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File: 7f0efa00dd9b466⋯.jpg (36.2 KB, 354x546, 59:91, gold.jpg.CROP.promovar-med….jpg)



This seems weird, albeit in a bad way. Still though, I've been trying to weird things I wouldn't normally in order to expand my horizons. If anyone has a pdf, I'd take it.




File: 14afe62ccc64bcf⋯.jpg (680.28 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, dc909fea-1028-45e8-8913-c7….JPG)


ITT: Post images of architecture you like

pic related: The National Shrine of the Little Flower Catholic Church in Royal Oak, Michigan

the church of the notorious Father Coughlin

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File: 0c536cd20538557⋯.jpg (53.8 KB, 818x1088, 409:544, james-turrell-roden-crater….jpg)


File: 5ce9565510bf198⋯.jpg (73.98 KB, 818x1360, 409:680, james-turrell-roden-crater….jpg)


File: 7061ed443880831⋯.jpg (122.06 KB, 818x1169, 818:1169, james-turrell-roden-crater….jpg)


File: d559a49bae112f4⋯.jpg (143.55 KB, 818x1211, 818:1211, james-turrell-roden-crater….jpg)


File: 130a79201cfe2ae⋯.jpg (75.89 KB, 818x534, 409:267, james-turrell-roden-crater….jpg)

File: 271224f6bef4fd7⋯.jpg (73.94 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, DdT2MeDXcAAFwp3.jpg)


Is anime art?


File: df7fbe140099d0a⋯.jpg (8.11 KB, 225x225, 1:1, IMG_2868.jpg)

Only if it was made in the 90s or early 2000s, or by Studio Ghibli.


File: cfb500fdaeea370⋯.png (663.3 KB, 792x577, 792:577, 1529028974792.png)



>NOT a meme

File: b081ab9cf70e307⋯.jpg (110.83 KB, 739x505, 739:505, danger.jpg)


ITT: we discuss /litpat/ and everything about it.

Got a complaint? Come here.

Got ideas for the direction of the board? Come here.

Want to help the board in some way? Come here.

Wanna discuss how sexy and cool yeeto is? Come here.

Interested in just talking about random topics that do not have to do with literature? This is probably a good place to do it, just don't /pol/ (is cancer) shitpost.

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I guess there are only 3 or 4 regular posters here.



You're about right tbh, we are only about 2 weeks old though

If you want to help make that number increase, post something in https://8ch.net/litpat/res/703.html


Why was this board created when there's already a /lit/ board here? How do you intend to differentiate this board from the other one?



That board is shit, and even more dead than this one.


I guess the most important reason this board will never really be populated is that 8ch is a dead site itself.

File: 40e63f4c4673dfe⋯.jpg (106.27 KB, 813x1240, 813:1240, MV5BNTU0NmY1MDEtNDg0YS00Ym….jpg)


Infinitely superior Tolstoy coming through


literal who


File: 511ceef75a283ac⋯.jpg (152.55 KB, 727x1018, 727:1018, Treisman-Tatyana-Tolstaya-….jpg)

This is the ultimate Tolstoy form.

File: dd155299be3b1c0⋯.jpg (1.63 MB, 2558x3953, 2558:3953, J2S9PXn[1].jpg)


post interesting comix, zines, and anything else related that isn't capeshit. [bonus points for physical print]

Dagger is excellent (though slow to release), But I have enjoyed the silliness of The Lighthouse recently.

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File: ae2c9da710b1f06⋯.jpg (830.74 KB, 2176x2560, 17:20, 91g3Qr8csL[1].jpg)



haven't heard of pork before.


File: e3ac520fd1c41a5⋯.jpg (276.81 KB, 800x1132, 200:283, 00- Asterix the Gaul.jpg)

I loved the Tin Tin, Astrix & Obelix, and Lucky Luke series growing up. As an adult, have always felt at a loss for never having read capeshit comics and manga, and can't really enjoy them now.

(Wonder if I'd feel like this about YA and erotica when I'm an old man.)

Anyway I believe the series I mentioned are worth looking into. The style is not flashy like American comics with extremely defined features, overarching world building, thousands of characters, and detailed scenes. This makes them light and pleasant to read.


File: c6718fc567ba427⋯.png (83.74 KB, 624x695, 624:695, TINTINLIST.PNG)


I have PDF copy of more than 30 Tin-TIN issues, if you would like to have them. Borderline capeshit, but very fun and the history in them is nice. some issues are very racist, as warning (not that I care)


PFLP used to publish an English language bulletin in the late 70s and early 80s. An (I believe incomplete) archive is here:




Thanks kind anon, I have a printed boxed set at home.

