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File: ddd842bca9d1c71⋯.jpg (643.98 KB, 934x629, 934:629, atlach_nacha.jpg)

File: de3dba20e66fa9d⋯.jpg (183.19 KB, 1043x1200, 1043:1200, C1zlvPuUAAAdF1n.jpg large.jpg)

46f400 No.248835

Tsun spider profile out

46f400 No.248836

Atlach Nacha


Habitat: Caves, underground

Disposition: Bold, mean

Diet: Carnivorous, wild animals

A type of monster of the Abyss, lurking in the depths where no light reaches.

The illustration shows a married individual, and unmarried ones have the appearance of girls with just four spider legs growing from their backs.

They never leave their lairs, and just perpetually create webs and spin threads, but occasionally, as if beckoned a human man may find himself in their underground lair before them, and become their prey.

Venom is flowing through their bodies, that also wears away at their own spirit, making them feel constantly irritated.

For that reason she has a very unique personality among monsters. A man who grows aroused by them is subjected to verbal abuse and insulting phrases like "You're the lowest scum", very unlike a monster, and these "biting" phrases will affect a man, and cause her venom to enter him.

When acting on a men, the venom causes them to have a twisted lust for the girl before them. Their spirits are corrupted, and they begin to harbor a strong desire to turn the tables on them. Plugging her mouth that's spewing those abusive words with your penis, pinning her to the ground and using her to your heart's desire.

And as this happens, the man will feel a burning heat rise inside of him, and eventually notice he has been turned into a giant, monstrous spider.

46f400 No.248837


Beneath the giant spider's head lies a "reproduction organ" bearing countless tentacles, which the Atlach-Nacha, still spitting out words of abuse, is drawn inside of, and covered in tentacles.

Every single tentacle has senses of taste and touch, and they're each able to release semen, forcing themselves into her orifices, and painting her body white.

In addition, the giant spider, frustrated by the Atlach-Nacha's abuse, will bite her body, and pour a large concentration of spirit energy directly into her, which mixes with her blood, and gives her great pleasure unmatched even by sex. Their bodies enter unending convulsions from repeated climaxing, and the tentacles in turn shower them in semen over and over.

Throughout, their formerly venomous personality is nowhere to be found, and instead only apologies for their previous abuse, and sweet words of love will come out of their mouths.

This is because the man's spirit energy neutralizes the poison eroding their spirit, exposing their original character.

Only when filled by their husband's spirit energy can they find peace of mind, and if the spirit energy poured inside their body begins to run out and the poison begins to strengthen again, returning her to her previous, abusive state, and making the man once again dominate and bite her.

Individuals who have obtained husbands will spend all of their time inside this reproductive organ, and while having sex with their husbands, devote themselves single mindedly to spinning their threads and spreading this couple's love nest.

They will not show any interest in anyone besides their husband unless their task is disturbed.

It is said that the completion of this nest will bring about the world's end.

According to one theory, this nest is actually a giant magical circle, and upon its completion, the world above will be turned into a demon realm of the Abyss, and all its human inhabitants will be turned into kin of the Abyss themselves.

e52a2c No.248838

File: aa1c88c18a70f46⋯.png (10.9 KB, 211x246, 211:246, 1464012596486.png)

f551e7 No.248839

I could swear this monster was out before. Aren't we seeing a already released and translated monster-girl?

eeb5c0 No.248840


I think it was that someone bought the book and posted some pictures of the different girls.

f551e7 No.248841

File: 9d3a3b712200c4c⋯.png (351.48 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, e17ad62ee67c743ad26ece7c41….png)


I could remember the "turning into a spider" part too.

46f400 No.248842


A while back a lot of upcoming profiles got leaked and she was one of them

4af0a2 No.248845


What? You never wanted to rape a girl so hard, that you turned into a giant spider and caused the end of the world?

438ab8 No.248848


It seems KC developed a taste for transformation. Of the self-insert.

b1cd4c No.248849

I love how she gives you a bad end, destined to spin the web and bite her for the rest of your lige whether you want to or not.

a796a8 No.248852

>get waifu

>help end the world

5cc29b No.248856

File: e374b711681378b⋯.png (436.15 KB, 814x720, 407:360, 1481566750218.png)

At least the Trumpart turns you back into a human after she's done raping you. I don't think anyone wants to be a spider's ass for eternity.

e08bd8 No.248860

File: 88adc16e2a1fd3c⋯.jpg (24.01 KB, 388x279, 388:279, Chen - Into the trash it g….jpg)

File: 7099c426ddd785e⋯.jpg (29.81 KB, 500x666, 250:333, trash metal.jpg)

File: 7cbf4b76f00dd0a⋯.jpg (115.06 KB, 591x530, 591:530, throw it in the trash.jpg)

Well then, can we agree that she will get a place between Matango and Siths?

4af0a2 No.248863


Fuck no, that is some great loli body she has and fucking the smugness right out of her is worth ending the world!

4bbb1f No.248864

I'm gonna guess that the guy can switch forms, like the mindflayer. That's the only way this……can be accepted as a monstergirl. Srsly, tho this is some deranged shit.

0caa5e No.248865


>According to one theory, this nest is actually a giant magical circle, and upon its completion, the world above will be turned into a demon realm of the Abyss, and all its human inhabitants will be turned into kin of the Abyss themselves.

The only good thing to come out of this thing is that I could make a DnD campaign outta this. Apart from that they need to be purged.

46f400 No.248866


yeah, keep in mind this is a amateur translation I found, hell even the MGE wiki translation has had some errors, in case of doubt, headcanon

fa25c6 No.248868

File: 0d43981031d7aac⋯.jpg (85.16 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1483599538973.jpg)






Why not just go fap to some 3DPD you filthy normalfags?

e08bd8 No.248870

File: d924b96d3fce9bb⋯.png (587.37 KB, 845x634, 845:634, i fuck sheep.png)


>the man will feel a burning heat rise inside of him, and eventually notice he has been turned into a giant, monstrous spider

>not shittier

7dc01e No.248871


I love her though. They only way this could be better is if when turned into a spider you could lay eggs inside of her.

