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so so far the retard fucking up the board with gay gossip has so far:

a. admit to doing drugs and says sam "needs to have a psychedelic trip to see what a shitty person he is"

b. admit to being incredibly autistic

c. is a woman

d. dodges questions about being a prostitute

e. is a frogposter but cant even save the full image of apu, just the fucking 50x50 thumbnails

why are we letting this retard bitch ruin the board?



why did sam take her picture of her and her friend hanging out in eric wareheim's hotel room when they were 19 and tell his audience that they were 15 at the time?



eric wareheim fucks hookers?



not sure but i know sam does




he also fucks trannies and dudes and brainwashed underage fans



didnt u admit u do drugs


File: 098efa4f157216a⋯.png (140.7 KB, 657x527, 657:527, ween.png)

stay mad sweaty



why are you dodging questions about being a whore/drug user



i'm not cupcup. also if you've ever done any kind of psychedelic before you know the trip wears off after 8 or so hours and doesn't permanently make you crazy.

sam is the one who regularly injects test and that will fuck with your mood and temperament



why does sam fuck prostitutes? i thought he had a girlfriend?



literally didn't

literally didn't

I'm am prob the only girl around Sam that wasn't fucking him besides maybe 1 other pretty funny tho



lol obsessed retards literally admitting to being druggie whores

nice like, 6 replies to my one message btw. you're totally not insecure



you are right im totally not

hows your dad sweaty?

wonder what he would think of your new bf



yes most people experiment with drugs in college it's not that crazy and doesn't involve being paid for sex idiot


why do you think he picks girls without dads? is it because he's too cowardly to look some girl's father in the face knowing that he's cheating on her with multiple other women, men, and hookers?



why would i have a boyfriend, im not gay lol.

your dopey bitch ass is clearly on drugs


File: feccc80034356f1⋯.png (57.99 KB, 1452x971, 1452:971, 1531484117276.png)

this new hooker allegation is hilarious



tbh im not a degenerate whore like you so i probably wont become a drug addict after college


File: 7aa28980290cca0⋯.png (244.5 KB, 603x617, 603:617, 66aa30a7f85fc9f3bc7eebf528….png)


u rn



deleted my post that said "wait till u get to college"

i'm not cupcup actually nor am i an addict. i didnt do any drugs in high school either

sam obviously has some kind of body dysmorphia where he feels compelled to inject himself with hormones that are destroying his body and appearance and mood. that's far closer to addiction than someone having used drugs in the past



yes the person who isnt a degenerate druggie whore making obsessive 8chan posts all day is the "just fuck my shit up" guy




why doesn't he go to therapy? he clearly has

-sex addiction

-body dysmorphia/abuse of hormones

-sexuality issues (gay)

-gender identity issues (maybe– he seems to really like dressing up in drag)


-obsessive lying

-dabbles in pedophilia

-sleep issues

-impulse control problems



i have no fucking clue who that is bro

are you and all sam's used up whores living as roommates together? collecting welfare so you can shitpost on 8chan all day?



im a fan of sam and want him to seek proper treatment


File: 2afd69ee1a031db⋯.jpg (21.52 KB, 486x462, 81:77, 2afd69ee1a031db274495ef98a….jpg)

sams only fan he has left doxx


File: b11805b5fdbd4e4⋯.jpg (1.31 MB, 1036x1204, 37:43, mcsfryawgto01.jpg)

> Voluntarily fucking this thing




he cute



some girls are whores

take sams "graphic designer" darkstalker for example



why do you hate her so much? what did she do?



she cucked her bf with sam and went to "work for him" for the past year which means blowing him basically and fumbling around a computer all day


he's extra cute when he thinks he's infected u with an std ;) ;)




she fucked up the office and sams work flow for the past year by being a literal whore/prostitute

its rly his fault but she didn't help but shes the epitome of an entitled art school whore


File: b805f344f677448⋯.jpg (242.59 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, IMG_7416.JPG)

Why did he regularly sleep with and fuck other women in her bed? Sounds like a pretty shitty boyfriend


File: 83c83b7c1d1d10d⋯.png (235.4 KB, 679x617, 679:617, me.png)


wish i took a pic of sams giant purple buttplug he had in her closet



>no one is questioning the fact that sam consistently surrounds himself with disfunctional/autistic/degenerate people




Why does Sam bring girls over and fuck them in his gf's bed while pics of his gf's dead dad are on the wall?


File: 1a444c601411cd7⋯.jpg (45.87 KB, 720x477, 80:53, cudeyboi.jpg)


yep thas rite its just me also ignore all the pictures mashups texts everything



cuz hes baste and redpilled



Yeah it's epic. Definitely the kind of guy I want to pay to give me moral/life advice from the parking lot of Five Guys


File: 868805990235f2e⋯.jpg (31.29 KB, 693x390, 231:130, yep.jpg)



that hydewars video where that guy gives him that jacket pissed me off.

he gets an expensive gift and just says


>dude awesome


but not thank you



i just assumed sam bought that jacket for himself to use in the video



We know a vast majority of the defamation posts are yours. This much you've made obvious, Channing.


