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File: 1444027495492.jpg (455.42 KB, 956x1400, 239:350, 157.jpg)

4dee03  No.29816

Fuck everything. What's your wildest loli fantasy?

4dee03  No.29821


Assuming it was possible, getting a loli pregnant, then fucking her during the birth, and, assuming the baby is a girl, fucking the baby through the loli.

4dee03  No.29828

File: 1444048114905.jpg (565.47 KB, 1358x1920, 679:960, image baby bukkake heaven.jpg)


sounds great. I would like to top that with a gangrape in that scenario.


I´m gonna need the source on that picture please

4dee03  No.29834

File: 1444058069823.jpg (898.69 KB, 3103x1400, 3103:1400, [biribiri] Under Nine 000a.jpg)

4dee03  No.29835

4dee03  No.29836

There was already a thread for this. Catalog is there for a reason.

4dee03  No.29837

File: 1444058667665.jpg (1.09 MB, 2480x1754, 1240:877, 36050170.jpg)

4dee03  No.29839


The catalog button is right at the top of the page.

4dee03  No.29872


Hmm, not a bad idea, perhaps getting them both pregnant in the process.

4dee03  No.29876

Basically just http://exhentai.org/g/605229/c173d5435c/

That is, my actions / existence not being noticed. Really opens the door for doing lots of stuff.

4dee03  No.29877

File: 1444108124420.jpg (178.45 KB, 1200x848, 75:53, 801.48809376_p0.jpg)


You forgot the best one.

4dee03  No.29878

File: 1444112067059-0.jpg (562.01 KB, 1200x1720, 30:43, 048.jpg)

File: 1444112067060-1.jpg (754.64 KB, 1087x1600, 1087:1600, comics_044e.jpg)

You know the scenario where the loli calls the guy a pervert, while getting him off with her feet? That.

4dee03  No.29880

File: 1444130429578.png (205.29 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 37065786_p10.png)

I want to be shrunken with some track team lolis, one of them rubbing her sweaty feet on my face and the other giving me a footjob. All of this will take place on the foot of a normal-sized loli sleeping on her belly. Later she'll wake up and swallow all of us alive.

I'm dead serious, too.

4dee03  No.29902

File: 1444177752732.jpg (475.27 KB, 1200x1701, 400:567, 7.jpg)

I'd love to be transformed into a slutty loli

4dee03  No.29909

File: 1444189531691.png (154.55 KB, 350x350, 1:1, lewd.png)


I'd love to be transformed into a sadistic loli.

4dee03  No.29920

File: 1444204820315.jpg (114.22 KB, 1100x933, 1100:933, cb116551.jpg)

4dee03  No.29934

File: 1444241160790.jpg (248.53 KB, 990x870, 33:29, 80fe7dea97a6d68bcd7a8f144e….jpg)


making a housecat sized fairy pregnant with a halfbreed that's already half her mom's size when she's born.

and also have a loving relationship with the fairy

4dee03  No.29938


>housecat sized fairy


>loving relationship

Amazing taste, anon.

4dee03  No.30135

File: 1444519138241-0.png (311.06 KB, 714x700, 51:50, 2682_20150912094228_1.png)

File: 1444519138241-1.png (135.99 KB, 633x600, 211:200, 2682_20150912094231_3.png)

File: 1444519138241-2.png (147.14 KB, 701x700, 701:700, 2682_20150912094232_4.png)



are both of you me

4dee03  No.30171

File: 1444584769227-0.jpg (746.08 KB, 992x1403, 992:1403, 044.jpg)

File: 1444584769228-1.jpg (1.09 MB, 1600x1195, 320:239, 39460432_p2.jpg)

Knock up a loli and drink her milk while fucking her. Bonus points for double flatchest paizuri.

4dee03  No.38260


>flatchest paizuri

Now that would be a great fantasy. Would love to see a little elementary school girl get used that way.

4dee03  No.38282

Being tied to a bed/table w/ Shana & Shiro on either side of me seductively whispering mathematical proofs into my ears (my hands are tied, so I can't block them out even if I wanted to), while they each use one of their hands to smother me w/ a calc textbook open to a page filled w/ integrals.

I think I win for most bizarre.

4dee03  No.38465

File: 1458589763686.jpg (329.66 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 94285bc92fc8948ab69b22a891….jpg)

A spider woman capturing a little human boy and raping him in an abandoned mansion until she gives birth to spider girls.

Which grow up faster than the boy and proceed to gangrape him too. Both lolis and oneesans. They produce more spiders as well.

Then some day the boy breaks free, grows up and returns with a band of muscular mercenaries for some revenge rape on the spider girl clan.

4dee03  No.38521




fuck, my clones escaped and have their own seperate lives now

4dee03  No.38533

The whole "all characters are over 18" thing with a practically toddlercon loli so that her vagina is made for sex, like an adult not the 1-inch deep of a realistic loli.

So, sex with a tiny loli succubus while going back and forth between getting my ears licked and making out with a normal sized loli succubus. And at some point getting out the 20 foot long dildo for some crazy butt stuff with them hnnngggg

I have a thing for loli ASMR. And butts. And mouths.

4dee03  No.38534


Sorry have to add the fact that I enjoy the feeling of dying the entire time. Suck the life out of me.

And making it more clear that it's with 2 lolis, one small and one normal.

4dee03  No.38570

File: 1458686181344.jpg (339.63 KB, 1090x1600, 109:160, Tonari_no_Sperma_san_011.jpg)

Be the little girl.

Older futanari girl fucks me senseless until I lose my mind.

4dee03  No.38578

File: 1458695411205.jpg (101.87 KB, 453x553, 453:553, 1427800971755.jpg)


Degenerates like you belong in an oven.

4dee03  No.38579


You need help. brother.

4dee03  No.38580


Slit your wrists.

4dee03  No.38599

Fondling and doing foreplay with my monster girl wife before my cute monster girl daughter accidentally trips into the room. Her pants are low and her hand was down near her crotch.

Me and the wife decide to give her a hands-on experience with the birds and the bees. We start off slow with touching each other before moving on to having my daughter suck me off with the wife teaching her.

We then end up jumping straight to a threesome. My wife rides me first while I eat out my daughter. The two of them are making out over my body before I eventually tense up and cum inside her.

I then have my daughter lay on top of my wife and gently push my cock inside my daughter's virgin pussy. I give her a hug to console her after breaking her hymen. Then with encouragement to continue, I gently thrust away into my daughter while my wife plays with her tiny breasts. Eventually I bust a nut deep inside my daughter and we all cuddle together.

We continue this over and over until I find out that I got both of my lovely girls pregnant. I still make love to them while they're pregnant.

4dee03  No.38600


That fantasy may be a little TOO wild, anon

4dee03  No.38604


>unironically using the word "degenerate" while posting on /loli/


4dee03  No.38605


>>>38578 >>38579 >>38580 >>38600


4dee03  No.38618


After you, since you're an expert on reddit you should go on back.

4dee03  No.38620


>implying 8chan isn't /pol/

Mr. Edgelord is a degenerate, though. Lolis are for loving.

4dee03  No.38621


Being obnoxious shitposters doesn't mean you own the place.

4dee03  No.38622

DPing a loli with my brother.

4dee03  No.38627

File: 1458777506653.jpg (235.17 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, 37366635_p0.jpg)

Being in charge of a loli who has a diaper/omorashi fetish and enjoys being dominated. I'd dress her up in toddler clothes and make her have accidents in public, or have her invite her friends over for a sleepover and then make her wear diapers in front of them.

I'd want her to enjoy it as much as I would though.

4dee03  No.38629

File: 1458779398418.jpg (55.32 KB, 900x675, 4:3, 276339-7330-preview.jpg)

My fantasy is to invite a loli to my home and have it swallow me whole

4dee03  No.38630





Yeah I'm going to go read that manga now

4dee03  No.38631

Locking a pubescent in chastity, during the time when she gets really, really horny very frequently.

4dee03  No.38632

File: 1458781976215.jpg (202.81 KB, 918x1181, 918:1181, ba0ece8a4c19692eff6ae7c058….jpg)


If you wanted to make it even more fun, you could put a remote controlled vibrator inside the chastity belt so she can't remove it, then use it to tease her all day.

4dee03  No.38643

File: 1458793969702.jpg (181.26 KB, 821x1200, 821:1200, myyoungwifeandi17.jpg)

Consensual sex in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation with my loli wife.

4dee03  No.38691


And here I thought >>38567 had issues.

4dee03  No.38696


Dude, that's hot.

4dee03  No.38702

Well I'm a odd case, being into diapers, toddlers, innocence and thrill. I really enjoy babies and toddlers being in extreme danger while being unaware, for example being picked off by a wolf who wishes to eat them. Most Role plays involve cannibals and animals napping little ones to eat.

4dee03  No.38711


I like you already

4dee03  No.38732


Kinda extreme, I admit, but I admit Im curious. Do you keep logs or know any stories, involving wolves/lolis? A plus if there's lewdness or sexuality beforehand.

4dee03  No.38755

A loli who knows about sex and talks big game but when she's about to do the deed gets really nervous because she's all talk.

4dee03  No.38783


that's me

4dee03  No.38787

File: 1459057360807.jpeg (601.43 KB, 1100x800, 11:8, c952d1357dc63956fe6e586a5….jpeg)

enslaving girls with the mesmetron

4dee03  No.38789

Nipple fucking. I have never once seen it done with loli for obvious reasons.

4dee03  No.38790


What kind of monster girl though?

4dee03  No.38791


冬嗣 has done this if I recall correctly

check his pixiv or his website:


4dee03  No.38795

File: 1459071863370-0.png (447.04 KB, 442x676, 17:26, Do_The_Impossible.png)

File: 1459071863371-1.png (141.28 KB, 240x398, 120:199, See_The_Invisible.png)

File: 1459071863371-2.png (86.73 KB, 358x121, 358:121, Row_Row.png)

File: 1459071863373-3.png (199.39 KB, 308x428, 77:107, Fight_The_Power.png)

File: 1459071863373-4.png (211.84 KB, 326x403, 326:403, Touch_The_Untouchable.png)

4dee03  No.38796

File: 1459071947701.png (283.8 KB, 325x796, 325:796, Break_The_Unbreakable.png)



This is everything I could find, though I have no idea how navigate sites in moonrunes, so I just searched him on exhentai. I need more.

4dee03  No.38803

Some known restaurants or bars attended by lolis. Like a loli Starbucks, loli Hooters, loli Tilted Kilt, etc. The patron can decide to eat and drink at the normal area attended by cute lolis, or pick the area where you have a complimentary handjob/blowjob/whatever of your choosing while you stay there. The service has an added price, of course, these lolis don't run on charity.

4dee03  No.38876

File: 1459227742011.jpg (24.35 KB, 256x256, 1:1, 004-Quan-Yi2.jpg)

4dee03  No.38904


I mean, lots of other shit on South Park ended up in reality. We only need to meme more productively. Less hideous trannies and celebrity deaths, more loli hooters.

4dee03  No.38987

File: 1459508392233.jpg (466.84 KB, 1200x1739, 1200:1739, 009.jpg)

Training an loli as an oral sex slave, mind breaking her to the point where she gets sexual pleasure from oral stimulation, giving, not recieving, and when the training is finaly done, i will reap my harvest, knock her up and use my oral sex slave as an ona hole.

4dee03  No.38993



holy fuck!

This is making me adamant!

4dee03  No.38994


>more generic edgyness

4dee03  No.38997

Blonde loli bent over in front of me. My cock resting on top of her ass as I slide it back and forth. My balls gently slapping her wet pussy. Eventually cumming all over her back.

4dee03  No.38999



4dee03  No.39000


take this quads and your fantasies shall be fulfilled

4dee03  No.39001


i mean these trips

4dee03  No.39006


Adamant about what?

You can't just leave us hanging like that.

4dee03  No.39017


>you're so gross

>proceeds to eat semen

4dee03  No.39184

Having a loli girl scout or something of that nature try and sell me something, but when I decline, they start offering sexual acts if I buy something. Small stuff like a handjob for 1 box of cookies or a blowjob for 3. She then gets so worked up during the act that I convince her to go all the way. After all is said and done, I buy the cookies and she goes on her way only for her to make regular visits for more fun.

4dee03  No.39186

I had this fantasy for years now. Have a group of like minded buddies join me. We hijack a buss of girl scouts on their way to a trip.

We then single out the ones to old, ugly or fat and kill them in front of the other loli to show what will happen if they do not obey us. We then proceed to having us an orgy. After I might kidnaps one or two of my faves the others go in to a mass grave :3

I am fucked in my cute little head ^^

4dee03  No.39190

Wasn't there a pic of a loli getting hot dogged? Where did it go?

4dee03  No.39215


my cock is rock hard. wanna join you guys

4dee03  No.39217


As generically edgy shit as that shit tier "game"

What an overcompensating poser.

4dee03  No.39223

My master plan is to kidnapping lolis out of nowhere.

In this fantasy I am a mad scientist, a chemist, and a hacker. I would brew and concoct a lot of chemicals to make the plan 100% success.

I would first find my target over the social network websites using my hacking skills I would run a script to datamine all possible targets and rank them according to their beauty. I'm under 72 proxies and botnets so inb4 FBI.

After completing the database I would run the image recognition software to sort my top 100 list of exquisite lolitas.

I would then prepare my stuff and be brewing a fresh mix of aphrodisiacs, pills, oxytocin, chloroform, hallucinogenics, and many more. I would also bring my tools and toys. Different kinds and sizes of vibrator, catheter with vibrator, a special 50,000 RPM vibrator, electrostimulators, heating dildos and more!

Of course for safety procedures we will bring a lot of bleach to destroy the DNA that would be left. I'll be wearing either a tracksuit or a bodysuit with gloves to leave no hair or even fingerprints behind.

Proceeding to my targets with caution is my policy. I would spend months for the perfect single chance rather than do it with risk!

I will approach my target at the right place and time when no one's around. No one will know, no evidences left just like a ghost. After doing this on several targets the media caught attention and crowned me as the "Phantom Kidnapper" or "The Ghost."

After acquiring a lolita to my collection I would make sure that one would get a complete meal everyday but although that job is of my assistant which is also my apprentice.~

If one from my collections are broken I would heal them immediately, I care for my collections very well!

When the time is ripe, I would bring them the best pleasure that even their little bodies couldn't handle. Rooms divided by glass walls. As I fuck one the other girls can see what's happening! their anticipation grows at this very moment! Some of my collection became really obedient and had fallen under my hypnosis <3 while some are tough, I give them the spanking and extra lesson. What could it be? ta-da! a triple penetration! anal-vaginal-urethral! My favorite! while clitoral is done by my magic hands I let them suck my dick. four pleasure points at once that's enough to break them off their shells! If that's not enough we'll go for electrostimulation that's not really the usual electro-pain stuff since I usually simulate the stimulation of orgasm by replaying the electric waves produced by the nerves on a natural orgasm. I won't have mercy this time! I would only stop once they say stop! but the problem is that most of them faint from over-orgasm :(. After that they can never break out my spellbind and I'd never seen one be a rebel again!

My toy collection grows from time to time, good thing I have another new apprentice, both of them always try to settle who's the best but they get along very well like brothers. My new recruit likes sadism and it's quite interesting. Don't misunderstand though, I love my assistants equally! My first apprentice is the actual opposite side of the coin and sometimes makes his collection obedient without using any force at all!

By the way we all have different collections and I rarely share my collection to them since I encourage them to hunt their own playthings.~

How about you anon? Would you like to be my apprentice?

4dee03  No.39224


4dee03  No.39230


>bumping something on the first page 3 minutes after the last post

Pure autism. I assume you're the autis that wrote out the wall of shit above.

4dee03  No.39231


To be fair, 8chan has problems. Sometimes new posts are hidden until another post is made to update the thread.

4dee03  No.39245


Wow…. Mary Sue Much?>>39223

4dee03  No.39290


Adopt brown skin loli or dark elf loli, raise her myself, then slowly turn her into loli wife. As she grows up she develops beautifully, maintaining a lithe yet curvy physique as we eventually have two children together.

4dee03  No.39299

Accidental adoption scenario. Either a brown loli elf or a kemonomimi girl. Raising her in a tender, loving way but then she starts getting curious or horny, but she's never aggressive about it, just rubbing off a bit on my leg or rubbing her face in my crotch, etc.

The elf loli being very timid of humans, so I can tease her a bit, or ignore her so she tries to get my attention

4dee03  No.39402

A loli duo, one innocent and shy who actively tries to avoid trouble while her sister constantly gets them into sexy situations. Despite being forced into sex by her sister's scenarios so often, she keeps "falling" for them.

4dee03  No.39459

Mine's most likely a bit strange, could be a doujin, So, I have a magical loli that whoever cums inside her suddenly becomes a loli too, then I lure people to do that to her and become my own loli toys until all the world's men turned to loli, then I cum inside the magical loli and start endless lesbian loli sex

4dee03  No.39472




Let's combine these two!

4dee03  No.39493


Already did it.

4dee03  No.39534


Where can I find this comic please ?

4dee03  No.39560


This is why you keep whores away from good lolis.

4dee03  No.39569


Honestly, I don't know. Those are all I have of them.

4dee03  No.39595



Filename checks out

4dee03  No.39632


That gives me another idea. In this case if someone has been transformed by the magic loli they transform back into a man twenty four hours after a man come in them. Two or three times a week I'd fuck the magic loli and then take a walk through the bad part of town until I found someone who would change me back.

4dee03  No.39796

File: 1460523785655.jpg (101.65 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 1398830310766.jpg)

I've had this vivid fantasy of a demon loli who lets me use her to vent my sexual frustrations however I please in exchange for feeding off my seed. Everything between gentle and harsh, DFC to oppai, taking turns domming, and maybe fake-snuffing, since it's not exactly easy to kill a demon.

>inb4 "blatant wish fulfillment"

I'm totally aware.

4dee03  No.39799


What a coincidence. I've been writing a story about a loli succubus that has… almost everything you mentioned there, save for the oppai. There's an attempted snuffing, but it backfires on the guy.

4dee03  No.39800

File: 1460526409065.jpg (979.91 KB, 1020x1320, 17:22, 1407712299963.jpg)


Please, for the sake of all our boners, post it when you're done.

4dee03  No.39803

File: 1460529827676.gif (1.18 MB, 960x720, 4:3, 8914ffa6c20e118cd7af534a1c….gif)


Certainly. Here's something to tide you over in the meantime.

4dee03  No.39867

Did my post not go through? Here's another that might make a good manga.

A trio of magical girls are visited by a spirit, and make a contract. They trade their puberty for eternal youth and magical abilities. Funnily enough, it's just in time to fight monsters that star appearing and doing vile things to people.

However, that's only enough to give them one full vial of power to start with. As they use magic, and even just over time their crystal loses power, leaving them with a strange kind of hunger. The spirit revisits, and explains that they need to milk men or boys to refill their crystal vials.

A while after they get used to the arrangement however, the truth comes out and the spirit reveals itself to be a mischievous fertility goddess. She's been the one creating the monsters, but she's gotten bored with the new normal, and looks to up the intensity.

Now any old seed won't refill their magic. Their powers are now fueled by embarrassment, shame, and erosion of morals. However, if they over-fill their vials, the spirit will consume the extra energy, and slow the flow of monsters as a reward.

Alternately, each of them can opt out if they can find two girls willing to make the same deal that they started with.

4dee03  No.39884


that is disgusting

4dee03  No.39886

File: 1460646557993.jpg (6.78 MB, 3890x4937, 3890:4937, c1d_by_kitashirakawa_an-d9….jpg)

I want to talk a virgin loli to let me tie them and tickle them as I please. In the process want the sensations to seduce them to a point where their bodies become desperate for even more pleasure.

4dee03  No.40004


live in a world where sex is NOT taboo & slut shaming is not a thing. and also, EVERYONE has a higher metabolism (meaning it's harder to get fat).

4dee03  No.40008

File: 1460814266822.png (105.99 KB, 243x267, 81:89, genetics intensify.png)

4dee03  No.40028


Sex not being taboo has nothing to do with worthless whores or sluts. A whore or slut will always be a wore or slut. Would be better if you brought up the metabolism and said that women have such hog metabolism that their bodies stop getting older or larger at around 10-12 years old.

4dee03  No.40029



4dee03  No.40275



>Added Price



Kinda cool.

But how would you get all those things if not by mail? And who wouldn't notice a guy in a tracksuit and gloves?



The fuck?

That isn't even close to how human nipple work.


Need sauce

4dee03  No.40780

Sometimes when I'm really turned on I like to imagine that I have a little girl who only knows me and trusts me, and I lie to her and tell her that semen will keep her young and beautiful. She would live in a secure place with no contact with the outside world, and she would swallow at least one load of my seed per day. Normally she would get three meals a day and my jizz for dessert, but some days I would tell her that she's not looking as young as she should, so I would bring in a stallion and she would do nothing but swallow loads of cum all day.

