YouTube Red

17-04-07: This list is out of date. Some songs in this list (or different versions of them) might not be affected anymore, while other songs, including newer ones that are not in this list, are being affected by YouTube Red.

This is a list of Vocaloid/UTAU songs that got blocked in the US because of YouTube Red.For more info see this thread: >>43768

NOTE: The blocking is not predictable and some versions may remain unaffected for unclear reasons.Only original songs where even their official uploaded videos are blocked are to be included in this list. For blocked covers and re-uploads check the above thread.

Vocaloid songs blocked because of YouTube Red

Name ||| English name ||| Youtube page ||| Nico Nico Douga ID (if available) ||| page (if available)
驫麤~とりぷるばか~||| Triple Baka ||| ||| sm3945173 |||
ぽっぴっぽー ||| Popipo ||| ||| sm5508956 |||
Just Be Friends ||| Just Be Friends ||| ||| sm7528841 |||
天樂 ||| Tengaku ||| ||| sm7918983 |||

Producers with most or all music blocked

supercell |||
Deco*27 |||
sasakure.UK |||
doriko |||
cosMo@暴走P |||


Project Diva X trailer |||