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File: deb0b5e20b72fb9⋯.jpg (67.02 KB, 750x424, 375:212, download_20190117_113057.jpg)

bd7bc7  No.15913

Really done with Sammy. I have no faith that there will be another HW soon. Cancelling my gumroad today.

b7d8fa  No.15915


Why were you dumb enough to give him money in the first place. It only enables his complacent lifestyle and actually gets you less content in the long run.

The guy needs to be bled dry till his bitcoin money runs out, only then he'll come crawling back desperate to please his fans.

23602f  No.15916


By then the truth will be out. I bet he will kill himself soon :)

23602f  No.15917

Told you retards

1ed466  No.15921


So when will the truth be out? Channing said he’d be going to jail in November lol

23602f  No.15923


I decided ruining Sam's life and making sure he can't fuck people over anymore is worth a lot more to me than 20k

23602f  No.15924


Unlike Sam some people have actual morals and aren't complete kikes when it comes to money. Hard to believe I know.

e5dda5  No.15925


Good luck on your quest. I’m being serious.

23602f  No.15926


Sam is in a prison he created for himself as we speak lololol

23602f  No.15928


Sam should have literally just paid me. Instead he diminished my abilities/all the shit I had ever done for him and mde. He thought he could woman hate his way out of this one. I was dumb for deleting his messages which I was forced to do and not keeping his phone with the gay shit on it but TBH no one would believe me if I had that shit either. Sam has set up this mystique around himself that makes it impossible for people to think ill of him but that's changing. He did this all to himself and I'm glad this faggot fucked me over so I can expose him. I'm not scared of him and I hate that he is allowed to exist in society without facing consequences for being an abusive fuck. He will pay.

8448ed  No.15930


At what point did you know he was a piece of shit?

And how much did it crush you?

Give the paypiggies writing to reflect on when it hits them

08bba7  No.15932


Unfortunately it was too late by the time I really realized how old marky was and shit like that. Sam preys on girls with absent father's who are too young or damaged to realize that he is a self loathing mess who takes it out on other people. I knew when I was with him he was a piece of shit but I was also young and retarded but apparently smart enough to go through his computer and emails and find out he was a completely degenerate sex freak who was into hardcore BDSM and gay stuffm. TBH I knew it was probably because he was addicted to porn and jerking off and probably gay or something and I felt bad for him. The first time I met Charls was at Nick's which is the summer dayze video. I was really sick with Chlamydia which I didn't figure out yet and Sam wouldn't take me to the doctor even though I had no car and he had taken me there from Texas. Charls was really nice and gave me supplements.Tbh some other shit happened at points that I was living with Sam which made me eventually leave and sweat I'd get revenge one day. Instead I sort of forgot about it and just kept helping build the brand. I figured if I kept it platonic I would be fine but that obviously doesn't matter. Look at how his relationships have gone with males in his life as well and you can get a better perspective on it all. Sam wants you to hate women and take the red pill so the next time some teenage girl he fucks over won't be believed or all his incel fans will call her a lying roastie. The dude is a fucking cartoon at this point his personal life is probably helish beyond what I can get imagine at this point which makes me lol.

8448ed  No.15933


Holy shit thats fucking insane. Did Sam cause your Chlamydia? Sick fucker. What the fuck were you high on him being a "e-celeb"? Eh it doesn't matter. I'm glad you got yourself out of that shit. I'm just a former "fan" never paid for this gay shit. I'm glad I didn't fund his fucked up lifestyle. Sounds like you're a genuinely good person who despite having gone through insanely fucked up relationship circumstances kept trying to work towards something greater with what seemed to be a group at the time. Sounds like Sam Hyde has a Charles Manson type personality going on. What a weirdo. Onision tier more like it I should say.

e6009b  No.15937


channing plz report him to the irs if you havent already:


especially if he doesn't properly do the accounting necessary to hire/pay people and if he didn't pay taxes on his bitcoin shit.

6ff575  No.15938


Why do you lurk/post here if you are a 'former' fan?