4dee03  No.41341



4dee03  No.41343


Read the thread you fucking moron.

4dee03  No.41346


Edgy autis' aren't so good at using their brains.

4dee03  No.41356

File: 1463001671009.jpg (94.29 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, 123867018402.jpg)

Babysitting a loli for the weekend and having non-consensual sex with her at random intervals. Early in the morning I could sneak into her bed, start kissing her and then slip her pajamas off and start humping her, then maybe later when she's getting a snack from the fridge I could pin her up against it and force her to rub my member until I climax.

I wouldn't be violent or mean or anything, I'd just threaten to tell her mother that she misbehaved if she doesn't take it.

4dee03  No.41360

My fantasy starts with obtaining a pair of loli twins.

We live in a well-soundproofed house, with several rooms further soundproofed from the rest of the house. I fuck and creampie the lolis regularly, leading to them getting pregnant with twin daughters about once a year.

Without the first pair of lolis knowing, I train our daughters' pussies from birth, starting with a thin round-ended glass rod and working steadily upward. Whenever a pair of daughters is ready for my cock, I wait for the timing to be right, take them to watch their mother birth their little sisters, then pull them and their mother into a soundproofed room to fuck and impregnate all three.

My granddaughters get similar training, but instead of being my breeders, they get sold off to relatively trustworthy buyers as loli fuck slaves.

4dee03  No.41371


No one is gonna buy inbred, deformed, retarded lolis that will look like sloth from the goonies.

4dee03  No.41517


Full blown loli sex orgy. At least five lolis, age 6-11, constant fucking and fingering, preferably making a few of them squirt. Anal and vaginal both at play.

4dee03  No.41569

File: 1463298455772-0.jpg (474.45 KB, 754x670, 377:335, Armour development 3 - Fun….jpg)

File: 1463298455772-1.jpg (63.41 KB, 484x807, 484:807, 6433a7f4e4fc994599ac3f6f95….jpg)

Cute adventures with wizard loli, healer loli and knight loli who wears practical chainmail armor.

no seriously, it's impossible for me to find anything that uses practical armor like pic related.

4dee03  No.41570


You should request it on the request thread, I'd like to see that.

4dee03  No.41573

Holding hands.

4dee03  No.41574


Sex ed for a whole gaggle of lolis by first fucking one's mom, then popping all their cherries from oldest to youngest.

4dee03  No.41601

File: 1463359814149-0.jpg (890.08 KB, 1200x847, 1200:847, elder dragon vs child.jpg)

File: 1463359814149-1.jpg (1.03 MB, 1200x3415, 240:683, summoning sweets.jpg)

File: 1463359814149-2.jpg (566.27 KB, 550x650, 11:13, tuning fork loli sage.jpg)


It always kills me when people don't appreciate the sexiness of full plate and other reasonable armors

Hmm, doesn't seem like I have any chainmail lolis, but I do have a loli for each class. And the warrior's not just practical, she has an awesome flame-sword!

God I love children taking on adventuring roles. Even, or perhaps ESPECIALLY, in a non-sexual way. Same with animals. Animal adventurers (not to be confused with furries, I'm talking corgis with hats) are awesome

4dee03  No.41603

File: 1463361997459.jpg (4.78 MB, 2050x2913, 2050:2913, 016_IMG016.jpg)


>God I love children taking on adventuring roles. Even, or perhaps ESPECIALLY, in a non-sexual way. Same with animals. Animal adventurers (not to be confused with furries, I'm talking corgis with hats) are awesome

You sound like you need some Etrian Odyssey in your life.

4dee03  No.41619


>Etrian Odyssey, released in Japan as Sekaiju no Meikyuu, is a 3D dungeon crawler role-playing video game by Atlus for the Nintendo DS.

Dangit I love lolis but almost 200 bucks just for one game is too much.

Used to have a DS, back when the first one came out. God knows where it is now. Probably thrown away by my parents

4dee03  No.41642

File: 1463440092594.png (395.32 KB, 700x800, 7:8, 1362692054957.png)


Emulators, bruh

Also, posting another fantasy.

Lolis that are just as eager to fuck as you are, but make fun of you for being a pedo the entire time (while still clearly enjoying it).

4dee03  No.41649


Let's get all the lolis >:D

4dee03  No.42387

Which's that manga ?

4dee03  No.42394

Adopting a sweet, totally innocent girl between 5-8 years old and starting off with innocent PG-style stuff (tickling, small kisses on the cheek and lips, holding hands, spooning) then slowly climb the lewd ladder (tongue kisses, body massages, touching, foreplay, oral) into full anal and vaginal penetration as we grow and live together.

Then take an extreme left turn and train her in BDSM.

4dee03  No.42563

File: 1464921081161-0.jpg (233.35 KB, 666x990, 37:55, 1373312111803.jpg)

File: 1464921081161-1.jpg (79.23 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1373344630675.jpg)

File: 1464921081162-2.png (1.2 MB, 850x1204, 425:602, 1389574927432.png)

Bumping with another fantasy.

I really want to get a loli completely addicted to my semen. We'd still have a sort of little sister/big brother relationship, but she couldn't go more than a few hours without doing something with my load. Swallowing it, playing with it in her hands, feeling it inside her, rubbing it on her face, or just enjoying the smell of it, whatever makes her happy. Plus, every morning and night would involve warm cuddling and a fresh "meal", served however she wants.

4dee03  No.47107

File: a7782ece6b002a9⋯.jpg (96.26 KB, 800x600, 4:3, ___ loli_maso masochist mi….jpg)

I just want my eight year old daughter to fuck my ass with a strap-on, is that so wrong?

4dee03  No.47118


Mah nigga

4dee03  No.47119


I want you inside me.

4dee03  No.47120


Who let the American Psycho out of the night club?

4dee03  No.47125

File: 411cbce0571f8bd⋯.jpg (198.1 KB, 487x737, 487:737, 1418835049138-2.jpg)

Most of my loli fantasies revolve around father/daughter sex. I guess my craziest one would involve having my daughter get gangbanged by dogs, but I tend towards relatively vanilla stuff. I suppose you can't really be "vanilla" when you're talking about banging 2D children though.


I'd like to do this, then train her to have an oral fixation.

4dee03  No.47144

File: 2b829d6f734fe35⋯.jpg (972.27 KB, 1326x1086, 221:181, 5603efb7ca7dbf1091bd506b0d….jpg)

File: 3dcea78cd8a3bf8⋯.jpeg (178.49 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, 808d30c91968b2cb679373467….jpeg)

File: 8afdb2ff6bf0eee⋯.jpeg (505.29 KB, 800x600, 4:3, c826c6ff5e9f72612976afc0f….jpeg)

File: 44db2bc10a316c4⋯.jpeg (472.33 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 69e3a2ff5cd88a561a51aeb3c….jpeg)

File: 1f65510730b9b92⋯.jpg (351.02 KB, 665x838, 665:838, 14d1e4dc06b7f339c95f117c8e….jpg)


>gangbanged by dogs

One time I had an idea for an rp that involved a loli deciding life is easier for a dog and convinced her parents to treat her like one for a week. No clothes, collar, no talking, all fours, have to eat out of a bowl, the whole deal. Nearing the end of the week, the family dog tries to mount her and once she's back to being human, she sneaks out of her room at night in nothing but her dog collar to "play" with the dog

4dee03  No.47150

4dee03  No.47163


That sounds so fucking hot, any doujins similar to that? I don't even have a thing for dogs.

4dee03  No.47166

File: a20936fe50357f5⋯.jpg (61.84 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1345100412747.jpg)


Just a sweet loli who slowly warms up to comes to love the older male and then they start hand holding, head patting, cuddling and then, maybe then, lewds.

4dee03  No.47171


I know this post is half a year old, but are you still lurking? Do you use F-list?

4dee03  No.47175


Thought I was the only one. I kinda like the idea of her shaming him at first, it sounds odd but on text in story it works.>>47166

4dee03  No.47176

File: f8c7604e396c59f⋯.jpg (108.83 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 5420d80f64b177ab350638346d….jpg)

Honestly, fucking a 10-11 year old in the ass while she's giving another man a deepthroat or vice versa, i just find it incredibly hot to spitroast a little girl and just either creampie her or give her a facial.

4dee03  No.47177

File: 51f385520fba702⋯.jpeg (46.92 KB, 1109x816, 1109:816, 1447291832097-3.jpeg)

Kidnap and rape basically.

I would want to snatch up a loli, take her somewhere where we wouldn't be disturbed, and do whatever I wanted over a few days. I'd fuck her, use toys on her, force her to use toys on herself, etc. I wouldn't hurt her unless she didn't listen or tried to escape, and even then I would only smack her around and not leave any lasting damage. except maybe psychological, probably couldn't be avoided Once I'd deflowered all her holes and had my fun with her, I'd release her nude in a random area so that it's a coin toss on whether someone else would rape her next or she gets found and sent home. Then I'd find another loli and start over.

4dee03  No.47196

File: 053bed473693a9a⋯.jpg (37.6 KB, 715x497, 715:497, 5306f18030d713b638dbc1e554….jpg)

4dee03  No.47495

File: ce703a9d767c332⋯.png (905.08 KB, 821x914, 821:914, さくら_おねしょ.png)


I'm still here. Actually I just checked /loli/ after not visiting for a few months.

I've never used F-List before, but after perusing the wiki it looks fun. I've created an account, so now I just need to create one or more characters. Do you have a character profile I could take a look at?

4dee03  No.47499


I think the one I'd use for this is https://www.f-list.net/c/Rachel%20MacLeod

I tend to play her as a girl a bit too smart for her age, clever enough to get into trouble, but not quite clever enough to get out of it, and quickly developing a sexual mentality. Usually the angle I go with the diapers is that she's a bedwetter and enjoys the feel of her goodnites so much she keeps "relapsing".

Note me, fgt

4dee03  No.47501

File: b7a8054cb2fefc9⋯.jpg (385.83 KB, 850x598, 425:299, wd.jpg)

As an ancient conqueror, march into enemy lands leading a horde, devastate the opposing army and chase it down until the very last man is killed, burn their lands, pillage their gold and then take home blonde loli slaves as humiliated war trophies to rape during the massive celebration banquets. Then treat them brutally as mere sex toys for the next years, but accidentally fall in love with one and have soft vanilla sex with her.

4dee03  No.47502


That sounds like an Old Testament story. Now we just need the Lord wiping out everyone in your army except you for their hedonism, followed by a painstakingly-catalogued list of your 87 children.

4dee03  No.47509

This is stereotypical, but I want a loli to notice I have an erection and ask about it, and have her jack me off and suck me off.

4dee03  No.47510

File: 58f2772d6729ef5⋯.jpg (822.68 KB, 1224x1080, 17:15, lolitashit.jpg)

I don't expect a reply to this for at least a few months, but whatever.

Mines pretty simple.

I just want to rescue a little girl who's on her own during like a zombie apocalypse or some kind of disaster situation. I want her to become my protege while we develop a very special bond. I'd take care of her all the time but also teach her to be self sufficient.

We'd cuddle together and take showers together and shoot food together. Then we'd lay in a field of grass and look up at the sky in wonder.

But this'll never happen. brb, killing myself

4dee03  No.47512


That's easy to accomplish; first you need to find a woman to knock up.

4dee03  No.47515


I'm going to assume you've played The Last of Us

cause you've covered the general storyline

also, The Walking Dead -minus the ending, your character dies and doesn't get to lie in grass with brown loli, sorry

4dee03  No.47518


I actually haven't, though I'd like to. I don't think they made it for PC though and I don't do consoles.

I've had the fantasy for a while now, but it became more prominent for me after playing Resident Evil: Revelations 2 where Barry rescues Natalia.

Just the general concept of rescuing a qt loli is my fantasy.

4dee03  No.47521

My wildest loli fantasy:

>Be the loli.

>Cute little innocent virgin.

>Never been kissed or touched.

>Know I shouldn't

>Still get in strange mans car.

>Get painfully raped and recorded on cam

>Get released.

>I'm scared, in lots of pain

>Not seriously hurt though, I'll recover

>I'm very ashamed and feel dirty

>Can't ID the man to cops.

>Video gets released on darknet

>My face clearly visible,

>He got me to say my name on cam

>Whole name, first and last.

>Now I'm widely known to pervs.

4dee03  No.47529

Ayumi from Meitantei Conan dumps Conan and marries me.

After honeymooning in Hokkaido and Sakhalin, she returns to school and solving mysteries with her ex by day, while I help her with homework and we play with Kamen Yaiber action figures.

Our sex life starts simple, me caressing her and she polishing my knob every night and morning, then walking to school with semen still on her breath. We try anal on occasion, but it's rough on her and doesn't become a habit.

This becomes routine, and I get bored and look at loli again, Ayumi knowing something's lacking. One evening after my shower, Ayumi asks me to bend over on the bed naked, and gives me anilingus, explaining she asked other loli wives at school for advice and looked it up online. I say it's not necessary but can't get enough. I am conscientious enough to thoroughly clean myself and lick her ass too when she wants, but since I love it she does it religiously. Every night she gives a rimjob, for 20 minutes or even a half hour, because she loves me so much, letting out tons of sperm with her hands. Her mission is to see that my sphincter is always loosened and moist with saliva before bed.

The Coolidge Effect being what it is, as the months pass even Ayumi's passionate devotion does not perk me up like it once did, and as it happens my birthday's coming up. I don't ask for anything since Ayumi doesn't have her own money, and expect to celebrate quietly. My Ayumi asks me to provide refreshments for guests though, so I don't know what to expect. Oh, at a separate time she says to get a real, medical enema that morning, but I don't connect the two.

On my big day, Ayumi welcomes friends and acquaintances from Teitan into our home, but they're only girls, and I expectantly get a huge grin, and so hard and can hardly keep my pants on, and Ayumi teases and smiles back, almost making me cum when she touches my crotch. After about twenty girls arrive, she decides to start. With Haibara's help, she negotiated with the teachers to let the girls, in the middle of their sex education units, learn hands-on about blowjobs, and, she makes me wait a few long seconds before telling, rimjobs. They agreed because I'm not only a model husband and rimjob lover, but so used to the act I could likely stand a special treatment by all the willing girls in the grade, who'd been getting awfully jealous of Ayumi's tales of bedtime.

4dee03  No.47530

Ayumi from Meitantei Conan dumps Conan and marries me.

After honeymooning in Hokkaido and Sakhalin, she returns to school and solving mysteries with her ex by day, while I help her with homework and we play with Kamen Yaiber action figures.

Our sex life starts simple, me caressing her and she polishing my knob every night and morning, then walking to school with semen still on her breath. We try anal on occasion, but it's rough on her and doesn't become a habit.

This becomes routine, and I get bored and look at loli again, Ayumi knowing something's lacking. One evening after my shower, Ayumi asks me to bend over on the bed naked, and gives me anilingus, explaining she asked other loli wives at school for advice and looked it up online. I say it's not necessary but can't get enough. I am conscientious enough to thoroughly clean myself and lick her ass too when she wants, but since I love it she does it religiously. Every night she gives a rimjob, for 20 minutes or even a half hour, because she loves me so much, letting out tons of sperm with her hands. Her mission is to see that my sphincter is always loosened and moist with saliva before bed.

The Coolidge Effect being what it is, as the months pass even Ayumi's passionate devotion does not perk me up like it once did, and as it happens my birthday's coming up. I don't ask for anything since Ayumi doesn't have her own money, and expect to celebrate quietly. My Ayumi asks me to provide refreshments for guests though, so I don't know what to expect. Oh, at a separate time she says to get a real, medical enema that morning, but I don't connect the two.

On my big day, Ayumi welcomes friends and acquaintances from Teitan into our home, but they're only girls, and I expectantly get a huge grin, and so hard and can hardly keep my pants on, and Ayumi teases and smiles back, almost making me cum when she touches my crotch. After about twenty girls arrive, she decides to start. With Haibara's help, she negotiated with the teachers to let the girls, in the middle of their sex education units, learn hands-on about blowjobs, and, she makes me wait a few long seconds before telling, rimjobs. They agreed because I'm not only a model husband and rimjob lover, but so used to the act I could likely stand a special treatment by all the willing girls in the grade, who'd been getting awfully jealous of Ayumi's tales of bedtime.

Shaking almost too much to remove my clothes, I bend down on the bed, and Ayumi shows them how it's done with her wet, practiced, penetrating tongue. I don't know how I can thank her, and she just says she'll feel really jealous that I'll be cheating dozens of times over in one day, but knows that men get bored of one girl, and love cheating, reverse gangbangs, and permitted infidelity more than anything; she left Conan because he cheated with Ran. And this is okay because it's her idea. And then, a new, unfamiliar tongue starts gingerly rimming me and, with encouragement, goes on for four or five minutes. I try to save myself, but how can I when another classmate gets under me and starts giving head while a girl whose name I don't know licks my asshole? Ayumi says not to worry, they'll keep going even if my balls are completely empty.

As girl after girl takes her turn behind me, sensible to me only by her darting little tongue, my anus becomes positively slimy with their spit, and they giggle at what a state they're reducing me to. The more playful ones stick their fingers into that sensitive place, and I start to wonder if my butt hole will ever close. A few girls are already married, but tired of getting their delicate privates stretched to breaking, aim to please a guy they can service less painfully, and who will never tell.

A few times, as the line behind me thins, and girls chat over whether they liked it or think it's gross, or want to try it on their own crush now, I wonder if it'll end soon, but a few stragglers or girls who opted in from another class or grade appear, licking their lips in anticipation as they wait to be the child giving anilingus. Increasingly, as my soggy behind and sore member become less responsive, they attack my privates in pairs, two girls licking my ass, two girls licking my glans and shaft or nuts; I just love when their entwining tongues press together, each trying to get just a little further up my asshole than the other.

4dee03  No.47531

A few hours in, the doorbell rings some more. Too tired to turn around from the bed, Ayumi tells me straightaway about a new surprise even she didn't plan. Some of her classmates' siblings in kindergarten, yellow hats still on, beamed as they heard their older sis was doing something adult, and to be fair, they now received permission to come too. Their even smaller, younger, more energetic tongues enter my behind where the sun doesn't shine like hot little flames, not even understanding the principle behind asslicking, but trying it in earnest. The thought of an innocent kindergartener eagerly slobbering such a forbidden place revivifies me, but I can hardly eke out a few drops of cum for them after a dozen of these kouhais. As the line from their class ends, and 1st graders leave after a second helping, a troop of even younger girls, preschoolers, from home or daycare, as young as 3, 2, 1 1/2, are led behind me. Ayumi bastes honey into my gaping ass to provide the half-comprehending girls incentive, and gets a few toothless throats from toddlers I can just recognize as girls for me to thrust my swollen cock into. She know, from some of the images on my computer, that as the age metric goes from years to months, my excitement only increases. To really sate my lust for group sex, rather group asslicking by random girls, even girls who can barely speak or stand, she did this for me, saving the best for last. Mouths already sticky with drool open and tiny exploring tongues count the sopping ridges in my sphincter, counterparts on the other side of my thighs painlessly gnawing my glans with bare gums like a pacifier, and they hardly can tell the difference even as a few drops of semen pour down their throats.

As night falls, Ayumi waves goodbye to her now sexually educated classmates and their younger sibs, and pulls the last preschooler from my butt, and the original and best sips up the saliva running down from my butt hole to the soaking bed sheets. My butt is so open she can slip her whole hand in up to the wrist effortlessly, and pushes into me hard to drive one more groaning orgasm from me. And as she turns her hand around the space where three or four scores of younger tongues cheated on her under her eyes that very day, she wonders, what can she do to top that for me and give an even better favor later?

4dee03  No.47532


Sorry, I was hurrying and thought I'd removed the earlier part of the paste. Skip to "Shaking almost too much…"

4dee03  No.47553

Honestly, a lot of poop play.

No smear/eating, but a lot of poop games like getting several lolis lined up and having a length contest, or where a bunch of lolis take turns filling one lucky lolis diaper as she wears it.

Casual pooping/peeing too, like just dropping a load on the couch, kitchen floor, bed, carseat or while eating at the table or walking around without actually giving special effort/attention to it.

A world indifferent to public loli sex would also be hot as hell.

Hey, the OP said my wildest fantasy, and this has been mine since I was a kid. Sorry if it's too nasty for you.

4dee03  No.48698


Another awesome fantasy of mine is open cheating.

Some time after the foresaid orgies, my wife Ayumi asks what would really make me happy now, and I actually tell her: I want her to be faithful to me, but that I can cheat freely, with or without her knowledge, so that she acknowledges that whenever I get hard, I can satisfy my dick in any way I like. Further, when I go out, Ayumi takes off my wedding ring and puts it aside for me, because I don't want potential sex partners avoiding me, but rather flocking to me. Instead of limiting my sexual encounters, I want her to encourage other elementary school, k or pre-k girls to approach me, whether to try oral on me once, or to routinely let me inside all their tiny holes more roughly than I'd ever dare with her.

