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Official /min/ homes thread


bow before your goddess

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ITT We Share /min/ Life-Stories

>realize I need to move soon

>decide to sell my books

>gave the dude a little synopsis of all the books

>get really into it

>he leaves with half my books

>I'm left with $40

>I miss my books

>my face when regret

>mfw there's a positive correlation between how many books you have in a house and the child's IQ

>mfw my future children won't be smart

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We haven't had one of these in a while.

What did you discard today?

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>my desktop wallpaper is the solid color black.

>I refuse to buy another computer and still use windows Vista.

>I lay my coat and towels on my bed at night instead of getting another blanket.

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Who's the most /min/ candidate?

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/fa//min/ inspo thread

what's the most /min/ style, and why is it palewave?

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Minimalist Music


click on the thumbnail

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/min/ wallets

the only reason kickstarter exists

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/min/ - OCD

What's the difference between /min/ and OCD? I mean, I get the practical benefits of removing stuff you don't need, but where do you draw the line between practical, justifiable minimalism and habits that are just downright destructive?

Has anyone on /min/ ever had these concerns regarding themselves?

Has anyone ever met someone who's taken /min/ too far?

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Social Media Thread

Share your instagram, twitter, snapchat, etc

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/frugal/ general

ITT Post Frugality Advice

I'll start with what I know

rice, oatmeal, potatoes, and bananas are cheap foods. Peanut butter is cheap in terms of calories per dollar. Eating mcdoubles for the gains is a meme.

I used to own a prepaid phone to save on cell charges, but realized switching to republic wireless will save me money in the long run. look into it, but only if you have wi-fi at home. I paid $16 last month.

Instead of buying a treadmill, consider buying a jump rope. It's a lot of cardio and forces you to keep good form throughout.

Storage space is the cheapest spec of a computer and will only get cheaper. Take that into consideration when you buy your next computer.

I recently installed a programmable thermostat and will update with whether or not it's saved me any.

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Min wallpapers reloaded

I don't have everything obviously but it's better than nothing I guess.

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/min/'s new year's resolutions

mine: spend $1000 a month

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Is Steven Avery /min/?

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/min/ rooms

different from /min/ homes