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File: 24112ac7fda8832⋯.jpg (32.35 KB, 474x593, 474:593, proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpg)

0de4af  No.87326

Hi 8chan

So I recently discovered this thread and I like ehat I see, but I'm afraid that if I fap to it I'm gonna turn into a pedo


0de4af  No.87327


*like what I see

cbf327  No.87334

Here's the trick, bud. Don't go looking for real kiddie porn and don't rape any kids. It's really not that hard.

914c19  No.87335


I mean I like selective stuff, the ones that are on unrealistic thicker side and also like really thick milfs so I just tell myself I like everything thick

another reason is lots of good artists draw loli only

dd2dea  No.87336


dd2dea  No.87337

File: 744b582f5915b76⋯.jpg (158.72 KB, 1280x908, 320:227, IMG-20180820-WA0001.jpg)

5cb44d  No.87346


It's actually really easy. I don't rape kids every day, me.

5dae1c  No.87347

Are you legitimately attracted to children? If so, disregard >>87334 and do look for real kiddie porn, because statistically access to child porn

decreases the risk to offend. If not, you're not a "pedo".

If you are one of those troubled people who likes lolicon and actually despises real children, you are a legitimate danger and should sequester yourself from the real world until you figure out what makes you hate. Most people in jail for child sexual abuse do not test positive for pedophilic impulses. They're just sadists.

8d8350  No.87348

File: d2834bd504c05d7⋯.gif (49.98 KB, 117x104, 9:8, 000o0r.gif)

2736a3  No.87349


Don't look for CP you stupid faggot.

91210f  No.87352

File: f7ea9a521dc1d78⋯.jpg (407.81 KB, 960x720, 4:3, nice.jpg)

attraction to idealized 2D girls at ripe breeding age is 100% normal anon. you will not become a pedophile from fapping anymore than you will become gay from fapping. it's in-born. look at this picture, does it arouse you? no? then you are not a pedo and never will be.

3a59ad  No.87360




Op is retarded and asked a stupid question, but this is one of the most dumbass things i've heard on this board. Fuck off, abuser.

0de4af  No.87362




Yeah hi um OP Here

While I won't deny that access/ decriminalization of a thing reduces demand for said thing, I'm still trying to avoid it all the same.

I have seen CP before, but it was on accident

5dae1c  No.87364





If you want 2D, you want 2D. That's fine. Until the people who made it illegal to watch a child having sex while not making it illegal to watch a child being murdered decide to come for the 2D, like they already have in many places.

The pizza you saw, what was it, out of curiosity?

0de4af  No.87365


BTW I don't HATE kids. They're just annoying.

0de4af  No.87366


One of my first times on the deep web I came across it by accident. Some spanking video.

Second time was on /b/, last night. Some fucker was posting it. I scrolled past.

0de4af  No.87368


Why do you ask?

8d8350  No.87375

File: 6b445da3ce039fd⋯.jpg (44.21 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, MIA-Mitty-Nanachi.jpg)

Does Nanachi count as a Loli?

2736a3  No.87376

a56cda  No.87377

File: 814a0ba1057495a⋯.png (727.58 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, 814a0ba1057495af40bd4e3f33….png)

>Tfw you get called a pedo for saying you like loli even if you explain countless times you're not attracted to 3D children

Really makes me mad.

0de4af  No.87390

Hey what happened to the rest of my thread?