0caa5e No.248872


Boys don't lay eggs, anon. She'd be the one laying eggs in you.

7dc01e No.248873


But I wouldn't be just a boy anymore, I would be a spider.

e08bd8 No.248876


Spiders have males and females lad

7dc01e No.248878


I'm the male spider and she is the female one mate

I lay eggs inside of her and she gives birth do them.

0caa5e No.248879


Boys don't lay eggs, anon.

7dc01e No.248880


You know what? Fine, I'm going to Alp and then somehow make a contract with the old ones so they transform me into a Nacha. Then I'm going to find you, call you dumb and lay eggs inside of your delicious tummy.

46f400 No.248883

File: 38900e3c371e86d⋯.png (768.29 KB, 1234x1047, 1234:1047, 1484065142471.png)

File: 847ac9806990241⋯.jpg (597 KB, 974x750, 487:375, 1484065659231.jpg)

ac367c No.248885

0caa5e No.248886

File: 7f9933ac96b2857⋯.jpg (171.63 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 7f9933ac96b2857c91e4f4bfd2….jpg)



16053e No.248893

File: 13fe2f84fad3fba⋯.png (109.04 KB, 658x1600, 329:800, What the fuck just happene….png)

What the hell is going on in here

7fa23d No.248894

File: 1cf2f9319cc74a8⋯.gif (520.35 KB, 627x480, 209:160, 1458351572858.gif)

>more fucking transformation

3b1bde No.248895


Would (allegedly) bring about the end times for

57376e No.248904

File: 94ed0d6d262f98f⋯.gif (1.35 MB, 280x120, 7:3, IMG_2547.GIF)

b8f5ab No.248908





Come now, friends, who are we to tell this Anon that he can't fulfill his fantasies with his Eldritch waifu?

For all we know, the very idea makes her weak in the knees.

Anyone interested in a short greentext about that? Not sure I can deliver today, 'tho.

7dc01e No.248912


Do it. I want to see how insane eldritch greentexts can be.

4cc951 No.248917

File: a202bbfa2fa91b6⋯.gif (1.81 MB, 450x258, 75:43, 492.gif)

299363 No.248918

Is she Vamp Mosquito tier now?

3bc8ad No.248926

File: 0faa47c83e74137⋯.jpg (71.25 KB, 600x804, 50:67, no.jpg)

delet this

05083a No.248929

Little piece of headcannon for consideration. Atlach Natcha uses the insults and abuse like a lizard or salamander uses sword fighting ability to determine a suitable husband. To win over a nacha and end the straight up abuse, you must outdo her with the bantz. Matching her is still viable but you will still end up in bantering once in a while.

As for the spider thing, she can just transform, either herself or her husband.

cd289d No.248951

>you ever been so mad you turned into a loli-raping, world-ending spider

Aside from the bad end, this sounds pretty hilarious

3ac170 No.248952


You don't have to go that far. Just stop after alping and I'll inseminate all the eggs in your womb for you.

57376e No.248955

File: 69ad9f6c1eac36b⋯.jpg (59.76 KB, 650x488, 325:244, IMG_4346.JPG)

c6357d No.248957

File: 2808d0feb654eac⋯.jpg (35.38 KB, 552x469, 552:469, 11a540c068033cfc2c28573718….jpg)



Faggots get of my board.

ee7bbb No.248958

File: 3bd201bd2395e2c⋯.jpg (108.92 KB, 456x386, 228:193, luka stop.jpg)


this is some mgq level nope

c1bf7e No.248960

File: f4270b1db567261⋯.jpg (91.34 KB, 1130x900, 113:90, cde7a5e7943e4ddd3b8369942d….jpg)

Into the trash she goes

05083a No.248969

File: 430b6dd0d882548⋯.png (88.91 KB, 387x260, 387:260, 1445562788090.png)

210940 No.248974


So I get to turn into a big fuck-off spider with plate armor spiky legs. She's a strong enough spellcaster that she can cast a spell that literally ends the world.

All I need is a healslut and a dungeon and

I'm set.

73afeb No.248977


You're not just a spider, you're a spider that can tentacle rape waifus.

9e21d3 No.248978

So the summary of this monster girl, is that you become a spider with tentacle dicks in your mouth, that you use to rape her. and on completion of her nest, she turns the world into spiders with dicks in their mouth.

66e457 No.248980


or mindfuckers or cthulhu maids

f2fa54 No.248981

I like her, I guess. She is kinda like white cap

a32ecc No.248984


Yeah I don't like her being verbally abusive, but I don't mind becoming a rape spider

7dc01e No.248987


Boy we are goign to have such a big and happy family.

74730b No.248988

File: 7e3188519ef0793⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1378x1378, 1:1, 1483895452514.png)


that poor man, thats what happens when you accept nachos from a Nacha spider.

2156df No.248989

File: 6b242c14af4e8f8⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 412.72 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 6b242c14af4e8f871c3865fb9f….png)





57376e No.248992


I'd tell you to go alp yourself but you'd probably like to. Go be a faggot somewhere else

0caa5e No.248996



He outright said he would.

210940 No.248999

File: c3ea073645486a2⋯.png (382.08 KB, 609x799, 609:799, 5c4.png)


So much so the better

a8a1b6 No.249000

Headcanon time, she's a Girl who enjoys making nachos for all the good boys and if you're her favorite boy she makes you feel really good with her lady parts, and nachos. You get spider powers from the nachos and eventually get the power to become SPIDERMAN, Hombre Araña of nachos, you can sling webs and keep a single dick. You live a happy life with your spiderfu and help her natch business however you can, "ending" the world by making everyone addicted to Mexican food.

57376e No.249003


So this is how Mexico intends to fight back? Weaponizing waifus? It's better than their last few times but it still will not be enough!


We'll then he's an even bigger faggot

438ab8 No.249043


It's pretty explicit that you she provokes your desire to shut her fucking mouth up and rape her into submission and while you're doing this you turn into a giant spider with tentacle dicks for a mouth.

a796a8 No.249047

File: a14d5bbafa130a7⋯.png (267.47 KB, 597x1014, 199:338, true romance.png)



>You can fill up all her holes at once and ejaculate with the force of a thousand suns

9c85b5 No.249048


sounds like a win-win to me

9e21d3 No.249050


So you turn into the Ultimate OP, you will forever have a dick in your mouth while guzzling cum.