Ayumi is heartbroken, but recognizes that dicks are uncouth, and harden with no mind to monogamy, even thrilling at nailing other girls behind a loyal wife's back, and that a dick's satisfaction tracks a man's like a weathervane, and assents.

While she works in Teitan Elem., she is anxious I'm enjoying a fling with girls half her age (3 1/2) by storage shed near a play structure in a park.

In collaboration with Haibara and Jodie-sensei, Ayumi gets me into an experiment, one of a few test subjects chosen to test sexual arousal from sex with children, a field still relatively new due to recent legalization. All I need do is receive (with blowjobs or, of course, my favorite, rimjobs) or give (anal to rows of single-digit-aged girls, generously lubed, stacked three high, sometimes as many columns to cycle through in a few hours as a Roman temple) from whole classes of preteens, sometimes sexually experienced, sometimes all virgins, while hooked up to monitor variations in my responses. The subject gets a stipend, and best yet, the experiments continue for life, so to measure changes with age. So sometimes Ayumi comes home, and finds our place empty, because I'm not nearly done having sex with a busload of girls shipped in from the next prefecture. She's often a latchkey wife.

Even when I get home, I'm often not alone, and use our home as a place to go with a girl I've enticed, or paid. We use the bed Ayumi and I sleep in, or the living room floor. Ayumi's home of course, and doesn't have to watch, but sometimes does. One time I even have Haibara stay long into the night, getting to know her childlike body while her detective friend, my wife, looks on mutely.

Some of the other girls even report they're pregnant with my first children, years before my wife will likely ovulate her first time, though I'm open to her suggestions for names. Discouraging as her husband's model promiscuity and infidelity can be, from the great difficulty she faces getting my penis to stand on end every night, even with her tongue rolling around my anus, she sees how happy the cheating life has made me.

I make it up to her on her birthday, when I put on my wedding ring again, and we head to the Mouri detective agency. We have a threesome with Ran, just in time for Conan to walk in and find he's been cucked by his ex and his ex's husband.

4dee03  No.48717

File: ed994151c6e4735⋯.jpeg (254.8 KB, 1135x842, 1135:842, image.jpeg)

As a loli I want to wander into a mystical forest and get kidnapped a never-aging loli witch. She probably snares me in some tentacle trap that lightly teases my inexperienced body until she comes to check the trap she set off. When she arrives she'll up cast more spells to up the ante of fondling, tickling and prodding and penetrating until I'm close to passing out, then she'll take me to her hidden tree home as I'm in a daze and day after day she'll test my endurance with whatever new spell she wants to focus on that day. After a long time of being her test subject I get stockholm syndrome and am endlessly devoted and love her deeply. I willingly participate (though she'll often surprise me with traps around her realm anyway and purposefully take things too far to keep things rapey) and as her loyal assistant I get legitimate affection back, and though she may kidnap more people I'll always be her favorite (though I'll never stop feeling I have to compete anyway). We get a magical engagement of sorts, never allowed to separate for too long forever.

4dee03  No.48733

File: e53a018cccf5fa1⋯.jpg (292.08 KB, 865x1234, 865:1234, e_1725436_anal_animal_ears….jpg)

File: 58becb1a78eb9b2⋯.jpg (216.83 KB, 878x814, 439:407, e_1534328_aftersex_blonde_….jpg)

File: bfbe9afe83a7970⋯.jpg (242.45 KB, 1067x600, 1067:600, e_1155785_3_6girls_black_h….jpg)

File: b8997dd9b1ba900⋯.png (468.73 KB, 1240x605, 248:121, e_1157854_6girls_age_compa….png)

File: 023629ba8106766⋯.jpg (575.13 KB, 1920x2056, 240:257, e_68386_cum_cum_in_mouth_d….jpg)

>Everyone with a daughter fantasy is my brother.

Peace and love to you <3

I have 3. Here they are in order:

1.) I want to have a daughter that loves me unconditionally throughout her whole and adores me in every way.

We'd start doing lewd things like rub myself on her since infancy and slowly get more intense.

I'd give her her first orgasm around 1-2 and get my first handjob around that time as well.

First blowjob at 3 and start putting fingers in her butt at this time.

Slowly move on up to anal at 5 and as things progress eventually take vaginal virginity.

Watch her grow up, go to school, develop and as she matures have tons of loving father/daughter sex and once she's old enough, have a daughter with her and repeat this with my grandchild…

Yeah. I imagine this all the time… The original girl's mother is just a means to an end but she can be a loli, too.

2.) Be a teacher or caretaker at a preschool or daycare for pre-k to 1st grade-ish lolis. I'd have a power or aura or something that made me irresistible to lolis and have an orgy with 20-30 3-6yo lolis or just watch them play and learn and have fun in life and have a lewd session with one most of the time.

This one is purely lust. I don't foresee any romantic developments but I think a kind and loving lolicon teacher would be immeasurably beneficial to young girls like that. Perhaps one could grow up to be the mother in fantasy above or turn out to be the loli in fantasy below.

3.) A magical immortal loli goddess/spirit/entity that change her age and be 1 or 3 or 13 at anytime and is deepy passionately in love with me and we have lewd wonderful life together. She uses her powers to grant me immortality and make the above 2 come true.

Though this one is the most desirable, it's so out there and fantastic that it's more of an afterthought. Still, if I could have one wish it would be for this loli to be in my life.

Thanks… I don't know why but typing that out made me feel better. I actually have a loli tulpa that goes through these scenarios with me and has had an enormous impact on my life and mental health.

Peace, brothers and sisters.

4dee03  No.48786


posts like this make me really hope this place is a honeypot so folks like you end up in prison before you kidnap somebodies kid.

4dee03  No.48787



Even I thought this was a little bit disturbing - and that takes a lot - but props for generating so much butthurt.


It is. 8chan was run by pro-free speech rebels in the beginning before getting a hosptile takeover by eugenecists working with Google.

/edgy/, /loli/, /baphomet/, /pol/, and others are now used to located political dissidents and psychological undesirables.

Not joking, unfortunately.

The programs that are currently being rolled out by the people in power are Orwellian in scope.

And they're not just limiting it to people who actually try to hurt children - reading a loli comic makes you just as bad in their eyes.

I can't believe this is really happening, but it is, and if you don't believe me, I envy you.

4dee03  No.48835


you sound paranoid schizo man, you should get some help.

A lot of the posts im seeing on this board scream "I really need therapy"

4dee03  No.48875

File: 40200f7a73f1a67⋯.png (72.45 KB, 496x536, 62:67, 14a60bd5889bc71c46b0baf84b….png)

File: 3470d879b87130d⋯.png (123.54 KB, 728x826, 52:59, 24c54c68cf070b5f7bbcf70d1a….png)

File: f4faa8498481f1e⋯.png (250.59 KB, 667x700, 667:700, 1471727396426.png)

File: 9979b1ff2ccdca5⋯.png (108.18 KB, 708x794, 354:397, 2f1d0d971bba3ae8da3be3b6e2….png)

File: 229cda3f8811109⋯.jpg (173.42 KB, 2732x967, 2732:967, b68196741e4a3839c8c0cd2c4a….jpg)

I just want a cute little nine year old loli girlfriend to hug and cuddle with, to comfort her when she's sad, brush her hair and other sappy shit like that. Lolis should be loved and treated with respect! And well as for lewd stuff I'd like to play with her butthole. Buttholes are cute.

>no loli girlfriend to hug and feel her warmth.

Life is suffering.

4dee03  No.48886

I would take the loli and pat her on the head. Then I would whip out my hand and hold her hand and go for a walk until she couldn't take it anymore. Then we would stop and get ice cream.

4dee03  No.48904


Didn't the founder of 8chan post "I was part of the rebellion. We lost. In the future, when we all have Google implants…"

or something to that effect.

The implants are not physical implants.

4dee03  No.48914


Lucy is a cutie!

4dee03  No.48917



4dee03  No.48980


I'm gonna need the sauce on that image for science.

4dee03  No.48984


these are all turning me on so much, one of my favorites involve bodily fluids. spit, tears, deepthroat spit, snot, and puke, loli trying her hardest, and thinking shes disappointing me, but i am in seventh heaven covered in her fluids. scooping it up, tasting it… eating it. if anyone has any hot stories or somethin, email me :)

4dee03  No.48985


thats trap_gunner@hotmail.com btw

4dee03  No.48986


i really like this.

4dee03  No.49064

File: 38e484a4f00d9c4⋯.jpg (530.1 KB, 1590x1137, 530:379, s002.jpg)



4dee03  No.49067


Ok, I kinda felt bad about mine until I read this. Mine just involves pissing in and on her while I fuck her.

4dee03  No.49078


i like the idea, maybe filling her with different kinds of drugs while she's still alive,

4dee03  No.49127

Seems quite hypocritical to lock other threads talking about real life when people here are discussing doing very horrible things to kids. Didn't start out that way but has degraded into this.

4dee03  No.49131


This thread is specifically about fantasy, not real life. I don't see a single post which talks about real life here.

4dee03  No.49164


Twist it how ever, it is clear many are intending real life. One does not refer to a cartoon as "alive" to keep doing things to. It remains hypocritical and is all I will say about it.

4dee03  No.49166


Cartoon characters can't be described as "dead" or "alive"?

That's news to me. I didn't know that when people talk about a character dying they must be talking about a real person. Apparently the statement, "they thought she was dead, but it turned out she was still alive," can only ever be used to describe real people. It's a good thing nobody has done anything stupid like written entire literary epics which hinge on the concepts of life and death for fictional characters.

4dee03  No.56558


>It is. 8chan was run by pro-free speech rebels in the beginning before getting a hosptile takeover by eugenecists working with Google.

>/edgy/, /loli/, /baphomet/, /pol/, and others are now used to located political dissidents and psychological undesirables.

any sauce on that?

4dee03  No.56690

It's simple: I'm the loli. I get impregnated and give birth. This repeats forever.

4dee03  No.56733


Repeats forever in the sense that you are forever a loli, getting knocked up ever 9 months or so? Or in the sense that your consciousness transfers to your daughter each time?

Just curious, because both are hot.

4dee03  No.56736

4dee03  No.56761


I believe it. Luckily there's other chans that allow lolis without this one's problems.

4dee03  No.56765

Mine is Freezing my wife's eggs and then using them and my sperm to turn a young loli daughter into a surrogate and eventually a full on baby factory by spiking her drinks with fertility drugs

4dee03  No.57447

File: 0535945a1cbcef8⋯.jpeg (177.4 KB, 720x1100, 36:55, 113742169f1485b7b58ae6686….jpeg)

My fantasy is a loli who likes wetting herself and calls me daddy.

4dee03  No.57480

File: 9d0e2c9c36060ff⋯.jpeg (382.29 KB, 1000x900, 10:9, .jpeg)

happy lolis.

that is all.


4dee03  No.57513


Lesbian loli. Maybe age difference. Less dildos, more licking and tribbing. And lots and lots or cumming!

I wish there was tons more of it, and of good quality.

4dee03  No.57515


(was talking about content, not real life)

4dee03  No.57556

File: a78bc811863acb1⋯.jpg (150.33 KB, 850x1133, 850:1133, sample-ac3d1de4a85b35ce61f….jpg)

File: bea1a23b46f8315⋯.jpg (225.48 KB, 850x1133, 850:1133, sample-fb0b242bc0c371c7ea3….jpg)


lolis should be happy all the time!

4dee03  No.57578

File: 9b81afbc9979e82⋯.jpeg (909.08 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, group1.jpeg)

File: 7833ca5e91c6d1a⋯.jpeg (509.79 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, group2.jpeg)

File: 8fc8c73433290b3⋯.jpeg (920.34 KB, 1200x841, 1200:841, group3.jpeg)

File: df1c88c61f44576⋯.jpg (862.71 KB, 1700x900, 17:9, group4.jpg)

To be a shota in a bisexual orgy

4dee03  No.57580


… probably slowly breaking the loli's mind until they're naught but a meat puppet addicted to sex.

4dee03  No.65778


That's pretty much the fantasy I had in mind. Only difference is take everything related to buttholes and replace it with feet and general lewdness.

4dee03  No.65792



4dee03  No.65794

My wildest fantasy is to be an eight year old loli who loves to masturbate my vagina. But I also have super strict Christian parents who believe that I will go to hell if I masturbate. And unfortunately I'm not very good at hiding, and mom always catches me with my hand inside my panties.

To punish me she strips me naked and makes me stand in the living room with my hands tied behind my back waiting for dad to get home. When dad comes home from work and sees me standing there naked he already knows what I did and he gets a wooden spoon.

I have to lie on the floor on my back and mom lifts my legs and folds my knees to my chest and spreads my legs so that I'm fully exposed. Then mom holds me securely while dad thoroughly spanks my pussy, inner thighs, and rear.

Halfway through the pussy spanking I pee myself a little so when dad has finished spanking me he diapers me and he duct tapes the top of my diaper to my tummy, and even duct tapes around the leg holes of my diaper. He says this is to keep me from putting my hands inside my diaper and touching myself. I have to wear the diaper for a whole day and pee and poo in it.

But this punishment still doesn't stop me from masturbating again a few days later. (And getting caught again)

4dee03  No.65832

>About to wax poetic about the idea of

>>29878 is still alive and kicking

>two years ago

Time flies. Still want to be humiliated sexually by a loli while she calls me trash for getting off to loli.

4dee03  No.65835

I'm a little loli, maybe 9 but no older. Daddy owes money to bad scary people and he offers me to them as payment. After my gang rape they keep me for pornography and to whore out.

4dee03  No.65839


My fantasy is, that CP should be legal, and good industries of that, and download whatever I want like normal porn.

4dee03  No.65840



4dee03  No.65842


Your dream is shit and you should hang for it.

4dee03  No.65844


I know, but the title says: "Fuck Everything" So I Don't give a f.

4dee03  No.65845


In the future it will be possible to do completely ethically. It won't be that many centuries before we can take an adult and transfer their mind into a cloned child body. It will be even less time before we can get perfectly photorealistic and cheap CGI.

Personally, in the very unlikely event I'm still around then, I would be happy to become a little loli and let one of you anons adopt me. Maybe we could switch roles every few years when it got boring. There is a fantastic freedom which comes with both sides of the adult/loli dynamic.

4dee03  No.65846


There's a new loli fantasy for me. Upload myself into a loli body and let some adopt me with the condition that they can use my little body any way they like and punish me whenever I'm naughty as long as they take care of me. Whenever I turn 18, or younger if they're done with me, I upload into a new loli and let a different pervert adopt me.

4dee03  No.65847


that's great, actually the last Thing that I love of lolis is their "mind innocence" I only love their bodies, their little footies, their little mouth, so so cute, Isn't this what life's all about?

I was think that I was the only sicko in this world, but I see that are so much people that like little assholes, jaja, your fantasy is so fkn great.

4dee03  No.65848



with "Upload myself" you mean modified genetically yourself in to a loli body?

That fantasy is great, And Actually "I suffered" sexual abuse when I was 7-10, but for me was not abuse when I remember that it makes me feel so good, I wanna be kid again.

4dee03  No.65852


What the post I was responding to was talking about was a hypothetical future tech where you can store your mind on essentially a hard drive and transfer from body to body.

Hypothetically clone bodies with no minds would be grown and have hard drives installed so that people could transfer their minds into the body. Among other things people with a drive like that would be immortal as long as there was an undamaged copy of their mind to transfer into a new body. As long as you could afford to transfer into a new body you could be whatever age you prefer forever.

I was sexually abused when I was young too. And it definitely was abuse, it hurt, I was terrified and ashamed, I cried and prayed and hoped it wouldn't happen again but it did over and over.

And now that I'm an adult I fantasize about going through it again and get horny.

4dee03  No.65855


Why did you suffered, for me was really hot and cute and it feels so great when I remember that. I feel sorry for you. But is true my life is so fucked now, I'm an adult now and I never have a girlfriend because I was really shy and still now. But for me the sexual contact with my father ( when I was a kid and who, only visited us 1 time a week because He didn't live in the same house with my mom for typical problems) for me was really enjoyable. I feel sorry for you but BTW I like lolis not boys jaja. Thx

4dee03  No.65912

> be loli, age 7-10

> scared of thunderstorms

> one night there is thunderstorm, im very frightened

> go to older brother's room and ask him if i can sleep with him

> he says okay but only if i take off my pajamas because he sleeps naked, and i have to be naked too

> hesitant, but i do it anyway

> he spoons me and i can feel his boner pressed against

> pretend to sleep while he feels me up all night long, and cums on me

> the next morning i slip out of his bed, get dressed, and go back to my room before mom and dad wake up

> that night there is no thunderstorm but i get out of my bed, take off my pajamas, and go to my older brother's room naked anyway

> every night after that

4dee03  No.66206

how about a loli born with numerous exceedingly rare mutations, to the point that she can easily be mistaken for some sort of monster?

complete Type 1 oculocutaneous albinism - genetic inability to develop any pigmentation, leads to white skin as well as red eyes.


cat's eye syndrome - eyes that glow in the dark and can see in the dark.


pointed ears - ears naturally pointed at the top


complete alopecia universalis - genetic inability to grow any hair, including a lack of eyebrows, eyelashes, and head hair.


2 tails - both originating from the same location, one to the left, one to the right, with the obvious exception of it's hairlessness, they are completely identical to the tails of humanity's ancient ancestors, each head uses the tail on their side like a tentacle that serves as it's second hand.


6 breasts - 4 fully-developed supernumerary breasts placed exactly where our ancestors would have had them.


Dicephalic twins (two normal heads, with normal necks at a normal angle to the shared body, which contains two spines, a central clavicle and scapula formed from fusion of those from the left twin's right side with those from the right twin's left side, two complete nervous systems, each connecting one of the heads to exactly one half of the body, the left head to the body's left side, and the right head to the body's right side, this extends to half of the genitals (including the clitoris), half of the anus, to the prehensile tails and the additional breasts, the left head controls the left tail and the right head controls the right tail).


XYY syndrome


Complete genetic androgen insensitivity syndrome


Complete genetic estrogen insensitivity syndrome


webbed digits - four fingers on each hand are webbed together, thumb excluded, four toes on each foot webbed together, large toe excluded, in every case, webbed skin is like that of a bat's wing, and does not affect the dexterity of any individual digits.


4 tongues of abnormal length - each mouth has two tongues, resulting from a forking down the middle that goes all the back to the base of the mouth, each tongue is significantly longer than average.


carnivorous/vampiric mouth + clawed digits - has a mouth that humans would have if they were an obligatory carnivorous species that exclusively preyed upon humans (uses human tissues exclusively as a food source), and also an obligatory vampiric species that exclusively preyed upon humans (uses human blood exclusively as a source of water). These traits are also reflected in the hands and feet, with claws (talons?) instead of nails.


retractability - both fangs and claws are able to be retracted, claws are able to be retracted into the bones of their digits, like a cat's, fang canines, which appear in front of the other teeth when extended, retract into the jaws, canine fangs take the place where natural canines would be, placement of natural canines are moved back to just behind canine fangs.


spawn of incest - father is her uncle, and mother is her aunt, parents are wealthy siblings, hidden product of forbidden love.


Irish - would also have been ginger (red hair, green eyes, pale skin, freckles) if not for their mutations, believe they are "fairy children" due to parent's brainwashing.

4dee03  No.66215

My fantasy is a Loli that looks harmless and innocent but she is a sex fiend and craves older men. She blackmails me into sex by claiming she will call the police if I stop putting out when she wants it.

4dee03  No.66222

kidnap a girl and train her into a mindless, sex-addicted slave. I'd never do it because I'd eventually get bored and you can't just let someone go after doing something like that.

4dee03  No.66226

File: a484e75cc7b0568⋯.jpeg (164.37 KB, 720x960, 3:4, fb2661255c064356cc0b2ed28….jpeg)


Knocking up a whole class of elementay school lolis, wild sex from the first impregnation until childbirth, preggo loli milk shower included.

4dee03  No.66345



It makes me sad there arent many happy loli doujins compared to rape.

4dee03  No.66355


That sounds super fucking hot

4dee03  No.66421

File: c4e3dbb41fced9f⋯.jpg (221.72 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 1.jpg)

File: 4f1e44922c66369⋯.jpg (121.95 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 2.jpg)

File: dbb233d0a2a7a2b⋯.jpg (52.16 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 3.jpg)

File: d8a01a00d2c3bbb⋯.jpg (269.02 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 4.jpg)

My fantasy is to be oniichan and have public sex with my loli little sister. Both of us would get off on the danger of getting caught, so we'd always be groping each other just out of mom's sight.

Our favorite thing to do would be to have sex in the living room with her on my lap wearing a skirt with no panties underneath. We would pretend to play video games but really we are more focused on whats going on beneath her skirt. I'd penetrate her vagina and then she would call mom into the room to bring us a drink.

