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File: 1416627562596-0.jpeg (596.33 KB, 2304x1728, 4:3, Untitled2.jpeg)

2e20f1  No.17[Reply]

The four levels of MGTOW

In my observations (and practice) of MGTOW, I have taken note of a number of levels in which broad categories of MGTOWs may reside in. While Christians may vary widely in scope and status, they all revolve around a single idea: the birth and ressurrection of Christ. Similarly, feminists may claim to be wide in scope, but their ideas are all informed by one common rotten root: patriarchy theory. In the same vein, while MGTOWs may put into practice their ideas and concepts to differing extents, there lies one unifying idea that defines a MGTOW:

The recognition of the way modern society really works when it comes to the sexes, and a refusal to buy into and feed the system.

Note that this is hardly as neatly defined an idea as, say, the birth and resurrection of Christ, but it is what it is. It would be laborious for me to rehash why things are the way they are today (hypergamy, 80/20 rule, white knighting, Briffault's Law, et al) when other manosphere authors have gone over these topics over and over again, so I won't.

My reason for putting MGTOW into "levels" is not to suggest that there is an inevitable progression from one level to the next; there are many men who look at the situation and decide what hazards they're comfortable with dealing with, and then stay at that level, or move up or down as the situation befits. Nevertheless, my separation into levels is representative of the escalation of a MGTOW's increasing withdrawal from society at large and increasing starvation of the beast. It is difficult, but not impossible for a MGTOW to progress from one level to another without at least taking in part ideas and concepts from the previous level: while, for example, Cappy Cap still enjoys short-term relationships with women, he also particpates in economic disengagement.

Without further ado, the four levels of MGTOW:
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f0704d  No.4350

File: 5f29065fd80fa50⋯.jpeg (35.17 KB, 320x320, 1:1, 74825A70-308C-4CEB-8277-A….jpeg)

I think Iroh defined mgtow when he asked his nephew “who are you and what do you want?”


I suspect no man wants to have sex with his hand.

My definition of going one’s own way includes but is not limited to quitting masturbation; be it through a doll, or going no-fap, or visiting escorts.

Courses of self actualization which are; -lets be honest here- very taboo.

Men who take the red pill often deal with red pill rage, some have to deal with melancholy.

After taking the red pill one can either lay down and die or find new meaning, projects & goals to live for after courting tail & getting sex.

I don’t think mgtows who drink alcohol (more than a couple times a year) are real mgtows. They’ve taken the redpill but they’re absorb the pill properly.

Punk mgtows would rather stay in early post-redpill malaise/aimlessness. Like the alcoholic klamydia ridden malaise/aimless Stacy thot counterpart.

In order to go from purple pill to red pill one mustn’t tunnelvision on the differences between men and women. One must also note the subtle similarites in life choices men and women take and run as far away from the alcoholic hedonistic fiscally irresponsible life style of the Stacy thot.

File: 1453708759205.jpg (58.98 KB, 560x495, 112:99, war machine.jpg)

053ffc  No.3286[Reply]

This thread is for the discussion of topics on which multiple threads get repeatedly spammed and also for topics only tangentially related to MGTOW. Please confine all your discussion on these topics to this thread.

So far the list of topics that get repeatedly spammed on this board includes

Marriage, girlfriends, long term relationships, tradcuckery etc

Mgtows are beta males, losers and bitter virgins who can't get pussy

Mgtow are faggots, Homosexuality, traps etc

Mgtow and race, nationalism etc (This includes things such as "MGTOW is plot by Jews to wipe out white goys". Hint: /pol/, this means you belong here)

Threads on these topics will be locked(and deleted) and redirected here.

Attempting to turn existing discussions or promoting the above concepts in existing discussions will result in those posts being deleted and the users being likely banned

So use this mega thread for topics and discussions of this sort

Please note that if you have an original, rational criticism of MGTOW especially based on scientific facts, you are welcome to start a new thread.