0de4af  No.87392


Probably the mods took it down

0de4af  No.87394


What if OP is tho

e6dfbd  No.87396


Kana's ass in that picture looks adult-like and it's upsetting me

86231c  No.87404


waifufags explain countless times that 3D is PD but we all know its just sour grapes.

ed9b67  No.87405


the thicker the better

0aefae  No.87408


Masturbating to loli occasionally is fine. The problem comes only if it's all you can get off to. Balance it with masturbating to other 2D, find some other fetishes you enjoy, and if you ever notice that loli is all that gets you hard then don't fap for a week and jerk off to non-loli stuff again.

d80ec9  No.87412

File: 3e8f094983aeab2⋯.jpg (340.85 KB, 523x802, 523:802, DollyMolly.jpg)


I really think you already have to be a terrible piece of shit to turn real pedo. My kinks are more fucked up than just about everyone I know and I have no interest in ruining an actual kid's life. If you wouldn't beat a kid because you believe it's wrong and not based on societal pressure, I highly doubt you'd suddenly feel it's all right to fuck one.

fdea03  No.87414

File: 7ac743753b39d79⋯.jpg (41.57 KB, 400x550, 8:11, 589478_p0.jpg)



Nobody "turns pedo". Your sexuality is more or less fixed long before you become aware of it around puberty. You're either attracted to kids or you're not - no amount of porn or anything else can change you from one to the other.

If you are attracted to real kids, just make sure you masturbate to porn (preferably fictional) whenever you get too aroused. You have a much clearer mind and a lot more self-control after masturbation than before. Personally speaking, I find it very easy to avoid raping kids. It's not like straight guys struggle not to rape every woman they see, so this is just the same.

8411bf  No.87427

Depends on what you like. I find toddlers or basically any porn where they look below 14 to be disgusting. I don't feel sexual urges towards real kids either. Loli only

4adbdd  No.87437


yeah exactly. human sexuality is incredibly complex and any amount of things can affect it, most of which happens before your brain is fully developed or you're even aware what sex is. not to mention our basic human biology tells us to start mating asap and it's only societal norms that prevent us from doing that but that's another subject. i wouldn't worry about being too freaked out about it, just as long as you don't break the law you're a-okay. if you're actually legitimately worried though you can go see a sex counselor and they won't judge, it'll help you come to terms with it at the very least.

fdea03  No.87438


>you can go see a sex counselor and they won't judge

I'm very skeptical of this. I've heard of at least one case of someone being reported to the police after seeking mental health support. Some countries have mandatory reporting laws, and most counselors are going to be just as biased against pedos as the average person.

bf803e  No.87455

bf803e  No.87456


OP here. Came across more CP by accident last night while I was splorin' the deep web. (It legitimately was an accident, promise).

Can the FBI track you through a seized site?

fdea03  No.87457

File: 4a2612b7f549dad⋯.jpeg (71.79 KB, 706x455, 706:455, 2D_not_3D.jpeg)


>Can the FBI track you through a seized site?

If you didn't enable javascript, probably not. If you did, maybe. Their main tool is browser exploits. If they can find an unpatched vulnerability in your browser, they can find out your real IP address (and potentially a lot more, depending on the exact type of vulnerability).

Even then, there's no guarantee they'll follow it up. I think they'd mainly go after people who make multiple visits - that way they'd eliminate a lot of false positives from people who made the same mistake as you. I'd say there's a 99% chance you're fine.

If you want to be as safe as possible on the deepweb, I recommend using a laptop running Tails OS and connecting via public wifi hotspots. Make sure the camera is covered/removed, and if you want to be super paranoid remove the hard drive too. You could also look into qubes OS and set up separate isolated containers for the Tor gateway and your web browser. If the web browser can only see the tor connection, browser exploits can't leak your real IP.

Not that I'd ever recommend looking at 3DPD. 2D isn't just the path of moral virtue - it also brings a much greater sense of calm and personal wellbeing. 3DPD of all kinds will erode your spirit over time.

1646b2  No.87528


>I really think you already have to be a terrible piece of shit to turn real pedo

The definition of "pedophile" is not "violent, manipulative rapist".

cf56a0  No.87537


kys, pedoshit. There's a reason why kids can't consent.

1b2742  No.87540


How can there be a reason why kids can't consent when kids can consent? I'm waiting, anti.

