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File: 0e74f9313c36432⋯.jpg (56.87 KB, 734x725, 734:725, photo_2019-01-06_16-42-46.jpg)


mdes ded mate g1ve up

mdes ded mate g1ve up

mdes ded mate g1ve up

mdes ded mate g1ve up

mdes ded mate g1ve up

mdes ded mate g1ve up

mdes ded mate g1ve up

mdes ded mate g1ve up

mdes ded mate g1ve up

mdes ded mate g1ve up

mdes ded mate g1ve up

mdes ded mate g1ve up

mdes ded mate g1ve up


Finally someone said it


It’s not dead he’s just making a video game right now with his new company


tourist thread


File: 54dd1d85f0ff1e9⋯.png (370.64 KB, 447x595, 447:595, kjhkjhkjhkhj.png)


You must be joking



if that vaporware ever sees the light of day Ill feel bad for all the /v/idya image boards out there that will inevitably be flooded by some paid shill company that Sam will hire to try to get idiots to buy it. I don't think /pol/ will be spared either from his kikery.

How many of his fans even want a videogame from him?



yeah. he's making a video game. with his new company. he's going to be the next notch you'll see.



The only people left that are still fans/defending sammy are post world peace faggots so plenty

good riddance


u dont gotta rub it in so hard goy



S to spit on grave



Sam's turned into the KSTV ideas man he used to mock



Maybe hydewars needs a new contributor; even Hot Guys was just a video filled with people exactly like Sam, just one of them not very articulate.

Hydewars is gross for no purpose, I loved seeing Sam in happy world daddy just ribbing harmlessly on soys in the street.

Maybe Sam just needs a new partner.



>Maybe Sam just needs a new partner.

You mean someone he can take advantage of to further his ambitions because he's a complete sociopath?

Just cut the cord on Sam, MDE will live on with Charls.



Meh, the dsa was cringe and Sam just couldn’t hold up. Idk what he was trying to do but it just wasn’t funny. Just him looking at the camera giggling and making fun of a Muslim dude’s headwear like a middle school bully. Very bold!



being this naive


chapo buttboys are so obvious, you always talk mamas boys. don't be mean to the nice muslim man!



I hate chapo! Their soyboy librals!



its funny to call them liberals because it sends their fans into crisis mode, chapo sure as hell aren't leftists. socially or economically.



can you enlighten me why people say sam takes advantage of coworkers? how could he have done that at adult swim when they all signed contracts?



fuck you gay guys only



where did I say it couldn't be a gay guy? I'm sure it could be, it's the current year after all.



his gf that he cheats on was obviously filming it so clearly no



gay guys have girl best friends



I'm so used to the shit Sam's mom was in that when I heard that girl going "sam please no stop" in how to get a girl to like you, I had to unthink it was his mom lol

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