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File: 1453708759205.jpg (58.98 KB, 560x495, 112:99, war machine.jpg)

053ffc  No.3286[Reply]

This thread is for the discussion of topics on which multiple threads get repeatedly spammed and also for topics only tangentially related to MGTOW. Please confine all your discussion on these topics to this thread.

So far the list of topics that get repeatedly spammed on this board includes

Marriage, girlfriends, long term relationships, tradcuckery etc

Mgtows are beta males, losers and bitter virgins who can't get pussy

Mgtow are faggots, Homosexuality, traps etc

Mgtow and race, nationalism etc (This includes things such as "MGTOW is plot by Jews to wipe out white goys". Hint: /pol/, this means you belong here)

Threads on these topics will be locked(and deleted) and redirected here.

Attempting to turn existing discussions or promoting the above concepts in existing discussions will result in those posts being deleted and the users being likely banned

So use this mega thread for topics and discussions of this sort

Please note that if you have an original, rational criticism of MGTOW especially based on scientific facts, you are welcome to start a new thread.

This thread is by no means intended to be the only thread where you can criticize mgtow philosophy. Instead it is designed to be a containment thread for those kinds of criticisms that are posted repeatedly

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b4308c  No.4370


>I consider myself mgtow but Ill probably have kids somehow

That level of delusion. Kek

File: 1416627562596-0.jpeg (596.33 KB, 2304x1728, 4:3, Untitled2.jpeg)

2e20f1  No.17[Reply]

The four levels of MGTOW

In my observations (and practice) of MGTOW, I have taken note of a number of levels in which broad categories of MGTOWs may reside in. While Christians may vary widely in scope and status, they all revolve around a single idea: the birth and ressurrection of Christ. Similarly, feminists may claim to be wide in scope, but their ideas are all informed by one common rotten root: patriarchy theory. In the same vein, while MGTOWs may put into practice their ideas and concepts to differing extents, there lies one unifying idea that defines a MGTOW:

The recognition of the way modern society really works when it comes to the sexes, and a refusal to buy into and feed the system.

Note that this is hardly as neatly defined an idea as, say, the birth and resurrection of Christ, but it is what it is. It would be laborious for me to rehash why things are the way they are today (hypergamy, 80/20 rule, white knighting, Briffault's Law, et al) when other manosphere authors have gone over these topics over and over again, so I won't.

My reason for putting MGTOW into "levels" is not to suggest that there is an inevitable progression from one level to the next; there are many men who look at the situation and decide what hazards they're comfortable with dealing with, and then stay at that level, or move up or down as the situation befits. Nevertheless, my separation into levels is representative of the escalation of a MGTOW's increasing withdrawal from society at large and increasing starvation of the beast. It is difficult, but not impossible for a MGTOW to progress from one level to another without at least taking in part ideas and concepts from the previous level: while, for example, Cappy Cap still enjoys short-term relationships with women, he also particpates in economic disengagement.

Without further ado, the four levels of MGTOW:
81 posts and 12 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

f0704d  No.4350

File: 5f29065fd80fa50⋯.jpeg (35.17 KB, 320x320, 1:1, 74825A70-308C-4CEB-8277-A….jpeg)

I think Iroh defined mgtow when he asked his nephew “who are you and what do you want?”


I suspect no man wants to have sex with his hand.

My definition of going one’s own way includes but is not limited to quitting masturbation; be it through a doll, or going no-fap, or visiting escorts.

Courses of self actualization which are; -lets be honest here- very taboo.

Men who take the red pill often deal with red pill rage, some have to deal with melancholy.

After taking the red pill one can either lay down and die or find new meaning, projects & goals to live for after courting tail & getting sex.

I don’t think mgtows who drink alcohol (more than a couple times a year) are real mgtows. They’ve taken the redpill but they’re absorb the pill properly.

Punk mgtows would rather stay in early post-redpill malaise/aimlessness. Like the alcoholic klamydia ridden malaise/aimless Stacy thot counterpart.

In order to go from purple pill to red pill one mustn’t tunnelvision on the differences between men and women. One must also note the subtle similarites in life choices men and women take and run as far away from the alcoholic hedonistic fiscally irresponsible life style of the Stacy thot.