518756 No.249054

File: d4186e4dd1275bf⋯.png (11.34 KB, 196x229, 196:229, eJwNysENwyAMAMBdGABjg2XINo….png)


>It's pretty explicit that you she provokes your desire to shut her fucking mouth up and rape her into submission

And I can't do this without turning into a spi/d/er because?

Hell, there are several other girls ready for proactive dating who aren't lolis. Why would I ever fuck this spooder bitch?

bab4da No.249058

File: 479460e3d6acd1d⋯.jpg (23.42 KB, 312x312, 1:1, villager.jpg)


>Bullies you constantly, wich makes you rape her thanks to mamono mana

>This desire to rape her turns you into a giant monstrous spider with dicks on it's mouth

>And if you fuck her too much the world gets turned into the abyss, home of mindflayers and other abominations (except shoggoths, they're cute)

Why does this exist? Goddamnit, KC.

7dc01e No.249062


You forgot the poor wendigos too. But what really scares me is this:

>all its human inhabitants will be turned into kin of the Abyss themselves.

ALL. Regardless of gender too as we already have squid boy, spider man, Coat abomination and half slime person.

0676fe No.249064

lemme guess KC is gonna say this entire profile is hyperbole as well.

7dc01e No.249065


It'll probably something like the tentacle forest case where monsters would just go and fuck her shit up.

87440a No.249066

File: 4da664c9423f1bf⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 192.42 KB, 512x341, 512:341, latest.png)

>Get an Atlach Nacha waifu

>Expect to turn into a horrifying spider

>Turn into this spider instead, image related.

518756 No.249067


You still got dicks in your mouth though, spidey.

7dc01e No.249068


You know what you made me think? Imagine if she needs to make lemon juice.

c6357d No.249069

File: 1c497d20e491b94⋯.jpg (38.76 KB, 589x669, 589:669, a3b6fd4cc828a2870bdc870522….jpg)


Wendigos aren't Elderitch, they're Algonquian.

57376e No.249070

Man if this is what they're like after the new demon lord came to power, what were they like before?

299363 No.249071


Probably somehow less worse

4de60b No.249072

File: d6e633409c94247⋯.jpg (1.22 MB, 5000x5000, 1:1, robowat3.jpg)


>inb4 KC's next flavor of the month fetish is gonna be vore

4958c7 No.249073


Ok, this is one of the few MG I will say NOPE to.

518756 No.249074

File: 35d56f5d95564a2⋯.jpg (9.14 KB, 300x200, 3:2, carlos.jpg)


Not sure about you, but I find the notion of KC adding vore to the MGE pretty hard to swallow.

87440a No.249075


Also considering that the squid and wendigo guy can go back to human form whenever they want according to KC.

7dc01e No.249076


You won't fool me, Anon. I know what's under the cloak.

259f3c No.249077


He kinda already experimented with that for the Sandworm, and credit where it's due; he actually made something palatable in that. Now if only he could recreate that spark with the rest of his /d/-tier forays.

c6357d No.249078



I'm lost. What did I just do?

7dc01e No.249081


You tried to lie.

57376e No.249082


Come on anon, the WIDF is a meme

7dc01e No.249084


There it is again.

Wendigo is a chaos monster and will fuck you up. Nothing you say will change my mind for I have already seen the truth.

They are cute though

a0aa24 No.249086


I'm so fucking torn I love her design and smugness

but you turn to a spider have to eat whatever spiders eat eww and im stuck making a web with her for the rest of my life. So what the general consensus on her A tier, B tier, C tier, or F tier

c6357d No.249087


I tried to lie? Wendigos are from native american folklore from the algonquian tribe. They were malevolent cannibal forest spirits.

c6357d No.249089


Granted that the ones as we know are not like that, but that was the source material.

7dc01e No.249096



Even so, the making-of said what they were based off, the whole transforming husband into a monster and insanity factor proves they are chaos monsters.

The only reason they have that name is because of theit habitat.

eeb5c0 No.249097



Wendigo's are a meme on /k/, essential they secretly post there trying to get anons to go innawoods so they can eat them

af4324 No.249100


Ten more days Carlos, then you're going back

ef16d3 No.249108

File: 77825894f303f6b⋯.jpg (50 KB, 750x500, 3:2, image.jpg)

>be adventurer

>prepare to go find deep underground ruins to get treasure

>hear a rumor about a spider girl with poisonous words deep underneath

>pack in a little something special to deal with her

>fast forward to when i'm descending a long-forgotten staircase

>i've dealt with the werebats and ghouls that tried to get in my pants

>the minotaur babe in the labyrinth was a pain though

>you barely managed to escape, although your pants are torn and covered in fluids

>she even broke the goddamn enchanted dragon dildo you bought from the wizard just for such an occasion

>fukken bitch

>as I reach the end of the stairs, I see this large hall entrance with a spider etched into the top

>feel a pang of deep terror

>breathe in deep and proceed

>hear some young girl laugh

>as I go further down the ancient hall, the laughter gets closer and closer

>I can pratically feel the venom coming off those laughs

>as I turn the corner, I see this young girl with four spider legs coming from her back

>yeah, this must be her

>she starts throwing some insults at me

>I try my best to ignore her

>she follows me, throwing more lewd, venom-laced insults in that grating voice of hers

>fuck, this bitch is annoying

>eventually she pushes just the right buttons

>go up to her, fucking seething

>she looks likes she's expecting something as she licks her lips

>reach into my pockets and pull out my secret weapon


>jam it around her mouth and lock it

>swallow the key

>take that loli bitch

>proceed on my merry way while she tries to pull off the gag

652141 No.249110

File: db2f2aa0cb07da7⋯.jpg (48.15 KB, 392x409, 392:409, 2A3F4262-0D85-4B7E-8B95-AF….jpg)


>sage in wrong field


>Srsly, tho

Would you mind not being total cancer?

