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File: f71b094258b8363⋯.jpg (85.94 KB, 928x615, 928:615, f71b094258b83630867e79ed64….jpg)

2f39f9  No.89398

I was on Kik and I larped a really awful story about a "younger sister" that I don't actually have. This girl that I was writing the story to reported me because she got angry when I said she would burn in hell for being a lesbian. Do you think LEA will come to my door? Certainly never again for me. I feel like the biggest idiot in the world.

562df6  No.89399

>I am the biggest idiot in the world.

Fixed that for you.

cc9bf0  No.89411

>Be someone degenerate enough to browse /loli/

>Berate someone else for being gay

You deserve being v& more than 80% of the people that come here.

e0f4b7  No.89412


There's absolutely nothing degenerate about liking cute little girls, faggot. Sodomites, on the other had, will indeed burn in hell.

715e8c  No.89414



925c8a  No.89416



6962f1  No.89433


Nothing particularly bad is likely to happen. They'll probably dismiss it once they see that you don't have a younger sister. They might come to the door, but just stay calm and you'll be fine.


How does it feel to be on the same intellectual level as Muslims?

9ec260  No.89766

Fuck lesbians, she deserved it

3c2174  No.89770



No one who browses this site will go to heaven

1d2c70  No.89788


>>>Implying people can still go to heaven

Let's face it, everyone is going to hell. Going to heaven is just a bullshit excuse so that religious groups can scam people with their money.

1247eb  No.89878

Nah, it's not as if the types at Kik are stupid. You can tell pretty clearly a LARP from a real story, when you don't have your horniness goggles on. The absolute worst case scenario…? It progresses to the police, who look up records and discover OP has no sister from birth records etc. Comes to nothing–I'm no friend of the pigs but I don't think they're out to get you. Perhaps you should text this girl and let her know it was made up? You shouldn't scare strangers like that, anon

1fbfa4  No.89901


>There's absolutely nothing degenerate about liking cute little girls

correct but you shouldn't lewd them, friend

845807  No.89915


You know what larp means, right?

You don't seem to.

9f9054  No.90090


>this entire thread

8chan is a fucking mess. /loli/ and /delcious/ should be united and they ought to stick to pr0n like the other hentai/porn boards, fucking hell.

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