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Headpats are God.

File: ea6a6066b7065cf⋯.png (395.92 KB, 635x635, 1:1, Pappas.png)

8dddda No.266966

Welcome to Warrior quest, an interactive story where you take control of a young strapping lad of above average stature called Bernsen.

Raised in the forest by a family of bears, this mean barbarian enjoys eating meat, exploring the world and beating the shit out of local wild life and troublemakers whenever the opportunity for it arises.

After leaving his ancestral home in the Black Forest, he seeks to connect with civilization and start a new life for himself. The land he is traversing is known as Deleor and is governed by its king who lives in the country’s capital of Sanctiford.

Will Bernsen manage to start a new life and make new friends and acquaintances? Join the fun and find out.

This is the second part of the Black Forest series of quests which is set in the same universe as AceTheWritefag’s Wizard Quest series. To all the veterans: Welcome back! As for the newcomers: Don’t be discouraged to join! The story has a rather open ended structure and while knowledge of the previous part will let you understand certain story elements better, it is not necessary to do so.

Previous Threads:




For those interested in becoming familiar with our previous work Barbarian Quest, you can read through the thread archives below.





Learning from experience this time around I will maintain a stat sheet of sorts for the main character which includes his inventory. Keep in mind however that the stats listed are strictly arbitrary and should only be taken as a general idea of his abilities and strengths.


Map of Deleor, the magical realm you are daring to enter. (Courtesy of the Loremeister, AceTheWriteFag himself)


8dddda No.266967

The warrior briefly pondered how to properly address this. The fairy was clearly jealous from the pressure of the apparent competition for his affection, but her behavior was childish and out of line. Normally he would just physically punish such behavior but he was not sure how the fairy would react to it, after all she had been through.

The warrior quickly jerked his hand forward and tightly grabbed the fairy before she could escape. The little caith sith began to growl and hiss immediately after that as she tried to break free.

“Huh?” Sahra who was walking next to the warrior raised her head to see what was going on. “Hey Bern, what are you-“

But the man quickly gave her a meaningful look and shook his head which made the witch turn quiet and move her eyes back on the road.

“Let go!” Kenzie angrily spoke up but the man’s grip was firm.

“Kenzie, you have been very naughty lately. I don’t like this.” The man began as he addressed the fairy. “I understand that you feel like this newcomer to our group will try to take away all my attention away but this is simply not true. You still have seniority and are the first member of my tribe. And that means a lot, believe me.”

The fairy stopped fidgeting in his grasp at that and instead began to pout.

“Tell you what, if you promise to behave I am going to give you a present.” The warrior tried to wink only to realize that it would just look like a regular blink with his eyepatch. The fairy still got the hint though and perked up.

“A present?”

“Yea.” Bernsen reached into his chin hair and fished out a vial of thick white substance that made Kenzie immediately start to salivate.

“Gimme, gimme, gimme!” She began to wriggle in his grasp so hard that she started to buzz.

“Not until you promise that you will not be mean to Midori anymore. I messed up and now she has to stay with us for a while. So no scaring her with your bonemen or being rude to her.” The warrior wiggled his finger at the fairy.

“No bonemen?” The caith sith looked disappointed but licked her lips as she stared at the vial.

“…Okay, you can use them a little, but only when we are not in any danger and sparingly. I would rather have more allies than more enemies” The man finally relented.

“Okay! I promise!” The fairy exclaimed with a smile and the warrior let her go at which point the fairy made a beeline toward the bottle. She snatched it right out of the warrior’s hand and tore off the cork before starting to greedily chug.

“Do I want to know where you got that?” The dwarf inquired, sounding sarcastic.

“Want some too?” The man offered another bottle to the dwarf. Sahra stared at the vial before her gaze slowly rose up to the warrior’s face. Her expression was pretty hard to discern.

“Yes.” She answered with a straight face to the warrior’s surprise. The only thing that was betraying her emotions were her rapidly reddening cheeks. The warrior decided not to point that out however and just gave the dwarf the second bottle of his homebrewn ultra mana potion.

“Eh he…hehe…” Kenzie hiccupped once and the empty bottle slid out of her grasp and fell on the road, shattering in the process. “Now this is some goooooood milk.”

“Kenzie?” The warrior looked the fairy warily. For some reason her flight was uneven and she had a goofy smile on her face. The little caith sith then landed on the man’s head and began to rub her body against him before letting out a burp followed by a giggle.

“Huh, so fairies getting drunk on semen is not just some silly superstition.” The elf in the lead turned around to glance at the fairy who was rolling back and forth on her back while resting on the warrior’s scalp.

Fortunately Kenzie was not a violent drunk and soon began to snooze amidst the warrior’s black mane of hair. Another day of tracking had come to an end and the dinner that was prepared for the group was just as rich as the lunch.

“No seriously, where did you get all this food?” The man shook his head in disbelief as he was handed a cup of noodles with a thick chicken broth.

8dddda No.266968

“A good wife must always be ready to prepare a feast even in such hard conditions.” Midori answered with a lot of pride in her voice.

“She has a bag of holding that’s full of unperishables.” The wizard who was wearing an apron that said “Don’t Kiss the cook” casually pointed out as he placed a few slices of meat atop his bowl of rice. Courtesy of the warrior noticing and picking off a wild boar during the day.

“Webbu san!” Midori cried out sounding hurt. “How could you?!”

“Hey it’s not like it’s a secret. I mean, how else would you carry so much rice, noodles and dry soup stock with you?” The blonde man shrugged and put a piece of meat into his mouth.

“How shameful! This is supposed to be a secret!” The ushi covered her face with her claws.

“Hey don’t go around stabbing yourself over it now. No one is asking you to make dough for fresh noodles or make fresh chicken broth out of nonexistent chickens.” The dwarf reassuringly patted one of the ushi’s legs. “This beats eating those disgusting bread pouches any day.”

“Akhem, for the record miss Smith, the heated bread pouch, when prepared according to Deleorean standards, has a very high nutritional value, as well as containing a balanced mix of grains, vegetables proteins, dairy and starches in it. The only food group that is missing from it is fruit and that can be easily filled by eating a couple of apples every day.” The wizard coughed politely and then pointed his chopsticks at the dwarf as he gave his explanation.

“They are processed trash and the only way you would enjoy their taste is if your taste buds were destroyed by years of consumption of sugary threats.” The dwarf replied sharply which made the wizard reel back with an expression of disgust and disdain.

“I don’t think they are that bad.” The warrior answered honestly as he placed some noodles into his mouth before Midori quickly reached out with a napkin to wipe the corner of his mouth to his dismay.

“Bern, you grew up in the woods, your opinion doesn’t count. Stray animals think that trash is tasty too.” The witch chuckled but Midori gasped at the comment.

“Hey, it’s okay. She is not wrong.” The warrior waved his hand in front of him to show that he was not bothered by the banter.

“Really? You grew up in the woods?” Midori’s eyes widened in surprise. “You don’t look like you did in the slightest!”

“Should have seen him when I met him. He only had a bear skin and a loincloth on.” The dwarf chuckled.

“Oh my!” Agent W exclaimed and touched the side of his face with the palm of his hand.

“How unusual, but if I may say so, the hardships of such life left some very positive marks on your body.” The fuzzy spider sighed and suddenly lowered her head on the warrior’s shoulder. The man began to hear angry buzzing in his beard soon after that and the fairy poked her head out of it.

“Ah! A fairy? How delightful!” The ushi clapped her claws together and leaned down.

“Are you my husband’s pe-Waaaahhmmph!” A skeletal limb suddenly reached out of the man’s beard and covered the spider’s mouth.

“Watch it cow tits. I am the bottom bitch here and don’t you forget it!” The caith sith made a challenging smirk and crossed her arms on her tiny chest as her wings and eyes flared bright with purple energy.

“Feeling better?” The warrior calmly inquired.

“Yea! That milk was amazing I feel so pumped!” The fairy began to shadowbox for emphasis in the air.

“W-w-what was that!?” Midori pointed at the rapidly retreating skeletal hand. “It’s just like before!”

“Kenzie is a necromancer miss Midori.” Ellen, who was previously quiet pointed out. “She also appears to have a certain fondness for agent B so I would suggest to keep public displays of affection to yourself if possible.”

“I-I see. Silly me, for a second there I thought that I saw a skeleton but that’s clearly ridiculous. Skeletons are not real.” The spider who was profusely shaking quickly wiped some sweat off her eyebrow.

“Exactly.” The dwarf who was also looking uncomfortable as well nodded fiercely in agreement.

8dddda No.266970

“Forgive my curiosity Bernard, but did you really grow up in the woods? How did that happen? As far as I know not even monster nation still has tribes that keep men against their will in them.” The wizard pointed his finger at the warrior before cupping his hand in front of himself.

The warrior pondered for a brief moment.

“It’s a long story.” The dwarf answered sarcastically and glanced at the warrior with a smile. “Right?”

Bernsen let out a small laugh at that before shaking his head. “It is but we are not in a rush right now. So why not?”

The warrior put his plate down which was immediately snatched by the ushi oni who put it into a neat stack.

“So it all started one winter night…”


Even with all the abridging the warrior did, his tale ended up being far longer than he had anticipated. But to his surprise, his allies listened to him with incredible attention and in the case for Kenzie and Sahra even with their mouths open. When he finally concluded his story, it was so late already that the moon was hanging high up in the sky.

“Whoa.” The dwarf straightened out with a creak and looked up.

“I did read the Black Forest mission report but sir Mathew did not even bother with the details.” Ellen quickly shook her head and rubbed her chin.

“What a spiteful bitch!” Kenzie cried out and wiped some tears out of her eyes. “She knew she was not going to win but she still stole all of your friend’s memories.”

“So the Union has access to two Arcane nexi now, huh?” The wizard pondered quietly.

“That is…quite a story.” Midori swallowed hard but then her cheeks blushed. “But I was right, I immediately felt an incredibly presence of authority from you, my beloved. But to think that you were a member of royalty! Oh dear!”

“A king with no kingdom or citizens. Kind of an empty title, isn’t it?” The dwarf frowned slightly.

“I am no one’s king no more. I am just Bernsen.” The warrior shrugged.

“Aren’t you worried about your family?” Ellen inquired, sounding unusually tender.

“They are in good hands. I am sure Martel is taking care of them, she has a kind heart. And they don’t remember me either, so there is no reason to visit.” The man sadly sighed and to his surprise suddenly found Kenzie clinging to him with tearful eyes.

“Don’t worry Bernie, I promise I will never forget you!”

“Heh, thanks Kenzie. I appreciate that.” The warrior playfully ruffled her hair with his index finger but strangely enough Sahra clung to his arm tightly.

“Geez, carrying so much emotional baggage without even flinching. How tough are you?”

“Oh! Are we doing a group hug! I want to be next!” L’argent exclaimed and clapped his hands before grabbing the warrior’s other arm to his dismay.

“Least assured we never forget our agents or their accomplishments B. And I don’t mean this as a threat.” The elf placed her hand on the man’s shoulder and he could feel a certain conservative warmth from her touch that was genuine.

“Oh! This is so touching!” Suddenly two huge fuzzy claws wrapped around the entire group and everyone was yanked off their feet with a mix of surprised yells and curses. “This is just like in the plays!” Midori cried out and began to rub her face against the warrior’s. And even though the man hardly knew the monster her heart seemed to be in the right place even if she was a bit pushy.

The man slept very well that night. The weight that he had on his shoulders was still there but now a few friends were helping him with carrying it.


8dddda No.266971

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

“So here it is, huh? Derrick.” The dwarf narrowed her eyes suspiciously and sniffed the air loudly several times.

“Miss Smith, elves do not have a distinct smell. Please stop doing that.” The Elf pointed out with a sigh as the group was transported to the other side of the river by a small riverboat.

“A-are we there yet?” Midori inquired as she shook wildly at the bottom of the boat, afraid to open her eyes.

“Be patient Midori-san. We are halfway there, just a little more.” The wizard reassuringly patted the spider’s shoulder who whimpered in turn. She was apparently hydrophobic.

“I can just taste the spice in the air. No wonder this vile den of corruption would be a host to that shit.” The witch spat overboard before cockily looking at the mist shrouded shore of the town’s port.

“It’s about time someone upturned the tree of corruption that had firmly planted itself into this town and remove the elves that taint it with their presence.”

“Are elves really that bad?” The fairy asked Sahra, sounding worried.

“They are the worst Kenzie. Be careful that none of them snatch you up to steal your dust again!” The witch sharply looked down and the fairy suddenly burst into tears and flew into the warrior’s beard with a loud whine.

“Sahra! Sheesh, be more gentle! You scared her!” The warrior judgingly looked at Sahra but the witch crossed her hands.

“She should be! You’ll see yourself when we get there Bern! Derrick is a dangerous place!”


“D-don’t look at me like that! This is obviously a trick! They are just luring you into a false sense of security!” The witch stuttered and lowered her head as she suspiciously glanced around.

The group had left the port after paying the ferryman a couple of silvers and now found themselves in a delightfully beautiful town. It was not the Sanctiford kind of grandiose beauty but rather the homely, comfortable kind.

Most of the buildings in Derrick were wooden cottages but it was not from a lack of wealth, as each house was painstakingly crafted and decorated with elaborate carvings and colorful paint. Each of the houses was obviously build on an individual basis.

Every cobbled road had lines of pretty and sweet smelling flowers growing along them that were watered and tended for by various people and monsters, the majority of which resembled Ellen but with a darker tone of skin.

The town, if the warrior had to summarize it, was at peace of nature. It made him feel incredibly nostalgic as he walked under the crowns of massive trees that grew along the roads and in-between the houses or sometimes even through the houses, as the architecture was built around the trees instead of removing them to make space.

Children could be seen climbing them, here and there or playing tag and hide and seek. But the older ones were walking together in orderly fashion toward the direction of some large stone building at the hill outside of town while wearing identical purple and white uniforms with matching bags and pointy hats.

“See! See! They are practicing witchcraft! They are even using boys for their sacrificial rituals!” Sahra yelled and pointed her finger at a youthful couple that was made out of a boy and a dark elf. They looked startled at the dwarf’s outburst and the purple suited boy quickly wrapped his shoulder around the monster to lead her away.

“Yes, derrick has the largest concentration of monster magic practitioners in Deleor. There is a school where it’s being taught along with other more common subjects.” Ellen smugly replied as she walked past the dwarf.

“Aren’t you a witch too?” The warrior scratched his head in confusion. “Why are you so worked up about this?”

Sahra raised her finger and was about to protest but realized that she had nothing to reply with and instead frowned and looked away.

The further they went, the more the warrior liked the place. When they got closer to the center, they started to encounter groups of men, monsters and women as well as stone buildings. But unlike the more pragmatic masonry of Barstone or the overwhelming presence of Sanctifrod’s marble structures, the stonework here had the same feeling as the wooden cottages.

8dddda No.266972

The stone was beautifully and elegantly carved and then the nature was let to set in as vines and moss grew over the buildings along with small patches of flowers here and there.

“Oh?” The man stopped in his tracks to see a large round stone building that had a glass dome ceiling on it that reminded him of the domes he encountered in El Dorito. “What’s this for?”

“Oh, that’s the Circus Din Luna building. The biggest tourist attraction in Derrick. They host daily performances in there every evening.” Ellen explained with a smile.

“Like a play?” Bernsen asked curiously.

“Sort of but it’s more about various physical displays of skill and power. They also have a small Zoo in it.” The elf elaborated further.

“Oh! With animals and stuff?” Kenzie popped out of the warrior’s beard, looking interested.

“Yup, it’s not particularly big but it does have some select specimens that are used in the performances.” The woman in the blue tunic leaned down to the fairy and playfully flicked her finger at one of the fairy’s ears.

“I can confirm that it is a delightful place. I watched their performances a few times before. They are a sight to behold.” Lord Jubilee closed his eyes and smiled at the memory.

“This is a nice place. I like it.” The man smiled as he breathed in another mouthful of fresh air that was sweet with the aftertaste of the countless blooming flowers.

“Indeed. Derrick used to be a small town but after the peace threaty with the monster nation was established it’s population and fortune really boomed. Besides the usual fishing activities Derrick has a salmon farm as well as a booming herbal growing industry. And that’s not counting the potion brewing stores and it’s arcane businesses. Derrick is a shining example of how well monsters and people can coexist together in peace.” The elf explained.

“Bern! Don’t fall for elvish tricks!” The dwarf protested and suddenly began to shout. “This is all a lie, don’t you get it! We are being lead into a trap! The Al-Sabbath assassins must already be here! It could be anyone, even she!” The dwarf pointed in a random direction which ended up with her pointing at a young elf child.

“Wahh! Mommy, this lady is scary!” The elf began to whine and was quickly scooped in the hands of her mother.

“Don’t look her in the eyes honey. You will trigger her.” The older elf with white hair hastily whispered and began to move away from the witch in red.

“Uh…” The man began to address the crimson red faced dwarf but she shouted again. “I STAND BY WHAT I SAID!”

“Sheesh, this woman is starting to scare me.” Midori worryingly glanced at the angry dwarf.

After a while, the group had finally managed to find an Inn with an empty room which was pretty challenging. They had to pass through four of them to get one. With the witchcraft business booming, the circus and all the travelers passing by on their way to Cair for the yearly grand championship, the town was packed with people and monsters.

“Dear husband, would you like me to wash your clothes for you?” Midori leaned down to the warrior with a warm smile.

“NO!” The dwarf cried out and jumped in-between the monster and the man with her hands extended.

“You must remain in your armor at all times Bern! We could get ambushed at any moment!”

8dddda No.266973

“Sahra I think you might be overreacting. I don’t feel any danger from this place, quite the opposite actually.” The man glanced out of the window to see a bunch of smiling and laughing people walk by.

“It’s alright but there are too many colors for my taste.” The caith sith shrugged as she rested atop the warrior’s head once more.

“Regardless of miss Smith’s opinions we have a job here to do. The leyline connection is back and I already got some extra intel from Anderson. The agents who were sent here in advance were unable to find any direct proof but we have a few strong leads. The first one is the group of small magic shops in town that might act as a buffer zone for the spice. We don’t have any concrete suspects so we will have to check all of them.” Ellen addressed the group and pointed at her scrying bowl.

“That many huh? Should we split for that?” Webster leaned down to the bowl curiously.

“There is more. Our intelligence team also suspects that Derrick’s little witch academy might be compromised as well, so we will check up on their activities just in case. Besides that we should also inquire the carriage drivers in town for suspicious activities as well as unusual cargo being transported northwest to Cair through the swamp.” The elf crossed her arms on her chest and put her bowl away.

“So where do we start?” The wizard quizzically looked at Ellen.

“I was actually thinking that we could perhaps rest today. We might be late but we had to track a lot and so it would be best if we regain our energy. After that, well we could split up and check the various objectives. But I am up for suggestions.” The agent looked around the group expectantly.

“Shouldn’t we lay down a trap for Blitzkrieg?” Bernsen spoke up and everyone except for Midori tensed up.

“Who?” The ushi blinked in confusion.

“The assassin that is after Bern. He is very dangerous and will undoubtedly attack again soon.” The elf gestured toward the huge spider woman.

“I will not let that happen! I swear on my honor as a monster and a woman!” The ushi suddenly balled her claws together, looking fierce as the fuzzy dark green fur that covered her spider half began to bristle.

“The enthusiasm is appreciated miss Midori but Blitzkrieg is not to be underestimated.” Ellen frowned and closed her eyes to think.

“Yea first time he disemboweled me, then poked out my eye and lastly nearly drowned me.” The warrior explained matter of factly.

“Oh dear! Wait, disemboweled?” Midori blinked in realization.

“Long story. Either way Bern is right. I am tired of waking up only to have a zombie chokeslam me as I walk out of the door. We need to get the jump on that rotten piece of shit this time.” Sahra crossed her arms on her chest and cocked her head, seemingly deep in thought as well.

“But how?” The wizard pondered out loud as he glanced at the ceiling.

>What do you do?

8dddda No.266977

File: 1aff12bd1632d5b⋯.jpg (233.17 KB, 900x750, 6:5, I SERIOUSLY hope you guys ….jpg)

Those fucking knife ears, am I right? Better be on the lookout, they put a lot of effort into their treachery this time!

e5cc8a No.266986

File: c26d9dd00d407a6⋯.gif (1.97 MB, 240x240, 1:1, yea fuck that.gif)


> I am tired of waking up only to have a zombie chokeslam me as I walk out of the door.

could be worse

my autism is spend for today and im going to sleep now, so instead of my typical bullshit plan have some pointers that everyone else can use to come up with a plan.

important shit

trap for blitzkrieg.

plan on how to espionage.

what to buy at magic market.

how to figure out who the drugrunners are.

see if some of the drow are still worshipping the monster godess.

randome shit for shits and giggles.

7e2739 No.267016

File: 0254749d9256456⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 128.83 KB, 1116x2048, 279:512, fertilitywitch.jpg)


>little witch academy

Do they monsterize non-monsters into bunnygirls?

d36055 No.267022

We should also start reading up on monster anatomy oh and see if whats her face has gotten back to us about dwarves yet

As for Sahra … shes right About elves

Fucking knife eared bully bait…. who wants to try and get the loli in as a student at the school lol

6d33aa No.267025

I'm going to be a faggot for a minute

I never liked the semen-drinking thing. The only reason I said Bernsen should convince Sarha to drink mana potions is because I knew that was the way the story was going, even so I'm still not happy about it.

Okay, faggotry over.

We should make a trap for The Dark Kebab, but we'll need to go somewhere which he couldn't listen to us and have our wizard friend make sure he's not there. We should get some magic tools to stop him from escaping this time. We should try and interweave the plan with our agent business if possible, so we can do that and look less suspicious.

c0f5d9 No.267036


>I'm going to be a faggot for a minute I never liked the semen-drinking thing.

Don't worry I think your distaste for semen is exactly what prevents you from being a faggot.

On what to do I think trapping Blitzkrieg sounds like a great idea but I have no fucking clue how we would do that.

Do we know where he draws his magic from? Semen? Mana crystals? Is he a wizard? Maybe if we know the source we can cut it off somehow.

We should probably also tell Kenzie to not use her bonemen against Blitzkrieg. She managed to take control of one of his ghouls in the theater he can most likely do the same to her. Unless we can use that as an advantage somehow we should keep off Mr Bones wild ride for the time being

d4dcb3 No.267088

I'm back and I'm watching you OP.

calling the mountain Zipangu, phah.

I like what Derrick has become though, totally in my vision, mhm. Totally not like how I went back And read the epilogue of Wizardquest to realize I messed up that map I drew, hurr durr. Need to rename two cities, ha!

If there isn't a little idiot witch who Sahra finds a deep kinship with and ends up overcoming her hatred of elves only to find the little one die due to her drug addictions, making her realize the blessed gift she was given, then imma be mad.

Oh right, and for those who care about side stories: There's another Tales from Deleor in the writethread

8dddda No.267122

File: 7b701369b555fa2⋯.png (373.64 KB, 680x383, 680:383, 1401482749239.png)


>That last spoiler.

I need to visit your TFT account more often.

e9a5df No.267129



d36055 No.267232

Putting this request in for writeman and ace

If at anypoint any of the groups ever find a ancient dwarven strong hold

Please, base the description off of a dwarf fortress game

I want to see walls starting off with engravings of cheese joy and excitement and ending with horrific depictions of who knows what chronically the inevitable collapse of a fortress

try and work a BOATMURDER reference in if you can

8dddda No.267234

“Some magical trap maybe?” The dwarf suggested.

“A magic trap? You mean like a ward or something?” The wizard blinked.

“That could work. There should be some for sale in one of the shops too. They are not so popular these days since random monster attacks have dropped to single digit cases on a yearly basis but a place like this should have some in stock somewhere.” Ellen nodded. “Good thinking miss Smith.”

“Oh, it was nothing, I mean it’s kind of obvious, right? With him turning into that weird smoke thing, the only way to catch him would be magically.” The witch scratched the back of her head and looked away.

“Would a simple ward even hold him though? Whatever is keeping him alive is some very advanced dark magic. He could break right through it, for all we know.” The wizard was not entirely convinced.

“It’s worth a try at least. Alright, we’ll get ourselves some wards. Any other ideas?” The elf addressed the group but everyone was silent.

“In that case, everyone is dismissed. If someone wants to go out, be sure to return before seven. We’ll start our preparations at that time.

“Bernie, can we go to the zoo? I want to spook the animals there.” The fairy sat on the warrior’s nose and looked at him pleadingly.

“Sure, why not. No spooking though.” The man rubbed his pinkie finger under the fairy’s chin which made her let out a content purr.

“No Bern! Haven’t you heard anything about what I said?! We need to be on our guard! Haven’t you ever read any scary camp stories!? When a group splits up they always get attacked!” The dwarf protested.

“Wanna come with us then?” The man inquired with a smile and the witch began to glance sideways.

“That’s still too dangerous if it’s just us and Kenzie.”

“Oh don’t you worry Sahra! I will make sure that no hair falls off my husband’s head!” The huge spider suddenly loomed over the warrior, much to his annoyance.

“Midori, you are not my wife.” The man sharply addressed the ushi.

“Not yet, but soon.” The woman sighed and held her hands up to her cheeks before letting out a sigh. “Your resistance only makes me more excited.”

“Well okay yea, if we are backed up by an eight legged bull headed killing machine I feel much safer but that means that the elf and L’argen-

“Lord Jubilee.” The blonde man corrected the dwarf and flicked a lock of hair off his face.

“And Lord Jubilee will be left on their own and we will be forced to rush back to save them when they inevitably get kidnapped by elves.” The witch quickly exclaimed while wildly gesticulating.

“But I am already an elf miss smith. By your logic shouldn’t they leave me alone since there is apparently a worldwide elvish conspiracy working together that each member of my species and subspecies is a part of?” The blonde-haired woman let out an amused chuckle as she sat down on one of the bunk beds.

The dwarf suddenly gasped. “Of course! You are the traitor! You are the one who will sell us all o-“ The man grabbed the dwarf under her waist and put her under his armpit while covering her mouth.

“Will you be okay with staying here?” The man glanced in-between the wizard and the elf. He had no worries about them getting in trouble Ellen was practically the best equipped person here when dealing with undead and agent W was a Wizard.

“Yea, I have already been there, I’ll just uh do some research on the communion matrix since there is a good connection here.” The wizard dismissively waved his hand.

“I think I’ll do the same. This has been a long road. I really need a shower and a drink.” The blonde-haired monster sighed as she sprawled out on the bed.

“Alright we’ll be back soon then.” The warrior announced and left the room.


8dddda No.267235

“Can you please put me down already?” The witch rolled her eyes as she frowned while still being held under the warrior’s arm. “People are looking at us.”

“Only if you stop trying to set everyone we walk past on fire.” The warrior answered with a deep sigh and a shake of his head.

“It’s called a witch test Bern! If they are innocent, then the fire will not harm them!” The dwarf complained.

“Isn’t almost everyone here a monster witch though?” The ushi pointed out which made the dwarf angrily glare at her.

“Eep!” the huge spider quickly backed away. “Husband, this woman is scaring me! Please tell her to stop making that face! I feel like I am going to burst into flames under her gaze.”

“Can you actually do that?” The man curiously glanced down.

“Who knows?” The witch gave the warrior a dangerous smirk. “Want to find out?”

The man was not scared of her joking threat but decided to let her go anyway. The locals really were giving them weird looks, although the warrior suspected this was mostly because of Midori. The group actually was approached by a guard who asked her for identification papers. Apparently Ushi oni were not a common sight in towns.

“Help heeeeeelp!” A high pitched shrill voice screamed from somewhere above and the warrior quickly tensed up as his gaze shot toward the direction of the scream.

Something was rapidly approaching him from the sky. It turned out to be a tiny rabbit girl in a purple school uniform of the local academy. How she managed to get so far up was a mystery, but she was currently flying down at a dangerous speed while clinging to some wooden stick that had a fag bundle wrapped around one of its ends.

“Wahh! It’s raining wabbits!” Kenzie cried out before hiding in the warrior’s beard.

At the rate the monster in the sky was going, she was going to break her neck upon impact so the man quickly stepped in front of the falling monster and reached with his arm back while concentrating.

With a single precise motion, his hand jerked forward just before the moment of impact and grabbed the bunny girl by her ears. A split second later the stick she was riding smashed into the cobblestone road, sending a bunch of wooden splinters flying everywhere.

“Aaaaahh….huh?” The young, brown haired monster cracked open one of her eyes and then opened both of them as they widened in surprise. “I am… alive?”

“Holy crap Bern, that’s some crazy reaction speed.” The dwarf exclaimed in awe as she ran up to the bunnygirl.

“Are you okay miss? How did you get up there?” Midori hastily crawled to the rabbit girl in the purple robes who was starting to turn red under the gaze of the many strangers.

But the man’s hearing was once again assaulted with a high-pitched noise but this time it was a whistle. Suddenly an older monster with dark skin accompanied by two teenage monsters appeared in the sky and the warrior got ready to catch them too, but instead their fall began to slow down, until stopping entirely as they softly landed on the ground and hopped off the brooms they were clutching.