File: a7485b073bc7a48⋯.jpg (9.6 KB, 275x183, 275:183, relaxed.jpg)

02bd67  No.4383[Reply]

Does anyone else here feel that way after being MGTOW?

It feels great to relieve yourself from the artificial burdens created on you by society.

It feels great stepping away from the soul draining rat race and focus only on the things that make you happy instead of chugging along like a mindless zombie because everyone else is doing it.

The same things that mgtow talk about have always created questions in my mind as well but I have never really had the time to reflect on these things until the drudgery and joylessness of modern life finally was too much and I decided to give it a break. Then I find that a lot of men have come to the same conclusions as me. To be honest I don't even hate women like some of the these other men do. I did not even feel any red pill rage. Women are what they are. Its up to you to make the realization and get off this destructive ride according to me

a09c48  No.4385

stress is the real killer. I used to get stressed about any little thing that went wrong with my life, and then suddenly one day realized stressing was pointless, I just got tired of being worried. my life has only improved as I continue to quit being stressed about things.

02bd67  No.4387


Indeed. The stress creates more anxiety and makes you more worried about a future that really doesn't exist. As a man moves towards his youth everything is set up such that he has to make big decisions about his life very early and in most cases like me a man doesn't have enough time to think about these decisions because he is too busy slogging away either with his education early on or with this work later.

The system is perfectly set up to create conformist mind slaves or desperate broken losers(Most of them are not really losers but the system makes them think they are). It takes critical thinking, willpower and I would say sheer luck to break the mold.

389c71  No.4396


>The system is perfectly set up to create conformist mind slaves or desperate broken losers

Yes. The issue is that the male female attraction dynamic is one of the core components of keeping this system intact. Man meets woman. Man falls in love. Man is now ready to anything for his love. Now set up the system such that this 'love' of his will be constantly spending money and demanding things from the man and now you have the slave who is willing to work his ass off and destroy his personal happiness for virtually nothing.

File: f93443924d3451b⋯.png (724.8 KB, 698x566, 349:283, who mocks incels.PNG)

791d87  No.4393[Reply]

What is your view on incels? My experiences with them are mixed. Some of them have simply been victims of societal programming and worshiping the blue pill world is the only thing they have been taught since their formative years. They can be helped to break this programming and self actualize themselves. Others simply will not let go of this thirst for the plantation and will gladly toss everything for a piece of pussy. The self respect and lack of integrity in these types is so low that for all practical purposes they are slaves to the plantation, a plantation that even rejects them

53a41a  No.4395


Most of these men who call themselves incels are not really involuntary celibate. They are celibate only because they either have too high standards in their choice of women or are simply not willing to do the masculine part of the mating ritual. The unwillingness may either be due to justifiable reasons such as fear of rape/sexual assault accusations or other reasons such as laziness. Most of these so called incels are just miserable men looking for a community of other miserable men to hang out with and bitch all day. This is why they are not interested in 'self actualization' as you put it.

File: 558153ba2eaace7⋯.jpg (11.71 KB, 295x171, 295:171, ectogenesis.jpg)

4762d0  No.4253[Reply]

Ectogenesis thread

Ectogenesis meaning

development outside the body, as of an embryo in an artificial environment.


It is a broad term encompassing artificial wombs. The term was coined by the scientist JBS Haldane in 1924

Starting of with this article.


Well, it might sound a little Brave New World but thanks to research from a team of scientists at Kyoto University, Japan, that vision is one step closer to becoming a reality. Biologist Mitinori Saitou and co-workers published a paper in Science explaining how exactly they were able to create immature human egg cells from human blood in what is thought to be a world first.

To do so, the team extracted cells from human blood and turned them into pluripotent stem cells, which have the invaluable ability to transform into any type of human cell. These were then inserted into miniature "artificial" ovaries made in the lab using mouse embryonic cells.

This is an essential first step to lab-made babies but there is still a long way to go, not to mention many ethical questions to consider.

1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

5b5474  No.4260

my primary question is how quickly this technology will be blocked, banned, or controlled.

c91fb0  No.4261


They will be conflicted about this. One the one hand they want to make it easy for whamen to have children without having to experience the difficulty of natural childbirth. On the other hand they wouldn't want to empower the muhsoggyknees.

