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File: 1424967904314.png (3.03 KB, 100x100, 1:1, question-mark.png)

738cd0  No.1[Reply]

Welcome to /tech/'s meta board.

Please use this board for the discussion of /tech/'s policies, features, etc.

Meta threads on /tech/ will be deleted.

Thank you!

You can find the public /tech/ volunteer action list at https://8ch.net/log.php?board=tech

Frequently Asked Questions: https://8ch.net/metatech/faq.html

/tech/ and /metatech/ Rules: https://8ch.net/metatech/rules.html

/tech/ Page Index: https://8ch.net/metatech/pages.html

Volunteer Contact Information: https://8ch.net/metatech/contact.html

If you have been banned, or your posts have been deleted for reasons other than rule breaking, please email tech@8chan.co with pictures or archives of your post(s) and the issue will be promptly dealt with.

Appeals posted on /metatech/ or sent to personal volunteer e-mail addresses will be ignored and deleted!

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a9ace3  No.1428

File: 80840016bedf8a4⋯.png (191 B, 1x200, 1:200, fade-green.png)

File: 6145a0a2d596299⋯.png (6.3 KB, 1030x94, 515:47, shill.png)

1d0717  No.1625[Reply]

Can you put user ids on the board, because I think that this blackpiller is samefagging the board.

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b41dab  No.1840

is that user ban evading, or just recovering from short bans?

4477b5  No.1846


>They'll break intra-thread anonymity.

ackchyually, it doesn't break your anonymity at all since it doesn't expose your identity, but it makes your posts identifiable. i am afraid that IDs are the only option left at this point. for instance, the faggot who posts the so-called blackpills and the anti-lisp fag from >>>/tech/952400 have samefagged multiple times to create the illusion that there are other anons who agree with him.

that thread actually deserves to get bumplocked since the task has been completed and there isn't anything else left to discuss. at this point, all that the anti-lisp fag does is to trying to do is to resurrect that flame war. but that's just useless bikeshed. the anti-lisp fag doesn't even list any real points or criticism, he just makes low-effort shitposts.

d319b2  No.1856

More people are seeing our current situation from a realistic angle and taking the blackpill, accepting our ultimate fate for good. We are doomed forever.


254491  No.1859

Supporting this suggestions because I have suspicions that the blackpillfags are torpedos.

db18c2  No.1861

>implying we haven't lost

>implying the haven't won

08c72d  No.1855[Reply]

That dude shits up every thread he can find. He always derails them. He is never constructive.

If you want to keep him, then keep him in his own thread, like Fagioli, but otherwise, this guy needs to be banned.

c168c1  No.1857

Your threads wouldn't be derailed if you were using PL/I, Lisp, and Multics like real men. All your software would work and you ascend from weeniehood into mandom.

As compatible as McKusick and Allman seem now, it was
hardly love at first byte. Back at Berkeley in 1976, when
Allman first tried to interface with McKusick about a date,
McKusick's closeted response included a menacing look.
Three years later McKusick finally scrounged up the
courage to cope with his sexuality by attending a gay rap
session at Berkeley and found shaggy-haired Allman
tossing smug "I knew it" grins from across the semicircle.
They bonded over a lengthy chat about computers later
that evening and began building a relationship in which
each would stake a claim for a piece of cyberspace history.

08c72d  No.1858


You are a huge faggot.

Fucking burn.

29da1d  No.1860



bfcee7  No.1849[Reply]

Require mandatory programming puzzles. Everyone who can't solve one in a language of his choosing should be branded as a LARPer and be banned

a575f8  No.1850

Okay, let's see what puzzles you propose.

0b2b07  No.1851

c26be3  No.1852

>what is Goodhart's law

0b2b07  No.1853

0b2b07  No.1854

The AOC thread is currently being overrun with LARPers. I suggest banning all posters that haven't posted code.

File: dac403001b50a77⋯.gif (491.55 KB, 300x225, 4:3, dac403001b50a778b8b71db850….gif)

77276e  No.1706[Reply]

Lispfag violates rule #7 and >>1579 , which forbid spam, unwarranted self-identification, attention-whoring, and signatures. Since he's still actively shitting up the board, here's a brief spoonfeeding walkthrough of what he does wrong (and not another salty "pls remove this man for hating Unix" post).

