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File: 23d53e6aab162c3⋯.png (1.92 MB, 1000x2200, 5:11, cyoa_loliwaifuedition.png)

671511  No.71397

Alright I made this a little bit ago, when 4chan had IDs… never really got a chance to use it.

You can generate IDs here.


Password length 8

Number of passwords 1

base64 (6): <selected>

Click generate


>Password strength: 48 bits.

>Should protect you against dedicated hackers.


46de29  No.71400


>a god damn queen




>pegging and anal

>feminist and introvert

I hate my luck

a58a4f  No.71408




>Average puss

>Average body



I'm having a nice day.

240b69  No.71415






Prefers Woman and Anal (REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE)

Family and Junkie

0/10. I'm a cuck who doesn't even fuck my waifu since she prefers girls. I just supply the goddamn drugs and non-sexual companionship.

ff42e6  No.71432


>Don't know, but seems cute

>Big boobs

Eh. Fine.





>Exhibitionism and anal

Not into either, but better than some of the others.


Nice. And 9 is…


Fuck it. I'm killing her.

e9b3f2  No.71476


>Real ugly +18 asian face (Queen)

Oh, man!


Well, not bad but not well.


Well, not bad.


Not my favorite, but well

>Prefers big

I've lost the battle.


I prefer vaginal.


Well, probably its good, but I prefer certain type of games.


Well, I'm not going to die of starvation.

Result: The face ruins everything.

80888a  No.71483



Cutesy face

Petite breasts



Pedo + Submissive

Otaku + Bookworm


8c8e24  No.71489


Cute brown hair

>if someone knows her tell me, but so far she seems cute and shy

Big boobs

>eh, fine I guess


>this litte bitch


>I'm more than fine with this

Bestiality and guro

>What the actual fuck

Contortionist, Culinary

>She scalates from pure to slutty in just a few seconds… damn

8c8e24  No.71490

Let's see:


>Fucking nice face

>She is just at the limit of the size of breast I like

>Average as well, so nice

>Oh boy, athletic bodies are the best

>So she really likes to suck dick. With these two combined I guess she likes deepthroating as well

>Firearms, and contortionist. I can only please one of this, since in my country I can't go and buy arms in any grocery store

I'm more than pleased with the result

ead2a6  No.71499


Why are all the real chicks in red? but ok i is kinda cute, except those eyes, they look very weird just not natural

Tiny, I'd prefer average, but ok

Tight, nice

Skinny, I'd prefer average, but ok

Submissive, as all women should be

Pedophile, does that mean she's the pedophile or does she want me to be?



bb1c53  No.71501

File: 4bc7e4a62c81db1⋯.jpg (12.83 KB, 261x208, 261:208, 1414527505019.jpg)

fuck it, I'm game



>petite boobies

>cavernous slut


>prefers small **then how she get so stretched? and pedo. lulwut

>likes guns and FUCKING FURFAGS

y'know, I would've accepted, loved, and headpatted this slut, if she wasn't a goddamn furry.

bcc3c4  No.71704



>I don't know the char but she looks toddler-licious

>flat awesome.

>painful (that's ok I can rub on the outside)

>boyish ok by me

>Group Sex




– So clearly I'm some sort of Preschool age tutor, who is dominated by a rich little girl's dreams of raising a pedo family with me as the father… I'm totally game. but it's too perfect, I will role second one for her sister to make things interesting:


>Another girl I don't know,

>Also flat



>Group Sex




soo, older sister, is cool with joining in on the games as long as I keep her high and look at her enough.

This game rocks, if only I could go to anime land.

77c077  No.71707


>cutest, impish face

>small tits

Fuck ye-

>used pussy

>average body

>rough sex




I got cucked so fucking hard.

She may not explicitly be Anita Sarkeesian, but it's her in spirit.

8a0014  No.71708


>Choi from Tamako Market

Best brown loli.


Just how I like them.


Ah fuck.


It's like a loli's body anyway.

>Cum lover and prefers big

Not that bad.

>Firearms and compulsive

Sounds like fun.

Overall everything was pretty good except for her cunt. Though I guess loli sluts deserve some love too.

52d10e  No.71715

> ebpf5xwn

>Red haired, red-eyed.




>A furry who prefers big.

>An Otaku with some kind of addiction.

Over all not bad! Too bad about the addiction though. Maybe I can help her kick it?

