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File: 6a3b454a11d3456⋯.jpg (165.26 KB, 800x900, 8:9, 6a3b454a11d34569a32f64832d….jpg)

d4c3d7  No.81288

Giving the meta thread a fresh new start. Feel free to discuss the board and its rules, ask me questions or give suggestions.

Old meta thread >>48470

d4c3d7  No.81405


Well the OP had requested "non-anime high quality art", and the thread was full of that.



The images in that post are loading just fine for me. Maybe there was an issue with the server at the time?

78b312  No.81407


The fresh post I made about the matter are fine, but there's a lot of cases where filenames exist for images that are gone.






This is but a small example. The few images that aren't missing are a representation of what all of the images in the batch look like quality-wise. In other words there's no way any of these missing images are remotely western.

d4c3d7  No.81409


Ah, that's because the servers broke several times a while ago. Those images were corrupted and lost. I didn't delete them, but I can't recover them either.

012043  No.81449


>instead of trying to download them from a site that tells me I need a premium account.

what kind of site do you hang out on?

>not downloading image per image


What the rabbit said. Same with old threads having the same ID for everyone

558baa  No.81457


Official Comic LO twitter account was suspended today, because of people like you. Think about it mr Tewi.

9950c8  No.81459


I don't think that people who hate cartoons had something to do with this.

7818a7  No.81461


That's a laugh. It was suspended because twitter is a shit platform and because nips are are borderline retards with computers who keep using it despite it being a shit platform. Accounts pertaining to loli have been purged at random on twitter for years, most of the time the account is simply remade shortly after.

32d367  No.81463


a western purge is happening? I need some statement

41466b  No.81464


It already happened. The /co/ntainment thread is the only thing left despite Tewi being told that it's pointless because the thread is barely alive as they went to /delicious/. Tewi should go through the threads and purge whatever cartoon shit he may have missed and get rid of the pointless containment thread.

32d367  No.81465


I still see a lot of western requests

d4c3d7  No.81466


>Tewi should go through the threads and purge whatever cartoon shit he may have missed

I've done i once already; I guess I could check it again if need be, though there's pretty much just the original content threads and the containment thread.

>get rid of the pointless containment thread

I'll give it the week and gauge it's activity level first. Speaking of pointless containment threads, I should probably change the 3DCG rules to something that makes more sense.

c507c0  No.81467


Because some didn't get the memo or are in denial and call anons that break the news "shitposters". Many artists that do cartoon and Western style has already moved onto /delicious/. This means that any request for cartoon/western will never get viewed by the artists that do so.

32d367  No.81479

File: e08e348cf01dd0d⋯.png (87.8 KB, 538x700, 269:350, d84a26b5b74cbe9a5362836fed….png)


and /delicious/ is not boiling with deliveries because,,,?

I'm gonna say this once: stupid divisions based in what is "right" about this kind of art in the middle of an general hate caused by the misunderstanding about what is real and what not is a BAD IDEA

just ask this yourselves where you can find good toddlercon these days besides chans and sad panda? like in 3 sites all japanese,


make a statement or is not official, if you gonna -destroy our hopes of survival - ban western here please say it loud and clear

>bimbo's will doom us

f62aa1  No.81480


>ban western here please say it loud and clear

This. Tewi, just say you'll ban Western/Cartoon so that others can move on? Don't do things half heartedly.

Also, we got two draw threads in the catalog with one being an anime only drawthread.

8e1e38  No.81481


Remove text threads, too, unless it's Japanese, there's no place for them. Only the purest eastern art threads. Ideally b&w manga dumps, individual color pictures are too tainted by western aesthetics.

Or you could not be a fucktard and reverse the policy and make /loli/ actually a board for all lolis (which is now a genericized term no matter how much you might wish otherwise), but… judging by your current behavior, what are the chances of that?

bc5056  No.81482

Tewi, if you may, can I suggest that you go to /monster/'s meta thread and ask Aux for advice on the matter?


Someone's salty.

eaee3c  No.81483


You might as well have /co/ and /a/ become one board.

4a8c5b  No.81484


Or you can just go to /delicious/ instead of complaining.

7818a7  No.81488


The only misunderstanding here is you and others like you thinking any of these changes or anti-western sentiment have jack shit to do with distinguishing reality from fiction.


>make /loli/ a board for all lolis

He literally is in the process of doing that, no matter how much you might wish otherwise.

9950c8  No.81491


You are goddamn retarded, you know this is all about what type of Images are actual loli, text posts have NOTHING to do with anything.

9950c8  No.81496


I will try to make /a/ aware of the recent changes, they have a loli general due to how bad the situation was with the previous BO, so we can get more content…

d5f53e  No.81499

The kemololi thread looks like a loophole for western furry more like. Anyone noticed?

9950c8  No.81500


"kemono" is Japanese only, like "hentai", is not a synonym for furry, you can see it has the same aesthetic as manga/anime, don't be paranoid.


What about Just reporting what YOU find? Tewi already did a lot.

d1071b  No.81501

File: 4b4d309d7db8704⋯.jpg (271.79 KB, 840x1200, 7:10, 1504887041452.jpg)

b9f1de  No.81507


I think he's probably referring to the recent dump of panda girl. The aesthetic doesn't seem to look like manga/anime but I could be wrong.

32d367  No.81513


apparently I wasn't clear enough:

banning based on the precedence of the child art only results in less art, especially in this time when is more hated than ever

if you continue with this the net will be like russia or UK (2018)


this is not different to the harassment of the loli artists 'member fuchur? simon? they stopped due the pressure or worst, they modified his art to look like bimbos like sunibee

dammit, for this reason I must reques/deliver in like 5 damn threads! instead to go to just one or two, and the activity in each one is diminished RE!

57a812  No.81514


Please, let the others know.


You don't understand. If the drawfags know how to draw loli in anime styles, it wouldn't be a problem here. /loli/ as of Tewi's reign has become an /a/nime and /jp/ loli board.

086115  No.81515


This. /loli/ will by run by weebs, for weebs and it will be glorious. There will be a change in the anons that come here and the culture of the board will be really different. The only way for /loli/ to allow cartoons/western again is if all of /a/ and /co/ decide to share a board together called /agn/ - Animations and Graphic Novels which is never.

6dad76  No.81517


It was bound to happen. There was already tension between Eastfags and Westfags for a long time now. It's that the last BO allowed Westfags to run amok, including Colby and his ilk and then ignored the pleas of the Eastfags. The deciding moment was when Tewi, an /a/non, had become BO and turned the tide. If a /co/fag were to have been BO instead, he would have kicked out anime and made /loli/ a Western board. Both sides can't come to agreement. The few "I like both" fags, whom have fled to delicious as well and made their one slow anime thread hoping that all of /loli/'s userbase there despite that it was the anime userbase that wants to be segregated.

b63427  No.81518

File: 77d6da724a6d130⋯.jpg (81.71 KB, 836x1280, 209:320, 004_.jpg)


> If the drawfags know how to draw loli in anime styles, it wouldn't be a problem here

like this?

d1071b  No.81519


that looks pretty good.

i dont think there should be any rules on what style drawfags can draw in

anyway, i missed most of this discussion so im just guessing that for now

/loli/ is for jap characters | anime/manga style art (regardless of origin)

and /delicious/ is for western characters | cartoonish style art (regardless of origin)

690dec  No.81520


>/loli/ is for jap characters | anime/manga style art (regardless of origin)

>and /delicious/ is for western characters | cartoonish style art (regardless of origin)

You are technically correct, the best kind of correct.

3097d3  No.81521

File: 0129dbadebdcdd4⋯.jpg (27.85 KB, 542x355, 542:355, screen-4.jpg)

File: 784108dca66b25d⋯.png (234.93 KB, 640x552, 80:69, 2qk42vo.png)

File: f8ab9268d9183d9⋯.jpg (363.55 KB, 900x781, 900:781, Matoi.(PSO2).full.2052102.jpg)

File: 5ead5a2d70ee5d3⋯.png (849.79 KB, 1132x1600, 283:400, 1411317912849.png)


You are right on the dot. There are varying styles in both East and West, but the East tend to have common grounds in design. Scathegrapes has an artstyle that the animefags would agree with, for instance. If the drawfags have a hard time doing any detailed anime style, they can try for simpler anime styles like these images.

a406d3  No.81526


>they have a loli general due to how bad the situation was with the previous BO, so we can get more content…

The last post in that "general" was a week ago, and when it dies it will probably take at least 2 weeks for someone to bother posting it again. Even if everyone from that thread started posting here, it wouldn't help much.

Also, I guarantee you that if you take a slow thread and try to move it to its own board, it will be even slower. Posts get made when people are together and interacting in one place. The more you concentrate people, the more active things will be. The more you spread people out, the slower the whole will be.

The best thing we could do is close /loli/ and /delicious/ and all migrate back to loli threads on /a/ and /co/ respectively.

For example, I only bother checking /loli/ every few weeks because I know there almost certainly isn't going to be anything interesting posted here on any given day. The most I expect to see is a dump from sadpanda or a few images I already saw on pixiv. This in turn means that if something interesting is posted, it will be a week or two before I see it (if I even bother checking the thread which it is in), so my replies are delayed and hence any kind of conversation or interaction is slowed down. In a loli thread on /a/ this just wouldn't be a problem.

c23bb9  No.81527



/delicious/ is for everything because this board showed it is a sandpit and tewi shit rules at any moment*


09248f  No.81528


Go back to /delicious/, Salt-kun.

d0df47  No.81529


It's funny how you faggots try to get the animefags of /loli/ to go to /delicious/ despite that the fact it's the animefags that worked with Tewi to make these rules. We ain't going anywhere, because /loli/ is just how we like it.

d0e51b  No.81530


Those rules are benefiting anime posters. Only the Cartoon/Westfags get fucked. We don't want to share a board with /co/ shit.

9950c8  No.81531


/delicious/ is destined to fail, if they post Anime along with cartoons, it is obvious people will choose the much more attractive Anime and Animesque material, it's only hope of survival is to cling to western but not cartoony one, the semi realistic kind I mean.

485153  No.81532


I hope it doesn't so the autism can stay in one place, which is wishful thinking because it always leaks to wherever it wants.

ed77cc  No.81533

One thing I notice is that West/Cartoonfags are more likely to accept being called Pedos, the Weebs would outright reject the label. This difference is one of the many reasons why both sides can't get along.

558baa  No.81536



Two sides of the same coin, same source of ignorance. Twitter doesn't allow lolicon because people think pedophilia is inherently a bad thing (western mindset), Tewi is a modern "lolicon" who think pedophilia and lolicon are separable (he wishes it so since he's brainwashed to dislike people who are into lil girls). And western art esp stuff like those Natis threads remind him that his hobby is pedophilic and it frustrates him. Just look at his name, worshiping a lolibaba, that's immediately a sign of an insecure modern day western "lolicon".

Also i think he told me that he moderated /b/ at one point, and the only reason to moderate /random/ on any chan is if you feel the need to powertrip, no one in the history of chans thought to himself "y'know what, i want more moderation on my /b/". Tewi is just a bad character all around.

78b312  No.81544


Your 'psuedo-intellect' and sense of reasoning/rationality is more disgusting than actual child molesters.

c6b117  No.81545

stupid weebs

c6b117  No.81546


>/delicious/ is destined to fail

well, we have one fine example here. this board has already failed lol

82b501  No.81547


Twitter allows lolicon you retard. They don't "allow" lolicon, but they fucking allow lolicon. Plenty of loli artists who aren't meme spouting faggots are left to draw in peace. The only ones who have to worry are the ones who attention whore too hard like Shadman.

a406d3  No.81548


The greatest irony is that 「ロリコン」 means "pedophile". There isn't really a separate word for the two concepts in Japanese.

Then again, I can understand the reluctance to accept the "pedophile" label. To identify as a pedophile is to adopt the burden of being an enemy of society and a victim of an extremely asymmetric war. It isn't good for your mental health, to say the least.

78b312  No.81553


You guys are forcefully digging to deep into this. The SIMPLE answer and motive has addressed here:


In addition to several other instances, ages ago. The divide has nothing to do with any difference in morality. It's all just literally face-value. It's not worth debating any more because several people in this community do not have the capacity to factor in common sense On another note, if delicious fails then it just proves that there was never a western loli community to begin with; just two or three autists with the agenda of forcing straight lolicons to accept them just the same.

a406d3  No.81554


How do you define a board "failing"?

In my opinion both /loli/ and /delicious/ have already failed because they are extremely slow and don't serve any purpose which isn't already covered by sites like Pixiv or other boards (/a/ and /co/, plus a few niche fetish ones).

There simply isn't enough activity on 8chan to justify having separate boards for particular body types at all. It actually makes good discussion harder and less likely.

bc6e6a  No.81555

File: 0e595e7ebea5b81⋯.png (71.06 KB, 200x200, 1:1, smugloli.png)


>it is obvious people will choose the much more attractive Anime and Animesque material

Oh sure, that's why weebs were getting so butthurt about western loli being more popular here in the first place.

cdfed8  No.81556


Just came here from /a/ for the first time possibly this year. I like the new rules.

cfc6b4  No.81558


I guess more weebs are going to come, huh? Looks like a demographic shift.

f4820a  No.81559

Get wrecked weebs. /delicious/ joined the top 50 while your board is dying. You need us toonfags. Not like weebs outside this board will care enough to come here.

(We don't need you)

d4c3d7  No.81567


>Tewi is a modern "lolicon" who think pedophilia and lolicon are separable

They certainly aren't the same.

>Also i think he told me that he moderated /b/ at one point

That is wrong. I've only ever volunteered for /2hu/ (still do) before doing the same for /loli/ until I became the BO. Nice making assumptions of my character based on false information.


Quit trying to lump us in with your bullshit. The reason there isn't a separate word in Japan is because the split occurs between 2D and 3D; fantasy and reality. In the west, we've adopted the term lolicon to refer exclusively to 2D drawings. In Japan, they'll probably just say 2D loli. Most of us in the west are exclusively attracted to the drawings and have zero interest in real people.

Any more faggotry involving associating lolis in with pedos or pro-pedo posting is gonna get met with some much needed bans. Rule 3 hasn't been enforced enough.

054648  No.81571


Well said. I'm glad that this board is in capable hands and that you have toughened up since you were a bit meek at the start. I don't know about the other anons, but you do me proud. Any plans? Are you going to enter the attention hungry games or have /a/, /monster/, /h/ and /jp/ list /loli/ as friend of the board?

d4c3d7  No.81584


Entering the attention hungry games is all well and good, but I should see about joining this friend list.

78b312  No.81586


For the past couple of years, I did want any form of conversation with this board, with the exception of gambling in DrawThreads for a free delivery. Of course there were a couple of artists among the few who I befriended from here, but they all got scared away when Cluck pulled in a turboshit crowd. Being top 50 in activity means nothing if the crowd is 70% rape-craving mongoloids. That's like saying that McDonalds is better than any given family restaurant because more people go there.

529b7d  No.81587

File: 38e52efa1b6e035⋯.png (298.33 KB, 700x800, 7:8, d51faa1e66587c74d964c9df5c….png)

File: 38762d00ab62378⋯.png (1.07 MB, 850x1200, 17:24, 18ef9531f71b2a6007633b7be8….png)

File: dd0fbde2d805b51⋯.png (738.04 KB, 978x627, 326:209, d5f417700a5cb013f12ac40e13….png)

File: d88004658019b89⋯.png (584.98 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, ae62477cf6e20709e3e858f7f0….png)

File: 5c6be108d2ec9ca⋯.jpg (143.6 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, 642c7509e80aeba717a15e2535….jpg)


Thanks for all your hard work. You deserve cuddles.


Hopefully things will change.