File: 1b5a5a105b36ffe⋯.png (267.33 KB, 757x944, 757:944, 78f9ebcc5d7f27030e0404ecbd….png)


all of them are me you caught me also i made all the pictures in mspaint

im the only person in the world who doesnt like sam



ye gee I wonder why I bet its because im on heroin not the fact that sam stole stuff from me and didn't pay me thats all lies



god i wish sam would steal from me



he can't even act grateful, if true

imagine being his single mom and celebrating christmas or hannukah or birthdays with him







I've always assumed that that jacket was "bootleg" (i.e. they took a marker to it themselves) because it looks nothing like the original. The beginning of that video also seems semi-scripted so I doubt it's anything to go on.



cool, thanks for proving my point you stupid bitch


File: 7b1b3028a31a458⋯.mp4 (796.04 KB, 540x960, 9:16, download.mp4)


stay mad

how are those new hydewars videos?



i really hope that obituary isn't his gf hannahs dad



yeah im sure its someone else

really hope she doesn't see it



this is one of the most fucked smears ive seen on this board. don't drag someone's dead dad's obituary into this, and whoever decided to do that should really reconsider what they are doing with their life. That might be the most shameful thing ive seen on the internet. Congratulations!


File: 13f0f237b956f0a⋯.png (14.14 KB, 558x101, 558:101, nise.png)


she crying rn and sam going insane

mission accomplished

bet hydewars wasnt gonna come out tonite neway tho

keep payin guys!



its not funny that channing has been taken advantage of, and i'm not defending sam in this or any other enabler in his life.

But unless you know what it's like to lose a parent, then you wouldn't know how horrible it could be for young girl to see her fathers obituary smeared across an 8ch board. It's the most disrespectful thing i've ever seen and i feel nothing but pain for her.

I pray that everyone find help and peace in these times. Such a shame for things to turn into this. Things could've been so much different and better if sam hadn't been such a POS. What a sad turn of events for everyone.



yeah it's pretty sad

guess sam shouldnt have told me he was going to kill me if I made her upset and she shouldnt have conspired to get me kicked out

i feel so bad for her hope she's crying rn



no wonder you got kicked out, you're clearly a mentally ill insane bitch whore


Can someone post pics of channing? Also no one will top the girl in the jennifer aniston video



yeah i should have just let sam walk all over me like a doormat that seems to have worked well for others



Is that u in the timestamp? I wld treat u so good better than sam. Kiss u beautiful


wheere did she say she was autistic?


this whole ARG is a pretty good bit



yeah im loving all of this. its like a faux post mde verse. some demented ass shit leading up to who knows.



the fact that this biting satire of the#metoo movement has been years in the making just shows how prescient the boys can be. really giving jan rankowski a run for his money on this one.



>acquire knowledge of sam's degenerate sex life and inability to maintain professional relationships

>undergo necessary excruciating mental gymnastics

>somehow reach the conclusion that sam and other members of MDE were oracles who predicted the #metoo movement




If this is actually all a huge sketch and we're the medium it's being passed through then Sam deserves some kind of award.


File: 1b8fa09f68cf984⋯.png (21.56 KB, 434x554, 217:277, 1b8fa09f68cf984f8899926221….png)


ah, yes. that's exactly what sam deserves. an award (:




sam is the most innovative comedian in the game right now literally tbh fam



I will admit it's better than any content he's put out in a long time but who is stupid enough to actually convince themselves of this.



it's not, sam is not clever enough to do that. syphilis, porn addiction and test injections have rotted his brain. he's not the clever comedian he was in 2011


File: 6a7ec01de342b53⋯.png (87.73 KB, 287x390, 287:390, wtf.png)


now he's a lifestyle coach redpilling teenagers on reddit


just realized that i started going over sam's place in days immediately before the anniversary of her father's passing and the week/weeks surrounding that date was the period during which i spent the most time at the office

it's almost as if she traveled home to mourn the anniversary of her father's death and sam used her absence as an opportunity to get closer with a sidechick (me). forgive me if i'm wrong but if true, that's pretty despicable




like he gives a fuck about her or anyone



that was actually around the time they were really breaking down and never working just fighting and being moody for weeks so he sent her away because he wanted to replace her with someone else



hilarious side note he claims she knows all about all of this stuff and the literal black prostitute he snuck in and fucked in her bed



sounds like a great guy


lol yea i'm sure



tried to tell her but conveniently I became a heroin addict over night as soon as he saw me as a threat, funny how that happens


File: b024836f9a47fe6⋯.png (52.98 KB, 886x291, 886:291, Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at ….png)


you also took his mde shirts apparently lol



lmao yeh I told him it was probably one of the 8 girls he had stay over while she was gone

why the fuck would I steal mde shirts from her

they were all bad/ugly design besides the shooter shirt and I could get as many as I wanted



lol he called her his ex



yep that's how he referred to her for about five months



wow I thought Sam was on eternal nofap (not)

I wish I still had his messages

he literally threatened me and used james as a strong arm (LOL) to make me delete them while he surprise kicked me out



deleted this but yea only posting to show he called her his ex for months lmao



yeah im sure she knows all about it

poor girl actually thought she got hired for how "talented" she is

if she hasn't left him by now she is truly retarded



hi sam



should't you be working on hydewars? your paypiggies are droping you off as we speak



she definitely knows about it because at first i assumed she didn't know and messaged her on instagram and deleted that acct after a few days

so if she knows about it and doesn't leave that's her problem but i thought it was ethical to tell her. i doubt i was the first to do that



all of her "friends" at the office knew plenty about it but didn't tell her

pretty cool of them good people but I bet they pretend to be nice to her anyway



she wants an eceleb famous artist bf ok?? hes a real prize



i know I come off as insensitive but she is real dumb and If she didn't come "work" there just to bone same I could over look that



yea sam’s an upstanding man. a sophisticated artist


no i get that and would prob feel the same way if i was forced to live/work in a literal harem



the thought of sam actually jackin it is pretty funny



imagine it with his modestly sized broken dick and it gets even funnier



i don't even understand how that happens



yeah while I feel bad for her she literally cucked Sam (lol) by going on a casual tinder date with another guy while they were together because I guess it's totally normal to do that at Brooklyn Art school



that location sounds a lot more like 789 Atwells Ave

2nd Fl

Providence, RI 02909



what is this

what is it?



