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File: 634159cc8d9d53c⋯.png (347.81 KB, 778x973, 778:973, C - Carrion Crawler v2.png)

072789 No.67094

Stumbled upon this post featuring monsters from D&D with children. You know what that means.

It is my hope that other artists will join in in lewding up their favourite letter. As you can see, I've gotten started.

Anyone can do any letter and if one you like has already been done, don't hesitate to put your own spin on it!

It would be nice to form a large collection of these from many different artists.


072789 No.67095

File: b5cbb907c1cc75d⋯.jpg (405.63 KB, 1500x1217, 1500:1217, Monster_Manual_5e_-_Dragon….jpg)

File: 25f8e7c9b3ac1cf⋯.jpg (251.34 KB, 567x787, 567:787, drow girl.jpg)


I have no artistic talent but could I request one for you to draw? I'd love to see a Drow loli being taken by a small dragon (perhaps a Brass dragonling?)

072789 No.67099

There had better be Illithid Brain Extraction Guro Climax porn, which is infact, a thing very popular and understandable from mastubating from the Illithid's point of view, which I had an entire folder of.

But, everyone here is a pussy, so just to make sure all bases are covered for your entry level regular Illithid brain fuck porn

>Pull arms back behind whilst fucking them with a slit opening eldritch prehensile tentacle cock,

>Tentacles violating ears and nose,

>Eyes rolled back, Eyewhite potential signs of utterly high as fuck

>Drooling, mouth foam, gritting of teeth

>Illithid is coupled with loli's head, or is close to doing so.


Nigger the fuck is a brass doing in the Underdark you stupid nigger? Go read some fucking splatbooks, get those subterranian dragons, the effort to justify thatthing being that far down without it being connected to it's lair which is also surface accessible, with addition of water networks and shit too great.

Golden Dragon G/MILFs with whiskerplay and their amazing voices (See NWN1) that are like those cottage living adorable puff haired caretakers some of you lucky anons may have had in your youth that were literally women out of fairytales with their kindness, and love.

Letter N is literally a Scat Monster, nothing here ends well on that basis alone, and those tentacles aren't for pleasure.

Unless it's digging around an elastic Loli's colon for treats of course

Orcs are a given, low level effort ahoy

Purple Worm = Stomach inflation due to egg incubation, for massive womb breaking eggs that look like those images of kids pregnant with a shitload of kids because life finds a way or some shit.

Quickling Quantity will me multiplied for how many quicklings per sexual session is enough for a creampie, in multiple holes, clit stimulation and female orgasm due to them being Quick? It's like how dogs fuck hard, cum hard, but there's a chance of missed orgasm for how short it is, so they bring in multiple dogs for sufficient female orgasm criteria

Rust Monsters ruining mechanical sexual equipment is a given

There are so many Oozes, in D&D, it's nothing short of a clusterfuck, just use the regular fetishes without effort, but note you can't have slimegirls for this just oozes fucking lolis

Umber Hulks capturing a loli to take into a quickly dugged burrow to incubate via ovipositor or whatever before speed digging out.

CE Vampires in D&D can and will just eat the Kids, the ones that might fuck kids are Vampire Lords, or batshit insane John Podesta tier Orcus worshipping pedophile necrophiliac nutjobs. Note, the base vampire does not actually suck blood for the Blood, only Nosferatu vampires of Ravenloft do this, base vampires suck blood as part of an inescapable craving to get at a person's life-force, which are the compositie energies of that person's soul, and basically their lifespan, it is noted for variant rule this can literally AGE a person, so the loli stops being a loli if the Vampire digs in or bitchslaps the loli.

Your options are an after feeding image of a violenty ravised loli with the bitemarks, slight excess blood, smuding from saliva and blood mixing, tears in the eyes caused from the pain, less than healthy skin texture due to bloodloss, bed wetting from the pain, and sweat.

In the event of rape, a devastated anus, because technically still virgin. Most D&D vampires you encounter and fight are young Blood bandit/Maruderer types opposed to older ones who are too busy being bored to do anything.

To ease this up, use a Wisdom vampire, which does not drain your fucking lifespan out by Slamming a loli, but instead makes her bimbo level stupid, who also plants suggestions in her head opposed to domination by gaze.

Also, Vampires have the power to cuck via Slamming prenent women, as they literally make the kids theirs via turning them into Dhampirs this way.

Yes, as a vampire, you have the power to attack a Pregnant queen and cuck the king by slapping his woman just once, it's fucking hilarious.


The children are dead at this point, unless the Wraith is intelligent enough, the kid is alone with the wraith in a closed off room with no outside contact, and is stuck in there with it for 3 days, which means he's now a necromancer, though contact is violent or peaceful for some reason.


