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Brittanie Colman fawns over this site!

buenos dias, This good website in a dreadful world welcomes people like yourself to http://8chan.twilightparadox.com Share the word! Your fortune: shoe domo mouse

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Allyson Grise LOVES this site!

welcome, This vast website in a weary world welcomes people like yourself to http://8chan.twilightparadox.com Share the word! Your fortune: synthesizer nugget slave

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video rate

<i love vids

<post vids

<rate or dont rate

enjoy the show

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Does anyone have the lynxxchan installation tutorial Joe (Mega Milk) had made on his youtube channel?

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nayeon thread

it's wednesday my dues

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stop right there!!!

every time you see this thread, leave a post

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>tfw no cytube

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/mewch/ jukebox

music thread

i find that most mewches have unique taste in music

<for better or worse, i generally listen to all vids/read all posts

talk music

post vids

embed jewtube and the likes

>doesnt matter, i just love music

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Women Appreciating

<they are magnificent creatures

i love them all and they need their own thread

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/b/ boy's club

random thread tbh

<tfw funny pic has to be posted

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<because,why not?

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poo tube

share something that (You) like

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i had a thought today about destroying my phone and possibly only using the internet for business, not pleasure. i already dont watch regular tv, i stream. i was just wondering if all the shit i see, read about, and collect on chans is worthwhile or healthy for a human being. since im clearly making a thread, i havent gone through with anything yet. on the other hand, i dont know why i bother bringing it up. if i go off the grid, who would even know? not like it matters to me, but how would you express your internal battle with technology? it cant be done, so i gravitate towards suicide and im not convinced enough to do it.

>i would need to know that reincarnation isnt real

>if hell is real, okay sure. heaven is for faggots anyhow

<if everything is looking like there is no afterlife what so ever, i would definitely purchase one of those CIA agent suicide capsules

first world problems?

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<slavs and ruskis tbh

post stuff or share some insight about our alaskan neighbors

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Can we have a thread where everyone gets banned?

Could be for a minute

Could be for a day

Could be for an eternity



>plz dont ban me

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/rozelli/ general

everyones favorite autistic jewess

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BO is just a drama loving toxic troll like all the other mewchers were. you should kill yourself you loser piece of shit.

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Is this the new /intl/ board?

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hey goys what habbemed 2 mewch.net and MegaMilk????!?!?!??224211

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Check it out pls

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hey guys

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video game music

probably one of my favorite past times as a kid is enjoying all the good video game music.

im going to rip youtube vids into mp4/webm format

<for all to enjoy

this thread will be updated periodically

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can the gentleman known as slovborg still be found here?

t. trying to track him down

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Can you change the board subtitle? The freech thing is kinda lame and cringy and worn out

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Hello mewch! >>>/trueb/ here. I used to use your website and I'm still sad that its gone.

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/kelly/ general

kelly nazario appreciation thread

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Lisa Hide

http://wetmee­ts.com/lisahide 1049

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(((By popular demand)))

(300x100) 500mb 500kb limit

will do some requests if you are respectful

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haven't been here in 2 days or something, busy with other stuff

have a chaika kelly and old mewch\kelly logo

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I uploaded the CSS to /b/, but typing


Doesn't do anything. There also isn't a '!' in the CSS code, so I think something's missing.

.cow {
animation: rainbold 1s linear infinite;
color: red;
font-size: 1.5em;
letter-spacing: 0.00em;

margin-left: 6px;
text-shadow: -1px 0px orange, -2px 0px yellow, -3px 0px green, -4px 0px blue, -5px 0px indigo, -6px 0px violet;
@keyframes rainbold {
0% {
color: red;
text-shadow: -1px 0px orange, -2px 0px yellow, -3px 0px green, -4px 0px blue, -5px 0px indigo, -6px 0px violet;
14% {
color: orange;
text-shadow: -1px 0px yellow, -2px 0px green, -3px 0px blue, -4px 0px indigo, -5px 0px violet, -6px 0px red;
28% {
color: yellow;
text-shadow: -1px 0px green, -2px 0px blue, -3px 0px indigo, -4px 0px violet, -5px 0px red, -6px 0px orange;
et cetera


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Timmy can you post the cow text CSS again? I want to mess around with it on my board.


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those genes

Is there any reason why Joe deleted mewch and thesnug or is it possible he just didn't want to spend money on it

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I like your colored eggs, Timmy.

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YANG 2020

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420chan.org/b/ NEEDS YOUR HELP

So, basically the last several months of my life has been absolutely terrible. At the end of August, coming hot off of getting married, there was an electrical fire at our old townhouse that completely destroyed three of our neighbouring units and left us without running water for nearly two weeks, making us have to rent an Airbnb just to bathe. Our property management company forced all remaining tenants over the next few months to vacate our houses, I was already getting pretty low on savings because I had our honeymoon vacation all booked and paid for, but it was still mostly manageable. After our honeymoon, we managed to quickly find a new place to move to in December and I spent the majority of my remaining savings on the move. So far so good, all things considered.