0caa5e No.249111


>swallow the key

Wouldn't that hurt?

518756 No.249112


It would be extremely painful.

ef16d3 No.249116


The adventurer is a big guy.

af4324 No.249121


For her

7dc01e No.249146


>Adventuring in some ancient ruins for that fat loot

>Gotta keep up with the cute dragon neighbor

>Down and down you go, thank god there aren't many monsters around

>But you do feel a presence pulling you to the deepest parts of the ruins

>It's probably where the treasure is anyway

>Reach the spot and look around, there is a huge, but incomplete magic circle on the ground along with a few artifacts

>You can also feel the presence nearby but nowhere to be seen

>Carefully try to grab the treasure but out of nowhere a loli spider girls starts going ham

>Holy shit she is really, really mad

>She's trying to look smug, but she's angry at the same time

>Probably saying a bunch of shit to you

>Maybe you should try to tell her that you are deaf

46f400 No.249150

File: 711265d0ec6c6b5⋯.png (817.98 KB, 1326x629, 78:37, 1484100973325.png)

46f400 No.249153


also from KC

>As expected, the appearance of unmarried and married individuals differs greatly, and the illustration is of a married individual in a state of being joined with her husband. They have venom and will spew venom such as “You're the lowest scum!” at men, which is rare for a monster girl.

>By the way, their husband is able to freely return to human form, and supposedly they also have sex while he's in human form as well, but for some reason, they're shy about being seen getting it on with their husband in human form or something to that effect.

e72fdc No.249154


>get fucked into happiness

>try to end the world anyway

>somehow the sweet personality is the real one

Get fucked, KC.

a796a8 No.249159


>Can return to human form

That's not bad.

c1bf7e No.249164


Whats the point in becoming human again if i'm still stuck in some shitty cave with some shitty loli

210940 No.249183

File: e1083e8b6319190⋯.jpg (267.55 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, big-ass.jpg)


Going outside and fucking shit up

3bc8ad No.249202

File: c254a6b6493b6d1⋯.png (803.46 KB, 1326x629, 78:37, 711265d0ec6c6b51696b24639e….png)


Lemme just

259f3c No.249205


Wait I just realized something:

>Spider-mate's tentacle dicks have taste buds

>They get put in every orifice

I hope for the man's sake this girl has a really clean anus.

57376e No.249215


Oh gods why

a32ecc No.249221


y'all so sensitive. Sounds cool to me

0676fe No.249222


To be honest I kind of agree. I mean you can become a giant fucking spider. How is that not cool?

15a8c9 No.249224


>>249222 (checked)

While it's not really so bad for me, I can see why many would be turned off by it. I'm ok with it seeing as how I can turn back whenever I want.

8652f9 No.249225

>constantly irritated, insulting and looking to bite you

Figures, she starts out with 3dpg character traits.

0676fe No.249226


not everything has to give you a boner, just the thought of becoming an awesome fucking spider man c'mon.

15a8c9 No.249227


"turnoff" wasn't meant to be taken in a sexual way here anon.

74730b No.249229


nah fuck that, you Baghdad blast that Alibaba necronomicon abomination back to the artic circle.

5e48bb No.249230


I'm with you, buddy.

818a73 No.249241

File: 7bdb780735142ef⋯.jpeg (25.42 KB, 396x351, 44:39, 7bdb780735142efe015b30d81….jpeg)


I'm really getting sick of all this transformation shit. All I wanted was another cute arachne, and instead KC shits out this abomination.

b53b5b No.249260


>Wendigos are from native american folklore from the algonquian tribe. They were malevolent cannibal forest spirits.

/monster/s Wendigo from the Monster Girl Encyclopedia has its design influenced by the Ithaqua from the Lovecraft Mythos and Lovecraftian Monsters=Demons of Chaos in the MGE universe.

Mindflayers, Shoggoths, Wendigos and Atlach Nacha belong to this groups and all share the ability to transform their husbands.

Their enemy is the Goddess Poseidon and her servants the Sea Bishops and Umi Osho.


There are only four monster girls that do that, out from 215. Well five if you count the Dimond version of the Trumpart, but that is more of a side thing.

3a69d0 No.249283


it doesn't even fit on the page

646c71 No.249286

File: ac6106a8dd36f42⋯.png (143.54 KB, 524x328, 131:82, 1418908777632.png)

>Everyone is whining because their CONTENT COMMUNISM has made them feeble to fetishes they don't like

b1cd4c No.249292

Making-of got released. Who's going to be the cutie that posts it?

640ea6 No.249437

File: 5defb697a565a2a⋯.jpg (24.77 KB, 253x420, 253:420, 5defb697a565a2a5071ee865bf….jpg)


>feeble to fetishes they don't like

>loss of humanity

>loss of personality

>sex slavery

>a profile that is the definition of a neurotic and abusive relationship

>defensible, or even something to be celebrated

a32ecc No.249452


except none of that happens. Your body changes, that's it. Everything else is in your head.

646c71 No.249456


Don't talk to me you CONTENT COMMUNIST. I don't like gore but if I flinched every time I saw it I would just leave 8ch instead of subjecting myself to dumb horror.

640ea6 No.249461

File: a8bda5aa20b9f30⋯.gif (4.98 MB, 480x271, 480:271, 2d27a19e0e327f84b73b567610….gif)


>perpetual tentacle rape giving way to girl hurling increasingly cruel and demeaning insults giving way to perpetual tentacle rape etc.

>does not in any way affect your thoughts and feelings

>does not in any way affect your mood or behavior

>does not in any way change you; you merely become a rape-spider

sure, makes sense to me


this is not gore, this is acceptance of denationalization and abuse. anyone who defends this is horribly off kilter and a blight.

640ea6 No.249463



646c71 No.249467

File: 5ca4b5daecd7827⋯.png (85.52 KB, 1022x579, 1022:579, Upset_Spanish_Brat.png)


Anon your theory sounds cool and all but its probably CONTENT COMMUNISM. Stirner also tried to tell everyone that things he didn't like were spooks and people following them were deluded, look where that got him. Maybe if he didn't have all those ACTUAL COMMUNISM friends he wouldn't have been so lost in the here and there.