08bba7  No.15939


Sam wasn't famous when I was with him. And without my autistic shilling I don't think he would be. I feel partially responsible for him being in his position as someone who can easily groom impressionable teens by turning him into a meme. I met Sam 10 years ago but he has a way of finding girls who have been abused before and are likely mentally stunted. I am not going to lie either I am probably an aspie which he liked to talk shit about behind my back. He does this to everyone in an attempt to make people believe they are on some sort of special level with him. When I say he is a sociopath it's not a joke or a way to make him look bad. It just explains his behavior to a t.

08bba7  No.15940


Already did and I did a lot of his shopping and book keeping and threw out the receipts when I left. Was about a month the ago and haven't heard anything yet.

6ff575  No.15941


Yo could you post a screencap of your last communication with Sam? and not repost I mean go take the screenshot so it has a timestamp from your pc/phone on it now.

Find it hard 2 believe most the shit you're coming out with

bd7bc7  No.15947


Hi Sam

8412c8  No.15948


Wish i could contact you and ask more questions on the true history of this all. That horse shit documentary stunk of a brown nose. Sounds like you are the only one willing to really step forward. You shilled him? I didnt know that someone else did that i thought he shit posted himself everywhere

bd7bc7  No.15949

File: 4db3afd0efde2f1⋯.png (389.35 KB, 1440x2880, 1:2, Screenshot_20190121-164345.png)

08bba7  No.15951


Was deleted so I could get those phony checks. I was literally forced to do it in front of James lmao. Would be nice for some dudes to stop being pussys and talk about this stuff publically since they will be automatically believed but I won't hold my breath. Why the fuck else would I care enough to waste my time on here if I wasn't telling the truth?

08bba7  No.15952


Sam didn't even use Chan shit he was a SA browser and I shilled him all day for like 3 years and slowly cultivated fans for him. I am the one who shilled him over and over until it caught on.

08bba7  No.15955


Actually I might have some email caps when I get home

6ff575  No.15957


You would have something..

a757a4  No.15958

File: a6b1e835f9c3708⋯.jpg (48.06 KB, 400x480, 5:6, uterus support.jpg)


shut up you lying roastie


6ff575  No.15959


You ruined his long term success if you're who introduced it to 4chan you fucking idiot

a757a4  No.15960


its pathetic that you "hate" him so much and are still trying to take credit for what tiny bit of success he had. fuuuuuuck off.

d8c588  No.15961

a757a4  No.15962

i honestly love that he is a degenerate sex freak. would let him creampie my wife sometime and id fuck that sloppy pussssssy

6ff575  No.15963

File: 52f0b94ec9ea78b⋯.png (219.89 KB, 650x284, 325:142, Screen Shot 2019-01-21 at ….png)

88139b  No.15966


Something about Sam always felt inauthentic when it came to him being a 4chan guy. Figures he'd be a fucking goon.

What was his account on there?

08bba7  No.15970


Yeh it was me who ruined everything lmao you dick suckers are so pathetic

0eaf82  No.15978


What’s honestly pathetic is that you dwell on the past while acting as if you can do something about it. Are you going to send Sam to prison, report him to the IRS, show your evidence to the police, or fuck Sam’s life up? No? Well stop posting here LARPer. You’re not going to do anything about him. Are you doing anything?

e3b046  No.15979

File: 1d9c2c27e03def5⋯.jpg (34.54 KB, 600x600, 1:1, TsJYAp1.jpg)


>"Sam wants you to hate women"

>needing sam to hate women

08bba7  No.15980


He's been reported to the IRS. I also know personally it fucks with him when I post here. Sociopath's biggest fear is exposure. Find another daddy faggot.

08bba7  No.15981


Implying I haven't already made him want to kill himself lmao

0eaf82  No.15984




You’re not doing a good enough job.

990bf7  No.16020

File: 6289bb27f82ace5⋯.png (11.88 KB, 1452x122, 726:61, lies.png)


almost half a year and two stopped payment checks later….

990bf7  No.16021

File: 8ec517d01dd756a⋯.png (11.9 KB, 1492x122, 746:61, lies2.png)

990bf7  No.16022

File: 935bd74b32c97bd⋯.png (21.2 KB, 1098x244, 9:2, lololdude.png)

This was after I found out he had told everyone I was a heroin addict and to never talk to me and before I found out the stopped payment on the checks he wrote me.