1e4d46  No.87542

File: f7004f3f0ecdaad⋯.jpg (62.98 KB, 597x481, 597:481, 989f5ce40445d91f3567887edf….jpg)


This post right here officer

b2641d  No.87544


>this guy actually believes this shit

d80ec9  No.87562


Yeah no I agree. I'm not really sure the semantics of pedophile is the right hill to die on culturally but you are correct. By "real pedo" I hope it's obvious I'm referring to anyone engaging or planning to engage with a minor sexually. Not anyone like myself who's attracted to children but you know, has self control and a concept of empathy.


Honest to god I can not comprehend what you mean. Maybe if you're implying I was accusing OP of something I was trying to reassure him that if he's not a terrible sack of shit right now, jacking off to drawn porn isn't going to change anything, despite what some political types might screetch.

1646b2  No.87563


>There's a reason why kids can't consent

Define "kids", define "consent", and then tell me why kids apparently don't know how to say "no" when they don't like something.

1646b2  No.87564


>By "real pedo" I hope it's obvious I'm referring to anyone engaging or planning to engage with a minor sexually

Why do you have to be a "terrible piece of shit" in order to engage or plan to do something sexual with a minor (let's give "minor" the most forgiving definition I can think of, below the age of 14)? Why do you think anyone doing so would completely disregard the other's comfort? Why do you believe that sexual activity is inherently harmful until somebody reaches a certain number of years lived?

d80ec9  No.87565


Firstly I believe any sort of intense stimuli (especially if it's virginal) tends to have strong unpredictable effects on the minds of people regardless of their age. I know plenty of people in their twenties and thirties that do not know how to interpret or react to sexual attention in a stable manner and instead end up building bonds with abusive types under the guise of being in love or spiraling into depression where if they can't be sexually validated often enough by the right people, their self esteem is irrevocably damaged.

Unfortunately at that point their brains have usually fully developed or are just coming to the end of the development cycle so it's much harder to place blame on their partner as they're just as likely to have no mental fortitude. Although I believe it's entirely possible for a child to engage in sexual activity and maybe even develop positively from it, the results of avoidable sexual stimuli on them is far too unpredictable and very often extremely negative for their psyche. I see acts of pedophilia to be an extreme risk for the child's mental well being and entirely avoidable. Someone engaging with a child sexually is gambling needlessly with their well being against stark odds for the sake of blowing a load, which in my mind is morally repugnant.

I am very hopefull for society to become more understanding of the issue however. Fictional porn and loli love bots are a wonderful thing in my mind.

3aa4f4  No.87571


Children's brains are not fully developed. They look up to adults, and don't expect to be scarred by something an adult suggests. But, it will fuck them up for life. Make no mistake.

3aa4f4  No.87572

9b279a  No.87573

File: f4eb29053a4b965⋯.png (1.12 MB, 3825x3300, 51:44, raragi.png)


Just don't touch real kids and you're good.

7a9cbd  No.87656


>not somehow superior or special for being a lolicon

Fuck right off.

(I agree with the rest of it, though.)

19b3d0  No.87658



OP should be careful and if s/he has to talk, confide in a single friend.

"Councilors" can ruin your life.

If you feel you're in danger of harming someone, that's one thing but don't go just because you feel bad about loli.

If you want to stop, look into the psychology of addiction, watch JBP and start countering your thoughts.

>>Ex: Impulse: She's cute.

Counter: But she's also a child who doesn't know I exist and would be put off by my advances. Etc

d59afe  No.87661


What a revelation, if only faggots realized sooner that all they had to do to cure their addiction to sticking their dicks in eachothers ass would just be to counter their thoughts by parroting whatever anti-gay propaganda they've been told and BAM the gay is prayed away.

b8172c  No.87685


Honestly the best way to counter such thoughts is just to fap. Once you orgasm all of the hormones associated with arousal go away and you can think clearly again.

It's also many orders of magnitude easier to fap than it is to deal with the consequences (to both of you) of doing anything to a real child.