There are many, but there is just gonna be snake-vore here, slavery, exotic dresses, or wide-eyed Yuan ti lolis or somesuch


Bitch Negative energy flesh puppets don't do that brain shit, just do some necrophilia, terrified catatonic little girls frozen in fear and pain.

Or, do my favorite, the necromancer dug up Grandpa's corpse and ordered it to kill mum and dad then violate her with maggot-ridden kisses before breaking off the cock in orgasm inside her.

072789 No.67100


Lasty, ain't no one care bout dat shit, you want a decent Idea? Loli Drow growing up in a Drow household, that alone is fetish material

>Loli's dildo fir birthday

>Loli's first lloth sacrifice

>Loli's first torture session

>Loli's first fanily orgy

>Loli's being Broken in My Matron Mother and sisters with BDSM kink, Urethal, strap-ons, double dildos and the like

>Loli's first encounter with the House Drider

>Loli's first pregnancy

>Loli and a Yolchotol or however the fuck you say it first transversive TF/sex hutcore fest

>Loli and the Demonweaver (Multimarmed Drow demon girl)

>Loli's first spidergina in every fucking Orifice Lloth test

>Loli's first heart extraction of surface elf

>Loli choosing out uncomfortable, tight chafing lewd clothing

>Loli's first political blowjob

>Loli's first sexual poisoning

>Loli's first whipping session

>Loli's first 80's-90's Massive overdone hairstyle that makes her look like the sex demon she his

>Loli's first spiderclimb ceiling sex

I could go on, Drow are fucking next level on this shit.

072789 No.67101

Ankehgs dragging Loli's into underground tunnels to Ovipositor incubate.

Beholders Using Charm Person, turning loli's to stone or just eating them, or Violently fucking them with the inquisitive rage of a Dalek due to how fucking insane they are

Flumph paralysis followed by tentacle massage then chiptune music flying around almost stark naked in the ether as maybe flash gordon plays, but Ming the Merciless is Now Ssazz Tam, which is what they were going for but forgot.

Truth be told, P sould have been for Pazuzu, we could have had razorflight featherfag bait porn right there.

072789 No.67102


>Nigger the fuck is a brass doing in the Underdark you stupid nigger? Go read some fucking splatbooks, get those subterranian dragons, the effort to justify thatthing being that far down without it being connected to it's lair which is also surface accessible, with addition of water networks and shit too great

I would assume that she wandered to the surface…


Not denying that any of these would not be hot, particularly the pregnancy one.

072789 No.67113


>I would assume that she wandered to the surface…

>Wandered to the surface…

>Wandered to the surface

>Wandered from and THROUGH the fucking Underdark to the surface

u fukin wot m8 u avin a giggle?

What, you fucking think the Underdark is a fucking shallow cavern system or something? Goddanm, she wouldn't even survive the fucking sunburn due to being a child or literally Viconia Devir's prime example of what the average reception to a Drow, no less a female one is. Lynching/Some spellcasters lucky break for spell components

072789 No.67131


>which is infact, a thing very popular and understandable from mastubating from the Illithid's point of view, which I had an entire folder of.

You can't just throw that out and not post it. Share your folder.

072789 No.67157

File: 9dda4da7c04fe8a⋯.png (271.18 KB, 1034x1037, 1034:1037, thoughteater.png)

Putting the ass back in Astral Plane.

072789 No.67171


That is so sexy

072789 No.67191

i want the penetation to be in view

072789 No.67192



072789 No.67193


I forgot, was it ethereal of Astral that requires a silver thread?

072789 No.67207

File: ed1abc67a243f39⋯.png (445.11 KB, 815x1060, 163:212, purpleworm.png)


I guess it's the Astral Plane. Whoops.

072789 No.67900

Well at least someone's doing something with it even if they may have missed the point.

I hope I see more

072789 No.67913

File: c06171991276ad3⋯.png (302.32 KB, 1834x1340, 917:670, blob rape.png)

Contributing, I guess.

072789 No.67917


Why the link no work op?

072789 No.67923


Works for me

072789 No.67924


weird works on my pc but not mobile

072789 No.67927

File: ed5310a55234341⋯.jpg (20.04 KB, 303x303, 1:1, thumbs up dick.jpg)

072789 No.67929


Fucking hot.

c6d965 No.68823

I was hoping it'd generate more interest with artists.

9b94f8 No.68829

File: 2cb4cfb2439376d⋯.jpg (95.84 KB, 1480x1119, 1480:1119, orc dick or smth.jpg)

looks like it isn't a popular kink to most artists.

ya'll gonna end up with settling for commissioning artists if you want more of this stuff

8eea01 No.68897


that's a cute chubby loli. sauce?

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