“Miss Lloma! What in blazes were you thinking!” The dark-skinned elf leader of the group began to verbally assault the rabbit. “Why were you using the school property without authorization!”

“I am sorry, I just wanted to practice.” The rabbit replied lamely and she wiggled in the warrior’s grasp.

“You know full well how dangerous unsupervised minor broom riding is! Your mother is going to hear about this!” The elf in the pointy hat sharply walked up to the warrior and poked her index finger at the rabbit’s nose.

“W-what! No, please don’t tell mom! She’ll kill me!” The bunny girl sniffled loudly.

“Erm.” The man opened his mouth, not sure what was going on.

“Thank you very much for catching her young man. I am afraid to think what would have happened if you didn’t.” The dark elf slightly bowed to the warrior and he just sort of nodded and set the bunny down. But her ears were immediately grabbed again by the elf.

“Eeeee!” The monster rabbit whined as the elf began to pull her away until they both firmly sat on the witch’s own broom. With a click of the elf’s heels, the broom suddenly began to float away. The two teenage witches mimicked the motion and also flew away toward the direction of the stone building outside of town.

8dddda No.267236

“Are they…flying?” The warrior blinked in disbelief and rubbed his eyes.

“How intriguing. I heard of some monsters being able to do that but seeing it firsthand is something else.” Midori looked at the sky with an open mouth while the dwarf picked up one of the wooden splinters before eyeing it suspiciously.

“What kind of a crazy bitch do you have to be to fly on one of these? Brooms are anything but aerodynamic, no wonder this girl almost crashed.” Sahra shook her head before tossing the splinter back down.

“It’s a tradition, duh.” Kenzie was the one to add to the topic, strangely enough.

“You’ve seen witches ride brooms before?” Midori turned her head down to face the tiny monster sitting on the warrior’s shoulder.

“Mhmm. There were a bunch of them.” The caith sith replied.

“Kenzie, is it okay to ask where your home was?” The dwarf inquired with a soft voice. The fairy seemed unsure at first but the reason for it became apparent when she opened her mouth.

“I…I don’t know. It was a nice, cold and gloomy place but I don’t know what the humans who lived there called it.” The little fairy replied sadly but then shook her head and smiled. “But it’s fine. I have a new home now and it’s much better, Bernie is the best!”

“Aww.” Midori bit on one of her claws. “You are good with children too. Goodness, you are meeting all of my standards! Oh, what am I going to do!” The ushi blushed and covered her face before trying to embrace the warrior but a dangerous rattling sound from his beard caused her to hastily move back while the fairy let out a giggle.

“You are learning fresh meat. Keep at it and maybe one day I’ll let you lick off Bernie’s leftover milk form my thighs.”

“Kenzie.” The man glanced down at the fairy on his shoulder and she began to sweat under the pressure of his gaze. “Teehee, I am just kidding.”

“When did you get so vulgar, you used to be so sweet and innocent.” Sahra sighed sadly which made the fairy pout. “I am sweet and innocent!”

“Not with this kind of attitude, you aren’t.” The man began to pull on her little tail and ears with his thumb and index fingers which made the fairy let out a whine. “Okay, okay. I am sorry Midori.”

“That’s better.” The man stopped his assault.

“It’s fine. As they say sticks and stone will break my bones but the words will never hurt.” The ushi waved her claw absentmindedly while wiping off some sweat off her forehead with the other. “But bones won’t do anything cause they are not real.”

“Hey Sahra, you should ride on a broom too.” The fairy suddenly perked up and floated down to the dwarf to sit on her nose.

“Kenzie, don’t be silly. There is no way I am doing that. Did you see this bunnygirl just now? I don’t want to go splat.” The dwarf chuckled and let the fairy climb off her nose and on her index finger instead.

“But that’s because that witch was an amateur! You are much much much much much stronger! Your fires blew our ship to smithereens!” The fairy extended her arms out and nearly fell down but quickly regained her balance on the witch’s finger by fluttering her wings.

“That was just luck and a lot of thunderclay Kenzie. Bad luck that is. My legs are still not used to this excessive walking.” The dwarf replied with a blush.

“So fly then! I never need to walk anywhere!” The fairy fluttered her wings for emphasis.

“On what even? This broom is not going to fly anywhere anytime soon.” The dwarf pointed down at the bunch of wooden scraps. “And besides, this is ridiculous. I bet you need to practice for years to get it right or something.”

“Maybe one of the magic stores here is selling them?” The warrior pondered as she scratched his chin. Food for thought, he supposed. They were going to drop by one to buy wards on the way back anyway.

8dddda No.267237

Eventually the group made its way toward the building of the circus. They did not even have to pay for entry, as looking at the animals was free of charge to Kenzie’s delight. As for the performance prices? they were very liberal as the warrior noticed. It was only five silvers for an adult ticket and two silvers for a child’s.

Even during the day, the building was packed with children and their parents who moved about. The performers in colorful clothes could be seen taking pictures with the more wealthier visitors. Although their clothes were revealing, there was barely even any hint of flirting as everyone behaved very conservatively and innocent, most likely because of the large number of children in the area, the warrior guessed.

As for the strange construction of the building? The glass ceiling existed to let a large amount of daylight shine into the building and give it a vibe like they were still outside even if it was not the case.

“THHHHHRRRRRRUUU!” The massive gray skinned animal that towered over both the warrior and even Midori let out a strange cry through its long, flexible nose.

“Coooool.” The fairy raised a single small banana up in the air above herself and the elephant reached toward it with it’s trunk to then place it in his mouth. Even though looking at the animals was free, buying snacks for them was greatly overcharged as the single banana bundle costed a whooping three silvers.

“Man, elephants are huge.” The dwarf pointed out as she snacked on some peanuts that were also intended to be for the animals but the dwarf did not seem to care about this fact and instead greedily consumed them herself.

The group traveled along the cages, observing the inhabitants such as monkeys and even a pair of wolves. The warrior found the sights quite interesting. He wanted to even try to touch and communicate with the strange beasts that he never saw before but it was apparently against the rules.

A loud roar startled everyone in the group then and they immediately turned around to see a small crowd of people and monsters around the last cage.

“Stand back! Everyone, please stand back!” A man in a black and white checkered top hat and a thin curly mustache exclaimed as he swung his arm behind himself and struck at the floor with the whip he was clutching in his hand.

There were a few surprised gasps from the crowd as people began to back away. The warrior on the other hand quickly approached, looking over the heads of the spectators to see a large cage where a peculiar beast was in.

It was huge and muscular and resembled a bobcat but it’s ears were round and it possessed a grand wide mane of hair around his scalp as well as a long tail that had a thick patch of hair of the same color as the mane on its end.

The man in the top hat struck his whip against the floor again and the beast let out an angry growl as another person in a simpler set of clothing tried to enter the cage while holding a piece of meat. But as soon as the man took a shaking step forward, the beast inside became enraged and jumped at the locked door with a snarl, making the man trying to feed him jump back in fear.

“Damn it all!” The man in the top hat spat on the ground and sighed.

“What’s going on?” The warrior forced himself through the crowd, looking curious.

“Please don’t get close! The lion is dangerous!” The man in the top hat quickly spread his arms out in front of the warrior.

Bernsen looked over his shoulder and upon closer examination noticed that there were several pieces of meat in the cage of varied stages of being spoiled. And the beast itself looked malnourished as the warrior could see the distinct shape of ribs under the animal’s skin.

“It doesn’t want to eat?” Bernsen inquired and the man sighed and let his shoulder slump helplessly.

“Yes. And it refuses to leave his cage. I am sorry but the lion performance won’t be taking place tonight either.” The circus master explained.

“Sheesh, it looks pissed.” The dwarf pointed out, sounding wary as she made her way toward the warrior as well.

“Maybe he is sick?” Midori inquired as she looked at the lion with a pitiable expression.

“Its eyes are scary.” Kenzie swallowed hard and buried herself in the warrior’s beard.

The man glanced at the lion and the animal raised his head to look at the warrior as well. The look in its eyes was savage, untamed.

“This is a wild animal. Of course, it won’t obey right away.” The warrior calmly explained.

8dddda No.267238

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

“I see you have some experience with animal keeping, but you are wrong. He is tamed, or should be anyway.” The circus master nervously glanced at the furious looking beast as it suddenly pounced at the bars of his cage with a snarl, starting everyone in the crowd.

“I just don’t know what went wrong. When I brought in Zapp here, he was so smart and obedient, he could even perform complex commands and the public loved it when he did math. But now? Good lord, he is not eating and attacks anyone who tries to approach him. At this rate, we’ll have to put him down.” The man in the white suit twirled his mustache with a sorrowful expression. “If old Zapp doesn’t die from malnourishment first that is.”

“Man, this is some heavy stuff.” The dwarf muttered.

The warrior kept observing the animal. Even in his weakened state he was nothing short of magnificent and was brimming with incredible strength of both personality and physical. The look in his eyes, despite the apparent rage, was prideful. It was not just the look of a mindless predator. It was the look of a warrior. It made Bernsen excited and he could feel his blood start to boil.

“Are you selling him?” The man turned down to look the circus master in the eyes.

“I, what?” The man with the curly mustache blinked repeatedly in confusion.

“If it can’t perform anymore, then you don’t need it, right? How much for him?” Bernsen pointed his finger at the caged predator.

“Umm, look I get that you think you are an experienced beast tamer. I am one too, and this lion is rabid as sad as that might be. Even if I sell him, he will just tear you to shreds. We can’t even get him out of the cage.” The shorter man wrapped his whip up as he replied.

“How much?” The warrior repeated his question.

“Twenty gold and he is yours.” The man finally replied drily. “But you will have to transport him yourself.”

“B-bern, come on, don’t be crazy. I know you tamed bears and stuff but this is a lion we are talking about!” The dwarf stuttered.

“Indeed, they call them the kings of the animal kingdom. They are incredibly dangerous.” Midori agreed, her expression worrisome.

“A king, huh?” The warrior pondered. Maybe they were right and he was acting too quickly? But his instincts demanded him to challenge this predator before him.

>What do you do.

8dddda No.267239

File: 6b22fe21ad44c1f⋯.jpg (34.6 KB, 640x559, 640:559, goodshitfam.jpg)


>Implying you are not going to find the hidden fun stuff instead.

d36055 No.267268


Buy him

What was the lions name of the old wizard?

Call him that see if he calms down then give give him a heated bread pouch

I mean its not like we can't easily make more money later right?


Oh you chicky son of a bitch

If we find a gate to candyland im going to shit my pants can't wait!

c5be6b No.267294

File: ab6827b116bb5a8⋯.jpg (82.5 KB, 1024x682, 512:341, redford_horsewhisperer.jpg)

First lets work that jewnuki magic and get the price down. The lions not generating him any money, costs a lot to keep, is a danger to his guests and employees and will most likely die within the next weeks anyways. And then nobody will even pay 20 silver for that thing.

Once we get the price down a bit start working that barbarian magic. King of the animal kingdom or not we will tame the beast and make it our new best buddy. Until the writeman takes him away from us right before the final battle for cheap emotional impact. God damn you you fucking bastard I'm still mad about that.

a009ae No.267300


we can't name our new pet Wiggles for obvious reasons, and i cant think of anything else right now

anyone got any ideas for a name for our new pet lion?

cb7001 No.267318

Keep the lion and then tame him in a brutal and efficient manner


It must be a name worthy of not only a great and prideful king of the animal kingdom but also a name worthy of the friend he will become. I propose we name him: Bob

cb7001 No.267322


Oh gosh darn it not again

d36055 No.267329

If we're naming the beast then… i put forth a name befitting such an animal

Romek kegeth

long hold


Datan zanor

iron heart

d36055 No.267331



Etäg kurel

big Lion

A truely inspired name


6d33aa No.267343

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Aslan. Name him Aslan.


>Wat do


d4dcb3 No.267354


Buy the Lion for 13 gold and 24 silver. When the man looks at you incredulous, say you'll perform a lion show tonight.

He will say, "Gads! You can't do such a thing! He will eat you alive!"

And we reply, "What if I did it without my shirt on?"

Midori will get a nosebleed, Sahra will feel faint and Kenzie will rattle like firefly in a jar. The man will be surprised and think it over, knowing he can get a lot of coin by having a barely clothed muscle-man cyborg and it will attract tons of dark elves and other MG's in town on their way to Cair.

Here's where things get interesting: See, because of the raw manliness and masculinity out there, all the Monsters and women will become incredibly hot, bothered, and aroused. They'll squirm as Bernsen rubs his hairy chest against the Lion's mane, they'll moan as he cries out in battlelust, they'll go insane when the Lion responds.

The pent up lust in the room will come to a fulcrum as a Dark Elf stands and begins to channel magic that summons her sisters to do the same, and a ritual of sadistic lust will flare into their hearts, causing them to instinctively recreate the Dark Carnival.

There will be every kink you can imagine as raw power causes all trousers to burst with girthy members and a flood of vaginal secretions to make the floors wet and slippery. It will be the most heinous night of debauchry ever seen.

Or, you know, pay the 20 gold and slap the lion, telling him his new name is Waggles.

da5c44 No.267368


As much as I miss Wiggles, it wasn't his fault. He says he forgot about Wiggles while Bearson was running away from the hyphae of the mushroom and wrote himself into a corner. Maybe this is his attempt at redemption by getting Bernson a Wiggles 2.0.

188d57 No.267371


>we can't name our new pet Wiggles

Biggles, obviously.

e496f3 No.267437

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


buy the lion do the show like >>267354 said but pose at the end

the lions name shall be Tigger


8dddda No.267471

“Here you go.” The warrior reached into his beard and dumped a handful of gold coins in the circus master’s hand.

“Wait what!?” The man in the checkered pattern top hat muttered in disbelief. “Hold on, I wasn’t actually serious! Who carries so much gold with them anyway!?”

But the warrior was no longer listening to him as he plucked the fairy off his shoulder and handed her to the dwarf.

“I’ll be right back.” Was all he said as he stepped toward the shaking man who was supposed to feed the lion.

“I’ll take that.” Bernsen quickly swiped the beef steak along with the keys.

“Y-you fool! What are you doing!? You are going to get torn to pieces!” The circus master shouted with a fearful expression.

There were a bunch of gasps from the crowd of onlookers and some of them actually yelled and began to run away as the warrior reached toward the keyhole.

The lion let out an enraged roar and slammed his body against the door, making the whole cage shake from the impact and then snarled as he chewed on the steel bars.

“Goodness, we have to stop this!” Midori exclaimed and tried to move forward but the Dwarf pulled on one of her legs and shook her head.

“Just let him do his thing. He survived worse, I mean sure, it’s the king of beasts but it’s just a starved animal. How bad could it be compared to hellhounds, wurms and zombie assassins?”

“Oh, you don’t want me to enter your domain, do you?” The warrior playfully smirked at the lion that was clawing at the door. “Well too bad pal. I am coming in.”

The man threw the cage door wide open and the remaining onlookers went pale. But instead of jumping out, the lion backed away with a snarl and began to pace back and forth around the center of the cage with a series of ferocious growls and heavy breathing.

“He is not running away?” Midori blinked in confusion.

“Like I said, Zapp is refusing to leave his cage and any attempts to lure him out are met with violent resistance.” The man curled his mustache nervously.

The warrior calmly closed the door behind him and locked it before putting the keys into the pocket of his gambeson. He then quickly began to undress out of it and stepped out of his boots. Now the man stood barefoot, wearing only his black sleeveless shirt and denim pants while facing against the ferocious predator that was still pacing back and forth, ready to pounce at Bernsen.

His weapons and the Wurmscale gauntlet landed on the floor of the cage with a clatter next. The warrior did a few stretches then and finally straightened out and took on a grappling stance.

“Alright, let’s go.” The warrior spoke out and charged straight at the lion.

The beast with the regal blonde mane roared and pounced ahead to meet the warrior but the man was going to trick the beast. Instead of meeting the predator head-on and becoming a victim of his massive sharp claws and jagged teeth, he would slide under the lion and grab his tail to play with him for a bit.

But Bernsen was about to have a nasty revelation. Instead of behaving like an enraged predator, the lion retracted his claws and brought his hind legs down to sharply land early, right on top of the sliding warrior.

There was a series of startled screams from the crowd, the loudest one belonging to the ushi.

“Whoa! What the!?” Bernsen exclaimed and was suddenly forced to move his head out of the way as a massive muscular paw slashed across the wooden floor, leaving a deep gash in it. The lion was about to bring his teeth upon the man’s head next and so Bernsen instinctively punched the animal in the nose with his metallic fist.

The lion roared and backed away while wildly swinging its head in pain as the warrior quickly recovered and got back to his feet. Did the lion just read his feint now? No, no this couldn’t be right. Even if he was tamed and smart, only humans were capable to treachery like that, the beast could not have possibly been intelligent enough to anticipate it.

The warrior was warier now and raised his guard as he slowly circled the lion. The beast was doing the same and they both moved around the cage, waiting until the other side would attack. The lion’s blue eyes shone with primal rage and yet his behavior was cautious as it snorted and licked off some blood from its muzzle.

8dddda No.267472

“Your name is Zapp, right?” The warrior addressed the lion but the animal made no response besides continuing to stare at him with a murderous rage.

“You wouldn’t be Jordan’s lion would be?” The man continued but just as he suspected, the lion made no sign of understanding what the warrior was saying. Even his former pet bear Wiggles was at best able to answer simple yes or no questions.

The lion finally got tired of waiting and pounced at the warrior again. But the way he attacked was unusual and it almost made the warrior slip up. The huge beast leaped at the bars of the cage, making it shake and let out a metallic rattle and then the beast propelled its heavy body from it at the warrior at a curved angle, as it extended its claws and growled.

The man was forced to quickly roll to the side to avoid the attack, mentally thanking Pappas for the advice again. However, even though his evasive maneuver was successful, it did not leave the warrior an option for a counterattack. He needed a good opening to seize the lion from behind so that his claws and teeth would not be able to reach him.

The lion landed with a heavy thud, slid across the floor and came to a stop before rapidly turning around to throw its head back and let out a deafening roar that made the bars of the cage vibrate. The man suddenly realized that goosebumps began to pop out on his exposed skin from the sound and his knees shook once.

But the effect on the crowd was much more intense, as almost everyone ran at that point, leaving only his friends and the circus staff to stare with horror at the spectacle before their eyes.

The lion, finished with its dominant call, lowered his head to look at the warrior again with its azure blue eyes. But the man would not run from this fight. He instead ran up to the lion again in a zig zag pattern, trying to trick the lion to attack him so the warrior would be able to run around him. But the beast was calmly holding his ground and when the warrior was within the animal’s striking distance the lion sat down and began to swing his claws in front of him, preventing the man from getting close without getting maimed.

Bernsen was forced to back away but the lion immediately sensed the man’s weakness and slammed his front legs down to rush after the warrior like he was an escaping prey.

The man dodged to the side and then tried to bob and weave but the lion was hot on his heels, chasing him with murderous glee.

Bernsen had to think fast, as the lion was much faster than him and there was no cover or place to run away to in the tight boundaries of the cage. Looks like he would have to meet him head-on afterall. This was dangerous but he was out of options.

So he stopped running and sharply turned around instead to jump at the running lion with his own battle cry. This unexpected reaction was not anticipated by the lion and the warrior successfully latched to him before butting his forehead against the beast’s muzzle.

The lion snarled in pain but forced itself through it to bite the man but the warrior’s hands were already around the beast’s neck. But things were not well, the man could not get a good grip around the animal’s carotid artery because of the fluff of the mane and the two instead pushed against each other.

The lion roared in frustration and pushed against the wooden floor with its hind legs and the warrior was immediately forced to straighten out as the lion stood up on its hind legs and tried to claw his back.

Bernsen realized the danger and quickly moved his body to push the weight of the beast on his shoulder. The claw swatted at the air and the lion’s body was then swiftly lifted and thrown over the warrior’s body with a great deal of effort.

The beast smashed against the floor, roaring in pain as the warrior finally leaped on the animal’s exposed back. But Bernsen’s arms could not reach the animals neck, as the lion swiftly swung his claw and the warrior instead clutched one of his hind legs before tugging sharply on it.

The lion roared in pain again as the bones in its legs creaked from the pressure the warrior was putting on them. But somehow, against all odds, the beast moved the other hind leg through the veil of pain he was experiencing and kicked the man in the stomach.

The warrior realized exactly why the lion was the king of beasts at that point as he felt his ribs crack. His body was launched at the iron bars with enough force to make them dent a little before he landed on the floor with a slam.

The warrior choked as he clutched his bleeding abdomen. The wound was not deep, since the beast’s intention was to push him away instead of tearing the flesh of his bones but the fact that he managed to draw blood even when not meaning to was worrisome.

8dddda No.267473

The warrior was forced to quickly roll out of the way as the animal pounced at the spot he was in a moment ago and the beast instead bashed his face against the bars and reeled back in pain with a roar.

“Bern!” Sahra cried out in fear.

“It’s okay I-“ The man let out a series of coughs. “I got it!” Bernsen spat out some bile that got up in his mouth from the lion’s powerful blow and quickly readjusted his stance as his mind raced for a solution to this problem.

This was by far the most trouble a beast had ever given him. Not even Wiggles on a good day could kick his ass like this. The lion looked back after shaking it’s head and began to circle the warrior, feeling the advantageous position he was in now, as the warrior bled and started to get slightly out of breath.

The lion licked his lips anticipation, smelling the blood in the air and growled dangerously as it slowly approached the warrior who began to back away toward the cage until his back touched it. Bernsen realized that he was cornered and the lion realized it too as it let out a triumphant roar and charged along the ground at the warrior to slash the man’s abdomen open with one of its claws.

Normally the warrior would not even consider a ridiculous gambit like he was about to do. Animals did not think in the right way to make them fall for it. But his enemy was more than a mere animal as the warrior already realized. And so, he would fall victim to overconfidence of his apparent advantageous position.

The man reached with his arms back and tightly clutched the bars as his legs shot up. The lion was somehow anticipating the warrior trying to get out of range but he must have thought that the warrior would jump instead as the lion pounced at the bars and tried to climb up only for the warrior to let go of the bars and push himself away from them to make a spin in the air and land right on the lion’s back.

“Gotcha now!” The warrior exclaimed and his arms tightly clutched the lion’s neck.

“The beast’s blue eyes widened in surprise as he realized it’s fatal mistake and the warrior began to emit a crushing pressure on the animal’s windpipe. But the beast was not giving up. It did not bother to try to bite or slash the warrior, it knew that it was futile and that he couldn’t reach him like that. It instead turned around and jumped back, bashing the warrior body against the cage bars.

“Grrghh!” Bernsen felt the air leave his lungs from the furious impact, coupled with the beasts massive weight but he kept holding tight.

The beast growled, the sound was now more akin to panic as it got up on its hind legs and then fell backwards on the floor with the warrior once again feeling the pain of the incredible impact as his bones began to crack form the force of the blows.

This was wrong. The warrior realized. This was not right, no matter what kind of animal this was, it should be scared now. It should be realizing that it was dying and that it must submit to the superior predator. But the lion’s eyes, as it used the last vestiges of his strength to fight and attempt to kill the man who had already won, were full of defiance and fighting spirit.

The animal’s motions began to turn sluggish and yet there was no fear of death in them still. Bernsen frowned as the beast’s brilliant blue eyes looked in his without a shred of submission.

“Yea! Go Bern! Show this lion who is the boss! Wooo!” The witch cheered the man on but suddenly the warrior let go and everyone in the audience froze.

Bernsen quickly jumped away and landed on his back with his limbs held out above him. At that instant, the piece of meat that the warrior snatched from the caretaker landed next to the man with a splat.

The lion wheezed and snorted loudly as it shook in place, unsteady on his four feet before letting out an angry growl and stomping over the warrior to plant one of its claws on the lying man’s chest.

“What is he doing! Husband, get up!” Midori cried out in fear as the lion leaned down to the warrior and let out another intense roar that made the warrior’s beard ripple from the force of it.

Everyone looked on with their breaths held but the lion was not biting into the man’s exposed neck and instead snorted once loudly, before pulling his claws back and looking at the piece of meat next to the warrior.

The beast grabbed the steak with his teeth and slowly wandered away to the opposite end of the cage, where it laid down with a heavy fwhop and proceeded to eat the huge piece of beef.

The man, meanwhile, slowly got back up and walked over to his patch of clothes. The lion glanced back as the warrior did so but made no attempts to pursue and resumed with his meal.

The warrior dressed himself in complete silence and then opened the cage door before closing and locking it again after he left it. He then handed the keys to the caretaker and walked up to the stunned circus master.

8dddda No.267474

“You were right, sorry for the trouble.” Bernsen frowned. “I’ll have my money back now please.”

The circus master nodded and gave the handful of coins back.

“Bern, what the hell was that!? Why did you just let him go?!” The dwarf asked loudly, sounding shocked and a little disappointed while the fairy in her hands was just shaking furiously.

“Because if I didn’t, he would die.” The warrior explained with a grim expression before looking back at the lion who had finished his meal and now was quietly sitting in the corner and somberly looking somewhere ahead.

“This beast is something else. He would choose death over losing his pride. I’ve never seen anything like this. I had to surrender to him and pay tribute to leave safely without killing him. Let’s go back to the Inn. There is nothing left to do here.” The warrior suggested and took the caith sith back in his hands.

“W-wait! Sir! Sir!” The man in the top hat ran after the warrior with his eyes bulging. “Don’t leave! Look, look! Zapp is eating again and he has calmed down! How did you do that!?”

“Because he earned that meal through blood and sweat. Letting such a thing go to waste would be against a predator’s nature.” Bernsen elaborated.

“I have greatly underestimated your abilities sir! Please, will it be possible for you to stay for a little longer?! If you could get Zapp to perform again, it would be a wonderful thing for our circus!” The man in the top hat pleaded.

“No.” The man quickly shook his head. “He will not obey my orders even if I give them out.”

“Please sir! At least try! You managed to get him out of his bad mood, surely you can do more?!” The circus master continued to plead.

The warrior glanced at the lion again who in turn looked at the warrior. The beast’s eyes were no longer filled with a murderous frenzy, like before but they still held a dangerous presence in them. The beast was not out for blood anymore but he would tear everyone who dared to get in his way to shreds. It was the look of an alpha animal who was in control and would defend himself and his territory with all of its power.

“At best, I can ask him to do something but I doubt it will work. He has no respect for me, so he would have no reason to humor my requests.” The man sighed and walked back to the cage. The lion calmly observed his approach and licked his muzzle, making no noises or movements.

“So, what exactly do you want me to do?” Bernsen glanced at the man with the curly mustache.

“Just tell him to do some simple things! A few weeks ago, when he was brought in, all that was needed to make him do something was to politely ask. Tell him to leave the cage or maybe sit down. Something simple!” The man suggested.

8dddda No.267475

The warrior looked back at the lion. This was ridiculous, why and how would a lion be able to understand, let alone perform some silly tasks like that requested by a stranger.

“Okay Zapp, will you please leave your cage?” The warrior calmly requested.

The lion blinked once lazily.

“Yup, told you it would be a waste of t-“ Bernsen stopped midword, as the lion slowly got up and walked up to the exit of the cage where he then sat down and looked at the warrior expectantly.

“H-hurry! Open the cage!” The circus master ordered one of the circus staff members nearby and the door was unlocked. The staff member swallowed hard and tensed up as the door opened but the lion climbed out of it and walked up to the warrior with a neutral expression.

“Sit down?” The warrior blinked in confusion and the lion snorted.

“You must be polite! It’s very important!” The keeper explained.

“Will you sit down, please?” The warrior slightly adjusted his request and the lion sat down.

“Whoa.” Midori began to slowly clap. “Husband, you are amazing.”

“Oh wonderful! How wonderful! Sir you are a godsend! Please, I realize that you are not one of the locals but would you please participate in tonight’s performance? Both the tourists and the locals are eager to see Zapp return onstage. It would make a lot of people happy, even if it’s just once.”

“Perform? Uh, look. I don’t know what the deal with that lion is but if he obeys polite requests, can’t you just do it yourself?” The warrior gestured toward the circus master.

“Ah, that’s right. Zapp, would you please lay down and turn over?” The man turned to the lion but the animal gave him a bored look.

“Pretty please Zapp? Maybe for another steak?” The keeper repeated but the lion did not respond.

“Will you please lay down?” Bernsen blinked and requested again. The lion’s body slumped on the floor sideways lazily.

“Ah, see! Zapp doesn’t respect anyone here anymore! What a naughty lion! What would Jordan say if he saw you like this?” The keeper chided the lion but the animal just licked its paw once and yawned.

“See! Sir, you must help us out! I will make sure you are well rewarded for your help!” The man with the curly mustache repeated his plea.

“Ehh, I am kind of in the middle of something else.” The warrior scratched his head in confusion at the bizarre behavior the lion was displaying. Shouldn’t the warrior and his friends be keeping a low profile? Performing before a large crowd was anything but subtle and could potentially jeopardize their mission of looking into the drug moving operation here.

