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Ya'll need Mises.

File: a68eb72010025b5⋯.jpg (61.23 KB, 562x527, 562:527, 1480540420590.jpg)

File: ed7931c8f26bb63⋯.jpg (179.02 KB, 620x306, 310:153, Mediterranean-Diet-Countri….jpg)


Why aren't more libertarians moving out to sea?

>No taxes

>No property taxes

>No government

>No gun laws

>The only time you'll be taxed is for buying fuel

>Can catch food out at sea

>You're a free man not bound to any country


>Can freely enter any country along the shore

>Can invest in Bitcoin for money


File: e5fec23efccf049⋯.jpg (167.51 KB, 938x530, 469:265, 3adcf7ebad2c95e69b9b9cfe54….jpg)


They do, it's just too expensive for the most part, so you could hope to ever cover the costs only if you're located over literal gold, aka oil and even then these places are pretty cramped up.


There are still plenty of libertarians among yacht owners, the ones who live on them too, though it's still more of an expensive hobby because sea is a destructive bitch that can fuck up your property more than a police raid.




That's fucking based

>That picture

Would ancap actually create that much innovation to the point of going to space?


>No Coastal Guards

Oh wait, shit, that won't end well.

Unless you want to live in the open ocean, that is a dead desert of liquid salt.



Seasteading is expensive as fuck. There's very little value in actual open ocean other than as a trade route (which you'd need to extensively avoid), and if you managed to raise any sort of profit, the nearest country would come to liberate you of your wealth.



>Would ancap actually create that much innovation to the point of going to space?

Sure, especially if most of the habitable land on earth will become occupied, which is not really that likely, though.



>Would ancap actually create that much innovation to the point of going to space?

No regulatory burden and no publicly funded science means all-private R&D, which means pretty much only useful stuff is being developed, for profit. If there's profit to be found in the stars, entrepreneurs aren't just going to sit around and wait for somebody else to get it.



you don't even need to be moved by profit.

If you like space or humanity, jin a world where there are no taxes and no war for Israel, just by the fact that you have money to spare, you would fund private space research initiatives, except that if they don't deliver you pull the fund and move them to better initiatives.

Considering how much we love space, if the government wasn't here we would have probably but 1000x the money that we had right now.

Sadly, those spacecucks don't get this simple thing and will defend the State because "who will get us to the space if not for the gubvmernt". Proof that even if you are smart, you can still be politically retarded.



>Can catch food out at sea

I’m imagining small delivery boats delivering pizza from larger ones with the purpose of making food for a seasteading community.



>the nearest country would come to liberate you of your wealth.

The fundamental problem of ancaps




That's why you need nukes for this


File: 4cdd79e2adc609a⋯.png (2.14 MB, 1868x2270, 934:1135, Gun control niggers.png)

File: 795601290d236ba⋯.jpg (44.81 KB, 800x1074, 400:537, admirality.jpg)

Because of Admiralty law. I like how this board got flooded with faggots after 1 good post was up in years, immediately this board was filled with faggot shill retard threads after Basically being dead for 2 years +



Can you perhaps give some insight into what you're trying to prove with that picture before I try to read all that shit? Skimming it, it looks like somebody committing to pushing a global anti-gun agenda. Alright. What does that have to do with Admiralty Law?



It's not really related to the thread directly but good information for ppl who don't actually do research, but rather get shill memes from here. The one way it is related is that illustrating that there is a global cabal moving to dominate all people everywhere, so unless u move to Sea with the capability to defend yourself against carriers there's no point. There is no isolationism because the leading "governments" have an agenda which is hostile to the very idea of self determination.



Oh and relation to Admiralty is that all interaction at Sea is governed by Admiralty law, whether you'd like it to be or not, the major powers and anyone who matters use that system, pirates used Admiralty law and took ships as "Prizes" nothing done"illegally" so a self determined colony at Sea is going to try to use something similar to the american states Constitutions would be simply over whelmed by the majority of sea going vessels recognizing Admiralty rather then natural rights.

Ultimately your need for defense and attack has to be strong or you fall to the outside majority. Their system being better or worse is irrelevant.

Look at these examples and see how far society has fallen simply from lack of education and self reflection.

>iPad = eye pad

You don't see anything when your using one.


File: 440cbd05a850f29⋯.png (1.53 MB, 3306x902, 1653:451, 440cbd05a850f293dd3606382f….png)

File: d2605aaf493c496⋯.png (266.79 KB, 1774x850, 887:425, 8ace000c90f06633da27d5c516….png)


File: efe069a1918439f⋯.jpg (123.97 KB, 680x759, 680:759, efe069a1918439fd162046cfde….jpg)


Yes, that tends to happen when you have to spend your life savings to establish infrastructure and then only have a handful of people armed to the teeth to defend it. You sort of need structure or a body of people greater than just you and your immediate next-of-kin in order to have anarchy. Who'd've thunk it? That you need to establish a society before you can have anarchy? That you have to have to fulfill your base needs/requirements before you can worry about living free? That perhaps if you could establish a seasteading colony this wouldn't be a problem, but that the initial colonizers have to worry about their shit being stolen by commie filth?


File: 5cb790c4abb01b9⋯.jpg (78.15 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, waterworld-4.jpg)


>Proposed structures have included modified cruise ships, refitted oil platforms…




Actually the thing that really helped push me into the direction of ancap was Elon Musk and SpaceX, because until then I was a statist spacecuck who thought that only the gubmint could do shit like that.


File: 43bd3559b6c06e3⋯.jpg (103.01 KB, 600x900, 2:3, elizabeth_by_ormeli_d46lju….jpg)

So what would convince you to move out to sea, besides just the "no government" thing? What do you want, anon? Let's get this out of the way so we can start making our dreams come true.

I'm asking because a lot of us aren't die-hard pioneers who would even live on the moon if it meant living with no government, and most of us want something to already be ready for us when we get there, so:

>What kind of sea city do you want to live in? A fleet of ships? Sea platforms? Floating island structures? Underwater, like in BioShock?

>How many inhabitants must it have at the very least? 10? 100? 1 000? 10 000? More?

>Which basic necessities do you require, besides good medical facilities?

>Do you need a more developed economy with advanced or luxurious services?

>Do you need a sure way of earning an income?

>Would you decide to move if you were given property to live on or develop?



>Underwater, like in BioShock?

Seasteading sounds difficult when you're in the path of storms without the ability to submerge otherwise you'd have to move around a lot or others would move near you to escape their path.


Capitalism is a form of government.



I'd require internet (even if shitty satellite), a gym, a means of leaving without having to wait 3 months for the next boat, and stable employment that gives me an internationally recognized currency. You can achieve everything except that last step fairly easily. The number of people doesn't really matter so long as I have a means of spending my money outside of sustenance and I can fuck off without it costing me an arm and a leg if shit hits the fan. Ideally it would also need to be nationally or even internationally recognized so some third world Navy doesn't try to "tax" us by claiming we're part of their country even though we're off in the middle of nowhere.

Those are my practical limitations if we were to build a hypothetical sea colony that I would have to drop everything if I wanted to go work for it.



Anarchy does'nt require money, everything will be free.



Can you make one post that isn't abhorrently retarded?

>inb4 anarchy is retarded



Anarchy is retarded.



Anarchism is not a mental illness


Because Scientology gave it a bad name, liar



You specifically are a mentally ill fascist.


Thank you for your eyeballs; this has been a test of the website’s functions; /liberty/ has no value as a forum.




I am anarchist.

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