6ff575  No.16040


I said with timestamps from now, that's really not hard, you just dont crop the image. Anyway nice reposts faggot, lmaoing at your futile little quest here so keep it up

d8c588  No.16046


Wow you just saved sams career nice

990bf7  No.16055




These checks are FAKE. Sam didn't not pay you I bet James and his other faggot friends didn't help him either.

b744f1  No.16056


Keep sucking daddy Sam dick. He needs you.

527d5c  No.16057

File: 4f161beecc42f98⋯.jpg (49.4 KB, 657x527, 657:527, 1483321591117.jpg)


Bros is mommy chan-chan insane?

08bba7  No.16058


Yeah she's insane. Better not pay her. Also sub to gumroad and patreon.

b026c5  No.16060

its cool that chan-chan (& others) keep squeezing out fragments of MDE behind-the-scenes, but honestly those marky infographics are only effective to the degree of a cheap meme at this point.

instead of writing like a youtube comment, why don't you just tell *the whole story* via a buzzfeed style medium.com mega post? like how you got involved with mde in 2009, and your methods of shilling on 4chan; give context that leads into him not paying people and his other egomanical antics that ruined his relationship with andrew/charls/(and homeboy who was editing crush500, forgot his name).

aka something to link to that's actually comprehensive? im saying this unironically because some of my friends are normie mde fans who think the entire group are all still working together or on hiatus until their netflix show gets greenlit or something. i tried to link them here to show them the absolute state of MDE and they can't even navigate this site let alone read half the shit being said here. would be nice to have something a little more composed and not spread out thin for autistic dead comedy group followers such as myself to piece together :o

b505f1  No.16061

File: af2a0c7f7783546⋯.png (29.42 KB, 741x568, 741:568, 1538865622754.png)

What if my mommy gf channing actually is on heroin? it would explain her being so kooky

08bba7  No.16062


People on heroin don't act like that. They wouldn't give a shit about posting here just getting high and not giving a shit. Let's just all ignore the fact that Sam is a kike who injects roids, grooms children and rips off his friends.

d8c588  No.16063

File: 08f7f4a24527489⋯.jpg (77.3 KB, 1242x430, 621:215, IMG_1492.jpg)


She’s obviously not a junkie. Sams new thing I guess is lying about people being on hard drugs so people will side with him and believe his lies. According to another ex I’m on meth because I’ve had the same adhd prescription (a common one) for five years that I don’t even take every day or I’ll take half a dose. I was convinced I was crazy too until I got proof he really was a compulsive liar.

e5ec85  No.16064


What, adderall?

08bba7  No.16066


This isn't a new tactic and it's retarded that it works. I have called out Sam for saying his ex was a heroin addict before but I never thought it would be me one day!

08bba7  No.16067


I wonder how many of the teens he grooms and abuses will end up on heroin or wanting to kill themselves. Damn he is so baste. I also like how everyone ignores the obvious fact that he has been injecting roids for several years lol.

fdac9f  No.16068


I want to kms bc of Sam.

18c3d4  No.16069


Can you give more information on the relationship between Sam and DJ Kaos? Is it true Same caught AIDs by smoking his crack pipe and then spread it to Nick and Charls? I heard Sam's check to Kaos bounced for making this vid


08bba7  No.16070


Damn wAt a cool guy. Let's all suck his dick and send him money so he can pay for his sex dungeons where he abuses children and young girls.

08bba7  No.16071


No dj chaos was the weed dealer at my appartments in Texas. I think he did actually die though.

08bba7  No.16072


Is this Sam? Stay on Twitter you irrelevant maga faggot.

fdac9f  No.16073


I am srs.

18c3d4  No.16074

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Your apartment? Were you the reason they were in Texas in the first place? How come they didn't bring you to meet Ethan Hawke?

08bba7  No.16075


I filmed the video and yes all the Texas shit I helped on and had the idea of even filming this guy and dj chaos in the first place.

