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File: c3db5f224dac810⋯.jpg (95.47 KB, 1440x810, 16:9, priestess.jpg)

5eb7b0  No.88752

Most of the good japanese loli communities got nuked.

All what's left are dead like this one, or they are full of real pedos that make me uncomfortable to actively use them. Discord was good while it lasted but most of the good ones got reported and banned.

I know it's pretty ridiculous and pathetic but lolis are the reason why I decided to keep living, and I'm feeling in a really big despair lately.

5eb7b0  No.88753


By japanese I didn't mean communities from japan, I meant english communities dedicated or with japanese style lolis.

938fbe  No.88755


All those homos that used to post here were /co/ faggots from the very beginning. Draw threads had 99.9999% /co/ requests.

935ec0  No.88756

File: 0237347aadc9bf6⋯.jpg (395.84 KB, 2507x3541, 2507:3541, 69526763_p0.jpg)


>All what's left are dead like this one

>tfw it's true

I prefer no posting than post shitposting.

>lolis are the reason why I decided to keep living

And what you do to satisfy you?

I collect new pic lolis from sankaku and twitters of artists I like. I suppose next step is learning drawing or moddeling to satisfy my glutonny.

I know, it is difficult to meet people with same tastes.

10dc5e  No.88760


It still amazes me people are dumb enough to use a platform like that for loli. What the fuck did you think would happen?

43721e  No.88762

People like you are what kills these communities. The current BO decided to eradicate everything from the board that made him feel uncomfortable and as a result it drove away the entire userbase to a board where eastern style lolicon is no longer the focus.

If you want an active community then quit being a bunch of triggered faggots that cant handle a difference in opinion or people liking things you don't like and maybe people will find your communities worth being a part of.

18103a  No.88763

File: 99f6e5414717634⋯.jpg (33.95 KB, 400x400, 1:1, waiting for tewi to fuck o….JPG)

>be Tewi

>try to take back /loli/ for /a/

>promise to make it great again with the older userbase

>userbase isn't having it with the greedy tyrant and jumps to /delicious/

>Tewi holds on to the /loli/ name even though he knows he fucked it over

Don't really mind it anymore, because /delicious/ still has a thriving community and /loli/ remains overrun with /pol/ overflow and some off-topic threads that invite actual pedos.



You have to be 18- oh wait, wrong website.

117292  No.88785


>real pedos

lol he doesnt know

02bd00  No.88791

The content dried up. Most artists are hidden on Twitter or started paywalling with Enty then Box, Pixiv is basically JP deviantART infested with Westerners and garbage now. The old chans filled up with intersectionality types after smartphones became ubiquitous and pushed out everyone in the interest of sanitizing for wider demographics. Most Westerners are obsessed with the flat chest aspect and hate/disregard cunny, a stark contrast to 1997-2009 or so when those communities thrived, many of which are into slapping cocks on their "lolis" now. The internet has normalized and most have left. Western loli is hideous and the content creating communities attracted /co/ rejects over the years that had an easier entry-point than people that were watching fansubbed shit off IRC and hunting down shitty scans of Cardcaptor Sakura ero doujin decades ago. It's easier to surround yourself with toadies in discords and sellout… so that's what happened.

There's not much to look forward to outside the occasional Exotic Condenser release every 12+ months or actual quality preview freebie content like アニメ801. Most of which has come to be dictated by the USD and their poor upper body tastes in a homogenizing of 2d porn to lowest common denominator content. No one can draw a spread pussy anymore without making it look like a hatchet wound though most opt to ignore it with shit posing, the people that consume Western trash are content to enjoy it uncensored, and the impending crackdown and lead up to the olympics in 2020 is probably going to stifle quality content even more. There's really nothing to look forward to anymore when it comes to Eastern loli other than a rapid decline to meet the Western demographic with SSDI money to blow, at which point it becomes the television-tier trash content production like the West is at now. Same thing happened to furry porn after Patreon.

6a072c  No.88795

File: d26b1c9799b3666⋯.png (1.15 MB, 720x540, 4:3, Hare Guu TV Ep06 [raw][7….png)


>or they are full of real pedos that make me uncomfortable to actively use them

I have some bad news for you.

