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Happy year of the fire cock.

File: 37f128120808143⋯.jpg (88.83 KB, 736x1040, 46:65, 70b75960e0d0738edc8aace378….jpg)

840ce6 No.246322

The sun was shining brightly in the sky, illuminating the rolling green hills and small patches of trees on the ground below it. It was still relatively early in the morning but the inhabitants of this land were already awake and going about their daily routines. One of them was a young buck, cautiously stepping form behind some trees.

The animal’s ears twitched a few times as it slowly scanned the area in front of him for potential danger. He did not detect any predators nearby and decided to leave the protective cover of the trees and move toward the small stream of water ahead of him. Some of his brethren could be seen further down the stream, drinking their fill and he soon lowered his head and joined them.

Unfortunately today his senses had failed him. There was a loud snapping sound from some bushes in front of him and the deer’s life came to a sudden halt as an arrow shot out and pierced his skull.

The other animals quickly scattered, running away from the stream but the attacker had no plans to pursue them. With some rustling a massive figure emerged from its hiding spot.

What anyone would first mistake for a bear was in fact a man of impressive build and even more impressive height. He wore a set of clothing made of cured leather and the skin of a black bear, whose head acted as a hood of sorts that rested on top of its head, concealing his long mane of black hair.

The man took a few steps forward, crossing the stream without even getting his feet wet and leaned down to drag the deer’s body away from the water source as to not taint the water with its blood too much. He nodded to himself in satisfaction and pulled out a knife made out of a sharpened stone before getting down to work.

His movements were fluid and masterful. Within minutes the skin was removed from the prey and it’s meat was neatly cut up into smaller pieces and wrapped up in leaves he had obtained prior to this engagement.

The man who would some assume to be perhaps a forester of some sort based on his appearance and skill set was in fact a mere savage. He was born and spent the entirety of his life in the woods. The hardships he had experienced were instrumental in making him what he was today but due to events he had no control over he was forced to leave his homeland and family behind and seek out civilization.

This was easier said than done. The Black Forest he had hailed from was located far, far from any settlements due to its dangerous nature. He had found signs of other more advanced people on his month long journey in the form of dirt roads, the occasional house and even villages. However, all of them were abandoned and in a state of disrepair. Its occupants had long since fled from the constant looming danger that was present by the neighboring forest of horror.

840ce6 No.246323

Still, the man was not one to give up easily. He was determined to start a new life and frankly he was starting to get lonely without being able to talk to anyone for so long.

While he waited for the venison pieces to roast over the fire he rummaged through his rather large sized backpack, doing a quick inventory check of his belongings. There was his axe, made out of some mysterious metal known as orichalcum that apparently had properties that could combat magic. His sturdy bow that few people or monsters could pull back and a quiver of arrows. There were also a sleeping bag, a fur blanket and a folded tent to sleep in. Next were some dried meat provisions, a vial with a wolf skull drawn on it, a jar with some green healing poultice, a skin filled to the brim with water and surprisingly enough a few pieces of soap.

The barbarian picked the soap out of the bag and looked at the stream ahead of him before shrugging and undressing himself. Despite his life full of hardship his body lacked any visible scars. The only sign of his rather active lifestyle became apparent when his left arm suddenly fell on the ground with a dull metallic clang.

The wild man looked at the stump of his arm and frowned at the memory of how he lost it before taking a dip. All things considered he got off easily, especially since the magical construct could actually move and respond to his mental commands as well as his old arm could but he could not really “feel” it as well he could his real arm and this was still something he was getting used to.

With his personal hygiene taken care of the man began to eat his breakfast that had finished cooking. The meat was juicy and tender. So far he could not tell much difference between the local wild life between his home and this new area but he did encounter a few unfamiliar plants. While chewing on the meat he reached out deep into his inner pocket and pulled out a few pieces of paper. They were some sort of tribal art pieces, depicting various events of his old life.

After he had finished his trip down memory lane he packed up the fried meat and extinguished the fire. The deer carcass was left out in the open for lesser predators to feast on.

After a few minutes of walking the barbarian was back on the road. He had a good feeling today as he noticed human or perhaps monster tracks that were recent enough to leave a trail of smell. Perhaps today would be the day he would finally encounter someone who he can have a conversation with.

By the time the sun reached its zenith, his search finally bore fruit. As he passed over another hill he came upon an intersection. Another road was cutting the one he was on in half and it was much better maintained. Pieces of cobblestone could be seen poking out of its surface as well as fresh footprints left in the dusty dirt.

840ce6 No.246324

But most importantly was the group of people standing at the intersection. The barbarian was almost ready to jump in joy as his mind rushed with ideas of how to potentially approach them. But something was nagging him and he curbed his enthusiasm as his gut sense told him that something felt off.

He kneeled down and scurried over to the side of the road, behind some trees and observed carefully. From what he could gather the group was not unified. There were six figures in all. Five of them were dressed somewhat similar to him in pieces of leather and fur.

The last figure on the other hand had a much more feminine getup in the form of a simple red travel dress, with it’s skirt portion ending just a little over the knee. On her legs she wore boots crafted out of leather that reached high up to her thighs. On her back was a black traveling cloak and a simple bag she was carrying on her shoulder.

The young woman was looking over the group in front of her with a look of smugness and a mix of contempt. A rather unusual combination considering how short she was and that she was outnumbered five to one. Her hair was rich auburn in color and of medium length, it’s end tied together with a simple band. But the strangest part of her getup was the piece of headwear she was wearing. It was a band of some sorts, made out of metal with a red stone placed in the middle.

“Alright, listen up. Since you clearly did not get me the first time. This is a toll road. If you want to use it then you need to pay one silver. Got it?” One of the figures on the other side said. She was the tallest one and appeared to be the leader. It was a wolf girl of some sort but something was off about her. Her skin was very tanned and it felt like she was radiating heat from her mere presence. The four other figures accompanying her were men of varied builds. But all of them were taller than the young woman they were facing and were armed with axes and swords.

“I don’t remember this road being a toll road. You sure you didn’t mix it up?” The short woman with auburn hair replied in a mocking tone and pulled up her hands to cross them behind her head.

“This is your last warning girl. Pay up or get lost.” The hellhound growled and moved her head back and forth. This gesture made the muscles on her neck pop in a threatening fashion.

“Or else what?” The short woman across her asked with seemingly genuine curiosity.

“Try it and find out.” The hellhound bandit leader smiled in feral fashion.

The woman with auburn hair smirked and took a step forward. This was the straw that broke their patience and the group of bandits sprang into action, rushing at the young woman.

>What do you do?

840ce6 No.246325

Welcome to Warrior quest, an interactive story where you take control of a young strapping lad of above average stature called Bernsen.

Raised in the forest by a family of bears this mean barbarian enjoys eating meat, exploring the world and beating the shit out of local wild life and troublemakers whenever the opportunity for it arises.

After leaving his ancestral home in the Black Forest he seeks to connect with civilization and start a new life for himself. The land he is traversing is known as Deleor and is governed by its king who lives in the country’s capital of Sanctiford.

Will Bernsen manage to start a new life and make new friends and acquaintances? Join the fun and find out.

This is the second part of the Black Forest series of quests which is set in the same universe as AceTheWritefag’s Wizard Quest series. To all the veterans: Welcome back! As for the newcomers: Don’t be discouraged to join! The story has a rather open ended structure and while knowledge of the previous part will let you understand certain story elements better it is not necessary to do so.

For those interested in becoming familiar with our previous works you can read through the thread archives below.





Learning from experience this time around I will maintain a stat sheet of sorts for the main character which includes his inventory. Keep in mind however that the stats listed are strictly arbitrary and should only be taken as a general idea of his abilities and strengths.


Happy new year everyone! Let’s make this year count!

d9e852 No.246335


Make your presence known (weapon at the ready but slightly obfuscated) and help the outnumbered girl.

f8d51d No.246394

Spank the Hellhound with your axe!

6d7083 No.246399



New life, new name, huh? I see what's happening here…

Well, best join in and at least try to drive them off peacefully. If they need to be roughed up, then so be it. Banditos don't scare BERNSEN, do they?

No, no, BERNSEN scares the banditos!

Oh, and then I guess ask the lady her name, where exactly you are, etc etc.

Also, how long after Barbarianquest does this take place?

282b68 No.246400


I like to believe that his name is Bernsen now because that is how Delorians hear Bearson when pronounced in his native tongue.

b1cb6c No.246412

Fuck up the bandits with that sweet ass bow.

360 no scopes

d9ab05 No.246556


The chick in the red dress obviously has magic or something to be acting so smug (Or perhaps she's just dumb), in any case get involved, maybe the red dress woman can shoot hellhound with magic while you distract her?

Glad this is back op

70c358 No.246628

Help the girl fend off the bandit scum. Try not to kill any of them as they could fetch a nice bounty alive. Could also use this as an opportunity to curry favour from the nearby village(s) and find out where the bandits' hideout is.

welcome back

i still miss wiggles

70c358 No.246629


im a faggot, forgot my sage

3f7846 No.246630

cry reee and let slip the frogs of war. I say we let loose a mighty cry and charge the hellhound and her goons And perhaps headpat the hellhound into submission.

1e00e5 No.246662

Knock some heads in true former berzerker style

e27aaf No.246676

Although this was probably none of his business and he was in a foreign land something was telling the barbarian that this was not some regular hunter/prey scenario. The group of men lead by the fiery wolf were up to no good and he could perhaps gain favor from the strangely dressed woman if he would help her.

“Hey! Stop!” The barbarian shouted and leaped out of his hiding spot before sliding down the side of the hill.

The bandits turned their heads to him in surprise. “Who the hell…“ The leader of the group began but her question was interrupted by a sudden bright flash of light and the roaring sound of flames erupting from somewhere.

Before the stunned barbarian could even reach the bottom of the hill all hell broke loose. The four men’s bodies were enveloped in a cloak of fire that spread at an unusual rate. They screamed out in pain and fear before collapsing on the ground and starting to roll back and forth in a desperate attempt to quell the flames burning them.

Before them stood the short woman, a wicked smile plastered on her face as she stood still with her shoulders in a shrugging position and arms stretched out. Both of the palms of her hands were enveloped in a bright orange fire but bizarrely enough it was not burning her flesh and seemed to wrap around it instead, without causing any damage.

The fiery looking wolf who was leading the group possessed a similar affinity. She stepped out of the rapidly fading inferno with a feral growl and eyes full of hate.

“Oh right, hell hounds are resistant to fire.” The short woman in the red dress furrowed her eyebrows and reached toward her belt to pull out a small metal knife.

Just in time as it turned out as the ferocious monster descended upon her like an angry storm. But moving with an unusual amount of grace and agility the woman tossed her cape ahead and covered the hellhound’s face before side stepping and stabbing the blinded monster in the back as she passed by her.

The tall woman let out a howl of pain and staggered before tripping over one of the loose cobblestones and collapsing on the ground.

“And now for the coup de grace!” The woman with the auburn hair raised her hands up in the air and suddenly the fire around her hands condensed, shaping up into a spherical form between the palms of her hands. She forcibly brought her arms down, launching the ball of flames at the collapsed figure of the hellhound.

e27aaf No.246677

Another bright red flash nearly blinded the man and he could feel the wave of heat passing over his body from the display of pyromancy before him.

The flames did not linger this time and vanished almost instantly. The hellhound was laying in a small charred crater in a fetal position and was not moving.

The other four members of the bandit gang were likewise limply laying sprawled on the ground in various positions. The flames that were burning them moments ago, seemed to just vanish in an instant when the final blow against their leader was connected.

“Good grief.” The short woman sighed and slightly raised her tiara to wipe some sweat from underneath it with her sleeve.

With a shuffle the bear skin clad barbarian finally reached the bottom of the hill.

“Huh?” The girl turned around and glanced at the man. “Oh wow, are you their boss or something? Nice! That means I won’t have to go looking for your camp!” With that she quickly put her knife away and balled her hand into a fist before hitting it against the open palm of her other hand.

“Boss? What are you-WHOA!” The barbarian’s reflexes suddenly flared and he leaped sideways to avoid a stream of flames that suddenly burst from the palm of the pyromancer in front of him. The wave of heat passing by him made him sweat a little. When he saw the crown of one of the trees on the hill he descended from burst into flames he began to sweat a lot.

“Ohhh? You got some good reflexes. I guess that’s expected from Briana Blackbear. Well too bad for you today is the day of reckoning! I Sahra The Sorceress supreme have come for your heaWAH!” The young woman suddenly yelped and duck to avoid a rock flying at her face.

“What the hell!? Who throws rocks at people whi-HEY! STOP!” She danced back and forth to avoid a few more stony projectiles from the barbarian while he hastily climbed back up the hill to retreat into the small group of trees.

“Oh no you don’t! You are not getting away from me, I need that bounty cash!” The sorceress yelled angrily and launched a few more streams of flames at the trees but the man had already vanished within.

e27aaf No.246678

“Oh gods damn it! I hate it when they run!” The woman complained and puffed her cheeks before beginning to climb the hill and muttering complaints to herself. She nearly slipped a few times and cursed when she scraped her knee during the climb but finally she was inside the group of trees, holding a ball of fire aloft above one of her hands.

“Come out quietly and I promise I will only burn you a little bit!” She announced while scanning her surroundings.

Meanwhile the barbarian was firmly sitting on a branch above her and contemplating his next course of action. He managed to lead her to a more favorable position as he had much more cover in the woods and was not completely exposed to her long-ranged fire attacks. He was concealed for the time being but the young woman was surprisingly perceptive and agile since she was able to avoid the rocks he threw earlier. He glanced back at his bow. No matter how fast she was she would not see an arrow coming at her head, especially one of his.

But this was clearly a case of a mistaken identity here. She referred to him as Briana and believes him to be a part of the group she decimated moments ago. Right now, the best course of action would be to subdue her and clear this up.

“AHA! FOUND YOU!” Sahra suddenly jerked her head up, her expressive brown eyes smiling in triumph as she spun around and launched the ball of flames upwards.

Already mentally preparing for an escape plan the barbarian jumped off the branch as it exploded behind him in a bright flash of flames and sent burning pieces of wood raining down on the girl below who cursed and shielded her eyes from the onslaught. A mistake that proved to be her downfall as the barbarian bounced off another tree across form him and flew downwards at a forty five degree angle to tackle the woman to the ground.

There was a series of angry grunts and coughs as the wind was knocked out of the short woman but before she could even realize what happened she suddenly felt herself aloft, with her hands tightly held behind her back.

She blinked her eyes a few times in surprise as she stared down in the stern face of a bearded man that was holding her up like some misbehaving kitten. Sahra then tried to move her hands, but to no avail, as they were tightly held together by the wrists with the massive man’s hand. Spells were out of the question in her current state.

“Okay, okay you got me. You are pretty good, but listen we can make a de-HAH!” She suddenly jerked her foot forward and kicked the man in the stomach as hard as she could but instead she yowled in pain and bit her lip before quickly moving her bruised foot back. The barbarian glanced down briefly without so much as flinching before looking in his captive’s eyes again.

“By the gods, are your abs made from solid steel or something?” Sahra whined as tears welled up in the corners of her eyes. “Wait a second” Her expression suddenly shifted into one of confusion. “You are not a monster, you are just wearing a bear’s head.”

>What do you do?

1e00e5 No.246679

Ask her where she comes from and why she's bounty hunting.

1a1062 No.246681

Take care of her hurt leg and ask her what the fuck is going on

1a1062 No.246703

So all the inhabitants of the Black Forest lost their memory.

We are currently still in the immediate vicinity of the Forest.

The leader of the bandits is as far as we know a Bear. Oh boy this could get juicy

3f7846 No.246720

I do believe she may be pretending to realize we aren't this black bear person so she can try to get us. I say we somehow tie her up and have a little heart to heart to get to the bottom of this

d9ab05 No.246877


>“You are not a monster, you are just wearing a bear’s head.”

"yes, I would have thought my lack of breasts would give that way."

6d7083 No.246890


Remove the bear skin from yourself and say, "Pretty cool, huh? It's my animality."

Proceed to use that amazing intro line to now ask what her name is and why she's throwing fire at us. Also ask directions, we're lost.

b46cab No.246953


This sounds most plausible…

ccf4fa No.246968


This seems pretty spot on.

840ce6 No.246978

“Uh, yes?” The man blinked in confusion and pulled back his hood with his mechanical hand. “Did you not notice that I lack mammaries?”

“Come to think of it you have a pretty thick beard too.” The girl narrowed her eyes in suspicion while examining her captor. “So, are you going to let me go or…?”

“Only if you promise not to set me on fire again.” The man replied.

“Deal.” The young woman answered almost instantly without missing a beat. The barbarian leaned closer to look at the woman’s face who for her credit was maintaining an almost ideal mask of innocence. But he played this game before on both ends.

“You are lying.” He said after a brief pause.

“Whaaaat? No way, my word’s worth a million gold coins.” The girl in his grasp answered in an offended tone and tried to squirm out of his grasp to no avail.

“Okay, listen.” The man sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose. “I don’t know who you mistook me for but I am not like those members of the group you fought.”

“Oh yea, yea I know.” The girl nodded in almost sagelike fashion. “You didn’t choose the life of a highwayman. Maybe you had a family and a house before, were going to pursue high education. But then the danuki took your home and your wife left you so now you are forced to rob other more fortunate individuals to feed yourself.”

“Wait, wait, what? Huh? Slow down!” The barbarian blinked repeatedly from the sudden assault of confusing influx of unfamiliar words.

“With that said, it must be pretty lonely to be out here away from civilization.” The girl suddenly blushed and looked away. “How long has it been since you felt a woman’s touch? And now you have captured me, a poor innocent girl. You must be barely holding yourself back from tearing those clothes of my back and violating me in unspeakable ways only a large burly man with a lot of pent up lust can.”

“Huh.” The barbarian’s face took on another level of disbelief.

“Well maybe we can help each other. Truth to be told I always had a dream to be thrown down and manhandled by someone like-“ The girl continued before the barbarian suddenly interrupted her.

“I told you, I know you are lying. You are just trying to seduce me to lower my guard.” The man quickly shook his head with a disappointed sigh. “And besides aren’t you a bit young to say things like that?”

The lustful shy expression that the girl was maintaining was suddenly torn off in an instant as she turned her head back to the barbarian with a frown.

“What.” She spoke out.

“Well, I mean you are just a cub. I don’t know what sort of monster you are but you are barely tall enough to reach my waistline and your breasts haven’t even started developing y-“

With an inhuman agility that the barbarian had no way of predicting the girl suddenly twisted her body upwards to wrap one of her legs around his arm to place herself perpendicularly from his body and thrust her other leg into his face.

“Guwah!” The man grunted in surprise as the heel of her boot dug into his cheek.

“What was that asshole!? What did you just say about me?” She angrily shouted as she began to furiously assault the man holding her with a flurry of kicks.

“A sexy young woman offers up her body to you and you just ignore it? Are you some fucking faggot!? Bet you and your other bandit buddies pound each other’s shitters all the time while not raiding don’t you!? EH? EHHH!?”

“Okay, enough!” The man suddenly raised his voice and thrust the girl he was holding face down on the forest floor.

“Nrgh, what are you…” The girl’s blood suddenly chilled in her veins as she felt something cold and metallic lift the skirt portion of her dress and pull down her undergarments.

“W-wait, I-I was just joking. L-let me go, I have some gold with me please!” Her voice rose into a full-blown panic as she struggled to turn around. But her assailants grip was too strong for her to overpower.

“Oh no, not a chance. I don’t know where you parents are but if they aren’t near then I’ll have to discipline a brat like you myself.” The barbarian holding her down spoke out in a threatening tone.

840ce6 No.246979

“M-my parents? But I don’t ha-AAAHHH!” A sudden sharp slap reverberated through the small patch of trees as the palm of the barbarian’s metallic fist crashed into the girl’s bottom with the force of an angry god.

“What are you doing!? Stop! Ahhh! Stop! Stoooop!” The girl whined loudly as the barbarian proceeded to hold her down over his knee and deliver some karmic retribution.

“Hmmm. Okay that should do it.” The man nodded to himself and pulled the girl’s undergarments back up before letting her go.

The young woman took a few shaky steps forward before sharply turning around with her face red and angry tears streaming down her cheeks. She opened her mouth as if wanting to say something but no words came out and she just stood there in a rather silly state opening and closing her mouth repeatedly.

“Okay, now let me say this again. I am NOT a part of that other group that attacked you.” The man shook his head and sat down with his legs crossed. He could no longer feel any malicious intent from the upstart youngling and decided that lowering himself to be on the same line of sight would improve his chances to obtain the information he needed.

“I- I can see that now! Who goes around the land and does stuff like that? Who are you anyway, some random hermit with a s-spanking fetish?” She stuttered out before rubbing her butt with both hands.

“My name is Bernsen. I am a stranger to this land. Yours is… Sahra wasn’t it?” The man glanced at the embarrassed girl.

“Y-yea.” She nodded and looked away.

“Sorry about having to discipline you but you were out of line. Have you never been taught to respect your elders?” The man reached back to pull his backpack down.

“I am nineteen!” Sahra shouted in anger and balled up her fists.

“Huh, really? But you are so small.” Bernsen’s eyebrows rose in surprise.

“Yes!” The young sorceress answered loudly.

“Well you are telling the truth this time. Hmm, this land sure is strange.” The man moved his head sideways with thoughtful expression.

“Oh, you believe me now!? How the hells can you tell if someone’s lying or not anyways? Are you a mind reader.” The sorceress readjusted her clothing which got crumpled in their scuffle and nervously glanced around.

“No, just good at reading faces. As for me, I am a… traveler of sorts.” Bernsen replied in a slightly mysterious tone.

“A traveler? From where?” The girl narrowed her eyes in suspicion again.

“I grew up in the woods not far from here. My tribe was very secluded so this land’s customs are very alien to me. Apologies if I have offended you but you are the one who started tossing fire around.” The man answered and pulled out a couple pieces of roasted venison from his bag.

“Well you are the one who came sliding down the hill in a bear’s skin like some sort of a boss bandit. Wait, hold on. You said tribe? You mean like one of those oonga boonga savage monster tribes?” The woman did a little jig to imitate a tribal dance of sorts before looking at Bernsen with a curious expression.

“I don’t know what the first two words you said were but yes. My tribe was mostly made up of monsters.” The man nodded in confirmation.

“Oh geez, I didn’t think there were still any around after that monster lady’s order came into effect twenty years ago. Well… I guess we are in the middle ass of nowhere. The only notable landmark nearby is the Black Forest and that place is a dead trap.” The girl shook her head with a frown. “I heard the monster tribes keep men imprisoned against their will. Did you escape from them or something?”

“Not exactly. It’s a long story. Some meat?” The man shrugged and extended his arm with a piece of venison held in it.

Sahra looked at him with an expression of disbelief before speaking again. “Are you for real? First you spank me and now you are giving me a piece of meat. Do I look like some stray dog to you?”

Bernsen blinked once. “What’s a dog?”

840ce6 No.246980

The woman opened her mouth but quickly closed it and shook her head. “Oh boy, you really did grow up in the woods didn’t you. Anyway, I uh am not hungry so put that away.”

“You sure? You look so thin and malnourished.” The man scratched his beard as he regarded the girl in front of him.

“T-that’s called being petite and slim! That’s how girls should look!” Her face suddenly reddened again.

“Oh? So are you considered to be beautiful by this land’s standards?” The man asked with a genuine curiosity in his voice.

“W-well obviously.” She replied in a bashful tone and moved her hand through the length of her auburn hair.

“Hmm I see. By the way what sort of monster are you again. I can’t say I ever encountered any members of your tribe.” The man asked his next question and pointed at Sahra with an open palm.

“Monster? Are you st- Ugh, I am not a monster. I am a woman.” Sahra sighed and raised her hand to cover her face.

“Wuu man? Oh. Ooooooohhh! I see you are a female equivalent of a man!” The barbarian suddenly made a sound of realization and clapped his hands together.

“That’s one way to put it I guess…” The young sorceress rolled her eyes and shrugged.

“Sorry for not realizing right away, I actually saw wuu men before but it was only in passing. Come to think of it a lot of them were pretty short too.” Bernsen repeatedly nodded to himself.

“See, I told you. That’s normal!” Sahra smirked and put her hands on her waist.

“Not as short as you though.” Bernsen quickly added.

“Nnnghh.” The girl in front of him gritted her teeth silently.

“Well I am glad that we cleared things up. Say, could you do me a little favor? I have been wandering around for a month now, looking for a settlement where men live but most of them were either empty or abandoned. Could you please point out where I could find one?” The barbarian clapped his hands together and bowed his head in a sign of submission which he hoped was universal.

“First you beat me up and now you are demanding me to give you directions? You have a lot of nerve savage. Buuuut… alright. You do look like you could use some help.” The woman shrugged and flicked her hair behind her. “And it was kind of my fault too.” She quickly added under her breath after turning around.

“Alright, get up “Bernsen” I will lead you to my “tribe”!” The mystic arts user announced in a grand fashion and made a mock curtsey.

“Oh, but first we need to go tie up those other assholes on the road down there.” Her head suddenly shot up as if she remembered something important and turned right, in the direction of the hill she climbed earlier.

The man let out a sigh of relief and got up to follow her. Looks like he has a guide for now, even if a bit eccentric one.

The duo made their way back but before long Bearson nearly got deafened by a shrill female scream coming from next to him.

“W-where did they go! They were right there! I remember! Look, even the burn marks on the ground are still here!” Sahra dashed around the road in hasty panic as if looking for something.

“They must have left while we were fighting.” The man nodded to himself.

“Gee, thanks captain obvious! Ohhhhh nuts!” She angrily kicked some dirt away. “I needed that blood money damn it! Oh you try to be nice, the notice said “dead or alive” so you try to take them down in a nonlethal fashion, just burn them a little bit. And what do they do? The ungrateful assholes can’t even be bothered to stay down and wait to be tied up! Now am going to have to wait till they calm down and try this toll road shtick again!”

While the young sorceress ranted, the barbarian leaned down to the dirty road and picked up a handful of sand before smelling it and letting it sift through their fingers.

“They went there.” He straightened out and pointed to the road up the hill from which he came from.

“And-wait huh?” Sahra turned around to look at him in surprise. “How can you tell?”

“This trail has five sets of fresh footprints leading up. It’s a bit vague since it’s summer and the ground is dry but the dust has been disturbed and the trail has a distinct burning smell.” The man explained matter of factly.

“Huh, growing up in the woods has some perks.” The woman blinked once. “Well uh… I guess I am going to go up there then and follow them.” She took a few steps forward and up the hill.

“Oh yea, almost forgot. There is a small village about an hour away if you follow this road south. There are no splits so you won’t miss it.” She suddenly turned around and pointed to her left. “Good luck and uh… see you I guess.” The young sorceress scratched her head and turned around before continuing on her way.

>What do you do?

3f7846 No.246983


At this rate this girl is going to get herself killed. I say we follow and introduce ourselves as her father for maximum fun.

70c358 No.247002


This. Follow and help the wuu man.

1a1062 No.247017

This girl needs an authority figure in her live. Let's help her out

1e00e5 No.247061


Give her a piggyback ride so we can catch up to them faster.

282b68 No.247065


When was the last time we fought someone? Lets go with the wuu man for now since it might lead to a fun fight.

ccf4fa No.247111


Let's give the poor girl a hand. Them getting away is partly our (but mostly her) fault.

d9ab05 No.247138


A sudden sharp slap reverberated through the small patch of trees as the palm of the barbarian’s metallic fist crashed into the girl’s bottom with the force of an angry god.




Human daughterfu? I approve. She's obviously not waifu matterial

6d7083 No.247140




>post #3

>Already with a daughteru

Come on guys. Let the fire-loli be a fire loli. We should make sure she doesn't die though since we probably have a thing about letting people into mortal danger. Besides, this is the first wuu-man we've met! Letting her die would be very sad.

3f7846 No.247153


But she's 19, plus I'm just thinking of how funny it would be for her to come upon the bandit camp and be surrounded or already subdued by the time he gets there

>bandit 1:"alright she's tied up and immobilized"

>bandit 2:"suppose there's anyone else with her"

>Bernsen walks up and towers over them

>Bernsen:"Yes. Papa Bear."

>bandits scream in terror

>Bernsen proceeds to absolutely destroy the bandits

Just a thought. Plus a variety of other social situations that this may be funny inshe does after all lack parents, or she was trying to say so anyway

840ce6 No.247217

“Wait.” Bernsen quickly spoke out and approached the young sorceress. “That group, why are you after them? Are they your enemies?”

“What? No, not really. I am just after the reward placed on their heads.” She answered a bit dismissively but after she was met with a confused look from the barbarian once more she stopped in her tracks and turned around with an annoyed expression on her face.

“Basically, they are a group of monsters and bad people. They go around stealing from and pushing the locals around. So, they put up a notice for folks passing through to eliminate them with the promise of a reward.”

“Why don’t the locals fight them off themselves?” The man asked while scratching his head in confusion.

“Because they are weak obviously. Most of the people around here never held anything sharper than a shovel in their hands.” Sahra explained.

“Why not just run away and hide form them then?” Bernsen continued his line of questioning.

The girl in the red dress took a deep breath before continuing. “Look, things are done different from whatever stone age hole you crawled form. People can’t just abandon their homes and land on a whim. For most it’s one step short of a suicide since their farms are the only thing feeding them.”

“Hmm, I am not sure I understand.” The barbarian cocked his head sideways and frowned.

“You’ll figure out soon enough I am sure. Now excuse me, I have a job to do.” The girl shook her head before rolling her eyes and continuing on her path up the hill again.

“Do you need any help?” Bernsen suddenly asked.

Sahra stopped again to look over her shoulder with an expression of smug condescension. “Help? Yea, nah thanks. I think I can handle a few dirty vagabonds. No offense.”

“You sure? You are limping, you know.” The man pointed down at her right leg which she was holding slightly off balance.

“Oh, that.” The sorceress hastily readjusted her footing. “One of my boots slipped off a little when I was climbing that hill and I scraped my knee. It’s nothing. Waaait, are you trying to get a piece of the bounty? I am not going to share the reward so you can buzz off.” Her expression changed into a suspicious frown again.

“I don’t really care for whatever reward they have for killing them. I just feel a little guilty since it was partly my fault that they got away. You sounded very upset earlier when you found that out.” Bernsen explained matter of factly and pointed behind him at the few scorched silhouettes on the ground.

“Guilty, huh…?” The woman scratched her chin thoughtfully. “Yea, come to think of it this is totally your fault. I guess you do make for a decent distraction with you being as huge as an ogre. Tell you what, okay. I accept. You can repay your debt to me by fighting for my sake.” She suddenly thrust her hand forward and pointed at the barbarian with her index finger.

“You are…welcome?” The man raised one of his eyebrows.

“Now then off we go. Chop chop. I don’t want to be caught on the road at night.” She clapped her hands twice and gestured for the man to follow her who did so even though he was beginning to feel lingering thoughts of regret over his decision.

And the thoughts began to pile up on a short notice as it hadn’t even been an hour before more problems in regard of his traveling companion arose.

“Will you… *gasp*…. Just…. stop…” The girl bend over a little and held her legs which were wobbling while simultaneously taking off the metal crown she was wearing to wipe a torrent of sweat from her forehead.

“You are not very used to traveling, are you?” The man pointed out and sighed while shaking his head. The girl was a mess with her hair completely drenched and face taking a deep shade of red that almost bordered on purple.

“S…screw you. Each one…of your steps is like… worth three of mine. I need a… break.” She uttered before looking around herself with a longing expression.

“Thirsty?” The man asked.

“Y-yea. I didn’t expect this to be a long trip. I wish I had brought my flask with me.” Sahra uttered and hung her head.

840ce6 No.247218

“Here.” With a fluid motion the man pulled out a wineskin out of his backpack and handed it to the exhausted girl.

“Huh, what the?” She sniffed the object in her hands cautiously. “Is this a wineskin? Well aren’t you full of surprises, don’t mind if I do!” Her face took on a brighter tone but not for long. As soon as she had a taste she jerked the wineskin away from her mouth and spat on the ground in disgust.

“What the hell? What is this?” She looked at the object she was holding with disbelief.

“Water…?” The man blinked and took the wineskin back while scratching his head. It was fresh too, he filled it up this morning so it could not have gone stale so quickly.

“Water!? Who carries freaking water in a wineskin? I thought it had actual wine in it, it even smells like it from outside! Hells, even beer would be acceptable.” Sahra continued to spit and wiped her tongue with the sleeve of her traveling dress.

“Forget it, let’s just keep going.” She sighed and continued to follow the road.

“What’s wrong with water?” The man asked, still hopelessly confused at her violent reaction.

“It’s disgusting. Don’t you know that merfolk fuck in it?” The girl angrily replied.

The man had nothing to reply with to that statement and just put the wineskin away while shaking his head.

“You know you really need to learn how to behave.” He pointed out.

“Says the random dirty smelly vagabond living in the woods.” She sharply replied.

Bearson looked at his pristine clothes and took a whiff from under one of his armpits. The girl noticed the gesture and her expression took on a more mellow state.

“Well, okay maybe not dirty. And you don’t smell bad either.”

“It’s important to maintain personal hygiene.” The man agreed.

“It sounds so weird to hear that coming from someone like you, how did you even manage to do it, living in the woods and all?” She asked, sounding genuinely interested.

“One of the other tribes had a way of making soap out of ash. One of its members showed me how to use it and supplied me with it. That’s all there is to it.” Bernsen answered with a shrug.

“Huh, maybe your home wasn’t full of degenerates after all.” Sahra thought out loud and glanced up at the barbarian who to her surprise was suddenly wearing a rather dark and ominous expression on his face. But as soon as he noticed her looking at him it was gone in a flash.

“Hmm? Yea, it was nice. By the way you are bleeding.” He pointed at her leg again.

Sahra quickly looked where he was pointing and cursed out loud as she noticed a thin stream of blood running down the length of her boot. She stopped in her tracks and pulled the footwear down to reveal that the small wound on her knee had turned into a large tear from the extensive tracking she was doing.

“That doesn’t look so bad. Let me take a look.” The man leaned down to touch her leg but the girl quickly pulled it back.

“Hey, hands off! I told you I will be fine.”

“It might get infected if you leave it like this. I have some herbal ointment that can help.” With that the man rummaged in his backpack again to pull out a round clay container. He pulled the lid off from it to reveal a mass of thick green paste inside that had a strong bitter smell.

“Sit down on that rock there and I’ll apply some.” He pointed at a large stone laying on the side of the road.

The sorceress seemed to have an internal struggle for a brief moment but relented and obliged him, pulling herself up and letting her legs dangle over the stone’s surface.

“Are you some witch doctor too now?” She asked trying to sound sarcastic but it came off halfheartedly.

840ce6 No.247219

“No at all, this is basic everyday stuff. I am surprised you don’t know it, didn’t your family teach you how to survive and hunt on your own?” He asked while pouring some water from the wineskin over her wound to clean it up.

No reply came to his question and he continued his work, quickly covering the wound with the thick green mass. The last detail was wrapping a large leaf over her knee and neatly tying it up together with the plant’s own fibers.

“Okay, that should do for now. Try not to put too much pressure on your leg.” He instructed the girl and she nodded quietly and muttered a barely audible thank you.

“Now up you go.” The man then quickly added and suddenly grabbed the sorceress by the collar of her dress and pulled her up to plant her firmly on his shoulders before she could so much as utter as protest.

“W-what are you doing!? Put me down!” She loudly objected and tried to get off, nearly falling down in the process but the man readjusted his body to keep her balanced which ended up being oddly difficult.

“You know you are so small but you are strangely heavy.” He pondered out loud.

“Oh really now? First you said I am malnourished but now you say I am fat? Make up your damn mind you jerk and put me down already!” She wiggled around again but this time the barbarian was gently but firmly holding her legs.

“Your leg is hurt and your stamina is underwhelming as it is already. We’ll never catch up to those bandits at this rate so I’ll just carry you.” Bernsen explained the rather sound in his mind logic but it did not seem to sit well with his passenger. She continued to loudly complain and throw out threats of setting him on fire for a few minutes more while the barbarian jogged forward, following the bandit’s trail which was becoming more distinct by the minute.

Eventually she gave up her resistance and instead chose to look around the countryside that was rapidly passing by.

“You know, your breasts might be underdeveloped but your legs and hips are pretty filled out.” The barbarian pondered out loud while glancing at the legs he was holding.

“Stop calling me fat!” Sahra yelled with a tone of near desperation.

“Fat? Sorry I am not following. Did I say something inappropriate?” The barbarian asked sounding a little apologetic.

“Uuuhhh. Never mind.” The woman riding on the barbarian’s shoulders sighed.

They continued in such fashion in silence for a few more minutes before Sahra spoke out again.

“Hmm, I guess they are using one of the abandoned settlements as their hideout. Smart.”

“Does it have something to do with the black forest?” The man she was riding suddenly asked.

“Hmm? Well yea, obviously. Must be kind of scary to live next to a place that can suddenly expand five miles in some direction and swallow an entire settlement overnight. At least that’s what the locals say. Sounds pretty farfetched to me honestly. How can a forest just expand out in a single direction by itself?” She snorted and shrugged in amusement.

“Yea, that sounds crazy.” Bernsen replied from below sounding slightly hoarse.

“You sure you don’t need a break? You have been running for a while now. You sound tired.” Sahra leaned over with some concern in her voice.

840ce6 No.247220

“I don’t think there is time left for that. We are here.” He answered and began to slow down before reaching with his arms back and plucking the girl riding on his shoulders down by gently picking her up by her waistline and setting her down.

She coughed into her hand and readjusted her clothing before looking forward to see a large wooden structure ahead. It seemed to be an abandoned farmhouse of some sort. By the looks of it a once prosperous one too as it had two floors and extra buildings connected to it.

It had seen better days. The paint on it has been weathered and faded over the years and large cracks could be seen starting to run through the walls. The largest bit of damage was the partially collapsed roof over one of the rooms on the second floor. But despite that it was clearly occupied by someone as a small trail of smoke could be seen rising from a chimney.

Three dirt paths were leading up to the house: one up front and two around the back. The first one ended at the back door and the second at the cellar which had been boarded shut. The windows, like the cellar, were nailed shut and it was difficult to discern what was going on inside. There were definitely a few people in it though as an occasional voice or a laugh could be heard coming from the cracks in the walls and the opening between the boards covering the windows.

“Hmm… the elder said that there are twenty of them all in all.” Sahra held her chin with her thumb and index fingers, seemingly deep in thought.

“What should we do?” The man asked quietly.

“I am thinking. Don’t bother me.” She moved her other hand at him dismissively but then lowered it and turned her head to him.

“Or do you have a good idea?” She asked and looked at him expectantly.

>What do you do?

b46cab No.247234

Go up to the back door. Try and peek inside to see what's going on.

Look at the cellar door and see if you can pries it open with out much noise.

10 to 1 is still bad odds, even for Bernsen. Without us knowing more about our foes.

1e00e5 No.247237


Set fires all along the hideout to try and burn them out. They'll probably be disoriented from the smoke and fire to put up a bug fight

3f7846 No.247240


I would recommend a pincer move. Right now many of them will be weakened from their journey back to the hideout, or not expecting trouble and have let their guard down. I suggest we have our wizard use her fire magic on the front of the building and try to knock out as many as she can and we will come from behind roaring like a bear. Spreading fear, chaos, and panic within the enemy ranks.

1a1062 No.247257

File: 93427a6666bd981⋯.jpg (32.86 KB, 534x401, 534:401, dog.jpg)

If this job goes well Bernsen should consider bounty hunting as a career choice.


Torch the place and seal up all the entrances but one (maybe with a wall of fire or something) and just camp the one remaining opening. Use magick and arrows to pick them off.

1a1062 No.247258


Also scout the surrounding area first to check if there are any guards patrolling

d9e852 No.247268



Don't forget, manhandle the hellhound like one of the badger tribe.


I am not for this though, sin ce she's injured I can just see the "we have your woman hostage, stand down" routine. it's not time for the Rip and Tear yet.

f762ae No.247274

File: bc7ef742c787ef4⋯.jpg (163.46 KB, 432x600, 18:25, IMG_0594.JPG)


We''ve bearly even started and we already have potential waifu material with the little witch. I see you like to work fast. Also how tall is Bernson exactly, cause I can totally see us being as a mobile artillary platform for Sahra to rain fire from.

1e00e5 No.247275


>human waifu


wew lad

840ce6 No.247278

File: 8dddef188a09db5⋯.png (16.1 KB, 152x294, 76:147, 8dddef188a09db5a84671aab81….png)


>Human waifu


He is a little under seven feet tall.

31a024 No.247282


>manhandle the hellhound

It's the only manly thing to do!


You forgot to sage!

f762ae No.247290



I guess i sorta assumed do to her short stature and magical affinity she was a witch of some sort. Even though witches in KFC canon are just technically human girls who can use magic, and I doubt she has a baphomet master she answers to either.

d9ab05 No.247388


Scout area, smuther any guards with hand like a spy. Then go into main room. snipe as many high priority targets as possible with bow (hellhound, people with bows, people with heavy weapons), then it's time for melee. Berson deals with hellhound if hellhound is still alive/conscious, Sahra burns the rest at the same time, then uses ice magic, lighting or something on hellhound if Bernson hasn' already won. And pop a tranquil fury if it comes to that

d9ab05 No.247390


>witches are just humans who practice witchcraft


d9ab05 No.247392


Forgot to sage

282b68 No.247407

The [Wolfsbane poison] still works on hellhounds right? We can use it to knock her out quickly if we have to or give it to the girl to use if the hellhound decides to go after her first.

I hope we don't need to use it though since there could be more dangerous foes later on.

6d7083 No.247414


She's stated to be a sorcereress already, the basic type of spellcaster in the setting, born with an inherent use of a single kind of magic and needs mana crystals as a power source. Of course, now that yiy mention it, where are her mana crystals? Must be in her pocket, righthe?

Anyway, there are also witches, but that's a term for all Monster Spellcasters. While a true "witch" are on par with Wizards (see Selene), most end up practicing one form of magic or another (See Madam Rapodie). Of course Alchemy was and still mostly is, a Monster dominated field as it's base component is the semen, the same source to which Monster Witches derive their energy in a similar manner to humans and mana crystals.

I could go on, but needless to say, as far as we know this is just a fire loli as there are no recorded female wizards.

Oh and I kind of like the smoking out thing. Other than that you csn have Bernsen get on the roof and go in all 7 foot stealth style.


d9ab05 No.247453





6d7083 No.247462


Maybe I'll care when you learn to sage.

31a024 No.247464


Lolis are for being cute and headpats, not snu snu!

f762ae No.247466

2271d4 No.247469

File: e05df7bec9c099c⋯.png (230.58 KB, 594x653, 594:653, pepe, reeeeeeeeee 2.png)

File: 1fab8912741cd21⋯.jpg (33.7 KB, 300x445, 60:89, reaction, i cast fist!.jpg)


and a new meme was born


tell fire-loli to sit on a treebranch and watch.

bearson then walks up to the front door and uses the "bardic knock spell" knock on the door procede with beating the shit out of the confused bandits using bearsons superiour bear wrestling.

show off superiour skills to fire-loli.

after bandids are supdued look around the house for valuables and more importantly a cart to transport fire-loli, hellwan, bandits and loot into town.

by the way how old is bearson now?

im still thinking that it might be a posebility for him to turn wizard at age 30.

and the comunion matrix needs to fear the wicked gainz of a muscle wizard, casting fist

f762ae No.247474

Dice rollRolled 10 (1d20)


I too second waiting and multiclassing into a muscle wizard. We could go all primal and shit, something like beastmancy or angermancy or some other wizard subsection that would take best use Bernies barbarion and tribal heritage.

f762ae No.247475


Accidental roll please ignore.

d0b58b No.247495



>Ice magik

a88a0c No.247517


It's just like casting a really really cold fireball

e27aaf No.247532

“Actually, if you are not in a hurry, I would like to take a closer look. See what we are up against.” The man whispered and began to duck walk forward before stopping in his tracks as he heard a rather loud snort followed by a muffled laughter.

He turned his head back quickly to see Sahra wiping the corners of her eyes with the sleeve of her dress and chuckling.

“You are not exactly build for stealth you know. Is this what accounts to a good idea in your head?”

“Don’t worry. I may be large but I know how to be quiet when necessary.” The man reassured her and proceeded to move around the building.

“What a waste of time. I should just set this house on fire and smoke them out.” The sorceress muttered out and hid behind a partially collapsed fence while keeping an eye out on her new odd acquaintance.

To his credit the large man really was inappropriately subtle for his frame and moved quickly and quietly, using piles of rubble and fencing as cover. He made a single circle around the house and soon returned back to where Sahra was waiting.

“They did not put any sentries up. Everyone is inside. Seems like they are relaxed and not expecting trouble. Could not get a good look at the occupants though. Oh, and there is another entrance at the back.” Bernsen quietly summarized the results of his investigation.

“Sounds good. They will never know what hit them.” The young woman smiled mischievously. “Say, since you are so stealthy and all. See those metallic handles on the front door?” She pointed over the fence and at the front entrance.

“If you were to slide one of the loose boards from the fence remains around here in-between them that would jam the door and prevent them from leaving through the front. And if after that I were to, oh I don’t know, throw a fireball inside trough that hole in the roof they would be running around in panic and trying to escape trough the only other entrance. Would make for a nice little choke point don’t you think?” The woman concluded and chuckled quietly to herself.

“Sounds good, but what do the words board, doors and choke point mean?” The man asked while maintaining a neutral expression.

The girl sighed and shook her head.

“Just grab one of those large sticks and shove them in-between those shiny things upfront. Then sit back and watch the fireworks.” With that she began to move over to behind the house.

The barbarian shrugged and after picking a sufficiently large piece of wood made his way to the front. As he slid the stick in as he was instructed he could overhear bits and pieces of conversation coming from inside.

“Hey is Vilka still up there with the boss?” One gruff male voice began after a creaking sound and a few footsteps.

“Aye, she is getting the chewout of her lifetime.” Another one replied pretty close to the entrance.

“Shit, I mean I know it must have been pretty embarrassing to lose to some little girl but that little girl gave four of our guys first and second degree burns all over their bodies. You’d think she would give her a break for that, those shitty hedge mages are always troublesome.” The first voice clicked his tongue in concern.

“Aww, are you worried for poor little Vilka? I wonder what she would say about this.” The second voice chortled.

“Don’t you fucking dare to say anything asshole. The regular daily milking is hard enough on my poor pelvis as it is. The last thing I need is for her to single me out.” The first voice replied sounding worried.

“It almost sounds like you are not enjoying it buddy. Maybe I should pass on to the boss that you need an extended break.” The second voice continued in a mocking tone.