0ba8fb  No.4297


We need to run online Ops that influence gays and trannies and traps to DEMAND AW Technology as a matter of overcoming their white male oppressors. We need to make it a human right's issue. Once we get the AW aligned with the victim ideology from the left, we men can step on in and free ourselves from Wayman and the STATE. We once again can have happy families. Also this thread is misleading because the tech is far more advanced that posted. 1. They have already perfected the artificial womb enviroment. And 2. They don't need any genetic contribution from a woman to create a fertizied egg. 3. They have created successful human embryos but by law they have to terminate them before 14 days I believe. All this is verifiable from web searches. Or you can look up Sandman MGTOW videos on Youtube. He has covered this topic in depth.

659b36  No.4299


Homosexuals, trannies, working women who can't be bothered to carry a child all the way through labor and put up with the difficulties associated with childbirth and want the easy way out will all want the artificial womb. There is no stopping the artificial womb. It will happen not because of mgtow or men but because women mainly want it.

a31eac  No.4392


A major advancement in pioneering technology based around the use of an artificial womb to save extremely premature babies is being hailed as a medical and biotechnological breakthrough. Recently published in the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology, the study presents world-first data demonstrating the ability of an artificial placenta-based life support platform to maintain extremely preterm lamb fetuses (600 to 700g); equivalent to a human fetus at 24 weeks of gestation.

Head of WIRF's Perinatal Research Laboratories, Associate Professor Matt Kemp, said that whilst previous research had demonstrated the feasibility of extended survival with artificial placenta technology in late preterm fetuses, there was no published evidence that demonstrated the use of the platform to support extremely preterm fetuses—the eventual clinical target of this technology.

"For several decades there has been little improvement in outcomes of extremely preterm infants born at the border of viability (21-24 weeks gestation)," Assoc Prof Kemp said. "In the AJOG study, we have proven the use of this technology to support, for the first time, extremely preterm lambs equivalent to 24 weeks of human gestation in a stable, growth-normal state for five days. This result underscores the potential clinical application of this technology for extremely preterm infants born at the border of viability. In the world of artificial placenta technology, we have effectively broken the 4 minute mile."

File: 1432874227936.jpg (78.96 KB, 760x504, 95:63, MGTOW The Odds.jpg)

10ad71  No.1721[Reply]

OC = Original Content for newfags.

It includes original infographics, funny memes etc. You can also post good MGTOW infographics in this thread even if its not your OC.

The old one seems to have 404ed. Creating a new one

71 posts and 95 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

36a400  No.4296


I think we could swing /pol/ if the fucking Japs would just get on with the artificial wombs already and make ordering strong white sons as easy as ordering a book on Amazon. We need AW tech to take back procreation from women. Once we have that…they will be fucking done. We can have our kids BEFORE marriage or relationships and then get our tubes tied. Women and their true huspand…the state will have far less power over us. We can keep their toxicity at arms length and out of our much happier homes. AW Tech. This is our future. Women have come to the end of their evolutionary usefulness. We can let them procreate if they get sperm donors or simps or chads or whatever…and we can keep fucking them or Asians. The earth will stay populated by these cunts for generations. But millions of men can get their freedom and with this, will come a new renaissance of white male culture.

18e217  No.4301


you would think pol would be onboard with anything pro masculine.

18e217  No.4322

File: 03dbfe2e3b5917c⋯.png (507.02 KB, 650x521, 650:521, tumblr_inline_pc0rseNvja1u….png)

File: 5b5b545bc265336⋯.png (345.17 KB, 1280x782, 640:391, tumblr_piiqji8GMR1vjojk3o1….png)

File: 8fcc935aba1c9f7⋯.jpg (74.13 KB, 1076x470, 538:235, tumblr_phxxidJCPe1vjojk3o1….jpg)

18e217  No.4386

File: d0848d68d42ec9d⋯.png (22.88 KB, 646x598, 323:299, D66fVYEXsAAvam-.png)

483b8b  No.4391

(5 min warning ban: Suggesting men fuck 12 year olds is not allowed in this board)

File: 1446462728193-0.jpg (31.42 KB, 226x346, 113:173, metaphysics_of_sex_julius_….jpg)

File: 1446462728194-1.jpg (18.31 KB, 253x400, 253:400, sex_and_character_otto_wei….jpg)

206b53  No.3043[Reply]

MGTOW has always pursued knowledge and truth in favor of comfort, and reading the right books can be beneficial in understanding what constitutes man and woman, and to develop one's own proper world view.