7818a7  No.81589

File: 4fa38464a60b01d⋯.jpg (11.81 KB, 255x179, 255:179, 2b82d2cd94741ee0831d56f9a6….jpg)

a58ac1  No.81590


> Most of us in the west are exclusively attracted to the drawings and have zero interest in real people.

Speak for yourself. Lolicon also refers to a individual with Lolita complex.

> The reason there isn't a separate word in Japan is because the split occurs between 2D and 3D; fantasy and reality.

Split? Simply they banned CP distribution and production in 1999. In 2014 they also banned possession. Never had really a split, only a legal restriction, although still you find a sexualization of real little girls, and even references to a well-known anime lolis, even without nudes and sex, after the unfortunated prohibitions. Never happened such a split.

> In Japan, they'll probably just say 2D loli.

As I remember, in Japan the term was also used for real girls. And still I would think that is used in that way.

> Any more faggotry involving associating lolis in with pedos or pro-pedo posting is gonna get met with some much needed bans.

Do what you want. Anyway, I have the feel that 8chan is getting more and more restrictive. A year ago, it wasn't so hard to post here through Tor like now.

50ad93  No.81593


>In Japan, they'll probably just say 2D loli

This is a proof that you never set foot in Japan. lol poor weeb

7818a7  No.81596


>desperate shitposter grasping at straws doesn't think 二次コン is a thing

>desperate shitposter grasping at straws doesn't know 2D fetishism birthed the phrase lolicon as it's used in modern japan

Are you so triggered this board isn't going to tolerate /hebe/ refugees any more that all you have left is baseless shitposting?

50ad93  No.81597

File: a45e5ecb5121d69⋯.jpg (102.59 KB, 840x664, 105:83, cuck.jpg)


do i look like i triggered? look into the mirror weeb

7818a7  No.81598


You hung around to shitpost in the meta thread about an argument that's now a completely moot point for this board, so, yes, you look pretty triggered.

50ad93  No.81599


you know that there are many other reasons why i hang around right? for example, triggering special snowflake weebs like you. seeing your reactions and self-denial is pretty entertaining so i stayed. it's not like i can open other boards in tabs while doing this.

a58ac1  No.81600


>gets btfo of the board

>spergs out

<no you

<you are sooo triggered cuck fuck you lol im not mad you loser weeb reeeee


50ad93  No.81601


try again pedofag. im not even triggered lol

f1bf15  No.81609


There should be a friend list between the anime boards. /monster/ has a list on their rules sticky, but not /a/.

d1514e  No.81611


Yeah, that's why eastfags here couldn't manage without style purge.

a58ac1  No.81617


>I'm not even triggered

<so I'll spend hours of my life replying on a board that btfo me to show how not triggered I am and how I do not care


44ba7e  No.81618

File: 5da79e62871a76f⋯.jpg (24.83 KB, 433x380, 433:380, 1446090583367.jpg)

Why eastern and western style can't coexist peacefully at one same place?

da8c11  No.81619


Plenty of good points. Expect them to get ignored/deleted.

>Anyway, I have the feel that 8chan is getting more and more restrictive.

Yeah, it really does feel that way. More importantly, there are fewer and fewer boards which I actually enjoy posting in. /a/ is great for serious discussion of anime, but more or less every other board is either dead or filled with constant flame wars and shitposting. Everyone is angry and trying to defend their own little corner. Nobody seems to just be having fun any more.

Fuck I miss the internet from the early 2000s. Even then it was already deep into eternal September, but at least there were still a few good sites.

I wonder if the Japanese-speaking internet is any better. Probably not, but it can't be any worse than this.

da8c11  No.81620


Because there are hordes of bitter, angry autists on both sides.

78b312  No.81622


One side was mad at the other side for being autists, while the other side was mad at people on their own side for being autists. That was /loli/ DrawThreads 2016 in a nutshell.

da8c11  No.81623


I think I explained why drawthreads are inevitably shit in the last meta thread.

Basically anons are competing for a limited number of drawfag deliveries, so rather than being a cooperative thread it becomes antagonistic. For this reason I tend to just pretend they don't exist.

bc6e6a  No.81624


From what I've seen it's only the weebs who have a "stop liking what I don't like" attitude.

50ad93  No.81625


>Being this triggered


Because weebs being weebs


There is only one side that caused a problem that doesn't exist in the first place. Now they are desperate to fix something that can't be fixed and this will torment them until the board died.



da8c11  No.81626


No, the same attitude is definitely prevalent on /delicious/.

bc6e6a  No.81627


Point to a comment made over there indicating this.

da8c11  No.81628


This entire fucking thread:


da8c11  No.81629

File: b0b244157f6a172⋯.png (55.67 KB, 1111x436, 1111:436, ClipboardImage.png)


Screencapped for the benefit of people who don't like the content.

bc6e6a  No.81630




Heh, at least I don't have to justify why I hadn't read the content of that thread.

Guess I'll concede your point there. Still, if you're going to make an argument about the prevalent attitude on /delicious/ wouldn't the very thread made to discuss the situation over here >>>/delicious/1254 be a better indicator? And not what a bunch of diaper autists think?

da8c11  No.81631


Probably. At this point I can't even be bothered caring that much. The whole situation is frustrating.

I'll probably just end up going back to the loli threads on /a/, assuming anyone still posts in them.

9950c8  No.81632


The goal was, and I hope it still is, to make this board a superior alternative to those threads, cartoonfags are delusional, you get a week long ban in /a/ if you post a cartoon for example, in a waifu thread, they don't even speak to you like Tewi does they are ironclad, and it has worked for them wonders so far, they are the only board that has remained the same since 2015.

44ba7e  No.81633

File: 5c98f3216f51cd2⋯.gif (1.39 MB, 478x360, 239:180, 1425005953821.gif)




Just because /b/tards and autistic screechings? Such a sad and pointless shitstorm. Loli art should be the priority, no matter the style.

7873ee  No.81634


There will be always some salty fucks who don't like this and that.

It's just that BO should ban them instead of siding with them.

1e3525  No.81635


Pretty much. Lolicon is a subset of the anime/manga medium and Western "cake" is to their own. It's not like videogames where East and West are just categories of the same medium. Nobody goes to /a/ for cartoon threads and vice versa with /co/. If people like both, then browsing both boards shouldn't be a problem.

558baa  No.81637


Why do you insult me when you're factually incorrect? That's very intellectually dishonest of you. Research the topic before replying.

78b312  No.81638


Or maybe you should browse Twitter properly.

78b312  No.81639


List one instance in /loli/ where an eastfag was starting shit for anyone other than toonfags or ban-evasion toonfags. The site is better now so you can navigate easier and find an example.

If not, every problem this board has ever had was caused by toonfags, and only those delusional mindsets agree that the board was in a good state last year.

>Older mods being driven up the wall with probably hundreds of reports per day)

>Ban evasion autists causing endless arguments by existing

>Trash-tier gaming projects with no substance

>Cringy Second Life threads all about simulating a molester's life (which is substantially different from reading/writing a doujin).

>3D which I didn't personally mind as much but causes problems on the moderator end.

Did I miss anything? This kind of clusterfuck has a home, but not in a place where people just want to watch cute girls doing cute and/or lewd things. And while there are those kind of bros on the western spectrum, it was easily overshadowed by all-of-the-above. Props to all of those guys who are not like the ones left in here trolling up a storm. And to those trolls, once you blow off the rest of your steam, take those security agenda to /delicious/ and try to prosper with it.

d1071b  No.81640


just like how most websites allow CP, until mods find and delete it.

89eb0f  No.81642


The last BO wasn't a very good BO, was he? I don't know the full story.

78b312  No.81646


It's more like they let a lot of mess slide until people start to complain about it. Then they make a public statement as if they were against it since the beginning to save face. This is a pattern that every last one of us should know all too well.

bc6e6a  No.81651

File: fc2bf0453b48988⋯.jpg (121.28 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, deadpan loli.jpg)


>List one instance in /loli/ where an eastfag was starting shit for anyone

This entire fucking drama we're having right now?

9950c8  No.81654


Not all western, but cartoon pics that try to stay on model are strikingly different from anything based on Anime /manga style. they are just so different so it is understandable lots of people would only like one, opposites ends of the scale.

a58ac1  No.81656

Do you deleted Natis threads? Why? WHY?!

78b312  No.81658


If you're not even going to complete my quote, don't bother quoting. It's a waste of thought to reply.

bc6e6a  No.81659


It isn't just toonfags that are getting pissed off by this you know. And you can't proceed to claim that "every problem this board has ever had was caused by toonfags" if you're already knowingly made exceptions for your initial argument.

b512bb  No.81660


But it's pretty much the truth. Not every toonfag out there is absolute gutter trash. I occasionally post on /delicious/ and hope it takes off. And if /cgiloli/ came back I might at least lurk. I just don't get why people have to be so butthurt over a division. Chanboards aren't a subscription service no nobody has to even choose a side if they don't want to. Niggas be acting like the world is ending because Lisa Simpson can't exist in an anime thread anymore. The whole argument is stupid at its core and what's even dumber are the people getting belligerent over an admin applying common sense that has been done hundreds of times before.

82b501  No.81666


I know friend. It's a disgusting act that an artist minded person would even call a sin. A sin was committed here.

Anyway, I saved and upped every single picture from the thread. All on /delicious/ now. About one page back. Unfortunately natis's words have been lost to the void. But the pictures remain, as do some letters he wrote. Also his blog is still up with his contact info to write him in prison and send him commissary.

76b910  No.81676

How sad, I had no issue having western styled crap so long as it was maintained to containment/generals and wasn't toon shit, depending on the quality.

I was actually interested in the Natis court case despite hating his work since its very relevant to how eastern works will be treated by the law. Normalfags don't care about the style, they just see a sexualized drawing. What did happen to him?

82b501  No.81677



Most recent blog entry by nsis gives deets about his contact info. You can write him in prison if you want. I legit am considering it.

bc6e6a  No.81678


>But it's pretty much the truth.

Clearly not considering the very shitstorm being discussed that the weebs started.

>I just don't get why people have to be so butthurt over a division.

Because this board was already moving at a snail's pace. What I don't get is what, when complaining about the lack of content they wanted to see, was stopping people from simply posting more of what they did want to see? The board could've done with the extra activity. Starting a containment thread and splitting the board when the board does not move fast enough to justify either action is not common sense.

76b910  No.81679


>I just don't get why people have to be so butthurt over a division. Chanboards aren't a subscription service no nobody has to even choose a side if they don't want to.

There's a concern of slow posting where people get disinterested in the lack of content posted. No one likes contributing to a dead board. Dealing with an exodus is a pain since some people leave completely instead of joining the new group. The moderation on the new board might not be better, so they get fed up with mod drama and don't bother.

c8e63a  No.81681


It's common sense if you assume the goal is to kill the board.

9950c8  No.81683


I know right? if the ban was only for cartoons and not all western it would have been OK and very few people would have spoken up.

Still, there is much more quality Japanese content anyways so the board could be as lively as it was, notice ALL of 8chan is shrinking not just /loli/

c23bb9  No.81684


is that the goal of the weeabos who betrayed the userbase?

c23bb9  No.81685

File: c19e64179790cc8⋯.png (500.65 KB, 729x600, 243:200, weebs 1466525577059.png)


>List one instance in /loli/ where an eastfag was starting shit for anyone

gee IDK ken-sama…. oh wait there was this time they started deleting a bunch of files and stole the board for themselves.

it was pretty low even for the yellow belied weebs.

c8e63a  No.81686


It's the goal of the new BO

78b312  No.81687


>Clearly not considering the very shitstorm being discussed that the weebs started.

If you were to assume a more unbiased outlook you would see things very differently. Take the previous meta thread for example. It started out much more meaningful and constructive than this one. Then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked.


It's one thing to oppose the decisions and/or mindset of a mod, but this was the first shitfling that meta thread had to offer. If there weren't people like that making the western love look retarded, then Tewi wouldn't have had to resort to this.

You remember the whole 'I'll let X and Y slide' approach he took on a while back. In the end it only made the retards show their true colors. Then some of them went full-on emo and demanded that everything remotely western should be nuked. Even now the few useless anons (that ultimately need a ban) cry endlessly, further justifying this turning point. To think that these were the types of people Tewi was trying to appease to months ago.

a3b774  No.81692


>if I keep acting like a lolcow I'll definitely win the argument

This has got to be a false-flag, no way toonfags are this stupid.

c23bb9  No.81695


the BO made this place a trap because of minority of weebs + his own willingness to delete what he wanted.

they all share the blame

6daa4d  No.81709


>I just don't get why people have to be so butthurt over a division

Are you an idiot? Won't you feel pain if some asshole cut your body into two parts?

78b312  No.81722


I'm pretty sure that I'd be dead. And then some evil warlord would emerge out of nowhere and shout


… in the best-case-scenario at least.

9950c8  No.81723


I know bruh, I got butt-blasted when /a/ separated from /co/ due excessive Hi hi puffy Ami Yumi posting….

af3ec9  No.81734

File: c7ff6374978f81a⋯.gif (135.52 KB, 500x500, 1:1, ec385826c9b305ca6bc0e3400a….gif)

>the patreon leaks and other western threads destroyed

so the monnspeakers won, (inhales deeply) ok enjoy your generic japanese clones, thanks to put us one step forward to total loli prohibition


I suppose now the drawthread will last forever

>at least we can ask for western characters if we want a japan-look like version (I don't like the toonish anatomy anyway but now we have one more chain to carry)

4af514  No.81735

File: 847f3355b2316d2⋯.jpg (33.62 KB, 965x152, 965:152, oh.jpg)

And the result of Tewi's moderation are…

a79e58  No.81736

Tewi had to resort to his /monster/ hugbox to get some support because users here are blowing him the fuck out. Go look at their meta thread.


No surprises here.

c23bb9  No.81737

File: b87d6a8b47961e8⋯.gif (849.39 KB, 500x213, 500:213, b87d6a8b47961e8ab7897daa72….gif)


do we still have 80k posts?

seems like mods need to start deleting more pictures

ecc27a  No.81738


But, why are you mad if you don't like cartoons and prefer thr Anime versions, removing them should be something good for you.

16537a  No.81739


Not him, but I feel the same way. Boards live and die by activity. Post rate scales non-linearly with the number of users. Splitting a board in two doesn't mean that each "child" board gets half the number of posts - they'll actually get much less than half the activity each.

Also I fundamentally object to unnecessarily authoritarian moderation practices, especially when it comes to content which is already banned from most of the internet.

a58ac1  No.81740


Thanks for ruining this board with your weeb shit, faggot.

c8e63a  No.81742


Having one active board for all kinds of loli is better than having two semi-active boards for different kinds of loli.

c8e63a  No.81743

File: 13ddbd7ec907a20⋯.png (5.95 KB, 1265x52, 1265:52, 2017-12-08 18_04_07-_monst….png)


I love how he acts like this is a bad thing. This is the kind of policy this board should have.

87e602  No.81744




Come to think of it, why do we even have boards? Shouldn't everything on the site be on one big /8chan/ board? Surely everyone would be happier not having to split communities and go multiple places to find content. After all, you can just hide content you don't like, the composition of a community is completely irrelevant!

3f0143  No.81749


We're not talking about the composition of a community here, but rather its decomposition.

ab2595  No.81750

a /request/ board for every kind of legal request would be nice all drawfags in..new art flowing 24/7

>a board only for drawthreads

c8e63a  No.81751


Nice strawman, retard.

87e602  No.81752


Not a strawman when the core of your argument is "these groups that clearly hate each other should share a board." Don't even bother saying that they got along just fine before, the sheer amount of butthurt both here and on /delicious/ now proves otherwise. If anything this board had a completely false peace for the year or so between the slack in moderation and Tewi becoming BO.