5eb7b0  No.88797

File: d56025d9ef19ef5⋯.png (213.86 KB, 512x288, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)



Bad news my balls, bunch of fucking retards, take in consideration the estimated percentage of pedophiles and the popularity of lolis , numbers don't fit, for many is just a fetish exclusive to drawings.

21bdd1  No.88798

File: fe873f681c6d49e⋯.png (153.72 KB, 433x443, 433:443, 1485813319685.png)


Yeah, a lot of people tend to deny reality.

771514  No.88806

real pedo arent the problem,

its cringy autist pedos that post dumb shit that are the problem

319b16  No.89038


The estimated number of faggots when they were villified was completely inaccurate as well, turns out people tend to hide an aspect of their character when it would be social suicide to have it connected to their identity.

cdcb49  No.89039

Going to jump in on that, from what I seen 80% of this board are pedos but they just don't announce it every second of the day and just want to fap to their petite 2D waifus.

I was the same as OP, the "just a drawing" phase tends to not last forever

5a11bc  No.89041


pedos are essential part of any loli community, you just don't notice them if they don't autistically post children and instead discuss lolis just like you do.

4f7f64  No.89121


>There's a discord server named "clean" loli.

>Sorry, I meant discord.

8eb08d  No.89122

File: b7a2ce8edd5e754⋯.png (709.85 KB, 1200x1166, 600:583, 1479230495002.png)




According to your logic, deep down inside, I actually want to physically have sex with a real child.

Ya'll need Jesus.

fae745  No.89130


Yes, otherwise you wouldn't be looking at drawings of kids having sex and rubbing your junk to simulate that its you having sex with them so you can have an orgasm.

8eb08d  No.89131


A true display of your utter incompetence.

Congrats, you really are fucking dumbass.

8eb08d  No.89132

File: 26eb73ed5e172a0⋯.png (103.35 KB, 445x365, 89:73, ec22f277b74e9c5482b4d7e22e….png)


People beating their meat/fingering themselves are aroused and attracted by the DRAWING. How is this any different than a cartoon woman or a furry cartoon animal?

Your double standard logic and bullshit reasonings. Obvious troll is obvious.

fae745  No.89133


The drawing represents something and thats what they're attracted to, if the drawing represents a man fucking another man then a gay man will want to beat off to it, a heterosexual man is not going to be aroused by that drawing because it depicts gay sex and hes not gay.

8eb08d  No.89134


>The drawing represents something and thats what they're attracted to

You just shot yourself in the foot there. Obviously, yes, because the drawing represents a fictional character(s) with a variety of personality and characteristics that someone will like. It's the style of art that someone might be attracted to. It's the color work that will get someone's attention. Again, it's about the drawing itself and it has nothing do with real people.

Are you doing to tell argue there's a living breathing 1000 year old Loli vampire living somewhere in real life?

>if the drawing represents a man fucking another man then a gay man will want to beat off to it, a heterosexual man is not going to be aroused by that drawing because it depicts gay sex and hes not gay.

This isn't the early 2000s or 60s pal. You can't truly label someone's sexuality anymore. Be open minded; striaght men masturbating to fictional gay porn doesn't really mean he's a homo.

What if the hetero man is attractive to real woman, but like certain types of gay artwork (depending on the style) and jacks off to that, but still perfers woman? And no, I'm not talking about bisexuals, because the topic is about fictional gay porn.

What if a lesbian woman fingers herself to striaght couples porn/artwork, but is still more attractive to other woman?

Get off your fucking high horse and accept that L.

4dbf6a  No.89135


Of course the quality of the art makes a difference, but no matter how good the quality of the art nobody is going to be aroused by a masterpiece that depicts a man fucking a dog unless they're into beastiality.

Likewise nobody is going to be aroused by a masterpiece depicting a man fucking a little girl unless they're a pedophile.

Saying they're a "1000 year old vampire" is an excuse on par with people that are into traps saying its a "feminine penis"

If you weren't a pedophile you wouldn't be fapping specifically to characters that look like children just like if you weren't gay you wouldn't be fapping specifically to characters that have dicks.

