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File: 1424967904314.png (3.03 KB, 100x100, 1:1, question-mark.png)

738cd0  No.1[Reply]

Welcome to /tech/'s meta board.

Please use this board for the discussion of /tech/'s policies, features, etc.

Meta threads on /tech/ will be deleted.

Thank you!

You can find the public /tech/ volunteer action list at https://8ch.net/log.php?board=tech

Frequently Asked Questions: https://8ch.net/metatech/faq.html

/tech/ and /metatech/ Rules: https://8ch.net/metatech/rules.html

/tech/ Page Index: https://8ch.net/metatech/pages.html

Volunteer Contact Information: https://8ch.net/metatech/contact.html

If you have been banned, or your posts have been deleted for reasons other than rule breaking, please email tech@8chan.co with pictures or archives of your post(s) and the issue will be promptly dealt with.

Appeals posted on /metatech/ or sent to personal volunteer e-mail addresses will be ignored and deleted!

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a9ace3  No.1428

File: 80840016bedf8a4⋯.png (191 B, 1x200, 1:200, fade-green.png)

000000  No.1982[Reply]

Why the fuck is >>>/tech/ riddled with /pol/itics fanatics who are obsessed with Jews and niggers? It's not our fault that these people lack self-awareness and are unable to control their lives to such an extent that everything that happens has to be caused by the boogeyman and/or alphabet-soup agencies.

f62eb3  No.1983

>/pol/itics fanatics who are obsessed with Jews and niggers?


613d51  No.1984

f62eb3  No.1985

5e512e  No.1938[Reply]

/tech/ is full of no effort OP, often double or even triple posted, which I suspect may all be done by the same mentally ill retard halfchanner because they all have a similar style and pattern. The vols only anchor these threads, which causes the catalog to be full of this bullshit, while they delete other harmless replies on shit barely on topic threads because of reasons.

Start deleting most of the anchored threads. If you are anchoring them it is for a reason.

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e20c8d  No.1956

It's a fucking toilet filled with shit that needs to be flushed.

0d1089  No.1977


and add IDs

000000  No.1979

>often double or even triple posted

This is due to 8chan bugs, not anyone intentionally doing it. 8ch software sucks sucks sucks

a042c6  No.1980


Desperately this


>This is due to 8chan bugs such as not having an option to set thread posting cooldowns

ftfy. Now go complain on >>>/sudo/.

a042c6  No.1981

Now someone else is shilling his site beyond the tolerance limit.

000000  No.1941[Reply]

See http:/8ch.net/tech/res/1018729.html, in particular posts 1025188, 1025195, and 1025198.

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000000  No.1973



Women feel they've accomplished something by doing nothing.

Terry accomplished something and felt the natural pride from doing so.

b8ea29  No.1974


Terry constantly claimed he was the single best programmer in the world. Actual accomplishments or not, that's narcissistic.

000000  No.1975


Women feel they're the single best ... in the world.

They don't even have to be practicing in the field: "how hard could it be anyway" etc.

They simply rule over the "dumb males"

000000  No.1976

I checked the claims page and was surprised to see that /tech/ wasn't on it. /tech/'s administration is functionally MIA; they've clearly lost control of the board if one mentally ill shitposter can own a piece of the front page with his hallucinatory ramblings at will. You know Mikee's email, guy; he has posted it on /tech/ dozens of times in the last few weeks. Just send him the login credentials for the board and be done with it.

000000  No.1978


Concurs. Send the credentials.

000000  No.1827[Reply]

Could someone please put RMS back on the sticky instead of Terry? Is Terry there just because he died? If he didn't deserve beeing a face of the board when he was alive, so how would his death matter?

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acffe6  No.1908


RMS' contribution to technology is far greater than Terry's. Terry is fresher meme, though

a6a74b  No.1916

File: 7b79864201a96d0⋯.jpeg (574.93 KB, 1700x1058, 850:529, RMSJW.jpeg)

Fuck RMS.

d0f559  No.1918


> politics defines who I should trust

hello npc

f4f3ac  No.1923


>ignoring politics

Go watch talmudvision and get the fuck off my board, normalfaggot

000000  No.1968

RMS turned his back on lolis :(

turned his back on the dream...

File: f6fef87ca3b8886⋯.png (393.04 KB, 1440x1440, 1:1, IMG_20190201_004951.png)

d386ee  No.1959[Reply]

I have no words.

ba557e  No.1960

Did you report all of the spam threads you described?

ba557e  No.1961

A glovol(?) has finally cleansed /tech/ of spam.

c3c9be  No.1962

ba557e  No.1963


The vols are on fire today. Thanks.

467f54  No.1965

That shit was up for quite a while. It just amazes me that a few spam posts will lock out posting for a whole hour. Then everyone complains about low pph.

000000  No.1957[Reply]

That would help a bit

e62ebb  No.1958

Are threads with no title entered at all count?

File: 371ef0e5cc404f8⋯.png (841.48 KB, 1871x927, 1871:927, ClipboardImage.png)

b2f729  No.1403[Reply]

>locking technology threads

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42cdef  No.1405

>dozens of identical threads on browsers

>but threads on technology get locked if more than one exists in the catalog

this means war tbh

b66e1b  No.1408


Actually the war has to wait until after Christmas. Spending too much time on AoC to shitpost on /tech/.

a61afc  No.1412


>one single rust shill spamming rust posts nobody cares about with useless information to promote their product.

