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File: 4bc8440dd565571⋯.jpg (829.47 KB, 2119x3069, 2119:3069, cVqVwOf.jpg)


They destroyed our homeland. We destroy theirs now. We create as many 'hatesubs' as we can and keep creating them, and keep growing them using VPNs, proxies, and other means. Who's in? We will use this as base. This will not be the end of us


This should be the official refuge. Fuck usernames, they were useless. All splintered offshoots of /r/MDE should gather here, it's pretty cozy minus the annoying background - they need to be redirected here.



I understand you fags are trying to settle in to you new home, but try to keep this all to one thread. It's fucking annoying.


File: aaf76ed3fe2f54b⋯.jpg (99.79 KB, 549x665, 549:665, m1fLfnvZaT4SUVhtYKFUshacMQ….jpg)


Alright mate, this will be the official thread. Just putting it out there at the moment, here we will plan



Come onto the minds. This is impossible to use on my phone. I dig the anominity, but it's super limited for some people. Especially the background it fuckkng sucks



Here is the link for the minds group

We need more avid posters



File: ab31c29def77321⋯.jpg (69.36 KB, 685x842, 685:842, ab31c29def773212c730a07a06….jpg)




Please go to minds, everyone on this website fucking hates you.


There's no point, they will knock out all offshoots. If another replacement blossoms up it's just more gridlock, censored words and warnings until we get the hammer. If you're actually serious about making them feel the fucking heat listen to this:

Make normie looking Reddit accounts. Keep the posts kosher for a while. Aim for comments that could get you high karma in fresh threads so you could be at the top when the threads blows up. After you've made it, edit in hatefacts, or tell them to read Culture of Critique or whatever. I'd rather not erase the entire post after editing because the normies need to get engaged and focus on the post first, the real potent message must be delivered at the end. Don't add in "edit:"

Same for threads, if you're making text posts try to appeal to the common bugman. If you manage to get to the hot section of a subreddit or even /r/all, edit the text post into an informative post about things AHS would start fuming over.

They'll be playing whack-a-mole forever since in the beginning there's no way to know who's a legit person and who's doing psyops. Subreddits would have to start adding in more precautions somehow (account older than 1 month etc.), driving away innocent new users from the website.

Also make an account where you're roleplaying as an AHS/SRS user. Get to know how they behave (tip: they're not like the caricature we have in our heads). You must fit in and contribute. These are sleeper agent accounts, their purpose is to gain mod privileges at their own offshoot subreddits. Build reputation among them and then start instigating inner conflict. I'd also unironically campaign against getting the_donald shoahed, because that has the potential to burn the entire site to the ground and create massive resentment against Silicon Valley as a whole.

Most of all, don't get too into this. Do this as a hobby on the side while having a real life.



whatever. this sub was dead. I'd stop by every once and a while, and the same threads would be here for a month.



>muh smartphone

Fuck of this site as soon as possible.


Minds is gay, fuck off fags



It'd need to make sense in the post though. Putting in 'Black iq is lower then white iq' wouldnt really work and would probably get your post shoahed. Putting in something like 'read Culture of Critique' might work, since that book isn't very well known. Editing in other obscure esoteric shit might also work to convince people. Dont beat them over the head with it, we need to try to convince as many people as possible. Also putting in links that reveal their double standards could work as well.



Pibble posting was a way of doing exactly that. Finding a parallel or foil to certain verboten talking points and then eventually working the parallel into the conversation will do it.

It's as easy as using a discreet, Good Goy™ account to beg the question as to whether or not some post or meme is supposed to mean this or that.


File: 089e25c093c1bc3⋯.jpg (2.01 MB, 1952x3264, 61:102, IMAG0456.jpg)



this might be worth it to advertise that we moved here to all those that may be lost


>Actually posting on Reddit in the first place


>redditors invade my once peaceful, desolate board

go back there


1. Buy cheapshit Alicloud instances

2. Train Markov models/LSTMs off of soy comments on the large subs. Teach the automatic responses

3. Build up "credible" accounts with "legit" history this way

4. Harvest and do >>6220.


File: a697b4b47ecf614⋯.png (43.03 KB, 1920x971, 1920:971, Million Dollar Ultra.png)

Mission Accomplished boys.



I can't believe you people are now coming to 8chan to try to continue this smear campaign.

This guy isn't going away and neither are the tens of thousands of white zoomers who started reading things they never would have without him



you give sam way more credit than he deserves

the only thing he got tens of thousands of white zoomers saying is "he can't keep getting away with it"

credit goes to trump, the chans, pol, right wing twitter and all the right wing youtube accounts that actually make content, like red ice tv and james allsup

not to mention the libertarian pipeline from skeptics and centrists to libertarians and neocons to tradcons and the far right

pewdiepie and even h3h3 did more for the right than sam ever did



>h3h3 did anything for the right

good bait

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