 of an income to raise a child in the same social class as yourself, and it takes 2/5 of income to remain in your own social stratum. When china taxes about 1/10 of income, it means its people can easily have up to three children, or have two children and enough funds left over to improve their social stratum. The West however taxes 1/5-1/2 of income, which either dooms you to poverty, or reduces the amount of children you can have to 1 or less.

This one graph explains everything.




breeders get 500zł every month for every kid


How does this compare to the free state project?

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