This thread is by no means intended to be the only thread where you can criticize mgtow philosophy. Instead it is designed to be a containment thread for those kinds of criticisms that are posted repeatedly

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Post last edited at

d3f0ca  No.4348

File: 27ab5595b415cfb⋯.png (19.22 KB, 512x512, 1:1, alert.png)

c21463  No.4148[Reply]

In light of FOSTA 8chan administration is making several changes to the site. Many boards have been deleted and if you want to know more you can check out /sudo/ and /b/.

As the BO here, I too am making drastic changes to make sure this board never faces the prospect of deletion. I'll add a comprehensive update to the rules later but these are the current changes

1. Do not post porn of any kind on this board

2. Do not post any images of children on this board

3. Do not post any images or links to sex dolls on this board. Discussion of sex dolls is still ok.

This may not be the end of this. More rules will be added later.

Board moderation will be tightened up several notches. So, I recommend anons to be very careful especially when posting images. If I see any shady stuff I'll act first and ask questions later. I'll do whatever it takes to preserve the existence of this board on 8chan.

Anyone unhappy with these changes is welcome to make an alternative board.

File: 1419782099711.jpg (54.95 KB, 850x270, 85:27, Request.jpg)

11df6b  No.175[Reply]

Kindly consider adding a few tags to make finding this board easier such as



feminism (because MGTOW is the result of the cancer that is modern feminism)


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Post last edited at

11df6b  No.3768

Archive link to old BO farewell message


File: 12521e1991cefb9⋯.png (283.95 KB, 594x442, 297:221, tindersluts.png)

e4c3c5  No.4169[Reply]

After browsing some of the cancer dating sites and apps past week or so, ive noticed something odd.

on the apps/sites that have a dropdown for sexual preference (usually just straight, gay, or bisexual/open) i would say more than half of ALL the women, pretty/ugly/white/not white were bisexual.

Now, usually I would dismiss this kind of thing as mass programming from the media, but >50% of the entire female user base is a bit high.

Have women all along been lesbians? Or have women all along not really been attracted to men? I've often asked myself how anyone could be attracted to men, I know some people are, even other men - but I never understood it.

I feel like evolution molded us into something that reproduces due to stimuli. I think women were descended through the eons to be physically attractive, and for men to be strong/intelligent and take the female by any means necessary. And in turn, females overwhelmingly enjoy rough sex/bdsm/other sick twisted harmful shit.

I dont think most women are really attracted to men, more their power/money/how abusive they are towards them - So when these dating sites came around with simple a picture of someone to look at, of course the most attractive pictures will all be women.

Is this why all these women are "bisexual"?

3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

9d3c3c  No.4339


>they're open and ready to cheat with a guy too!

The blue pill cuck gives the bitch 1 inch and she takes the whole mile.

If she can cheat on him with a girl she'll cheat on him.

99119c  No.4343


lol, they fuck dogs, what did you expect diggah?

ab5dfb  No.4352

File: bd78b935edab531⋯.jpg (19.15 KB, 324x289, 324:289, boner.jpg)


3e3951  No.4353

Most women ARE bisexual.

769ddb  No.4354

Virgin women are straight. Non virgin women are whores… er um I mean lesbians. Seems like the sort of thing that should have been really important to these girls' fathers. But I guess that heroin/cocaine/lsd/mdma/xtc/ketamine/oxy/percosets are a helluva drug, eh boomers?

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

9435d2  No.3859[Reply]

How do I come out as openly MGTOW to family and friends for they can finally shut up about me getting a girlfriend or having kids?

17 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

05c0b0  No.4186


Do not, they will disown you, if you think they won't, you're naive. If they're "progressive," pretend to be gay or asexual.

957657  No.4229

File: 229bfff9c75e5e1⋯.jpg (40.71 KB, 500x503, 500:503, 1444074037202.jpg)


Same rules as reveling your power level, saying you voted Trump etc.


It never ends well. I know this from revealing my power level one too many times (quit alcohol because of this). It got me in trouble and many questions arise.

