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File: 06c93c666e5b4d0⋯.png (760.66 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, image.png)

543526 No.73390

Welcome all artists and lolicons to Drawthread 23! We encourage everyone to keep our activities nice and civil!

- FOR REQUESTERS, please add "+REQUEST" in the subject title. This makes easier for artists to look for request posts.

- Give detailed information about characters. Avoid the artists to make unnecessary questions.

- Keep your number of requests reasonable (maximum 4 per thread for an user, INCLUDING old requests in previous drawthreads).

- Be patient. Artists decide what requests to take and how much time spend on them.

- ONE posting of references allowed for a request during the drawthread. You can BUMP your request in the next thread, but accept your request isn't appealing after one or two consecutive bumps.

- FOR ARTISTS, try to add "+DELIVERY" in the subject tab.

- Also, please check for old requests before seeking for the new ones, even in old drawthreads. A good surprise for an anon's old request is always appreciated!

- Constructive criticism is encouraged. Flames are not!

- This is a thread for original art. If you are looking for nude filtering, see >>54294 , or coloring/editing, see >>33289 .

- COMMISSIONS: If you want to offer your services or looking an artist for a commission, please go to >>35741 . Support your favorite artists!

And most importantly, have fun!


31bdfc No.73392

File: 82153ad0d462034⋯.png (113.87 KB, 500x451, 500:451, Mrbump.png)


0b8f0a No.73393


Bumping my Miracle Grohe age regression request from the last thread.

7a5cd0 No.73394

Not the same guy asking for Dream Daddy daughters last thread, but I wholeheartedly endorse it.

1c124f No.73396

File: 4efb7d15a9bd5ad⋯.png (205.93 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Vlcsnap-2012-12-22-11h22m3….png)

File: fc7c6e82dd704fb⋯.jpg (32.36 KB, 850x543, 850:543, sample_c350790e276766eef8c….jpg)

Requesting Lilo having rough sex on the beach with Keoni.

Speaking of, how is there no rule34 of Keoni in general? Does everyone hate him that much?

f11b05 No.73397

File: f9246939dbbb53c⋯.jpg (1.97 MB, 1181x1793, 1181:1793, Uncanny Things.jpg)

Lesbian scene with X-23 and Eleven?

b575cf No.73398

File: dc7c4dc9071aafc⋯.png (787.84 KB, 1010x516, 505:258, star wres.png)

Requesting Star mud wrestling Queen Moon. Also good is young Moon, wrestling in slime, Jackie Lynn Tomas, and sexy combinations of the same.

?: "Do we have to be naked for this?"

Star: "Well not _have_ to. Want to!"

8b83f6 No.73399

File: 76529d54e75bde4⋯.gif (11.52 KB, 122x251, 122:251, char_emily_07.gif)

File: 5c5c93a49771669⋯.jpg (54.82 KB, 720x540, 4:3, PDVD_086-1-.jpg)

File: 3a2cfd43fc9c627⋯.jpg (37.46 KB, 640x360, 16:9, cliffords_puppy_days_seaso….jpg)

File: 3f309409b5913ab⋯.jpg (76.83 KB, 1000x595, 200:119, 242414_full.jpg)

File: dc15625f6a50eba⋯.jpg (41.95 KB, 594x336, 99:56, sno163.jpg)

Requesting Emily Elizabeth being corrupted into a demon not unlike Mayura Oto I'd Kegare Corruption in Twin Star Exorcists Episode 16.

8b83f6 No.73400


*Mayura Otomi

Fucking autocorrect

9ccf28 No.73401

File: 8f30c39b47b70c5⋯.jpg (274.52 KB, 2300x412, 575:103, Troop 828.jpg)

Requesting The Girls From the Troop 828 Of The Mighty B! (Bessie, Portia, Gwen, Penny, Millie, Nisa, Marie, Molly, Tigerlily, Satha, And Jean)

With all her bathing in the showers room


031330 No.73402



e15cf9 No.73404

File: e7c1b989be84a92⋯.png (228.48 KB, 398x527, 398:527, lild.png)

File: 5166ccb7a7be3b9⋯.jpg (99.05 KB, 437x437, 1:1, shrugs.jpg)

File: 99f367af8109b65⋯.jpg (105.66 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1464723678616.jpg)

File: 1faf0e8d428349d⋯.jpg (149.72 KB, 850x850, 1:1, sample-48b78e731ea46db82ee….jpg)

File: 93312668dfbde9c⋯.jpg (2.97 MB, 2472x2100, 206:175, f53ea75bb0049b8cf5f28bc1ee….jpg)

Requesting Amanda Lipton (Dr Dimensionpants) using various intelligent gizmos and gadgets on herself. (You can use either one of the poses)

0dc731 No.73405


Obvious Speedy post that will obviously get delivered no matter what

f11b05 No.73406


Cute to see them tribbing and El confused and Laura growling :D

991fbe No.73408

File: a38f11c0564c980⋯.jpg (31.77 KB, 241x360, 241:360, Better_Kimby.jpg)

File: cf1d06b0d8fe2f7⋯.gif (74.37 KB, 457x774, 457:774, 36f4ae53fb3452d30044b69bb0….gif)

Requesting Kimby from Clarence showing off her panty-clad butt to the viewer while dancing to the "my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard" song (second pic is for pose reference).

e29dc9 No.73409


Bumping, since this was so close to the end of the last one. Also, I should have mentioned McKenzie B. is the blonde girl.

8e6b25 No.73410

File: c2866e1f8f292b9⋯.jpg (33.45 KB, 199x555, 199:555, Ensign 01.jpg)

File: 1327c13e1977f7c⋯.jpg (30.23 KB, 177x546, 59:182, Ensign 02.jpg)

File: 0184585e0fb7e26⋯.jpg (77.03 KB, 471x516, 157:172, Ensign Head 01.jpg)

Requesting my Starfleet loli here either drawn on her back on a bed with her tights torn and, legs parted and some strange colored cum (green, blue, purple) dripping from her loins =OR= Taking a shower and looking cute doing it.

Make it so, Number One.

d050be No.73411

File: 2cd6a759e8f5004⋯.png (37.15 KB, 510x490, 51:49, The_Loud_House_Lucy_with_C….png)

File: a7b8f047f181652⋯.jpeg (71.75 KB, 650x723, 650:723, a7b8f047f181652214ed25c99….jpeg)

Requesting a POV pic of a guy jerking off and cumming into Lucy Loud's mouth, with some of it getting on her face.

e3ffd5 No.73412

File: 31a77b22d44cc6d⋯.png (9.97 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 835272 - Splooge Wayside m….png)

File: 69f94f835d3370e⋯.jpg (108.93 KB, 1280x1362, 640:681, 2146353 - Gravity_Falls Ma….jpg)

Requesting Maurecia from Wayside in the same pose as the 2nd photo. Her face buried in a cock teasing him.

ca2d18 No.73413

File: 3d97741394f4648⋯.png (76.74 KB, 734x1087, 734:1087, atomic_betty_by_cruelladev….png)

File: 2ba5736fc6f544f⋯.jpg (123.59 KB, 850x925, 34:37, 1500727950882.jpg)

Requesting Atomic Betty this pose

89830d No.73414

File: 40432e267612c19⋯.png (236.13 KB, 566x317, 566:317, 1500535620035.png)

File: 9e9e8d5b4cb83ed⋯.jpg (315.94 KB, 763x1362, 763:1362, 1475608.jpg)

/r/ a slutty mandy naked offering her wet pussy, if you can make her look like angelica, that would be great

195f03 No.73415

File: cd4f9c6da2f2f9c⋯.png (237.09 KB, 304x427, 304:427, lu.png)

File: 47a6431efc51646⋯.jpg (181.62 KB, 850x553, 850:553, 16d05f277df2115d29ee30da1c….jpg)

Requesting young Luann DeGroot and Bernice Halper giving a double blowjob.

aa1b47 No.73417

File: 18273d2be3d33a4⋯.png (84.38 KB, 242x455, 242:455, 4e76ac745b5c20809a76ce9cd0….png)

Requesting the angry girl from Goosebumps: The Game drenched in cum and her pussy in a visible position.

8db1b2 No.73419

File: c6ca6e73137509d⋯.jpg (42.41 KB, 720x540, 4:3, c6e85ea6c4d57238055366311a….jpg)

Could somebody draw some new pictures of Phobos & Elyon fucking each other PLEASE!?

5c7bfa No.73420

File: 5c437b6ed82069a⋯.png (1.82 MB, 1562x800, 781:400, Ponyo and Sosuke Request.png)

Requesting Ponyo pegging Souske with a strap-on, while Souske is experiencing his first erection.

e25a21 No.73421

File: 282824760517cbf⋯.jpg (151.53 KB, 956x577, 956:577, 1231312.jpg)

requesting pls frida being fucked by a BIG mexican dick, if she is pleased or not is up to you!

5c7bfa No.73422

File: 9612e612929b9b2⋯.jpg (54.87 KB, 614x1000, 307:500, 9612e612929b9b2cd76d857184….jpg)

File: bd0482bae618cfd⋯.png (809.62 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Baby Moana #4.png)

File: d86cccffd2a1245⋯.jpg (191.47 KB, 1920x808, 240:101, moana-disneyscreencaps.com….jpg)

File: 57ec9d5ebb5352a⋯.jpg (219.44 KB, 1920x808, 240:101, moana-disneyscreencaps.com….jpg)

Requesting a follow up to this image of Lilo cosplaying as Young Moana, but I want to see her from the back showing off her butt.

d5eabb No.73423

File: f79571c2a881e42⋯.jpg (56.85 KB, 734x734, 1:1, _20170724_070950.JPG)

File: 1171f9ff9e2ff14⋯.jpg (53.05 KB, 300x400, 3:4, 1498050616889.jpg)

Requesting Millie getting fucked ref angle

4f313c No.73424

File: e4f1cb5433ae154⋯.gif (2.42 MB, 576x432, 4:3, b5cb249c6dbc998ed7c706f1fc….gif)

/r/ a kodocha fucked by the boy on the pic, or maybe bump an old request, that would be great


c17492 No.73425

File: 139198defb7a8e1⋯.png (456.19 KB, 1500x797, 1500:797, Mom_outfits.png)

I know she isn't loli but I am doing sprites of all the Loud House characters starting with the mom ^^

001823 No.73426

File: fd7e6c4472a6eeb⋯.jpg (8.91 KB, 235x240, 47:48, Nanachi.(Made.in.Abyss).24….jpg)

File: 52b96c7db8501b9⋯.jpg (978.67 KB, 1000x1388, 250:347, gMYhs7i.jpg)


Do something lewd to Nanachi from Made In Abyss

0f7dc2 No.73427


wow DT23 already? 2017 is quite a productive year eh?


most new characters from Lilo and Stitch anime/cartoon series are shitstains. for that i always regarded LaS ended happily forever after the end of the original movie.

f06d8a No.73428

File: 09d807551e0c101⋯.png (234.28 KB, 1100x2308, 275:577, Gwen_Tennyson.png)

File: 70b0a2fec622781⋯.jpg (390 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 0d70596b61186bdfd629ee1399….jpg)

NuGwen being mating pressed.

5c7bfa No.73429

File: a29c26837b1fecf⋯.jpg (358.36 KB, 1549x709, 1549:709, Ame and Yuki Diaper Reques….jpg)

I'm gonna try something new. Don't know if it would work, because it also includes shota. Requesting Yuki (age 5) and Ame (age 4) from the movie Wolf Children (just the two of them), wearing nothing but diapers (no brands, no pattern, just a plain white diapers, not wet or messy, just clean)? I'll take them standing or running through the forest.

ef1322 No.73430

File: 4e37b53c84558ae⋯.png (677.43 KB, 842x544, 421:272, Felicie and Camille.png)

File: e2b0851783f52c7⋯.png (2.05 MB, 1754x1240, 877:620, 2181432 - Elf_Yamada Eroma….png)

Requesting some Ballerina porn based on this. With Felicie on the left smiling and enjoying herself, while Camille feels nervous and uneasy but tries to do her best

b90b65 No.73433

File: f37bfe0fedc77e5⋯.gif (68.71 KB, 500x730, 50:73, IMG_4580.GIF)

File: 6b41bf489af6e73⋯.png (173.07 KB, 578x879, 578:879, IMG_4581.PNG)

File: fabc9fa4b327561⋯.png (717.57 KB, 1143x854, 1143:854, IMG_4353.PNG)

File: 75df3af743107b8⋯.png (928.57 KB, 1280x828, 320:207, IMG_4354.PNG)

Requesting Jake and Sofia kissing and nipples sucking in fully nude in bed

d59a3a No.73434

How come these drawthreads never get pinned? Honest question.

190f73 No.73435


They don't need it. Before they get to the second page someone is making a request or filling one.

5fcedc No.73436

File: f3b0128b0946edd⋯.jpg (113.89 KB, 640x480, 4:3, standard.jpg)

File: 9440672e9441311⋯.jpg (156.84 KB, 687x1000, 687:1000, sample-e408e6ff7c38d0daa1b….jpg)

File: c84f86f91cc450e⋯.png (417.95 KB, 720x480, 3:2, latest.png)

Laura from Hamtaro in exact same pose as second pic also plugged and forced to eat out another girl.

Or do Sakura and Tomoyo. Whichever you prefer.

5fcedc No.73437

File: b2d771b28dd1f96⋯.jpg (109.04 KB, 679x824, 679:824, sakura-avalon-sakura-kinom….jpg)

File: dc056f6602fa4cf⋯.jpg (136.58 KB, 900x2039, 900:2039, tomoyo_daidouji_for_yunina….jpg)


Sakura is 1st pic, Tomoyo is 2nd pic for reference.

Tomoyo is the dom, sakura would be the sub

bfd3be No.73438

File: 13d14064e716cb9⋯.jpg (195.28 KB, 1024x1280, 4:5, 1451464249.sgtxana_chloe2.jpg)

File: 44073c2a8df8e8a⋯.jpg (263.21 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, 1451465648.sgtxana_chloeby….jpg)

File: 5b1843bf2a83dbf⋯.png (130.04 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, 1462603305.sgtxana_chloepo….png)

Requesting this cute young duck wearing a cloth diaper. Her wetting it for fun being optional.

