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File: f62437125311451⋯.jpg (822.83 KB, 960x640, 3:2, 65707598_p0.jpg)

File: d85e94f3e0b46c5⋯.jpg (173.65 KB, 958x639, 958:639, october1.jpg)

File: f3bd57ca438694c⋯.jpg (162.76 KB, 959x638, 959:638, october2.jpg)

File: e4188c8e492e938⋯.jpg (191.72 KB, 954x637, 954:637, octerber3.jpg)

ae9d5c  No.79366

dc2590  No.79385

That was pretty fun, love the art.

A pity the ending I got was only sketches but loved the short story.

Love me some happy harem wedding ending.

29dda3  No.79391


Played it. A little rough around the edges but he did good for his first time making a game. Victoria is bess girl.

I guess this means Unteralterbach is no longer the only western loli VN.


>A pity the ending I got was only sketches but loved the short story.

>Love me some happy harem wedding ending.

There is a harem ending. Don't give the chocolate to the girls.

33039f  No.79400

In Linux, Windows version doesn't work.

33039f  No.79401


I get a black screen, I can't see any action.

64b82c  No.79411


tfw Wine failed you.

ae9843  No.79438

Nice short little game, congrats to him for that.

If he ever decides to finish it, though, he should get a proofreader to get all those typos out.

3a5d0a  No.79454

File: f07d91663fc252c⋯.png (975.95 KB, 1154x1061, 1154:1061, 1461785877520.png)


Works in Wine if you set it to Xp mode. Same with Teaching Feeling.

a06d76  No.79455

Lots of spelling and grammar errors, and the artist seemed to have gotten bored and left the ending scenes unfinished. Otherwise, it's pretty legit. It's not Unalterbach, but I'd say it's a nice little game to help tide over the wait for U2.

779512  No.79462


Fuchur retired, so don't expect an Unteralterbach 2.

9481b1  No.79463


He came back though. Or did he leave again? starts reminding me of wabaki

9c5bc8  No.79469


Rough, but incredible for someone I've never seen or heard of before today.

697347  No.79474


>I guess this means Unteralterbach is no longer the only western loli VN.

Well it is still the only western loli VN with western style art.


Hope springs eternal.

779512  No.79476


Hello, I am フッフール. I used to post drawings here once in a blue moon, until I decided to quit drawing altogether.

Please don't bother writing to me about requests or commissions.

a025c1  No.79533


What about nagging? Will that work?

779512  No.79541


That generally is counter productive.

8c9c32  No.79576


In other words, your game got you into trouble. I knew it would.

I dream of a world where one day artists truly have the freedom of expression that the US constitution purports to protect. Maybe in a few centuries after the next world power rises and crumbles, after we successfully draft a Prime Directive, the products of our imaginations will truly be our own.

787ac7  No.79582


All that needs to happen is for people to legalize child love, my dude.

acd0d8  No.79594


>I dream of a world where one day artists truly have the freedom of expression that the US constitution purports to protect.

Fuchur lives in Germany.

2b9052  No.79603

The Saudis have more freedom than Germany.

dcf2a6  No.79615

Very fun story game. Will their be more VN in the near future from you?

e48e8a  No.79617

dcf2a6  No.79635

9442ec  No.79637


Born-to-die did a little bit of Q&A in the Allthefallen forums.

9bf414  No.79911

File: 0cc4dc890bd3b28⋯.jpg (60.9 KB, 600x1147, 600:1147, what the fuck am I reading.jpg)

>That ending

What on God's green earth did I just read?

0a9e5a  No.79920

Came for the hentai, stayed for the heart warming stories.

I hope that some day the world can see lolicon content in general as a sexual orientation and not as a crime or the same as child abuse and/or rape.

96cf35  No.79921


Yeah pretty neat country for a refugee ridden implied warzone, right, Murrica?!

ec2833  No.80152

Anyone know why the Mac version is no longer available?

ec2833  No.80153


nvm, the link on this page doesn't work but the pixiv link has one that does.

211563  No.80270

what no linux version?

00bf78  No.80285


You ran out of ink too, didn't you? You bastards.

5cfaae  No.80507

I followed the link but it was dead. does anyone have a copy?

d35362  No.82255

Does it seem like it can be converted to play on Android?

4f1c22  No.82385

I've downloaded the mac mega file but I don't know were you go from there. plz help.

d58a08  No.82439

The art style is HORRIBLE. Look at those PO-TA-TOES

d3a688  No.82481

I really liked it. There were a lot of text issues and one part I couldn't even read the text but I could infer what went on at least. Pretty good. I played through all of the endings and they were all nice.