I don't give a fuck about the "progressive" abandonment of labels where you can be a man one day and a woman the next because you decide to, I base my logic in the realm of reality and call a spade a spade.

f7d90f  No.89136


pretty much this, most of stuff I get is from pixiv or like fantia, follow around 1k artists

wanted to draw my stuff forever too, just fapping to your own perfect art sounds so good

8eb08d  No.89139


>I base my logic in the realm of reality and call a spade a spade.

And that's where the problem is. If you can't tell the difference between what is real and what is fiction with that type of mindset, than it's YOUR problem and YOUR the one that needs the help.

With that logic in mind you might as well say killing npcs in Grandtheft Auto is the same as killing someone in real life. One is fictional, the other is reality.

>Of course the quality of the art makes a difference, but no matter how good the quality of the art nobody is going to be aroused by a masterpiece

You missed understood my argument. I'm not talking about quality, I'm talking about different styles of art attracts people to their liking of the character, not what it represents.

>Saying they're a "1000 year old vampire" is an excuse on par with people that are into traps saying its a "feminine penis"

Once again, you didn't read my argument correctly. You trying to justify your statement about a drawing represents a real person. So, go and show me evidence of a child who is 1000 years of age in reality.

4dbf6a  No.89140


Murder is an act you have to commit that requires a victim, having an attraction to something is neither an act nor requires a victim so thats a bad analogy.

I still don't get your point about people liking different styles of art, no matter what the art style is the body type is still a representation of a child and if you're into that then you're a pedo.

If you don't like what the character represents and just like their personality then thats different and means you don't actually like the loli body type and your attraction to the character is in spite of them being a loli instead of because of it so you wouldn't be a pedo in that case.

The fact that the artist says the character they drew is 1000 years old doesn't change what the character is supposed to represent, the loli body type is the body type of a prepubescent girl and if you like that body type then what do you think that says about you?

Lolicon in japanese literally translates to pedophile, the originators of the art you so love to fap to freely admit what they are so why can't you?

aa1f34  No.89143


Buddy, your entire argument is people really want to have sex with real kids just because they jack off to a drawing.

The main point of your statement is bullshit. That isn't a fact, it's an false assumption and it makes no sense, and you want me to accept that?


4dbf6a  No.89145


Just because a waifufag says hes not interested in 3DPD and is only interested in his waifu doesn't change his sexuality, his waifu is still a woman and thats why hes attracted to it because hes still a heterosexual man with an attraction to women. Whether he wants to have sex with a real woman or not is irrelevant.

All I want you to accept is reality, living in denial isn't healthy, I know because I was in your shoes once.

a0a2f1  No.89185

File: 93b836638dda9aa⋯.png (360.1 KB, 736x426, 368:213, 6557565656755775.png)


>drawing = real kids

>people who play fps shooter = violent criminal

Wow, nice assumption faggot, kill yourself. Why the fuck NPC nigger even in here.

4dbf6a  No.89199




>Murder is an act you have to commit that requires a victim, having an attraction to something is neither an act nor requires a victim so thats a bad analogy.

18103a  No.89200


>gamer memephrases in lieu of an actual argument

Why don't you just kill yourself instead of posting ever again? [/spoiler]in b4 he calls me an NPC[/spoiler]

393c40  No.89210


and so does it really matter if it's pedo or not? lolis and shota being legal doesn't mean it translates into increasing pedo-related crimes, in fact it decreases pedo crimes related because people will just prefer to jack off to lolis/shotas instead of hunting real life kids? even in UK where they ban shotas/lolis has worse pedophiles crimes.


f4d4d2  No.89211

Autists drove out everybody who was providing content.

0a540e  No.89219


Whether or not it "matters" doesn't change the facts. If you're trying to say I should just let them live in denial then I disagree with that, I'm just doing to them what I wish someone did to me when I was like them.

499dc3  No.89255

This thread basically answered itself

1a6864  No.89382

f261f3  No.89384

File: 3110e3a4b2c4f78⋯.jpg (141.56 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, hanamarukindergarten.jpg)

Because people have gotten sick of being purged even when they've maintained a perfectly legal, often not blatantly pedophilic, community and have just stopped bothering.