52c7b9 No.73441

File: 475e681a5cb0541⋯.jpg (83.06 KB, 889x607, 889:607, 2312321.jpg)

/r/equesting Uta (the girl) lewds maybe spreading her butt cheeks?

she's from ruby gloom

1482ca No.73442

File: 66f7ef96b851810⋯.png (1.05 MB, 2736x1384, 342:173, Ben & xeno lolis.png)

Ben fucking any of these xeno lolis.

d59a3a No.73447


What kinda game be this?

c80e5a No.73451

Here are some unfulfilled requests I'm interested in seeing. Guys who keep reposting the SAME PICS in new threads, please consider doing it like this. We should limit picture uploads to NEW requests, and simply link old posts like I am doing here if you have already made it. This will still allow the reference pictures to be viewed by hovering the mouse overtop, but it won't clutter up the thread. If someone is going to upload an image, if it is of the same character it should at least be with a somewhat new concept, like you finding them doing or saying something interesting in a new episode. I've seen this Ballerina/Sophia/Dimensionpants/Chloeduck/Ben+Xeno before... I love the ideas but why not just link to the old posts instead of reposting? Don't make it seem like this stuff is new! Stop making us look at it every thread...How about you link old already-posted requests using >> whilst making new ones? This lets people know how long they've gone unfulfilled. That has ups and downs I suppose, but let's be transparent here. like for example when we link old threads >>68296 even though this shows 5 and 7-11 have vanished since May 2017, we may as well link back to 6 and 12-22 while it is possible! Observe.

DECEMBER (this is as far back as I could dig, to Drawthread 12, Drawthread 11 appears to have been deleted, and I sadly can't figure out a way to archive these threads, archive.org and archive.is reject them)

>>56701 this was filled but... Lassie licking Sandy Monaghan's pussy would work too and hasn't been done. I think Lassie does not have a penis.

>>56689 Ava Prentis being woken by Robin Underwood's cock

>>56758 Britney Brockman, Kent Brockman's daughter in The Simpsons

>>56767 Cletus daughters in Simpsons: Brittany, Cassidy, Heather, Scout, Tiffany

>>56768 more Spuckler daughters: Gummy, Rubella , Jitney, Whitney, and Crystal

>>56769 mOAR of the Spucklers: Mary, Fontanelle, Oxycontin, Brandine

>>56777 Bug from Future-Worm!

>>56994 Itchiana from Tiny Toons

>>57142 Company Deputy Jaimie and Officer Bucky from TV show INCORPORATED episode "Human Resources"

>>57204 Thunderella from Happily Ever After

>>57213 Kimby

>>57275 holiday lolis

>>57279 bondage anime loli

>>57903 Bryony Shelfley from Arthur Christmas

>>57905 wheelchair girl Cristina from "Feliz Navidad - A Royal Christmas" from Elena of Avalor (Disney spinoff of Sofia the First)

>>58162 Fancy Nancy

>>58165 Katie Kazoo Switcheroo

>>58576 Doc McStuffins + Vampirina (>>58161) yuri


>>58648 Bug from Future Worm

>>58701 Victoria Best from WordGirl

>>58718 Evie from Mike the Knight

>>59414 Dee Dee from Popeye and Son

>>59450 many lolis from 16 Hudson, Lily from Lily's Driftwood Bay

>>59634 Chapmania loli+shota Frances+Ashely with Purple Wizard

>>59636 Pink Fairy yuri

>>59638 Unicone

>>59690 pre-name Chapman's

>>59875 dog Minus fucking Bibi from show Poko

>>59918 orgy of museum kids from Book of Life

>>60068 rejected loli in yellow from 101 Dalmations

>>60262 rolling pin + lolified Ellen from We Bare Bears


>>61871 Nina Sabrina Flores + Chelsea B. from Nina's World (might make a good crossover for http://themightyb.wikia.com/wiki/Chelsea_Gibbons )

>>62342 Mindy Melendez (Ready Jet Go) many ideas


>>63186 Jessica and Shanila yuri for Dude That's My Ghost

>>63212 Dot Comet / Ruby Marshall / Nev Jumelle 3some sleepover yuri sex

>>63401 Miss Elaina and Katerina Kitty Kat from Daniel Tiger's Neighbourhood, a spinoff of Mister Rogers' Neighbourhood

>>63595 Dot Comet + Randi Harper (Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg sister, created series) / vampire Dot shlicking / Dot/Ruby/Nev sleepover yuri 3some

>>63960 We Bare Bears "Chicken and Waffles" brunette loli, and lolification of her guardian, Cat Cafe concierge, Waffle girl and ginger

>>65405 the three Emmas from "I Know You Noob" SuperNoobs


>>66141 Little Charmers

>>66142 Ruby and the Rustettes

>>66144 Shimmer and Shine

>>66145 Dakota from Ranger Rob

>>66147 not-so-giant Gina Giant fucking Wally Trollman

>>67583 Papyrus and Brico Club

>>67585 Ellie and Tom


>>67866 Claudette / Laurette / Pualette snow loli orgy with shota Gaston from Beauty and the Beast comics

>>68163 Belle + pig Pierre + bear + Lubbers

>>68366 Nella and Norma

>>68506 Ronnie Anne and Lincoln Loud based on pic

>>68751 Ducky + Anne Marie and >>68754 suggests making it a 3some with "Childhood Ruined" girl

>>68832 Mary Spuckler + Paige (Saraya-Jade Bevis) from WWE

>>69125 Misha losing bathing suit during cannonball (canonical option from Chuck's Choice)

>>69132 Lynn Loud masturbating with canonical Rubber Duck as Linc watches

>>69971 Childhood's End

Artists need options to pick from! They may be too busy drawing to scroll through entire threads, so I believe this sort of hover-presentation is an efficient way of helping them make aware of what unfulfilled requests have remained in limbo.

e4d4d3 No.73454

File: f0b4912200343e2⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1361x680, 1361:680, Req Kappus and Millie show….png)

Requesting Kappus and Millie doing this pose on the right pic in the shower making love and Millie is aroused and Kappus is doing this look on his face, Millie is enjoying it.

5cb82f No.73455

here we go again…

0ce956 No.73458

File: 86c4e2bb0e818ab⋯.png (100.41 KB, 746x939, 746:939, guessit.png)

The second 'Guess this character' was a fail. But I want to make a new one. Guess the character in this image and win a delivery from me. Make a single post with the answer and the request you want to be completed (if you are to make your request apart, at least use the same ID, otherwise your request will not be completed).

IMPORTANT: Your request will be rejected if:

- Is exclusively/mainly futa.

- Is mainly shota (there's most boy characters than girls).

- Has gore or vore content.

- Has scat.

- Has more than three characters.

1a8aec No.73459

File: e4085b8ee1cfdf4⋯.jpg (47.9 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, nintendo.jpg)

Baby Peach giving a blowjob and looking up at the person receiving the blowjob. A pov from the guys perspective.

88cfae No.73463

File: 6bdc6d9ac4ac3ab⋯.webm (2.7 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ni no kuni.webm)

Give me this girl from Ni No Kuni 2 taking a stupidly-thick cock.

c25f47 No.73467

File: 4be298c29846db9⋯.png (221.07 KB, 797x881, 797:881, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c3debdd83a0ad71⋯.png (211.31 KB, 662x836, 331:418, ClipboardImage.png)




Hi, I wanted to draw some OC loli.


905e73 No.73470

File: 95c5de3dfe83212⋯.jpg (107.67 KB, 1019x581, 1019:581, 234234.jpg)

if someone could do loli-Tsunade shoving a fat kunai handle up to his pussy that would be nice…

3d3119 No.73472

Bumping this


113060 No.73476

File: fc5bedb07adcfba⋯.jpg (1.07 MB, 1776x2731, 1776:2731, Azuma Azuko.jpg)

Requesting Azuma Azuko (아즈마 아즈코) from Black Survival giving a footjob, drawn from the man's POV.

I'd prefer her keeping her clothing, but having her naked is also a valid option if you wish to do that.

94a414 No.73488



bfcd2b No.73489


You are persistent, I'll give you that. Ever thought on using some of that tugboat you undoubtedly get on paying an artist to draw this stuff?

a48470 No.73490


Seconding the Chuck's Choice one >>69125

Seriously, the show itself teases at something like that happening and yet the only 34 that has been made of her so far are generic "she gets fucked" pics.

190f73 No.73495


HINT 1: The character is from a video game.

8f71d3 No.73497

File: 285b6163be689d4⋯.jpg (186.26 KB, 900x1300, 9:13, IMG_0153.JPG)

File: a434241fc9d4fda⋯.jpg (548.54 KB, 820x900, 41:45, IMG_0154.JPG)

Requesting Mila from Wind Waker sucking dick like in the pic. Also, keep her outfit on too please.

f6ff47 No.73500

File: 461677099682343⋯.png (138.22 KB, 1406x979, 1406:979, poppy has nothing to hide.png)


d050be No.73501


Very nice! Thanks, Snack.

190f73 No.73516



Why so quiet? Do you need another hint? Okay.

HINT 2: She is part from an anime show, too.

5abc8c No.73517

File: 754fc559c3fe3c0⋯.jpg (169.17 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, Maylmugshot.jpg)


Is it pic related?

190f73 No.73518



Who's she? (probably I'm a little outdated and there's a chance that she could be a related character.)

190f73 No.73519


Sakurai Meiru from Megaman? Not related.

805aaa No.73521










I figure I'll just bump this whole list here, and hope that at least two or three of them get picked up.

805aaa No.73522


Damn, I feel like I know this one too. She looks kinda familiar.

c8018d No.73523

File: f83de00668cb62b⋯.jpeg (146.47 KB, 744x1052, 186:263, 6f2b62b5da0a63e4e4da63145….jpeg)

File: 8138bb3c1f10a90⋯.jpg (146.53 KB, 744x1052, 186:263, 1b552afaccafc71215b6505e93….jpg)

File: 5af42e7c9afa7cc⋯.jpg (149.47 KB, 744x1022, 372:511, 7557ac2cb88559e910c0e70d70….jpg)

Requesting Penny from Inspector Gadget, please.

Strapped into and being tickled by a tickle torture machine.

I'd also really like to see her in her red bikini (or it falling off her as she laughs and struggles).

[this is also my 2-week bump]

20629e No.73524


That's Pastel from Twinbee.

A yuri picture with Pastel and Madoka from twinbee would be nice.

190f73 No.73528


You're correct. Then do you want a yuri request of TwinBee?

5abc8c No.73533

Gonna bring >>73212 forward and try again, if that's okay. Or would it be better if I just reposted the request properly?

d0c7d7 No.73534

File: 4b2664326f17ce3⋯.png (199.92 KB, 514x862, 257:431, c.PNG)


I think… need colors… yes.


Also, I'm still requesting cool your loli OC for drawing.

95a6d0 No.73536


And could you draw mine >>73454 :)

a14148 No.73537

File: a51eefa128ad67a⋯.jpeg (116.83 KB, 1600x1600, 1:1, a51eefa128ad67a232c8e66a1….jpeg)


If you want to draw my sketchy loli OC.

a14148 No.73538


Is a candidate for /loli/-tan. Thanks in advance.

c80e5a No.73539

File: fb6f511ea0ee86c⋯.jpg (19.58 KB, 475x288, 475:288, Zhuper Girl attacks Girl B….jpg)

File: ab53460437e9aa7⋯.jpg (110.39 KB, 905x1452, 905:1452, Misha in Poultry in Motion.jpg)

File: 8733e1f57b38e7c⋯.jpg (175.8 KB, 618x2648, 309:1324, Misha in the Good the Bad ….jpg)

File: 00227eab29d6d4e⋯.jpg (56.07 KB, 424x1200, 53:150, Misha pulling up her kilt ….jpg)

"Zhuper Zhide Kicks", an episode of "The Zhu Zhus", debuted Friday on YTV, didn't get a chance to watch it until now.

The star loli Frankie Pamplemousse depicts 2 alter egos in this. "Zhuper Girl" a superheroine who gets kidnapped by "Girl Beard" a pirate, but then escapes and attacks her.

Some yuri between these two (mostly clothed, but pulling up ZS' skirt and pulling down GB's striped pants is acceptable to get at their clits) would be amazing.


>>the show itself teases at something like that happening

Not to mention her getting covered in "suncreen" in same pink swimsuit from MiCH during "Poultry in Motion".

I know, and by Chuck to boot, even though she hasn't communicated any interest in him except for the end of the final episode "The Good, the Bad and the UD" when she dances with him in his Honey Badger form.

Who she should really be fucking is Rex Chisel-chin who takes Chuck's powers of the Decider in this penultimate story. Misha DGAF about Chuck losing his role and is just playing swingy-swing on Rex's biceps.

That, or her HUSBAND (she is married to a prince in "Show Me the Buddy") so she should be a loyal waifu.

Another thing that would look nice for her is if her pulled up the kilt she wore in "So Wrong It's Right" some more.

e20b91 No.73540

File: 741492ee36472e0⋯.jpg (138.98 KB, 800x1035, 160:207, Skylar 'Skippy' Sanchez.jpg)


Could you do anything with Skylar here?

4f90df No.73541


that looks like scootalo

e20b91 No.73543


The hairstyle is similar, but that's about it.

e20b91 No.73544


If it's too much of an issue, I do have other OC's as well.

190f73 No.73545


I ask you to be patient. I'll start to draw your request, tomorrow or Thursday (if you have the same ID you have the chance to change your request before I start to draw).

bfd3be No.73546

File: fa5ca3a2718630a⋯.jpg (394.78 KB, 1152x840, 48:35, 1125979077154.jpg)

/r/ an alternate end where this loli pisses herself

39c5dc No.73554

File: fdb712507eaed07⋯.jpg (550.86 KB, 1920x1357, 1920:1357, 003. taking both at ease.jpg)

File: 47f15248c242aad⋯.jpg (256.51 KB, 705x1057, 705:1057, 1345723 - Hit-Girl Kick-As….jpg)

Requesting Hit-Girl based on this

4f90df No.73557


no not at all i like it

15793c No.73568



I would like a tribadism picture involving Pastel and Madoka from Twinbee. Thanks!

b90b65 No.73581



e5ddc7 No.73589


thanks anon

f6ff47 No.73595


mad respect foe reminding of the game.

f11b05 No.73596


Friendly bump.

d0c7d7 No.73599

File: 43fffcec5cd5ba2⋯.png (292.77 KB, 543x937, 543:937, lolitan.png)

190f73 No.73605


Thank you. You delivered for me three times, do you want to ask for a request?

4d5686 No.73631

File: 0c403e25a3e7fe6⋯.png (466.95 KB, 1383x1007, 1383:1007, gwenrequest1.png)

190f73 No.73632


Wow! Nice.

190f73 No.73633


Wow! Nice.

