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File: 82eae13202dd0c0⋯.png (1004.02 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, 837871749_preview_Example1.png)

943d28 No.61979

A new lolicon visual novel on Indiegogo,go check it out and consider giving it some support and spreading the word about it.

By the way,in the crowdfunding page the developers say that they have taken inspiration from

-Higurashi no naku koro ni.

-Kodomo no Jikan.

-Papa no Iu Koto wo Kikinasai!



943d28 No.61981


Two questions:

- Do this game will have H-scenes?

- Do this game will have uncensored H-scenes?

943d28 No.61982

A thousand loli VNs out there and you want to support the one made by fake lolicon westerners who will never deliver anything good because it might upset people. How about no.


It's a spin-off/sequel/whatever of a no-sexual-content VN, and it's greenlit on Steam. Gee, what do you think?

943d28 No.61997


Absolutely disgusting and despicable.

943d28 No.62013

Why go through the effort of crowdfunding and going through the dev cycle to make a loli game without even having the option of some lewd content? Will there at least be romance or something?

I mean as long as the stigma of loli will forever be there on the game might as well go all the way and not censor your content.

943d28 No.62014


>noname western deviant art beginner artist

>no reputation

>safe for work and non-offensive

>its just a spin off and developers admit they are inspired by other VNs from get to go and, which is a flag for extremly low quality and unimaginative writing

The amount of money this uninspied low quality project aims for is just ridiculous.

This is stuff people have done better for free in as a hobby and Im not measuring by UAB standards.

943d28 No.62018


UAB is a magistral western VN. I consider they deserve some profit for this masterpiece. I consider a thing make with effort and dedication.

943d28 No.62043


UAB is what lolicon is, game in the OP is what western normalfags want lolicon to be.

943d28 No.62070

I definitely say: Don't support this project!

1. He makes his way on non-loli or anti-loli communities, like Steam (a bunch of assholes who pays for controlled DRM games and VNs with removed H-scenes.) Making a product which is far to be appealing. If you don't think me, look at comments like "reported of child pornography", or "FBI is watching you". This isn't even Lolicon, and isn't made for a Lolicon community.

2. Doesn't offer anything lewd or sexual.

3. I don't think in the future the authors really will think about us.

4. The artwork isn't that great to even consider making a donation for it (probably this product has another flaws in creativity, concept, story).

943d28 No.62073

If the author's american, british or aussie, there's the problem. Like >>62070 says, if there's money involved it wouldn't be legally safe to include sex scenes. It's not the "fake lolicon" authors that are the problem, it's our retarded laws.

943d28 No.62074

yeah, let me go to steam for shitty porn, you kidding me with this? Who buys this teasing its porn but only a little bit kind of shit? Fucken A

943d28 No.62086


You're probably thinking Canadian not American. It's still legal in America, though you'd be better off using a pen name so no one knows it's actually you making it. Plenty of loli artists reside in the states, it's just places like Canada, the UK, Australia, and some other European countries where the loli ban is in place.

943d28 No.62091

Probably Lolicon is legal in the U.S. but comments like I saw in Steam only shows the extension of the stigma still today. They have to be very moderated and no-offensive to get a crowdfunding. In other words, living of Lolicon is nearly impossible.

943d28 No.62164


If they make a lewd side addon as other VNs did, I'm fine with this. Have my doubts about gaben being ok with this, though. The potential for twitter-feminist ragefits is too great.

943d28 No.62169



Plenty of loli artists try to publicly solicit money, especially the tumblr+patreon scene.

These platforms eventually pulling the rug once it becomes too lewdy is also the norm, though.


The novel is supposedly ecchi, not hentai. That means really, really high bar for writing for it to be anything worth.


Judging the book by its cover, are we? I agree that beating UAB, especially as mere family-friendly ecchi is impossible. Still, better to have something new than a complete drought.

The weeb making it did a game before, so why not simply decide by that -

Title: Osozaki Late Blooming: First

VNDB: https://vndb.org/v19553

Reviews: http://store.steampowered.com/app/471260/

Pirate: https://u.nya.is/aovvxn.zip


The game above didn't have lewd patch as some other steam games did. Guess monks is his target audience.

943d28 No.62184


Comparing this VN to UAB isn't the matter, and isn't convenient because both are completely different stories. UAB is even a critique about that western actual way to see pedophilia. This VN… idk sincerely.