08bba7  No.16076


There are probably 100s of people who feel the same.

a79e49  No.16077

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Please tell me you didn't film this

08bba7  No.16078


No this cringe is when Sam was in college.

a79e49  No.16079


So it was his mom?

e02635  No.16080


why would you assume his mother filmed this video just because sam was in college? do you think all of those videos of sam during college were filmed by his mother?

a79e49  No.16081


Cause he was thrusting his crotch in the camera's face, so I just assumed

61a41f  No.16082


>not appreciating this classic

nu-fans leave

a79e49  No.16083

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Sam's message to his future dissers

e02635  No.16084


good one bro!

dbfc76  No.16085



990bf7  No.16096

File: 2e33eeb65e7496d⋯.png (72.47 KB, 595x447, 595:447, cuvnxb.png)


Is Sam so irrelevant now you have to defend him by posting 15 year old videos?

8fa6d8  No.16108

File: e649addf0fb05f0⋯.jpg (62.64 KB, 981x787, 981:787, 1538669717376.jpg)


i love you chan chan mommy gf.

i know u have a drug problem and are slightly unhinged but i still luv you chan chan!!!

8fa6d8  No.16109

File: ba2d897b6847a95⋯.png (24.05 KB, 657x525, 219:175, 1537838904600.png)

hello? hello?

chan chan its me!!

990bf7  No.16111



stay mad dick sucker

e3b046  No.16127



e3b046  No.16128


crystalline projection

5a4505  No.16141


Even if somebody introduced him to any chan, it was his decision and actions who made him what he is today.

3e2dd5  No.16163

Sam's cult freaks me out. If you have ever been to one of his life stand-ups or shows they are mostly stinky ugly guys who love lolis and complain about how women won't fuck them online. Charls cult in contrast is a lot better. Sam is a shitty role model for zoomers and I hope someone will check him soon because all this pedo shit and ripping off Charls and his friends isn't based and redpilled.

e3b046  No.16174


>complain about how women won't fuck them online

no one actually does this. maybe in india or something

3e2dd5  No.16179


He's never been to r9k

e3b046  No.16195


not for a few years

a56fb2  No.16367


The Cult of Nick is in the shadows, steering events. The Cult of Nick is everywhere. The silent blade in the night, the dark horse, the fleeting shadow.

e0f2fa  No.16370


Charls cult is best cult. He plays the edgy nihilist that shows the degeneracy of Sam's lifestyle by contrast.

fb1be1  No.16377


Are you that /r9k/ incel who larps about being Sam's rape victim? Get off of his dick. You are like a jew.

fb1be1  No.16378


Care to provide solid evidence of him "ripping off" anyone? So many rumors that sound like the jew shill shit for years, and none of them were ever true.

fb1be1  No.16379


It would be nice if someone would put forward their full story with evidence, because so far all the mde rumors are just school girl tier rumors. All seems like a LARP to me.

fb1be1  No.16380


People will always love Sam and MDE, but nobody cares about you, or your beta mission to "ruin Sam's life".

afe350  No.16383

File: 7f93ea0f6262930⋯.png (3.13 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, PNG image 2.png)


These look legit to me. Also they were used to bribe employees to delete incriminating texts.

Why do you think that all of Sam’s former collaborators left him and he is literally unable to put out *any* substantial content anymore? He’s so fucked up right now that he’s no longer funny and cant even put on his confident redpilled daddy act for his fans.

c3c9de  No.16442


How did he get this way

990bf7  No.16484


shitty health/lifestyle, rich white kid entitlement, roids and porn/sex addiction

990bf7  No.16485


daddy issues lol for real tho

0e363f  No.17265


Sam MIA for 6 days on twitter and no new hydewars.

What's going on?

473375  No.17267


Wait, people didn't figure Sam was a goon when he waltzed into a Brooklyn comedy club full of Weird Twitter/FYAD goon hipster faggots to read statistics about gays at them?

Also what was his username I wanna look for his posting career lmao.

8fb14f  No.17269


he had stairs in his house

a8aa6c  No.17274


Channing you don't have to make shit up because your life sucks, you harpy. You put a lot of effort into your lies.

a8aa6c  No.17275


And Channing I know it's because he didn't pay you after you both broke up and he was bitter and had no legal obligation to pay you, so he didn't. Are you looking for some jail time you lying harpy whore? You're just lucky you're anon posting so there's no way this could truly be attributed to you.