1ab187  No.71720


Girl: Sakura

Breast: Huge

Vagina: Average

Body: Curvy

Fetishes: Cum Lover + Pedophile

Interest: Otaku+Gamer

a58a4f  No.71721


That's good and all, but now what?

98e946  No.71737


>(not too)Brown skin and Short Hair




>Group Sex and Rough Sex

>Otaku and Rich

Not bad i guess

66b5ae  No.71753


>Some girl wearing a hood?

>Small breast

Holy shit i got my favorite size

>Young Vagina

Wow that's perfect

>Slender Body

This is the perfect being so far

>Enjoys BEASTIALITY and Pegging

Well, i guess something had to go wrong at some point… But i love pegging so i'll just say this one cancels out.


Okay that's awesome


Okay i fuckin' hit the jackpot. Literally the the only thing i'm not into is the bestiality fetish, and everything else makes up for that tenfold

89287f  No.71765


you monster.

f17b91  No.71784


This is relevant to my interests.

3b7661  No.71785


3b7661  No.71786


aeed3b  No.71811



cfb85e  No.71827

going to hell

0f347a  No.75901


Everything was A-Okay right up until the very last digit ~.~

>Some character I don't recognize

>petite boobs

>tight pussy

>boyish body type

>Furry and Pedo fetishes

>Otaku and Feminist interests

28565a  No.75938


Don't know the girl

Big tits, (yay)

Loose, (alright)

Curvy, (yay)

Prefers small and pedo

Rich and hyperactive


248047  No.76027


aa32fe  No.76030



>Average breasts

>Painfully tight

>Slender body

>Fetishes: furry, prefers big

>Interests: furry, otaku


9c2853  No.76032


> Girl: I don't know this character but it's cute. Anyone can tell me who is she?

> Breast size: Petite (not bad)

> Vagina Status: Tight (excellent)

> Body Type: Chubby (Chubby lolis are beautiful, too)

> Fetishes: Guro (WTF), Cum lover (I like it)

> Interests: Feminist (if she's tolerant to loli love, is good), Culinary (I don't like to cook, is well).

Result: Except for the guro she is almost perfect to me.

b61b44  No.76033


>Blue hair


>Tiny Breast



Very nice


Low Maintenance

>Cum Lover and Rough Sex

Easy to please

>Bookworm and… Bookworm.

What, like hardcore RoD bookworm?

… Fuck it, if that's the worst then I'll just have to get her an audible subscription or something.

e2e493  No.76045


>Cute face





Again, nice


So far so good

>Submissive and Pedo

One is good, the second could be good or bad

>Otaku and Gamer

Alright, I think I win, yes?

e11160  No.76065


Face looks okay I guess

Huge breasts are a little awkward but workable

Young pussy is more than fine

Manly body or do they mean boyish?

Exhibitionist and rough sex? I can manage the second but noth te first unless I really try.

Bookworm and an introvert. Well, I guess since she's so inward bound that's where the exhibitionist part comes in.

33867e  No.76187

Let's have a go at it



Looks cute. Wish I could see more of her, but I guess that could conflict with later generation


I actually would've rather have a pure, delicious flat chest. But paizuri is yummy too


Probably ideal, I think. Love me some plump labia


No clever word ending for this. Similarly, there is no possible bad result for this roll

>f(ull of) J(izz)

Would be hard for this to be much better. Though I also would've been good with bestiality and/or gentle


Books and vidya? I can dig it. I mean, I'm not too heavy of a reader, but we can definitely share in video games.

c748b6  No.76253


>not my first choice for face, but it's not bad







>gentle sex/cum lover



oh hell yeah

Looks like I've lucked out boys. Maybe she can help me build my AR :3

ae039c  No.76260

Rolling for perfect waifu


Pretty much what I wanted. I'll make a photoshop later

c0c759  No.76686


>Cute face




>Prefers Big

>Gentle sex



Pretty great.

28565a  No.76715


Not a huge fan of blondes but okay


Liking it

Loving it

Works for me


35f871  No.76752


idk who the greyish haired loli is but I'd protect her. I'm sorry for not knowing your anime if you have one.

>I can deal with loli titty if in some cases

>Da pussy is tite

>Her body is slender, mine is ready

>exhibitionist pedophile loli. A little girl is a pedo, so she wants to have sex with other lolis? I think these work.

>Interests, introvert and furry. well I can't say I'm into furry, but it falls under her interests and not fetishes, and little girls who thik fuzzy cartoon people are fun is cute I guess.