Don’t forget to add it’s rhe entrance facing academy ave … Boris Bally is a cool artist 2 ppl should look him up





these bitches be crazy


if i ever see this stupid bitch i swear im going to rape her, can someone who knows her chime in if she has any serious stds, hep or hiv?



>I wish I still had his messages

Note how there is NEVER ANY PROOF of these whore's allegagtions.

Not even a fucking screencap.




yeah theres not tons of threads for the past 2 months and years going back of the same screencaps

Sam when are you going to post hydewars?



I know you really wish Sam would talk to you but I'm not him Channing. Go to rehab.



>only met sam once

>shill for him endlessly instead of telling him he needs to get that hydewars out stat



i dont even watch hydewars, i dont think its great, im a long time fan though and not about to let some junkie cunt #metoo him



proof she's a whore?

proof she's on heroin?

im going to need to see some proof



proof of her being a whore is she got fucked by sam, should be obvious just from looking at her and listening to how she speaks that she is one of "those girls" that didn't fit in and so let whatever fucked up artist that they attach to abuse them so they can feel just a little bit of self worth.

>proof she's on heroin

multiple people who's word i trust either state it outright or refuse to speak about it but just say they hope she gets better



Take every word sam says at face value, good goy. He never lies




never tried to me too him said I didn't get paid/had my shit stolen and I've been around long enough to know whats going on with him/got wind of a bunch of shit

why's he have pictures naked and clothed with a 15 year old who has disappeared from the internet after allegations he fucked her in the ass have been spread for years



i haven't read or heard anything that sam has said about her, i'm pretty sure he hasn't ever mentioned her name LOL



>why's he have pictures naked and clothed with a 15 year old who has disappeared from the internet after allegations he fucked her in the ass have been spread for years

what pictures? proof this girl is 15? who cares lol.



btw channing a picture of a check doesn't mean a fucking thing




lurk moar faggot

also u just mad your idot is gay

take that up with him maybe he'll fuck you he's desperate rn



'he said she said' isn't proof when it comes to sam's degenerate antics but is proof when it comes to some broad's?

okay pal



>bawwww sam is gay also he rapes girls also he didnt pay me bawwww



yeah exactly



your the one speed posting

what do you even have to gain out of this



s/he is mad sam rejected them



ask Sam about the first wave of letters he got

with legal notices of bad checks and tell him the second will be coming soon



>i haven't read or heard anything that sam has said about her

Yeah well if you weren't just some loser fan you might be aware that this summer Sam was going around telling people he knew that she was on heroin



implying Sam wouldn't fuck anything that moves

no I was planning on leaving before all of this which clearly has a big weight in why im suddenly after 10 years of being such a good friend "on heroin"




I'm not speedposting, i'm only here intermittently

ive never met sam and im not a part of any of this drama.

Not gonna lie, former MDE fan here. This is fucking hilarious watching Sam crash and burn. But in all seriousness we can't let this guy get his hands on any more roids, porn and underage girls.



>implying Sam wouldn't fuck anything that moves

clearly, considering he fucked you

>no I was planning on leaving before all of this which clearly has a big weight in why im suddenly after 10 years of being such a good friend "on heroin"

lol yeah im sure it had nothing to do with him not paying you or giving you any attention



wtf i hate sam now!



>this summer after I already left


File: ecedb77526b8219⋯.png (94 KB, 662x736, 331:368, 1521237927719.png)

lol its so funny how emotional Sam's fans that claim to have never met him and are supposedly MEN can be



go to rehab and maybe sam will take you back sweetie



No (not he) it was probably after she left but while I was still on decent terms with him. He also asked me if I did heroin and I said no then he asked if I ever did heroin and that was also a no. He was a paranoid mess because he knew that his degenerate habits and lifestyle of scamming everyone around him was reaching a breaking point.



Not her*



why would he randomly ask you if you did heroin

now sam is not only a girl rapist, gay, and a scam artist, but also a paranoid schizophrenic. i bet he's a furry too right?





you should be helping Sam edit hydewars why are you so angry rn? Is this Sam? Don? John? Cam? someone else he uses as a slave who hasnt broken the conditioning yet?



lolololol i dont know any of those people im actually laughing at you




then why the fuck are you so persistent?

go find a hobby faggot no one gives a fuck about some cuck fan whos never met Sam's opinion



my hobby is collecting your tears



>why would he randomly ask you if you did heroin

Maybe because he just told me his close friend did it and (maybe) because if I said yes and ever started talking shit about him he could tell everyone that I'm a druggie too. And I never said he was a rapist or a schizo but he is queer and and a scam artist


File: 64916bcd0f74c44⋯.jpg (31.03 KB, 522x577, 522:577, 0380800818db21bbb50834bd8d….jpg)


you are obviously new here

go back to worshiping some has been who scams people like you on the reg



you still live in ny channing? lets meet up and we can talk about this, ill make sure your story gets told.