He spams the same couple usenet posts across multiple threads, usually unrelated to the topic at hand unless it's a Unix hate thread, while prefacing them with a series of templated statements on preset topics. Occasionally he responds to posts in the thread which fit a template topic but refuses to respond if a post either doesn't fit his templates or invalidates/corrects one.

In addition to counting as spam, I propose that his easily identifiable template and formula counts as both unwaranted self-identification and attention whoring. His insistance to always include a random blockquote Unix Haters copypasta at the end of every post also means they function as a signature of sorts, often unrelated to both the posts he's supposedly responding to and even his template response points.

All this distinguishes Lispfag/UnixHaters anon from other anons with gripes against the Unix philosophy or specific unix implementations and programs. They actively discuss their gripes with anons and respond to criticism (and often bring up good points), while Lispfag spams the same templates over and over no matter what thread he's in. The best thing he's ever done was inspire anons to write insightful responses on things like Multics' memory segmenting system, which he completely ignores and buries under more template spam.

I do not want to silence criticism of Unix, far from it. I'd just rather have actual discussion brought to the forefront instead of buried under one anon's barely relevant spam.

64bf2f  No.1710

>waaaaaaaaaaaaah someone called UNIX a shit

protip: UNIX a shit

ac9edc  No.1712

I agree that the Unix Hater you are talking about sometimes fails to respond to his criticism. I try my best to always repond to those who criticise me though. I can understand why some of the other Anons might not want to because sometimes to answer you have to do several hours of research. I know I have for a couple of my replies.

A friend of mine who uses PC's says:

Even better is the Microsoft rm, which is buried in
their C compiler distribution, so you don't even know
you have it. When you accidentally type "rm foo"
instead of "del foo" it just works, and you don't even
notice that you've typed the wrong thing. That is, you
don't notice until you run out of disk space, and can't
find the files that are eating up that space. After a
few hours of futility, you might discover that "rm"
creates a subdirectory called DELETED, sets the
"hidden" attribute bit so you can't see it, and then
places the "deleted" files there.

Whoever wrote the Microsoft "rm" clearly understands how to
write code that is compatible not only with the letter but
also the spirit of Unix.

bde811  No.1845

we need more mailing list archives from 30 years ago dumped on us until we finally see lord lispfag's light

28f64f  No.1847


while i agree that the Unix Hater and the Lispfag should expand on why the quote is correct/relevant, it would be reddit mentality to ban everyone who disagrees.


there is nothing wrong in quoting old mailing lists (or other sources), especially, since all of the quotes have been accurate so far. the problem is that many of the posts have been low effort (the effort has been to find the quotes, not writing the post)

bde811  No.1848


>all of the quotes have been accurate so far

Accurate about what? How childish MIT graduates and professors were back in the day? Sounds about right.

000000  No.1827[Reply]

Could someone please put RMS back on the sticky instead of Terry? Is Terry there just because he died? If he didn't deserve beeing a face of the board when he was alive, so how would his death matter?

1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

7052ec  No.1832

Terry > RMS

87d596  No.1841


>man who invented free software (and by extension, open source) without whom we wouldn't have any non-Windows or non-proprietary UNIX systems

>some retarded faggot

739dbc  No.1842


>a kike

>a Christian

e23fcc  No.1843


Who's the most jewish, between a staunch atheist and a Christian who was mainly interested in the old testament and made Moses comics?

9234f0  No.1844

File: 0e0d0c3507ed294⋯.jpg (83.22 KB, 480x480, 1:1, derp.jpg)


that's actually a hard question when you're talking about RMS

5065a6  No.1833[Reply]

Mods, sticky >>>/tech/975849

That way bluepilled autists on /tech/ jacking off to their BSD toasters can be stricken with an eternal reminder that there is no hope left for the future

3922ac  No.1834

Don't you have anything better to do?

File: 5d2655229be000a⋯.jpg (147.55 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, 5d2655229be000a3ce94ab0f02….jpg)

99cf85  No.1830[Reply]

Is there anything the vols can do about that guy? I've already reported him, but he just keeps coming back relentlessly with his collection of links.

781ca8  No.1831

Should already be botmodded globally in under five minutes. I've changed it to run every two minutes.