>What do you do?

8dddda No.267477

File: 25e598bad16ebe2⋯.webm (4.67 MB, 1067x600, 1067:600, senatorarmstrongvsridley.webm)

I thought about railroading you some more but just in case, here is an extra stop.

a009ae No.267499


>implying even if we dont take Zapp with us, he won't just escape because reasons and follow us around because reasons OP needs to write about Wiggles 2.0 to redeem himself from before

c5be6b No.267500

Just ask Zapp if he wants to get out of the circus and come with us as one of our companions. The circus master seems like a huge pushover he'll probably won't do much more than complain if we just walk out of there with his lion.

d36055 No.267502


I say we ask zapp if hes just bored with this kind of life, maybe see if he wants to go adventuring again for a little while

If he does the one last show as bearman were we wear our original garb but with the bear skin acting as a mask to conceal berns identity beforewe again buy him back telling the ring leader that you are not going to be in town that long anyway … also maybe we should have fire loli ask around for us about spice since she knows how these things work… wonder if they are producing here… wait can our fay sense other fay? That would be extreamly useful also see if whats her face has gotten back to us yet

e496f3 No.267505

File: 875b0493678737a⋯.png (109.22 KB, 588x590, 294:295, huge.png)

were so weak need to work out to the limit or get strength amp equip

d36055 No.267517


Player stats tell us our strength is already 20 i don't think we can get more swoll naturally

6d33aa No.267562


This sounds good

Fire dwarf is not a loli

b31e81 No.267605

Yeah I don't think we should perform here, that would be just asking to get Blitzed. My adventure senses are telling me I'm missing something though…

da5c44 No.267611

File: 45cc31946e25fcd⋯.jpg (30.02 KB, 345x479, 345:479, Witch_2.jpg)


>Small Dwarf

>Not a cute loli

I bet you think manlets are average height too, Sahra is a loli by every definition. Pic related is what I imagine she looks.

f31a04 No.267623


>cute loli

The way the writeman described her in the beginning makes me think she looks more like a proper dwarf and less like your standard loli

>Her hair was rich auburn in color and of medium length

>legs and hips are pretty filled out

>small but strangely heavy

d36055 No.267626

File: 818bec841ee9b97⋯.jpg (12.34 KB, 236x285, 236:285, 80e3695265e7548a12eb8a9098….jpg)

File: 371d6eb1ae70628⋯.jpg (76.17 KB, 704x707, 704:707, roheryn___dwarf_huntress_b….jpg)


So kind of like this?

d36055 No.267627


Wish writeman had the money to commission artists like ace did

688d0a No.267681

File: b00e645c39e6156⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 171.17 KB, 779x634, 779:634, b00e645c39e6156d0ae527d5ac….jpg)

Sorry folks, no updates today either. Sahra is a thicc, leggy loli with stubby arms and legs. At least in my headcanon.

d36055 No.267690


>she needs alcohol to get the the working day

Its good bro you've been pumping this stuff out pretty decently so we understand

688d0a No.267884

Bernsen glanced at the animal again. Its look was neutral but with a hint of expectation, like it was waiting for another request from the warrior.

The man crouched down to the beast, with his eyes narrowed in suspicion before addressing it.

“How come you are not obeying your old master? Are you bored or something?”

Zapp slowly blinked once in response, his body language not showing any other signs of his approval or disapproval.

“Alright then.” The warrior straightened back out and addressed the circus master. “Sorry, but I’ll pass. I have some other things to attend to.” The warrior told the man a half truth.

“Oh, how unfortunate!” The man in the top hat sighed. “Very well, I suppose we’ll have to figure out something else then.”

The warrior nodded politely and turned around, gesturing his companions to leave which they did without uttering a word. But the man was quickly forced to turn around again as the circus master’s voice cried out once more.

“W-wait! Zapp, boy, where are you going!?”

The lion had gotten up from his side and was slowly walking after the warrior.

“Whoa, looks like it likes you after all Bern!” The dwarf pointed out, sounding surprised.

“No way, it looks angry.” Kenzie muttered, sounding scared, as she buried herself deeper into the man’s chin hair.

“Angry?” Midori blinked in confusion and looked at the lion again but did not notice anything aggressive about him.

“Kenzie is right.” The man replied grimly. “I don’t get what his deal is but he most certainly doesn’t like me.”

The lion had no response to the accusations, besides calmly observing them.

“Well, if he wants to follow me around then he can go ahead. I can subdue him again, if necessary.” The man sighed and resumed on his way to leave the building.

“H-hold on! This is circus property! Y-you can’t just take him and leave!” The man with the curly mustache protested.

“I am not dragging him out with a leash or ordering him to follow me.” The man shrugged as he continued to walk without turning around.

“Zapp, wait! Come back here!” The circus master whipped the ground once but the lion completely ignored it. When the man then tried to reach after its tail, the beast let out a dangerous growl, forcing the man to jump back with an eep.

“Y-you can’t do that! That’s my lion!” He helplessly exclaimed. “What are you standing around for? Get him!” He then yelled to his workers but not a single one of them dared to do so after seeing firsthand what the creature was capable of.

“Wow, that was weird.” Sahra shook her head as they left the building. “I wonder if we’ll get in trouble for this.”

“Is it against the law to have someone’s animal to follow you around?” Bernsen inquired as he looked at the lion following them.

“I don’t think so, no. But we have other things to worry about.” The witch pointed out as she gestured to the surprised and scared onlookers.

“So much for keeping a low profile.” The man muttered.

“Zapp!” A little elf girl suddenly beelined toward the lion with a happy giggle.

“Whoa! Girl wait!” Midori cried out in surprise as the warrior quickly tensed up and looked on in fear as the monster child stood up before the wild animal. She then began to run her hand over the massive beast’s muzzle.

688d0a No.267885

Instead of biting it off however, the lion just slightly squinted his eyes and snorted before licking the child’s hand.

“Hehe!” The little elf giggled again” That tickles!”

“Lucy! What are you doing, get back here!” An older elf ran up to the child, sounding alarmed.

“Mom, it’s okay! It’s Zapp from the circus, remember?” She pointed her little finger at the lion and the older monster blinked once, her expression softening.

“Ohh! You are right.”

“I thought he was sick.” Some man with a thin strip of hair on his chin spoke up from the crowd.

“He must have gotten better obviously.” A blonde woman replied.

“Are they advertising for the circus like that? That’s pretty creative.” Another person nodded before turning away.

The worried and alarmed looks were quickly replaced with the usual bored expressions, as people and monsters moved about their day. Apparently, the lion and the circus staff members were well known here.

“I just don’t get it.” The man scratched his head as the lion continued to walk with them.

“Husband, why didn’t you agree to the circus owner’s request? Look how easily you have tamed this beast!” Midori inquired.

“I haven’t tamed him, that’s the thing. He is still very much wild. I don’t understand why he is being so passive.” Bernsen explained before frowning as he added something else. “And besides, if I were to perform before a crowd like that this evening and Bliztkrieg decided to attack again, there could be a lot of unnecessary damage.”

The lion’s ears twitched once.

“Ooooh.” The dwarf swallowed hard. “That, that makes a lot of sense.”

“Is he really that dangerous?” Midori narrowed her eyes. “You have just fought one of the most dangerous predators barehanded but you look worried every time you mention his name.”

“Very much so.” The man nodded. “I hope L and W had come up with a good plan to get him.”

On their way back to the inn, the crowd went through a few monster magic shops to buy the wards that Jubilee mentioned.

“Huh.” Sahra scratched her chin thoughtfully as she looked upon a huge rack of bags of holding. “Talk about an overstock.”

“How come you have so many?” The warrior inquired from the dark elf witch who owned the store they were in. “I was in Sanctiford recently and not a single store had them.”

“Well that’s obvious. Ours are monster tailored. There is still a bit of stigma in the capital when it comes to monster enchanted magical implements. They are considered to be of poorer quality and dangerous. A bunch of nonsense obviously, the sorcerers just hate competition, so they use their connections with the noble families to get sole market ownership and create artificial scarcity to jack up the prices.” The dark elf replied with a shrug.

“That’s…” The man frowned. He fortunately knew a thing or two about economics thanks to his raccoon friend’s influence. Such a monopoly was bad for the common people. The bags of holding here ranged in price between ten measly silvers to fifty for the largest capacity ones. Much cheaper than in the capital.

“Nevermind. Do you have any muffling shoes in stock?” The warrior snapped out of his thoughts and inquired.

They did non. However, they had something better. Shoe inserts that could be slid right into the footwear. The man tried them out and then stomped his foot down hard. No noise was made when he did so. These thin pieces of firm fabric and paper were apparently enchanted with a very small scale privacy barrier.

“Whoa.” Bernsen blinked in surprise. Sneaking like this would be practically child’s play. “How much for these.”

688d0a No.267887

“Two silvers. Want me to wrap it up for you?” The dark elf witch inquired but the man shook his head before handing her the money.

The Hexagrammic wards were also purchased here. They were a little pricier, each one being ten silvers a piece but it could hardly put a dent into the man’s wallet.

“Oh Sahra, look. They sell brooms here!” Midori pointed out and held one of sticks that had a bundle of wicker wrapped around one of its ends.

“I am sorry but you need a flight license to purchase these.” The dark elf quickly walked up to the ushi and took the broom out of her hands.

“Flight license?” The ushi cocked his head.

“Of course, the use of flight enabling magical implements is incredibly dangerous. An untrained person can seriously harm himself and people around them when using them.” The witch explained.

“Told you this was a waste of time.” Sahra rolled her eyes.

“Where can you get one?” Kenzie spoke out and floated up to the shopkeeper.

“The academy obviously. They have courses for that and hold tests every week.” The dark elf explained.

“Sahra, you should get a flight license!” The fairy flew up to the dwarf, looking determined.

“No way, we don’t have time for this stuff.” The short girl objected.

“Aww.” The fairy pouted.

>Bernsen’s mercenary boots were upgraded with the muffle enchantment.

>Bernsen obtained [Hexagrammic Ward x 5]


“Why do you have a lion with you?” The elf stared at the beast who had took the majority of one of the bunk beds.

“He just, sort of started to follow me.” The man shrugged.

“Agent B, tell this animal to leave.” L sighed deeply and grabbed the bridge of her nose.

“Aww, come he is so cute, look at that fa-EEEP!” The wizard tried to pet the lion but the beast growled and snapped it’s jaws loudly, making the blonde man jump back. “B-bad kitty!”

“Zapp, can you please leave?” The warrior asked the beast but the lion instead laid on his side and closed his eyes, very lousily pretending to be asleep.

“See? He does what he wants.” The warrior spread his arms out in a shrug.

“Then use force. Get rid of him. How did you even manage to find a lion and get him to follow you around?” The blonde-haired monster asked with a tired voice.

After a quick summary of today’s chain of events and the confirmation that the lion was docile, the agent finally relented and let the beast stay. However, this evening would not be a relaxing one.

“Okay, so here is how it works.” The wizard snapped his fingers and a shimmering wall appeared around the bed before it quickly became transparent and invisible to the naked eye. The warrior flicked the switch on his mage sight shades and the ward became visible in the form of a shimmering wall of white light around the bed.

“These things conjure an invisible magic barrier that can stop physical and magical attacks around it to a certain degree.” Jubilee elaborated and banged on the wall with his cane a few times for emphasis.

The man then approached it and pushed against the barrier with his palms before knocking on it.

“It looks fairly brittle, I think I can break it.” The man reached his arm back to strike but the wizard let out a shriek.

“S-stop! You’ll ruin it!”

688d0a No.267888

“My husband is right, are you sure it will work?” Midori frowned and began to scratch at the barrier with her claws which made the barrier flicker.

“Stop!” The wizard cried out again.

“My bonemen could break this dinky little barrier easily.” Kenzie said with a cocky smile as the warrior’s beard began to rattle.

“STOP TRYING TO BREAK IT!” The wizard finally screamed and jumped in front of it with his arms spread out. “It’s not even intended to sustain repeated physical attacks today! We are going to trap Blitzkrieg’s spiritual form in it.”

“So it can withstand magic huh?” The witch pondered and threw a small fireball at the barrier which exploded in a shower of sparks as the magic field nearly dissipated.

“WHY IS EVERYONE HERE SO VIOLENT!?” The wizard screeched as he began to hastily cast some magic on the little wooden posts that were projecting the field.

“Fortunately, it does not appear that Blitzkrieg has any capability for attacking in his gas like state. So this barrier should serve its purpose.” The elf nodded.

The plan was laid out then. It was fairly straightforward. Bernsen would sleep in a separate room by himself, with the ward already erected but deactivated. When Blitzkrieg would come for him he would launch a signal to make his allies rush in to aid him while stalling the assassin.

The warrior and the wizard would then use a combination of grappling techniques and ice magic to subdue the target. If the assassin then tries to kill himself like in the theater, the ward will be activated, trapping him in it without a way to escape.

With everyone knowing what to do the party retired for the day. The man was laying on his back in a separate room with a double bed. For once, he was not forced to sleep on the cold ground but he had to stay awake. Somewhere in the back of his mind he thought that Blitzkrieg would not actually take the easy solution of slitting his throat in his sleep but he was not about to test this theory out.

The lion, that was refusing to go away, was calmly snoring near the entrance of the room. Somehow Bernsen doubted he would provide any backup, unless the beast was threatened himself. Finally, the man got tired of waiting around, as the time got close to midnight and pulled out his scrying bowl. He immediately realized that he had a new message from the informant that Anderson suggested to him.

>[Re: Dwurvs end Rlng]

>[Hello Agent B. Your request was somewhat unusual, as was the way you put it. I assume you were in a hurry, based on the number of grammatical mistakes you did so I tried to reply quickly in kind.

>On the topic of Dwarves I have not much to say unfortunately. The Sanctiford library had very little information about them. The only books mentioning them have recently been rented out by someone who signed as “Bearnsam”, I assume this was you, so I won’t bother with those. I also studied some Monster nation documents that are not yet available to public on the subject and found only the following bits and pieces:

>1) The term dwarfism is most often used to describe a genetic human disorder that causes people to grow up to be very short.

>2) There is however proof of a group of monsters like that existing, due to the aforementioned minor mentions in the monster nation lore in the form of fairy tales like Snow White. Unfortunately, even the monster nation has almost no information about them. There are mentions of small groups of short women in historical records that had bloody but short confrontations with several of the northern elf tribes over resources like wood and wild animals but nothing else besides that.

>3) There is apparently an elaborate underground dungeon system underneath Cair that was revealed twenty years ago, when the first Arena building was obliterated in a magical duel. Some of the wall carvings found there depicted people of short height like dwarves but most of them were males so they could not have been monsters. There is absolutely no refence to anything like that being built in either nation’s history and in fact, the landmass atop Cair was not started to get inhabited until after the first monster invasion and the great transformation event. Unfortunately, the excavation site is restricted and the Cair mistress has very little interest in history, so most of the treasures found within have been melted down into their base gold and silver components and everything else is deemed worthless and burned.

>That is unfortunately all I could find on the topic. But in regards to your second question I had more luck.

>The following is a passage from “Miss Fortune”, a Deleorean folktale passed down by the highlanders living in the mountains near the monster nation border.

688d0a No.267889

>”And so the shady woman twisted the ring on her finger clockwise, with a smile as she stood in the mushroom circle. The ground under her feet was torn apart in an instant and a column of light poured forth, carrying hundreds of colorful tiny women with it.”

>This story is about the northern tribe’s struggle to maintain independence from their southern neighbors and one of its characters is a witch who had the power to twist other people’s minds to “make them see what is not real and be blind to things that are there”. Based on the descriptions I suspect she was an Illusionist. However, the more interesting implications are in the ring’s power. It apparently can open portals to “The fairy world”, a magical realm created by Jackor where he resides.

>The main character of the story was seeking the help of the aforementioned witch, to help his tribe to fight off the southern king’s soldiers and in turn she gave him an army of fairies in return for letting the fairies to then stay and live among them after they would vanquish the invaders.

>I am not sure if you ever encountered them, but fairy circles are mushroom circles that can sometimes be found growing in the wild. If what I discovered is correct, this ring has the power to interact with them somehow but in which ways I do not know. Fairies have their own culture, different from the rest of the monster nation and do not keep written notes about their history.

>As for the strange, seemingly mind altering effect you experienced when trying to put it on: when the main character asks the witch about the ring she says that only a “child of Jack” can wear it safely, as all others are “unworthy of the key to the trickster god’s domain”.

>”I hope this was of some help. It was certainly more interesting than what your agency’s spooks usually ask for (no offense) so feel free to request my help if something else comes up.

The warrior reached for the ring again. So it was a key then?

>Ring of J was identified as “The Fairy Ring”

As he put down the bowl, he continued to look quietly at the ceiling. After a while, there was a barely audible sound at the window and if the warrior wasn’t paying attention he would have missed it. He slightly narrowed his eyes and glanced sideways, to see the window frame being silently slid up as a shadowy figure with red glowing eyes climbed into the room.

>What do you do?

688d0a No.267890

File: 6effbf9363ed8ff⋯.jpg (591.63 KB, 1764x2825, 1764:2825, trash.jpg)

What's this? You are not being ambushed for once and have a chance to get the first strike?

Remember, you have built up quite an arsenal by now so don't be afraid to use it.

d36055 No.267923

Quite interesting

I guess we should read a little out of the monster anatomy book or maybe lurk the communion matrix before laying back and pretend to sleep

e63176 No.267926


>see the window frame being silently slid up as a shadowy figure with red glowing eyes climbed into the room.

>I guess we should read a little out of the monster anatomy book or maybe lurk the communion matrix

Yeah I don't know if that is the right time to funpost on the communion matrix.

Maybe someone has a fancy strategy for what to do now but I'd just start the ripping and tearing process. When he gets close enough powerfist him in the face then start tearing into him with the axe.

Lets hope its really Blitzkrieg and not just a horny ushi or something. Would be kinda awkward if we broke her skull open by accident

d36055 No.267935




I was to invested in THE lore

Disregard and get ready to spring the trap

6d33aa No.267937

File: a8a207e0aedc62d⋯.jpg (130.29 KB, 1100x449, 1100:449, Doner-Kebab-Image-for-webs….jpg)




The Dark Kebab no doubt will be prepared for our sleeping being a ruse, as any professional assassin would, so the most important thing is getting out of a vulnerable position and into one we can fight in and wreck his shit.

e5cc8a No.267987

File: 270afffad2cf993⋯.gif (1.71 MB, 320x240, 4:3, disappiontment.gif)

File: 3119c5a8932dbd8⋯.gif (1.6 MB, 260x260, 1:1, hulking the fuck out.gif)

File: f977f4c48573b80⋯.gif (472.5 KB, 221x196, 221:196, no exit.gif)

File: d6e79d63b574b79⋯.gif (601.06 KB, 300x168, 25:14, let it burn.gif)

had to leave the comforts of civilisation for a few days and thought there would be no problems in leaving the story in the other players hands.

for they would definatly come up with some good and unique solutions.

fucks sake, you fags have not one creative bone in your bodys do you?

>pic 1

so on what do

no theatrics, no fancy or flashy shit.

we cant have blitzkrieg figure out that we have finaly prepared something.

instead stand up from the bed, reach your greatsword with your real hand.

grab the bed with your powerfist and smash it with all your strengh against the wall next to blitzkrieg. wich is the signal for webster and sahra to come in

then stare at him with rage not unlike zapps earlier and say "im getting really tired of this shit"

that fine little bit of intimidation might do something, though i doupt it

>pic 2

commence chaotic melee.

the plan on how to subdue blitzkrieg is as follows, engage the fucker in one on one like always and have webster give backup while sahra stays back and keeps a lockout for blitzkriegs fancy move of the day.

wait for an opening and have kenzie surprise attack blitzkrieg with one of her skeletons by murderhugging him.

at the moment blitzkrieg is stunnd by the skeleton, have webster freeze them into a neat little ice cube.

at that point im guessing blitzkrieg will do whatever his special plan was this time.

have sahra who watched the scene from a far blowup whatever it is as soon as she spots it.

at that point activate the wards and start the real interegation of that undead shitstain.

>pic 3

in case shit goes south have midori and ellen stay on the roof of the building as backup in case the ward plan fails and have them persue blitzkriegs gascloud form back to his hideout, they are both stealth specialists so they should manadge to find where he is holed up.

where medori will stay and case the place while ellen gets the others.

were the whole group will wreck shit untill blitzkrieg is eather dead-dead or he wont dare to fuck with us again.

>pic 4

so plan and backup plan, thats how you do it.

get on my level scrubs.

b31e81 No.267988

I want Bernsen to hack the fucker with his own machete when we fight. Y'know, for dramatic effect.

Any way we can discreetly alert our friends about the incoming party? something tells me it's Midori like >>267926 said though

6d33aa No.268001

File: 4fe7542922a55ad⋯.jpg (236.66 KB, 1024x765, 1024:765, 206556254_c91f6df7a0_b.jpg)


>you fags have not one creative bone in your bodys do you?

I can be creative! We should use our bedsheets. Toss them on him to disorientate him! shove his head through our pillows, spin him around and trip him over! Bleat like a goat!

6d33aa No.268007

No really. We can use the bed sheets to rap him up and our wizard friend can freeze the sheets so he doesn't slip away and smash him to bits and then spring the trap on his disintegration giblets.

688d0a No.268009

The warrior waited for another moment, with his eyes barely open, until the assassin crawled into the room silently and…closed the window behind him. Well whatever, Bernsen was going to be asking questions afterward, if everything goes according to plan.

As soon as the assassin reached for the serrated machete at his side, the man leaped up with a roar, already under the effects of his tranquil fury in anticipation and grabbed the double bed that he immediately threw at the wall.

The wooden construction was smashed to pieces and the assassin was briefly stunned as the warrior charged at him with the highlander’s pride in hand.

But to the shadowy figure’s credit, this occurrence did little to break his concentration and the assassin effortlessly caught the claymore with his own serrated blade and tried to pull the weaponfree of the man’s grasp.

But Bernsen knew how to counter disarming attempts now, thanks to the intense training that Nicholas put him through. He instead pushed along with the flow, immediately forcing himself into the assassin’s personal space while simultaneously letting go of the blade with one of his hands to punch the wight with his power fist.

Using his inhuman agility, Blitzkrieg immediately let go of the claymore and instead leaped sideways in the air with a spin, kicking off the warrior’s metallic fist to jump over him and next to the exit.

“Ha ha ha.” The shade let out a deep scratchy laughter as it pulled out a second identical blade from the sheath on his belt. “You anticipated my arrival this time. Finally, I was wondering when you will start to become afraid.”

“The only thing that is starting, is me getting really tired of this” The warrior answered threateningly.

“Likewise, it was fun to play around but my superiors are pressuring me to finish the job. I made sure to get a high-quality vessel this time. So let’s enjoy this.” The assassin slightly narrowed his eyes in amusement.

With a bestial roar, the lion that was quietly lying in wait before, pounced at the assassin, knocking him off his feet and nailing him to the ground. At that very next moment, the warrior jumped up on the pile as well but the assassin exploded into a black mass of screeching mist again and floated up to the ceiling, before attaching himself to it with a manic grin and pulling out a lit thunderclay stick that he tossed down on the floor below.

The warrior tensed up as he searched for some cover, to avoid the blast but the room was small and the bed was in shambled already. Fortunately, the door swung open with a smash and a blonde man forced himself into the room and thrust his cane at the burning explosive. In an instant, the thunderclay froze solid in a block of ice, as a stream of cold air struck it, extinguishing its fuse.

“Ngh?” The assassin grunted in annoyance and glanced at the closed window before attempting to leap at it, to get into a more favorable fighting position outside. But as he did so, it exploded inwards as a hissing, massive black and green figure forced her way into the room from outside and grabbed the assassin by the chest with one of her massive claws before slamming him into the floor.

The impact was so fierce that the assailant’s ribcage caved in. Had he been a normal person, that would have killed him but Blitzkrieg did not feel the same pain and instead thrust both of his blades into Midori’s chest

“Midori!” the warrior shouted in surprise but it was too late, both blades skewered the monstrous spider through, with the ends of the blades poking out of the ushi oni’s back.


There was a strange sound followed by a sharp smell of something weird as the assassin’s twin blades suddenly began to smoke, until a piece of one of them fell off on the floor, losing it’s solid form rapidly before melting into a puddle.

“Ushi?” The assassin uttered in surprise as he tried to force the weapons deeper and struggle to escape but the blades had already broken down almost completely and the cow demon’s blood began to fall out of her gaping wound and onto the assassin’s body, rapidly burning holes through it.

Midori, despite having her torso eviscerated, did not appear to be in the slightest bit of pain and instead was staring down at the assassin with eyes full of hatred as her spiked legs worked quickly, wrapping the assassin up in a thick, silky cocoon until he was completely immobilized. She then sprung back and the wizard was next, blasting a stream of cold air at the bound assassin, quickly freezing him entirely solid, with only the face left exposed.

A moment later, Sahra and Agent L entered the room and Kenzie poked her head out of the warrior’s beard.

“Did we get him?” The fairy asked tensely.

688d0a No.268010

“I think so, but more importantly.” The man quickly fished out a healing potion that then tried to hand it to the spider demon.

“Huh? Oh husband, you are so caring but I don’t need it.” The ushi blushed a little and covered her face in delight. When she did so, the warrior managed to get a good look at her abdominal wound and realize that it was no longer bleeding and was rapidly closing up.

“Wait, you too?” The warrior blinked in surprise.

“Don’t worry B, Midori is in no danger. Ushi Oni are incredibly resilient to physical damage and pain. Good job, everyone. Clean and easy for once.” The elf nodded in approval before turning her head down to the paralyzed assassin who kept trying to struggle but the incredibly resilient spider silk, covered with a thick layer of ice was something beyond him.

“Well. This is embarrassing.” The assassin blinked once before the warrior kicked his body in the circle where the bed laid before the wizard quickly activated the ward.

“Try turning into a cloud and flying away now, you fucking piece of shit.” The dwarf angrily spat down next to the ward.

“Miss Smith! Watch your language!” Webster reeled back slightly.

“Oh don’t tell me this ward is going to crumble from emotional trauma as well?” The witch smirked at the tall blonde man.

There were a few surprised onlookers in the hallway, including the Inn owner but a quick flash of L’s DSS badge made everyone quietly return to their rooms.

“So. Blitzkrieg, “The immortal assassin”. Care to tell us a little bit about your friends now, or will you rather wait until Anderson gets to you?” The elf addressed the bound zombie.

The assassin smirked once, despite his position, he did not look threatened in the slightest which worried the warrior.

“Tell you something? Why would I do that? My business is only with “Bearson”.” The assassin answered and the warrior took a step forward.

“How about you start talking and I won’t break all your bones over and over?”

“Go ahead. You should know by now that this won’t make me talk.” The assassin gave the man a plain look before responding in the skin crawling voice of his.

“What will then?” Bernsen asked next.

“Nothing. But fortunately for you, I came bearing a message today. Had you not attacked me first I would have left you in peace.” Blitzkrieg explained.

“A message?” The wizard frowned while holding his cane up, ready to fire another spell if necessary.

“Oh yes. It’s in my pocket, right here. Just break these binds on me and I’ll give it to you.” The assassin plainly answered.

“Nice try, you are not going anywhere.” The elf shook her head.

“Darn.” Blitzkrieg replied. “Well, it was worth a try. As for the message, here is how it goes: “The path you are walking on is a dangerous one. If you don’t stop crossing Al-Sabbath and supporting our enemies, then your family will suffer.”

“I have no family. Your threats are empty.” Bernsen shook his head.

“Is that so? I suppose Misha, Sasha, Masha and the twins have nothing to fear then.” Blitzkrieg exposed his crooked teeth in a mocking smile.

The warrior felt his stomach turn, as the assassin slowly named the members of his family one by one.

“Wait, Bernie. Aren’t those names-“ The fairy gulped before glancing at the man but the warrior already forced his power fist into the ward.

“Whoa, what the hells!” The wizard cried out in protest as the shimmering barrier caved in and shattered with a single blow as the man stepped in to grab the frozen form of the assassin to raise him above his head.

688d0a No.268011

“Agent, calm down!” The elf shouted.

“Your business is with me, not them. Until now, I have been playing along with this land’s rulers to make up for my crime but if a single hair falls off my family member’s heads then I will hunt down every single one of you. I will tear the skin of your bodies. I will break all of your bones. The rivers of this land will run red with your tribe’s blood as I shall feast on their flesh. I will not stop until your home is reduced to ash and the ground below it is salted, to be left dead and empty for eternity as a grim reminder to others who might try to do the same thing you did.”

The warrior’s voice not loud or emotional. Bernsen was speaking calmly and clearly. His tone was not angry but factual. Like one would explain to a child why they should not eat certain types of berries because they were poisonous. But for some reason, everyone in the room backed away from the warding circle and no one dared to say a word.

The assassin’s cocky smile however did not vanish and instead went wider.