I rate her an 8.5/10

What I'd have picked, however, would be:

>Face E

Upon looking at all the girls, her apparent shyness does appeal to me.

>Breasts y-F (small)

A little something to gently squeeze is nice, but I like that it's kept fun-sized.

>vagina q-x (small)

There's still time to grow, but still can enjoy some play, the vulva are also puffy.

>Body O-V (curvy)

Little girls can have curves too, curvy tends to have muscle tone, but a bit of cushion for pushin' too.

>Fetishes S-V (submissive) and W-Z (gentle sex)

I like looking at beast, and yuri and all manner of things I'd rather not participate in or see my waifu do either.

>Interests 0-3 (bookworm) and 4-7 (family)

My waifu has to be pretty smart, and one day, we could make more lolis together.

e64d13  No.77622


28565a  No.77656


Dick is diamonds right now

a6313c  No.77708



>some glasses girl that looks familiar

So far so good.


Very nice.


That'll change…


Wanted chubby but close enough.






Sorry, but the bestiality part ruined everything.

714959  No.77712


>face okay. dodged queen, yay!

>small breasts, fuck yeah!

>virgin pussy

>used vag :( (makes no sense with virgin vag)

>manly bodytype… well, okay, since we're talking about lolis it doesn't matter

>prefers big / prefers women (that makes no sense)

>Gamer / Contortionist

full of contradictions

4bd78d  No.78574


0298d7  No.78738


3dc5f9  No.78752


>1 off from being Anita Sarkesian! Dodged a bullet there!

>Tiny breasts. Yum!

>Young pussy.


>Prefers small. (well she can't have everything)




Eh, could be worse!

cfcd8a  No.78753


f37805  No.78754


f37805  No.78755


welp, that sucks

e36505  No.78778


are there any better loli themed types of these games,

this ones not very good.

its not even a cyoa or anything similar.

just a roll your waifu thing"

3589ed  No.78807






>Submissive + Gentle Sex


Nothing I can't work with actually sounds fun

50d3e9  No.78891


52f2bb  No.78897


034b8b  No.79013



034b8b  No.79014


previous: 034b8b

blue hair short

huge tit, slutty puss

slender pedophile feminist


cute blonde

huge tit, loose puss

boyish exhibitionist x2 introvert x2

034b8b  No.79015


>huge tit rolled twice

; _ ;

64a7cf  No.79229


fbb2e6  No.79230

File: e3dbb070b8004dd⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, e3d.png)



4e697c  No.83914

3db339  No.83957


a3a8a5  No.83993


85bf43  No.86513

Sure. I'll roll. It'll give me something to draw.

5b8b4d  No.86520

Beyond lucky


Blue haired goodgirl type

Massive knockers

Average cunny type

Curvey body

Fetish:rough, foot

Interests:culinary, gamer

My only swap would be culinary for booksy

34ce86  No.86550

File: 4b729ce8f8d4ba9⋯.jpg (84.53 KB, 680x120, 17:3, pedofam.jpg)

Rolled jbrt867m. I'm pretty happy with my waifu to be honest. It looks like she's pretty happy with me too.

21f365  No.86711

nice, there needs to be more loli cyoa's

6d2a07  No.86714

File: 89f3b4503820117⋯.png (137.32 KB, 691x183, 691:183, prettygood.png)

code: go7JKC37

Surprisingly lucky overall, although I don't know if she likes both dicks AND women, or futas instead.

482dec  No.86727


>some kinda cat girl




>double bestiality



this is wonderful :,)

fc25b2  No.86730


c08e49  No.86733

File: b610fa47316f2ae⋯.png (1.83 MB, 960x9280, 3:29, b610fa47316f2ae9839fcf988d….png)

File: 99f153a63fc4ade⋯.png (1.73 MB, 960x8680, 24:217, 99f153a63fc4adeacf3e6564db….png)


I know there are a few floating out there. This one's pretty fun too, if not a bit long.

663f39  No.86734

File: 011edbb41ff4169⋯.png (142.75 KB, 699x222, 233:74, J09 MMyZ.png)

Well I lost.

c238ac  No.86739

File: 2a6fe4b2c972bb7⋯.png (127.32 KB, 698x197, 698:197, loli.png)

What an… eclectic range. Cute loli who likes getting hopped up on coke and fucking dogs, I guess.

