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File: 1424967904314.png (3.03 KB, 100x100, 1:1, question-mark.png)

738cd0  No.1[Reply]

Welcome to /tech/'s meta board.

Please use this board for the discussion of /tech/'s policies, features, etc.

Meta threads on /tech/ will be deleted.

Thank you!

You can find the public /tech/ volunteer action list at https://8ch.net/log.php?board=tech

Frequently Asked Questions: https://8ch.net/metatech/faq.html

/tech/ and /metatech/ Rules: https://8ch.net/metatech/rules.html

/tech/ Page Index: https://8ch.net/metatech/pages.html

Volunteer Contact Information: https://8ch.net/metatech/contact.html

If you have been banned, or your posts have been deleted for reasons other than rule breaking, please email tech@8chan.co with pictures or archives of your post(s) and the issue will be promptly dealt with.

Appeals posted on /metatech/ or sent to personal volunteer e-mail addresses will be ignored and deleted!

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a9ace3  No.1428

File: 80840016bedf8a4⋯.png (191 B, 1x200, 1:200, fade-green.png)

File: 19539daf7e3ee42⋯.png (25.99 KB, 180x180, 1:1, xfce.png)

570b75  No.3072[Reply]

captcha already

c39159  No.3073

captcha off and turn off tor posting and ban any ip that spam comes from

b79570  No.3074

does anyone listen? is this a conspiracy to kill 8chan? seems like it, tech was the best board before this

2f56cd  No.3081


/tech/ has been on the decline for a few years now. the vols don't do their job properly.

7f096d  No.3082


>turn off tor posting

Fuck you

5e512e  No.1938[Reply]

/tech/ is full of no effort OP, often double or even triple posted, which I suspect may all be done by the same mentally ill retard halfchanner because they all have a similar style and pattern. The vols only anchor these threads, which causes the catalog to be full of this bullshit, while they delete other harmless replies on shit barely on topic threads because of reasons.

Start deleting most of the anchored threads. If you are anchoring them it is for a reason.

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a042c6  No.1981

Now someone else is shilling his site beyond the tolerance limit.

38befd  No.1987

At the very least, /tech/ is the only place where people accept the truth of the future.

Like this thread >>>/tech/1034334

Dystopia is inevitable and eternal, and if you can't accept that then you don't belong in a place as hashly truthful as this.

ec2bd4  No.1991


This! So mich this!

Also, OP, did you see >>>/tech/1032001 thread yet? We have lost forever. We just accepted it. Its all done.

adc4eb  No.1993


t. a blackpillcuck

5a2de7  No.3080

add IDs and start deleting spam/low effort threads

6cf9f9  No.2336[Reply]

Please clean up the spam. Thanks.

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3c64f1  No.3071

remove the fucking captcha already holy shit

5137fd  No.3075


It's equally simple to sidestep filters. He could easily just post random characters. I don't plan on disabling tor, either, so until Codemonkey implements some sort of system that can better manage tor posts, captcha seems to be the best option for the moment.

e345b9  No.3076


I know from experience that filtering fixed strings (not even regexes) and sometimes specific files is enough to get rid of 95% of spam on 8chan.

I don't know why, but they rarely bother working around it, even if it would be really easy.

5d7677  No.3078


How about getting some vol mods who purely do spam cleanup? I'll do it for free

ff7779  No.3079


this. and start actually enforcing the rules.

File: 78ccc5378d3938b⋯.jpg (124.36 KB, 1484x1192, 371:298, identical muttlets.jpg)

189f0b  No.1994[Reply]

Add this new policy;

Either OP deletes his own duplicate threads, or else all of his posts get D+'d.

This is literally gotten to the point where some retard is using duplicate threads as an esoteric method to avatarfag.

3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

fda044  No.2001


There is no built-in functionality for such a filter.

8d0a68  No.2003


But there is a css filter that will change his text to be blank. There is a way from the mod panel to view a posters history and either delete all of it or go through it and delete specific ones via a checkbox. Just TAB+space through all of his you lazy fuckers and clean up the spam. That is of course assuming the mods can take like five minutes to do that and aren't the ones spamming the microdot printer thread off the catalog.

1cf0b6  No.2006


Yes you can you lieing faggot. I see the /v/ mods delete tor posts all the time without banning the tor access. Go check the source code or even other boards, you can delete tor posts. Stop being lazy and take the five minutes to delete the posts.

c63fc5  No.2008

I'd suggest getting another volunteer, maybe multiple. Even if they're just temporary.

Because this hapa shit is getting out of hand. And I'd rather you not make it more difficult for other users to post by disabling tor or adding a captcha. Because that's probably what the spammer wants.

000000  No.3077


If you weren't a retarded stormcuck newfag you would know this sometimes happens when the .onion server (for Tor users) shits the bed and reports an error, BUT the post actually gets through after 5 minutes (literally). So you try again and end up with 2 or more posts threads actually created.

And Tor users can't delete their own threads either.

File: 1425020210600.jpg (53.32 KB, 600x339, 200:113, 1408958767670.jpg)

f8bb30  No.29[Reply]

Where do I apply to be a janitor? The existing Jannys here are never on and I feel like /tech/ could use a bit more help with administration

f8bb30  No.33

Sorry, not taking any applications.

f8bb30  No.34

12787f  No.2905

File: fcee2cc109e2af1⋯.webm (2.35 MB, 640x360, 16:9, A Toast To The Janny.webm)

File: 9e7d7bd4b32136f⋯.png (154.43 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20190416-004836….png)

8fd791  No.1996[Reply]

What the fuck is wrong with the mods on this board? Did var-g an hero or something?