04d13a  No.87691


How do you feel about ‘model sites?’ You know, the ones that are scantily clad. Is that technically CP or not because they have clothes on?

ed4c95  No.87695


>Children's brains are not fully developed.

Neither are women's.


You can fuck right off with your $2000 rug cult bucko.

98233d  No.87696


The idea of "fully developed" isn't even meaningful when talking about brains. Your brain never stops developing until you die. Its development slows down as you age, making it harder to learn things, and eventually it starts to deteriorate, but it's all an ongoing process throughout life.

The strongest argument against doing anything with real children is the social stigma associated with it. Regardless of whether the acts themselves intrinsically cause harm, the child will still grow up being told that those acts cause harm. I suspect this would be sufficient to trigger the nocebo effect - the harmful equivalent of the placebo effect. They will also have a huge, dangerous secret that they feel conflicted about keeping. They will feel different from everyone around them, and that alone is enough to cause psychological problems. If the authorities get involved, their whole life will be thrown into chaos and they'll probably end up blaming themselves whatever the outcome.

It is very unethical to burden a child with any of that.

ed4c95  No.87699


I'm not sure where you're going with this, anon. One could just say "ethics are a spook/slave morality/da jooz" etc; and negate your entire argument.

98233d  No.87700


That argument wasn't really directed at nihilists. If you embrace nihilism then it's impossible to argue for or against any course of action. Everything is equally pointless.

In fact, under sufficient philosophical scrutiny even "obvious" ideas like free will and identity break down, not to mention our ability to actually know anything about the world outside our own minds. I don't consider it particularly useful to debate such things because it just ends with the conclusion that anything is possible.

04d13a  No.87701


I mean

If they have clothes on

f29c4a  No.87702


It might be legal in whatever country the pics were taken in but probably not the US

ed4c95  No.87718


I never said that *nothing* matters. You can still have reason and purpose without being concerned for the wellbeing of others. That isn't nihilism. My point is that the argument doesn't apply to everyone. It requires a lot of assumptions for the scenario to be true.

>that loli is illegal or considered harmful in the country/culture/etc;

>that the loli will consume harmful media

>that the loli will fall prey to said media

>that the lolicon necessarily considers the hypothetical result to be a BAD END

Non-exhaustive list as you get the point. If you want to talk about preventing potential harm, that's how you get into anti-natalism really quick (not that I disagree with that in any way), as pain and death are the only two things guaranteed to happen to everyone without exception.

209963  No.87722


I'm not really interested in getting into some bizarre argument about the philosophy of unusual belief systems. I've made that mistake enough times - it always ends up being a waste of time.

If you're concerned that I hate pedos, I don't. I can believe a course of action is unethical without wanting anyone to be punished for it.

ed4c95  No.87731


>it always ends up being a waste of time.

Perhaps one could say the same of all debates!

Besides, the purpose of debate isn't to convince the other person, you'll never do that. It's to convince everyone watching. Ever seen the movie Thank You For Smoking? If not, you need only watch one minute of it: https://youtu.be/xuaHRN7UhRo?t=53s - start at 0:53 if it doesn't automatically.

ffb984  No.88690

File: 52cb6d8b81d912f⋯.png (886.73 KB, 803x1234, 803:1234, d26292723c11ad86d792206328….png)

I'm proportionally attracted to lolis the more non-human they are. So furries and monster-girls are A-OK, succubi as well. But the more human they are (especially photorealistic ones) the more my boner gets curbed by discomfort.

I suspect this discomfort will go away with time, eventually. But for now 90% of my loli content is cub.

215b0e  No.88698


That pic is borderline cartoony, had you got me in my mad mod I'll have you reported.

b9d5a9  No.88700


wtf why reported this guy? what wrong with you shithead that nice lolicon pic Draenei loli break no rules 100%legit

u a asshole x10000k

ffb984  No.88703


I'm sorry I participated in the conversation? I guess.

2ad143  No.88715


Next time you'll know better than to try and contribute to this board in any way in its current state.