4e7b0b  No.82585

How can you not take the Numue ending seriously. I need a Succubus loli in my life.

a5349e  No.82805

File: 95c63f29585f4d4⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 784.63 KB, 962x642, 481:321, Octoberween 0.png)

File: 27bde420e35d89d⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 503.4 KB, 962x642, 481:321, Octoberween 1.png)

File: 1809e72a5db3e9f⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 515.69 KB, 962x642, 481:321, Octoberween 2.png)

File: 386bad3522e3d2e⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 523.14 KB, 962x642, 481:321, Octoberween 3.png)

File: 69ddc6a96c8fd7e⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 804.75 KB, 962x642, 481:321, Octoberween 4.png)


For anons who don't wanna play the whole game for the images. I recommend playing it for the dialog, though. Also, there are many variations in the faces and sexual acts, and I didn't save each image.

a5349e  No.82806

File: 54dcbaf3876b2c6⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 689.48 KB, 962x642, 481:321, Octoberween 5.png)

File: 3dded336a46f8d3⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 704.83 KB, 962x642, 481:321, Octoberween 6.png)

File: 13f8738b5a8145b⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 466.46 KB, 962x642, 481:321, Octoberween 7.png)

File: b9414de5ea39abc⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 890.43 KB, 962x642, 481:321, Octoberween 8.png)

File: a0189c131777ccf⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 901.44 KB, 962x642, 481:321, Octoberween 9.png)


a5349e  No.82807

File: 44943057bc1896b⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.09 MB, 962x642, 481:321, Octoberween 10.png)

File: 6750473dfbae14d⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 663.4 KB, 962x642, 481:321, Octoberween 11.png)

File: 9fe5548dfc1eb27⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 722 KB, 962x642, 481:321, Octoberween 12.png)

File: ae270e471249e8c⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 856.4 KB, 962x642, 481:321, Octoberween 13.png)

File: 0dd25230d8e47e5⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 693.14 KB, 962x642, 481:321, Octoberween 14.png)

a5349e  No.82808

File: b079daf159a6fee⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 632.13 KB, 962x642, 481:321, Octoberween 15.png)

File: 6780843c2cb7208⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 699.25 KB, 962x642, 481:321, Octoberween 16.png)

File: dbd41dc640d6949⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 686.85 KB, 962x642, 481:321, Octoberween 17.png)

File: ecbbaef56b2a270⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 721.59 KB, 962x642, 481:321, Octoberween 18.png)

File: b4416c0ca66eb64⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 766.22 KB, 962x642, 481:321, Octoberween 19.png)


a5349e  No.82809

File: 0f223e013f71c52⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 743.63 KB, 962x642, 481:321, Octoberween 20.png)

File: 3c72c09dd193063⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 744.56 KB, 962x642, 481:321, Octoberween 21.png)

File: 0dc5abf0b971f76⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 700.75 KB, 962x642, 481:321, Octoberween 22.png)

File: 7afaf297a29c0af⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 486.56 KB, 962x642, 481:321, Octoberween 23.png)

File: 2b552cfdac70993⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 736.59 KB, 962x642, 481:321, Octoberween 24.png)

a5349e  No.82810

File: 94bf3f159ed268c⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 770.12 KB, 962x642, 481:321, Octoberween 25.png)

File: d587805a7afef2a⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 764.84 KB, 962x642, 481:321, Octoberween 26.png)

File: 3295b962644f8ed⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 775.93 KB, 962x642, 481:321, Octoberween 27.png)

File: 382b793e24a3741⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 733.44 KB, 962x642, 481:321, Octoberween 28.png)

File: 6ccf51f49a36523⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 732.41 KB, 962x642, 481:321, Octoberween 29.png)


a5349e  No.82811

File: 9d62ac1ce9e8d5f⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 799.54 KB, 962x642, 481:321, Octoberween 30.png)

File: f61eb4380ed0dbd⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 677.68 KB, 962x642, 481:321, Octoberween 31.png)

File: d57872e43ec2476⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 818.06 KB, 962x642, 481:321, Octoberween 32.png)

File: 4e48a624544211e⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 798.45 KB, 962x642, 481:321, Octoberween 33.png)

File: 452590d1a6fb5d5⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 810.98 KB, 962x642, 481:321, Octoberween 34.png)



1579f1  No.82817








Would you mind taking the time to get every image? It would be much appreciated.

bd8f5e  No.82818


Why do they all have the same blobbish head shape? This was the artist shilling right? I know that he pays for gelbooru ads to promote his mediocre art.

a5349e  No.82821


You should just play the game. The only images I left out were the small variations in facial expression, really bad cumshots (artist can't draw cum for shit), and some ghost-dong pics. All of the base images and poses are there. It's not worth it to me to play through it again just to grab every little ahegao or badly-drawn penetration.