I don't think beating UAB be impossible. We westerns even could make better loli VNs and animation than the Japanese do, but here there's no possibilities to begin. UAB author have to work for free, only because they love to develop this interesting idea. This OP wants to make possible a crowdfunding to develop their ideas, but they have to sacrifice their freedom, maybe they can offer something different that their public appreciate, but in my opinion I don't find this VN appealing… … and Steam sucks.

943d28 No.62235

Meh, let's just rant about transformative art then.


>Steam Sucks

> I don't think beating UAB be impossible.

I'm pretty sure it's impossible through any platform of "tumblr guy with patreon".

>This OP wants to make possible a crowdfunding to develop their ideas, but they have to sacrifice their freedom, maybe they can offer something different that their public appreciate, but in my opinion I don't find this VN appealing… … and Steam sucks.

Correct, but there's more to it. The problem with UAB is that it's one of a kind, the sort of thing people accomplish in their prime - when they're the most creative, yet also the most depressed, often on the fringes of society - so they cling to their project and spend immense amounts of time on it. That's what berndsoft folks were like. At that point, it's not about the money, not even time, but in kc lingo, 'the settis'. The self-doubt that what you're doing is bullshit and nobody will like it (as most of other things in your life) is what makes you underpromise, and overdeliver. Faggots on steam, patreon and indiegogo can't compare, as those platforms are designed to cater to arrogant deadbeats who usually overpromise and deliver bullshit. Not always, but often enough.

Yet those being mass-media, it's how you can reach audiences - newfags are still important. If this recruits more people into the fandom, beyond what UAB did, I'm all for it, no matter how cancerous it inherently is and even if it's just a trickle.

>UAB is even a critique about that western actual way to see pedophilia.

As for the "muh social commentary" angle … I think that part of UAB is overrated. I frequented kc back then and it's more like reflection of the general hivemind of /b over there. Yes, german /b is very, very into anti-feminism and pedo, some as a meme, some for real. To chantard krauts and to people familiar with german politics (I live close to border), the game was especially precious.

If you're an american, imagine a game made with central plot around milo, brianna wu, anita sarkeesian, kenye west, oprah, kotaku, soros, fbianon, pewdiepie & edgy youtube pals, gamergate, trump, reddit, clinton and /pol. That's what UAB is, but for germany. The writing is not that stellar on its own, as it more or less just cribbed the real discussions and related memes of events discussed on kc/b/ between 2011-2013, which makes chantards identify with it but thats all.

But objectively, the merit of UAB is mostly from VN design standpoint as well as characterization - the lewd art and OST are aiming not technical accomplishment, but for simple and catchy in the tradition of western looney tunes. It works, together it all feels quite alive. The stale /b meme cover on top of it is more or less filler, as evidenced that people didn't give a shit about not understanding half the german memes.

Many people in loli fandom can attest the title of 'gateway drug' is not actually a joke - in more liberal world, if studies on UAB were done, it could prove that lolicon is often a learned fetish, paraphilia like many other. And assuming that sexual orientation is inborn, it means that ton of loli fans are not even remotely pedo. All of this just because the gameplay and characterization has actual depth, not just pressing spacebar for hours like in katawa shoujo. It went to counter everything that often sucks about hentai VNs, even though it sacrificed a lot of replay value for that in the process.

Beating all of the above is not going to be easy, trying to topple something that drastically changed perspective of a lot of folks - the true purpose of art. For "UAB2" VN, it will most likely take different person, but in similiar secluded settis fuchur was in during 2011-12. Thus the result will be most likely far removed from UAB in terms of style and impact. It could be even completely different target group ostracized in current society. Yet very close in terms of spirit and social mechanic. I'm honestly quite surprised there's no famous MLP eroge just yet, though I hear they have more grandiose plans and aim straight for the mainstream (Fallout: Equestria) rather than just weebs.

943d28 No.62254


Nice post, don't necessarily disagree with anything you rambled about, but just wanna add that i've talked to a few pedos who absolutely in love with UAB without being german, knowing german chan memes or caring about german politics. Or even being interested in lolicon. I think the game's special in that regard and outgrew any potential it was ever supposed to have.

943d28 No.66131


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