By the way, is no one going to point out that the combined activity of /loli/ and /delicious/ is actually higher than /loli/ was by itself at pretty much any point before this split? Or would that not let you keep wallowing in butthurt about how the community is dying?

c8e63a  No.81755


>these groups that clearly hate each other

Only because the BO picked a side and antagonized the other.

6152e7  No.81772

File: aaf2c1fc66861da⋯.jpg (13.19 KB, 155x260, 31:52, JeffSessions.jpg)

I have some followup replies to >>81070 responses.


>how will you request that without posting a sample picture (which is clearly global rule breaking)?

I'm not sure what this refers to. https://8ch.net/faq.html#are-there-any-global-rules-regarding-content says "all nude images of children to be child pornography"

A sample image (a clothed image of the Fox News girl) would not break the rules to post.

A non-realistic 2D image inspired by her that is easily discernable from the real thing (the same way http://southpark.wikia.com/wiki/Hillary_Clinton is clearly not a photograph or life-drawing of Hillary Clinton) is what we're discussing here.

We haven't had any problems posting pornography of Anne Frank, for example, even though Anne Frank was a real person and a real minor (legally a child, under 18) even if her diary itself is fake.

Shadbase has not been V& despite http://www.shadbase.com/annie-frank-interrigation/ for example.

https://8ch.net/dost.html further explains policy:

>Nude photography of children (breasts / genitals), even within the context of "legal" nude photography (such as nudist colonies), are not allowed under any circumstances

That's fine because I don't want nude photographs. I want nude drawings based on clothed photographs.

>3D renderings that violate the aforementioned Dost test and are so realistic as to be indistinguishable from real children are also not allowed.

That's fine because I'm talking 2D art which is easily distinguishable.

>>81090 (this was TEWI)

>I'd rather you didn't, but there are a lot of works like that and I can't stop artists from drawing it elsewhere and having the art float back here. At the very least don't trace any part of her or of any other real child.

I am not capable of creating art, but I can definitely include "no tracing" in requests.

The idea is that someone draw (from scratch) entirely new postures, and preferably even entirely new proportions (I usually prefer giant-head big-eyes animesque exaggerations, more attractive than IRL) to make the girl cuter than she is IRL.

Could I make a test-post here of a hypothetical request I would put in a drawthread to see if it pasts muster?

d4c3d7  No.81774


>Could I make a test-post here of a hypothetical request I would put in a drawthread to see if it pasts muster?


Giving it a second thought, despite the fact that art might float back here, that's no reason for me to accommodate anything. There's no reason for me to be lenient on something that a previous BO allowed as to not upset the board or conflict with certain popular content, as we're clearly past that point. If your request includes a photo of a real child, past or present, no matter how safe for work I'm not going to allow it. Even if it wouldn't be traced, I don't want any pictures of real kids on this board.

Making "loli" versions of real people based on adult portraits could be allowed, but it's something more frequently entertained by western-style artists. Many of them have left already, and the western draw thread is gonna fade one day along with the containment thread.

16537a  No.81786


It's easy to do reductio ad absurdum in either direction. Presumably you don't want every single person on 8chan to have their own board where they only post things they like, do you?

The difference between this and, say, the /a/-/co/ split, is that /a/ and /co/ are both large boards which have no issues with being slow. The advantages of organization outweigh the loss of activity.


You may actually be right that both sides are predominantly made up of screeching autists who are incapable of ignoring things they don't like. In fact, that's what pisses me off most about the situation. The fact that events have played out like this shows that the conditions must have been ripe for it.

>By the way, is no one going to point out that the combined activity of /loli/ and /delicious/ is actually higher than /loli/ was by itself at pretty much any point before this split?

How much of that activity is in the meta threads on the two boards? Wait a month and then do the same comparison.

ecc27a  No.81794


/co/ is plummeting though, not even them like cartoons anymore, and they prefer to speak about shows and movies about comics than comics.

0c81fb  No.81912

Just get rid of the containment thread and complete the transition.

69a8d2  No.81920

Tewi, cut the loose ends that is the toon containment thread. Are you still here?

d4c3d7  No.81921



Between the requests in this thread and the report page, and the lack of activity in said thread, I suppose I can drop the containment thread now. I'll rewrite the rule for 3dcg to pertain to anime/unrealistic japanese game models too, rather than having more containment threads.

While I'm at it, I see drawthread 25 is at the bump limit. Please don't make a #26; just use the eastern loli drawthread >>71167 from here on. No more western requests are expected, after all. I'll leave the old drawthreads to 404 on their own, in case someone still wants to save something (unless someone uploads full archives of them).

a58ac1  No.81925

Almost all artists left this board. You'll be happy.

af9f7d  No.81926

File: 197fa1bb5be176b⋯.png (1.59 MB, 2270x1280, 227:128, 754985.png)


this board never will be 100% pure loli you know?

>100% lolis are FROM japanese people, ""loli"" made by non-japanese are just inferior versions (except of course the very good artists) and cuz an stupid japanese law they're censored!

..I wonder…if this board will hit the pco glacial levels of activity

418c6f  No.81927

File: 4ef5aacaaf85e5c⋯.png (6.68 KB, 656x82, 8:1, Then.png)

File: 850e33e85d7b648⋯.png (16.48 KB, 820x211, 820:211, Now.png)


The argument is mostly about art styles. Also, the numbers increased after the split.

060a97  No.81928

Thanks Tewi.

2e7ee6  No.81942

I'm quite surprised you allow toddlercon, given on how many pro-lolicon boorus and doujin sites refuse to host them.

4a341a  No.81943

File: 90d18b76f979413⋯.jpg (26.34 KB, 328x466, 164:233, 1476431238177.jpg)

Stupid and useless struggle, both styles are disguting and 'illegal' for the normie's world.

9950c8  No.81944


depend what styles are you talking about, but Anime/ manga style is far superior to any of the several cartoon styles unless they are "Animesque"

9950c8  No.81945


toddlercon is a 100% Japanese therm like waifu or lolicon.

a58ac1  No.81946


Don't give another bad idea to BO, asshole.

81543d  No.81950


"toddlercon" is not only not a japanese phrase, it was only coined (by a westerner) within the last 15 years. it's just a dumb meme and has no bearing on anything for anyone who isn't a fucking moron.

ad7835  No.81952


I think anime drawstyle would be more popular if there wasn't any faking censorship on it

ad7835  No.81953


That's a good question actually

9950c8  No.81954



Then "toddlercon" is a western invention, by definition "toddlercon" images being posted are just "lolicon" therefore, there is nothing wrong with posting "toddlercon" because it is just lolicon, plain and simple.

Makes boorus that ban it to look more retarded than what they really are, does Danbooru still allows it?


Anime style is still the most popular by overwhelming numbers in general, due to its technical quality, I must admit, I could never draw something like that, much less in Animated form, blows my mind it even exists.

d1071b  No.81960


not really,

pretty sure they use the term ぷに for that, or at least thats what its tagged as.


most use the loli tag as well anyway.

theres even a puniket for that stuff too


im pretty jealous of japan. just imagine if the reaction against this in the west.

d4c3d7  No.81961


It's basically a younger, smaller loli. It's not that big a deal. Plus small things are cute.


That may have been sarcasm.


>there is nothing wrong with posting "toddlercon" because it is just lolicon, plain and simple.

Pretty much.

>does Danbooru still allows it?

If they do, you'd need a gold account. I know tbib allows it.


You could also use ペド.

78b312  No.81963


At least toddlercons have the decency to self-contain the mess on their own.

4e5aff  No.81981

File: d6f253ddcbd25df⋯.png (475.76 KB, 680x1203, 680:1203, 1418590935542-1.png)

There's no reason western styled loli art/rule 34 shouldn't be allowed here. Loli is loli and if someone doesn't like a certain piece of art then no one is making you save it and you can hide threads/images you don't like. Separating loli into a million different boards and making them all oddly specific will just ruin the variety of content we'll find on this board. I'd rather there be this board for everything loli, with optional boards that are more specific if people want them like toddlercon, western lolis, rule 34 loli, etc.

There are already enough sites out there that have banned loli altogether, no reason to segregate different sorts of content away from this board as it doesn't make the board better.

4e5aff  No.81982


Numbers go up and down all the time. And it also depends on the time of day, 2am numbers are different than 7pm numbers.

7fa00b  No.81984


Cyncially speaking much of this internal division is basically just attempts to claim moral highground over things they find "alien" to rationalize their own fetish as something "more normal" to cope with normie rejection of loli and even anime in general (which do it for the exact same reason).


Banning styles will just replace squealing over "lol ugly anime bugs" and squealing over "lol shapes and doodles" with "lol avatar is anime a DELETE", "lol Born to Die is a Western artist STOP DELETING", "lol but this southpark lolis are drawn in anime style DELETE" squealing

a5f520  No.81985


>you can just hide what you don't like

We did that, it's now hidden on another board.

>board for everything loli

That's literally what this is now. Western was off-topic and was rightfully purged.


>I'm just here to shitpost

7fa00b  No.81993



you, did nothing


ontopic for others, ontopic per "textbook" definition


arbitrary and unjustified for others


Cute oneliner. Not exactly in the position to judge that after your unconstructive "my opinions the mandate from heaven and order of the land" post

a5f520  No.81995


>you, did nothing

You're right, I should have done much more over the last couple years to push the board towards this state.


/co/ material has never been "loli" by textbook definition, no matter how much you'd like to co-opt it

>arbitrary and unjustified

Objectively not arbitrary, you can whine all you like about it being unjustified though, but ultimately all you're arguing is that your vision of the board is different from what it now is. It's nothing but sour grapes.

9950c8  No.82001



That's the word, I blame bronies, before, /co/ stuff remained on /co/ and barely anyone else knew about whatever they were in to, then bronies "co-opted" /a/ memes words like "waifu" and "plot" etc.

c03ed8  No.82016


>Western was off-topic and was rightfully purged.


01f2fc  No.82031

File: 1e5f147cbe0e1ad⋯.png (4.13 KB, 965x49, 965:49, lolivcake.png)

Tewi's faggotry is only making Cake more and more popular than this board. Although /loli/ hasn't fell, wait when the time makes this board more unpopular, and even't appears in the top list.

7f96b8  No.82056

File: ce428186ca9ad70⋯.png (707.93 KB, 1400x860, 70:43, 4cddfb68ecdb2f776c9796139a….png)

File: 965ac4dc4a27893⋯.png (1.34 MB, 960x1680, 4:7, 288b5be602f5433a01f3f6a660….png)

File: ae8cfdb61091b6b⋯.png (954.61 KB, 840x1155, 8:11, 8abb1ec234b372ab28d0bab6e3….png)

File: ff02e6f65e7587c⋯.png (292.55 KB, 534x880, 267:440, e4b66a6e9b3ddd0c232d65a52a….png)

You westernfags are utterly unbearable. The reason why you were kicked out is very simple: the shit you posted was objectively awful. It was nothing but fucking hideous characters in even worse art styles. Simpsons? Those hideous girls from The Last of Us and The Walking Dead (bonus garbage points for being black, as black females are almost universally considered unattractive)? Any of these damned Calarts style cartoons? They're all fucking hideous and you would have to be both blind and gay to not be repulsed by the sight of them. And you were all over the damned board. It's easy to tell people to 'just hide it', but why the fuck would I wade through a good probably 70% of threads of your trash to find something that isn't revolting by default? Since you couldn't stop posting trash, anyone that actually liked loli and not Calarts abortions left the board. It's why I gave up on this shithole some years back. As time went on after the first exodus, the board just kept getting covered in western trash and every time I checked back, it had gotten even worse. Eventually I just stopped checking because all that awaited me was objectively bad art of objectively unattractive designs. People give nip art shit for 'poor anatomy and proportions', but what passes for western comics 'art' these days is infinitely worse in all regards. Hell, people complain about UAB, yet that art stands heads and shoulders above the average western crap.

There are talented western artists that don't just draw hideous characters, and that generally adapt the eastern style to some degree like Otto (pics related, obviously), but they're few and far in between. Worse still, that wasn't what you faggots posted. No, all I saw when I made my occasional visits back was fucking hideous drawings of the least attractive /co/ characters.

You're like scat posters. You find a porn board, start posting your literal shit, and eventually everyone else starts leaving because you just won't fuck off and stop posting your shit. When you at last get told to go away to your own containment board, what you have left is a board that everyone else knows as 'that scat board'. And now you fags act as if you're somehow superior for having the more active board, when all you do is post shit (I went to have a look on the front page, and with one thread as exception it was entirely hideous /co/ shit and mostly Calarts style). No shit, you're more popular; you successfully made everyone else flee the board.

You're unwanted because you post objectively bad things. How fucking hard is it to understand?

78b312  No.82062

File: 0cef59e6b4d2522⋯.png (67.18 KB, 275x300, 11:12, 1431399713182.png)


Hmm, the first truly disrespectful east-sider appears. You're a bit late to the flame war, though there might be a few embers left to go around.

4382a8  No.82063

File: 9e70b0a300c6347⋯.png (15.31 KB, 220x171, 220:171, tewi pillage.png)

godspeed tewifag

a58ac1  No.82064


STFU you dumb nasty faggot.

2d0eee  No.82070


Another brilliant and insightful tor post. Guess you have to do something while downloading cp at 20kb/s.

8af0dd  No.82074

Posting to give a bump in rankings.

a58ac1  No.82075


Why don't you admit that this board is fucked up?

7f96b8  No.82078


I've been pissed at these faggots ever since they started shitting up this board years back. There's something deeply wrong with the brains of these fuckers, to be able to find the shit they post attractive. What sort of mental disability is required to find Lisa fucking Simpson sexy? Poorly drawn images of her, at that. And when they aren't posting hideous shit like her or Calarts, they're posting overly realistic trash. Like that one fuckwit in another thread on this board, bragging about how the west's lolis 'look like actual children'. Well that's the fucking point, actual children aren't attractive, that's why loli is stylized (but not to the absurd degree that Calarts is). I certainly don't see how being a 3DPD pedophile is supposed to be a good thing either. Now they're acting like they're superior for having more posts, when a) they're the reason this board has so few nonshit users in the first place and b) having a lot of people posting garbage is not preferable to fewer people posting something of some degree of value.

These idiots revel in having a pool of dung and act like others are 'sperging' when they're told to go away. The shit they post is almost without exception objectively and utterly hideous, yet they act as if they're actually contributing to anything but the decline of the board.

7f96b8  No.82079

File: 6db6a319940e30b⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 589.11 KB, 960x547, 960:547, 6db6a319940e30b7b2bfcc45c0….png)

File: 342191cfdc30406⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 422.36 KB, 1131x1450, 39:50, 6e329b41735108a49680cd326d….png)

File: 2007cb3e08b2825⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.7 MB, 2346x2508, 391:418, 2007cb3e08b28259709dd77965….png)

File: 3a17221f4adc62e⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 135.61 KB, 500x644, 125:161, fa2667f9a04ea6898d6ad9202f….png)

Happened to see a picture illustrating one of the many, many problems with western shit. While manga style art is stylized, it's still clearly based on proper anatomy and you can tell that any decent artist has some grasp of human anatomy. The other three images are examples of the shit these fucking faggots post (all taken from the front page of /delicious/), and you can see just how utterly and objectively bad they are. They aren't stylized; they completely lack any and all grasp of human anatomy. And of course they're all straight up ugly, even ignoring the extremely poor anatomy.

485153  No.82080


I'll give you the second and fourth images, but the third? I don't know there's some eastern art like that, also the one of the right is a cyclops

78b312  No.82087



Maybe there was a good reason you were late. You would have been the easiest prey to the trolls if they all didn't get bored by now.

>Like that one fuckwit in another thread on this board, bragging about how the west's lolis 'look like actual children'. Well that's the fucking point, actual children aren't attractive, that's why loli is stylized (but not to the absurd degree that Calarts is).

>While manga style art is stylized, it's still clearly based on proper anatomy and you can tell that any decent artist has some grasp of human anatomy.