File: 6fa1fb0395923d0⋯.jpg (18.04 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 6fa1fb0395923d077bfdff5af3….jpg)

12dfa9  No.1818[Reply]

Why the fuck do people keep referencing my old threads? Is this not an Anonymous forum? How are these people seeing my post history... this website is trash if people can see my history half chan is unironically better

4 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

12dfa9  No.1823

your retardiness shows an every thread good work on another work of art!

12dfa9  No.1824


Because I'm a cia nigger and im watching you, you fucking glow in the dark boy!

12dfa9  No.1825


probably because your a faggot.

If you type like a retard and make retarded threads people will fucking put two and two together.

That's not a fucking hard thing to understand, people have posting styles and you probably have a really easy to notice one.

12dfa9  No.1826



>not using http://oxwugzccvk3dk6tj.onion

anonymity is your choice anon

4fc470  No.1829

This thread is your worst one so far.

File: 742a78eaf46f896⋯.png (32.25 KB, 1057x703, 1057:703, tech_vol_is_a_faggot.png)

f11b17  No.1805[Reply]

KYS faggot

2 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

f11b17  No.1808

File: aba04b1b9e57680⋯.png (200.25 KB, 620x720, 31:36, 045ea6ec0e7d7afd4d437faa7e….png)


>whole thread derailed with new drama initiated by (((autismosis/kimjonchill)))

Define derailment? Someone posted information that implied Terry's donations might be getting stolen by namefags from IRC. The very same namefags that call anyone that disagrees with them autismosis. The tripfags that were the cancer killing the entire forum did that and now the vol that's a known IRC namefag is doing it. Calling people a random name doesn't make them wrong. The person that showed up with that information provided several bits that proved he was pretty much correct about the situation and the vol and several posters went into full damage control mode which made it all the more suspect.

>whole thread filled with false accusations

With nothing to refute them but "I was in the channel", "I've spoken to Terry please believe me". Again, fucking suspect.

>all the major boards spammed with defamation (see /pol/, /tv/, /cow/ and probably somewhere else too)

Really pushing those kike tactics, eh? Maybe someone posted it there to get the word out because it was obvious the people stealing from him were in control of /tech/'s moderation. Again, simple open discourse or some proof to dispute his claims would have solved this. Instead it was all damage control and threatening to dump people's post histories. Besides, /cow/ had a Terry general at all times and /pol/ regularly does as well. Plus it's strange that those threads were so quickly cross linked, almost like someone was going through the entire website looking to see if the information had spread beyond their control.

<cries when you actually start enforcing the rules, even after warning them you will do so

Cite the rule and don't call it thread derailment because that is BS.

>For those who are wondering, the post removed was in response to this one >>>/tech/959833

Which was a reply to a post I didn't make. All I did was reply to the vol to tell him that wouldn't help his case and make it look worse because it would jusPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

047c96  No.1809


>"I've spoken to Terry please believe me". Again, fucking suspect.

Never said that. I always incited people to go check the archives, even pointing to the specific posts. Posts with actual proofs, as screen captures.

But clearly no one has done that. If they did they would have a much clearer picture of the situation.

>Instead it was all damage control and threatening to dump people's post histories.

Normal users cannot see IDs and it's an anon-forced board. I wanted to highlight the simple fact that all the accusations were perpetrated by him ("him" as in autismosis).

Nothing more than that, but he clearly feared it becuase it would compromise his credibility and lies.

>Define derailment?

A thread about a specific topic deviated into drama is what I meant with derailment.

>Now I'm convinced there is something to it

Not now, you already were, iirc you had accusatory posts.

>The tripfags that were the cancer killing the entire forum did that and now the vol that's a known IRC namefag is doing it.

Say it again? I do not understand the correlation between the tripfags (the k00l k1d5 ?) and the "IRC namefags" (again, who are you referring to?).

>it's strange that those threads were so quickly cross linked

If you post in boards that I normally browse, do you expect me to not see it?

>I'll be here to smug when you bastards get caught

Who do you think I'm "affiliated" with?


What makes you think that I have to steal, anyway?

Any by the way, you're doing it again. Morphing a thread about a sanction into more drama.