602978  No.1997

File: bc4f76c023bee81⋯.webm (3.82 MB, 460x500, 23:25, moderation.webm)


>Did var-g an hero or something?

No, and I'm not omniscient either (yet). If you kindly use the report button, then I'll most likely do something about it.

For those that complain about "not banning the spammer", you should understand that doing that would mean banning everyone posting from Tor exit nodes.

602978  No.1999

Also, keep in mind that it's a massive spam attack (about ~5k posts on /tech/) that's interesting multiple boards (including >>>/sudo/).

5d862c  No.2002

File: dd55c718f53adf1⋯.png (186.63 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20190416-104653….png)


>For those that complain about "not banning the spammer", you should understand that doing that would mean banning everyone posting from Tor exit nodes.

Here's what you do. You see the spam, and you delete the spam. Why would fucking anyone care if he gets banned? That shouldn't matter. Its not _that_ bad of a spam attack. It literally just takes one mod to spend less than 10 minutes of going down the catalog deleting the posts thread by thread.

Perhaps the bigger question is why isn't there a simple way to delete multiple posts base on content, or to temporarily autoban anyone posting a certain phrase?

1d1f85  No.2007

A simple script could auto-filter this babby spam attack; it's all the same message, easy filter.

cd556a  No.2010

Ban tor for 5 minutes every time he posts

Then tell codemonkey to add access passwords that function as temporary anonymous accounts and let your posts bypass a TOR ban.

7276a4  No.1990[Reply]

Is 8chan affiliated in any way with Hetzner Online?

Got an IP 138.201.X.X from visiting the site.

File: 6145a0a2d596299⋯.png (6.3 KB, 1030x94, 515:47, shill.png)

1d0717  No.1625[Reply]

Can you put user ids on the board, because I think that this blackpiller is samefagging the board.

47 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

d5319a  No.1875

I can recognize a situation as dire, but I mainly ignore blackpill or demoralization fags. They're kind of annoying.

a71142  No.1892



go away (((juden))). you are gassed.

9e7307  No.1936

Oh would you loom at that people are siding with blackpillfag unanimously.


fd0fef  No.1949

>blackpillfag was right all along



Eternal dystopia shall await us. Just you wait.

9e7307  No.1986

This thread isnt needed anymore.























As you can see, everyone in this board has accepted fate and taken the blackpill, realizing that kikes will win in the end no matter what. We lost. We have nothing. We will die sad and lonely while dystopia lasts for an eternity.

File: f6fef87ca3b8886⋯.png (393.04 KB, 1440x1440, 1:1, IMG_20190201_004951.png)

d386ee  No.1959[Reply]

I have no words.

ba557e  No.1960

Did you report all of the spam threads you described?

ba557e  No.1961

A glovol(?) has finally cleansed /tech/ of spam.

c3c9be  No.1962

ba557e  No.1963


The vols are on fire today. Thanks.

467f54  No.1965

That shit was up for quite a while. It just amazes me that a few spam posts will lock out posting for a whole hour. Then everyone complains about low pph.

File: 371ef0e5cc404f8⋯.png (841.48 KB, 1871x927, 1871:927, ClipboardImage.png)

b2f729  No.1403[Reply]

>locking technology threads

1 post and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

42cdef  No.1405

>dozens of identical threads on browsers

>but threads on technology get locked if more than one exists in the catalog

this means war tbh

b66e1b  No.1408


Actually the war has to wait until after Christmas. Spending too much time on AoC to shitpost on /tech/.

a61afc  No.1412


>one single rust shill spamming rust posts nobody cares about with useless information to promote their product.

>new spam thread locked

>cry about it.

3d19c5  No.1418



we have different definitions of that word

050b9e  No.1954

File: c93da993f8c0fc8⋯.png (3.47 MB, 1368x5099, 1368:5099, ClipboardImage.png)

Let's make it a catalog screencap thread about how very shit /tech/ has become.

777bd1  No.1935[Reply]

Can yoi guys sticky this thread. It proves blackpillfag to be 100% right and is pretty important.


File: ccbde622c551669⋯.png (379.87 KB, 516x705, 172:235, 1460720805949[1].png)

7c52ed  No.1904[Reply]

This is for alleviating the recent floods of newfags and refugees from certain shitholes.

9c43f3  No.1905


tor users can't post images though

f9a53f  No.1907


That's (probably) the point of OP.

All the recent cuckchan spam was made by torpedos.

7f7fc5  No.1933


and a certain pedo(?) is joining in

bfcee7  No.1849[Reply]

Require mandatory programming puzzles. Everyone who can't solve one in a language of his choosing should be branded as a LARPer and be banned

9 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

feb7b3  No.1917


<have no meaningful argument

>you are LARPing, kid xdd

All the faggots (like this one) who use any of these shill tactics on serious threads should be banned.


e12912  No.1919

Must also be included in the lst of LARPers:


2ec66a  No.1924


>speaking of himself in the third person

18b8f5  No.1928


The implication is that you are MikeeUSA, talking about yourself as if you were someone else.

c67bad  No.1931


You are the king of LARPers, Mikee.

File: 9b7bde544ae376f⋯.png (393.73 KB, 1332x963, 148:107, 0efc09c1e7a896eb8c426e61e5….png)

33fa5c  No.1925[Reply]


debd95  No.1926


0a930e  No.1929



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