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Bubbas welcome

File: 3d4820c62436437⋯.jpg (215.68 KB, 800x1253, 800:1253, Roman_soldier_in_lorica_se….jpg)

38d35c  No.57[Reply]

Rules for /make/

Please try to spoiler porn.

Fun allowed.

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c8de64  No.64


File: f3931389812df5e⋯.webm (999.07 KB, 522x360, 29:20, scoot.webm)

File: 85852e0536432ba⋯.jpg (471.74 KB, 1383x1032, 461:344, chainsaw damascus.JPG)

b5df18  No.11[Reply]

I recently injured my arm so I'm unable to do anything. However if anyone has any questions I'd be able to answer them, before I was working on turning old chainsaw chains into knives and more decorative works

b5df18  No.12


>turning old chainsaw chains into knives and more decorative works

Why are chainsaw chain knifes a thing? does it look good?

b5df18  No.13

File: 7c6a591d7020171⋯.jpg (20.48 KB, 426x420, 71:70, SWEDGBK2.JPG)


> does it look good?

It is in fact the only reason to do it. All the different parts of the chain are made of different types of steel. Some have higher carbon, some have manganese, nickle, ect, ect. When you forge weld all of them together they still more or less exist except bonded together.

When you etch the finnished knive with an acid it will corrode the different types of steel at uneven rates, thus showing you the pattern. To be perfectly honest they are inferior to most known kinds of tool steels, these are mostly meant to be decorative pieces used for light to medium work.

For instance my father is a forester and has been since before I was even born. By nessesity he has used chainsaws a lot and worn out a lot of chains, which is where I obtained my supply. To him a knife made out of a tool he used and the wood he cut makes it the best knife he owns. People just don't want a knife, they also want something with a history.

7e13f9  No.63


File: 7ae83f6781fb184⋯.jpg (21.11 KB, 500x374, 250:187, slippery_leather_blob.jpg)

8995e1  No.35[Reply]

So I just discovered that kombucha culture is extremely tough. There has to be uses for it.

You niggers know of any?

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8995e1  No.40

File: dc4bfa3a74a7cef⋯.png (660.14 KB, 633x757, 633:757, GODDAMMIT.png)

Oh nevermind.

The wretched thing fell down and it rained last night.

8995e1  No.41

you could probably make some sort of paper with it

8995e1  No.42



Maybe you can make a belt or practice leatherworking?

1da90e  No.46

I've heard its possible to make an artificial leather with it

76b5ba  No.62

Slap someone with it.

File: 7c36d60e5317597⋯.pdf (9.47 MB, VLFBERHT sword metallurg….pdf)

769473  No.48[Reply]

Dump your stuff and label it accordingly please.

Famous Ulfbert swords study.

Also spelled Vlfberht.

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769473  No.53

File: dea85406248b695⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 1808x2722, 904:1361, crossbow design.jpg)


769473  No.54

File: 82e05066cdd9d05⋯.jpg (774.25 KB, 787x964, 787:964, knots.jpg)

769473  No.58

File: 64bc5ffcd7114b7⋯.jpg (209.31 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, how to defend a house.jpg)

6a02e8  No.59

File: 0bc4a747900f9ee⋯.webm (2.41 MB, 720x405, 16:9, HEMA.webm)

663d35  No.61

File: ae6b92707b2a2a3⋯.jpg (89.42 KB, 570x440, 57:44, 6de4fb6ab73c7732aa6aee295d….jpg)

File: 4b49397f55e1b19⋯.jpg (101.02 KB, 672x960, 7:10, 06da8439645740183832579a86….jpg)

Armour patterns for elbow and brigandine

File: fd8801c827db0a2⋯.gif (435.72 KB, 320x240, 4:3, 1308982564185.gif)

f7ca25  No.5[Reply]

Basically channels about blacksmithing, woodwork, and other such things that you can shill to filthy urban normies to try and get them interested in the stuff and turn back this tide of absolutely useless urban dwelling garbage that seems to compose the majority of people these days.

Contributing with


Gif unrelated

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460e0a  No.47


Worse than a fucking leaf tbh

820565  No.49

Are there any decent resources for handsewing? Most of what I've found is for a sewing machine or for intermediates, but no absolute-beginner stuff like proper stitches and practices.

460e0a  No.50

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>decent resources for handsewing

>pic related

I will check my stash of books for anything useful later this week (Sunday) if I remember.

460e0a  No.55

File: 5d5b313cc6dbb59⋯.jpg (3.67 MB, 3314x2691, 3314:2691, 1494805700809.jpg)


These guys on youtube are pretty good.

Practical Engineering

Make it Extreme




MP Dragon

Primitive technology

Tobiorn Ahman

Daniel Lea


If you're normie tier then King Of Random is good for teaching you that many things are within reason of doing but he is kind of dumb.

460e0a  No.56


Also Adam Savage on youtube builds things and you can learn a lot of stuff about prop building, costume making, custom modding, and painting there.

File: d1e625ca610231f⋯.jpg (1.68 MB, 1440x1080, 4:3, 1338529477022.jpg)

2445be  No.14[Reply]

Post PDFs, instructions, infographics, blueprints, and other useful files.

Remember, when linking to any filehosting site to break up the URL and/or use a URL shortener like anon.to to avoid creating a digital trail back to 8ch. This will help ensure that fewer links are taken down due to copyright or similar issues.

>mega [dot] nz

>anon to/000000

2445be  No.15

File: 230b3f4b76dd7ce⋯.png (187.52 KB, 767x744, 767:744, ClipboardImage.png)

Currently uploading a series of cosplay related books from a previous humble bundle.

anon to/aHHWCM

While you might not be interested in making replica swords or armor, you might find some of the techniques for installing electronics like LEDs, mold making, vacu-forming, and 3D printing right up your alley. Since cosplay is a very amateur-heavy hobby that includes a ton of different skills, these serve as great beginner's guides for getting into some of the trickier electronics stuff.

And maybe you do want to make swords and armor, so there's that too.

2445be  No.17

Here are instructions to make lorica segmentata. Roman iron curiass.



2445be  No.18


How do I get to the files? How do I un-shorten the address or recombine it correctly.

2445be  No.19


Replace the spaces with a period, usually.

2445be  No.25

I have some books with woodworking project designs. I will post em when I get the time.

File: d6f6b07dde1460f⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 2550x4200, 17:28, plans.jpg)

File: 63c22969d227d50⋯.jpg (3.18 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, trench club.jpg)

4e195d  No.24[Reply]

Lets discuss what people have made and are making. Post pics, designs, schematics etc.

This is a trench club I made modeled after nothing. It is probably not historically accurate. The cable is stuck in the handle with epoxy and just loops around a bar in the nut. The wire wrapping is clothes hanger wire and it is to provide stiffness.

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