“So you can have her all for yourself? Not a chance.” The two broke into a laughter and Bernsen made a quiet retreat to the back entrance.

“Took you long enough. Is the front entrance sealed?” Sahra asked, sounding annoyed.

The man nodded in confirmation and the short girl closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

“Alright Then it’s Showtime.” She opened her eyes again and straightened out while simultaneously pulling out her arms in front of herself. There was a single passing crackle of magic energy and suddenly a fiery sphere manifested itself in her hands. It rapidly expanded to the size of her head before reaching what Bernsen assumed to be the limit and the girl crouched slightly before making a throwing motion upwards.

e27aaf No.247533

The ball of fire left her hands and was launched upwards in a small arc. It quickly began to descend and plummeted straight into the hole in the roof. A moment later a loud whooshing sound could be heard and suddenly a torrent of fire erupted from the hole in the roof.

There were some sounds of confused movements from inside followed by loud cursing and yells.

“Wait for it.” Sahra licked her lips as she stood a little away form the back entrance with her hands engulfed with a fiery aura.

Next came sounds of footsteps and someone banging on a wooden surface. “What the fuck is wrong with the front door?!” A panicked voice came from inside.

“It’s not opening! Oh gods, I don’t want to burn!” Another scared male voice yelled out.

“Stop crying and get out of the way!” A loud booming feminine voice suddenly cut off all the chatter. There was a brief moment of silence followed by a loud crash and sounds wood being broken and splintered.

“Holy shit, boss! You saved us!” An excited male voice could be heard coming from inside.

“Boss! Boss! Boss! Boss!” Came a united chanting of at least a dozen of male voices.

“Shut up you dumb assholes! You two, pull the loot out of the house before it burns! Vilka, help the boys that you went on a raid with get out. Everyone else with me. That fucking pyromaniac bitch must have followed Vilka’s group.” The deep female voice spoke out with authority.

“Oh come on! What kind of crappy stick did you use to cover the entrance?! You had one job!” Sahra exclaimed in frustration. “Oh whatever, I guess we’ll just do it the hard way.”

The girl hastily got up and ran around the house but stopped just around the corner to readjust her clothing and crown before leaping out from cover.

“Alright you filthy scum. I already burned your buddies. If you know what’s good for yo- huh? Where did they go?” She suddenly stopped her tirade and looked around in confusion.

The barbarian was next to her a moment later and saw that the doors on the front of the house have been forcibly ripped off the hinges and were lying flat on the ground in front of the rapidly burning house.

“Over there!” Bernsen pointed to the right where a group of dozen men lead by a single monster were standing out in the open around a small stone circle of some sort.

“Oh, trying to run again, are you?! Well not this time! As gods are my witnesses I will have my fucking money before the end of this day!” Sahra announced as two streams of fire shot out from the palms of her hands up into the sky.

“We were not running away foolish girl.” The monster took a step forward.

Just as Bernsen suspected from the name she was indeed a bear. Monster bear to be specific. She was quite tall, easily the biggest figure in her gang and possessed a mane of shortcut onyx black hair. Just like her associates, her clothing was fairly dirty and did not leave much to the imagination. She looked pretty fit and her stance implied at least passing combat experience as she held her ground in front of the group. The weapon she was wielding: a wicked looking two handed ax matched her looks and disposition with its jagged edge. The most peculiar detail was the container she was holding in her free claw. It was circular in shape and made from wood.

With a single swift motion, Briana raised it over her head and dumped its contents over her head which ended up being simple water. The bandits under her banner immediately mimicked the motion with buckets of their own and dumped water on each other until the whole group was soaking wet.

“We were preparing. Now you can’t burn us.” The bear woman smirked and one of her fangs poked out from underneath her lip.

“Oh, oh come on! That’s cheating!” The sorceress yelled out in protest and took a step back.

“Kill her.” Briana announced and her entourage rushed forward with many overlapping battle cries and their weapons brandished.

‘Waaahhh!” Sahra thrust her hands forward and two blasts of flames shot out that quickly enveloped the incoming mob. There were a few surprised yells and three of the men fell over but they were not set ablaze like the ones earlier thanks to the protective cover of water shielding their bodies.

e27aaf No.247534

“Haha! Can’t burn us if we are wet eh!? We are gonna cut ya up for what you did to our friends!” One of the men yelled as he leaped forward, ahead of the rest of the mob. Another stream of flames shot out toward shim but he raised his arm to shield his face. Although the sudden flash of heat stung his arm something fierce his dash did not stop and he quickly lowered his arm only to be met face to face with a tall bearded man.

“Hey, don’t just stand there, the girl is right next to y-UAAAARGH!”

Before the bandit could even realize what was going on he was sent flying sideways, with a spin, through the air from a sudden slam directed at the side of his head. He landed down with a heavy thud on the dusty road leading to the well and immediately blacked out.

The mob of men stopped in their tracks in surprise as the way to their target was suddenly cut off by a tall figure standing in the middle of the road.

“Wait, that guy ain’t one of us!” Another bandit pointed out while thrusting his hand forward.

“Down from just one punch…” Bernsen muttered to himself sounding disappointed and raised his metallic arm to examine it. “I thought the men from Deleor were strong.”

“Hey, who the fuck are you!? Why are you dressed up like one of us!” One of the men from the back called out.

“He must be working with that shortstack obviously.” Briana’s voice cut through the confused chatter and the group parted to let her walk upfront.

“Hmm, he looks formidable and has cleverly disguised himself to infiltrate our group while his pet mage provided a distraction. I guess the lord of this land finally decided to hire someone who isn’t an amateur. How much did he promise you for my bounty? Ten gold? Twenty?” She asked while smiling and pulled off her oversized weapon from her shoulder. The blade of the axe landed on the ground with a threatening metallic clang and dug into the earth a little.

“Umm…. Actually, it was just fifty silvers. For the whole gang.” A hand poked from around the barbarian followed by the rest of Sahra who was wearing a slightly worried expression.

“Seriously?” The news seemed to anger the bear woman who narrowed her eyes in annoyance. “What a cheap old asshole. Well if you are poor enough to take on a job with this low of a payoff then you must be either desperate or really bad. Forget what I said earlier. Looks are deceiving it seems.”

She snapped her claws loudly and the men began to encircle the barbarian and the sorceress. The ones Sahra’s initial blast of fire knocked down were already back on their feet with their skins red and fury in their eyes.

“I bear you no grudges.” The barbarian in the center began as he reached down to his belt and pulled free a gold tinted axe from a leather ring on his belt. “But I will defend myself if it comes down to it.”

“H-hold on you are not seriously thinking about taking all these guys on at once? Let’s just run and get out of here while we still can. This is not worth dying over.” Sahra nervously spoke from behind him.

“Run?” The man asked out loud and raised his head slightly so that the top of his face would be concealed by the shadow cast from the bear head hood he was wearing. “No. I am not going to run. Never again.”

“I respect your guile bounty hunter. I will make your death quick.” Briana spoke out sounding a little impressed and grabbed her weapon with both hands before raising it above her head.

“Kill the girl while I take care of this one.” She commanded and took a step forward.

“Screw this! I am outta here!” The young sorceress turned on her heels and got ready to bail but when she started to run her legs just dangled in the air helplessly.

“Oh no! Not this shit again! Put me down! You can stay here if you want but I am too young and beautiful to die!” Sahra screeched out as she was swiftly transported on the barbarian’s shoulders.

“They have no bows.” Bernsen pointed with a strangely authoritative voice that took the sorceress aback and made her stop her squirming in surprise. “They won’t reach you up here. Throw your fire around while I thin out the crowd.”

“Pfffft! What the fuck is this?” Briana guffawed at the scene before and nearly doubled over in laughter. She was soon going to regret it however as in her temporarily incapacitated state she found herself unable to defend herself from an armored fist smashing directly into her face with enough force to make her stagger backwards and see stars.

“Oh shit! He is attacking boss, get him!” The men charged the barbarian from multiple directions but moving with grace and agility that felt out of this world Bernsen avoided one, two, three direct swings at him while simultaneously redirecting the attackers to crash into each other.

e27aaf No.247535

“S-stop moving I am going to faaaaaaahhhhh!” The girl desperately clutching to his head lost control of the fire spell she was trying to conjure when the barbarian suddenly spun in place to catch the blade of a massive axe with his metallic hand. The spell Sahra was holding went wild and a stream of flash fire struck the faces of multiple bandits standing around them. Not being able to see the attack coming from such an unexpected angle three of them were struck head on and immediately fell over screaming and clutching their faces and eyes.

“You son of a bitch.” Briana angrily glared at her opponent who she was almost on equal footing with. “What kind of bastard attacks someone while they are laughing?”

“The one who wins.” Bernsen pointed out in an intimidating tone before forcibly pulling the blade of the axe to himself. Even though Briana was an experienced fighter in her own right she could not foresee such a bold and unusual maneuver and was pulled forward along with her weapon. She lost her footing and began to fall forward.

The world slowed down to a crawl as she lost control of her momentum and saw the blade of the barbarian’s own axe rapidly approaching her face. She tightly held her eyes close as overwhelming fear came over her body. She knew that this day would come, no one survived for long in their line of work. And yet she was unable to face her death with dignity or even muster enough courage to look her killer in the eyes just before her life would get cut short.

The handle of her axe broke from a single blow from Bernsen’s orichalcum blade and the monster bear crashed face first into dirt. Before she even realized what happened or had the time to open her eyes something blunt and heavy slammed into the back of her head.

Briana let out a choking gurgle and her eyes rolled into the back from her head as her mind shut down from the sudden concussion she received.

The tall man threw the blade of Briana’s weapon down on the ground next to her unconscious body and rescanned his surroundings. His passenger seemed to finally adjust to his sudden jerking movements and had begun to rain fire on the unfortunate members of the bandit group.

While none of them were set on fire still, the damage from her heat based attacks was piling up and he found the distance between him and the rest of the gang had quadrupled as no one dared to get close, lest they get a handful of fire thrown in their faces and get blinded like a bunch of their friends already have.

“What is it assholes? Your boss told you to kill me didn’t she!? Put your backs into it!” She taunted the still standing men while cackling madly and tossing apple sized fiery projectiles around.

“C-crazy bitch!” One of them yelled out and threw his sword at the girl. Her expression briefly shifted to fear but the barbarian whose shoulders she was riding on had impeccable timing and raised his metal hand to catch the sword.

“Don’t taunt your enemies while you have the advantage. It can make them attempt desperate maneuvers.” The man chided her on and tossed the sword on the ground.

“Fuck that! This is fun!” Sahra yelled as she lobbed another fireball which struck the now unarmed man in the chest. The water must have begun to evaporate as the clothing the man was wearing had finally been set ablaze and he fell over and began to roll back and forth in panic.

“Yea bullseye!” The young woman pumped both of her fists in the air.

Before long every last enemy was face down in the dirt, either suffering from severe cranial trauma or full body burns.

“Yea! Yea! Take that criminal scum! That’s what you get for crossing me!” The sorceress continued to cheer on.

“We are not done yet.” The barbarian spoke out and pointed at the burning building from which the bandits came from. Seven figures were hastily leaving the premises. Two men carrying large cloth sacks and a hellhound helping out four heavily bandaged men.

“Aha! More enemies to burn! Forward my glorious steed! Let us shown them no mercy! Hey!” Suddenly two hands grabbed her by underneath her armpits and forcibly removed her form her seat of power.

“Aww come on!” She complained and raised her hands up to the barbarian like a babe wishing to be carried by his mother.

“We are not surrounded anymore. And it doesn’t look like those have much fight left in them-WHAT THE!” The barbarian shouted in surprise as the hellhound roared loudly and tackled him with enough force to knock him down on the ground.

“Bernsen!” Sahra yelled out in surprise as she looked at the struggle that unfolding before her very eyes.

The woman with a nearly ash tone colored skin was desperately trying to reach out for Bernsen’s throat and if it wasn’t for his experience in fighting feral animals she would have succeeded already by now.

e27aaf No.247536

Her claws forcibly dug into his flesh and were tearing it apart as his clothing did not provide adequate protection from them.

Meanwhile her dangerously sharp teeth were angrily snapping next to his neck while he held her head back with both hands.

The eyes of the hellhound were burning with anger that was close to animalistic and yet they held a very visible level of despair within which was made more apparent by the tears that were welling up in the corners of the girl’s eyes that rapidly evaporated from her face as her skin was burning hot to the touch.

The barbarian’s understood immediately what was going on behind those eyes as he knew and understood that pain well.

“Your pack members are not dead! They are just unconscious!” He yelled out.

For a brief moment the fierce assault on him weakened and he used this opportunity to quickly turn the tables. He punched the hellhound in her jaw, making hr bite on her own tongue and howl out in pain before rolling her over and quickly binding all of her joints while simoutaneously choking her.

She resisted remarkably well and holding her this close was actually physically painful as her skin began to heat up so much that the barbarian could feel his own flesh starting to cook but he won the war of attrition and the hellhound eventually went limp in his hands, the unnatural heat vanishing with her consciousness.

“Holy crap, are you okay?” Sahra asked a little.

“Yea, yea. Thanks.” The man nodded got back up.

“And where do you think you are going?” The sorceress turned her head around and gave the two men holding sacks of loot an evil eye. They looked at each other then at the carnage that the two bounty hunters wrought and the sacks landed on the ground with a series of jingles.

The four bandaged men shakily raised their hands as well in surrender.

“That’s what I thought.” The girl smirked.

A little over an hour later all of the members of the Black bear bandit group had been bound and gagged and the duo breathed out a sigh of relief.

“Whew. Nothing feels as good as a job done well am I right?” Sahra asked and poked the barbarian standing next to her with her elbow. “Now then let’s see what goodies these guys had.”

She crouched and undid the knots on the two sacks. Immediately various objects began to pile out, a lot of them made out of some shiny material as well as a bunch of colorful stones.

“Ehhh, mostly junk like silverware and amethysts. Oh, these pearls are good.” The woman spoke out loud and held a necklace made out of small white beads.

“What are you doing?” The man asked and cocked his head.

“Uhhh, looting obviously? Duh. Don’t tell me you don’t know what that means?” The sorceress remarked in an amused tone. “Oh, that’s right. I guess you did earn your share back there didn’t you.” She suddenly dropped the necklace back into the pile and straightened out to make a bunch of exaggerated motions with her hands and legs.

“You punched you kicked, you cut! That was crazy! It was like some elaborate oriental puppet theater performance!” She smiled and nearly tripped while imitating the previous fight.

“Bounty is still mine obviously but you can help yourself to their belongings. The pickings are slim but there are a few good things.” She gestured to the other sack that had yet to be opened.

“Didn’t you say that this group went around pushing other people around and taking their things? Doesn’t all of this belong to someone?” The barbarian frowned.

“Well…. yea. It used to. But the bandits stole it. And now we are stealing it from them but it’s okay because they are bad people. It evens out see.” Sahra raised both of her hands and moved them up and down.

>What do you do?

a88a0c No.247556

Let's not get our morals corrupted by some mischievous pyro loli. I say just play this one by the books and don't take any loot for ourselves.

2271d4 No.247557


hard choice, eather we go with the rule of the wild were might makes right and you keep what you kill.

or you go with higher moral ground like bearson always has.

but dont go full lawfull good here, it wouldent fit.

i say keep first pickings and bring the rest to town.

further talk to beargirl and hellwan on the way to town and let them give us there lifestorys.

bearson is still new to civilasation and every bit of info helps.

d9e852 No.247566


Take all the stuff into town to give it back, you're strong enough you can do it by yourself. IF by any chance something catches your eye then maybe take it. But wasn't the dislike for the rule of the wild why you left?

d9ab05 No.247603


>tell fire-loli

19 is older than loli, fin.

d9ab05 No.247605


We'll have to teach her that stealing is wrong via



ccf4fa No.247610


If she gave it to us, we can give it back to those it was stolen from. That seems the proper thing to do.

2271d4 No.247612


lolis are just as much a bodytype then age related.

my ex-wife while 31 was more then a head shorter then me and had a slim build with very small tits, bitch literly gave me a loli fetish

6d7083 No.247684


As much as I personally don't like it, I don't think Bernsen knows too much about property rights. He probably feels that it is wrong, but if he doesn't know what a door is, he doesn't know what Deleorian law is. They defeated the enemies, guess that loot is his.

We're doing to pay for this later, aren't we?

d9ab05 No.247686


>as much a bodytype then age related.

Did you mean as much a bodytype AS age related?

3f7846 No.247691


Try to figure out a way to return these goods to the people. We'll be a big beefy Robin Hood with a harem

3f7846 No.247693

Forgot to sage

2271d4 No.247741


no i mean you can have all the characteristics of a loli and still be fully grown, like i said my wife was in her 30's and still had the body of a loli.

why do you think petite is a thing?

pair that with being only 1.4m tall, slander figure and a cute face and you get what i have been married to for 9 years

d9ab05 No.247785


Yeah but lolicon means

1. The sexual attraction to young girls.

2.An individual fixated on young, generally prepubescent, girls.

3.Erotic or suggestive art depicting prepubescent females

e27aaf No.247919

“If you say so.” The man shrugged and kneeled before the second sack. He could not quite put his finger on why it felt off but if that’s how things work in this land, he was not one to argue.

The knot quickly came loose and Bernsen pulled the opening on top apart to take a look inside. Most of the items looked unfamiliar to him. There were some small, flat and round shiny objects, a few tools, the purpose of which was a mystery to him and some pretty stones like the ones some monsters in his homeland used to wear with their clothing. All of that was useless junk in his eyes that would just weigh him down but something caught his eye inside the bag.

It was clearly a knife. But not one made out of stone like the one he had in one of his pockets. Its blade was made of the same shining material as the round objects at the bottom of the sack. Another oddity that Bernsen found was that it was sharpened on both ends and had a rather broad handle.

He took in his right hand to get a feel for it and moved it back and forth in the air.

“Oh, a dagger huh? Neat, you can get at least ten silvers for that one.” Sahra leaned over the man’s shoulder to take a look at what he was doing.

“It’s not very good.” The man pointed out with a frown. “It’s heavy and the handle is too big. It’s brittle too.” He added after a brief pause to slightly bend the blade with his other hand.

“Hey, hey! Cut that out! You are going to break it and then it will be worthless!” The girl criticized him with a bit of alert in her voice.

“But it’s worthless already. It’s not good for cutting at all.” Bernsen complained and bent the blade back into its original shape.

“It’s not supposed to be actually used to stab people you idiot. It’s made out of silver. It’s decorative.” The girl explained to the man with an annoyed tone.

“Decorative?” He asked in confusion.

“You know, for hanging on walls in your home. That sort of stuff. People pay good money for these things.” She elaborated further.

“Oh, like pictures?” The man asked again with realization in his voice.

“Yea, artwork fetches a pretty nice price too but is usually harder to get rid of unless you have a buyer in advance.” Sahra nodded in confirmation.

“I guess I’ll take it then.” The man finally decided and put the knife into a pocket next to where he stored his stone knife.

>Bernsen obtained [Silver Dagger]

With nothing else inside catching his interest he tied the sack back up and sat down next to it to observe the little mage who was hastily stuffing the bag hanging around her shoulder with various gems and other junk with almost feverish delight until the bag grew and expanded to be so large and heavy that she was having trouble standing up straight as it was pulling her sideways down on the ground.

“Ho ho! That should fetch a nice price in the market. By the way you should probably put the rest of the stuff from the sack into that backpack of yours. It will be easier to carry that way.”

“No need, I don’t plan to take anything else from it.” The barbarian shrugged.

The girl in the red dress did a double take at him before her face took on an expression of disbelief then amused disdain and finally obvious greed.

“Oh, is that so? I guess I’ll help myself to the contents then.” She tippy toed over, or at least attempted to do so with the weight of her luggage slowing her down, but the man suddenly planted his hand on the sack before she could open it again.

“No.” He said plainly.

“What do you mean no? You just said you are not going to take anything else.” The woman confronted the barbarian sounding insulted.

“Yes. But this is still my share, is it not? So I can do whatever I want with it, correct?” The barbarian gestured at the girl standing in front of him with the palm of his hand.

“Yeaaaa….?” She answered and shrugged while shaking her head.

e27aaf No.247920

“Then I will give it back to the people these men stole from. I don’t have a particular need of anything from it but the owners must be missing it dearly.” The barbarian elaborated his plan and leaned down on the grass.

The girl stood there in stunned silence for nearly a minute, just staring at the barbarian with an open mouth like he just said something so absolutely ridiculous that she was having a hard time comprehending it in her head.

“You are a weirdo.” She finally squinted her eyes and frowned before turning away.

“I am going back to the village to tell them to pick these clowns up. Wait here and keep an eye out so they don’t run while I am away, will you?” She added dismissively before trying to take a few steps forward. The bag on her shoulder finally could no longer support the sheer amount of loot it got stuffed with and the shoulder strap snapped, causing the bag to land on the ground with a heavy smack.

“Aww crap. Not again!” Sahra yelled in anger.

“You don’t have to carry it back yourself. I can hold it safe while you run back to the man camp.” The barbarian offered but was swiftly shut down.

“Yea, right! So you can take all the loot for yourself mister “give it back”. I wasn’t born yesterday. I know this trick.” She replied in mocking tone and climbed on top of the nearby well to take a look around.

“Aha! That one building over there has stables in it.” She pointed somewhere in the distance and hopped back down on the ground.

“Stables?” The barbarian inquired.

“Place to keep horses in.” Sahra quickly answered.

“Horses?” The barbarian inquired again.

“Just come with me real quick. It’s time to put those muscles of yours to a good use.” The sorceress rolled her eyes and gestured the man to follow her.

A few minutes later the two stood before another large wooden upstanding burrow. The “doors” on it were much larger in size compared to the one from earlier. The sorceress pulled on the handles and the double set of doors opened with a loud creak.

“Ta dah!” She announced and pointed inside.

The burrow was rather dimly lit and quite dusty as if no one had set foot inside for many years. It was mostly empty with a few peculiar square stands but in the middle of it stood a bizarre contraption that instantly piqued the barbarian’s interest.

“What’s that?” he asked and pointed at it in curiosity.

“That’s called a cart. It’s a device used to transport goods and heavy and or large objects over great distances. Bet you didn’t see anything like that living in the woods, did you?” The young woman wiggled her eyebrows up and down twice.

“How does it work?” The man inquired next while scratching his beard and marveling at the alien object.

“Pull it out and I’ll show you.” The young woman answered with a tone of mystery.

The cart was quickly brought outside and in the light of day the barbarian could appreciate the sheer simplicity of its construction and most importantly its downsides.

“But what if there is a hill or a stream of water in the way?” He asked another question in regards of the device which the woman was surprisingly open to explain without any mocking comments.

“That’s what roads and bridges are for. Of course it won’t be useful in the wilderness but nowadays there is at least one road going to every settlement in the country.” Sahra elaborated.

“So that’s what all those flat pathways were for.” The barbarian nodded in amazement.

“Now help me pull this over close to those jerks. We won’t be able to bring all of them with us but a few of them like their boss and that hellhound should be good enough to get started.” The sorceress ordered.

The cart ended up carrying a bit more than she was expecting though.

e27aaf No.247921

“Okay, this is ridiculous. Stop it.” She sighed at the silly display in front of her.

All twenty of the gang members were stacked upon one another in flat even rows, with their boss resting sideways, along with the sack of loot, on top of the pile of unconscious bodies. The cart was creaking from the pressure put upon it but was holding for now.

“Why? We won’t have to go back this way.” The barbarian asked.

“You won’t even be able to pull it with this much weight.” Sahra crossed her arms in front of her and shook her head.

“It doesn’t look so bad.” Bernsen spoke out and tried to pull the cart. With a grunt his feet dug into the dirt road but the cart did not budge.

“Told you. Stop goofing around. You are a big guy but there is no way you can pull this on your own.” The sorceress smirked.

The man took a deep breath and closed his eyes. Some unpleasant memories briefly flooded his mind and suddenly his muscles bulged from strain and his skin began to rapidly redden.

With a groan the cart’s wheels began to spin and the cart started moving.

“You were saying?” It was time for the Barbarian to look back and smirk at the young woman whose jaw would have fallen off and landed on the ground with a clatter had it not been attached to her head.”

“H-how?” She nearly choked and began to walk next to the cart with an expression of sheer disbelief at what she was seeing.

“The secret is to eat a lot of meat!” The barbarian answered and let out a hearty laugh.

After the initial burst of strength needed to get the cart moving, the barbarian found it to be comfortable to just let the wheels do most of the heavy lifting for him. It’s was Sahra’s turn to bombard him with questions to most of which he replied in joking manner to his companion’s annoyance.

The way back proved to be fairly uneventful and following the girl’s directions the man soon found himself in an unfamiliar place.

“Yep, there it is. Oatsfield. The most boring place in the country.” The sorceress commented while letting her feet dangle playfully as she sat upon the barbarian’s shoulders again.

“Are you sure your leg still hurts? The wound did not look like it reopened during that fight.” He asked while narrowing his eyes in suspicion.

“Huh, oh yea! Ooooh… it’s awful. It hurts so bad I can barely stand it!” The girl complained loudly and sniffled.

“You know I can tell that you are lying, right?” He asked his rude passenger.

“If I am lying then why are you calling me out on it now then?” She asked before leaning forward to look at the barbarian upside down and sticking out her tongue in playful fashion.

The man did not take the bait and just shook his head before taking a closer look at the human camp before him.

It was still rather odd to him to see all those upstanding burrows build out of wood after being taught all of his life to not use it for anything but clearly the men living in Deleor had their own set of laws to live by.

The settlement or village as Sahra called it had only fifteen homes. All of them shared a rather similar style but varied slightly with personal touches placed here and there like an extra building attached to the side or a different color of paint on the walls. There were no natural defenses to speak off and the settlement was placed in the middle of a great flat open space. Large fields of odd green plants, that the man had never seen before, surrounded the area. He curiously plucked a few strands and sniffed them before chewing on one.

“Oy! Whatcha doing there traveler? Don’t take our grain without permission! It ain’t even ripe yet!” A surprised voice suddenly called out from the field and a man’s head emerged from over the green wall

He had a short shaggy beard and wore a hat made from what was apparently dried grass. His expression suddenly shifted into one of fear as he saw the morbid cargo that was being transported.

“W-what the? Are those… bodies!?” He pointed his finger shakily at the cart.

e27aaf No.247922

“Don’t lose your senses yet humble villager!” Sahra announced and gracefully slipped down from her seat and down on the ground.

“These are not corpses yet but rather the gang of people that had been plaguing your land and plundering you of your riches! Tied up and ready to face judgement at your discretion.” She spun in place and made a little bow before quickly speaking out again. “After the bounty on them is paid of course.”

“Wait, you are that little girl who passed through this morning! You are alive! We thought you would die for sure.” The man straightened out completely and took off his hat to look at the sorceress in bewilderment.

“Thank…for the vote…of confidence.” She added trough gritted teeth while still maintaining her now rather fake looking smile.

“T’is true then? Briana Blackbear and her merry men finally met their match? Aye can’t believe it! Hey Mark! Maaark!” The man suddenly turned around and shouted behind him.

“What is it?” Came a muffled voice form the distance.

“The little witch actually did it! She took down Briana Blackbear!” The man with the straw hat in his hand yelled.

“Whaaat? No way! Really?!” The man in the distance shouted back.

“She did! The bitch is roight here on top the cart! Tell the other men! T’is a happy day!” The man with the shaggy beard shouted again before turning back to the barbarian and the sorceress.

“Thank you so much, really. You should haul ‘em over to the elder’s house. It’s just round the corner, the third house on the left. Actually, you know what, screw this, here lemme help ya. That’s the least I can do.” The man suddenly walked out of the field and grabbed one of the handles of the cart that the barbarian was pulling.

“Oh boy, that’s mighty heavy! How far did you have to haul them like this? Name’s Hank by the way.” The man extended his hand out to the barbarian who graciously grabbed it and firmly shook it. Thankfully this seemed to be the right course of action as the man mimicked the gesture. Bernsen gave a mental thank you to the one who taught him this before answering.

“Not too far. I am Bernsen.”

“Are you that girl’s friend or something? I don’t remember you being with ‘er this mornin’” The man inquired further as the two began to pull the cart together but before the barbarian could answer the girl walking next to him spoke up first.

“Just some guy I met on the road. Don’t mind him, he is just helping me transport this scum to face righteous JUSTICE by the people they have wronged.”

“Ah, I see. Sorry bout yelling at ya bout the grain. You can ‘ave as much as ya like when we give these buggers what for.” Hank made a small bow with his head and the barbarian answered it with his own before asking a question.

“What are these plants by the way? And why is there so much of them?”

“These old things? You a city boy? You don’t really look like one. You have the hands of a man who knows hard labor.” The villager answered but when the barbarian gave Hank a flat look the hardy man let out a small chuckle.

“Sorry, sorry just ‘aving a giggle. It’s oats. Like the village name Oatsfield. We grow ‘em here. ‘ave been for generations. You must be only used to seeing them cooked in porridge.”

“I have never seen it at all actually. I am not from around here. You mentioned cooking, is this food? It doesn’t taste that good.” The man asked while looking down at the few loose plant strands in his hand.

“Well of course it doesn’t. Summer’s just begun it’s all green still. And even when they are ripe you need to batter them out from the stalks before boilin ‘em.” Hank explained with a smile.

“Huh, interesting. So, you like, let them grow out, then harvest them, then plant the seeds next year?” The barbarian inquired further with an expression of great interest on his face. “That sounds like hard work.”

“Aye, that it is. You are a smart man, most city folk think their food falls right on their plates outta thin air. Wish more people appreciated what we do here. Ah there is the elder’s house.” The man let go of the cart’s handle and wiped some sweat from his brow before running up to the door and knocking on it.

e27aaf No.247923

“Hey! Elder! Come out, wondrous news abound! Briana Blackbear’s met her match!” He shouted while knocking on the door harder.

“Truly?” The door opened quickly and an old man with a bald head and a well-kept beard walked with a surprised expression on his face. He quickly looked over the scene before him and his eyes widened in surprise as he saw the gang of bandits piled up in the cart being pulled by a large bearded man.

“Ohh! Finally, praise Solos! Our prayers have been answered. Are you the one, mighty warrior? Oh thank you, thank you so much. These troublemakers have been a nightmare to deal with this last few weeks.” The bald man hastily approached Bernsen and grabbed his hand to furiously shake it while simultaneously bowing his head rapidly.

“Akhem!” A voice came from below the elder and he turned down his head in surprise to see a young woman who he thought he had sent to her death this morning.

“Huh? By the gods! Miss Sahra! You are alive. Truly this day is full of surprises. I had thought you would perish for sure!”

“Yea, yea, look whatever. Here are your bandits, now give me my money and I’ll be on my way.” She extended her hand upwards to the Elder’s face who blinked in confusion before raising his hand to point at the warrior in front of him.

“Yep, all her.” Bernsen shrugged and gestured behind him with his hand.

“Oh. Oooh.” The elder nervously ran his hand over his bald scalp and chuckled. “I mean, wow! I never…”

“The money old man.” Sahra opened and closed her hand for emphasis a few times.

“Oh, the bounty of course. Yes, you have well-earned it and you shall have it… by tomorrow maybe?” The elder glanced sideways.

“Excuse me.” Sahra narrowed her eyes.

“Well, I know fifty silver ain’t much. Hells, I didn’t expect anyone would agree to face so many men lead by a pair of monsters for such a measly sum that lord Barik promised for the bounty. But we are a small village and we don’t really have such a sum on hand, especially after all the raids the Black bears made.” The elder explained apologetically.

“That’s not my problem! I brought you the bandits, give me my money!” The young sorceress protested.

“Wow, I can’t believe me eyes! It’s really them, all bound like cattle!” A burly woman suddenly approached the cart. A few more men followed suit, arriving from the fields to gawk at the scene.

“P-please. We will send a messenger to lord Barik’s mansion and the guards will deliver your payment when they come to pick those criminals up. Just be patient.” The elder pleaded.

“No deal! Hey Bernsen, untie those assholes and wake them up. They can go free for all I care.” Sahra suddenly turned on her heels and tried to order the barbarian around in a commanding voice but the man shook his head and instead reached his hand up on top of the pile to pull down the sack of ill-gotten goods before dumping it on the ground and opening it up.

“I heard this tribe had been stealing from you. We found these while rummaging through their home. Is some of the stuff there yours perhaps?” The barbarian asked.

The villagers immediately began to close in and the surprised elder looked into the bag.

“These are…wait… Hank, didn’t your wife’s wedding ring get taken when she was traveling to the market the other day?” He suddenly turned to the man with the shaggy beard and pulled out a small flat circle with a hole in it made out of some shiny metal.

“By the gods! That’s Matilda’s…!” Hank suddenly ran up and took the ring from the elder’s hands.

The villagers hastily approached the bag as yells of surprise and joy filled the air, money that had been taken, goods that they had planned to sell. A lot of things everyone had thought were lost forever had begun to turn up.

“Those amethysts… didn’t one of the miners from Ironhill pass by the other day saying that the man who was carrying tribute to lord Barik got ambushed and robbed? Think these are the ones?” One of the villagers pointed out.

“Could well be.” The elder nodded and rubbed his beard in thought. “We should ask the nearby settlements, see what everyone had taken from them. There is still a lot of stuff here.”

e27aaf No.247924

“Wait, is there a necklace in there?” A young pretty woman suddenly called out while moving through the crowd before looking into the bag.

“Ah, Lisa.” The elder’s expression suddenly took on a somber tone.

“My mother’s pearls. The gift from her own mother for her wedding day, are they there?” She asked with hope in her voice.

“I haven’t seen any yet, but feel free to look.” The elder gestured at the open bag in the middle of the crowd and the woman quickly ran up to it and kneeled down to rummage through the contents.

“I- I can’t find them!” She said sadly and sat down on the ground.

“Hold on, you might have missed them.” Hank suddenly grabbed the bag and turned it over, pouring the contents out into a large pile.

“Hey guys, white pearl necklace. Be through like you are picking bad seeds out!” A few men approached the pile and began to rummage and carefully go over each item with expressions of great concentration on their faces while the elder shook his head. He noticed Bernson’s confused expression then and gestured him to lean down so he could speak quietly to his ear.

“Lisa and her mother got ambushed two weeks ago while going to the next town. Her mother, she… was a very adamant woman. Refused to give up her family’s heirloom and well… they did not take no for an answer.” He sadly glanced outside of town where amidst the fields of oats was a small clear space fenced off with strangely shaped stones planted in the ground.

The man nodded, remembering that the custom here was to bury their dead. He realized then that it had been unusually quiet and looked at his companion who was standing away from the crowd, tightly clutching the strap of her bag that had been hastily repaired during their trip.

The weight of her luggage seemed to be getting to her as beads of sweat had begun to run down her forehead and the shoulder on which the bag was on was twitching. She reached her hand up to the odd shaped crown with a red stone in the middle to touch it and looked away.

“It’s not there, is it? It’s okay, thank you everyone.” Lisa sighed and closed her eyes while Hank awkwardly stood back up after collecting all of the bandit’s loot back into the sack.

“They must have already fenced it somewhere.” Hank concluded sadly and scratched the back of his head.

“Excuse me. Miss Sahra.” The elder suddenly approached the girl and bowed his head deeply.

“What!? What is it? What do you want?” Her voice cracked slightly as she held her bag behind her.

“Ah, please do not be angry. Among the items in that sack we have found some of the money that was taken from us over the last few weeks. We all pitched in together and we have enough.” The bald man bowed again and brought up a leather pouch in front of the surprised girl.

“E-enough for what?” The girl stammered a question.

“To pay for the bounty of course. By your reaction earlier you must be in a great hurry and in dire need. You clearly need this more than we do. It’s not allowed for the communities to pay for the bounties ourselves but I am sure lord Barik will understand and compensate us once we explain it to his messenger. Please take it.” The elder smiled and handed the pouch in the girl’s trembling hands.

“Ah…yea…thank you.” She answered, sounding unsure.

“Thank you very much lady Sahra I am sorry for not taking you seriously.” A burly woman bowed her head deeply and held the girl’s hands tightly.

“You are haha welcome.” The sorceress nodded in acknowledgement as another bead of sweat ran down her face.

A torrent of thank you’s and wishes of good health began to pour down from the grateful villagers but for some reason this made the girl look more and more miserable to Bernsen’s confusion. He himself enjoyed getting praised and he was sure this was true for everyone.

“Okay, okay folks. The young lady has her own business to attend to I am sure. Let’s not waste her time. We have work to do anyway.” The elder commanded and the crowd began to break up. Soon the door to the elder’s house closed and the two were left by themselves.

“Huh, these men and wuu men are pretty friendly. I guess it makes sense since they are herbivores.” The barbarian pondered as he examined the stalk of oats in his hand again.

e27aaf No.247925

Suddenly there was a lot of clatter and the barbarian glanced at the cart, next to which, Sahra dumped all the contents of her bag on the ground and walked up to the elder’s house again to knock on his door.

“Oh Lady Sahra, was there something else.” The elder looked at the girl before him in surprise.

“There…” Sahra visibly swallowed hard. “There was more… that we found.” She explained and pointed at the pile of treasure behind her.

Before the elder could even say anything the woman hastily turned around and left in a hurry without saying anything else.

She could hear the sounds of elder running behind her to knock at some house door followed by a young woman’s surprised voice and more cheers.

“Why did you drop your loot?” The barbarian inquired, suddenly appearing next to her.

The girl nearly jumped in surprise and looked up at the giant man before frowning and turning away.

“It was too heavy. I am not a muscle head like you, you can’t expect me to lug all that crap around.”

“Yea, you are pretty weak. You were barely holding that bag earlier. Your knees were shaking and everything. You should eat more meat.” The barbarian suggested in a helpful tone while keeping a slow pace next to the sorceress.

“Why are you still here? I thought you wanted to find a village. There is one, right there. I am sure they can help you, they are so damn neighborly it’s sickening.” The girl spat on the side of the road and her frown became deeper.

“Yea, they seem nice but now I want to meet with that lord Barik fellow. He must be their chieftain, right? Are you going to where he lives now?” The man asked.

“I don’t know.” The girl replied. ”I guess. The town of Barstone is the only one that has an inn in this shithole countryside and his castle is right next to it.”

“Hmm? Is that so? What’s an Inn by the way?” The man asked innocently.

“A place to sleep.” The sorceress replied drily and held the leather pouch in her hands tightly. “This is all your fault you know.”

“Hmm?” The man cocked his head.

“Do you know how embarrassing that was? You made me look like a total cold hearted bitch! If you had kept your mouth shut and just kept your share then that whole shitshow with all those people wouldn’t have happened, I would have just taken my money and left.”

“But I thought they did not have enough of these shiny round things until I gave them their stuff back.” The man pointed out.

“I…ugh… forget it. I guess fifty will be enough for food and bed for a while but…” She slowly stuffed the pouch into her shoulder bag. “It’s not enough.” She added ominously.

The two continued to walk together in silence for a few more minutes, leaving the village of Oatsfield behind before Bernsen suddenly broke the silence and smiled.

“So… is your leg better?”


e27aaf No.247926

File: 6a8bf53a4e1b194⋯.jpeg (187.62 KB, 1125x1500, 3:4, 006dddd5ebcb4af7e44e165ad….jpeg)

Having fun, everyone?

2271d4 No.247942

File: 7a55b65e5636d83⋯.gif (29.07 KB, 482x800, 241:400, Reaction, brettygud.gif)

great prolog.

this is gonna be fun

282b68 No.247967


Yes, I'm looking forward to the rest of the story.

ccf4fa No.247993


Hell yes. Good to see you back.

6d7083 No.248022


I like how you've still managed to keep it your own story with a very immersive feel. I think fire loli will be an interesting character going forward and I look forward to the adventures! Excited to where we go in my- I mean, this world.

You're a good one, you.

3f7846 No.248031

File: e15511d80dfea99⋯.jpg (141.33 KB, 600x369, 200:123, IMG_4144.JPG)


You are a giant among men OP

Pic related


>girl is too weak to push cart

>Barbarian is unable to push cart

>Calls him a big guyfor you but still not strong enough

>Bernsen gets angry

>Bernsen does what seems impossible and pulls the cart

>no "victory has defeated you" line

You dissapoint me OP

3f7846 No.248038


Dang flab it

70c358 No.248056

File: baf837d70305e4d⋯.jpg (79.62 KB, 512x288, 16:9, 1303544500458.jpg)



f762ae No.248062


I noticed you put Solos as Bernson's god of choice, but does he even know who Solos is? I don't remember anything about him being told who he was and even if he did why would he worship him and not some nature themed god.

6d7083 No.248075


From what I can read, it's the Elder who praised Solos, who is typically the God of Men. Bernsen, as far as I remember, doesn't know the lore behind the Deleorian pantheon.

94f54b No.248078


Yep, this is my favorite CYOA on this board

Bearson sounds better than Bernson

840ce6 No.248083


Like I said in the initial announcement: take the sheet information with a grain of salt. I was just following a 3.5E template that I am familiar with and threw that in because even though the lore behind the gods in part 1 was skewed, the general primary pantheon was still the same with Sol=Solos, Fahl=Phalia and Dol=Dolora and while Bernsen doesn't actively do any worship he has passing knowledge of what the patron god of sun is about thanks to his spiritual upbringing and training by the bear tribe's shaman.

840ce6 No.248146

The day was slowly but surely coming to an end but the town of Barstone had yet to be seen over the horizon. Instead, long plains were stretching in every direction with an occasional village seen here and there but the short woman with the auburn hair walking down the road was not particularly interested in them.

Her companion, a man of unusually great height named Bernsen, on the other hand kept bothering her with various questions about the plants and the local area to which sadly he found out Sahra did not possess an answer often as she was not from around here and was just staying in the area to make some easy money as she called it.

Late in the afternoon the man suddenly stopped in his tracks and turned around.

“What is it?” The young woman walking next to him asked with annoyance and followed his gaze only to be met with nothing. “Did you imagine something, or what?” She inquired and looked up at her burly companion who was frowning. He did not reply at first and instead kneeled down low on the ground and put his ear against the road they were walking on.

“There is a strange noise coming from behind us.” He said with his voice strained. “It sounds sort of like a deer but bigger and heavier.”

“You mean a horse?” Sahra raised one of her eyebrows before remembering who she was talking with and instead rolled her eyes before speaking again. “It’s an animal. They are the ones who usually pull carts. I don’t see any though.” She squinted her eyes and tried to stretch herself up to see if there was anything where the barbarian was pointing.

There indeed was a small cloud of dust approaching from behind them. Within a few minutes the animal and its rider caught up to them and to the pair’s surprise Hank’s smiling face greeted them.

“Ah lady Sahra and Bernsen. On your way to Barstone keep no doubt? I am heading there myself to deliver the elder’s message.” The villager explained while holding the reins of his steed with one hand while rummaging in the saddlebag with the other.

While he did that the barbarian examined the strange animal on which back the man was firmly sitting upon. It had four strong and slender legs ending with hooves somewhat reminiscent of a deer but much rounder in shape. It was tall, at least compared to the men he had seen and seemed to have no trouble carrying the full-grown man that was Hank as well as the extra luggage in the bags at its sides.

It slowly turned its head to the barbarian which had an elongated shape with a large mouth and big round eyes and snorted before swiping its tail back and forth.

“So that’s a horse huh?” The man kneeled slightly to look the animal in the eyes and rubbed the tip of his chin.

“There it is. Sorry, I completely forgot about the oatmeal I promised, here you go.” Hank finally finished rummaging in the saddlebag and pulled out a square paper packet that he handed over to the barbarian.

>Bernsen obtained [Oatmeal]

“You boil it, right?” The barbarian inquired and Hank nodded in confirmation.

“Aye, but don’t boil it too long though or else it will be very mushy. Try to add some milk if you can too for a better taste.”

“Is that your horse?” Sahra suddenly asked. “For some countryman, your riding stance is awfully proficient.”

“Oh that? I fancied myself becoming a knight when I was younger. Didn’t work out but aye picked up a few useful skills during training, guess some of it has stuck. Anyways I will be on my way now, thanks again for your help and have a safe trip!” Hank waved his hand before going into a full gallop again and vanishing ahead of them.

“Impressive, men have managed to tame these animals to carry them and their stuff around for them.” The barbarian remarked with respect in his voice.

“It’s not really that special, horses are dumb and ugly. They’ll do what you say if you so much as wave a carrot at them. No spine at all.” Sahra snorted and crossed her arms on her chest.

It was not until the sun had almost set over the horizon that they arrived in Barstone. The town had a much different style to it and most notably size. The buildings had actually begun to incorporate masonship in their construction and the roads everywhere were likewise made almost entirely out of cobblestone and were relatively clean and straight compared to the country roads the duo took before.

Another new addition was the inclusion of a large wall that surrounded the entire settlement. It was not new by any measure and in fact had begun to collapse in multiple places. Other parts meanwhile showed signs of quick fix attempts to repair it or at least keep it together.

840ce6 No.248147

And with such protective measures came the first sign of this lands security.

“H-hey! What are you doing, you are not supposed to be here!” A gruff male voice suddenly called and pointed a spear at the barbarian who looked at the man in confusion and slowly raised his hands in non-threatening fashion.

“I know what you are thinking but he is not a bandit. He just has a poor taste in fashion.” A short girl walked around the bear skin clad man and waved at the guard.

“Huh? Oh, it’s you. Hank said a tall warrior and a short magic user would be passing through, guess you are the ones. Come on through and cause no trouble, the day’s almost over.” The guard gestured them to enter a partially destroyed archway to which the pair obliged.

Just before the barbarian entered the city however the guard raised the palm of his hand in front of him and spoke out.

“Ditch that wild man getup, I was a hair width’s short from announcing an alarm when I saw you walking down the road. And get some shoes too.” He pointed at the barbarian’s feet which were bare and then let him go about his way.

The inside of the city looked even more magnificent to the barbarian than the outside but Sahra did not share his enthusiasm and the great size of the settlement did not seem to faze her.

“So Barik lives here?” The man asked while moving his head back and forth in an attempt to catch all the new sights around him.

“Yep, see that big building in the center of the town? Barstone keep. That’s where the lord lives. Lord is like a chieftain who governs a large stretch of land.” The petite sorceress explained.

“Are we going to go there now?” The man inquired next.

“I am going to go to an inn and rest from all the crazy bullshit I had been dragged through today. You can go wherever the hells you want. But good luck trying to get an audience with the lord with what you are wearing and after sundown.” Sahra snickered.

“Is Barik diurnal?” The man asked next.

“Is he…what?” It was time for the sorceress to get confused about an unfamiliar word.

“I mean he is only active during daytime. Like butterflies or certain type of insects.” Bernsen explained.

“Oh, well yea obviously.” Sahra answered sounding somewhat confused.