Then my job started getting later and later with payroll, eventually no longer being able to pay any employees! And the owner is over $700,000 in debt for unpaid business taxes, and an audit was incoming. So we were just forced to move to a new place, shortly after a bunch of major life events, am now basically flat broke, and suddenly I'm not getting my paycheques. Amazing!

The moment the first payroll had any issues, I immediately started sending out my CV because I'm not stupid. The boss's lackey had been spying on me in 420chan IRC monitoring my job hunt and reporting back and I discovered him about a month into the bullshit and he immediately stopped. I've had some interviews but these things take time and the market is extremely competitive, and 3 months without any sight of getting pay I told them to kiss my ass, and both of the junior developers I was managing quit alongside me.

I'm currently suing them for $18,000 in unpaid wages plus damages. My credit lines are exhausted. I've been selling all my shit on Craigslist/eBay/Kijiji for the last 3 months to survive. I'm at the end of my rope.

420chan is currently running off a fiber line in my basement because I have no funds to get a new server I purchased last year set up in a datacenter properly. I've been doing everything I can possibly attempt to try and get income as quickly as possible because I'm fucking terrified. Covering every inch of the site in ad space and turning my beloved community into something that makes me fucking cringe in a last ditch effort to try and stem the tide and I hate it so fucking much.

I'm about to lose my home, my car, everything I own, and everything that I've worked the last decade to accomplish in my life.

This community is in jeopardy. My whole life is in jeopardy.

Over the years I grew to actively hate asking for donations, to the point where I paid for 420chan completely out of pocket for the last 3 years. Doing anything along those lines again makes me beyond embarrassed, but I guess I really have no choice now.

I've set up a Patreon at https://patreon.com/420chan - anyone that wants to make a private contribution otherwise via PayPal can email me at kirtaner@420chan.org, if you're Canadian you can send an Interac e-Transfer, whatever method works for you.

There's Discord rewards set up for the Patreon right now but fuck I'll figure out whatever the hell rewards for the boards, tube, whatever the fuck. Chip in enough and I'll do a dance and chant your fucking name like you're an elder god on stream. I need help so fucking badly I've spent the last 3 hours writing this post through a mist of tears and baring all my life problems for you to see. No matter what happens, I love you all so much. I met my fucking wife because of this community. It gave me a development career and more friends than I can count. 2/3 of the god damn wedding guests were users and staff.

Thank you.

For everything.

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Mewch stuff dump

I'm in a good mood so I'm gonna dump all the mewch crap I have. Enjoy.

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Christy Karacas Appreciating

ITT post all things Christy

SUPERJAIL! probably his most noteable work among other things

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Hello usors of /mewch/! I asked on /b/ the other why there was no Anime/Politically Incorrect board, and somebody told me to make it myself, so I did just that. It is called >>>/anpol/, and is already better than both /pol/ and /a/.

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why are Japenese obsessed with nipples ?

The way they knead them is SO STRANGE. Did you ever notice that ?

They always highlight this part in their erotic creations.

WHITE porn actresses are so embarassed when Japanese men kiss, suck and lick their nipples too.

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what do (You) associate with?

>i think im a cross between sigma and omega tbh

socio masculine archetypes is a junk science

further discuss:

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Comfy greetings from https://spacechan.xyz/b/

All are welcome.


Winner of the  72rd Attention-Hungry Games



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Me rate

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Hello respectable individuals. I just finished making this new imageboard on TOR. I haven't named it yet, but it would be nice if you guys could tell me what you think. http://vs5eqpjze3yvnw22ry53iflaoyvdm5dvjbubfolfoud4geygfhopzoid.onion/

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Zero Taste Left In Mouth

This is what you get for committing suicide wrong

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Can someone repost the videos of the creepy pedo guy?

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New Tor Board

Hai fren! I made a new tor board called VileChan, please come over because it would make me happy. http://hvjgdbwgmn4iu4yxkc4gxxclskxigh5oz52uot3ltqijb76wxjdnxpyd.onion/

And no there is no illegal content, why is everyone so suspicious of my board?

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kelly pics


> no kelly pics

kelly pics where???

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/comfy/ thread

Mewch - A Haiku

by Anon

Meandering thoughts

before comfy mewch nestles

whilst watching the mewch

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new internet sensation taking the US by storm

andrew yang is running for president

yang gang memes are on the uptick

post em if you got em

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i guess ill make flags.

>facebook flag added from /b/

dimensions are not specific, has to be tiny

.png preferred but not entirely required

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Where are the mewchers?