ive posted in this thread 5 times, theres ~140 posts in here

guys who neurotically obsess over what's MANLY, such as the contents of their bath soap or the perceived emotionality of other posters, is faggy and effeminate in and of itself.

do you honestly believe any of the manliest men in history were constantly self-checking whether everything they did was MANLY enough?



his post patterns are so recognizable, i think this dude might legit be mentally fucking ill



why are you replying to them brainlet

get out of this thread joe bernstein n no i wont ever talk to you regardless of how big of a faggot Sam is



I'm not Joe, I'm j-woke like you, you can trust me honey, I won't hurt you like mean ol Sam did.



pathologising dissent, such a jewish tactic


File: b99ea14b63268e4⋯.gif (781.66 KB, 657x527, 657:527, aa701f02e58995e98d21ed77ab….gif)

damn why was this board dead all of a sudden n then when people said Sam is gay shills went all out

really make me think



mentally ill and a neonazi, surprise surprise


Channing better give up that pussy or im about to get really mad right now I might do something kooky



welcome to MDE, Shekelberg



please don't trigger my memories of daily having to refuse to fuck Sam even though he had a willing 22 year old available to stick things up his ass



why would a jew defend sam, you really are both dumb and a mentally ill faggot



you never refused sam once, stop lying



learn how to fucking respond to posts holy shit



To be honest, if Sam never raped you it sounds like he should have.



full mental breakdown Sam in full afek

you can all thank me when his ego breaks completely and he returns to normal hopefully

I won't be around to help him anymore I learned my lesson but if he ever wants ne tips on cool animes I'll aim message him



>I won't be around to help him anymore I learned my lesson but if he ever wants ne tips on cool animes I'll aim message him

Still coming up with excuses to talk to Sam. O B S E S S E D.


why are there so many sam defenders?

if you're fans, recognise that he doesn't care about you, your fandom in MDE or your creative aspirations and insights, only your money

if you're paid shills, how much is he giving you?

if you're sam, get back to work bitch



Sam pays me 5 cents a post, thats a lot of money here in Pajeetland.



LOL why do his male fans think that banging Sam is some euphoric experience or one that's hard to come by.



I have known plenty of bpd cunts and they all look, act, and sound like this Channing chick.



You're literally just some random fan on a message board talking shit and who is clearly biased as a fan of Sam. I know you're disappointed there's no new content yet but that's due to Sam's own mental illnesses



Nah I really wouldn't care, I don't even pay for Sam's content or watch much of the new stuff. I just hate lying whores.



Hah okay then. Yes you'd better take the word of an honest virgin like Sam



You really don't have any self awareness to understand how bitter you sound right now.



>girl who filmed almost 40 videos, has a book credit and knew him for 10 years is a lying whore



Not so much bitter as frustrated seeing how many dimwits will unquestioningly back Sam no matter what even if he's being completely dishonest.






File: 1a399d714ab3677⋯.png (258.08 KB, 812x984, 203:246, twilight_sparkle_has_a_cru….png)


Fuuck dude this thread is crazy. Anyway I don't doubt for a second Sam is the scamming sack of shit his ex(-employees) claim him to be. I mean, even without the InsideInfo from Channing it's fucking obvious. That one foreign guy aggressively responding to everyone lazily defending Sam is so mentally cucked it's actually astonishingly sad.



yea dude who cares if a guy in his 30s who's constantly calling others pedophiles is in possession of child porn and fucked an underage girl just a few years back lololol

some of you guys are honestly just delusional dickriders, you cant deny that sam has done some creepy shit and is hypocritical af. the pic of him shirtless with marky who was like 15 at the time should say enough.



hi channing

please get help with your clear drug problem and get your mental disorders in check


channing what's your email?



>go to an /mde/ board

>start talking shit about some guy you dont even know because youre jealous of him or dont like his political opinion

>be surprised when people tell you to fuck off

youve got to be the stupidest motherfucker on the internet



>citation: my ass

whats next, youre gonna say hes the mastermind behind WP cancellation?



>Anyway I don't doubt for a second Sam is the scamming

youre the one claiming it dumbfuck. If you doubted what you claimed youd be an even bigger retrad than you are now



>be MDE fan

>watch MDE get destroyed by retarded antics then watch the guy who fucked it up stick a big fat "FUCK YOU" to his fanbase

>call him out for his bullshit like many of his other disgruntled ex-fans

>get whiteknighted against by his dickriders who thinks he's their alt-right Deus Vult leader

Sam is not right wing in the slightest and you're a retard if you think so. It's time for you to wise up to when hucksters are just saying things for money and attention.



>watch MDE get destroyed by retarded antics then watch the guy who fucked it up stick a big fat "FUCK YOU" to his fanbase

MDE got shut down by stupid liberal fruitcakes like you that said their humour was Wrongthink.

>call him out for his bullshit like many of his other disgruntled ex-fans

you were never a fan. you never even heard of MDE until some fag on your liberal arts college showed you the buzzfeed witchhunt article

>get whiteknighted against

you mean

>make up bullshit and LARP as different people and then whiteknight for them to boost your ego, and get told by everyone to STFU because noone cares

>sam is not right wing in the slightest

yeah and youre his #1 fan right?

>It's time for you to wise up to when hucksters are just saying things for money and attention.

if he did hed suck dick like john oliver and colbert and make a faggy PC show like you want.