“Interesting.” The barbarian spoke out. “I guess it would be rude to intrude then.”

“Oh thank the gods, finally!” Sahra suddenly announced and threw her hands up in the air before rushing forward into an opening of one of the buildings. The man blinked in surprise at her outburst of energy and examined the house. It was a solid looking home with two floors and openings for windows made in the walls. Sounds of music and merriment could be heard from within and as the barbarian noticed a slow but stable trickle of people from various backgrounds was entering and leaving it.

He got a little closer and peaked inside. The air within the building felt heavy with many unfamiliar smells mixed together with fragrances of food and wine. He cautiously entered the building through the open set of doors, only to bump into the villager from before again.

“Oh! Bernsen, it’s a small world we live in, huh?” The man with the straw hat tried to smile but it felt forced.

“Hello again Hank, something wrong?” The barbarian immediately asked.

“Oh no, no it’s nothing for you to concern yourself with I was just having a drink before hitting the hay at one of my relative’s place here. Always hard to carry bad news back. Lord Barik was not pleased that we broke the law in regard of bounty payoff and won’t be compensating us but it’s okay. We’ll manage, especially now that no one will be trying to rob us in the foreseeable future. I got to go now, see you around.” The man hastily said his good byes and walked off.

After the man vanished in the dark streets of the town the Barbarian finally entered the building.

The interior had many, many tables in it as well as chairs surrounding them. Men and women could be seen sitting behind the tables and chatting away while eating and drinking. Bernsen quickly found the young red dress wearing woman at the back of this large room where she stood in front of a large square wooden counter behind which the most peculiar woman was standing.

840ce6 No.248148

She was definitely not a wuu man but she was also an unfamiliar species of monster to him. Her ears were sharp and pointy and a pair of long, round curved horns sprouted from the sides of her long ginger haired head. He could not take a good look at her lower body from his position but her odd looking stance implied that her lower skeleton was rather unique. She was wearing a shirt with long sleeves that showed off her cleavage which contained an impressive pair of breasts that moved with the monster’s every breath.

Bernsen finally decided to get closer and moved forward through the crowd of people that was separating him from his traveling companion.

“My my, I did not expect you would be back so soon.” The barmaid leaned over the counter and spoke with a patronizing voice as sweet as honey.

“I told you that it would be a piss easy job for someone like me. Now hurry up and hit me, I had to sustain myself the whole day on nothing but… ugh… water.” The sorceress frowned and made a face like she was about to hurl before slapping a shining silver coin on the counter.

“Of course, of course. You will have the usual, right?” The horned woman inquired before hastily taking the money and slipping it underneath the counter.

“You know me.” The girl smiled mysteriously and pulled herself up on one of the round bar stools that was a bit too tall for her.

“Of course, coming right up.” The large breasted woman made a little bow that made her assets perform a seductive jiggle and turned around to a large stand behind her that held a whole lot of strange containers made out of some smooth and partially see-through material.

“What is this place?” The barbarian inquired and leaned down to the sorceress.

“Oh, you are still here?” She turned her head up with an unamused expression. “It’s an inn, a place to sleep, I already told you.”

“But no one is sleeping.” The barbarian countered and gestured behind himself.

“Of course not sir, all the rooms are on the second floor. The first floor is reserved for those who wish to partake in our inn’s fine cooking and drink.” The woman turned back with one of the odd-looking containers in her hands and smiled.

With him this close the man finally got a good look at her lower half from over the counter. Her lower body was almost the same as a cervitaur’s if not for the fact that she had only a single set of legs which grew from her hips. They were much thicker than a cervitaur’s too.

“Oh dear, if you keep staring like that I am going to have to start charging you. I am already married so please don’t get any ideas.” The woman let out a giggle and unscrewed the top of the container.

“Oh sorry, I just never seen a monster like you.” The man explained.

“That’s understandable, monsters are a rare sight this far away from the capital. I am a satyr, a goat type monster.” The woman helpfully explained before there was an impatient tapping sound on the counter next to the red dressed girl.

“Ah, apologies lady Sahra, here you go.” The woman swiftly pulled out a small cup made out of the same material as the container she held and poured its contents out. The cup was quickly filled and a strong, sharp and bitter smell assaulted the barbarian’s nostrils.

“What’s that?” He pointed his finger at the container the satyr was holding.

“Oh, it’s Sally’s Whiskey. Quite a high-quality beverage, if a bit expensive. Would you like to try some?” The woman offered.

“It smells odd.” The man pointed out.

“Don’t bother Claudia, he won’t be able to afford it anyway, he is broke.” Sahra planted the empty glass on the counter with a satisfied sigh.

“I noticed you know each other. Did you two meet today, you were alone when you left this morning.” The satyr asked.

“Don’t mind him, just some vagabond I picked up on the road that won’t leave me alone.” The sorceress dismissively waved her hand at the man standing next to her.

“Vagabond…?” Claudia narrowed her eyes. “Should I call the guards-“

840ce6 No.248149

“Ah! No, no. I mean he is not violent or anything, he just spent most of his life living in the woods so he has no idea how things work here.” The girl suddenly hastily waved her hands in front of her and shook her head.

“Oh? Oh, you poor dear. Did you parents abandon you in the woods?” The woman turned her head to the man with her expression showing a deep sorrow and pity.

“Ah, well sort off, I guess? It wasn’t that bad, really. But all this stuff is very new to me, like those shiny round things you keep giving to each other for goods and services.” The man explained sounding bashful.

“Alright, fine.” Sahra sighed and dug into one of her pocket to pull out a single round shiny object. “This thing is called a coin. There are three types, at least in Deleor. Gold, silver and copper. Named after the precious metals they are made from. The metal is considered to be valuable and is desired by all at any given time. They are sized and weighted in such a way that each coin is worth one hundred more of the one before. So, one silver is worth one hundred coppers and one gold is worth one hundred silvers. Wait, can you count?” Sahra suddenly asked and the barbarian nodded.

“Yea, a good friend taught me how.” He quickly answered.

“Alright so, money can be acquired by performing services or various labor like mining or farming and by selling stuff like that silver knife you found. You can then exchange a certain amount of it for whatever resource you want as long as you find someone who can provide it. That about sums it up. You got that?” The sorceress asked.

“Yea, I did. Where I grew up we had a somewhat similar system but with jerky and animal skins in place of coins.” The barbarian explained and pulled his silver dagger out of the pocket.

“Is there any specific place I can exchange stuff for coins?” He asked the girl in red.

“The general store I guess.” She shrugged and emptied another glass of whiskey. “Or the smith, but both are closed already so you’d have to wait until tomorrow.”

“Hmm, I see.” The man pondered while the girl grabbed her third cup and suddenly turned back to the crowd of talking people in the inn.

“Hey folks! Anyone up for a drinking contest!?” She suddenly shouted and waved the cup in her hand while smiling.

The buzzing sounds suddenly were cut off and everyone stared at her briefly before quickly lowering their heads, as if trying to avoid eye contact with the girl.

“Oh come on! I am placing ten silvers on the line! Are you men or not?!” The girl angrily shouted but no one dared to speak out and the only audible sounds in the inn were a few coughs and the creaking of chairs and tables.

“Sahra, please stop bothering my customers. No one I going to take that dare ever again after the last few nights you spent here.” Claudia sighed and shook her head.

“Really? So you are telling me that not a single person in this bar can hold their liquor better than the poor innocent young woman like me?!” Sahra said unusually loud so everyone on the first floor could hear it but no one was taking the bait.

840ce6 No.248150

“What a bunch of pussies.” The sorceress complained and rolled her eyes. “Fifteen silver anyone? Fifteen?!”

“Sahra stop, or I will start charging you double for bed and breakfast.” Claudia said in a dangerous tone which seemed to make the young woman finally relent and turn back to the counter.

“Oh well, I guess the same trick doesn’t work five times in a….” Her gaze slowly shifted to the man next to her midsentence.

“Heeeeyyyy…Bernsen. You are so short on cash and all, bet you would like make a few coins without having to wait until tomorrow, don’t you?” The tone of her voice suddenly changed into a playful purr.

“I don’t think I particularly need anything yet but sure?” The man scratched his temple in confusion at her unexpected personality change.

“Tell you what. I know of a fun little game we can play. Did your tribe ever figure out how to brew beer or make wine?” She inquired while drawing small circles on his shirt.

“Yea actually. We had wine.” The man nodded, now sounding vary.

“Uhuh, so here is the deal. This is a game of endurance. We take turns having drinks until one of us can no longer do it either because he or she passes out or can’t hold it down anymore. I put up ten silvers and you put up that dagger you found. The winner takes both and the loser pays for the drinks. How does that sound?” Sahra turned her head upwards with a look of confidence.

“Pretty wasteful to be honest. I prefer to drink wine slowly to enjoy the taste.” The man answered honestly to which Sahra burst into laughter.

“What are you, a fag? Come on, you are over two meters tall, that alone should give you a huge advantage. I am practically giving you money for free here.”

“Don’t take her on if you know what’s good for you dear.” Claudia suddenly interrupted the conversation. “That little girl outdrank every single one of my regulars, some of which work the mines in Ironhill. Even I stood no chance and I had a pretty wild youth that still left me with a high tolerance for alcohol.”

“Hey shut up! None of this is true, don’t listen to her!” The young woman protested.

>What do you do?

d9e852 No.248151

File: 9f490a1f5f2d354⋯.jpg (140.5 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 1434150336835.jpg)


I don't remember, are we even capable of getting drunk due to our poison immunity?

f762ae No.248172


No, I don't think he can. I remember him telling us that we can pretty much OD on potions with no side effects. So simple alchohol won't get him drunk, especially since alcohol is technically a poison, which would just get purged by the body. So I say yes, we take her up on the offer.

d9e852 No.248176


No don't take her up on the offer then if that's the case, poison immunity is one of our trump cards the less known it is the better.

a88a0c No.248192


But will anybody realize he is immune to poison because of his high alcohol tolerance?

He would probably just look like a big guy who can hold his liquor no reason to believe some simple townsfolk will think otherwise.

I say we teach that loli some humility and give her a nice hangover.

1e00e5 No.248200

Lets do it. She needs to be put in place from time to time

ccf4fa No.248205


Oh yeah, let's do this.

6d7083 No.248206


Take her up on it, but tell her that if you win, you want her to be your guide for a set period of time. Like… 2 weeks?

At the very least, get her to get you in to speak with the Lord of the area.

2271d4 No.248221


i dont think bearson ++man it will take me a while to get used to the name bernsen, it sounds fucking stupid** would go for that bet.

he knows what is body is capable of and it would be like ripping sahra of.

on the other hand if it werent about money then he could teach her a lesson about overconfidence.


id say we do what this anon wants and change the bet to make her our lokal guide/partner for the next week or two.

afterwards it wouldent surprise me if the barmaid was impressed enough by our display that she lets us stay the night for free.

and if not then fuck it and sleep in the woods outside of town.

oh yea and as soon as sahra realizes that she big of more then she could chew, look her streight in the eye and say.

"you are overcinfident in your own abilitys, victory has defeated you"

94f54b No.248239


> I fancied myself becoming a knight when I was younger

They let non-nobels be knights?

94f54b No.248240


Yeah this seems like a good idea, but we should say that afterwards cause it would be funny.

0c59a4 No.248244


>“Yea actually. We had wine.” The man nodded, now sounding vary.



3f7846 No.248255


Do it, but I think we should try to keep our poison immunity on the down low.


Probably wary

282b68 No.248275


Since we are going to accept her challenge, we have to make sure sarah doesn't die from alcohol poisoning since she doesn't have poison immunity like Bernsen has or else we wouldn't have a guide afterwards.

840ce6 No.248301

“Okay. Let’s do it.” The man shrugged with a carefree expression.

“Come on do i-wait you are agreeing?” Her eyes briefly bulged out before she coughed and readjusted her mask of confidence. “Ah, I mean excellent. Claudia will be our judge. Now then, here is my wager.”

With that the girl put a stack of shiny silver coins on the counter. The man gave them a brief look over and shook his head.

“Like I said before, I don’t want these. I was hoping you could bet something else.”

“Something else? Like what?” The girl cocked one of her eyebrows in curiosity.

“I was once taught that time is the most valuable commodity you can have. So how about that instead?” The barbarian offered but the girl’s confused expression forced him to elaborate further.

“You seem to be pretty knowledgeable about the local customs. While I am confident in my abilities to adjust quickly it would be more practical if I had a guide to help me out and explain things as I go along. Say, two weeks of your time of me just following you around and you teaching me about various odds and ends here?” The barbarian opened the palm of his right hand and gestured with it toward the girl.

“That uh…” The girl looked a bit unsure as she was not used to deal with such vague terms but then quickly remembered that it didn’t really matter in the end since she would not have to follow her end of the bargain anyway and her face returned to the competitive smirk of before.

“Okay sure, if that’s what you want.” She made a wide shrug and nodded in agreement before hastily pulling her wager back into her pocket.

The man then rummaged trough his own belonging and put the silver dagger on the counter. The barmaid quickly put it away and in it’s place put down two cups that she hastily filled with some amber liquid.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Claudia sighed.

“Oh gods, that guy is actually going for it.” A muttered voice was heard behind the duo.

“I don’t recognize him, he must be a traveler.” Another male voice pondered.

“Poor bastard has no idea to what he just signed up for.” A feminine voice added.

“He is pretty big, think he can do it?” The first voice asked the second.

“No freaking way. I’ve seen that little witch take on three full grown men one after another. She is like a bottomless barrel that one.” The second voice answered.

“Well, cheers.” Sahra smirked and took the first shot. The man looked down in his own cup, sniffing the drink again before tasting it. It was incredibly potent and sharp and immediately reminded him of another drink he had tasted before but even that was nothing in comparison to what felt like drinking liquid fire.

The girl seemed to be expecting a reaction out of him as she was giddily leaning forward with her head resting on her hands while she looked the barbarian in the face. But he was not going to give her the satisfaction and emptied the cup without so much as frowning.

This seemed to disappoint the girl in front of him as she frowned before beginning to speak in a mocking tone that he was familiar with again. “Oh, a tough guy, are you? We’ll see how tough you are. Claudia!” The sorceress banged her fist against the counter and the Satyr refilled the cups with a worried expression on her face.

After the fifth round was over and neither side showed any signs of stopping the people in the bar began to get closer. The interest grew larger after the eight round was done with and when the tenth one begun some people had enough confidence to actually start to place bets.

“Tch, with all that muscles on you the booze must be taking too long to get in your head.” Sahra complained as she finished her eleventh cup over a round of applause.

“Go big guy! Go!” A few men chanted while the barbarian emptied his own cup. He briefly pondered if he should stop since he was technically cheating, but decided that it wouldn’t hurt to put the cocky sorceress in her place again.

Soon, round fifteen concluded and the payoff on the man winning rapidly began to decrease as the number of bets placed on him rose. The loud cheers coming from the inn began to attract curious passerby who immediately joined in on the fun as a lot of people seemed to be knowledgeable of the demon that was plaguing the inn and stealing the souls, or rather the dignity of the men who dared to have a drink here and fall for the trap of her innocent appearance.

840ce6 No.248302

The girl finally began to show signs of worry when the barbarian placed his seventeenth cup down under a roaring applause.

“H-how? Y-you!” She hiccupped once and covered her mouth in embarrassment.

“Round twenty-nine!” A balding off duty guard roared as he smashed the handle of his sword against the surface of his shield to create a loud melodic clang. The sound it produced quickly flew over the crowd before getting drowned out by thunderous cheers.

The inn was now so full that some of the crowd was waiting outside for the results as the building had no way to support any more people as even the second floor and the stairs leading up to it were completely filled with curious gawkers.

Sahra was finally reaching the limit of her power as Claudia opened the seventh bottle of Sally’s brand whiskey with shaking hands. The sorceress’s face was flushed and bore a goofy smile while her eyes wandered as her body wobbled in protest over the sheer magnitude of high quality booze that was put in it.

The mighty warrior challenger across from her on the other hand looked as fresh as when they began, now bearing a cocky smile of his own.

The crowd went silent as Sahra extended both of her hands out to clutch the cup that she was no longer able to hold without spilling with just one hand. She leaned closer and pulled it up before closing her eyes and drinking it with several sips. A few seconds later the cup bounced back on the counter, empty.

She wiped her lips with her sleeve and pointed her finger at the barbarian in front of her under a round of applause from the local drunkards.

The man shrugged and took his own cup and emptied it without a second thought under a round of applause at least three times as loud as the one before.

“Rooooouuund thirty!!” The balding man smashed the handle of his sword into his shield again and Claudia refilled the cups with an expression of disbelief.

She had been to a lot of parties when she was younger but never before had the honor to observe a power struggle of such magnitude. The Sally’s brand whiskey was often considered to be too strong for regular people to drink and she just kept a novelty stock of it to sample it herself with her husband on special occasions or in case a traveling oni or a salamander would pass through the town but now she was holding her last bottle.

Sahra’s trembling hands reached out to the cup. Her vision was wavering as was her confidence. The cup was once more shakily brought up to her lips but she would not taste it that night. Her body finally said that it had enough and her wavering vision went completely black.

The cup slipped out of her hands and smashed against the ground, sending shards of glass to be scattered around the ground along with the amber fluid it once held.

“He did it! The absolute madman! He did it!” One person roared next to Bernsen’s ears.

“The demon is defeated!” Another person shouted while two bearded men next to him began to cry and hugged each other.

Bernsen shook his head and drank the thirtieth cup of the whiskey which he had acquired a taste for somewhere down the way. Even despite his resistance to poison he was actually starting to feel the buzz after such a magnitude of this drink was put into him.

A bunch of people he didn’t know lined up to shake his hand or pat him on the back while congratulating him on his victory.

Eventually as the night went on the crowd had dispersed and he was left alone with Claudia and the passed-out sorceress, leaning on the bar counter.

“Goodness, that was quite something. Young man, what is your secret?” The satyr asked with awe in her voice.

The man just shrugged and glanced at his defeated enemy lying unconscious next to him. Claudia chuckled and shook her head when she followed his gaze.

“She is going to feel that one tomorrow something fierce. I’ll be sure to leave some water and a bucket by her bed. Could you please help me carry her to it?” Claudia asked and walked around the counter with her feet making clopping sounds.

“Sure.” The barbarian agreed and with some great effort picked the girl up, with him once again being surprised at how dense she was, to lug her over his shoulder. The satyr guided him upstairs to one of the doors which opened up and gestured him to put her on one of the two empty beds inside.

840ce6 No.248304

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Before he could do that the girl over his shoulder suddenly stirred and rose her head. Her mouth flew open as a loud burp blasted out of her throat, followed by a stream of fire that quickly heated up the air before she let out a drunken giggle and passed out again.

“O-oh dear.” Claudia raised her hand to her face as she stifled a laugh of her own. “I hope she doesn’t do this again while she sleeps or I am going to have to put her outside so she doesn’t set my inn on fire. Would you please keep an eye out on her tonight mighty warrior? You may rest in this room in return and have breakfast tomorrow. I would do it myself but that show you put up left a lot of trash and spilled drink downstairs that I need to take care of.”

“Yea sure, I don’t mind. Sorry about the mess.” The man graciously bowed his head to the hostess.

“Thank you. And please don’t worry about that, I sold five times as much food and drinks to the onlookers. The cleanup is a small price to pay. Hopefully Sahra will be lucid enough tomorrow to pay for the room.” Claudia bowed her head in gratitude before stifling another laughter as she closed the door. “And her tab of course.”

The man glanced at the empty beds again, figuring out their purpose immediately and gently set the girl on his shoulder down on one of them. As he did so the bag that was loosely hanging over her shoulder slipped off and landed on the floor with a soft sound.

Bernsen reached down to pick it and put it next to his owner only to notice that some of its contents had spilled out, specifically a strange little bag bound with a piece of string. He picked it up and weighted it in his hand. It was almost empty and held some sort of powdery substance in it. His curiosity got the bets of him and he opened it up to look inside.

The contents turned out to be some sort of crimson red dust that had a distinct metallic smell that was almost like fresh blood. Something about it didn’t feel right and the barbarian had an urge to taste it but decided to respect the owner’s belongings and tied the small sack close again before putting it in the bag.

Just as he reached over her to put the girl’s bag next to her body something very unexpected happened. The sorceress stirred in her sleep and her right hand extended forward before firmly wrapping itself around his right hand’s wrist.

The man instantly froze in place as felt as if he was struck by lightning. The bag he was holding slipped out of his grip and landed on the bed’s surface with a pomf.

“A…ah.. Sahra?” The man stuttered as he felt blood rushing to his face. The woman was smiling in her sleep and did not reply.

Bernsen tried to gently pry his hand from her but to his surprise the girl possessed an impressive grip strength and was not letting go.

This was rapidly turning from awkward too dangerous and the man swiftly wiped some sweat that rapidly began to build on his face. He was not sure about this land’s customs but in the forest he had grown up in, holding hands was considered an incredible intimate action that showed great trust and reliance on someone and was reserved only for close family members or…

The man gulped as he nervously looked at the door hoping that no one would see him exposed like this. Even if this was something innocent here, his upbringing made him feel incredibly anxious right now.

“S-sahra, please!” he whispered next to the girl and she seemed to stir again. Her grip on his hand weakened and he breathed out a sigh of relief before slowly trying to pull his hand away.

Things got from bad to worse as when he was slowly passing the palm of his hand past her fingers her hand jerked again and before he could even draw a breath, her fingers slid in-between his, interweaving together in a perfect unbreakable lock.

“O-oh nooooo!” The man quietly cried out as he desperately looked around while his mind raced for a way out of this sticky situation. He looked down at the girl’s innocent smiling face as she slumbered, completely unaware of how horribly inappropriately she was acting.

Despite Bernsen’s multiple attempts to free himself nothing worked and the woman lying in the bed did not respond to any gentle persuasion to wake up. Finally, the man slid down next to the bed with a miserable expression on his face and sighed, deciding to sit next to the bed and wait until it’s exhausted occupant wakes up on her own.

840ce6 No.248305

He closed his eyes and quickly fell asleep himself. As he slumbered he dreamt about the exiting events of the day with an occasional fragment of his previous live emerging to sour his rest. Eventually he was forced awake with a shriek that surprised him and made him jerk forward and fall down on his face.

“W-what are you doing in my room!” The young woman on the bed looked incredibly flustered and red in the face as she pulled a blanket over herself.

“Ow.” The man grunted and rubbed his forehead before turning around. “You passed out last night so Claudia asked me to carry you up here and keep an eye on you so you won’t accidentally set anything on fire.”

“I…” She blinked a few times and rubbed her head. “Wait…oh crap, I remember. I did not take the twenty ninth shot. I lost, didn’t I?”

“Yep. You are my guide for two weeks now.” The man sighed in relief. Looks like she was not aware of the late-night hijinks that transpired.

“You didn’t do anything inappropriate, did you?” She suddenly narrowed her eyes and smirked.

“W-what! N-no! Nothing! I said nothing!” The barbarian threw his hands up and shook his head rapidly.

“W-what? I was just joking! What’s with that reaction? What did you do?!” The barbarian’s embarrassed face seemed to give her a lot of assumptions.

“I swear! Nothing happened! I just put you down on the bed!” The man nearly shouted.

The girl pulled down her blankets and her flustered expression shifted into one of confusion as she realized she was fully clothed.

“Oh, guess you are telling the truth, but seriously what’s with this reaction! Don’t do that! People are going to start wondering if you keep this up!” She exclaimed and turned away in embarrassment.

The two sat across from each other in awkward silence for a bit.

“So, uh…what will we be doing today?” The man asked, trying to break the ice.

“Right, I guess I did lose fair and square. Should have known you’d be tough after that performance with the bandits.” The girl said as she stretched out with a smile. Something clicked in the man’s mind at this display and he realized the jarring discrepancy to yesterday’s events.

“Wait, do you feel okay?” He asked suspiciously.

“Huh? Yea, I feel great actually. Haven’t had such a good night’s sleep in ages.” She hopped down from the bed and patted her clothes to straighten them out before going through a short series of morning exercises.

840ce6 No.248306

“You sure? You drank a lot last night.” The barbarian’s eyes narrowed as he walked around the short girl.

“Oh, you are wondering why I don’t have a hangover? I never get those, wait come to think of it, neither do you! Waaaaiiiit don’t tell me you are…” Suddenly the girl turned around to face her companion with suspicion of her own.

The man immediately put on on a mask of solid stone while thinking of possible responses to the questions she was about to ask.

“A huge drunkard like me! Hah! Well I guess this was bound to happen sooner or later. All this body building isn’t just for show it seems.” She patted his back playfully as the barbarian let out a nervous laughter.

“Ah, yea uh, I like to fight and drink and stuff.” He answered while glancing sideways.

“Well I am going to go wash my face real quick and then show you the town since I am your guide now I guess. You can wait for me downstairs if you like. With that Sahra threw her bag over her shoulder and stepped out of the room, leaving the barbarian alone.

The woman quickly walked over to the end of the corridor and found that while the water had been drawn it hadn’t bene boiled yet. That was fine however, she could do it herself.

She quickly pulled down her boots, followed by the dress and folded it on a counter next to the entrance. Next came the underwear and lastly her most prized possession, the iron piece of headgear with an odd red stone sticking out in the middle that had incomprehensive writing running over its surface.

Sahra looked at the pile of her clothes, once more pondering about the nature of the only heirloom her parents had left with her before abandoning her at some orphanage. The gem was not precious, if it had been she would have pawned it to someone long ago as she was not particularly sentimental. Somehow, no matter which hardships she had found herself in this rusted piece of junk always seemed to find its way back into her hands and eventually she grew attached to it and was nw finding it hard to imagine herself without it firmly resting upon her head.

After the brief moment in introspection she opened her bag and pulled out a small sack out of it that was tied with a piece of string. Immediately she noticed something was wrong, she usually tied it with a double knot. That was something to ponder about for later though.

She poured a pitch of the red sand in her open palm and observed it before biting on her lip. After carefully scanning her surrounding and confirming that no one was watching she brought it up to her face and breathed in the dust in a single forceful motion.

Immediately she felt a sense of euphoria that made her weak in the knees but it was not the first time and she managed to retain her composure enough to tie the knot around the sack back again and store it into her bag even with the colors in her vision suddenly turning much brighter and her magic flaring to life as her heart beat furiously in her chest with incredible vigor.

Next, she thrust her hands at the water basin and two streams of flames erupted from it with a roar and potency much greater than she had displayed yesterday. She had nearly paid the price for being greedy and trying to not use up too much her valuable resource and her magic suffered from it. She hated to admit it but it was very convenient that she had ran into the strange savage yesterday. Things could have gotten ugly otherwise.

With the water sufficiently hot she climbed down in it and let out a happy sigh as she let her body soak.

840ce6 No.248307

“Ohh, the people in Deleor keep a stock of water in their homes to stay clean. Smart.” The barbarian pondered out loud as he closed the door behind him and looked around.

Sahra’s body instantly went rigid as her eyes widened and she sharply turned around to see the large man standing in the middle of the washroom.

“W-What the hells are you doing here!” She shouted and duck under water so only her head was poking out.

“Oh, I just thought that I should take a bath too when you mentioned it. I worked up a good sweat yesterday.” The barbarian explained as he began to pull down his clothes.

“G-get out! Can’t you see I am using it!?” She yelled at the man who looked back with a confused expression.

“So? There is enough water here for both of us!” He answered and scratched his temple.

“Can’t you see I am naked!” Sahra yelled out even louder as her face rapidly took on a crimson shade.

The barbarian stared at her in silence for a passing moment and blinked twice before uttering: “So?”

“It’s super embarrassing you jerk! Get out and wait until I am done!” She shouted with her voice leaning on desperation.

“Huh? Are you embarrassed because your breasts are sma-“ The man began

“Get out! Get out! Reeeeeee!” The girl suddenly screeched and forcibly grabbed a bucket next to the basin to throw it at the barbarian. The man jumped back into the hallway in surprise to avoid the projectile and then slammed the door shut in front of him just before a brush struck it.

“Geez, how greedy can one be? It’s just water.” The man shook his head and decided to skip the water procedures for today. It wouldn’t be the first time he was forced to but usually that was due to large scale unforeseen situations instead of someone hogging the water source all for themselves.

He clicked his tongue and went downstairs. The first floor was comparatively empty to yesterday and only held a few tired looking men and women having breakfast. The Satyr greeted the man immediately.

“I heard some commotion upstairs. Everything alright?” She asked with a playful smile.

“That girl’s greed has no limit. She does not even want to share water. I tried to go in and take a bath but she threw a tantrum.” He explained in an annoyed tone and shook his head.

“Oh my!” Claudia let out a giggle. “Bernsen, women and men aren’t supposed to bathe together. It is not considered to be appropriate here. You must have startled her something fierce when you came in, I am surprised you didn’t leave with a nasty burn! One traveler accidentally entered it while she was taking a bath the other day and he is staying in the church right now under the care of the local hospitalier.”

“Oh, I didn’t know that. But what is the reason behind that?” The man’s expression mellowed out.

“It’s just the way things are, if I were to guess it’s a protective measure to make sure no one does anything questionable while in the bath since the sight of naked bodies can be so very…exciting.” The satyr sighed.

“Don’t worry I am sure she won’t think less of you as long as you apologize. Now, would you like the breakfast I promised you?” The woman smiled.

840ce6 No.248308

A little while later the sorceress descended the stairs, still a little pink in the face before sitting down next to the man to eat the mashed potatoes and a piece of roast the hostess had prepared for her in advance.

“I uh…” The barbarian began.

“Not. A. Word.” Sahra cut him off and began to stuff her face with the pot-roast.

“I just want to say sorry, Claudia told me that I was being rude. I know better now.” The man bowed his head apologetically.

The young woman snorted and swallowed the food in her mouth before answering. “Alright fine, but this excuse only works once, got it.” She pointed at him with her fork and the man furiously nodded in response.

With the morning routine complete the two soon emerged from the inn. Sahra was frowning once more as she held her purse of coins, which has become considerably lighter after she was forced to pay for yesterday’s expenses.

“So, will we go meet Barik now?” The man inquired and leaned down a little.

“No. I told you, he is a noble. He doesn’t grant an audience with just anybody, you have to look the part first at least, until you get some more appropriate clothes you can forget about it and I am not going to buy you any so don’t even ask.” Sahra crossed her arms in front of herself for emphasis and kept walking.

“Where are we going then?” Bernsen asked next.

“You wanted me to act as your guide, so that’s what we are doing. I’ll show you around the few interesting places in this shithole. You already seen the only inn in town. Booze is alright but the company is rotten so it evens out. Next we’ll be going to the market.” Sahra announced and the man followed her at a rather slow pace.

In the daylight, the stone buildings everywhere looked even more impressive to him. They were sturdy and even with all the weathering would have a hard time receiving damage. They passed a lot of people on the way, with Sahra quietly explaining the meaning behind the clothes they were wearing, such as the guard’s armor or the merchant’s finer clothes and what specific roles said classes played in society.

All of it was of great interest to the barbarian and he listened with utmost attention, trying to remember every word.

Soon they arrived in what the sorceress explained was the market district. He could apparently pawn his silver dagger in one of the buildings here if he wanted to but he decided to hold on to it for the time being as nothing was catching his fancy yet. The tools being sold here were meaningless to him and he could catch his own food.

“Oh, what’s that one building there?” The man pointed at the stone building with a small tower on top.

“That’s the local library. Huh, this reminds me. We are going there next, I need to return something.” She gestured the man to follow her through the crowd of people which quickly diminished the closer they got to the building. The large oaken door in front held a heavy ring made out of a faded green metal. Sahra struggled to reach it, leaning on the doorframe with an annoyed grunt before the barbarian quickly scooped her up.

“I told you not to…oh well nevermind, thanks.” She tried to protest but quickly changed her mind and bashed the ring against the door three times before gesturing the man to put her back down.

The door opened up and a rather old wuu man looked down at the sorceress, with a smile immediately appearing on her lips.

“Oh, lady Sahra. You still have a few days until the date’s due.” She spoke in a gentle voice and kneeled down to be on the same level as the sorceress.

“That fine, I already read it.” The woman coughed into her hand and the old lady straightened back out and gestured the two to come in.

The inside of this building was quite spacious but almost entirely filled up with rows upon rows of square wooden stands that held a large amount of what the barbarian instantly recognized as books.

“Is this man your friend young lady?” The elderly woman inquired as she walked over to the desk next to the entrance which held various writing tools on it.

“Eh, no I am just showing him around, he is new in town.” Sahra explained and dug into her bag to pull out a book from it that she handed to the old woman.

840ce6 No.248309

“Oh, how sweet of you dear. I hope you are giving him a good first impression. Barstone could use some new blood in it.” The librarian took the book and walked to one of the wooden bookcases to slide the it into it.

While the sorceress and the woman chatted among themselves the man slowly walked around the building, curiously examining his surroundings before bumping into the sorceress who was looking through the books on one of the bookcases like she was searching for something.

“You can take something too if you want.” She said without turning around. “Almost none of the locals visit this place so they are liberal with handing the books out even to travelers.”

“These books, they are for holding information, right?” The man asked sounding curious.

“Well, yea obviously. The library here is not too large but there are a few highl-oh.” Suddenly her expression took on a somber tone.

“You can’t read, can you?” Sahra asked but she already knew the answer.

The man shook his head and opened one of the random books to look at the series of various written symbols that didn’t make a lick of sense to him.

“What this one about?” He asked and showed the book to Sahra.

“That one’s called Life of Pi, it’s a fictional story about a boy meeting a Jinko, that’s a type of monster. It’s alright.” The sorceress shrugged and the man nodded and put it back in.

“You are pretty amazing to be able to decipher all of this. Each of these groups of symbols represents a word, right. There must be a lot of words here.” The man said out loud in awe.

“It’s really not that difficult.” The girl replied with her voice unusually tender.

The man did not reply and continued to walk around the stacks of books in silence, occasionally picking one up if the cover illustration caught his interest.

“Hey.” Sahra suddenly walked up to the man again. “You would like to learn how to read, right? Do you want me to teach you?” She asked in a strange tone.

>What do you do?

ccf4fa No.248314


That seems like something we should happily agree to.

a88a0c No.248318

Go for it. Can't think of a reason why we wouldn't want that.

3f7846 No.248320


All of the yes, being able to read is highly important. If we can't read we'll have to rely on Sahra for any and all reading we may come across.

3f7846 No.248321


I know I saged that

31a024 No.248322


Agreed to all.


Yes you did.


1e00e5 No.248338

File: 06925d91aff8486⋯.jpg (54.78 KB, 1364x748, 31:17, fool.jpg)


Do it. We need to learn shit.

6d7083 No.248343


>Life of Pi

>Not life of Pinoy

Anyway, yeah might as well take it up to learn some of the Deleorian language so he can properly understand memes, which are very prevalent in the culture.

d9e852 No.248358


Might as well, then get some clothes.

70c358 No.248425



and with all this emphasis on the silver dagger we had acquired, I say we hold onto it :^)

2271d4 No.248499

File: d22b67f7902031e⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 607.19 KB, 3552x2432, 111:76, armed for the weekend.jpg)


yea let her teach you how to read and also inquire how to make money, last night was a freeby but if he dosent want to go innawoods for both food and sleep we need some essentials of civilisation.

05cfd8 No.248534

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Music for the next update

Sarha isn't Jane, don't get any ideas guys

840ce6 No.248536

Bernsen found the offer quite surprising, especially considering who it was coming from.

“I would love to! But what do you want in return for that?” The man asked with a smile.

“In return…? What could someone like you even possibly offer to me? I am not asking for anything. Now, do you want to learn how to read or not?” The question seemed to offend the short girl and she puffed her cheeks and planted her hands on her waistline in a pose that displayed authority and confidence.

“Yes, yes of course! It’s just surprising for you to be so… so…” The man struggled to find the proper word.

“Nice?” The girl suggested and narrowed her eyes. “What, do you think I am a bitch or something?”

“Err..” Bernsen looked around, not sure what to say.

“Never mind, If you want to know why I just think it’s… wrong. Not to be able to read.” The girl glanced sideways on the book case with a wistful expression.

“You say that they are sources for information, but there is so much more to that statement. Books can help you solve problems, teach you valuable skills. Even make you feel better if you are down. They don’t judge you. They don’t lie to you for the most part. And they are always a hand’s reach away if you need them.”

“Really? They are that good?” The man looked at the bookcase in awe again and the girl seemed to snap out from her sudden mood swing back into her regular self.

“A-anyways. The children’s section is over there. Come on.” She ran her hand through her hair and walked around the book case they were standing in front of.

The children’s section ended up being on the second floor, in the tower section of the building. The pair had to ascend a winding staircase to get there which the man found to be a little disorienting and cramped but eventually they stood in a small round room. It was much more brightly illuminated compared to the rest of the building thanks to the many tall windows that let the sunlight in.

The décor was much more colorful, with a few banners hanging on the smaller sized bookcases. In the middle of it was a single wooden desk with four chairs surrounding it.

“Sit down, I am going to pick something out.” Sahra gestured toward the table and the man took a seat, with some effort. The desk and the chairs were particularly small here and he eventually decided to just sit on the floor in front of the desk instead.

Although the room was small he did not find it oppressing or restrictive. The atmosphere in it was serene and comfortable and that was just fine with the man.

“Okay first and foremost you should familiarize yourself with the alphabet.” She put a small book on the desk and sat next to the man. With a fluid motion, she opened the cover and turned the book toward the first page which had a picture of a tree with ripe red fruit hanging on it.

“That symbol over there stands for “A” like the first sound in the word apple…”

The man, to the girl’s surprise, was a quick learner and was grasping what she explained to him almost instantly. A little over an hour into their study session the elderly librarian ascended the stairs with a roll of parchment, a few feathers and a small container of some black liquid.

“I apologize for the intrusion but I overheard the conversation you had earlier. I just want to point out that learning to write while you are at it will make learning how to read easier.” The old woman pointed out and put the items she held on the desk.

“Before you ask, it’s free of charge. I have had a surplus sitting in the basement for years that almost no one uses. I’d much rather have it used for its intended purpose than have it rot away. It’s so nice to see young people studying these days instead of getting into trouble.”

“Oh, thank you Mrs. Barstone.” Sahra bowed her head in gratitude and gestured to the man to do the same which he hastily did.

The old librarian nodded with a smile and went downstairs shortly afterward.

“Barstone? Isn’t that the name of the town?” The barbarian asked the sorceress sitting next to him.

“Also the name of the keep and the noble family that governs the area. This woman is the lord’s aunt I think, but I didn’t ask too much about it. It’s why the library here is still maintained. She is apparently a pretty big reader and teaches children on Sundays in the church.” Sahra quickly explained.

840ce6 No.248537

“How come she is not the chieftain? Is it because she is too old and weak to lead?” Bernsen asked next.

“I don’t think did even when she was young. Her sister was the previous lord’s wife and she never married as far as I know. Anyway, we have paper now so let’s see if you can replicate the letters I just taught you.”

By the time the man had left the library it was already past noon and he felt hungry but enlightened. It was still a long way to go but he learned roughly what sound each letter meant and was beginning to make attempts to decipher words he would encounter with mixed luck.

“Teeaheyeeloher.” He struggled to say the word out loud as his guide chuckled.

“It’s tailor. Like, person who makes clothes. There is a bit more to pronunciation than just letters, we’ll get over it later.”

“Clothes, huh? Come to think of it that guard near the entrance said I should get new ones and the locals are giving me weird looks.” The man pondered.

“Yea, you are not doing a very good job blending it that’s for sure.” The sorceress replied with a playful smirk.

The man pulled on the handle of the door and went inside. The interior was pretty cramped compared to the previous buildings he had entered due to the amount of junk and weird tools that were spread around the room in rather chaotic patterns.

“Oh, a spider!” The man exclaimed and pointed ahead of him in excited fashion as he finally saw something that he was familiar with.

At the end of the room, standing over an odd shaped desk was a monster with the upper torso of a woman attached to a rather large black spider. She had long black hair and wore a purple blouse covering her chest. A strange object was attached to her face made out of glass and metal. She quickly pulled it off and blinked her three irisless, black sets of eyes of which only the lower pair bare eyelashes. She was smaller than the spiders in the forest Bernsen grew up in but this was a welcome sight still.

“Uhh, hello? May I help you?” The spider woman inquired and turned her face to the visitors. It was round in shape and rather plain but with a certain level of youthful cuteness on it.

“Yea, I am looking for clothes!” The man raised his hand and took a few steps forward into the store. This announcement made one of the corner of the tailors’ mouth turn up in wry smile.

“Do you now? Well I suppose I could help you with that. Anything in particular you are looking for?” The spider asked and walked around the desk with a distinct series of audible chittering noises as her many legs scratched against the surface of the floor.

“I am new in this land. I grew up in a forest, you see. So I need something that would not make me stand out as much. Oh, and shoes too apparently.” The man explained and suddenly realized that Sahra was still standing next to the doorway. Sensing the aura of distress coming from her he quickly turned his head back.

“Huh? You alright?” He asked the sorceress.

“Y-yea I am fine I just…didn’t think there was another monster in town besides Claudia.” She nervously explained as she seemed to shuffle closer to the door while the fingers on her right hand twitched and moved with a barely visible orange spark running through them. “I think I am going to wait outside.” The girl quickly gulped and left trough the doorway, slamming the door shut with a slam behind her.

“Oh, I wouldn’t be surprised. I only arrived in this town a few days ago, Claudia was actually the one who suggested it to me. My mother and her are old friends you see. I always wanted a nice quiet place to settle in and start a family and I hear this area has very little trouble going in it.” The seamstress explained and walked a circle around the barbarian to examine him in great detail.

“And a lot of handsome men it looks like. Fufufu.” All three sets of her eyes narrowed briefly in a lustful gaze. “I don’t see why you would want to stand out less sir. You have a lot to show off, you need to be more proud of a beautiful body like that.”

“But unfortunately, I don’t have anything in stock right now that would fit your. Mmm, impressive frame.” One of her hands reached forward to sensually caress the man’s chest.

“Oh, that’s a shame.” The man gently pulled the spider’s hand away from him and turned around. “I guess I’ll try somewhere else then.”

“Oh no no no no.” The spider wrapped both of her hands around the man’s arm. “You misunderstand me, what I mean is that I’ll have to make something for you to order. It shouldn’t take long, my hands work fast and discreetly. I just need to take your measurements to get started.”

840ce6 No.248538

The woman quickly reached out to one of the nearby wooden shelves and unrolled a long string with numbers written on them. She hastily began to use it to measure the man’s limbs and other attributes, for some reason lingering around his lower waistline for too long, with a face showing a great deal of concentration.

“No, this will not do at all!” She exclaimed with a sigh and straightened out.

“Is something wrong.” The man asked, sounding confused.

“Yes! Absolutely, your clothes. Forgive me sir but they are getting in the way of my measurements! I would hate to mess up an outfit. We need to get you out of them asap!” Suddenly her hands shot out towards his cloak and with practiced motions and speed that took Bernsen off-guard, pulled it off before trying to do the same to his shirt.

“Umm.” He suddenly grabbed her arms before she could go further. “Look, it’s fine, to be honest I don’t have any money with me right now, I was just hoping to find something appropriate that I could pick up later.”

“Oh? Is that all?” The seamstress smiled again and leaned her body against the barbarian, letting her breasts rub against his stomach. “Please, you don’t have to worry about such details. I can take your measurements now, work on the outfit and have you pick it up later at your leisure. I am sure a man of your stature would not fool a poor young woman like me.”

She leaned even closer then, to rub her cheek against the man’s chest, and glanced up with all of her eyes half lidded.

>What do you do?

2271d4 No.248541


spiders why does it have to be cute spiders?

damnit writefag.

well ask her how much our new threads would cost but make her understand that we are flattert but that she has to keep looking for a husband.

after she tells bersen that the outfit will cost more then 10 silver inquire with sahra how to make money and how much one animal pelt will be worth for that will be the easyest way for us to make money fast outside of using the questboard for some bountyhunter work.

oh yea and also ask for general pricec in towm like lodgings, food, meds and other eccentuals

f762ae No.248550

Remember guys, no sex. We gotta keep Bearson pure so he can become a muscle wizard.

31a024 No.248568


Or until we find a proper waifu candidate.

3f7846 No.248570


We cannot afford to be raped when we're so close to muscle wizardhood . We must decline. And maybe call sahra too, I get the feeling she may be desperate.

But if she actually respected our choice I think we should tell her we just need our measurements so we can know what to look for next

31a024 No.248591



He's too old! Yes, too old to begin the training!

a88a0c No.248606


>when we're so close to muscle wizardhood

He still has 11 more years to go until then. Thats a pretty long time if you ask me.

1e00e5 No.248613


Sounds worth it to become a musclebound battlemage if you ask me.

3f7846 No.248614


That just means we're 2/3 of the way there already!


But he is the chosen one! We will train him.

f8796b No.248617

File: 55ea050f701691b⋯.jpg (291.97 KB, 844x1200, 211:300, __rachnera_arachnera_monst….jpg)

I say we fuck the spider and bring her with us so she can spook the pyrololi and provide us with clothes.

f762ae No.248618


Nigga did you not just read above you? We gotta stay pure till we hit muscle wizard. No spider!

1e00e5 No.248619

File: ee888a82eddfa2e⋯.png (92.54 KB, 428x390, 214:195, 1459331606614.png)


==WE DID THE SAME THING THE LAST TIME, WE NEED TO GET ONE WAIFU ATLEAST== and then not have sex with her until 11 years later

f8796b No.248620

File: fd6a8e7c6e5a106⋯.jpg (199.72 KB, 1130x1600, 113:160, 09dd5b1eb8c50c6ad3df412eb7….jpg)


Alright a compromise. We take spider with us but keep it pure, handholding only so we can obtain muscle wizardry. Also pyrololi spooking.

f762ae No.248622


We can't take her from her shop, she set everything up here and can't leave her store. Please don't try to go waifu any random monster you find. Not everyone likes spiders.

3f7846 No.248624


Holding hands?! When we're not married?! Don't you know how intimate and lewd that is?

f8796b No.248626


>implying muscleman couldn't just pick her up and carry her away with him

In all seriousness though, fair point about the shop. I make no promises to stop trying to steer us down spider route though.

35861e No.248630

I want someone to talk to Ace and ask him if Bernsen can become a battlemage or not!

e27aaf No.248639


Geez, you are persistent aren't you?

The answer is yes. Try not to metagame too hard.

35861e No.248652


Just want to know where we stand bro.

282b68 No.248747


Tell her we are not looking for a mate currently and that she will have to find someone else. Then lets have our measurements taken while being wary about what she's doing while doing so. Also, make sure to watch out for webs that discreet enough to not be noticed.