7d2d12 No.73639

File: 75b2771307e1e15⋯.png (368.28 KB, 1155x786, 385:262, 1664205 - Batman Ben_10 DC….png)

File: b4e6fb2aec00f18⋯.png (614.08 KB, 893x1156, 893:1156, 1679607 - DC Incognitymous….png)

File: c35fbfd7f812c04⋯.png (1.23 MB, 3792x4800, 79:100, 2225776 - DC Dr._Poison Is….png)

File: 5a1a0fb9e7d435e⋯.png (1.45 MB, 3792x4800, 79:100, 2225777 - DC Dr._Poison Is….png)

File: e136d3084e11235⋯.jpg (610.36 KB, 1010x1200, 101:120, 2226511 - DC Diana_Prince ….jpg)

Requesting that the picture with the adult Wonder Woman and Dr. Poison in my references be drawn using the loli depictions of both characters.

f11b05 No.73659

File: c7261410d757fd7⋯.png (37.47 KB, 200x473, 200:473, Lily.png)

Hoping to see a cute little zombie loli looking very shy she is nude, draw her with a patch over her right eye and a wooden leg. :D

b60870 No.73660

File: bef7e09eb1e4dc1⋯.png (24 KB, 1600x1600, 1:1, preview.png)


WIP. Be patient :) .

7c8e49 No.73665

File: c8948b0ef352bf7⋯.jpg (808.85 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, jade_chan_6_am_by_donpapi-….jpg)

requesting jade stuck in a big one (dick or dildo)

b15f3e No.73675


Thanks, it already looks promising!

a0b1a8 No.73678

File: 0d90466e66d1e40⋯.jpg (135.91 KB, 942x894, 157:149, bb.jpg)

Hi, requesting Bibi Blocksberg taking a nude selfie in front of a mirror please.

3da13e No.73681

File: 0b9d31e21efef29⋯.jpg (2.03 MB, 2625x1856, 2625:1856, LKBk0Cv.jpg)

File: cd40ad595dfefcd⋯.jpg (145.32 KB, 503x609, 503:609, Annie May Parker 1.jpg)

Requesting some Anna-May Parker based on this please

3da13e No.73701

File: ccf326277b698a2⋯.jpg (73.48 KB, 700x575, 28:23, 7627be0fd7a6a7a10e6008add5….jpg)

File: 22f867378227a49⋯.png (647.55 KB, 763x1159, 763:1159, VlrRchrds REDUX.png)

Requesting Valeria Richards based on this

8e6b25 No.73702


One final bump and then I'll cease bumping this…

f06d8a No.73726


cute, thanks! Didn't it got delivered already.

9ce772 No.73731

File: 421d56f4f7fe078⋯.png (4.44 MB, 3200x3200, 1:1, twinbee.png)

f33d8d No.73733

File: e99ca3e93f872d1⋯.jpg (301.11 KB, 530x891, 530:891, Uminagi.Karan.full.1892668.jpg)

File: fded86027139bf8⋯.gif (535.36 KB, 400x225, 16:9, tumblr_nxtilzJ2B51skdbiao1….gif)

Requesting a sleeping Karan Uminagi being molested.

2334be No.73734


Both Pastel and Madoka look fantastic and their expressions are really cute. Thank you very much for this wonderful picture.

0dc731 No.73737

File: 1604d15f243e5fe⋯.jpg (127.6 KB, 513x512, 513:512, link-aryll-request-1.jpg)

File: 72f1040e25a1a7d⋯.jpg (2.07 MB, 2560x1797, 2560:1797, example.jpg)

Draw the daily lives of an incestuous bro-sis relationship

Of course they're not lovers. I just like to think they are

09d4d0 No.73739

File: ae668ac9743d64a⋯.png (21.38 KB, 241x352, 241:352, Bombon_apariencia.png)

File: 05d9fed0b5c1aea⋯.jpg (395.09 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 1500309130050.jpg)

Requesting Blossom cum in mouth

951939 No.73761

File: 4919cc688c8a115⋯.jpg (173.97 KB, 852x1272, 71:106, Sue12comic.jpg)

File: bd268956e5565b4⋯.png (589.6 KB, 1200x1920, 5:8, Sue12pookie.png)

just noticed Pookie did this piece based on the comic showing that Sue Storm was 12 years old when she first met and fell in love with Reed Richards.

Requesting more like this from all you artists.

263283 No.73763


b u m p

4c3f4d No.73767

File: 2a2e1c537056dbe⋯.jpg (1.71 MB, 2173x3600, 2173:3600, lolitaniclothes.jpg)

Requesting this loli dragon girl drawn pregnant or whatever else you want :>

99b6f2 No.73768

File: 02456396bfb2936⋯.jpg (44.42 KB, 570x420, 19:14, kaijudo-character-allie_57….jpg)

For my first request, I'd like to request Allison Underhill from the underrated series Kaijudo (srsly guys, she has basically NO decent porn); it's really up to you what you want.

f06d8a No.73780

File: 28fe3b99096727e⋯.png (256.38 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1500187890157.png)

Requesting lewds of loli Mavis from the Hotel Transylvania cartoon.

8eeec0 No.73785

File: b1c220cfbe7d267⋯.jpg (35.72 KB, 624x624, 1:1, 52f795eeef49252f795eeef4c8….jpg)

File: 5b4db5cac299863⋯.jpg (18.04 KB, 150x100, 3:2, Kukuri.jpg)

Requesting Kukuri from Mahoujin guru guru anally bum fucked. Bonus if there's xray.

7ec394 No.73786

>piczel to stop hosting loli after building the site around hosting loli

Another one bites the dust.

866c65 No.73788

File: 9e9654e569b3825⋯.png (154.12 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, lo.png)

GUESS the character in this image and WIN a delivery from me. Make a single post with the answer and the request you want to be completed (if you are to make your request apart, at least use the same ID, otherwise your request will not be completed).

IMPORTANT: Your request will be rejected if:

- Is exclusively/mainly futa.

- Is mainly shota (there's most boy characters than girls).

- Has gore or vore content.

- Has scat.

- Has more than three characters.

c8018d No.73790


Kujou Karen from Kiniro Mosaic

If correct, my request is up here, please


190f73 No.73792


It's correct, I thought that it would be harder to guess. And I wanted to do a Penny request.

f06d8a No.73793



c8018d No.73794


Thank you

Karen's very cute & easily identifiable, I think

7ec394 No.73795


Check Polyle's tumblr.


It was extremely easy, she's a popular character.

173b0a No.73796

File: e5083a24ad02f60⋯.png (299.05 KB, 510x765, 2:3, 04052017_4__mirette__by_ec….png)

File: f99013ea72bfe83⋯.jpg (381.92 KB, 621x1000, 621:1000, 1499903595919.jpg)

requesting Mirette like in the reference

4504f3 No.73800

File: e04d8caf4c703c0⋯.jpg (81.54 KB, 480x700, 24:35, lacey_shadows_by_icewolf76….jpg)

Requesting a loli version of Lacey Shadows being lovingly impregnated.

403376 No.73821

File: b3d8dd28eeaf591⋯.png (1.57 MB, 1058x1388, 529:694, beachhime poses.png)

File: 53be236eec76cac⋯.jpg (57.16 KB, 487x640, 487:640, 1501304261565.jpg)

Requesting Beach hime from puni puni with her panties or dress pulled down like the coppertone pic, blushing as her ass tanlines are exposed. I like long underwear stretches

46856f No.73843


Someone can feel free to correct me on this, but I'm pretty sure that excessive violence and/or scat is already banned on the (main) drawthread.

c920b7 No.73858


Is there a third girl we don't see that the spread legs belong to or did she spend a round on the rack first?

c51e92 No.73859


dude that's the rejection criteria

7a5cd0 No.73860


Right, so saying it again is redundant.

190f73 No.73863


Sorry, but where says it that extreme violence and scat are banned in drawthread?

64abb5 No.73866


common sense you gibbering retard.

aren't you permabanned yet, abusefag?

0dc731 No.73867


Seeing as he's using tor, that seems to be an impossibility

190f73 No.73874


Common sense…

What if an artist who likes to draw gore or scat arrives here and ask for these kind of requests? Mods ban him because is his preference? Or a requester wants or wanted these kind of things? Mods delete his requests? There's not a rule against gore or scat, I think is a taste of a very few and rarely-seen-here people, this is why there's not this kind of requests here, but 'cause the artist of 'Guess this character' knows there any possibilities of any requester ask for these things he puts this warning! Don't you think so?

a48470 No.73875


Or rather a possibility, hence why he's using tor.

670b7b No.73876

File: 90cdaf685814227⋯.jpg (59.05 KB, 961x583, 961:583, t.jpg)

requesting lewds of this loli from Louise Attaque - Si on marchait jusqu'à demain video


if you can show her pussy that will be enough

7d9449 No.73884


I just thought that there was separate threads for that type of thing so the normal porn is getting intermixed with the weird/horrifying shit. I assumed it was either outright banned or there was some courtesy rule saying that it had to be covered by a Spoiler tag.

4fa825 No.73897

File: e2d9b40a0f0195d⋯.png (38.66 KB, 2104x3200, 263:400, pene.png)

434da0 No.73899

File: e745c096aa58544⋯.jpg (734.92 KB, 1687x1127, 241:161, 3eweT.jpg)

File: b9faf95be3657ae⋯.jpg (577.95 KB, 1500x1800, 5:6, AislingPromo2.jpg)

File: 64d5a4eed28d94f⋯.png (104.81 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 1501116510013.png)

File: 46d9346b7c560d2⋯.jpg (1.18 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, K4oy7w179bmd.jpg)

Requesting Aisling resting nude by a fireplace. She can simply be asleep or doing something relaxed like reading a book.

c8018d No.73900



da8b89 No.73904


Please, stop pixellating the WIPs. Either post them as-is or just post it when it's done, don't tease.

d26a97 No.73905

File: 634eff8ae9e0dbf⋯.jpg (214.06 KB, 500x707, 500:707, 8chan-Req_Sora-B.jpg)

Sorry if I missed it and someone already delivered this request. Having trouble posting.

16898d No.73909


Or maybe, stop trying to dictate how artists conduct their deliveries.

b04a06 No.73912

File: 59192317dec9125⋯.png (1.13 MB, 2104x3200, 263:400, pn_a.png)

b04a06 No.73913

File: 1758203cfdad311⋯.png (1.21 MB, 2104x3200, 263:400, pn_b.png)

b04a06 No.73914

File: 2c2ecdddb8034c6⋯.png (1.18 MB, 2104x3200, 263:400, pn_c.png)

b04a06 No.73915

File: 16a0031c0ee4b52⋯.png (1.11 MB, 2104x3200, 263:400, pn_d.png)

16898d No.73918





Props for the unique contraptions and different versions. This is really well done, especially that different spots are tickled in different versions.

c8018d No.73919





Holy shit, great great work

Thank you so much for posting

951939 No.73920

File: 00f6851c2867c1f⋯.jpg (93.09 KB, 300x787, 300:787, Tom Brevoort is a faggot.jpg)



That said, artist can be reminded that a post can host up to 5 images :) These 4 were posted within 3 minutes of another…

6a7b70 No.73921

File: 76762dca051cbe1⋯.png (126.96 KB, 748x1600, 187:400, char.png)

Maybe it would be the last I made for a time period. GUESS the character in this image and WIN a delivery from me. Make a single post with the answer and the request you want to be completed (if you are to make your request apart, at least use the same ID, otherwise your request will not be completed).

IMPORTANT: If you don't want that your request be rejected, read causes of rejection in >>73788 .

6a7b70 No.73922


I know but I don't know how to do it without JavaScript.

16898d No.73923


I see Nanoka from Koi Kaze, but it's probably not because she never had that appearance before.

190f73 No.73924


No, it's not Nanoka.


HINT 1: She's from a video game.

a5dd41 No.73926

File: 71a2a54e3d93aad⋯.jpg (361.96 KB, 537x757, 537:757, howreedgotsue.jpg)


I remember trolling /co/ with this shooped pic and people believing it was real. good times.

b0a8dc No.73927

>>73921 Nana from Mother 3? If I got that right, my request is clothed Paula from Earthbound giving a footjob (with socks on) to a huge cock, and her red mary janes off to the side, filled with cum.

b0a8dc No.73928


Nana from Mother 3? If I got that right, my request is clothed Paula from Earthbound giving a footjob (with socks on) to a huge cock, and her red mary janes off to the side, filled with cum.

190f73 No.73929


You're correct! Only I ask you a question. What is a Mary Janes?

b0a8dc No.73930

File: 30eec000a7a14ff⋯.png (67 KB, 261x203, 9:7, PaulasShoes.png)


A type shoes Paula wears. I included a pic. (sorry about the double post btw, really new here)

190f73 No.73934


Okay. I am starting to draw tomorrow or Wednesday. Be patient ;)

9cb486 No.73946

File: f6d75be79b7bdd3⋯.jpg (306.89 KB, 553x1600, 553:1600, request.jpg)


To anyone who enjoys it, any comments on what you like about it and what i should work on primarily to improve are highly appreciated

5cb82f No.73950


One of the things you could probably practice on is something that is honestly tricky for a lot of artists, and that is limb fore-shortening and angles, but you're headed in the right direction.

a017fe No.73951


anyone know of alternatives to host loli pictures? not even talking about being able to stream

c51e92 No.73952



a017fe No.73953


pixiv is some kind of last resort for me, the language barrier especially if i want to point people there just for my portfolio / registration makes it not that good imo.

why did piczel have to turn its back on loli artists ;_;

f8eb54 No.73954


>if i want to point people there just for my portfolio / registration makes it not that good imo.

if they are looking for loli they probably already have an account on pixiv

81e735 No.73975


You could use more defined edges. Shapes blur together a bit much.

a0b1a8 No.73976



0dc731 No.73979


People (somehow) still use soup

f06d8a No.73984

File: 0ae9e69a6525032⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, vlcsnap-2015-03-09-14h42m0….png)

File: de5793e76ec6756⋯.jpg (204.97 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, MissShamourwithDresses.jpg)

Requesting Miss Shamour trying to suck a huge cock.


Refer to this thread >>61619

But allthefallen has blogs for artists to post their works and has streaming.

bfcd2b No.73986


I just got a notice from pixiv asking me to censor my last upload there. Its weird how some stuff flies under their radar for ages but their rules against genitals are actually really strict.

There has to be a better place.

280c96 No.73987

File: eaf5cddc81f96b1⋯.jpg (42.92 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 43926414_1280x720.jpg)

File: 806b52c41931259⋯.jpg (13.25 KB, 310x254, 155:127, Maraka-Dora-Explorer-Knock….jpg)

File: eb3f08a148e2873⋯.jpg (27.65 KB, 534x360, 89:60, 8RRDSbTbMiXM.jpg)

File: b8cbbea0eec106f⋯.jpg (119.83 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

Requesting porn of either of these two knockoff Dora the Explore characters.