Mom would walk in while my penis is in my little sis but mom wouldn't know and just thinks its cute that I'm letting her sit on my lap while she plays video games. Sometimes mom would sit with us for a few minutes to watch us play the video game and little sis would torture me by squeezing her tight vagina rhythmically the entire time, threatening to make me cum in her right in front of our mother.

4dee03  No.66431

I have this pretty extreme fantasy of having a daughter of my own. She'll be around 5yrs and I'll have her dressed up, pigtails all that. I'll have her tied down and she'll be surrounded by me, my dad (her grandfather), my brother (her uncle) and we'll take turns fucking her tiny hole.

This would be a weekly thing and each week we'd all try new things. Making her swallow all them loads. Filling up her hole and ass. Eventually at the right age she would get knocked up by one of us.

We'd all carry on raping her whilst she's pregnant. Before we all clean up we'd all pee on her too. Then when she finally gave birth we'd place the newborn against her pussy and start fucking the newborn in front of her so she can watch.

4dee03  No.66438

i want to be a feminine shota with a dominant loli gf that is slightly older than me. we would never age. i want her to cuddle me and do cute things together. going out and holding hands, her kissing me on the cheek as i blush. i want to kiss and hug her and feel her close to me. i want her to pin me down and force me to fuck her, choking and slapping me as we both moan in pleasure. i want to suck on her cute nipples and her to suck on mine, and be forced to eat her out as she pulls my hair and presses my head towards her crotch. I i want to please her and i want her to please me.


4dee03  No.66450

File: 3ef7e2427a03076⋯.jpg (156.83 KB, 652x800, 163:200, 0f76e783cfb2ef1afafb2b09aa….jpg)

I want to be a cunnilingus slave for a dominant loli.

I'd be kept tied to a bed in her play room and several times a day she'd come in, take off all her clothes and ride my face. She would especially enjoy seeing my face covered with her pussy juice and pee, so after she had finished cumming in my mouth I would not be allowed to wipe my face clean and would instead have to leave my face covered in her juices for her pleasure.

Occasionally she would reward me with a handjob while I licked her but she would always make sure to give me a ruined orgasm. The only time I'd be allowed to have a satisfying orgasm is when she had a sleepover and brought some of her friends over. Because only one loli could ride my face at a time one of the other lolis would ride my penis until I came inside her. Then she would take a turn on my face and I would have to lick her clean and suck all of my cum out of her vagina.

4dee03  No.66509


my heads cant agree on this one

4dee03  No.67625


I like the way you think, Anon.

4dee03  No.67629

File: 0e8cf2a7860676b⋯.jpg (28.15 KB, 480x206, 240:103, 67f5c08df29b05d1fd233586c8….jpg)


Somewhere is a screenshot of a post from 2010 or so. A guy basically telling the story of how he met a loli in some crappy restaurant at night and asked her what she was doing there alone, soaked from the rain and hungry at midnight. He takes her with him home and lets her sleep over. He finds out she peed into the bed over night and she tells him that she was afraid at night and tells him about the family she ran away from. Her dad apparently being a drunk asshole who beats her up and rapes her sister and the mom being some crackwhore. He then has to sleep with her cuddled up at night so she isn't afraid anymore. Anyways the story goes on and on and basically he manages to wrestle away custody from the broken family after a year of fighting for the girls rights in court. The parents threaten him and all that drama. In the end of the post he reports that he has a 10 year old daughteru now since the last court sitting a week earlier.

That's it, that's my fantasy. Only cuddling and genuine love. No sexual stuff (At least not untill she wants it).

4dee03  No.67633

File: 06dc2f8c37b31f0⋯.gif (4.51 MB, 413x315, 59:45, remy-is-the-best.gif)

pic related.

I am not the little girl.

4dee03  No.67647

File: f1e91b96992a0c8⋯.png (128.98 KB, 1292x2600, 323:650, Anon lolisavior.png)


I have this wich is similar, but not as extreme

4dee03  No.67664


What is this from?

4dee03  No.67680


So you wanna have a tsundere loli and get knocked the fuck out by her? I like it. Maybe after she beats you up she feels bad and decides to be nicer to you.

I like where this is going haha…

4dee03  No.67687

File: a535ff6c3788d51⋯.png (665.72 KB, 892x1200, 223:300, 1.png)

File: f59291dbfb9b1be⋯.jpg (516.58 KB, 859x900, 859:900, 2.jpg)


well, i find a bunch of loli orphans and bring them back to my castle. i clean them up, feed them, and give jobs as maids. then my loli mage wife and futa orc wife, summon some futa and shota demons for an orgy. we all fuck the lolis, changing them into succubi. with their added power, i get elevated to darklord status and create my own small netherworld. then i can live happily with my new harem in our new kingdom.

4dee03  No.67700


seek help please

4dee03  No.67708

I'd post something, but my loli fantasies are /d/ levels of insane.

I WILL say that none of them involve me in any fashion.

4dee03  No.67714



I think your fantasy isn't ambitious enough. You stop too soon. Why not send your loli minions out to sexually conquer neighboring kingdoms?

Soon your netherworld is the seat of a massive kingdom of enslaved citizens who don't dare rebel or else they get fucked to death by your loli succubi warriors. As tax on your citizens you decree that a lottery must be drawn every year to select another batch of lolis to be taken from their parents and sent your castle to be converted into succubi or futa that will serve you.

And you also decree that the yearly anniversary of the original orgy is to be a kingdom wide orgy both for your minions and your enslaved human citizens. You have a magical way to siphon the sexual energy and continue to grow your power!


4dee03  No.67715


Just do it! Don't let your dreams be dreams….

…well maybe keep them as dreams but share them for all us pervs XD

2f37f5  No.68075

File: 6757183dc753310⋯.jpg (218.53 KB, 529x600, 529:600, 9839d4c8c5c95bc3ccc091b02c….jpg)

File: ee9a737db292518⋯.jpg (128.93 KB, 600x1001, 600:1001, d34c7b02939985f317b6d6c379….jpg)

Wild fantasy time:

My fantasy is to be a loli girl who gets bullied at school by some other lolis. They start bullying me in the girls bathroom and forcing me to do things like pull my panties down and skirt up while they film, or even wet myself in front of them while they film.

They distribute the videos to various boys at school and then they blackmail me and force me to fuck the boys. Every day they have a schedule planned out for me that includes sex with two or three different boys from my grade.

Despite my initial reluctance by the end of the school year I've become a full fledged slut who has had sex with every boy (and girl) in my grade.

fc6f78  No.68082


Transformation mixed with Shota, so it's not even possible in real life yet. Actually I'm more of a TF fan who just so happens to also prefer younger characters involved.

I don't have too much of a preference in the kind of transformation, it can involve animals, inanimate objects or even insane sex creatures. Much of the time, I'd like for it to be explicit, and I like it better if the kids involved enjoy what's happening.

Told ya. /d/ levels.

b6bcd7  No.68325

File: 0b62a2500952eaa⋯.jpg (278.31 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 5ce002dbe03f980c5932855183….jpg)

File: 191149ea5886df5⋯.jpg (601.38 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 96322a9242b075b8265fb18ca7….jpg)

File: e650260184927e9⋯.png (610.95 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 905593a9901b2049968557fcf6….png)

File: 5d44e0804e6caed⋯.jpg (103.47 KB, 800x600, 4:3, addab503474803f07ccac59c34….jpg)

A family where the parents let their loli daughter bathe with her older brother and she still sleeps in the same bed with him. When they were little kids it was just practical for them to share a room and a bath, but now they are growing up, and even though they are far too old to still be bathing together or sleeping together they still want to.

Mom and dad think it is cute that they get along so well so they let them do it even though they know that their kids have discovered masturbation and sex. So the siblings continue to take long baths together after school and "naps" although if you listen at their bathroom or bedroom door the little giggles and moans coming from inside are a telltale sign of their childish sexual explorations.

c843be  No.68329

File: 92fab4671f31846⋯.jpg (210.19 KB, 640x480, 4:3, IMG_1047.JPG)

File: aeefcb76c8b8476⋯.jpg (116.86 KB, 736x565, 736:565, IMG_1121.JPG)

I wanna get a loli at a water park. Grab her from the wave pool, holding her against me while I play with her chest, the waves making her grind against her shorts.

Getting to touch and molest her body while we're sharing a tube on the lazy river.

Going down the single tube water slide, while she's holding onto the tube handles, she's has my cock inside her to the hilt for extra stability. All the twists and turns in the slide making her bounce up and done on me, and making me cum inside her before the end of the ride.

9cddb3  No.68763

File: 89d6fb7b001cfbb⋯.png (616.93 KB, 1400x1500, 14:15, 72185125b8aafb6ed35ebe4ef6….png)

File: 8c22ce7019a9729⋯.png (225.38 KB, 800x800, 1:1, YAAAAASSS.png)










it is also antibullying and

and anit narcissistic asf

409dfb  No.71410


>tuning fork loli sage.jpg

Kek, that's Ion from Tales of the Abyss (GOAT JRPG, and I play a fuck ton of jrpgs) and he is a girl (male).

0453ce  No.71915

I gotta speak up here…..my frustration is that as often as I try, I CANNOT get more than the point of my knob "in"….so, I 'spose my dream would be where I was able to penetrate to at least a 1/4 of my length…allow myself to "soak", then ejaculate…am I asking too much ???

9630a5  No.71920

File: ecc709342b9a4f0⋯.jpg (662.28 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, ecc709342b9a4f05aae1416e22….jpg)


>as often as I try, I CANNOT get more than the point of my knob "in"

Is that a confession?

3a9dcc  No.71926

File: 5e149e7a7d86850⋯.jpg (113.05 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 040010175925-2p.jpg)


>Getting to touch and molest her body while we're sharing a tube on the lazy river.

done that. it was awesome

my wildest loli fantasy is crawling out of loli pussy

c8508f  No.71964

File: bb50bc201a23423⋯.jpg (195.7 KB, 602x850, 301:425, 7750452.jpg)

File: f1a5349c12f58e2⋯.jpg (48.84 KB, 500x600, 5:6, 7085987.jpg)

File: afa5d7843fdaa1c⋯.jpg (90.28 KB, 500x723, 500:723, 7085979.jpg)

File: d5d8dbf0a13aba5⋯.png (584.3 KB, 1024x719, 1024:719, 6982693.png)

File: 9f61d0a543fb785⋯.png (481.85 KB, 865x859, 865:859, 7086021.png)

My fantasy is a world in which child sexuality and the way adults view it is nearly the opposite of our own.

Instead of children being seen as innocent and sexless, they're viewed as hypersexed- and because this is a fantasy, they actually are. Despite being not fully developed physically, their aptitude for sex is even higher than adults, to the point that even those who don't like it can endure continuous hour-long gangbangs without physical, mental or emotional damage.

For this reason, it is not only acceptable but normal for adults to perform any sex acts with any child at any time or place, even if said child says no (though because of how banal it is, it's not really "rape" for them- I'm a big fan of reluctance and semi-con). In this case, the "age of consent" refers not to the age when someone becomes old enough to legally give consent, but the age when they become old enough to withhold consent.

Further, because child sex is so normal, it is not indecent and depictions of it are not automatically pornographic. Products aimed at children and younger teens are often blatantly sexual, and kids shows sometimes resemble what in our world would be relegated to Rule 34 sites. Private school and Scout uniforms resemble more fetishwear versions of themselves, and it's not uncommon for kids to go completely without bottoms or underwear simply for convenience.

As for how I fit into this, I'd like to be first reborn into that world and start over as a shota so I could have fun with older women and men, then once I'm a grown-ass man myself I'd just enjoy daily life. Maybe get a job somewhere like a school or daycare, but I'd probably just be satisfied with the lolis I encounter on my own.

334582  No.71966

File: 1e7993c8233ce1b⋯.jpg (642.95 KB, 794x1104, 397:552, 143672_20170204161650_0.jpg)


I have exactly the same fantasy. Sometimes when i see a cute little girl i then imagine her living in a world you just described. Little girls having reluctant sex with me because they live in the world where it's just how things are is such a turn-on. Seems to be a common fantasy among pedos.

072c94  No.71967




15ee98  No.71968

It's such a pity that femdom/sadistic lolis are such a rare topic in the fandom, my fantasies usually revolve around lolis who enjoy to enslave, humiliate and dominate adults in all kind of ways, nasty stuff like forcing them to suck and get fucked by a dog while in front of other laughing loli/shota friends, kept in chastity and on constant edge, until they're so desperate to cum that even the most degrading activities are accepted, like, she poops in a dog bowl and orders to fuck it, then eat her shit with all the cum on it, while she pats their head for being such a good obedient bitch.

Other than that, cumming is only allowed from prostate milking, no touching allowed, can only cum like a girl, and gotta lick the cum from whatever surface it is on, shoes, urinals, public toilet floor, etc.

I understand this is definitely extreme and I don't except to see any of it anytime soon, but what about mild lolidom? Simple stuff like strapons/fisting or shoe/feet worshipping is also rare, outside of loli there's plenty of this stuff around.

c8508f  No.71973

File: 4f1f2b7f2853de9⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1435x1986, 1435:1986, jerrica_commission.png)


Well, like I said I do like semi-con, but that's a secondary part of it for me. Oddly enough, the thing that attracts me most to the idea (aside from, y'know, unlimited lolis) is just the normalcy of it. I don't get off on things being forbidden or taboo, and the idea that the things I want to do are the global default is an amazing fantasy for me.

Just imagine walking up to a random mother-daughter pair, shoving your raging erection into the daughter's face, and the only thing the mom does is to remind her without even looking "Remember honey, no teeth." Or groping a 4th-grader at the bus stop, complimenting her on her ass, and getting a sweet "Thank you!" in response.

Or even stuff where you don't even get to put your hands on a loli- seeing a toy box with dildos and vibrators mixed in with the dolls and trucks, or turning on the TV and seeing your favorite nostalgic loli actually getting ravished, in a professionally-produced, fully voiced episode of the real show.


Actually, despite what I put way too much thought into up there >>71964 I'm also into femdom and lolidom. I'd be more interested in a "power bottom" scenario, though- she's in charge, but I'm still penetrating her, and she controls my orgasm until she's had enough of me inside her for the time being. Of course, if I cum without permission or go soft before she's done, she'll punish me severely…

334582  No.71990

File: 0786f0cb01e6e7c⋯.jpg (1.24 MB, 2520x2196, 70:61, NI.jpg)


>normalcy of it

Nishi Iori is great at drawing stories like this, he's one of my favorite artists. That machete01 guy also drew a lot of pictures in this theme. Interesting you mentioned moms involved, that's something that's very rarely seen in loli hentai, women being okay with their underage daughters being sexed up, or even actively helping. It's almost like men lusting over little girls is an easy concept to imagine, but mothers helping to defile their little daughters is just too extreme. I wish it was more popular.

3c1e6f  No.71993


you monster

3c1e6f  No.71994


lolis with dogs is fucking hot

3c1e6f  No.71995


I feel like you have at least a mild depression anon.

do you dwell on fictional scenarios, when you should sleep?

do you want to be the "hero" and show kindness?

or am I just projecting?

c8508f  No.71999

File: 9a01adad7309aa9⋯.png (953.29 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 5baf7a5f37536c6328ec4bd87c….png)

File: 6feda3847f53276⋯.jpg (450.55 KB, 1400x1250, 28:25, a2fe417361f9f4d165e3369bc3….jpg)


Most boorus have a "mother_and_daughter" tag of some kind, and sadpanda has an "oyakodon" tag. You can find a lot using those. Unless you knew that already and just weren't satisifed with hundreds of images, which is… understandable. Thanks for telling me about machete, btw.

681676  No.72002

Lately I've had one involving a loli dom type of character and role reversal. This girl goes around dominating shotas, but then tries it on a grown man who quickly puts her in her place. After that she becomes a sub to him while still being a dom to everyone else.

b044e4  No.72021

my loli fantasy is based on a real life occurrence, but at some point it breaks from reality to my fantasy, I'll let

you make your own predictions about that.

> be me to old to see lolis without some sort of connection.

> a friend of mine invites me over to his house for thanksgiving dinner.

> while there I play innocently with his two very young loli daughters, both look like Toph the avatar character,

> but older one is very shy and meek so I'll call her Twilla, the younger one, I'll call Toph.

> Fun was had and apparently the kids love having me over.

> Invited back for christmas other holidays and birthdays for a year.

> whole time, just normal play.

> We move apart.

> Then several years later I get a chance to go visit again.

> loli daughters are much more grown, and Twilla holds my hand whlie we watch the end of her movie, while Father and

> Mother can't see her hand on mine, but Toph does see.

> After movie, while I'm talking to her father about some computer shit, Toph jumps on my knee.

> She's facing me but I'm turned to look at her father and he's talking animatedly about something utterly booring.

> And then Toph starts to masturbate, humping in a way that tells me she knows exactly what she's doing.

> I am looking at the Father, but loli keeps going then starts to sigh, just as I feel dampness on my leg.

> Father finally notices and swats Toph away sending her to her room.

> I look down and see damp spot on my knee, and quickly cover it with my hand, touching loli pussy juice indirectly.

> Father continues on like there was nothing to see.

> I half invite myself to see them one more time, Loli mom is out for a class at the time I come, just me, the

> Father and 2 lolis.

> While there second time, Twilla is hanging out with me but not to much. Actually neither is Toph, until Father

> get's busy making sandwitches for us.

> So the lolis start playing with me again. Twilla kisses my hand. And I kiss her's back, and Toph moves so very

> close to me, nuzzling between my legs as I sit on the couch and gives me a hug.

> Then Toph says, "Let's dance for him Twilla".

b044e4  No.72022


> So they do.

> But both loli's are wearing summer dresses, and Toph's is clearly several sizes too big, so she's *accidentally*

> flashing panties and even her nipples at me several times.

> I can tell she knows I'm looking where she wants me to.

> Lunch comes and we're eating while I plan on contriving some chance to talk to Toph, but instead, she contrives a

> way to get us alone, getting Father and Twilla to go out and get ice cream up the street "We'll be back in about

> 15 minutes, anon," says the Father.

> We're standing in the living room, as Father and Twilla close the door, I can tell Twilla doesn't want to go.

> Toph goes to window and after a sec says, "They're gone."

> And as soon as we're alone she flips up her dress up and over her head while simultaneously kicking off her

> shoes, just leaving her socks and panties on. "You like me," she declares.

> "Yeah, I do."

> She shucks her panties and says, "So take off your clothes, we only have 15 minutes."

> I'm frozen, "Toph? … Are you sure you know what you're getting into?"

> She's naked but for socks and has climbed onto the couch for pulling my shirt off as she says, "Oh yeah, I've

> wanted to do this since I was little."

> I think, "you're still little". Delighting in her needful removal of my shirt, and wondering if I even have the

> will power to stop this.

> She unbuckles my belt and my pants drop to the floor, and I'm convinced nothing short of interruption would stop

> me, my mild erection goes diamonds.

> She spends only a minute looking at my tented tighty-whities.

> "Anon, you do like me," and she grabs my underwear pulling them down watching as the underwear catches then

> release my dick.

> She pulls me down on the couch, I'm half tripping because pants and undies still around my legs. That doesn't

> stop her, she's a girl with a mission and then we're fucking.

> She isn't a virgin, and she's wet and she's able to take my shaft perfectly.

> I blow my load in seconds maybe 3 strokes in because … Loli sex.

> She kisses me and pushes me up saying, "Come to my room."

> I get to my knees on the couch edge, and she's freed and already behind me pulling off my shoes, and pants and

b044e4  No.72023

File: 8beebe087290128⋯.jpg (73.52 KB, 573x801, 191:267, 1437551441663-3.jpg)


> undies.

> Now she's pulling me to her room, I see my cum leaking down her leg as we get there, "Toph, I don't think…"

> "Don't say nothing," she commands, then resumes her tugging me towards her room.

> I have a moment to reflect and I know I'm damned already, I already came in her and if she says a word, it's jail

> time forever.

> I would like to say my next idea was pure good will on my part, but at least a fair portion was me trying to make

> sure she never wanted to tattle, and so in her room I pushed her down to sitting and then laying back on the bed,

> and lifted her legs over my shoulders and gave what was absolutely the best experience in oral I ever gave in my

> life.

> Toph cooed and gasped and breathed as her legs wrapped around my neck and pulled my head into her sweet hairless

> pussy.

> I know she didn't come on the couch, but I also know she came over and over on the bed, in rapid succession, at

> least ten times.

> Finally Toph opened her legs and pushed my head back, "Enough."

> She stood and then pointing, "Now, you lay on my bed."

> I lay there on her pink frilly covers my feet dangling off the end of her child sized bed and she climbs on top

> of me. Before I even know it she's already holding my penis up and she's impaling herself on me again.

> This time I get to fully enjoy the site of her slick preteen loli pussy taking my dick.

