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September 2018 - 8chan Transparency Report
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File: d7b4a205628d92f⋯.jpg (37.25 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 65 - nVqpZh4.jpg)

91959b No.1[Reply]

1. Keep threads on topic; threads pertaining to metal news should be kept to containment threads.

2. Off topic shitposting, banter and questions or general discussions should be directed to the meta thread.

3.Check the catalog before making a thread; duplicate threads will be deleted, keep shitpost threads to a minimum.

4. No Discord threads or similar requests, you will be banned for shilling.

5. All hobby and niche boards like /a/, /tg/ and /monster/ rely on OC, and /meal/ should be no different; encourage anons to make quality OC whether it be artwork or music.

6. NSFW is allowed in spoilers. Eternal reminder to disregard thots.

7. /meal/ and 8ch are not your personal blogs; do not bring any of that bullshit in here. Doing so will result in a week long ban that will double with each repeat offense.

8. Non-metal genres (classical, punk, folk, noise etc) will be kept to a containment thread.

9. Do not impersonate a board owner, volunteer or mod.

10. Furshit, MLP, Undertale and other cancerous subjects are prohibited; posting will result in a month long ban.

11. Mallcore (Nu-metal/alternative metal, Hot Topic tier industrial metal), metalcore/deathcore and djent are not welcome here. Posting such music or explaining why they should be allowed will result in a month long ban.

12. If you are from another board say, /pol/, /monster/, /his/, /tg/ etc and want to find metal music pertaining to those interests, take it to a thread for the genre or ask in the questions thread.

Do not bring your homeboards mannerisms here; this is not a multicultural cesspit.

13. You should know 8ch's global rule by now.

14. Namefagging is allowed only for OC threads. Don't shill your soundcloud or bandcamp; keep rule 4 in mind and privately upload to instaudio or a similar site.

15. If you find a thread you don't like and it does not break any of the aforementioned rules, hide it and ignore it; do the best you can to self moderate. This also doesn't mean shitspam memes and redditsage posters breaking tPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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91959b No.2

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File: 067f2a0a6045724⋯.jpg (12.08 KB, 320x350, 32:35, Varg-smiling.jpg)

4577ac No.3[Reply]

Feel free to discuss any meta topics concerning the board, the site or just shoot the shit

d28fb9 No.5

File: 56ad715f63d365d⋯.jpg (1.34 MB, 1426x1398, 713:699, folder.jpg)

Find me something similar. Naow.

693a1f No.6

File: d4a94350cc87fc0⋯.jpg (53.28 KB, 607x608, 607:608, twsfts.jpg)

9fd0b9 No.7

File: f830d6f7d025634⋯.png (296.38 KB, 792x556, 198:139, medicucks.png)

File: 2ea5f37f92771a6⋯.jpg (34.99 KB, 316x316, 1:1, Sabaton_Carolus_Rex.jpg)

5c2f03 No.4[Reply]

Name a better band

>you cant

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