03be59  No.17276


We didn't "break up" we weren't together. He told me to move there for work and live at this office where he was never supposed to live. He had a gf in fall river at the diaper dungeon and was fucking the art hoe at the office. Idk how many times I have to say I wasn't dating him or his gf.

03be59  No.17277


LOL Jail time for what exactly? Talking shit and telling the truth? Why are you defending him you sound like cam or some other literal who that doesn't know anything lol.

e8e202  No.17278


Whatever makes you feel better Channing.

03be59  No.17279


Who even are you for real lol.

08b8a4  No.17280

i wonder what he's even been doing the past six months

0e6948  No.17281

File: 02ea71eb8a3ebbf⋯.jpg (261.15 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, bojack-horseman-exclusive-….jpg)



990bf7  No.17312


What's his explanation for going through all my shit while I was in Europe, ripping pages out of my copy of the MDE book, breaking things in my room, stealing my bitcoin and keeping 1000 dollars worth of my stuff all while lying to me and making me get out of the office within one week of coming back from overseas after I was told to move there and drop out of college for 30k dollars and a percentage of any profits that I never recieved? Why did he burn my cook books and break a bunch of my shit ? Why did he make me delete any communication I had with him on my computer and phone to get some phony checks that were withheld from me by his flying monkey James Price? Does some imaginary break up make this all ok or is it ok because he claims that I am a heroin addict? If I was actually a heroin addict would any of the shit he did be ok?

5fc632  No.17314

990bf7  No.17315


sounds like drug addict behavior tbh.

5fc632  No.17316


>ripping pages out of my copy of the MDE book

Were they your gay porn collages?

Maybe baby needed a quick fap-fap.

cb40e7  No.17317


>ripping pages out of my copy of the MDE book

what's your explanation (guess?) as to why he did that? i mean i don't follow what that would accomplish

8fb14f  No.17319

does sam wear the diapers, or does he have his lolis wear them? what's his brand? is he a huggies or pull-ups man? is the diaper fetish predicated on waste processes, or do the diapers remain crisp and unconsummated?

d8c588  No.17320


Sam sure is one mentally ill fuck. I wonder if him doing all that stuff/trying to kick you out suddenly had more to do with you knowing about his gay exploits from his old phone or him finding it too unbearable to part with 30k

Sounds exactly like the type of guy I want to pay for videotaped roid-rage rants epic life advice once every six months

45a4f7  No.17322


idk dude people that inject roids for years send to be retarded psychotic messes. I didn't even realize it for a few months but he tried to rip out all the pages that I did and a big chunk of the begining.

45a4f7  No.17324


he was lying to me while I was gone and obviously went through everything he could on my old computers and hard drives and everything in my room in an attempt to find something to justify kicking me out suddenly and ripping me off. He tried to blackmail me. He wanted be an "alpha male" and fuck fangirls/random prostitutes/tinder ppl every day while sleeping from 4am-3pm and keep his art hoe who he was paying more than people who can actually use a computer and were doing legitimate work. I told him he was being a retarded fuck up and he didn't like that. I told him I wasn't gonna live with them anymore and wanted to work on getting shit done because that was the reason I came there in the first place. If I wanted to clean up after a bunch of adult children and be around entitled brats/vapid whores/degenerate sex freaks who cant think of anything else but their dicks all day I could have stayed in new york and gotten roomates.

d8c588  No.17326


Sounds miserable, wonder how you even lasted that long. That office was tense as fuck and clearly revolved around sams demented cult of personality.

d8c588  No.17327


He must either be in an open relationship with that girl or have child protection controls on her devices

45a4f7  No.17329


It was miserable but I never thought he would live there or I wouldnt have moved in. Now it seems really obvious that he moved 3 girls in there and then thought he was gonna be sly and probably fuck all of us while trying to get other girls to move in to also fuck.His plan didn't really work and the only one who fucked him in there was the art hoe starfucker girl who harrassed Sam on instagram for 2 years. I just actually thought he wanted to make a video game and cool stuff and he promised me a lot more than 30k to move there. He offered to buy me a car (bmw 2002) for christmas but then gave me a bitcoin because I was already wanting to leave. I knew him for a long time and did a lot of shit for free plus I was trying to move overseas so I thought it would be a good opportunity to make/save money. He was legitimately making a ton from the merch and then the gumroad and if he wasn't such a lazy sex addict mentally ill retard things could have been a lot different.