MGTOW is the same. My brothers wife actually asked me if I'm gay because i trust no thots, and I made the wise decision of just saying I'm focusing on my career. I would have been ostracised if I had said women were whores and the juice aint worth the squeeze.

73c42f  No.4231

normalfuck society is extremely threatened by MGTOW, because MGTOW have found the secret to happiness.

see how irate NPCs get. that's how you know they are jealous and unhinged. and make no mistake, tradcucks are as vile as the worst feminazi. hell, just look at what happened to the recent supreme court shit and all the listen and believe, that doesn't get traction without the never trump cuck crowd. as soon as trump is gone it's back to business as usual.

2f5fd1  No.4349

File: f4c43c2f8b90b1c⋯.jpg (182.4 KB, 670x377, 670:377, matrix_078pyxurz.jpg)


>There's rules to reveling your power level

Damn right. You can't be a happy western male without hiding your penchants.

One should throw the cards that decrease happiness back into the deck and keep the cards that increase your happiness.

If one's hand has so much as 1 red pill card.

Such as

•moral indifference towards frequenting prostitutes.

•MGTOW worldviews like; too many millenial women are skanks with herpes

•Monk mode life changing decisions like; no fap

•MGTOW logos, philosophy.

one would be a fool or alcoholic or sperg to show one's hand in the 100% vain hope of waking someone who is fully submerged and unprepared.

007af7  No.4351

File: 8104034d2e73f85⋯.png (145.99 KB, 500x512, 125:128, ts-so-hard-to-be-an-alpha-….png)

File: cfffc33b5282230⋯.jpg (62.9 KB, 749x500, 749:500, 2yylpv.jpg)


>Back in the day (circa 2012), the joke was that people pretend to be alphas on their keyboards, bragging of exploits that never happened, often followed by "Please buy my book and subscribe to my channel." I guess, back then people were in cope-mode, unaware of their real (abysmally low) value on the sexual market. Back in 2012-2013, people hoped that with just more reading PUA blogs and so on, they would get the girl. Well, now in 2019, they realize that it was a pipe-dream; it was over all along.

>So now, instead of bragging about all the sex you get on a regular basis with 10/10s, you brag about all the sex you can't get even with fugly post-wall landwhales. Seems that people always need to signal that they aren't low status, and since we all became realistic about our lack of sex life, we now accord each other pity-points (really, status-points) for how celibate we are.

>Someone needs to send a memo to the Feminists (Tumblrinas, Twitterinas, and Buzzfeederati) that we no longer pretend to be Chads, but rather, we now emphasize our sexual frustration for purely Machiavellian reasons.


Try coming out as a weeb…

File: 14505537ce48bae⋯.jpg (30.31 KB, 250x318, 125:159, confederate.JPG)

7bb72d  No.3918[Reply]

Why are MGTOWs non-violent? It makes absolutely no sense. You have nothing to lose. I have read your forums for years, and all of you have political kill lists you would like to make. Don't deny it. I'm genuinely curious.

If a doctor told me that I could never have kids for an incurable medical reason, God only knows what horrible shit I would do.

10 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

2a931f  No.4103

Not everyone considers having kids the totality of his life's worth.

14050d  No.4107

>If a doctor told me that I could never have kids for an incurable medical reason, God only knows what horrible shit I would do.


I keep reading through the plot of the film Children of Men and it makes ZERO sense to me. Please help me see from your perspective. Why is child-rearing so important to you?

745fb2  No.4200


That is only because you are mentally deranged psychpath.

On that note,why did post a picture of some moron standing in front of a confederate flag?

This is likekely a tradcuck subhuman coming here to troll

a673eb  No.4207


>You have nothing to lose.

Except the ultimate freedom that MGTOWs have. The freedom to live exactly as you want to.

