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Ya'll need Mises.

File: 635a2ab8a1fc0be⋯.webm (3.08 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 635a2ab8a1fc0be769f91a837….webm)


>John McAfee @officialmcafee

>People say I would be tough on the Russians. Nonsense. I long to have a drinking contest with Putin, and I have already registered with the 2020 Vladivostok public dick measuring contest, where, due to an extremely rare genetic deformity, I will, unquestionably win


Libertarianism is a phenomenon only possible because of the west. Who are you comparing it to?



there are libertarians in turkey, russia, poland too



Due to Western influence yes, just like Hong Kong had

I'm not meaning to allege that non-westerners can't be libertarians, or that they couldn't take it even further to be more ideologically pure



so laozi was not a libertarian?



As the other guy says, those people became libertarian through exposure to libertarian ideals via exposure to the west; there aren't any libertarian philosophers that got to have those ideas without heavy influence from Western philosophers. John McAfee is Western, but so's Hans-Hermann Hoppe.



Good point

If say he was an outlier against authoritarian Oriental history



>every good idea is western civilization and every bad idea is jewish civilization


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Who are you comparing it to?

Libertarians not from the west?



Who are you quoting?



>if I put words in other people's mouth they will think I'm smart



Laozi was kinda libertarian.



I just watched this video. The FEE guy seems well meaning but kinda dense. The Russian seems to be really on point. Is the rest of his stuff good?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Oh it's really good but his best content is in Russian, and he has only four videos in English so far.





He is also a grandson of an NKVD murderer. Proudly. He sure likes the "red aristocracy" of the worst slaveowning empire on the modern history while simultaneously propagating ancap. Also a pedo.

Here's Russia for you.



> He is also a grandson of an NKVD murderer

This only implies that he has genes of a smart person, it is a much smarter move to join NKVD, which itself definitely had some screening processes, rather that to fight soviet state and die in a gulag. This said, you wouldnt care if one of the politicians you support is a descendant of some serf-owning feudal, so why do you care in this case then?



This implies he is a grandkiddy of a slaver and a terrorist. And he likes it. He never renounced his NKVD ancestor. He is basically of the (((tribe))).

I do care where a politican comes from. Too many things are in the blood. His blood is of a sellout who terrorized and enslaved his own people for gibs from Bolshevik Jews. Or worse yet, an international Jewish terrorist. Such peoples must be forbidden from any power for ten generations, or until they, you know, renounce their ancestors crimes. Which he didn't. He likes his grandfather and his crimes against humanity. That makes his position on anything with liberty in in null and void.

Also you didn't address the pedo part. He IS a semi-open pedo. What a good grandkiddy to a terrorist.



So do you hate anyone who doesn't renounce his feudal ancestors, or ancestors who served feudals as well.

> He never renounced his NKVD ancestor.

So what. It is a smart move to join the NKVD if you are in the USSR.

This is "gib me reparations for da slavey" level shit.

> He IS a semi-open pedo

It was a norm to marry early & fuck young girls before feminism-infected state has changed it.



Some distant feudal ancestors hundreds of years ago are not equal to direct ancestors two generations ago that were willing servants to genocidal slavers.

But yeah, if some count-duke-whatever espouses liberty and free labour while not condemning his family profiteering from forced labour of unfree peasant, he is a cunt. And so i

>So what

Fuck you, that's what. Degenerate scum.

>It is a smart move to join the NKVD if you are in the USSR.

A willing sellout to alien genocidal maniacs is not smart. He is a traitor, and his spawn is cursed and degenerated. Especially is his spawn likes to lick his photo so much. Publicly. On the Internet. A libertarian/ancap who likes his slaver relatives is a sellout and a hypocrite.

This is also the reason he is allowed to operate in an authoritarian dictatorship. He is related to the Bolshevik Jews enough to pardon some frivolities, while common folk get caged and tortured routinely. Besides, being an ancap that likes Soviet Union and molesting underage girls is good PR for petty dictators - look at that sick liberal fuck and love dictatorship.

>It was a norm to marry early & fuck young girls before feminism-infected state has changed it.

Pedo is not about young girls and you know it, you sick fuck. Predatory behavior only shows his inherent degeneracy. Your approval of predatory degeneracy betrays you for the sniveling cunt you are.



>And so is Svetov.

A hypocrite and a cunt. He even looks like one.



You are clearly incapable of seeing the world from other people's perspective



>Pedo is not about young girls and you know it

I mean, sometimes it's about little boys…



Well put. I wish these people would fuck off.



>. It is a smart move to join the NKVD if you are in the USSR.

but immoral

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