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Ya'll need Mises.

File: b2bc5d96f9731fb⋯.jpg (90.59 KB, 600x1006, 300:503, download_20190310_180627.jpg)


is pic related a good way to destroy competition in a free market?


>Amazon crushes small companies by copying the goods they sell on the Amazon Marketplace and then selling its own branded version. Google allegedly snuffed out a competing small search engine by demoting its content on its search algorithm, and it has favored its own restaurant ratings over those of Yelp.

>Weak antitrust enforcement has led to a dramatic reduction in competition and innovation in the tech sector. Venture capitalists are now hesitant to fund new startups to compete with these big tech companies because it’s so easy for the big companies to either snap up growing competitors or drive them out of business.






Well since I have yet to see Amazon branded sex toys, I am hesitant to agree.


The State creates problems by putting out regulations, etc that only big companies can abide to them.

Now, I am against regulations, but I also am smart enough to know that regulations that are equal can exist. For example if calling people on the phone to tell them to buy shit is bad, instead of making a rule that you need a shitload of lawyers before you can do, just make it illegal and so be it (this is just an example of a regulation that would be the same to ALL, I'm not endorsing it, do not sperg please). So, the State doesn't even create decent regulations in the first place, they clearly do them to steal money and stop small business.

Then of course there is the federal reserve and tax discounts, that always go to the big players.

At the end of it all, we get those faggots politicians who tell people more shit on how they will make some rules to stop big players from being unfair. Of course people will eat it, because they're pissed off at big companies. They see how shitty those companies are, but they don't understand why.

That said there is nothing wrong with using informations you acquire to create goods and services at lower cost. There is nothing wrong with what amazon is doing per se, so fuck off regulators.



In a free market, doing this honestly wouldn't be that bad. Consumers get products cheaper, higher-quality, or more from a more trustworthy vendor. What's wrong with that. The issue is specifically with Amazon. Them being in such a powerful position is entirely the State's fault:

IP law

Smaller companies being taxed up the ass while Amazon is completely tax-exempt



This is Hayek's "stable rules" idea, right? I'm anarcho-capitalist, I'm just much more familiar with and agree with Murray Rothbard than with Hayek.



What does Rothbard propose?



Not the guy above you, first of all. Concerning such regulations as "drive on the right lane", Rothbard believed that such rules are either customary, or enforced by the owners of the roads, who will have an interested in enacting uniform rules. In a way, we have that in the computer business. Every programmer tries to make his program run on Windows, because that is the standard. Some also make it for Linux. Very few eschew these options, and write a program for some extreme fringe operation system. It is legal to do so, but few programmers do, most follow the standards, simply because the customers expect that. It would be the same with road owners.



God, I wish we had at least private roads.

>having a beer with my boomer dad

>discussing politics and current events

>say that roads should be privatized

>owners will have an incentive to mainain them to raise the property value

>"son, we already have that shit in countries like saudi arabia"


>"yeah, the prince would own some road and get people to pay for it, it fucking sucks"




is a private community a good idea?


File: eaf6aba98fc0286⋯.webm (741.19 KB, 768x576, 4:3, Youre_Illogical.webm)


>the prince would own some road


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