3ee23c  No.4347

If a doctor told me that I would become a /pol/uter, I would just shoot myself right now

File: 89d4b1b74a51916⋯.jpg (105.36 KB, 1080x1126, 540:563, ZViQlUn.jpg)

d022ce  No.4197[Reply]

Retards thought that neo nazi were the friends of men because *muh patricarchy*,now poland gets a fucking tax for unmarried men and likely a shit ton of subsidies for tradcucks and tradfems.


7 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

b89f6f  No.4226


not an argument.

b93ea2  No.4227

File: 4854d37da95e38c⋯.png (70.2 KB, 852x944, 213:236, 1511179429593.png)


>single men

>better off

Only if they accomplish something extremely heroic and unique in their life, like if they are a Tesla or Shakespeare or a Saint. But how many single mgtows do anything of merit with their time??

Living the consumerist life, pursuing hobbies and leisure is a waste of breath, video games, movies and partying are fine when you're 14-21, chasing money is necessary for a few years until you stabilize and find your place in the world; but these are a means to an end, not ends in themselves; they will never replace the blessing of raising a good family, leaving a legacy and having the love of a good wife as you enter your twilight years and depart into the afterlife.


the argument is that procreation is not just good for society, but also good for you. And screaming about alimony won't change that, the prudent and wise know how to reduce their risks.

4642a7  No.4228

File: 0d0735ee1296a92⋯.jpg (139.27 KB, 960x871, 960:871, DGVZvHxUQAIf0qs.jpg)


>Maybe society wants to "coerce" you towards the good? Instead of letting marketing companies and globalhomos and libshits coerce you to the bad?

Maybe the slave master wants to "coerce" you towards being good. Instead of letting abolitionists and Yankees coerce you into being bad?

Begone Tradcuck, we're not going back to the plantation.


>they will never replace the blessing of raising a good family, leaving a legacy and having the love of a good wife

Jesus Christ on a pogo stick that Disney bullshit is so sickeningly sweet it's giving me diabetes.

Do you know how many married men are going to die alone? A lot.

Here's how it's really going to go down. The "good father" will be on his death bed utterly alone. Unloved and unwanted. Filled with regret at all the things he never experienced in life. Meanwhile the wife is off spending their savings while the children are down at the lawyer's office waiting for "that stupid old fuck" to die so they can collect their inheritance.

Blessing? What utter fucking bullshit.

b89f6f  No.4230


indeed, tradcucks are monumentally naive, which leads me to believe a lot of them are children who don't yet understand real life.

3f4f8c  No.4346

>bachelors tax

roman empire tried this and it failed and you will fail too Janosh…

see >>4199

>nonmarried men only

why do they not tax single mothers or single women?

File: c5009b16e24aa97⋯.jpg (66.02 KB, 920x584, 115:73, KristNovoselic.jpg)

18c52b  No.4279[Reply]

Hi, I'm new to this, so please don't flame me for blog-posting right away.

- I am a 53 year-old white male, married for 23 years, Stepchild and child with my wife. Never been divorced. Wife had withheld sex from me for years starting around the time we were 3 years married or earlier, so I finally gave up on pursuing it, resigning myself to the fact that I will not get sex at all when I want it.

- We have gone to counseling over and over again. What the counselor says is that I have to change my approach with her all the time. That I have to be the pursuer and do all the ass-kissing in order to get laid, but I finally got to the point that after 8 years of trying to do that and not getting any results, thatI gave up and I don't give a shit what I say to her aboiut 90% of the time.

- I also got to the point that when she says something to the effect that she's horny, I kind of shrug my shoulders and say that there's something on my mind or I say something to get out of the pressure of having sex. We have one child together and the older child is my step-child. They are grown. 28 and 23. The 23 y/o has moved back in.

- I am retired Military and collecting disability. My wife works a 'full-time' job but doesn't get what she deserves for her work. I don't care about getting a job. Everything is corporate America and I don't want to be part of the shallow and narrow-minded people anyway. I still bring home more than her from what I get through retirement and disability. I stay in the marriage for a few reasons.