Any place other than Spacechan and 8/b/ and /mewch/?

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Are you winning son?

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oh shit

mewch permanently BTFO. how will it ever recover


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Hey you

I'll let you go if you can tell me which came first:

Ranch or Cool Ranch?

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s p a c e treaty

<ITT the kings of comf form an alliance with the great space race to avoid intergalactic meltdown

i envision astronauts taking a nap on the moon



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Disable forced subject tbh. Very uncomfy.

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Frog Sanctuary

>im cleansing my collection of frogs

i dont really have any use for them

<if you love something, set it free


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was spacechan taking down??

R: 12 / I: 32 / P: 5 [R] [G] [-]



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Chuuumai instagram deleted?

Anyone have a folder with her stuff?

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Why niggers ain't sheit deep state section 8 nigger gate twitter bait liberal lemming terrible dilema internal enema devastate aids rate nigger wait in line for food stamps mate free ride spree fied government subsidized another wet sub cement hide crime rate statistics don't lie niggers lie all the time hell they get a get out of jail free card with theirs this is a niggerfied system by design to destroy the fundamental foundation of society it goes further then just religion this is a race war this is a war on ideology this war is a profound war to destroy western civilization to its core and it has been going on for several generations look back on history and it doesn't lie and our forefathers were right all along every last one of you are witness to the history being rewritten revised and even taken down for all that is left is the mistaken identity of a pupil and their ever expanding knowledge fed to them by the misguided teacher if ever. Time to realize the demise of a culture and the uprising of a subculture the niggerfication of us all will be our ultimate undoing as I rant and these niggers lose their pants as I rave and these niggers come together to act brave ask yourself has there ever been a time when you didn't have to support a nigger on your dime and as I ponder and see it all from yonder I can only wonder how much less time is asunder for from the birth of a nation to complete devastation this niggerfied world is one niggerfied nation

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Food shit

I was a chef for a while

<shit sucks

>clawed my way up over a decade just to realize it's stupid at all levels

anyways, I still fuggin love food. There's this weird thing where all the TV (((chefs))) and (((culinary arts))) students super fetishize poor/normal people food.

One can't help but wonder if they'll be serving $60 plates of pork patty and white bread in 100 years.

<I digress, what kinda shit you niggas into? I fuggin love tinned meats and fish. It's the ultimate drunk food.

>no fooddickheadedness plz, you're the type of mark that makes it possible for junkies, felons and illegals to make salary pay

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human cannon fodder for the military industrial complex

<im a combat veteran who has been fucked up over the 9/11 hoax since 2009, zeitgeist the movie did me in.

<i cant find the sourcebestgore watermark of this video, but its a work of art tbh

all this guy talks about is his rank and salutations

>why? what does rank matter in the afterlife?

great vid tho

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test out stuff on here

im bretty open, if you are looking to sharpen your chan skills

>>>/test/ doesnt allow code



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JUSTIN BAILEY ------ ------

i think samus aran was my first and only "waifu"

<first wave millenial checking in


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What happened to us mewch?

Have we sunken so low to post on 8fag?

what happened to our late night movie nights

real comfy posting?

what happened?

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two boards

Why do you have an 8chan board when you already have your own board? What's the point in having two boards?

R: 7 / I: 4 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]


>you will never suck Roz’s tits

R: 16 / I: 7 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]




<BE THERE OR… be a normal human being with shit to do on a Friday night.

>JK, we're all here forever.

I for one suggest a short Waco themed doc or something. Just to honor the namesake of David_Koresh

Other than that…. IDK

what are you fellas thinkin? Ya'll niggers getting fugged up? I know I am


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glad mewch is gone

I'm glad the database center had a power outstage that's why mewch is gone

R: 11 / I: 14 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]


whats her fucking problem?

R: 17 / I: 5 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]

the snug

shits fuckin ace m8s. Super comfy and some solid gold from time to time. Saw a GREAT flick yesterday morning where a woman got tricked into nude pix then manipulated and abused into doing now. It was really intimidating at times. No idea what the name was sadly but it was the second movie in a double feature that started with Grindhouse 3.

Really even if you just keep it on in the background I highly suggest checking it out frequently. Mega has done the mewchugees a huge solid by putting the page together and most of the time it says I'm the only one watching, and I don't watch it half as often as I'd like to .

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Fuck off with this shit

Stop shilling your gay retarded site, it's autistic and no one likes it.

R: 11 / I: 8 / P: 6 [R] [G] [-]


Hello friends! I am a refugee that fled to 420chan after the site died.

There are a bunch of cucks crying about loli on their precious /b/. I say we give em what's what!

Funny how a bunch of drug using (((AnArChIsTs))) can't handle some drawings.

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whats this guys problem?