640ea6 No.249472

File: def0c580590fb24⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 124.55 KB, 811x1200, 811:1200, def0c580590fb24bceb3ce4b26….jpg)


everyone has to draw a line, a boundary of acceptability. stirner had no boundaries; everything was a spook.

this new spider is nothing but dysfunction. there's no family, no love, no affection. it is blind lust, blind sexuality, blind carnality. and while that may be a turn-on for some, I can't possibly see it as healthy

though the same could be said of all of us here; it's not like we're being healthy here, chronically shitposting and pouring all this fantasy shit on our already fractured minds. there'd be no reason for us to be here if we were happy; this fills a void

9c85b5 No.249473


>everyone has to draw a line

yes, their own personal line. then they should fuck off and not try to impose their shit on other people who might like things that are beyond that line.

646c71 No.249475


Okay no, I wasn't serious about the content communism thing but now I might just be

Why the fuck do you complain about "no boundaries" then you suddenly label a whole board as "not healthy"? Are you a puritan or something?

if I wrote a really long post would you consider me as "not healthy" for obsessing myself with shitposting too much?

a32ecc No.249479


your projecting hardcore. Just because it isn't mentioned in the profile doesn't mean those things don't exist. The Apophis profile doesn't mention any of that, in fact its almost entirely talking about the Pharaoh.

The MGE isn't complicated. Its an escapist fantasy where you are allowed to read whatever you want in-between the lines.

259f3c No.249483


Are you gonna try to promote furry acceptance next you faggot?

7dc01e No.249485

File: b07587a99098e6a⋯.jpg (3.08 MB, 3130x3600, 313:360, High quality spider man.jpg)

File: 4a58eb3fbf9f640⋯.jpg (701.96 KB, 960x700, 48:35, 1484138706231.jpg)

Concept: "Cthulhu", "Monster rape" (the term used is 異種姦, which is pretty much the japanese term for the genre of girls getting fucked by monsters), "Venom-spitting loli", "Ominous and cool"

This time, it's the girl with a venomous spirit, constantly getting fucked by a giant spider, "Atlach-Nacha".

A common theme of the Cthulhu inspired girls is the husband's transformation into an inhuman form (though he can freely return back into a human). When they are connected with their husbands, they begin to resemble their original appearance. This time, it's a loli-ish girl incorporated into a giant spider, and getting fucked non-stop.

Rather than the giant spider, it's the little girl that's venomous, and by uttering venomous words and phrases she'll make herself get fucked.

With this kind of extreme design and ecology, she's almost poisoning the Encyclopedia itself!

While in the profile text you're supposed to read their phrases like "You are the lowest scum.", when they're husband and wife, it really kinda sounds more like "You're the lowest scum… <3"

In the original mythos, the Atlach-Nacha is a terrifying spider deity, lurking deep underground and eternally spinning its webs and creating its nests, unforgiving of anyone who dares disturb its work. Other than that, it doesn't seem to have any other interests or motivations.

When this nest is completed, legend has it that it will bring about the end times. In the encyclopedia's world, the "end of the human world" means monsterization and transformation of the land into a demon realm, of course.

In the encyclopedia's world, only the ground immediately above their nests would turn into a demon realm, but suppose that they lived underground across the entire world, and their nests covered the entire globe, really the entire world would turn into a demon realm…

Since the other Cthulhu based loli, the Wendigo, has a mostly white color scheme, based on the idea that the Atlach-Nacha should be a "darker" little girl, her colors are mostly black and a poisonous purple, with red lights to really stand out.

A common motif of the Cthulhu girls are "cracks" in their tentacles with shining spheres in them, but the hard parts here like the spider's shell, legs and fangs still have a sort of slimy tentacle-ish image to them.

In contrast to the Wendigo's long white hair, she has long black hair. And while the Wendigo would have an almost demure air to her while "indulging", the Atlach-Nacha would put up a strong front… (Of course, both of them would be at the mercy of their husbands pounding them from behind either way)

7dc01e No.249486

File: 6ff51ed5c58c671⋯.jpg (226.9 KB, 538x600, 269:300, 1484140066534.jpg)

File: 9dac4c69691a47a⋯.jpg (296 KB, 609x700, 87:100, 1484140144544.jpg)


Regardless of their appearance as a couple, the Atlach-Nacha by herself has the appearance of a human girl with spider legs growing out of her back, with luminous orbs arranged in the pattern of an arachne's compound eyes.

Though compared to an Arachne her design is pretty tame and close to a human, the intention is to have a stark contrast between the wife's appearance and the husband's by lowering the amount of monstrous features on her.

Her slutty clothes don't hide anything at all, and she's basically completely bare. Her fair, bare skin is supposed to contrast the surrounding dark purple tones.

(Of course, the main reason is that I love slutty clothing!)

Her sleeves are like a kimono's. By making the arms kind of disappear into the surrounding blackness, it makes her torso stand out even more.

I consider the chest accessory just something she has in common with the Wendigo. Hers has a design combining a spider and a tentacle creature.

The joints of her legs have bushy hair of a poisonous purple color growing from them. There's lots of hairy spiders out there, so I went for that sort of look.

(as an aside, I don't really get why you'd have to have a contrast between the girl and the husband? when she's single she's just going to look like a standard loli to you, when you're all spidered up you ARE the spider so you don't really care about how her body looks in contrast to yours, and seeing her "complete" it doesn't really matter if you find the contrast between the two appealing because she's already taken at that point, so what's the deal? I mean it would have worked if the spider part was some kind of magical construct or something.)

It's kind of hard to see what her husband is supposed to look like from the angle in the illustration, so I drew a few sideways angles in the sketches too.

The part filled with countless tentacles that the wife is drawn into is a "reproductive pouch", rather than a mouth.

Even the part that looks like a tongue is just another tentacle (but the husband can still "taste" his wife, of course)

The real mouth is hidden behind her back, above the reproductive part.