- One of the main reasons I stay in the marriage is because that if we get a divorce, she automatically gets 1/2 of my retirement pay, and that will affect my standard of living. Some other reasons are that I am so used to the idea of things being this way, and that I am afraid of leaving the relationship, and that I am afraid that the kids will ignore me forever. I also am afraid of being alone.

- I have my motorcycle, but find myself having to stay at home most of the time because of some bullshit reason which I truly do not give a fuck about.

- I'm not sure if I summarized everything well enough, but I was wondering if I belong here.

f44844  No.4280


>Do I Belong Here ?

The short answer is yes.

As long as someone is willing to participate in the discussions taking place in the board in good faith, they belong here. This is the policy that has been set forth in this board from the very beginning. You do not have to be a mghow to participate in the discussions in this board. You can post arguments both for and against the various aspects of mgtow philosophy.

The board is barely active at this point time. Still, welcome to the board and enjoy your stay.

dbd23e  No.4281


place is dead, but yea you can post here

just don't go on about NAWALT or bullshit about being a man, and no one will care

bf1ac7  No.4302

Find for Catholic advice. Pretty sure it will be calm and smart opinion from a Priest.

000000  No.4334


>but find myself having to stay at home most of the time

what could that be anon? didn't you say the two children are grown. go do what the fuck you want, plain and simple.

2c4010  No.4345


sorry to tell you anon but you are a betabux cuck for your wife

women can orgasm 7 times in a row. Do you think they would refuse sex to their husbands if their cunts still work? Of course only if she married you and never thought you were hot. Because she married because you were a cash machine for her to live the easy life.

When women want a man, they will openly show it and want to fuck him all the time. But your wife only needs your cash and wants another guy to rail her. Hence -> beta bux

>I finally gave up on pursuing it, resigning myself to the fact that I will not get sex at all when I want it.

wrong, you should have found a better woman who wants you to fuck her 5 hours straight and then fuck her in your own bed right after kicking your wife out.

>gone to shrink

your wife is not honest with you that she does not want to fuck you, why should she be honest to the shrink? She probably told him some fairy tale to not make him think lowly of her.

>older child is my step-child

top cuck, your wife just wanted

>a father for my child

which translates to: a guy that will pay for the child of the man I originally wanted to be together with but because he can have better sluts to fuck he had no reason to settle for my sorry ass

Holy shit, I will never understand how pathetic men can be

Just because

>muh dikk


>muh childruns

they are willing to ruin their entire lives and "buy" a liability that will be a money sink for eternity

Just for your info

I am the former BO of this board and I retired this year officially

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: f2d2c019cefc061⋯.png (397.18 KB, 484x608, 121:152, f2d2c019cefc0618406f608cb2….png)

6dfc96  No.4131[Reply]

>I'm not sure when men decided that 30 was the new 15. When men thought it was better to remain independent than making a commitment to another. When men we're courageous in business and battle but afraid to be fathers. I'm not sure when video games and "guy night" became more important than tee-ball and date night. When 4 year relationships weren't long enough for a proposal. When staying out became cooler than showing up. I'm not sure when men became boys.

>Our culture has a boy problem. In Italy, they call it Peter Pan Syndrome. I call it immaturity and selfishness. Men so focused on their dreams, their visions, and their desires they find themselves wealthy, known, and alone.

>The adult world doesn't need more boys. We need men who will grow up, know up, and show up. Who will fight for romance and commit quickly and stay indefinitely. To turn their hearts toward children and work to raise them well. To be friends who grow friends. Not just by compliments, but accountability and conviction. We need more men.

>We need more men of integrity and character. Those who will hold a moral code and not compromise it. Those who love women, treat them as they would their own daughters and lead them when everything doesn't make sense… They would lead. We need more men.

>Today, I turn 31. I'm a man. And I'm proud of that.