I've read some of Evola's Metaphysics of Sex before, and I've just started Weininger's Sex and Character today. Both are promising, but neither are an easy read.

Any other bookworms around?

6 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

9b33b6  No.3950


Don't you worry, once Sharia becomes the law of the German Caliphate, every man, even the beta failures like him, will have the right to have at least one wife AND a goat to fuck!

2208e4  No.4070

File: 66318507a13e129⋯.jpg (51.1 KB, 948x1447, 948:1447, bravenewworld.jpg)

Here's a good one: Brave New World

Specifically, just the first few chapters. How children are made in artificial wombs and sex only exists for pleasure.

Now, if we had the kind of society the World State had, but removed women (and maybe also the lower castes), we'd be better off than we are now.

7f5156  No.4193


The second one is a good read. I don't know much about the first

c20f59  No.4388


Always a favorite

df28be  No.4389

Pictures of the Socialistic Future by Eugen Richter. You can read it for free here.


File: 15217e0a257bb6f⋯.jpeg (22.39 KB, 474x474, 1:1, download.jpeg)

ac7e9f  No.4307[Reply]

It seems like nearly every board on chan sites will find a reason to ban MGTOW posters or threads. I can only imagine how the other parts of the Internet are in this respect. MGTOW has unquestionably gained a large measure of popularity and an even larger amount of fame, and so it makes no sense that it's rarely a topic of discussion.

3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

b810a2  No.4321


>The reason MGTOW is awfull is because they are life furries trying to convert you to their degeneracy.

Excuse me?

75d90a  No.4323


>acknowledging the truth is escaping the truth

>there is a unicorn out there for everyone but also you should settle for a whore that will ruin you

>you're a bad person, take it from me, the brown nazi who wishes they were white

tradcucks are always good for a laugh. sad to hear about all of those suicides after their frivorce.

000000  No.4342

>is political view that threatens feminists' tyrannical control of society being censored

Was there ever a doubt?

9a889f  No.4382


You say that MGTOW is popular, yet this board is inactive as shit.

75d90a  No.4384


welcome to the board btw.

most of us spend our time doing what we like, and not constantly refreshing one page on one site to argue with people.

I used to spend hours of every day on a couple different mgtow forums. that was years ago.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

9435d2  No.3859[Reply]

How do I come out as openly MGTOW to family and friends for they can finally shut up about me getting a girlfriend or having kids?

20 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

2f5fd1  No.4349

File: f4c43c2f8b90b1c⋯.jpg (182.4 KB, 670x377, 670:377, matrix_078pyxurz.jpg)


>There's rules to reveling your power level

Damn right. You can't be a happy western male without hiding your penchants.

One should throw the cards that decrease happiness back into the deck and keep the cards that increase your happiness.

If one's hand has so much as 1 red pill card.

Such as

•moral indifference towards frequenting prostitutes.

•MGTOW worldviews like; too many millenial women are skanks with herpes

•Monk mode life changing decisions like; no fap

•MGTOW logos, philosophy.

one would be a fool or alcoholic or sperg to show one's hand in the 100% vain hope of waking someone who is fully submerged and unprepared.

007af7  No.4351

File: 8104034d2e73f85⋯.png (145.99 KB, 500x512, 125:128, ts-so-hard-to-be-an-alpha-….png)

File: cfffc33b5282230⋯.jpg (62.9 KB, 749x500, 749:500, 2yylpv.jpg)


>Back in the day (circa 2012), the joke was that people pretend to be alphas on their keyboards, bragging of exploits that never happened, often followed by "Please buy my book and subscribe to my channel." I guess, back then people were in cope-mode, unaware of their real (abysmally low) value on the sexual market. Back in 2012-2013, people hoped that with just more reading PUA blogs and so on, they would get the girl. Well, now in 2019, they realize that it was a pipe-dream; it was over all along.

>So now, instead of bragging about all the sex you get on a regular basis with 10/10s, you brag about all the sex you can't get even with fugly post-wall landwhales. Seems that people always need to signal that they aren't low status, and since we all became realistic about our lack of sex life, we now accord each other pity-points (really, status-points) for how celibate we are.