You have an opportunity to clear your head and think straight since nobody is around. The reason that loli art is 'superior' is because of the more realistic proportions. If the concept of children/teens not being remotely attractive were true, then boards like /loli/ and /delicious/ wouldn't exist. Nor would there have to be any laws against pedophilia, because nobody would care enough for the government to act upon them.

Right now you're only fitting the description of an earlier post.


I was just as salty as you were in 2016 when the board was at its worst state that I've witnessed, but make no mistake. Eastern and Western depravity are two sides of the same coin. There's just enough of an average difference between them to warrant a separation.

21574c  No.82107


you're forgetting Osamu Tezuka and Fujio F. its very easy not to see an elephant in front of your face when you're being biased lol

d1071b  No.82111

File: 841ca0c178602c4⋯.jpg (140.96 KB, 420x360, 7:6, large_imo01.jpg)


>pointing at 50 year old art styles as if it proves him wrong

youre an idiot.

that anon is wrong though.

its not much a matter of anatomy, its more a matter of cuteness and appeal.

most animu art has always focused on those aspects, (when not intentionally drawing ugly characters)

while a lot of western art is over stylized abstract shapes forced into barely human form, or characters drawn like hideous goblin looking things.

and for the western art that doesnt look like shit, they pretty much usually use pseudo anime style anyway

78edc7  No.82114


Your statements are subjective.

Again, what is banned - is everything that has a normal humanlike nose and/or eyes.

Has nothing to do with quality.

If nobody posted art you like - nobody is gonna do it now either.

People don't post anime art here not because they are scared of westfags, but because there are much better places for that, with more contrubutors and much bigger audience.

2cbef2  No.82188

Wasn't there a thread where Natis (?) posted updates? Is it gone? (I didn't see it in the catalog) And if so, was it banned or did it just bump off?

7e39b6  No.82189


This board has become a socialist state. All democrats and liberals moved to /delicious/. You can find natis there

626c45  No.82190


Go to the blog instead.



If you actually gave a fuck and weren't just here to shitpost, you would direct that anon to natis' blog, since neither he (obviously) nor his sister will be posting updates at places other than there. The /delicious/ natis thread is, at the moment, just a repost of art.

485153  No.82192


Is this true, Tewi?

78b312  No.82193

485153  No.82195


Roger that

59c236  No.82199


what do you mean im shitposting? is being socialist a bad thing? im just helping that guy, thats all. dont be so butthurt over everything, retard. its people like you that make us /loli/ look bad

485153  No.82200

Subtlety ain't your strong suit, I'm assuming

2cbef2  No.82201


Thanks; at this point, I thought maybe http://cbldf.org/f-a-q/ could help him, and I don't know how to share that on the blog without namefaggotry.

6152e7  No.82348

Tewi, I love drawthreads, but I propose we do not ally them here anymore because they cannot be archived.

As you can see here I was able to archive the 1st drawthread on /delicious/ http://archive.is/kADVb

This is something you can't do with any threads on /loli/ anymore. If you try submitting them to archive.is you get told that it is blocked. Happens with EVERY thread, I think archive.is has blocked every single thread posted under the 8ch.net/loli/ subdomain.

I would like to suggest that you open a new board called /lolidraw/ or similar exclusively for drawthreads. This wil not only keep them active much longer, but also allow them to be archived for when they do fall off the page.

That or maybe we should close this down and move to something similar like 8ch.net/lolis (this is not currently being used) because then we can evade the archive.is block and start archiving our threads again.

You could simply leave a note pointing to the new location, lock all threads and restart them at the new place. It would be a great new rebirth celebrating your new management, to resurrect the freedom to archive.

ec7956  No.82355


/l/ can probably just get claimed since it's abandoned. Tewi can just clean up /l/ and move the threads here to over there. If anything, anons should do the job of downloading the drawfag images anyway.

181075  No.82356


I'm up for an /l/ board, but it seems like a last resort. Would archive just block again? They'll block /delicious/ eventually. /l/ should be claimable by now for Tewi to renovate and I rather it as an alternative.

a797b9  No.82362


>would archive just block again?

This. There's absolutely nothing to stop them from doing that. Don't see why be a board move based on that when archive.is could just as easily prevent any 8ch thread from being archived (and it's a little surprising they haven't already)

a797b9  No.82363


Don't see why there should be*

d4c3d7  No.82365


Moving everyone out of /loli/ is not an option. You could always try saving the page (or just the images) and uploading a 7z/rar archive instead.


I can try claiming it, but there isn't much point. As already stated this won't guarantee that it won't get blocked in the future. Using it as an alternative is sorta pointless, since if anything happens that rendered this board unusable it's most likely a site-wide issue. Setting it up as the drawthread board would just pull more people away from /loli/, which we've had enough of at this point. Plus a board exclusively for drawfags would either be pretty empty, or an even deeper sea of endless requests.

ff24bd  No.82371


just post them to a booru. isnt there a loli booru you could use.

2920a9  No.82382


>the core of your argument is "these groups that clearly hate each other should share a board."

>wasnt the argument at all

textbook example of a strawman

>these groups that clearly hate each other should share a board

by "groups" you mean of course vocal and obsessed butthurt individuals that keep speaking for everyone and chimping out whenever they "feel" they are looking at something "different" by almost arbitrary standards

>By the way, is no one going to point out that the combined activity of /loli/ and /delicious/ is actually higher than /loli/ was by itself at pretty much any point before this split? Or would that not let you keep wallowing in butthurt about how the community is dying?

Its almost like there happend a board split that always start with a greater combined activity due to reposts and duplicate posting on top of a controversial reason leading to additional meta debates, only to quickly die down you utter clueless newfag

a797b9  No.82390

File: e21e2836c55384d⋯.jpg (92.11 KB, 593x564, 593:564, e21e2836c55384d69cbf697bcc….jpg)


>being this upset and desperate to shitpost even weeks later

I'm maybe even a bit impressed at this point.

012043  No.82476

>at work

>use tor because I know bosses can't really into computers but do look at history on the router

>try to post

>tor id banned for a fucking week

Brah I get that tor is used for spam, but you hand out a few hours so the person fucks off, not a week.

a797b9  No.82480


I don't remember the last time I saw a genuinely constructive post from a tor ID on any board, so I doubt much would be lost if it was disabled entirely, frankly.

6ca67c  No.82555



I WANT A DRAWTHREAD 26 AND MORE IT'S NOT FUCKING FAIR Tewi!!!! I tried so hard to get my Bucktooth boy and Trinket St. Blaire request and it came to nothing WHYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D;:

637d44  No.82558



Yes, I can definitely see that: >>82554

2daa2d  No.82560


Somebody tell ED and /cow/ about this. This latest sperg needs to be documented for the Encyclopedia.

667dbb  No.82565


Suck your Kappus shit all the way back to Christchurch, Colby

6ca67c  No.82569



Go fucking kill yourself that Encyclopedia Dramatica is a cancer and needs to be shut down from the fucking internet for good! IT's a Cancer your the cancer and need to be elimated and shut down now SHUT THE FUCK UP!

78b312  No.82571


At least take this to /delicious/ where your ilk has migrated. This isn't the place for you anymore.

a06954  No.82579

File: 821a938059441f0⋯.jpg (5.81 KB, 377x330, 377:330, spurdo drinking.jpg)

46be37  No.82581


too bad. /delicious/ had already fucked him straight in the ass a few weeks ago. that's probably why he lurks here now

46be37  No.82582


from a cancer's viewpoint, any medicine is a cancer for cancer indeed

78b312  No.82583


Oh yeah, how could I have forgotten that? Probably because his existence is forgettable.

a58ac1  No.82602

That means western requests are allowed in the only alive Drawthread. Isn't it, Tewi?

20ae26  No.82603


maybe you should just Not look at loli at work?

6ca67c  No.82608

You know what I am going to say about Rayryan90 I am fucking sick of his bad behaviour he has not been very nice to me or treated me with respect.

Why does he hold a grudge against me any reason huh well I am fucking waiting?" >:(

c84d4d  No.82611




Who the fuck are you for us to respect you? Respect is earned, not given. If anything, you deserved to be laughed at you lol/cow/. I don't know why you are still here now that /loli/ is an anime board now.

da09ca  No.82613


Why don't you go back to >>>/delicious/ with the other cartoonfags and complain there?

bd8bc3  No.82615


If you are going to be here, get into anime and have an anime loli waifu. The only requests you can ask for are anime girls. Your OC might as well be an anime boy. Marathon anime, play a lot of Japanese videogames, become the weeb.

6ca67c  No.82616




Okay but one thing I have to ask you is it's about Venge_Ace an artist that used to be on pixiv

Okay why did he delete his pixiv account are they're any reasons to it?

78b312  No.82627


If someone like you messaged him daily, that would be anyone's reason.

ef92de  No.82628


Seriously, as suggested, watch anime. Give up that Western cartoon garbage and watch anime and read manga. Go to >>>/rec/ and ask for a recommendation of anime with lolis for you to binge on. Get yourself a loli anime waifu. Don't come back until you finished binge watching anime.

01f2fc  No.82632


Then, why not a DT26?

74b43d  No.82657


I'm sorry Colby. I really do. Just ignore some of these bastards. /loli/ welcomes everyone.


Cartoonfags have been treating him harshly than even here. I don't think he will go back there.


This Colby. Watch some anime, you will be cured

6637bc  No.82658




>This Colby. Watch some anime, you will be cured

I think he should get into anime, it would help him.

>Non non biyori

>Card Captor Sakura

>Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou

>Flying Witch

>Little Witch Academia



>Nyanko Days

>Monster Musume

>Hinako Note

>Blend S

>Azumanga Daioh

>Lucky Star

>Ancient Magus Bride

There's a lot of anime for Colby to watch and much more. Colby should get into anime, get an anime waifu. If he doesn't know where to watch them he can

>Get a VPN and torrent them from nyaa.pantsu.cat

>Stream them on gogoanime or kissanime if he doesn't want to torrent

>Stream them on Crunchyroll (faggots do this)

Alright Colby, go marathon a lot of anime. Don't return until you finished binge watching as much anime as you can, which should take you about a month or so.

66b21a  No.82659

Who is this colby faggot and why are you all desperately trying to turn him into a weeb?

74b43d  No.82662


is there anything wrong with showing people the beauty of anime?

66b21a  No.82663


Theres something wrong with shilling and you lot act like really desperate shills.

78b312  No.82666


I mean the guy is clearly at a rock bottom moment of his life. Converting him into a total weeb would be somewhat of a mild upgrade.

74b43d  No.82668

File: 78bb7760c2b0b56⋯.jpg (29.35 KB, 346x346, 1:1, niggaudontunderstand.jpg)

75a419  No.82693


If he's going to be here, he might as well be into anime. Who knows, it may improve him. If not, he might as well go back to /delicious/

ed399a  No.82724



What if I like ugly crap like Ruby Gloom and Simpsons porn?

40b16c  No.82727

234d8e  No.82735


If you think they're ugly, stay here. This guy >>82727 trying to make you vomit on your keyboard

234d8e  No.82737

Holyshit Tewi did you just locked that thread? What about muh entertainment???

2eb20b  No.82749

File: 4117af85c941320⋯.jpg (95.57 KB, 1782x488, 891:244, colbygetsrekt.jpg)


You can make Colby a weeb but you can't cure autism. This is a bad idea.




never forget

0b7fc2  No.82774

File: 459b0ffa98dcfd9⋯.jpg (132.74 KB, 794x716, 397:358, WEIRD EYES.jpg)



"It's easier to fool people

than to convince them that they have been fooled"


d4c3d7  No.82779


Well at least you're innocent on one count, I guess. That doesn't dismiss the rest of your past grievances, not to mention western is banned anyways.


>I like too anime chatacters (I can't name them for obvious reasons)

If you really liked them, you would have just posted them anonymously without tipping off your presence, instead of gallivanting about with your cartoon image and namefaggotry.


>I remeber at /loli/ when I tried to talk via email to solve this problem with this troll and my bans, he just replied to me with insults, saying stupids things like "I will unban you ionly if you send me a photo of yourself inserting an egg into your ass"

<Doesn't mention that was Cluck back when he was still BO (not that they don't hate me over there anyhow)

Post last edited at

0b7fc2  No.82780


>not to mention western is banned anyways.

I just want post on drawthreads.

>Well at least you're innocent on one count, I guess

Read the whole posts please. Maybe in this way you realize that this troll was a lier all this time, and therefore, all that crap that he said here at /loli/ was other lies.This problem about cp trace was his last lie.

>If you really liked them, you would have just posted them anonymously without tipping off your presence, instead of gallivanting about with your cartoon image and namefaggotry.

I am not a namefag, am just using this name here for you. I always post without any name, but is very hard do it when this troll reply to my posts, always spamming crap like:

>abusefag alert

>mods delete this because I say

Or when a draw friend finally decide draw my request, this troll reply to that artist and tell him a lot of bullshit(as that crap of cp trace or that I will stalk him) just to make that this draw friend don't draw my request. 90% of times his shitpost works.


The only thing that I know, is that the person with I was talking via email and that he told me that crap about the egg was someone named "Jains"

This was the email:


e79b3d  No.82782


Will you put a sock in it. Nobody likes you and never will. You're just being an obnoxious whiner about shit you brought upon yourself. Enough of this fucking victim complex.

0b7fc2  No.82785

File: 834767b78b29d8c⋯.png (391.3 KB, 558x498, 93:83, nigga u wat.png)


Am talking with the board owner.

On the most polite way am asking to you that please don't reply to me or my requests never again. I don't want that people start a flame or a shitstorm for my talking with Tewi. Regards.

9438b3  No.82791


Oh hell no. I’m not going to stand idly by while you throw a pity party. Do you know what you are? A predator. I’ve seen how you operate in threads. Once you spot an artist that’s new and isn’t aware of who you really are, you bombard them with requests. Now you’re doing what Speedy does and straight up reply to them begging them to draw for you. Here’s the evidence: https://desuarchive.org/aco/thread/1972305/#1973369

You’re nothing but a lying, manipulative, and egotistical scumbag.

0b7fc2  No.82792


>t. the troll stalker

Fuck off.

9438b3  No.82793


>t. I have no argument

You’re the one who needs to fuck off. We banished you once and we’ll do it again.

9438b3  No.82794


Also, let me get this straight.

>provide no evidence of your bullshit

“He’s a lying troll don’t listen to him”

>provide evidence of your bullshit

“He’s a stalker troll don’t listen to him”

You’ve got a half assed excuse for everything, don’t you.

89c4a2  No.82795

The joke's on Vampirefag. There hasn't been any artists left to stalk on /loli/ since the west-purge. The last among them was an old friend I knew online. He was working on some vorefag request last I checked. Someone started spreading a recent rumor that he got depressed and ultimately committed suicide. That source is known to lie a lot. And really I hope it's just another sick joke.

9438b3  No.82797


It’s “abusefag”. Don’t let him drag an entire genre through the mud with his own self appointed name of “vampirefag”.

47f9ba  No.82801



God Bless this retard

acd7f1  No.82819


>I just want post on drawthreads

Then learn how to draw anime style. There's the tutorial thread, there's plenty of anime tutorials out there. Learn the basics, buy anatomy art books and dolls. I'm not familiar with you since I came after the Western purge.

1d8e73  No.82820


>after the Western purge



i'm pretty sure he meant by requesting in drawthreads instead of delivering. he's a vampirefag. he sucks blood, not giving them away. but how do you know about the purge if you claim you came after it happened anyway? just curious because that came out of the blue, seems very out of context and irrelevant to the current situation. you know, that word smells… bait-y.

tutorial thread has been long dead btw

acd7f1  No.82823


News of the Western purge reached even /a/

>Tutorial thread us dead

It's pinned with references to help anyone interested in drawing, so it's still helpful.