“You mean every word of what you say. You try to pretend to be civil but in reality, you are just an animal. Look into your eyes. You want to kill me so badly you can barely hold yourself back. I knew from the start that we are kindred spirits you and I. But unlike you, I do not pretend to be anything but a murderer. I do what I want. If you did the same, you would have an easier time. Do not resist your true nature.” The assassin whispered as he stared in the warrior’s eyes.

“Or perhaps you need more motivation? Once I am no longer bound, I think I will go on a short vacation to the Black Forest. Maybe bring you a souvenir for the next time we meet. I hear some monster tribes used to keep necklaces made out of fingers and ears. Which one would you rather have? Maybe your cousin’s ear? Or your mother’s claws?”

The warrior let go of the icy form and it landed back on the ground with a heavy thud. He then stepped out of the circle.

“Put the ward back up.” The man calmly ordered. He technically had no authority over the wizard but the burgundy suited man immediately put down another set of wards around the assassin, without a word.

“Hmm, how disappointing. But you will break yet. I’ll make sure of it.” Blitzkrieg let out another amused chuckle.

“Put a privacy barrier around him for a good measure too. I don’t want to hear his attempts to manipulate anyone.” The elf commanded and with a swift motion of the blonde man’s hand, the sharp scratchy laugh was cut off.

“Don’t worry agent, we’ll dispatch someone to extract your family from the Black Forest and transport them to a safe space. Al-Sabbath won’t reach them, you have the crown’s word.” Ellen nodded to the man. “And good job with keeping your cool. Few people would be able to resist doing something stupid in your position.”

“I was taught by the best.” Bernsen spoke out before turning away. But despite his appearance, his soul was being torn with turmoil and worry. He wanted to run back, forget about this nonsense with paying his dues to make sure his family was safe. But as his cousin and grandmother had taught him, the moment you succumb to fear tactics like that, is the moment that you will lose. Even if someone gets endangered or loses their life, you must not let your enemies manipulate you emotionally like that and instead focus on destroying them before they can do anything.

The lion in the corner was quietly observing the scene as it unfolded with an even look. The wizard and the warrior were going to stand watch, to make sure the assassin wouldn’t escape but after a few minutes, the man’s scrying bowl let out a loud noise and a message from Anderson ordered the man to bring the assassin outside of the inn and attach one of the STARS to him.

The group quickly left the building and after making sure that the cords around the freshly refrozen body were tight, the warrior pulled the ring out of the square box.

“See you soon.” The assassin whispered as a large white balloon rapidly expanded from the box and fired upwards, pulling the assassin with it. Within a few seconds, Blitzkrieg vanished in the night sky.

“A harpy scout will transport him to a few specialists that will be able to keep him sealed and silenced. Anderson already took care of the details. Let’s try to sleep through the last few hours of the night.” The elf suggested and turned around to go back into the inn.


“You are leaving already?” The dwarf blinked in surprise at the bowing Ushi Oni.

“Yes. My debt has been repaid so unless Bernsen would accept my pro-“ The spider demon began but the warrior quickly shook his head.

“No. No offense Midori, you are a very gentle person and a wonderful cook but I am really not looking to marry anyone right now.”

688d0a No.268012

“I see. This is such a disappointment. Whoever you pick as your wife will be a very lucky woman Bernsen. I hope I’ll get lucky in Cair as well.” The ushi sighed sadly as she wistfully looked at the warrior’s hands.

“I am sure you will, you are cool Midori! I will miss you!” The dwarf gave the spider a thumb’s up as a single tear rolled down her cheek.

“Miss her cooking you mean?” The Wizard haughtily pointed out, only to get the elves rib rammed into his gut.

“Your services are appreciated miss Midori. Maybe if the gods will it, we will run into each other in Cair again when we wrap things up in here.” The elf answered.

“I shall eagerly await your arrival then. Good luck with your secret crown activities.” The massive spider monster bowed deeply again before leaving.

“Good riddance.” The fairy smirked before the warrior pulled on her ears with enough force to make her let out a pained meowl.

“No talking behind someone’s back.” Bernsen said sternly and the fairy pouted before looking down apologetically. “She wasn’t that bad, I guess.”

“Yea, maybe we should ask her to help us some more or something? She did some very short work of that ugly zombieman.” The wizard rubbed the tender spot where he was struck by the elf, before looking ahead at the disappearing figure of the cow demon.

“She has other things to worry about.” The man shook his head. “She wants to find a man and I can’t give her what she wants.”

After Midori left northeast, the group’s real task began. However, it proved to be more challenging than anticipated. None of the magic stores in town had spice. A few of them did have fairy dust but only in small quantities and it was freakishly expensive because of how difficult it was to obtain. To L’s disappointment they even had signed supply papers from the monster nation that stated that the dust was obtained legitimately.

“Sahra, you used to work with them, right? Maybe you could give us a hint?” The man glanced down at the dwarf but she just smiled sheepishly.

“I already told you, I never visited Derrick before. I know the places in Cair and Somalot for it obviously but the only thing I know about here, is that it was delivered mostly by river and then transported to Cair.”

“So, the docks then?” Webster scratched the smooth skin on his cheek, seemingly in thought.

“That could be a good start. Let’s see what we can find out.” The elf agreed and the group moved to the south-western part of town, where the river was. The dock was roughly the same size as the one in Somalot and had a lot of busy looking people and monsters on it.

“Let’s split up and ask around. Don’t be too pushy though. Make it seem like you are just clueless rich tourists who want to try something interesting.” Ellen suggested and walked off toward the direction of one of the warehouses.

As the warrior slowly made his way along the shore he noticed an unusual person. He quickly turned around and then looked down to see a very old man with dark skin and a strange haircut. His hair was short and tied in strange thick gray bundles that laid tightly over his scalp. His beard on the other hand, was short and properly trimmed into a goatee.

He had a very casual and relaxed air about him as he walked down the docks with a swagger, it was like he owned them and his sandals made loud slapping sounds as his feet hit the earth.

And while the color of his skin, that was akin to the Red Scorpions was suspicious, it was the thing in the man’s mouth that really caught the warrior’s attention. It was a wooden pipe of some sort, from which small puffs of dank gray smoke were emerging.

“Excuse me.” The warrior called the man out and he immediately turned around, pushing down his large round sunglasses to look at the warrior.

“Hey there friend. Are you one of the warriors on their way to the competition in Cair? What can I help you with?” The man’s voice was as relaxed as his stride, while he addressed the man with a smile.

“What is that you have in your mouth.” Bernsen pointed his finger at the strange object that he saw some of the scorpions use back in Somalot.

“Huh? Oh this is just my old pipe. Helps you to relax. Never seen one before?” The black skinned man inquired and pushed his sunglasses back up.

688d0a No.268013

“I did in Somalot, but I didn’t have time to ask.” The warrior tried to bluff the man but he either did not take the bait or was obvious.

“Somalot, eh? Can’t say I’ve ever been there. Must be a decent place though, ships pass from there all the time. Or at least did. Been pretty quiet lately.” The man shrugged as he breathed out a small cloud of smoke out of his mouth.

“What kind of ships?” The man asked next.

“Ah no boy, this isn’t how we are going to do this. A polite person always buys something before fishing for information.” The gray-haired moor let out a small laugh and the warrior cocked his head.

“You are selling something?”

“Of course, friend. Only the finest green leaves. Have been in this business all my life.” The man poked the pipe in his mouth with his finger before fishing out a bag of green dried herbs.

“Do you have any Spice?” The warrior asked and the man’s smile vanished.

“Oh, you are one of those fellas. Sorry friend, but I don’t dabble with that kind of shit. That shit is a killer, and I don’t mean the fun kind. Don’t get a hit for three days and you are dead. Not cool. Lots of cool cats died because of it.” The moor shook his head before trying to turn around.

“Wait, where can I get some?” The man followed the man with the dreads.

“Nuh uh, I ain’t getting involved in this.” The man continued to leave.

Suddenly the warrior ran up around him and planted his hands on his shoulders.

“Listen, I am not looking to partake. I am trying to get rid of it.” The warrior pulled out his sunglasses and put them on dramatically.

“Shiiiiiieeeet. You are a freaking spook!” The moor’s black face turned slightly pale. “Didn’t know they grew them that big, look friend, I didn’t do nothing bad. I sell a little brown leaf here and there sure, but that shits harmless! I’ve been smoking it all my life and I am getting close to ninety years!”

“I am not after your business. I am looking to destroy the spice operation.” The warrior calmly answered and the black skinned man swallowed hard.

“Oh, well damn. Why didn’t you say that right away? Scared the crap out of me. Thought that after fifty years of work, I was finally caught. Anyway, I’ll tell you what I know but only if your promise not to muscle in on me.” The man extinguished his pipe and put it away.

“Deal.” Bernsen nodded immediately.


Agent L cursed under her breath. Everyone was too evasive here and even her subtlest approaches were quickly shut down. After an hour of asking around the docks, no one revealed any useful information besides what they already knew.

When she arrived back to the town square to their meeting point however, she saw an unusual picture. The warrior was already back and was sitting on one of the benches with a thick cigar in his mouth that he occasionally grabbed with his red metallic hand to knock off the ash from it into a nearby urn. The lion that the man had picked up was laying on the bench next to him, squinting its eyes and snorting, apparently annoyed by the smoke being produced by the warrior’s cigar.

“When did you start to smoke?” The elf approached the man and sat next to him.

“Just now.” The warrior breathed out a gray cloud.

“These are some expensive cigars. Where did you get them?” The blonde monster inquired curiously.

“A gift from our informant.” The man pointed out calmly.

“Informant?” The elf tensed up and gave the warrior a quizzical look. “Who?”

“He asked to remain anonymous in exchange for the information. It’s fine though. I know all we need now.” The man answered confidently and blew out another stream of smoke.

688d0a No.268014

Soon the wizard and the witch returned as well and the warrior proceeded to tell what he found out. There was indeed a spice distribution spot in the city. For all its quaint atmosphere, it still had its vices.

The names of the ships and the captains of the vessels that carried spice shipments were neatly written on a piece of paper. As for the distribution center? The academy. The red type was particularly popular among the older students to give their magic an oomph. One of the teachers was apparently compromised, though the informant didn’t know which one.

“I see.” Ellen sighed and covered her face with her hand.

“They are pushing that filth to children?” Webster’s face twitched once and looked like it was starting to warp.

“At least we now know the effects can be dispelled by using regular fairy dust. But depending on how many students are addicted it might become difficult, since the stock of it is very low.” The elf pointed out.

“So how do we go about this? We can probably locate the ship owners, that are part of this, based on the names. At least the ones that are in town right now. Or do we go straight to the academy?” Sahra asked.

“When we go after one party we will undoubtedly alert the other.” Ellen spoke up. “We need to plan our approach carefully.”

“Can’t we just get a bunch of guards here?” The wizard said tensely. “Just have them bum rush both the academy and the docks and arrest everyone involved?”

“With only one anonymous testimony as proof? No, no It’s too risky. Even if we did this, the enemies might destroy the evidence of their involvement, or do something desperate.” Ellen shook her head.

>Bernsen obtained [Cigar x 19]

>What do you do?

688d0a No.268015

[Donna Burke vocalizing loudly in the distance]

e5cc8a No.268025


yea and after that little threat, bearson definatly has a bid of venoms determination to do nessasary evil if he has to.

love it.

lets just hope he wont get killed by the clone of his master

so on what do

lets split up!

famous last words asside thats what we need to do if we dont want to loose one of the leads and have them warn the operatrion in cairn.

we tell webster and ellen to go out in the evening and pick up 2 students.

kidnap them and then use glammor magic to make ellen and webster look like them.

then they will infiltrade the academy and look for the dealers.

when the academy team finaly found the dealers have ellen send a massage to bearson wia matrix bowl.

at that point bearson, sahra and kenzie go in full force and attack the wearhouse of the dealers and the ship if there is one.

he very likely will have some problems with the local cops but that can be cleard up later, what is important is that none of the shitskins make it out alive, we are going full kebab removal on this one.

d36055 No.268028

Split up

Have the wizard and bern take the docks and the elf the dwarf and the fairy go to the school have the elf make the school have an "emergency mandatory" were everyone all staff,personnel,everyone must attendthe assembly where they talk about the risks of using spice using sahra as a speaker and then near the end ask if the anyone here knows what spice actually is or how its made

Then have the fay go into GRAPHIC detail about the process aka her time in the dark room i want to see/hear sobbing and vomiting these kids need to understand this shit is vile (it will be good for the fay to share her story and get it off her shoulders that they can spread awareness and stop this shit)

Then offer amnesty to any of the users who provide information as well as give them the antidote of the pure dust and maybe offer a 25 silver reward for those that come farward

At the same time have bern and the wizard begain securing the people at the docks and start storing the evidence if possible inside the vult of the wizard to be then givin over to the dss for …. extraction and interrogation

Thats my plan lets see what you guys can come up with

e5cc8a No.268030

File: 59c48d616e056c6⋯.jpeg (16.62 KB, 373x464, 373:464, Pedo Killer.jpeg)


writefag you motherfucker, you build a moralitysystem into the game dident you?

thats why you made so many bigboss references, if bearson goes killer to often then he will change into the kind of asshole that wont be able to bring about positive change, and instead do something stupid like establishing a rogue state that builds superweapons.

you cheeke fucker, thats why i love your writing so much.

fucks sake,

but we cant just beat the shitskins to a pulp and have the guard deal with them afterwards, we have no idea how many of the guard are in the sabbaths pocket, and some definatly are or there operation couldent work.


ok change of plans

have ellen and webster still do the infiltration.

but write anderson how long it will take to get an extraction team to get here to "assist" the local guard.

while the academy team does there thing bearson and kenzie will break into the local guard station and search for incriminading evidence about wich guards are dirty.

after that we wait for the feds to show up and when they are here webster and ellen make there move in the academy, the feds at the guard and bearson at the docks.

this way we not only compleatly break the sabbaths hold of this town but also get several of there ringleaders alive in the process.

the fighting will still be deadly but instead of a rwds removing kebab we will act as a swat police force that does a high risk arrest.

now that i think about it i like that plan a lot more even if it is more complicated, but we are secret agents so we should act as such.

e5cc8a No.268031


sorry but that "awearness campagn" is stupid, people that do illigal shit dont care as long as they gain the edge said illigal shit promisses them.

or did all those "winners dont use drugs" campagns in the 80's stop all drug use?

fucking americans man

that thing with putting evidence and people into webster pocket dimension is a good idea.

so lets use webster and bearson as the docks strike team and have webster store everything important into his pocket to make sure the sabbath wont get rid of the evidence again.

688d0a No.268032

File: 79d9c147dd9dec7⋯.jpg (80.4 KB, 468x395, 468:395, Zeus Approved.jpg)


Don't be silly anon. Morality systems are either cancerous or completely arbitrary. If there is some thing resembling a deep overarching idea in this story, then it's that you should not be a spineless cuck and do what (You) think is right by backing it with personal strength and the strength of the group you are a part of, be either family, friends or neighbors.

e63176 No.268038

I like the splitting up idea. Bernsen should take Kenzie and the lion go to the docks. If we find some asshat who's involved its time for some good old interrogation. Maybe the sight of the grumpy lion and Bernsen removing his eyepatch will be intimating enough for someone to spill the beans. If not we let the Skeletons dance.

It doesn't matter how much they fear the kebabs and what might happen to them if they talk they won't be able to withstand the madness of Mr Bones wild ride for too long before giving up what they know.

0886a1 No.268039


The way I see it the main objective is to gather as much intel of al sabbath as possible by capturing as many members as possible and following the track of spice.

The best way to capture members would be to ambush a delivery of spice, since there would be members of both parties involved. If it goes well we can move on a different target before they realize. But we have no information on how those are made.

If this isn't possible, then lets capture the ships and everyone related to the trade routes. Hog everything like cargo manifests, sailors and trade routs. Let the DSS process that shit.

Fuck the highschoolers.

e5cc8a No.268040


yea but the question is are (you) going to do things intelligently and humanly or are you going to slip into extremeism just like your enemy.

what good is it to get rid of your enemys if you just turn into them?

even fucking nietzsche knew that one.

d36055 No.268041


Idk man if the reaction of the people of Somalot is anything to go by the vast majority of people will think its morally wrong, and if we can apply presser socially before things get to out of hand we might be able to stem the tide, also were talking students here not hardened druggies their only doing it for the same reason sarha was doing it, they in all likelihood still have a good morel code if we give them the option of comming clean now to avoid punishment and receive a reward they could come clean… also is their a drug test we could preform to see if they're using spice

If we carrot them with getting help with the addition and stick them with a threat of a hatsh punishment (the US is only doing on of these) i think we can find grwater success then just doing one or the other, so really its

1. Raise awareness

2.give a clear and accessible out for the people affected by the drug

3.be prepared to dish out a harzh punishment when needed

4. Make it clear users are not the probably

5. Its better to be open about the facts of spice then try and conseal it

6. Al sabab works in the shadows we neec to work in the light when possible

Thats my opinion anyway, the us did the war on drugs the wrong way IMO but these things are complicated but if we can at least stop the rest of the children doing it out of morel obligation then we should try

Also in pretty sure if a drug in our world was made in a similar way to spice, no one but the most fanatical who use it, it be like talking a drug made from human shit or something only the most degenerate people would continue to take it, and i really don't think some dumb kids looking to get an edge are so far gone that they're willing to huff human shit or consentated fairy suffering

d36055 No.268042


Or we go with plan a and have the dwarf infiltrate the school that's also an option….

e5cc8a No.268043


its wierd when kidnaping and infiltration is the simpler plan hu?

d36055 No.268052


Do we really need to kidnap?

I mean we could just hafe her enroll maybe get one of those flight lessons… or more fire power

188d57 No.268054


What happened to the lion?

688d0a No.268063

File: d9677f8a27b7b57⋯.webm (554.52 KB, 720x480, 3:2, read nigga.webm)


>The lion that the man had picked up was laying on the bench next to him, squinting its eyes and snorting, apparently annoyed by the smoke being produced by the warrior’s cigar.

d4dcb3 No.268130

File: 4eeadf6b4e9c6e7⋯.png (393.46 KB, 886x1108, 443:554, Kenzie.png)

OP, you're a nice guy who yet does not have art of your wonderful story. For all the lulz and the wonderful fight scenes, please accept this little token of an artist's rendition of a cute little Cait Sithe.

Keep doin what you're doing bud.

a009ae No.268131

File: 8f8bccc66e0abf7⋯.jpg (68.95 KB, 772x507, 772:507, 1438400437989.jpg)

188d57 No.268133

File: 167bb4351dc1219⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 61.23 KB, 200x220, 10:11, 200%nigga.png)


whoops :^)

cf1cb0 No.268190



Once again ace delivers the good stuff

b31e81 No.268195

File: 96fa7aa5fc3384b⋯.png (161.18 KB, 200x300, 2:3, totally radical.png)

cf1cb0 No.268212


requesting her right after being saved from the spice plant

cf1cb0 No.268216

Actually thinking about it



Is a bad plan dealers arn't really the issue if we can take out supply we can leave local law to deal with the dealers

Even better if we find out they are producing here we can get pics of the process as evidence as well as use it as a propaganda tool

>this is what it means to support al sabab

>every gram of spice is a fairies life

>life for spice

>actually images of a spice farm

And so on

Go after production and high/mid level distribution

School is a relatively low priority and can be dealt with later

When kids start to suffer from withdrawal we can use them as an example before treating them with untainted dust

6d33aa No.268222

File: 5b93bcd5865653e⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 53.4 KB, 384x313, 384:313, 5b93bcd5865653edca7317ba94….jpg)


Finally, we've beating The Dark Kebab. No doubt temporally but a victory is a victory.

We've been all over the docks asking people questions, we've been seen as a group several times, there was the circus incident, and I wouldn't be surprised if Blitz told the local kebabs about us and what we look like, so I think they probably know who we are or at least that we're suspicious.

So Bernsen and anyone that comes with him should "go full batman" to interrogate people while the others to some spy inflitrating.

Or maybe The infiltrating should come first and then we can just arrest people after. Or maybe we can arrest some people first, interrogate them, and then arrest the others. Yeah, we should get as much information as we can, find out how many kebabs there are, where they are, etc, before we perform a full out raid, even if it takes a few days.

Unless that's unnecessary, it didn't take that long to deal with all the kebabs back in soma lot, but then again they weren't really hiding.


It would be cool if we could dangle one of them upsidedown into the open mouth of Zapp, but I doubt he would humour us with that.


>None of the shitskins make it out alive

But that includes weed man! I like weed man!


What do you mean? He already had this wonderful masterpiece.!

cf1cb0 No.268229


Trips confirm the s~dog lives to sell is relatively harmless wears

688d0a No.268230

File: 14b3df8dd4ff6f5⋯.gif (177.08 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 1431152520520.gif)


T-thank you, Ace sempai.

cf1cb0 No.268246


Cait Sithe apparently means cat city in hindi….

688d0a No.268287

“We’ll have to split up.” The warrior spoke out. “I can handle the sailors involved and shake them out for information but I don’t really know how to approach the academy.”

“Maybe we can just go directly to the headmistress? Make an emergency school meeting on the subject? They are just confused kids, surely they will come clean if we tell them the nuances of spice production?” Webster suggested.

“You have not interacted with many kids, have you?” Sahra mockingly inquired. “They are little pieces of shit and won’t care in the slightest, as long as it gives them an edge.”

“What about those who want to stop but can’t because of fear of dying from the withdrawal, like you?” The man gave the dwarf a meaningful look and the witch swallowed hard before turning her head down.

“Either way, it would be too obvious and suspicious. A public announcement could scare the involved parties into hiding. The idea is not bad but we should save it as last resort.” The elf shook her head. “I was thinking about infiltrating the school instead.”

“I am pretty sure that they have some high level magical security in place there.” The wizard frowned. “Breaking in would be tricky, even for me.”

“I don’t mean it like that agent, I mean enrolling into the academy as a student.” The elf explained.

“Aren’t you a little old for that?” The dwarf snickered.

“I could use my glamour magic to make you appear younger than you are L, but that still leaves the issue of you being too tall. Remember, I can’t adjust a person’s skeleton structure.” Webster pointed out.

“Who says that I will be the one enrolling?” Ellen asked no one in particular and then looked down at the dwarf.

“Huh?” The witch blinked in confusion.

“Hmm. That could work.” The wizard nodded before making a strange smile.

“Yea, you practically look like a kid already.” The warrior agreed.

“Yay! Sahra will learn how to fly after all!” Kenzie, who was listening quietly before this point, exclaimed.

The dwarf was rapidly getting redder in the face but strangely enough did not protest. “I guess if this will help other stupid people like me, I don’t mind. I don’t really know anything about infiltrating though.”

“You won’t have to. You will play the role of a freshman and act accordingly while fishing for information.” Ellen explained. “But this means we’ll have to wait with raiding the docks until we have more information to act upon.”


After figuring out their next course of action, the group returned to the inn where the wizard opened his magical bag and whisked everyone away within the boundaries of his El Dorito vault which surprised the warrior initially. But as the blonde man explained: the gateway’s exit point was always entirely static. This meant that no matter where you had entered it from you would always arrive at the same exact spot and leave at the same point you had entered from.

“You know, if we sleep here we can probably avoid a lot of unwanted attention.” The warrior pointed out a thought that came to his mind as he observed the round room. In place of piles of gold were countless drawers and clothing racks as well as boxes of various beauty products and tools whose purpose the warrior could not even begin to understand, besides the brushes which there was at least several dozens of.

“Sleeping in a closet?” The wizard briefly turned away from the chair that Sahra was nervously sitting on with an expression of disgust. “Bernsen, I know you grew up in the wild but have some standards!”

The man had nothing to reply to this kind of attitude and decided to keep quiet until the wizard was finished with…whatever he was doing to the poor dwarf. At least it did not look like it was painful as the short monster kept quiet throughout.

“Dojyaaa-~n!” The wizard finally exclaimed as he turned the witch around to face the rest of the team.

“Whoooaaaa!” The fairy’s eyes widened. “Sahra, you are so pretty!”

“D-don’t you think you overdid this a little? Making my face a little rounder would have probably done the trick.” The dwarf stuttered as she looked at herself into a full-length mirror that was prepared in advance.

688d0a No.268288

Everything about the dwarf became cuter. Her appearance was still undeniably hers but everything was made to highlight her natural youthful attractiveness: The girl’s face, the large pretty brown eyes and the adorable little pointy ears. The middle length, auburn hair was cut shorter, giving her a slightly tomboyish appearance. She also looked considerably younger, easily being able to pass as a middle schooler even up close, with no one suspecting anything. To complete the getup, Webster managed to get a school uniform from somewhere that consisted of petite brown shoes with wide tips, white knee socks, a silk white shirt and a black miniskirt.

“Excellent work agent W, you have truly outdone yourself.” The elf began to slowly clap as she stared at the dwarf with a strange expression and a barely withheld smile.

“W-what the hells is with that look!” The witch pointed her slender finger at the elf accusingly and the blonde monster looked away with a blush.

“Ah, don’t take it wrong miss Smith but it’s just-“

“Can I hug you?” The warrior raised his hand and looked at the dwarf pleadingly.

“W-what, no!” The witch objected, looking surprised.

“Can I hug you?” The fairy asked next.

“Uh, yea sure Kenzie.” Sahra nodded at the fairy that immediately beelined toward the girl with a giggle and began to rub her cheek against the girl’s face.

“Hehe, your skin is so smooth and soft.” The caith sith purred happily.

“Growl.” The lion wandered to the girl and rubbed his muzzle against her chest to her surprise, but Sahra did not shoo him away and instead ran her fingers through his mane affectionately.

The warrior slightly narrowed his eyes in annoyance at the discrimination. He wanted to grab the dwarf and then pat her head for an hour or two for some reason.

“Fufufu, another masterpiece has been completed by I, the magnificent mous-I mean agent Doubleyou.” The wizard quickly corrected himself with a cough as he looked up with a prideful and cocky expression on his face.

“This is ridiculous! Turn it down a little! I am going to have random passerby approach me to offer to read me bedtime stories and buy me ice cream at this rate!” Sahra shook nervously which made her look even more adorable and the warrior had to clutch his chest as he suddenly felt a sharp spike of pain in his heart.

“No, no this is perfect. You will be able to gain your peers approval and trust much quicker this way miss Smith.” The elf nodded a little too enthusiastically.

“Well, now it’s your turn.” The wizard pointed at the warrior. “Go ahead, sit down.”

“Huh?” Bernsen blinked in confusion. “But why?”


“So, mister Smith. What exactly do you do for a living?” The dark elf in a wide-brimmed, black pointy hat inquired as she studied the application in her hand.

“I work for the crown.” The man with the auburn hair and a neatly trimmed beard replied.

“Hmm government employed? I see, those jobs are usually quite stable.” The headmistress nodded in approval which made her impressive set of breasts slightly bounce once.

“We both are.” The elf sitting next to the man replied. “But that leaves us very little time to care for our little Sahra.”

The little “elf” sitting in between them shook, barely withholding a loud snort.

“I see, I see. Well you seem like a respectable couple but it’s almost the end of the year. Are you sure you would not rather wait until autumn? Surely people of your stature can afford a private tutor, it will be very difficult for little Sahra to catch up to everyone like this, especially if she did not have any prior training.” The mature monster explained as she leaned forward, exposing her ample cleavage further.

“Sahra, dear. Will you please show the headmistress what you can do?” The elf slightly glanced down to her “daughter”.

“Yes, mother.” The girl replied with some strain in her voice and walked up to one of the windows.

688d0a No.268290

“Oh? She has displayed some magical talent already? I see, okay little Sahra.” The older witch smiled softly. “What kind of magic can you do? Can you move things with your mind?”

“No, I can make fire with it.” The adorable little elf replied.

“Oh? Pyromancy is usually difficult for someone your age. Okay, show it to me.” The headmistress nodded in approval.

The little elf child opened the window, to the magic teacher’s confusion and thrust her hands out. The very next instant, an infernal spiral burst forth out of them before flying forward with a deafening roar. It quickly bound together, forming a burning column as thick as a tree. The heat it projected was so intense that the air in the room became scalding hot, for a brief moment and the headmistress’s face was quickly covered with a thin layer of sweat. Despite that however, she looked incredibly pale for some reason.

“As you can see we are a bit of at a loss on what to do.” The platinum blonde elf explained.

“I…understand. Usually we don’t enroll someone this late in the year but we clearly can make an exception for little Sahra here. I think she will fit in just right.” The headmistress answered nervously.


There was a knock on the door of the classroom and the old Jagajaga woman narrowed her eyes in annoyance. She hated when her lessons were interrupted but she quickly realized that this was not, in fact, someone late for class, as all of the students were already here. Instead the door slightly cracked open and the headmistress, a mature dark elf, peeked in.

“Madam Rapodaie? May I?” The headmistress looked strangely anxious.

The potions and plagamancy teacher blinked with her red eyes once before readjusting her glasses and standing up. The monster had a dark skin, almost the same shade as the dark elves who lived in Derrick but she was no elf, as was apparent by the thick white scaled tail that grew out of her back and her claws of similar tone and texture. Her choice of clothing was quite unusual too.