1c4af5  No.88758

This thread actually have a lot of hypocrites who said "hey don't go touching children" even though they obviously would fuck any vulnerable tight holes they can find in Thailand. Sickos.

d018cb  No.88768

I don't know if I even like loli or not. I like a lot of borderline loli art, though.

c5a6d0  No.88786

it's ok OP, I've been looking up lolis for 4 years and I'm still not a pedo.

1093b1  No.89086


You ARE a pedo like anyone here just indulge in your urges responsably and remember that 3d is fucking shit anyways

ffb984  No.89089

File: de1480d3164dfd4⋯.jpg (91.03 KB, 575x800, 23:32, 6eccb214831e3d9c46147f8d5b….jpg)


The closest comparison I can come up with to explain how I feel is medieval fantasy. We love hearing about stories of knights and princesses and great battles. Castles and Kingdoms and intrigue and all that. Vikings, Paladins, (and dragons if you want to include a bit of mythology).

But if you were transported back in time to actual medieval times, it would be hell. 95% of people who lived back then were dirt-poor farmers or peasants. Chances are you'd never meet a lord or a princess. Everyone stank. There was barely any hygiene or medicine. You could die from a tooth-ache. And no epic dragons to fight, just foreigners who would sometimes raid your land.

That's kind of how I see lolicon. Conceptually and symbolically they're the embodiment of cuteness and innocence, but in reality kids are whiny, dirty and annoying. And it's a physical impossibility for a kid to experience pleasure from sex unless they've started puberty (and even then if they're small it still won't work) so it would default to blood and tears which is a major turn off for me.

000000  No.89228



You NEED to switch things up and balance everything you look at. For me, personally? I'm attracted to ideas in the most purest of forms and exploring that. Think of balancing normal porn and this stuff as choosing between cake and ice cream. You'd be daft not to try both when there are so many different flavours. Variety is key. The fact that you feel _some_ remorse is SO important and seperates you from those too far gone. It's our cross to bear. It's the only thing that can keep one's head/sanity together when the going/edging gets deep.


Yeah, this is the only reason I can't go and get some kind of help for something that's more or less ingrained, just for that possibility.


>OP should be careful and if s/he has to talk, confide in a single friend. "Councilors" can ruin your life.

This. The only other people I confide in are other openminded jobuds my age (20s) that I know are going through the same thing. (eg. starlets, >>87691 etc)


>Conceptually and symbolically they're the embodiment of cuteness and innocence, but in reality kids are whiny, dirty and annoying. And it's a physical impossibility for a kid to experience pleasure from sex unless they've started puberty (and even then if they're small it still won't work) so it would default to blood and tears which is a major turn off for me.

Preach! Keeping a level head :)

000000  No.89247


> And it's a physical impossibility for a kid to experience pleasure from sex unless they've started puberty (and even then if they're small it still won't work) so it would default to blood and tears which is a major turn off for me.

That's been scientifically proven to be incorrect. That also assumes that all sexual contact is penis in vagina.

I'm not going to argue about the lolicon is or isn't a pedo thing because it bothers everyone who reads these threads and I don't really care, but I'm not going to ignore the incorrect assumption that children are incapable of experiencing sexual pleasure.

ffb984  No.89277


Do you have citations to back that up?

775f15  No.89292


Were you grown in a tube or something? I was jerking my dick off to porn before my age was even in the double digits, not being able to blow a load didn't make it feel any less good. In fact it was even more intense back then since my body has long since become accustomed to it by now.

ffb984  No.89305


Yeah, but that stimulation could be considered non-sexual. Also, you and I might be anomalies. I was just wondering if there had been any studies that show humans can actually experience a form of sexual arousal before they enter puberty. Or if that's mostly just loli-fantasies.

I strongly suspect that social taboos have prevented many such studies from seriously being undertaken.

deb1c0  No.89306


>Yeah, but that stimulation could be considered non-sexual.