13 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

77fbd2  No.4293


Nor does he talk about how 90% of women vote against their men, take their place in college, force them out of work etc. Women are a virus that kill the host. I can't wait till Islam slaughters millions of them. I won't lift a fucking finger. "Manning up" doesn't exist becaue there is NO SUCH THING as a man anymore. That is misogynist. Being a man is a social construct and to identify as a man does not mean you owe anything to people who identify as women. There is no social contract. Men owe women nothing.

77fbd2  No.4294


Is this a real video? Please give link to version with sound.

1edaf9  No.4305


doesn't matter what you do or what you think, mgtow is the only solution.

724289  No.4306

File: 841ebecbe18ba9c⋯.jpg (197.3 KB, 557x797, 557:797, 1510452631438.jpg)


I'm not even white myself, but when I first saw that it was a great blackpill. Feel so disgusted and sad that a once powerful empire is reduced to this.

bf758a  No.4344

>Men so focused on their dreams, their visions, and their desires they find themselves wealthy, known, and alone.

lol what a faggot

I never signed a social contract to be the slave of society and the gynocracy

This is why people hate missionaires. Because they want to brainwash you to join their suicide cult. If I didnt get to read this I would have never cared about this faggot or whatever he does in his life

File: 15217e0a257bb6f⋯.jpeg (22.39 KB, 474x474, 1:1, download.jpeg)

ac7e9f  No.4307[Reply]

It seems like nearly every board on chan sites will find a reason to ban MGTOW posters or threads. I can only imagine how the other parts of the Internet are in this respect. MGTOW has unquestionably gained a large measure of popularity and an even larger amount of fame, and so it makes no sense that it's rarely a topic of discussion.

1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

732f85  No.4317


>The same reason why other chan boards hate /pol/

Because a /pol/post belongs on pol. Thread derailment because of "muh white race" is still thread derailment wether its true or not. MGTOW is the same.

>The same reason why normalfags call honest and open.minded people for "crazy"

>The same reason why religifags hate non-religious people

>The same reason why neurotypicals hate aspies

What? The reason MGTOW is awfull is because they are life furries trying to convert you to their degeneracy. They believe every board is better being infected. Its not. MGTOW should stay contained. Its pathetic.

>They hate the truth

Usually its mgtow who wants to escape the truth when I tell em how much easier life is once you understand what an awfull human being you are and get married to someone who can cope with you.

37ae8e  No.4319


>The same reason why other chan boards hate /pol/

I'm MGTOW and I hate /pol/. I don't want /pol/ here in /mgtow/ and I am fine with /pol/ not wanting /mgtow/ there.

To be honest I have no problems with other boards not wanting mgtow content in their boards because it is their right. If someone wants to understand mgtow or talk about mgtow he can come to this board or go to some other place on the internet which is more active. If a certain community is not interested in hearing about the mgtow philosophy that is their right.


>MGTOW is awful

Fine. I hope that now you can fuck off back to the place that you think is not awful and stay there

b810a2  No.4321


>The reason MGTOW is awfull is because they are life furries trying to convert you to their degeneracy.

Excuse me?

75d90a  No.4323


>acknowledging the truth is escaping the truth

>there is a unicorn out there for everyone but also you should settle for a whore that will ruin you

>you're a bad person, take it from me, the brown nazi who wishes they were white

tradcucks are always good for a laugh. sad to hear about all of those suicides after their frivorce.

000000  No.4342

>is political view that threatens feminists' tyrannical control of society being censored

Was there ever a doubt?

File: 19ef14db789289f⋯.jpg (247.14 KB, 736x2175, 736:2175, Porn - dependency, addict….jpg)

f451bd  No.4276[Reply]

Free yourself from the enemy's weapons' influence

ab777d  No.4278

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>women trash boys, men, masculinity, fatherhood

>backed up with the power and authority of government violence

>men seek better alternatives

>white knights trash the alternatives as a shaming tactic to get you back on the plantation

f2c476  No.4285

File: e2fe8c96ceac16d⋯.jpg (38.44 KB, 371x550, 371:550, e2fe8c96ceac16d4b7211e29d1….jpg)

>"Reject methadone"

>"Mainline Heroin like a real man!"