000000  No.1815


He also deleted my post when I was calling him (((CNN))) and I don't even know what the drama surrounding vols and Terry was.

505026  No.1816


Do you have an archive link or a post number, for context?

000000  No.1817


I was just replying to >>>/tech/959833. My exact response was:


>Should I share the history based on your IP hash?

Are you pulling a (((CNN)))? I'm glad I'm always on Tor.

File: d8a4d4a1d45495e⋯.png (43.49 KB, 300x100, 3:1, d8a4d4a1d45495e8e660c3fb77….png)

322e27  No.1811[Reply]

Why were the links to the various sub boards removed? Why is the volunteer seemingly acting like a cianigger in disguise? How or when did this faggot hijack the board from the old volunteer that never ever posted under his namefag volunteer account? And why is the volunteer a normalfag who uses (((winblows))) as to add https://8ch.net/tech/w7tele.html as even a unironic suggestion over installing gentoo/redox/openbsd? I think an idiot got ahold of the board somehow. If this gets deleted expect word to get out

322e27  No.1812

0ae541  No.1813


>How or when did this faggot hijack the board from the old volunteer that never ever posted under his namefag volunteer account?

The board owner hasn't changed.

I used to be a volunteer. I effectively left, so the board needed a new one. I haven't been paying attention to the board any more so that's all I know.

>And why is the volunteer a normalfag who uses (((winblows))) as to add https://8ch.net/tech/w7tele.html as even a unironic suggestion over installing gentoo/redox/openbsd?

That's been there for three years.


>Why were the links to the various sub boards removed?

Just forgot to post them when making a new sticky with a new image, most likely. I added them back.

b0da51  No.1814

File: 71d2b7db640719d⋯.jpg (118.79 KB, 629x480, 629:480, 71d2b7db640719d5c9f18e2928….jpg)


Oh well ignore me then.

ad05fc  No.1747[Reply]


OP of this thread has constantly been avatarfagging, yet the mods don't do anything. What gives?

5c59b3  No.1749


>gets mad he can no longer use tripcode

>constantly baited by smug anime posters

>thinks he has a right to complain about anything

I'm glad he's triggered you

29a319  No.1751


>everyone who wants avatarfags to disappear is a tripfag

Back to reddit.

5c59b3  No.1762


>My IRC raiding tactics will work if I keep using them

If your club is so k00l how come you don't stay in it? :^)

6b1267  No.1801


Done and done.

000000  No.1798[Reply]

Can we do something about threads getting derailed into literal /pol/ discussions? Let's make a fucking /techpol/ board while we are at it if it can solve this problem.

9ae512  No.1799

>>>/poltech/ has existed for a while now.

9533dc  No.1800


>Can we do something about threads getting derailed into literal /pol/ discussions?

Yes, it's called reporting.

d88563  No.1764[Reply]

The FAQ is 404, but no one cares.

9117cc  No.1797

File: b22351815564fa5⋯.gif (132.46 KB, 500x370, 50:37, b22351815564fa53820202959b….gif)

>no one cares

seems you were correct OP

File: fdc8da5a66ae527⋯.jpg (28.6 KB, 288x216, 4:3, tools.jpg)

0df8cb  No.1782[Reply]

>new vol deletes programming music thread

What the fuck are you doing? Programming music threads were the shit back when you weren't here. Kill yourself.

8 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

0df8cb  No.1791


Also, don't speak about the whole rule. All it was supposed to do is remove the tripfags. Programming music threads, and a little bit of shitposting threads are fine and have been fine on /tech/ before your arrival.


>Why would you listen to lossy noise from (((YouTube)))?

Do you have autism or something?

b1dbb6  No.1792


Read the bottom part of >>1786


>Programming music threads, and a little bit of shitposting threads are fine and have been fine on /tech/ before your arrival.

It lacked moderation, as a matter of fact.

What do you think I've been added for?

>Do you have autism or something?

No, and I'm not deaf either.

0df8cb  No.1793


Do what you wish, just don't get mad when you ruin a good community.

b1dbb6  No.1794


Given the language you use in the OP and the thread you made, are you sure you're "the good community"?

54c258  No.1795


What do you mean "language"? As in insulting a faggot? It's commonplace on imageboards, if you don't know that yet, redditor.

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