86606b  No.82824


>how do you know about the purge if you claim you came after it happened anyway?

There was a loli thread on /a/, not the current one, that had OP and other anons cheer and calibrate the Western purge. News reached /a/, /monster/ and /v/. /v/ wasn't happy like the other two.

1d8e73  No.82825



Ah, I see. I haven't lurk in /a/ lately

9950c8  No.82826


It seems the troll, got trolled; the drawfag, got a drawing and the post got posted.

98ab49  No.83187

I assume it is fine to ask poll questions here:

>your country

>legality of loli in your place of residence (if known)

>do you use VPN/onion/etc. ?

I'm curious as to what kind of audience this board has, and I suppose this is one of the places where people might actually be able to tell the truth. It's also interesting to see which countries are ok and which aren't (eg. US is fine I think, but I've heard all their Commonwealth allies classify it as CP)

2a8833  No.83189


This board doesn't have an audience left, its not even on the front page anymore after having remained there for years so press F to pay respects.

98ab49  No.83193



Regardless of subject matter, it's sad to see any community dying. I can sympathise.

98ab49  No.83201

Well, the last two deliveries were Cake. I can't do anything for this board. I'm tired of that anti-Tor and anti-pedo shit, then, fuck off Tewi.

ca5a93  No.83215

File: 720c8ebedbc44d0⋯.png (888.23 KB, 995x559, 995:559, Potatophone.png)

File: a5a14d4f55f1a4b⋯.jpg (68.94 KB, 624x349, 624:349, y6578678.jpg)


>i'm pretty sure he meant by requesting in drawthreads instead of delivering. he's a vampirefag. he sucks blood, not giving them away

>Finally someone understand my role play

God damn it Anon! You're a god damn genius! This is the most outstanding answer I have ever heard. You must have a goddamn I.Q. of 360. You are goddamn gifted. Anon.

Whatever, as I said, once I tried to come back a bit of that "hapinnes" that this place has give me time ago, but as usual, BO on that time just act as an asshole and deleted my stuff and ban me again putting on ban reason "unspecific reason"

So? Can I go back to request on the drawthreads my cute vampire children? p-please Tewi?

e26174  No.83216


>7. This board is now dedicated to Japanese anime/video game lolis. Western or cartoon style "lolis" are no longer permitted

00abd3  No.83217


Go away. No one even wants your autism.

bab6f0  No.83233


Lol few months ago, on delicious you said something about "all shitty weaboo from /loli/" and now you want to post here ?

And no, this isn't because someone request western stuff that mean this is allowed. If someone request western stuff he doesn't respect the rules.

bab6f0  No.83234


Find the post: https://8ch.net/delicious/res/219.html#q335

And now I know why you're back here … Lincold banned you on delicious, topkek.

446ec3  No.83237

It's as the saying goes, only the dead can know peace from this evil. I don't mind a little board downtime, but I wonder if Tewi is pursuing whatever the dumb attention-hungry games are all about. Now that /delicious/ is a thing the board should be fit enough to run for it?

e26174  No.83248


The attention-hungry games are pretty difficult to use, since it relies on rng to beat the competition and get advertised globally.

I put up a thread on /boards/ today; hopefully that'll help.

a3975d  No.83250


i think he's being sarcastic

446ec3  No.83257


Nah not me. Board's in good shape with a clean slate. Just needs some attention and a new kind of staying power to set it apart from other boards. The latter is easier said than done.

d5bd99  No.83262


The main problem of /loli/ is the same that made it to accommodate cartoon porn in the firest place, people prefer to post loli on /a/ for whatever reason.

28a2da  No.83265


>for whatever reason

I can explain exactly why this is. One of the biggest reasons for the exodus that gave 8/a/ it's core userbase was certain contrary mods treating people making loli (among other) threads on 4/a/ like utter shit, and this has not since gotten better. Posting loli on /a/ and having it belong there (it does) is really validating to anyone who put up with 4chan's mods shitting over /a/'s culture for years. They don't even have blue board rules apart from spoilering on 8/a/ so they can post and discuss NSFW with impunity. /loli/ is a pretty hard sell, even without western. Honestly what would've been better instead of /loli/ splitting would've been /a/ and it's related boards (including a 'proper' /loli/ having their own site free from the influence of the rest of 8chan, but that's asking for a lot more. Always been puzzled why /a/ stays on this site when 95% of the rest of it is anathema to /a/ culture and it has to moderate more harshly as a result.

16548b  No.83268



long story made short; blame /a/ for everything that has happened to this board

98ab49  No.83270

To my volunteer typesetter who lurks at /loli/, or to anyone here who visits littlewhitebutterflies, could you ask Grink to send me his corrections to my translation asap, preferably at the website:



in case I do not read them here?

I am using Tor and I have tried several times, to reach him but Discord will not let me login because it thinks I'm a bot. I did manage to login at least once or twice and messaged him but nothing has happened. I gave him my contact information, but I haven't gotten more than 5 pages of edits from him over a month ago. I want to finish this so I can get a typesetter, and would like him to tell me what he is doing before I move on and just typeset it without a proofreader. (I've had this script for 6 months, and he has had 2 months to proofread it.) Also tell him to please contact me at another forum where Tor posting doesn't require intrusive successions of captchas. Thanks.

P.S. All the Fallen's present administrator is definitely a control freak/Nazi. Just putting that out there before his drones attack me again.

98ab49  No.83271

Again, you can reply to me here:


d5bd99  No.83278


Yeah, this is also the reason why waifuism boards never grow at 8ch., /a/ has it all already covered, it has waifus, lolis, etc. The only mystery to me is why /monster/ is so relatively prosperous.

181c86  No.83331

File: 26a855dd155df40⋯.png (391.96 KB, 1154x653, 1154:653, dora the whore.png)

I for one am glad the western stuff was kicked out. Only a small minority of lolicons actually liked both western and eastern with it leaning more towards the western people. The people who are here for actual japanese hot lolis in general dislikes western cartoon porn. You put a fag who likes Rustle with a dude that likes Lisa Simpson porn. The weeb would kill himself.

Picture related case in point it would be a travesty if on /a/.

ed3020  No.83333


yeah, i glad too now that /a/ weebs finally killed the board

6c2bb5  No.83343


Yeah now the only loli board on this site thats alive is a western only one, thanks for your inability to handle people liking something you don't like you fucking faggots.

ceffbb  No.83348


quads of truth

446ec3  No.83349


Would rather have a dead board than to be associated with the namefags that migrated to delicious. And every time I start to think I miss what it was, people like you remind me exactly what it was like and I feel content again.

6c2bb5  No.83350


>Would rather have a dead board than to be associated with the namefags that migrated to delicious

I wouldn't but I guess it doesn't matter what all the people who left and turned this place into a dead board wanted for this board all that matters is that you get to look at a now dead board and feel content right?

ceffbb  No.83354


Rather have a dead city than seeing it fell to people you hate eh? Typical barbarian mentality. Ever wondered why you always meet assholes your whole life? That's because YOU are the asshole. Everyone else is fine

446ec3  No.83360


Now you're getting it. The satisfaction of a sperg-free environment is very important. Solid groundwork for fun times after a moment of silence that lasts a season.


I only wondered why /loli/ was full of assholes some time ago, though the answer was given to us. Also my reality doesn't have many assholes either. Got good friends and a decent job. I can meet all sorts of assholes out there if I wanted to. The first step to doing that is voluntarily associate myself with obvious trash, similar to choosing to reply to useless posters here.

ad6480  No.83361




Why are you guys still here?

446ec3  No.83364


Attending the board, following up on the activity in this thread and the others. The trolls in this thread want some entertainment too. Why are you still here?

6c2bb5  No.83366


You choose to reply to us because theres nothing else to do on this board.

326d95  No.83368


pouring some victory oil, of course. seeing losers burn is one of the best entertainment we can get out of this dead board

326d95  No.83369


>why /loli/ was full of assholes some time ago, though the answer was given to us

you do realize that many good men also disappear around that time right? gee i wonder what happened?

446ec3  No.83373


The better people that left long beforehand probably didn't get the memo. And even if they did, the vermin that triggered the radical change in the first place drained the life out of the place until there was nothing left but toxicity and cringe. So it's only natural that the next few months will be dry. Only underdeveloped one-dimensional mindsets will assume that this is the board's final form. Lolicons aren't THAT reclusive.

But imageboards never really were known for thinking ahead.

528884  No.83374


This. After all the chaos that happened here did you seriously expect a bumpless aftertime?

We'll get some inactivity for a while, but it's no harm.

Remember this: it's 100 times better a slower but comfy board than a bigger one filled with namefags and faggots.

326d95  No.83375



Well sure tards. Keep denying. I do remember vividly many weebs bragged about how /loli/ will become much more lively and popular right after the purge while /delicious/ will quickly died after those "cancerous westfags" invaded that board. Now that the contrary has happened, you start shilling new theories like "it's only natural that the next few months will be dry". I wish you can see just how hard I'm laughing right now.

446ec3  No.83377


The only sad part is that when the new theory holds true you'll simply disappear. Sure you'd heckle some of the new cast like a mosquito until you get kicked/banned during the movement, but there is no guarantee that it would be you specifically. Oh well.

da772a  No.83379


>when the new theory holds true

and when your new theory fails, you'll just shill another "new theory". and then another. and another. like you retards never done that before. pftt

>Sure you'd heckle some of the new cast like a mosquito until you get kicked/banned

and now you expecting mods will spend their precious time to ban people who simply irritate a random weeb. you're such a baby.

whatever. we all know who's clearly a winner here so further arguments will only hurt you. if you want me to disappear, simply admit the facts. then when you stop providing me with materials to ridicule you, i'll disappear.

528884  No.83383


You know what genius? You haven't understood a thing.

Now: western loli fans and japanese ones splitted, /delicious/ became bigger than us. Do you know what this means? Only that there were more western fans here than the japanese ones. PERIOD!

Now tell me: how from this do you deduce that we are going to die? It's simply a smaller community.

I am not one of those people that cries desperately if users drops. That's not what matters the most.

Again: quality over quantity, always.

Also joke's on you, I am mostly a lurker so no I am not denying stuff for defending this board. It's just the truth.

da772a  No.83385


>there were more western fans here than the japanese ones

>simply a smaller community

>it's just the truth

damn, new theories! that's quick! trump should learn a few things from you.

blablabla whatever. no matter how much you defend yourself or shilling new theories, shit already happened, everyone silently regrets, you'll remain a sad weeb, and halcyon days won't return. that IS the truth you need to swallow.

>joke's on me

>i'm the one laughing


528884  No.83388


I love how you avoided the whole point. I'll ask again - from what you are saying that this board is dying?

We lost western fans, that's all.

>everyone silently regrets

I don't regret anything. I vividly prefer calmer days than the costant shitposting and flame that were here before.

>you'll remain a sad weeb

<not liking Lisa Simpson porn means I'm a weeb

Well this says a lot. Also because liking western lolis is so much better right? What are we even talking about? Just trying to say that one is better than the other is asinine. We have different tastes that's all!

>joke's on me

>i'm the one laughing

Yeah wrong wording. English is not my language.

What I meaned is that I am not a regular, I have no reason to desperately defend anything. This is just what happened.

You are the one that is laughing over nothing.

9eebed  No.83392

File: 51a8e3694afc756⋯.jpg (91.34 KB, 700x350, 2:1, tewi is fine thanks :a:.jpg)


181c86  No.83411


This is totally fine. I see no issues. This board has always been slow and it losing a chunk of the traffic when delicious split away meant only one thing: western loli fags were more active than easter loli fags. And thus why would a eastern loli fag want to room in here in the first place?

64a9f4  No.83532

File: f94ec42d2732095⋯.jpg (19.18 KB, 400x337, 400:337, shoot_in_the_foot.jpg)

What a pathetic situation when a /loli/ board bans loli images.

I remember long ago Hotwheels said something like "A board is killed by too much hotpocketing, rarely the opposite." When too much personal bias is put into a board's moderation it is akin to strangling it.

Additionally, boards like /pol/ would not even exist if admins or moderators caved to the manufactured consensus to remove it. Groups of autists persistently plagued /meta/ and /operate/ demanding /pol/ be deleted. I personally don't want to see 8chan become like Reddit when a handful of autists can crank out a ton of negative posts (downbloats) to get content removed; simplistic shill tactics manipulating what is acceptable. But I've seen this kind of thing happening for ages, even a decade ago on 4chan there were always autists demanding "thing I don't like" be removed even when it was entirely related to the board.

Go ahead and kill a bulk of your content and traffic while the autists gleefully pretend that shooting yourself in the foot is a positive thing. When the subject self-harms on command the subversion is complete.

4bc393  No.83556

I don't understand the whole situation here. tl:dr.

is loli only for characters that are from a japanese source or in japanese style?

what happen with western shit in japanese style?

what happen if I'm an italian but my drawing are in perfect japanese style?

if the separation means loli is not a board for lisa simpson drawings nor nicktoons in japanse style. then what's the problem?

ec083c  No.83558


Borntodie VN (with original characters) thread has been left alone, in essence this answers your question.


This is all completely academic because any censorship is happening at a board level, not a site level. Funny that you'd bring up Hotwheels and reddit as counterpoints to each other, as if it wasn't that limp-legged kike's intention to fill this place with reddit from the beginning.

4157a7  No.83566

Hey Tewi, go to >>>/animu/ and ask for /loli/ to be a board friend.

9fa4fd  No.83570



As an oldfag I find this current state of the board is like what it were back in early 2014.

Not kidding, I stopped browsing loli when your/those western loligroup from some obscure forum that probably got taken down spammed the entire board including that one guy who always REQUEST+ his collection of unusual western lolis.

Nothing changed and in fact it had always been like this way right now since forever until you guys came, it's just that you guys get separated from us because we demanded you to go into your containment threads so I don't have to scour all over my batch download and delete every western image accidentally included. You can even see OLD thread numbers here that predates you to never contain any trace of western cartoon content.

You already have 6 pages of posts so where's the problem? I don't see aside from sounding like complaining at you're mum.

RULES are meant to dispute. They banned several anons before for complaining about them and even edited few of my posts. What a bunch. It's like that /b/ superstar redditor BO.


The art style.

Moe not cartoon, redditor.

9fa4fd  No.83571

The reason WHY I stopped archiving /loli/ is because of you cartoon lovers.

c91c91  No.83577

File: e23381372f15713⋯.jpg (215.1 KB, 855x1000, 171:200, ab57337b1f9ad148bdda9492e2….jpg)

I'd probably post here more if the rules list didn't look so ugly and if Tewi didn't leave a bad taste in my mouth of being a bad moderator.

The rules are not organized by importance, the formatting (the redtext) distracts and makes it jumbled. Rule 2 is practically rule 1, rule 8 is rule 2 and 7.

It can be rewritten as:

0. Global rules apply.

1. Anime loli. Nothing real nor realistic. No calarts.

2. 3dcg should be stylized, fit the theme, and not realistic

3. Spoiler guro and scat

4. Deviant fetishes go in their respective containment threads

5. OP must post minimum 15 images for image dump threads.

6. Meta in >>/

7. Source requests in >>/

For calarts go to /delicious/

I.e. keep the rules to the point.

-Cartoons and calarts everyone already knows is shit, but "western" art is not defined properly and can be confusing since there are some good western artists/artstyles that are generally acceptable.

-Stop avatarfagging, it's a fucking nuisance. Maybe this is my biggest issue or annoyance. I don't want to be reminded the board is owned by a faggot each time I scroll past the rules or see Tewi. Must be special to fuck up making /loli/ about loli.

e26174  No.83586


Yeah, I'm pretty bad at writing. The redtext was to indicate the newest change to rules, while the bold was older changes. If you don't mind I'll gladly use your list.