2d64d9  No.86742




oh yessss





i'm very happy with this

>group sex

eh not really happy for this




5c8ac8  No.86746

File: 55abedc8e86dc7d⋯.png (167.67 KB, 826x256, 413:128, Top Loli.png)


Oh god muh dick and kokoro

cdaa20  No.86749

File: a6c6f79483354c0⋯.png (754.72 KB, 767x720, 767:720, 1498780712964.png)


>horses will cuck you

830381  No.86756

File: be69f7163baebb3⋯.png (132.35 KB, 497x255, 497:255, really pretty okay with th….png)

I knew my doggie-shaped dragon dildo would come in handy someday

48b075  No.86773



Not bad

aba8d1  No.86797



S - Adorable pink-haired loli

3 - Huge breasts; not my favorite, but workable

U - Loose pussy; at least it will be good for drippy, messy things

E - Athletic body; pretty nice

k - Prefers small; Is six inches small? I could use my fingers if it's too big

X - Gentle sex; Excellent!

p - Junkie; Something mild like caffeine or LSD, I hope. If not, I'll try to protect her from it

r - Firearms; My loli waifu is also a /k/ommrade, beautiful. Ave nex alea! Saluto nex alea!

48b075  No.86862


Mind Upload, Body Loss (+30, 1 free attribute, 1/2 off all other attributes)

Body: Scrawny + Petite (+37)

Face: Androgynous (+37)

Chest: Flat (+37)

Bottom: Petite (+36)

Genitalia: Hermaphrodite, Functional, Libido (+29)

Strength: 1 (+29)

Intellect: 4 (+23)

Wisdom: 2 (+21)

Other: Exotic Eyes, Fast Learner, Inhuman (elf ears) (+14)


Other Caretakers: A.I. Abode (+28)

Peers: Bookworm, Nerd, Otaku (genderflip, young love), Android (+17)

Home: Apartment, Simple Bedroom, Basic Bath, Hobby Room (-7)

School: Graduate (-13)

Clothing: Cute wardrobe, Pajamas (-20)

Food: Nutrient Pill (-25)

Hobbies: Tabletop games, literature, computer (-44)

Misc: Cassandra, Language Barrier, Haywire (-21)

Routines: Bathtime 2, Bedtime 1, Dressing 1, Chores 1 (-11)

Punishments: Time-out 1, Confiscate 1, Spanking 2 (0)

48b075  No.86863



Cute face

Tiny breasts

Tight pussy

Atletic build

Gentle sex with foot play

Otaku and gamer

f77c0b  No.86865


Last girl on the list. I don't know who she is, but she looks cute.

Breast size: Small

Vagina status: Painful

Body type: Boyish

Fetish: Bestiality (uhh, maybe she's just into watching it)

Fetish:Rough sex

Interests: Culinary, hyperactive

105736  No.86868


0a00ab  No.86869


9- Cute. I guess the irl version of that would be a white girl with dark, Asian hair.

p-tiny breast. Hell yeah!

u-young pussy. The best.

c-Slender body. Perfect.

2-Likes foot jobs. ♡

z-Pegging. I can deal with that.


4-Family oriented.

So, a cute, young, sleepy, pale, introverted girl with dark hair with a slender body, tiny breasts and a young pussy to match that likes giving foot jobs, pegging and wants a family.

If I met a loli like that, I'd marry her.

299988  No.87000

best combination is this

she's immortal, but her physical age is under 8 years old, but older then 4 years, ideally, she's eternally 6 years old.

she's one quarter ainu japanese, yamato japanese, german, and (pure) italian, her hair and eyes are black, and her skin is pale white (with an east-asian yellowish tint).

her chest is flat (not even buds)

her puss is painful (too tight for grownup dick, and not even shota cock can do much except rub up against it's crease, which itself is heaven BTW)

her body is boyish (she has zero curves, her body shape is like a little boy her age, but still female in primary sexual characteristics, as well as other general traits among little girls, such as her skin, facial features, and her hands and feet).

she's into anal and oral as her fetishes (she's also made so that her mouth, ass, and nipples are as sexually sensitive as an adult's pussy would be - if not more so - which allows her to orgasm from them being stimulated the same way an adult would be from the stimulation of her vagina).