On the left and right sides of her waist are the husband's fangs, and the thin purple part surrounding the tentacles outside is his chin.

Spiders tend to have large, rounded silhouettes with huge heads when viewed from the front, so to give the spider a kind of "ominous, villainous coolness" instead of it looking goofy and silly, I spent a lot of time considering angles and placement of parts, and what sort of silhouette would result from it.

By the way, the husband and wife each have 4 legs. Together as a couple, that makes eight, symbolizing how they've grown closer to her original appearance together.

And yeah, their proof of intercourse is just dripping all over the place… Please understand.

7dc01e No.249488


>Since the other Cthulhu based loli, the Wendigo

See? I told you.

9c85b5 No.249495


>telling someone who comes to a board and tells people what's acceptable to like to fuck off is the same as accepting furries

are you retarded or do you just pretend to be one?

518756 No.249496


Nigger this is a girl that turns you into a spider with dicks on it's chin. What exactly arouses you about this?

b53b5b No.249500

File: 11ae557c0dab0f2⋯.jpg (69.79 KB, 550x300, 11:6, 0mH3XJ.jpg)


You are overlooking something really obvious: ==SHE IS FUCKING METAL==

>through some eldritch way you end up in a cyclopean abyss

>you try to find your way out, but instead you run into this spider bitch

>she is fucking powerful

>a goddess of death and destruction so immeasurable that it almost shatters your mind

>and she insults you for being nothing but a lowly human

>you try to escape the abyss

>but all your attempts end in failure

>and SHE is making fun of you the WHOLE time

>after what feels like a eternity yo have had enough

>you have looked long enough into the abyss that it is looking back at you

>not only looking back at you

>its inside you, looking through your many eyes

>you don't notice the transformation

>you are occupied with invading HER web

>SHUTTING her mouth


>after you are done putting her in place, she finally shows that she can be a nice girl

>she confesses her love for you and compliments your huge spider gains

>you start living happily with your new spider waifu

>she starts building a love nest for you two, so you two can fuck without that creeper in yellow watching you

>it has to be big

>your transformed self is fucking massive

>one day she is almost finished building your love nest

>and she mischievously mentions offhand that your love will end the world above


>you destroy your love nest and start the corrective rape

>she is nice again

>but soon she starts to build a nest again

>and so this cycle continues for untold eons

9c85b5 No.249501


nothing except the spider like appearance because spidergirls are fucking hot but I'm not going to tell someone else to not like it. he can like it and I can not like it and we can both agree to disagree because I'm not some fucking autist that needs to impose his tastes on other people as some ultimate rule.

a796a8 No.249502




Imagine how that would feel.

Plus I could return to human form whenever I want, so no big deal.

9c85b5 No.249503



ok I take it back that sounds kinda hot as well

349c41 No.249504

She's a shit waifu, but an neat encounter for a DM to throw at his players.

>Party goes down into a dungeon and rescues a prisoner NPC.

>Said NPC has a really low will saving throw and not very high wisdom, but players don't know that.

>Encounter Atlach Nacha who proceeds to throw her venom-laced insults at the party.

>Everyone has to make will saves.

>The prisoner is bound to fail and try to rape her.

>Hello boss encounter.

Remember that KC is a GM.

74730b No.249506

File: cc7e38590656772⋯.png (30.97 KB, 133x490, 19:70, master blaster.png)

b53b5b No.249508


And how is that encounter to be solved?

I mean he wants to fuck the Atlach Nacha and not fight the group and the only was for him to turn normal is to finish fucking the Atlach Nacha.

Is the goal of the group to stun her, so that the prisoner can get her?

349c41 No.249509


I'm pretty sure the usual reaction is "OH FUCK KILL IT" upon seeing someone turning into a giant spider.

If they're smart, the players will try to kill the loli.

a796a8 No.249510

File: 90cd5ddf5960250⋯.jpg (9.27 KB, 259x194, 259:194, Try me asshole.jpg)

b53b5b No.249511


But if they kill him, they fail the quest and don't get rewards. So naturally the player will try to avoid it and come up with some bullshit plan to tame the spider.

cac623 No.249675

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>anons in this thread wanting to become giant insects

>anons who want to bring about the world

>anons that will be exterminated by the EDF

15a8c9 No.249676

File: 85dc2d89dacc74b⋯.png (482.45 KB, 444x601, 444:601, Sounds like we have nothin….PNG)


Giant insects cannot fly, this will be a one sided battle

d69ffb No.249685

according to all known laws of aviation it is impossible for a bee to fly

652141 No.249717


Anon, this is a thread heh about spiders

b8f5ab No.249757


>Be Atlach'Anon.

>Or is it Anon'nacha?

>Doesn't really matter.

>What matter is the softly snoring girl in your arms.

>It's in moments like these that your thoughts wander in curious directions.

>For exemple, as you play with a lock of her silky smooth hair, you take an instant to make absolutely sure that it's a human hand with five fingers that is attached at the end of your arm.

>You might be getting too used to the shape-shifting thing. You can't even remember what you were like when the two of you fell asleep.

>Worse yet, your own body feels… ill-suited, somehow, as if merely an experimental draft, just something you were told to make do before becoming what you should be.

>Still, this form has its advantages, being slimey and wriggly is nice for massages and abusing her entire body, but dry, firm and soft is the optimal for snuggles.

>Well, as dry as can be with the copious amount of fluids still drying on her or lazily dripping along her inner thighs.

>As you try to find a slightly more comfortable position to rest, you take a moment to look at your surroundings.

>It should worry you that your bedroom walls have been swallowed by some ever-shifting abyssal blackness that occasionally grows an eyeball or more when it thinks you aren't paying attention.

>Speaking of this room, where did the bed go? Right now, you're resting on a hammock made of silk with the bedsheets strewn across your bodies, but the pillows, the mattress and other furniture are nowhere to be seen.

>"What are you thinking about, Anon?" comes her delicate and tired voice, the complete opposite way of how she yelled the day you met.

"Trivial mortals' stuff, you know."

>"I like this mortal's stuff. Cuddles and breakfast in bed for example, how can my kind have lived so long without these? Absolute madness."

