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File: 99f5c0adb009a0e⋯.png (383.36 KB, 600x448, 75:56, IMG_4218.PNG)


Who here cyberpunk? I mean in the philosophical sense rather than simply reading the subsection of the science fiction genre.


File: 8759a8f33c1872a⋯.jpg (16.3 KB, 280x326, 140:163, What the fuuuuug is that i….jpg)

What exactly is cyberpunk in a philosophical sense?



I would say at its core cyberpunk philosophy is a combination of cryptoanarchy, borderline illegalism and a simultaneous rejection yet embrace of the inevitability of the multinational corporatism that grows as nation-states lose power to capital. As corporations begin to own their employees (think Google and Facebook "campuses," encouraged RFID implants in employees to allow them to access their workplaces, and a complete destruction of privacy through technological means), cyberpunks learn to navigate and remain independent of the established order.



yeah sounds fucking cool unlike gay empire


File: 263c91491def952⋯.jpg (55.13 KB, 940x736, 235:184, FISHER12.jpg)

>right wing accelerationism



File: ddcfa2721ff0053⋯.jpg (208.95 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, ddcfa2721ff005341859ff543c….jpg)


Is this compatible with crypto-anarchism?




Anime girls are not only compatible with crypto-anarchism, they are encouraged.




I meant— is Land's philosophy compatible with crypto-anarchism?



>embracing the right and left dichotomy



File: cbbe93d50babe54⋯.jpg (257.92 KB, 1200x788, 300:197, 1519861100395.jpg)

>cyberpunk XD

>born as 24% into a single mother household

>raised by state from ages 1-24, as mother is too busy being unemployed to take care of you

>infant welfare manager determines you're a girl because you picked up a female-identifying doll at age 2

>go through state-mandated hormone therapy and gender reassignment while attending St. Trotsky School for the Empowered

>grow morbidly beautiful from the fine food of Little Wendy's McTacoKing

>get prestigious job as window licker at Starbucks after 6 years of studying Afro-German Philosophy

>demand higher wages because you only receive $145 per hour

>get replaced with robots like every other employee in the continent

>get thrown in jail for uttering a robophobic statement which was recorded by your state-mandated surveillance chip

>get released early due to prison population exceeding capacity by 256%

>go on welfare provided by wealth which robots generate

>live a life of leisure in the favelas while spending all your money on frivolous consumption

>abort several unwanted children which grew in your artificial womb

>get infected with incurable STD due to degenerate lifestyle

>jump off a building after a lifetime of depression which the medication never helped

>get cleaned up by a janitorial robot which turns your body into biofuel

>all happened while you thought you were cheating the system by being a "cyberpunk"

>you thought you were special, techne can't enslave you

>100 million midwits thought exactly the same

Ted was right.



There are some faggots who have hijacked cyberpunk culture (See: 2064 Read only memories for gay nigger shit) but not every cyberpunk is a soyboy.


File: fb60d839695f90b⋯.jpg (898.86 KB, 1913x2880, 1913:2880, 69fc9003a109ccc8766e293b33….jpg)


I'm not sure if Land's philosophical outlooks fit neatly into any philosophical tradition. I imagine crypto-anarchism is pretty close.


soy augments tbh


File: 5d78f3259924a8a⋯.jpg (1.47 MB, 1410x2250, 47:75, The Gods Wait.jpg)

I live in this chaotic technofuturist city that he does called Shanghai. In fact, I live in the dead center near People's Square and work in and around tech incubators.

In action, I'm a part of the movement, a sort of negative accelerationist who utilizes exotic prostitutes and drink to avoid the lack of meaning in it all.

Philosophically, I could not be further from it. I read Evola and Guenon, often disagreeing but more often agreeing with much of what they believe, and believe myself to be a great tragedy.

There is no feels.


File: 9160c8df729a1d7⋯.jpeg (88.17 KB, 500x600, 5:6, t3_2pggr6.jpeg)


>tfw the feels stop


File: 6782ff21bdbf862⋯.jpg (202.91 KB, 1020x388, 255:97, read expected got.jpg)


>tfw ur technofuturistic transrealist novel can't escape 4chan as its only valid subject matter despite projecting itself into an indefinite space in the human experience



go to sleep John



it's 5:54pm in Shanghai and I'm writing about whores, like I should be doing.


File: 673b22dfa9025fd⋯.png (746.94 KB, 612x561, 12:11, IMG_4421.PNG)


Are you LARPing or is this actually true? How did you end up in Shanghai?

China seems politically repressive yet technologically developed enough to actually constitute cyberpunk dystopia at this point.



just to pique your interest, some of the crazier ideas out there in edtech that are certainly going to garner investors and lead to fraud are VR or AR-based tutoring and language immersion as well as thoroughly-coded AI-based chatbots that mimic tutors.