No it couldn't.

aae2b8  No.89309


well, just dont go to a counselor and report that you abused a child. Even if you did, just tell them that you think you need help, dont admit to anything. The cant turn you into the police for 'being a pedophile'. I dont know any nation where they make even the impulses and thoughts illegal, and if they do its a flagrant human rights violation. even for outlaws like pedos; even if it was a crime, itd be self-incrimination and heresay. how can they prove you were telling the truth to the counselor? If you go and tell a mandated reporter that youve been abusing your niece, yes, they are required to report you. If you go and say you are TEMPTED to do so, there is nothing to report, you havent broken the law.. although he or she may try to advise you to move out. Possibly the kid could even be taken away, but they cant charge you with anything, so I dont know how that would work.

As for counselors judging you, they may, although any decent sex counselor knows how these things work and will be professionally interested if anything. If they DO feel personal disgust, especially if they let you see it, then they are shitty counselors and you should find a different one anyway. What do you think they are trained for? The thing is that if you think you need help, especially if you fear you might hurt someone, get it. If you have already, then try to prevent it from happening again. If youve accepted yourself and arent worried about self control, then dont worry about it. No-one can change you into a 'normal' person, any more than they can covert gay people, so its best to come to term with it. You can be a pedophile and a good person as well, or so I believe. I think that if you could see the secret thoughts of all the people you passed on the street daily, youd be surprised at what you found way down in secret in most of them.


aae2b8  No.89310


That is exactly correct, my thoughts exactly. Nothing generally wrong with sexual acts per se, no matter who they are with. Provided you dont physically injure the person, the act itself will cause no harm, could even be a positive thing. Why not? how is it different from kissing or cuddling, really? But the stigma of it, and the burden of 'keep it a secret' is what causes the real harm, and why it is wrong. That and the whole thing where you tell a person theyve been victimized enough times and they start to believe it phenomenon. They suddenly have all kinds of issues they hadnt even realized before and they know exactly who to blame: i'm not as happy as I ought to be, that must be because of X'. You can say IF this were different or that were different…but they arent, and arent going to change anytime soon. In the meantime, there are plenty of children who experienced sexual acts who got no negative effects from them at all - thats just a fact - but they dont show up in studies the way that the damaged ones do. People wit problems are studied a lot more than teh well-adjusted, and are a lot more likely to talk a lot trying to blame people for their problems. But we have to assume the risk is severe and its not worth testing it to find out.

97ae9d  No.89316


Dude, there are countries where a counselor HAVE to report to the police if they even THINK that someone might molest someone. If you live in such a country, go to a counselor and say "my niece is hot", you better believe they can and will report you to the police.

6b39c2  No.89324


>in reality kids are whiny, dirty and annoying

You disgust me. Children are full of wonder and curiosity, and they don't give a shit about the superficial bullshit that society tells you to care about.

>And it's a physical impossibility for a kid to experience pleasure from sex unless they've started puberty

And you're completely ignorant and just parroting what everybody else told you because you're too much of a little bitch to go look at the available video evidence that proves you wrong. What a surprise.

c4a030  No.89386

File: 3aace4813162792⋯.png (1.89 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, hana.png)


>He's not into toddlers



>But if you were transported back in time to actual medieval times, it would be hell.

Maybe you fantasize about the dragons, battles, and knights, but I don't.

When I think of the medieval era I think of a time where I can be who I want to be without people criticizing me big-time, as it's none of their business.

I think of a time where I can live a happy simple life without making tens of thousands of dollars just to be able to have a piece of land to live on, yet alone a home.

I think of a time where if I am not happy with my living situation I can pack a bag and walk the road, relatively safely with a little protection on my hip, and offer basic services to locals as I travel in exchange for sleeping on their land or a meal, and where an extra worker is always welcomed.

>That's kind of how I see lolicon.