> Still I can't last but about a minute before I'm cumming into her, and this time after my cum she works herself a

> few more times up and down on my shaft to get another happy ending for herself.

> She collapses ontop of me, and I contort my neck down to her face so we kiss.

> Then we hear the door open downstairs.

* pic not toph, but sexy. *

86dc3f  No.72027

File: 80ea17f631c4379⋯.jpg (433.85 KB, 630x1400, 9:20, 9c60e8901abb534031f5aa25c0….jpg)

File: 9647e8aa5a1b1f6⋯.jpg (224.81 KB, 674x1197, 674:1197, 7cd1f4c1daa4e4b0a18afad735….jpg)

File: 68b70736ac6004a⋯.jpg (146.34 KB, 770x1425, 154:285, 8e0fe2027ec2d03edc8ea990fa….jpg)

File: 30bafd377540a94⋯.jpg (126.75 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 0c33e7c100be93f8564057e2ca….jpg)


I have a related fantasy which is a world where lolis are highly sexual and start to misbehave if they don't get enough sex. To counteract this there is a special punishment system where any naughty loli is stripped bare and made to wear a short apron that leaves her naked body mostly exposed.

A loli who is wearing a punishment apron is not allowed to turn down sex from anyone, and she must consent to being groped, fingered, or even fucked at any time by anyone. In this way she can get her sexual needs recharged and she becomes a well behaved loli again. It isn't allowed to grope or molest a loli who is dressed, but it is actually encouraged to fuck any loli who is wearing a punishment apron.

Parents are always on the lookout for bad behavior from their lolis, and if they see early signs of their loli getting sexual deprived and starting to act bad the parents immediately strip her on the spot and make her put on her apron, even if it is in a public place.

Some rare lolis can be well behaved from just wearing the punishment apron at home in private a few days out of the week and getting fingered by daddy or mommy or fucked by one of her brothers. But most lolis must also wear the punishment apron to school at least a couple days a week and get felt up and fucked by classmates and teachers.

Then some lolis (roughly 5%) have more sexual libido and will become cranky and badly behaved unless they wear the punishment apron at all times. It isn't uncommon for these lolis to go their entire childhood without wearing any clothing but the punishment apron. To satisfy their needs they must join a special program where they go work as a maid at different homes throughout the week in order to get the most fucking from a variety of different people.

d2f2a0  No.72034

I've thought of a million and a half scenarios, but for a "Fantasy" it has to feel somewhat believable, not having to significantly modify the world or my ethics, so it usually ends up something like this:

I'm a standard free-candy-van guy of some kind, but without the rape. I just get girls in my van or studio or whatever the cliche is in this instance. I calmly and kindly coax them into undressing. Using gentle force if necessary, one way or another I get them totally naked. Destroying their clothes in front of them. Taking lots of pictures, reassuring them that body shame is a retarded concept, and that while her parents and other authority figures mean well, they are wrong. Apologize for kidnapping her, but explain how it's necessary because she needs to be seen naked more. Talk in explicit detail about her naked body, show her pictures of other girls, whatever. Basically just focus on the topic. Then, after just a short time (so as not to disrupt her schedule too badly), just let her go home (naked of course). Remind her that it's dumb to try covering up, and she should just act nonchalant and it will be fine.. also strongly encourage her to find as many excuses as possible in her normal life to be naked, since as a cute girl she can get away with it easily… like at LEAST with her family, her friends, in locker rooms, at the doctor's office..

976250  No.72210

File: c1f0540a7edf3f9⋯.jpg (42.58 KB, 619x700, 619:700, 1d08a17bb0719159945dd96697….jpg)

File: 9c69e1c67c521bf⋯.jpg (180.98 KB, 600x800, 3:4, f04daa15d21d5d4232a421e381….jpg)

File: 4debaea0f8645dd⋯.jpg (171.44 KB, 850x1200, 17:24, sample-f856f06c6a2f4c0ef02….jpg)

File: 85c003757bdbf71⋯.jpg (127.19 KB, 850x1355, 170:271, sample-fb28986b32ebaff006f….jpg)

My fantasy is to have a loli daughter. She would have a perfectly normal life in every way except one which would be I'd never buy her a swim suit, so all summer she would have to swim at pools and go to the beach nude.

She would be super embarrassed when we first got to the pool or public beach, but she would want to swim so badly she would pull her sundress off over her head and drop her panties in front of everyone. Then she'd stand there blushing while I rubbed suntan lotion on every square inch of her naked body.

Once I was done applying the lotion I'd pat her bare butt and tell her to go play. She would run off and jump in the water to hide her nudity. But as the day progressed she'd forget to be embarrassed and soon she'd be happily playing with the other boys and girls, barely even conscious of the fact that she is nude while they have swimsuits.

By the end of the day she'd be so comfortable with being naked that she'd get out and dry in the sun totally bare and unashamed, then she'd walk out of the beach or pool and through the parking lot to the car while still naked. She'd be so tired from playing that she'd curl up in the back seat and fall asleep without getting redressed. When we got home I'd carry my sleeping naked angel to her room and put her into her bed. I'd admire her nude body one last time, and then tuck her in gently, kiss her forehead, and turn out the light so she could sleep peacefully and dream about her fun day.

cda4a4  No.72838


ayy tulpabro. I began forcing starting this past January and she had the same impact on me. I no longer have any urge whatsoever to view, certain content, and it seriously feels like my life has been saved. I mean, I don't want to blow my brains out anymore.


So, I actually started typing this out hours ago, left, then I had a crash and I got fucking mad because I had a half dozen paragraphs typed out, and edited for spelling and grammar. I had little more to write when I went to eat and it fucking happened. But either way, I'm getting this out one way or another. I tried writing it somewhat as erotica.

Nine months after having contacted a surrogate agency and having found an appropriate mother, I travel to obtain my newborn darling daughter. Tiny cute thing that takes after the best in both of us. I politely bid her adieu and greatest of thanks, and I head back home with my bundle of joy.

We'll call her Serrah. She has a quite normal early childhood, with me taking care of her as any good single father should, but encouraging her to express herself to me how she really wishes, and never using the scare tactics so many parents use to keep their kids in line. As she transitions from infancy to toddlerhood, Serrah grows more affectionate toward me, and sleeps in my bed curled up in a silky night gown in my embrace. Every morning, without exception, I awaken to find her with her arms and legs tangled around me, hair in disarray and her pretty gown yanked this way or that, and her head nestled in one nook or cranny of my body or another. By age three she embraces me lovingly around the waist, cheek pressed to my chest, little legs entwine my comparative tree trunk thighs. I stroke her back and rub her belly beneath her thin cool slip as she rubs her entire torso up and down the side of my mostly nude body.

It's her fourth birthday, and after hours of celebration and play with her friends, the two of us alone enjoy a special dinner cooked by me, go out to have dessert at a fancy restaurant and retire well past her typical bed time. She wishes me good night with a kiss and an “I love you” which I return in gentle enthusiasm. An hour later I awaken to her rubbing her crotch on the edge of my pelvis, tiny cushioned chest brushing my own at an awkward angle. I'm shocked, but by no means repelled, but in a second I feel shame for my reaction which is immediately replaced by a stronger sense of appreciation and acceptance for her expressing her feelings for me.

Making a little moan after her heavy breathing, warm liquid seeps from between her legs, a slight sticky secretion followed by a quick thin spurt. I allow her to finish, catch her breath, and I turn to face her, pressing one hand on her mid back, the other beneath the loose panties around her butt, and pull her up to my pillow so our gazes meet. Averting her eyes and blushing, she seems for the first time to be embarrassed around me. I reassure her that everything is alright and I love her. We remain holding each other for the rest of the night.

cda4a4  No.72839


The following day I begin to give her little morsels of sexual education, even societies views on taboo practices, and the difference between taboo and harmful behavior. Bit by bit, day by day, she grows ever more knowledgeable and ever more curious, though nights have returned to an older, more restrained norm. It isn't until we see a movie with a fairly typical, but still none the less engaging romantic subplot that at one point fades to black. Serrah asks me what happened, and I explain how the two characters had sex, and that people like to make it taboo so they don't show it. Asking if it's because it's bad, I tell her it is not. She asks me if I enjoyed when she “played sex” with me that night, preferring not to hurt her or make her feel self conscious I admit that I did. It is this moment that I comprehend how in love I am with my daughter. She goes in for a hug, and I just hold her close for a long time.

She's nearly five now, and every night we've been slowly becoming more intimate in our caressing and grinding, though I treat her with a delicate touch and she only touches my groin incidentally. While I could home school her, it would be impossible to keep her housebound for her entire childhood, and I really do want to see her make friends. Every few mornings I ask her what she would tell people about her daddy, thanks to her early sex ed, understanding of ethics vs morals and our genuinely loving relationship, she always assures me that she won't talk about any kind of touch beyond a hug.

On Serrah's fifth birthday she gets the usual party, cake, gifts and visitors, even a much desired toyset from me. At night I give Serrah her second gift, beneath skimpy panties pressing an egg vibrator against her clitoris and pulling the underwear aside, licking the smooth vulva up til now concealed. Over the course of the night our licks and touches travel the whole terrain of each others' bodies, savouring each and every aspect of one another's physical and emotional character. I'm on top of her, and with one hand I hold the backside of her underwear to the mattress, and with the other pull the front until I rip it apart at the crotch. The torn shear fabric encircles her hips but covers nothing. She doesn't mind. Massaging her breasts, I take note of how tiny she is, both my hands almost rounding the entire circumference of her bust, thought there is a slight soft cushion where once she'd been totally flat.

cda4a4  No.72840


The night goes on as we rub sensually against each other. By early morning, she is exhausted, arms lax, legs splayed and eyes only half open, but not breaking contact from mine. Her cheeks are faintly blushed and the corners of her mouth turn up in an ever so slight smile. The liquid byproduct of our lovemaking makes her little body gleam from the plump lips of her vagina, up the subtle lines of her abdomen all the way past the gently puffed chest and a bit across her clavicle and throat. I reach between her legs, rub her for a while as we recuperate, then spread the lips until just before it would be painful to her. Serrah's breathing deepens and heart rate increases, I straddle her hips, fix one hand to my cock and direct it in to her. For all of our wild play over the last two years, at five, this is her first vaginal penetration. I only manage to burrow myself an inch and a half in, her whole body is still limp but she manages to say she feels good. Grasping her hips, fingers around her buttox I pull out just a little bit, then thrust in slightly deeper than before. In out, in out, she gasps, almost cries, whispers “daddy”. I cum inside of her, seed fills her up and a bit dribbles out.

Minutes later we're lying there, I'm soft but still inside of her. Her breathing is uneven, we touch each other softly. After a little while longer, I regain physical arousal despite having spent nearly all my semen. I start to caress her with greater intent, lingering on certain parts of her body. Our lips lock and tongues great each other enthusiastically. “I need to pee” she tells me, but I ask her to be patient for just a little longer. I touch the tips of my fingers to her lower belly, seeing her bladder visibly expanded. “I can't walk” she pleads. I tell her not to worry, to just allow what feels good to happen. A cool breeze through the cracked open window brings fresh air and a renewed vigour. I lay my erect mass on her stomach, feeling the slick surface. Grabbing her hand, I place it on the lustful organ, and I put slight pressure on her lower belly. I search with my free hand for the vibrator, move a handful of socks and panties out of the way and eventually find it. After sliding my body down along my daughter's, I use one middle finger to push the sex toy as deep inside her as she can stand, it enters her cervix with the rubberized cord dangling out from which hangs the control pad. I then enter her once again with my own member. Slowly, I start to again thrust in and out, all I can hear from her are moist breathy noises and her aroused mewling. The vibrator control hangs over her shoulder on the bed, and as I increase the frequency and depth of my gyrations, I turn up the dial on the egg. Thrusting over and over, the dial gets turned slowly from 1 to 5, then 6, then 7, 8 ,9 - 15. I hear the buzzing, see her eyes go wide. Tiny gasps from the tiny girl give way to heavy panting and loud exclamations. Placing a pillow under her butt I go deeper then I did before and tears form in her eyes, but her hips begin to move along with mine. She calls me over and over, I feel the bulge of her bladder reduce as she wets herself. I don't stop. The wetness crawls down our touching abdomens and between her developing breasts. One, two, three more thrusts and I'm done, what little liquid left within me squirts inside of her, and I pull out. I see my sweet daughter's heavy breathing, follow the cord emerging from her vagina and go to reach for the control pad to turn it off. She stays my hand.

Somehow, Serrah convinces me to leave the egg on full power within her until the battery dies. I take a photo of my daughter there, five years old laying in a bed soaked in her own urine with a vibrating sex toy made for adults stimulating her deep in her cervix. It takes about an hour and a half for the thing to call it quits. When all is said and done, I pull the thing out of her clean her up and massage her belly, where so much activity went on. I let her fall asleep, naked beneath a blanket on a couch while I take care of the messy bedroom.

As the years go on, we remain close and dearly in love, though we hide it well in public. One day, when she's a pretty teen, we move without warning to a small island country, plenty of money to get by over there if frugal. There, she falls pregnant, and we raise a new daughter, but one who lives perhaps a more normal life.


>surrogate mother gives birth to my daughter

>daughter is sexually attracted to me by age 3

>fall in love

>sex involving toys and peeing

>move far away and start a somewhat normal family inb4 derpy incest babies

That anyway, is a fantasy that, whilst nigh impossible (and most likely undesirable irl) most thoroughly encompasses my desires. Others exist that are perhaps more wild, but lack a certain emotional angle this one gets at. Well, that was fun to type out.

ae0ec3  No.73235

I want to raise a daughter who loves getting cummed inside. She knows that society frowns on this sort of thing with girls her age, and she thinks society is stupid and wrong for this.

She also wants to spread her love of hot semen.

My daughter invites her little elementary schoolgirl friends for sleepovers one by one, carefully figuring out which are open to experimentation. She brings the receptive ones into my bedroom while I pretend to sleep, using my dick as a demonstration tool to get her friend fired up, and gently guides them into trying a ride on me. They are, of course, cautioned afterwards that society is dumb and unfun and they should keep these things a secret.

Those who try it and like it are invited over again, but on their second time I "wake up" while the friend is riding my cock, and my daughter "convinces" me to actively fuck her compatriot. Over more sleepovers, she teaches her friend to be bolder with me.

Once a few girls have joined the ranks, she shifts strategies, hosting group sleepovers of two or three fuck friends and one girl weak to peer pressure. They ride me in front of the new girl, and urge her into trying it out, with me once again feigning sleep the first time.

This continues until every receptive or pressurable girl in her class shares a secret love of getting creampied. She hosts a big ol' sleepover on her birthday, with cake and ice cream and ovulation inducing drugs strong enough to work on her cute little loli friends, and I breed them all.

When her friends go home, they slip strong sleeping pills into their mother's dinners, sneak into their daddy's bedroom at night, and ride the poor bastard raw until he's convinced that the child in his daughter's womb is his own. Since fantasy/doujin logic is in effect, his shame and fear of the law stop him from talking to anyone about it, and nobody connects the dots to my daughter's slumber party.

Fast forward a few years, and my daughter's friends start to bring *their* daughters to learn a fun game from their real daddy…

24c054  No.76757

One fantasy I keep having more and more is to turn my loli bride into a cuckquean (cucked female). After a loving relationship for a fee months, she would have to watch as I did a steady stream of other girls. She'd be 8 or so, but these girls would be 6, 5, 4, 3, 2… and I'd keep emphasizing that they were young, tight, fresh virgins, and I could always get more, so she couldn't stop my lechery, and I didn't need her anymore. I would savor watching her see my dick get hard and stay hard like it never did when I did it with her, and while I could switch for a fresh loli anus to defile every time I came, she wasn't even allowed to rub herself. She would get hot and red in the face, but have to keep saying what I did was what she wanted, since I liked cheating more than sex with her, and I would ignore her discomfort. Since she wouldn't be important anymore, she could sit and sleep on the hard, cold floor, in stained clothes, being deprived of food and water for a day on end as younger, spoiled lolis vied to lick sperm drops from my head. She would tell me she loved me every day, while I said I didn't love her as a person, only for helping me get other girls.

Related, with the very fresh toddler lolis anal sex would be preferred. Would love to try the undiisciplined anuses of lolis who haven't potty trained yet, could barely speak, and of course knew nothing of sex. To protect myself from diseases, would harshly pry my fingers into their slits and burst their cherries, but not even bother with using that hole: imagine the luxury, you can be so wasteful that just to ensure a fresh ass to cum in every time, wantonly popping her hymen before taking her anal virginity.


Wooo long

3e3b60  No.76809

idk, all of these fantasies are super specific and complicated. I just sorta wanna be a 11 y.o. girl and let older (college freshmen-age) girls have their way with me. but who am I kidding? that will never happen. :'(

12091a  No.77314

here's a fantasy (that's going to come true!):

to move in with my daddy, after many 'boys' and attempting to be 'independent', i'll finally be living with a lover! not to mention a lover with a 'grown-up' job who will support me financially while i pursue an education-while i support him in domestic ways; keeping his home tidy and organized, his refrigerator stocked, etc.

more specifically, i'll be nude with my hair in braided pigtails, with daddy's laundry in my arms as he walks through our front door.

"now that's what i like to see," and he can grab me by my upper arm, tower over me, practically dragging me into his office, leaving laundry in a pile on the floor. he'll set his briefcase by his desk and throw me across his desk with not half the care. if i whimper or whine he'll tell me to "shut up, bitch."

he can spit on my asshole and shove his cock in me with zero warning and if i cry and thrash around underneath him, he'll just hold me down with his weight, whispering how much he hates to see me cry, a firm grip on my ponytails the entire time, until he empties his balls deep inside me, demanding that i thank him all the while.

basically, i just want to be a petite sex slave/maid for my gigantic boyfriend. while he knows about and adores my non-con kinky side he knows very little about my desire to actually BE a 'loli'. but that okay because he's got the whole 'daddy' thing going on.

03a318  No.77366

Basically, the situation in Gorgeous Takarada's Canon Sensei series.

0faab0  No.77482

File: 0e7c3efd2138c12⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 828.53 KB, 1600x1131, 1600:1131, gE7c1Ot.jpg)

To have a group of lolis bred over and over by a pack of dogs, with each successive generation of pups added to the pack for more and more breeding.

2ba648  No.77999

Going to a club where lolis perform to "Itst Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini" and dance around in that cute uncoordinated loli way. Of course they are stripping while doing this, and finally they are just in the polka dot bikini.

They rip off their bottoms and jutting their hips forward squirt a little pee out simultaneously and then toss off their tops in a grand finale.

Now completely nude, the lolis come over to me and we do degenerate things till we sate ourselves and fall asleep in a dog pile.

a6e3d5  No.78040


>lesbian loli sex


e8a4a8  No.78406

File: 1b9144d7c0e03b1⋯.jpg (157.99 KB, 688x1000, 86:125, 1488255390287.jpg)

I'd like to be as young as her, slowly expirement with each other's bodies, and afterwards snuggle and fall asleep with her.

e8a4a8  No.78408

File: 2252188800d05d3⋯.gif (831.84 KB, 250x163, 250:163, 1507608200659.gif)


Hell yeah.

ae3c77  No.81978


Oh hey, this thread and my post in it are still alive and well. Feels good.

ef5da0  No.82006

File: b6ae40566a9af3f⋯.png (424.76 KB, 470x786, 235:393, Stubbed my toe on a lego a….png)



I'd love to be transformed in a slutty masochistic loli and be gangraped by a bunch of /fit/ futa lolis with oversized cocks.

b2e628  No.82243

File: 4558051b7db053e⋯.jpg (1.63 MB, 1580x2537, 1580:2537, fetish level.jpg)


don't worry about it bro, you fit right in and that's not even anywhere close to the bottom of the barrel

>>38643 HNNNNG do want, hyper-consent , that is my thing.

b2e628  No.82244

File: 1b18ea55563c2ba⋯.png (223.98 KB, 450x400, 9:8, Little Kandi Raver IS YOUR….png)

b2e628  No.82245


the chans have the most amazing stories i've ever read, better than any newspaper.

d298a7  No.82254


>I approve of lesbian loli sex, all year long

d625b6  No.82259

Havin a loli want me to toy her ass with bad dragon toys, till she is streached enough to aggressively ride my cock, and not stoping till her ass is filled with multiple cum loads.

5bd90c  No.82308


taking a loli to the park, pulling her pants and panties down to her knees, sucking her pussy, then buttfucking her while she's bent over a bench and cumming in her tight perfect butthole.

6ab8e0  No.83195

I want to be the loli

2d4925  No.83256


>your wildest loli fantasy

seeing this board get lively again

6ab8e0  No.83273

File: 03080027351be86⋯.jpg (1.58 MB, 2184x3200, 273:400, 001.jpg)

cute lolis consensually mating with giant bugs

78fb3f  No.83275

File: 0e87ed5d4c66ca9⋯.jpg (599.22 KB, 1000x1274, 500:637, danbooru.donmai.us 1694288….jpg)

I want to feed a loli with breast expansion drug or lactation inducing drug. That is my wildest dream.

