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File: 1452659263724.jpg (32.03 KB, 441x441, 1:1, hk_6lcnF.jpg)


ITT Post Frugality Advice

I'll start with what I know

rice, oatmeal, potatoes, and bananas are cheap foods. Peanut butter is cheap in terms of calories per dollar. Eating mcdoubles for the gains is a meme.

I used to own a prepaid phone to save on cell charges, but realized switching to republic wireless will save me money in the long run. look into it, but only if you have wi-fi at home. I paid $16 last month.

Instead of buying a treadmill, consider buying a jump rope. It's a lot of cardio and forces you to keep good form throughout.

Storage space is the cheapest spec of a computer and will only get cheaper. Take that into consideration when you buy your next computer.

I recently installed a programmable thermostat and will update with whether or not it's saved me any.

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File: 1452699264690.jpg (80.15 KB, 520x520, 1:1, Minimalism.jpg)

>Live near work/school

>no car = no payments on gas, repairs, tickets, parking, etc.

>public transit (big city, biking would take forever)

>budget income heavily towards saving to invest

>only buy clothes when worn out (replace, not add)

>nook (free pirated books)

So yeah, life's pretty good


File: 1452734167891.jpg (365.09 KB, 1057x1008, 151:144, 1451510283347.jpg)


>biking would take forever

do you live in the mid-west?

Last year I spent a total amount of $834.81 on gas and $714 on car insurance, and $1639.92 on repairs. I could have saved $750 of those 16 hundred had I fixed it myself. It was a stupid pressured decision I made.

I don't know. I really like having a car. To each their own I guess. But I guess you're more /min/ than I am.






E-reader, man. I have a library in my bag every day, nook doesn't disappoint. Cheap af too, and it's actually super easy to torrent popular novels.


>buy used furniture off craigslist (scored nearly new Ikea stuff for like 1/5 of the price)

>buy clothes from goodwill (often brand new items with tags still on them, or luxury brands)

>repair clothing when it rips (look up darning)

>cook almost all my own meals, eat out once every week or two, never get takeout (costs as much as a meal out but is shitty food)

>share a place for cheap rent, plus I get to use their furniture and cooking pans

>buy only what you need

>going to the less expensive grocery store is worth it even if it's further away

>libraries have scanners and printers, no need to buy your own, just use theirs for like ten cents a page

>buy an otterbox for your phone so it never breaks

>get hobbies that are free or nearly free, especially if they don't require much gear


I find biking is faster than the bus, but nothing beats the light rail. Same, man, fuck cars. Bike commute life. Plus I get my exercise in, no need to buy even a jumprope.


I pirate everything. Books, music, anime, shows, even games and software. I'm not paying for that shit. Plus I get it instantly and don't have a bunch of physical copy media laying around.

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