I almost never avatarfag on /loli/, so I'm not sure why you're bringing that up.

d5bd99  No.83588


Western properties in moe style (manga style) are OK as long as they are high quality,but let's be honest westerners on average, draw worse than the Japanese, this leads to very few posteable western charater loli images, that's all.

4bc393  No.83591


>high quality

what kind of elitist shit is this?

do you want to kill all the drawthreads?

d5bd99  No.83598

File: ff1e7e9fc8717c2⋯.jpg (42.05 KB, 712x712, 1:1, KUIZUFUIEE.jpg)


I don't know what you understand as high quality, but I was talking about artists that must know Anatomy and perspective because Anime style is based on them, for me , that is quality.

4bc393  No.83599


As a drawfag myself I do know how to do that (enough) and I don't consider myself a "Good quality" artist.

also I've already heard at least from 4 or 5 different drawfags that they don't want to draw here or they stopped because of these new rules.

not because they are limited in someway. because of the whole situation. this fucking mess.

being honest I agree with the separation between western and anime artstyle.

Just like I totally agree with separation between furry and kemono.

not because glorious japan but for the artstyle. I Just don't like western artstyle not 90% of it's characters.

anyway. both delicious and loli are slow as fuck so I don't expect that much from here.

so whatever happens I'm not going to complain.just leave if it get worse.

00abd3  No.83602

As someone that likes anime, this board is too unfriendly now. Too much animu fanwanking ruined this board and its not even /co/fags fault.


The point of drawthreads is for artists when they run out of ideas and the need to practice drawing. Demanding quality commission tier deliveries will only scare of new artists that are starting out.

46f929  No.83605


I haven't browsed much to tell whether you do here, being honest. I'm just going by the pinned thread's image.

716b6a  No.83615

File: d67c3bb3c4c338c⋯.jpg (80.99 KB, 736x914, 368:457, 459e572c81038e6e1dfd889bb8….jpg)

I guess we've reached another turning point but problems remain to be solved not to be wept.

This is the only way to go.


What happened now is

>for some reason all other draw threads #xx got wiped off but there's nothing we can do anymore

>co artfags locked down on their own board

>loli artfags already left during cartoon hugboxing and they won't be coming back

What we need is

>a welcoming committee for artists but not enough to tarnish it again as cartoon hugboxing to ward off even more lurkers

>be friendly for not-so good artists or beginners

>we can teach westies the "grorious nippon ways"

>call to arms; gather more lol/ic/ons by crossposting loli websites

What is disputed

>not everyone wants to see literal cartoon or disney tailored for children as porn since it just raises a lot of eyebrows

>although loli does raise eyebrows too, most of the content were not magical girls level children show and this is already an existing subculture in japan

>no posting of human 3dcg or human drawings mostly 'traced' since it can get some people really vanned like that anon

716b6a  No.83616

IIRC moving threads to other boards were a thing here. Did you guys delete all western threads?

255d62  No.83617


HW got rid of that thing a lot of time ago sadly. I've been trying to do so too but it's not possible.

a63a6b  No.83624

What do you feel about shota?

ce7164  No.83626




>futa loli

>trap loli

Also want custom flags.

446ec3  No.83635



If it were my call I'd say allow it into containment threads.

e26174  No.83646


It's fine as long as a loli's involved too, naturally.




That's just a feminine shota. Again, fine alongside loli. Futa currently has its own thread.

I haven't played with flags, but I don't see anything wrong with it. If you want to contribute some flags, then by all means. Flags must be a maximum of 48KB and 11-20 x 11-16 pixels.

f25f19  No.83667


>because of the whole situation. this fucking mess

Me too. I was an artfag who occasionally deliver in drawthread and edit thread. Now I'm retired and spend my time lurking in /dcaco/ fapping to mangamaster's weekly drops, and /delicious/ because they have, in my opinion, a few eastern art containment threads that are ironically much better than /loli/'s current situation. I left this board a few days before Tewi chased off those western fags. I consider myself an unprejudiced fapper. I enjoy fapping to lolicon no matter where they come from or how realistic or unrealistic they are. Because they are fictional characters anyway so fuck logic or anatomy. As long as they have fictional tight bald pink cunts. The reason why I left and stop contributing mostly because both sides getting too loud and autistic for me to fap peacefully. And the shitstorm that was originally confined in this thread spilled all over the board and taint every fucking thing. I blame Tewi for his inability to handle the situation before it got worse and decided to chose a side instead despite being a fucking moderator. I also heard some rumor that /a/ was behind everything so it pissed me off even more. That's why I decided to leave. But every few days, I would occasionally come here, hoping that things will settle and start anew but I still can't find a new bud growing below the deep deep fallout snow. Some of you might not agree with my opinions, but this is simply what I saw.


And now you want to put shota into the equation. Good job faggot

bfc3dc  No.83678


Actual /loli/ is gaining ground on /delicious/ and /loli/ itself is back up getting close each day, cartoonfags never stood a chance, cartoons are just to ugly and low quality.

3dd33e  No.83679


Shut up. /a/ fags like you are the one who started this whole mess. If you don't like something, just use the fucking hide button. There is no need to start a genocide to eliminate everyone you hate just because they fap to ugly low quality cartoons. What will you get after a war? A barren wasteland, always. I enjoy fapping to both eastern loli and western loli so I'll stick with /dcaco/ and /delicious/. They already welcomed me with hospitality and provided a comfy place to hang around without petty arguments, their mods are also quick to respond whenever stupid arguments arose and deleted fiery comments from both sides in order to stop the thread from derailing, not to mention that many great and talented artists have already hanging around so I won't let them turn into a barren battleground of ideals like this place. You can stay here being a mutant and enjoy whatever radioactive waste you can salvage in order to live your miserable live as a loser.

6725a4  No.83680


i didn't even know there were other loli boards…good to know, i kinda considered western could have stayed in a couple threads, but the 3d had no place here

e6faa4  No.83682

Why can't you 1 post per ID "/co/ people" take this with some grace, get over it, and stop harassingthe threads here? Your board is full of energy on it's honeymoon before being gutted by the notorious cancer that scares away CC (abusefag, Speedy, the rugrats guy), you should be enjoying it there and not spending time here bitter over the fact you got the boot. The CalArts baby was thrown out with the bath water but but that doesn't mean we aren't going to have a great firewall here the next time the retards try and roost. You'll collectively shit the bed given the type of content that attracts problem posters and then the people that matter will be back here where not posting Western content is a small sacrifice to make to ensure there is little to no bullshit.

526690  No.83687

File: 814a7e99d3821e1⋯.jpg (223.42 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 59272005_p0_master1200.jpg)


>Shut up. /a/ fags like you are the one who started this whole mess. If you don't like something, just use the fucking hide button.

Wewm8. I'm not the anon you replied to…

The cartoon fags were AFAIK outsiders invited by jim during the infinity next failure and final exodus. Mainly for filling in the lost traffic and also to fill up the lost BO and VOL positions during the IP leak and tor/pedo board shutdown.

If only I knew beforehand that the loli BO stopped logging in before then I could've claimed this board but IIRC the board was unclaimable for (((some reason))) and IIRC were reserved for (((them))) and another IIRC the BO couldn't login for some reason. Remember pic related? Used to post in the drawthreads before it all went downhill but you won't understand anyway. Most artists had left and maybe you don't understand because you swing that way and you will never even care because your ego is insurmountable.

…didn't care about the userbase and most of the sitewide BO/VOL replacement had really massive ego and don't even know chan culture plenty of them were reddit spacing too and holy shit they even filled the email and name field.

Almost all of the artists that left had conviction and reason to leave. The reason is your masterfag spamming rugrats request everytime that the entire page1 is all western art. No moe artists want to see that shit.

You faggots came here pillaging everything that we'd built.

I invited artists from /ic/ /b/ and several other different places and guess what? They're all gone. Happy now?

Complain more if it makes you feel any better.

Y'all cartoonfags just low-key want to make a point that your artworks are better than animefags just so you can feel better for yourselves. Scram and never come back if you do. Shoo shoo.

d5bd99  No.83707


I am anti cartoon but not anti western, not all that is western is cartoons, this is where Tewi dropped the ball, with me at last.

938ed8  No.83714


>All this butthurt and revisionism

Kek. Cartoonfags were here long before the IN failure.

bf90f0  No.83733


How do you feel about >>>/v/14274242

e26174  No.83734


It's somewhat inaccurate.

c65dd5  No.83857

Hey Tewi, do you know that /animu/ listed /loli/ as friend of the board? You should go check out their meta thread, some anons were discussing on wanting to resurrect /loli/. Talk to /animu/ about what they can do.

f0934c  No.83859



Okay what's going on

a75e9b  No.83860


/animu/ is an /a/ alt that jumped up to the top 25 recently. Check where they are in board listings. /loli/ is listed as a board friend there and in their meta thread a few anons seem interested in helping out /loli/ grow. You should go there and check it out.

6c1e6b  No.83861

I don't know why there has been so much complaints on the last weeks. Is it because the BO got rid of western shit? Is it only because of that? Then he's right and you should kill yourselves.

a75ec6  No.83862

Hey Tewi, /anime/ here. It's good to have you over. Don't mind the string of hate, they come from a ban evading samefag called Kirino. It's a big step to admit that some mistakes were made and I see that you want to improve at being a good BO. I hear that a good idea for /loli/ is to have a streaming night. You just need good loli anime and host it. If you can't host it, get the help of /monster/ to host it for you

a75ec6  No.83863

Hey Tewi, /animu/ here. It's good to have you over. Don't mind the string of hate, they come from a ban evading samefag called Kirino. It's a big step to admit that some mistakes were made and I see that you want to improve at being a good BO. I hear that a good idea for /loli/ is to have a streaming night. You just need good loli anime and host it. If you can't host it, get the help of /monster/ to host it for you.

e26174  No.83864



It's fine; I get that sort of stuff on a regular basis anyways. Loli anime streams sound fun. I'd rather figure out how to stream myself rather than pester /monster/ to do it for me, though I'll be the first to admit my internet isn't the best.

9e3234  No.83866


It would be neat if /loli/ change its dull Yotsuba B theme for something cute. Also, see if you can replace the favorites star with 🍭 (U+1F36D).

e26174  No.83867


I may give it a try, though I can't say I could make a very good one.

c76a60  No.83869

File: 284fb03e7f52586⋯.jpg (8.29 KB, 317x109, 317:109, Star.jpg)


It would be neat if Tewi replaces that dull star with the lollipop. Considering that the star and lollipop are Unicode characters.


Take your time. Keep working on it until you think you got a good design. At least this gives you more things to do in this board.

87d5de  No.83877


I have faith in you coming up with a cute theme for this board.

998426  No.83879

I dunno how /monster/ handles streams, but I know a guy that hosts weekly streams and he cuts the movies into parts and uploads them on various cytube-compatible sites. Usually they stay up long enough for us to watch them.

Then again subs seem to present some challenge. I'll ask him next time I see him, saturday probably.

e26174  No.83880



I'll fiddle around with something in my spare time.


That'll help. In the mean time we can start a list of loli anime to stream.

6239ed  No.83881


I happen to be pretty knowledgeable about loli anime, what criteria do you think specifically should be put forward for this stream? There's a lot of variety in choices when it comes to "loli" anime. Anime with well-known loli icons? Ecchi or not? A focus on younger or allowing for borderline cases? If you just want to test the waters you could also just go with an obvious safe choice like Kodomo no Jikan, Ichigo Mashimaro or Ro-Kyu-Bu.

e26174  No.83885


A safe choice would be nice, maybe. At least for the first run. As long as we get a good list of anime that's entertaining for everyone and not too lewd for whatever streaming service we use, I'm fine with anything.

If there is a place where we could reliably stream loli hentai without issue, that'd be great. We could set up one stream schedule/page for wholesome/light ecchi anime, and another for the super lewd and outright explicit hentai anime.

6c2bb5  No.83906


>cartoonfags never stood a chance

>meanwhile /delicious/ is in the top 25 boards now

>/loli/ hasn't even managed to get back into the top 50 since it got subverted by /a/

I came here to laugh at you.

614c60  No.83938

Alright, I asked the guy:

>we're talking cytu.be here

>make sure you use .webm or .mp4 for your videos

>recommended: Movavi Video Converter, as it can hardsub aswell

>if hardsubbing that way fails, use Handbrake and then Movavi for the format

>depending on site requirements, cut the video into parts using Avidemux. Many sites have a 30min limit and smaller parts mean the upload/processing is faster aswell

>this means you can upload one part on one host and another somewhere else

>upload shortly before watching to minimize risk of deletion


>Google Drive requires a script to be run to work on cytube as it has a 15GB limit and doesn't really delete stuff. Does need an account, so go borrow someone's phone for verification. Note: When deleting videos after watching, they end up in a bin before being fully deleted.

>dailymotion, as it's faster in uploading than GD. Useful if that speed is a factor

>JewTube is not recommended as it deletes stuff, especially anime, very fast. If however the movie you want is already there, go for it

6bb26a  No.83940


I wonder if it's possible for Tewi to ask Ron to use the global announcements to advertise the stream? Ron did the favor for /a/ during the previous Saturday Night Smug Radio.

e26174  No.83950


Thanks for the guide. Sounds a little complicated to set up for a first timer, but I'll try to get it up and running this week.

0f388c  No.83971

File: 8976017255b43a8⋯.jpg (355.22 KB, 1000x603, 1000:603, Hanamaru.Kindergarten.full….jpg)

Hanamaru Kindergarten is one anime I can think of.


That would be a good idea.

bdb5f7  No.84174

File: 4ba721f511ce877⋯.jpg (68.59 KB, 1000x984, 125:123, 152040128624.jpg)


Can I go back to posting? Has been a year since I was banned by a "democratic" via, by request of a "bunch"(everybody knows that is just a single retarded behind all this) of autists demanding "things they don't like" be removed even when it was entirely related to the board.

This meme about me, as the democracy, is a joke that went too far.

Really buddy, I am very tired of this retarded meme.

876167  No.84177


What's left for you to even talk about? S.V. and all western is prohibited. All that's left for you to do is shitpost if you cannot contribute properly.

2316d4  No.84185


Ignore it. Its only purpose in life is to seek attention anyway it can.

bab6f0  No.84187



"Pedo weaboo" don't want you here. At least, have the fucking pride for not coming back the community you insulted.

The "single man harassing you" is in your imagination, because everyone really hate you :)

You ask if you can back here… but in the same time you insult the community in the same message, not really smart.

Oh and don't worry, It's not your requests we don't like, but only you :) … welp… this is more people hated you first and then your shitty cartoon, congrat abuse-fag, you deserve this ! :)

98ab49  No.84191

When will we have dice in this board?

e26174  No.84202


Sorry about the lack of stream; I've been busy the past few weeks. Converting the videos hasn't been easy either; the recommended program movavi requires shekels to remove some really annoying watermarks. Thankfully there's webm for retards, but it's slow as molasses. A shame they don't accept mkv; it'd be a lot easier.


Sure, I'll add dice. It's harmless, and might promote some games.

135c36  No.84212

File: 214bc076862edc6⋯.gif (102.07 KB, 450x450, 1:1, cat kid scratching her fac….gif)


Sup Tewi, can you please answer me >>84174 ?


I just want post on drawthread.

Western is allowed there. That's why.

09d58d  No.84310

have you thought of setting up a group chat for everyone here? i know there as an IRC channel at one point. we could using something like tox, wire, riot, and so on. all fairly modern applications, foss, and encrypted

ecc065  No.84311


You do realize what you think is the same attitude is probably just parodying the /loli/ anti-western attitudes by faking anti-eastern attitudes, right?

98ab49  No.84320



yeah, there was one. That was back when /hebe/ and co. were still around and guess what the channel looked like.