1b3eba  No.83279



Seeing Japan to pump out the enormous amount of /loli/ they used to.

dad993  No.83289

File: 9499944671e3ebc⋯.jpg (312.09 KB, 796x1132, 199:283, 7.jpg)



4d4686  No.83290

File: ba01532eea92332⋯.jpg (33.54 KB, 640x684, 160:171, boner_level4.jpg)

It would be with my waifu. She would play a mild embarrassed but dominant figure and after getting sloppy wet from teasing she'd sit on my face while stroking my dick between her toes. Then she'd footjob rub me until I splurge on her pancake flat chest. Finish her off with anal till she's twitching on the floor. Oof.

bef5ac  No.83292

File: 5a2e9f226482aff⋯.png (616.38 KB, 1280x1847, 1280:1847, 71.png)


Wait a fucking minute…

33629b  No.83296

File: e6b24de25b086e2⋯.jpg (593.22 KB, 2183x3061, 2183:3061, 001_001.jpg)

My wildest one is for pedos and 2D lolicons to get along and appreciate loli hentai together in harmony

581c3c  No.83302


Would help if we were actually welcome on this board instead of being censored and banned so the BO can keep pretending that we have nothing to do with lolicon.

It seems the groups of people being censored and banned on this board just keeps growing though so thats a pipe dream.

Hell you'll probably be banned too for mentioning the dreaded p word.

fabc92  No.83305


My wildest fantasy is to train a reluctant, embarrassed loli to be a nudist and eventually an exhibitionist slut. I’d start when she was like eight years to ten years old so old enough to know better and used to wearing clothes and having privacy so she’d be extra embarrassed.

It would start by just removing her bedroom door and gradually take away more and more privacy until I had also removed her bathroom door. I’d make her go back to taking baths in the tub like a little kid, instead of showers, and she’d be super embarrassed when I came in to wash her and take bathtime pictures to send the relatives like she was a baby.

Eventually I’d start keeping her naked for an hour or two after her bath to “dry off”. She’d have to walk around the house and watch TV, etc fully nude. She’d want to put her clothes back on after she finished drying off but I’d find ways to extend the time by giving her chores to do and telling her she can get dressed after she finishes. And then I’d gradually start “losing” some of her clothes and doing laundry less often until some days she wouldn’t have any clothes left to wear and would be naked all day

Once she got a little less embarrassed about being nude indoors I’d start giving her outside chores like fetching the mail or sweeping the porch. She’d be super shy especially when I setup a pizza delivery or had a guest come by and see her naked.

It would take some time but each time she finally got less embarrassed id push the envelope some more until she was nude 24/7 and used to displaying herself to me and guests by bending over and spreading her butt cheeks or laying on her back with her legs raised and spread.

To finally complete the training I’d make her have two scheduled “supervised masturbation” sessions per day were she would have to diddle herself to completion (with at least one squirt) in front of me, any guests, and eventually a live streaming video camera. By this time she’d be converted from a shy loli into a full fledged exhibitionist slut who enjoys masturbating herself in public and in front of strangers

250241  No.83309


>wildest fantasy

that post looks more like a plan instead of a fantasy. a simple fantasy only require you to write something less than 10 words. someone need to tie this rapist-wannabe with a rope before he damned us all

c0a7b2  No.83353


Isn't that basically Dragon's Dogma?

You make any character you want, pair them up with a practical loli, and get the healer/wizard one as a recruit.

You also get to carry them around and throw them if you so please.

19866c  No.83386


998591  No.83396

1. Become God

2. Eliminate all STDs

3. Turn all children into horny nymphomaniacs, and make them all able to take a big dick without getting hurt

4. Make a new commandment that goes something like: Thou shalt not refuse a child sexually

3897d0  No.83430

File: ac0cc97ea70d849⋯.jpg (41.45 KB, 436x409, 436:409, 1516265758828.jpg)

This unsaucable shit right here

78d163  No.83436

Something like an old Fractal Underground doujin meets a cult

Coax away girl from far away

Keep hidden

Explore her body with hands and mouth

Take her to bed and tell her how hot she is

Kiss her deeply and go inside her

Creampie and keep her close all night

Keep her as waifu until she's old enough to get pregnant

Trade babies for new little bedmate

eea1b7  No.83445

I want to consensually head pat a loli for the express purpose of making her smile.

f87faa  No.83449


a genetically modified humanity.

it has lots of fetishes but the loli part is in childhood.

so from around 6 years old and onward boys produce sperm, a largely hormone filled sperm that cannot inseminate. young girls around this age get curious and start to feel the need to suck the little boy off. this turns into a bonding process where the girl gets addicted to the hormones that are basically a giant shot of dopamine. after around two years of this the relationship is surefire unless death accures. multiple girls may form a harem around the male, depending on the amount of people around relationships can contain 1-4 females. one male per relationship. and to make sure everyone gets their fill of this addicting substance males produce a larger amount of sperm.

i got much more but this is the loli/shota portion.

515061  No.83754


look through doujin tags for "held up" and anything else that matches, you might find it

98812e  No.83759

File: 3a8bbfea3c8ae1b⋯.jpg (291.08 KB, 1280x1882, 640:941, 191.jpg)

Genetically cloned lolis.

Imagine if you can extract the DNAs of any loli you know in real life (neighbour's daughter, your clingy niece, that girl you always see playing alone near the park you walk pass every day etc). All you need is a strand of hair, some saliva or sweat samples, and you can create an exact clone of her in your secret basement lab in a week. She will look exactly like her, sound like her, but probably have no memory since the technology is only able to replicate her muscle tissues and physical trait, so you stat with a blank slate loli that you can mold her personality from scratch.

Have you been lusting after your sister's daughter for the past 3 years, but wish she'd be less bratty? Clone her and train her to become your little slave. Have you always want to teach the rude little skank that lived next door? Clone her and teach her some manners. That angelic little girl that comes from a prestige family and goes to a catholic school? Clone her and sexually humiliate her to the point that she's nothing but a dirty meat hole for men to use.

Best part of this is you can still interact normally with the original version during the day, while brutally ravage her copy at night behind closed door. The brattier she is in real life, the more you take pleasure in disciplining her clone.

f54166  No.83773


I knew i couldn't be the only one.

>tfw been collecting samples for years until we get the technology

8b931b  No.83778


hear hear. I agree.

8b931b  No.83780


Thanks for the age/growth chart, that was very useful. i've never seen one that had more than 5 stages of growth on it, and i was never sure about how big a girrl ought to be for a certain ae. but I think those heights are probably for asian girls though, bc there are plenty of girls in the US who are over 157cm (5.1ft) by the time they are 13, let alone 15, when you should be fully grown. height also varies between different kids of te sme ae of course.

Next, Im not one to judge you for loli or daughter fantasies, but you're looking to start a little young; not just morally or by my tastes, I mean you physically can't, bc the nerves arent developed enough at that age (I wonder who established that fact and how, come to think of it! hey theres a whole new fantasy for you!)

Also i really dont care about fantasies, but you start worryin me wen you talk about a molesting teacher being "beneficial" to little girls; they aren't. At best they won't cause serious psychological damage. Not to say a lolicon can't make a wonderful and carin teacher - lots of teachers probably do have deep and dark secrets - but hes only a good teacher if he is kind and caring without going over the line and getting lewd. The he is just bein selfish and using kids for his satisfaction, and that's not caring. The kids just want someone to love them and pay attention to them one way or another. I doubt there is anything inherently damaging about sexual acts like some people claim, but in the world we do live in feelings of guilt and shame will lead to problems later in life.

And here I've gone way way overboard. Just meant to say thanks for the chart!

8b931b  No.83781


lol thats awesome

8b931b  No.83782


CGI maybe, if society keeps going the direction it is going. But how is a "cloned" child any less a human being than a real one? Is it okay to use a clone for violent sex and torture because it's not a "real" person? It still has a mind and feelings and emotions.A clone is just a genetic copy of a person.I also dont see society and tech lasting "centuries".

98812e  No.83786

File: c90be7f5541aa9f⋯.jpg (27.66 KB, 680x383, 680:383, 075.jpg)


Mah man

df3bc4  No.83807

File: 8dbf5c6b34f6759⋯.jpeg (46.21 KB, 334x407, 334:407, 02BC0EB7-A2B7-4620-986E-8….jpeg)


Found this in my personal stache, I have no idea where I saved this or why its got an iFunny watermark. Hope this helps.

81790d  No.83810


Ever since reading "Going to the Futa Bath", I've wanted to find more lolis getting gangbanged by big titted futas and loving it.

bd1fc3  No.83813

File: b1737218c9a5bcb⋯.jpg (48.6 KB, 436x636, 109:159, DTFp2IYV4AAkt8P.jpg)

e05687  No.85149

If I had a fantasy, it would go like this

>>Walking back home after a long day of work

>>Finds loli taking a shelter from a rain in a shed near my apartment

>>Filthy af by mud, grime, and sooth

>>Cowers in fear when she notices I'm approaching her

>>Gives her some store bought bread and offer her a better shelter till the rain stops

>>Accepts and lead her to my appartment

>>Tell her to take a shower cause she seriously needs it.

>>take her to the bathroom, undresses her and let her do her own business.

>>toss what ever left of her old clothes to the washing machine if they are still fixable.

>>Gets her an old shirt that should be big enough to cover her body

>>Makes something light like creamy pasta with some oysters

>>everybody likes seafood…right?

>>Loli pops out of the bathroom wearing the oversized shirt.

>>From filthy to cutie

>>The smell of regular shampoo, soap and her natural afterbath scent premeating the room

>>Tell her to have a meal with me

>>Loli gobbles up the lightly seasoned pasta while in tears

>>Tells me its the best meal she had in a while

>>Grabs a tissue and wipes her tears.

>>Ask about her

>>Dad and uncle molested and abuse her, managed to run away before they could do something even worst

>>Lived in the streets while moving from city to city for a good amount of time

>>Managed to survive by eating trash and drinking rain water

>>gives her a hug

>>Loli hugs back while holding her tears

>>tells her to stay here till I find a new home for her

>>she nods and we continue our meal

>>thinks of a way to get some help

>>Calling cops might not be a good idea

>>No I don't want to go to jail and in a cell with a cellmate named bob

>>Anyone named Bob in a prison is not a good thing.

>>Not unless you like getting your back door smashed

>>Calling social worker might help

>>But might end up getting cops involved

>>Again, I do not want to be bob's cellmate


>>Might have better idea in the morning


>>Tells her she can sleep on bed.

>>Loli insists that the couch is more than enough

>>Me should stay in bed while she sleeps in the couch


>>Loli looks down

>>Tells her to sleep in the bed

>>Loli is quiet.

>>tells me she'll sleep in the bed if I sleep in the bed with her


>>Loli says then she'll sleep on the couch

>>sneaky lil fox

>>agrees sleeping on the bed with the loli

>>She gets on the bed

>>turns off the light

>>I lay down in the other side

>>Loli staring at me while sinking into the covers

>>Tells her whats wrong

>>Loli moves in a bit closer

>>"I feel safe with you anon. Thank you"

>>Hnnnnngggggg to the point that there's enough pulling force to rival a black hole

>> tells her good night

>>she cuddles a bit closer and closes her eyes

>>Eyes got heavy and fall asleep

e05687  No.85150

If I had a fantasy, it would go like this

>>Walking back home after a long day of work

>>Finds loli taking a shelter from a rain in a shed near my apartment

>>Filthy af by mud, grime, and sooth

>>Cowers in fear when she notices I'm approaching her

>>Gives her some store bought bread and offer her a better shelter till the rain stops

>>Accepts and lead her to my appartment

>>Tell her to take a shower cause she seriously needs it.

>>take her to the bathroom, undresses her and let her do her own business.

>>toss what ever left of her old clothes to the washing machine if they are still fixable.

>>Gets her an old shirt that should be big enough to cover her body

>>Makes something light like creamy pasta with some oysters

>>everybody likes seafood…right?

>>Loli pops out of the bathroom wearing the oversized shirt.

>>From filthy to cutie

>>The smell of regular shampoo, soap and her natural afterbath scent premeating the room

>>Tell her to have a meal with me

>>Loli gobbles up the lightly seasoned pasta while in tears

>>Tells me its the best meal she had in a while

>>Grabs a tissue and wipes her tears.

>>Ask about her

>>Dad and uncle molested and abuse her, managed to run away before they could do something even worst

>>Lived in the streets while moving from city to city for a good amount of time

>>Managed to survive by eating trash and drinking rain water

>>gives her a hug

>>Loli hugs back while holding her tears

>>tells her to stay here till I find a new home for her

>>she nods and we continue our meal

>>thinks of a way to get some help

>>Calling cops might not be a good idea

>>No I don't want to go to jail and in a cell with a cellmate named bob

>>Anyone named Bob in a prison is not a good thing.

>>Not unless you like getting your back door smashed

>>Calling social worker might help

>>But might end up getting cops involved

>>Again, I do not want to be bob's cellmate


>>Might have better idea in the morning

e05687  No.85151


>>Tells her she can sleep on bed.

>>Loli insists that the couch is more than enough

>>Me should stay in bed while she sleeps in the couch


>>Loli looks down

>>Tells her to sleep in the bed

>>Loli is quiet.

>>tells me she'll sleep in the bed if I sleep in the bed with her


>>Loli says then she'll sleep on the couch

>>sneaky lil fox

>>agrees sleeping on the bed with the loli

>>She gets on the bed

>>turns off the light

>>I lay down in the other side

>>Loli staring at me while sinking into the covers

>>Tells her whats wrong

>>Loli moves in a bit closer

>>"I feel safe with you anon. Thank you"

>>Hnnnnngggggg to the point that there's enough pulling force to rival a black hole

>> tells her good night

>>she cuddles a bit closer and closes her eyes

>>Eyes got heavy and fall asleep

e05687  No.85152


Wakes up in the middle of the night

>>feels an intense heat on little wang

>>looks at loli while trying not to wake her up

>>sees her back facing me

>>Felt relieve that she's sound asleep

>>Feels something rubbing lil wang.

>>Loli butt pressing on my excalibur


>>"calm the fuck down, I really don't want to be on the list"

>>Hears wet sounds

>>Loli shivering, her left hand shaking more

>>forgets my situation and gets up to see whats wrong


>>Loli was rubbing her crotch

>>No way, satan, not today. I'm not gonna take that ticket

>>Loli is whispering something in her sweet voice


>>pulls her shoulder to face me

>>her eyes are teary

>>she's panting heavily

>>She's in pain

>>"Anon…Its hot. My body feels hot"

>>Holy shit, I'm gonna go to hell tonight.

>>Pulls up the covers and rolls up her shirt

>>started licking her undeveloped nips

>>"A-Anon! Stop! It feels weird"

>>hearing those words made my v2 ready for launch

>>Spreads her small legs

>>she's wet.

>>"Anon what are you"

>>Dives in and eats her up

>>She digs her nails on the back of my head

>>"Ahhh! Anon! S-stop!!

>>after 5 mins, I get a bit more violent with my tongue

>>"N-No! Stop Anon! Something is"

>>Suddenly, her holy place started shivering

>>"Aaaaahhhh! Noooo!!!

>>Something splashes my face

>>She broke her dam

>>I looked up to her while wiping my face with the sheets

>>"*Pants* Anon,…even though…I said…Stop *pants*"


e05687  No.85153



>>Places my cock near her hole

>>"Anon….what are you"

>>"I'm sorry, I can't…anymore"

>>"What do you- AAAAHHHHH!!!"

>>1/4 of my shaft is inside her

>>"A-Anon…It huuuuurts"

>>her snatch is tighter than agents keeping a government secret

>>Its bleeding alright

>>I almost lost control of my holy lance

>>Looks at her face


>>Wipes the tears on her eyes

>>"Anon…no more…please"

>>Grabs her and gives her a deep tongue kiss"

>>She tries to break it but her strength against mine

>>Continues to violate her mouth for the next 3 mins

>>Pulls out of her face

>>Its covered in sweat, tears, and spit

>>Her grip on my cock has slightly looses.

>>Proceeds to push the rest in


>>A small voice of pleasure escapes her mouth


>>Started moving slowly

>>I put my hands on her hips

>>"Aaahnn~ Aaaahnnn~~A-Anon~"

>>She reluctantly accepts the pleasure

>>Continues to ravage her

>>She still tries to fight back by trying to push me away or grips my arm with her hands

>>"Anon…If we go further…i-it will be bad"

>>"But it feels good right"

>>She stops for a second and nods weakly

>>Gives her another kiss and continues to hump her tiny snatch

>>"A-anon, no more. I gonna pee again"

>>"Its okay, I'll about to cum as well"

>>"Just pull it out!"

>>"I-Its fine. Your still young."

>>"No, please, I don't want to become a mommy"

>>" What?"

>>"I'm old….Aaaahhnnn…enough…Aaaahnn…have a baby

>>The word baby echos in my head


>>Started pumping even faster

>>"Anon! Stop! W-Whats gotten! Aaaaahnnn~! Into…you"

>>a small phrase escapes from my mouth

>>"Get pregnant"

>>Fear shows in her face


>>She tries to push me away as our hips smack together

>>my concentrated dna juice is ready

>>Started knocking on something that felt like an opening inside her

>>Noshit, it might be her womb

>>Time to release my lust



>>pushes my member deep inside and fills her with my spunk.

>>Her body arches and shakes violently, indicating her 2nd orgasm

>>She's about to scream louder so I dove in and kissed her

>>Our bodies are twitching from the climax

>>I let go of her face and see her heavily panting.

>>"I-I'm gonna be a….m-mommy…"

>> She sobs while covering her face.

>>Embraces her

>>"L-let me go!! Let me-"

>>Kisses her for the 100th time

>>This time its a gentler one

>>lets go of her lips

>>"I'll take care of you from now on."


>>"I'll make you happy, I'll help you raise the kid if we end up having one"

>>"W-what are you-"

>>"I'll make you my wife"


>>Tears flow from her eyes.

>>"I'll make you pay for this"

>>"yeah, I did something I can't pay even if I spend my remaining life on it"

>>"I won't forgive you!"

>>"and I won't stop until you do"

>>"…Will you really take care of me"

>>"like taking care of a fragile ice sculpture"

>>"You're not gonna leave me?"

>>"Even if I lose my arms and legs, I will stay by your side.

>>"Oh Anon!!"

>>She returns my embrace.

>>She sobs quietly on my chest

>>"A baby….a baby with anon"

>>Lil wang returns!!

>>"Aaaahnn~! A-Anon…something is"

>>"Sorry, just thinking of making you bear my kid turned me on again"

>>"Anon…Don't tell me."

>>"Yup, Lets go for another round~"

>>"W-what!? Aaahhhnnn"

>>>>And we fuck like rabbits till morning.

Thats pretty much the half of it.

8063f2  No.85157



kek. nice one.

41ae48  No.85158


>Fuck everything. What's your wildest loli fantasy?

>Fuck everything

yep, that's it.

971c86  No.85163

>Be me

>Catgirl master theif

>Target a loli's house


>Break in

>Find a group of lolis

>Try to tell em to scram

>They supirsingly are strong enough to knock my ass out


>wake up

>find self tied up by said group of lolis

>look down and see they have huge cocks


>The lolis begin gangraping me and abusing me

>They impregnate me

>They spend generations abusing and fucking me and my children

>they are immortal and they made me immortal through dark magic

Tl;dr I wanna be the slave of a group of immortal lolis and end up sharring their immortality so they can continue abusing me

a28f2d  No.85304

File: 2d6d178d9099fed⋯.png (9.92 MB, 4562x1863, 4562:1863, bc84905d274e0a1ca4faa99df2….png)

To be a part of whatever is about to happen here…….

bb868d  No.85700


Myself and a large group of busty, beautiful futas gangbanging one horny, cock hungry little loli until she is completely filled and covered in cum and begging for more.

b8610d  No.85702


Same fantasy, even like to think about it as if I were making a movie about it with everything you described.

What will you do when she grows up though?

fe6c95  No.85714

File: 0f77d5d5ae95b73⋯.jpg (342.73 KB, 850x601, 850:601, sample_22e9784ee1518f1eaa9….jpg)

6d002b  No.85778


>Babysit plump loli in glasses since she was a toddler(probably would be neighbor or something)

>Turns out to be a total sweetheart with a playfully mischievous side

>Take the place of an older sibling that she comes to for advice, help, or just talking about the world in general

>One day hanging out in my room teaching her piano, impressed with the progress she's made

>Mentions something's on her mind that's distracting her from her playing

>Explains that she's self conscious about her appearance that's barely changed aside from her height

>Specifically that she won't be able to get a boyfriend due to her pudgy torso and limbs

>Reassure her that she's interesting and intelligent and doesn't need to rely on looks

>Goes on about how repulsed she imagines her first boyfriend would be seeing her plump belly

>Pulls her shirt up for emphasis

>"You never know, he could be a weirdo into that stuff…"

>She's silent for a few seconds

>"There are guys into this?"

