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/methods/ - Suicide Methods

For those who are serious about /suicide/


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File: 1459554103042.png (16.61 KB, 369x390, 123:130, exit.png)


Post useful resources

If considered useful, links posted here will be added to this and other sticky posts

Links posted so far, that might be of interest:

https://www.reddit.com/r/casualiama/comments/3xqkrn/im_the_guy_who_has_been_answer_chemistry/ (From >>18)

https://mega.nz/#!l0kFwKrY!uIaxxVqs_DLx4Sep8R7q-Uvjfh1jsmEE0tchc1lQ5pE many guides, videos and pdfs (password: thoughts)

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File: b4c02cbc724fffb⋯.png (514.05 KB, 1169x2513, 167:359, Black Medicine Suicide Gui….png)

File: 1459687289502.png (17.08 KB, 880x451, 80:41, suicide-logo.png)


Useful /suicide/ method threads

Will try to keep this up-to-date

Helium >>>/suicide/14353

Helium >>>/suicide/14136

Helium >>>/suicide/12617

Helium diluted with air >>>/suicide/8615

Nembutal >>>/suicide/10487

Diphenhydramine (Benadryl) >>>/suicide/14379

Fentanyl >>>/suicide/11749

Cyanide (from cherries) >>>/suicide/12277

Ligature strangulation >>>/suicide/7105

Ligature strangulation >>>/suicide/9518

Carbon monoxide >>>/suicide/4543

Carbon monoxide >>>/suicide/10987

Carbon monoxide >>>/suicide/7864

Train (gory image) >>>/suicide/13347

Heroin >>>/suicide/13393

Jumping >>>/suicide/13578

Jumping (Golden Gate Bridge) >>>/suicide/11850

Mixing bleach >>>/suicide/12767

Household chemicals >>>/suicide/12840

Starvation >>>/suicide/10914

Firearms >>>/suicide/6865

Firearms >>>/suicide/10426

And Resources >>>/suicide/376

But most has already been added to the sticky posts on this boPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File: 1459505606360.png (56.84 KB, 396x396, 1:1, internet.png)


Web resources

Really useful resources

alt.suicide.holiday Wiki (June 2013 snapshot) https://web.archive.org/web/20130629190403/http://ash2.wikkii.com/wiki/Main_Page

The June 2013 snapshot still contains the Helium guide

alt.suicide.holiday Wiki (June 2014 snapshot) https://web.archive.org/web/20140614173236/http://ash2.wikkii.com/wiki/Main_Page

The June 2014 snapshot is the last available one, this one doesn't seem to contain the Helium guide

Introductory points

LostAllHope http://lostallhope.com

Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suicide_methods

Wikibooks https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Suicide

Blogs and websites

Exit Interntational http://exitinternational.net/

Exit Interntational products http://exitinternational.net/products/

Assisted Dying blog (from Ergo) http://assisted-dying.org/blog/

Final Exit (from Ergo) http://www.finalexit.org/

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1459648914286.png (16.82 KB, 561x807, 187:269, Suicide-bag.png)


Inert gas asphyxiation


In order to answer most questions BedsideReading.rar and BedsideViewing.rar have sufficient information on the topic.

Related /suicide/ boards

Helium >>>/suicide/14353

Helium >>>/suicide/14136

Helium >>>/suicide/12617

Helium diluted with air >>>/suicide/8615

This thread is meant for discussion, guides, and resources on the topic of inert gas asphyxiation.

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That really fucking sucks. Give argon a shot. If you don't respond I can only assume it worked. Good luck anon.

File: 1459647157324.gif (39.45 KB, 865x1252, 865:1252, hibachi fumes.gif)


Carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning


This thread is meant for discussion, guides, and resources on the topic of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Related /suicide/ boards

Carbon monoxide >>>/suicide/4543

Carbon monoxide >>>/suicide/10987

Carbon monoxide >>>/suicide/7864

Guides found on the internet

ASH - Index of Hibachi FAQs https://web.archive.org/web/20140602025834/http://ash2.wikkii.com/wiki/Carbon_Monoxide_Poisoning

ASH - Hibachi FAQ 1 https://web.archive.org/web/20140615160114/http://ash2.wikkii.com/wiki/Hibachi_FAQ_1

ASH - Hibachi FAQ 2 https://web.archive.org/web/20140615154336/http://ash2.wikkii.com/wiki/Hibachi_FAQ_2

My personal guide on generating CO with charcoal

NOTE: This method is different than the one where you seal the room, take sedatives / sleeping pills, light the charcoal and die in an hour or so.

This method will use high CO PPM levels to kill you quickly and thus likely peacefully.

Refer to the Peaceful Pill eHandbook found in Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File: 1459687631702.png (147.18 KB, 800x1400, 4:7, carbon monoxide generation….png)

And the various carbon monoxide (CO) generation data extracted from the Peaceful Pill eHandbook (can be found in BedsideReading.rar).