>Someone needs to send a memo to the Feminists (Tumblrinas, Twitterinas, and Buzzfeederati) that we no longer pretend to be Chads, but rather, we now emphasize our sexual frustration for purely Machiavellian reasons.


Try coming out as a weeb…

0c7159  No.4358

MGTOW is guerilla warfare. Whenever someone asks me why I'm not married, I always say "I just haven't found the right gal yet". It satisfies all but the biggest busybodies.

e46644  No.4359


Everyone has to decide what is important to them, and what ain't. When it became clear to me that it was necessary to lie, and hide, and deceive family to remain eligible for their 'unconditional' love….I disowned them. Over thirty years later, and still zero regrets. Family and friends are much the same. Either they are a positive or a negative influence in ones life, and I find no need nor use for disruptive creatures to darken my existence.

73c42f  No.4381

File: 2e43979202d6fd0⋯.png (37.66 KB, 480x364, 120:91, 1465725342823.png)


following the societal script is always what brought me the most misery. having to be friends with shitty people, treating shitty family members like they were infallible, being taught to back down against everyone, and of course a single mother who's life revolves around her lies. I was better off without all of them and their poisonous life lessons.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

005d5f  No.4153[Reply]

So, what's the plan to change marriage laws?

What can we do?

Any lawyers here?

2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

b8c849  No.4203


attempting to control women is "domestic violence" and will put you behind bars. mgtow isnt tradcon btw

f05c02  No.4205

real change will come when women realize they have lost us. when enough men are tired of paying the price of feminism.

4e10d7  No.4362


You control her until she decides you don't.

01539f  No.4363


>So, what's the plan to change marriage laws?


MGTOW is not into activism. If you think things can be fixed you are not a mgtow. You are just another plantation cuck hoping to make the plantation more tolerable. The only winning move is not to play

f05c02  No.4380

File: 8cd6dc0aa06f666⋯.png (479.3 KB, 1313x1525, 1313:1525, 1463042319000.png)

File: b341a1493b375ed⋯.jpg (155.31 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1461882826932.jpg)


this is the most logical and feasible plan.

voting hasn't worked. activism hasn't worked. meetings haven't worked. protests haven't worked. pushback hasn't worked.

I was hoping gamergate would finally be the death knell of feminism, but there were far too many feminists inside the movement right from the start. too many people demanding we not scare off the women by asserting that men are human, while I asked the simple question of "why."

no, the real solution is to "lean back" as they say. they want control over everything we built, let's see them manage it for even a day. in the end, men will be in control again, but it might only happen after much greater suffering, and long after I am dead. not my problem, I intend to be somewhere safe when the collapse goes down. this was their war to lose, I gave them a chance to win it already and they slapped my hand away like the ungrateful cunts they are.

File: 14505537ce48bae⋯.jpg (30.31 KB, 250x318, 125:159, confederate.JPG)

7bb72d  No.3918[Reply]

Why are MGTOWs non-violent? It makes absolutely no sense. You have nothing to lose. I have read your forums for years, and all of you have political kill lists you would like to make. Don't deny it. I'm genuinely curious.

If a doctor told me that I could never have kids for an incurable medical reason, God only knows what horrible shit I would do.

14 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

3ee23c  No.4347

If a doctor told me that I would become a /pol/uter, I would just shoot myself right now

36c1d1  No.4355


Are MGTOWs pro- or anti-capitalist?

Consider this guy's arguments:

https ://chromium.fashion.blog/

(Not a fashion blog)

Post last edited at

4fc72f  No.4356


Goddam, I immediately started thinking about the plot to Children of men as well!

But yeah OP, me too.

bd88a0  No.4373


THe only way I'd support violence is if we could get rid of the entire female species and replace them with sex-bots. Other than that, doing violence in the name of MGTOW is asking for trouble. We already are demonized by normiefaggots and virtue signalling soyboys, why add more insult to injury?

Our current stance is far more effective: redpill as many men as possible to ditch women, watch as all of the subhuman female species become lesbians and seize political power for men to finally eradicate the female species via eugenics.

Killing will solve absolutely jackshit, other tham making feminism grow stronger.