>"Some, yeah. Not only guys but some girls too are strangely obsessed with certain body parts. Belly, thigh, ankles, even feet."

>My slightly red face gives me away a little

>She's a smart cookie and quickly puts two and two together

>"Oh uh… No offense, but are you one of the weirdos obsessed with certain body parts?"

>Halfheartedly nod and avoid eye contact, face becoming even more red

>A coy smile crawls across her face

>She sits down next to me on the bed

>Scoots closer

>Pulls up her shirt again

>Rubs her stomach in a circular motion

>Leans into my ear, pressing her whole body up against me

>"You like tummies, don't you Anon?"

>Nod more assuredly, despite trembling with fear, arousal, and restraint

>She reads my body language and soothes her voice a bit

>"Hey, don't worry anon."

>She hugs me from the side

>Nuzzles into my chest a bit

>"Even if you are a weirdo, you're still my weirdo, and I love you."

>"Thanks. I love you too."

>Pat her head

>Makes her giggle softly

>Hold the position for a few seconds

>She perks up and we meet eyes

>Her face becomes red as she begins to construct the sentence in her head

>"You know… I've never heard of anyone getting arrested for kissing someone's tummy… I-If you want to try it out that is…"

>Says that last part with darting eyes

>Stay silent, almost don't want to believe what I'm hearing

>"You sure? You don't find it creepy at all?"

>She nods her head from left to right before smiling

>"You're always going out of your way to make me happy. Like when you got us tickets for Disney world, when you got me the necklace I was looking at in the mall, even little things like when you drive me home from school when it's raining."

>She wells up with a slightly crackly voice near the end of her sentence as a tear begins to form in her eye

>"I just want to make you as happy as you've made me."

>See her smiling up at me with a tear streak down her face

>Smile widely and gently pet her head before kissing her forehead

>She giggles and blushes

>Retaliates by kissing my forehead in the same manner I kissed hers

>Adds to it by kissing both my cheeks

>She's as red as a tomato

>About to kiss her on her cheek

>Coy smile returns

>She stops me

>Reaches up

>Uses my shoulders for support to stand on the bed

>She pulls up her shirt revealing her plump belly

>Holds the shirt in her teeth to hold it up

>Runs her fingers through my hair

>firmly grasps the back of my head

>Presses my face directly into her tummy

>Feel her soft warmth forming around my face as I begin to kiss and lightly lick at her belly button

>She replies with giggles as if she's being tickled occasionally punctuated by sharp, pleasured moans

>Lets shirt go and has it fall over my whole head as she holds me closer

>"Mmmm~!… Anon… I-I think I might be a weirdo too…"


60099a  No.85784


>Pregnancy on the same level as snuff/granny/scat

the fuck?

71d9e8  No.85832

File: 116a1320096a1ae⋯.jpg (130.92 KB, 800x600, 4:3, lolibooru 60230 age_differ….jpg)

Not super wild, but I want to have a secret relationship with some loli that lives next door and comes over to my house every day while her parents are at work. We are both nude the whole time and cuddle and fool around a bit ;)

cbc9dc  No.85835


Yes, please.

9f70b0  No.85974

A classroom in an abandoned elementary school is used to host underground Loli wrestling matches and catfights. A mattress is made up with girly sheets and converted into a wrestling ring. The lolis are put into the ring in various cute outfits and panties. Then they wrestle it out while a crowd cheers them on and places bets. Lolis rolling around in the ring, pulling hair, ripping clothes etc. Sometimes they even put a plastic sheet in the ring for oil wrestling matches.

a7d5bd  No.86015

Mine would be to finger a masochistic loli's asshole with at least 3 fingers really hard but since she's a masochist she would love every second of me stretching out her little asshole, and all of this would take place inside of a school locker room.

2f95a3  No.86221

File: 1d63da1b7385a8e⋯.jpg (140.03 KB, 600x389, 600:389, ineedhelppleasecall911.jpg)

I always wanted to recreate Stewie's time machine (Family Guy) and travel back to the year 1946 in Kuchino, Russia to find the Perm-3 Gulag-Death Camp and rape one of the underaged inmate girls lol

b9c39b  No.86237

File: 1d62cc95f932a55⋯.png (1.22 MB, 990x1400, 99:140, Minami Kotori.png)

Minami Kotori visits at bedtime.

b9c39b  No.86238

File: 9fc0e0dcc920bf9⋯.jpg (93.73 KB, 452x750, 226:375, AS109 Xmas Gift.jpg)

Waking up to this on Christmas morning. She squeezes my cock, milking the shaft as she positions herself. Lowering herself, the swollen head presses into her slit, she is hot and slick and I can feel her tightness. She bites her lower lip and knits her brow at the slight intrusion and hesitates. I quickly grasp both her hips, her firm flesh dimpling as my fingers tighten thier grip. I leer up at her as I force her down over my cock….

b9c39b  No.86240

File: 07536d784534717⋯.jpg (869.77 KB, 1156x1920, 289:480, AS109 000.jpg)

File: 99969aa50cef4b8⋯.jpg (816.19 KB, 1111x1920, 1111:1920, AS109 001.jpg)

File: 4ccab285cfb604b⋯.jpg (821.43 KB, 1920x1920, 1:1, AS109 002.jpg)

File: b8e21791647582c⋯.jpg (450.86 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, AS109 003.jpg)

File: 35b61cf46973605⋯.jpg (880.37 KB, 2560x1920, 4:3, AS109 004.jpg)

Feel free to make up your own fantasies.

b9c39b  No.86241

File: 5582f4432bbeb04⋯.png (1002.79 KB, 1290x976, 645:488, AS109_Alley Girl 1.png)

File: 3c3bca2d209b20a⋯.png (903.71 KB, 1292x971, 1292:971, AS109_Alley Girl 2.png)

File: 71438f1886c3692⋯.png (821.98 KB, 1288x975, 1288:975, AS109_Alley Girl 3.png)

File: 0eb830bae07b194⋯.png (813.96 KB, 1285x969, 1285:969, AS109_Alley Girl 4.png)

File: a2152b922ea90af⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1291x973, 1291:973, AS109_Alley Girl 5.png)


I like the expressions this artist uses.

She knows what's coming…and cumming…and cumming. Then with cum drooling from her lips she sees Daddy has called another dozen friends for the weekend.

b9c39b  No.86242

File: 9762e2e4b9ed527⋯.jpg (326.65 KB, 1050x1050, 1:1, Little Sister_p22.jpg)

File: 82626b469a84a90⋯.jpg (155.04 KB, 1050x1050, 1:1, Little Sister_p23.jpg)

File: 071284bf726da32⋯.jpg (159.27 KB, 1050x1050, 1:1, Little Sister_p24.jpg)

File: 8c876095fbc6ed4⋯.jpg (153.08 KB, 1050x1050, 1:1, Little Sister_p25.jpg)

Ai is my little sister in her first year of middle school, left in my care while our parents are away for three weeks on a long overlooked honeymoon. I, her older brother, have offered to look after the dear girl and have taken a break from college, ostensibly to conduct research for my thesis.

Ai has just arrived home from school, dismissed early this afternoon to start her own summer break. I complement her on how pretty she is and how cute she looks in her school uniform. She blushed demurely. I tease her about all the boys that will soon be after her. She looks up to me, her eyes rolling in mock disbelief. "Oni-san, it's an all girl school!"

After some good natured conversation and helping her outline her summer homework, I have steered the conversation to the games we played when she was much younger. Her favorite had been 'Kidnapped Princess', where the evil lord Numo would bind her until she was rescued by the brave and handsome samurai. I always played the part of the samurai and my schoolmate Goro was the evil lord. However, Goro was off working in Dubai, so I persuaded her I could play both parts.

She was apprehensive when I convinced her to undress. I chided her good naturedly, after all, if you can't trust your Onii-san, who can you trust? I helped her unbutton her blouse and slid her skirt down her legs. She blushed as I began to fondle her, running my hands over her body. "Oh, Ai-chan, you're so pretty, I can't help myself" I chuckle, nervously though she does not seem to notice and giggles under my touch. I neatly hang her uniform and take her by the hand, leading her to my room. From my desk I retrieve a bondage collar I had placed there earlier. I draw it out with a flourish. "Lord Numo commands you to wear this collar!" I said in a mock stentorian voice. My hands trembled as I placed the leather collar around her neck and buckled it in place. I coaxed her into my office chair and began to bind her securely. I felt her tense as I ran my hands over her smooth flesh. "I…I.. think the cords are too tight," she stammered. Tears welled up in the corners of her eyes. I wondered if she noticed the gleam in my eyes and my own heavy breathing. "Nonsense, Ai-chan, I think I can hear the hero's horse hooves approaching.

I saw her shiver and stroked her hair an cheek soothingly. She managed a small nervous smile. I positioned myself between her outstretched thighs now bound to the chair arms and her expression seemed perplexed, as if she began to realize something was amiss. I couldn't help leering down at her as I reached down an unzipped my fly.

Her eyes went wide in fear and tears welled anew as my painfully swollen cock burst into view. "Look Ai-chan, your onii-san is so proud of his pretty imouto-chan!" I was panting like a fiend now and tightly grasped her knees. She clenched her teeth in a painful grimace as I reached with my right hand to spread the lips of her virgin slit.

b9c39b  No.86243

File: 2b4d6df34957e5d⋯.jpg (159.49 KB, 1050x1050, 1:1, Little Sister_p28.jpg)

File: 7bcc9e6754fd5d1⋯.jpg (160.16 KB, 1050x1050, 1:1, Little Sister_p29.jpg)

File: 8a111eab7387e4d⋯.jpg (155.38 KB, 1050x1050, 1:1, Little Sister_p36.jpg)

File: a9031a44d4070ce⋯.jpg (154.7 KB, 1050x1050, 1:1, Little Sister_p37.jpg)

She gritted her teeth as I pressed the head of my cock to her slit. "O..Onii-san.." she whimpered plaintively, "Please…don't…" I grinned evilly ramming my hips forward and driving my bloated cock deep into my sister's cunt. Her eyes went wide, a silent cry caught in her throat. I ground my hips against her, she was deliciously hot and incredibly tight. I pulled back, my cock smeared with her virginal blood.

Her eyes went blank as I shoved my cock back into her hole. I knew the Viagra I had taken earlier would help, but clenched my teeth concentrating on steadily pumping my cock in and out of my sister's cunt. The chair squeaked and shuddered as she wriggled helplessly beneath me, panting and grunting in time to my thrusts. Her stomach bulged each time my cockhead shoved into her cervix.

I was unsure if she was enjoying her first fuck, though I could feel her muscles squeeze rhythmically as I pumped back and forth. Her body went limp, her eyes vacant, an occasional whimper escaping her throat. I began to pump my hips faster, our mixed juices churned to a faint pink froth as my balls smacked wetly against her sodden crotch.

The back of the chair thumped steadily against the desk with a short forward roll on its wheels pushing my sister back onto my cock. Jolted back and forth by my thrusts, her head lolled from side to side. She mewled and whimpered her small pink tongue lolled from her mouth, her drooling saliva streaking her cheeks alongside her tears. Her eyes seemed to roll forwards and back into her head with each bounce of the chair back.

b9c39b  No.86244

File: 0cc3fd066b65207⋯.jpg (152.69 KB, 1050x1050, 1:1, Little Sister_p38.jpg)

File: 2152bb5f09b7304⋯.jpg (143.66 KB, 1050x1050, 1:1, Little Sister_p39.jpg)

File: 26cbb928f9fd3e1⋯.jpg (156.98 KB, 1050x1050, 1:1, Little Sister_p40.jpg)

File: 8bcefb037e4790e⋯.jpg (155.78 KB, 1050x1050, 1:1, Little Sister_p41.jpg)

I slammed my cock into her, grinding my crotch against hers holding myself buried deep in her cunt. I bit my tongue to control my orgasm. After a few seconds I drew my cock slowly back until half the shaft was exposed, lathered with white cream. Ai raised her head slightly, her eyes fixed on the shaft of my cock. A small gasp escaped her throat. Though tightly bound she wriggled her hips against the wet leather of the seat. Her cunt muscles clenched around the embedded shaft. I paused a moment before I shoved my cock savagely back into her cunt.

I ground my hips against hers. "You…dirty little… slut..!" I hissed as my cock began to lurch and spew jets of hot semen into my sister's cunt. Ai's eyes went wide, the pupils rolling back in her head, her mouth agape with a gurgling cry. As my orgasm subsided I slumped forward over my sister's body, my cock basting in her cum flooded cunt. "Onii-san…" she whispered, panting softly… "Oni-san…more…please" My cock began to harden again.

cb80dd  No.86255


>practical armor like this Armor with fucking lion head engraved into it

1eefe1  No.86258

File: 95dfdb03a6fdbf4⋯.jpg (330.43 KB, 849x1200, 283:400, 69264457_p0_master1200.jpg)

File: 236e1152881d96d⋯.jpg (422.61 KB, 849x1200, 283:400, 69264457_p1_master1200.jpg)

File: 4fa8c1a569b705b⋯.jpg (552 KB, 905x1280, 181:256, 69448581_p0.jpg)

Using supertech to modify lolis into catgirls and more monstrous forms, with random amounts of brainwashing to make them enjoy their new roles.

There's this short bit from shinshi zaibatsu, I really hope he continues, and that someone can translate all of it's wonderful ideas.

b9c39b  No.86410

File: efc0dda27a56165⋯.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, disapproving, encouraging….jpeg)

Getting these three naked in a sleazy motel room to be gangbanged by myself and a few friends. Start with the Disapproving one first, save the blonde for last, she will probably be eager by then.

85525e  No.86656

File: 7166611ea37d98b⋯.png (347.52 KB, 600x763, 600:763, 17fb42426dcce6ca748a3cad81….png)

I'm surprised and glad this thread is still alive.

I want to be dommed by a loli in private, but treated like I'm her responsible guardian in public, where no one has any idea that she tortures me sexually behind closed doors.

fab1b3  No.86657


This is cute and a fantasy I share. Though I wouldn't describe it as 'torture'.


Anal or Vaginal? Could you be more descriptive? Your proposal sounds deliciously fun.


I love this bit of futurism.

This thread is a joy to read and full of great ideas.

2d630b  No.86662


Nothing hotter than a sexy date with a neonate.

Wish /tot/ and toddlercon in general were more popular.

2973b1  No.86670

>To have an army of lolis.

>Create a successful Childern's Crusade.

>Take over the world.

9df8e1  No.86685

File: 283e4ae0f1803b6⋯.jpg (1.16 MB, 1669x2400, 1669:2400, 039_039e.jpg)


Flatchested paizuri along with loli/busty girl paizuri sandwiches are my top fantasies.

a96678  No.86686

on phone please forgive fucked spelling

<realistic tame fantasy

>Like an anon before me, adopt qt girl

>In this fantasy I don't realize I'm a lolicon

>She gets sexually curious at a very early age, like 3, in an innocent way

>Mildly encourage her, ask her how she feels about it, help her to develop more complex thoughts and understanding

>When she turns her sexual attention toward me, I hesitate to stop it out of fear for creating a negative connotation with sex and damaging our totally parent child relationship

>She turns 4, and things go on, escalating very gradually

>Months later, we're bathing together, she takes things a full step further

> After discovering masturbation at 3, rubbing herself on me at 4, and eventually gaining curiosity about my genitals (which I offered happily and informatively)

>in the bath she starts rubbing her puffy toddler pussy against my dick

>Look of wonder and a hint of sadness on her face as she gazed into my eyes

>She's thinking about what I'm thinking

>I realize I'm simultaneously arroused, feeling great affection, but displaying shock on my face upon realization that I'm a lolicon

>Not wanting to hurt my daugheru/waifu's feelings, knowing that I'm already up shits creek, understanding that I'm fucked in a few years if she doesn't still love me then, but mostly knowing fully that this is how I wish to express my love for her, I choose to own it.

>I regain an ounce of composure, relax, droop to bedroom eyes and a gentle smile. One hand supports her back, the other beneath her rump

>And we start gently rocking

>Lips make contact, fingers separate vulva, head barely enters vagina

>We constantly alter positioning to find a good angle and stability so we can explore each other, giggling and chuckling at the awkwardness

>Already came a few times, here and there on her chest down her belly, and between her butt cheeks.

>Finally find the perfect stance to enter her, head goes in, and she makes a slight wincing cry, sniffs back a tear, but assures me to go on

> Say ok, put a hand on her head and ruffle her hair as my other fingers fondle her clit, her tiny fingers stroke my cock

>wait until she seems satisfied and spent, then let myself cum inside of her

>Tilt her bottom up a little so it enters her very prepubescent cervix and notice the spot of blood now on both of us

>Thankfully I've explained this, so she's not shocked. But this being a new experience, slightly painful but exhilarating, she tears up and I cuddle her

>She falls asleep and I take her naked to bed

>She wakes up an hour after me to warm sunlight, head below my chest, tummy between my legs

>Whispers softly, slightly hoarse, "I love you, Daddy. That was the best birthday."

>She's now 5.

>As years go by, we remain true to each other, love growing every day

>She turns 17, she's pregnant and gives birth at home.

>Our legal status is technically father and adopted daughter, but we raise the new daughter like any other typically healthy family, moving to a new country where nobody is the wiser

a96678  No.86687


<Magical wild fantasy

>Have spectacular transforming powers, regularly going as a busty futa in fabulous clothing when not a big ol' muscle man with wild hair or a sexy but strong androgynous man, weeaboo villain style

>Sometimes go as all three or even more, splitting consciousness between my bodies

>Form clones from my own genetic material, having some lesser degree of my transformation power, but control of it ever in my own hands metaphorically

>These clones dont look like my sex god bodies, and they have none of my memories. They're all also XX chromosome exclusively, and have a fixed age.

>Through the wonders of self replicating, transformation, and psychic clone control powers I have myself an infinite harem of little girls, age 2 to 12.

>They take on any form I desire for them, catgirl, bunny, angel, futa or normal girl, whatever form I desire.

>Most of time I allow their form to be spontaneous, deriving from both my own and her own subconscious

>Their personalities run the whole gamut, because total control is boring, but all of them have in them some desire to fuck me, even if they don't realize it.

>And so I take on any form or forms I want

>One day is pure vanilla sex, the next I transform into a pack of wild dogs, all myselves hunting down and violating each little girl, yet the next commanding 4 of them to fornicate each other with myself and one of them as a futa, another of them totally catatonic and urinating.

>Regardless of what happens, they well and truly enjoy it, and none of them suffer real pain or trauma.

>Randomly, they lose their memory so they can once again learn the joys of new experiences

>The girls 7 and older sometimes get pregnant, and the story goes on with our lustchildren

>This whole time, I'm technically fucking my girl selves, so it's as incestuous as possible, even when impregnating one of our daughters, it's the same DNA.

9df8e1  No.86688

File: edd76f97d950d30⋯.png (1.17 MB, 2035x3008, 2035:3008, ayashii03.png)

File: 856acd06e90e054⋯.png (1.42 MB, 2058x3015, 686:1005, ayashii04.png)

File: 7a1d3232f467213⋯.png (1.33 MB, 2047x3007, 2047:3007, ayashii05.png)

File: 9e3c0c2c8f8c461⋯.png (1.25 MB, 2084x3015, 2084:3015, ayashii06.png)

File: 8c06d1a5b8f4bd2⋯.png (1.49 MB, 2084x3015, 2084:3015, ayashii07.png)

a96678  No.86689


<Realistic wild fantasy

>Baby sit a young girl and form a close bond, take her swimming, help with homework and become loved and respected by her parents.

>Her name is Natalia. When she reaches middleschool, romance her, make love to her passionately, slowly.

>Tell her how age is a fake barrier and any true love can be expressed sexually

>At her first period she starts taking birth control medication but is still hungry for the d

>One day she gives me a bit while we watch a movie

>This isn't unusual but I know her mom will come home soon, and I know the usual greeting routine

>her mother says hi to us, gives my a hug with her big boobs, bends down to kiss her 14 yo daughter, my secret girlfriend half my age.

>Natalia hesitates as her mom awaits the Euro style kisses on the cheek

>A bit of cum is in the corner of her mouth still, but I tell her, knowingly, to return her mum the kiss

>She does

>Accidental cum eating

>Our relationship goes on for years, continually doing little things like that

>Eventually she grows to like doing it, and now she's 20

> She still looks much like the little girl I knew years ago, with youthful features, subtle curves, proportions reminiscent of a child but with breasts. She is even now barely 5 feet tall

> Her parents, still thinking me respectable, react with surprise but gladness when I tell them I love their daughter. They figure I'd make a good husband, age difference be damned.

