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File: 1424967904314.png (3.03 KB, 100x100, 1:1, question-mark.png)

738cd0 No.1[Reply]

Welcome to /tech/'s meta board.

Please use this board for the discussion of /tech/'s policies, features, etc.

Meta threads on /tech/ will be deleted.

Thank you!

You can find the public /tech/ volunteer action list at https://8ch.net/log.php?board=tech

Frequently Asked Questions: https://8ch.net/metatech/faq.html

/metatech/ Rules: https://8ch.net/metatech/rules.html

/tech/ Rules: https://8ch.net/tech/rules.html

/tech/ Page Index: https://8ch.net/metatech/pages.html

Volunteer Contact Information: https://8ch.net/metatech/contact.html

Appeals posted on /metatech/ or sent to personal volunteer e-mail addresses will be ignored and deleted!

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a9ace3 No.1428

File: 80840016bedf8a4⋯.png (191 B, 1x200, 1:200, fade-green.png)

512468 No.1519[Reply]

Can you please ban the UNIX-Haters monkey. He doesn't post anything useful, and when he does reply he completely derails the thread.

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b19839 No.1521

faa8b2 No.1522


Thanks for linking that post. I wasn't going to find it myself.

7835d4 No.1523

The UNIX-haters anon is doing a fantastic job though.

faa8b2 No.1524


Yeah, at making a fool of himself.

296cdd No.1525


>spotted the UNIX loving nigger

UNIX is a shit

0b679f No.1516[Reply]

What's the deal?

47c40e No.1517

Can you elaborate?

0b679f No.1518


There was a stupid thread about artificial wombs. It was up there for way too long.

682aef No.1491[Reply]





>2 Thinkpad threads (we had a peak of 3)


>"guys try this out for me because i am too lazy to do it myself"

>Shitty distro wars threads (guess it's one step above browser threads)

Has /g/ finally taken over the board?

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d157b3 No.1494

I've been getting annoyed at all these threads with sentence long OPs. Especially the ones without images in the OP.

Seriously, how low effort can you get.

000000 No.1511


>Especially the ones without images in the OP.

You can't post images through Tor, but how would you know that know huh?

eb3f3b No.1513


Please note how I said it was only a problem when it was paired with a low effort OP.

ad1922 No.1514

File: c76db1c59ab13eb⋯.jpg (384.3 KB, 1400x933, 1400:933, steve klabnik.jpg)

I've posted a bit of Rust code. If everybody in this thread posted a little code snippet every day we could make /tech/ less shit.

000000 No.1515









Why isn't shit like this being deleted for fucks sake? At least make this board pretend to have SOME rules about putting effort into the OP.

5863bc No.1407[Reply]

congratulations you killed /tech/

>lock technology threads

>delete /tech/ related news and discussions and contain them in 1 single thread

>leave catalog filled with 10000000000000 browser threads

>let /pol/ roam free

>now board is at almost 0 pph

>of which 80% are non-tech non-programming

just wanted to congratulate you

fdebe4 No.1413


>spam /tech/ with leftist garbage and rust threads

>spam /metatech/ with the same

>cry when get called out for being a faggot

>lie about pph

>don't participate in programming threads because can't even program in the language you shill

5863bc No.1414


>pph almost zero

<everyone was a leftist

<ban and delete more tech threads they are all leftists

Next year

>pph 0

1f0471 No.1417


>don't participate in programming threads because can't even program in the language you shill


kill yourself anti Rust shill

ad6d7d No.1433


>>let /pol/ roam free

Muh "no-platforming" for racists, bigots, sexists, transphobes, Islamaphobes ...

000000 No.1512


>I literally cannot stop posting propaganda every place I go

back to >>>/oven/

000000 No.1509[Reply]

When will we have a completely Torified 8chins? The pictures are and cancerous advertisements of course, are routed through clearnet and therefore harms the anonimity of the user. Assuming that was not intentional on the Jim's part, when will we have a proper onion imageboard?

File: 9527fe28f8a11b0⋯.png (57.38 KB, 1134x490, 81:35, wtf.png)

e39dbe No.1440[Reply]


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3926e1 No.1450



>crying this hard over a 2 hour ban



nice ip change rustfag. maybe you should test your shillbot somewhere else. i'll bet it isn't even written in rust.