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File: 6d2763488acc5b8⋯.png (596.73 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 1476855714427.png)


Would it be plausible to take a couple grams of benadryl with a lot of alcohol and then tie a bag around my head? Would the Diphenhydramine and alcohol make me unconscious?



Alcohol and benadryl doesn't knock you out.

t. desperate insomnia sufferer


In his book "Suicide and attempted suicide", Geo Stone writes this about cutting the femoral artery as a suicide method:

"FEMORAL ARTERY AND VEIN. The femorals are the main arteries and veins to and from the legs. As you might expect, they carry a lot of blood, and an untreated cut to either one is quickly fatal.

And about wrist cutting:

They tend to sever the surface veins. Since these veins are not particularly large and do not carry as much pressure as the arteries, such cuts are not usually lifethreatening.

Wrist cuts become more dangerous:

1. If the cuts are more or less parallel to the long bones.

2. If cuts are deeper and near the long bones of the forearm (the thumbside

long bone is the radius; the other long bone is the ulna), they may sever

the radial artery or the ulnar artery. These pieces of plumbing are under high


3. If cuts are numerous.

4. If clotting is inhibited."

Of course, a lot attempts fail with this method, but if done correctly (take aspirin, cut deep, drink alcohol, do it in a water filled bathtub) it seems to be a fairly reliable method.But he writes about both methods:

"an untreated cut to either one is quickly fatal." (femoral)



What do you think about this method and do you have more material or information on this method?

File: 1459502938775.jpeg (338.5 KB, 800x1040, 10:13, fd32c915e88d6a2622fc080de….jpeg)


Is this a method?

Would she successfully died or would she just freak out?

Or break the doorknob or the tie?

Would it be extremely painful?

What is the best way to arrange for one's body to be used for sexual purposes after death?

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This method confuses me. No matter how tightly i fasten the rope, or no matter the small adjustments I make, i still can never lose consciousness.


kinda in the same spot as the anon above. all that happen to me is that i go blind but i still aware of whats going on around me



>Putting pressure on the right side of the neck has the most chance of leaving a pale corpse

Which side should the knot of the noose be then? I'd assume it would be on the left side, but I just wanna be sure.


I did something similar to this method. I daisy-chained some clothes, tied them to the door knob, led them over the door, and squeezed the door shut. I tied it around me neck so I could stand and slowly slide forward to pass out, leaning my back on the door. I was able to pass out for a moment, but I woke up panicking and struggling to breathe.


Sweet dreams Sanae. Now seriously if you're not a fatfuck, your rope or tie are strong enough and your door isn't chines build then yes it can work. How do you think those accidental erotic autoasphyxiation deaths happen? Very similar to this, blood flow to the brain is restricted just enough so that you lose consciousness, your body goes limb and gravity takes care of the rest. Then either or both of these happen

>parcial blood block to or from the brain. Result=brain hypoxia followed by anoxia resulting in death

>air passages blockage. Result=death by asphyxia (not the same as above and more violent)

File: 1460025905966.jpg (60.37 KB, 440x664, 55:83, The_Peaceful_Pill_Handbook….jpg)


Is there any link to the latest version of the book WITHOUT the e-mail addresses of the Nembutal vendors blacked out? This book carries the enails of the only legit vendors of N (arguably the best and most painless method of self-deliverance). A link to a full free copy of it should be posted on here.


File: 1460253992704.png (74.59 KB, 582x377, 582:377, ctb.PNG)

here ya go



Thanks a lot for this! Do you happen to have a link for the latest version of the book?


never send money for N to any supplier listed as samuellepindolin12@gmail.com

beware any mention of the name 'Jones'; this character is not affiliated with Dignitas, Exit International, or any other euthanasia advocacy group.

also, atlantapainpills@gmail.com and/or joey diggory

these are all N scammers


I have ordered about 25mg of Flubromazolam which i plan to take alongside half a bottle of vodka, will this be enough?

If not i can always order more and i will probably be able to obtain 300mg of morphine in a few weeks time

File: 1459914862137.jpeg (82.61 KB, 432x659, 432:659, image.jpeg)


I was reading in one of the books I downloaded from thid thread about an exit bag but with regular air, youre supposed to take a bunch of sleeping pills and breath normally abd when your arms fall when the pills knock you out you release the bag over your head. Wont my body detect the CO2 and make me move and take out the bag? How is this peaceful? Will the sleeping pills keep me sedated enough so that my body doesnt do much?



>Wont my body detect the CO2 and make me move and take out the bag?

Yes, it would.

>How is this peaceful?

It's not, use inert gases.

>Will the sleeping pills keep me sedated enough so that my body doesn't do much?

Not sure, you might wake up. Depends on how much of course.

File: 1459746097370.jpeg (277.39 KB, 1536x1345, 1536:1345, image.jpeg)


What about putting syringes in different veins or arteries of my body? I think it is quick, but how peaceful can it be? I think it can be uncomfortable when the heart starts beating rapidly and you start sweating but I guess you then loose consciousnesses and then your heart just stops beating and all your cells die. You'd just have to make sure no one finds you. Thoughts?

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