File: 80f2ab0f3d6298c⋯.jpg (301.28 KB, 918x792, 51:44, ff068494-82ad-4a82-869e-38….jpg)


German Propaganda: Fake US Dollar with Arabic Writing on the back, distributed in North Africa between 1942-1944.

The text reads:

Sons of Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia!

Do you know of the struggle of Muslims in Palestine and Syria, who have declared war on the Jews that have lived there like animals for several years? Do you know what Arabs are shouting in their toils and struggles? They want freedom and independence for their country which they inherited, free and independent, from their fathers and ancestors. They do not want the Jews to steal their property, fields and livestock, by surprise or force, and after that steal their freedom and dignity.

Who are the people helping and cooperating with these Jews? Aren’t the American and the British their friends?

Listen, Maghrebis. A speech was delivered by "Wadsworth", American Ambassador to Syria, to the Muslim communities and to the world as a whole. This is what he says: “First of all, muslims of Syria must prove they are worthy, by freedom. Perhaps they do not deserve freedom.”

Dear sons of Maghreb!

Since when has it been the case that an Arab has to prove to a Jew and to a friend of a Jew that he deserves freedom? By God, there is no stronger proof than the edge of a sword, for freedom is born out of blood. And freedom is a dignity we have to sacrifice for in order not to lose it.

(A noble dignity will not be saved unless blood is shed on each side.)

Sons of western Arabic countries! Americans have invaded your countries like hordes of locusts; one day they will tell you that you don’t deserve freedom.

Arabs of Maghreb! I say to you, your resolves are firm and your swords are strong, and God is with the people who struggle.


File: 977ffc24921ac2a⋯.jpg (107.27 KB, 776x851, 776:851, 1527321366565.jpg)

literal what


File: 118808d81373788⋯.jpg (57.84 KB, 640x560, 8:7, E70BCBEB-2848-4C6F-AF21-76….jpg)


Does Fookou have the most inconsequential ideas out of the dime a dozen Frenchie intelligentsia of his time?

File: 9951acf39bc524c⋯.jpg (177.6 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, Boomer30.jpg)


Why do Amerilard progressives keep calling philosophy books "theory"? Is "theory" just subversive philosophy?


I think Critical Theory is inherently Marxist so it's a way for them to code signal pretty easily. Also, the more semantic obfuscation the better as far as most Ameritard academics are concerned.


it's because they are filthy materialists who deny forms and nature

File: 9dca9afcbaea477⋯.jpg (53.49 KB, 500x597, 500:597, f47dc4667bf597f6713efbae51….jpg)


ITT: we discuss suggestions for people to bring to /litpat/ for Q&A's

If you know any authors, editors, literary critics, booktubers, booksellers, literary-podcast-people, etc… personally, and could convince them to come give a Q&A (money always talks), please do.

To everyone else, please don't contact potential guests yourselves, spamming someone is only going to make them think we're a bunch of tards. I, your benevolent mod yeeto, will contact them once we've decided who to invite (or someone else can, it don't matter, none of this matters)… but it needs to be done by a single individual and as respectfully as possible.

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File: 0504f6ab0027adf⋯.jpg (94.52 KB, 958x720, 479:360, Throw.Away.Your.Books.Rall….jpg)

It would be incredible to get Slavoj Zizek here, also I can possibly do it as I study in the uni very near Birkbeck and I've seen him few times.


File: 1bf755990676d5c⋯.jpg (42.36 KB, 540x960, 9:16, 1bf755990676d5c8f499df6337….jpg)


If you'd be able to score that, I would make you a mod. I would also pay you if you need to be coaxed.

Post last edited at



I mean it is completly not impossible, but would have to after the summer break, and probably ask him on one of his events which are often free to come.

Seen him live once, sadly this year so with face paralysis but the guy is sharp.


File: 467c8812b3b6f30⋯.gif (7.7 KB, 128x128, 1:1, funguyf.gif)


ok np bb

yeah, I was devastated when I saw he had cerebral palsy but watched a video of him cooking and after the initial shock you realize he's still got it and completely capable and determined



I would be willing to toss some money in the kettle as well.

where do we submit questions for the interview?

File: 676630e17668991⋯.jpg (47.45 KB, 333x499, 333:499, 51BCJPvu0HL._SX331_BO1,204….jpg)


essential pre-reading:



it seems that with the widespread dissemination of familiarity with the Gulag Archipelago, (mostly thanks to Dr. Jordan Peterson, I suppose) Solzhenitsyn has taken to reflection once again.