Left is Maraka the Explore

Right is Nora the Explorah.

7fa392 No.73989

File: 51808945fe05551⋯.jpg (140.73 KB, 900x1154, 450:577, DF8uNLdV0AEZzaQ.jpg large.jpg)

Requesting the only decent thing from the Emoji Movie here sucking a dick or getting fucked, either like someone's recording it, or with some phones surrounding her like she's being recorded.

Sorry if you dislike Shad, it's the only decent image of her I could find.

c51e92 No.73990


be grateful you aren't on 4chan, on /aco/

7fa392 No.73992


Why so?

09d78d No.73995


because 4chan's /aco/ and /trash/ boards specifically has a HUGE hate boner for shad. anywhere else people are just indifferent or dont care. you would get non stop harassment on 4chan

0dc731 No.73996



7fa392 No.73997

File: 2c70874a76674d9⋯.jpeg (569.62 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, db84401d421852541befb5ee3….jpeg)


Ah, thanks for clearing that up, anon.

By the way, about my request from the Emoji Movie girl, leave her fully clothed but with her pants and sweater pulled up/down to show her no-no bits.

190f73 No.73999


Eh? Why is Shad hated there? What did he do?

d1cd88 No.74000


Artwork, lolicon, the usual shindig

f72c32 No.74022

Female to male transgender loli without HRT or surgery (essentially a tomboy) binding her/his tits with bandages, wearing a strapon, and brutally dominating an effeminate female loli with her dress still on. Maybe we can have a female adults in the background freaking out.

5d762c No.74026


LOL Let me guess: The cat´s name is "Mittens" ;-D

5d762c No.74027


Just looked it up; absolutely hilarious.


0d158d No.74028

File: 566bddafeac632e⋯.jpg (22.24 KB, 384x512, 3:4, IMG_20170802_190940.jpg)

i did this on paper but i usually digital

first one to reply has a free request

c51e92 No.74029



190f73 No.74030


Requesting this >>71197

0d158d No.74031


ahahah what the fuck


b90b65 No.74032



4ca608 No.74037

File: 9fe15de93cad4bf⋯.png (93.8 KB, 852x809, 852:809, paulapolestarthebestcutie.png)


WIP. Be patient, please.

a2ddba No.74041

File: 94315f9b6d356f2⋯.jpg (670.48 KB, 1340x1565, 268:313, Ademei CallisterFinre.jpg)

190f73 No.74053


It's too much quality delivery for a shitty movie!

1c9f4c No.74054

File: 3ab2cf1f8e9635a⋯.png (326.92 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Kummer-Sommer_(17).png)

I'd like to request something with Kindergarten Chloe Carmichael here, maybe naked or in childish underoos masturbating; just a suggestion, though, do whatever you want with this.

f11b05 No.74055


Bumpy bump!

33d8e9 No.74058

File: 0c253a3da0ee417⋯.png (334.63 KB, 1600x1149, 1600:1149, Rosie 1.png)

Requesting a sequence of Rosie posing nude and inflating her belly with a bikepump (the hose in her pussy) to the size of a beachball.

Make as much pics as you want, but please at least three if thats okay.

a017fe No.74059


I cant find anything on her, where is she from? Some kind of indie game?

Do you want exactly her (lily ?) drawn or is that just to go along with a general zombie loli request?

In case of exactly her: More reference would be nice in case she isnt some OC.

Where is her right leg cut off, below, above or exactly at the knee?

Is that her (black) tongue showing or is a part of her jaw missing?

Is her left arm missing muscles on the upper arm and its just the bone showing or does she have a wooden arm? In case thats a wooden arm, is her lower arm and hand still her natural body attached at the end of the wooden upper arm, because it seems she has (fleshy) fingers still.

Im not that good of an artist, even though i like that request i hesitated - not to fuck it up completely since i cant make out many details on the reference pic.

41eea5 No.74063

File: 435c1e707ae798b⋯.jpg (1.36 MB, 1600x1600, 1:1, req 170801 export.jpg)


Hm yes, i basically had to foreshorten just her right arm for great effect but i failed. Ill keep that in mind next time hopefully - thanks!


Yes thats my biggest problem with it too.

Believe it or not, at some point in the construction / sketch phase it did have very clear and confident brushstrokes / planes, but fleshing it out really made things muddy.

Right now when i try to go with more bold brushstrokes i end up cell shading, but i am trying to get a "painterly" look.


You welcome, sorry it was so delayed.


Speaking of delayed, here you go.

Again any and all comments on what makes / brakes the pic very welcome!

f11b05 No.74065


I got no idea who she is, I just found her and sort of gave her name cause I dunno, but I imagine her leg would be gone from the hip and her left arm looks like it was severed at the base of the shoulder and yes I think that is her tongue it would be cute to see her with a black tongue, her putting on a wooden leg would kinda be cute as if she was getting ready for they night on the town her little ratty clothes on the floor next to her, (I sort of name my pictures I find cause I don't like having them a string of numbers or letters. and she look like a Lily to me)

f11b05 No.74066

File: e69833427429e9c⋯.jpg (74.78 KB, 863x1300, 863:1300, reference pic.jpg)


Reference pic

cfb909 No.74070


again? >>73966 not enough?

5abc8c No.74071


Thanks a ton, man!

33d8e9 No.74073


Well, >>73966 is a edit i made myself from the nude editi asked for. I'm not really happy with my own work, so i thought i could be nice to have a pic or sequence thats custom made and not edited.

9ca55b No.74076

File: fd534ecdcef3e49⋯.png (1.72 MB, 2893x3295, 2893:3295, 080317 emoji.png)

File: 3e1c1bc1a7b3369⋯.png (1.73 MB, 2893x3295, 2893:3295, 080317 emoji b.png)

88a603 No.74083

File: 8e01c643cd4e697⋯.jpg (431.65 KB, 810x1080, 3:4, 2174297 - Atsuko_Fukune Mu….jpg)

File: b0bb98f3b558f2d⋯.jpg (1.15 MB, 1859x1063, 1859:1063, 1452279642098.jpg)

File: ad8ca244319ebd2⋯.jpg (1.17 MB, 1431x2536, 1431:2536, 1438382198741.jpg)

Hey guys, i have a request for you, who can draw a loli version of Atsuko Fukune?

190f73 No.74086

Well, I could. These are my last works, and there's a Paula Polestar delivery coming:



But if you do this request:


f11b05 No.74102


I'm sort of scatter brained, I really wouldn't want her to have an actual eye patch more like bandage over her eye and I think of stupid stuff after I'm done typing or like hours after but yes I think where her flesh is ripped bandages or stitches on them and her noticing some one catching her naked while getting ready for the night, she's sticking her tongue out at them with a scowl on her face.

f11b05 No.74103

File: 94596721b30c1ff⋯.gif (572.79 KB, 512x288, 16:9, River.gif)


But if you already started that is okay, see what I mean, Moon Brained!

2c8ee3 No.74105


Youre very welcome.







Not to get your hopes up but right now i have already 3 pictures scribbled down i want to draw of her - not counting your request or any more ideas i might get while drawing her. I fell in love with her myself.

Im not the reliable type of artist but ill be damned if you dont see me unloading a train of pictures of lily in the next days.

f11b05 No.74107


Hey, no pressue, you're the one steering the ship for no pay, I just enjoy seeing naughty lolis. ^_^ I am in lesbian with little Lily XD

cb6d3b No.74110

File: bfc4f01cbefa7f4⋯.png (3.93 MB, 3538x3200, 1769:1600, paulapolestar.png)

79afb6 No.74111


This is amazing! Thanks so much!

dc04e8 No.74125

File: 28463a1ad908970⋯.png (2.94 MB, 2480x3507, 2480:3507, ClipboardImage.png)

Will anybody finish this Ballerina pic?

dc04e8 No.74126

File: e479697c3f14462⋯.jpg (620.01 KB, 1653x2000, 1653:2000, f4408d5ff99f14a47ba0febd26….jpg)

File: d37d7b38675f691⋯.png (159 KB, 601x599, 601:599, Screen_Shot_2016-12-09_at_….png)

Some Clementine please

76ae00 No.74127

File: 03654d8bdc9e2fe⋯.png (211.47 KB, 1313x1210, 1313:1210, Amy 1.png)

File: d8c8547046921e7⋯.png (266.53 KB, 1104x1500, 92:125, Amy 2.png)

There isn't an OC thread on here, but I was hoping anyone here can do a pic of Amy here. She's a one-armed treasure hunter/adventurer who wields a combat staff and is usually down on her luck. She lives within a contemporary fantasy setting, so stuff like smart phones and modern towns exists alongside orcs and elves. Magic and tentacle monsters too.

I'm not entirely sure what kind of picture I'm going to get from here. Honestly, I don't even know what I even want to specifically ask for. I'm okay with a softer, simple "nude and presenting to viewer" picture, but I do also want to ask for something like being taken by tentacles or an image of her after being plowed by orcs. I don't feel qualified to demand the type of picture I'm asking for considering this is all freebie requests. So… hey. Whatever you wanna draw!

Anywhoo, this is a very promising thread and I'm glad one of these exists. Hope everyone has a swell day, and a very pleasant night!

d1cd88 No.74130



Bumping (along with the addendum post)

da8b89 No.74136


It's not a delivery though, it's an annoying tease just like the Japanese censorship is, and we deal with enough of that crap already. I'd rather just wait a few days and see it in its' full, beautiful and finished glory than some pixelly mess. It's done when it's done, time spent pixellating and posting it could've been spent just finishing it instead.

190f73 No.74140


Too much problem for a censored image that you'll se completely uncensored in a few days. What's your problem with me?

ca2d18 No.74141

File: ec10360b1ce0f0a⋯.jpg (206.19 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, .288.jpg)

File: def50ce08994ba9⋯.jpg (472.41 KB, 707x1000, 707:1000, 62991538_p0.jpg)

Requesting little Jackie Lynn Thomas getting fucked by teacher

31b554 No.74144


I think it's fine, it works as a tease. It's different to the Japanese censorship because the Japanese censorship is there to stay. This is just a teaser.

6c7d16 No.74148

File: e7b69f59b310493⋯.png (537.07 KB, 1196x1355, 1196:1355, Lacey Shadows loli 1.png)

File: cd8b9cd72756038⋯.png (442.42 KB, 1251x1293, 417:431, Lacey Shadows loli 2.png)


first time delivering here.

still not as comfortable drawing lolis as I want to be…

wasn't sure if the fishnet were stockings or pantyhose, so I drew both

1c9f4c No.74151


This is pretty good; hope that we can see a future with you here.

>>73768 Could you maybe give this one a shot? I don't know if she's technically "loli" enough since it's hard to find the young version of her in screencaps.

e15cf9 No.74152


Not OR, but nice work. Are you hoping to draw for /loli/ more often? If so do you take suggestions/requests?

6c7d16 No.74153




>Are you hoping to draw for /loli/ more often?


>do you take suggestions/requests?


I've been lurking these threads for a long time before I got the courage to contribute.

If you have already posted your request before, I've probably seen it.

If not, go ahead and post it.

8672a4 No.74158

9ca55b No.74170

File: 8fc219eb2aa9c50⋯.png (1.41 MB, 1777x3593, 1777:3593, 080417 fop.png)


was supposed to be quick but ended up less lewd than i was thinking


just keep at it. you'll get the hang of it eventually. (hopefully.) just make sure to make and effort and do boring studies every once and a while.

9d843b No.74178

File: ccb636f9c422ae6⋯.png (213.93 KB, 1557x1711, 1557:1711, atsuke.png)


WIP. Be patient :)

c67999 No.74193

File: 2ffdfc39a5ec1ad⋯.jpg (23.66 KB, 512x384, 4:3, proud mary 2.jpg)

Requesting Chipettes panty shot wearing these dress.

951939 No.74201

File: 7d9fbc1e62f1128⋯.jpg (128.07 KB, 640x480, 4:3, IMG_20170805_091626.jpg)

New toon "Amigonauts" debuted on YTV today in Canada. 1 of 3 is a girl named Kirbie. She is tallest.

"Old undies?" *sniff* "You still smell terrific"

Requesting a drawing of Kirbie wearing ONLY her terrific-smelling old undies.

c7fa81 No.74206


is it really that hard to take a screenshot speedy?

0dc731 No.74209


This one isn't spoody. That much I know.

6c7d16 No.74222

File: 08f66bf49efea69⋯.png (493.66 KB, 1040x1285, 208:257, loli Mavis Hotel Transylva….png)

78d2cd No.74225

File: a42fd447689058b⋯.jpg (1.04 MB, 2964x1757, 2964:1757, mouse-cookie.jpg)

File: 6c98d62e8bc56d9⋯.jpg (5.67 MB, 3546x2004, 591:334, pig-pancake.JPG)

Hello Artist,

It might be fun to tell a story in form of a children's book.

Due to the number of pages, the goal of this and subsequent requests is to complete three-quarters of the pages.

Allowing you (the artist) an opportunity to solicit a commission for the remaining pages.

The text will be a parody of the “If You Give…” series, without the animal.

Main characters: Our loli and an adult male teacher.

Only portions of the text will be provided to add some suspense.

The whole text will be provided, when the three-quarter point is reached.

There are thirty-six independent clauses, so it could be roughly thirty to forty pages.

There is only one requirement: The layout will be across two pages. Landscape or portrait, choose one and stick with it. Each request will be for two pages.

A lot of whitespace is used in the “If You Give…” series of books. Do not constrain yourself to the original style, do whatever you want with it. Create original characters, use existing characters, 2d, 3d, it’s all up to you.

The most important thing it to have fun!


Page 1: (no text)

Page 2: If you don’t wear panties to school,

Current text and the next four independent clauses:

If you don’t wear panties to school, the teacher will see your pussy.

When he can see your pussy, he’ll probably ask you to stay after class.

When class has finished, {spoiler}.

88a603 No.74234


ah sweet!, looking forward to it, add a buns shot too XP

88a603 No.74238

File: d9aa0f99aa6df39⋯.jpg (4.07 MB, 2333x2800, 2333:2800, 85babc7654bb3c08c5576962c8….jpg)

By the way, i never got a chance to fully color this one picture i requested from Mejic, i am not sure if he still around tough.

But i finally did it, and wanna share it.

88a603 No.74251

File: d745fefb9941b96⋯.jpg (716.28 KB, 600x999, 200:333, mcmc.jpg)

File: d4f9cba2ee8fff0⋯.jpg (479.86 KB, 599x999, 599:999, Nuevo lienzo.jpg)

In the meantime, i drew Molly McDonald

5abc8c No.74261


The ass was, indeed, fat. Good on you. I was mulling over a good request for her for a while, but couldn't think of anything.