Instead of velvet purple robes, she only wore a short skirt that was made out of a green piece of cloth and a set of bandages that were tightly wrapped around her chest. The most unusual piece of her attire was the hat however. It was the scalp of an actual crocodile that was bleached white to match the color of her own scales.

Newly enrolled students tended to make fun of her unusual appearance and speech patterns but as soon as their classes started, they would immediately learn to fear the crocodile woman who ,despite her great age, had a terrifying presence and was incredibly strict and swift to anger.

“Whada dis un’ ‘bout Lenore? You know a’h hate it when my lessons a’re interrupted.” The teacher leaned on her wooden staff that was decorated with various feathers and animal bones.

“Sorry Madam, but we have a new student.” The dark elf opened the door a little more to reveal an adorable looking elf child.

“Ah? So latt’a thiss year?” The crocodile woman uttered in surprise. “Well alright’a. I’ll take care of ‘er. You may go.” The potions teacher shooed the headmistress away and gestured the elf child to come over.

The elf looked a little off to the elderly witchdoctor, and not just because of how sweet she looked. Well it was probably nothing. She had a warm and bright, if a somewhat troubled juju. She must have had a rough childhood but her heart was pure.

“Class, ‘nother monster has come to join your ranks. What izza your name little one?” The albino monster inquired.

“My name is Sahra Smith, I am twelve years old and like to use magic and drink…juice! Yea!” The elf stuttered midsentence before quickly correcting herself and nervously blushing.

The students stared at the newcomer with a variety of expressions.

“I like juice too.” One bunnygirl raised her little claw with a smile but a few students in the back could be heard chuckling.

“I see, I see. Alright’a Sahra, go ahead and sit down’a.” The jaga jaga smiled with her snagged teeth, which slightly unnerved the elf child but she obediently took an empty spot next to the bunnygirl.

“What kind of juice do you like most? Carrot’s my favorite!” The bunny monster whispered excitedly.

“I uh-“ Sahra began to mutter but the strange lizard woman batted her staff against the blackboard.

688d0a No.268291

“A’right, a’right. You can chat up with yer new friend ‘ater. Now back to da lesson.”

The bunnygirl’s ears quickly went flat as she fearfully grabbed her pen and began to quickly scribble up what madam Rapodaie was writing on the blackboard. It was apparently some sort of recipe and the speed at which the old lizard woman was writing it was a bit too quick and as soon as she ran out of space she would wipe it off the blackboard, to make room for something else.

Overall, the witch could not really figure out what this one was about. Some sort of potion that cured skin blemishes? Fortunately the lesson was over quickly as a large brass bell rang somewhere.

“A’right you kids. Be sure to study the recipes by heart. I’lla be checking to make sure you did.”

“Yes madam!” All the children answered simultaneously.

“That’a good kids. Now run along and eat well.” The white scaled woman smiled warmly as the students began to put their stuff away into their bags.

“So, what kind of juice do you like?” The bunnygirl asked again timidly.

“Uh, apple I guess?” The “elf” answered quickly as she stood up.

“Apple eh? It’s alright I guess but it makes me gassy-err I mean-“ The bunnygirl suddenly looked away as she began to sweat.

“Hey, it’s fine. I know what you mean.” Sahra waved her hand in front of her and let out a chuckle. “What’s your name?’

“I am Rochelle, Rochelle Illoma.” The bunnygirl extended her fluffy paw toward the witch nervously and the dwarf shook it graciously.

“Nice to meet you Rochelle, I am Sahra.” The girl introduced herself as well.

“It’s nice to meet you too Sahra, want to go eat something? It’s lunch period right now.” The bunny girl pointed toward the exit.

“Sure, I could use a bite.” The witch nodded.

So far so good, no one seems to be any wiser. She will just go with the flow for now and see if there is an opportunity to ask some questions.

The interior of the academy was quite fancy but also sturdy, which was a necessity with the all the magic being cast every day. It was not really that different from a regular school, now that she thought about it. There was the library, the classes, the labs, the gym. The only weird thing was the large presence of monsters that seemed to outnumber the boys two to one and the specialized magic classes.

The kids looked pretty happy, most faces were smiling and were a part of some group. Even the loners didn’t look like they were being bothered by anyone as they silently leaned against the walls to read some book or absentmindedly play with their scrying bowls. This was much different than the school in Cair, that she attended, where there was a strict hierarchy where one group of students oppressed and bullied the others, usually singling her out because she was weird and small.

When Rochelle lead the witch to the cafeteria, the food ended up being quite regular as well, well aside from the “supplements” that the monsters who took magic classes were suggested to take.

“Mmm, chocolate.” Kenzie floated out of the witch’s pocket before landing next to the pudding.

“Oh my gosh! Is that a fairy?” Rochelle’s eyes widened in surprise.

“Oh, yea. It’s my uh, familiar.” Sahra quickly replied as she observed Kenzie devouring her dessert shamelessly before floating back into her pocket.

“Hey can I sit down here too?“ One dark elf touched the witch’s shoulder gently and the dwarf reeled back in instinct and slapped the hand away.

“Don’t touch me, you filthy elf!”

The murmurs in the crowd of students died down as a bunch of kids turned their heads curiously at the dwarf. A piece of carrot cake fell out of the bunny’s mouth as she looked fearfully at Sahra.

“Umm, I mean-“ The witch tried to smoothly fix this mishap but she was not very skilled in terms of social interaction.

688d0a No.268292

“But you are an elf too.” The dark-skinned girl blinked in confusion before pulling her hand away, looking hurt.

“Uh-“ Shit, Shit, Shit! Why did that bitch Ellen ask her to do this? She is no damn spy, she just knows how to set things on fire well!

“I guess I’ll sit somewhere else.” The monster narrowed her eyes as she quietly spoke and turned around.

The dwarf did not know what to say and instead resumed to quietly eat her lunch. Why was everyone staring at her like that? Especially this bunnygirl across from her? Was she not allowed to dislike someone?

“Hey, new girl.” A sweet voice suddenly called Sahra over and the dwarf turned her head towards the direction it came from. A group of young women with slender bodies and beautiful pale faces was standing next to the table. The one in the front was the most stunning one of them all and wore a pink scarf along with her school uniform.

“Not a fan of the mudskins either, are you?” She passed her fingers through her long flowing golden locks to reveal a set of pointy ears. The other girls in the group seemed to share this trait and Sahra’s blood immediately started to boil.

“Uh, no I didn’t mean to insult anyone I just-“ She tried to force her inexplicable rage down.

“Oh dear, you don’t have to make excuses, everyone knows they are the lesser ones compared to the pure blooded northern elves like ourselves. There was a huge stream of flames conjured outside the headmistress’s office an hour or so ago. That was you, wasn’t it?” The elf made a mysterious smile. Oh crap, the dwarf thought. Had someone realized it? She probably should have held back but the sight of all the elves was pissing her off.

“No, no. You must be mistaken. I am just Sahra Smith, a freshman! Freshmen can’t do that sort of magic! Haha!” The witch laughed nervously.

“Sahra, Sahra, Sahra!” The elf clicked her tongue. “That’s because the standards here are intended for the lowest common denominator, so that the gutter trash won’t feel bad because they can’t even conjure a fireball before they enroll!” The elf leaned down on the table before facing Sahra with a smile.

“Why don’t we show you around? Don’t be scared just because we are your elders. “Normal” elves like us should stick together, you know? Name is Alice by the way. Or would you rather mingle with mongrel trash or beasts who think they can become powerful witches if they try hard enough?” The elf glanced threateningly at the bunnygirl who was nervously keeping her head down and munching on her veggies.

The dwarf swallowed hard. This was her lucky day. This group was clearly part of the alpha bitch squad that usually bossed everyone around and thanks to Webster’s glamour magic she got their attention.

They would surely know the information DSS needed. But for some reason Sahra was vomiting internally even more so than usual at the presence of this particular group of elves.

>What do you do?

688d0a No.268293

File: 0705cd0d77d50d7⋯.jpg (104.98 KB, 440x640, 11:16, papyrus manages a suicide ….jpg)

Wait a second, am I writing a bad harry Potter fanfiction again?

cb7001 No.268294


e5cc8a No.268300

File: 8ce4182c2c1fd30⋯.png (587.02 KB, 563x497, 563:497, reaction, pissed.png)

>Can I hug you?” The warrior raised his hand and looked at the dwarf pleadingly:

dude you just made me imagine big boss saying that with twinkles in his eye, i dont know how i feel about that.

and im guessing sahra looks like pic related just with elfen ears and shorter hair, fucking adorable.

so we just reached he slice of life portion of the story.

hmm we could just do our job and have 200% adorable sahra become part of this alices antorage.

or we could go the extra mile and have sahra become new alpha bitch if the academy.

guess what im for?

im pretty tired and wont be able to make a plan today, so the others can give sudgestions and i will write a propper battleplan tomorow.

dont expect much though, im to much of a neet to be worth a damn when it comes to social situations, let alone social warfare.

scratch that i know how to do this.

2 words thug-dere

we will have sahra go full delinquent on these bitches and take over the school with her more or less superior adult mind and bearson fueld magics.

oh this is gonna be fun.

we are going to do this by having sahra be a kind of girl that bullys the bullys and helps the weak by fighting for ''JUSTICE''

that way she can kick all the elven ass she ever wanted and she will sonner rather then later stumble over the drug pushers.

e63176 No.268312

>What do you do?

Oh shit are we playing as Sahra now?

If you want to survive the horror that is highschool you need to join a gang and the Aryan elven brotherhood just offered us to join their ranks.

Let's do it. I'm guessing if someone is taking spice to get an edge it's these bitches. Plus when this is over we might get the chance to unleash our dwarven rage upon these fucking knife-ear supremacists.

d36055 No.268323


>if someones talking spice is these guys

Idk man one would think that but also you have to consider thatbthe ones that get targeted are the ones that need the most help in magic

Look at sarha she started using it to supplement her since she couldn't use mana stones

>what s

hmmm oh i know

>what do you do

"Did i say dark elf?In my old school i learned just how bad our race can be, so thank you but, no thank you, i'd trust a beast folk over another elf anyday."

+1 for confusion

+1 self hating elf

fucking knife eared cunts

>dark and mysterious past OOooeeeeOooo

We should also should tell the bunny that we just moved from a really small private school were most of the students didn't get along(ultra high competition) always trying to back stap eachother and so forth thats one of the reasons why she had to come to this school so late in the year because her old school was bullying her to much… "guess im still carrying a few grudges haha"

Also gives us a reason to maybe seek out the dark elf and apologize to her…. if the bunny knows who she is…

>"i may not trust other elfs but i still feel kind of bad for stapping at her like that"

What do you guys think of that

Also i like how writeman included our gushing over the pic of kenzie that was pretty good

d36055 No.268342


Also sarha need to start off strong then get progressive worse so she reveals that she actually needs spice so that the teacher whos selling it will target her

She needs to act like a mark so she can get approached as an easy to influence youth

e63176 No.268346


>Idk man one would think that but also you have to consider thatbthe ones that get targeted are the ones that need the most help in magic

Could be that some bullied school shooter type kids are using the spice instead of the knife-ears. But it also could be that the very reason of the elves magical powers is the spice. Either way I think we should keep an close eye on these girls even if we decide to not join them.

8b7d9a No.268365

>What do you do?

Simple we take out our AK or just decline and say while we appreciate the offer but we have a meeting with the headmaster. No use fucking up a good lead or making enemies yet.

d36055 No.268380


But we don't have a meeting with the head master

And im thinking this operation is going to take some time, at least a week or two to complete

e496f3 No.268470

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

its time for sahra to engage in Rambo school style


d36055 No.268472


Oh Fuck i forgot about the intell we received it is the upper classmen we need to get in good with fuck

Oh well at least we'll get a good story out of it right……..?

f546cc No.268494

Damn it. She was not built for covert operations like this. The girl’s mind raced on how to reply until suddenly, it came to a stop, as a single idea popped up in her mind: What would Bern do?

“Come on, I know a perfect spot for relaxing where the staff and this gutter trash won’t bother us-“ The elf reached over to the girl’s hand with her slender fingers.


The dwarf swiftly struck the hand away before straightening out and putting her hands in her pocket as she leaned forward and raised her head at the upperclassman.

“Hey Bitch, are you deaf? I said I don’t want to get touched by you filthy scumbag elves.” The dwarf addressed the blonde monster with an angry scowl.

There was a series of audible gasps but the most shocked expression was the lead elf’s. It quickly turned into one of indignation.

“Why you! Know your place!“ She sharply swung her open palm at the shorter child’s face but the dwarf’s own hand came up and quickly intercepted the elves’ attempt at a slap, tightly gripping her wrist.

“H-huh?” The older elf woman was stunned at the grip strength that she was being clutched with. The dwarf was even more surprised at her ability to intercept the blow. The snowball training clearly paid off.

“What an ugly bracelet you got there.” The dwarf tried to sound intimidating while her heart furiously beat in her chest. “How much dick did you have to suck to buy it?”

The elf’s expression turned into an outright fury for a brief moment but before she could open her mouth the dwarf spoke up again.

“But don’t worry. You won’t have to worry about wearing it much longer after I burn it. Your hand that is.”

The next moment the bracelet suddenly began to smoke and quickly turned red hot. The elf screeched like a pig as she pulled her hand away and desperately tried to pry the bracelet off her arm that was quickly burning through her skin.

“A-alice!” A few members of the elf’s entourage cried out in alarm.


“Sahra, I am very disappointed in you dear.” Ellen narrowed her eyes judgingly as she sat in the headmistress’s office again.

“Mrs Smith, it is only your daighters first day and she alredy got into a fight! It is fortunate that no one was seriously hurt but we are a peaceful and friendly community, it is understandable that she would be a little stressed from a new environment but you have to make her understand that this is unacceptable!” The dark elf nervously wiped her forehead with a towel before putting it away.

“She started it.” The little elf said plainly.

“It’s not about who started it miss Smith, if a student was bothering you then you should have come to the administration with that problem! You are only twelve! Little girls like you should not pick fights with older students like Alice!” The headmistress anxiously explained.

“Don’t worry lady Lenore, we’ll make sure Sahra understands this, isn’t it right Bernard?” The short blonde elf turned her head toward her husband.

“She will. I’ll be sure to educate her personally on this subject.” The warrior furrowed his eyebrows and suddenly his form took on a menacing change as he glanced down at the dwarf while sharply adjusting his shades with a frown.

“Ah, well don’t be too harsh on her!” The headmistress began to sweat harder in the presence of the violent aura so close by. “It is only her first day, mishaps happen!”

Even the little elf swallowed hard at the warriors rather genuine looking anger that made her skin crawl.


“So, what did we learn?” The man gave the dwarf an expectant look.

f546cc No.268496

“Next time, bide your time and attack your enemy from behind when there are no witnesses and leave no trace of your involvement or a body to avoid the ire of their allies.” The dwarf replied quickly.

“Agent, this is a school, not a survival game. Stop giving Sahra advice like that.” Ellen sighed as she rubbed the bridge of her nose in annoyance. “There are no enemies, they are just kids with bad attitudes.”

“Indeed, you should have instead talked with her and convinced her to stop oppressing her elven sisters.” The wizard chided the dwarf.

“Regardless miss Smith, you must not forget your task and stop goofing around.” Ellen gestured toward the dwarf with her hand and Sahra begrudgingly nodded.


The next day, the classes began with, oddly enough, math. This was a regular school as well after all. When she entered the classroom, the children immediately went quiet and just stared at her openly which made the dwarf uncomfortable. Great, she was a pariah again. Well, not like this was new.

But this turned out not to be the case. The bunny girl from yesterday quickly approached her with eyes as wide as saucers.

“Umm, Sahra. You are an elf, right?”

“Yea?” The dwarf blinked in confusion.

“But why do you dislike elves then?” Rochele’s expression was perplexed.

“Because I know what they are like firsthand of course.” The little witch smirked. “I used to study in another private school before but it was small and the kids who attended it were almost exclusively elves. It was a huge free for all where everyone tried to undermine each other and figuratively stab the next person in line in the back. Are you telling me it’s not like that here?”

“No! Most monsters and people are very nice! Dora is not a bad girl! She was just trying to be friendly.” The rabbit pointed at the dark elf sitting one line behind her who quickly glanced up at the mention of her name before resuming to draw something on a piece of paper.

“Oh, well.” The dwarf swallowed her pride as she was about to do the unspeakable. She slowly walked up to the dark elf child’s desk and sheepishly smiled. “Sorry about that then. I thought you were trying to plant a booger on my clothing or something.”

“Oh, it’s okay I am not angry, I thought you just hated dark elves.” Dora blinked as she extended a pinkie forward that Sahra shook with one of her own while trying to suppress her disgust.

“Yea, I am actually a very open minded person. I hate everyone equally.” The girl answered with a sort of truthful statement which made the elf as well as few nearby children giggle.

“Did you really heat up Alice’s bracelet yesterday? I saw that she had a bandage on her forearm this morning.” One boy with black hair inquired from the back.

“Yea, I did. Bitch had it coming.” The dwarf casually cussed which made the kids gasp.

“Sahra, we are not allowed to say bad words like that in school!” Rochelle put a finger to her lips.

“Pah, what are the teachers going to do? Put me in a corner? I’d like to see them try.” Sahra snapped her fingers and a large ball of flame was conjured in her open palm.

“Whoaaaaa.” Dora stared at the flames with awe.

“You can already do pyromancy? We only start studying it in the fourth year!” The boy in the back exclaimed in surprise.

“You think that’s cool? Sahra once fought a zombie and burned him so hard he exploded!” The fairy floated out of the witch’s pocket with a smug expression.

“A fairy!?” Dora exclaimed as all the kids quickly got up from their chairs to form a circle around the dwarf.

“Is she yours?”

“Where did you get it?”

f546cc No.268497

“Can she sing?”

“Can I hold her?”

“Hey, hey! Watch it!” Shara waved her hands in front of her. “One at a time people!”

The remainder of the break, before the lesson started, was spent by having the children take turns to pat the fairy on the head or hold her in their arms. Kenzie looked like she was enjoying the attention as her expression only grew smugger and smugger by the second.

The ring of the bell and the teacher’s arrival forced everyone to quickly get back to their places and the fairy floated back into Sahra’s pocket with a disappointed expression.

The class was rather basic as was expected and the girl had no issues with it by using her superior adult mind. As for the teacher himself, he was hardly noteworthy. It was a middle-aged man with square glasses and most of what he did was just making the kids read the math book and do calculations on the blackboard. It was boring as all hells but her neighbors seemed to be really into it as Rochelle frequently volunteered to solve the problems for extra credits.

When the bell finally rung again, the students proceeded to go to their next class.

“You are pretty good at math Rochelle.” Sahra gave the bunnygirl a thumb’s up of approval.

“Oh, you think? One of my aunties is a magitek engineer, she gave me a few lessons before I enrolled. Compared to what she made me do, this is pretty easy.” Rochelle answered honestly with a blush.

“So, you are not taking any supplements?” The witch carefully asked.

“Huh? But that’s only for older girls.” The bunny blinked.

“No, no I mean the colorful powdery stuff. In my old school it was pretty popular. I was wondering if you have it too.” The dwarf lied through her teeth but the bunny looked none the wiser.

“Sorry, I don’t really know of anything like that. You could ask Madam Rapodaie for it maybe? She is the one who handles potions in the academy.” Rochelle explained.

“That so, huh? She looked kind of suspicious to me.” The dwraf cocked her head.

“Oh no, she is not like that. I know she looks funny and kind of mean but she is a very nice old lady. If you are confused about some subject, she always gladly explains it again on individual basis outside of lessons.” The floppy eared witch smiled.

“Yea, it’s true.” Dora joined the conversation. “I once got an F on a test, because I mixed up the order of the ingredients and made the potion turn foul but she allowed me to retake it the next day and gave me an A- when I did it correctly.”

“Hmm.” The witch pondered at her first clue. “So what’s the next class anyway?”

“Oh it’s gym.” Dora quickly answered and Sahra groaned.

“Not a fan of it either, huh? Me too. I am lousy at flying.” The bunnygirl sighed and twiddled her thumbs as the group walked.

“Flying?” Sahra narrowed her eyes in disbelief.

The “gym” class was anything but what the girl expected. The class was taken outside, behind the building where a large, square empty field was located. It had a bunch of carton boxes in it and rings arranged on pillars in various fashion. It was also notably absent of boys.

“Okay girls, the sky is clear today. Who is ready to go on a relaxing cruise through the air?” The witch teacher who was also a dark elf smiled as she looked the group of students over. She was rather pretty and young and the dwarf recognized her as the same elf that came to pick up Rochelle yesterday after her near death experience.

“Mmm.” Rochelle muttered as she paced in place nervously.

“Miss Illoma, I can see you and don’t you think I forgot your stunt from yesterday. You are lucky that the passing gentleman caught you before you broke your neck. You will be doing basic exercised today again. Everyone else will take turns going through course A in the order I call for. I also learned that we have a new student, miss Smith, was it?” The witch that was holding a large long broom addressed the dwarf and the monster stepped forward.

“Yes ma’am.”

f546cc No.268498

“What a cute face you have, I could just eat you up!” The witch chuckled as she pinched Sahra’s cheek to her annoyance. “Have you used a broom before?”

“No ma’am. We didn’t study that in my old school.” Sahra replied politely.

“I see, that’s fine. You will be paired up with miss Illoma then. She will show you where the broom shed is and what to do.”

The witch then straightened out and blew on the silver whistle that she was carrying around her neck like a talisman.

“Okay children! Grab your brooms and proceed to the start of course A!”

“Let’s go.” The bunny pouted and gestured the dwarf to follow her. The broom shed was pretty much what the dwarf expected. Honestly, if she had not known those were magical, she would have thought it was just a regular broom shed for the cleaning staff members.

“The brooms for first years are over there.” Rochelle pointed a clawed finger at one of the stands that was now almost empty, after the rest of the kids took most of the brooms for themselves. “Pick the one you like.”

“Is there a difference?” The dwarf turned her head to the other monster witch curiously.

“Mrs. Azure says that each broom has its personality and attitude but I never really felt it to be honest. They all work the same for me.” The bunny pouted as she grabbed one of them.

“Hmm, they are kind of small, aren’t they?” The witch grabbed one with a shrug.

The two then walked outside but instead of joining the rest of the group, Rochelle led her to a separate corner of the field, where a few circles were painted on the ground with chalk.

“Uh, so you place it on the ground like this.” The bunny placed the room parallel to her and straightened out. “Then you summon it to you. You don’t have to do it with a personal broom but this is school property so you need to tame it first by projecting your magic on it.”

“Oh, that sounds easy. Just reach toward it with your magic, right? That’s how you interact with all magical implements.” The dwarf perked up and tossed the broom down on the ground next to her before projecting her will towards it.

The wooden stick twitched and then jumped right back into the dwarf’s hand.

“Huh, I thought this would be much harder.” Sahra smiled and turned her head toward the stunned bunny.

“Is…is something wrong?” The dwarf inquired, sounding nervous. Did she fuck up her disguise?

“You, got it to move on your first try?” The bunny looked shocked. “Umm, umm. Mrs. Azure!” The bunny shouted at the sky and the teacher that was already aloft looked around and floated down next to them.

“Is something wrong honey? Is miss Smith having trouble?”

“No, she is done.” The bunny pointed at the broom the dwarf was holding and nervously bit on her lower lip.

“Huh? What do you mean done? I am just holding it.” The dwarf raised the broom overhead with a confused expression.

“That is the basic exercise miss Smith. Having the broom follow your command and move at will using only your willpower without touching it physically is the cornerstone of broom riding. Are you sure you didn’t have practice before?” The dark elf scratched her chin with a look of interest.

“Uh, no. This is my first time.” The dwarf replied honestly.

“It took everyone weeks to get it to move.” The rabbit girl muttered.

“Interesting.” The teacher nodded. “Miss Smith, try putting the broom in-between your legs, like this.”

The witch landed and showed the motions and the dwarf confusingly followed them.

f546cc No.268499

“Okay, now pull the broom up, the same way you had summoned it, but do it slowly.” The witch ordered and Sahra did as told. The room did indeed float but a problem quickly arose along with the stick.

“Ugh! I am pulling at it but it’s not picking me up!” The dwarf complained as the broom tried to make her body raise but was unable to do so.

“Hmm. How much do you weigh, miss Smith?” The witch asked next.

“That’s none of your damn business!” The dwarf sharply yelled which made the nearby students stare at her. Oh, gods damn it.

Fortunately, the flight teacher had a good sense of humor and laughed loudly at the reply.

“Oh, miss Smith. Don’t take it personally. I am not implying that you need to go on a diet, it’s just that this broom clearly does not have enough magical force to lift your body. Miss Illoma, bring us an adult sized broom from the shed. But don’t get any funny ideas about riding it yourself again.”

“Yes ma’am.” The bunny girl rushed to the small wooden building with an impressive speed and quickly returned with a much larger broom.

“Alright miss Smith. Put this broom next to you and try to command it the same way.” The teacher ordered and the dwarf obliged her. This broom felt heavier and a little harder to move but she did not have any issue with it either.

“Good, good. Now try riding it. Remember. Take it slowly, don’t pull at it with all your force.” Azure continued with her instructions.

The next moment the broom sharply pushed against the girl’s body and she left the ground.

“Holy shit! I am flying!” The dwarf’s eyes widened in disbelief and a bunch of kids laughed at her sudden outburst.

“Language miss Smith! But besides that, well done. You seem to be a natural. Try pulling yourself sideways a little now, but still maintain the vertical grip firmly.” The teacher ordered next as the other students floated a few meters above the ground and observed the scene curiously.

The sensation was hard to describe, it sort of felt like riding a horse, although she had only very passing experience with it, as she only rode a pony when she was little and she had to give up a good chunk of her life savings to do so back then.

She felt a certain connection with the piece of wood and she could use to move it around within space, by projecting her willpower upon it. When she pulled up on it, the broom rose, when she let go, it plummeted back down and when she gently moved it down, the broom landed. It required most of her concentration to do this but it was not particularly difficult or hard, she felt like she could do this for extended periods of time if it was necessary.

She flew through a series of rings after the teacher instructed her to do so, then was ordered to pick up the speed for the next exercise. This continued to escalate and as the lesson progressed, she was feeling more and more confident. She did not even have to clutch the broom so hard anymore, in fear of falling off and was able to sort of lean back while idly floating in the air in-between the teacher’s commands.

“Alright Miss Smith. That will do, land down and get off your broom.” The teacher blew on her whistle and the dwarf quickly plummeted back down but as everyone gasped, the broom began to rapidly slow down, until it stopped a meter or so before the ground at which point the dwarf hopped down from it and plucked it out of the air.

“Well done miss Smith. A++. I am very impressed.” The witch clapped her gloved hands. “You can rest now. You are still young, so even if you do have the skill, you don’t have the stamina so don’t get overly confident.”

The dwarf nodded, slightly confused and then glanced at the broom she was holding while Rochelle just stood to the side with a hard to discern expression.


“How did you do that?” Dora kept bugging the dwarf for what felt like the hundredth time today as Sahra ate lunch in the cafeteria.

“I am telling you, I don’t know. It just works.” The dwarf was honest. It just did, no matter how ridiculous it sounded. To be fair, she had a head start and did read pretty much every single book related to magic in Cair’s library back in the day, in a vain attempt to find a clue why she sucked at it so much but that couldn’t have been the reason, right?”

Her line of thought was interrupted by the group of older elf students from earlier. They passed by her table while wearing smirks on their faces. The dwarf got ready to set something on fire but the monsters kept walking.

“Whoa, she didn’t even talk to you. You must gave scared her good yesterday.” The little dark elf child noted with a surprise.

But there was something else to it. That bitch was up to something no doubt. Well it was probably something stupid like putting tomato sauce in her locker or something. More importantly, the lunch break was a long one, so she had an excuse to move around and investigate her task now.

>What do you do?

a009ae No.268502


>One of my aunties is a magitek engineer, she gave me a few lessons before I enrolled

i wonder if ophelia found a husbando

76a6c8 No.268505


>What do you do?

I don't know get ourselves a cute shota or something?

Just go with the flow for now I guess. If we get through the classes in that tempo maybe we'll get to get into the upper classmen magic classes since the freshmen classes are clearly too easy for us. That's probably were the spice flows.