His new memoirs will be published in late October (just in time for the ritual fright of Holloween, no less. If the published excerpt (second link) is passable evidence of his literary quality, then we will all have quite a treat on our hands.

Pre-orders have already begun via Amazon, and can be found here:


One final word of thanks to Don Jolly for the excellent Q&A, and for leading me to this board (and away from '/pit/'), and to all of you who may find the time to bless us with your presence once more.

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Ok, interesting. I knew he was Russian but didn't know there were political motivations for the widespread support for him in the West. That being said, I'll have to check out his works and decide for myself on its worth.



Don't also forget that the publication of "Two Hundred Years Together" helped to hasten him to obscurity and in some cases scandal in the west.

He is an amazing author though. Cancer Ward, the First Circle and August 1914 are incredible.


File: 3a038b9a6de8e97⋯.jpg (14.38 KB, 480x360, 4:3, download.jpg)


Considering the amount of controversy surrounding "200 years together", I have serious doubts surrounding the accuracy of the English translations, especially those that claim to be otherwise.

It would be interesting to gather all the available versions and create an omnibus of sorts, elucidating the differences between them, and perhaps arrive at a more accurate portrayal of his work. Of course, being translations, I doubt they will hold a candle to the original Russian, but I'm in no hurry to start learning Cyrillic…


File: 87381728c7820fd⋯.png (549.41 KB, 1034x1080, 517:540, 1520181285359.png)


"I'm in no hurry to start learning Cyrillic…"

Why not? You seem to greatly enjoy Solzhenitsyn and Russian really isn't a difficult language to learn… you might want to try to give it a shot



For a while, I had thought to reply with the tired (though often too true) response of, "I have not the time", but, on further reflection, this is far from the case.

TAO LIN, my mysterious fried, you have convinced me to revisit my schedule and commit myself to the task once more.

is there any practice literature you would recommend? I would like to branch out beyond the Soviet solicitation and into the Siberian subconscious writ large.

File: 90e3dc22aa6392f⋯.jpg (609.33 KB, 1021x574, 1021:574, Southern.jpg)


What are some /lit/ novels like pic related(s)? Essentially novels that portray Southern USA, preferably set in early 20th century or 19th century. Should I just continue and be content with McCarthy and Faulkner?

Are A Confederacy of Dunces and Interview with a Vampire any good?

Alternatively, literature with a rural setting, and gothic/bibilical themes.



Read Suttree.

File: b84b30e5d5a7230⋯.jpg (61.04 KB, 620x620, 1:1, IMG_20180615_004121_736.jpg)


How many books do you think you'll be able to read during your lifetime? I'll be more than happy to read about 1500 unique books, and reread some of them.


1500 would be a good number for me if I'm lucky. I don't want to think about that at the turtle's pace that I've been reading.


File: 4274acc4eb5f9db⋯.png (677.41 KB, 594x766, 297:383, 1518203517417.png)

>not reading 200 books a day


File: e90451675595e46⋯.png (42.67 KB, 666x666, 1:1, wojakpilled.png)

I want to read The Bible 1500 times. That's all you will ever need too.

File: e3cbf7baf457605⋯.jpg (74.98 KB, 1050x593, 1050:593, One with the text.jpg)


This new board looks great, I'm eager to know what it brings

How about a Garcia Marquez thread? Or general latin american literature thread?

What's your favorite short story?

Who's your favorite character from 100 Años de Soledad?

>Blacamán el bueno, vendedor de milagros

>El Coronel Aureliano & Amaranta Úrsula, hottest waifu

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I didn't understand shit. Care to elaborate?


File: 997e62795c6d3d0⋯.jpg (57.44 KB, 490x367, 490:367, c11c83912ec129e86ac87181fe….jpg)


William S Burroughs and his wife:

Soon after the incident, Burroughs claimed the "William Tell" incident never happened, and that he had dropped his gun and it had accidentally fired.[21] Burroughs spent 13 days in jail before his brother came to Mexico City and bribed Mexican lawyers and officials to release Burroughs on bail while he awaited trial for the killing, which was ruled culpable homicide. Vollmer's daughter, Julie Adams, went to live with her grandmother, and William S. Burroughs Jr. went to St. Louis to live with his grandparents. Burroughs reported every Monday morning to the jail in Mexico City while his prominent Mexican attorney worked to resolve the case. According to James Grauerholz, two witnesses had agreed to testify that the gun had fired accidentally while he was checking to see if it was loaded, with ballistics experts bribed to support this story.[22] Nevertheless, the trial was continuously delayed and Burroughs began to write what would eventually become the short novel Queer while awaiting his trial. Upon Burroughs' attorney fleeing Mexico in light of his own legal problems, Burroughs decided, according to Ted Morgan, to "skip" and return to the United States. He was convicted in absentia of homicide and was given a two-year suspended sentence.[23]


File: 3bbd05405949fae⋯.jpg (57.91 KB, 700x430, 70:43, Neomar.jpg)


Jeezus, today we learned that Mejico is the ideal place to accidentally end your wife.