0d289a No.74266

File: daab9955f6b03a6⋯.jpg (47.64 KB, 775x900, 31:36, martina2.jpg)

Requesting Martina; she is a robot by Giochi Prezoisi.

She will be drawn completely naked, spreading her creampied pussy using two hands.

She would be marked as loli. Humanoid look would be given. Actual eyes and legs will be given.

88cfae No.74270

File: ebf78ba3d2ea208⋯.jpg (406.43 KB, 701x775, 701:775, suika.jpg)

Anything of Suika from Dr. Stone, please

5ab586 No.74274

Bump >>74058

0ae87f No.74316

File: c5799378692a612⋯.jpg (81.5 KB, 788x1013, 788:1013, tenten_by_felipebiel214-d5….jpg)


Tenten as a cute little loli being a total anal slut

32b4b8 No.74333

File: cc86740ae533bd1⋯.png (2.95 MB, 2403x3177, 267:353, atsuko_a.png)



Finished. Hope you like it.

PD: If you want to do my request, here's the link >>62368

32b4b8 No.74334

File: f8c9e1c81faa257⋯.png (2.7 MB, 2403x3177, 267:353, atsuko_b.png)

32b4b8 No.74335

File: ac2ab87bc605368⋯.png (2.67 MB, 2403x3177, 267:353, atsuko_c.png)



32b4b8 No.74336

File: 26b88e0b6ee0b47⋯.png (2.38 MB, 2403x3177, 267:353, atsuko_d.png)



b90b65 No.74351

Why do you guys delete my comment?

e15cf9 No.74353





Now that is impressive work.

2bd485 No.74356


what comment

9d3b97 No.74357



f06d8a No.74358

86aada No.74363

File: 04c7eb2c7e647ee⋯.png (504.08 KB, 378x1147, 378:1147, IMG_1781.PNG)

File: 77d5865c32e4aaf⋯.png (65.81 KB, 129x300, 43:100, IMG_1782.PNG)

File: 88b7fa1c45fc431⋯.jpg (38.22 KB, 704x396, 16:9, IMG_1804.JPG)

Inaho Misora from Yo-kai Watch wearing a trench coat and flashing her naughty bits like this (glowing glasses too) but with no censorship obviously.

b047d8 No.74365

File: da3a6eb641b3790⋯.jpg (45.47 KB, 704x396, 16:9, Inaho.jpg)

b90b65 No.74369


I am not retarded I just got my requests ready

88a603 No.74370

File: ccf14722957c61e⋯.png (176.72 KB, 963x1308, 321:436, ibuki dance.png)






Thank you for taking my request, ill see if i can give your request a try.

Thank you.

in the meantime, did this quickie.

51e187 No.74389


OR here, fantastic work! Not what I would've done, but I'm still happy with it.

773a00 No.74399

File: aabe7b1aa3917ef⋯.png (171.1 KB, 353x600, 353:600, Project_Justice_Momo.png)

Requesting Momo Karuizawa jamming a tennis racket into her hole(s).

9ca55b No.74423

File: 610ddebc4e07e5e⋯.png (1.74 MB, 4092x2893, 372:263, 080517 aisling.png)


tfw cant draw backgrounds good

6c7d16 No.74426


Looks great!

90a362 No.74427

File: b4a5d02b7b3bfdd⋯.png (409.98 KB, 700x980, 5:7, 088b90534ebb2e233c26c3f548….png)

File: c441d520e207928⋯.png (136.26 KB, 517x291, 517:291, Snapshot 1 (13-10-2016 19-….png)

File: 77336092ac4b0f8⋯.jpg (114.75 KB, 707x1000, 707:1000, sample-84344b8b31ebcf81743….jpg)

Requesting Sakura Kinomoto from "Cardcaptor Sakura" and Kyōhei Yanase from "Beat Angel Escalayer" based on this pic

c9d701 No.74431

File: 77bafc141d9fcbb⋯.png (500.18 KB, 640x483, 640:483, april001.png)

How about a loli version of April O'Neil?

d6d735 No.74434

File: 7bef127a8560a8e⋯.jpg (45.43 KB, 317x573, 317:573, 12321o.jpg)

requesting someting of ranch (a non canon dragon ball z character product of a "what if" from masako X , the voice actor of goku in DragonBall Z Abridged) she's the daughter of lunch and raditz

1c9f4c No.74435

File: 86a943ad644fc79⋯.png (856.53 KB, 969x1371, 323:457, Sora_KHIII.png)

File: 09d2e2f5f5dca8a⋯.png (768.23 KB, 500x313, 500:313, Disney-Princess-Toddler-Li….png)

Okay, two down, two to go; can I /r/ Sora fucking any Disney loli/lolified Disney Princess (artist's choice; ex. Sofia/Amber from Sofia the First, Jenny from Oliver & Co., Penny from The Rescuers, Vanellope from Wreck-it Ralph, etc.)?

951939 No.74436

File: e56b30e2bdd6e80⋯.jpg (107.82 KB, 640x480, 4:3, IMG_20170807_230434.jpg)

Remember the thikk pig mommy Rosita voiced by Reese Witherspoon in the film "Sing"?

Please draw her husband Norman having sex with their daughter, pictured. Have him sitting and she riding his pork stick.

Not sure which one it is. Girls are drawn pretty similar.

9ca55b No.74457

File: 4ceebc513e65631⋯.png (799.76 KB, 2217x3910, 2217:3910, 080817 suika.png)

88cfae No.74492


I love it, thanks dude

a95529 No.74498


I don't pay an artist to draw it,

The main reason I posted it was because I need a picture of it done but unfortunately most artists just don't have time to do so, :(

be4bf1 No.74499


If you need it done do it yourself.

a95529 No.74500


I understand that but I also thought maybe someone could try do it if they have the chance,

24b72a No.74501


> but unfortunately most artists just don't have time to do so, :(

Hey, don't sell the artists short, most of them don't have the time OR interest to do so.

a95529 No.74505

File: 7f7a483c165cd38⋯.png (113.54 KB, 615x719, 615:719, Kappus Millie shower.png)


Kappus and Millie in shower request

3998f4 No.74507

File: 08dd3ee8728058d⋯.jpg (24.33 KB, 571x544, 571:544, pffft.jpg)


God Dammit, I was just starting this. HAHA

Apparently you finally drew it yourself.

a95529 No.74508


It's okay you can do it still? :D

a95529 No.74510


plus you can still make mine it's fine, ;)

3998f4 No.74511




It's already done. So no need,

a95529 No.74513


Okay but maybe in the next drawthread because I think you can finish that pic if you wish but maybe next drawthread 24 so as an update, ;)

I know it's already done but maybe on next drawthread 24, :D because perhaps then you can finish >>74507 because I think maybe you can get it done so I would like to see how it's looks fully done, :)

I know that's would be against the rules but I understand but maybe next drawthread then you can post it to me fully done, and your image you where originally going to make still looks great but make sure it's done well because I love it, ;D

keep it in mind,

a95529 No.74520



Or you could post it to pixiv if you wish your choice,

Their you can also finish my request on Pixiv if you want or if not that's fine, :) just glad of being of service,

Apologies for the bother,

cd77c7 No.74529



f06d8a No.74531

File: b04fcc4d6e275dd⋯.jpg (28.7 KB, 403x403, 1:1, 6e4209c4cef2a53ee295832e38….jpg)

File: 7832870bb98b578⋯.jpg (21.44 KB, 512x288, 16:9, kids-mezzannine-16x9_364.j….jpg)

Requesting a curious Mindy from Jet Set Go examining a penis for the first time by giving it a handjob(or bj).

2e106b No.74532

Bump >>74058

434da0 No.74533


OR here. That's a bloody brilliant job you did. The background is plenty functional and works just fine for the piece so don't sweat it; Aisling herself looks perfect.

One detail I especially love is that you took her freckles and spread them around. Freckled lolis are best lolis.

Thank you very much!

2bdd07 No.74539

File: 030f3878e16fced⋯.jpg (617.44 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 333.jpg)

File: da591548bc2c86a⋯.png (664.32 KB, 1000x1250, 4:5, 1492532480580.png)

/r/-ing Riley standing in front of her class, clad in only her socks and panties, sheepishly trying to cover herself like in the reference pic, but with a more shocked expression (see reference pic)

6464b9 No.74542

File: e0c708d94a5a5f5⋯.png (1.63 MB, 1500x1500, 1:1, amber_human_nsfw_wet.png)

Drew this a few days ago.

5abc8c No.74543


Might've gone a little too far on the nose, butoverall a good piece

6464b9 No.74544

File: eea48ede4cd235c⋯.png (1.66 MB, 1500x1500, 1:1, amber_human_nsfw_cum.png)


I actually hate the really featureless "anime" nose, so i try to add a little extra detail. But thank you.

Have an alternate version.

5abc8c No.74548

Go away abusefag

e15cf9 No.74551

File: 9b7cc13e5afdb87⋯.jpg (200.54 KB, 750x1050, 5:7, 20140926155550_9127234461.jpg)

File: 56823b7d34e3a93⋯.png (48.58 KB, 360x723, 120:241, ele.png)

File: 3ef4052ffa13c40⋯.jpg (69.76 KB, 675x900, 3:4, 68230eacac0735aaabfca045bf….jpg)

File: d3bcbeeaa1ec3fc⋯.png (257.68 KB, 440x509, 440:509, re.png)

Requesting Eleanor Sterne (from The Day My Butt Went Psycho) riding someone in a reverse-cowgirl position, while showcasing her "butt" (Even though in the show itself she claims that she doesn't have one, in the book she has a prosthetic or "artificial" butt)

07e36b No.74553

File: f32e4aa19761a2a⋯.jpg (267.87 KB, 2089x1251, 2089:1251, 1916817 - Alice Alice_in_W….jpg)

Requesting to know what happens next.

b90b65 No.74554

Bump >>73433

65d45d No.74555



just tone the nose down a LITTLE bit. here's my gripe with it: the nostrils are too far apart, like its too wide. looks like some kinda mutant

i hate the "no nose" anime shit too. its ridiculous. other than that good pic

559e33 No.74556


you can just photoshop them away,

should be pretty easy,

a48470 No.74565


They fuck.

403376 No.74573

File: 612a16e16c8d8fc⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1280x776, 160:97, Pandora refs.png)

Requesting a dick fucking Pandora's poofy pants like a thighjob while said pants are being squeezed. She corrects the anon that those are pants, not boobs but that doesn't mean stop

Whether a person is behind her or just floating dick and hands is up to the artist.

07e36b No.74579

File: f886bf578498aeb⋯.jpg (81.13 KB, 600x464, 75:58, Gwen-Tennyson-gwen-tennyso….jpg)

File: 9863f1a0e4cd99a⋯.png (485.44 KB, 1500x1043, 1500:1043, JesterButts-359932-Anal_Kn….png)

/r/ Gwen having her first "knot" via anal.

51e187 No.74580


You never know what you want until you know it's real. I CANNOT bump this more!!

584856 No.74618

File: bd764c4607d8655⋯.png (81.24 KB, 388x505, 388:505, meninamolecaquickdoodle.png)

File: 5aeec8d3bedddb8⋯.jpg (5.97 MB, 4320x4320, 1:1, meninamolecastudies.jpg)

File: 2658db98735566f⋯.jpg (2.09 MB, 4320x3820, 216:191, meninamoleco.jpg)

I've been trying to acquire the art style from "Menina Moleca", thoughts? - MH

7a5cd0 No.74620


Had to look it up, but it looks pretty good. The style jumps around but you can call it on model.

Now then, are you going to take the lewdness to the next level?

eb2ec0 No.74621

File: 4785f962610735e⋯.png (2.99 MB, 1360x1345, 272:269, req CT and Trinket fuck on….png)

Requesting CT von Schmitz and Trinket St. Blaire from Pepper Ann doing this pose on the right screen while on a train, the train is the https://www.luxurytrainclub.com/trains/blue-train/ Blue Train in South Africa so what will happen is Pepper Ann and her school students go on a trip in South Africa from Cape Town to Pretoria, in this luxury bedroom, CT and Trinket make love together and Trinket feels aroused and CT is shy,

584856 No.74622

File: f7437be4967a009⋯.jpg (328.73 KB, 1479x1502, 1479:1502, 20170809_000246.jpg)


I'm planning on doing a few lewds of her this weekend if I get the chance. Any suggestions? No NTR

7a5cd0 No.74623


I'm a sucker for vanilla and discovery, something along the lines of experimenting with a boyfriend is right up my alley.

2bd485 No.74624


idk jerking off into her mouth

7a5cd0 No.74627


That can work. Or her getting off the first time, whichever way.

You seem to belt the pictures out fast enough to do a few things, or a sequence. Just have fun with it.

70ebd3 No.74628

File: a51b65c3f855563⋯.jpg (30.56 KB, 508x538, 254:269, rt34y34er34321.jpg)


>the art style

that bunch of lines? that short is like the lowest thing what that company can do but..ok…whatever, any lewd stuff is appreciated

lewds of the other girls would be a nice touch

caf5ec No.74629


Footjob and/or creampied pussy

c06b98 No.74631


What about this please: >>74427

c06b98 No.74632

File: a9a382f0aba527a⋯.jpg (231.95 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, 872e722e3e3b73dfcb5c71fe8f….jpg)

File: 6bee29f4570fc66⋯.png (23.04 KB, 254x503, 254:503, felicie-profile.png)

Felicie from Ballerina based on this in her ballerina outfit, but like a happy slut she's having fun

9ca55b No.74635

File: 40dc800277846d4⋯.png (1.45 MB, 2893x4092, 263:372, 081117 kukuri.png)

e0ecbe No.74639

File: 9c28bce2596ffa6⋯.jpg (62.53 KB, 573x537, 191:179, 312323.jpg)

/r/ lewds of this little cutie, from The Adventures of Kim Jong Un

0c1281 No.74650

File: 6f32fdf750f64da⋯.jpg (24.95 KB, 485x303, 485:303, images.jpg)

File: 3336069c161cec3⋯.jpg (56.36 KB, 680x510, 4:3, trueandrainbow.jpg)

File: 212a1bd2e2d7827⋯.jpg (323.6 KB, 1047x2125, 1047:2125, 1500651616928.jpg)

Requesting True this pose

0febc3 No.74662


Nice. She suprisingly doesn't have a lot of porn.