Lol Sam Hyde’s #1 mentally ill cocksucker right here.



>lol ad hominem

if you win an argument with this on lolcow then i guess you must come from one really retarded cesspool of emotional fruitcake dumbasses


File: 4b12e19fade33c4⋯.png (16.03 KB, 657x527, 657:527, 7b701f05892604689a095fdc3f….png)


"fruitcake" "fruitcake""fruitcake""fruitcake""fruitcake""fruitcake""fruitcake""fruitcake""fruitcake""fruitcake""fruitcake""fruitcake"



this is not what a cool vampire would say



I love him because he’s a perfect example of what sam’s toxic fan base is like. Unaware, retarded and brainwashed


Lets recap:

fucking hookers: cool

fucking underage girls: cool

fucking dudes: cool

making mad money: cool

driving a raptor: cool

not releasing hydewars: not cool

thats it sam. we just want content. give it her fat boy.



>getting triggered by being called a fruitcake

are you a fag or something



why are you projecting this hard?


File: 3ebda4b43890620⋯.png (1.43 MB, 1289x752, 1289:752, audiophilepeepo.png)


jesus your iq is showing

no one is "triggered" by that word

you just look like a retard saying it over and over in all of your dick sucking spam posts



im a little dehydrated



where the new hydewars™ at retard? if he can't keep any deadlines for vlog videos then he probably writes checks that bounce too. stay mad loser :O



>MDE got shut down by stupid liberal fruitcakes like you that said their humour was Wrongthink.

Nick and Charls are pissed off at Sam for becoming some 1488 LARPer on twitter and costing them 10 years of work. Liberal fruitcakes don't react to thin air, obviously Sam's nonsense riled them up.

>you were never a fan. you never even heard of MDE until some fag on your liberal arts college showed you the buzzfeed witchhunt article

I started watching MDE in 2011, before the subreddit and any articles. When everything was on the alienmode account.

>make up bullshit and LARP as different people and then whiteknight for them to boost your ego, and get told by everyone to STFU because noone cares

Nobody here is pretending to be anybody else. I don't see how being anonymous can boost my ego, and lad… it's just you defending Sam at this point.

>yeah and youre his #1 fan right?

I was his fan until I realised he just parrots right wing talking points for money, and if he enacted any right wing values with any sincerity he would clearly be behaving differently, but it's clear to anyone he has some deep-seated psychological issues that cause a lot of destruction.

>if he did hed suck dick like john oliver and colbert and make a faggy PC show like you want.

You don't have to be some liberal talkshow host to be a huckster. At least they believe the stuff they peddle and have some sort of work ethic. Sam is just a nihilist and a hedonist at the end of the day.


File: cd7b01529f13c82⋯.gif (967.42 KB, 490x367, 490:367, shitpostingloudly.gif)


>more triggered ranting

we struck oil




what deadlines?

he gives out content when he feels like it. and people that give him money know that.

what part dont you understand?

hell, half of those people give him money not because of the content but just because they hate stupid liberal fruitcakes like you



>Nick and Charls are pissed off at Sam for becoming some 1488 LARPer on twitter and costing them 10 years of work

no, that was some fucking nobody from buzzfeed

>Liberal fruitcakes don't react to thin air

yeah and water isnt wet. get the fuck out of here libfag scum

>I started watching MDE in 2011

oh, right around the time of my trip to the moon right?

>I don't see how being anonymous can boost my ego

it keeps you from taking any responsibility for what you shitpost. you obviously dont have the balls to say that in public.

>and lad… it's just you defending Sam at this point.

>shitpost everywhere from /pol/ to /mde/

>hurr theres probably like just one guy that wouldnt beleive my shitposting

>I was his fan until I realised he just parrots right wing talking points for money

damn, such critique, you should work for buzzfeed

>You don't have to be some liberal talkshow host to be a huckster

no, you can just be a regular fag suckup like you right?

>At least they believe the stuff they peddle

do you too?

>Sam is just a nihilist and a hedonist at the end of the day

and yet you claim youve been a long time fan and know his comedy.


noone cares, fuck off back to your cesspool board you fruitcake fag



this guy is unreal LOL



Shill harder u massive fsggot


File: e457f0fad707f63⋯.jpeg (129.8 KB, 700x700, 1:1, 939419A1-CCB1-4ED0-B51D-C….jpeg)


>fuck off back to your cesspool board you fruitcake fag


He said it again 🔥💯🙏😏😎😜👌✌️💜😂💯😳😆 I’m gonna start calling people fruitcake now irl as an insult



what are you gay?

stupid commie liberal FRUITCAKE


It's obvious the cunt shitting up this board is some slut Sam pumped and dumped, and now she's heartbroken or some shit. Probably the freaky smiling bloodied up one that always gets posted.



You sound like a triggered fruitcake dude



damn we got a master detective over here guys. He's cracked the code.



He’s right about one of the girls rofl. It’s not the bloody teenager though.



t. Sam Hyde expert and biographer



How did your STD test come back? You have AIDS now too?



who u replying to bub



Yes I have full blown AIDS thanks to Sam Hyde



stop explaining the joke it's insulting






>why would he randomly ask you if you did heroin

I would, I've been burned by junkies before. It's not that unusual.



who is on heroin?