interests are a combination of /pol/, /b/, /v/, and /a/, meaning that she's an otaku weeaboo and is also interested in politics, she incorporates these two general interest ranges together: her worship of imperial japan, nazi germany, and the greeco-roman empire with her love of anime/manga and vidya, she's the creator of her own series set in a world where all of asia, oceania, and antarctica (including northern and western asia, australia and new zealand, and hawaii) belong to an ethnic empire of eastern-asians, while the rest of the world belongs to an ethnic empire of western-europeans, and all other races have been wiped out, it is also a world where women and girls have the legal status of inanimate objects, to be owned, used, abused, and disposed of as their male owner pleases. This work is also a hentai series, and it is very popular, if a bit extreme, if anyone realized the author was a little girl..

she is also displeased with her immortality, not because she hates living forever, she thinks that part is awesome, she just wants to grow up.

she currently belong to you, a sadistic pedophile that literally owns her as property, just as her hentai depicts, she's an extreme masochist and algophile, who's invincibility and immortality allows her to fully engage in the absolute extremes of her sexual obsessions, you are an extreme sadist, more than willing to torture, mutilate, and kill her in a sexual manner without the worry of permanently hurting her, this also allows her to better write the scenes of her hentai.

c61d52  No.87001


94e6e1  No.87002


>not sure who G is but at least I didn't get a queen

>oppai loli with skinny body and young pussy

>anal and cumslut (rev up those supplements)

>introverted gamer, might get each other into some new vidya that way

Not too bad, I personally like a little more chub on oppai lolis but this is fine

909abf  No.87003

File: 28dd08f1454459b⋯.png (114.43 KB, 400x460, 20:23, 1451350335986.png)

How is it "choose your own adventure" if everything is completely randomized?

909abf  No.87004


qt blonde

tiny tits

young vagina

skinny body



The fuck does it mean if it rolls the same value twice? Are they even MORE submissive?

aba8d1  No.87029


>Origin: Youth Serum, no going back - I wanna be immortal, bitches. (+35; home upgrades and hobbies half-cost)

>Stats: Str 2, Int 4, Wis 2 - I just care about being strong enough to operate as a person while in eternal-shota state, the high int will make my immortality more enjoyable, and immaturity can keep it from getting bland (-20: 15)

>Body: Scrawny, Petite, Androgynous, Flat chest, Flat bottom - This is my ideal form when roleplaying as a shota anyways, so it'd be perfect. (+7: 22)

>Genitalia: Male, Functional, Libido - I want to be able to fully enjoy /ss/, whether with mature girls or with lolis. (-10: 12; lewd x2)

>Optional traits (+points): Sleepyhead, Restless, High Metabolism, Neuroatypical (minor dissociative traits) - Might as well keep things I already have, since I'm used to dealing with them. (+15: 27)

>Optional traits (-points): Resilient, Immune, Milking - Like I mentioned, I wanna be immortal. Illness and injury make immortality drag. Milking ties into the stuff mentioned in Genitalia. (-14: 13, lewd)

>Caretaker: Master of Your Own Domain - I'm an immortal shota seeking to be the ultimate Renaissance man, I can take care of myself, thank you very much. (+35: 48)

>Companions: Artist, older, friend (-1+2-3=-2); Airhead, older, rival (-1+2+3=+4); Rich brat, rival (-1+3=+2); Nerd, older (-1+2=+1); Bookworm, rival (-1+3=+2); Goth, friend (-1-3=-4); Android, friend, r63 (-2-3-1=-6); Bully modifier (-5). Total: (-2+4+2+1+2-4-6-5=-8) (-8: 40)

>Home: Secret Base, Simple Bedroom, Basic Bathroom - I'm going to be an immortal, eternal shota. Staying around in a normal place would make people suspicious. Fancy beds and bathrooms are overrated. (-30: 10)

>Home upgrades (half price!): Hobby room (-3), Maids (-6) - I'll need a hobby room for pursuing all of my interests. Maids will help keep the secret base running as I like. (-9: 1; luxury)

>Homeschooling: I'm planning on teaching myself everything anyways. (1)

>Clothing: Basic closet - Why would I need anything more? (-2: -1)

>Nutrient pills, force-fed: I'll eventually be able to set up a self-sustainable source of any food I want, but until then, just having cute maids feed me nutrient pills works perfectly fine. (+1: 0)

>Hobbies (half price!): Literature (-2), Electronic music, downgrade (+2), TV, downgrade (+1), Vidya, downgrade (+1), Computer (-5), Music (-3). Total (-2+2+1+1-5-3=-6). (-6: -6)

>Misc: Language barrier (+8) - I want to learn everything, anyways. Nightmares (+5) - They'll keep things interesting. Cassandra (+5) - Why would I need to explain things? Extra cash (-10) - I want to be able to afford the resources to support my endless lifestyle. Total (+8+5+5-10=+8). (+8: 2)

Made it in Normal difficulty. Sounds like a comfy life.