And likewise that's how I see lolicon, while you may think of balls deep penetrating a kid in elementary school or having a loli sex-slave, or someone who is innocent and knows little, I do not see those things and fantasize in that way.

Instead I fantasizing about having a cute girl who enjoys being silly and is attached and loving. Someone to do things with and who loves having fun without any drama or fake bullshit.

Maybe she hurts herself playing and whines, but I'd be glad to comfort her. Maybe we get dirty playing, but that's life. Maybe she's a little snoogery sometime, but that doesn't take away who she is and our relationship. Maybe she wants to do something I don't want to do sometime, and sometimes I'll do it, sometimes I'll ask her to do something else instead, and from my experiences with real little girls there isn't any whining involved there.

There's no negative big black-holes in my fantasies there either, I've been in such relationships before and they were blissful. Never lewded her, but did just about everything else from playing to cuddling to general fun outings.

People are rude and mean to kids in general and way too authoritarian. They lie to them, trick them, walk over their feelings, they have bad relationships with them. That's why kids whine and are annoying to them and others as they're in an abusive situation. But once they have a good relationship and learn that not all adults are like that, or at least you aren't, the dynamics change and they aren't like that.

>it's a physical impossibility for a kid to experience pleasure from sex


All the nerve endings are present from birth, they're just packed tighter, which actually means they're easier stimulated and experience far more pleasure.

Penetration like you suggest? No, obviously not.

But likewise to my fantasies and general desires, I'm not into such an incompatible thing. I'd much rather lick/kiss and rub her. None of those things would cause tears or blood, but rather smiles, giggles, and feel-goods all around.

I mean statistically folks who focus on penetration aren't pedophiles and shouldn't be around children or at least caretakers of children, as shouldn't most normal folks in my opinion, but that doesn't take away that you're thoroughly deluded and most folks into loli aren't like you, and most who think they are are deluded and really aren't like that but portray their self as such as they don't want to admit to their self that it's more than something they jerk off to.

fdc219  No.89424


>I'd much rather lick/kiss and rub her. None of those things would cause tears or blood, but rather smiles, giggles, and feel-goods all around.

I dunno man. Maybe not blood and crying but from what I've seen kids are rather deadpan when it comes to *that*.

426d28  No.89434


Seen lots IRL, have you?

426d28  No.89435


Thats not how medieval life worked at all. Odds are youd be a peasant slaving your life away, unable to even leave your lords estate without permission, taxed to a breath of starvation.

cbc4ba  No.89442


All I'm gonna say is that, seeing the real deal is both eye opening and disappointing at the same time.

691873  No.89444

File: 68618c0e7443ad0⋯.jpg (32.25 KB, 480x272, 30:17, hanamaru003.jpg)


>are rather deadpan when it comes to *that*.

How would you be if someone is filming you and telling you what to do?

Of course it's not going to be fun.

But no camera, and them being in control? Haven't seen any in a long time since I was a young teen myself, as most CP was repulsive and abusive imo, but the times where the kids in charge or they have very shitty quality, where they aren't focusing on getting the "action" and all that, the kids are definitely enjoying it. Most definitely.

It's just most CP isn't consensual, just like most child-sex crimes aren't consensual in nature, nor are they usually done by pedos.


> Odds are youd be a peasant slaving your life away, unable to even leave your lords estate without permission, taxed to a breath of starvation.

Not at all. You can go to shitholes in Africa and the middle east and still experience close to how it used to be back in the day, just with more modern weapons about.

What do you consider slaving away? Growing crops? Are you kidding me?

fb1919  No.89931


Hey there, pedophile here. Being anti-contact isn’t being an anti. It’s being sane.

d61d50  No.89951


Medieval Europe was under feudalism. You weren't allowed to travel without permission. It's still like this in some parts of China. Also family members were dependent on each other. Leaving your home town meant your parents had nobody to support them in their old age.

There's nothing wrong with growing crops. Having all of your surplus taken by the lord so he could feast and pay his soldiers was what sucked.