I like it, but it doesn't allow for permanent groups or any groups in case of phoneposting and as it's P2P you're basicly giving anons your IP if you don't use a vpn.


I use that actually. Seems decent so far, though directly posting images downsizes them, so you need to post them as files aswell.

Also, starting chat business with names can easily erode the whole anon-aspect we have here. I've seen it happen. For the better I'd argue, but still.

<Why not use WhatsApp? :^)

5d485d  No.84327


It definitely isn't just parody, and I say this as someone who strongly sided with /delicious/ against /loli/ during this whole clusterfuck. Actually it's more accurate to say I was just strongly opposed to Tewi once the magnitude of his fuck-up became evident and saw /delicious/ as the lesser of two evils.

At this point I've just grown weary of the whole situation. I'd rather see both boards die so we can go back to having comfy loli threads on /a/. Almost every prediction I made at the beginning has come true. The threads I used to come to /loli/ for are completely dead on both /loli/ and /delicious/. Everyone has monumentally fucked up and backed themselves into two opposing corners which their egos won't let them leave.

98ab49  No.84329


At the end, Tewi ended promoting /delicious/. I don't feel any comfy posting there, /delicious/ was made to be permanently fucked-up with western faggotry (personally I don't like to see the Disney logo all the time). /loli/ became an elitist and 'anti-pedo' board, Even Tewi doesn't allow to continue the Drawthreads, the last place for both western and eastern artists. Altough I like details like the return of ロリコン name for anons, it's not the same. Also, 8ch became very restrictive with Tor users, so I can't easily open any thread here or answer with images.

04a1fd  No.84332


yeah i was in the channel for a bit and well i could tell they werent only about 2D. i like wire, but it currently doesnt replace discord for one set of my friends and telegram for my other set

f7c84d  No.84333


it's ridiculous how much times hes tried "everyone's forgotten/it's just one guy" shtick

e26174  No.84347


As >>84320 and >>84332 mentioned, they liked more than 2D, so I'm a bit reluctant to start something like that up again. Plus that takes away from just posting on /loli/.


>'anti-pedo' board

The board was never pro-pedo to begin with; I'm just more vocal about the disdain.

>Even Tewi doesn't allow to continue the Drawthreads, the last place for both western and eastern artists.

Eastern and eastern style requests are still allowed; it's just western style that's not accepted.

98ab49  No.84348


>The board was never pro-pedo to begin with

How do you pretend to separate pedophilia and Lolicon? For many people, Lolicon is a way to release sexual tensions, in cases like UAB, Lolicon is a way to criticize society's view of pedophilia, well, but it's just a few cases. Actually, due to the harsh pedophile opression, Lolicon actually, is in fact, an expression way of pedophilia. You couldn't deny that.

>Eastern and eastern style requests are still allowed

Did you mean western and eastern, right? If so, let me tell you that is a lie, because, you don't allow to open a new Drawthread, and also, you're constantly deleting western requests from the remaining 'eastern-only' Drawthread. You're really not coherent.

e26174  No.84349


>How do you pretend to separate pedophilia and Lolicon?

By liking lolicon without being attracted to real girls.

>For many people, Lolicon is a way to release sexual tensions, in cases like UAB, Lolicon is a way to criticize society's view of pedophilia, well, but it's just a few cases. Actually, due to the harsh pedophile opression, Lolicon actually, is in fact, an expression way of pedophilia. You couldn't deny that.

That's fine for the people who actually think like that, but that doesn't mean I'm fine with that discussion here. There are other boards for legit pedo discussion.

>Did you mean western and eastern, right?

I meant eastern requests and requests for western sources in eastern styles.

81dd4e  No.84350


All I do is fap to yaoi but I'm perfectly straight because they aren't real men, please believe me!

81dd4e  No.84351

File: d934276a58e1717⋯.jpg (242.9 KB, 1280x996, 320:249, 2457328.jpg)

Pic related, I just fapped to this and I'm still 100% heterosexual because its not real.

And you better not call me gay or I'll ban your asses and delete all your fucking posts.

Its not like I'm insecure or anything its just that you're too wrong to have a platform thats all.

09d58d  No.84352

3f7c49  No.84408

File: 717803c61467a4a⋯.jpg (95.05 KB, 720x540, 4:3, the reader does not steal ….jpg)


Can you please answer >>84212 ?

Sometimes I just think that you are ignoring me intentionally. Please, have some of basic etiquette(I don't think this can be considered as any kind of special favor, just a behaviour by default on polite people)

I just want post on drawthreads as the other western requesters.

98ab49  No.84410


I don't know why you come to complain here if in /delicious/ Lincoln.Loud is not deleting your shitty requests and the /loli/ Drawthread is abandoned.

9c68f9  No.84423


Yes, please stay here and liven this board. Clearly that trashy /delicious/ hate you for no reason. You'll receive all the love you need here

31a1d1  No.84464

How can we make the board alive again?

For one second I thought 8ch purged the board when I didn't saw it in the board list, but it was hidden in the second page because of inactivity.

What about making random loli threads like in 4chan?

eefac3  No.84469


you can do that in /delicious/ but what is the point. if you want thio

s place to be popular again you need to change some rules.

ddc572  No.84472


I don't know why someone should delet my loli requests in a place dedicated to drawings of little girls in first place.


The only who hates me is the troll who stalks me. How many times do I need to explain that? This dude is so retarded that he even posted on a IB a fucking real cp picture as a kind of evidence(?) against me.


Well, the first problem is still thinking that a board is who gives power to this place or any other place without care his topic theme.

Who really gives life is THE COMMUNITY,

not a board,

neither a staff or BO.

It´s like workers and Trade union:

A Trade union isn't a building,

isn't the Trade union leaders,

A Trade union is the UNION OF WORKERS.

Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation;

and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand

how shall then his kingdom stand?

98ab49  No.84719

Lolicit has been attacked by Alt-right trolls recently. Picture related is of one who threatened the site which was why he was banned.


0b2ef5  No.84727

File: 65bd8fcb95b02e1⋯.webm (11.32 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1523468402.webm)

Cuckchan is down.

Have fun hunting.

db79d5  No.84729


oy vey not the alt-right trolls

you sound exactly like fucking anita

never sound like anita

5d150c  No.84734


Sauce on anime?

db79d5  No.84735


Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online

Episode 1

huh, guess they wanted to milk a bit more out of the series

e26174  No.84833



e31eb2  No.84912


I am speaking to the farmer,

not to the pigs.

e26174  No.84913


>Doesn't check IDs

446ec3  No.84932

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

08c953  No.84996


Why not?


Why are you deleting my images?

db79d5  No.85009


because tewi is a kike

we know this already

98ab49  No.85014

How is a poster's ID determined? Using torbrowser I get 000000 as an ID, is this normal?

05e315  No.85018


How goddamn new are you?

5a9038  No.85087


>Tewi is jewish

How can you know that?

62b67f  No.85126

Hey Tewi, can you get rid of IDs? Board is too small to have them.

652320  No.85172


I'd say a big no otherwise that samefagging calart fag might infest this board again. Been here since the dawn of ebola and 8chan and I'm sad how this board and site had gotten less livelier (No, not the calarts fag. I'm glad they're gone).


The fuck is that? Isn't lolicit just a loli forum

is the internet being raided by retards? I miss 2006 already.


alt-right was never good. identity left-right politics are for cuckolds. there's only authoritarian cucks and libertarians (not to be confused with millenial-liberal aka marxism-enabler liberals).

48cc73  No.85257

File: b4881d680dd3bc9⋯.gif (3.46 MB, 200x200, 1:1, 1525275670930.gif)


Can I go back now? I would like to request anime lolis.

2ff7e7  No.85327

Hi. I just came back to tell >>85257 to fuck off, and that he is a nigger.


c8d146  No.85333


>Comes back here whenever he causes trouble for /delicious/

>Still wants to namefag and make a scene

>Doesn't want to post anonymously and make anime requests that aren't accompanied by his shit ideas/fetishes that anyone could spot easily

How about no.



c9118e  No.85349

File: 802b63e554536f0⋯.gif (438.41 KB, 500x375, 4:3, uh.gif)


>>Doesn't want to post anonymously and make anime requests that aren't accompanied by his shit ideas/fetishes that anyone could spot easily.

I can't do it because I am banned.

That's why I am here talking with you, because I do respect your authority, otherwise I will not give a single flying shit and I wil Do What I Want. I am doing my best to be a diplomatic user. I shame that sometimes I feel that this is a unilateral act.

If am using a nickname here is because I need that you know who I am. It's like that someone dial up to your cell phone and begin to talk you, and you have no idea who the fucks is that person. Duh.

>Comes back here whenever he causes trouble for /delicious/

Do you even knows exactly what hapenned there or are you just repeating(as usual) and forcing that retarded meme about my persona?


I am speaking to the farmer,

not to the pigs.

In the most polite way, please go to somewhere else to make flame with your puerile behaviour that underlines on idiocy.

0ace38  No.85358


Haha, you respect his authority ? Dude you always trash talk Tewi in the other boards, fucking hypocrite.

If we are the pigs, you're the fucking parasite who need to be exterminated.

You already insulted the community of /loli/, you trash talked tewi, and you want to come back like you've said nothing ? Get lost now

860243  No.85360


>Dude you always trash talk Tewi in other boards, fucking hypocrite

He does it here in this very thread too.


Nigga can't even manage his own circlejerk thread in /delicious/ so he's back to his laughably poor attempts at kissing ass again. How do you even touch yourself at night? If AIDs had anything to do with you it would cure itself.

b1c48a  No.85378

File: 522f525bc9abe69⋯.png (28.38 KB, 1307x161, 1307:161, aco.png)



>Dude you always trash talk Tewi in the other boards

I wonder who could be behind this post

0fa055  No.85380


He got banned on /monster/ as well.

77637c  No.85381


>This much retardation

Why can't we never have any kind of community where its owner isn't a huge cuck?

>hurr durr being attracted to cartoons of old men fucking young girls is fine

>Finding young women aesthetically pleasing and sharing clothed/normal pictures of them which were collected from public sites, is just sick

Kill yourself you walking tumour

0fa055  No.85389


>go to a board about apple pies

>complain you can't talk about chocolate cakes

9a6bee  No.85426


I do not use Tor and don't know what goes on behind onion links, but I'll take your word for it. If there is a way for someone to remove this board from the list, I would be grateful.


Considering what went on in the /loli/ IRC channel during Soma's time, I can't say I'm surprised. Hope none of you guys go there, by the way. I sure as hell don't.

9a6bee  No.85427


No idea why my ID keeps changing, but oh well.

fd1d3a  No.85481

Are you the same Tewi that is part of the Discord spics?

9a6bee  No.85506


No. I only used discord to get into a DnD group that never got started. I otherwise avoid using discord completely.

870e82  No.85513

File: 9acbb2f95d3e216⋯.jpg (33.27 KB, 540x540, 1:1, 09797d58d9238516bdbda9e2e1….jpg)


Can you please answer me >>85349 ?

I have been waiting patiently for a week.

404dfc  No.85514


This guy is here too?


860243  No.85521


Mhm, he singlehandedly inspired the divide between east and west (loli and delicious) since it's unfair to humanity for every 8ch lolicon to have to acknowledge his existence.

9a6bee  No.85522


I already gave you a no.

All you've done is shit on every board you've been on, both its users and their respective BOs. You whine about /loli/ on /delicious/, and whenever you get banned there you come running back to grovel and beg for more attention. Don't act like you don't; I can see your your posts on the meta thread over there. Hell, half of their meta thread is related to you and your shit, and you even have an entire thread dedicated to you. Congratulations.

But no, I don't feel like dealing with your constant kvetching about how one troll is bullying you when you've driven multiple boards crazy with your bullshit. You've caused enough trouble for us in the past, you've insulted the few anons that actually stuck around for /loli/ several times in this thread, and none of us care about your excuses.

I've already told you to drop your namefaggotry and persona, leave the cartoons at the door, behave like a regular anon and post anime lolis, but if you can't do that then there's nothing else to be said.


He was here before /delicious/ was even a thing, and he really doesn't have a place on either.

9a6bee  No.85523

File: 78bac07294bdc72⋯.png (7.17 KB, 249x253, 249:253, 1435514417132-1.png)


Oh, and I guss Lincoln isn't taking his shit anymore either and banned him permanently. >>>/delicious/13176

3055e4  No.85572


So I can requesting anime girls here?

9a6bee  No.85579

fff22a  No.85941

can someone host a drawpile session where loli is ok?

fff22a  No.85948


ok, i'll be hosting a drawpile session called /lol/ this week, anyone can join to draw or just watch

cbb96b  No.86595

A while back some people were posting about a "classic" western loli game. Could anybody tell me what it was called and where I could play it?

1d76ad  No.86893


Just thought I would mention this because I thought it was funny, assuming the mods their dont/ haven't already deleted this because its gay. >>>/pol/11952073

5a9441  No.86930


I was just about to post about that, too.

I'm really worried all those retards whose first experience with image boards was /pol/ will start clamoring to get the traditional content of image boards removed.

Fucking moralfags.

1d76ad  No.86934


I am a pretty old /pol/ fag but I am not such a big fan of this kind of shit. I am for getting rid of all public degeneracy irl. But the internet needs to be viewed with a different lens.

It is not and should not be considered in any way a place for actual children however drawings not being real children argument aside there are sides of humanity that are not going anywhere and it is not a matter of stoping these traits from existing as this is impossible, it is a matter of finding ways to control these traits.

By forcing publicly undesirable behaviors into small isolated online communities we give a place for these things to exist in piece and allow there to be no excuse for one to complain that they should be allowed to express such things in public in order to encounter those of their respective degeneracy meta tribe, the internet allows for this and their is no need to bring the filth into reality.

But in some ways I feel as time goes on we will find it is not I who am speaking these things as though they are laws we should follow but it is reality itself as our collective unconscious writes it. Some things can be improved but basic elements of human behavior can merely be given better private outlets.

86641c  No.86938


Why does /pol/ hate everything fun and traditionally common to imageboards? Is it because they're all normalfags? They hate anime, lolis and anything fun at all. Fuck them

d072de  No.86965


Being a keyboard crusader is a lot easier than actually going outside and changing shit. See also their love for Jesus, Trump, Kek and MUH DIGITS, "dudes im totally an insider lmao" LARPs, etc;. All convenient ways for them to play pretend Nazi on the internet while letting someone else do all the work.

I could go on at length about /pol/, both the 8 and 4chan flavors as I believed that shit for several years. But the TL;DR of it is that they're losers who desperately need group validation and to feel superior to someone else.

1b4908  No.86982

not into lolis myself but I think it's hilarious that (((/shitstain/))) is triggered by the fact that you guys' board won the attention hungry games, check it out


48fb39  No.86984


>they're losers who desperately need group validation and to feel superior to someone else.

Huh. I never gave it much thought before, but that totally explains all the racism. They get to feel like they've both accomplished something and are better than others, just for being white. Without actually doing anything.

9a6bee  No.86985



Saw some complaints on /sudo/ too. People getting upset over /loli/ is pretty amusing. Even funnier since 8chan was just advertised on some mainstream news sites. Just how much salt has there been over it? Hope there'll be more victories in the future.

I wonder how they'd react if /tot/ won.

24cb87  No.86997


I don't doubt many of them technically do things as individuals. I know I myself have been in a couple activist groups, but its hard for /pol/ as a collective to organize without hurting the anonymous aspect of the image board.However they are still gay though imo for not at least doing something like a once a year meetup thing. At least some kind of degree of irl collective presence.

However I am just speaking for 8/pol/ I have not posted on 4/pol/ in years and I have no idea what board culture is like for them.

24cb87  No.86998



Also I am this guy and I am not sure why my id changed

0f8ab4  No.87173

File: 68dce83d588fd72⋯.jpg (67.64 KB, 622x416, 311:208, undertale btfo reddit cuck….jpg)

Funny how BOs always deleted whatever offends them or redditors but never delete cuckshit. This is a chan-wide problem.