"Breakfast now wouldn't be reasonable. It's probably late afternoon, now."

>"Neither of us are known for being reasonable, dear. Besides, time is another one of those unnecessary burdens you came up with. You should let me get rid of it for you."

"Like you got rid of the space inside this room?"

>"That ugly dresser you bought last fall made one Shoggoth near Iddelstad very happy."

"You did keep the clothes that were inside it, right?"

>"Who do you take me for?"

"So~ did you keep 'em?"

>"Yes I did, Anon. I might think in unfathomable ways, but I'd never do you harm."

"I know, and I never doubted you. But I'm still wondering where my clothes went."

>"It's not like you need 'em. You just need to want a shape with such things on and that's it."

"Naïka, c'm'on, I still wanna do some things normally. I'm not quite ready yet to just change everything about me."

>"Said by the beast who so thoroughly ravaged me. Truly, a shining paragon of humanity."

"So, poor defenseless unending well of foreign knowledge beyond the reach of mortal minds, where are my clothes?"

>"Just saunter around the house naked! Your kind did it for thousands of years! Why change what isn't broken?!"

"You just want to ogle me all day long. Don't you?"

>"Is it a crime to want to see something nice?!"

"Alright. Fine, breakfast, then clothes, deal?"

>"Sounds good."

>You begin to wriggle from under her, when a tray filled with freshly cooked goods simply solidify in your hands.

>Before you can even question your mate on this phenomenon, the hammock shifts, belonging the two of you to a sitting position as she turns around and sits up on your lap.

>"Thanks for the hard work, dear."

"Umm. How?"

>"Easy, once you were motivated, I just had to pull the fruits of your future efforts into this present time."


>"Bon apetit!"

51059e No.249758


I was more onboard seeing I could change at will (though being a giant spider appeals to the transhuman in me) but you are really selling me on this girl anon, good work.

57376e No.249783

File: 77059b5b753e091⋯.jpg (110 KB, 599x599, 1:1, IMG_4418.JPG)




74730b No.249790


>trans anything.

Go back to tumblr faggot.

cb7a3e No.249792


Get transdimensionally fucked, faggot.

a796a8 No.249793

File: 8d9f2f8a79d2494⋯.jpg (276.98 KB, 900x1273, 900:1273, a859bee8e37b774cdbf311ec5b….jpg)



I thought that only applies to cyborgs.

1e2b57 No.249796


Then you can them a cyborg.

Transhuman is a cuck term.

e93a98 No.249798


Okay, I'll take your advice, Astarte-san!

Wait a minute…

74730b No.249799


take ur dimensional trannu meds faggot.

9c85b5 No.249803

File: d33f71f67d79e4d⋯.jpg (119.96 KB, 379x406, 379:406, eijumalauta4.jpg)


>Transhuman is a cuck term.

I don't know if you're stupid or just acting stupid. Either way you should stop.

1e2b57 No.249804


Look at anything with transhumanism. It's all cucked to hell and back.

a796a8 No.249806


Leftists and reddit seem to have hijacked it.

9c85b5 No.249808


You keep saying cuck this and cuck that but I don't understand how it relates to transhumanism. What actually is "cucked" about transhumanism or are you just using that word to signify that you don't personally agree with the ideology?

1e2b57 No.249810


The people who incorporate transhumanism in their writing tend to be cucks.

b8f5ab No.249812


Okay, just for your general culture, following the good old Oxford Dictionary:

"[Transhumanism] The belief or theory that the human race can evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations,

especially by means of science and technology."

Soo~ I fail to see how that shit can be for cucks only.

Yes, I can imagine that some kind of Tumblr reject managed to ruin it with his/her dream of "Equality for all, but us first", but your tendency to see the big bad SJW in everything frightens me, Anon.

1e2b57 No.249815


M8. Everything is permanently ruined. There's nothing good anymore. As soon as something sounds neat, it'll quickly become shit.

Also, you sound like you're from tumblr or something.

e93a98 No.249816

File: 27afc4eac878961⋯.jpg (58.6 KB, 450x443, 450:443, 1444534693850-0.jpg)




>turning ourselves into glorious ubermesch

>improving our capacity for thought and reason

>becoming self-sufficient and independent

>achieving full actualization of ourselves as individuals

>attaining the power to make our waifus real


5e48bb No.249817



That's pretty cool. Thanks for posting this, buddy.

74730b No.249818

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


> not doing it naturally

>posting undercuck pictures

>not learning anything from gargantia.

fuck your disgusting otherkin enabling.

1e2b57 No.249821


You know full well that it'll be less Ubermensch and more futa furries and tranny mutants fucking everywhere.


>falling for the actualization feel good meme

b8f5ab No.249824


Thanks mate, that's exactly what I wanted to say but you nailed it a million times better.


C'm'on, Anon, tell me you're answering like that to bait me, you can't be serious.

You rused me good now let me hope that you're actually a fine specimen of human being and not some caricature of a cowardly retard behind his computer screen traumatized by fucking Tumblr.

Please, protect my hopes for you, I believe in you.

74730b No.249825


>enabling the tumblrtard.

lol fag.

1e2b57 No.249826


>traumatized by tumblr

What in the fuck made you come to that fucking conclusion? I made that comment because you sound like a cunt that comes from there. Face it, transhumanism is ruined trash.

e93a98 No.249829

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It's only ruined if you let them ruin it. Just because it can be used to create furfag abominations doesn't mean it can't also be used for the salvation of humanity. That would be like saying guns are bad because they can hurt innocent people.

Even if we get swarmed by furfags, we can still go to space and enjoy ourselves while they all yiff in hell. Is it really such a steep price to pay if it means we get our waifus?

1e2b57 No.249831


>implying we'll ever get waifus

Hint: We won't

74730b No.249834


>pls let me cuck in peace.

lol no faggot .

e93a98 No.249836

File: 6c7e345d89cf7eb⋯.jpg (259.46 KB, 850x779, 850:779, sample-c404666cab41708f4f1….jpg)


What part of



do you not understand?