6d7083 No.248801


Stare at her with dead eyes, so dead they make her exoskeleton rattle and she has to cry herself to sleep that night.

Also say, "I suppose, but please allow me to keep my loincloth on, I am very shy."



Technically, yes, but remember, Wizardhood is also a state of mind. Things are a little different now, but if Bearson doesn't strive to push away women, he won't ever gain the magical powers. He could pray to a god for magic though! However that also takes years of dedication. Unless he was born as a sorcerer, then he is what he is, especially since he's still young!

434117 No.248822

File: 38b153bf537257d⋯.jpg (64.16 KB, 750x600, 5:4, armstrong 3.jpg)

File: 3a23d371330bbe9⋯.jpg (202.46 KB, 750x574, 375:287, armstrong 2.jpg)


yea sorcerer would be a posebility too but arent they more of akin to someone with one single superpower?

a propper muscle wizard can do a lot of things, the best example of one would be major armstrong from fullmetal alchemist, and that fag was cabable of a lot of things.

but well we will see what writefag will want to do and what fits the character best.

i just want bearson to become one because i feel like he would be perfect for it and also because its such an under used class.

d9e852 No.248850


If we want powers we can just cannibalize someone's heart for them. But no on the sex with random strangers anyways.

434117 No.248851

File: 2cacd929b8d5690⋯.jpeg (59.96 KB, 510x460, 51:46, reaction, i like.jpeg)


>being this fucking savage

yea but somehow i doupt that we will find many superpowerd mutans out in the civilized parts of the country.

well for now lets see where the story leads us.

still pissed that writefag troughs a cute spidergirl at bearson right at the beginning of the story and she isent even recrutable for the party

d9e852 No.248858


We're a big muscled man with abs so thick you can grate cheese on it, as soon as we have sex with her she'll try and follow us and think she's pregnant or something with all that sex. Then when it never comes she will have constant bouts of depression, anxiety, and blaming herself then the cuckoldry comes when the truth of Bearson's sterility comes out. No sex.

b9f76c No.248896


Oh right i forgot all about that little infertility problem. Makes me wonder if that affects the flow of spirit energy and such.

But judging by the way every monster seems to lust over him at least they can't sense that there is something wrong with him.

And regarding the current debate since Bearson is shooting blanks anyways there is no point to not go full wizard at this point.

434117 No.248899

File: 96399e9b774be90⋯.jpg (7.13 KB, 255x217, 255:217, reaction, magical swag.jpg)


i guess our fire-loli sahra needs to introduce berson to the communion matrix after she teached him how to read.

let the shitweaving and epic bantz beginn!

further we NEED to meet another wizard again.

writefags best character in barbarien quest was without a doupt franklin.

the levels of faggotry and autism were so delicous that it would be a travesty of we cant have another character like him in our party.

can you even imagine the bantz between our fire loli and a full blown faggot wizard?

3f7846 No.248909


Since when is he sterile?

1e00e5 No.248914


He's technically an artificial human

3f7846 No.248959


a previous story I presume?

840ce6 No.248964

The man shook his head before letting go of the woman’s arms and gently pushing her away from him.

“Before this gets any further I have to point out that I am not looking for a mating partner at the moment, so please cease the acts of courtship. I am not interested.” The man said with a frown and looked down at the seamstress. He felt bad about rejecting her but it would be best to do it now before it would escalate into something dangerous.

“O-oh. I see. My apologies.” The spider woman uttered lamely and took a few skittering steps backward to retreat behind the counter while looking embarrassed.

“Please don’t take it personally.” The barbarian sighed and shook his head. “I am not too familiar with your tribe’s standards, but in my opinion your appearance and disposition will be sure to attract a lot of potential mates here I am sure.”

“It’s okay, no harm done. I just got a little excited and rushed things. You are actually the first customer who set foot in my shop for more than a minute. I was warned that the locals here are unused to the sight of our kind.” The spideress sighed and slumped over the wooden counter, visibly disappointed as she twiddled the piece of eyewear from before in-between her fingers.

“I am sure it will work out. The people around here are pretty friendly. Oh, and I know it’s awkward to ask now but could you actually do the measurements for real for me? I really do need some clothes.” The man requested with a small bow and held his hands together in front of him.

“The measure-Oh! Of course, business. Haha, silly me. Yes, yes of course but you uhh, will still have to undress. I meant it when I said I take my job very seriously. My mother taught me that when you make something to order you must make sure it fits so well that the customer feels like they were born in those clothes.” The seamstress puffed her chest out with pride as she spoke.

“Well, alright. But no funny business!” The man waggled his finger at the tailor and pulled his clothes off himself in quick fashion.

The spider approached him again, this time with visible nervousness in her stance and began to go through the motions of measuring him again. She was taking her sweet time doing so and the barbarian felt it was deliberate, with all the seemingly random unnecessary touching she was doing, but he let it slide.

“What’s your name by the way? Mine’s Bernsen.” The man inquired in an attempt to take some of her attention away from his body.

“Oh me? My name is Sharley. It’s a pleasure.” The monster replied with some blush on her cheeks.

“Hey, what’s taking you so long?” The front door opened again with a creak and the young sorceress peaked inside nervously only for her gaze to meet the barbarian in all of his stark-naked glory.

“W-w-w-waaaah! Why are-What are-“ She stuttered out and covered her eyes with her hand.

“Taking measurements apparently.” The man shrugged before turning head to the seamstress. “Are we done yet?”

“Actually, yes. I think I have a good idea about your nnn” The spideress brought her thumb up to her mouth and bit on it. “Proportions.”

“Alright thanks.” The barbarian nodded and began to redress himself in his bear skin set of clothes.

“H-hurry up, you asshole!” Sahra exclaimed but the man noticed that the palm of her hand that she held over her eyes actually had a rather large crack in-between her middle and ring fingers for some reason.

With him dressed the seamstress then asked what type of clothing he would like and showing various samples for him to pick out of. While he did that his companion stood in the corner of the store, with her back turned to him and red in the face while quietly muttering something to herself about horses being hanged which the man did not entirely understand, as most of his attention was focused on the plethora of choices he had before him.

Sharley gave him a quick lecture about the various types of clothes that were popular here and the materials they were made from. Cotton for example was very common and came in many different colors and styles and was primarily worn in shirts by the field workers and farmers. Leather was more popular among hunters as it did not get wet easily and resisted the weather elements in general. It was also the primary component in footwear. Then there was denim, which was an extension of cotton and much more hardy which gave it high demand among hard laborer’s like miners.

The last one was silk, specifically of the spider kind which was the most expensive material around and was usually reserved for nobles to be weaved into ballroom gowns or suits.

>Insert Request here

840ce6 No.248965

After the man finished picking out an outfit he had hoped was appropriate for his current status and surroundings and then confirming with Sahra that it did not in fact make him look stupid he waved Sharley goodbye. The girl promised that it would be ready by tomorrow morning and that the total cost would come up to twenty silver coins which he would need to bring to actually receive it.

“Man, you took forever with that crap, and they say women are the ones who take too long to pretty themselves up.” Sahra complained and looked up in the sky. “It’s already past afternoon.”

“Sorry, I could have probably told her to speed things along but she seemed to be pretty lonely. She arrived on her own apparently and doesn’t have any friend or acquaintances here besides the inn keeper.” The man explained.

“It’s like that huh?” The young woman glanced sideways and sighed. “What is she even trying to accomplish here, opening a business? Monsters are not exactly welcomed here with open arms if you noticed.”

“Looking for a quiet life and a place to start a family apparently.” The barbarian shrugged.

“Family eh?” The corners of Sahra’s lips briefly turned down before she suddenly looked up at the man with a pink shade returning to her face. “Oh, before I forget. You do not need to go completely naked to get your measurements taken. You should have kept your loincloth on at least, you idiot.”

“Really? I wouldn’t know. Sharley did not say anything about this when I was getting undressed.” The man pondered and cocked his head as he rewound the memory through his head.

“Of course she wouldn’t. She is a monster, all of them are degenerates who only have sex on their mind all the time. I am surprised she didn’t jump on your dick right there and then.” The sorceress turned her head away quickly with the shade of her face taking on an even deeper red tone. “You need to be more careful about that. What were you thinking, you could have gotten raped. Didn’t you grow up surrounded by them?”

“It’s really not nearly as bad as you say.” The man crossed his arms on his chest before gesturing at the girl walking next to him with the palm of his hand.

“When you really get down to it monsters are not that very different from neither men nor beasts under normal conditions. Most follow the basic formula of authority in nature. Just as a predator’s instincts kick in when they see a weak or sickened prey so do monsters get excited when see a potential mate who is afraid of them as they deem him to be an easy target. I have noticed people here seem to be mostly vary or fearful of them and fear is the equivalent of weakness in nature.

The key to avoid getting claimed as a husband is as simple as displaying your dominance. Just as a black bear will retreat if confronted with something that it deems to be too troublesome to deal with so will most monsters lay off when you firmly and strongly tell them that you have no desire to breed with them.

When you do that, they will sense the dominant presence coming from you and submit to your authority and the roles between predator and prey quickly become reversed.

There are of course exceptions to this. Some species might require a physical display of power as well before they will submit like badgers, but overall it’s quite simple.” The man concluded and looked down at his companion who was giving him a very odd look.

“Wow, you are really informed about the weirdest things.” She shook her head and then turned it forward to look ahead again. “I don’t think your way will work for most people though and it does not take lizardmen into account either. Those ones work on an exact opposite set of rules, I think.”

840ce6 No.248967

“Lizard, Men?” The man’s face took on a shape of disbelief as he imagined what that would look like but immediately wished he didn’t.

“Oh! Oh gods, no they are not literally men. They are still monsters, females, it’s just that their species name is called that for some reason.” She quickly shook her hands in front of herself for emphasis.

“Oh, that’s a relief, seeing wuu men for the first time felt weird enough.” The man sighed and wiped his forehead before noticing two people exchange a few copper coins for a loaf of bread in one of the stores they passed by.

“Say, I just remembered. How do you make money? You mentioned yesterday that you offer your goods and services but what kind of services?” The man asked.

“Well, you know. Specialized skills like making clothes or metal crafting. Growing food or livestock. Stuff like that. They are referred to as jobs commonly.” Sahra elaborated and pointed at the few merchants as they passed by them.

“I don’t really know much about that. What kind of job do you think I could take?” The barbarian inquired next.

“Honestly, from what I saw you would probably make a hell of a hunter but you can forget about that.” The girl shook her head.

“Why is that?” The man asked in surprise.

“Only those with a license from lord Barik are allowed to hunt and as such are the only ones who benefit from selling game and other animal parts.” The girl shrugged with a frown.

“But, that. That’s stupid! What about the people living out there? Like in Oatsfield. What if they go hunt for themselves?” The barbarian exclaimed and pointed to where he thought the village was roughly located.

“Nope. Strict punishment. Fines, followed by lashings and eventually incarceration on multiple accounts.” The girl snorted and threw her hands up in the air once more.

“What kind of chieftain doesn’t allow his tribe to hunt?” The man shook his head confusion and disgust. “Well, what else can I do then?”

“You could try mining. You certainly have the build for it. I think there is even a notice on the town message board looking for volunteers in Ironhill. It’s digging basically. For good stuff like ore and gems.” She suggested and the man pondered on it before remembering something.

“Wait, what’s your job Sahra?” The question seemed to surprise the girl and she glanced around as if struggling to find the right words. “Who? Me? No way, I don’t do boring stuff like that. Work is for common folk.”

“How do you make money then?” The barbarian inquired further, sounding genuinely confused.

“I… uhh..” Once more she was not giving him an adequate answer and then it clicked in Bern’s head.

“Oh! Of course, what was that word uhh… bounty hunter? You beat up someone else’s enemies for them and get rewarded.” The man smiled at the realization and nodded in satisfaction but the girl’s reaction took him by surprise as did her answer.

“Actually, yesterday was my first time.” She said lamely.

“Wait, what?! But you sounded so confident and seemed like you knew what you were doing.” The man could not believe his ears and his mouth hung open in comical fashion.

840ce6 No.248970

“You are the one who just gave me a lecture about the importance of confidence!” She looked up at him with an irritated expression. “I was just getting close to being out of cash and thought that setting a bunch of scum on fire would be easy money. Most of what I was saying were just quotes from my favorite play.”

“But then how did you make money before?” The man once again repeated himself.

“I sold things and… did other stuff.” Sahra looked away again with a frown but there seemed to be a certain deal of regret hidden in her expression that she tried to conceal.

“Like a merchant?” The barbarian suggested.

“Kind of. But this was not here in Barstone and my old job did not work out too well. Anyway, I am starving let’s go get something to eat already.” She suddenly gestured forward and the man realized that they were once again back in front of the inn.

When they got inside Bernsen found the place to be half empty like it was in the morning and Claudia greeted the pair with a smile.

“How did that guiding thing work out? Is your big friend adjusting to civilization?” She asked and winked playfully with her left eye.

Sahra let out an incomprehensible grumble instead of giving a solid answer and climbed on the barstool next to the counter.

“She is teaching me how to read and I saw I spider. It was fun.” The barbarian said casually and took the seat next to her.

“Oh, you met little Sharley! Such a sweet young woman, I hope she is doing well. I should visit her when my husband comes back from lord Barik’s vineyard. Now then I suspect you are both famished. Let’s see, we have stew today…” Claudia walked away from the counter to go into the back room where the kitchen was apparently located but just before she passed the door frame Sahra called out.

“Make It for one, I am not going to let this guy mooch.”

“That’s okay, I have food of my own.” The barbarian smiled and took a look into his backback. The venison was getting ripe. He should get rid of it later. He instead decided to pick up a long string of dried meat out of a tightly bound bundle and began to thoughtfully chew on it.

Claudia soon returned with a steaming bowl and set in before the sorceress, taking a stack of coppers from her as payment. While the young woman stirred its contents with a rather sour expression the man looked around the bar and spotted something unusual.

The atmosphere here was usually mellow and relaxing but a single man was hunching over a table with several mugs scattered in front of him. He seemed to be middle-aged with a short-trimmed beard that went around his chin and mouth. His eyes were red like he didn’t have any rest recently and a thick air of despair was surrounding him.

“What’s up with this guy?” The man finished eating the piece of jerky and pointed at him while giving Claudia a quizzical look.

“Oh. That’s Thomas, he is the man who lord Barik put in charge of the mining operation in Ironhill. He came to the keep this morning for some request but was denied apparently.” Claudia explained quietly.

“Mining? Oh! What good timing!” Bernsen quickly got up from his chair and approached the depressed man.

840ce6 No.248971

“Hey my name is Bernsen, I heard you are offering jobs at the mine. I would like to have one.” He announced and waved his hand in friendly manner.

The man raised his tired face up to give the barbarian a half drunken look of disbelief and confusion. “You serious? Lad, I appreciate the enthusiasm but you could not have picked a worse time. Ironhill is in deep fucking shit.” The mine manager answered and took another sip from his mug.

“What’s wrong?” Bernsen narrowed his eyes and took a seat next to the man.

“Monsters. Terrible, man eating abominations have infested the mine shafts. Work has stopped completely since yesterday: the workers are afraid to set foot anywhere near, in fear of what might happen to them.” The manager spoke up with his voice cracking on every other word.

Immediately the other inn visitors turned their heads with surprised looks and began to listen in on the conversation.

“Man eating?” Claudia leaned over the counter with an expression of disbelief. “Tom, I know you’ve been drinking here since morning but you can’t be that out yet.”

“I’ve been there!” Suddenly the man shouted and knocked over one of the mugs which smacked against the floor with a loud clang, startling some of the nearby people.

“I saw it with my very own eyes! Why the fuck do you think I rode all the way here myself in the night!? I was hoping for lord Barik to send a platoon of soldiers or do… something! Anything about it!”

The man seemed to be suddenly embarrassed by his outburst and picked the mug off the ground.

“Sorry, sorry I just. I was right there. The boys have been complaining about weird noises underground, like something was moving around them in the earth and stone and giggling. So at the end of the day shift I decided to come down there see what’s up. The only other two people still down there were the foreman and one of the workers.

I heard it then. That scraping like someone was pouring gravel and sand somewhere nearby. Then like out of some nightmare the wall of the shaft suddenly burst open! A huge shadow slammed forward and knocked one of the workers and knocked down the lantern he was holding.

It quickly moved through the tunnel like some snake and dragged the poor man away while he screamed and then as soon s it vanished around the corner…”

The man gulped heavily.

“The sound of bones crunching and the scream getting cut short. I ran as fast as I could with the foreman. We could barely see our surrounding in the pitch-black mineshaft. Then there was another massive crash as the wall burst open again like it was made out of paper! Another one of these abominations lurched forward at the foreman and dragged him away into the darkness. I don’t know how but I managed to get out, but now you can hear these crunching, breaking noises coming from inside. Sounds of something heavy lurching and slithering in the mines.”

“And lord Barik did not do anything about it?” One of the mean nearby stood up and asked with an offended tone.

“Oh, he did alright.” The manager chuckled sarcastically. “He put up a bounty. Seventy five silvers for the extermination of the beasts that plague it. It’s a fucking a joke. Who is going to agree to deal with something like that for seventy-five fucking silvers?” The manager shook his head in despair again and leaned against the table. “Ironhill is fucking done. I don’t care. The guards can throw me in the dungeon if they want. I never even wanted this position and the lord is expecting me to continue digging for ore and keep the shipments up despite what happened.”

>What do you do?

840ce6 No.248982

File: ed9e60481265a6b⋯.jpg (194.08 KB, 800x571, 800:571, Marcus_highres.jpg)



>Spoilering the big plot twist of part 1 for new readers instead of letting me do it casually at some unexpected moment to stir shit up

Fucking faggots with no comedic timing.

3f7846 No.248990


Bernsen the monster slayer. I like it


We could delete the posts if you want

840ce6 No.248993


Relax, just doing some harmless funposting.

ccf4fa No.248997


We should see if we can't help this guy out, though we should be sure that the guys were actually killed before me start a'murdering. So, investigate first, I guess.

b5557f No.249007

for clothes

heavy hiking boots - brown, if possible steel toed

denim pants - light blue

light cotton shirt - black

heavy leather coat and hat - brown

5 pair of socks

about the mine

having to go after at least 2 sandworm type girls for 75 silver is some bullshit, local lord is lucky we are a broke ass nigger

ask sahra if she knows what type of monster that could be or if the library might know.

most importantly how to lure these type of girls out.

bearson is fucking badass but fighting burrowing type monsters underground is fucking suicide.


lure one or all of the girls to the surface and try to 1 burry them under a rockslide trap we rig up.

2 find out where there is a cliff or other siceable drop and let chem chase you untill they burry themselfs into thin air.

3 same thing as 2 but with a lake

4 if everything alse fails or misses the needet geographic locations just challenge them like the manlyest of barbariens that you are and have fire-loli sahra give literal firesupport.

5 ???

6 75 silver worth of profit

and when we collect the reword have sahra go on a rant about the lord being a cheap faggot that dosent care about his subjects.

6d7083 No.249008


"Maybe I can take care of these Monsters? I can try time make them leave, otherwise I am very confident in my axe."

>pat axe

"Also, this fire loli will help."

>pat fire loli

Fucking wurms man.

3f7846 No.249015

As to clothes I suppose a cotton shirt, a leather jacket of some sort, some good sturdy boots, and denim, and some gloves I think would be nice. And socks. Lots and lots of socks


>fighting burrowing monsters underground's is suicide

>lets bury them to fight them

3f7846 No.249020


I know I hit sage

b5557f No.249022


they can dig though rock yes but if a half ton boulder hits them it will hurt.

the same way you can squish a earthworm

so if nothing else it will stun or hinder there movements, that should be enough for bearson to finish them up close and personal.

oh yea one more thing, if possible we might be able to negotiate with those girls, but if they are anything like sandworm or wyrm girls then deplomacy is a waste of time


yea 8 chan is being a bitch again

1e00e5 No.249033

File: 4106db95980d836⋯.png (450.25 KB, 592x567, 592:567, 1458790049577.png)



282b68 No.249098



I Agree. Also, for clothing:

Leather Boots for walking through forests and other places we will travel through.

Leather Pants that are not too restrictive for moving in.

Cotton boxers for wearing beneath our pants.

Leather Jacket that is also not too restrictive to wear and looks like something a hunter would wear.

Leather Gloves could be useful too. Although, I'm not sure if we need a pair since we have an adamantium hand.

Also, Obtain several pairs of cotton socks since those will bound to get dirty throughout our adventures.

Don't get a hat, the Bearskin armor hood we already wear is better then one.

43c197 No.249255




I just realized what the real goal of this adventure should be

Fixing Bernson's balls

e27aaf No.249395

“Seventy five silvers, huh?” The barbarian pondered and turned his head back to his companion who was quietly eating her stew still. “Is that a little?”

“The sum is not that bad. Most commoners don’t earn more than a few gold coins a year and farmers barely scrape up enough for one. But as far as bounty hunting goes, it’s a joke, yea.” Sahra elaborated without turning around.

“Well, I guess I can’t be picky. Alright, I’ll do it.” The man announced and put his hands on his hips before turning to the stunned manager.

“Do what?” The man surrounded by mugs asked in a hoarse voice.

“Hunt that bounty. I’ll do it.” The man answered plainly.

There was a series of murmurs among the people in the inn in response to this announcement.

“Lad, I admit you look formidable but you have no idea what you are signing up for.” The manager answered while shaking his head. “This is not something you can pull off alone, no matter how though you are.”

“You think I need help? I am pretty confident in my skills.” The barbarian spoke with a hint of pride in his voice while patting the axe hanging in a leather ring on his belt. “But if you think it’s that dangerous there is someone else that could help. Hey Sahra, you need more money too, right? Want to split the reward? I only need twenty for my new clothes.” The man turned his head back to the young sorceress who suddenly choked on her stew.

“W-what? Are you crazy? Stomping some low energy trash bandits is one thing but we are talking about monsters here!”

“But Briana was a monster too, and that weird fire wolf that was with her too.” The man looked at the girl in confusion.

“Don’t play dumb, you know what I mean! Did you even hear what this guy said? It must be sandworms or hells, potentially even wurms. Fuck that shit, I am not going to deal with those, especially not for measly thirty seven silvers.” The sorceress protested and crossed her arms in front of her.

“Sand worms are unlikely, they are only native to Ectrian deserts, but Wurms?” Claudia frowned while looking as if she was deep in thought. “Could be possible, it would not be the first time they make home in a mine. But it’s strange, usually they pick the ones that had been long abandoned instead of active ones. And they most certainly don’t eat people, they are dumb and clumsy but not violent or cannibalistic.”

“See, that doesn’t sound so bad.” Bernsen pointed out.

“Well…” The young sorceress glanced at the horned inn keeper who seemed to be pretty confident in what she was saying. “I do need the money… but I want a bigger cut! Fifty silvers to me and twenty five to you!” She exclaimed and pointed her finger at Bernsen.

“Okay.” The barbarian shrugged. “So, should we go?”

“W-you mean right now? But it’s the past lunch time. Iron hill is like six hours away on horseback. On foot that’s a whole day.” Sahra explained while looking surprised.

“You have something else to do?” The man asked and gestured at the sorceress with his hand.

Sahra raised a finger and opened her mouth like she was about to say something before changing her mind. Instead, she pulled out a metal canister from her bag and handed it so Claudia.

“Fill it up with ale or mead or something, I don’t want to be stuck drinking water on the road again.” She requested and the innkeeper obliged her with a smile.

“Gods, you are actually doing it.” The manager raised his head. His eyes now bore a small spark of hope in them. “I wish you best of luck but please if your life gets put in danger just run away, I don’t want any more deaths on my conscience. And uh, hold on. Claudia, do you have some ink and a pen I could borrow?”

A few minutes later the two were on the road once again and leaving the town from the same gate they had entered it from. The manager gave them some vague directions on how to reach the mining outpost as well as a letter hastily drawn on a napkin that they were supposed to show to the people waiting there. The man himself had no desire to return and chose to stay in Barstone until the problem is eliminated or the guards throw him in a cell.

“Man, guess we are going to have to stop at one of the villages on the way and ask to stay there. No way are we going to make it there by nightfall.” Sahra looked forward at the road ahead that went on so far that it seemed to vanish over the horizon.

e27aaf No.249396

“Not with your pace, we won’t.” The man replied playfully as he walked slowly next to the sorceress whose short legs were once again proving to be inefficient.

“If you don’t like how I walk I don’t mind you taking me for a ride again.” The girl said snidely before something ticked inside her head and her face reddened.

“W-wait that sounded wrong! I mean like on your shoulders when we first met! I was just joking anyWaaaah!” With a practiced motion the man picked the girl up by her collar and planted her firmly on his back.

“G-geez! I am telling you, don’t pick me up so casually, I am not some doll to be carried around!” Sahra complained but made no attempts to get down and instead was struggling to keep her face straight which was on the verge of splitting in half from the smile she was wearing.

The man smirked and began to jog forward along the road while the girl held on to the ears of his bear hood like reins, trying desperately to hide how much she was enjoying this.

“Bern, look I appreciate the gesture but you don’t have to carry me. We won’t make there until tomorrow anyways and you won’t be able to run all the way there. You’ll get exhausted like this without pacing yourself.” The girl pointed out with some concern in her voice.

“Is it that far away?” The man asked and scratched his beard. “Guess I should go faster then.”

“No, no that not what I meWaaaah!” The girl barely managed to hold on to the bear hood and clamped her whole body hard as the barbarian suddenly jerked forward and began to run in full sprint with his head held forward.

“Stop! I am going to fall!” The sorceress yelled out.

“Then hold on tighter!” The man yelled back without so much as thinking about lowering the speed he was running at.

“You jeeeerk!” She screamed out in a high-pitched tone and hugged his head with both of her arms. Soon she dared to crack open one of her eyelids. Sahra never had a horse but the way she was feeling right now made her think of the various fantasy novels that she had read that sometimes depicted wild chase scenes.

The land was passing by her at a quick rate. Vast fields of grain being replaced with spaces reserved for potatoes. Small patches of trees and ponds of water flew by.

The more distance they passed the more she dared to actually move until she had returned to her neutral position of her legs dangling down around the barbarian’s chest and hands clenching his hood. She was slowly becoming aware of how bizarre this situation actually was. Finally, she could not hold herself back and threw her head back to burst in a full bellied laughter, so pure and genuine that small droplets of tears appeared in the corners of her eyes.

“Do you, hahaha! Do you know how stupid we must look right now?” She let out another laugh and leant forward to not fall off, as her body was viciously trembling.

“As long as it gets us there faster, who cares!” The man exclaimed while glancing back with a smile.

“How are you still not tired!?” The girl yelled and looked at the man upside down while leaning her head forward. The man briefly got worried but realized the innocence of the question. The girl’s face was practically beaming and had no ulterior intentions behind it.

“The secret is to eat lots of meat!” The man answered back with a smirk and the girl laughed again before replying.

“Maybe you are on to something! I think I’ll try doing that!”

But as impressive as the man’s speed was Sahra’s prediction came true. Ironhill was the most distant settlement in the area. It was located far to the north east where the land was mostly unexplored and untapped.

“Aww man. I told you we should have stopped at one of the villages on the way here. The sun is almost set and we are caught in the wilderness. What are we going to do now?” The girl sighed and shook her head in worry.

“Wait until morning?” The man asked like it was obvious and helped his passenger get down from her seat

“Oh really? As if it’s that simple.” The woman rolled her eyes and readjusted her clothes.

“It’s not?” The man asked again, sounding genuinely confused.

e27aaf No.249397

“Of course not, there are no beds or food or anything here and predators can show up this late out.” Sahra explained.

“So?” The man scratched his head, still not following what her issue was.

“Oh right.” The girl chuckled to herself. “I keep forgetting that you grew up in the woods. This must be business as usual for you. So, do we go find a cave or some hollowed out tree to sleep in or something?”

“Caves? What for? I have a tent with me.” The man announced and dug out a large tight bundle out of his backpack.

“Oh wow! I noticed your backpack was large but damn.” The girl uttered in surprise and took a look inside it curiously while the man unfolded the roof of the tent.

“Hey, what are those sticks?” She inquired and pulled out a long faded white object of some sort.

“Oh, those are the bones for the tent. Here let me take that.” The man answered and quickly snatched the object from the girl’s trembling hands.

“B-b-bones! As in Skeleton bones?! What the hells is wrong with you!? Why are you carrying something like that with you instead of using wood for the supports!” The girl nearly shouted as she looked at the man with horrified expression.

“Wood wasn’t very popular in my tribe. What’s wrong with bones, anyway? They are sturdy and reliable, and it’s not like the deer they were taken from need them.” He turned his head back and cocked an eyebrow at the girl.

“Deer?… Oh! Ohhh! S-sorry I thought those were…err never mind. Forget about it. Bones are fine.” Her face got a little rosy and she quickly turned her head back and forth to the man’s confusion.

The tent was quickly set up and next was the more troublesome part of setting camp. The man looked around the side of the road and picked up a pair of sticks. Next, he set them down in a small pile of straw that he prepared earlier. And finally, he pulled the bow from his shoulder and wrapped it’s string around the top stick before starting to pull it back and forth to create a friction.

“Umm, what are you doing?” Sahra asked with snide amusement in her voice.

“Making fire. I mean it’s not cold or anything but it will drive away annoying predators.” The barbarian explained as he continued through the motions.

“Uhh, hello!” She pointed both palms of her hands inwards at her own body. “Sorceress?”

“Eh?” The man blinked and suddenly realized what she was meaning before scratching the back of his head in embarrassment.

“Oh, that’s right! You can make fire with your hands. Sorry, I am too used to being alone. Please go ahead.” The man stood back up, withdrew his bow and gestured at the spot that he prepared.

The short girl took a step forward with her head held high and a prideful smile on her lips.

“Behold the power of magic!” She announced in grand fashion and pointed her index finger at the pile of straw. A wave of heat shot out from her hand and the pile of straw burst into flames, lighting the area in warm orange light.

“Ooooh.” The man exclaimed in awe and slowly clapped his hands together a few times.

“No need to be so sarcastic.” The girl puffed her cheeks and turned away.

“Sarcastic? But why, you just made fire out of nothing! I am not mocking you, this is really impressive. I always wanted to do stuff like that.” The man cleared up his intentions quickly and gave the girl an honest smile.

“Really? I mean, of course you should be impressed. It’s not as easy as it looks.” Sahra answered while running her fingers through her hair and beholding the small fire she had made.

The dinner was not particularly impressive as the deer meat had finally spoiled and the barbarian threw it out. But the company made it and the plain jerky tasted much better than the barbarian remembered.

With the meal finished the two sat in silence for a bit, looking into the fire, until the sorceress spoke up.

“You know it’s still too early to sleep. Think we should do something?”

e27aaf No.249398

“Like what?” The man asked.

“Oh, I have a few interesting ideas.” The girl replied with a mischievous smile before crawling over to the man on all fours.

“Uhhh, Sahra?” The man raised his eyebrow at the odd display.

“I am in a good mood today so I think you deserve a reward.”

“What are you…?” The man blinked nervously.

“Fufufu. I have something special that I think you will enjoy.” She slowly reached her hands toward her dress.


“Esoemone’s been esleapaying ain muay byehd.” The man struggled to pronounce the sentence.

“Someone’s been sleeping in my bed. I am telling you, don’t pronounce the first letters in the word like that. Just make the sound they represent.” The girl lectured him while sitting next to him and flipped the tiny book the man was holding to the next page.

“Here, try again. You can do it.” She pointed at the picture depicting three surprised looking bear women standing in front of three beds. Two of them were fully grown while the last one seemed to be just a cub.

The story was about some blonde boy who got lost in the woods and wandered into a bear family’s home. It was rather simple but the man found it to be very enjoyable, especially since he was reading it himself, albeit slowly and with a lot of help from his friend.

It ended with the boy being found in the youngest bear’s bed and then him deciding to live with them as the youngest bear’s husband.

“I like this story. The little man’s motivation is a bit weird but it was fun.” The man smiled and closed the book.

“I figured you’d like something about bears. I read it first back when I was a little girl.” Sahra shrugged with a smile.

“Isn’t this story a little… monster centered though? I am surprised Barstone library has books like this.” The man pondered as he examined it.

“Well, usually you can only find this sort of specialized literature in the more cosmopolitan areas of Deleor. I was actually surprised they had it too. Oh well, lucky for you, am I right?” She smiled and took the book from the man to store it into her bag.

“Well, time to sleep now I guess.” The man yawned and crawled into the large tent, he had set up prior, before turning to his side.

“Umm, Bern?” Sahra suddenly asked nervously and the man realized his mistake.

“Oh, right sorry.” He shuffled over to the left side of the tent to make some space for his companion. “Here you go.”

“No, that’s not…” She turned away with a blush. “In Deleor men and women are not supposed to sleep together unless they are married Bern.”

The barbarian gave her a look of disbelief but her timid reaction proved that she was not messing with him. “Your land sure has a lot of weird laws. No hunting. No bathing together. No sleeping together. Ugh.” The man rolled his eyes and climbed out of the tent after pulling down the blanket off himself.

“I only have one tent so you can have it I guess. I’ll just rest by the fire.” The man announced and planted himself on his side before lazily scratching his butt.

“Thank you. Sorry for the inconvenience.” The girl apologized and climbed into the tent herself before quickly wrapping herself in the fur blanket. It was large enough to completely cover her body and had a strong smell of leaves and grass. Despite the unusual circumstances, she soon drifted away and fell asleep.

Sahra woke up very early in the morning. Sun had yet to rise over the horizon but the sky was beginning to glow in a soft, milky color. She was usually a hard sleeper, the reason for awakening rest was a sudden craving she felt that was almost painful in her chest.

e27aaf No.249399

She quietly peeked out form the tent to see the barbarian sound asleep next to the fire. It had burned itself out and was now only releasing a thin line of smoke into the sky.

Making sure to not to wake the man up, she took her bag and quietly walked away from the camp to a group of trees. After putting her bag on the ground, she kneeled down next to it and after a quick search pulled out the familiar sack with a string bound around it.

The girl swallowed nervously and opened it to pour a little bit of the red powdery substance on the palm of her hand. Finally, she snorted it in a single motion before releasing a contented sigh.

“Don’t move.” Bernsen said quietly while looming over her.

The girl’s body went rigid from the surprise and the sack slipped out from her hand. It flew down and landed on the grassy ground, right next to a coiled snake who was letting out an agitated hiss that Sahra did not pay attention to due to it being directed elsewhere earlier. The serpent suddenly jerked it’s head forward toward the girl’s leg.

“Aaaah!” Sahra screamed and fell over backwards with the snake shooting toward her with its teeth barred. Fortunately for her the man standing next to her was faster. His right hand thrust forward in a blur and clutched the serpent’s head just before it could sink its fangs into her.

“I hate snakes.” The man muttered with annoyance before unceremoniously ripping the reptile’s head off and tossing it away into the grass.

“Ah..ah…t-thank you.” The girl stuttered and got back up with her legs shaking.

“Don’t mention it. What are you doing here so early?” He asked and turned his head back to the girl.

“I ah…was just going to p-pee. Yea.” She answered nervously.

“Be careful in the future. Snakes get easily angered when approached so directly in the morning hours. You should have backed away when it started to hiss at you instead of just standing there like you were frozen.” The man chastised his companion.

“I’ll be more careful in the future. Thank you.” Sahra bowed her head apologetically and hastily walked back toward the fire.


The girl froze at the command and turned her head around with her face looking worried.

“Don’t you want to pee still?” The man inquired.

“Ah no! No I don’t think I want to anymore.” The sorceress replied before trying to turn away again.

“Wait.” The man repeated himself before walking around her to face his traveling companion.

“Your nose.” He pointed at her face.

“Huh?” Sahra touched it and felt something wet and warm running down her face. “Oh crap, not again.” She exclaimed in annoyance as she pulled out a white handkerchief from one of her pockets to stop her nosebleed.

“Zhe zhnake muzht have zhtarled me. I have weak blood vezhels in my nozhe.” She said something that she hoped was believable. “Don’t wowwy, I’ll be fine.”

The man narrowed his eyes in suspicion and nodded before thrusting a small sack into her hands. “Here, you dropped this.” He said and walked back to the tent to begin dismantling it and packing it away. The girl stood there silently, clutching the sack for a few seconds before putting it away into her bag.

The two arrived in Ironhill late in the morning. Calling it a settlement was a bit of a stretch in Bernsen’s opinion. There were only a handful of wooden huts build very hastily to house the two shifts of workers who slept in them during the day and night respectively. Right now, however the place was almost devoid of all activity and everything was sealed tightly.

The air had a certain pressure and a feeling of dread to it which the man did not like one bit and neither did his companion who remained quiet throughout the whole morning.

“Let’s see if anyone’s home I guess.” The sorceress said and knocked on the door of one of the wooden buildings.

“Uhh, hello? We were sent here by Thomas. Something about beasts infesting the mines?” Sahra called out.

e27aaf No.249400

The door opened with a creak and a scared looking bald man peaked out. “Boss? He sent you? Wait, you are not soldiers? Who are you?”

“He told us to give you this.” The barbarian spoke up next and handed the man a crumpled napkin which the man peeking from the barracks took and gave a look over.

“Bounty hunters? I guess that’s something but why are there only two of you?” The nervous man inquired.

“We are more than enough.” Bernsen nodded. “So, what’s going on here?”

The man was quickly invited into one of the worker’s barracks in which two shifts worth of men were seeking cover. The story from them matched the description that the manager gave earlier but something else had apparently happened after he left to Barstone for backup.

The miners guided the duo over to the remains of another building where the kitchen was located and the food supplies were stored. The building had been completely demolished in a display of overwhelming strength and brutality. The remains of the food were sloppily scattered around, intermixed with wood chippings and containers it was stored in.

“I think whatever those things are, they are getting hungry. The two miners they ate were not enough so they came out to look for more. Next time they will be going for us no doubt.” The bald man explained with his voice shaking.

Next, they were guided towards the entrance to the mines but the bald man refused to go any further in fear. He said his good byes, wished them luck and then ran back to the barracks before slamming the door shut behind him.

The two looked down into the massive gap in the earth that was going down at an angle. The light from outside could only move about twenty feet inward before everything was consumed by the darkness inside.

The barbarian’s ears twitched and he heard it then. The scraping noises that the manager described. They were muffled from the amount of earth in the way but something was definitely moving down there. And by the man’s account there was more than one entity moving.

“So….” Sahra wiped some sweat from underneath her crown and turned to the barbarian. “Any good ideas?”

>What do you do?

d9e852 No.249426


Alright, we need a plan. We've got mysterious borrowing monster grills which are all but outright stated to be mad cannibals and we're going to be fighting them in a situation where they have the advantage on their home turf or simply because they can go underground and attack at their leisure while waiting for them on the surface.

22701c No.249458


This I agree with, whole heartily.

298e28 No.249466


This. Also see if there is anything around or in the mine that we can use to our advantage.

e37b61 No.249471

I think the Monsters might be "friendly" as in just kidnapped the dudes for husbando purposes.

In that case I'm sure we can talk it out somehow.

Otherwise I'm down for some good ol' RIP AND TEAR.

Who needs strategy anyways

43c197 No.249539


I think we should see if we can make some kind of trap and/or ambush them. We should see if there's any lamps with oil in them so we can slash It on the monsters so they will stay on fire when Sahra burns them, if they're evil that is. Does Bernsen know about oil being flammable, or oil in general?

f762ae No.249549

File: 57751e2a983d54e⋯.png (442.41 KB, 600x425, 24:17, IMG_0604.PNG)

Bernson keeps having situations where he is inconvenienced due to the impracticality of the fact that he is not in a relationship with Sahra. So I suggest we enter a relationship with her and marry her later. Just for practicality sake of course, make it easier to sleep in a tent and other situations. Totally not because she is best girl or anything.

b5557f No.249568

File: 37901389d9579b7⋯.webm (715.42 KB, 640x360, 16:9, slack jawd faggots.webm)

look around the area if there are any specific landmarks we can use to our advantage.

chokpoints, deep drops, sharp edged walls and so on.

then use them to improvise one or two traps like schwarzenegger in predator.

when those are finished go into the mine and shout a challenge at the monsters.

see how they rispond, if they can be talked to or bearson can alphamale them, would be best but if they are to mad/stupid to understand that they kill people then lure them into the traps outside.

by the way does bearson know from his interactions with the brotherdooh heros and hospitaler scorcerers that they use manacrystals for there magic?

dont know if its relevant to the story but if our fire-loli uses mana coke to power her magic then we will at some point need to get more of the stuff when she runs out.

if she stays a party member then we should know the lore behind it at some point, its not like bearson will judge or anything its just one more wierd thing civilized people do but it would be interressting what the adventage of that stuff is over conventinal manacrystals, how much it costs, how much she needs, and so on. cool idea with the manadrug by the way


>starting the waifuwars with one girl.

>being this desperad.

>not wanting to upgrade badass mutand barbarien into demigod tier muscle wizard.

>being a slackjawd faggot

282b68 No.249572


If we decide not to talk first or if they are mad/stupid, then we can lay a trap by capturing some animals, killing them in a place where the monsters smell it's blood and then attacking them when they start eating. If they are killed then lets eat their hearts.


No, we can just use the leftover money to buy or hunt to make an new tent instead.

f762ae No.249576

File: f738da51ab5d418⋯.png (459.74 KB, 500x500, 1:1, IMG_0606.PNG)


Your right, what have I become. I want to have Bernson become a muscle wizard more than anyone, but I got distracted by the cute loli shenanigans. I must atone for my waifufaggotry.

b5557f No.249589


its allright anon, we all act like faggots every once in a while.

just try trinking with you brain instead of your dick.

i fell you though, between cute spider and fire-loli we got some mighty fine girls in this story already

3f7846 No.249596

First we need to determine if these things are friendly or not. If yes nicely ask them to return the miners and/or leave. If not then we must avenge the miners!

bdeb10 No.249622

>“I sold things and… did other stuff.” Sahra looked away again with a frown but there seemed to be a certain deal of regret hidden in her expression that she tried to conceal.










840ce6 No.249638

File: a33678b9feb5d73⋯.jpg (44.69 KB, 387x500, 387:500, 5656.jpg)


>Implying that I would hand out out 3DPD's.

Where do you think we are?

ccf4fa No.249644


Yeah. It's probably worth determining if these guys didn't just get abducted by wurms or something.

b5557f No.249647

File: b435d8b500cf4a3⋯.jpg (339.47 KB, 830x900, 83:90, 40k, your a fag.jpg)


>“The sound of bones crunching and the scream getting cut short

that dosent sound like the miners survived there abduction, if it really is wyrm girls then they are stupid, i mean worse then 40k orks stupid.

thing of a big lean armored mass of muscle and tits breaking though rock running streight at you all the way shouting "husband!" as soon as they get a whif of your male pheromones.

the problem probadly was that they somehow got themselfes into an underground cavern that was connected to the mins and before they could get out, they smelld a bunsh of swetty miners were at that point monster instinct took over.

they did there bumrush marrage thing but in a confined mine they instead killed the guys when the mineshaft collabsed.

if im not compleatly talking out of my ass here then it would be enough to get them out of the mines so that they dont kill potential husband while using there massive strengh in a confined space anymore, they are mounten girl not underground dwellers .

that said, being able to knock more then one wyrm girl out is far from easy but maybe we can bait them out of the mines so that they are back in there natural enviroment and then run away or something.

282b68 No.249649


Why not use tranquil fury on them if their too tough to manage and stay on their back if they make it difficult to knock them out?

b5557f No.249651


you want to bullride a wyrmgirl untill she tires herself out? damn that awesome i want to see that now

could work but there is several of them, if we somehow knockout the others berson could to that with the last one to proof to himself and fire-loli just how badass he is.

ccf4fa No.249654


Oh yeah, it's entirely possible those guys are dead, but we should at least make a cursory check. It could turn out to be something like a particularly simple wurm tragically hugging people to death. Sad as that is.

282b68 No.249655


>you want to bullride a wyrmgirl untill she tires herself out?

If we can so we can knock her out afterwards, then yes.

I also want to see some Rip n' Tear action and eating atleast one of the wyrms hearts for powerups but I'll still enjoy the story if that doesn't end up happening.

f762ae No.249657


Holy shit yeah, we haven't been having Bernson eat any hearts. I vote that we eat the heart of whatever's causing the ruckus in the cave, the heart thing only came into play twice and we need to abuse it more.

b5557f No.249661


>wishing for vore

joke to the side we might have to kill one anyway, the mines are full of the sweaty stink of the miners so the wyrm girls are very likely in a sexual frenzy and wont be able to handly nicely.

plus we are talking about the bearson writefag, gruesom combat is his thing. no idea if a standart wyrmgirl will have an supernatural powers bearson can absorm though, after ace mentiond bearson in his illusion quest i guess it is now cannon that the powers beason absorbed were gifts from philia and the other gods

some clearification on that would be nice ace, i know your lurking you glorious faggot

485bb6 No.249686


Yes. We still don't know the extent of this ability.

Maybe instead of walking the gruesome path of virginity for another decade we just eat a wizard.

Or alternatively the heart of some monster witch we will conveniently run into. Then we can finally become a unbeatable semen chugging magick machine.

b5557f No.249692


>just eat a wizard.

ok apart from just how GAY that sounds.

when the players start planing to break into a 30 year old virgins house, rip his chest open to eat his heart.

is the point in the story were i look at my group and tell them to stop.

there is such a thing a to much meta, so lets stop

485bb6 No.249707


Twas was just a joke m8.

All the sugars and trans fats that would come with the consumption of a wizard would probably kill Bernsen with his wholesome diet right there on the spot anyway.

I guess i should also call you a faggot for not sageing

e27aaf No.249734

Bernsen looked around the entrance, seemingly deep in thought. Whatever his foes were, he would rather lure them out instead of going down there into the darkness. The settlement was located at the bottom of a small mountain. It was surrounded by sparse groups of trees with a single road leading out. Another thing of note was a river running down the side of the mountain.

Something else caught his interest then: right outside the entrance there was a very large square metal container without a lid. It was set down on an odd shaped pathway made out of iron and wood.

“What’s that?” He pointed at it without turning his head away from the entrance.

“That? A minecart. The people put the ore they dig in it and then use the chains attached to them to pull them up along the iron tracks to the surface.” Sahra quickly answered.

“Those metal ropes are called chains, huh? They look pretty sturdy.” The man took a few steps forward and pulled on one of them but it did not yield, as it’s end seemed to be nearly grown into the minecart.

“Do you think they have any more of them laying around somewhere?” The barbarian inquired.

A quick trip back to the barracks confirmed that they indeed had a tool shed in which supplies for various repairs and work were stored. Among them were a few bundles of chains and the man nodded in content before grabbing one and weighing it in his hand.

“What exactly are you planning there?” Sahra narrowed her eyes and gave him a quizzical look.