I didn't meant to say that "Mejico is the heart of latino violence" but it is the heart of latino culture. It's hard to explain but in the few works of mexicans I've read I can feel the underlying thread that I hadn't found in, for example, Garcia Marquez. I just love the guys. And of course, "violence" is inherent to life in latin america. Bolaño also lived for a long time in Mexico and it appears a lot on his work so that.


I think Los Detectives Salvajes is the definte novel of its time like Rayuela and Cien Años de Soleda were for theirs. And its definitely refreshing on its own way, you'll find very interesting ideas implemented and of course you'll have a lot of fun.

When I stop being so damn poor, I'll fetch 2666 at the used book stores down the bridge.


Virgilio Pinera - Cuban post-modernist writer who uses elements of horror and surrealism.



>The existence of an afterlife is now a fact: heaven is the internet. Death is only an interruption as souls can be uploaded to the web and new bodies can be purchased by those wishing to reenter the physical world. The need to settle an old score pushes Ramiro Olivaires to move from the comfort of virtual existence back into a human body. Ramiro's grandson, however, can only afford the body of an overweight middle-aged woman. In the shell of this new body, Ramiro must adjust to the dizzying transformations that the world has undergone since his death. Using Ramiro himself as an avatar, Castagnet walks us through a stifling new version of reality where sex, gender, identity, religion, and politics are defined by the limitless possibilities of the human body. Castagnet is considered one of the most promising new voices in Latin American literature and "Bodies of Summer" shows us why.

File: f05c75b5b5121b5⋯.jpg (342.28 KB, 800x400, 2:1, tai-lin-800.jpg)


Currently reading this right now and it is surprisingly good, much better than his garbage fiction

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File: 4e94052885f8a19⋯.jpeg (66.25 KB, 480x523, 480:523, 2093b3ec-4b60-44f2-b6dd-0….jpeg)


I agree with your viewpoint. Let me just add a few of my own thoughts:

1) Humans are all "pathologic", in a psychologic sense. I like the word pathologic because everyone hates it and avoids it like the plague, but mainly because it derives from _pathos_ which is the same root than "passion" and means "to suffer" but also "to suffer (something)" in spanish "padecer".


Being human is being submitted to suffering, submitted to the pain of living (which doesn't deny at all that life is also a spring of pleasure!) But I belive that a clearer view of human existence implies admitting to our "suffering" dimension.

2) "Our economic system does not provide for the satisfaction of needs of individuals in society" Our economic system creates needs we cannot satisfy and fucks our ability to satisfy our own needs FTFY



Illnesses can be cured. Niggawut


File: 74bee1dd2eac30b⋯.jpg (713.27 KB, 1220x922, 610:461, 74bee1dd2eac30bafea73359e1….jpg)


1.) I'm not going to address your etymological navel-gazing, dude. you know what I meant.


>"Our economic system does not provide for the satisfaction of needs of individuals in society" Our economic system creates needs we cannot satisfy and fucks our ability to satisfy our own needs FTFY

The need for food and water are not created. (See: Maslow's hierarchy of needs) Desires are created artificially (largely by profit-seeking entities) and this hampers our ability to satisfy our desires. FTFY


ssris and similar medicine do not cure "mental illness." They take people out of really shitty situations and make them happier, but they cure nothing. Depression/anxiety (unless it is a serious illness like bipolar or schizo) are relieved once one gets out of a shitty situation. A lot of the time, this does not happen; in any case, the medicine "cures" nothing.



no response? urgay


File: e7a227be0ec2b3f⋯.jpg (25.16 KB, 600x578, 300:289, pepe.jpg)


>hurr durr start with the greeks

Why should I? It was enough trouble for me to finish some parts of the compulsory reading in high school.

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Oh well, I was just hoping for someone to lecture me about the true intellectual way so I will have little bit more resolve for reading Plato's Parmenides, but now (as you can see) I have given up even on that. Ugh.


File: fba516422592b96⋯.jpg (1.46 MB, 1242x1579, 1242:1579, 9AFB6393-DC10-4E57-A2E4-D7….jpg)


There is no true intellectual way. Just read the damn book faggot.



Sorry man. I'll go back to reading.




Combine black tea and coffee.



That's what we like to hear around here. If every lurker is reading, they don't have time to post.

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