69f325 No.74671



Are we ever going to get more Ballerina porn? It's been a while since I last saw a new one

311cbe No.74674

File: 534ba6b3393dd26⋯.png (1.55 MB, 2000x3000, 2:3, commish.png)

File: 4f61bec55bc1775⋯.png (1.55 MB, 2000x3000, 2:3, commish3.png)


Someone gotchu fam

a05614 No.74693

File: 1e5fd038d4c54bf⋯.jpg (612.29 KB, 927x1200, 309:400, 63649416_p1_master1200.jpg)

Requesting Sam-chan fingering herself. That or getting a rough anal.

9ca55b No.74708

File: 4acbbf9537bff25⋯.png (1.14 MB, 2893x4092, 263:372, 081217 pandora.png)

3a65b1 No.74719



caf5ec No.74725


Damn son, that's good

403376 No.74726


Oh shit I totally forgot I requested this after seeing that babe on /v/. Thanks for sharing this. What a cute butt.


OR. God those pants are lucious. The pic came out pretty cute and lewd at the same time. Thank you for this!

Can a hand grope her pants too?

7e3bb3 No.74727

File: 370f89f5d9b352a⋯.png (295.6 KB, 853x748, 853:748, goosebumps.png)

caf5ec No.74730

File: 05b4720eed4b47d⋯.png (604.9 KB, 647x623, 647:623, unknown.png)

Requesting Hazel and Briar double teaming a dick.

5cb82f No.74731


Seconded, its criminal that there's no porn of them except for one pic "aged up" (even if only slightly)

ee284e No.74733


More twin porn of these two

7e3bb3 No.74734

File: 236ecdcb3af90ea⋯.png (229.34 KB, 491x624, 491:624, felicie.png)

d44e85 No.74735

File: f451929380cd93a⋯.jpg (3.14 MB, 2935x3840, 587:768, Strawberry_Shortcake_2017_….jpg)

File: 376a50ef6c9681c⋯.jpg (3.16 MB, 2935x3840, 587:768, Strawberry_Shortcake_2017_….jpg)

File: 93151834510564a⋯.jpg (1.89 MB, 2935x3840, 587:768, Strawberry_Shortcake_2017_….jpg)



Critique? I always appreciate feedback whether it's positive or negative.


By the way, I love this.

22f935 No.74737


That's awesome man, thanks!

9ca55b No.74754

File: b71ab10174d67d2⋯.png (1.67 MB, 2893x4092, 263:372, 081217 dd.png)

e072d9 No.74755


Good shit. Hop to see it colored

caf5ec No.74756


You are a godsend. Thanks a ton.

f65855 No.74757

File: d9d75195e6ddc39⋯.png (89.92 KB, 500x522, 250:261, expand.png)

requesting ginger sucking the soul out of a dick so the cum has his soul inside of it

random request dont really care what you draw will be happy as long as it has red hair and is a loli

534f6b No.74758

File: 9efc9e60d085a99⋯.png (382.24 KB, 811x927, 811:927, frida.png)

584856 No.74762


what do you mean its low?

3270f7 No.74771

File: c2c95390b29c481⋯.png (86.23 KB, 450x600, 3:4, 132027_20140629012418_0.png)

Requesting and aftermath of this, exhausted and used up.

f06d8a No.74775

File: 88c307c3687fe2e⋯.png (173.56 KB, 1194x1978, 597:989, Nikki_Wiki_2.png)

Requesting a preggo Nikki from Camp Camp.

4f1a6f No.74776






Wow, guys, this stuff is AWESOME!!!!

21405e No.74778

File: 3581f294f721a98⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 609.56 KB, 792x877, 792:877, 4826fedb320c3cfa57d29997b….jpeg)

File: dd4eedacf74f3c9⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 51.45 KB, 850x444, 425:222, sample_b8465419211072c9900….jpg)

Requesting your favorite loli catgirl getting her ass knotted by a dog.

a4ea0f No.74779


Any chance you could do a blowjob picture of Yachiru from Bleach or Rin from Inuyasha? I love your art.

6bc014 No.74782

File: de934c2b3b0c1eb⋯.jpg (247.68 KB, 1800x1132, 450:283, req.jpg)

Requesting Meryl, from Mother 4, using PK Orgasm into her pussy and ejaculating intensely like the ref.

646746 No.74783

File: 4723c7ba3e207b6⋯.jpg (24.86 KB, 225x350, 9:14, 309014.jpg)

File: 2647b9fa6dbb9f9⋯.png (957.11 KB, 658x900, 329:450, Myskina_Olga_Anime_Infobox.png)

Requesting a horny Myskina Olga doing something sexual.

055aaa No.74786

File: c21c70f1ef14747⋯.png (97.4 KB, 275x600, 11:24, Reggie_Rocket4.png)

File: 4fd6ea9a0b04f2f⋯.png (377.1 KB, 513x589, 27:31, Sam_giving_a_thumbs_up.png)

File: e5144fb2a02a30b⋯.jpg (1.03 MB, 1254x933, 418:311, 510398 - Regina_Rocket Roc….jpg)

Requesting Reggie Rocket giving Sam Dullard a footjob or toejob. Here is some pics for references. Thanks ahead of time for the consideration of the request.

688c6b No.74793

File: da8fac8d6f2f210⋯.jpg (36.33 KB, 500x375, 4:3, MV5BNDgzODU0NDU2NF5BMl5Ban….jpg)

File: 70185423b9a4dbf⋯.jpg (9.59 KB, 259x194, 259:194, download.jpg)

File: 65c29e7e660106c⋯.jpg (10.16 KB, 259x194, 259:194, images.jpg)

/r/ Trixie (from Oh Yeah Cartoons' Magic Trixie) naked and tied up (either with a ball gag or choking on a dick); bonus points if you add the line "You got natural talent alright, kid."

Personally, I wouldn't object if you'd want to add some vibrators/dildos inside her, but I'm not demanding it or anything/.

6c7d16 No.74809

File: c2d8b3c9be0203c⋯.png (823.16 KB, 1705x1598, 1705:1598, Sam-chan Masturbation 1.png)

File: a29c7fd3adde7cb⋯.png (603.87 KB, 1326x1470, 221:245, Sam-chan Masturbation 2.png)

584856 No.74811

File: 6ea939d9fa76cc0⋯.jpg (2.92 MB, 2686x3023, 2686:3023, meninalewd.jpg)


Here you go - mh

6c7d16 No.74817



f5d313 No.74822

File: 00fe3699c46dff7⋯.jpg (113.71 KB, 640x480, 4:3, IMG_20170814_154931.jpg)

File: 40c16d75094c8c3⋯.jpg (126.65 KB, 640x480, 4:3, IMG_20170814_155713.jpg)

File: f88392ff55bf1b9⋯.jpg (108.91 KB, 640x480, 4:3, IMG_20170814_155732.jpg)

File: 318e0ea0318a01a⋯.jpg (115.24 KB, 640x480, 4:3, IMG_20170814_155945.jpg)

File: eee62fc8ff99bf8⋯.jpg (110.58 KB, 640x480, 4:3, IMG_20170814_160006.jpg)

All Dogs Go To Heaven 2 featured two girls with twintails during the song "Easy Street". One with black hair the other with red. Requesting lewd things be done with them. Maybe giving a double blowjob to so going magician shota Daniel, or have Charlie and Itchie fuck them.

0b8f0a No.74823

File: f00781a0ee131bc⋯.png (185.56 KB, 258x562, 129:281, Lila_zps700d117d.png)

Requesting a picture of Lila Sawyer posing seductively while wearing nothing but a sunhat.

I bumped my request for an age regression sequence/picture from the last thread in an earlier post in this thread:


…so this'll be my second request for this thread.

031330 No.74824



0cc2d0 No.74862


Bump for pump!

8f71d3 No.74863


I guess I'll bump my request too.

b90b65 No.74876


No no and the million times no

654ff3 No.74878


seconded that would be awesome.

13022d No.74880



7a5cd0 No.74883


I'm not sure what his problem is. Do you spam requests?

8f71d3 No.74884


No, I don't do that.

7a5cd0 No.74886


Huh. Well all I can guess is he doesn't like that character/style at all. It'd have been polite just to stay quiet, but whatever.

584856 No.74887

584856 No.74888


thats where you're wrong kiddo

see >>74887

584856 No.74889

File: d49215e72100d2d⋯.jpg (1.69 MB, 2694x2101, 2694:2101, liptonlewd.jpg)


as requested

f11b05 No.74890

98c359 No.74891

With all these bumps, we'll be on drawthread 24 in no time.

0518ec No.74894

>>74126 Hey whats that? It's a bump!

b90b65 No.74905


What about mines man I've been waiting for days of this


Referring is here

584856 No.74915


you never asked bro l:v

b90b65 No.74916


What are you talking about man?

590342 No.74926

File: b78a9198183ce9b⋯.png (119.13 KB, 308x407, 28:37, FkcJk4h6MqKyj0KTadVU_png.png)

File: 6dab3ffde5328cd⋯.png (181.67 KB, 490x360, 49:36, Gator_Ghoul_(Cyber_Chase).png)

i got a interesting crossover

can anyone make Emily Elizabeth And Gator Ghoul Having Unexpected Sex

e15cf9 No.74934

Would you think the /loli/ drawthread would need a Discord server? As far as I'm concerned, there's loli related servers out there, but no one had ever created a loli drawthread server before.

5abc8c No.74936


No. Discords are cancerous and loli doesn't need a place where it's easier to identify people. Really that seems like the worst idea.

0dc731 No.74939


Fuck off

c34fe1 No.74950

File: 40f13752efa8257⋯.png (112.26 KB, 335x275, 67:55, DollyBedroomEyes.png)

File: 6de28acea02730b⋯.jpg (413.91 KB, 766x684, 383:342, g5N2KOu.jpg)

File: e340c711842e462⋯.png (615.37 KB, 693x1024, 693:1024, dolllyyyyyyya-693x1024.png)

File: f481720d1282284⋯.jpg (67.09 KB, 1024x744, 128:93, CTN3rXFU8AAYSe4.jpg)

I hope this character isn't too, uh, out there for /loli/

Requesting this giant doll girl, pantsless, pulling up her dress and flashing her crotch at a tiny human (POV from the human would be great.)

452c31 No.74979

File: 8228e20b4888dde⋯.jpg (541.51 KB, 1000x804, 250:201, ls1.jpg)


here you are!

This is my first attempt with lolis, i hope to do more in the future, i had fun!

caf5ec No.74982


Your first attempt?! That's incredible. Excellent job.

55fcc9 No.74989

File: 3b615cd8b02ee07⋯.jpg (312.23 KB, 969x889, 969:889, 1472343772308.jpg)

9a9b62 No.74992

File: b9af49af90fc820⋯.png (4.17 MB, 1728x3000, 72:125, latest-1.png)

Requesting vanellope von schweetz either spreading her little ass or getting spanked

55fcc9 No.74993


OR Here and holy crap it looks great. Any chance you could do a romance one?

2a58c8 No.74998


Wow, awesome! :D

6af356 No.74999


Hol bloody hell, man!!!!! I think you might be selling yourself a bit short. PLEASE tell me you have a Pixiv or something that I can give you money for art like this.

6af356 No.75001


A hundred BILLION PERCENT YES!!!!!!!! I am 110% on board with ANYTHING Vanellope!

f11b05 No.75002


It would be cute to see her pussy getting spanked, bright red from being spanked over and over again.

1a46fa No.75018

File: 7a5978e130893ef⋯.jpg (69.64 KB, 736x736, 1:1, 20633640_199575893911031_2….jpg)

File: ba0a7a8b8948659⋯.png (393.18 KB, 1000x1050, 20:21, 62011712_p12.png)

File: 3c406308a73f87e⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1412x1913, 1412:1913, 1501254071_24.png)

File: 3bac7765a47ffa5⋯.png (79.27 KB, 901x1081, 901:1081, 69638.png)

File: 0acdcdb80cc5e70⋯.jpg (218.64 KB, 900x836, 225:209, 2281781 - Homestuck Vriska….jpg)

Buddy from Lisa the Joyful getting impregnated like the girl in the last picture, with her sword laying nearby to imply she had been defeated. Keep the x-rays of insemination and impregnation please, as well as the shocked expression.

f06d8a No.75019

File: 2bb87d140ceb483⋯.jpg (144.03 KB, 900x612, 25:17, wow___himawari_uzumaki_by_….jpg)

File: 72add3d6e23771f⋯.png (657.19 KB, 731x1000, 731:1000, 507f1f74acd1d8b9b9888ad890….png)

Requesting Himawari Uzumaki in a bikini while wearing a randoseru.

7a4363 No.75026

File: 9a94f4bf89f897f⋯.jpg (288.77 KB, 900x1271, 900:1271, 1503140170204.jpg)

Requesting a loli version of Korosu-chan. Can be NWS or SFW.

88cfae No.75108


wow lol i commissioned almost the same thing from the artist who did the vriska pic lmao

a8197b No.75110

File: 22f867378227a49⋯.png (647.55 KB, 763x1159, 763:1159, VlrRchrds REDUX.png)

File: 435039ccb10f1a1⋯.jpg (337.66 KB, 707x1000, 707:1000, tumblr_ohj2luilNa1v6i2sbo1….jpg)

Requesting Valeria Richards inside a lab and based on this as she tests out a new formula on them as they are repeatedly cumming inside and outside of her

bfef3c No.75155


OMFG, get out of my head!!!! XD

2a3bd3 No.75167

File: f22670119a5fdd0⋯.jpg (36.62 KB, 340x480, 17:24, 32168461.jpg)

File: a2a08829d48fcc8⋯.jpg (39.77 KB, 339x480, 113:160, 321849865.jpg)

File: d9b2e7dd7494f4b⋯.png (344.74 KB, 750x929, 750:929, 654321321.png)

Requesting the girl on the left doing the thing on the right.

f11b05 No.75168


Cute puffy wet red petals. :3

1cecb6 No.75175

File: 640b43371c0eac7⋯.png (498.96 KB, 521x573, 521:573, 1466020108702.png)

File: a0bb8896abfb667⋯.jpg (52.48 KB, 331x850, 331:850, _20170821_090007.JPG)

Requesting Pacifica reference pose

1cd782 No.75183

File: c76ec93c35df324⋯.png (585.56 KB, 1056x800, 33:25, Buddy.png)

84e47a No.75185

File: 20d0447c3627ac6⋯.jpg (173.66 KB, 675x953, 675:953, 45_4.jpg)


Here is something kinda fast, Anon.

d986cf No.75186


Not the requester, but decent.