“Going down there is too risky so we should lure one of them out. See what we are up against before doing anything else.” The man explained while testing the resistance of the chain in his hands.

“And how do you plan to do that? Stand there outside the entrance and wave your dick around until the monsters come bursting out?” The girl snorted and covered her mouth to conceal her smile.

“Nah, no need for that. We’ll just use food. Remember what the miners said? They came out looking for food last night. They will no doubt do it again.” The man finished examining the chain and put it over his shoulder.

“Do you think something that simple will really work?” Sahra blinked in surprise at the rather plain approach the man decided to take.

“Why wouldn’t it? Everyone needs to eat. Now we just need to find enough food to entice them.” The man explained and left the tool shack.

“This might be a problem. The miners only have enough to sustain themselves until a cart with supplies arrives from the nearest village next week.” Sahra pondered while following the barbarian outside.

“It’s fine. We’ll just hunt it.” The man answered and turned back to his companion.

“Aren’t you forgetting something? You don’t have a license. You aren’t allowed to do that.” The sorceress rolled her eyes and shook her head.

“I don’t know about Deleor but in my tribe breaking laws lead to a severe punishment.” The man cocked his head sideways and then suddenly smiled. “If you were caught.”

Sahra raised a hand in protest before her face suddenly split in a grin and she leaned forward to poke the barbarian with her elbow.

“Well now, and here I thought you were the big proud savage warrior who respected the customs of the land he is in. You are right though, I doubt the miners will give a shit about reporting you poaching a few animals when their jobs are on the line.”

The majority of the day was spent exploring the surrounding area. The amount of luck the man had ended up being rather underwhelming. The count of wild animals here was rather low.

Sahra theorized that the loud noises coming from the mine were scaring them away but it was hard to figure out if that was the case. Somewhere down the line she began to offer her help to the man as well.

It ended up being a mixed blessing. After a surprised deer was rendered completely incinerated the man suggested to let him take care of it but when it was time for fishing…

“Huh.” The man spoke out as he stared at the steaming stream of water near the surface of which dead and boiled fish were slowly drifting down. “This almost feels like cheating.”

“As long as it gets us there faster, who cares?” The girl let out a giggle and walked into the water with a net in her hands to start collecting the bait for their adversary.

e27aaf No.249735

When the sun was close to settling down once more, a large fire was prepared over which all of the food they obtained was cooked in quick fashion. Once that was done with, the flames were extinguished and the food was put out in the open, near the demolished kitchen.

“Okay we got the bait. Now, how will we actually catch what’s coming?” The sorceress asked while nibbling on a piece of roasted wild boar that she snatched from the pile earlier.

“We wait until she shows up and then I jump from the roof of the tool shed with the chain and tie her up while she is distracted with the food.” The man explained matter of factly.

Sahra stared at the her partner with an expression of condescending snideness and slowly leaned her face toward his.

“Are you serious right now? I thought you had some big plan in mind, like I don’t know, leading it away somewhere. Dropping a rock on it from some high place. Letting the miners help.” She listed while bending her fingers down on one of her hands.

“It’s okay. Best plans are usually the most straightforward ones.” Bernsen explained.

“Wrestling down some huge worm and tying her up with chains by yourself is not straight forward Bernie, that’s just plain openly retarded. Where do I even fit into this plan of yours?” The sorceress angrily pointed her finger up at the barbarian.

“Hmm? You can… cheer me on? Maybe distract her with fire if something goes wrong?” The man thought and offered his take on the matter.

“Cheer me on he says. I can’t fucking believe this guy. Fine, get yourself killed. See if I care.” Sahra puffed her cheeks and ducked down behind some cover.

The stakeout lasted for about two hours. At last, when the waning moon came out in the night sky in full, their target appeared.

The man did not see it yet but he could certainly hear them. It felt massive, the sound it made was reminiscent of a lamia but much, much heavier. It seemed to be following the scent of the food and not bothering to avoid any obstacles in its way. Boxes, crates, buckets, a few upturned minecarts could be heard getting knocked over with no effort as the creature approached from the direction of the mine entrance.

“Mmm. Yummy smell. Me like.” A voice announced from the darkness that instantly destroyed all the foreboding atmosphere that was looming over the camp. It was feminine, youthful and excited. Almost like the voice of a child but, due to the creature’s size, sounded much deeper than its disposition suggested.

In the dim light, reflected from the moon above, the barbarian saw the shape of their enemy. Its appearance was both familiar to him but also had a few unusual tidbits.

“Yea, that definitely looks like a wurm.” Sahra whispered quietly while looking at the massive creature approaching the pile of food.

It had a long serpent like body that was covered in rich dark green scales. In comparison to the common lamia however the scales were not numerous and tightly bound together but rather each one was huge and they overlaid each other like armor. Even the scales on her belly that were usually a weak spot for snakes were thick and very distinct.

Another thing that the man noted that the sheer size of the girl before him. He had seen bigger serpents but she was definitely larger than even the biggest regular lamias, with her tail being long enough to wrap around one of the wooden huts.

She also possessed large savage looking armored claws in place of hands. They also seemed to be disproportionately large compared to the rest of her body. She used them to smack whatever stood in her path away and occasionally to adjust her course, by putting them on the ground as if she had trouble making precise movements using only her lower body.

When she finally closed in on the pile of food she let out a little girlish screech of delight and the man managed to take a look at her upper body in detail.

Her skin was rather pale, even in the light of the moonlight as if she did not go outside very often and was smooth without a single blemish on it. It was pretty dirty however with pieces of mud and wet earth stuck to her. Her hips and breasts were well developed but were mostly concealed under a layer of smaller scales that conveniently covered the girl’s private parts and preserved her modesty. Her chestnut hair was a complete mess, despite her natural beauty she did not seem to care about keeping herself tidy and presentable.

The last distinct detail was a crown of monstrous horns sprouting from the top of her head. Her face like the rest of her body was covered in dirt and dust but did not take away from her looks too much.

The wurm began to to happily stuff her face with the meat that was prepared at first but quickly stopped, as if remembering something and instead began to messily crush it together into a single pile and attempting to pick it up with little success. The food kept falling through her claws to her annoyance.

e27aaf No.249736

It was time. The man carefully climbed on top of the tool shed and readied the chain held over his shoulder. The earth dragon was too preoccupied with the dilemma of how to take all of the food at once without dropping it and did not see him coming at all.

The man descended upon the girl with finesse and silence. In an instant his limbs locked around her neck and chest while the chain spun around her hands, binding them together.

“Awawa!” The girl shuddered in surprise and straightened out as the food she was holding dropped on the ground once more.

She was in his clutch now and the barbarian began to squeeze her neck and chest to deprive her brain of oxygen and knock her out before beginning to tie her down for real.

But her flesh did not yield. The barbarian’s eyes bulged out in surprise when he felt the seemingly regular skin and flesh he was holding conceal and incredible tenacity and density within it.

“Ah!” The girl gasped as she tried to turn her head to face Bernsen. “A man!” Her face cracked in a surprised smile as a blush appeared on her face that was visible even under the thin layer of dirt covering it.

She yanked her hands forward and the barbarian who was still clutching the chain was forcibly torn off the wurm’s back and smacked against the ground with enough force to knock the wind out of his lungs.

The girl quickly tossed the chain away and before the barbarian could even regain his senses the monstrous woman descended upon him and kissed him deeply on the lips. The sensation stunned Bernsen further as he felt the girl’s tongue violate his mouth with intensity and need of a rabbit girl in heat. It felt surreal but not bad, the barbarian had to admit, before his mind snapped back and he desperately tried to break free.

To his horror, he realized that his legs were being pressed down to the ground with the monster’s serpent like body while his arms pushed down by the creature’s massive claws. But oddly enough, despite her displayed overwhelming strength, she was holding him down rather gently, if a bit firm.

The seal around his mouth was suddenly broken and the girl raised her head to look at him with a happy and lustful smile.

“Me so lucky! Look for food but find big man! Big sisters will be jelly! Their men so small!” She announced happily and roughly nuzzled her face against the man’s chest before taking a deep breath of his smell.

“Hold on! Stop this at once!” The man exclaimed but the girl paid no attention to his voice and instead scooped him up off the ground, hugging the man tightly to her body before kissing him again.

Desperate times were calling for desperate measures and it was time for his trump card. But Bernsen was finding it hard to get angry at the moment, as he was getting very distracted by the girl’s mouth and her breasts tightly pressed against him. The fact that she was making subtle rubbing motions with her body did not help either and his loincloth began to get tight which seemed to excite the girl further.

“Come, me show you my cave. Then me show you my home.” The girl broke the kiss and announced with her eyes half lidded and rubbing her nose against Bernsen’s nose.

“Show your cave to someone else, bitch!” Sahra shouted from the top of the tool shed and fired a thick stream of flames into the back of the girl’s head.

The night was instantly illuminated in a flash of orange and the shadows around Bernson began bend into weird shapes. The girl holding him ended up being very slow on the uptake and the blast of fire struck her hair, setting it alight.

“Au! Au! Au! Hot! Fire! Bad!” She yelped repeatedly and dropped the man who instantly jumped back to build some distance between him and his enemy.

The wurm began to trash around in panic while smacking her head with her claws in an attempt to pad out the flames.

“There is more where that came from!” The sorceress cackled in evil fashion and started lobbing melon sized infernal spheres at the wurm. The earth dragon was not exactly catching on fire but she was feeling the impact of Sahra’s spells, even when they struck her armored scales and left black burned marks on them.

“Thanks, but you could have done that faster!” The man yelled at the sorceress standing atop the shack.

“What’s wrong!? You looked like you enjoyed it so I was cheering you on like you asked!” She yelled back with a snide expression on her face.

e27aaf No.249737

The monstrous serpent finally succeeded in extinguishing her hair which now was releasing thick clouds of smoke and angrily looked up at the girl who struck her. “Bad fire woman! Man mine! Me find first!” The wurm roared and rushed forward, dragging her body along the ground with her claws to move faster as she charged at the tool shed.

“Yaaaah!” Sahra yelled as the dragon girl punched right through the building like it was made of paper before emerging from the other side of it. A bunch of tools were sent flying everywhere, including funny looking red sticks with strings attached to them and bottles of some weird liquid that smashed open next to Bernsen’s body. The smell of it instantly reminded him of tar but the consistency of the liquid was much thinner.

The roof creaked as it’s supports were destroyed and slid off sideways, carrying the sorceress down with her. Thankfully she jumped off and rolled along the ground before the building collapsed, avoiding any potential injuries that way but her troubles were far from over.

The wurm made a U-turn and charged at her again with fury in her eyes and her head held low. The intention being to either gore the short girl with her horns or just splatter her with a headbutt.

Sahra launched a blast of flames forward in panic which struck the wurm in the face. The monster let out an angry roar of pain and swung her head without stopping her charge. But the temporarily blindness allowed the sorceress to jump out of the way and avoid getting crushed.

The wurm smashed her head into the mountainside instead, causing a slight tremor and for a massive crack to run up the wall she rammed. She pulled her head out quickly, seemingly unfazed, before turning around again to attack.

The sorceress fired another spell but this time the wurm displayed an incredible amount of foresight for her species by actually raising her claw up to her face to shield it from the flames.

“Oh crap!” The short woman yelled and looked around for a way out of the monster’s charge again. This proved to be unnecessary though. Before the wurm could even make it halfway to her a chain shot through the air in front of her face.

It wrapped around the dragon’s mouth and she seemed to grunt in surprise as suddenly something heavy landed on her shoulders. It then pulled back on the chain sideways hard enough to cut into the corners of her mouth.

“Owowow” The wurm muttered and jerked her head to the right where she was being pulled which made her change course and rush past the surprised looking sorceress.

Sahra’s reaction was understandable of course. It was not every day you saw someone riding on top of a wurm.

“Ow! Let go!” The wurm girl whined and tried to strike the barbarian on top of her head but he masterfully leaned sideways and instead she only hit herself with her claw. It turned out to be a hard enough blow to leave a distinct bruise.

“Owie!” She whined even louder. “Mean man!”

Several more desperate attempts were made to knock Bernsen off his seat but he knew what he was up against now. While the monster possessed a strength that was simply unmatched it was incredibly clumsy and had poor reaction speed which the barbarian exploited for all it was worth. He rode the girl around, guiding her into stones to trip over and fall, walls to ram into and walls of flames that Sahra was now conjuring in her path. After nearly ten minutes of this the wurm girl finally could not go on and fell down on her face with a heavy thud that made the walls of the nearby buildings shake. The wurm’s body was now covered with multiple bruises and burn marks.

She began to sniffle then and cry, not even bothering to resist as the man tied up her tail in a knot and bound her claws behind her with the chain.

“Why you hurt me? Me only want to love you.” The wurm cried as thick streams of tears ran down her cheeks.

The sight made the barbarian feel a little guilty but before he could try to calm his captive down the doors to the barracks cracked open and the curious workers began to pour out.

“Is that? Is that the beast?” The bald man from earlier asked and nervously pointed at the crying girl.

“She is kinda hot.” Someone pointed out from the back of the crowd.

The miners slowly surrounded the duo and the captured wurm. Most were looking confused and were scratching their heads while others quietly talked among themselves.

“Did she really eat the foreman? She doesn’t really look like some cold-blooded cannibal to me.” One miner pointed out while scratching his cheek.

e27aaf No.249738

“Hey girl, what’s your name? What were you doing down in the mine?” The bald man leaned down toward the wurm trying to sound warm.

All the attention seemed to be making the wurm anxious and she closed her eyes tightly.

“Hey lady, relax.” One man spoke up in a raspy voice before crouching down next to the bald miner. “We ain’t gonna hurt ya, we are all just surprised. The way manager described it almost sounded like some kind of abomination made home in our mine.” He reached his hand out to pat the dragon on the head before someone behind him slapped him on the wrist.

“What the fuck are you doing? That’s a god damn dragon! It’s gonna bite yer hand off! Why are you all sitting around like a bunch of idiots? We need to finish it off while it’s weak!” The man with a scar on his face pushed the man in front of him aside and raised a pickaxe over the wurm’s head.

“Whoa! Whoa Horris, what the hells!” Someone called out and a bunch of people grabbed the handle of the pickaxe before the scarred could bring it down upon the girl’s head.

But it was too late, the wurm suddenly opened her mouth wide and let out a pained roar so intense that everyone got startled and had to take a step back. Even Bernsen had to shake his head to get the ringing out of his ears.

When it subsided, his head jerked backward to the direction of the mine and his eyes widened in worry.

“Geez! Shut up already!” Sahra angrily kicked the wurm girl in the face, although it hardly made the monster feel anything compared to the grinder the barbarian sent her through a few minutes ago.

“Sahra! Keep your wits about! We have more problems.” The barbarian shouted without taking his gaze away from the mine entrance and quickly reached out to his axe. The miners seemed to take notice of this and followed his gaze.

There was a distinct low rumble coming from the earth and suddenly two massive shadows emerged from the depths of the mine shaft. As they got closer, Bernsen realized that they were wurms as well. He thought earlier that the one tied up right now was big but somehow the two earth dragons that were quickly approaching him were even larger! Their horn crowns had more elaborate designs and their faces seemed to be more refined and mature as well.

“Little sis?!” One of the wurms shouted as she noticed the monster tied up on the ground.

“What happened? You hurt!” The second wurm yelled with distress in her voice.

“Mean man and fire woman bully me! Take yummy food I find! Burn my hair! Hit me! Say they kill me!” The tied wurm cried out as more tears streaked down her face.

Her answer quickly made the distress on the two dragon’s faces turn into an outright fury. Their eyes lit up with hatred and rage as they raised her claws up in a threatening way against the barbarian, the sorceress and the crowd of scared miners around them.

“You hurt little sis!” The first one snarled.

“We kill you!” The second one roared before they both charged forward.

>What do you do?

b5557f No.249745


well shit

ok first of tell the miners to fucking run and stand between the miners retret and the wyrms.

then…. shit i dont want to just kill them, they arent bad or evil ther just stupid, they dont know any better.

fucks sake, ok first tell sahra to get her tiny ass up on the side of the mounten and search for a big bolder somewhere and place herself that she can dislodge it with a fireball.

bearson will have to kite the shit out of the 2 wyrms and somehow keep them buisy long enough for our fire-loli to get ready to start a small rockslide.

when she gives the sign bearson lures the wyrms in position that the bolders will hit at least one of them and hopefully stun or even knock her out.

eather way at that point activate tranquil fury and quickly knock the stund wyrm out or go one on one with the last wyrm and try something really stupid, bait the wyrm close to the boalder then run on top of it and dropkick her with all your strengh and weight in the face.

that should be 2 ko wyrms and one bound.

mission acomplished

and all that for 75 silver

fuck my life

3f7846 No.249747


Have them all run. And figure out what to do with that oil and dynamite

b5557f No.249748

File: 6d240b88a76d3ac⋯.jpg (9.89 KB, 250x214, 125:107, monster, happy snak.jpg)


and for what to do afterwards, im guessing the 2 older sisters clamed themselfes husbands.

find them and bring them up.

while the 2 girls are still knocked out bind them the same way there little sister is and then talk with the 2 clamed guys how they feel about there new armored snak wifes.

if they can invision living with them then make a plan with the 2 of them, the dude that called the little sister hot her future husband and the bold fag how it could be possible to connect the cave the sisters are living in with the mine so that there husbands can still do there jobs and earn a living while the now marryd wyrms can act as guards against other monster attacks.

explain to the wyrm sisters in babytalk that this will both make there new husbands happy and that the miners will feed them for it.

miners are happy

husbands are happy

armored snaks are happy

everyone lives.

so lets see how this idioticly optemistic plan gets destroyd be the small details

b5557f No.249749


oh yea and you can get used to me writing such idioticly eleborat plans, thats the kind of faggot i am.

e27aaf No.249753

File: 7be7d99ba266bc8⋯.jpg (394.39 KB, 1024x1541, 1024:1541, 1463510141420.jpg)


Feel free to let your autism flow. Don't let your dreams be dreams. I take all suggestions into consideration, no matter how stupid.

70c358 No.249760


>no matter how stupid

get Sahra to set our hand(s) aflame. seems that fire can cause some damage/pain to the wurms.

>This hand of mine glows with an awesome power! Its burning grip tells me to defeat you!

ab5ccb No.249768


since bernsen is totally op and can easily get out of any situation he wants, we should explain what the fuck is going on

>>249748 has the right idea of the one guy calling the young wurm hot, he can be her husbando. Bernsen should also find out where the other two miners went, and after finding out they're totally fine, maybe the wurms could work in the mine as well since they seen to do so well against rock/stone.

485bb6 No.249947

>But Bernsen was finding it hard to get angry

I hope our barbarian isn't growing soft. Don't remember him hesitating that much back in the forest.

Hopefully he will be able to release his inner bearzerker against the two big wurms. Otherwise we might have a some difficulties beating them into submission.

Unless anyone has an idea how to calm them down without having to knock them out first.

282b68 No.249952


>I hope our barbarian isn't growing soft. Don't remember him hesitating that much back in the forest.

I think it's because the wurm reminded him of Ayla back when Bernsen was Bearson the snake chieftain, except the wurm is stupider and more dangerous then Ayla was.

282b68 No.250011


If we follow through with your plan then I suggests to add some extra steps. First have some of the miners help fire-loli climb the mountain to blow up some boulders for the rock-slide since I doubt she will get their fast enough by herself. Second, use the oil to have the wurms slip n' slide since they might be smarter and faster then their sister. Also I want to try to calm them down through talking first but have Bernsen dodge when that doesn't work afterwards. Maybe we can trick them into hitting each other before then, but I doubt it.

b5557f No.250062


i always apreciate someone adding to my autism.

have to admit i dident remember that now there is lampoil and thunderclay on the battlefield.

and both your sudgestions should make a difference.

though im thinking if it might not be better if bearson were to strip to loincloth and use the oil to on himself, the wyrms are grapplers and its a bitch to grapple a oily dude.

plus bearson, halfnaked and oildup.

that literly psychological warfare against monsters

6d7083 No.250097


If I recall I just had Tobias see visions of Bearson due to some Jackor shenanigans. I don't think I ever said anything about where or how this power happened and if did, I shouldn't have because this is OP's fanfiction and he can do what he wants.

Within reason

I'm enjoying it

Anyway the only way to get a rampaging wurm to stop is to douse her in water. Sadly BERNSEN can't possibly know this so I suppose best course of action is to have fire loli make a wall of flame between all of you while you get the miners to evacuate. Then, fashion a lasso out of the chains and lasso you a wurm through the fire wall.

It's bulletproof. Clearly those sticks with the wire will be caught in the wall but they probably don't mean anything. It's not like they'll explode, right?


Oh yeah, how strong are we saying the wurms are here? I imagine they're still formidable but probably not the building crushers they were before that darn wizard's meddling with Monster strength like that one autist shilled the entire story until he got enough support at the end to make it happen.

43c197 No.250099


Play time is over. Tranquil fury, get Sahra to get the oil and throw it on them and then light them on fire, that should distract them long enough to do one or more of the other anons' plans.

And finally Can someone post a link the Wizard Quest

b5557f No.250105


has all the links to wizard quest


and here the sequal illusion quest



i ment the scene with the night haunter lumberjack that got empowert, when i remember it right you called it a gift from phalia.

though i could be misremember shit or i have not understood what you ment.

eather way thatks for answering

e27aaf No.250113


>How strong

They may be punching through wood but are stopped dead in their tracks by stone. They can't break iron chains either. Make of that what you will.

ccf4fa No.250122


Man, all of these people so hard up on the murder. Why don't we see if we can maybe say sorry, sort this out like civilized folk? At least go for non-lethal takedown. These ladies aren't evil, and it seems odd to me that Bearson would kill them without trying to subdue them first. There's definitely the potential for a happier ending here. If arrangements could be made, these girls could end up with willing husbands, and the mine gets wurms to help with the work. Not a bad deal if we can manage it.

282b68 No.250126


To tell you the truth, I was hoping the wurms would be tough enough to only be knocked out by our plans instead of being killed.

1e00e5 No.250134


This, if it comes to blows we should still try non-lethal takedowns

b5557f No.250138


oh yea one last thing that bearson dosent know but sahra might.

wyrms are feisty as fuck when hunting for husbands but when they get married they become very timid and supservient to there husbands.

we can use this to cinvince the sisters to take the deal.

oh yea and when the fighting is done and the miners come out of hining again, have bearson walk up to the scared man that tried to kill the little lister and beat the shit out of him for nearly killing everyone.

a32e25 No.250161


Everytime I see this thread get bumped up I get really excited about a new post from the writefag.

But more often then not it's just a fucking post from you.

Are you just a newfriend who doesn't know how to sage or do you think your posts are so goddamn important that everyone just needs to know when you post?

tl;dr start sageing you insufferable faggot

e27aaf No.250165



Yea lad be mindful of your sage's.

e27aaf No.250209

“Run!” Bernsen shouted at his companion but she was a quick thinker and was already on her way out. The miners around him quickly followed suit while screaming out curses and other various profanities.

Although the first wurm sister’s attention was still focused on the barbarian, the second one saw what was happening and tried to change her course to pursue the group of miners lead by Sahra.

The man knew that their odds of facing the monster of such magnitude and surviving were close to nothing. Using his lightning fast reflexes, he yanked his bow off his shoulder and nocked an arrow in a single motion. He only had a split second to react and launched an obsidian tipped projectile at the second wurm’s center of mass.

The arrow flew forward and with the sound of glass breaking, shattered against the earth dragon’s abdomen, sending small black shards and wood splinters flying on the ground. It did little to actually damage the wurm. The skin on her smooth toned stomach did not even split from the impact but the jolt of pain caused her to stagger and seek the source of what attacked her.

The first sister meanwhile was not wasting any time and her right claw crashed down upon the barbarian, moments after he fired his first shot. As fast and powerful as the blow was it had a very straightforward trajectory and Bernsen had anticipated it and leaped sideways.

There was a heavy crash and a column of dust burst out of the ground at the point of impact that sent pieces of gravel and sand high into the air.

The first wurm sister yanked her massive claw back to examine the very visible imprint on the ground and after realizing that she had missed turned her head angrily toward the man to meet the metallic fist crashing into her face.

A loud deep gonglike sound reverberated through the air upon impact but to Bernsen’s horror he realized that the blow didn’t do so much as slightly sting the monster that he had struck. The second sister had finally joined in on the fun too.

Using the sharpness of her claws and inhumane strength the second wurm plunged her limbs into the ground before ripping out a huge chunk of stone that she immediately threw at the man. The sight briefly startled him until he realized that the high velocity boulder went completely off its course and smashed against the mountain wall nowhere near him.

The second wurm’s anger briefly shifted into awkward embarrassment at her low energy performance but he had the first wurm to worry about still. Her claw swathed forward in a horizontal arc and the man jumped up, flipping his body in the air to reach toward the massive thumb with his metal hand. He clutched it as the dragon’s claw passed under him. The wrist of his prosthetic hand spun a full three hundred and sixty degrees and the man dug his feet into the wurm girl’s elbow before brandishing his axe and striking against the claw as hard as he could.

The clash of metal nearly deafened him and the blade of his weapon bounced off from the scales, making him feel a stinging sensation in the palm of his hand.

“You’ve got to be jesting.” Bernsen uttered in surprise at the infectiveness of his attack. The girl’s bodies felt like they were made out of solid stone.

The wurm glared at the man clutching her thumb before thrusting her head to bite him. Once more the man repositioned himself by jumping up over her head. The only thing that she had managed to bite in that instance ended up being her own thumb.

She cried out in pain and jerked her head backward while swinging her right claw back and forth as the barbarian sailed over her. Bernsen landed on his feet and quickly looked at what the second sister was doing only to end up staring at an empty space where she was.

Under closer examination the spot was not entirely empty. There was a massive hole in the ground left by her attempt to chuck a stone at him. The man stared in confusion, wondering where she had gone before feeling a deep rumble underneath his feet.

The earth was forcibly split open and the second wurm sister burst out of the ground from underneath him. Her horns smashed into his abdomen with enough force to launch him high into the air, leaving a trail of blood gushing out from the several gaping wounds brought forth by the creature’s sharp jagged crown of horns.

“I got him!” The second sister exclaimed in triumph as she watched the man sail through the sky before crashing down through the roof of one of the barracks.

The first wurm turned around, still nursing her claw by sucking on it. “Man strong. Big. Not dead still.”

“Me go kill big man! Follow fire woman!” The second wurm sister announced and began to crawl toward the wooden building with the caved in roof.

e27aaf No.250210

Bernsen blinked his eyes open with a groan. He was severely injured due to his mishap and his back was practically killing him. Still this was no time to be laying around and he had attempted to roll over only to knock his metallic hand against a nearby table that instantly toppled over.

An orange glowing glass container flew down and smashed on the floor with a crash, sending a bunch of embers flying everywhere and creating a pillar of fire at the point of impact. This startled the man and he quickly jerked his hand back but it was too late. Some of the weird tar smelling substance splattered against it.

“Ohhhh nooo!” The man shouted while furiously trying to pat out of the fire but it was like the flames were stuck to his armored hand. He heard a rumble coming from outside then. The earth dragon was closing in to finish him off. It was official by that point he realized. Playtime was over.

“Big man come out! Me kill you!” The wurm roared and forcibly tore the door off its frame before sticking her head into the building.

She did not see a man, instead what she saw was a bed flying at her at high velocity. Before she could even open her mouth, it crashed into her face with enough power that it looked like it exploded when it connected. Chunks of wood and straw went flying everywhere.

So forceful was the attack that the dragon actually staggered back and nearly fell over. She shook her head to get the dizzy sensation out of it and wiped the saw dust out of her eyes before blinking a few times.

In front of her stood the big man but something felt different about him. His skin looked like it had turned red and his muscles became even more pronounced. His hood was taken off, letting the wild mane of black hair on his head freely move around with the wind.

The wounds that she had inflicted were leaking blood, which trickled on the ground underneath him. But the speed at which he was bleeding out was much too slow for the amount of damage he had received and was slowing down further before her very own eyes.

He held another bed aloft with his right hand and pointed at the girl with his left hand which was enveloped in a blaze of inferno that reached up to his forearm.

“Let’s get serious now.” He announced and threw the second bed at her.


“W-where are we going? That’s not the way to the road!” One worried miner yelled to the girl in front.

“Just shut up and follow me if you want to live!” She yelled back as she ascended the mountain. Sahra was almost out of breath already but thankfully their destination was not too far and she would not have to go all the way up the mountain.

Finally, what she was seeking was before her. The river that was running down the mountain. The small waterfall that was crashing down from a rather tall cliff above to be precise.

“There!…” She gasped for breath. “There is a huge boulder up there. I saw it when we were preparing bait for the monsters during the day. Get the fuck up there and get ready to push it over the edge while I distract the monster!”

“P-push it over the edge? Are you crazy? I am not going to fight this monstrosity!” The man with the scar on his head yelled. “I thought you were leading us to safety!”

“Safety? Do you have a fucking clue how fast wurms can move? How it is said that no manmade wall or natural barrier can stop a rampaging wurm in her tracks? There is nowhere to run! If there was I would be the first one to bail, believe me! I am the last person in the world who wants to deal with that shit!” The sorceress angrily shouted and pointed behind her shoulder with her thumb at the way they came from.

“B-but that man with the bear cloak! He’ll take care of them, right?” Another scared miner asked. This one had barely any hair on his face and was clearly the new guy of the group.

His question was answered by a muffled roar. The sound of trees getting knocked over and uprooted could be heard as something monstrous and heavy followed their tracks.

“Fuck this, I am getting out of here. That piece of shit Barik does not pay us enough for this crap.” The man with the scar on his face angrily spat on the ground and turned around, gesturing for others to follow him. “Who’s with m-

The bald man rushed over to him and punched the scarred man in the face so hard that he fell down on his haunches with a stunned expression.

“Horris, I swear to Solos, If you open your whore mouth again I am going to slap your shit. Now everyone move your ass! Get up there! Help the bounty hunter, she clearly knows what she is doing!”

There were no more objections and the miners quickly began to ascend the cliff by following a side path that lead up there.

e27aaf No.250212

The amount of trust placed on the girl made her cheeks redden a little briefly but an incoming roar turned that into a heavy weight of responsibility that she almost forgot she hated.

Finally, the dragoness had caught up. Much faster than the sorceress anticipated too. The men were not even halfway up the cliff yet.

“Bad fire woman! You no run! Me kill you!” The wurm yelled and began to drag her body toward the sorceress.

The cloth sack landed on the ground before the sorceress softly, now completely devoid of any of its contents. Sahra turned around to face the monster and after wiping her nose with her sleeve lit both of her hands on fire.

“Alright. Let’s go.” She said quietly and looked at the dragon with eyes that seemed to be glowing like embers in the night.

The beast roared and charged forward. But the sorceress made no attempt to dodge and merely stood there. This reaction made even the wurm’s dimwitted mind realize that something was wrong but before she could attempt to contemplate it further the short girl crouched slightly before taking a deep breath, opening her mouth and suddenly jerking her head forward.

A stream of flames as thick as a building came rushing out of the sorceress’s mouth. So bright it was that the wurm got blinded by the flash and had to cover her eyes. In hindsight, this ended up saving her eyesight as the column of flames that enveloped her proved to be so intense and powerful that the wurm screamed out in pain before sharply turning around and retreating from the hellish inferno that was incinerating her body.

She leaped out of the sorceress’s range, thick streams of smoke trailing behind her and landed heavily on the ground before straightening up again with anger now mixed with surprise in her eyes.

The sorceress stood a few paces in front of her. The air was seemingly warping around her like she was standing in front of a large fire. The ground before her had been burned in a wide cone in front of her. Some of it so thoroughly that pieces of rocks were heated up to the point of glowing in the pitch-black earth.

The wurm looked down at her body that was now covered with a thick layer of soot in place of dirt. Even before a fire strong enough that it could heat up stones until they turned red the dragon’s body had only shed the top layer off some of her scales to the flames.

Although she did not suffer any lasting damage she was now much more careful in her approach, circling the sorceress and looking for an opening to strike.

Sahra’s heart raced in her chest. She heard that a dragonkin’s scales, even a lesser one’s could withstand tremendous amount of damage and magic power but she was hoping her [Dragon’s Breath] would have at least wounded the monster.

It was fortunate that her plan was to stall from the very beginning. She did not possess the agility nor the stamina to avoid the wurm’s attacks, regardless of the terrain, so her only option was to hold her ground and prevent the earth dragon from reaching her. At least until the miners on the cliff were ready to push down a rock on its head.

“Yea, you better stay back! Why don’t you run away while you are at it!” The sorceress yelled angrily and threw forward a massive ball of fire in front of the wurm. It exploded violently before the dragon, stinging her with its heat again and making her yell out in pain and retreat even further back.

“Fire woman cheater!” The wurm shouted back before crouching down and charging forward at the sorceress again. Once more the dragon clashed with a pillar of flame and retreated when the pain was too unbearable. This repeated several times with the air slowly turning nearly scalding hot from all the pyromancy being launched around.

This began to heat up the water in the stream next to the battlefield and soon the air became humid as steam began to raise form it.

Sahra nervously glanced up and to her great relief saw the miners grouped up together around a rock that they were rolling right over her. She grinned to herself, it was time for the decisive blow.

“Rrraagh!” The wurm roared in anger while digging her claws into the earth in annoyance. No matter what she did she could not approach the nasty bully that had messed with her beloved little sister. If only there was something that could defeat her fire that was burning her hide so much! She thought to herself before her eyes came upon the river running right next to her. Water was bad too. She could not swim. But wait. Wasn’t there something else?

The wurm froze in place, staring at the running river. This lasted for nearly a minute during which Sahra held her guard up, ready to launch another spell but no assault was coming.

e27aaf No.250213

“Uh. You giving up or something?” The short woman asked nervously.

“Shh! Me almost done!” The wurm shushed her while continuing to look at the water’s surface.

“Aha!” She finally yelled in triumph. “Water beat fire!”

And with that she suddenly dunked her right claw into the river before forcibly splashing a bunch of water at the sorceress. Sahra yelped out in surprise and blasted another fireball at it without thinking.

The flames connected with a huge clawful of water that was tossed at her. In her haste, the sorceress did not consider the fact that water would not have actually done anything to her. But scalding hissing steam that rushed at her would.

“Aaaaahhh!” The girl screamed as the boiling cloud passed over her and fell backwards, clutching her face and hand that quickly reddened and began to swell.

“Yes! Me win!” Wurm exclaimed and rushed toward the girl. Before Sahra could do anything something massive suddenly clutched her body with enough force to make her exhale all the air in her lungs and for her bones to start to make dangerous cracking sounds.

She tried to scream then but realized that she had no more air in her chest left and the grasp was so powerful that she could not breath in any more either.

“You hurt little sis! You burn me! Now you pay! Me crush you like bug!” The lesser dragon snarled as she held the short girl in her massive claw and squeezed down.

Sahra’s life immediately rushed before her eyes, all the mistakes she made and countless regrets coming to the front of her mind. She could not scream and was only able to let a few tear drops run down her cheeks as she stared in the face of the beast that was about to squash her in the palm of her claw. Ultimately, she always knew she was a failure. So this kind of end was of no surprise in the end. She closed her eyes and got ready for Nerg’s embrace.

There was a huge crack that reverberated through the mountain. It was loud enough to disturb the various birds living in it and make them leave their nests in panic to fly around. Sahra’s eyes shut open as she felt the monster’s grip twitch and weaken.

The wurm had a strange expression on her face. She had gone cross-eyed and her jaw was hanging low with her tongue lolling sideways out of it. She made a few gurgling noises as her body twitched. Sahra looked up then and saw the reason for what was happening. A massive boulder almost as large as the wurm itself was resting upon the dragonkin’s head. A massive crack suddenly ran through it, splitting it in the middle and with loud crash, the two even halves of the boulder landed on both sides of the monster.

The grip in her claws went limp completely and the girl slid right out of it, landing on the ground in a heap while choking and furiously trying to fill up her deprived lungs with air.

The wurm shakily slithered forward a little bit, opening and closing her mouth a few times before her eyes finally rolled into the back of her head and she collapsed into the river with a massive tremor and a splash.

Sahra gasped, feeling her lungs burning like they were on fire, both from nearly suffocating and the large amount of the red spice she had consumed.

“Hey girl! Bounty hunter! Are you okay!?” She heard someone shouting far from above. She glanced up to see a bunch of faces peeking over the cliff.

“Sorry it took so long! That little bitch Horris was not putting his back into it!” The bald man yelled before angrily glaring sideways at the scarred man.

The miners had hastily made their way down and surrounded the beast who was now laying on her back in the river, with only her face and breasts peeking over the water’s surface. A small trickle of blood was running down the stream from the back of the monster’s head.

“Holy shit. We actually did it. We killed a dragon.” The youngest miner uttered in awe.

“Don’t get your hopes up kid. Look, her chest is still moving.” The man with the grouchy voice pointed out which made everyone gasp and take a step back.

“Not to mention all we did is just push a rock down. If not for the young lady here and her magic we’d all be dead.” The bald man mentioned and bowed deeply to Sahra. The other miners quickly followed suit which made the girl feel awkward and blush.

“It’s okay, that’s my job, right?” She chuckled nervously before she suddenly remembered something important. “Oh shit. There was only one. That means Bernie is still…!”

e27aaf No.250214


“RAAAAAH!” The barbarian shouted as his axe smashed against the dragon’s body. He had run out of stuff to throw at her, although even if he had more minecarts or boulders to toss around it didn’t make a lick of difference. All it did is annoy his enemy, as her skin was even harder than her younger sister’s.

The blade of the orichalcum’s axe, that was sharp to cut through wood with utmost ease, collided with the wurm’s forearm. In that instant, a sharp pain was felt in the man’s wrist as he felt every bone in his hand simultaneously shatter.

The axe bounced back and slipped out of the man’s broken hand, spinning backwards through the air before landing next to the destroyed tool shed.

“Ah…!” The man grunted. Not in pain, that he was used to for a while. But the sheer impossibility of what he was seeing. The fact that creature with a hide as though as this could exist was mind numbing to him.

The wurm let out an angry roar and swatted the man away with the back of her, claw which sent him rolling backwards along the ground. Bernsen was aiming at her neck, expecting the flesh around it to be soft and malleable but even the weak points most monsters shared were not applying here.

His enemy roared again and began to crawl forward to him.

“Go big sis go!” The youngest wurm cheered her on while still tightly bound.

The barbarian nervously reached up his metal hand behind him, his primary one was still recovering from the knockback and loosely dangled on his forearm. He was searching for an axe he had seen landing somewhere close. Finally, he grabbed something that vaguely felt like a handle. He was not sure as his metal hand did not have skin.

He yanked his hand forward only to pull out some weird red stick. It had a string on one of its ends. It quickly got set on fire that his metal hand was still burning with and began to hiss. This startled the man and he tossed it forward at the charging dragon in surprise.

He was not hoping that she would even notice something so small but an event that the man could not have predicted occurred. As soon as the string finished burning it suddenly flashed in a bright white light and exploded!

It happened rather closely to the wurm and she screamed out in pain and covered her face. Along with the explosion came a deafening crashing sound that was even louder than the roar the little wurm sister made earlier.

The dragon reeled back and covered her ears, as if she was in extreme pain before starting to trash around and screaming.

Bernsen did not entirely understand what was going on and what he just threw at her but he reached his hand back again and grabbed something else. This time it was one of the fire containers like the one that had splashed on his metal arm earlier. It lacked fire in it however and instead had some amber liquid sloshing inside. With nothing to lose he shrugged and tossed it at the wurm next while she was still reeling from the damage caused by the red stick.

The effect was not nearly as impressive as the first time. The glass container shattered against her upper body, sending a bunch of glass shards to be scattered around. None of them were sharp enough to cut the beast. The liquid in it however did splatter out, covering the woman’s chest, face and stomach.

She briefly stopped her trashing in surprise to look down at herself. The liquid seemed to gross her out and she tried to remove it from her body, only to further slather herself with the stuff in the process. Whatever it was, it ended up being very slippery and slick.

The man was unfamiliar with a lot of things in this land but he was far from stupid. He looked down at his burning metal arm and something clicked in his brain.

“Sis! Watch out! Man coming! Siiiis!” The young wurm yelled at her sister as the man walked up to the massive beast.

But her older sister could not hear her warning. All she could hear was ringing that was accompanied by unbearable pain in her ears. To make matters worse her body was now covered in some foul smelling, nasty water that was refusing to come off. It was getting into her nose, it was making her eyes sting and she hated it.

Suddenly she felt someone tap her on the shoulder and she struggled to look through her blurred vision.

“Little sis?” She asked, sounding confused before an orange blur struck her face. This time she felt it. The man’s adamantium arm. A metal so strong and dense that it’s said to require a dragon’s fire to be forged. She felt all of the man’s rage amplified strength smash into her cheek.

e27aaf No.250215

The blow made her head spin in the opposite direction and she felt a bitter taste of blood in her mouth as a few of her teeth cracked and shattered.

But the worst part had yet to come. The fire that the man’s prosthetic hand was burning with jumped on the liquid she was covered in and in an instant the wurm lit up like a pyre.

“Yyyyyyyaaaaaahhh!” The dragoness screeched out as she trashed about, desperately trying to pat the fire away, only to make it spread out more.

She screamed and screamed, bashing her body against the rocks, rolling back and forth and knocking down the remainder of the buildings that were still standing. At last she let out one final screech of pain and collapsed on the ground.

“B-big sis?” The young wurm stuttered. “Big sis!”

She was done with. A smart man Bernsen once met said that fire was always a good solution. And if it wasn’t working then you were not using enough of it. Words to live by indeed.

The man turned his head away from the burning corpse of the wurm and took a few deep breaths, letting his anger subside which came with a rapidly building headache and his whole body feeling incredibly tender.

“Yay! Go big sis!” The little wurm suddenly shouted and Bernsen froze before turning his head around. But instead of a burning corpse there was nothing. He instantly realized what was happening and looked down underneath him before jumping away at the last moment before the earth split open as a massive serpent burst out with a deafening roar. While her face passed by him on her way up he saw that her right eye’s blood vessels had all popped which gave her gaze an intimidating red tint.

She sailed through the air and on her way down thrust her claws at the earth before starting to dig down at such insane rate that it was almost like she was diving into water instead of earth. Before the man could even attempt a counter attack, his enemy had vanished underground completely.

“I am starting to get homesick.” The man uttered quietly as his mind raced for a plan. Fire did not work. Metal did not work. Grappling did not work.

He stood quietly while controlling his breath and listening as intently as he could and trying to tap into his anger again. Once more it was proving to be difficult as he had just left a trance state.

No sound. Nothing. The wurm was sitting down in the earth completely still. The man swallowed and took a step forward. Instantly a rumble came from below and he could feel something moving underground. He jumped away on instinct as the wurm burst out of the ground again, swathing her claws around at random in the air which grazed the barbarian’s shoulder. The force behind the attack was so great that it nearly took the shoulder clean off with the rest of his arm.

The barbarian coughed as blood gushed out from his new wound and splattered on the ground. Once again, his enemy had vanished below before he could do anything.

Footsteps. The man realized. She was sensing him walking on the surface and was attacking based on that. This was a start. If only he could trick her to move somewhere else. Bernsen glanced around himself and saw a piece of stone on the ground next to him. He tried to lean downward to pick it up but the rumble from below came up once more. The barbarian was forced to jump away again, this time thankfully lucking out and avoiding any further damage to his body but he was back to step one again.

Not only could she sense his footsteps but also the movements of his lower body. This monster might not be smart but her instincts were that of a deadly predator when pushed over the edge. He needed not only to fake movement but also not move himself in the process. That seemed like an impossible task and the man’s brain desperately searched for an answer.

The eldest wurm sister waited patiently underground. This was genius. She should have done this from the start. This is how their mother had taught them to hunt and no animal was ever able to escape their claws. This was her home turf. The large mean man could not dig through stone and earth like she could. All she had to do was to wait for him to move. He was wounded, bleeding. One more strike and it would be over.

She felt it. Something landed to her right. The man thought he could outsmart her by jumping! Stupid man! No matter how far he jumps she would get him! The elder wurm excitedly dug through the earth and emerged where the man had landed while wildly swinging her claws around.

But she only struck air. The dragoness blinked in surprise and looked around herself before noticing a large burning metallic hand laying on the ground right in front of her. Right next to a pool of the nasty smelling amber fluid and the scattered stacks of scary red sticks.

A single spark fell off from the arm into the pool of amber fluid and that was the last thing the wurm could remember from that day.

e27aaf No.250216

The demolished remains of the tool shack suddenly exploded in a huge fireball that bright enough to illuminate the entire mountain for a brief moment. The sound it produced that day was apparently heard even in a few nearby villages.

The wurm’s body was forcibly launched into the sky by the force of the explosion. It was regrettable that she had lost consciousness by that point. She always wondered what it was like to fly. But eventually her soar came to an end and the lesser dragon crashed down on the ground, creating a deep crater that matched the shape of her body.

The wurm bore multiple wounds from the violent explosion it was struck with but none of them were life threatening as far as the barbarian could judge. His metal hand landed on the ground next to him with a clunk, completely unscathed and with the fire that it was enveloped with now completely gone. He leaned over and reattached it to the stump on his left arm before flexing the fingers to make sure it was still in working condition.

“Fire is always a good solution.” The man uttered as he examined the wurm’s unconscious, scorch mark covered body. “Thanks Franklin. I remember.”

But it was no time to rest. One more was still on the loose. He silently hoped that the sorceress had managed to keep her busy until now. Just as he was about ready to give chase a familiar voice called out.

“Bern!” Sahra shouted while running down the mountain path with her eyes wide. She was accompanied by an entourage of miners who seemed to be pumped for a fight, much different compared to when they left.

“Sahra!?” The barbarian blinked in surprise, he could not hear a presence of a second wurm nearby. “What happened? Did you lose her?” He asked the short pyromancer.

“Hah! Try again! We got her! Dropped a rock on her head!” The sorceress announced in excited fashion and looked around the barbarian to see the youngest wurm sister bawling her eyes out and her sibling laying in a small crater in a fetal position.

“Oh wow. What the hell happened here?!” She examined the carnage. All the buildings in the mining village had been completely destroyed and a few of the piles of junk left in their place were even on fire. Minecarts, chains, various other containers littered the area that also for some reason had a bunch of holes in the ground now.

“Oh, you know.” The man shrugged. “I won.”

With a lot of effort and some salvaging, a bunch of intact chains were found to bind the wurm that laid crumpled in a smoking crater. The harder part was dragging the one in the mountain back down to the mine entrance but with some help from the miners she too was tied up and transported to where her sisters were.