But hey I'm sure there were plenty of lolis to play with back then, can't get you on that. I think you'd have a better time in South East Asia in the 80s, but let's not dwell on that subject

64df0d  No.90086

File: b15e88fc82e7ca0⋯.jpg (364.92 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, listen.jpg)

>all these faggots who don't know shit

Sex is a very complicated topic. Often times, fetishism and genuine mental illness overlap, but people never just stop masturbating or having sex to really observe the differences.

OP, you can't "turn into" a pedophile, or a homophile or whatever, unless you were raped as a kid or something. If you don't want to jerk it to lolis, don't. If you're worried about being turned on by them suddenly, just stop masturbating for a week or something. You'll find normal things attractive again, less so lolis.

64df0d  No.90087


Did not mean to sah-gay.

fa06a0  No.90285



I for the most part agree with you


No it’s not anti-contact is still insanity children can consent when treated with respect go look it


That’s is absolutely not how sexuality works

believe me Gay and Pedo isn’t created out of rape it’s just grows naturally on you

I am Pedo and I am never raped so your logic doesn’t make sense.

c2dee6  No.90357



You are so right about almost everything exept for the penetration stuff with you aren’t fully right about considering older little girls can enjoy that but not younger indeed but besides that I fully approve and can confirm that you are right about everything else here

Little girls deserve indeed licks and kisses I wish those them all : )

45977b  No.90481

File: 2f3447318a757c1⋯.png (291.48 KB, 600x747, 200:249, 1391234 - Bubukka Is_the_O….png)

I don't get why you guys should be afraid to turn Pedo

really adults are gegenerate and kids outcompete them anyday honestly just turn Pedo and you don't have to deal with the bullshit of adult relationships it's better anyway as they are fun when treated with respect.

<Really who could resist young cuties like these

8f6e7e  No.90483


but you cant legally fuck them, and they cant really morally consent?

83deea  No.90487


Laws and morality are different all over the world, why let subjective bullshit decide what you should like and not like?

If you're willing to convince yourself to not find something sexually attractive just because they tell you to would you also stop having deeply held beliefs once they're considered thought crimes?

How much of your life are you willing to let them dictate for you?

d9454b  No.90490


Nothing wrong with being a pedo. Use common sense with your choices and keep the fact quiet from a vile hate filled world.

d9454b  No.90493


Morals and laws are things made by those with the most power. They are transient things.

What a person should concern themselves with is being good to each other and how to avoid causing harm to others. A body of a certain age cant safely become pregnant. Unless you and they were mature enough to safely and properly guide a new life it shouldnt be attempted. Guiding a new life requires all kinds of things. It needs love, attention, education, money and more. It also requires your relationship to be stable and long lasting. That is hard to ensure with a person that has their personality going through a transition phase.

If you were to exclude any impregnation or social repercussions and everything was consensual I see no reason why two healthy individuals shouldnt do lots of lewed things together regardless of their age, gender, or nationality.

In short the only reason not to be a pedo is because most humans are a bunch of prejudice, easily offended, control freaks that lash out at and demonize any group they see as different from themselves. A brief look through history has countless examples.

I find it funny that many famous and beloved historical figures were married to those considered very underaged today. Some people will say it was that way because of life span issues. The truth is it was that way because the people of that era considered it normal. Now its a problem not because human nature or life expectancy has changed but because morals have shifted.

In short being a pedo is only wrong because people say it is. If enough people said it was fine then that would be the new truth. Its a bit like the value of money in that regard.

6707b6  No.90498


> In short being a pedo is only wrong because people say it is.

Or rather, because women say it is. Realizing that lolis provide something they can never provide themselves, they instead started to belittle and eventually make monsters of guys who like young girls.

45977b  No.90503


Well little girls can consent but the law things is indeed a problem.

17e51c  No.91265


Source on that image? I've been searching everywhere and can't find it, reverse image search turns up nothing.

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