I can't keep up with this fan fic



no one AFAICT. Seems like channing? cupcup? had a falling out with sam in some way, made a bunch of posts outing sam as a manwhore and child groomer. Unfortunately the motherfucker can't compose paragraphs of text and instead communicates via youtube video titles and anonymous image board replies.

from what I can tell the accusation is that sam tried to discredit her as a heroin addict.



All i'm saying is that it's not that unusual to ask if someone does heroin if you've been burned before.

I just came here to have fun online with my friends like I used to but now I need to solve this mystery.

Is anyone already compiling the facts here?



>implying Sam was ever “burned” by a junkie



If Sam was burned by a junkie who he says is Channing why did he write her 2 checks that were bad? doesn't make a lot of sense unless he just wants people to dismiss her.



idk you should start



He had a beef with Vaervaf (alleged junky) who he considered responsible for Orangy's heroin overdose.

Do you dispute that?



funny how many people around Scam are "junkies" or "crazy" and accuse him of things that are "not true" and he dindu nuffin



yeah his "toxic people" rant from last summer really seemed like an attempt to cover his ass from the fact that he isn't working with nick and charls anymore



That was definitely more about people like Vaervaf. How the fuck were Charls or Nick ever "toxic"?

Dumb post



>funny how many people around Scam are "junkies" or "crazy"

Sam does surround himself with junkies and crazies. they're among his collaborators and fans.

>and accuse him of things that are "not true" and he dindu nuffin

I wouldn't go that far. I'm just trying to get the facts. I'm dismissing the assertion that asking about heroin use is evidence of paranoia. It's not.


I never really took this to be related to charls and nick, although it was after his last Charls collab.. It might have more to do with this juicy little employee harem that he's apparently set up.



its the Same time he cut charls off and told everyone to not talk to him



When did he tell people not to talk to charls? what was the exact wording?

I always had the impression that Charls distanced himself from Sam first, and that it was somewhat mutual.



When did he tell people? Well he didn't outside of his personal/work life but it was around the same time



OK, I noticed you missed the "what was the exact wording" question. When was it sent, and to who. Why don't you post a screen shot and the date? Who else was it sent to?

Let's cut the bullshit and get into specifics. Can you do that?



email James Price and ask him

he was there



Lol we have a detective on our hands here boys. I like it.



Make sure to report back with your findings



you like cock



oh wow dude you know the name James Price? wow you're a real insider, that guy collaborated with Sam once.

I'm convinced, that's the final nail in the coffin.



he likes to blast his name all over the internet so everyone knows who he is

here's his email fjamesprice@gmail.com



I was being sarcastic since the fool evaded the questions again and name dropped the first name he thought of to look credible.

I will email James Price and see what if anything there is to learn here after i run out to the store to get some gamer fuel. Sit tight boys I need to register a new email and we WILL get to the bottom of this.



I like this guy. get us the scoop.



email's sent, I won't let you down sarge


File: f1f6ec4c5c08866⋯.jpg (30.11 KB, 555x644, 555:644, 1468387481136.jpg)




>getting this assrekt



>i know more about this guy than he does himself


File: 5ea58cd3f37e57c⋯.jpg (71.08 KB, 600x656, 75:82, 1473700954378.jpg)


>Is anyone already compiling the facts here?

>facts from anonymous shitposters, haters and alleged crackheads

this is bigger than watergate



>implying those people were "around" sam in the first place

>implying its not just a crapfest created when some autist from lolcow decided to LARP as everyone



Best post on the board right here


so many autistic failed normie straight edge cocksuckers itt


File: a78b27b28646ca1⋯.jpg (188.64 KB, 630x583, 630:583, HYDE_HOGGHUNT.jpg)


>Nick and Charls are pissed off at Sam for becoming some 1488 LARPer on twitter and costing them 10 years of work.

The lone gunman meme was great viral marketing y tho



umm no it isnt sweatie, but stay in denial NPC :-)


File: 4dadb84cad84b57⋯.png (27.67 KB, 600x512, 75:64, autism.png)


>ill use the nazi buzzwords against them! that will show them!



judging by the density of buzzwords in this post i'm willing to bet $10 it's fruitcake poster posing as non-fruitcake poster



>everyone who disagrees with me about non-political things is my political opponent



sick burn NPC, as if i didnt expect such a clever comeback :-0 haha autism, epic. you really proved your point about it all being the same person.

and just cuz i dont dickride your hero sam, that doesnt make me a liberal :-/ it makes me a logical person… sorry but the right can be NPCs too! it applies to those who are brainwashed and predictable like most of sam's fanbase. toodles :-)



Everyone's anger towards Sam is being taken out on you Channing lol



another faggot post



everyone knows youre that trasnfag liberal from /snow/ whiteknighting against sam for some retarded agenda.

you were rettarded enough to call him racist on /pol/.

so yeah fuck off liberal fruitcake



>implying anyone here except this one faggot shill is mad at sam

if anything were mad at stupid softie fags that got his show cancelled because it might offend some weak-minded people



>hurr u dis buzzword

>hurr i try be sarcastic

>hurr im logical n shiet. like sophisticated and mathemathical

>the right can be NPC too!!1!! i aint liberal tho im nazi like you

>toodles :)

christ, how old are you?


Sam's buttblasted gf furiously trying to fit in here is hilarious



fruitcake poster is sams gf?



no, its some robot fag that LARPs as his ex or his coworker or something.