>new spam thread locked

>cry about it.

3d19c5  No.1418



we have different definitions of that word

050b9e  No.1954

File: c93da993f8c0fc8⋯.png (3.47 MB, 1368x5099, 1368:5099, ClipboardImage.png)

Let's make it a catalog screencap thread about how very shit /tech/ has become.

File: 6145a0a2d596299⋯.png (6.3 KB, 1030x94, 515:47, shill.png)

1d0717  No.1625[Reply]

Can you put user ids on the board, because I think that this blackpiller is samefagging the board.

46 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

db18c2  No.1861

>implying we haven't lost

>implying the haven't won

d5319a  No.1875

I can recognize a situation as dire, but I mainly ignore blackpill or demoralization fags. They're kind of annoying.

a71142  No.1892



go away (((juden))). you are gassed.

9e7307  No.1936

Oh would you loom at that people are siding with blackpillfag unanimously.


fd0fef  No.1949

>blackpillfag was right all along



Eternal dystopia shall await us. Just you wait.

File: ccbde622c551669⋯.png (379.87 KB, 516x705, 172:235, 1460720805949[1].png)

7c52ed  No.1904[Reply]

This is for alleviating the recent floods of newfags and refugees from certain shitholes.

9c43f3  No.1905


tor users can't post images though

f9a53f  No.1907


That's (probably) the point of OP.

All the recent cuckchan spam was made by torpedos.

7f7fc5  No.1933


and a certain pedo(?) is joining in

000000  No.1940


>All the recent cuckchan spam was made by torpedos.

Please provide evidence of this.

bfcee7  No.1849[Reply]

Require mandatory programming puzzles. Everyone who can't solve one in a language of his choosing should be branded as a LARPer and be banned

14 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

18b8f5  No.1928


The implication is that you are MikeeUSA, talking about yourself as if you were someone else.

000000  No.1930


How does

> programmer of text videogames, and 3d first person shooters, and is a lawyer.

= LARPer?

Actually doing the /tech/ things is the opposite of a larp... is it not?

c67bad  No.1931


You are the king of LARPers, Mikee.

000000  No.1934


Just kill yourself Mike. Everyone hates you.

000000  No.1937


No, just you.

I love it when people hate me though. I hate them too. Heretics against the law of the god who allows men to have child brides.

777bd1  No.1935[Reply]

Can yoi guys sticky this thread. It proves blackpillfag to be 100% right and is pretty important.


File: 9b7bde544ae376f⋯.png (393.73 KB, 1332x963, 148:107, 0efc09c1e7a896eb8c426e61e5….png)

33fa5c  No.1925[Reply]


debd95  No.1926

0a930e  No.1929



000000  No.1864[Reply]


almost every (tech)anti-consumerist/(tech)anti-corporationist/(tech)anti-government/(tech)redpill thread gets destroyed

sometimes I need to post thread 3-4 times, when mods are offline and thread get some replies, then they are scared to delete it because many people would notice. but if it's posted when they are online it quickly disappears

so either you or some of mods are bribed by corporations and government. they don't want goyim to know many things

here is example: https://web.archive.org/web/20180523163408/http://oxwugzccvk3dk6tj.onion/tech/res/908800.html

(change oxwugzccvk3dk6tj onion to 8ch net)

had to be posted many times because it was quickly deleted. then when it got some replies when mods were sleeping it was too late for them to delete, because too many people observed the thread

another examples:

thread about 4:3 being better than 16:9 >>/tech/1011353

thread where posts of CIA agents were tracked >>/tech/1010921

Is this place jew and CIA owned?

37 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

000000  No.1912




2a1637  No.1914


Is your inability to crosspost part of a Mossad's operation?


It was off-topic. That kind of blogposting belongs to >>>/r9k/

e56077  No.1920

==Not deleting MikeeUSA's bullshit== is pro-Mossad.

000000  No.1922


Since you're an ignorant wageslave, you do not understand MikeeUSA's lawyerly speak.

He does try to break it down for you by calling you a fucking piece of shit: you know, thowing in the lingo you know alongside all the legalease you do not (because YOU are not a lawyer (he is))

b170ea  No.1932


Not an argument

08c72d  No.1855[Reply]

That dude shits up every thread he can find. He always derails them. He is never constructive.

If you want to keep him, then keep him in his own thread, like Fagioli, but otherwise, this guy needs to be banned.

c168c1  No.1857

Your threads wouldn't be derailed if you were using PL/I, Lisp, and Multics like real men. All your software would work and you ascend from weeniehood into mandom.

As compatible as McKusick and Allman seem now, it was
hardly love at first byte. Back at Berkeley in 1976, when
Allman first tried to interface with McKusick about a date,
McKusick's closeted response included a menacing look.
Three years later McKusick finally scrounged up the
courage to cope with his sexuality by attending a gay rap
session at Berkeley and found shaggy-haired Allman
tossing smug "I knew it" grins from across the semicircle.
They bonded over a lengthy chat about computers later
that evening and began building a relationship in which
each would stake a claim for a piece of cyberspace history.

08c72d  No.1858


You are a huge faggot.

Fucking burn.

29da1d  No.1860



fb3acb  No.1862


>REEEE people are disagreeing with me REEEE

08c72d  No.1893


That's what I said as I destroyed your asshole you fucking faggot.

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