51465d  No.87359



<cutey face


<Tiny breasts


<Young but virgin






<Gentle Sex






04bf2e  No.87848


> A girl I can't recognize

> Petite

> Virgin

> Athletic

> Bestiality and Prefers Big

> Double introvert

I have to admit that I got Queens two times in a row(q and 8) and this is my third attempt.

But I am happy with this result.

04bf2e  No.87850

I did it again but this time drawing and imagining everything happened. For this I generated every character individually, as if I was drawing from the bag.

j - girl that was abducted and raped from a doujin : https://exhentai.org/s/6d5ef27a6a/384424-1

o - tiny breasts

X - Used vagina, like the girl in the doujin

j - skinny

D - group sex, shit another relation to the girl in the doujin.

W - Gentle sex.

1 - BookWorn

O - Hyperactive

5c6e29  No.88046


1a0b3a  No.88047


god fucking dammit I literally got Zoe Quinn

48b075  No.88050



I hit the fucking jackpot it looks like.

cebb01  No.88065


29995e  No.88080


10831e  No.88084



ec7e11  No.88085


>Tiny Breast

>Virgin Pussy

>Athletic Body

>Gentle Sex/Pedophile

>Culinary Art/Gamer

7b66ec  No.88144

File: 26ab974e4007add⋯.png (83.71 KB, 276x277, 276:277, Pepe This hasn't happened ….png)



Cute red eyes, black hair gf.

Huge Breasts, hell yeah boy

Tight. Body wise, this is shaping up to be a great waifu

Manly body. Still not bad, I was attracted to a girl like this before, big breasts and masculine body.

Prefers Big and Gentle Sex. I'm boned, I'm a dicklet. Atleast I still enjoy gentle sex.

Otaku and Compulsive. Not bad over all. Her liking big dicks is the really only fucked part about her, I've delt with BDP girls before.

fe4e15  No.88222


54403e  No.88225

rolling around at the speed of sound

7c0297  No.88226

rolling like a wheelchair

b5c586  No.88234


>Don't know her but she's cute

>Yes, DFC!

>Painful? well at least she ain't a slut.

> Slender, I can work with that.

> Submissive and like gentle sex

> interested in having a family but somehow is also a feminist? Maybe she's on of those rare one who think "feminism means embracing the natural and healthy female desire to be protected by a man and be mother to his children."?

43f3cd  No.88250

oh fugg :DD

2eebd5  No.88265


2be0b8  No.88437


2be0b8  No.88438


5e31dc  No.88469


84a712  No.88699


2c3b32  No.90065



>I didn't get a queen, thank god




>Group sex/Guro

>Political Bookworm

I think I got a guy.

6a6188  No.90081


> no queen, whew

> small tits

> painful vag

> manly body

> footplay and group sex

> compulsive and junkie

Not sure what to think of this.

1ae7b1  No.90096


1ae7b1  No.90097



>perfectly sized pussy


>rough furry

>family oriented


As long as I can pick which side you've got a deal wizard.

cc8794  No.90109

rolling 10383828

570bc2  No.90112


3df955  No.90972


e9694c  No.90983

File: e3b26c5fa82e225⋯.png (137.16 KB, 690x186, 115:31, ClipboardImage.png)


Looks a bit too young >inb4 wrong board, but a loving, virgin, loyal wife that wants a family is good enough for me.

31c564  No.90985


d7f423  No.91106

File: b96bfda9c229078⋯.jpg (115.4 KB, 332x416, 83:104, __fujiwara_no_mokou_touhou….jpg)


>fucking Anita Sarkeesian




>pegging and exhibitionist

>feminist and gamer

Kinda funny that this is pretty much exactly the real one, don't know about the fetishes though

a121f0  No.91112





>Prefers Women




…..Well that was a complete waste of time.

Complete lesbian, is a total shut in, is obsessed with firearms and likes to brutally butcher people(Possibly other women)….

2093ec  No.91239

>debates about feminism with waifu before fucking

6e8d1b  No.91242


roll this

917510  No.91256

Rolling this, fingers crossed

3c443c  No.91299


Am I missing something? All options are random so the only choice here would be to play or ignore it. This is not a Choose YOA, just a Roll YOA.

98be85  No.91306


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