>traveling hundreds of millions of lightyears just to stop people from doing silly, stupid things

Nigger are you for real?

74730b No.249838


> enabling your special needs cousin in front of the aliens.

nigger are you retarded?

e93a98 No.249840


You would have to be a horrible parent to raise a retarded child in a transhumanist society. You know, since we would have the technology to un-retard people.

74730b No.249841


thats why we kill all the commies and furries first then turn their children into robocucks.

1e2b57 No.249842


Don't forget the Jews too for ruining everything in the first place.

51059e No.249889

Wow, had no idea my comment would set off a shitstorm like this. I just meant transhuman as in becoming something other than human, nothing else. If anything I guess I'm most influenced by Eclipse Phase in this.

854fa0 No.249968


That dub makes me want to murder a baby wan

f07884 No.250082

File: d623de736740924⋯.jpg (42.98 KB, 554x313, 554:313, edfenemies05_thumb.jpg)

File: ac3f9272e7863cd⋯.jpg (237.59 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Earth_Defense_Force_2025.0.jpg)


I don't think so bub

20c3a2 No.250858


>tsuntsun spidergirl who gives you the power to turn into a giant tentacle-rape monster

>she turns deredere after you tentacle rape her silly

>looks like she's probably voiced by Rie Kugimiya

ec527b No.251335

File: 963b0a6355d8639⋯.jpg (864.08 KB, 2390x4250, 239:425, 1471391193100.jpg)

File: 68834632347f534⋯.jpg (29.45 KB, 444x366, 74:61, Love_thread.jpg)


It's like insult sword-fighting, only with sex.



Top tier adventurers right here.



Thank you for the translation!


Sounds like you took a little inspiration from Weavers to write this. Intelligent and eccentric spiders who can see possible futures and manipulate the threads of fate to make it happen.

b26e36 No.256221

>While having sex with them like that, the man will experience a burning sensation inside his own body, and before he knows it, he'll have changed from human form into an ominous huge spider form. The huge spider has a reproductive pouch with countless wiggling tentacles around the bottom of his cephalon; furthermore, he will make the foul-mouthed little girl's body sink inside there and cover her in tentacles.

This is the most NOPE-tier monster girl ever. And I thought mantangos and mind flayers were bad.

20c3a2 No.256379


>not wanting to turn into a giant, badass spider-themed tentacle monster and fuck every hole of your tsundere spider waifu simultaneously

It's not like you can't turn back into a human whenever you want to, anyway.

11543a No.256385


I'm going to headcanon the whole transformation thing out of the picture because I like the chuuni cave loli thing she has going on.

b26e36 No.256406


>It's not like you can't turn back into a human whenever you want to, anyway.

True, you're stuck being a giant rape spider with tentacle penis mouth.

d23140 No.256470

So how do daughteru Atlach Nacha work?

391522 No.256472

File: 8f5186be1e4d911⋯.jpg (11.01 MB, 8344x9600, 1043:1200, 27AC3AD4E28585364274D5BC50….jpg)

I decided to enlarge some of my favourites images in this thread.

391522 No.256473

File: a416660ebf406e3⋯.jpg (9.35 MB, 6630x3145, 78:37, BBB968AF64E4E857805ABD3FD1….jpg)


I guess she lays eggs from her P U F F Y V U L V A.

2be8e5 No.256560


Well time for me to don the DOOMGUY armor and go Rip and Tear mode on this bullshit.

9339f6 No.256631


I am not talking about how their are born, but how their relationship with their parents is.

Their mother is a tsundere, which regularly needs to be put in her place by the father.

The father is a gigantic rape spider with a penis tentacle mouth.

The young Atlach Nacha suffers from the same poison as her Mother.

ed95fa No.256635


Incest solves all of lives problems.

db9a9f No.256707


Rip and tear her pussy right buddy?

bc87ac No.256718


The venom is neutralized by the human mana in semen. In a world where semen is pretty much a foodstuff like milk and you can turn into a multi-cocked fuckspider, dosing your daughters their daily cup of semen isn't as weird. Theres also mana in saliva and blood, so just drown your daughterus in sweet kisses until they can get a boyfriend.

20c3a2 No.256727


Or you could just learn to magic your spirit energy at her rather than needing to feed your daughteru sexual fluids.


>not like you can't

>what are double negatives

f26efb No.256752

nacha is slang for asscheek in mexican.

I find it amusing and thought you would too.

i'm sorry

2be8e5 No.256788


Not if she's going to bring the end of worlds anon.

4fdbc9 No.256794

File: 3149a6107f46b8f⋯.jpg (77.33 KB, 878x911, 878:911, image.jpg)


>asscheek spoder

>you literally become her asscheek

8353d0 No.256801

File: b2cd5d847e22bfb⋯.png (457.99 KB, 900x1330, 90:133, milfy spooder.png)

ef5ab8 No.256889

File: 5819ccfd16876b7⋯.jpg (20.18 KB, 234x313, 234:313, Benio.jpg)

I wonder if she's supposed to look like Benio from Sousei no Onmyouji, in the same way that Vamp Mosquito looks like Nico from Love Live and Will-o'-the-wisp looks like Tomoko from Watamote.

a9873f No.256970

File: 2d49c2f05efe7ff⋯.jpg (32.93 KB, 615x600, 41:40, 2d49c2f05efe7ff62b374f08d8….jpg)


But if she took future you's efforts then you wouldn't have to go make it meaning it wouldn't exist and then you would go to make it and she'd just- TIME PARADOX

Or, she just stole breakfast from alternate dimension you and her. Whatabitch.

Liked it quite a bit, there, anon. Made me a lot more…. Open to the idea that this one is not total trash.

Pic still related tho. Consorting with chaos daemons is not recommended.




As long as I don't run out of jump juice in the middle of a spider bukake shoot again, it shouldn't be too bad.

Also, wing divers can't fly either. And AI diver jetpack warning sounds are the worst misfeature ever. I sometimes hear the beeping when I close my eyes.I KNOW IT'S LOW IT'S ALWAYS LOWI'M A SHARK THAT DIES TO SPIDER BUKAKE IF I STOP MOVING

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