Interesting. Am I going to have to buy your book to read it? Is it "The Gods Wait"? I will literally PayPal you if I enjoy the book, I just don't feel like directly buying the book of such a boldfaced shill.

You have balls doxing yourself and I respect that, however. And thank you for the valuable insights.




Also check out the game Shenzhen I/O and tell me if that is basically your life: the game.



It's free on all Smashwords distribution stuff, including iBooks. No need to pay, just leave a review if you like it or tell a friend and that would be awesome.

You can google ISBN: 9781370508549 to see if any platforms you use give it away for free.



Ok cool. Why did you delete your post? :(



Anyways, I'm not a faggot so I'm not going to try to get you in trouble or anything. Just curious. You seem like an interesting person. I envy you in some aspects.




Ha! I'm not a programmer or engineer of any sort. I'm one of a few guys in a circle of several tech companies that are called on to provide content.

I think all the foreigners in this city have some sort of latent paranoia, and you're recognition of me doxing myself made me think it may have been a bit too much. At this off hour and obscure corner of the internet, you very may well be the only anon that saw.

No envy here, my man. Like everyone I work around, I'm pretty sad about my existence. Most of what I do is bullshit. I'm not even kidding when I say writing prose (which I don't do in any capacity) is my only discernible talent. Other than that, I just act busy and confident and talk to lots of people.

What do you do?



I understand. You are talking to mr. noided himself haha.

That being said, 8ch is a dangerous place. One only need visit >>>/cow/ to understand that there are people on here who will make your life miserable for "teh lulz" which is really just an excuse to be a psychopathic freak. I am not one of those, thankfully.

I won't reveal much about myself but I will say this. You're right about the "working world" in that you as well as I fulfill oftentimes meaningless tasks to keep the organizations we work for going. In a way, many working people are disenfranchised (Marx would say alienated) and grasp for meaning in different ways. I look for it in the academic disciplines of philosophy and technology as well as just talking with people online.

Most people are so beyond "alienation" in a Marxist interpretation of being separate from the means of production (whatever that even means in a highly complex, technologically advanced society) that we have to look for meaning elsewhere or go completely and nihilistically insane.

On that happy note, I'm glad that you can manage to maintain a happy and healthy social life. You might want to try getting a girlfriend if that's even possible there. I've heard before that Chinese girls are fucking crazy and won't put out at all without a guarantee to marriage. But that describes a lot of women in other countries anyway. There's something to be said about companionship however.



true true about the disenfranchisement, and we're just talking about the gainfully employed. NEETs have their own set of existential crises.

the girlfriend thing is a bit self-destructive for me. I always have a long-term 'wife' that I keep physically far away from me and often have shitty hookups or go to pros occasionally.

Chinese girls are crazy and I think I'm done trying to date them at all for a while.

Do you write?



You have a wife? I'm curious to hear more about that. Does she know you fuck around on her? There is no moral superiority here, merely curiosity. I consider myself pretty libertine in the matter of relationships myself.

I have written some copypasta in the past. Someone liked it so much they made a video recording of it and put it up on YouTube. Would you like to see that video?



I have never written any serious literature in case you were wondering.



sorry, meant to write 'wifey' as in a girl that's really sweet and a good long-term prospect.

My girlfriend (current wifey) does not really know that I fuck around and would hate to confront it, but I think she does like to think I'm a playboy that she's wrangled in. I'm pretty horrible with women imo but direct enough to get by.

Sure, let's see it.



The fucker took it down. Oh well. Maybe if we become friends through private discussion I'll send a link to it, but not while it could potentially trace to private accounts and information.



You're lucky to have that. I'm a very lonely person who longs for romantic companionship on a near daily basis. I have experience it before so I'm not a wizard or anything, but I have become increasingly lonely without it.

You're not my therapist so I won't bother you any more. Just consider yourself lucky to have someone devoted to you somewhat.


This should be an indication of what a dystopian society ruled by corporations looks like.




Seems fine to me.



I'll shove a McDick down yo ass


File: bdf91da77fcda3f⋯.jpg (84.71 KB, 713x713, 1:1, 1521726649395.jpg)


quality post


File: 2818e67fec6be65⋯.jpg (164.58 KB, 622x319, 622:319, 2818e67fec6be6543e3e9cc713….jpg)

>tfw just ordered fanged noumena

what am i in for lads?



I plan to have the pdf printed myself. Ain't no scalper gonna finesse my hard earned money.



For sure. Nigger.



Like your attached pic you're in for 600 pages of word salad. It's seriously annoying to read as the paragraphs feels like loosely connected twitter posts strung together.


File: c1f433035436883⋯.jpg (843.05 KB, 3840x2160, 16:9, 4918675-Friedrich-Nietzsch….jpg)


Some Core and Periphery theory and a lot of speed driven key-stabbing.

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