2a3bd3 No.75187



26fe94 No.75192

File: 16cd33dac7eb795⋯.jpg (296.73 KB, 1817x706, 1817:706, suguri1.jpg)

File: a3fd6fd8be950af⋯.jpg (156.19 KB, 1015x719, 1015:719, suguriwinter.jpg)

Requesting Suguri from uh…Suguri fully clothed (or at most without her jacket) being double penetrated and enjoying it,optionally with heart pupils

And if I may be so bold,I would like to add in a secondary request, also for Suguri but in her winter outfit from the game Sora, struggling to give a handjob due to her small hands and cute gloves

1cd782 No.75211

File: fcc9a63529a4c20⋯.png (362.89 KB, 1127x1000, 1127:1000, Buddy2.png)

88cfae No.75212

File: 5419ff0d2a3e2cd⋯.jpg (74.92 KB, 740x335, 148:67, 1503199691147.jpg)

File: f5eaac6bb6ae108⋯.png (1.24 MB, 1280x1646, 640:823, 2243299 - Pearl Splatoon.png)

Requesting Dendy from OKKO getting her cunt stretched by a cock that's obviously way too fucking big for her.

cca7ec No.75215

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I would love to see some lewds of Omi Engel from the 2015 horror film Krampus.

This film is live action for the most part where she is a gray-haired German speaking granny. But ~50 minutes in she begins narrating her past in English.

At this point claymation is used to depict Omi as a loli with black hair and she is pretty cute.

I would love to see some lewds of flashback-loli clay depiction of Omi Engel. Maybe she is exposing herself or doing sex with another figure from the flashback.

b3676e No.75221

Are OC requests allowed in this thread? If they are I'd like to take up some.

1a46fa No.75224


OR here, Thanks. It's a little different from what I asked for, but that's ok since this is pretty hot too, I like the implication of Buddy becoming an unwilling cumdumpster for a gang of brutes, and >>75108 says they commissioned a similar picture. I still blew a load to it though, so good work. I like how you drew the guy grabbing onto Buddy, I like it when the guy manhandles the girl.

eab42c No.75225

File: 499d4fff180e40b⋯.png (304.41 KB, 1378x2039, 1378:2039, Jackie Lynn Thomas younger.png)


Here. She looks bored because her vagoo is so loose from being a Bitchy Mcslut for a long time.

a1b96c No.75229



b55ce6 No.75244


The fuck is hat even from??


Would also like the source.

2d920b No.75262

File: 30c087668667c0e⋯.png (209.09 KB, 605x600, 121:120, lifeid.png)

I want to draw an anime/manga stylished OC. If you want any character created by your own hands. Please post there.

> Pic: An old delivery.

2d920b No.75263


> there

I mean here.

9e3c01 No.75266


we need more pearl

9cdf46 No.75268

File: 7a138f0faa52ec1⋯.jpg (126.74 KB, 492x970, 246:485, mushi mushi 2.jpg)

meet R.O.M.I.





the arms are prosthetics the "ball" in her forehead serves as a remote control for coordination and some other body functions she has a extremely bad drawed origin story and all…



she has a bunch of hormons flowing in her system, she can be VERY lustfull, and exibicionist, but that's because she don't have any sort of education or limits

(her body allows her to endure a lot of performance..technically she can consume lots of sperma, human milk, and pussy juices, as a source of hormons) if she doesn't fuck all day is because she get's easily distracted

improvements are being made

52d52b No.75270


>The fuck is hat even from??

>not googling the name

9cdf46 No.75278


>not linking the post



f8b3b7 No.75290

File: 94526d281389b33⋯.jpg (30.13 KB, 300x678, 50:113, Capture.JPG)

kek holy fug i am bad

0dc731 No.75292


That's not too bad. The arms a little on the short side.

cca7ec No.75296

File: 9d01f9d1f71f8a1⋯.png (481.7 KB, 630x542, 315:271, I am loli.png)

requesting some 34 of the cute loli on the cover of this children's picture book

1c6da3 No.75297


Lucky for you, I have several.

Would this be applicable?: https://sta.sh/21q01ix1z76h

957b05 No.75301

File: 6bbc9c1faae48bd⋯.jpg (383.45 KB, 938x1440, 469:720, Bodyshot-small.jpg)

Something simple would be fine, such as having her do a blow job, or getting a facial while on her knees.

190f73 No.75302


Who's this character?

957b05 No.75304


A character from Wild Arms 5.

cca7ec No.75306


I like this, but it's "Ready Jet Go!" even says this in your image.

All the art of her so far that I'm aware of it Cowamari's https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=61483326

cca7ec No.75308



not sure who you two are talking about, I created http://amigonauts.wikia.com/wiki/Undies

cca7ec No.75309

does anyone know if >>73987 is supposed to be one of the girls from >>74028 or something?

b570b3 No.75311


Oh speedys autistc brother Tyciol, should've known.

86aada No.75312

File: d93df2c5a73ebed⋯.jpg (165.03 KB, 710x1055, 142:211, IMG_2120.JPG)

File: 68412f19fde5b6f⋯.jpg (91.33 KB, 287x573, 287:573, IMG_2121.JPG)

File: 30a905f27660fc6⋯.gif (90.48 KB, 480x360, 4:3, IMG_2119.GIF)

Roll dressed as Bulma like she is here, lifting up her dress to show her panties like in the gif. Keeping her thickness is preferable.

86aada No.75313

File: 398ee69d7e7d567⋯.gif (2.36 MB, 480x360, 4:3, dd264b2872f21865512db7ade8….gif)


Crap it didn't upload right.

281fcc No.75369

File: 4068da51a3579bd⋯.jpg (53 KB, 600x1105, 120:221, lilomoana20170824.jpg)

2bd485 No.75391



who am "I"

a0b1a8 No.75421

File: cae9d697b85985e⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1004x620, 251:155, mgfi.png)

Requesting Iris from My giant friend, frontal nude (she can keep her hat), but if you want to try the pose on the right you're free to do it.

8d66ff No.75422


It's "I am Jazz"

5abc8c No.75427


>The story of a transgender child based on the real-life experience of Jazz Jennings, who has become a spokesperson for transkids everywhere

This is /loli/, I'm pretty sure shota requests have their own board.

8d66ff No.75437


I'm not the requester, but I have this book in my plan to buy list so I too would be happy to see something and I'm sure rule63 will come in handy here.

cca7ec No.75440

File: ea2bc2b1ea83b8e⋯.mp4 (2.62 MB, 640x480, 4:3, VID_20170824_144642.mp4)

The eponymous Irish loli Lily from Lily's Driftwood Bay receiving cunnilingus from a character of your choice.

One hand could be used to lift her skirt for access/view (whether to show anything is up to you artist) but at least one hand must be dedicated to honking this little horn, sea treasure she gets at the start of Flying Felicity.

Basically want to exploit that honking the horn let's others know she is coming.

5c7bfa No.75447


Oh damn!

35ac7d No.75497

File: 17b591ecaa8d5f7⋯.jpg (339.15 KB, 800x833, 800:833, dendy.jpg)


Despite the just shy of stick figure designs on this show I think most the female characters are ripe for porn.

5abc8c No.75499


That's damn good, man! Being able to pull that from those awful designs i a talent.

e29dc9 No.75507

File: 211b47ee12e6745⋯.png (1.59 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, S2E17_Star_seats_Marco_bet….png)

Requesting Star and her friend watching while the two girls that Marco is in between are giving him some special attention.

88cfae No.75512


Well done, thank you!

00afde No.75514

File: e3bb94b5543898e⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 263 KB, 1280x775, 256:155, ec05fa2d2627883840c23cb78d….jpg)

The artist Incase isn't known for lolis but he created an alien race called puazi whose whole thing is being driven wild by human pheromones and I can help but think of young little alien girls given into the need for the first time. So I'm requesting a little girl of them going crazy from the effects for the first time and maybe getting some action. Perhaps getting a facefull of dick, but feel free to be creative here.

91d972 No.75535

File: 917f1f202c0c52d⋯.jpg (166.92 KB, 852x1000, 213:250, IrisMlady.jpg)

cca7ec No.75537

File: 21867e631198fe8⋯.jpg (321.77 KB, 800x833, 800:833, 17b591ecaa8d5f76599f842257….jpg)



I like these ideas.

Please nobody violate this little troll girl from The Snow Queen 2. She would never let her rabbit lick her down there.

190f73 No.75538


Oh, man! This is beautiful (is a shame you didn't take any of my requests). Keep the good work.

caf5ec No.75539


Damn, that is one puffy pussy. I approve.

a598e8 No.75540


You beautiful bastard! I love you!!! Please tell me where I can support more of this!!

055aaa No.75555


Bumping for foot fetish material.

a0b1a8 No.75556


Woot ! Thanks a lot !

be2006 No.75561

File: bd54e593b11b0a7⋯.png (17.85 KB, 364x420, 13:15, Angelica_Pickles.png)

Requesting Angelica Pickles Shows Her Sexy Butt

8e6b25 No.75562


I would like to also request this. Personally I would love to see them being taken doggy style but as the OP to the request stated, be creative.

7a5cd0 No.75565


Request OP here, the important thing is the moment of experience. So if she were taken doggystyle it's better if it were just after insertion rather than already fucked silly. Gotta get those expressions.

But of course I'll appreciate whatever I can get, those things are cute.

4eb269 No.75576

Yo. it's been forever since i did a req from here. Any good ones for me? Share what you want done.

7a5cd0 No.75577


I know I just posted it, but gunning for the puazi girl >>75514

66081e No.75578


this ones are pretty unusual at least one of then would be very good..








b7dacc No.75579

e3e482 No.75593

Taking request suggestions about the cutest western loli characters (cute in the best sense of the word).

Optional: Preferable with a certain grade of realism in proportions and expressions.

b7dacc No.75596


I'm just gonna link this list again: >>75579

There's a lot of choices in there that I think would fit your criteria.

c52279 No.75598

is it okay to request the lolification of a real person… someone from the 80's, nothing super current.

7a5cd0 No.75621


I don't imagine any rule against it applying… might struggle to catch interest though.

841b7e No.75622

File: 9a3156575f222a1⋯.jpg (135.7 KB, 956x1274, 478:637, id-0 line.jpg)



c52279 No.75625


Well I just know that I'd love to see a lolified Molly Ringwald since she's super cute as a teen I figured maybe it would be fun if she was younger.

7a5cd0 No.75626


Mmm, redheads. I support your efforts.

f257b1 No.75627

File: 4418c1fc715a951⋯.png (74.6 KB, 550x510, 55:51, The_Loud_House_Lynn_Nickel….png)

File: 2cf9e7305fe6033⋯.png (138.06 KB, 481x364, 37:28, The_Loud_House_Lynn_Nickel….png)

File: cbddbd110d0acb2⋯.png (1.91 MB, 1429x796, 1429:796, S1E06A_Lynn_screaming_in_h….png)

File: 7000f643b1c2022⋯.png (344.34 KB, 437x652, 437:652, Lynn_Loud.png)

File: 041a63d13495ded⋯.png (754.76 KB, 1080x1115, 216:223, 7021973ba6fe3da7a8139fd712….png)


Requesting a follow up to the fifth image where the home Invaders decide to rape Lynn Loud.

f0591b No.75672

File: ef1fc4e61a37c68⋯.png (107.42 KB, 270x456, 45:76, Peppermint_Patty.png)

File: f8b143d7f42855e⋯.png (108.74 KB, 439x260, 439:260, luckyunderwear.png)

Requesting Peppermint Patty from Peanuts showing off her lucky lion underwear (as seen in Johnny Wander).

e8a8b9 No.75673


go full on and make it a lolified version of her breakfast club character, make her suck daddy's dick because she's his little princess and that doesn't count as not being a virgin.

c52279 No.75680


Yeah sounds awesome to me, lets make that the request.

4eb269 No.75689

File: c025a91585f6343⋯.png (2.5 MB, 3198x5280, 533:880, alienloli.png)

File: 16055cfe188f24b⋯.png (1.19 MB, 2478x3180, 413:530, lynnraep.png)



Just some sketches for now

07aec4 No.75690

File: 51530e08e12e34b⋯.jpg (17.44 KB, 320x598, 160:299, 532c4ff6400f9025196a5c09e7….jpg)

Requesting Alma Wade from FEAR showing her anus or feet, or both.

f257b1 No.75691


Lynn OR here, not bad so far! Thank you!

f11b05 No.75696

File: c749559ef2d55d2⋯.png (122.42 KB, 500x643, 500:643, Cute faun.png)

Cute little satyr masturbating while drunk, her legs spread apart while she drinking and masturbating.

5abc8c No.75698

File: b61391c9da17865⋯.png (188.06 KB, 644x649, 644:649, Smug Cream (romycloud).png)

File: 820defc531bcbdc⋯.jpg (583.52 KB, 1103x1600, 1103:1600, lolidom.jpg)

File: 8f7034dc1057aaf⋯.jpg (50.73 KB, 500x750, 2:3, xsl-greywhite-aa-nn2.jpg)

Requesting this particularly smug Cream the Rabbit domming an anon. Preferably in stripped stockings because that shit is my jam right up there with smug lolis.

Doujin source: https://exhentai.org/g/881964/74b3f1bf84/

5cce1d No.75708

File: b0c863ffb406f58⋯.png (1.01 MB, 937x961, 937:961, Lynn is gonna destroy you.png)


Lynn is NOT for rape!

f257b1 No.75711


Too late! >>75689

d25ea1 No.75712

File: 337a2b72bbed543⋯.png (128.75 KB, 1334x1117, 1334:1117, lilokeoni.png)

fbc424 No.75713


That looks awesome. Can you do this please: >>74427

4ca5e6 No.75725


While we're on the subject, WHY IS THERE NO PENN ZERO 34???? Seriously, it's ALL Rippen, Penn, or both, maybe 4 pictures total of Sashi, and that's it. WTF?!?!

4ca5e6 No.75726



a6484a No.75745

File: 6ff427cbe4f76db⋯.jpg (35.7 KB, 429x860, 429:860, 9.JPG)

okay how about this one

cca7ec No.75750

File: ce0a828158c696c⋯.jpg (70.43 KB, 395x601, 395:601, The_Chosen.jpg)

File: a52b7f8ebae5e16⋯.jpg (111.18 KB, 891x583, 81:53, Necromancer-intro.jpg)

File: 12187b6fe98cc72⋯.jpg (108.12 KB, 396x695, 396:695, ChosenSkeletons.jpg)

File: e31461fee930288⋯.jpg (21 KB, 170x247, 170:247, Ordan-chosen.jpg)

I would like to see some lewd 34 for the unnamed black haired loli from the comic "The Chosen" which came with Blizzard's Diablo 3 expansion "Rise of the Necromancer".

Ideally scantily clad as she later appears when she is.older as a fully trained Priestess of Rathma.