30421a  No.4379


pretty much. I already did more than my fair share to prevent the feminist insanity, but 100% women, 100% of soyfags, and 100% of tradcuck christian conservatives sided with team cunt against civilization. not my fault, not my problem. I gotta buckle down for the inevitable collapse.

someone else wants to go stupidly shoot up a public place for their cause, don't involve me. they had their chance to prevent this and they fell asleep at the switch during all the warnings going off.

File: 5609925d14e8a57⋯.gif (119.06 KB, 1526x685, 1526:685, mgtow spreadsheet.gif)

8b45a5  No.4360[Reply]

Most people want a good job, children, and friends. I think these are all achievable. Consider how Jeff Bezos got fucked and lost 1/4 his net worth because he cheated on his used goods wife (did she even bear him any biological children?).

There is NO point marrying a woman if you are not going to use her as an investment. You have an ~18 year time frame where she can fuck you over for child support. Put as many children in her as possible during those 18 years, ideally 8-12, and ditch her when you can, ideally only paying a minimum of child support if needed.

>feedback appreciated

8b45a5  No.4361

It is also very important to cultivate career skills. Simply being a used car salesman, or even a master tradesman, or a lawyer will not help. You have to have serious skills so your employer can vouch for you or bail you out or help you secure a VISA if you need to skip town. We all know that *conveniently* being in a different jurisdiction helps avoid bullshit legal battles. Consider how many political commentators nowadays have to live nearly off-the-grid just to avoid getting doxed by journalists.

9a90be  No.4364

>as many children as possible

of fucking course. why the fuck are you marrying her else?

especially if you can afford it

because when your wife is busy watching lil' timmy not to put the fork in the electric plug, she will not have the time to watch television crap or think how her life is not fulfilling like those tv thots

when you wife is busy with 6 children she will have no time to think about other stuff in life. And just keep pumping more children into her to keep her busy all day. Again, as long as you can afford.

>Most people want a good job, children, and friends

of all those I only want money. Not a job, just money from speculation

because work is for cucks in this day and age and I refuse to play their game

8f72f8  No.4376


>Put as many children in her as possible during those 18 years, ideally 8-12

wtf? How about staying away from this kind of bullshit entirely. MGTOW means staying away from long term relationships entirely. How about you infiltrators first read up on that thing you are trying to infiltrate before you try to infiltrate it.

You are not a MGTOW. You are some kind of MRA or tradcuck. Please go find some place where men of your same mindset use.

2b1720  No.4377

Long Term Relationships, having children in the manner described in the OP etc is not part of mgtow and belongs in the containment thread here >>3286. Please post this material in that thread.

If you want to start a thread on why MGTOW is wrong for not wanting to have children through long term relationships with women in the manner described in the OP you are welcome to start one thread for this purpose. Subversion of this board by making threads in this roundabout way will not be tolerated.

Post last edited at

File: ec58b239c8cb83e⋯.jpg (530.69 KB, 1400x1414, 100:101, 90MZTer.jpg)

9494f5  No.4371[Reply]

So I don't know if I fit in here (probably not), but I want to share my stance on women and ask you some questions.

At this point, I've pretty much given up on women, since I've been treated like shit like 99.9% of the time by them and have been scammed out of money by degenerate sluts, only to see them do alpha fux, beta bux. Now, I'm a proud misogynist that despises the female species as a whole and would send them all of them to the gas chamber, it I had the power to do so. Every single one of those worthless sacks of shit; no exceptions

Unfortunately, I still have strong sexual drive and I'm a rather normiefag man that wishes I wasn't attracted to those worthless pieces of shit we label as women.

That being said, I've a thing for trans-women; traps, if you wanna call them that way, and I constantly watch shemale porn (I think I'm mostly attracted to feminine characteristics on a human body). I, of course, am a top and wouldn't even consider being a faggot and/or bottoming, not even if my life depends on it. All the shemale porn I like is when the "girl" gets dicked down and I imagine myself fucking said transfaggot.

I've also considered dating/fucking a ladyboy/transwoman since they grew up being men and, at least I want to believe, they actually understand us and know how we feel about this hypergamist and gynocentric society that worships women as the ultimate beings.

My questions here are: How "redpilled" is the typical trap/shemale/ladyboy/trans-woman/(whatever you wanna call them)? Anyone has dated/fucked a trap? If any of you did, would you recommend dating/banging a tranny?