31ff9a  No.82830


I can agree on the cum, but honestly it's one of the better works released recently for loli games and its not half done. (Considering the ending drawings for each route)

42aee0  No.82961


This is the best thing ever written thank you so much. haha

c52b45  No.83185

this is an amazing game, its overly emotional but tbh i like it that way, it literally got me to the point tho where i had to re-evaluate my life for two days. imma be playin this for the rest of my life, and i hope more variations of this game come out or something, thank you creator

3a4527  No.83559

File: 03a5fa063ca0d8b⋯.png (153.59 KB, 330x327, 110:109, 1257284595372.png)


I'm glad I'm not the only one that got super emotional too. But kinda for different reasons.

Great game, very few things can hold me onto it.

0c1bc9  No.83568

how do i even play this on my mac downloaded it but shows me this "OCTOBERWEEN_SPECIAL_V05" with a compus sign on top and when i press it it says cant be opened da fuq?

help will be appreciated

45451e  No.83572



Haha, you're such a joker.

324908  No.83686


The game is in desperate need of a gallery. Like unteralter had

349ff4  No.83704

does anyone recommend other games like this

0c1bc9  No.83826


If you're looking specifically for a western loli visual novel, check Unteralterbach out. It's been mentioned before in this thread - and it's pretty damn good.

If not, use the search function on vndb and go wild.

Alright. So, this is a pretty short game, and a walkthrough should not be particularly necessary because of it. That said, there is no gallery available, you can't skip through whole scenes, and the saving abilities are shit, so here's a "perfect run" guide. Following it will get you all the CG's and the endings, as well as saves before the major scenes.

If you want to experience most of the dialogue, I'd recommend saving using

NOTE: A "*" on the choice means "probably irrelevant" - whatever you choose doesn't seem to affect the result significantly, but I can't be bothered to play through the game dozens of times to make sure. On choices like that, I'm still giving a "preferred alternative", which is usually the one that has the best short-term result - or, failing that, the funniest dialogue.

Get up and answer the door.*

Watching scary movies with the headphones on.*

How about I make you something to eat?

* SCENE #1: Victoria - Costumes. *

Wonder Woman.*

I'll be there to protect you from all spooky things.*

Make sure she isn't seriously hurt.

Use water and rubbing alcohol to make sure it's completely clean.

* SCENE #2: Prisha - Cleaning. *

* SCENE #3: Nimue - Blowjob. *

[Save 1: Nimue Ending]

What would happen if I gave you the chocolate?

FUCK IT! This is a loli worth dying for.

* SCENE #4: Nimue - Sex. *

* ENDING #1: Nimue. *

[Load Save 1]

Tell me more about yourself.*

[Save 2: Prisha Ending]

Take Prisha to the Ferris Wheel.

Give Prisha the chocolate.

* SCENE #5: Prisha - Sex. *

* ENDING #2: Prisha. *

[Load Save 2]

[Save 3: Victoria Ending]

Take Victoria to the haunted house.

Give her the chocolate.

* SCENE #6: Victoria - Sex. *

* ENDING #3: Victoria. *

[Load Save 3]

[Save 4: Harem Ending]

Take Prisha to the Ferris Wheel.

Keep the chocolate in your pocket.


Take Victoria to the haunted house.

Take her and the others home safely.

* SCENE #7: Prisha, Victoria & Nimue - Sex. *

* ENDING #4: Harem. *

So there you go. If you want to get a save before the blowjob scene, you'll have to replay the game and save inmediately after the scary face appears, but other than that you're golden.

Have fun!

0c1bc9  No.83827


…Huh. It seems a double asterisk seems to be the format for spoilering things. Well that fucks up the formatting even more than it was at the start.

Oh, well.

e0b729  No.84003


check your facts mate, the owner of gelbooru is just a big fan of him and puts up the ads for free, he's actually a patreon and hosts the site for his livestreams>>82818

c52b45  No.84341

are there anymore VNs like this? how are they made? hheellpp

c52b45  No.84342


cant figure out how to download anything off vndb

86007b  No.84358


Funny story: I had UAB installled on an external hard drive. 3 weeks ago I was like "Well, I haven't played this in a while." and rushed through it without moving it to my PC hard drive.

Guess what happened: My motherboard was fried and died, together with my cable. I'm not even kidding, the laptop suddenly turned off, me with my dick out about to screw Annemarie and is dead now, not even turning on again.

That was the worst turn-off since my first time.

8dd328  No.84417

I wish I could use space to click trough the dialogue. My left hand hurts from playing this.

ea7362  No.84418

I just finished the game but I want to play more loli VNs.

Any /loli/ recommendation?

I have played unteralterbach, nekopara, teaching feelings and I don't know more.