Regarding the knife-ear supremacists lets just see what happens if they do anything too stupid I say we retaliate by following their leader home and letting Kenzie strategically place a boneman under her bed.

e496f3 No.268517


good plan look for a temp beta meatshield to sponge melee damage

d36055 No.268536


No remember the upper classmen ate the ones we know are doing the spice

We have to try and get back on their good side or at the vary least make it clear that we're looking for spice

I say for the rest of spend half the lunch break hanging out with the rabbit and the dark elf, then the other half writing a somewhat forces apology letter to your upper classman (include the stuff about the old school we made up if epeat the same lie over and over it bevones easyer to remember) this gives you the chance to drop a few code words sarha knows for spice to her as well

Also over the next few days start to make it clear your running out of juice, such as less powerful magic more difficult flying harder time staying focused in class maybe start having the wizard take away some of your cuteness and make it look like the starting stages of withdrawal we have to make sarha look like a mark to the dealer/upper classmen sarha knows how these things work so it should be easy to manipulate them into giving you some if they have any, maybe offer to pay a higber then normal rate for some second hand

We can also look for a bf if you guys really want to but its getting close to the end of the year we don't have time to be dicking around we're on a mission


>how do you do fellow teens

This is how im imaging sarha right now

e496f3 No.268539

File: 9b38cb771b9bced⋯.gif (273.48 KB, 320x240, 4:3, Dayum.gif)


>No remember the upper classmen ate the ones we know are doing the spice

well that misspell made an interesting mental image

d36055 No.268562


Daa da da daa da daaaaaaa

R and T are really close together sorry bro

d4dcb3 No.268627

OP, question: When that shota said they learn about pyromancy in the later years, it's a little odd as human sorcerers only have one area of expertise and can't handle other forms of magic. Even the mighty Franz Jakovitch could only affect fire!

Unless you had something else going on? Certain Monster witches of great magical talent, of course, are basically wizard-like of course: See Selene.


This basically tangential to Illusionistquest, so no. She hasn't. Ophelia just has a shit ton of sisters. I bet she thinks poor little Rochelle is a goofball.

a009ae No.268632


>ophelia being too much of a magitech autist to contain her pasta noodles enough to find a husbando

not surprising in the slightest, but still sad because i like happy fairytale endings where the mc and the party each find the love of their life

d4dcb3 No.268633


I regret not killing Ophelia

I won't be so much of a pussy next time

6d33aa No.268644


I feel like we should follow them, who knows, maybe they'll try to plant spice in our locker to frame us. We might get into trouble but Sahra's superior magic and adult dwarven strength will protect her from these weak pathetic elves.


Maybe the boys are wizards in training? Come to think of it, monks must be pretty powerful wizards

688d0a No.268652


They were in a Math class at that time, Ace. This school is not exclusively for magic users. Regular Derrick kids go there too. See:


>There is a school where it’s being taught along with other more common subjects.

d4dcb3 No.268654


Yeah, I saw that they were in math class. I just thought it was being implied that they were taught actual pyromancy beyond just theory, or practical application for pyromancers

e5cc8a No.268660

File: 6831e4f77c94697⋯.jpg (26.51 KB, 420x460, 21:23, GTO, squating.jpg)

File: 99386d0294d254b⋯.jpg (59.27 KB, 446x680, 223:340, GTO, the teacher.jpg)


stop acting like such a kissass towards the "older" kids it makes sahra look like a cuck.

so what do

ask rochelle and dora where the bad kids hang out.

sahra is a former gang enforcer, so she will know that if any bad shit goes on in a school then the delinquents will eather involfed or know about it.

lets find where the wanabe gangers hang out and try talking to them about how things are in the school, give some suptle hints that sahra has the knowhow on gang culture.

if they akt like faggots then have a show of strengh by challenging the groups bigguy.

sahra is an adult dwarf that grew up in the shit and has a fuckton of experience in streetfights from her gang years so a few wanabe ganger kids will be easy even without magic.

and if writefag is a glorious faggot then after the fight a guy in the back who was squatting and smoking the entire time will go "allright allright you made your point" and walk up to sahra, with the delinquents seemingly afraid of him and asking "are you sure boss?"

>pics 1 and 2

in the evening when the school is over sahra will need to do some preperations.

that bitch alice is up to something so we will do a preemtive strike.

talk with kenzie what her favorit stretegys in jaktor vult are and make preperatioins on a few evil and humiliating pranks.

d36055 No.268705


K im takeing m6 response off the table op

d36055 No.268707



1183a4 No.268714


Anon you have to learn to take responsibility for your mistakes. Stop blaming your poor phone man

688d0a No.268737

“Say Dora, where do all the “tough” upperclassmen hang out?” The dwarf turned her head toward the dark elf child.

“Huh? Why do you ask?” The little monster witch narrowed her reddish eyes suspiciously. “Don’t tell me you want to pick a fight with them too?”

“Whaaat? Who? Me? Naaah, don’t be silly I just wat to say hi, pay my respects and all.” The dwarf dismissively waved her hand and let out a fake laugh.

It didn’t look like the elf was buying it but she answered anyway. “Well, the delinquents usually hang out behind the school building, behind the cafeteria where the toolshed is. They are pretty mean looking.”

“Oh, that’s perfect, err I mean. I will go say hi to them then, why don’t you hang out with Ro for a little bit? I’ll be right back.” The dwarf quickly got up from her seat and the elf glanced at the empty spot next to her with confusion, suddenly realizing that the bunnygirl was absent.

“Huh, where did Rochelle go?”

But the dwarf was already out of the earshot as she quickly moved through the crowds of students until she was outside the building. The front part of the academy was ripe with trees and lawns and even had a small pond with silver carps swimming in it but this was not the girl’s destination.

She instead quickly circled around the massive building, which took a little longer than expected and found herself behind it, where the surroundings were less tidy. She even had to climb over an iron fence that had a locked gate on it to get behind the school. This place was obviously intended for the maintenance and cleaning staff members. The staff entrance of the cafeteria could be seen at the back of the building as well as a crunchy dirt road that lead to a large wooden gate through which the carriages that brought in food arrived each morning.

“Huh, empty.” The dwarf blinked in confusion. Was Dora wrong? Although… the dwarf looked at the ground and noticed a bunch of cigarette butts littering the ground near a recently painted toolshed. Oooh, of course. They wouldn’t be standing out in the open so the teachers could see them like this. The dwarf snickered and pulled on the door.

“Hey, is this where all the losers hang out in?” She mockingly addressed the darkness but there was no one inside. There was someone here recently however, as there was no accumulated dust and the place had a bunch of wooden crates that held various school supplies arranged around the room in chaotic fashion. The smell of tobacco was strong here too.

Suddenly a hand harshly pushed against the dwarf and the short woman yelped as she fell into the dimly lit building, before quickly turning around in surprise to see a bunch of blonde haired women standing at the entrance.

“How the hells did you sneak up on me like that!?” The girl exclaimed in confusion. The lead elf opened her mouth with a smug expression but no sound came from it and she frowned and glared at one of the older girls in her entourage who sheepishly smiled before waving her hand overhead.

“As I said, sneaking up on a freshman like you is child’s play.” Alice repeated, now without the privacy barrier concealing her presence.

“Well congratulations, you got me cornered! Now what’s the next step of your master plan? Because let me tell you, I am the one who can make the fire rise here.” The dwarf snapped her fingers and conjured a pair of fireballs. They were not too powerful, they would at best leave a nasty red mark on these bitches but it would do.

The older elf smiled confidently and stepped forward, completely indifferent to Sahra’s threat and the dwarf threw the small fireballs at the elf immediately. Instead of making even a vague attempt at dodging them however, she kept walking forward. The dwarf felt something afoul but it was already too late. The spells reached the target quickly and with a flash, one of them dissipated while the other bounced off and hit one of the empty crates which burst into a bunch of sparks and snapped in half, causing the plumbing tools stored inside to spill out.

“Wait what?” Sahra’s eyes widened in surprise as the elf pulled out some fancy looking necklace that had a gem with a glowing rune on it.

“A wardstone. Not so tough without your shitty fire magic now, are you newbie?” Alice gave the girl a menacing glare as the other elves began to close in with dangerous sounding chuckles.

“Now, usually I would make your life living hell for embarrassing me in public like that yesterday but you are a fellow elf so I’ll just do the same thing you did to me.” The elf extended one of her hands behind her and another elf handed her a knife. “I will leave a little mark on your body, like you did on mine so you’ll think twice before getting out of order again. And after that, hopefully you’ll reconsider my invitation if you know what’s good for you.”

688d0a No.268738

The dwarf swallowed hard as the elves surrounded her. She wondered if she could muster enough spell power to break through the warding stone but even if she did, they were not exactly in a fire safe location. She could easily collapse the roof on everyone here, including herself.

She might have become slightly better on her feet lately but she would not be able to slip past this encroaching circle and she was unarmed and the fairy in her pocket had her Skeletons back with Bern.

“Hey!” There was a sharp, gruff shout from the entrance and the elves tensed up before looking behind them in surprise to see a group of young men standing there. All of them posessed suspicious looking traits like face scars or mean scowls, or odd hairdos but the most distinct ones were the two of the tallest male students. The first one wore a studded leather greaser jacket with a matching hat in place of his purple school uniform and the other had a strange, almost comically phallic hairdo and a white square medical eyepatch that covered one of his eyes.

“What are you chicks doing here? You trying to muscle in on our turf, eh?” A student with a cross shaped scar on his face yelled threateningly and stomped forward while leaning forward with a mean look.

“Yea girls, you know this is our spot.” The phallic hair shaped boy pointed his finger accusingly at the lead elf.

Alice frowned before quickly putting the knife in her hand away. “Pfft, as we would want to take your filthy shed near the dumpsters. S-stupid Chad!” Alice’s cheeks blushed slightly for some reason as she addressed the weird haired student.

“Then what are you here for? You know this is a no chick zone.” The boy with the gruff voice and the leather newsboy hat inquired while giving the group of elves an annoyed look. “Get out of here before we throw you out.”

The elven women harrumphed loudly, looking offended but for some reason began to leave without a fuss, some of the younger ones, visibly intimidated by the older boys as they passed by them on their way to the exit.

Alice was the last one to leave and she glared at the dwarf with a look that said “Next time, you won’t be so lucky.”

“Aww shit, those bitches broke my seat!” The boy with the scar on his face complained as he glanced at the box that broke when Sahra’s spell misfired.

“No worries bro. I got this.” The boy with the white eyepatch walked up to the box before narrowing his eyes in concentration and kicking the box with his foot. The pieces of the box briefly were launched in the air but instead of spreading out, seemed to become attracted to one another and with a loud snap connected back at the points that the crate snapped and the box landed back on the floor, now completely intact, with only the small burn mark showing that it was ever damaged.

“Huh, you are still here?” The boy with the eyepatch then glanced at the dwarf in confusion but she instead crossed her arms on her chest challengingly. Truth to be told, she was a little flustered by the amount of masculinity in this tiny shed but spending so much time around the warrior made her a little resistant to it.

“I ain’t going anywhere. I came here to chat with you losers.”

“Ehhh? Who the hells are you calling a loser, you little bitch?” The boy with the large cross shaped scar on his face angrily tried to move forward while raising his fist but the boy with the eyepatch firmly placed his hand on the boy’s shoulder.

“Hey bro, relax. Look, she is like twelve. Are you seriously going to hit her?”

“Huh? Oh, yer right.” The boy with scar blinked in realization. “Weird. I didn’t even realize.”

“What was Alice going to do with that knife?” The tallest boy with the hard-boiled look in his eyes addressed the dwarf.

“Huh? Knife?” The boy with the phallic hair turned back to the boy in the hat. “What are you talking about Brad?”

“Alice, the elf in the lead from my class. She had a knife with her just now.” The boy reached into his pocket and pulled out a cigarette that he promptly put in his mouth and lit up in rather unusual fashion by moving his hand over it with such incredible speed, that it looked like it vanished for a brief moment and the friction it created seemed to lit the tip of the cigarette on fire.

“Eh, bitch was gonna try to stab me, cause I didn’t play to her tune and fall in line.” The dwarf quickly replied.

“Shit, seriously?” The scarred boy replied. “But aren’t you both elves?”

“Those elves man, they’ll even cannibalize each other, won’t they?” Another upperclassman with ginger hair who wore sunglasses spoke up.

688d0a No.268739

“So you ran from them here to get what? Protection? Get out of here kid, we ain’t babysitters. Tell your teacher about it if that bitch is bothering you.” Brad rolled his eyes as he walked further into the shed and squatted down in the middle of it, which put him on an even eyelevel with the dwarf.

“I am telling you, I came here to talk with you, they must have followed me here that’s all.” Sahra frowned and looked at the older boy… or well, he was younger than her if he was still in school. This was getting confusing.

“We don’t talk with pipsquaks. Get lost.” Brad blew a cloud of smoke into the dwarf’s face which made her choke as the rest of the delinquents laughed.

“Yea, no offense kid but this is big boys territory.” The boy with the eyepatch leaned down to the dwarf as well with a condescending look.

“Ugh, just answer one fucking question, you assholes! I am not interested in your circle jerks or whatever you fags do here either. I am just looking for information.” The dwarf coughed and angrily replied.

“This ain’t the damn library kid. If you have questions ask your teacher.” The boy with the scar frowned as he lit a cigarette as well that Brad lit up for him in similar fashion as he did his.

“I am not looking for books jackass, I am looking for spice.” The dwarf finally dropped the keyword but there was no particular reaction to it.

“Spice?” Chad narrowed his eyes in confusion. “What, you mean like cooking spices?”

“Are you fucking stupid? You obviously find it in the cafeteria!” The boy with the scars spat out angrily.

But the oldest boy in the leather jacket seemed to realize that there was something else to it and he put the cigarette out of his mouth before prematurely extinguishing it.

“What’s this “spice” you are talking about?”

“Like a magical supplement. Makes your magic better. Red, powdery dust stuff. It also gives you a rush when you use it.” The dwarf plainly answered and the boys looked among each other in confusion.

“Powdery spice?” Chad scratched his chin.

“Ever heard of anything like that Ken?” The boy with the scar turned to the redhaired boy with sunglasses.

“Nope, no clue bro.” Ken shrugged.

“Why did you come asking us for something like that?” Brad inquired suspiciously. “Just because some of us smoke, you take us for a bunch of junkies or something? Good grief, get real. Everyone knows we don’t tolerate any druggies in this school.”

“Because I figured out one of you chucklefucks would know something about druggies being in your turf. But you must be some really lousy at your job if you have no idea what it even is.” The dwarf narrowed her eyes and began to walk away.

“Wait, hold on. Is it like medicine or something?” Chad suddenly spoke up as he scrunched his face and touched his forehead with his index finger.

“Hmm? You know what this kid is talking about Chad?” Brad glanced at the other boy with a meaningful look.

“Well, you know one of those crazy crocodile chicks who nearly poked my eye out the other day when we fought over who would sit near the window? When I went to the nurse that day to get my eye fixed, a dark elf came in, looking really messed up. She said that she lost her medicine and hadn’t taken any since friday. The nurse then quickly shooed me out of the office. I took a looksie through the window in it though since I was kind of worried because the kid looked awful. It was kind of blurry but I saw the nurse give some weird red stuff to her and when she left the room she looked much better.”

“H-holy shit! Yes! This is it!” The dwarf exclaimed and the delinquents gave her a series of confused looks.

“Thanks guys! You are great! I’ll be going now.” The dwarf tried to beeline toward the exit but Brad suddenly got back up to his feet and with a surprising display of speed that stunned the dwarf, quickly stood up in-between her and the exit, blocking it with his broad-shouldered body.

“Hold on a second. This is not adding up. A freshman comes waltzing right into our spot like she owns the place without a shred of fear, starts asking questions about drugs and talks like a veteran thug. This ain’t right.” Brad raised his arm to the brim of his hat and gave the witch a menacing look which made the girl swallow hard in response.

688d0a No.268740

“Hey Brad, ease up man. She is just a kid.” Chad gestured to the short witch before judgingly looking at the other delinquent.

“Is she really? Look at her face.” Brad pointed down with his finger and nearly touched the tip of the girl’s nose.

“Hmm? Yea, she is going to be quite a looker, it’s a shame she is only a freshman.” The red-haired boy snickered.

“Get your mind out of your gutter Ken. Her face is all symmetrical.” Brad slightly narrowed his eyes and the other delinquents blinked in confusion before surrounding the dwarf.

“Huh? Isn’t that normal?” The scarred boy leaned down with a confused look.

“Not when even the freckles are perfectly symmetrical.” Brad narrowed his eyes even more.

“Whoa! Brad is right!” Chad’s mouth opened in surprise.

“I can buy someone being naturally attractive but this is not natural.” The broad-shouldered boy reached toward his hat again before pushing it down to his face to cover it with a veil of shadow. “Who are you really?”

For fucks sake Webster. The dwarf cursed internally. Why did he have to go all the way?

>What do you do?

8dddda No.268741

File: 3a08a5a5af11972⋯.jpg (64.92 KB, 237x255, 79:85, 1466749417751.jpg)

You've done it now. Those delinquents are going to fuck you up.

e496f3 No.268745

i've got this guys time to bullshit them about our superior elven ancestry and genetics and how where the most pureblood special elf snowflake in the whole world talk them into wanting to let us go

e496f3 No.268746


elves are snooty stuck up self righteous pricks so no one will be suspicious

e5cc8a No.268751

File: 0af64ee12eda09b⋯.jpg (49.61 KB, 600x450, 4:3, delinquent faggots.jpg)

File: 1ed2c0c82db6596⋯.jpg (42.25 KB, 515x290, 103:58, delinquents in japan.jpg)

jesus what are you putting in front of us, an allstar team of every anime school thug ever?

i thought we would be dealing with a bunsh of hormone controlled idiots with wooden swords, bad altetude and even worse haircuts. well you did do the haircuts

so, fuck this sucks the speedster along might beat sahra single handetly and im guessing the greaser is something like jotaro kujo.

fucking hell we are WAY outclassed here, im not sure even bearson could handle all of them.

this fucking intreages me.

so how to deal with this….

ok this isent the actual plan but more like a plan b in case shit hits the fan.

if they start attacking have sahra rip open her shirt and show them her tits, they are still teenage guys so tits out of nowhere will still stunn them for a few seconds that sahra can use to fucking run.

so now for actual plan.

i have no idea.


uhh the truth?

well more or less at least.

tell them what happend to sahra with the red scorpions and how she and bearson whiped them out.

give details but say nothing about being recruted by the crown.

instead tell them that after our group whiped out the scorpion gang we found evidence that the shitskins are using this town as a haven for there drug opüeration and that the school is one of there destribution hubs, and sahra got here to find and wipe out these degenerates, while bearson does the same at the docks with there warehouse.

if we are idioticly lucky then the delinquents might be on board with this, they said that they want nothing to do with that shit and might even help us with it.

i mean we have an allstar team of violent wierdos here, it would be a waste not to see them in action.

yea that plan is quite shit, maybe i can come up with something better later or tomorow, give some ideas, it could help me come up with something.

1183a4 No.268753

Fucking knife-ears man. Sahra was right these faggots are shady as fuck. So now we are not dealing with some backalley dealer but with an elven administration thats giving that shit to their own students. I wonder if its just the nurse or if it goes as high as the principals office.

Now that we have a solid lead we should start gathering up some serious Intel. Maybe Ellen and Bernsen are up for another break in. We should also get Madam Rapodaie involved when the time has come. She genuinely cares about her students and will be able to step in should the entire administration be compromised.

But for now we still have to deal with Brad Chad and Ken. I think we could take them on with our magic and dwarven right hook but I think we can just talk our way out of that they seem rather simple-minded. Maybe tell them we have a friend who's using and we want to help? Or tell them our face is so symmetrical because we have a weird aesthetician/wizard uncle who likes to groom little girls? Wouldn't be that far off from the truth.

d36055 No.268755

Its easy, we keep lying lie big time by building on the lie from before

>old school was really fucking edgy

>kids doing everything the can to get a leg up on eachothet

>literally anything

>drugs violence anything

>one day sarha crossed the wrong elf and she payed for it by getting her face all burned and cut up

>had to transfer out as well as go to a what ever that looks magic is called to cover the horrific scars

>super embarrassed about it

>start to cry think of that kid you burned up sarha

>then explain why you need the spice that your supply is running out and if you run out and don't get any to replace it, you'll kick the bucket in three days but not before suffering a LOT ,and theres not a thing anyone can do about it, its a trap that once your in you can't get out even if you want to

You NEED the spice

You will Literally die without it

these guys are a bunch of softies

1183a4 No.268757


>if they start attacking have sahra rip open her shirt and show them her tits

To quote Bernsen:

>“Well, I mean you are just a cub. I don’t know what sort of monster you are but you are barely tall enough to reach my waistline and your breasts haven’t even started developing y-“

But then again

>“You know, your breasts might be underdeveloped but your legs and hips are pretty filled out.”

Maybe they are ass guys?

e5cc8a No.268758

File: 4571afb3eff3fe3⋯.jpg (19.25 KB, 480x360, 4:3, bulma roshi 1.jpg)

File: 483559838e61f36⋯.jpg (38.16 KB, 478x362, 239:181, bulma roshi 2.jpg)



hmm both of your sugestions are pretty gud so lets mix them up a little.

tell the guys that sahra was in a school back in cairn that was bad, we are talking nigger tier bad.

shit happend and she had half her face burned off, just like the little oni whos nami i dont remember.

the knife eard bitch that burned her was high on spice at the time and sahra has a BIG hatred for both elfes and spice since then.

her parrents said fuck it and moved and had a astetician wizard they know from work fix her face but all that idiot did was mirror her good side over the burned one.

now she is here, new town, new school, new face but still the same elven bitches and the same fucking drugs.

so instead of being a fucking victim again sahra wantet to be proactive and rid her new home of that shit before she has to see the same shit happen again.

well the story seems good enough but how can we hire these dudes to help us?

i really want to see them beat some shitskin ass how.


well small tits are still tits, and pulling her shirt up is faster then dropping her pantys, plus it looks funnyer.

eather way nosebleeds ensue.

e496f3 No.268762

im telling you guys playing the snooty elf is easier then coming up with lie's on the fly

although the flasher escape is a decent plan b

e5cc8a No.268763


yea the more i think about it, the more the lie sucks, fuck even the truth sounds better.

man i dont know, larping as a elf brat is just as stupid as the lie though.


i got nothing, maybe after i sleep i get an idea, or maybe ace will come up with something cool.

well we will see.

e496f3 No.268764


c'mon what's more believable muh tragic backstory or a snooty fucking smug ass blueblood elf who cant wait to talk about her perfect genetics heritage and grooming

this isn't hard

e496f3 No.268765

they wont be able to stand us they'll practically be pushing us through the door

e5cc8a No.268766


im not alking about it being belivable or hard, but it being stupid.

further sahra hates elfes, so do you think she can beliveably larp as one when unter presure?

like i said if i can come up with something i will say so but if not then just fumble around a little and then flash them in sahras new sucniture move, "stunning nosebleed!"

e496f3 No.268768


course she can do it she hate's elves she'll be a great shit elf because she has such a low opinion of them its perfect

1183a4 No.268769

Maybe start off with the elven supremacy talk and if they don't buy it break down into the sob story? But I think we also need to realize that we are in no real danger here.

Even though these guys act all tough this is still a school. A boringly peaceful one that is.

>Everyone knows we don’t tolerate any druggies in this school

Are we really scared of dudes who say shit like that? What's the worst these straight edge punks are going to do if we just tell them to fuck off? Sahra single-handedly beat a hellhound before and survived getting beaten to a pulp by an psychotic scorpion. There is nothing these fucks can or are willing to do that will seriously hurt us.

e496f3 No.268771


yeah umm i dont think thatll work the trick with the snoot option is to constantly annoy like a long monlogue on superior elven facial features so i dont think they'll just sit there for muh tragic backstory as well although a double monologue might be even more annoying

1183a4 No.268773


Yeah forget about that first sentence. To be honest I would just tell them to fuck off. What's the worst these pussies will do about that?

Unless we want them as our allies or anything like that but in that case the elvish snob option isn't a great idea either.

e496f3 No.268774


the quicker we annoy them the quicker we leave

e5cc8a No.268776


the thing is i kind of want them as our allys, i want to see them beat ass.

hmm well now that i think about it we could do it like this.

for now to with the flasher manuver to gtfo and when sahra found the avidence that there are drugpushers in school show it to the delinquents and watch what happens.

that way we get a cool battle anime fight scene and we get rid of the shitskins in the school.

we still need to prepare something for alice tomorow as well though.

so talk to kenzie what a cool prank would be to fuck with that vengefull bitch, something evil and funny.

bitch tryd to go after us so i call jaktor vult, let the prankwar beginn.

1183a4 No.268779


>for now do with the flasher manoeuvre to gtfo

To be honest this idea is kinda growing on me. I do think it's really dumb but it will be absolutely glorious when Kenzie will inevitably tell everyone that coy little Sahra flashed a bunch of horny teens.

d4dcb3 No.268784

File: 3c16ca8a5c05eb9⋯.gif (861.12 KB, 480x270, 16:9, eJwFwdsNwyAMAMBdGACbR6FkG5….gif)

Just have her break down into tears and give a heartfelt story like what >>268758 suggested, with a difference.

I think it would be best if she said that she had been bullied horribly for her squat, ugly demeanor. She was called things like dwarf! Shortstack! Fire Loli!

After her first suicide attempt trying to OD on drugs, her father took her to see her uncle, a Wizard, who used his aethesitician powers to turn her into this cute little darling. But more than his magic, he taught her never to be afraid of bullies anymore, to stand up for herself!

And so she's tried to stay strong, to project a hard outer apperance, but there's only so much she can do. She thought becoming friends with the tough onii-sans would keep her safe but… but (insert waterworks here), she failed! Just start blubbering now, and these deliquints, who seem to be nice boys, will feel their instincts blossom, and they'll protect her now. Patkakke may occur however.

It's bulletproof.

e496f3 No.268787


kujo's gonna see through that farce and fake tears like a window dude like a window

d4dcb3 No.268788


See, but the story is just true enough to be believable.

e496f3 No.268789

annoy em and they wont be focused on the truth they'll just wanna make ya leave lies are just gonna be too obvious

6d33aa No.268826


> Or tell them our face is so symmetrical because we have a weird aesthetician/wizard uncle who likes to groom little girls?

Or we could just say that, we're an elf, and elves are more attractive than humans and can sometimes have more symmetrical faces than humans,

Or we could say both.

e5cc8a No.268905


hmm not bad ace, yea we can use that.

but lets not go full goth and have sahra talk about suicide, the rest is good though.

d36055 No.268924


Not of shes really talking about bern and co

Not if shes Actually recalling some bast even without even realizing it

Say the girl she burned up



f546cc No.269022

There was only one thing she could do in this situation. The dwarf reached with her hands up to her face and burst into tears.

“What the?” Chad’s face twisted into shock while the other members of the delinquent gang just stared, not sure how to react at the dwarf bawling loudly.

“H-hey! Stop crying, you damn brat! What if someone sees you here like this? The teachers are going to make some crazy assumptions!” The scarred boy quickly shook his head and hands in front of him.

“It’s not working! I told him it doesn’t look normal!” Sahra cried out as she continued to blubber.

“Calm down little elf, why are you suddenly crying like that?” The red-haired boy in the sunglasses curiously pushed them down as he addressed the girl.

“You are right! I am ugly! This is all fake!” The dwarf slightly cracked open one of her eyes to look through the gaps in-between her fingers. Looks like they were buying it.

“Fake? What do you mean?” Chad blinked in repeatedly.

“My uncle is a wizard. He tried to make me pretty, so I wouldn’t be bullied over my hideous looks like I was in my previous school but it’s not working!” The dwarf lied right in their faces. The scarred boy, in particular, seemed to get struck by this revelation as his violent demeanor went down considerably.

“Hey kid, take it easy. I dunno what kind of shithole school you used to study in but we don’t make fun of anyone cause of stupid shit like that. Plenty of weirdos here.”

“Yea! Yea!” The other students nodded in agreement.

There was a loud stomp as Brad’s foot slammed into the floor of the shed and everyone quickly went rigid and looked at him as he leaned and down and

“Eeeeh!” The dwarf screeched as the older boy licked her cheek before straightening back out again with a pissed off look.

“This taste…your tears are fake, they have no bitterness in them. They are the ones of a liar!”

“Dude, what the fuck?” Chad stared at the broad shoulder student who raised his hands and popped his knuckles loudly.

“I don’t like liars. Especially ones who try to win someone’s favor through pit-BWAAH!” The older student’s menacing look instantly shattered as the dwarf grabbed her skirt and quickly pulled it up, flashing her black lacy underwear at him.

“Holy crap, cover yourself up!” Chad looked away while raising his hand in front of his face. The other gang members likewise displayed a surpassing amount of tact as they quickly looked everywhere but at the freshman who was flashing them.

“D-damn it, you think this will stop-HMM?!” Brad dared to look at the girl again, while trying to keep his eyes glued to her face, but the girl was gone. In the brief moment of surprise, the girl had vanished out of his sight.

The boy then slammed the door of the shed open and angrily looked around to see that the dwarf was already climbing over the iron gate and quickly making her retreat back to the school grounds outside, where the other students were mingling.

f546cc No.269023

“Good grief.” The boy scowled as he pulled his hat down.

“Huh? Did she run away, what was that one about?” Chad blinked quickly as he also left the shed.

“What kind of perv is she!? Flashing someone when she is just twelve! What kind of fucking parents does she have?” The scarred boy angrily spat out and kicked away an empty tin can that was laying next to the dumpster.