I still wish I had one of this traps to fuck every once in a while, but I'd utterly despise if they end up behaving like actual women (you know, if said ladyboy it's a bitchy, gold-digging whore like every single woman walking this earth).

(Pic-related): I'm guessing you can't take an infographic seriously, especially regarding traps, but I certainly hope trannies are less repulsive than women, inPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

9494f5  No.4372


(OP here)

I also forgot to add: I couldn't care less if anyone considers me a faggot/degenerate/whatever, so if anyone is even thinking about shitposting something like that, I don't give a fuck. Keep your stupidity to yourself.

359238  No.4374

Posting about this topic is restricted to the containment thread >>3286

Please post there

File: 1453082007422.jpg (94.08 KB, 718x642, 359:321, Men Going Their Own Way.jpg)

ba99d9  No.3219[Reply]

I created a MGTOW general thread on /pol/

Was banned for shitposting.

28 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

3b6954  No.4212

File: e7a46e003e8cb5a⋯.jpg (52.96 KB, 620x349, 620:349, 21aqbc.jpg)

afb219  No.4251



>I'm blaming it on Trump's cult of personality.

/pol/ is controlled by CIA now. it's surprising how pro-war /pol/ can become when (((Trump))) hints at it.

afb219  No.4252


/pol/ is mostly CIA now.

88c148  No.4309


Same thing happened to me two or three years ago. And it's utterly ludicrous, since MGTOW is obviously a political topic. I think what the first poster in this thread said is also correct.

000000  No.4366

Some idiots in nationalistic circles think that men should just shut up and get married so that women can have babies. This happens because they want to attract women to the movement, because lets face it women like free fucking with scums and illegal immigrants and nazis think this will change if they oblige to what women want to hear.

This idiocy is well known and Andrew Anglin has commented on this trend spot on.

As for me, I don't give a shit if a woman likes my views. I don't intend to demand change so that women can still behave the same.

File: f2d2c019cefc061⋯.png (397.18 KB, 484x608, 121:152, f2d2c019cefc0618406f608cb2….png)

6dfc96  No.4131[Reply]

>I'm not sure when men decided that 30 was the new 15. When men thought it was better to remain independent than making a commitment to another. When men we're courageous in business and battle but afraid to be fathers. I'm not sure when video games and "guy night" became more important than tee-ball and date night. When 4 year relationships weren't long enough for a proposal. When staying out became cooler than showing up. I'm not sure when men became boys.

>Our culture has a boy problem. In Italy, they call it Peter Pan Syndrome. I call it immaturity and selfishness. Men so focused on their dreams, their visions, and their desires they find themselves wealthy, known, and alone.

>The adult world doesn't need more boys. We need men who will grow up, know up, and show up. Who will fight for romance and commit quickly and stay indefinitely. To turn their hearts toward children and work to raise them well. To be friends who grow friends. Not just by compliments, but accountability and conviction. We need more men.

>We need more men of integrity and character. Those who will hold a moral code and not compromise it. Those who love women, treat them as they would their own daughters and lead them when everything doesn't make sense… They would lead. We need more men.

>Today, I turn 31. I'm a man. And I'm proud of that.

14 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

77fbd2  No.4294


Is this a real video? Please give link to version with sound.

1edaf9  No.4305

http ://theantifeminist.com/british-police-start-arresting-puas/

doesn't matter what you do or what you think, mgtow is the only solution.

Post last edited at

724289  No.4306

File: 841ebecbe18ba9c⋯.jpg (197.3 KB, 557x797, 557:797, 1510452631438.jpg)


I'm not even white myself, but when I first saw that it was a great blackpill. Feel so disgusted and sad that a once powerful empire is reduced to this.

bf758a  No.4344

>Men so focused on their dreams, their visions, and their desires they find themselves wealthy, known, and alone.

lol what a faggot

I never signed a social contract to be the slave of society and the gynocracy

This is why people hate missionaires. Because they want to brainwash you to join their suicide cult. If I didnt get to read this I would have never cared about this faggot or whatever he does in his life

000000  No.4365

No man is obliged to enslave himself to some std-ridden slut who has nothing to offer him but endless drama and demands for more money to spend and a loose pussy and asshole.

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