Not everyone here is sams ex plus the toodles poster is less cringe than fruitcake poster



this schizo NPC needs to be reprogrammed

not all of MDE's ex fans are from snow, or trannies that sam bangs, or liberals

sam isn't even right wing and if you wised up to that you'd realise he only repeats talking points for money

sam is """conservative""" in the streets but liberal in the sheets, he has a public position and a private position just like hilary


can confirm, just emailed james price and he wouldnt say anything about what happened between sam and charls

>Im not at liberty to say

from james himself



lying fruitcake NPC

post the evidence then


File: f98b21c92c015e3⋯.png (18.02 KB, 960x333, 320:111, Untitled.png)


i like sam but if everyone keeps distancing themselves from him, its probably a sign that he did them wrong

doesnt mean i believe the diaper/tranny/doping/ shit that his crazy ex has posted here but its obvious that sam is a bad dude to be around



post the rest then faggot

also what doping shit



they're talking about him injecting test or something, some say roid cycles, whatever


File: c88be4f002a8da1⋯.png (387.08 KB, 931x600, 931:600, 1508616754873.png)



he does cough a lot. though i guess that could be the cigars. does he have asthma, there's really no other reason to have albuterol



why does Sam inject testosterone?



to be a real man



>GAHAHHHH trannies are fucking up theirbodies with hormones!!!!

>takes ttestosterone and various steriods, testes shrink and natural testosterone production drops

rly maeks yuo think



the criticism isn't what dumb traps are doing to themselves, the problem is the faggot state normalizing it



Uh huh.



yes, that's correct, ok



100%. I buy it. Sam only criticizes the state. Never individuals.



who said that. regarding "trannys bad" i don't remember the horrid health risks being the problem, ever mentioned by him



stop fucking gossiping, hershey. its fucking autistic



>this schizo NPC needs to be reprogrammed

obviously, because you cant argument your shitposting for shit

>not all of MDE's ex fans are from snow

no, just one; you.

>sam isn't even right wing

let me guess, hes an aline right?

>he only repeats talking points for money

well i hope you do the same because if you shitpost all day for free youre majorly retarded

>sam is """conservative""" in the streets but liberal in the sheets, he has a public position and a private position just like hilary

and you based that on what? your smear campaign goals?





>hurr price will agree with my shitposts

>a month or two passes


>hurr heres the totally not faked evidence of my claims

did you fake gmails or use MSpaint?



must be why you call sam a racist



i've never been to snow dude, you sound paranoid as fuck. is there a reason you think so much about that place?

>let me guess, hes an aline right?

where'd you get that from my guy

>well i hope you do the same because if you shitpost all day for free youre majorly retarded

it takes 5 minutes to shitpost, but at least it is sincere and genuine. trading integrity for cash is for blacks, women and j00z

>and you based that on what? your smear campaign goals?

from observations of his behaviour and the way he conducts his life, numerous (many) first hand accounts of his behaviour, knowledge that 99% of "right wing" e-celebs say things for money or are controlled op (not sayin sams controlld op), watching his biz practices crumble, etc…….



>everything I don't want to hear is fake

email him yourself then faggot



"Dear Sammyboi,

could you address the claims of some mentally ill girls on a chan derivative by confirming your penis is defective and you put things in your ass and possibly engage in a 'diaper fetish', if I'm reading that right?

regards, another anon at said chan



i fucked up the formatting but should i send it



the posts were addressing an email to James

Sam fans are sub 80iq



wow so a mentally ill girl saying it to james price makes it more legitimate

high iq post



you dumb fuck, why would he say it was not in his position to say anything? if nothing happened between sam and charls, he could've easily dismissed it but he did not.



Yeah you should send that



or maybe he just didn't think it's right to tell some retard on the internet. what, did he sign a fuckin NDA



i think I'm gonna






did, didnt anwser yet



because he didnt say it.

the whole sham has been faked from the start, starting with the tranny thing



t. Sam's new trans twink whiteknight 15 year old buttslave



>i've never been to snow dude, you sound paranoid as fuck. is there a reason you think so much about that place?

great damage control retard. fuck off back there.

>where'd you get that from my guy

your retarded statements

>it takes 5 minutes to shitpost

you take 5 minutes to write one shitpost? i was fucking around when i called you retarded but you really seem to be a special needs child

>but at least it is sincere and genuine

>making shit up and posting it in some corner of the internet under anonymous is sincere and genuine

have you ever even been outside of a house or a mental institution or wherever you are?

>from observations of his behaviour

>deluded stalkers can be objective psychologists

sure. why dont you make yourself a diploma in MSpaint too and post it here along with other shoops



File: bac8ebd165a699e⋯.jpg (51.53 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1540332102579.jpg)


stay mad

no one likes your pedo homo idol



Damn the graphic design on this is really good.

Did Sam get his gf to make this? I heard she went to Pratt.



she better get her ass off Sam's dick and get to work with that Jaihoo typesetting, I paid for my book like a year ago this is stupid.



yeh it's gonna be another year even if it is done considering it will still need to be printed (in china) and sent out




how did I miss the sale of this? when was it available?



like over a year and a half ago

here it is for free though sans Zach Waltmans artwork




you type with so much anger, it's very funny



> is it because he's too cowardly to look some girl's father in the face knowing that he's cheating on her with multiple other women, men, and hookers?

so you admit you're his ex


File: 4e66ba3a3722f73⋯.jpg (236.62 KB, 1803x1200, 601:400, 1539259463911.jpg)


Haha, that sounds pretty hardcore.