Just when everyone was about to retire for the night, another surprise had occurred. The foreman and one of the miners that was assumed to be eaten suddenly emerged from the mine entrance, completely naked and covered in dust. Also, slightly bowlegged.

The sight of the beaten and bound wurms caused them a surprising deal of the distress and the other workers were almost forced to subdue them too. As it turned out they had spent the last few days on a “honeymoon”, kept underground by their “wives” for the traditional wurm fertility ritual which entailed a week-long mating session with short breaks for food and sleep in-between. During these brief pauses the two un(?)fortunate men explained that this trio was migrating from the north to avoid the monster lady’s tyrannical laws and join some new Queen of Blades before they found a cave on the other side of this mountain that had a very rich man smell.

Excited by this prospect they had begun to dig through the mountain until they finally succeeded in reaching their prize. Strangely, despite the many voices they were hearing while digging, they found only three men, one of which had escaped before their youngest sister had a chance to claim him.

Since the two older wurms were busy with their husbands the youngest one was tasked with looking for food which was the reason for the demolished kitchen last night.

The two claimed workers swore that they were good girls and that they had almost convinced them to let them go outside and explain what was going on but as the foreman timidly pointed out, it is hard to talk to them while their mouths are full. Full of what he would rather not say.

But despite their pleas to let the girls go it was decided to at least wait until they were lucid and understood that what they were doing was not acceptable.

Fate had different matters in store however. Shortly before noon of the next day a group of unexpected visitors had arrived in Ironhill.

“So, these are the beasts that plagued lord Barik’s mines?” A tall blonde man climbed down from his warhorse with heavy rustling of metal.

e27aaf No.250217

“Uh, sirs?” The bald miner asked cautiously as he eyed the dozen of armored riders. All of them wore thick sets of steel plate armor that bore the mark of House Barstone: The noble family that governed the area.

“My name is sir David Leonia. I am the captain of the Barstone Keep guards, tasked to protect his lordship. I am here on the behalf of lord Barik to act as a temporary manager of the Ironhill mine. The previous manager Thomas had refused to return to his duties and the shipment of ore that was supposed to be delivered to the keep is three days late.” The man explained as he observed the demolished area around him before handing out a slip of expensive looking paper to the bald man.

“I see I have my work cut out for me. Will someone please explain to me what happened here?” The blue eyes nobleman asked.

After a quick summary of the events of the past few days, the man looked at the barbarian and the sorceress with some genuine respect in his eyes.

“I am… surprised. We had believed Thomas was just getting caught in some superstition, as it was said that monsters used to inhabit this mountain in the old times. The man is also known to enjoy one drink too many when visiting Barstone.

Well you most certainly performed your job well. It is a shame that the battle had ended up causing so much damage but considering what you were up against it is quite miraculous that not a single causality had occurred. Although…” David slowly walked a wide circle around the bound wurms.

They were fully lucid now, albeit one was still almost deaf while the other had trouble following a conversation even more than was considered to be normal for their species.

“I am confused as to why you decided to keep the beasts alive. The bounty was for extermination, no?” The knight curiously looked at the barbarian before shaking his head.

“Well no matter. As the guard captain I have the authority to handle out rewards for bounties, so here you go.” The man reached toward a pouch near his belt to pull a single gold coin which he then tossed to the barbarian who caught it before examining it in his hand curiously.

“Keep the change. Consider is a sign of good will and house Barstone thank you for ensuring the survival of the mine’s workers. Have a safe journey back.” The man snapped his fingers and the riders dismounted form their horses to form a small group behind the captain.

“Now before we begin the necessary rebuilding process and restart production there is just one more thing to take care of.” With a swift motion the man reached behind him and pulled out the biggest knife that Bernsen had ever seen! It was almost as long as the blonde man was tall and while he did not match the barbarian in that parameter, he was still at least a whole head taller than most of the mine workers and his allies.

“W-what? Hold on, stop! What are you going to do!?” The foreman moved forward with fear in his voice.

“Is it not obvious? It is time for the criminals to receive their punishment.” David answered, sounding tired, before clutching his greatsword with both hands in front of him.

“Wait! Sir, didn’t you hear what we said?! They are not aggressive anymore! They will not be disrupting work now!” The bald man stood in-between the nobleman and the three confused looking wurms who were not entirely understanding what was going on.

“Know your place peasant!” David suddenly snarled and smacked the bald man with the back of his gauntlet. This action made a few workers gasp while the bald miner fell down on the ground in pain and clutched his jaw.

“These monsters have invaded the private property of lord Barik. Disrupted the acquisition of the valuable resource found here. Kidnapped two of the workers and caused massive destruction in their wake. As such with the authority granted to me by lord of Barstone I sentence them to death!” The blonde man raised his greatsword over his shoulder and took a step forward, towards the tied wurm trio.

The word death finally seemed to get what he was talking about across and the girls suddenly began to squirm.

“W-wait! We sorry” The oldest sister exclaimed.

“We leave! No more trouble!” The second one continued.

“Please no kill big sisters!” The youngest cried out before bursting into tears again and letting out a scarred whine.

“Who the fuck do you think you are!” The foreman suddenly charged forward but his way was cut off by a bunch of armored men who pointed their own weapons at him.

e27aaf No.250218

“I see you had become bewitched by this monster.” The captain turned around a took a step forward. You better stand down if you don’t want to spend the rest of your days rotting in the dungeon.”

“Don’t touch them you son of a bitch!” The second miner that went missing snarled and charged at the armored men who briefly parted and surrounded him in an instant. They then smashed the handles of their weapons upon the man’s body until he collapsed on the ground with a grunt.

“Husband! No!” The middle sister yelled in fear and tried to struggle harder but it was in vain. Bernsen himself made sure that their binds would not be possible to break out of.

“Let this be a lesson to you. If anyone else wants a try go on ahead. There is plenty of room in Barstone keep’s dungeons.” David said mockingly. “Well? No more volunteers? Excellent.”

The captain turned back to the wurms and readied his weapon again.

“W-wait! Sir David! You won’t be able to cut their heads!” The foreman suddenly called out.

“Oh, is that so? Pray tell me why? Are you going to get in the way like your friend down there?” Davis gestured to the collapsed miner.

“N-no! But their skin sir, it is so smooth but yet so firm! Metal will bounce right off it, you will only damage your beautiful weapon!” The foreman hastily explained.

“Really? Hmm, you are right that would be quite a problem. Under normal circumstances. But you see this is no mere steel. This blade.” The captain held it straight aloft above himself. “Verteiler. The treasured weapon of house Barstone and my badge of office granted to me by his lordship. It is not mere steel it is made from, but rather an adamantium alloy. I admit it won’t be enough to cut through a dragon’s scales…” The nobleman smirked and shrugged before readying the greatsword again.

“But it is more than sharp enough to remove their heads! They will make a fine tribute for lord Barik. Rejoice beasts! Instead of rotting away in earth like the worms that you are, your visages will forever be immortalized as decorations upon the walls of Barstone keep!”

“The scales will fetch a nice price too.” One of the guards accompanying David chuckled to himself.

There were a lot of sounds of protests from the miners and the lesser dragons were almost hysterical and blubbering while begging for their lives but the captain did not care for their pleas and narrowed his eyes to make sure his cut was clean and precise.

“L-let’s just leave. I know they tried to kill us but I don’t want to see this.” Sahra bit on her lip and turned her head away.

>What do you do?

e27aaf No.250220

File: be18facf773cdbb⋯.jpg (8.99 KB, 255x185, 51:37, 1427256630672.jpg)

This took a while but it was very fun to write.

485bb6 No.250237

Thats a tough one. Trying to solve that diplomatically in the worst case could end in a huge incident that might not only sour our relations with Barstone but make us a criminal within the whole kingdom.

Guess now would be a good time to think about what our endgoal is.

Regardless of the outcome i say we should look into that Queen of Blades business. Fighting some ultralisks or waifuing a brood mother sounds like fun.

f762ae No.250245


Let them kill the worms then eat their hearts, the armored skin they possess would be a wonderful asset and they deserve no less.

ccf4fa No.250253


Well, can't be letting him kill the wurms, they don't really deserve that. Try returning the bounty in exchange for their lives, though I doubt that will work. If not, beat the shit out of them, I guess.

Also, with the eating of the hearts. I'm like 80% certain we (and Bearson) know that the only reason we got anything out of it previously was because they were carrying the "blessing" of the Great Forest Spirit, and we absorbed a bit of that power. It's not going to get us anything aside from some odd looks here.

282b68 No.250254


Challenge the man to a battle for having the wurms live. Use our adamantium arm to deflect his sword if we can't dodge it.

282b68 No.250259


How about we attempt to convince him that it's better for the wurms to work at the mines in exchange for lives. They seem to be docile enough to do so as long as their husbands keep an eye on them and he gets more metal faster. It's a win-win deal.

f8796b No.250261


This 100% they can dig through rock and earth like it's nothing, I cannot really imagine something more beneficial to a mining operation short of modern machinery.

485bb6 No.250262


>I admit it won’t be enough to cut through a dragon’s scales…”

50 silver and nearly indestructible skin sounds like a decent amount of loot but getting the heart out in the first place could be an issue.

Well I guess once they are decapitated that would give us an entrance. Not sure what our company and the grieving widower would say to us shoving our hand through the neck of a dead girl though.

Not sure if we can just explain that whole corpse eating business to the average person and expect them to be fine with it.

282b68 No.250263


I don't think it's worth eating their hearts. Would give us a poor reputation throughout the town after i thought about it.

d0c502 No.250270

I vote we let them kill the wurm and then eat their hearts. We really need the power up they can provide even if its gotten through questionable means. We can just pass it off as a way to honor the dead by taking their strength, strength above all and survival of the fittest.

282b68 No.250273

I regret mentioning that ability of ours.

22701c No.250276




Sick Bastards!


This sounds like a good idea. Ask the Noble if he wants to babysit a bunch of miners. There's no glory or honour in that. Far better to good back to their Lord with good news of the Ironhill Mines being fortified (by the Wurms) and production continued (or increased by the Wurms)!

22701c No.250280


Also point out that his Lord could Levy the Wurms in times of conflict. As living siege equipment to undermine castle walls rather then a long and risky siege.

a97f2e No.250288


This sounds like the best choice and we won't have to worry about making the lord an enemy.

f762ae No.250297


Bunch a fucking pussies in this thread, these things are a threat to everything around them. Too much power and too little intelligence is a bad combo. What if something triggers them and they decide to rampage again? Eat their hearts and gain their powers, these things are too stupidly op not to dine on them and level up. The only people that'll care are the two men who were pussy whipped by them and I'm sure they can just find another monster. Don't give me the "it's ok cause their pretty" waifuist argument.


43c197 No.250299

File: 7dd0bd372e4e1d4⋯.gif (1.08 MB, 320x240, 4:3, giphy.gif)


Good work

43c197 No.250304


Our endgoal is to fix bernsen's balls so he can have children

43c197 No.250306


I agree, community service is the way too go.


>What if something triggers

They'll be chained up, not nice but better than death.

1cbbbe No.250307


Guys i really dont think he can gain dragonscales from eating hearts, wasnt that only because that serpent bitch had that crazy mutating treesap in her blood?

6d7083 No.250322


It wouldn't make sense to intervene, but Bernsen also has these damn morals. Having them work in the mines would certainly work for all parties. If the man should refuse, unfortunately Bernsen sort of… is big on the laws, if not the letter of them.

I forgot that Wizardquest canonically had a Lizardman city that was overrun by Wurms and their Queen after being tricked by Danuki. Everyone believed that the Wurms were looking to make a new home, but all they do is work the gold mines the Danuki mysteriously "found" after the lizardmen were driven out.

I miss this goofy shit sometimes


The Queen of Blades was an epithet for the current Monster Lady due to her large number of bladed tails. Her laws are very integration friendly, but for old fashioned monsters who want to rape and pillage, they don't sit well.

3f7846 No.250324

Convince him to let the worms work for the mine to repair damages. So long as they have their husbands there to watch them they'll be fine

b5557f No.250403

File: b276fa6676645c7⋯.jpg (32.61 KB, 300x300, 1:1, reaction, so tired of this….jpg)

what a bunch of sick fucks you are.

after hearing all that shit you have been spewing i wouldent mind berson to go psycho so that fucking idiot faggots see that the heart eating wont do anything from normal enemys and then you have to live with the consiquenzes of having fuckt up the story for nothing.

fucking faggots man

what to do

so we knoe lord barston is if nothing else your typical aristocratic asshole that cares little about his subjects, judging from him investing close to nothing when bountyhunters are needed.

20 bilver for a big bandid gang

75 to clear agressive monsters

but his personal guard are ritch enough that thad dandy fuck just gave a 25 silver "tip" like it was nothing.

so the state isent broke eather.

anyone in for a bit of regecide?

or rather thats what i would say if i was an idiot.

i hate the situation but there just isent anything that we can do apart from swalowing our pride and leaving.

it sucks but there is just no way we can come up on top of this.

even if we go and kill those knights, the wyrms are still fucked, for he sure as shit wont be cool for his personal guard having been slautherd.

and going after the lord would mean civil war in the aftermath of the power vakouum.

so eather way the girls are fucked.

lets just walk away get the new clothes and leav this shithole of a place.

we also have to figure out how get more of fire-lolis manadrug the spice must flow

1cbbbe No.250424


CYOA the A stands for Autism

282b68 No.250427


What does the CYO in CYOA stand for then?

2580d2 No.250456


>The Queen of Blades was an epithet for the current Monster Lady due to her large number of bladed tails.

Oh that makes more sense. But that still means there are currently at least two monster ladies then right?

If I got my Acefag lore right Selene should be the legitimate monster lady during the time this story plays. Does that mean there is some contestant to her rule (that we can potentially fuck up)?

Or am I just understanding it wrong and the monster lady doesn't represent all monsters and she's more akin to a king and there are several monster kingdoms?

2580d2 No.250465


>so that fucking idiot faggots see that the heart eating wont do anything

You sure about that? Let me quote Martell for ya:

> You are almost physically perfect. Your mental fortitude is likewise flawless. You can absorb the essence of monsters whose flesh you consume the same way I can. But with it comes a price. Just like I and other artificial life forms are unable to continue on their bloodline neither can you my son.

We don't know exactly what absorbing the essence of someone means and I doubt we'll grow scales after eating some Wurm but we do in fact know that it will do something.

I am not for eating the wurms since I think it might set us on a really fucked up path but you can't dismiss the fact that Bernsen is basically half parasite with all the abilities and faults that come with that.

6d7083 No.250468


Unless OP has something else in mind, which he very well could, there was this one incident in Illusionistquest which should have had more written about it but Ace was indecisive. Potentially related

840ce6 No.250471



282b68 No.250473


Now that reminded me of that, we could collect any loose pieces of wurm scales that blew off of the wurm when she exploded. Maybe even nibble on them to see if something happens to Bernsen. That way, we do not have to have the wurms killed and eaten to see what happens. If nothing else happens, we can just sell it or something.

2580d2 No.250476


Adamantium has trouble piercing dragonscales not sure if teeth and some stomach acid will do the job.

But i think that goes into the right direction. Would be interesting to know what happens when Bernsen collects essence without straight up cannibalising someone.

Maybe we can spook a lizard into dropping her tail or something.

e27aaf No.250496

“Sir David, stay your hand for a moment!” The barbarian suddenly said loudly and moved forward from the back of the crowd.

“What are you doing!?” The sorceress quickly followed him while whispering. “This isn’t our business. Don’t tell me you are going to pick a fight with them!”

The man quickly shook his head and gestured for the girl to keep quiet before emerging in front of the row of guards who readied their weapons.

“You are still here?” The captain raised one of his eyebrows in surprise. “I thought our business was concluded. I had paid you in full and then some for your services.”

The barbarian shook his head again and slightly readjusted his stance. He spread his legs out a little and put his arms on his waistline while his thumbs rested horizontal on the edge of his undergarments. And finally, he moved his head slightly to the side and narrowed his eyes. This seemingly subtle change of body language suddenly made him look even more impressive.

“It has indeed but I want to point out that you are making a great mistake here.” Bernsen spoke out. His voice was even and took on a strange authoritative tone that really weirded out the sorceress standing next to him. It was almost as if in place of a blood slathered man covered in animal skins some military veteran was suddenly put down.

“Is that a threat?” The knight captain narrowed his eyes and pulled the greatsword away from the neck of the youngest wurm.

“Not at all. A suggestion rather. I know it may sound strange but I understand well the sort of pressure a man in your position might be facing. Please tell me if I am wrong but this must have been a long road and you are quite tired.

This area is also new and unfamiliar to you so it makes sense that you must show a display of power to prove that you are taking your new role seriously and demand respect from the people you are in charge of.” Bernsen continued to speak while looking the man into the eyes. The shining blue in them showed some suppressed interest but also wariness and confusion at the odd discrepancy he was observing.

“What exactly is it that you want?” Sir David turned his full attention to the man and planted his sword into the ground in front of him.

“May we speak face to face for a moment? As one warrior to another?” The barbarian requested politely.

“Hah, yea right.” One of the guards pointed his sword forward at the man. “You take one step forward toward the captain and it will be your last!”

“Let him through.” Sir David announced and put his greatsword away.

The command stunned his underlings into silence but the trained men quickly parted to let the barbarian walk past them and up to the knight. The two men whispered something to each other before sir David narrowed his eyes and nodded.

“Men. Stay here and make sure the miners don’t make any stupid attempts to free the prisoners. I will return in a moment.” The knight ordered before him and the barbarian walked away behind some nearby rubble.

Pieces of a conversation could be heard coming from behind it but no one could exactly make out what it was. And no one dared to approach either. The guards stood in a tight circle around the confused wurms while the miners looked around, unsure what to do. Sahra on the other hand was shaking her head slowly at the events that had just occurred.

“So, let me get this straight.” Sir David looked at the tall man facing him with an unamused expression. “You want me to stay their execution and instead have them perform…forced labor?”

“Pretty much. You have seen the sort of power they possess. I can think of a few ways your tribe could put it to use. They could help dig the ore here and transport it. Perhaps act as reserve combat assets as well in times of strife. Few opponents would stand up for long against them.” The barbarian explained.

“Even if I were to listen to this idea and mind you, an idea coming from a literal nobody and a complete stranger to our domain, which is outrageous in by itself. How exactly would we ensure their cooperation? What is stopping them from running as soon as their chains are removed or worse, seeking vengeance?” Sir David pointed at the man with his armored hand.

“Two of them already had found mates among the workers here, they would not dare to do anything that could potentially bring them or their friends harm now that they are aware of it. And the youngest one would not go against her sisters will. Their familiar ties are very strong.

It might be cruel but you can also use their husbands as leverage if they ever display any signs of unrest. You have seen the reaction of one of them when your men knocked her mate unconscious. This also goes both ways: Their men would cooperate and keep the wurms docile if they firmly believe that as long as they do they will have nothing to fear.

e27aaf No.250497

Lastly, the monsters will not dare to oppose you directly, now that you displayed your dominance over them. You may not have suppressed them directly but after having their lives held in your hands and the knowledge that you can take them at any moment they will fear you. As long as you refresh that memory every once in a while with continued signs of authority they will keep fearing you.” The barbarian finished his argument and shrugged, awaiting the response from the knight.

“Hmm. You seem to be quite knowledgeable on the topic of monsters. You would not be a beast tamer of some sort, would you? You certainly look the part.” Sir David let out a small refined laugh.

“I admit, having creatures like that at lord Barik’s beck and call would be most… useful. But I am still not convinced. How about a small test if you will? To see if what you are saying is indeed true.” The nobleman smiled wryly.

The two had finally finished their conversation and emerged from behind the rubble.

“Soldiers! Remove the chains on the biggest wurm!” Sir David announced dramatically. A bunch of murmurs came forth from the armored men but they did not dare to oppose a direct order and quickly surrounded the oldest sister who looked around herself with a scared expression.

The blonde man took a few steps forward to stand right in front of the wurm. As soon as the last chain fell the guards hastily retreated back.

The monster uncoiled herself with some loud audible sounds and straightened out, looking confused.

“Listen well beast! I have changed my mind. Instead of executing you like the animal you are I shall give you an honorable death by combat! En garde!” Suddenly the knight pulled the greatsword out and charged at the massive dragonkin before him.

“Ahhh! No kill! Please!” The monster that was almost five times as big as the man who was facing her suddenly crashed down on the ground and covered her head with both of her massive claws while trembling in fear.

The nobleman stopped his charge and looked down in surprise. He honestly did not believe that this would play out like this but now he was seeing it with his own eyes. He quickly collected himself and coughed into his hand.

“You wish me to spare you, filthy worm? Hmm, perhaps. Perhaps. There might be an alternative way to punish you…”


“I can’t believe this. How did you convince him?” Sahra looked in disbelief at the sight of the three wurms doing cleanup work under the watchful eye of the guards and some guidance and help from the miners.

“He was fairly reasonable actually. A bit harsh perhaps but there are some uncomfortable things you have to do as a leader that can’t be avoided. Once he recognized me as an equal and actually listened to what I had to say, convincing him was just a matter of showing that the risk to reward ratio was well worth investing into.” The man explained plainly, having returned to his more casual and mellow tone of voice.

“But how did you make him see you as an equal? He is on the lower range among noble born sure, but you are a barefoot savage wearing a bear’s head, no offense.” The sorceress asked again, not satisfied with the answer.

The man shrugged. “I just showed to him that I had similar upbringing and experiences in leadership as him.”

“Leadership?” The short girl cocked her head slightly.

“It’s a long story. Anyway, here you go. Your share.” The man flicked the gold coin at the girl and she caught it with both hands.

“Yep, it’s genuine.” She uttered after briefly examining and biting on it. “Alright, let me give you the fifty silvers of change, I think I have just enough…”

“No need, I got another.” The man shook his head and raised his hand that held another gleaming coin.

“W-huh?” The sorceress blinked in surprise. “How the? Did you ste-“

e27aaf No.250498

“No, sir David gave me another one.” The man explained and briefly narrowed his eyes. “As a… uhh… “consultation fee” he said. Also, I am invited to join him for dinner in Barstone keep once the mine business is sorted out.”

The young woman in the red dress stared openly at the barbarian with her mouth flapping open and closed.

“I… uh. G-good for you?” She finally stuttered before looking down at the coin in her hand again. “But are you sure I can keep this? The second gold doesn’t really have anything to do with the bounty, does it?”

“It’s okay. You worked hard for it. I think we are done here now. Want to head back?” The man asked.

The girl nodded. “Yea, there is actually a bit of shopping that I need to do.”

But before the duo could leave the bald miner ran up to them holding something in his hands. “Ah Bernsen, Sahra. Before you leave I think you should take this.”

He extended his hand forward in which two rich green scales were held. They were large and sturdy looking.

“We found them while cleaning up the damage. One of the girls must have shed them during the battle. I heard they are quite valuable so please take them.

>Bernsen obtained [Wurm scale]

“I wish you luck on your journey. Please come visit us once business returns to normal. You are always welcome here.” With that the bald man bowed his head and quickly returned back to work.

The journey back was proven to be fairly uneventful, although by the sorceress’s request they did stay in one of the villages they had passed through the first time around when nighttime rolled around.

The next morning the barbarian immediately noticed that something felt off however. It wasn’t obvious at first. The people in whose home they stayed offered them some bread for breakfast and they were back on the road.

The girl’s mood seemed to be particularly low, despite how content she was yesterday with the extra payoff of their bounty. She was not smiling. Not making any sharp, sarcastic jabs at the barbarian’s expense. Even when he had offered her to ride on his back again to cheer her up she just shook her head and declined quietly.

By the time they reached Barstone, late in the morning, she looked anxious and started to dry cough.

“Sahra you don’t look so good.” The man pointed out with concern in his voice.

“It’s okay, my allergies are just acting up. You know all that pollen in the air. Hate that stuff.” She hastily answered shortly after they entered the front gates.

When it was time to turn to the road leading up to the inn the girl suddenly stopped before glancing around and swallowing hard. Her face had taken on a pale shade and she seemed to be sweating a lot despite it being a rather cloudy day.

“Hey Bern, I know I am supposed to act as your guide for a while still but do you think you can stay in the inn for a couple days by yourself? I am going to take a carriage to the next town, there is something that I need to do there. Should not take more than two days and when I come back I can resume being your guide.” She nervously spoke up and turned her head up at the barbarian.

“I am sure you can figure things on your own for a little while, you are a smart guy. You can think up of some things to do. Your clothes are surely ready. You have that dinner invitation. Lady Barstone in the library could help you with your reading while I am away if you ask her for sure.”

>What do you do?

e27aaf No.250500

File: 94372b64b91e2ca⋯.png (284.88 KB, 1024x582, 512:291, Luke_Cage's_Indestructible….png)

>They passed on a chance to get unbreakable skin


2580d2 No.250503

I'm guessing addicts weren't a thing in the forest so Bernsen wouldn't recognize the symptoms of withdrawal.

But he should be able to figure out that she's hiding something.

I say we follow her and make getting the loli clean our next quest

b5557f No.250508


im also for bearson to quietly follow sahra, if she needs the spice for her magic then she is on low right now.

and im guessing the stuff is illigal and smugglers/dealers arent the best sort.

lets follow her to make sure some assholes wont rip her off or worse while she cant defend herself.

best grab our new cloths before she grabs her charrage, bearson is still a bigguy but the new threads will make hiding from her a little easyer.

ab5ccb No.250539

File: 644d9943a0dbe9c⋯.jpg (49.93 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


> He spread his legs out a little and put his arms on his waistline while his thumbs rested horizontal on the edge of his undergarments.

f762ae No.250589


If Bearson eats a monster girl out can he gain powers that way? Or if he eats slime or some other disposable part of a monster? But yeah, I say we go follow the witch, keep an eye on her when she meets up with her baphomet dealer to make sure she doesn't get in any trouble.

2580d2 No.250595


The only solid info we have that he gains their essence after consuming their flesh. So unless he literally eats that pussy i don't think it will work.

We could still try for purely scientific reasons of course

But would be interesting to know if the monsters have to die in the process or if it would be enough to just put a straw in a slime and take a sip or something.

2580d2 No.250596


>We could still try for purely scientific reasons of course

Shit I think i should clarify that i meant the nice vanilla non violent kind with that and not the literal one

d9e852 No.250598



I'd rather not, it was okay when we were barbarians in the forest because RULES OF NATURE but that shit isn't going to fly here. Besides just being in monstergrill presence causes us to slowly absorb essence, it's why we turned out so huge.

2580d2 No.250618


>it's why we turned out so huge.

Isn't it because as an embryo we got some of Martells juju?

With the whole eating thing i would go with the rule that if we really have to kill someone we might as well take a bite. But don't kill someone just to absorb their powers. That shouldn't be part of thought process regarding killing at all.

f8796b No.250674


Lets go see the Arachne tailor and she if she has finished with our clothes I guess. I am somewhat hesitant to follow around pyrololi while we are still dressed like a barbarian. If we were to try following her it might be easier dressed in something she does not recognise, that said we are what, 7 foot tall so it might not make any real difference. But at least passers by will not think we are some kind of bandit.

f8796b No.250675


FUCK I forgot to sage, sorry everyone.

a62a66 No.250689


>Lets go see the Arachne tailor

This sounds a reasonable.

6d7083 No.250721


He is CIA and Joesph Joestar apparently.


This is fine, but we must remind the fire-loli that she lost a bet and the time she is taking off will be added onto her two-week tour. Might as well ask if she'd tell us why she's going, but don't pry. Just make her remember she has to come back!

Might as well ask Lady Barstone what a fancy dinner is supposed to be like with our fancy clothes.

It occurs to me just now that no one batted an eye at his prosthetic arm. They're fairly rare even now, so why would a ruffian with an axe have such a thing?

282b68 No.250734


>It occurs to me just now that no one batted an eye at his prosthetic arm. They're fairly rare even now, so why would a ruffian with an axe have such a thing?

Maybe they think it's armor?

3f7846 No.250744

first we get our new clothes, and then we can follow sahra. >>250721 I even forgot he had his arm because no one said anything about it until he fought with it.

ba0af1 No.250755


We need cloths that won't get torn apart in battle easily. Cloths with short sleeves or something like that, I'm not an expert.. I suppose leather armor would cost too much right now but we should get that eventually.

I think we should ask what that red powder stuff in her bag was. Of course Bernsen would know it's a drug but curioustiy is reason enough. We didn't ask already did we?

e27aaf No.250826



e27aaf No.250883

The man squinted his eyes in suspicion while looking at the girl. “You know, I wasn’t going to pry since it wasn’t any of my business but I am a little worried about you now. Is this related to that red powdery medicine you had? I didn’t see you taking it this morning.”

The question struck the girl almost like an arrow from the way she recoiled when he asked. “I… yea. I ran out of it so I am going to Somalot to buy more. It’s a large town on a river east from here.”

“Alright, but be careful. You look pretty sick without it.” The man’s expression softened and he reached out his right arm over the girl and gently placed it on her head. This seemingly simple gesture sent a jolt of some weird emotion through the Sahra’s body. She felt like she was struck by a lightning bolt and stood there as if paralyzed while the man affectionately ruffled her hair.

“Y-you too.” She finally stuttered out after the man was done and hastily turned around to try to hide the embarrassment on her face before making off in some unknown direction.

As soon as she was out of the man’s sight, she raised her own hand and touched her head in the spot where Bernsen’s palm was moments ago. The sorceress let out a shuddering sigh and after her heart finally stopped beating so damn quickly she proceeded to go to the edge of the town, where the carriages going to nearby settlements were located.

“Something isn’t right.” The man shook his head, looking concerned and muttered quietly to himself. He could not quite put his finger on what the girl was hiding exactly but he was going to find out. However, there was one last bit of business he had to attend to in Barstone before leaving it.

“Hello! Welcome to Sharley’s Thre-Oh it’s you Bernsen!” The spideress perked up while looking away from some plump looking woman she was taking measurements from.

“Hey Sharley, I see your business is doing alright.” The man noted.

“Yea, Claudia passed on a good word about me to the men who drink in her inn who in turn told their wives.” The seamstress explained with a smile.

“Um, excuse me is this going to take long?” The plump woman asked carefully while standing with her arms spread out.

“Oh! Apologies, of course not, I am almost done. Sit down Bernsen, I’ll be with you in a minute.” The eight-legged monster gestured to a chair, next to a mirror, that the man slowly sat down on.

He didn’t have to wait long and soon the merchant’s wife left the store after giving the seamstress some notes about the dress that she would like.

“Okay, sorry about the wait. Here you go, your order is right there.” Sharley pulled out a large paper box from underneath the counter and opened the lid on it.

The man peeked inside curiously. There they were, the clothing pieces that he had requested, neatly folded and tightly packed together. Sharley began to pull the items out one by one and lining them up on the counter.

First was a sturdy looking sleeveless brown leather jacket reinforced with steel studs at key points. One of its shoulders also had a rather thick leather pad attached to it for some reason. Next in line after it was a black tank top with a deep cut that showed off the wearer’s chest, made out of cotton. There was also a set of boxers with similar color.

Third was a pair of blue denim pants, that came with a wide leather belt, that had a stylized buckle at the end of it in the shape of a bear’s head. And lastly, on the edge of the counter was a set of steel toed, hard leather hiking boots with a pair of matching gloves.

“Go ahead, try them on! I want to see how it looks on you.” Sharley closed her eyes and clapped her hands a few times in excitement.

The man quickly undressed himself from his bearskin armor, which he noted could use another wash later to get the blood out. The undergarments and the shirt were put on easily enough, the jacket was also no trouble. When it came to pants, the man found it to be a little troublesome but the boots proved to be the most challenging piece to deal with.

“Oh! Wait, I almost forgot!” Sharley suddenly exclaimed and handed the man a pair of black cotton socks. “Here, put on these first.”

The warrior straightened out, a bit unsteady on his feet. He could not feel the ground very well with the thick leather foot warmers on his feet and this was making him feel disoriented.

“Don’t worry, you’ll gets used to it quickly.” The seamstress noted while skittering around the barbarian to get a good look. “Yes, yes. Marvelous. The leather really brings out your rough masculine features and the color of the shirt matches your hair. Oh wait, you forgot the gloves!” The monster quickly picked them up and handed them to the barbarian.

“You’ll have to take off that gauntlet of yours first though.” She pointed at the man’s armored hand.

e27aaf No.250885

“That might be a problem.” Bernsen chuckled and plucked his hand off to show it to the spider.

“W-what? That’s a, oh! Oh, I am so sorry. I didn’t know, I thought this was a gauntlet for half-swording! But then… the pauldron on the jacker is useless! Oh man, I feel so stupid!” The monster began to angrily pull on her hair. “No wonder you didn’t take it off while I was doing the measurements.”

“Hey, hey It’s alright. I like it, everything feels very comfortable, even these tight pants.” The man cheered her up and put the gloves away in his backpack for possible later use and then combed his hand through his mane.

“So, is this something that won’t grab too much attention in Deleor?” The man examined himself in the mirror.

“Oh Bernsen, you came to the wrong place if you wanted clothes to stand out less in. Look! Just look!” She announced and suddenly latched on to his arm.

“I got rid of the sleeves so everyone could see those massive arms of yours! No hood either, hiding your hair should be a capital offense! Made the pants tight fitting so nothing would be left to imagination!” She suddenly slammed her cheek against the warrior’s butt with a dreamy expression on her face before reaching her hand around for his package.

“Err, Sharley?” The barbarian asked nervously.

The spider seemed to snap out of it and coughed into her hand before returning to a neutral stance with her cheeks slightly reddened. “But, if you mean as far as fitting in goes, no. No one is going to bat an eye at some mercenary passing through.”

“Thanks, you did a good job.” The man handed her the golden coin and bowed politely.

>Bernsen gained [Merc outfit], [Leather gloves], [Socks x 5]

>Current money: 80 silver coins

With his new clothes taken care of, now it was a matter of what to do next. The warrior pondered on this as he walked through the town. On one hand, he didn’t want to be too forceful on the matter. Despite her height, the sorceress was an adult and whatever issues she might have she could handle them herself.

But the man just could not leave the matter alone. Although their interactions were brief he grew attached to the little wuu man. She might be rather foul tempered and rude at times but it almost felt artificial the more the man spent time with her.

It was almost like she did not want to be herself but rather someone else. Bernsen did not understand why you would want to do that but found this trait of hers to be rather amusing and endearing.

Ultimately his mind was set and he returned to the intersection where they had split up before kneeling down to the ground to catch on to her scent.


“Sorry lad, but the carriage going to Somalot just left some time ago.” One of the drivers pointed out while feeding his horse some oats from a bucket.

“Is there going to be another one?” The man asked and glanced at the road heading east.

“Aye, but it won’t be until tomorrow morning. The distance is fairly long and few people travel outside Barstone so only two carriages move in and out every day. One in the morning and one in the day. You in a hurry or something?” The driver asked and put the empty bucket away before patting the horse on the head. It let out a content snort and turned to face her master.

“Not exactly. How long does the trip take?” The warrior asked next.

“Eh, around eight to ten hours depending on the weather. Wish we had one of them fancy leyways, but I guess Barstone ain’t important enough to warrant one. There are some rumors going on that some people with funny hats approached lord Barik a week or so ago but It’s probably related to that weird expedition the Order was making into the Black Forest.”

“I see, thank you.” Bernsen nodded and took off with a running start.

e27aaf No.250886

Time passed by slowly and while the warrior only needed to take short breaks for cooking the animals he would pick along the way he was no horse. He had no clue how close he was to Somalot but the landscape was definitely changing. In place of small patches of woods and open plains, marshlands began to appear. It wasn’t an outright bog yet but the humidity in the air implied some great source of water was nearby.

Late in the afternoon the next day the man had finally reached what he assumed was his destination.

“Esoh-no wait. Soehmahlout.” The man narrowed his eyes and read out loud the writing on the faded wooden plank, set upon a pole on the side of the road. Right below it was another plank that read “Deerraik” that was pointing left, along the river. Must have a lot of deer in it the man concluded.

He looked at the town bellow again, marveling at the biggest source of water that he had ever seen. It was a river but it’s width was almost or possibly even larger than a lake that he visited several times in his youth. Its color seemed to be a little off though, as if the water was heavily tainted with something.

The town itself felt smaller than Barstone, at least the part where the people lived in. Majority of the buildings were scattered along the shore, where several massive wooden contraptions were floating on the water. The residential areas were almost entirely built of wood. Stone buildings were only found near the river, along with tall fences of the same material that blocked access to them.

Near the edge of them was a great deal of carriages, some of which passed by him as he traveled down the hill into the town. Few of them seemed to be carrying passengers and instead held various cargo. The drivers were not nearly as friendly as the ones in Barstone either.

The first one Bernsen tried to ask yelled to get out of his way and the second one ignored him outright, like the man was not even there.

The closer he got to the town the more Bernsen’s nose seemed to turn. The air had a nasty smell of various mixed bodily fluids that were let out to spoil in the open. Instead of stopping at the edge of the town, the carriages went closer to the river without stopping near the wooden buildings. The man followed the tracks in the mud they left and passed through the residential area on foot.

The smell seemed to be particularly strong here. The wood on many homes was cracked and covered with some unspeakable oily stains. The few people that he did encounter were not smiling and seemed to be in a hurry to get to wherever they were heading.

“Hey man, man you got any coppers you could spare?” Someone suddenly called out to him in a raspy voice that quickly turned into a coughing fit.

Bernsen turned around to see a very dirty looking man in torn clothes. It somewhat resembled his old getup as the man lacked any foot warmers.

“No, I only have silvers.” Bernsen answered and shook his head. “Did something happen here? Why is everyone on the edge?”

“The edge? Hah, you are funny stranger, you seem to be new here. Why don’t you let old Marcus show you around and give you some tips? Somalot’s a dangerous place for newcomers. Sucks you right in.” The dirty man answered and made a strange motion with his hand.

“You want me… to give you something?” The barbarian raised an eyebrow.

“Aye man, don’t be stingy. Look at your shiny new clothes. Surely you must be rick and can give one of those silvers to old Marcus. It will be a good investment, thrust me. Information is a valuable commodity ’round here.” The tramp explained.

“Can’t argue with that.” Bernsen agreed and handed the man a single gleaming coin which he took with his arms shaking before stuffing it in his rags.

“Thank you kind stranger.” The man coughed again. “Now, you were asking something about this town being on the edge?”

The silver coin gave Bernsen as much information as the vagabond bragged about. He did learn some useful things. First off Somalot was not a nice place to live, which the warrior had already figured out by himself.

It lacked a lord and was apparently privately owned by a group of merchant families who used it as a buffering zone for the wares they sold across the country. As such, almost none of the money remained in the community but was instead transferred over to the pockets of the merchants who hardly ever visited the area.

Most of their attention was directed to their work and the residents were mostly left to deal with their problems on their own. The majority of them worked in the docks for pennies while others just found alternative ways to make do.

Finally, he got the precise directions to where the passenger carriages usually parked at and left the filthy man to his business. As he was walking away he noticed in the corner of his eye someone else approach the beggar.

It was another man but he was looking much healthier.

e27aaf No.250887

He had a very tanned skin and seemed to demand something form the beggar who hastily handed him the silver coin that Bernsen just gave him with fear in his eyes. The tanned man examined it, seemingly content before growling out something to the tramp who quickly nodded before scampering away somewhere.

Soon enough, the warrior arrived near the edge of the river. There were very few carriages as most seemed to have already departed somewhere. The man concentrated and closed his eyes, trying to find the sorceress’s distinct smell of rust with a subtle alcohol aftertaste and a pinch of coal.

It was proving to be quite difficult with the plethora of smells he could sense in the air but he finally succeeded in finding her trail. It had already begun to fade, with all the people moving around in the docks. Once he followed it to the residential area however it became easier to track. The trail seemed to avoid the roads in town and instead weaved behind and around the buildings.

Finally, Bernsen stopped in a small alleyway. The scent went only as far it’s end, where one of the towns roads cut it off. It was almost like she just went up and flew away.

The man moved his hand around to make sure she was not invisible but after confirming this was not the case took a closer look.

One of the wooden walls had a rather fresh scorch mark and the muddy earth underfoot was disturbed. It was harder to tell what happened by the minute, as a small drizzle began to fall down from the sky and wash away all evidence of what happened here.

There were a lot of footprints and they were spread out in rather chaotic patterns. There were at least two monsters, judging by the shape and three men or wuu men.

Then the man saw it. A single hand print left in the mud near another wall. It was very small, almost childlike and next to it was a bloodstain.

The barbarian scraped his finger against it and smelled it. It was Sahra’s blood.

>What do you do?

2f38e9 No.250896


>What do you do?

Save a fiery loli of course!

We should start by looking if there's a bloodtrail or try to track the footprints before it all washes away. Also do we know what kind of monsters the footprints might belong to?

If that's not possible anymore try to find the beggar and try to find out more about the "underworld" in this city. Try to find out what the popular pubs are, who's in charge and where one might buy red powdery medicine.

b5557f No.250898



ok the discription of the alley was a little hard to understans, so is this a deadend where sahra was napt or was it the end of the alley leading into a street?

for the deadend, look around for any doors that lead to a cellar or something, there might be still a weak smell leading into one.

if its a street then she must have been dragd into a cart or something, wich is worse.

eather way bearson has just learnd that there are bums and street urchins out here that know things so he should be able to understand that urban information gathering is a thing.

so for starters keep cool and look around, are there any bums or streetkids around?

if yes then try getting some info out of them.

this might cost bearson some cash but its worth it for our fire-loli

the things we need to find out

1 have they have seen a girl in red getting her ass kicked here.

2 how long ago was that.

3 were those people known accosiets with any gang.

4 were is that gang locadet.

5 if none of the above can be gatherd then lets go direct, wich gangs territory is this part of town and were can bearsone find one of there inforcers.

so at this point we should have an idea were we have to go find sahra.

bearson already knows that these people hurt her and we have no idea in how bad a condition she is or what these fucks have pland for her.

so no time for diplomacy and instead we will use shock and awe tacktics.

maximum violance against anyone that is armed in the gang hideoud untill we find sahra.

its time bearson gets his axe wet again.

3f7846 No.251107


We will find them and we will kill them. No quarter asked, none offered, none given.

70c358 No.251185

File: 527f4469b5b5067⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 645.38 KB, 1024x1589, 1024:1589, 1303801255689.jpg)

File: 9882bfdf2096472⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 22.06 KB, 212x329, 212:329, 1378358202535.jpg)


This. It begins.


9cf5c6 No.251218

File: ac70860d7e74e8d⋯.jpg (38.14 KB, 980x490, 2:1, 54d46015dd1f0_-_esq-taken-….jpg)


When we find where they are hiding we need to do some sneaking, take out as many thugs as we can without being seen, and form a plan based on the surroundings and stuff, any explosive barrels?


Does Bernsen have a particular set of skills

70c358 No.251222

282b68 No.251232


Huh, the char sheet got updated.

949f78 No.251286

On an unrelated note do we know if the writefag just retconned the name Bearson or is there some deeper meaning behind the name change?

e27aaf No.251297

The man stood back up and balled his right hand in a fist. But now was not the time for anger, that comes later.

He once again looked around but there was nothing else of note in the alleyway. He left it behind and stood where the smell was cut off. The poorly maintained road in front of the alleyway had numerous footsteps. It was such a complete mish mash that getting anything out of it was impossible.

But there was something else. Carriage tracks, lines that their wheels had left in their wake. There was too many of them for Bernsen to follow through as well. None of them had any particular distinct smells either.

The warrior glanced up at the sky. The clouds over the horizon were turning from milky grey of the past couple of days into an intimidating dark line approaching from the south. There would be a downpour coming up later for sure.

With the trail lost he would have to resort to other ways of searching.

The door of the inn creaked open and the barbarian slowly walked in. It was fortunate that he was able to discern the words on the signs now. When you were forced to ask if someone saw someone you would have the highest chances of success in areas with large concentration of people such as a bazaar.

And from what Bernsen understood, inns were a popular spot for people and possibly monsters to hang around in. But his guess ended up being a hit and a miss.

The inn he was in was almost empty. Its size was also rather small. The interior was poorly lit with a few oil lamps hanging near the ceiling. No natural light came from outside because the windows were closed shut.

There were only a handful of visitors and none of them were talking. They instead chose to sit quietly behind the few tables that were set to drink. One exception was existed however. Behind one of the tables sat a child who had a few colorful sticks spread out in front of her as well as a piece of paper. Her presence was like a single ray of hope illuminating the gloomy bar that felt almost out of place.

The child was very obviously a monster, judging by a single large horn poking out from her forehead and the almost crimson tone of her skin. She seemed to notice his presence and raised her head.

“Oh! Mom, dad! There is a customer!” She exclaimed in excited and bubbly tone of voice and turned her head sideways to the counter in the back.

The barbarian could not help but narrow his eyes as soon as she did so. The right side of the child’s face was almost nonexistent and bare an ugly, deep purple burn scar on it that went as far as her ear. Judging by the eyepatch she was wearing she was also missing an eye.

He finally took his gaze off the grizzly sight to look where the child had turned her head to. Behind a counter sat a large burly man with long ginger hair as red as fire. He wore a simple sleeveless shirt that was deep green in color.

When his and Bernsen’s eyes met, the man opened his mouth. “You are in the wrong part of town I am afraid. There is another bar by the docks for the merchants and mercenaries. This one might be too low standard for ye.”

“It’s fine. I don’t mind.” Bernsen answered and took a few steps forward. Before he could reach the bar counter however, his way was cut off by a massive red skinned woman. She was actually of equal height to him. If the man would take a guess it was the mother of the child who was drawing pictures behind one of the tables as she too had a large horn in growing out in the middle of her head.

She glared at him with narrowed eyes but was not saying anything.

“Let him through Shina. If the man wants a drink, who are we to stop him?” The innkeeper sighed and pointed at the massive monster with his hand.

The horned woman continued to glare at Bernsen suspiciously but let him walk past before taking some dirty mugs of the table next to him and putting them on a round tray she held under her arm.

Bernsen sat on one of the bar stools, noting that they were very sturdy in comparison to the ones in Barstone. He was afraid they would break underneath him back then.

“So, what’ll be your poison?” The ginger haired man asked.

“Got any Sally’s reserve?” Bernsen inquired.

The question made the innkeeper’s eyebrow rise. “Don’t get asked for that un’ often. You sure you can handle it?”

e27aaf No.251298

Bernsen nodded and the burly man began to stand up from his seat before the red skinned women hastily approached him.

“Oh, stop doing that. I can move five steps to the fockin’ booze cabinet without falling.” The innkeeper moved his hand dismissively and stood up with a grunt.

The barbarian could not help but lean forward and take a look of what the holdup was. It ended up being the man’s legs which dangled loosely from his torso like they were made of jelly. He used two large sticks to prop himself up before slowly making his way to a cabinet in the back and grabbing a bottle with orange liquid in it.