No thanks.

04d547  No.4340

I recommend everyone touch up upon their knowledge of

sexual alchemy and transmutative practices.


- - Honorary mention

Molyneux says porn is bad because it's bad.


File: 5152d5dd2446774⋯.jpg (209.13 KB, 990x692, 495:346, ((( white women ))).jpg)

File: 6059eeb4c4cac2a⋯.jpg (1.16 MB, 1957x1296, 1957:1296, artificial wombs soon FEMA….jpg)

File: 36831381e19a948⋯.png (526 KB, 720x727, 720:727, women white genocide the p….png)

File: 009909e8d7ac736⋯.jpg (578.09 KB, 1158x1000, 579:500, white genocide woman multi….jpg)

47a177  No.4286[Reply]

microchimerism is scientific fact and women absorb the dna of males during sexual intercourse.


also telegony is a thing and their is a possibly that her previous partners influence the appearance of your child.


>So, in other words, using logic and the scientific method are inherently “male” ways of knowing that women and minorities cannot employ.

>advocates that science classes should abandon the scientific method itself and all other “male” forms of oppression, such as “weed-out courses, courses that grade on a curve, a competitive environment, reliance on lecture as a teaching method, an individualistic culture, and comprehensive exams.

>Instead of promoting the idea that knowledge is constructed by the student and dynamic, subject to change as it would in a more feminist view of knowledge, the syllabi reinforce the larger male-dominant view of knowledge as one that students acquire and use make the correct decision



>Logic and Facts are inherently racist

>Even reality agrees niggers are useless savages that should be keep in cages at the zoo and shot on sight if they're wandering the streets, Chad executed, and women chained in a basement.

7 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

52934d  No.4314


Not that guy but why do you give a fuck about these women. I know they are not worth my time and I am not fixated on them. No one gives a rats ass about woman's honor but at the same time we are not a bunch of pathetic beta orbiters fixated on what women are up to. Stop being so attached to the plantation mate. Its over

9b1c04  No.4315


Lets say a woman had sex with Jose post breakfast, burnt a ton of coal with Tyrone after lunch, had a threesome with Chang and Rajesh for tea and rounded it off with an orgy with all of the above after dinner. Now she has sperm from all of the above inside her body.

Even if all this were true, of what relevance is all this for a man going his own way?

Why the fuck are you posting this here?

b41578  No.4320


>Why the fuck are you posting this here?

Because he is a /pol/tard jagoff who wants to post /pol/tard things on this board and has nothing better to do.

8a9495  No.4324

File: 9dc4e0288bbd5b1⋯.jpg (136.09 KB, 660x873, 220:291, 20190301 Daily Mail.jpg)

8b83e2  No.4338

File: 27d8845ef46f3d5⋯.jpg (999 KB, 1543x4845, 1543:4845, 1533710364128.jpg)

File: d662af86893da03⋯.png (402.23 KB, 1518x560, 759:280, b8348bb11c915c3575de680edb….png)

3f8545  No.4069[Reply]

Esteemed /mgtow/ gents,i'd like to discuss the reasons why the vast majority of women coaches their own biological sons and other younger male blood related relatives into acting in ways and adopting behaviours and customs that are detrimental to them and beneficial for the women that they will meet and interact with during the course of their lives,women with whom their mother share no parental or personal connection.

This goes against basics of evolutionary biology and i say this having studied it as part of the psychology exam i did as a sociology student,from the standpoint of evolutionary biology it makes no sense that an individual would encourage his or her blood relatives to act at their own detriment for the benefit of complete strangers that don’t share their genetic makeup.

It should also be noted that this behaviour also flies in the face of the rational choice theory.

And yet women,are constantly telling their sons to be chivalrous,to marry and even worse very often the wives to be are of much lower socioeconomic who then are legally granted the ownership of half of the wealth as well as present and future earning of their husbands,they tell them to give women all sorts of preferential treatments ranging from treating them to fancy dinners and giving them presents to the women they court to risking their lives to save random women from all kinds of dangerous situation and in general to put the life of women above their own and those of their fellow men in any life threathening circumstance.



Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

a5251a  No.4077


no man could ever be convinced to hate his own daughters by society.

women are inherently ingrateful and selfish. it's their nature.

3f8545  No.4081

8cf7df  No.4092

of course they do. women are stupid whores who actually hate their sons. when they think of the chad who they couldn't get they want to mold their son into some beta faggot who make their imagined self happy. single mothers will never allow a chad to be born under them because they're angry at men in general for not fulfilling her princes fantasies. chads either innately learn because they've got better genes or they are taught by their father. women hate seeing the face of the man who left them especially. single mothers who get pumped and dumped by chad want to turn their sons into tranny if possible. women will physically abuse the male children and once that doesn't work so well they start all sorts of psychological abuse however possible to damage their ego.

they will also feed every lie possible to trick their sons into believing everything they know to be false. they know the nature of women being one and having other women friends, but they'll never disclose any of that to their sons. instead they will try to make their son worship this imaginary figure on a pedestal.

a604c1  No.4117


Dont take it from me,heres a video from Clottaine about this topic.


000000  No.4336


>women are inherently ingrateful and selfish. it's their nature.

More like they are spoiled and selfish due the vast culture that strong White men have built for them. As soon as weak men lead to the destruction of that civilization, the few stronk womyn who actually survive the turmoil will return to their naturals status and position. Namely, in deference to men around them on whom they completely rely for provision and safety.

File: 1429243772917.jpg (413.22 KB, 1500x1125, 4:3, image.jpg)

67b6b0  No.1316[Reply]

What does /MGTOW/ think of the new movie Ex Machinama.
To me it's a movie meant to discourage men of dating robotic women. It's almost like a PSA to downright discourage men from dating something that doesn't require resources and is willing to get laid and any moment.
>Or maybe it's a message that if women had AI, women would then become cannibalistic and downright insane.
11 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

67b6b0  No.1477


Same with the porn industry unless you are already inside/viewing the "porn industry's" sites. It will be demonized and people will try to legislate against it, but in the end money will win.

2685fe  No.3968

I thought the female robots behaved exactly like female humans. Especially during the end of the story.

4481e9  No.4038

File: 8f91648db0189ac⋯.jpeg (30.16 KB, 270x202, 135:101, jezebel_defenestrated.jpeg)

Just in case any of you are STEM here. May as well help us out tbh.



I don't think Chobits really demonized either actually. I can call up at least a couple more, though I'm not sure how far these animus would be considered 'mass media'.


>Didn't the movie "AI" have a male sexbot?

Yes, and Jude Law's character was generally given a positive spin as a 'human' in the end tbh.


sure you don't have that backwards anon?


possibly. the artificial womb is a far easier problem, b/c you merely have to provide a suitable growth environment for the embryo, God's handiwork does all the rest. Robot wives otoh, require a gazillion metric shittons of R&D, in addition to the general needs of production that between them cover a vast swath of science, art, medicine, and technology to pull off successfully.


artificial wombs are much easier, and are basically here now tbh.


>but in the end money will win.

This, digits. The pent-up demand for effective, satisfying RoboWaifus is literally in the billions. It will literally be the single largest industry besides food production in human if it ever succeeds at all. Femshits have no power here in the end tbh.

>pic related

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

2a30c6  No.4039


>Uncanny Valley af tbh. We must do better.

we will. it's all a matter of time.

even then, if a guy can fucking whack off with a fleshlight to animu girls, a sexbot with some unrealistic features would hardly stop most men. some of the current realdolls are fucking uncanny.

000000  No.4335


>that is, assuming feminists don't manage to have sexbots and artificial wombs made illegal for whatever insane reason they can think of (it takes away all their power).

You greatly overestimate both females and their abilities. Kikes are the problem, not their batshit-insane femshits anon.

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