7b4297 No.1502


you think this is bad? i got a 24hr ban for asking why an original xbox emulator doesnt exist... because thats tech support? yfr half the threads on this board are tech support if thats the case. whose gonna be the first to make a technology board that doesnt suck?

27125d No.1503

File: bb215db3cffd83f⋯.png (10.15 KB, 482x414, 241:207, Screenshot from 2018-03-01….png)


This is the part of your post that made it very clear it was tech support:

>i just found all my old games and i want to replay them!

You were asking it because you couldn't figure out how to play your video games.

7b4297 No.1504


ya dont say? na, i just love microsoft and i want to see more of thier junk emulated for the hell of it. obviously i was interested running old games, the point of the thread was still clearly the question of why nobody has done this, if there was a way to run these games, i would have probably found it on my own.

<inb4 but halo...

yeah i know i used halo in the post and a pc port for that specific example exists that i could pirate, but theres enough games that will be lost forever without this, and yeah xb360 emulation exists, but even with real hardware not all of og xbox games ran, and the ones that did, usually had problems.



these are perfectly fine tho? i dont want to see more people banned, i want to see you lighten up, this board is becoming closer to /b/ by the day, do you really need to be banning people who are genuinely interested in technology when the ratio of shitposts is continuously rising?

7b4297 No.1508



just zoomed in on that pic, xenia is the xbox 360 emulator so thats out of the question, and cxbx is a windows only program so it would have to be run thru wine and the chances its gonna run well are low.

File: e83aca7c1c604b7⋯.png (238.31 KB, 1423x938, 1423:938, censorship.png)

f86928 No.1498[Reply]

why did you censor the tor thread

9c29c8 No.1499

It had an astonishing lack of discussion about technology

000000 No.1500


what about the part where people were discussing technology (tor, i assume, is a technology, right?)

9c29c8 No.1501


I saw only one post that was about Tor (the technology, not the project).

The rest was bickering about whether political correctness should be classified as fascism or communism, and whether the Frankfurt school is communism, and whether Jacob Appelbaum being a gay jewish anarchist justified accusing him of rape, and how awful the fugging SJW leftists are in general.

e18ef0 No.1429[Reply]


e18ef0 No.1430

As in, country flags instead of the OS ones. I'm requesting IDs much more strongly though.

e7f6e9 No.1431

you can't do that because then it will show that there's only 10 people on /tech/ and that the rustfag argues with himself all day long to bump the rust thread as an advertisement.

894b46 No.1432


Alternatively, perhaps the Rustfag will cease bothering if he realizes he's spending all his time trying to convert the same 10 people.

61070d No.1497




ID's are only thread wide so technically there could more than ten anons.

File: 3e417ee11e1ba00⋯.jpg (159.85 KB, 710x450, 71:45, 865689475934.jpg)

79e34f No.1495[Reply]

>cuck license

>my freedom is better than your freedom

>the Rat

>companies use FreeBSD for their product, this annoys me

They need some moderation in regards to obvious derailment (shitposters favourite will always be licenses) and spam or they will continue to die pretty fast. The shitposts are pretty obvious in their intent. Since we don't have IDs, I can't see if it's all the same guy, but the posts look all really similiar anyway.

17e0c2 No.1496


Sorry, there aren't enough helicopters in the world for those commies.

000000 No.1510

stay mad cuck

File: 3a3741a41473af9⋯.png (184.81 KB, 460x282, 230:141, 804016447.png)

f206a7 No.1469[Reply]

I respond to "Are there any alternatives to pozzicuck firegay?" with

>get palemoon you retard

Check back later, it's gone!

fair enough there are six other firefox threads so that makes sense

I respond to "Can we have a windows debloat guide" with

>get devuan you retard

Check back later, it's gone! That was genuinely good advice for the insufferable "muh gaymes" OP.

Why is it gone?

Why is there some autismal do it for free sperglord cleaning up all the threads? Why not get rid of every other thread? They're all shit. Every one is shit. You don't get to be the arbiter of what is shit and what isn't.