When he returned and sat down again, the innkeeper uncorked the bottle and poured it into a small glass before the Barbarian. Bernsen reached over to grab it and then emptied it in a single motion without so much as twitching.

“Huh, not bad.” The ginger haired man muttered.

While Bernsen considered how to begin his inquiry someone suddenly interrupted his line of thought.

“Hey mister, where is your sword?” A high pitched voice spoke out behind the barbarian.

He turned his head backwards to see the scarred child looking up at him curiously.

“Sword?” Bernsen asked, slightly confused.

“Yea your sword. That’s what the thing on your shoulder is for right? Did you lose it?” The girl asked again and cocked her head.

“Toriko, don’t bother the customers.” The innkeeper grunted.

“But he is a warrior just like you and mom!” The monster child protested before turning her head back to the Bernsen. “My parents are warriors too, see that? That’s dad’s sword on the wall.”

The man looked to where the disfigured girl was pointing and saw a heavy wooden plaque nailed to the wall, high up and near the ceiling. Resting on it was a massive knife with a very broad blade and a long handle.

“Huh, that looks interesting.” The barbarian muttered as he examined the tool’s craftsmanship but the girl kept bugging him with questions.

“Did you arrive from one of the ships? I sometimes see warriors board down but they don’t stay for long and always visit the boring bar.”

“No I am actually coming from Barstone.” The man turned his head down to look the girl in the face, once again finding it very distracting. Finally, he could not contain his curiosity and let slip a question that perhaps would be wiser to keep to himself.

“Say, what’s up with your face?” The barbarian pointed at the side of the girl’s head.

There was a loud crash as the tall red skinned woman suddenly dropped the tray she was holding before slowly turning her head around to look at Bernsen with murderous fury in her eyes.

The few people in the inn seemed to shrink at the display and one of them was face palming and muttering a curse under his breath.

The innkeeper’s brows seemed to furrow deeply and he stopped cleaning a glass in his hands before setting it down.

“I think you should pay for your drink and leave.” He uttered and slightly rose in his seat.

The massive red-skinned woman began to approach the barbarian in threatening fashion and the warrior almost started to reach for his axe when the child suddenly stomped over and stood in the way of her mother before planting her hands on her waist.

“Oh stop it you two! He is just curious.” She angrily raised her voice at her parents and the display seemed to make their anger waver. The tall woman’s expression softened into that of worry as she extended her hands towards her daughter.

“I told you already, it’s fine. It hasn’t hurt for days.” Shina answered and shook her head in annoyance before turning back to the confused barbarian.

“That’s my first battle scar mister!” She announced proudly and raised her eyepatch to show the empty eye socket underneath.

e27aaf No.251299

“Battle scar?” Bernsen fully turned his body to face the child.

“Yep! I got it from the evil witch of the red scorpions gang!” She exclaimed. “It’s so gross, right?”

“Toriko…” The innkeeper sank in his seat and looked down.

“Hmm.” Bernsen leaned over to take a closer look. “Yea, it’s pretty gross but mine is worse.” The barbarian finished examining the wound and shrugged.

“What!” This seemed to offend the girl. “No way! Your skin is all clean! I bet you are not even a real warrior. You don’t even have a sword.”

“Oh really?” The man challenged the child and suddenly plucked his hand prosthetic off with a plop.

The few onlookers gasped at the display.

“Whoa! Your hand is not real! Did you lose it in a fight?” The little girl uttered with her mouth wide open.

“Yep, it was a tough one. Want to look at it?” The man extended his metal hand to the girl whose eyes lit up with excitement and she nodded enthusiastically.

“Here you go, but be careful. I need it for punching things.” The barbarian chuckled and handed the child the reddish gauntlet.

While the girl held in her hands, examining it like a new toy the man turned back to the innkeeper.

“Sorry if I offended you, how much for my drink?”

“I- no, no it’s okay. You clearly didn’t mean anything by it.” The red-haired man sighed. “A refill?”

The barbarian nodded and emptied the second shot the same way as the first before beginning to speak.

“So, what’s this about the red scorpions gang?” Bernsen asked and gestured for the man to refill his glass again.

Before the man could reply his wife suddenly appeared next to him and set down a small bowl of nuts on the counter next to Bernsen with an embarrassed expression on her face before bowing and returning to her business as the waitress.

“New around here, huh? At least you are politer than the usual scum that passes through.” The innkeeper answered quietly and put the bottle of Sally’s on the counter.

“If you are just passing through from Barstone to Derrick you better not dawdle here for too long. Somalot is not a good place to be unless you work for the people running the show here.”

“Actually, I am looking for someone. My guide, a young girl.” Bernsen explained and took a sip form his glass.

This seemed to raise some flags on the innkeeper’s face before it took on a grim tone. ”This wouldn’t be the first time someone disappeared. People, especially young men seem to vanish frequently. Most often those from out of town. You look like you can handle yourself but you better be careful and if you want my honest opinion…”

The ginger haired man looked Bernsen in the eyes. “You better start looking for a new guide.”

This proclamation made Bernsen’s blood chill still in his veins but he shook his head. “I am afraid this is not an option.”

The two men looked at each other for a while before the innkeeper finally broke the eye contact and glanced around at the visitors.

“No one here is a friend of those pieces of shit Jork.” One drunkard answered in a raspy voice.

“Whatever is said in this room stays here.” The other visitors murmured in agreement.

The innkeeper nodded and leaned over the counter, gesturing Bernsen to do so as well.

e27aaf No.251300

“Alright, listen. If anyone asks I didn’t say nothing. I have a family to look after, if you are trying to trick me ‘ere I am going to fockin’ kill ya mate. Legs or no legs. Got it?” He hissed out quietly.

“Got it.” Bernsen whispered.

“There was a commotion last night. I didn’t see it but one of my neighbors said that four gang members got into a fight with some young woman. Your friend was probably kidnapped by the red scorpions. It’s the group of people who are in charge of Somalot. Used to be that a group of danuki ran things around here until around five years or so ago. Place was not nearly as bad as it is now back then.

In hindsight it’s pretty fockin hilarious. Never thought I would miss those filthy coons but at least they never hurt no one compared to these thugs. If it ain’t honest work you can bet, they got their dicks balls deep in it.

Smuggling, fencing, robbery. Nothing is above them. The only way to get any supplies in this shithole town is through their connections. The only kind of investments they make is shoving that vile fucking poison spice down everyone’s throats and hooking them up on that shit.” The innkeeper explained quietly.

“Spice?” Bernsen narrowed his eyes.

“Aye, some fucked up drug they are selling, maybe manufacturing even. Super addictive, just one dose is enough to fuck you up enough that you can’t live without that shit. Come sin multiple flavors too. One of the gang members once tried to hook me little girl on that poison. I showed that piece of shit what for and got my legs smashed as a result. Wife didn’t like that one bit and got her tongue cut out for her trouble.” The man sighed and poured another glass for himself that he immediately drank.

“And your daughter…?” Bernsen briefly looked behind himself to look at the red skinned child playing with his metal hand.

“You ain’t got no tact do ya? Well, whatever. That one’s was much later. Happened last month, we have to pay “protection” money to the red scorpions to do business here you see. It happened to be a slow month so I couldn’t afford to give them their cut.

Didn’t listen to me explanation. Batards were gonna rough me up to teach me a lesson. But I am a grown man I could take it. But blast it all, my little girl happened to be watching. Burst out before her mother could stop her, knocked one of their cat bitches the fuck out.

That really ruffled their boss so she asked her fucking pyromaniac witch bitch to leave a mark, so she would always remember who is in charge.” The man choked once and wiped some snot away with his hand.

“Didn’t make no peep my Toriko. A focking champion. Focking champion that lass. Just like her mother.” The man sobbed and hiccupped before pouring another glass to himself.

Bernsen reached his hand out and patted him on the shoulder in a reassuring manner.

“Sorry, sorry. The memory is still fresh, cuts deep. Anyways, about the drugs. Those assholes started handing them out to dock workers as a pick me up eventually.

It Worked fine at first. Whatever it is must be magical cause it allowed one lad do three people’s worth of work. Then, they started charging for it. The few people who refused, soon got struck with horrible pain and one guy was found dead. He completely bled out from every orifice in his body after he didn’t take any spice for three days.

Now men who work the docks are pretty much slaves. They can’t make any money in their position and they can’t leave since they charge ten times as much to those who don’t work for them for that poison. And without it they can’t live no more.” Jork spat on the floor angrily and shook his head.

e27aaf No.251301

“And then there are rumors of human trafficking. Nothing is concrete but I wouldn’t put it past them. Apparently, some regions in the monster country are still preferring the old ways so they pay big money for pure young men. Women sometimes get taken too, though for what reason I don’t know. That’s what happened to your friend most likely.”

“Where are they located?” Bernsen asked quietly.

“The whole docks area is owned by them. But if you are actually planning to go there then you weren’t paying attention to what I have been telling you in the last few minutes. Authority won’t help you. The only guards are mercenaries that guard ships and their cargo as they pass through.

Everyone in town is in their pocket. You won’t find any help. Everyone who tried to oppose them over the years either wound up dead or broken. They got a bunch of monsters on their side, some of which can give my Shina a real workout.” Jork shook his head again.

“No lad. Save yourself while you still can. You are young and healthy. Don’t throw your life away. Get out of here and never return. Forget this place even exists. You actually can leave it unlike most, so use that advantage.”

Bernsen left the inn and reattached his metal arm, which now had some colorful scribbles drawn on it in the shape of flowers, smiling faces and animals.

The rain was pouring down in annoying fashion and the warrior reached into his backpack to put his bear cloak and hood to shield himself from the rain slightly.

A soft rustling noise could be heard over the river as the raindrops crashed against its surface and made it bubble up. Even despite the rapidly worsening weather the work continued down there with people loading and unloading ships and transferring the cargo into the many guarded warehouses.

Somewhere in one of them was his friend.

>What do you do?

e27aaf No.251302


This guy already figured it out.


7295e3 No.251305

Fuck up everything

Challenge there boss idk we get witch tits back… even though she might of hurt the girl…maybe confirm its her before you leave also it looks like if were going to save her dumb ass well have to wean her off that spice stuff else the withdrawals going to literally kill her we might be able to buy her with the money we got but we might also have to work for the basturds till we have a better standing with the lord of barstone at which point we can request a large army group to come in and clear things out maybe get set up as the lord of the town

For now though

Conform witch ladies identity

Find her

Kill/bribe captures

Escape to barstone

Have mixe dinner become respected

Take over shit town as a lord

Make shit town less shit if possible

b5557f No.251307


i see 2 options

eather bearson aproatches some unsavory characters and tried to buy some spice from them and hopes they have the balls to kidnap him too.

if they try let them, they have no idea just how fucking badass bearson is and im sure he is capable of getting out of some bindings when the gang gets bearson to there hideout.

with luck they eaven store bearson ine one big cell with the others abductees.

there he should be able to get rid of his bindings and beat the shit out of a few guards unarmed and then use there weapons against the others.

at witch point rip and tear commences.

or he goes to the docks and looks to get hired by those red scorpions and gain entry that way.

that will take a little longer but with luck there boss wants to examine all new recrutes at wich point once more rip and tear commences

oh yea and while ripping and tearing lets see if bearson cant find a bad of the spice, sahra will need it.

the objective of this raid is sahra but if possible bearson might be able to free more captives.

so for maximum effectiveness.

break into the hq with as much violence and speed as possible.

move FAST make the enemy think they are being attackt by a whole group of enemys.

set a few strategic fires when bearson sees oil lamps but at all times


the moment bearson stops they might overwelm him.

this is a fight in a building so high numbers of enemys cant be used to effect but if bearson gives them time to regroup and gangup on him he will die.

so in short

be violent

be fast

lay fires

dont stop

find fire-loli

3f7846 No.251313

It's simple, we go down to the docks and start asking questions. When someone inevitably shows up to see what we're doing we hit them. Then when more show up see kill them except one who we will interrogate to find out where sahra is. Then we will go rescue sahra, and kill the rest

7295e3 No.251316

Also be sure to wash the marks off the robo arm dont want it tied back to these poor basturds as far as anyone needs to know bearson is just some crazy welldressed vagabond who came to town looking for the loli fire witch

Lets paint the town fire/blood red

Maybe advise some of the people it be a good idea to leave town for a few days while you take care of things and also take out insurance policies on their homes

949f78 No.251374

File: 2197ce27c09ae57⋯.jpg (43.24 KB, 560x440, 14:11, dune_havester.jpg)

If we are going to go full rampage mode later on we could as well look into were the Spice is harvested/manufactured.

Shut off the spice supply and you shut off their main source of power.

But first we need to find the loli quick.



>be sure to wash the marks off the robo arm dont want it tied back to these poor basturds

949f78 No.251377


Am faggot. Forgot to sage sorry.

b5557f No.251395


remember that this stuff is more lethal then krokodil?

when people can die from going cold turky then we cant just destroy the production facility, that would kill every junky around.

including our fire loli.

nah we have to do this differently.

first and most importantly is to get sahra to safety somehow.

after that bearson could spend some time to slowly break this gangs hold on the town untill he can take over.

eather personaly or with help of a rival gang with better morals, maybe even the dunoki.

bearson is pretty imba but i doupt he can solo a gang that is big enough to controll a whole town.

the normal gangmembers are already hard enough but it was stated that they have both monsters and mages in there mids so this needs to be done intelligently, if we want a chance at this.

but for now the raid is what matters most we can discus all further actions when sahra is safe.

949f78 No.251453


>when people can die from going cold turky then we cant just destroy the production facility, that would kill every junky around.

Well i was figuring we can save a little stash for the fire loli and then try to get her down slowly and maybe with the help of a healer or something. But yeah I didn't really think about all the other addicts…

So that might be a small flaw in my plan.

But if we should stay in the town after we fucked up the gangs i still think getting rid of the spice should be a long term goal for us or whoever takes over.

Even if that doesn't involve cool big explosions anymore.

a62a66 No.251457



Ok, now it's ok to…


the hearts of monsters and human magic users. Conquer this town in the name of Bernsen!


Got to be careful of the spice stuff, when eating…

949f78 No.251471


Since Bernsen is basically immune against poison i think hope it won't affect him nearly enough to do any damage.

Plus I'm guessing the most powerful/edible enemies will be the gang leaders who hopefully don't snort their own product too much.

94f54b No.251609








>Fuck up everything

>rip and tear, be violent

>kill them

>paint the town red

>go into full rampage mode

>fuck up the gangs


What are you maniacs thinking! We need to do this diplomatically

Just kidding




And then haul ass when reinforcements come, which we'll have to be vigilant about until the gang is destroyed

840ce6 No.251689

>“I told you already, it’s fine. It hasn’t hurt for days.” Shina answered and shook her head in annoyance before turning back to the confused barbarian.

It's a bloody miracle! Of fucking idiocy and poor editing. That should be Toriko.

ccf4fa No.251699


Well, sounds like Sahra might have worked for the Red Scorpions until she noped the fuck out with a bunch of product. Given this was a bit ago from what the kid said about her scar, I'd guess she decided that she was through with the whole thing about the same time that they had her burning children. Since she used all the spice in the fight with the wurms, she needed to get get some more ASAP or die, so it was back to town here where her former gang grabbed her since she didn't have time to play it safe. I wonder if she was originally with them willingly, or if they had leverage on her. Should be interesting if I'm right about this.

7295e3 No.251710

Oh man this is kind of out there but on the off chance we meet the boss face to face it be fucking one hell of a show of force if before they had a chance to act we ripped his/her head off like a bowling ball im talking two fingers jammed straight into the eyes and a thumb in the mouth and then just using ALL his strange and barbarian rage just pulled that fuckers head and spine right out of his/her body

Maybe do it while he/she is giving one of those "look how bad i am" monologues we are a barbarian WE KILLED A GOD if this was dnd our mc would be at least level 15 and as high as level 22 these fucking gang members cant be more then level 7 at the highest

Still it be nice to be questing with a group.. . Oh well after we take care of this we can start looking to expand the party beyond two people we dont want to be murder hobbies after all… wait didnt Bernsen want a simple life maybe after we get a few 100 gold we can convince the lord of barstone to give us some land and we can start a meat farm that be a nice life maybe have fire loli join us… to bad we cant have kids…but i digress

7295e3 No.251711


God damn phone SAGE WHEN I TELL YOU TO

282b68 No.251714



The Mantango wasn't a god, it just tricked others into thinking it was one.

7295e3 No.251719


Idk man it was really close to becoming a god it was still hella powerful so id say its as close to a god as someone can get

e27aaf No.251738

“Hey there big guy.” An odd-looking monster approached Bernsen with an alluring walk. She almost looked like a wuu man if not for a few features that made her stand out. Specifically the horns, the tail and the leathery wings swaying behind her with every step she took.

She had almost no clothing, save for a tiny loincloth and a thin breastband, made out of partially see-through silk and slim silver chains.

She had a very distinct and distracting hourglass figure and her sheer presence seemed to emanate a strong aura of femininity and sex.

“Are you one of the guards from that ship? Was the voyage long? You look tired! Why don’t we go visit the bar and get some drinks and then maybe you could dock your ship in my port and drop off all that heavy cargo you built up.” The monster made a lecherous smile and tried to reach for his crotch but the man’s hand shot out and grabbed the succubus by the arm tightly enough to make her feel pain. But that made her blush instead.

“Oh dear, you like to play rough, huh? That’s fine, I deserve it. I’ve been a very bad girl.” The monster looked up dreamily in the warrior’s eyes.

While the obvious courtship was not anything new to him, Bernsen noted that something felt off about the look in her eyes. She seemed to be not entirely grounded in reality. The rain did not seem to bother her in the slightest, despite her lack of clothes and her gaze appeared to be covered by a veil of drunk goofiness. Bernsen could not smell any alcohol on her though.

“I’ll pass.” He said roughly and shoved her hand away before continuing to walk among the docks.

“Tch, how boooring!” She whined before catwalking away.

To the man’s fortune no one batted an eye to his presence here beside an occasional curious look brought from his above average height. He took his time to thoroughly examine his surroundings and found out some valuable information.

The docks seemed to be relatively open, with various men similarly dressed as him wandering around with bored looking expressions. Some of them were blowing smoke out of their mouths while holding some small burning sticks while others were approached by monsters like the one he had just rejected. They then would hastily retreat to a large building near the shore from which music and sounds of merriment could be heard mixed with ecstatic moans.

However, these people were only allowed free passage around the ships and the docks. The way to the warehouses was barred by groups of men and monsters. The only people who could get past them were no doubt the locals.

This was obvious by the hollow lifeless looks in their eyes. A lot of them were quite dirty and smelled no better than the tramp Bernsen saw near the town entrance earlier. Even though their bodies were thin and looked malnourished, they seemed to be able to move a great deal of weight around that they transported in and out of the warehouses.

“Hey brother, whatcha standing around here in the rain for?” Someone called the barbarian over and the man turned his head to see a very tanned man with a very thin black beard under his chin. Come to think of it every single man who was grouped with the monsters here seemed to share this particular trait.

“Enjoying the weather.” Bernsen replied drily.

This made the tanned man let out a chuckle. “You are a funny guy. I saw you reject one of our girls earlier. Something not to your liking? Maybe got some specific request? We have a few more in the back if you know what I am sayin’?”

“Not interested, thanks.” The man shook his head.

“You seem to be in a sour mood brother. You know, I may have just the thing to make that frown turn upside down know what I am sayin’? Haven’t seen you around here before, so you must be new. Did your colleagues already tell you about spice?” The ganger inquired with a mysterious smile.

“I heard that it fucks you up.” The barbarian glanced at the line of dock workers. The dealer seemed to follow his gaze before suddenly shaking his head.

“Wha? Oh no, no man! You got it all wrong! That shit’s for those dumb motherfuckers and export. Our friends get the real deal. Premium filtered stuff. None of that half assed shit.

Tell you what brother, why don’t you take one and try out. Free of charge. One time’s not gonna do anything to ya, right? I got all the colors of the rainbow riiiight here.” The tanned man suddenly pulled his jacket sideways to reveal a bunch of pouches on its insides.

e27aaf No.251739

“We got yellow spice. Really bulks you up, makes you as strong as a minotaur. Orange if you want to blow some steam, get into a fight. Green stuff really makes you relax, turns your body super numb so you don’t feel no pain and shit. Red stuff can give you an oomph to magic but you don’t look the type, no offense. Blue stuff makes you smart as shit, really helps you concentrate on work. Purple is very popular with the ladies, helps you smell and talk just right to please someone. And lastly, cyan makes you feel a rush and fills you with a shitload of energy.” The dealer pointed to the various colored packets of powder in his coat pockets.

“That could be useful.” Bernsen noted and looked around. No one was paying attention to them right now and the wall of rain was partially concealing them from prying eyes.

“Now you are getting it brother. Now what will it be? How about some green stuff? You look like you could loosen up.” The tanned man inquired before suddenly a hand grabbed his face. He tried to scream out but his mouth was covered up and the rain was muffling the sounds in the area.

The barbarian dove behind one of the large crates set on the docks, that were yet to be transported and smashed the man’s face against the stone ground before binding his hands behind him and leaning down to his ear.

“You know, you are right ”brother”. I am in a pretty bad mood today. One of my friends is missing you see. She came to this town yesterday and vanished. A sorceress that goes by the name Sahra. Short, auburn hair, wears a red dress. Heard anything about her?” Bernsen asked with a dangerous tone in his voice.

This question seemed to make the man in his grasp tense up and his eyes to slightly widen.

“Ah, I see you do. Good. Today is your lucky day. Now here is what is going to happen.” Bernsen suddenly let go of the man’s hands and pulled him in close to his chest while still holding a hand to his mouth. His other hand quickly grabbed the handle of his axe and within a moment it’s blade was held over the dealer’s throat.

“You are going to tell me where she is being held. If you try to scream or alert your friends in any way I am going to cut you. But if you play along, I’ll let you go. Sounds good?” Bernsen looked down at the man he was holding expectantly.

He made a quiet moan of acknowledgement. Bernsen slowly pulled his hand away but as soon as he did the tanned man screamed.

“Fams! We got a rat!”

“You son of a…!” Bernsen slid his axe over the man’s throat, making a burst of blood gush out his neck and then shoved the dealer away.

The man let out a gurgling noise before twitching weakly a few times and then finally dying. The call immediately began to cause a commotion but thanks to the weather muffling the sound, no one could pinpoint the exact source. People rushed around the docks, both the mercenaries from the ships and the red scorpion gang members, searching for their friend.

Bernsen hastily flipped the body over and snatched a packet of the red spice from his pockets that he quickly stuffed in his own.

>Bernsen obtained [Red Spice]

Stealth was no longer an option. It was for the best perhaps, the warrior always preferred to settle things in straightforward fashion anyway. Judging by the dealer’s reaction and their relaxed disposition, no one was expecting him so they don’t know what his goal is either.

“Hey! Who are you? You are not from our sh-“ One of the mercenaries began while reaching for the sword on his belt but the barbarian was faster. He smashed the handle of his axe into the man’s temple and knocked him off the docks and into the water below.

His location was finally revealed to everyone in the area. Another tanned man, near the entrance to the fenced off warehouse area, shouted something to the locals carrying the cargo and they quickly dropped it before running away.

Another gang member whistled loudly and a group of men and monsters came running out of the entrance. Almost all of them were of species that Bernsen wasn’t familiar with. Some looked vaguely like lynx’es he encountered a few times while others looked completely new, with body shapes that resembled bugs. A few of them looked wounded, judging by the sheer amount of bandages their bodies were wrapped with.

But he was not here to pick a fight just yet and taking this many enemies on at once was poor planning. Especially since he did not know which abilities they possessed yet.

Instead he tapped into his anger, causing his skin to turn almost the same shade as the innkeeper’s wife, Shina’s. As the mob rushed at him in an attempt to surround him, he instead knelt down and with roar leapt high into the air.

The tall stone fence that surrounded the warehouses was cleared with a single jump and the man landed on the other side with a heavy thud. The bones in his feet cried out in protest as he could feel some of them crack upon impact but he had to work fast.

e27aaf No.251740

He saw the closest long roofed building and tackled the front doors with his shoulder. With a loud smash, they were torn off the hinges and collapsed into the building.

Bernsen quickly ran inside, looking around and trying to sniff his friend out, but the only thing that lined up the walls were piles upon piles of various crates. The man cursed and ran back out, only to see some of the monsters, the ones that resembled a lynx specifically, climbing over the walls and running at him on all fours.

One of them jumped at him and the man swung his axe sideways to cut her in midair but the monster displayed an overwhelming amount of agility and moved her body midjump to dodge the swing and instead latch to his arm with her claws, before furiously tearing his flesh and biting into it with mad glee.

The pain stung something fierce as the man felt his skin getting rapidly flayed. He quickly grabbed the catlike monster’s head with his metal arm and with one powerful motion, tore her off his body and smashed her head into the ground.

There was a sickening crack and the lean girl stopped moving. The man pulled his adamantium hand away and saw that her face, even in death, displayed a savage smile as a small trickle of blood tinted cyan ran down form her nose.

Her friends were not wasting any time but did not dare to approach. Instead they grabbed the knifes attached to their belts and started throwing them at the barbarian.

He deflected one with his axe, dodged another and grabbed a third one in midair before throwing it back. Unfortunately, it missed as the monster jumped sideways to avoid it.

The crowd from the docks was now close to the gates, judging by the sound so the man ran to the next warehouse, knocking its doors down in the same fashion. Instead of crates this one held a bunch of beds and even individual rooms separated by thin layers of drywall.

Bernsen felt a murderous presence behind him and quickly sidestepped to avoid a knife thrust in his back. He counter swung his weapon but the feline somersaulted backwards to avoid it before landing on all fours with her tail raised up straightforward, like a pole.

There was a whistling sound and the man ducked to avoid an arrow flying at him that bounced off the stone wall of the warehouse.

Some of the tanned men were sporting bows that they began to use to launch arrows at the man. They were rather short in design but the marksmen made up for it with their precision.

There were two more warehouses left. The man kicked a bunch of mud at the dagger totting feline which made her jump away before charging at the second to last building.

He considered himself to be a remarkably fast runner but the feline monsters quickly caught up to him and started to run along his sides, throwing out knifes and making an occasional swipe or pounce on him.

An arrow launched from behind suddenly dug into his leg, making him stagger but he kept running and smashed into the third warehouse’s doors. He rolled inside, carried by the motion of his impact and looked around. This one was oddly sparse, with only a few sacks and odd looking large objects scattered around.

But the smell! It was old and halfway faded but it was definitely his pyromancer friend. But she was nowhere to be seen inside, despite the smell emanating from the floor.

The man glanced down and noticed a part of the ground looking disturbed, as well as bearing a squareish shape. He grabbed the edge of it and with a single pull pried it open, revealing a passageway leading down.

He slammed the lid behind himself, breaking the wrist of the felines chasing him in the process. She let out a loud angry meowl as her hand twitched weakly.

Bernsen descended down the footsteps in complete darkness, quickly prying the arrow from his leg and tossing it away. He felt a sensation of pins and needles poking around the wound and some sweat building up on his leg but he would be fine.

He finally banged his head in the darkness against something vaguely resembling a door and shoved against it once before finally kicking it open and staggering inside.

The room was rather well lit and spacious, almost as large as the half-empty warehouse above it. A bunch of lamps burned on the walls and ceilings, illuminating the interior.

A few tables could be seen with a bunch of curious items and tools scattered around it. A strange mix of smells was filling the air inside, some of which was blood.

e27aaf No.251741

A single bandaged woman stood in the room with her back turned to the man. She slowly turned her head to him. Her single eye was glowing with some unnatural purple light and the patches of skin he could see under the bandages bare a tan similar to the men guarding the warehouses outside.

And yet it did not feel quite healthy. If Bernsen didn’t know better, it looked almost like a corpse was standing and looking at him, but such a thing was clearly ridiculous.

She held an odd shaped knife in her right hand and a small bowl with glowing yellow dust in another. The walls behind her seemed to be lined up with a bunch of large, colorful butterflies that were pinned, with their wings spread out, to small wooden plaques with iron needles.

The man heard a choking sob then but it did not come from the bandaged woman but rather the table she stood in front of where one of the butterflies was.

Bernsen’s eyes suddenly widened in horror. He recently thought that nothing could ever make his stomach turn after what he had been through in his life, but clearly, he had things yet to see.

The butterfly that laid crucified and nailed to the wooden plaque sobbed again as it was not a butterfly but rather a tiny woman the size of the warrior’s thumb.

“What…the…fuck…?” The man could not help but whisper as he realized that the entire wall, lined up with the colorful butterflies was in fact lined up with the tiny winged monsters.

The bandaged woman stared at him as she mechanically scraped the odd shaped knife against the butterfly woman’s wing. This made the tiny woman let out another pained whimper before the bandaged woman pulled the tool back and gently patted it against the cup in her other hand. To knock off the powdery substance that built up on it into the cup apparently.

Before the stunned man could answer, the door he came through suddenly was knocked open and a bunch of people and monsters poured in, quickly surrounding Bernsen and blocking out his only way of escape.

He had no clue what was going on here but his priority was Sahra so he readied his axe and prepared to fight his way back to the surface. The count of enemies was great but he could take them. He had faced far worse odds before in his life.

“I would not do that if I were you.” A chilly, deep, feminine voice calmly spoke out as one final figure descended the stairs leading to this underground area.

What the man first mistook for a spider ended up being something far different. She too possessed a set of eight chitinous legs and a pair of small spiked pincers on the bottom of her body. But the exoskeleton was of an intimidating crimson color that was so perfect and seamless that it subtly reflected the light of the oil lamps in the room.

Her lower body was also elongated in comparison to a spider’s and at its end had a massive tail that ended with a thick, barblike protrusion at its end. Right now it was being held over the monster’s shoulder and pointing at…

“Sahra…!” The man uttered as he saw his companion held in the monster’s arms. The barb of the monster’s tail was tightly pressed against the girl’s throat.

“B-bern, what are you doing h-“

“Silence. You will not speak until told to.” The woman pressed the spike closer to the girl’s neck.

“Now then, I assume this is what you are here for?” The monster gestured at the girl whose hair she was holding with one hand.

The man tensed up and leaned forward a little bit.

“Oh no. This is not how it’s going to play out. Listen to me very closely and pay attention because I will not repeat myself. Drop your weapons, lay down on the floor and put your arms behind your neck. Or else the girl dies.” The scorpion woman explained.

The man narrowed his eyes to examine his enemy closer. The upper half bore a distinct brown skin that had a few scars and a set of elaborate tribal tattoos running up her side. Even though she wore almost as little clothing as the horned monster that tried to seduce her outside, a veil was covering up her face and mouth.

But her eyes. Her red eyes made the man worry. They were that of a trained killer. Cruel eyes that spoke of the bearers love for violence and causing pain to others for pleasure. None of them had irises and were arranged in a different pattern than that of a spider’s. The secondary ones were at the sides of the woman’s face, seemingly growing out of her cheekbones.

e27aaf No.251742

Sahra took a shaky breath in the monster’s hands. She was not in a good shape. The man noticed that her lip was split and bore a dried bloodstain, one of her eyes had a bruise and was so swollen that the girl could not open it. Her dress was torn up so much that she was no longer looking appropriate and Bernsen could see the signs of a savage beating on her exposed body.

“Try to move and she dies. Try to reach for that bow on your back and she dies. I have no interest in what you have to say so if you open your mouth she dies as well.” The scorpion monster continued with an even voice. She was feeling completely in control of the situation and for a good reason.

“I will count to three. One.”

The man’s mind raced for what to do, thinking of how to use his surroundings and break out of the dilemma. The monster meant every word she said, he of all people could tell.


Bernsen began to sweat from the pressure as he looked in the sorceress’s terrified eyes.


The axe landed down on the floor with a clank, followed by the bow on the man’s back.

“The prosthetic too.” The scorpion demanded.

The metal hand landed next to the other two weapons.

“Much better. Tie him up.” The scorpion woman narrowed her eyes as if she was smiling.

Suddenly a bunch of bandages shot out from the bandaged monsters and the man was forced down the ground with all of his limbs tightly bound. Whatever this material was, it was not simple cotton like the man assumed. It held him down so tightly that even with his amplified strength it would take a while to tear them apart.

“Now then, how about we move somewhere more comfortable.” The scorpion woman remarked sassily.

The warrior’s body was forcibly dragged upstairs and outside. No attempts to lift him were made and his head banged against every single step of the stairs. His face was dragged through the ground and wet mud outside. His backpack was ripped off and carried away somewhere by one of the insect shaped monsters.

Looks like his target was the last warehouse as that was where the mob led by the scorpion woman dragged him. He was unceremoniously thrown inside.

“Grab the chains and cuff him up. This man broke through three sets of doors. I am not taking any chances.” The gang boss commanded.

The man saw that the last warehouse was filled with cages of various sizes. Most of them were empty but a few held groups of men as well as several women in them.

Once the chains were set, his remaining chances of overpowering his binds were gone. The man was lying face down in the dirt, simmering in his anger.

“You killed two of my gang members and wounded another. Normally I would just kill you outright but these are some very unusual circumstances. It’s not every day someone breaks into my property with such violent and bold fashion, while desperately searching for something.” The gang leader forcibly pushed Sahra out of her hands who landed down on the ground with a yelp before her.

“Tell me, what is your name?” The monster cocked one of her eyebrows but the man laid silently on the ground.

“Ah, how rude of me. My apologies, of course the hostess must introduce herself first. My name is Aleaqarab al'ahmar. But that’s a mouthful so please refer to me by just Alea. As you might have already figured out, I run this quaint little town of Somalot.” The monster explained and crossed her arms on her chest.

“You don’t look like you belong.” Bernsen spoke out firmly.

“Ah! Quite observant aren’t you!” The red bodied woman made a few mock claps. “You are right, I used to lead a group of raiders in the Ectrian desert. I was known as the crimson menace back then. Have you heard of me perhaps? I suppose not. But that life had its downsides. Running away from the queen’s guards was tiresome. It is quite fortunate that I was able to leave that nasty business behind and become a law abiding, hardworking member of the community in this wonderful country.” The scorpion let out a playful chuckle while the gang members around her burst out into a laughter.

e27aaf No.251743

“Anyways, you don’t seem to want to introduce yourself but that’s fine. I already know who you are Bernsen. Gag him.” The scorpion snapped her fingers and one of the cat women stuffed some dirty rag in Bernsen’s mouth.

“This little bitch here told some very interesting things to me about you.” Alea skittered forward to the barbarian to lift his chin up.

“P-please. Let him go, he isn’t with me, he just-“ Sahra suddenly choked and tried to get up, only for Alea to smash her hand into the back of her head and ram it into the ground.

“I told you to shut up. We’ll get to you in a moment.” The scorpion woman glared angrily.

“So, was this all really for her? You barely know her, that can’t be all, can it? Are you really that dense to fall for that cute magician girl getup? You do know who she is, right?” Alea asked mockingly before grabbing Sahra’s hair and forcibly straightening her up to show her bloodied face to the barbarian.

“That my hairy friend is Sahra, the useless stupid hedge mage bitch that is so pathetic that she can’t even draw power from a mana crystal by herself.” The scorpion announced and pulled the girl’s hair up tighter, making her cry out.

The barbarian tried as hard as he could to pull on the chains but even as his skin turned so hot that steam began to raise from it and his muscles bulged out, he could not break out.

“Hoho, now that’s a nice reaction. You really were here for her. But you see that’s not all. Just as a dedicated farmer can grow a garden in a desert so have I managed to whip her into something useful. Oh yes, that’s right.

You see Bernie, this girl who you went so far to rescue works for me. Or at least she did. Even though her pyromancy was so pathetic that she could barely light up a candle, with some proper… hmmm supplements even she turned out to be a useful asset.” Alea smirked before letting the girl fall back down. She then moved around the bound man while showing a small glass vial of red dust.

“You know how it is, sometimes your subjects can be uppity and not appreciate the work you put into caring for them so they need to be reminded of who is in charge. What’s a better way to show you mean business than setting their house on fire in spectacular fashion? Or leaving a nice distinct mark on their hand so they would always have a reminder.” The monster stopped and leaned forward to play with the man’s hair.

“But it seems I misjudged her. Despite the years we spent together, last month her loyalty unexpectedly broke. She stole a bunch of money and drugs and then escaped to the only place nearby that I didn’t have a foothold in. The lord of Barstone seems to have a bone to pick with me and my wares since his wife died from overdosing on some drug.

Anyway, seems like she didn’t steal enough as she showed up yesterday, trying to buy some under the guise of someone else. The pressure of the withdrawal must have made her very desperate.” The scorpion pulled her hand back and walked back to the crumpled form of the sorceress that was now sobbing on the floor.

“So, there you have it. I just wanted to tell you how big of a waste of effort and time you just made to rescue her and how big of an idiot you are for doing it.” Alea leaned down to look the barbarian in the face with a smile but her expression quickly turned to disappointment.

Instead of the absolute despair and betrayal she was longing to see, only a pair of rage filled eyes stared back at her.

“Have you even been listening? Geez, what’s with that look? You are like a bound lion just waiting to go for my throat.” She leaned back and snickered.

“Well no matter, I am done with you. Now then for you Sahra, my dear.” The scorpion finally turned her gaze away from the barbarian and gently ran her hand over the girl’s head.

“You poor thing, you must be in so much pain.” She tried to gently pat the girl on the head but she just shuddered in fear underneath her grasp.

“Now, I was gonna just let you rot in your cell until you die, but you know, seeing this man so boldly come running to your rescue. It’s so romantic. It’s practically melting my heart as we speak. I had no clue you were so cunning and alluring when you wanted to be. Hells, by your usual disposition I thought you were frigid! You really had him wrapped around your tiny little finger.

And I’ll be honest. It’s hard to find reliable magic users who don’t ask questions and do what they are told. I am really missing your services. And I miss you my dear Sahra. You know how each member of my gang is like family to me.” The scorpion gently extended her arms and wrapped them around the short girl to wrap her in a hug.

“So, I think I am going to give you another chance.” The scorpion winked and gently pulled the shaking girl away.

e27aaf No.251744

“Look at you. You are shaking so much. The withdrawal has already begun to set into the terminal stage. The secondary component of the drug is beginning to expand and harden inside your body, tearing apart all your blood vessels and causing immense pain throughout.

If you don’t get a refill soon and reverse that process you are going to die a horrible and painful death from internal bleeding. No, no that will not do!” The monster clicked her tongue and suddenly held a small glass vial with red dust in it, in front of the girl’s face.

Sahra’s eyes immediately widened and she gasped, desperately trying to reach it but the boss yanked her hand away.

“Ah, ah, ah! I know you want it but a reward must be deserved.” With a swift motion the scorpion suddenly placed a wicked looking dagger into the girl’s extended hands.

“Your loyalty has already wavered once so if I am to take you back in I need to know that this won’t happen again.” Alea narrowed her eyes in a smile.

“I will forgive you. Let you return to your place by my side. You will have as much spice as you want again. But for that…” The monster extended her hand towards the bound barbarian.

“You must end this man’s life.”

Sahra’s face froze in terror at the words.

“I mean, this is practically child’s play, you know him for what? Under a week at best? He is still a complete stranger to you. And I know well that you always valued your own skin above all else.” Alea shrugged.

“Your happy prosperous future is one discreet knife thrust away Sahra.” Alea leaned down on the trembling girl’s shoulders.

The barbarian could see the furious storm of emotions raging on the sorceress’s face.

“Now. Do it. DO IT!” Alea tightly gripped the girl’s shoulders as her eyes lit up in maniacal glee.

And Sahra did. She thrust the knife in her hands into the scorpion’s side. At least tried to. As if anticipating this, the scorpion displayed lightning fast reflexes and caught her by the wrist before the blade could reach her.

Sahra cried out in pain as her hand was forcibly twisted and the dagger dropped on the ground with a clink. Next, Alea grabbed the girl by the hair before beginning to smash her face into the ground.


She yelled as she smashed the sorceress’s face down with every word. Her eyes were now glowing with outright madness and the veil on her face moved rapidly with her furious breathing.

Bernsen desperately tried to move again, letting out a muffled roar once more. But he was trapped.

“Fine, I don’t need a useless piece of trash like you. You are clearly broken if you can’t even follow simple commands.” The scorpion snapped her fingers loudly.

“Break her legs.” She announced.

The crowd of gang members let out a few malicious chuckles as they began to circle the scared girl who choked out some blood while lying on the floor.

“Rrrrugh!” The barbarian moaned as he helplessly laid there and watched the men raise a few iron bars in their hands above their heads.

“Wait.” Suddenly the scorpion said and the men froze midswing without a question.

“I think I know what to do here.” Suddenly the monster’s smile grew so wide that the edge of her lips became visible around the veil.

“Break his legs.”

e27aaf No.251745

For some reason this made the sorceress’s head shoot up. “W-what!? No! Why!?”

The gang members followed the order without missing a beat and instead surrounded the chained barbarian.

The first blow crashed against his knee and he could feel it crack. A horrible spike of pain shot through his body that made him want to scream but he would not let this psychopath have the satisfaction. Only a subtle barely audible grunt came from the man from the first blow and the ones that came after that did not even bring out that much.

“No! Please stop! He didn’t know! He is innocent, please! Noooo!” The sorceress suddenly seemed to briefly get filled with a wave of newfound vigor and reached her hand out, trying to stand up, only to fall over again.

“Mmm, mmm. Yes, what a marvelous sound! This is what I wanted! Break all of his bones!” Alea’s eyes seemed to briefly roll into the back of her head and she began to fondle her body.

No matter how much the woman in red rags cried and begged, the beatdown continued until the barbarian looked more like a pile of meat than man.

“Now then let me take a look into your ey-“ The gang boss began and leaned down, only to stop and her face to turn into a confused frown that had a barely noticeable shred of fear.

The man’s expression did not change. Even as his body was systematically broken over the course of a few minutes. Not only was he alive but he was looking at her with the same animalistic rage in his eyes.

“Tch, what’s wrong with you?” The scorpion spat on his face and straightened out. “I am bored now.”

“Should we throw them into a cell, boss?” One man with a bloodied iron pipe in his hand inquired.

“No, just pack them up into one of the carriages and throw them into the cesspool where the slaves live. The bitch won’t live through the night without another hit and her friend won’t last much longer either. No need to soil these cages with their stink. They are for valuable specimens only.” The scorpion said dismissively.

Once again, the man’s body was dragged around the ground and thrown into the back of some drawn horse carriage. He could hear weeping and sobs all throughout as Sahra cried her eyes out next to him.

After a few minutes of movement, the doors opened up and he was thrown out, face down into the mud. The rain had become so intense that it was hard to discern nearby buildings through the downpour but he was in the residential area of Somalot. The sun must have been setting down as well, since it was starting to get dark.

The sorceress was thrown down next to him and he noticed a trickle of blood shoot out of her mouth as her body slid over the mud.

“Have fun you two!” One tanned man yelled while climbing into the driver’s seat.

“Hey Sahra! Here is the key to your boyfriend’s chains! Wouldn’t want him to be unable to move now, would you!?” A feline woman laughed in mocking fashion and threw out a single gleaming object on the ground before climbing into the carriage.

With a snap of the reins the carriage and the pair of horses drawing it quickly vanished into the cloud of rain and the two of them were left alone in complete silence for a brief moment until the sorceress began to cry again.

She desperately tried to stand up a few times, only to fall back into the puddle she was in until she gave up and instead started to crawl to the shiny object that the monster dropped. It took painfully long as her body was refusing to obey her and every movement felt agonizing but she finally grabbed it with a shaking hand before starting to crawl over to Bernsen.

“Why..?” She choked. “Why did you come here?” The girl sobbed again as she slowly moved toward him.

“I am sorry. I am so sorry.” She whispered as she tried to get the key into the lock that held the chains together. It kept slipping out of her hands and falling into the mud time and time again. “This is all my fault.”

Finally, with a click the chains came undone and fell around the man.

“I am sorry.” She kept repeating while hiccuping and wiping tears out of her face with mud covered hands.

“I am so sorry.”

>Lost your inventory

>Lost your weapons

>Your legs are OK

>You are hungry

>What do you do?

949f78 No.251753


Do we still have that red spice on us or was it in the backpack? Sahra needs either a very competent healer or a fix very soon.

I don't think Bernsen is in a condition to fight so we should probably lay low for now. Maybe try to hide in the oni inn if they let us?

Once we get Sahra some spice and are healed up we could either try to get in there again (this time maybe with a plan) or try to escape to Barstone and come back with an army.

Oh and definitely rip the Girtablilu's heart out once we get the chance and take a nibble.

7295e3 No.251756

Well this didn't go well… ehh were alive hopefully wd managed to keep some of the red spice which turns out is butterfly/moth girl scales we can now make a plan on cutting the supply off we need to take care of witch loli give her a head pat to calm her down w've been in worse scapes before determine the area if possible we need to get back to barstone and meet with the lord and make a plan… perhaps try and get other lords help using the threat of loss of power by having it leached away by the cunt but im thinking to far ahead for now evaluate the situations take care of "friend" and determine if escape to barstone is possible we may not have our stuff but there is one thing we do have faith in Bernsen!


840ce6 No.251758

File: ded2128464836d4⋯.png (307.03 KB, 964x920, 241:230, ded2128464836d4b9d68bf90e0….png)


>After a few minutes of movement, the doors opened up and he was thrown out, face down into the mud. The rain had become so intense that it was hard to discern nearby buildings through the downpour but he was in the residential area of Somalot. The sun must have been setting down as well, since it was starting to get dark.

>Residential area

I know you are doing pic related now but please pay attention. Being this angry can't be healthy, it's just a book bro, lol.

b5557f No.251760


yea after reading it again i got it, thats why i deleted the autism post as soon as i figured it out.

sorry man

94f54b No.251761

File: e30ea0263d0a158⋯.png (55.9 KB, 230x219, 230:219, untitled.png)


I think we should definitely devour the flesh of our enemies from now on, preferably while they are still alive. No seriously, we are going to solve the hunger problem by eating one of the guards, that's my input,. Of course we should kill him first so he doesn't scream..