“I wasn’t convinced earlier but now I agree with Brad.” The red-haired boy stepped out as well and scratched his chin. “There is no way a freshman would wear such a risqué set of undergarments. Those were part of the L’argent industries summer passion series that came out just a month ago. There is no way she would be able to afford them if she was a freshman and her parents would have to be crazy to buy something like that.”

“Oh yea, leave it to Sherlock fucking Holmes to figure something like that out by looking at some chick’s panties for a brief moment.” The scarred boy glared at the red haired one with contempt.

“A brief moment?” The boy smirked as he adjusted his sunglasses. “A brief moment like that lasts an eternity and is all a man needs to read a woman like an open book.”

“Too much information Ken.” Chad rolled his eyes before addressing the boy in the leather Jacket. “Do we go after her?”

“No. This would be troublesome with so many students wandering out there. But we should keep an eye out on her from now on.” The boy turned around and went back into the shed.

“Oh, and Chad? Do you know which year that dark elf you saw in the nurse’s office was from?” The older boy inquired the one with phallic hair.


The dwarf’s face was burning up but she made it out, even at the price of her dignity. Gods bless that silly honor bound thug culture that became popular in the last few years among high schoolers. She had an actual honest to gods good lead now but the question was: what she should do with it now?

The answer came in the form of the bell ringing. That’s right, it was time for her next class, which was apparently magical theory if she remembered it right. Wait, why was she worried about being late? She got the info she needed, shouldn’t she just drop everything and run back to Bern and co? Or maybe…

The dwarf stopped near the lockers as she pondered on this. Maybe she could instead keep playing at this? It was kind of fun, it was like she was reliving her teenage days, and with less assholes ruining her day to boot. Compared to those, the knife wielding elves were a breath of fresh air. She could use the extra time to maybe even fake an illness to get into the nurse’s office and get more evidence, that would surely be worth doing, right? It’s not like those Al-Sabbath assholes were going to walk away or do anything with their hostage if she took her time?

>What do you do?

f546cc No.269024

File: 8deb932daa20895⋯.jpg (43.31 KB, 329x380, 329:380, 1406640097727.jpg)

Sorry, that's all I got for today.

e496f3 No.269030


didn't fall for tragic past eh some one pick up the phone because i


f82f26 No.269033

Stick around, there may be more than just the nurse involved. And if we need to go back to get more information sahra skipping classes will just raise questions and cause people to be suspicious.

1183a4 No.269041

We could wait till school is over and make Webster make us look really sickly pale and weak for tomorrow. Then collapse during first period so someone will bring us to the nurses office and we pretend to be in withdrawal.

But I think we still don't know enough about how and why the spice is distributed. The dark elf schoolgirl saying she lost her medicine means this is either some sort of code or she isn't fully aware she is taking a hardcore drug. There's probably more behind it then just some nurse dealing on the side.

I think for now we should find out how many people work at the nurses office. If it's just one nurse we know who distributes the product. This would be a good start for Bernsen or Agent L to shadow her outside of school or beat some information out of if it comes to that.

e496f3 No.269043


well first things first we need to get some revengence on Alice the shit faced elf

1183a4 No.269045


Maybe kill her parents?

I think our little highschool roleplay might soon be coming to an end. Don't know if we should waste too much time on fighting a kid. I say we focus on the mission right now no need to escalate it further. Maybe we can ask Webster how we can dismantle her magical defense charm thingy or something but unless she attacks us I say we let them be for now.

e496f3 No.269046

File: 2341c5132616a60⋯.webm (1.59 MB, 720x405, 16:9, Revenge.webm)

we need a plan something that involves fire and ruins lives that wont end with us getting caught

e5cc8a No.269047


this and there could be more people involved then just the nursing staff, i doupt that the nurse is the one that gives the kids the idea of using drugs.

one thing though.

>or do anything with their hostage if she took her time?

do we even know where the danukis husband is?

i mean he could be anywhere between here and the fucking desert for all we know.

and you are being a faggot for sudgesting that we should cut short such a fun piece of the story.

even if is the strategic thing to do

…i hate you

lets at least see what happens during the rest of the day before we make our move.

have sahra go to the toilets and reinact fightclub, make it look like someone just beat the shit out of her.

with that go to class and get the excuse to go to the nurses office, and when sahra has an opening search the place for any more leads.

e496f3 No.269050


i was thinking burn a tattoo on her back and stomach like chad sucks or i heart dark elves

or ya know humiliate her some other glorious way

e496f3 No.269058

no wait I've got it after we bust the drug dealers have the school call an assembly with our dss authority tell her to come to the podium for an announcement and shoryuken her in front of the whole school and say her magic is shit and weak sauce and she should give up on being a witch as they have standards she couldn't dream of achieving and that her an her groupies are sad loners who're behind everyone else's progress and tell her that chad thinks she sucks because she needs a knife and a magic ward to fight like a pussy

r8 my revengence m8's

1183a4 No.269059


>…i hate you

Nooo please don't hate me friendo :(

Maybe slip some laxatives into her cafeteria food and lock her into a closet with Chad.

d36055 No.269060


Fuck you it could of worked if she had been thinking of the little girl she burned up


Just cut her hair all off that be just as effective….But were getting ahead of our selfs here finish out the rest of the say…. why doea thia plot line feel familiar….

Anyway finish out the day gather evidence when you can go see the nurse after class chat her up a bit but don't look to suspicious… oh man… i have the perfect idea, do monsters go through puberty?

But other then that we have to have get get some kind if concrete evidence! If we don't we will have failed the mission id guess we only have a few mire days before shit really starts to go south and the enemy becomes aware of us, make it though the day meet with the group and devise a proper plan of action that all we can teally do right now

e5cc8a No.269061



nah all that shit is way to cruel, when everything is said and done sahra was the one that escalated the whole thing from standart bullshit school drama to blood fued by burning her arm.

nah when we do this then in a way that is both decisive and funny.

dont have sahra go down to shitskin tactics and sadism, but show superiority.

the fact that she went tsun for one of the guys means she isent a soziopath but just stuck up bitch, so lets teach her a lesson by showing her that her way of doing things is retardet.

uhh im having a brainfart here, how do you bring 2 people together against there will?

well thats what my sugestion is, dont be sadistic fuck and punish her by proving to her that her way of doing things is stupid.

i hope you can come up with something writefag and dont have sahra slip down the dark side because of the other guys have some represd childhood trauma or something.

e496f3 No.269063


could we still do the breaking her heart and romance with chad thing and shit i feel like that settles it i mean it's either that or fucking mortal kombat i got no other ideas

e496f3 No.269064


and too cruel seriously she ganged up on us with a knife wake up dude

e5cc8a No.269067


thats the thing i dont want to break the romance, i want to fucking start it.

alice doing the tsun thing shows that she is to fucking retardet to make her move on the guy she likes, so if sahra does it for her somehow, that will prove her way of doing things is idiotic, and show sahras superiority in both thinking and acting.

what im trying to do here isent to punish her, that wont do shit but fuel more resentment.

i want to change her, put her on a better path.

thats what REAL superiority is about.

not killing your enemys but making them into your allys or at least better them


comming at us with a knife, do you think she wantet to shank sahra or something?

she said this was about "leaving a mark" and sahra did that shit first, even if unintentional.

when sahra headet up her blacelet that shit giving her a branding style burn.

from what i have seen she isent a soziopathic sadist like the scorpion but a dump fucking kid that needs to be shown the propper way, and fucking her up wont do that.

1183a4 No.269071


>i hope you can come up with something writefag

I still like my laxative idea. But for a general direction I say we should aim to thoroughly embarrass her in front of Chad in some way or another.

Or maybe ask our wizard if instead of making someone pretty he can turn someone really ugly for a limited time. Preferably with some kind of potion or something like that.

Or just ask Webster in general. He's a huge faggot and probably read the scripts to every highschool drama and comedy that ever came out of eastern theater. He'll know how we can really embarrass her preferably without getting caught.

e496f3 No.269073


hey girls lets go cut up that one bitches face that burned me with my bracelet my actions are in no way sociopathic apparently and there should also be no repercussions for my assholish actions as i continue to attempt to unite all future elf students under my banner

r u srs dude for real Christ first shit lies now were letting assholes keep assholing cant wait for the next brilliant plan maybe we could give all our gold to some poor bandits or highway men

something need's to be done brash or not brash

most normal people don't organize a back room face stabbing just so ya know

e5cc8a No.269074


so what do you want to do, fucking skin her?

jesus yes her shit was going way to far and you want to make things write by going way to far yourself?

fucks sake your thew idiot that wantet bearson to constantly eat harts arent you?

we are talking about a kid here.

for fucks sake do you even know were we are?

this is fucking monster, the last bastion of fucking romance and not the last bastion of lets hack and slash everything that looks at me funny.

fuck this.

at least try to make things better, otherwise you could just play vanila d&d or some shit.

1183a4 No.269075


>most normal people don't organize a back room face stabbing just so ya know

So you are telling me you never tried to forcefully maim a 12 year old during your high school career? Fucking casuals man.

But I agree with you. That bitch doesn't deserve to have us serve her her happy end on a silver platter.

e496f3 No.269077


firstly I've never suggested bearson eat hearts so take your baseless assumptions and shove them pal

secondly she isn't exempt from her actions because she's young being young doesn't excuse backroom gang up face shanking's as a group activity that's irrational and the only person who comes up with that shit is the fucking joker

thirdly i never suggested skinning anyone but im guessing you where just exaggerating your weak stance since there's no real merit

fourthly not everything comes out rosy people need to live with their mistakes just because today she's a shit doesn't mean teaching her a lesson wont lead her down a better path if anything letting this behavior continue is more harmful

ill reiterate my standing point There needs to be a lesson taught a consequence

e5cc8a No.269079


then go ahead and give an example of what you consequences are, lets see if you can come up with anything that wont just turn irrational anger into honest to fuck hatered.

cb7001 No.269080

>wanting to humiliate or physically harm a teenager

Sahra is a full grown adult guys. She needs to set the example. Turning your enemies into non hostile or even allies is far more advantageous than humiliating them and leaving them behind you

e496f3 No.269082


make chad tell her he hates what she's become and that he wants her to turn into a decent person who improves others lives and that he's disgusted with the way she acts and he knows how she feels about him that be the best outcome

make her unpopular and break up her gang leaving her alone hopefully she learns the value of kindness and communion friendship and love through humiliation

or somehow force her to befriend the dark elf and the rest of the students showing her that acceptance is a better path

or beat her and show her that there's a difference in power and she needs to respect strangers

there all good methods but i cant think of how to execute them

e496f3 No.269083


any one can work as long as we explain why we did what we did explain lesson to her

e496f3 No.269084

the point is to give her a chance to pull her life together it's still up to her wither she wants to or not it's called free will as the heroes though we need to at least give her the chance

e5cc8a No.269086


>i cant think of how to execute them

yea i dident come up with how to make my surprise romance true eather.

but see those are sudgestions that can be used.

why was it so damn hard to get people to think up something that is worth a damn?

i had to argue with you for thew last hour to get something that writefag can actually use in the story.

now we can see what he perfers.


and i was trying to do the same damn thing by a different route.

e496f3 No.269088

File: 04bccf96101a2b2⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 578.19 KB, 1800x1400, 9:7, welcome.jpg)


you where conforming but its okay your back on board now buddy


e5cc8a No.269092


dude the only difference here is that i went for love creates more love, while you went for tough love.

you can interpret in what you want but its the same as optemism and pessimism.

but its funny that when everything is said and done we both want whats best for her.

for whats eccentualy an npc that has close to no relevance to the bigger story.

what does that say about us?

e496f3 No.269093


we have too much free time

e5cc8a No.269094

6d33aa No.269095

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


We should tell Bernsen and co about our lead, but also suggest we continue our infiltration and get more information.


I know exactly how we should handle her video related

d4dcb3 No.269277

I think OP probably already has what he wants to do in mind at this point so I'll keep my peace other than say Sahra needs to follow-up on that lead before getting into hotter water. Once a man licks your tears, he has your scent and will track you down, it's basic science.

Also, for shilling: There's another Tales from Deleor int he writethead. Mostly exposition with 100% more Harmony than the others

688d0a No.269307

Yea, let’s not rush things. The dwarf told to herself and proceed to her next class. Magical theory, as the name implied, had very little to do with actual magic casting and more with the boring semantics of how spirit energy got converted into mana.

“Okay class, can anyone name me where you can get spirit energy from?” The teacher for this class was a rather odd looking minotaur with white, fluffy fur covered legs that ended with hooves and wore a pair of oval shaped glasses and a rather conservative set of green and white robes.

“Mana stones!” One dark haired boy in the back raised his hand.

“Boys!” Dora, who sat behind the dwarf spoke up.

“Good, good? Is that all?” The bovine monster teacher smiled warmly as she looked over the class.

“Umm? Faith?” One human girl timidly inquired.

“Very good Sybil. Indeed, sometimes, if you gain a god’s favor they will impart some of their magic to you. Any others?” The teacher patiently waited as the class exchanged looks between themselves.

“Uh, fairy dust?” Sahra slightly narrowed her eyes.

“Very good miss Smith! Indeed, it is also possible for individuals to absorb someone else’s spirit energy when it’s in crystalized form like that, such as fairy dust or a unicorn’s horn. In some cases, it can even act as a more potent source of magic. But It is not very convenient due to the fact that monsters can’t spare too much of it without becoming ill. Now then, let’s see if you remember the basic formulae for spell weaving.” The monster turned to the blackboard and began to hastily inscribe some elaborate conversion system for magic.

Overall it was pretty uneventful, the dwarf already knew all of this, although she was surprised this was being taught to first years, let alone the ones who were not magically gifted. It was not easy to grasp and all the students already knew what the teacher was talking about. They were just repeating what they learned throughout the year before the summer exams would start.

The third class was over and it was time for another break.

“Hey Rochelle, there you are! What happened, why did you skip class?” Dora addressed the bunnygirl who looked a little weary.

“Sorry, I was just feeling a little unwell.” The bunny replied and by the look of her eyes which were red and a little puffy, she was not kidding.

“Do you need to see the nurse?” The dwarf suddenly piqued up. “Want me to escort you?”

“Huh? Oh no, not at all! I am fine now, don’t worry.” The bunnygirl shook her head quickly which made her ears fly all over the place.

“Well, okay.” The dwarf frowned, so much for that excuse. She reached toward the doorknob of her locker and then.

“Aah!” Sahra cried out and pulled her hand away quickly as the knob sizzled loudly. The dwarf cursed under her breath at her carelessness as she realized that the locker’s handle was superheated. Something that she did not even realize, despite it glowing a little.

“Whoa, Sahra, what happened?” The dark elf inquired, sounding worried.

“That bitch Alice still trying to get at me.” The dwarf frowned in pain as she observed the pulsating red mark on the palm of her hand.

“Oh, that looks bad! You should go to the nurse Sahra.” The bunny suggested timidly.

“You know what, yea. I should.” The dwarf nodded.

After quickly descending to the first floor, the dwarf stood in front of the white door with a small glass window in it. But she wasn’t alone.

“You again.” The boy with the phallic hair crossed his arms on his chest before glancing down at the dwarf suspiciously. “What are you doing here?”

Sahra swore internally at her misfortune. What was this jock with disco hair doing here even? She was about to turn on her heels and bail when, to her surprise, the door opened as a blonde-haired elf walked out of it. She sneered at the dwarf before her eyes moved toward the girl’s hand.

688d0a No.269308

“Oh? What’s wrong? Did you get burned?” The elf snickered before turning to Chad with a small blush. “I feel better now Chad, thank you for bringing me here.”

“This is like the fourth time this week. Are you sure you shouldn’t go to an actual healer about your heartburn or whatever? If you are better, then I am going, I am supposed to be with the other guys, asking one third year some questions.” The boy rolled his eyes before promptly beginning to walk away.

“Ah, Chad! Wait!” The senior elf student called out the boy as she quickly chased after him, forgetting about the dwarf completely.

Sahra wanted to make a sarcastic remark toward the bitch but kept her mouth shut, starting a scene here would ruin her infiltration, so she let her run and instead entered the office herself.

The office was very clean and had a faint smell of chlorine and alcohol in it. Not too different from usual medical rooms like this in other schools. There were a few wooden cabinets here and there, where medical supplies were stored and in the adjacent room were a couple of beds that were separated by a thin white sheet hanging from the ceiling.

“Can I help you?” The nurse was to no one’s surprise, a dark elf. She slightly rose out of her seat and pushed her glasses down to look at the person who entered her office.

“Uh, yea. I got my hand burned.” The witch answered timidly, suddenly losing a whole lot of her confidence. She was not a fan of hospitals or hospital-like places.

“Alright, let me see.” The nurse walked toward the girl with a sway in her hips and gestured her to show her the wound. The elf wore a simple labcoat that had a pair of pens poking out of the front pocket. It was tightly buttoned, which made her breasts strain against the fabric as the lab coat was a bit too small for the dark skinned woman.

The dwarf obediently showed the other monster her hand.

“That doesn’t look so bad. Did one of your fire spells misfire?” The nurse inquired.

“Huh, how do you-” The dwarf blinked as the nurse let out a chuckle.

“The headmistress already spilled the beans on some wonder kid and I had to threat Alice yesterday after your little outburst. You have some very unusually powerful magic for someone your age.” The dark elf pointed out with a smile.

“Ah, well you know. The power of pure blooded elves and all that.” The dwarf chuckled.

“Is that so? How strange, it is indeed true that Alice and her friends are very skilled but that wasn’t the case until this year.” The elf passed her hand over the girl and Sahra felt a familiar sensation passing over her skin.

“Wait, a privacy barrier?” She recognized the spell and turned her head toward the nurse in confusion.

“Well of course, how else can I ensure a patient’s confidentiality? A lot of kids frequently try to listen in on conversations here to learn people’s embarrassing secrets.” The elf explained matter of factly.

“O-oh! Yea that makes sense.” The dwarf sighed out, man this clean room aesthetic was making her jumpy.

“Okay miss Smith, take a seat, I will go get you some medicine.” The nurse gestured toward a leather covered bench and Sahra obediently sat down. The dark elf then entered the nearby room with the beds.

“Wait, but aren’t all the medicine cabinets over there?” The girl pointed behind the nurse’s desk but the elf made a dismissive gesture toward it. Oh no, the medicine there is for other things. I have something else for burns.” The monster replied from the other room and the dwarf quietly got up from her seat and walked up to the cabinets, opening them up one by one but they only held regular potions and medicines in them.

“Ara? What are you doing miss Smith?” The dark elf inquired from behind as she emerged from the room faster than the dwarf anticipated.

“Ah! S-sorry, I was just curious what these shelves had in them.” She sheepishly replied as she looked back at the nurse who, for some reason, was holding a large syringe in her hands.

“That won’t do at all miss Smith. Good students should not rummage through other people’s belongings like that.” The elf rapidly clicked with her tongue as she began to walk toward the dwarf.

“Uh, ma’am? What’s with this syringe?” The girl swallowed hard as she looked at the tool in the nurse’s hands.

688d0a No.269309

“Why, it’s your medicine of course!” The dark elf replied nonchalantly.

“A shot for a hand burn? Isn’t that a little umm, excessive? I thought you would just apply some poultice and a bandage or something.” The dwarf nervously asked. She was no fan of shots.

“Oh? Such ways of treating burns are so old miss Smith. Don’t you know it’s the current year? We have made such incredibly advances in medicine in the last couple decades. A little prick of this and you will soon not feel anything anymore.” The elf took another step forward.

“Oh, umm well, that’s really impressive but I think I’ll pass!” The dwarf quickly ran around the elf while hugging the wall. “I am not very good with shots, I think I’ll just tough it out!”

The girl then quickly grabbed the door handle and tried to pull on it but found that the door was mysteriously locked.

“Where are you going miss Smith? It’s very rude to waste someone’s time like that. The least you can do is take your medicine after all the trouble you caused for us.” The elf threateningly stepped forward while wielding the syringe like a knife.

“U-us? Wait, oh shit!” The dwarf’s eyes widened and she thrust her hand out, trying to conjure a blast of flame but nothing came out. “Huh?!” The dwarf cried out in alarm.

“Attempting to assault a member of the staff? My, my, miss Smith. What a problematic “child” you are. It’s a good thing this room is equipped with a magic suppression enchantment to protect all the fragile medicines here. You got off easily before but I think it’s time for you to get punished for your behavior. Al-Sabbath does not forgive traitors like you.” The elf loomed over the much smaller dwarf with her smile turning into one of cruelty and evil.

“Help! Someone!” The dwarf banged fruitlessly on the oaken door but no sound was coming out due to the privacy barrier that was erected.

“No one will hear your screams miss Smith!” The nurse stabbed downward at the girl, trying to pierce her neck but the dwarf leaped sideways with a screech, making the elf miss.

The short woman then tried to find a way out but the only window in the office was covered with a metallic grate, preventing escape.

“There is nowhere to run little girl, stop struggling!” The nurse cried out in anger and raised the syringe again as a blurry shadow appeared in the door’s little window. The dwarf’s eyes widened and she grabbed a handful of pens and paperclips from the nurse’s desk and threw them at the dark elf.

The monster effortlessly avoided the junk and gave the witch a bemused look as the pens smacked into the glass before bouncing against it, causing the shadow outside the window to step back. The elf then rushed forward and this time the dwarf failed to avoid her and the elf tightly grasped her head and pushed it against the table, ready to stab her with the syringe.

“I wasn’t aiming for you bitch!” The dwarf snickered triumphantly despite shuddering in fear as the door to the office was kicked inward and landed on the floor with a loud crash as two broad shouldered upperclassmen lowered their legs and stepped into the office.

“Boys! What in tarnation are you doing!? Stop damaging the school property!” The headmistress screeched in a high-pitched voice before her voice was cut off as she stared at the nurse holding down their newest student and holding a syringe to her neck.

“Would you look at that.” Brad made a wry smile. “What are you doing there, ma’am?”

“Claudia! W-what’s going on!? These boys say you are giving out drugs to students!” The headmistress nervously raised a small bag of some red powdery substance and glanced back, where the student with the ugly scar on his face was holding down a younger, scared looking dark elf by the shoulder.

The nurse glared at the crowd with rage before sharply pulling the dwarf close to her while still holding the syringe to her neck.

“S-step back! Get back or I’ll kill her!”

The headmistress let out a surprised gasp and moved back but the two delinquents upfront did not even bother to move.

“Good grief. Using a little girl as hostage.” Brad stepped forward and the elf pushed the needle up to the dwarf’s throat so tightly that a tiny drop of blood build up around it’s tip.

“I mean it! Clear the way!” The Dark elf yelled.

“Claudia, what are you doing!?” The headmistress covered her mouth in fear at what was happening.

688d0a No.269310

“Yaaaah!” The fairy suddenly beelined out of Sahra’s pocket while wielding a clothing pin and before the dark elf could react, she drove it right into the woman’s eyeball.

“AAAAAHH!” The nurse reeled back to grab her face and the dwarf immediately jumped away. The two delinquents upfront, quick on their feet immediately tackled the Al-Sabbath agent, knocking her off her feet and held her down on the floor with an arm lock.

“T-thanks Kenzie. You are a life saver.” The dwarf addressed the tiny humanoid who was smugly performing a flourish with the clothing pin in her hands.

“Can someone explain to me what is happening here!?” The headmistress screeched again with a look of shock on her face.

“It’s quite simple headmistress.” The boy with the red hair stepped into the adjacent room and pulled up one of the mattresses to reveal a bunch of small bags underneath it. “The new nurse is a drug dealer.”


“Man, this is boring.” The warrior sighed as he pulled out another card. “I hope Sahra will be done soon.”

“She is enjoying this too much.” Ellen scratched her nose as she looked over her own cards.

“Eh, let the girl have some fun. She could use it.” Webster put down his hand which was a royal flush. “Dojyaaa~n! I win!”

“You sure you are not cheating agent?” The blonde elf narrowed her eyes suspiciously.

“Don’t be ridiculous Elle, baby. I wasn’t caught, was I?” The wizard snickered as he pulled the stack of coppers to himself.

The warrior growled in annoyance. It was not like he was bothered by the loss, but the wizard had such an amazing hand coordination that, despite paying a great deal of attention and even observing him under the effects of his trance, he was unable to spot how or when the wizard cheated.

There was a loud buzzing sound and Ellen reached toward her scrying bowl, before briefly studying its contents.

“Oh gods damn it.” The elf cursed and quickly got up from her seat. “It’s Anderson. Someone contacted the local law enforcement a few minutes ago to report an illegal drug distribution incident in Derrick’s academy.”

“Oh? Looks like our dwarven friend finished with her task then.” The wizard also got up from the table with the warrior following suit.

“Not if the local law enforcement is compromised. I am going to the school to secure the area until the other crown agents arrive. You go to the docks and try to arrest as many people as we got on the list agent B got. If Anderson knows the gist is up then our enemies know it as well.” The elf quickly put her suit on before storming out.

The warrior did not waste time either and soon he was running toward the river while accompanied by the wizard and Zapp the lion. Thankfully, they did some scouting ahead of time, while the dwarf was fooling around in the academy, so they knew exactly where to move. But unfortunately, by the time they had arrived, two of the ships that were on the list had already left. The last one was about to leave as well: the last few remaining sailors were quickly boarding it while another group of was raising the sails and pulling up the anchor.

“Hey, get off the deck, can’t you see we are leave-URGH!” The sailor tried to address the warrior that rapidly ran up the plank but the man was going to ask questions later. His fist smashed into the sailor’s face, breaking his nose and sending him flying back on the deck and then sliding over it until hitting one of the railings with the back of his head which knocked him out cold.

“Hey, what the he-UAAARGH!” A second sailor was sent flying down with another brutal blow to the top of his head by the warrior’s mechanical hand with enough force to make his body bounce off the wooden planks before landing back down.

“Sheesh! Lay down with the violence!” The wizard loudly criticized the burly man as he blasted a stream of ice in front of another sailor who slipped on it and fell flat on his face before the wizard delivered a precise blow to the back of his head which made the man go limp.

The initial series of surprise attacks was over as the commotion attracted the rest of the crew from below the deck. The other docks visitor stared in awe and confusion as a huge brawl had begun on the ship.

688d0a No.269311

“One, two, three…” The wizard counted as he whisked the unconscious bodies of the sailors into his El Dorito vault in-between smacking away or freezing that stragglers that got past Bernsen.

“Eeee!” One of the sailors backed away as the lion roared loudly.

“Don’t stand there like an idiot! It’s just a god damn animal!” The largest sailor with a scraggy beard dragged one of his crewmembers upfront, which made the man stumble and fall down right in front of the lion.

“Gah!” The sailor cried out as the lion’s paw smashed into his temple, causing him to roll overboard.


Another loud, gonglike noise reverberated through the air as the warrior’s powerfist clunked against another sailor’s skull, making him fall over with his eyes rolling into the back of his head.

“Fuck this shit, I am out of here!” One man finally tossed down his scimitar and chose to jump overboard into the river… Only to hit his head against the ice that was rapidly enveloping the ship and nearly break his neck in the process.

“Cap’n! We are stuck, we can’t leave the docks!” One sailor cried out and gestured toward the oars which were now trapped under the thick layer of ice that surrounded the ship.

“Eleven…twelve…thirteen…” The wizard kept counting as he casually walked over the ice outside the ship and picked up the people who attempted to flee the vessel.

“Gods damn it all.” The man with the scraggy beard walked up to the warrior and grabbed a massive cleaver. “That’s it, weirdo! You are dead!”


“Eeeeeee!” The captain of the vessel cried out like a little girl as the warrior dangled him by his feet over the lion. Zapp let out a savage snarl and tried to bat at the sailor’s face but the warrior swiftly raised him back up.

“Look at that, Zapp looks very hungry.” Bernsen pointed out nonchalantly.

“I- I swear, I don’t know anything, I just transport goods!” The pirate trembled in the man’s hands but the warrior did not like the answer and lowered the man back down.

“Grawr!” Zapp jumped up a little and his teeth snapped at the pirate’s ear, biting off a piece of it.

“Aaaaaah!” The pirate cried out. The wound was not severe by any means but it was incredibly intimidating. Before the lion could take another bite however, the man raised him again.

“You should say what he wants to hear man. He is a god damn psycho. I saw him eat people myself, he’ll turn you into a meal for two for himself and the lion if you catch my drift.” Webster nervously pointed out while standing a little away.

“Oh gods! Oh gods! Please let me go, I have no idea about Al-Sabbath or anything else you are asking about!” The pirate desperately screamed as the warrior lowered him again and this time the lion’s massive claw left a massive set of savage cuts over his cheek which began to bleed immediately.

“Aaaaahh! Okay! Okay! We transported people too!” The pirate began to cry in terror as the warrior noticed a yellowish stain begin to rapidly spread across the sailor’s pants.

“Where?” The warrior asked with a growl.