I'm gonna go to a different board with blackjack and hookers. God damn hot pocketeers ruin everything

15 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

f206a7 No.1487


I think the other email thread is a good thread. I hadn't decided on an email client and was just going to go with "whatever's FLOSS" but in terms of providers it's convinced me to switch from a German one to perhaps something else.

f206a7 No.1488


>thread was low-quality in the first place

Fine, fuck those particular threads.

>Software recommendation goes in the tech support sticky

But this is supreme retardation. Tech support sticky is for 'your troubles'. I'm not in trouble if I just want to pick out a particular piece of software and need anon's opinion. The sticky is for very specific problems that can be answered concretely. This is why generals/advice generals exist. Make them loop and with /tech/'s PPH it will take a long while for even one to fill up.

212a14 No.1489

The mail client thread was good, I picked up Sylpheed based on the recommendation in that thread

6e95da No.1490

File: 94307fb4c0fbb41⋯.png (188.52 KB, 1368x590, 684:295, rustshlling.png)

meanwhile two rust shill threads remain up

2c099c No.1492


>Are there any alternatives to pozzicuck firegay?

>Can we have a windows debloat guide

The original post of the thread needs to contribute something, else it should just go to the questions thread. Threads are for discussion,not answering questions or getting others to do all the work.

000000 No.1463[Reply]

yo ring what do you put into the ban duration field to permaban someone?

and is there a better way to post as board volunteer other than writing ## Board Volunteer?

can you sticky threads so they dont replace the rules sticky and instead go at the end of all stickied threads?

thanks senpai

cd103d No.1464

>yo ring what do you put into the ban duration field to permaban someone?

You leave it empty, or you put "forever", but all bans are cleared periodically when the salt changes so there's no real difference between a permaban and a 30d ban.

>and is there a better way to post as board volunteer other than writing ## Board Volunteer?


>can you sticky threads so they dont replace the rules sticky and instead go at the end of all stickied threads?

Yes, by bumplocking them, stickying them, replying to the rules sticky, then deleting that reply. Deleting replies can debump threads as of recently, so it's possible that no longer works. In that case, remake the rules sticky. The bumplock is the key.

It might be better to e-mail me instead if if it's not about /tech/. Good luck with whatever board you're running.

000000 No.1465


don't know your mail

how do you stealth bumplock a thread? i.e. without the anchor appearing next to it?

cd103d No.1466



Visible bumplocks are a board setting, it can't be done per thread.

000000 No.1467


thanks cutie

File: 71c88f423b4790f⋯.jpg (69.84 KB, 446x599, 446:599, 446px-Stalin_1902.jpg)

c40168 No.1462[Reply]

Hello, guy & ring, I really appreciate what you've done to help foster a thriving community but to be quite frank I sincerely believe you're understaffed. Once /g/ dies down a little do you think you could allow applications for new janitors? It doesn't matter who it is so long as they enforce the rules, and if they do a bad job (removing posts which aren't breaking the rules) then you can just remove them right? Thanks for the read.


File: 9c97ee52cba1c86⋯.jpg (309.53 KB, 1059x1764, 353:588, wow.JPG)

a2e3df No.1451[Reply]

What a fantastic board culture you've moulded. I genuinely struggle to believe /tech/ could get any worse than it is as of now

5 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

931e12 No.1457


Why don't you go back, newfriend?

8fdf88 No.1458


kys rustfag shill your not fooling anyone

ddb726 No.1459


>being this asshurt

why are you so triggered by a blazingly fast, memory safe language?

8fdf88 No.1460


how much is mozilla paying you to shill rustkike?

ddb726 No.1461


Nothing. I'm doing it for free.

000000 No.1435[Reply]

Why was the /tech/ project thread deleted?

Something nice could have come from that.

Explain yourself faggot mod.

644463 No.1436

>/tech/ project thread

there wasn't a /tech/ project thread, there was rust shill thread number 1026

c0837a No.1437

Something nice could have come from the OP in theory but what came from it in practice was the same Rust discussion for the fiftieth time.

000000 No.1438

why delete it?

why not lock it?

face it ring, you're a faggot

644463 No.1439



kys rustfag

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