>She was 16 and he was 24, they tell me. I pretend like it's a big deal

>Years later, we're married, have a dog, and a baby girl on the way.

>Natalia is still pervy as fuck, and our sexual tastes have… developed

>Never the less, we haven't broken any major law since the time when we fucked back when she was a middle school student

>Once she semi jokingly talked about wanting to involve the dog for some mmf

>Knowing she never lied to me, having gained and maintained her trust as a child, I know she didn't do anything behind my back, but I put her mock suggestion in the idea box

>We fuck while she's pregnant and we both pee, while I'm still inside of her, sucking her milky tits while hoping our child is a girl.

>I imagine my urine spreading over the preborn girl's head, then remember what a placenta is

>Day of the birth, I'm there for my two girls, and genuinely am concerned for my wife's agonies

>I rushed her to the hospital, and there was no time to put her in the gown, or even remove her clothes properly.

>She she's almost naked, with what little remains of her clothes pulled one way, half torn off her body. Panties totally ripped.

>natalia commands me to touch her like we're fucking, so I do.

>The doctors are a bit embarrassed, but they (think they) understand

>She demands more and more, eventually I'm fingering her pussy, thumbing her clit hard, reaching deep inside as possible. My other hand fondles her breast and I suck her nipple as her expanded belly heaves to press out the infant, for whom I have plans.

>By now the doctors are looking at us as little as possible, and when they do they shudder. Makes me laugh inside.

>When the baby comes out, her mother cums all over her, mixed with a bit of urine

>The docs are late, and the placenta also spills out onto the baby

>The little thing is glistening, covered in her mother's fluids, detailing every curve and fold of skin

>It almost doesn't look human, but I know she'll be a cute little munchkin the moment the blood is cleaned off and her little body has time to decompress in the reduced pressure of the normal atmosphere

>Time goes on, we raise our daughter well for a while

>We have no shame of fucking right by her though, and nudity will never be an issue with her

>Once in a while I stroke her little pussy, and Natalia, my wife and mother of our daughter smiles mischievously as I do, recalling what I said about all true love being expressed sexually.

>Now and then she joins in, but by her understanding it's merely an act of giving pleasure, a glorified massage.

>To me it's making me hard as rock, though Natalia thinks it's because she was just sucking me off before I heard Sarah's adorable mewling sounds as she awoke

>Me and the wife continue to fuck like rabbits as the baby grows

>She's named Sarah, and she's now making whole phrases, almost 3.

>She sleeps in our bed most nights but naps alone during the the day, with a baby monitor of course

>When she pees herself whilst sleeping on top of one of us she weeps a little, but we calm her down with kisses, and gentle fingering of her vagina and anus

>We go to sleep in the wet and clean up in the morning.


a96678  No.86691

Cont from


>One day I come home, and though she's nearly 4, Sarah is suckling Maria's breasts

>Natalia tells me that even though she's long since dried of milk, Sarah insisted

>Since we brought Sarah home, Natalia would often breast feed her and at the same time masturbate with her hand, a vibrator or any near by object.

>She'd occasionally even do it, barely concealed, in public, and a few times each week I'd fuck her senseless with Sarah at her feat

>By now, Sarah was a bigger, though still a for, with tiny soft cushions developing on her chest, the baby fat making her body soft and tender

>I stride toward my wife and child on the couch, pulling my clothes off, I'm fully erect

>I penetrate Natalia slowly, pull Sarah back to recline against my body, reaching around to her front and hoisting her up by her crotch

>My other hand pressures her head down to view my penis inside her mother's vagina

>From there I simply explain what we're doing and why. Every aspect, love, biology, lust, experimentation, all in words a small child can understand.

>"Maybe. Maybe daddy can make love to me too." She says

>"Maybe" I reply

>Natalia is staring at us, wide eyed like a shocked and confused child

>Both of us have touched our daughter sexually, but for the first time she understands that I do it for my own arrousal as well as that of our child's sensory pleasure

> Natalia asks me if I know what I'm doing, and I nod. She asks Sarah how she feels together with us, right now

>My daughter, sitting between the hips of her parents connected through sexu intercourse is rubbing her vulva on the topside of my erection, sliding in and out of her child like mother.

>Their clitorises are nearly in contact, and I see spittle from Sarah's sweet lips upon Natalia's pale breast.

>Responding to her mother's querry, our nearly 3 year old girl smiles a great smile, laughs out loud "I love it!" She cries, "I love you mommy. I love you daddy." All said in her ever so typical childish slurring.

>At that moment, I press in, going long and hard within my wife before she has a second to process what is happening. Sarah in between, enjoying the ride.

>I quickly sit back up and turn our daughter around to face me.

>Sandwiching her again, her face is in my chest, cleft of Venus pressing against the ass of my cock, between my lower abdomen and the shaft

>She's still giggling, and then gasps as I see a determination come over her mother's eyes, and a slender hand slips between us.

>She fondles her small daughter's delicate genitals with care vigour and sensuousness, and I recognize that finally, my wife is enjoying our mutual molestation of this little girl, born of our blood.

>Not having ever told her off for it, the moment after she orgasms Sarah pees all over our tangled legs. It drops everywhere

>My wife came minutes ago, but I'd kept fucking her, and she continues to masturbate Sarah.

>Lastly, I'm ready to ejaculate. The first sport goes I to Natalia, I pull out and the rest of my semen geysers all over my toddler, collapsed into her mother's chest.

>Cheek to pussy, she's streaked with my sperm, panting.

>I rub my softened phallus against her blushing vulva once more, squeezing out the last bit, but before long we all fall asleep.

>Years pass again, and our family fornication continues, our bonds of love grow and our experimentation expands.

>She's 6 and doing well in school, always gives me lovey dovey eyes when I pick her up, and her teacher thinks its cute.

>Sometimes we go to the beach, and I encourage her to go nude, as many children go unclothed, though they're at least 2 years younger

> I can't wait until she's a little older, self conscious, and I convince her to once again walk the beach totally naked.

>For now, she's totally comfortable, lets me rub lotion all over her in front of everyone, and doesn't give a second thought to wearing outlandish and revealing swimwear

>It's a new suit every year or so, one time a micro bikini, another a one piece that I cut a big hole in to expose her belly from just above her pussy up to her nipples. Sheer clothing that shows every detail when wet and a custom bikin, made of pink and purple silicone heart shaped netting, creating heart tanlines. nipples and pussy hardly concealed

>Once she wore only 3 pasties over her front privates

>But now I work on my masterpiece

>Seemingly an old-fashioned suit, with a gothic lolita flair.

>It extends from neck to wrists all the way to the ankles, but it is modular, in that the sleeves, bust, mid section, back, butt, crotch and leggings can be detached from a structure that resembles the classic rope bondage pattern


I'm getting a little carried away with this one, and it's late, but fuck it

a96678  No.86692


>Finally at the beach, I get a few hidden cameras ready after first recording my daughter struggling to put on the getup

>Cameras are rolling and she strolls out. People are surprised at the amount she is wearing.

>It's hot out, and she begins to feel uncomfortable

>Looking to lose some of the suit, she fiddles with snaps and ties hidden behind lace and decoration, the first thing to fall is a strip about each thigh from her crotch line, up and around her butt, to 2 inches below each cheek, leaving the upper half of her thighs to can

>A cord extends from the side of each thigh toward the inside of the prominent pelvic bone at the hip, disappearing beneath the suit covering her body.

>It took so long that she's not willing to try again just yet so she lays around and I go to rub lotion on her thighs

>Eventually she's fed up again with the heat and fiddles again with the suit. This time its the back that falls off, revealing the landscape of her shoulder blades, spinal ridge and curvy lines of her back, with the cross Ross of theeather cord, just a little too snug.

>Yet again she tries to remove pieces of the suit, as it is simply too heavy for summer wear, and each time I apply more lotion to her, tussle her hair and once in a while stealthily rub her crotch.

>The chest falls of then the backside and finally the fabric and lace covering her groin.

>By the end, her arms, legs and belly are covered, but the network of taught leather cord pulls up between her pussy lips, and speeds from the centre of her exposed chest, around her back and down her spine and between her ass.

>The tension causes her to arch her back, pushing her tummy and hip forward

>Over the next hour she remains this way, tanning unusual parts of her body, leaving g her arms, legs, and belly snow white.

>On the beach, uncomfortable, and horny from the cord rubbing her pussy, she begins publicly masturbating.

>It's not the first times, but now another little girl comes up and asks her what she's doing.

>I leave the premises and trust to the cameras. As it turns out this girl is 8, 2 years older than my daughter, shorter, but with significant bust at her age. From what I saw and heard, Cindy was probably somewhat autistic.

>Sarah explains to her new friend, Cindy, masturbation, and the in the pink skirted one piece immediately went to it.

>Sarah wasn't shy to give a helping hand, and used my old trick on this new child, what we called yung'un tongue fun.

>They played with each other for a few hours, and Cindy was happy to try anything my Sarah suggested, and so these two children fornicated on a public beach, and my little girl leed, as she enjoyed to do, on this other child who enjoyed it for the sheer novelty.

>Sarah explains to her new friend, Cindy, masturbation

>Natalie whatches and gently fingered herself from a distance.

>It's probably a good time to mention that these are different beaches, a new year, a new little known uncommercialized beach town, to allow for the annual slutty swimsuit I force my daughter into.

>Back at the hotel (now that you know) Natalia and I meet for dies parents, they make a comment about Sarah teaching g Cindy masturbation techniques, and for a moment I get nervous and itchy.

>Calmly I try to explain how we're using open parenting methods, dont discourage our daughter from exploring her body and give her the information she needs to make good decisions in the future. Just bullshit really.

>They laugh it off, say they think k it's a good thing, and ask if co dy would like to sleep over with our girl. Apparently they know nothing of the ki my swimsuit.

>So Cindy comes on over to our room, we quickly hide some toys the 3 of us use

>My wife and I head out for the bar and let the two kids have fun, I activate. Few ceras incase they get really fun

>We had no idea what happened until we got home and watched the footage with our daughter.

>The two of them fucked like animals, Sarah first using g a TV remote as a dildo on Cindy, who didn't seem to mind.

>Next were the vibrators we thought we'd hidden so well, the two of them had a competition to see how many each could fit, and I was floored.

>My daughter, ever the prankster, switched them all on, and Cindy, not used to it, began peeing herself.

>Sarah took it as a cue and peed as well, all over this little girl's tummy.

> She then pressed her pussy, full of vibration eggs, against Cindy's while still leaking, and thtwo of them came in unison

a96678  No.86693

>My little one is a soldier though, and she brought along a toy of her own, a teddy bear with an oscillating penis, not massive, but large for two children

>Sarah got on top, and bounced and squealed til she was satisfied

>She then pushed it on to Cindy after yanking out the mass of cables and plastic pods from her pussy.

>Cindy was on the floor as Sarah forced the moving dildo inside of her. The girl laughed and made noises of exertion.

>Afterwards, they cleaned up well, and Sarah told Cindy to keep it all on the DL

>The movie is over, and the three of us are aroused but also ammused

>Natalia and I decide to fuck, and Sarah, as usual, joins in.

>I thrust k to my wife for a time, then finish in my daughter's butt as she and her mother kiss and feel exhausted other up

>One year later, no call from the police about a 6 year old sexually assaulting and 8 year old with a be-dildoed teddy bear.

>She often sleeps in her own room now, mostly coming to ours on weekends for a bedroom romp

>For the next week, it's just me and her, as Natalia is away

>A whole week alone with a loving but also child loving father.

>We play, and fondle, bake cookies and do homework

>Night comes, she's ready for the send off, and pounces me as I lay on the couch.

>She crouches over my head, skirt hovering, no panties.

>She tells me she wore no pa fiesta at all today, though I notice one of her mom's eggs strapped to her thigh and inserted.

>That'd explain the panting at the park, and no panties explain s that one boys wide eyed stare when she was on the swing.

>I lick her vagina, turn on the vibrator.

She'd just come from the toilet, but the last few drops of urine sprinkle my tongue.

>Salty, a little tangy and a hint of sweet.

>I flip her onto the couch, shuffle my pants down and open my shirt.

>I tear hear blouse apart pull down her skirt and rip a hole in the crotch of her childish panties.

>I pull out the vibrating egg, note that it isn't so much smaller than the head of my cock.

>I cancelled by her expression and rapid breathing that she's excited, but a little bit nervous. I've never been this sexually aggressive toward her, she's only seen it occasionally toward her mother. And now she's alone.

>I don't say anything. I placebos hand on her chest, feeling her ever so slightly developed breasts, and the other I use to spread her legs and part her pussy.

>I start finger fucking her, vigorously, but with care to not hurt her. My fingers move in a circle now, trying to to expand her hole, my other hand moves to her neck and slightly restricts her breathing.

>For the first time, I force my erect sex organ into the already dripping, soft, hot embrace of my child daughter's hairless, tight vagina, flanked by beautiful full lips blushing with sexual desire for her father.

>It's like nothing before, and I'm glad to have it alone with her.

>I thrust her repeatedly with all the power she can take, allowing her gasps of air every now and then.

>We fuck wordlessly for an age, then I erupt inside of her

a96678  No.86694


>Our silent but thunderously powerful intercourse becomes a symphony of heavy panting, muffled screams, groans, moans and cries of extacy.

>Sarah cums when I do. I dint know if it's normal for a 7 yo girl to experience female ejaculation at the ha department of her bathed, but that's what is happening.

>The fluid continues to stream out of me, and Sarah, still gasping for breath bends forward and licks up the mess.

>She confirmed

To use sucking, Me within minutes I'm erect again , and another minute later, while looking for into my eyes, I cum one last time, with a final groan.

>There's no blood, as I had broken her hymen long ago when she was just a tiny toddler.

>With my cum soaked daughter reclining in my arms, semen drilling off of her, I recall those days, how far we've had come and ponder where we'll go.

>She says to me "I love you daddy, I hope we do this forever"

>The week goes on and we could go us to fuck like that, and I dream of impregnating her.

>Yet another year passes, and Sarah is a beautiful 8 year old girl. Still small and cute with the soft features lingering from infancy, but with the more refined curvatures of prepubescence.

>She, her mother and I engage in vaginal sex regularly

>The new height of our adventures being sneaking her into a mass orgy in LA and managing to fuck each other without anybody realising we were having sex with our child.

>It's now a cold night, electricity is down and we're struggling to keep warm the 3 of us are in bed together, naked, to share warmth, and because it's fun.

>We're somewhat playing with eachother, but it's late and we're tired.

>Suddenly a great writing jumps on us, its the dog, Bowser

>I try to save him away, but to no avail

>Losing heat fast I figure, what the hell, and pull him under the covers between Sarah and Natalia, myself on the other side of Sarah.

>The bed soon warms up and gets very toasty, it was a good idea.

>Sarah's legs are wrapped around mine, she's wiggling and giggling.

>Hazily I ask, "what's going on?"

>She giggles again "bowser is in my butt, daddy"

>My eyes go wide and I don't know what to do, my daughter, naked and wrapped around my body, wet between her legs and rubbing her belly against my own erection. The daughter my wife and I alone love and make love to is being sodomized by our dog.

>I realize I'm in the same boat as my wife all those years ago, and can reject it, or accept the new dynamic.

>I think I about the red gland throbbing, the knot at the base of his dick expanding in her rectum

>He's thrusting now, and my daughter is squealing with glee and excitement, and I won't let this moment be owned by a mere dog.

>I thrust into her pussy, fluids are racing out of her, she's panting and lets out a scream of overwhelming hyper arousal.

>Her mother awakes in a start but I assure herwith but a look that our child is enjoying this more than anything.

>The dog thrusts, I thrust, Sarah spasms. Natalia caresses the tiny girl's chest and feels the rough tail wagging between her legs.

>It's a wild mess of motion and excess. I feel paws scrape my side and smell the dog, rabid in sexual fury. I do t let myself finish just yet.

>Natalia moans in relief, the dog helps in satisfaction, I nearly roar in a sense of glory and my daughter, Sarah, penetrated by her father and had dog wails in a final release, as semen spills from bother ends, she loses bladder control, spittle dribbles from one corner of her mouth and tears well in her eyes.

>"Daddy. Mommy… B-Bowser. I love you all"

>She falls to the bed, dripping in sweat, totally unconscious. Eyes wide open, breathing, but far away.

>The last drops of cum dripping on her tummy, and then on my wife, as the dog pulls out his knot, freeing the remaining jism, and ambles away.

4f91ee  No.86709

Continuing with the weird transformation suggestions I've seen, I've always liked the idea of a were-loli. The curse would cause adult women to regress and turn into child-versions of themselves. The change can be triggered by the certain phases of the moon, or when the cursed woman becomes too aroused. Sexual satisfaction (or the sun rising) causes them to change back. Men can be carriers and transfer the curse to other women, but won't change themselves (aside for maybe gaining an increased libido and feeling more attracted to lolis).

So for example, a guy gets knocked out in the park and "raped" by a wereloli. He now unknowingly carries the curse. Later he goes to have sex with his adult girlfriend, and during the sex she changes into a loli. They both freak out, but they're so horny they finish. When they do, she changes back. Repeat this with every girl the guy has sex with. Werelolis can lead a normal life, so long as they keep their arousal in check and don't change in broad daylight. And at night they can have all manner of wild sexual escapades.

29f1a8  No.86716


I guess thats an interesting idea but I'm willing to bet the majority of people are attracted to the loli personality and demeanor, not just the body type. I fall somewhat into that category except I don't want them acting like a literal child who has no idea whats going on.

40f4f4  No.86722

>we like lolis but it's ok because it's 2d, we are not rapists or freaks, we are ok in the head

29f1a8  No.86724


Who are you quoting?

fac7b0  No.86736

Loli wife.

A wife. My wife.

aea2df  No.86777

I'd sniff her pits

85525e  No.87184

File: c65b747f85ba4aa⋯.png (1.3 MB, 1200x900, 4:3, 1400294777424.png)

I'd love a loli maid, maybe even multiple. They're sweet, very clean and girly, and they keep the house in order while I'm gone, but when I'm home, they all happily service me sexually any way I want. They're more than glad to do it, too, they practically beg to be the one who gets to satisfy me at any given time.

0596c4  No.87237



9f741f  No.87271

File: d630e53997ccd17⋯.jpeg (114.51 KB, 1069x800, 1069:800, 1444728735326-1.jpeg)

My fantasy is just to have a loli who's deeply in love with me who will cuddle with me and make out like in the pic. Then for her to also want to have consensual happy sex and I'd give her lots of headpats.

8b7298  No.87272


>lots of headpats

jesus christ how lewd

85525e  No.88492

Bump for more fantasies.

4f91ee  No.88511


The change could also bring some personality shift. So that along with their new body, they have some child-like mannerisms they have trouble avoiding. But in general they'd still remember their times as adults.

da3e83  No.88512


Basically this but with a eastern European loli.

526299  No.88801

more blond lolis being gang fucked by huge massive black dick

876f9b  No.88813

File: 1cf0add1e8fd8a1⋯.jpg (176.42 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 39186244_p1.jpg)

File: 2d69f36784fc14a⋯.jpg (175.73 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 39186244_p3.jpg)

I've always wanted this to happen

000000  No.89725

I'm usually not into noncon, but this one appeals to me. When a loli comes a certain age, she is expected to be introduced to men by her father in a public ceremony. Though a few look forward to it, they're usually unwilling, like it's a procedure they have to get over with, but both end up secretly enjoying it as they're done.

000000  No.89726

I'm usually not into noncon, but this one appeals to me. When a loli comes a certain age, she is expected to be introduced to men by her father in a public ceremony. Though a few look forward to it, they're usually unwilling, like it's a procedure they have to get over with, but both end up secretly enjoying it as they're done.

c19a36  No.89750

1) being a single father and raising my daughter with all the love and attention she needs. Then when she would hit 6 and ask about "how we make babies", I would teach what sex is little by little, month after month. I would start by rubbing her, then when she gets used to that move on to fingering with 1 then 2 fingers, then teach her handjobs, then oral sex (would lick her before she sucks me), then eventually casual sex and even maybe anal. She would be fully aware of the pleasures of sex at 8. During all this time we would remain in a tender father-daughter relationship. We would keep fucking for a little more years until she would have her first pubes, periods, and boobs growing, which would make me lose sexual interest in her. I would still love her though, and as she would grow up, she would have no mental health issues from all these years of happy incest.

2) Catching an old man fucking a 5-9 y.o girl, who would either be a niece or a granddaughter of him. First I would hide and film them to have some evidence. Then I would come back a few days later and have a conversation with the man. Would threaten him to show the police the video if he didn't let me have some fun with the little girl. He would agree and let me have lots of sex with her, while she would be happy to have a new friend to play sex with.

TL;DR : I just want to cum in a consenting 7-8 year-old's mouth without causing her any psychological trauma.

a1c94a  No.89905


having a 10yr old loli sis who's into gaymes, who slowly becomes my secret gf

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