9a6bee  No.87174


>Posts 3dpd interracial cuckshit

>Complains about the presence of cuckshit

What, just because of the old interracial thread from before I was even a vol? I don't like it, but it makes for an adequate containment thread. I've yet to ban any fetishes that I hate.

3af13a  No.87296

File: 993470622f10d35⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.01 MB, 2554x1295, 2554:1295, ClipboardImage.png)


>less shit than 4chan


pic related highlights exactly what's wrong with the modern day loli thread on halfchan

d072de  No.87298


Need to bring back Snacks. He would have those phoneposting newfags googling "HOW TO CALL INTERNET POLICE" in 30 seconds flat.

The newfag fears the lolicon.

3af13a  No.87299


>ywn have wt snacks come back and banhammer all the newfags

why live?

d072de  No.87302


I ask myself the same question every day, anon.

8d9705  No.87395

Turn on board logs so I know who to call a faggot for deleting half of >>87326

9a6bee  No.87397


That would be me. Don't discuss CP on /loli/.

81582a  No.87402

What's with the deletion of all the 3d CG? Board rules say it's fine as long as it's stylized.

8d9705  No.87403



86b21c  No.87406


but this whole board is devoted to pornography involving children :^)

3d2608  No.87411


Or maybe lolicon is just as more interesting as it is more legal. I for one don't think it's worth getting arrested just to watch some preteen diddling herself for 75 seconds, or flashing, or any other turbo-boring pleb shit.

9a6bee  No.87415


It's implicit that it has to be anime styled, as with any other art.

871ea5  No.87416


You sound like someone afraid to pirate a movie because they don't think its worth being arrested.

860243  No.87419


That would be true if that movie was 'The Room.' Lose a chunk of my life in exchange for getting to see a movie that didn't do a thing for me except for dry, ironic laughs. Then again I'm fortunate enough to not get anything about conventional porn; meaning any temptation I possibly would have had is negated from the getgo.

871ea5  No.87420


If CP is too conventional for you then you've got bigger problems.

21101f  No.87421


>no it's not. lolis don't exist, they're just cartoons

Do you think in a society that hates gays like uganda that if they caught someone who had a bunch of yaoi doujins that he could just say they aren't men fucking eachother in the ass they're just cartoons and get away with it? Get real, yaoi is just as much gay porn as loli is pedo porn and anyone looking at it can clearly see that except you apparently.

>drawing art is a fundamental freedom of expression that shall not be taken away by anyone

Oops it already has been taken away if you live in australia or the UK or canada and probably soon to be the US.

860243  No.87422


99 Problems but sexual gratification ain't one.

1356bb  No.87583

File: 0c64b637e2985b3⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 2.81 MB, 1400x2000, 7:10, 3c3977cc0d2f405b5a0a485300….png)

File: 7707c86a9332a5f⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 404.78 KB, 1600x2000, 4:5, 53e3ba095867731598df0ba579….jpg)

minus 30 minutes for Japanese Friday Jazz: Christmas cake edition!


7a4789  No.87600


It's written on Japanese's DNA, more like.

2272b5  No.87693

Hey Tewi, how did you get that favorite star to look like a lolipop? Can you share the code for it?

9a6bee  No.87694


I didn't really do much.

(Under Stylesheet)

/* Favorite Star */
#favorite-star {
font-size: 0pt;
padding-left: 9px;

#favorite-star:before {
content: "🍭";
font-size: 20pt;
position: absolute;

e53dd2  No.87720

File: c061e36fcae4af9⋯.gif (904.04 KB, 704x480, 22:15, 984651.gif)

File: e8969e5d65e50f8⋯.gif (629.21 KB, 540x304, 135:76, 213645.gif)

File: 7208ee36b83d6c8⋯.gif (975.53 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 6464532986.gif)

Its friday again!

Friday Jazz at 12:00 noon PST!

Getting /fit/ edition!

Do it for her!


f04867  No.87738

1. What is the maximum amount of threads on the board?

2. Do you still check on the board Tewifag?

f04867  No.87739


Whoops, I probably meant the "amount of pages" instead.

9a6bee  No.87740



1. 10 pages

2. I check throughout the day, clearing up spam and the occasional western image as I go. Getting a lot of spam links through tor lately.

f04867  No.87790


Raise the amount of pages a bit please. And I'm assuming threads are already set to 404 early with low replies.

dc62b7  No.88040

File: 562cd39586e4617⋯.jpg (164.52 KB, 883x800, 883:800, c4669df3dfb843650f83396357….jpg)

I think I just accidentally nuked all of the tor posts. If that is the case, then I apologize.

9a6bee  No.88041


Raised the page count to 15, and the thread creation count to 10/hour (not that many will notice). Meant to do that earlier. Already had it set to early 404.

f04867  No.88042



>thread creation count to 10/hour

With a slow board, it's best to set it really low to prevent board sliding. I wouldn't expect to get so many threads made in such a time without it being a slide attempt. It'd depend how often you check on the board.

9a6bee  No.88043


I check pretty often, but I could lower it to 5. Used to be 3.

9a6bee  No.88263

No more discord links, please. You put yourself at risk when uploading information and can get yourself involved with actual pedos.

8c4a30  No.88304


This is when filters become useful.

f04867  No.88708

File: 7d4e4b5b7a1a0f2⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 533.58 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 50146537_p2.jpg)

File: d551a658f4a39d4⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 54.7 KB, 404x407, 404:407, ovfcgz3nMx1tam967.png)


Hey Tewi!


❤ Fakkyu ❤

9a6bee  No.88716


Rude. Nice Giorno-Tewi pic though.

f04867  No.88721

File: 67619cd433ee264⋯.jpg (299.85 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1459729964549.jpg)

Just found out that copy-pasting images inflates the file-size 10x for no fucking reason.A half Mb JPG is converted raw and inefficiently to PNG, it seems.

And I've been uploading this way to not bother having to save the images.

f04867  No.88722

File: 8e0b9e3edc23844⋯.jpg (488.16 KB, 727x800, 727:800, bf41c2b95692851e43811a7255….jpg)

Wait, maybe it was only those specific oppai-loli images. Other ones I've uploaded don't seem affected by it.

da17a5  No.88759


You don't have to apologize to pedofags.

baf7ea  No.88782


>only pedos use tor

Nice try NSA.

fcf5e6  No.88787

Anyone notice the recent attempt to imply that the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter was a lolicon? Indy at https://twitter.com/indiplav/status/1056257996806774784 posted images alleging to be screenshots of a conversation with someone called based_bower saying they were Robert Bowers and a UK-based tabloid picked it up: https://spectator.us/robert-bowers-disturbing-messages/

Post includes "Im personally a loli man myself"

Very suspiscious IMO, we should be looking into the affiliations of this IndiPlav

046092  No.88792


It's really impossible to prove, also the shooter disliked trump and that one has a trump avatar


so it's probably just a coincidence

9ffbc6  No.88807


For an incident this major, there is no such thing as coincidence. Everything is planned by 'Them'

5cae0d  No.88811


This looks like some fanfic to get some attention. The most amazing is how this "journalist" spread this shit without any confirmation.

9a6bee  No.88899

Heavily considering the removal of sex doll threads. There are no anime dolls posted; only realistic ones.

974f42  No.89141

Where do you guys find the loli stuff anyway? I'd like some more sources than just this board.

41491a  No.89146


Where can one get a anime loli doll as opposed to a realistic loli doll?


Sadpanda and Sankaku.

30db8a  No.89148


only figurines look good, a real life size anime style doll would be or expensive or creepy af

41491a  No.89161


Realistic ones are already expensive and creepy, though.

924af6  No.89171

File: 987eaeb1c9e0f39⋯.jpg (48.71 KB, 523x718, 523:718, 1512190185658.jpg)


Not as creepy as anime ones.

41491a  No.89175


Okay, I can see why they aren't more popular, fuck me.

1d38aa  No.89385


I HATE /Delicious/ now because all NuMe's fucking fault,

All because on /Loli/ he did not mark my request of Kappus and Millie down, Lincoln Loud board owner is taking it out all on me now, now my ban isn't going to expire on /Delicious/ I don't want to end up like Vampire fucking Fag who spams School for Vampires' I am not like that, he doesn't understand I made a mistake when I uploaded NuMe's pic, (sigh) here I go so be it.

It's all NuMe's fault for not crediting his username on the tags like the one he uploaded here on /loli/ when it was still allowing western art at the time, he didn't use his username and it's all his fault to blame he didn't mention it belonged to him I wasn't aware of it, I want my revenge. I want you to talk to Lincoln that I might have made a mistake in the ban evasion I was only trying to say sorry but he didnt' take it seriously I dont' want to be banned forever I love it their if he keeps it up then I am going to leave 8chan for good and oneday I am going to write up a global report on it and shut down /Delicious/ if he does not respect me or my opinions, I am sick of NuMe saying he will sue me I am sick of him and tired of him all he did for me he didn't mention his username and now it's all blaimed on my fault but in realiatly it's all his fault for not crediting his username and it's also Tyciol's fault too for uploading the image and wasn't aware of it belonging to him,

I am tried of /Delicious/ Sick of him I want him to understand! he doesn't understand!


9a8f21  No.89387


Are you at least aware that cartoons are not allowed here right?

e52234  No.89401

File: 311ae63b71e14b5⋯.jpg (27.75 KB, 468x630, 26:35, 71620__468x_suzumiya-haruh….jpg)

File: 669cf3176485930⋯.jpg (39.07 KB, 600x400, 3:2, figma_akiyama_sekirara02.jpg)

File: 1d28123c9da1762⋯.jpg (27.19 KB, 350x509, 350:509, 1d463db7a9104b5288674f6c90….jpg)

File: 07cb0ae7d2c5bbd⋯.jpg (69.42 KB, 550x800, 11:16, 5f7ef2e62707fd1b35c7a9fce8….jpg)

File: 8afa099089066eb⋯.jpg (104.87 KB, 550x800, 11:16, 82a5f6225e15e0045d9aab3a55….jpg)


All they had to do was make a life sized version of these. They didn't even try.

e52234  No.89402

File: 1faf2c8ae3c295c⋯.jpg (47.77 KB, 720x720, 1:1, silicone-half-head-full-fa….jpg)

File: 0b1fab33eb65789⋯.jpg (82.84 KB, 900x947, 900:947, rBVaEVcNCcWABBcCAAmwC7lt1A….jpg)

File: f94606d19894c41⋯.jpg (77.62 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 6342681699_e6326dd74f.jpg)

File: 965084e39756b02⋯.jpg (110.66 KB, 624x640, 39:40, N01-Female-Silicone-Rubber….jpg)

6cae70  No.89438

I read on /v/ that the last sfw loli subreddit got nuked.

34eb89  No.89508

File: 0ed900bdf33f4ed⋯.png (791.98 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 1422893207548-0.png)

Hey /loli/, fellow cunnyseur here.

Honestly I love loli and would like to post more on this board here, but I hate that most threads are image dumbs.

What kind of threads are allowed, is something like a smalltalk thread okay or not?

I once participated in a translation project here but not many other people seemed to care.

736839  No.89624

File: a5ccd186d0a860b⋯.png (553.62 KB, 2518x1024, 1259:512, 1545759377343.png)

who else is laughing at the Catholic church?

6ba5c5  No.89635


this board is barely alive anon, i only view once a week. most go to panda forum. read the pinned thread ffs.

029619  No.89650

File: 7459fc5f8fbd572⋯.jpg (1.58 MB, 1920x1920, 1:1, 72414503_p1.jpg)

File: 023bfa989bf801b⋯.jpg (1.42 MB, 1920x1920, 1:1, 72414503_p2.jpg)

Happy new year's eve, anons!

9a6bee  No.89670

File: 67c275ee1b20d28⋯.jpg (1.15 MB, 1024x1280, 4:5, 71812811_p3.jpg)

File: b9ff7f536495b9a⋯.png (2.68 MB, 2404x1929, 2404:1929, 72083142_p0.png)

File: 228263e86ee99ee⋯.jpg (1.77 MB, 2400x3200, 3:4, 72269814_p0.jpg)


Happy New Year!

7fb3e4  No.89707


Hot damn this is sexy

3e3dfd  No.89708


too sexy for this board because she has a nose.

only sameface weebshit allowed, just take it to /delicious/ like everyone else has and leave the weebs to rot on their dead rulecucked board.

c42a14  No.89709


Better a dead board than a pedo infested shithole filled up with ugly western garbage.

c42a14  No.89710


Was meant for >>89708

3e3dfd  No.89711


then you should kill yourself because you're simply a pedo in denial and its better to be dead, right?

c42a14  No.89712


Whatever pedo, back to your hole.

af84db  No.89713


8chan is my hole and you're here too so what does that say about you?

6cae70  No.89735


Back to /islam/ them

9c2873  No.90161

File: 480a9a4ac973b2a⋯.png (18.56 KB, 648x190, 324:95, Lolis are harmless.png)

79c8a4  No.91499

Random thought. How hard would it be to get an affiliation with pomf.tv, ATF or Lolicit?

884f35  No.91741

File: c203baaf92421bd⋯.png (858 B, 546x27, 182:9, AFTER.png)

File: f25b0a99eed5b58⋯.png (904 B, 544x29, 544:29, BEFORE.png)

Ever since the ban of western art this place has become one of the least active boards in the website with 0.6 posts per hour and a whooping 26 active IP's. Take a look at those before and after screenshots. Meanwhile /delicious/ now has as many active IP's as /loli/ had at its apex. In other words: HAHAHAHA CONGRATULATIONS FOR RUNNING YOUR BOARD TO THE GROUND YOU GODDAMN RETARD!


>I personally think it's gotten better.


40c6a6  No.91783


I'll take a board with less population over a board with /delicious/ associated any day. I do wonder though Twei, Why did you you change the anon names like you did? Maybe change it back to just anonyomus?

e97dca  No.91785


I identify more as a lolicon than anonymous, though.

4d553b  No.91787


why not just make your own board and talk to yourself if you don't care about having a community? this board was great when it actually had drawfags in it and a variety of people contributing to tons of different threads on a daily basis. now threads barely even get a dozen posts if that and its probably all just the OP desperately trying to find someone else to contribute anything when nobody sees the point anymore.

3be975  No.92598

File: b046e2cd3dd18dc⋯.jpg (119.96 KB, 666x338, 333:169, 8925.jpg)

Now is not a very funny post.

You know that many people suffer and die because of the absurd social taboos associated with child sexuality. Even viewing drawn pictures can ruin a person’s life if this becomes known.

This is not normal and should not be so. And will not. Now we can do little about it. But we can support other people who are in such trouble. And we can remember the victims of this hysteria.

It is proposed to devote a separate day to the victims of pedophobia. Read more here about it: https://right-to-love.name/node/623

9d1e7b  No.92627


Is alice day even a real thing

63f5c7  No.92634

File: b29244ee23d8a2e⋯.jpg (215.93 KB, 850x1202, 425:601, 4ac.jpg)


Yes, it's real. But it's just for GL. And It's not dedicated to helping the victims. But it is assumed that on Alice Day we are committing some courageous act.

9d1e7b  No.92635


>some courageous act

Such as?

63f5c7  No.92636


To get acquainted with a real girl; to open to someone your feelings. Or go to the picket like this person:


Or something else.

9d1e7b  No.92639


Sounds dangerous tbh

cb1e2e  No.92640


Year. Sound like Day of Solidarity with victims of pedophobia sould me AFTER Alice Day. To support those who made courageous act that day.

cb1e2e  No.92641





3fb87f  No.92682


Only for pedos.

86641c  No.92685


>Or go to the picket like this person

That guy has balls

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