Also next time we interrogate someone choke them just enough so they can't shout


b5557f No.251762

File: 99acf1a162517b1⋯.png (355.85 KB, 610x966, 305:483, religion, deus vult intens….png)


ok first things first.

tranquill fury right fucking now, we need the 10x health regen.

as soon as bearson has enough strengh to stand grab sahra und move out of the rain.

try calming her and ask her if she knows where a street doctor is.

if there is one then bring her there, if there isent then find a dry spot and leave her while bearson finds some red spice somewhere.

the most important thing is that sahra wont die here, after we have managed that.

hmm damn i guess bearson grabs her and flees to barstone?

she need imidiat medical attention and bearson theoreticly has a connection with the local aristocracy there.

it was said that the lord has a hate for the scorpions gang because his wife od so he might give sahra acess to his doctors.

and if he doesent that i can only hope that bearson can somehow persuade him.

jesus this cituation is just shit.

to damn many uncertentys for my likeing

but no mather what happens i still call for deus vult these suphumans need to die.

be it together with the lords army, be it with the knights or be it fucking alone.

the sandnigger manace will be removed from our shores and that scorpion cunt will watch as bearson rips her beating heart out of her chest and fucking eats it while she watches!

shit brings out the polak in me

3f7846 No.251771

File: 6c2fd0b088c56a5⋯.jpg (19.9 KB, 229x343, 229:343, IMG_4452.JPG)









949f78 No.251773


>You are hungry

Clearly the writefag wants us to consume.

Bernsens raw strength might have been enough to dominate the forest but now with stronger monsters steel weaponry and tools we might reach a glass sealing if we don't start making use of our powers.

Also i just remembered we didn't wash of the childs drawings from our metal hand which is now in the hands of the Spooder. If they are still on it the oni family might be fucked if we don't do something.

a62a66 No.251774


We tried that before… it didn't workout so well. We were overconfident.

One last thing…


3f7846 No.251775


I know I saged that

a62a66 No.251780

Playing warrior doesn't work.

Need to start acting like a hunting Predator. Go Batman, aim for the head-woman first, eat her heart.


>Also i just remembered we didn't wash of the childs drawings from our metal hand which is now in the hands of the Spooder. If they are still on it the oni family might be fucked if we don't do something.

Aye, this has me worried too!

840ce6 No.251781


The rain washed it away, no worries.

b5557f No.251783


>Go Batman

pretty much this but less dark knight and more 80's slasher movie serialkiller.

about the oni bar, im worried that it might have been sahra that burned the little ones face of but we need to help them no mather what.

i hate this but thats a chance we need to take, sahra is in chritical condition, that together with bearsons deplomacy might be enough for the onys not to kill her on sight and help her instead.

further having half your face burnd off should be lethal so the onis very likely know a doctor.

so if bearson manadges to persuade the onis, he should raid there pantry, stuff his fucking face army style, grab a butcher knife and then ambush the soon to be coming gangmembers.

and this is where the 80's slasher killer comes in.

its night we can use that, always stay in the shadows, grab one and disapear into the night, move around the group and grab another, loot one of there knifes and shoot it into the throught of another, and so on.

the night is young and bearson has a lot of people to kill.

they showd us there sadism.

its time for bearson to show them the savage.

f8796b No.251786

File: 8a0eeefbdb1e938⋯.png (4.19 MB, 1149x1494, 383:498, 1415750639272.png)

FOOLS we are just an enhanced man, we cannot do that much damage alone. Fortunately we know something that can. Okay so we grab pyrololi and we sprint the fuck to Barstone after healing up with that tranquil fury. Then we go over to the mine and have a friendly chat with them, now that they have wyrms for mining they don't have much use for all the TNT they have, well. We can find a use for it. We take the TNT and we blow this gang to kingdom come. Then we eat the scorpions tail, preferably in front of her while she is still alive.

7295e3 No.251792

Alright for real we have the pirololi i think we can let the red rage pass for now i like the idea of the 10x regeneration buff we need to quite the rage storm anyway to think of a way out of this

We NEED to get back to barstone and share the info we have about what spice actually is with lord barstone we might actually have a chance to save some people… also knowing what its made from and knowing what the additive is we might be able to make a "cure" for it or something otherwise its its literally slave making powders i cant see why the other lords dont see it as a huge threat to their rule all it would take is spicking one or two towns drinking supply or forcing people to take it and bam instant slave army that works under thread of death by withdrawal spice is a huge threat to the kingdom and the lords that rule it

7b9394 No.251837

Probably a good idea to roll over a dealer on our way to whatever we decide to do, she definitely needs some spice, we can think about curing her after we deal with whatever shit we run into next.

Infact really if we plan to dismember this lot, surely whomever produces this shit is most likely to know the most about it so aslong as we get her some soon we are bound to get more information in the process of burning their operation to the ground.

Also second the predator style approach, Times like these I miss Minerva.

d9e852 No.251852


Fuck eating hearts, we got out of the Black Forest to stop being a savage. Why the fuck do you insist on doing this shit?

I say the fist course of action after tranquil furying it up to heal is kill the driver, whisk the girl away, then fucking binge then whatever else is the most sensible plan by other Anons.

1e00e5 No.251862


Why do you insist on bumping this thread?

7b9394 No.251863


Sage you faggot

949f78 No.251871


>Fuck eating hearts, we got out of the Black Forest to stop being a savage. Why the fuck do you insist on doing this shit?

First off imo there is really no difference between slaughtering someone with an axe and slaughtering someone with an axe and take a bite of their heart. Except the ladder can greatly benefit us in our adventures.

Plus I don't think anyone here wants Bernsen to stop being a savage barbarian badass in situations like this. There's a place and time for everything. And this would be a good time to not think too much about proper etiquette. This is not a Tarzan story.

And personally I have much much more fun reading absolutely fantastic and brutal fightscenes like the one against the three headed snake than "civilized" fights were two dudes with metal sticks duel each other in a knightly manner. Fuck that shit.

a950d0 No.251876


this nigga gets it, the gloves are off and its time for rage. WE ARE GOING TO RIP AND TEAR AND EAT SOME GOD DAMNED MONSTER HEARTS!

94f54b No.251958

Uh, what happened to the latest update?

Did we reload a save?

94f54b No.251960


Oh, it turned out my browser must of had a stroke or something.

94f54b No.251966

Okay I've had some time to think, we need to get our stuff back and get out of this place, as >>251780 say, go full batman except with murder


>i still call for deus vult these suphumans need to die.

I agree, we need to raise and army and storm that place, bring the wurms if possible. they'll no doubt threaten to kill the locals but we're not going to have that shit, we'll

just have to let them die unless we can challenge the leader to a fight and feast on her flesh. damnit guys you made me a psychopath

94f54b No.251988


Okay, so I've thought a little more and here's what I think.

We can use the chain as a weapon until we take one from a guard. We also need to get red powder.

When we get back to town I doubt the lord is going to immediately attack soma lot, even if it is in his best interests. So we'll need to do some favours, maybe find some red scorpions in bartertown to show how much of a problem they are.

So basically

Ask Sarah about the place, get as much info as we can

Escape jail, bring chain as a weapon

full stealth mode, I'm talking batman-level

Kill and eat guard, take his stuff cover Sarha's eyes

get our stuff back, still full stealth mode btw

Haul ass out of this wretched hive of scum and villainy

Go back to bartertown, be extremely vigilant and slealth, mask our scent and what not,

Attend the thing we were invited to, share our story

Go to an alchemist to see if we can get a cure or medicine.

do favours for the lord, get money

get some good metal armor, the sleeveless shirt idea I had was dumb and I only said it because I thought we couldn't get leather armor, cloth sleeves would tear a lot and have to be replaced often

raise an army of warriors and mages. Including those wurms and other powerful monster girls if possible

show up at somalot with our army, challenge the leader to a duel.

Kill this bitch

Eat this bitch

get bitch superpowers

d9e852 No.252084


Except that unless this scorpion girl has something special about her there is no tangible benefit without the need to eat a lot of scorpion hearts, we won't be growing an extra limb or anything. And we already have a passive way of absorbing essence by simply living in the presence of monstergrills which is exactly why Bearson is like a Bear because he grew up with bear grills.

94f54b No.252126


Scorpion bitch is a HUGE bitch and we are going to tear her heart out and eat it whether it gives us powers or not.

282b68 No.252161


>Bernsen hastily flipped the body over and snatched a packet of the red spice from his pockets that he quickly stuffed in his own. Also, if we decide to go full predator, we could maybe free the prisoners either as a distraction or help to fight the gang.

Yeah it's in our pocket, give some to Sahra so she doesn't die from withdrawal.

If they destroy Minerva's Picture set, our only memento of the Black Forest before everyone there lost their memories or died, then the scorpions remains will look similar to a bowl of meat.

282b68 No.252163


Shit, I fucked up the greentext.

949f78 No.252167


>And we already have a passive way of absorbing essence by simply living in the presence of monstergrills

You have not a single piece of evidence to support that claim. Why would you think that? Of course he often acts like a bear because of his upbringing.

And he's a big guy because he has the essence of a imba matango halfgod in him + strenuous physical activities etc as a kid that went far beyond anything those pesky "civilized" humans go through. Another factor could be that he absorbs the essence of ANY creature he consumes meaning that heart of the big bear that he ate as a kid probably plays a factor in his bear-likeness. Plus all the other big animals he hunted and eaten throughout his live.

There is no reasonable basis to your assumption that he can just suck up essence through the air. Stop trying to cockblock the rip and tear bonanza with your headcanon.

7ce0ea No.252178

Why was this thread bumped?

949f78 No.252186


The built in faggot detector automatically un-sages posts when it gets a positive match.

7295e3 No.252187

840ce6 No.252291

The man’s body was aching. It has been some time since he received a beatdown of this magnitude. Most normal people would have died from what he just went through. But Bernsen was not exactly normal.

With a deep sigh, the man pushed the chains away and reached his arm to gently pat the crying girl on her head with his bloodstained hand.

This gesture seemed to briefly startle Sahra as she shuddered before looking at the arm that was covered with so many ugly bruises that there wasn’t a single undamaged patch of skin on it.

“Y-your arm, but how?” She stuttered out but then something even more unbelievable happened. The man, who she had seen get pulverized and all of his bones broken with her very own eyes, suddenly got up and carefully picked her up in his arms.

“I- Is the withdrawal f-fucking with my head?” She asked the man holding her with complete disbelief in her voice before suddenly breaking into a coughing fit which made some blood splatter on Bernsen’s jacket.

“We need to get you out of the rain and get you some medicine. Let’s go.” The man said with an authoritative voice that made the girl feel a strange fluttering sensation in her heart. She must have gone completely crazy. Finally, all the stress and pain had caught up to her and she closed her eyes with a sigh before blacking out in the warrior’s warm embrace that seemed to overpower even the chilling downpour around them.

The door to the inn opened with a loud creak and Jork looked ahead at it with surprise. It was getting late outside and most of his usual customers who came to drink had already left. Even though his business was an Inn, no one had actually rented beds here for a long time, because few people passed through and the ones who did preferred the Inn near the docks.

The rain that had begun in the afternoon had turned into an outright storm. As soon as the door opened, the red-haired man could hear the distinct roar of the wind and see the wall of water crashing down at a sideway angle. It wasn’t that late yet but the black clouds that covered the sky above made the town get shrouded in a near pitch blackness.

This made it difficult to discern who actually was standing at the entrance. A single lightning bolt briefly rushed through the sky and the innkeeper could see the distinct silhouette of a massive man holding someone, with the light it produced.

“Waah!” Toriko covered her ears in fear as a loud crash of thunder rolled over the town and dropped one of the crayons she was holding. Her mother quickly approached her to hug her and make some cooing noises as she calmed the surprised girl down.

The figure at the doorway finally entered the building the innkeeper nearly shouted in fear. The giant who had stepped in looked almost like a walking corpse. His skin and flesh showed the signs of a severe blunt trauma and was tinged with purple, blue, yellow and even black colors in a few spots. He was also severely bloodied, although it seemed like the rain had partially washed it off.

“I need a room.” The corpse man calmly spoke out and the innkeeper immediately recognized the voice.

“Wait, you are that lad from earlier! By Solos, what happened to you?”

“I got my guide back.” Bernsen answered and closed the door with his foot before walking forward to the counter.

“Your guide…?” The Innkeeper looked down in the man’s arms. Shina took a closer look as well before her expression shifted into fury.

“Lad.” The innkeeper frowned. “You do know who this is, right?”

“Yes.” The man answered quickly.

“Then why have you come here? Out of all the people in town I can say without a shred of doubt that I hate this woman the most. I don’t know what kind of meat grinder you just went through but is there a single reason why I shouldn’t have Shina throw you right back out into the rain?” The red haired man asked and the warrior could hear his wife’s knuckles crack as she balled them into fists.

Bernsen lowered his head. He wasn’t entirely sure why either.

“Because she is hurt?” A young voice from beside Shina spoke out timidly.

“Toriko, not now.” Jork glanaced sideways, away from his daughter.

“But pa, look she is dying.” The red skinned girl pointed forward and the innkeeper looked at the girl in the barbarian’s arms again.

840ce6 No.252294

The soceress’es breathing was ragged and her skin had turned to almost alabaster shade of paleness. Blood was slowly seeping out of her nose and ears at a slow rate as well.

“How long has she been in withdrawal?” Jork asked absentmindedly.

“Three days.” Bernsen answered.

“She won’t survive till the morning without a refill then. And you don’t look like you have any spice with you either. They took everything from you, didn’t they? The red scorpions.” Jork asked and sighed.

“I’ll go get some. But I am going to need to borrow your knife.” Bernsen said in the same eerily calm tone of voice as before and pointed at the wall behind the innkeeper.

Shina seemed to let out an angry hiss at that and stomped over to the man to most likely throw him out.

The two men looked each other in the eyes for what felt like an eternity. Just before the tall oni woman’s hand touched the barbarian’s shoulder the innkeeper finally spoke out.

“Shina, wait. Give the man me claymore.”

This announcement made the monster turn her head backwards with surprise and confusion in her eyes.

“Just do it, I would give it to him meself but I can’t reach it no more.” The innkeeper repeated the order. The giant red skinned woman looked like she was heavily disapproving of this but did not dare to disobey her husbands will. She quickly retreated to the back of the inn and extended her hands up to pull down the huge sword from its plaque with a loud metallic scrape.

She handed it down to Bensen with a frown and made a quick bow with her head.

“Here ya go. Now get the fock outta here. You can leave the girl with us, we ain’t gonna hurt her no more than the scorpions already did. You have my word.” The innkeeper grunted and gestured Bernsen toward the door.

“Thanks. I’ll be right back.” The barbarian effortlessly lifted the massive weapon over his shoulder and left the building.

This display seemed to make the child oni’s eyes light up with excitement but her mother’s face was still bearing a frown and she turned to her husband to give him a stinkeye.

“Shina, me dear wife. I know you don’t approve. I can see it on your face. But when a man approaches ye with a look like that in his eyes. After someone hurt him or the people he fancies and asks you to borrow yer sword… You’d ‘ave to be a complete piece’o shit to say no.

Even if he dies trying, he dies as a bloody warrior. I have to respect that wish if I want to call meself a man.” The innkeeper grunted and began to get out of his seat.

It had been a while since anyone stayed in his Inn and he would be damned if anyone were to say he is a poor host. Even if it is his most hated enemies who were about to die that he was entertaining.

>Bernsen obtained [The Highlander’s Pride]


The docks were almost completely empty now. After the commotion that happened earlier the captains of the ships decided to quickly bail out, in case this was a raid of some sort, after hastily picking up their cargo.

The only two figures that could be still seen standing out in the rain, were two red scorpion gang members near the entrance to the warehouse area.

“Uegh, why did it have to rain on my shift?” One of the tanned men shivered and wrapped himself tighter in his raincoat before leaning down to an oil lamp that stood on the ground in-between them.

“Stop your whining. We just started and you are already crying like a little bitch.” The second guard replied harshly before slightly readjusting his hood.

“Fuck you, my fingers are so numb I can’t feel them.” The first guard snarled back as he held his hands over the lamp, trying to warm them up.

“Instead of whining about weather, you would be better off worrying about what the boss’es contacts will say about only getting half of the shipment delivered to Cair. That crazy hairy bastard made a much bigger commotion than he was worth.” The second guard replied and raised his hands up to his face to make a small ember suddenly appear with a click.

840ce6 No.252295

“What’s to worry about, we will just deliver the second half the next time around.” The first guard said dismissively.

“Yea, because it’s that easy to get our shit past that swamp full of crocodile bitches. There is a reason why we have to keep up a strict schedule and deliver stuff in bulk, you dumbass. You can’t exactly send spice through Harpy mail with all the screening being done lately with that recent scare in the cradle. And Galmathoria being ready to invade at the drop of a hat doesn’t help matters either.” The second guard blew some smoke from underneath his hood.

“Yea, yea whatever. Why not just ask one of those shady raven chicks who sometimes deliver messages to boss from other Al-Sabbath agents then?” The first guard inquired as he rubbed his hands over the lamp.

There was no reply.

“Hey, are you deaf? I said-“ A lit up, slightly smoking wad made out of paper and some dry leaves suddenly landed softly in the bubbling water next to the guard with a hiss.

“Hey, whatcha wasting good herb for? You barely had a-“ The guard raised his head to look up but before he did something large and round landed into the muddy puddle with a wet slap.

“W-wha- W-w-w-what the f-fffuuuuuck!” The first guard nearly fell down as he rapidly backed away from the cut off head of his colleague.

“H-he-“ He tried to cry out but suddenly a massive sharpened piece of steel thrust out of the darkness ahead of him and forced itself into his mouth, running his head through and splitting the vertebrae that connected his skull to the rest of his body.

“Hhhhuuuurrrrghh” The man let out a gurgle and spat some blood before the blade twisted with enough force to break his neck completely.


Even though the weather was sour, the mood in the second warehouse was merry. With the work done and nothing else to do they were enjoying each other’s company while playing cards, drinking and sampling their merchandise.

“Mmm. Come on. Come on you bad boy.” One of the feline women bucked her hips against a naked man who was bound to a table while a few other monsters cheered her on. But the young man did not seem to be into it much and was looking away with his eyes held tight and teeth clenched.

“Stop doing that! Look me in the eyes when you fuck me!” The sphinx snarled and grabbed the side of the man’s head forcibly with her claws held out.

“Amisi.” A chilly voice said evenly and the sphinx retracted her claws quickly and looked to the side apologetically where their girtablilu boss was resting upon a large pile of silken pillows.

“S-sorry boss.” The feline’s ears folded in submission.

“I am not mad but be careful. These cattle men are to be shipped over the southern sea. Just because I am letting you sample one does not mean you can damage them. Even a minor scar can seriously lower the price. Stop fooling around, get your fill and let the others have a go.” The boss said and took a sip of some fizzling drink from a jewel encrusted cup that one of the male gang members was holding. Two more of them meanwhile, were carefully rubbing some sweet-scented oil into her body.

The sphynx began to buck her hips faster and finally let out an orgasmic cry before climbing down from the table, looking content.

Just before another monster took her place suddenly a loud knocking emanated through the front doors that were reattached just an hour ago.

The scorpion monster narrowed her eyes. “Who is it?”

“Probably Rasheed here to beg someone to take his place.” One of the tanned men near the door lifted the lid over a peek hole and put his eye against it. “Hey Rasheed, your shift just began, stop being a pussy and hold your posrhk-“ Suddenly a blade jutted out from the back of the man’s skull before immediately sliding out. The guard collapsed on the ground before the freshly repaired door, leaving a blood stain on it as his body slid down.

Immediately everyone jumped up from their seats and tensed up. Many began to reach for their weapons while the scorpion woman narrowed her eyes in anger further.

840ce6 No.252296

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

“Everyone out!” She snarled and threw the cup in her hands away.

The doors of the warehouse swung open and a bunch of people and monsters spread out at the entrance with their weapons ready.

“What the… fuck!” One ganger uttered as he saw two decapitated bodies lying in front of the warehouse. Their chest cavities were forcibly ripped open and the ribs spread out to made it look like the bodies had grown some ghoulish bone wings.

“Did, did some animal do this?” One of the feline women asked before swallowing hard and raising one of her paws to shield her face from the raging rain.

“Animals don’t wield steel you fool!” Alea spat on the ground and pulled out two scimitars attached to her belt.

“I don’t know who you are but you just made the biggest mistake in your life!” The scorpion announced. “Spread out! Find whoever did this!” She ordered before running out into the wall of rain herself.

The crowd of monsters and men followed their boss’s command, grabbing oil lamps and brandishing their weapons. The light was not particularly helpful however. The darkness coupled with the pouring rain made it almost impossible to discern anything beyond a few feet ahead of oneself.

“Where the hell is-“ One gang member began before suddenly a flash of metal passed through his body and eviscerated him evenly in half from head to toe.

“Aaah! Here! He is here!” A sphinx shouted, trying to get her voice heard over the raging storm. A few arrows were fired in the direction where she was pointing at but it was impossible to say if they hit or not.

“Ahhhh! My legs! My leeeegs!” Suddenly another man screamed out from a completely different direction while clutching two bloody stumps below his waistline.

“Don’t just stand there! He is over there, hurry!” Alea angrily shouted and rushed forward to the wounded man. But as soon as she reached her bleeding gang member another high-pitched screech pierced the night.

The scorpion quickly turned her head to see one of her feline gang members on the ground, lying next to the oil lamp that she dropped.

“B-boss! Boss, he-hel-“ She stuttered before the life left her body and she went limp. The scorpion rushed over, only to see that only the top half of the sphinx was laying in the mud, while her feet were a few meters away.

“Ah! Aah! Aaaaaahhhh!” Another gang member suddenly screamed out before dropping his lamp and getting dragged away into the darkness before his scream was sharply cut off.

For a brief moment, everything seemed to be silent and all the red scorpions desperately looked around themselves, trying to find the source of the attacks.

There was a motion in the air and those armed with bows fired a volley at it immediately, only to hit the dead body of their former comrade who landed right in the middle of them like a ragdoll with his neck broken and an expression of terror on his face.

“What the fuck is attacking us!” One of the tanned men’s voice cracked.

“Boss! Boss what do we do!?” An insect shaped monster shouted.

But Alea stood rigidly in the rain with visible fear in her eyes. It was not possible. This modus operandi. This senseless brutality that was used in almost taunting fashion to cause panic and disorder in the enemy lines. Those clean cuts that seemed to separate clothing, flesh sinew and bone with equal ease.

But she was not even in the country now. How could the false monster lady possibly be here? Even if she was, their spy in the monster embassy was supposed to make sure to misdirect her attention from their activities and if all else at least warn that she was coming.

“Everyone! Fall back! Fall back inside!” The scorpion monster yelled.

But even as they did so, the men and monsters under her wing were being picked off one by one at such a rapid fashion that their numbers were already cut in half. This could not be happening, her respectable raider gang of forty-four, that she used to strike fear into the hearts of people in her homeland was being wiped out like nobodies.

“It’s locked!” One of the scarab girls pulled hard on the door only to find it jammed.

840ce6 No.252297

“What! How!? When!?” The scorpion yelled all the while more screams of terror and pain could be heard through the storm.

“The next one then! The spice storage! Move it!” She ordered but suddenly a single arrow flew out of the darkness and pierced a running sphinx through her chest. She screamed out before collapsing in the mud.

“W-wait! Help! I am still alive! Help me please!” She screamed in panic while trying to crawl away.

A few of the gang members still remaining looked back in horror, some stopping and trying to go back.

“I said don’t stop!” Alea screeched out again before forcibly dragging one of the tanned men with her.

“No! Please no! Ahhhh!” The sphynx scratched at the ground as her body was slowly dragged away from the oil lamp she dropped. But her strength could not compare to whatever was pulling her body into the darkness, finally her scream reached its peak before getting unceremoniously cut off.

As soon as it did, more arrows began to fire out from behind them, crippling and killing the few remaining gang members. Not all of them died immediately but even as they begged to help Alea kept running.

By the time the doors on the third warehouse flew open and the survivors staggered inside there was only five of them left along with their boss.

“What the fuck, what the fuck what the fuck.” One of the four remaining men whimpered as he held a bow in his shaking hands.

“Snap, the fuck out of it! Grab your bows and be ready to fire as soon as whoever it is enters! There is only a single way in!” Alea ordered while standing tensely to the side with her heart furiously beating in her chest.

Silence. The only sounds that were audible came from the roaring storm outside. This continued for a couple minutes while the remaining gang members stood vigilantly, ready to fire at a moment’s notice.

The doors flew open. Or more accurately they just flew forward. The startled gang members let the strings on their bows loose and the arrows flew forward, embedding into the doors that rapidly approached them.

The scorpion dashed sideways to avoid it but her people were not so fast, either because of their fear or because of how unexpected it was. Whatever the reason, the doors slammed into the crowd, instantly knocking them down on the floor. A split second later, a massive shadow jumped over the doors and brought down a huge blade that it used to brutally kill the last few surviving gang members. Blood and viscera splattered everywhere as body parts started flying.

While her enemy was busy with the last members of her crew, Alea staggered out of the warehouse hastily and reached her hand into one of the pouches on her waist to snort large amount of various colored powders.

“I don’t know how the fuck you got here but don’t take me lightly!” She yelled at the entrance of the third warehouse where spice was being produced. The scorpion briefly touched the amulet on her neck, considering if she should awaken the mummies underground but ultimately decided that it was not worth it.

“I am Aleaqarab al'ahmar! The crimson menace! You may be queen bitch here in Deleor but where I come from you are a fucking nobody!” She shouted at the shadow that was slowly emerging from the warehouse before snorting more spice.

The effects of it quickly became apparent as her body started to bulge out in grotesque ways and even change color. The sclera’s of her eyes suddenly turned pitch black. Even her exoskeleton seemed to harden and turn a few shades darker.

A single lightning bolt flashed in the sky and for a brief moment the entire area got brightly illuminated.

Instead of a nine-tailed race traitor she was expecting, a single man stood before her. A tall man sure. A tall man covered from head to toe in the blood of her former gang members but just a man.

“Hah…haha…is this? Is this a fucking joke?” The scorpion’s expression shifted from fear to disbelief and then amusement.

“No, no, you can’t be fucking serious with me here. You? YOU!?” She suddenly threw her head back and began to laugh.

840ce6 No.252298

“This is insane! Completely impossible! Your legs got broken! Your whole body was smashed! You should be dead! Cut this necromancy parlor trick bullshit and show yourself, whoever you are!” Alea angrily yelled and turned her head back and forth, trying to find the real source of what killed her whole gang in just a few minutes.

“There is no one else here tonight.” The man took a few steps forward before stopping in front of one of the overturned oil lamps to let its light be cast on his face.

“Just me.”

The scorpion stared at him unblinkingly before shaking her head and stating to chuckle again.

“Well if you are the only one then that means I only need to kill you!” The scorpion suddenly shrieked and tore off the veil off her face to reveal the reason she wore it. She had no nose. The skin and flesh, where it should have been, was warped and missing in places, as if it had rotten away or melted off. Many colorful stains covered the pulsating flesh around the gaping hole in her face.

She brandished both of her scimitars and charged forward at lightning speed with her tail held high, ready to strike.

Alea attacked the man from three different directions. This was a favorite strategy of hers that she was taught in the hashashin order in her youth. Using two swords in combination with her specie’s tail ensured an overwhelming pressure of attacks that no one could match.

The barbarian blocked the first blow from her right sword but this left him exposed to a slash from the second. He had to duck under it but then the monster’s tail shot down, ready to strike his neck and he was forced to roll backwards.

But his attempt to build some distance ended up backfiring. The scorpion kept pushing ahead even while attacking, by using her four pairs of legs to propel her body forward.

Before he could even pull the heavy slab of metal in his hand away he had to raise it again to block another blow, then dodge the second. At this rate, he would quickly run out of ground to fall back to so instead he knelt slightly and just before the stinger of the monster stabbed him, the man launched his body away, high into the air and landed on the rooftop of the warehouse.

This brief moment allowed him to catch his breath but then he heard a skittering noise and suddenly the scorpion appeared over the edge of the roof with psychopathic glee in her eyes.

“There is nowhere to run! I don’t know what trickery you used earlier but no prey has ever escaped from me.” With that bragging remark Alea suddenly threw her lamp away and vanished out of Bernsen’s sight.

The man tensed up and listened carefully. He had used the extreme weather and light conditions to his advantage before but now it was backfiring on him as he was also having trouble locating his enemy now.

“You see to favor stealth.” A cackle came from somewhere to his side and Bernsen fired an arrow from one of the bows he salvaged from the gang members using his teeth. The projectile bounced against the roof and rolled over the edge.

“I get, I really do. Only a fool faces his foes head on.” Bernsen heard skittering to his left and quickly picked up his claymore to swing it sideways. Not only was juggling weapons with one hand getting tedious but he also struck only air.

“Why waste time on expensive weapons, learning how to wear armor, spending years training when you can still kill a man by putting poison into his drink or planting a knife in his heart while he sleeps.”

Alea’s voice seemed like it was coming from everywhere at once and Bernsen was unable to pinpoint its source no matter how much he tried.

Suddenly his instincts of self-preservation flared up as he felt a disturbance behind him. The warrior ducked sideways to avoid the scorpion’s stinger that struck the roof with enough force to leave a hole in it.

He quickly swung his weapon at the scorpion then, but she blocked it by raising her two scimitars before vanishing into the darkness once more.

“I can’t believe I let an amateur like you fool me into thinking you were someone else and let you slaughter my people!”

A scimitar flew at a downward angle at him and slashed his ankle before the warrior could move. He staggered forward with a grunt while wildly swinging his weapon around.

“I am going to enjoy killing you.”

840ce6 No.252299

Her tail suddenly shot out of the darkness and the man had to sidestep it away but then a scimitar slashed at his chest, making a bunch of blood spray out and he nearly fell backwards.

“First, I am going to cut off your arms, so you can’t fight back.”

The man wildly swung the claymore behind him but the attack came from the front this time and the monster’s curved blade chopped at his shoulder, nearly cutting his arm off.

“Then, I am going to cut off your legs, so you can’t run away.”

Another swing cut at his other ankle and Bernsen would have fallen over then if not for the sword he quickly brought down to lean on. Somehow his enemy was completely concealing her presence and intentions. This was not a mere weather or light condition factor. She was a natural nocturnal predator, one that struck out unexpectedly and precisely.

“And when you are laying there, helpless on the ground I am going to pump you full of my venom, and make no mistake, this is no manticore fun pricks. The venom I produce is powerful enough to kill a grown man in under ten seconds.”

Suddenly she charged out of the darkness with her head held low. Bernsen raised his sword to block the dual slash she made at him but without the support of his legs, his body buckled under him and he was unable to avoid her third and final attack.

The stinger jabbed into the man’s neck with a meaty squelch and Bernsen immediately felt something being pumped into his body. He had been bitten by snakes before but this was on a completely different level. His whole body briefly seemed to vanish and get replaced with a singular, agonizing burning sensation.

“And then.” The scorpion cooed as she leaned closer to the man. “I am going to take off your head as a trophy and hang it above the door of my home so that everyone knows who is in charge here.”

She pressed her face against his with maniacal glee and looked him in the eyes.

“It’s over.” She whispered as she waited expectantly for the man to finally break down and show the despair she so desperately wanted in his eyes. No matter how bold, no matter how strong, everyone was afraid of death. And not even this man would be able to conceal his emotions while her vicious venom tore his body apart and the last seconds of his life drained away.

But even as ten seconds have passed the man kept looking at her with the same hate filled eyes.

“Yea, it is.”

With a sudden gush of blood, her right arm came flying off with the scimitar she was holding still tightly clutched in it.

She did not feel pain. The great deal of spice she consumed made sure she wouldn’t. But the sight of one of her body parts suddenly becoming undone like that startled her.

“Ah..!” She only managed to utter before the man hastily pulled his sword back and slashed again.

The second arm of the scorpion flew off with a similar gush of blood blasting from her shoulder.

“Ah! AAAAHHHHH!” Alea screamed out in surprise and suddenly tried to back away before the man’s claymore swung once more and took off all four legs on one side of her body in a single motion.

She collapsed sideways looking in horror as her legs still twitched as if they were still attached to her body. She tried to half crawl away but the man now had fully stood up and swung the claymore once more.

The rest of her legs flew off, each one leaving a thin trial of blood as it passed through the air.

With a thud, the scorpion collapsed on the roof of the warehouse. Her whole body was shaking as she stared at the man before her. She suddenly remembered she still had her tail and thrust it forward at him but the man duck underneath and with a rising slash removed it as well.

Even with the spice dulling her pain she felt it. She screamed out in pain, fear and confusion at what was happening to her.

“How!” She screamed. “How is this possible! You should be dead! Why aren’t you dead?! No man can be this strong! Who are you, what are you!?”

The warrior took a step forward and leaned over the collapsed form of his enemy.

840ce6 No.252301

“My name is Bernsen. Son of Misha. Slayer of Wolves. Chieftain of the Snake tribe and the Wild King of the Black Forest.”

“W-what?” Alea blinked in confusion.

“I enjoy eating tasty food, exploring new places, meeting new people and fighting. I hate snakes, liars and people who try to hurt me and my loved ones. The first two I can tolerate but the last ones I always kill. That means you.” The man announced in threatening fashion and thrust his hand forward at the monster’s chest.

“Aur-kh-haaahh!” She choked out in surprise before suddenly screaming out as she felt her heart being forcibly ripped out of her body.

Within seconds, her lungs became paralyzed and she was unable to draw another breath. She let out one final screech that turned into a deathly wail and then whine as she expelled the last air in her lungs. As the last wisps of life left her body all she could see is the barbarian devouring her heart before her very own eyes.

Ten seconds passed. The leader of the red scorpions was dead, with her face frozen in a permanent state of untold pain and terror.

Bernsen stared at the body for a few more seconds before reaching for the claymore again and cutting off the head of the monster. He then tied its hair around his belt to carry it around as he had yet to recover his backpack.

The scorpion’s body did not have any red spice on it either. Seems like none of the gang members were carrying any with them, as none of them possessed magic. Well he did notice one of the feline ones try something but she did not have a chance to finish executing whatever it was.

The only thing of note he found besides her curved swords and the discarded tail leaking venom out was an amulet hanging around her neck. It was triangular in shape and had a large eye on it. He stuffed it into his pocket just in case.

>Gained [Night Stalker] Bonus feat. Bonus to agility. Hide skill learned.

>Gained Warrior LV 1

>Gained Warrior bonus feat [Weapon Proficiency: Greatswords]

>Gained Warrior feat [Brawn: Bonus to Strength]

>Bernsen obtained [Scorpion’s Head]

>Bernsen obtained [Pharaoh’s charm.]

>What do you do?

840ce6 No.252303

File: 92d83897f4099c4⋯.gif (68.65 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1424825848343.gif)

Well folks after a nice a bit of murdering, it is time for the fun part! Pillaging!

Place your requests along with commands of what to do. If there is a reasonable chance for the item you want being located on the grounds of a smuggling operation I will hand it out, no questions asked. But don't be a munchkin. Nobody likes munchkins.

949f78 No.252312

Is this when we start writing in bold redtext and post pictures of the doomguy?

That was goddamn beautiful writeman well done.

>What do you do?

Well we still need some red spice there should be some somewhere in the warehouse. Most likely in the basement I'm guessing which still has some mummies in it so we should be careful there.

In regards of what happens in town now that there is a huge power vacuum I say we just hop over to Barstone drop the scorpions head on the lords table get our medal and let him handle the details.

Especially with what we heard now regarding Al-Sabbath agents and Pharaohs this whole situation might go a bit too much to handle for municipal politics.


Well first off we need our hand back. Some real arrows would be nice too, those obsidian heads don't seem to do too much against armour.

Not sure if the innkeep will let us borrow his family heirloom for an extended period of time so a nice sword would be neat. Although I'm hoping he will.

Some spice too. Maybe we can find some alchemist (the crocodiles?) who can analyse it and create an antidote. Or just look in the lab if something like that already exists. Might be hard to know what we are looking for though.

Also cash. Can't go wrong with that.

1e00e5 No.252318

Lets get our shit so we can pack the red spice in our bag away from the storm. Also ask the innkeeper about her amulet and what it represents, and ask if we can find any leads about possibly finding a healer or a wizard that deals with drugs of this nature.

b5557f No.252326

File: 901d9a3c5764d4a⋯.jpg (135.67 KB, 1016x888, 127:111, reaction, happy day.jpg)

>mfw bearson gets mistaken for the most powerfull being in the world

>mfw i hope bearson will meet seline at some point

>mfw you just made my day writefag

after the emotional rollercoaster of seeing both bearson and sahra get fucked up like that.

that was the best murderspree i have ever seen, damn did it feel good to read that.

well done writefag

so on what to find among the loot.

first our shit, and most importantly our minervas drawings and our arm.

everything else is replacable even the axe, but the drawings and the cyberarm are unique so we need them.

further at least 2 full bags of red spice, we have no idea how long it will take us to find a cure for the shit the gangers have laced this stuff with.

for loot, this is a slaver/drug/smuggling operation.

so the things we will definatly find a lot of are.




alchemical shit for drug prodution.

randome illigal goods.

what would be fucking dank would be to find a collection of monsternation brand potions.

you know the shit that is most potent in effect but based on human cum?

if we could find one or two health potions that would bring sahra back to 100% in no time.

thing is though as far as i know they arent illigal so i guess they would be more akin to emergency medical gear for the gang.

further they use primeraly seatravel to ship there goods so it is likely they have one or two items they use on the open sea to defend themselfes against sea monster girls.

im thinking sharks have big problems with loud noises so they might have something like flashbang granades.

other then that pff no idea, randome illigal shit i guess.

but for what would be cool that we could get at some point in the future or maybe one now if your cool

a bag of holding to store bulky things

boots of silent stride that make no noise

a deamonic mask that gives a bonus to intimidation that makes his skin the same color as the mask

a returning throwing axe

or a infinat arrow quiver

a new sword that bearson can dual wield together with his old axe

this is more if a shoping list that we can use later, i dont mean to say bearson should find any of these things, there just pointers what would be usefull for bearsons curent character build.

think i missed anything we should get at some point guys?

ab5ccb No.252333


>their spy in the monster embassy was supposed to make sure to misdirect her attention from their activities and if all else at least warn that she was coming


time to figure out how to get to the monster embassy to remove kebab spy

b5557f No.252339


well we could make the track to sanctiford but this shitty little dutchy or whatever it is isent even connected to the layway train system, so it will take fucking forever to get into the center of the kingdom.

we totaly should though after everything is done.

at least if a plothook wont drive bearson into another direction.

man i wish ace would have ever made a worldmap, would have been usefull for planing our next move

b5557f No.252345

oh i am a dump fucking faggot, these is one thing we definatly need to do.

free the fucking feary and mothgirls.

they are being tortured for there dust, we definatly need to help them.

shit they might even help us figure out what the lethal component of the drug is and how it makes sahra a supposed weakling headgemage into our badass fire-loli.

fucking hell nearly something this important

6d7083 No.252347


>Tfw the fanfiction of the fanfiction eclipses the original.

Man, dem fight scenes brah. Improved even over the already good scenes from before! And writing so much every day, good times. I feel like rip and tear all the time will eventually come to bite us in the ass but we'll have to see what happens!

Anyway, get some spice for the poor girl and free those fairies (I assume they're fairies?) Once Sahra is okay, maybe head to Sanctifond and see if the Hospitaliers can help with her addiction. The King or his agents might like to know about all that's going on here too. In context Bernsen can understand, the chieftan needs to know a rival is in his lands.

Kind of makes me want to get started writing again too but I feel like it would be rushing things…


Well, I have little talent in arting beyond painting you see. I sketched out a map but I forgot about it somewhere. Maybe I could draw a shitty paint map when I get home, but basically I haven't explored the area this is taking place in very well. I believe the black forest was in the northeast? Wizardquest 1 was basically from south to north while Illusionistquest was from slightly southwest (Loveura) to Center (Santifrond) all the way back west by northwest near the border with Galmathoria.

b5557f No.252349

File: 31e9d9be80cc4d0⋯.jpg (49.17 KB, 600x390, 20:13, reaction, fuck this.jpg)


>fucking hell nearly FORGETTING something this important

>forgetting the word forgetting

>being this much of a faggot

fucking hell

well at least im saging

e27aaf No.252350

File: 64533938424fac8⋯.jpg (66.37 KB, 600x780, 10:13, 64533938424fac8b6502385aff….jpg)


>Tfw the fanfiction of the fanfiction eclipses the original.

L-let's not go ahead of ourselves there.

b5557f No.252358


well the good thing about fantasy maps is that the shittyer they are the more "authentic" they look.

we dont need a miliary tier satelite image map.

but a cheap shitty drawing done by some faggot wanderer that has traveld the land and has made a more or less acurate drawing of where the most important things are.

>want to get started writing again too but I feel like it would be rushing things…

nah dont rush things your storys are to good to just through them out like the next cod/asscreed.

take your time to do things right.

**what you should do though is get together with the writefag here on discord or something and work on a collaborative plot.

i mean shit is happening from 3 different nations right now in your cannon.**

political turmoil like that together with the technological boom reminds me of the years right before world war one, that and the cool idea with the epic tier magic artefacts from the ending of barbarien quest 1 could make a truely badass story.

fucking hell both of you already write on a near professional level, so take the next step and but up a shared universe plotline, your already better then most of the shit i pay money for

840ce6 No.252359



They are cancer anon and always end up falling apart because of shitty drama. Just like the /monster/ VN.

d9e852 No.252369


The OP himself confirmed it in the Q&A, the archive he links doesn't link to the Q&A but just hit "next" at the top under the search bar for the latest archives of the same page.

>Is the reason Bearson is so huge because we ate the giant bears heart?


>That was one of the factors indeed. But something that I did not elaborate because I didn't want to extend the exposition any longer than I had to is that Bearson can also slowly absorb the essence of monsters around him passively by spending time next to them. As he spent all his childhood surrounded by a family of grizzlies he naturally grew up to size that matched them.

Faggots all of you.

b5557f No.252392

one last thing that i just rememberd.

sahra had that hairloom tiara she always wears.

did the bandids take it from her?

i guess so, so bearson should grab that as well, if nothing else then to cheer up our fire-loli after all the shit she had to go though the last 3 days.

d9e852 No.252397


Oh right, get your stuff, you did have some red spice you snagged along the way before it was taken from you. Get some other spice too just in case that might work it doesn't have to specifically be red does it?

949f78 No.252419

File: 65f9ff8995337c9⋯.jpg (47.67 KB, 600x629, 600:629, CZlGHciWkAANEXC.jpg)


>mfw i think I'm calling out a faggot

>mfw it turns out I'm the faggot

You were right I was wrong. Fuck i guess i shouldn't have skipped that Q&A.

6d7083 No.252449

File: 6e66bbbd764290f⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 3.49 MB, 5312x2988, 16:9, 20170118_174812.jpg)

Well half my appointments didn't show due to some flood or something. whatever. Anyway, this means I had time to draw out a map of Deleor. is it good? No. Is it accurate? To a point. it's sort of what I imagined anyway. Tgeres plenty of lesser rivers lakes, etc there that you cant reallt draw out. it will have to do. (Also, the tracks are major Leyway lines.)

I don't know if you wanted the black forest there, I sort of assumed that's where it was.

282b68 No.252494

Get our backpack with our stuff in it back, check to see if everything we own is in there and retrieve the things that are not like our arm, axe, and bow. Find red spice for fireloli to not die from withdrawal and retrieve her tiara with the red jewel too. Free the slaves and have them help us free more slaves to save on time. Pillage some maps from the warehouses and a dagger as an emergency weapon in the future.Also take a sac to put the scorpions head in so we don't have to freak everybody else out when we return. Hell, we could even take the money from their corpses to add to our own if no one mentioned it yet. When we get back to the inn, clean the [The Highlander's Pride] of blood before returning it to Jork and thanking him for letting us borrow it.

3f7846 No.252543

Get our stuff back obviously, free the fairies and moth girls, find some dust for sahra, return to the lord of baritone with the head of the woman responsible for the death of his wife and ask if he can get help for sahra's addiction. Also take whatever gold we find and give half to the town and keep the rest. Maybe see if we cant get those old danuki to come back

70c358 No.252547


Let out a victorious bestial roar. Gather our shit and seek the fairies in captivity. Ask them if they can cure dust addiction, because we've doomed an entire town by cutting off the supply. No more fucking Mr. Nice Bearman. Coax them, but eat them if they refuse to help.don't actually eat themmaybe

Loot a bag of holding filled with an infinite amount of hot pockets, look for important documents and manifestos, and then return to the inn.

3f7846 No.252549


I like the roar idea. Triumphant and covered in the blood of our enemies

ab5ccb No.252558

one thing i just thought of well two

1) since we just murdered the person who ran the whole town, someone's going to have to step up and run the show from now on

2)we're gonna need a new thread

94f54b No.252618

File: 69327f78b6274b7⋯.jpg (24.94 KB, 489x496, 489:496, e31.jpg)



>Is this when we start writing in bold redtext and post pictures of the doomguy?



And I thought we would need to retreat.

After looting and freeing the captives, Lets drag all the corpses out into the street and raise scorpion bitches head to the air while roaring at the top of our lungs

There aren't any red scorpions left right? If so we need to publicly execute them

Bravo writefag, bravo

7295e3 No.252630

fuck yes

Just took out a whole gang of baddies should send a strong message

Yeah get our stuff back

Get some red spice for fireloli

Free slaves

Free moth girls (have a red one join the party)

Tell the person who makes the spice to make an antidote to the "additive" and enough for all the junkies and fireloli then kill um after

Go back to the inn and enter healing sleep for the next few days you've earned a nap

b5557f No.252678


very good, apart from that i cant read the names, this map will be usefull, thanks ace.

dc0400 No.252695


Oh also see if we cant become lord of this shit whole it be nice if someone thats not a piece of shit ran things here for a little while after a bit see if one of the locals thats not shitty wants to take over

Also we need to be fast let the slaves know youll be back but we have to take care of fireloki asap so get the red spice run back to the in top her off then run back and search for loot and do all the other stuff the other anons have been saying

6d7083 No.252735


that's also a product of my handwriting. I guess I can run it through paint later and type a legend or something.

d9e852 No.252845


Don't worry too much about it. I just want to be Conan and less Doomguy.

7b9394 No.252946

Can't wait for the next update of this, top quality writing… would actually buy a collected version of barbarianquest to reread :)

d9e852 No.253259


Yeah, i wonder what's going to happen to those mummies.

f762ae No.253262


Look at that beautiful bevy of buffs, this is why you always eat the hearts of those you kill. Also and make sure Bernson did eat all 40+ hearts, he's a growing boy after all and needs his vitamins. Also make sure to eat the heart of a fairy/moth girl or two if their already dead/dying, waste not want not.

282b68 No.253263


I rather not eat the hearts of the dead moths/fairies, could freak out the other slaves we would be freeing.

6d8569 No.253295

Can wait for the next update keep up the great work writebro the rip and tare was great cant wait to see what happans next

and since i have tomarrow off i think ill go though the archives and agrigate all the post into a single doc then send it off the the author so they can send it off to a pro proofreader/editor and then maybe get it published the world needs more monster girl books

Give me you email writebro

e27aaf No.253368

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