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Only when the last tree has been cut down;
only when the last river is polluted;
only when the last fish is caught;
only then will they realise that you cannot eat money.

File: cc68d7f2403a01f⋯.jpeg (222.3 KB, 640x453, 640:453, ted.jpeg)

1aba8f No.4[Reply]

Welcome to /luddite/, ∞chan's anti-technology board.

For board rules, refer to https://8ch.net/luddite/rules.html

For resources on anarcho-primitivism, ludditism & rewilding, refer to https://8ch.net/luddite/resources.html

For contact, please mail me at <luddite@8chan.co>.

For meta discussion, feel free to post in this thread.

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000000 No.18


Current sticky photo is ok

File: 4bb82fe6c66857c⋯.jpeg (64.38 KB, 720x561, 240:187, a447637c-3faf-4c86-8f37-4….jpeg)

99ce18 No.21[Reply]

Post /luddite/ maymays!

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c99bf3 No.8[Reply]

Post music that just makes you want to escape this depressing world, and stride into the minds of your ancestors

c99bf3 No.9

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Super folk, also a great game overall

792ee3 No.10

Music is not luddite approved. Songs should be vocal only (no accapella either)

792ee3 No.11

Also to elaborate on this, yes, in passing we are all exposed to music, but once its gone we really dont note its absence or regret having more time on our hands free of the emotional baggage it brings. For instance, ever notice when listening to radiohead you feel depressed. Do not let music manipulate you.

c35c8d No.14


I agree, but also disagree. Note that Neanderthals made flutes out of bones, and they weren't really technological.


Highly agree. It depends on the music, though. I consider cultural (or tribal) music okay.

b823b0 No.20

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

File: fd120ed3c323401⋯.gif (11.85 KB, 544x588, 136:147, odea1991.table2.gif)

File: 87080e79ad46f4f⋯.gif (6.17 KB, 436x291, 436:291, odea1991.table1.gif)

fd4096 No.19[Reply]


We have all those surgeries, medicines, procedures. Yet we're still less healthy than the hunter-gatherer.

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