>key analogy



I don’t think you know what an analogy is


File: 6b982e8f4296201⋯.jpg (235.76 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, IMG_3189.JPG)

File: 4fa2bf372f1f952⋯.jpg (252.44 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, IMG_3190.JPG)



What is this



very clearly sammy boys room with a girl in the bed taking selfies as proof. the water bottle and the wall art in photo #2 are evidence



she has that glazed over look in her eyes that only a slut thats seen seen miles of cocks has

damn didnt sam make a video about not associating with those types of broads



>in her eyes

can’t see them



its that whole aura of indifferent and jaded sluttiness




>no one likes that

>i bet sam made it

could you be more obvious?



>you type with so much anger, its funny

>literally projecting this hard





>hurr durr im stalking sam hyde

>hurr heres proof he gets more pussy than me

>ill post it here, thatll show him

so youve prooven that… you need help?



no wonder he pumped and dumped your busted ass





> Says "do drugs" like a retarded boomer

Not all drugs are the same, you fucking retard. Most serious psychonauts are smarter than 90% of this board anyway.


File: 37cfcefbe729dd4⋯.jpg (142.13 KB, 720x960, 3:4, IMG_8172.JPG)


“Doing drugs” lmfao




ebin facebook meme my friend i upvoted



wow…. i cant believe my third eye wasnt opened now now i se the truht…. i love drug


File: b4a3352ea1333dc⋯.jpg (7.83 KB, 346x346, 1:1, ljdVNAx.jpg)


ye bru i get turned



The mods gave up on this board like the mods gave up on the shitty subreddit before it got deleted. No one cares anymore



no, the mods at the reddit mde got gay as fuck and started banning the regulars for anything in an attempt to cuck for admin faggotry. it was pitiful



the mods (James and later Don) where fags who covered Sam's ass and wouldn't let anyone post anything critical of him. Everything you are witnessing on this board is the result of that.



no one there gave a fuck about that gay shit, guys were getting banned for "in minecraft" jokes and you couldn't say nigger without your post getting shadowed. it was the most stereotypical faggot plebbit shit and all it got the cuck mods was the place getting banned anyway. i posted the retarded marky mspaint faggotry, no one fuckin cared. the only fags that do are the neurotic chicks here and gayass /snow/



the terms "marky" and "sam fucked" were literally filtered from the sub and no one with an acct less than a year old were allowed to post/got shaddowbanned

someone already posted a bunch of these comments that were deleted here so I can't repost them



that's just not true, i had an account for a few months and got approved. i didn't make friends and got to know some mods pretty fast though i guess



I tried posting on a new account when it was still up and it wouldn’t show up on the sub



yes it is true

James was like Sam's little cuck bitch for a long time

why don't you email him and ask him about it



James Price is soylent incarnate




I saw him before at a standup of Sams

he was hiding in the corner like some sort of freak

dude is pretty ugly and has a massive underbite



i heard from cup he's into sounding (sticking things into his dick hole)

why are all these mde fags so degenerate



art fags



Are you sure that wasn't Zach?



as far as I can tell Zach was the only civilized one there



Pretty sure thats a sam fetish



fetishes are for kiked homosexuals


What kind of faggot goes to 8chan to run an expose on someone?



isn't Zach the one on the hydewars gumroad art? That dude smokin a j? He looks pretty cool to me no that's not the same guy.



>drugs aint bad

>make u smarter



the kind of faggot that wants to slander someone but cant prove his bullshit claims for shit






the action of declaring something to be untrue.



is there anyone chan didn’t have sex with?


File: 6289c6e224e5dc7⋯.jpg (52.97 KB, 680x452, 170:113, cookieman.jpg)


>Not all drugs are the same, you fucking retard. Most serious psychonauts are smarter than 90% of this board anyway.

>I did acid a few times and made my brain seizure therefore I am more enlightened and intelligent

fuckin retarded faggot


File: 51a0a9b5976eaf7⋯.jpg (35.33 KB, 710x540, 71:54, memri sunnis comments.jpg)


>expecting to be taking seriously after runnng a smear campaign with faked acounts and screencaps and autistically screeching when people dont beleive you

someone should make a CSS that rangebans IPs with posting history on /snow/



idk what you're talking about weirdo, get help




proof of fakery?







Why the hell is someone getting banned for that?


File: d41117e631b4893⋯.jpg (36.64 KB, 678x381, 226:127, Chelsea-clinton-satanist-6….jpg)


strange things are afoot



idk but im glad LOOOOL





white sharia is necessary my brothers



this board is tainted


File: b08e3a2dd30568e⋯.jpg (137.68 KB, 2436x1125, 812:375, REWcLbNgNMSUEtxgANXji7_NZ8….jpg)


Sam is that you? How's KSTV2 coming?




The more gay behind the scenes shit I see about Sam, the more I hate him. Not because I'm offended on the sake of some mentally retarded slags, but because it all makes it clear that Sam was never being comedic in any of his materials, he was just shining a light on his own fucked up life and using comedy as a venue for personal therapy, which is absolutely pathetic.



it's done, it's been done and is being released on the new platform.



i dunno if you meant to, but you literally just described every comedian and artist ever tbh



What new platform?



nah there are legit observational comics who don't use their own narcissism as a crutch






lol fag.

also apparently your fake VMUdream channel got deleted. loser.




ASK E****



i bet sam would think it's really epic and funny if someone threw a lit cig into his home like his skeevy manlet minion did in the last video clip

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