0dff52  No.85253


you should try out this

not a vn but if it's something you're craving give it a go


c9f8f5  No.85254


Imouto Paradise series

c94316  No.85273

File: 698e789056d8074⋯.png (93.98 KB, 338x333, 338:333, Untitled.png)

Jesus Christ the typos. Also, at one point in the beginning Victoria's name above the text box is Vicoria. Did he seriously type out every character's name, save for the MC, rather than just have the same text repeat in namebox for each character respectively?

635621  No.85296

I read somewhere that the sketches in the endings would be replaced at some point, any news on that?

e56c93  No.85461

File: e755ffb84f9a29b⋯.jpg (4.47 KB, 251x251, 1:1, e75.jpg)


So wait, you can't finish the game with victoria in her alternative costumes? She has to be wearing the angel one? The fuck, how lazy.

3773e6  No.85951


>I guess this means Unteralterbach is no longer the only western loli VN.

It's still the best loli VN, tho.

f7c2c4  No.86744


>aztec cannibals


lawl spixico is not any more western than the Philippines or Indonesia. Just because t was under Western rule for a brief period doesn't mean shit.

d1ef32  No.86750

sketches ending was a damn shame

88935f  No.88784

File: ad2ba1861b8cd91⋯.png (1.62 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 8cd27d44819cd7a5f670698cfa….png)

Anyone have a link for the 2018 version?

2dd69b  No.88992

File: 12f51eaed689a0b⋯.jpg (453.63 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 57209742.jpg)



a79ef8  No.89002


I can't find anything on this. Does it even exist?

000000  No.89008

the mac mega no longer works

28f377  No.89012

4c1adc  No.89013


This better not have a sketch ending…

0a0049  No.89026


Is this real?

0eb1b2  No.89063

000000  No.89476


As it turns out the author removed it because he couldn't get it to work for mac os.

Has anyone on mac or linux gotten it to work in wine?

300aa7  No.89730


depending on version of linux,for example in one of my pc it shows black screen and i use in that one an ubuntu 14.04 based distro,in ubuntu gamepack an ubuntu 16.0410 based distro works perfect and both have wine staging and propietary drivers.


it doesn't but is shitty and way shorter then the other one,the story is mehh,the characters have no expresions like the other version and are mostly static images without options whatsover and you can't skip the walls of boring text in this sense the 2017 was better.

Does someone here has the old version from octoberween special 2017 since i checked in some forum and there are changes betwen the pixiv version and the older version like dialoge and some CGs,i want to see victoria in her pikachu costume.

300aa7  No.89731


no news on that

300aa7  No.89734

Octoberween 2017 was shit,while the art was good problem was it lacked some explanations.

For example there a lot's of insinuations that victoria is a slut but nothing shown.

There are lot's of implication prisha met the prota.

Nothing explained and the bad english made the game harder.

story wise the game had some good options but they ended up being the same.

The game has no cg whatsoever so lose points for that,limited saves again it lose points for that when anyone with knowledge and that has played VN or ADV knows that the minimum ammont of saves is 10,no fullscreen support this was the breaking point of the game since the screen is too small,no endings sadly the game has no merit to end the game since are scratches,music problems well the game has barelly music.

I would say someone should grab this and make it again or fixe everything in the game,and either be clear if this character is a slut or not instead of just insinuating she is but not explaining anything.

BEsides what was it victoria found some lolicon manga and started to hate you LOL,if a little sister found that the first thing she would do would be steal that magazine and wonder about that (a friend of mine left his comic LO in his bed thinking no one entered his room and went to buy and after he returned his manga wasn't there and he went to his little sister room and what he found was his little sister watching the manga and masturbating)

This needs to be fixed and the 2018 is worse sadly the mexican hasn't finished the game and has no intention of doing it especially when they took his patreon down.

Besides 100 dollars or more for a colored image is he nuts not even fuchur known for his greed charged that much for one image (let's see i think was pack of 5 CGs for 100 dollars) so this mexican is going down.

300aa7  No.89736

File: 83cdf3fd0ebb415⋯.jpg (174.48 KB, 907x620, 907:620, 02.jpg)

a pic i found on tumblr

300aa7  No.89737


well that would explain a lot from the little slut

from what scene is that one

(condom skirt)

300aa7  No.89738

well not many comlplains since is a free game.

the art is good but the story need more work and corrections.

the UI was a mess and need a change

why no fullscreen?

83812d  No.89752

nothing finished yet?

well what i could expect from a patreon

the only released stuff he has are the mini commisions and those aren't free in other words he won't move a finger if he don't get money under his nose.

i still remember soemthing he said on his stream i do this because i love to draw not because of the money but if he only release stuff paid then he is not doing it because he loves it is because he wants money.

a76ef9  No.89825

most pics are in the mac version since is just a folder

351ca6  No.89832


Looks good, but no PC. Anyway someone could port this to apk?

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