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File: 9c27b79c6e3b975⋯.jpg (776.49 KB, 1500x1200, 5:4, 1470029560178.jpg)

534ac1  No.83816

Been trying to find good loli hentai vids, any of you anons got suggestions? The younger the better

e10a99  No.83878

>Shoujo Ramune


>Suki de Suki de Suki de

Those are the best I could find

8f5bdf  No.83888

Any chance you have links to uncensored versions of any of them? I've tried three different websites claiming to have the "Uncensored" version of Shoujo Ramune and then of course, it's censored.

145c37  No.83890


torrents nigger

821384  No.83892


I don't think Shoujo Ramune has uncensored versions. Mary Jane doesn't publish their works outside of Japan. Unless you're talking about fanmade decensors which I have completely no idea about.

66f0c3  No.83904


Not here they can't.

ef40c2  No.83905

I remember watching a scene/video of Clementine in a car with a old dude in a eye patch, I was hoping one of you would be kind enough to share it with me. I saw it in a old thread on this board but it seems to have been deleted or something.

80f29c  No.84496


There is a 3D loli thread om /delicious with l9ts more stuff like this

521967  No.85314

Ichigo Chocola Flavor series

300 En no Otsukiai

Chicchana Onaka series

Ichinen Buri No

af4977  No.85329

Toshi dentetsu serie has some loli scenes

e5eea4  No.87382



thank you anons. great suggestions.

df7814  No.87410

I have some great videos. They are called Shoujo Ramune, Oni Chichi.

68923e  No.87716


>300 En no Otsukiai

i fuckin love this. this is shit i daydream about. i bust a nut so hard, a full gluestick of cum erupted out of me.

7ff829  No.87733

Clara's Secret Garden

Garden The Animation

Mai & Rei

Shoukoujo The Animation

Suki de Suki de Suki de The Animation

The Secret in Summer

Toshi Densetsu


姪っこのふくらみ ~いつもの中出しごっこ~ Nubile Niece ~Creampie Play~

Shoujo Ramune

Chocolat - Mizuno Ai

e5eea4  No.88251


The 3D one's are great. are these made by a particular studio? how do i find more?

b2bbd4  No.90047

Can someone explain to me why the newer animations have a tendency to give lolis oppai? Even adaptations like Tiny Evil or Going back to being a kid give lolis boobs even though they were flat in the original. Like does it bring negative publicity to the studio, or is oppai loli just more popular or what? I don't get it

000000  No.90049


Appeals to a wider audience

b15425  No.90052


>Going back to being a kid

What is this ?

000000  No.90074


A theme. Mujaki no Rakuen is quite popular and there's a new one I don't remember the name.

a1a39a  No.91123


>Clara's Secret Garden

Call me an idiot, but I can't seem to find this on google.

000000  No.91124



It's on nyaa

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