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File: 71b8fb7dcb8c5e6⋯.gif (1.98 MB, 500x328, 125:82, 1480214077781.gif)

47d099  No.26707

Why call this board /mde/ when you all hate mde and spread lies about mde? Shouldn't you have called the board /fag/ or /jew/ or something?

4a6cfa  No.26712


You wish… Sorry but the reason it's like this is because it's all true and the only fans left are Sam's npc twitter orbiters

40b7ef  No.26714


936983  No.26730

That's what "fan forums" are for though, ever been on /r/opieandanthony?

d68bd4  No.26731


>ever been on /r/-

stop right there and go back to reddit faggot

474bef  No.26732


didn’t sam have 40,000 karma

cb1e0f  No.26734


Sam is reddit personified

47d099  No.26807


Got evidence?

ae72a6  No.26808


It's all over the board retard

a38489  No.26816


No, the Othy Schwering Show.

bec720  No.26819

File: f423c658198173c⋯.jpg (42.25 KB, 300x278, 150:139, IMG_5117.JPG)


The Scott reisch show

ccfb0b  No.26843


it started out as an MDE board, and theres plenty of great threads in the archive, but then this one fag and his friends came to raid it and as you can guess, when you get a pile of autistic homos with personality disorders and domestic troubles all riled up to something they wont leave so soon.

I personnaly just browse the archived threads because the new ones one here are always getting spammed by fags with their bullshit thats been proven fake the first time they posted it here.

If the mods were still alive on here the board might be okay, but when yo have fags and bots just spamming shit you cant get anything.

c8f52b  No.26850

Sam really did fuck a 15 year old. That one is true.

c8f52b  No.26851


He is Evil at this point. How much karma do you lose for diddling a 15 year old?

e8925d  No.26897

Yeah. The character assassination shit is real. I know for a fact the people spreading this stuff are weak and pathetic numales, homos and leftists. Every single one I’ve talked to and who has urged me to boycott Sam turns out to be a literal fucking reddit soymax bugboy or a communist. Be wary.

4a6cfa  No.26898


Nice Larp

Most "leftists" have never even heard of Sam

f8888e  No.26903


stop with this gay meme, every faggot on the internet who whines about muh nazis heard about the nazi show that adult swim committed wrongthink by airing

5e1f9a  No.26905


>I know for a fact the people spreading this stuff are weak and pathetic numales, homos and leftists.

Then prove it? Meanwhile actual evidence was just dug up recently that Sam sucked a tranny's dick. Why do you entertain such a delusion when shit (real proof) is starting to pile up that Sam is a hypocritical scumbag?

Isn't that what it means to be redpilled? To stare truth in the face and accept and learn from it instead of living in a delusional fantasy with no real solid foundation?

4a6cfa  No.26907


That was like two years ago…

f8888e  No.26908


if your point is most normalfags are dumb animals that can't even remember anything from a few months ago, sure. but these internet homos know

ccfb0b  No.26913


same here, can confirm. The best thing is that when you go to a place where that type of fags and degenerates hang out you run into the exact same people raiding this board.

ccfb0b  No.26914


>most "leftists"

hurr durrr not real communism

ccfb0b  No.26915


>Meanwhile actual evidence was just dug up recently


that crap has been circulating for years now and its been disproven for years. you sound like some fucking media reatard that tries to reinvent shit for a story.

>b-but hyde and MDE are hypocrites

hey if youre making proper good content for people i dont really care if youre being ironic or not. Aslong as it pisses of fruitcakes, fags and retards like you i think theyre doing a great job.

2ef11c  No.26916



disproven how? the tranny thread is on the front page on this board right now and they've proven that the tranny had Sam's private email on call.

a4aac6  No.26971

File: 436132ba907f7f5⋯.jpg (25.47 KB, 602x302, 301:151, 9ebf07b927d3931535e29b9607….jpg)

sam hyde is a child-molesting faggot and whoever paid to frontpage this is a sadsack

7f781c  No.26972



5c23da  No.26973


You have to go back newfag

6c6bbe  No.26983

this board is just gay and cringe

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