45a4f7  No.17330


I think she just wanted to be with her ex bf's idol and be some art/comedy/underground artists "girl friend" so she was willing to put up with it and he probably filled her head with a lot of bs by telling her how talented she was

cb40e7  No.17331


You said in this thread that really early on he did some bad stuff to you that you swore revenge for, so how come when on r/mde it used to come up about his beefs with exes, you would pop up and say no way, they're lying, he's really sweet and is 100% a good guy, he's the most genuinely selfless person you ever met, etc. ?

45a4f7  No.17333


because we had a genuinely what I thought was a good platonic relationship for a long time. Idk dude I'm not immune to brainwashing and none of his exes every really told me anything about abuse just the gay shit.

45a4f7  No.17334


obviously now I realize hes a legitimate sociopath and was probably talking shit about me behind my back and manipulating me all the time but like I said his exes never talked to me about that shit and I really didn't think he was fucked up because I didn't live around him for years and would maybe see him 3 times a year to help him or hang out. Besides that he would ask me to do stuff to help with mde online and we would talk about stuff. Looking back on it I'm pretty stupid but I assumed I knew him well.

cb40e7  No.17336


>Idk dude

you still write in his voice lol

8fb14f  No.17337


how much was he making off gumroad? i remember patreon was only like $2k a month at tops. are there that many monied retards in the world?

d8c588  No.17338


Yeah Sam is the only one who says “idk dude”; it’s basically trademarked. Channing is clearly copying him.

45a4f7  No.17339


the last i saw around march it was no joke 16k because he showed me it on the website. Before that it pretty much was 5k for a couple of months then around 10k

45a4f7  No.17340


im from texas and we say dude. sorry I didn't know Connecticut rich kids who go to art school

but larp as working class heroes had a monopoly on that word

cb40e7  No.17342


it's not those specific words, the writing style just has some of his vibe - but hey maybe he got it from you i dunno

c9cf08  No.17346


What the fuck is the "diaper dungeon"?

d8c588  No.17348


old fall river apartment separate form the office that is mostly destructed and doesn't have working facilities where sam keeps/brings young girls and has diapers/ageplay stuff stashed upstairs (anal/scat fetish)

8448ed  No.17349


Is this the shitty beat up place he does those lifting videos in?

1d3c86  No.17373


>ignores the obvious fact that he has been injecting roids

He looks like some random strongfat dude who has spent a few years at the gym, so he's either severely mismanaging his cycles or has asstastic genetics because if you roid for years and still looks like that? Holy shit.

1dfbe3  No.17374


yeah, he's almost certainly not on roids. Why do they always post the shopped images anyway

e5ec85  No.17376


What? He's posted pictures of them himself.

e5ec85  No.17377


Or are test injections not included under the term colloquially where you're from?

f1fd9a  No.17378


Hes a fat lazy slob who sits on a computer all day and cantn even walk around the block without being winded. Without the test he'd be like 6300lb life status by now he also never works out unless its being filmed.

4ac404  No.17384


>apparently smart enough to go through his computer and emails

That just makes you a nosy bitch, though.

990bf7  No.17386


What would you do if someone gave you an sti twice and tried to blame you for it even though you know you didn't sleep with anyone you fucking faggot; You guys would literally defend Sam if he was eating babies.

3f5100  No.17396


>eating babies

FUCK next thing you know, we start getting leaks about sam having compacted baby flesh stored in his freezer or some shit.

d8c588  No.17401


mde niggas out here failing their reading comprehension SATs

it's called a hypothetical

924b9a  No.17410


you fuckin retard, I was making a joke

d8c588  No.17411


oopsie daisy

54849c  No.23798


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