People have moved on from shitty chan communities that get banned or die quickly, as well as discords and IRC's where users slowly get chipped away till the community dies, or equally as bad the administrators purge the entire chatroom and the community has to pick up the pieces and connect again, often to only get slammed again within days or weeks.

Your answer is to abandon such communities and niche down. If you're romantically into lolis, congratulations, go to a girl lover community and stop being in denial. If you're into strange octopi with lolis you already know where to go to. If you just like their puffy pussies accept the community has died for now and continue masturbating to loli legally unless you want to dive into the abyss. And if you aren't really into them all that much then stop identifying as a lolicon you fuck.



>for many is just a fetish exclusive to drawings.

Many as in the vast vast minority? SURE!

The thing is you can say the same thing about people in child pornography "communities" and who jerk to it. Some are pedophiles, but many are not and just jerk to it as they have a fetish to specific aspects of the pornography rather than genuinely finding kids attractive.

The majority of folks who are into loli, as in the vast majority, over 2/3rd's, are attracted to real children to some extent, and a good portion (slightly over 1/3rd) are predominantly and for all intensive purposes exclusively attracted to children.

For fucks sake the 8chan loli IRC was littered in pedophiles back when it was active a few years ago. There was a few dozen folks and I cannot think of a single one that wasn't attracted to kids to some extent, and a good portion were really really really into kids, some even claiming to have little girlfriends and the like.

There's more pedophiles in loli communities than there are, per capita, in child porn communities. That's just how it is. There's not many other groups drawn to loli, while there's plenty drawn to CP.

Maybe you're one of the few of the few of the few and are into loli because you have an incest fetish that is specifically because you wish you had sex as a child with a sibling and thus adult incest porn doesn't work for you, but that's not most folks here.

Most folks think kids are fucking beautiful and have great aesthetics all around, are cute as can be, and they'd love to make love to them, real or not.

Most never will do so IRL, but loliporn can be a way they feel like they're not as at-risk and a way they can build community and talk about cute kids and little girls without being so blatant about what they like.

t. definitely not a nepiophile

5d5d35  No.89754

File: 2ef9b5bbdc54e87⋯.jpg (376.77 KB, 708x1000, 177:250, 1547237719678.jpg)


>There's more pedophiles in loli communities than there are, per capita, in child porn communities.

You got that conclusion from literally your ass.

Its true there are "not pedos" into cp and a good part of them are a porn addicted guys in a ride of fetishes but the same can be concluded to hentai and doujin addiction.

I like drawn porn, and loli is one of my fetishes (like big boobed onee sans and gyarus, even i like some trap stuff) but

I dont want to fuck children, they cant consent because the brain and mind is not fully developed, same for the sexual organs, if you fuck any child like a doujin she will be seriously injured or traumatized forever.

I cant love romantically a children, because they cant love like that back, like a mature person.

I cant love or have sex with a man, even that tik tok traps, real life penis, even the "femenine ones" are disgusting,i even look into tranny porn but i dont get exited

I dont have older sisters

I dont like sluts (like gyarus) because STD stuff

I like my fetishes, but in a fantasy world, if i like medieval fights even can make an "medieval fights championship" but i dont actually want to kill anyone with my sword for the pope.

b7b7c6  No.89755

Telegram still strong ins't it?

I need some good lolicon telegram though, i only have a shota one.

c467b1  No.89756


Coming up with a whole bunch of misguided rationalizations for why you don't want to have sex in real life doesn't change your sexuality at all.

If for some reason you believed every woman in real life had an STD and you didn't want to have sex with them because of it that wouldn't suddenly make you gay.

Your sexuality is still the same as always you've just come up with a reason why actually having sex is a bad enough idea to not want to do it.

5d5d35  No.89760


Wathever you say, i dont want to be labeled with you, i dont like children, i dont watch cp, i dont hace any profound meaning in my fetishes.

Just go and rape a kid if you want, hopely you will rot in prison.

d47349  No.89769

Why does every thread made in the past few months attracts only autists debating about if loli makes you a pedo or not?

Why don't you spend the same amount of time posting actual content? Jesus i regret coming back to this board once every two months to check things out.

4d7d53  No.89773


because thats all this board is good for now, all the content creators and people putting the effort in to contribute to this board have been driven off by rulecuckery.

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