Perhaps giving a blowjob to her teacher, Ordan the Necromancer. Or full on sex.

e95bb7 No.75753

File: e644005a6bf747d⋯.jpg (46.01 KB, 343x757, 343:757, Veronica.jpg)

File: 8e214ba5a32a5dd⋯.jpg (506.81 KB, 1000x1300, 10:13, 6cbabcce46d3415efe7d060f1e….jpg)

File: a58f5fea5d4ac40⋯.png (568.31 KB, 888x744, 37:31, 58c5a154d100a74f78e73dda35….png)

Requesting Veronica from Dragon Quest XI getting her pussy frantically rubbed by a dick in the position from the ref pic.

415d4c No.75756

File: 5c0bedd38f05066⋯.jpg (174.56 KB, 468x727, 468:727, Momo Karuizawa2.jpg)

File: 914d69074c3af1b⋯.jpg (172.54 KB, 468x727, 468:727, Momo Karuizawa.jpg)


here's your pizza

f257b1 No.75786

File: 66a1fdca471c98f⋯.jpg (25.74 KB, 341x192, 341:192, fe060c3495f6d967d12683c874….jpg)

File: 41dc6c876d988fd⋯.jpg (12.32 KB, 448x252, 16:9, 8e865d19bb94df4ec498eb2120….jpg)

File: 8a1bd731161da3c⋯.jpg (15.04 KB, 448x252, 16:9, 21334bff91a5055c27a215fdcd….jpg)

File: 3336069c161cec3⋯.jpg (56.36 KB, 680x510, 4:3, trueandrainbow.jpg)

File: 59c3eade1384ef3⋯.png (400.89 KB, 1280x600, 32:15, Alraune_book_profile.png)

Requesting True from True and The Rainbow Kingdom (yes that is her name, go ahead and kek) transforming into an alraune after being lured by a sweet smelling pod that traps and transforms it's victims.

a48470 No.75787

File: d648023aa8d000e⋯.png (902.71 KB, 1271x705, 1271:705, robotnik's niece.png)

File: 43addeb03414554⋯.png (45.17 KB, 960x719, 960:719, GreenHillZoneBossWreckingB….png)

So apparently this is a thing.

Requesting a picture of Robotnik/Eggman's niece, drawn from an angle that gives us an upskirt view (with her flustered/embarrassed about this).

Have her wearing chequered underwear, like Robotnik's iconic wrecking ball.

e82b2e No.75809

File: cfa562c157b597a⋯.jpg (1.77 MB, 1912x2548, 478:637, id-0.jpg)

File: 2d6b470f67e3693⋯.jpg (1.75 MB, 1912x2548, 478:637, id-0 2.jpg)



190f73 No.75818


Very, very nice!

85a60f No.75822


The X-ray edit is weird but otherwise, great!

476916 No.75838

File: 20c583f5705d47c⋯.png (127.62 KB, 786x1017, 262:339, valerie__pearl__by_roasted….png)

File: b49206b14730ec9⋯.png (220.64 KB, 1024x568, 128:71, zachary_by_roastedstix-d7j….png)

Is there anyone that can do this artstyle similar to Dexter's Lab?

c281d5 No.75847


The Chuck's Choice one sounds interesting. I'd do it if I had any artistic talent.

2f5e17 No.75857

File: f44c6d33787de31⋯.png (214.33 KB, 964x695, 964:695, ClipboardImage.png)


cute whatever this is supposed to be

55ff11 No.75859

File: 6b21a0701ab4246⋯.png (92.13 KB, 980x328, 245:82, 2010-04-26-[0158]-excuses,….png)

File: af1720428f703b3⋯.png (44.04 KB, 980x329, 140:47, 2013-10-14-0519-zoey-miche….png)

File: 2c43a9995629d10⋯.png (51.86 KB, 980x363, 980:363, 2014-12-25-0644-the-most-d….png)

File: ea121f4123b460d⋯.jpg (238.23 KB, 1110x1715, 222:343, 2296003 - Star_Butterfly h….jpg)

Zoey Irwin from Sandra and Woo getting rubbed/cummed on with a cock like the girl in the last picture, only since she's a lesbian in canon, she should have a distressed/puzzled look on her face.

af969c No.75864

File: fb6304cb7a5a404⋯.jpg (262.88 KB, 1204x897, 1204:897, download.jpg)

Requesting the girl patient from Project Remedium feeling horny in one panel (instead of being hurt), while in other panel shows the surface of her cervix being a battlefield between nanobot and parasites.

c84e2e No.75865

File: ab4e6583a3e0b01⋯.jpg (82.26 KB, 574x460, 287:230, sketch01.jpg)

File: d00ffb8c88a7a68⋯.jpg (83.31 KB, 736x677, 736:677, 2626e40e28b80ca320cf646103….jpg)

File: 28e5c469f313a8a⋯.jpg (14.04 KB, 288x175, 288:175, c5bbe21f0f782c53379ace6fbc….jpg)

File: 67af236464a0c07⋯.jpg (885.16 KB, 2095x2053, 2095:2053, pixiv63951245_0.jpg)

I'd like to request a footjob of little Nhi, I believe that's her name, from Codehunters. Bare foot and shortless to see her lovely lower lips :) tysm you amazing artists! :D

82fb37 No.75879


hell yes, thanks.

I don't watch Pretty Cure series(well not in a while) but i just found this thing cute. This furry form is based on a Siamese cat.

0fa392 No.75880

File: dfd743d13780c0c⋯.png (415.01 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 2d330b73d026c564.png)

File: 46e64199dd0d4b3⋯.png (239.09 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 64728150_p1.png)

dropping some mayl pictures i had.

6589a5 No.75892

File: e644005a6bf747d⋯.jpg (46.01 KB, 343x757, 343:757, Veronica.jpg)

File: a50e44b82396930⋯.jpg (47.89 KB, 360x480, 3:4, Tabitha_017.jpg)

Requesting Veronica from DQ11 and Tabitha from DQ5 comparing their butts.

96a981 No.75927


I am very patient I assure you

d0987d No.75931

File: 8ac9be1bf82ca26⋯.jpg (283.27 KB, 945x2048, 945:2048, DHkPSgoXYAA4kA2.jpg large.jpg)

File: 298999d50de3f64⋯.png (43.5 KB, 396x540, 11:15, 1379250239183.png)

File: 5fc1a2fc9b61628⋯.png (868.57 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, 2063338 - Abigail_Lincoln ….png)

File: c5b40968b22cb86⋯.png (306.3 KB, 956x1026, 478:513, c5b40968b22cb86a07bb80ce48….png)

File: 3d9a551bcde27eb⋯.png (590.79 KB, 650x917, 650:917, 6f8fae6509fcfdcaf07e707173….png)

Requesting the MAGA hat guy saying "little brown girls are the best" while impregnating the black three-eyed loli.

ef90d4 No.75977

File: 3ca2b73bc3229ee⋯.jpg (244.41 KB, 1345x1414, 1345:1414, Vampirina.jpg)

File: b76c851f8edf5ba⋯.jpg (200.21 KB, 790x1043, 790:1043, edf3e0e5afb1ddc80029faf596….jpg)

Would anyone be interested in drawing this vampire loli from a new Disney show?

I was thinking maybe a pose like the second pic but replace the semen with blood on her hands and mouth.

I don't care too much about the specifics, as long there's something to post by Halloween. But I would prefer it's not too risque (ie. no nudity or penises) so I could post it on SFW boards, maybe just have a panty shot.

Maybe do an alt with no panties if that's not too much trouble

6aeb10 No.75983

File: ed77e64b35782af⋯.jpg (243.85 KB, 1400x1800, 7:9, e90533da2e331624243f8e1de8….jpg)

File: 040d30e72057957⋯.png (244.25 KB, 834x1725, 278:575, lana_anime_artwork_by_tzbl….png)

/r/ing a fully clothed Lana nervously giving some stranger a quick footjob. Bonus points if you involve her sandals somehow!

96c65c No.75995


Hate to break it to you, but vampire lolis are almost certainly a no-go here thanks to Abusefag.

0386fa No.75998


That's retarded, as long as it isn't spammed it shouldn't matter whether a loli is a vampire or not.

dd078a No.75999




At least this one is somewhat cute.

a859c0 No.76003

File: c1567f3b9e21c71⋯.png (145.24 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 20170903011521[1].png)

File: ccd9d4b7332bc26⋯.jpg (532.51 KB, 1024x1448, 128:181, page12.jpg)

File: 69eef3bea4f995b⋯.jpg (542.14 KB, 1024x1447, 1024:1447, page21.jpg)

File: 592fa6b8ebf5a24⋯.jpg (797.59 KB, 1024x1447, 1024:1447, page35.jpg)

I love my sidekick Miis on Miitomo. Their names are Polly on the left, and Alex on the right. Can you please draw my sidekick Miis based on the Amy and Sally comics and pics?

89f978 No.76008


Its mostly the characters from that Vampire Show that are condemned. But this guy's request seems to show something Abusefag would do.

>replace the semen with blood

>not too risque (ie. no nudity or penises) so I could post it on SFW boards

I could definitely see Abusefag showing off his delivery to others to rub it in like the attention hungry degenerate that he is.

47ee9f No.76009


It's a case-by-case basis. I don't think it's him this time.


Hey now, don't be rude.

a6f7d1 No.76010

File: 64795f90accb816⋯.png (197.44 KB, 716x960, 179:240, eggette.png)



im on it, please wait

0386fa No.76015



a0841e No.76020

File: 21b7c7a21e4bd6b⋯.mp4 (8.3 MB, 640x480, 4:3, VID_20170903_170452.mp4)

This is a Chinese/Korean kids anime whose English dub is called Super Wings. Season 2 just debuted in Canada on Treehouse TV yesterday. I missed.the first two episodes but here is a clip from the start of s2e3 "Swimming Pigs" that I taped this morning.

It features Sky, a genki loli who briefs the Wings before their missions.


So I would love to see Sky with her pants off holding up her leg (she is flexible, watch her kick the air) to display her pussy. Heck she could even remain clothed, would settle for some cameltoe.

This show has loads of potential. Each episode introduces a unique kid they help. So half the time is a loli of the week. But Sky is in the OP and recurs so she deserves erotica first.

a6f7d1 No.76024

File: 4a077ade3e5a54f⋯.png (980.87 KB, 1432x1920, 179:240, eggette.png)


im a bit rusty, but here you go, hope you like it!

b5817c No.76029


Lovely work, but I'd say she's a bit too pale. Even if she's a robot that seems off.

7c9006 No.76039

May I request some Human Jenny Wakeman from My Life as a Teenage Robot giving a footjob in those cute short white socks and/or showing off her soles in the socks? Thank you!

7c9006 No.76040

dd078a No.76041


I didn't think I was being rude, the loli abusefag always requests is pretty bad looking in my opinion. By comparison this one is cuter.

42f9aa No.76043

File: 775ef3d106f8c42⋯.png (2.92 MB, 4952x6360, 619:795, lynnraepfin.png)


TIS BE FINISHED. Or at least its as much as i can do

90635b No.76047






hit girl artist here, sorry for the long wait.

I'm happy you like it!

Even if i draw everyday drawing lolis for me it's a totally new thing.

I just opened a pixiv account to post there my works. i don't know if it's ok to post it here

a6f7d1 No.76057

File: d07b8be5f468a91⋯.png (374.29 KB, 716x960, 179:240, eggette.png)



901110 No.76058


I second this request.

424205 No.76062

new thread please

1ce814 No.76063


>Page 1


424205 No.76064

ff54c2 No.76069


>tfw I'll repost my req next thread even tho it stayed up like a month and a half up and nothing.

b5817c No.76072


Do it like, every other thread. Keeps it from grating on nerves.

443078 No.76074

File: b1767bb1fd2d404⋯.jpg (6.66 KB, 150x215, 30:43, My_Life_as_a_Teenage_Robot….jpg)


Is the reference gonna upload this time? stay tuned to find the fuck out.

b5817c No.76077


Might want to give a pose+body type reference, that Jenny is far from a loli.

2fbbba No.76078


Looking snazzy! Thank You!

443078 No.76080

File: 579ae0d42292be3⋯.jpg (471.07 KB, 1441x1961, 1441:1961, thumb.jpg)

File: dbfe321f17b482e⋯.png (950.3 KB, 1000x1250, 4:5, 7967b42f540fc412c0326e53a2….png)

File: 0d72d027cbf08ad⋯.jpg (285.86 KB, 750x900, 5:6, 46c46e733b6729b32dfc9f0960….jpg)

File: d0812d6f7beebd9⋯.jpg (144.5 KB, 850x637, 850:637, sample_38b16baaa41a5c4aaaf….jpg)


Jenny's technically 15 in the show, or 5 depending on how you look at it.

b5817c No.76081


>or 5 depending on how you look at it.

With that logic, porn of Chi of Chobits would be toddlercon. And Evangeline of Negima would be… not loli.

And this is why laws against loli are bullshit.

c48385 No.76083


Body type is what's important; not age.

848c89 No.76096


If IRL this was possible…

89874c No.76099

File: 6c6a15db7a3bcd5⋯.png (1.32 MB, 2040x2300, 102:115, f53fcb36b19c453eba2127d5f9….png)

The Gert/dylan combo (top right) lifting her dress to reveal appropriately gothy lingerie (or nothing, is fine too)

848c89 No.76100

This drawthread was slower than habitual, but I am very impressed of the delivery quality!

1b936d No.76110






96a981 No.76162


We're in page 2 man

ef90d4 No.76675


I'm not him.

I thought people might accuse me of being him though.

Like it's edgy to expect vampires with blood. They kinda go hand in hand.

a1d3e8 No.77020


>The story of a transgender child based on the real-life experience of Jazz Jennings, who has become a spokesperson for transkids

>real-life transkids

Oh wow, they call fictitious loli "abuse", but celebrate sociopathic parents virtue signaling by fucking with their child's head.

602117 No.77819

File: a7d1e9863b40b35⋯.jpg (61.66 KB, 600x600, 1:1, just-a-naked-princess-moan….jpg)

just thought yall would like this.I know I did

f8103d No.82856

File: 3cee7a3abde9e85⋯.jpg (174.12 KB, 1210x1890, 121:189, Chris_Pinup.jpg)

I'm too lazy to finish her. For now fulfills my personal needs…

7304e4 No.83442

is there a wiki for all the pics that have been delivered or posted in these threads?

d31dda No.83746

File: a16be806110e183⋯.jpg (115.19 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Staci.jpg)

File: d33f4ac692d95c2⋯.png (9.3 KB, 192x192, 1:1, Theodore.png)

Requesting Staci from the boss baby getting penetrated by the boss baby

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