“T-there are four main places me and the boys operate in!” The ship captain swallowed nervously. “Somalot was one but something happened there so now we only go to three of them! The first one is way south, in a place called port Dorining. That’s where the slaves get shipped overseas I think. Another spot is in Feldesgrod, we deliver the spice to some other gang there and lastly is Galmathoria, west of Cair. We smuggle all sorts of shit there like weapons over the river at night.”

“What about Cair? How does the spice get there?” The warrior asked next.

“I don’t know!” The pirate quickly answered and Bernsen lowered him back to the lion who licked his muzzle in anticipation and began to reach up with his claws.

“Shouldn’t have done that man. That lion’s going to eat you for sure now.” The wizard clicked his tongue in disappointment.

688d0a No.269312

“Ahhh! Oh gods man, I swear I have no clue! We just drop it off at one of the warehouses, I have no idea what happens to it after that!” The pirate bawled like a babe and the warrior yanked him out of the lion’s reach much to the animal’s disappointment.

“See, that wasn’t so hard, was it?” The warrior shoed the lion away. Zapp did not protest and instead immediately seemed to lose interest in the urine covered seaman who landed on the floor of Webster’s vault and curled into a fetal position.

“Sheesh, you are one crazy barbarian guy, aren’t you?” The wizard raised his hand and both men and the lion vanished, leaving only the beat up and bound crew of the sailors laying there.

“Easy money, he said.” One grouchy sailor complained. “Just sail along the flow and get rich he said.”

Under different circumstances, the captain would bark something in return but right now his heart was heavy with guilt as much as his pants were heavy with something else.


“An…an undercover agent?” The headmistress wiped her forehead nervously as she glanced at the dwarf and then at her “mother”. This was so bizarre, but the official seal of the crown spoke for itself as did a group of similarly dressed people who had put the nurse’s office under lockdown and were currently telling the local guardsmen to stay away from it.

“Yes ma’am. Deepest apologies for concealing this information but we had to make sure you were not part of the chain of corruption here.” Elle nodded politely.

“Gods damn, so you are a spy?” Chad pointed his finger at the dwarf with a surprised expression.

“One with some good fashion sense.” Ken smirked and readjusted his sunglasses.

“If you are a spy, then you are a really awful one.” Brad said it how it was, with nothing held back which made the dwarf cringe.

“Hey I bought it.” The scarred boy gestured toward the girl with his hand.

“Agent L, we found a list of students who the spice was being distributed to as well as a list of dates and dosages.” One man in a black suit and shades entered the office, holding a stack of paper.

“Good work agent, let me see that.” The elf quickly scanned through it and the dwarf peeked into the papers as well. It was arranged in alphabetical order, starting with

“Ohoho, called it. That bitch is totally using it.” The dwarf covered her mouth in condescending manner.

“Huh? Whatcha talking about?” The scarred boy inquired.

“That knife eared whore Alice is on the shitlist.” The dwarf could barely conceal her smile.

“Miss Smith, this information is not for the public.” Ellen narrowed her eyes judgingly at the dwarf but Sahra no longer cared.

“Wait, Alice? That chick from yours and Brad’s class who has the hots for you Chad?” The scarred boy turned to the one with the phallic hair who was frowning.

“So that’s why she suddenly turned into a magical prodigy this year. Good grief.” Brad pulled down on his hat and lit up a cigarette.

“Mister Stern! You are a minor, stop this immediately!” The headmistress sprung back to action but the delinquent shut her down in an instant.

“Blow it out your ass. You call yourself a headmistress? You hired someone who spread out drugs among the students for a year with no one figuring it out until now? What kind of shitty leader are you?”

“Why, I!” The headmistresses opened and closed her mouth repeatedly, shocked at the upperclassman’s brutal and blunt words before sitting back in her seat with a pale face.

“The questions about your resignation will have you wait madam. For now, we have to round up all the people on this list and have them ingest untainted fairy dust to terminate the withdrawal effects of the spice before it kills them. I assume your school has a stock of it?” The shortcut haired elf in black sunglasses asked.

“Yes.” The mature dark elf woman nodded a little while still looking pale. “We’ll have to ask Madam Rapodaie, she maintains our stock of potion ingredients. As for rounding up the students-“

688d0a No.269313

“We’ll go get them if that’s alright with you ma’am.” The boy with the funny shaped hair addressed the elven DSS agent and bowed politely.

Ellen gave him a look over before smirking. “Sure, let me copy the list for you though. This one is a vital piece of evidence.”


“Well, this could have gotten better but overall, great job everyone.” The elf raised a mug with beer in it and everyone loudly clinked their own mugs against it.

After the long day of cleanup, the group has reunited. All the involved parties in Derrick’s spice distribution were more or less arrested and the ones who escaped were now wanted people.

“I wish I could have seen the bitch’s face when those thugs dragged her ass into the headmistress’s office. My one regret, really.” The dwarf sighed as she drank her beer. The girl’s appearance was returned to her usual stocky self after a few brief manipulations by Webster.

“Because of your carelessness, you have nearly jeopardized the entire operation miss Smith. It is very fortunate that agent B and W worked as quickly as they did and that the crew they arrested were quite talkative.” The elf glanced at the dwarf judgingly and the witch sunk a little in her seat.

“Hey, how was I supposed to know she would recognize me?! I thought those guys were only after Bern.” The dwarf tried to explain herself.

“You should have been more cautious. You could have taken your time and bring this information to us so me or agent W could infiltrate the office and extract the necessary evidence to perform a quiet arrest. Well it’s all water under the bridge now. The important thing is, we succeeded more or less and got a lot of useful intel. Anderson will be very pleased by this no doubt.” L nodded and as if on que, the warrior’s scrying bowl let out a loud noise and the man quickly took a look at its contents.

>[Well done]

>From: Agent A

>Now you are getting how we do things around here. Keep up the good work. I have made the arrangements to open a bank account for you and deposit ten gold to it for the capture of Blitzkrieg, who had been safely delivered to DSS HQ and is currently being interrogated. For the success in Derrick I am granting you a bonus of another ten gold as well. We will be going over the intel and interrogating the witnesses for a while. Standby for the time being, we still need to figure out how the spice gets transported to Cair, which the member of the school’s medical staff that you arrested will hopefully tell us soon.

“Good news?” Kenzie, who had returned to her nest once again, inquired curiously.

“Yea, Anderson seems pleased.” The warrior nodded and put his bowl away before taking a sip of beer.

>What do you do?

e496f3 No.269321

wonder if we can get a ship back to the blacksmith and get our armour or if thats a waste of time since we have no other immediate goals

maybe do some sightseeing pushups i dunno

e5cc8a No.269322

jobs done.

so uhh now what?

anderson tolt us to stay put so, continue to go to flying class?

hmm i feel like im eather forgetting or missing a detail here, ws there anything important we wantet to do or find out around here?

there wasent any info on a sabbath cell here outside of the drug opration so neather blitzkiegs hideout or the implisond boyim will be here.

what am i forgetting?

well whatever lets use this time to give bearson the oportunity to read more of his books and maybe lurk the matrix together with webster and train some more with sahra.

e496f3 No.269323

Bernsen needs at least one goddamn impressive workout montage in front of the party ffs

e5cc8a No.269324


true and we should teach sahra at least the basics if combat, she was fuckt over by anti-magic fields twice now.

she needs at least something to defend herself if that happens again.

like train her to use our crossbow.

e496f3 No.269325


give her throwable acid vials a small crossbow a small bow two daggers to hide in her gloves a spike ball mace and a boot dagger and a buckler that should do it

e5cc8a No.269327

File: d7816a46c9741e3⋯.jpg (48.69 KB, 720x540, 4:3, bait, is this.jpg)


you are being a faggot again.

and yes i get the joke that its eccentual d&d starting gear.

but be real right now the crossbow and a lot of our other stuff is just lying around and isent being used.

e496f3 No.269330


what so were not gonna soend money getting her decently equipped

what the hell do we even have spare

e496f3 No.269331


how the fuck is a dwarf gonna use a man sized crossbow explain that one to me how's she gonna load it and aim it i seriously doubt she's gonna be able to get the string back even if it has a crank

d36055 No.269333

Time to have that school assembly i think

Hearts and minds

I stated this before but al sababalabal seems to work i. The shadows if we can start to erode puplic perception we should also be able to erode their support base, as well if it seems clear that otherwise "good" dealers are willing to rat out spice dealership for a price ie immunity so we should try and have anderson a

Influence the crown into making that a law or something idk

But yeah since the operation has come to an end i think its time for some public relations since al_sabab is pretty weak and the only thing they have going for them is mw violence and ma money…. we should have the kids parents attand as well as local law and a few local upper crust types we want to make as big a splash as possible as well as make al sabab look as bad as possible, if were lucky well make a wave big enough to reach all the way back to where al sabab recurts from and weakin their incoming numbers

Also we should different agents give the assembly as well as the fucked up way spice is made… its to bad we don't have pics YET or we would really be able to hit the morality button hard

Ask anderson if there are any pics of spice products available as well as what he thinks of making a public statments if not now, then when because sooner or later al_sabab will make a public relations move and it be better to be prepared for it then spend a week coming up with a rebuttal and losing the advantage of good guys v bag guys

e496f3 No.269337


here's the reason for the equipment i suggested not because its d&d starting gear because it makes sense

acid fucking hurts and can blind mother fuckers hell if acid costs too much get sand or some shit

small crossbow she's a fucking dwarf she wont be able to string heavy normal crossbows

bow okay probably not necessary but might be good for a fallback if the crossbow jams

daggers the can be hidden easily in her gloves and boots good for espionage shit like the shit she just went through and nearl got throat fucked with a neadle due to lack of a concealed weapon

a spiked ball mace fucking hurts if you're hit by it and is a blunt and piercing weapon so it can hurt people in armour and people not in armour

a buckler to stop pointy shit and arrows since she has no armour or other protective means

we should probably get the same shit for the other wizard if he wants it

d36055 No.269339


We should have different agents do the assemble as to keep ourselfs as under the radar as possible we don't need the whole whould knowing who the orgs secret agents are,

Also whats with the bunny running off… was she or our darkelf "friend" on the list?

Oh gods the bunny better not be a double agent i swear to god!

e5cc8a No.269340


allright i thought you were being snarky.

it really is a good idea to give sahra her own equipment.

her own bag of holding filled with usefull things.

i say lets give her 5 gold as a job well done gift and tell her to get herself anything she will need.

as for weapons though, all the things you listet are good but they have a mayor flaw, sahra knows fuck all how to use them so we need to train her in using a weapon first.

let her choose one and then extend bearsons dodge training into combat training.

e496f3 No.269341


im also having doubts about our other companions gear we need a full party equipment check

e5cc8a No.269343


actually, lets do that with everyone.

we got a 20 gold payday so lets give everyone 5 gold and tell them to get themselfs things they need to have fun with the rest.

1183a4 No.269353


>it really is a good idea to give sahra her own equipment.

Lets build her a "my first smithy" set in Websters closet. She's a fucking dwarf and at age 19 has probably never even sharpened a butterknife before. She can start making her own fucking equipment.

Memes aside she's still a witch. I think if we want to buy her new equipment we should start at a magic store. A nice knife would be a good idea for her but we don't have to turn her into a full blown rogue or anything. She's a fireloli. That's what she does and what she's good at. A good spellcaster shouldn't need a giant arsenal of weaponry.

On what to do now we should proceed with our Journey to Cairn as soon as possible. We still have a Boyim to rescue and the Cairn seems to be Al-Sabbaths main base of operations in Deleor.

e5cc8a No.269360

now i remembert what ive fucking forgotten.

have bearson contact franklin over a secure line and ask if the union needs anything done in the town we are, cairn and that port town dorining.

we will vissit all those places so we might as well use the time to get good with the wizards.

otherwise writefags reputation system was a waste of time and effort.

further we really should have good relations with the union for future use.

d36055 No.269363


I like the idea sarha having a little smithy to work at it will give her a sense of her heritage

Also as someone who when time permits works at a forge can tell you

Nothing feels better then the heat of a forge

1183a4 No.269365


>further we really should have good relations with the union for future use

How do you better your relation with the union though? Isn't it mostly just some loose coalition of antisocial wizards who share similar ideals and a phallic tower?

I'm guessing bettering our relations with them would 'just' mean to be in good standings with as many influential wizards on a individual basis as possible. I'm not sure if running errands for Franklin necessarily means other wizards will suddenly start liking Bernsen. If they are even aware of who he is.

e5cc8a No.269369


a progedy fire mage working a forge, why dident i think of that its genious.

now the only question is how we can spark her interresst in it.


well i guess thats for writefag to decide, but there will definatly be things that need doing, from getting important shit, to proving theories to getting our hands on these epic artefacts.

think of it as sidequesting.

talking about epic artefacts, cairn will be very interressting in that regard.

the ruins under the city are old as balls and even have a dwarven connection so we definatly should check them out when we are there and make it our first dive into the great art of dungeneering.

d36055 No.269371


Take her to a local smith and ask if she can give smithing a shot if the smity is free for a while

6d33aa No.269435


>small crossbow she's a fucking dwarf she wont be able to string heavy normal crossbows

>Implying dwarves aren't strong enough to do that.


I think this is a good idea

I also think Bernsen should tie some weights to his body and go for a jog, because why not?

Are there any competitions in town? Those might be fun. A wrestling competition especially

Lions have a fairly good sense of smell, so Zapp might be able to track down any secret kebab lairs or something, if he feels like it that is.

8dddda No.269528

The rest of the evening proceeded smoothly and no one even tried to kill the warrior during the night again. Things were starting to look up. There were no updates from Anderson the following morning, looks like the DSS will have its hands full for some time. Organizing so much valuable info and making a new plan of action based on it was not something you would do in haste.

As the warrior pondered on how to spend his day off while absentmindedly performing one handed pushups, his dwarven friend approached him.

“Hey Bern, I was wondering. The DSS pays you, right?” Sahra inquired timidly and then glanced at the lion who was patiently sitting on Bernsen’s back to add some extra weight. Kenzie was doing the same by sitting on the lion’s head but Sahra doubted that made any difference.

“Mhmm.” The warrior nodded as he continued to count past two hundred internally.

“So since I helped you ou-“ Before she could finish the warrior reached into his beard and tossed down a small stack of gold coins in her hands.

“Go wild.” Was all he said before returning to his workout session.

“Oh-well thanks! I am going to put it to a good use!” The dwarf quickly backed away from the man who was obviously occupied.

“Oh, are you going shopping miss Smith? Might if I come along? I admit, waiting in town for the past couple of days has been dreadfully dull.” The man with the burgundy suit spun his cane once before addressing the dwarf.

“Huh, oh yea sure I guess, but I was actually going to have a detour first.” The girl quickly replied.

“Oh? Where?” The wizard inquired curiously.


The little witch Academy grounds were currently deserted. All of the children who lived in town were ordered to stay at home and the ones who lived on the campus were under lockdown while the investigation took place.

Only the school staff and a few loose DSS agents, that were combing the school for little details they may have missed, were left.

The dwarf quickly pondered where the person she needed could be and quickly figured it out. Where would teachers who have no classes to teach but still needed to attend their workplace go?

“Goodness, what a fine mess this is.” The magical theory Hakutaku teacher sighed quietly as she sipped on some green tea to calm her nerves. The cafeteria now became the hotspot for the bored school personnel who just sort of wandered around. They were not allowed to go home in case the crown agents needed them to answer some questions which annoyed a lot of them.

“Pah, I kept tellin’ Lenny that some o’ the student’s juju looked all weird. But did she listen? Nah, just crazy Jaga jaga superstition she said.” Madam Rapodaie rolled her eyes in annoyance before taking a breath full of smoke from a long wooden pipe.

“Umm, excuse me?” Sahra coughed politely and addressed the crowd that was obvious to her presence.

“Nnn? Ah, little missa smith.” The old crocodile woman let out a chuckle. “Got some questions for ussa? I see you ‘ave become less cute.”

“That disguise was remarkable.” The math teacher muttered while finishing his sixth mug of coffee which he then put on top of a pyramid of the ones he had already drank.

“You think so? Fufufu.” The wizard raised his hand to cover his mouth as he laughed.

“Well, it’s not about the investigations but uh, Mrs Azure?” The dwarf addressed the young dark elf flight instructor who immediately replied.

“Yes miss Smith? Or should I be the one calling you ma’am now?” The dark elf let out a giggle.

“No, no. Miss Smith is fine. Sorry for all this mess I caused.” The dwarf bowed her head apologetically.

“Iss fine iss fine.” Rapodaie shook her hand at the dwarf dismissively. “Truth can be bitta medicine but a good one. Thingsa will calm down eventually and we will be bettah from it.”

“Anyway, since you are technically still on duty do you think I could take a flight license test?” The dwarf sheepishly inquired the dark elf teacher. The youthful monster let out a refined giggle at that.

8dddda No.269529

“You don’t have a license yet? And here I assumed that the reason why you displayed such degree of control earlier was because you were some secret ace flier.”


With the slip of paper that proved her ability to wield flight enabling magical devices in her pocket, the dwarf now had a much more difficult problem before her. She felt her head spin from the sheer size of the selection. Apparently, every single witch in Derrick felt like she should try her hand at enchanting brooms, judging by all the different little family brands that was just a last name most of the time.

“Uh, hey L’ar-“ The witch began to address her fabulous companion.

“Agent W.” He quickly corrected her.

“Right, you are a wizard, don’t you know which one of these is better?”

“Oh no, I am not particularly versed in flight and flight enabling devices. I am afraid of heights.” The blonde man plainly explained.

“Huh, really?” The witch narrowed her eyes in mocking fashion but then quickly shook her head. “Eh, whatever. I guess I’ll just get uh… this one.” The witch plucked the one with the rich red mahogany handle. It was fairly long and looked sturdy. To be honest, she just liked the color so she hoped she was not going to get screwed over by her selection.

Besides that, she also purchased one of the abundant bags of holding for herself and a few other…things for personal protection. After the last two fuckups, it was time to think oabout backup plans since, clearly, fire was not always an option. At least magical one anyway.

The wizard on the other hand seemed to be completely uninterested in the selection of magical wares in town and mostly browsed through the clothing stores. Not that Sahra was complaining. This guy really was a fashionista as he was able to immediately pick up the best-looking stuff made by the local seamstresses.

As the pair wandered around, they seemed to run into a blacksmith which was a bit of an oddity in this town and he looked like was having trouble.

“Ugh, come on you piece of junk.” The muscular man complained as he tried to heat up the forge.

“Why, hello there, fine sir. You seem to have a bit of an issue with your forge?” The wizard graciously addressed the soot and sweat covered man.

“Aye, blasted thing won’t light up. Been relying too much on me wife to heat it up but she is out of town right now so now I am stuck with the bellows but it looks like these damn things are broken.” The blacksmith complained with a sigh as he fruitlessly repeated the motions, only for the bellows to let out a sad, pathetic sound akin to someone passing wind.

“Uh, you…need any help maybe? I know a bit on fire magic.” The dwarf cringed at the blacksmiths attempts to work the bellows and quickly raised her hand.

“Huh? Oh, are you one of the students from the academy? Weird, didn’t see you before around here. Well sure, that would be marvelous actually! Just be careful not to blow it up. This can happen, I saw it firsthand.” The blacksmith pointed above his eyes where a person’s eyebrows would usually be.

“Sheesh, I am not an amateur.” The dwarf walked up to the stone construction. “Err, where do I put the fire.”

The smith gave her an amused look and pointed at the little metal door near the bottom.

“Right! Behold the power of my magic!” The witch thrust her hand outward and an infernal spiral of flames shot out of it before crawling into the stone construction that immediately began to heat up with a loud roar as tongues of flame rapidly raised over its surface.

“Whoa, whoa! Take it easy! I am not working with mithril here! This will do!” He shouted for the dwarf to stop and the girl pulled her hand back, observing the forge, which had gotten white hot, with contentment. The air around it was so hot that it was warping and twisting but it was not bothering her too much.

“Thanks a lot kid. You are a lifesaver. Here, buy yourself a candybar or something.” The smith handed the girl a handful of coppers which made her smirk in bemusement but she accepted the gift.

“W-whew. I am getting sweaty, let’s get out of here. It’s too hot.” Webster complained as he wiped his forehead and then twisted his handkerchief to dry it out.

8dddda No.269530

“You go on ahead. I think I’ll watch for a bit.” The dwarf shook her head and gestured to the wizard to keep moving.

“Watch?” Webster glanced at the forge and then at the girl with disbelief. “It’s just metalworking, isn’t it? Well if you insist.” The wizard then shrugged casually and put his cane on his forearm before strutting off with a harrumph.

The witch stood there, observing the forge for a while as the smithy used it to melt silver and gold. He was a jeweler apparently.

“Not a lot of folks can stand the heat, you sure you are feeling alright kiddo? Unexperienced people can get dizzy like this very quickly.” The smith inquired after a while.

“I am fine, thank you, also I am nineteen so stop calling me a kid.” The dwarf halfheartedly complained as she looked at the molten metal boiling in its stone container, mesmerized.

“Hah, nineteen. Right.” The man chuckled, obviously not buying it. “You seem to be very interested in what I am doing. Trying to become a smith too?”

“Huh? Oh, no. Not at all, I just like looking at the fire. It’s relaxing.” The witch blinked and answered honestly.

“That so? You seem to have the build for it, also not being scared of heat is a big plus. Want to try it out?” The smith straightened out and pointed at the cup of molten silver which was ready to be poured into the ring forms.

“What! Oh no, I’ll just mess it up!” The dwarf blushed and shook her head.

“Relax, even if you do, the metal can just be remelted. That’s a good thing about blacksmithing: very little goes to waste. Come on, life is short, gotta try out everything, know what I am sayin?” The man laughed and handed the girl a pair of metal tongs.

Sahra stared at them for a moment before shrugging and grabbing them. “Eh, guess it couldn’t hurt to try. You are really friendly mister, most blacksmiths I met just told me to get out of their workshops whenever I wanted to look at their work.”


While the girl and the wizard were away, the warrior continued to be bored out of his mind and finally decided that he had enough and left to go for a walk as well. He was accompanied by the lion who, despite the warrior’s attempts to make him stay back at the inn, kept stalking him.

At least he wasn’t getting nearly as much attention as before, besides an occasional child trying to pat him on the head or feed him something like a weenie or a dog biscuit which the lion graciously took.

“What to do? What to do?” The warrior muttered out loud as he traversed the town while smoking another cigar. He had long given up on enjoying alcohol ever again since he became near damn immune to most poisons and toxins. But somehow, he was getting a small kick out of inhaling the smoke produced by these things. It was a calming sensation and felt like it even helped him cool down, oddly enough.

“Hack, cough!” Kenzie on the other hand did not like it one bit and tried to spend as much time as possible inside the warrior’s beard whenever he decided to smoke another cigar.

A rumble in the warrior’s stomach provided him with an objective quickly and Bernsen made his way toward one of the food joints but it wasn’t until the fourth one that he found a menu with heated bread pouches in them. But even then, the mature elf and her husband at the counter of the bakery gave him a dirty look, like was asking them to sell him drugs or something.

But despite the poor service, the warrior now sat under one of the trees outside of town and eating a whole bunch of the bread pouches along with Kenzie and the lion who also seemed to like them.

“What a nice town.” The warrior spoke out loud as he observed the river from the small hill he was on.

“It’s like we are on a picnic!” The little caith sith noted as she bit into her own pastry.

Bernsen’s moment of relaxation however was interrupted with loud chewing noises coming from the lion and the warrior sighed before pulling out his communion matrix. An idea quickly came to his mind and he quickly weaved a short message to Franklin, inquiring if he or his friends at the union needed any help since he was currently unoccupied with work. He also bragged about finally getting the “asshole who poked his eye out”.

It didn’t take too long and the warrior leaned back on the tree and reached into his beard to pull out a book on monster anatomy he was meaning to read for a while.

8dddda No.269531

“Tee hee. I can see naughty bits!” Kenzie giggled as she landed on the cover and the warrior rolled his eyes before reaching toward the fairy to give her some physical affection, much to her delight.

While he did so, he also skimmed through the book’s contents. Much to his disappointment however, he already knew almost everything listed in there. All the internal organ placements and oddities common among the beast types and the serpent types were already known to him. There were a few notes that were new but they were specific to only rare breeds of monsters that he had yet to encounter and so he had nothing to compare them with.

But then, almost near the end of this anatomy book, something caught his eye.

>[Erogenous zones]

The warrior narrowed his eyes as he glanced around. The lion was lazily napping on the grass and Kenzie was doing the same while absentmindedly chewing on one of the last bread pouches.

He carefully lowered his eyes back down. The text was incredibly dry, just as the rest of the book and told about how monsters had extra ways to get them sexually stimulated and exited. The book also warned that excessive physical stimulation of the scalp, stomach, back and hands could even render a monster temporarily paralyzed or even cause them to black out if the physical stimulation continued.

The warrior already knew the gist of it but he never even considered that it could have such a dramatic reaction. He carefully studied the diagrams shoving the precise points that needed to be interacted with as well as the methods to do so.

“Uh, Kenzie. Come over here for a second.” The man closed the book and gestured the fairy to fly to him with his finger. The caith sith opened her eyes before yawning and obediently floating into the warrior’s open palm.

“What is it Bernie?” She asked him innocently and the warrior briefly considered to stop what he was about to do but the price of scientific discovery had to be paid, one way or another.

“Just wanted to give my little friend some love.” He smiled and reached toward the fairy’s scalp with his index finger.

“Teehee. Okay!” The fairy smiled and closed her eyes in anticipation. The warrior briefly hesitated and then firmly planted his index finger at a specific point on the fairy’s head before starting to roughly rub at it.

“Waahh! Aahh! Ahhh!” The fairy’s eyes flew open in surprise. “B-bernie what are y-aaaaaahn!” The fairy began to furiously twitch and lost her balance, making her fall down into the warrior’s metallic palm with a soft pomf.

“Nyah! Nyaah! Ahhhh!” Kenzie twisted and turned in the warrior’s hand like she was in terrible pain but the noises she was making implied anything but that. They even made the lion crack open one of his eyes and give the warrior…a judging and disgusted look?

This made the warrior stop in surprise and the fairy’s screams were cut short. She instead fell on her back while sweating furiously. Her face was flushed red. The caith siths’s tiny chest was rapidly raising and lowering as she breathed. Tiny tears had built up in the corners of her eyes and a goofy smile was plastered on her face. Her tongue had lolled out and her little eyes were staring up at the sky emptily.

The warrior nearly froze in terror at that look.

“K-kenzie! Kenzie, snap out of it!” The man gently shook the fairy and she immediately blinked, breaking out of her trance and slowly turned her head to the warrior while still breathing heavily and smiling.

“S-sorry about that! I was just trying to test somet-“ The man attempted to continue.

“Again…” The fairy licked her lips and rolled on her stomach to present her head to the warrior again. “D-do it again!”

The warrior stared at the pleading fairy and then at the book laying on the grass.

>Bonus feat obtained [Cuddle Attack] Grappling attempts against monsters are four times as effective.

Despite how much the fairy whined and complained, the man no longer dared to use such a terrifying and destructive ability on the poor thing. Her fragile little mind would not be able to handle it again. So Kenzie instead flew into his beard with a pout and was refusing to come out until he would agree to do “That thing with his finger” again.

With all the goofing around, the day was slowly coming to an end and the man glanced at the setting sun descending over the horizon. The light was a powerful shade of red, almost akin to blood. He didn’t see sunsets these impressive in his home due to how much plant life it had. It was an interesting experience that made him glad to be alive.

8dddda No.269532

The warrior straightened out and noticed that one more pouch was left from his earlier meal, but before he could reach toward it the lion suddenly snarled and slashed at his hand.

“HOLY SHIT!” The man cried out in surprise as he jumped away, looking at the deep cut in his arm and then the lion who inexplicably became furious again. But instead of making another attempt at the warrior’s life, the lion grabbed the bread pouch from the grass and began to escape away into a patch of trees.

“Son of a bitch, not again!” Bernsen cursed and gave chase. There was definitely something wrong with this lion if he would go crazy with no provocation like that. The man had to chase him and suppress him again, before Zapp could escape and potentially gore a few of the locals. Even though he hardly knew anyone here, the warrior liked this town and would rather not have any of the nice people who lived here get hurt.

Fortunately, the lion did not go far and soon, Bernsen caught up to him. The lion stood in a middle of a patch of white flowers. Oddly enough, he seemed to have calmed down again or was he just faking it?

The man carefully began to move toward Zapp while keeping his guard up. The lion was doing something weird. He had some little rock in his mouth and was dragging it across the ground, drawing a circle around the patch of flowers that were being tinted orange from the light of the setting sun.

The lion finished doing his strange activity and threw the little white stone away which ended up being so brittle, that it crumbled away into dust from hitting the earth.

The beast then sat down in the circle of flowers which the warrior noticed also had a bloodstained pastry already laying in the middle of it. The lion raised both of his paws and with one clean motion slashed over his own wrist, making a few drops of his blood land on the flowers and color them crimson.

“W-what the?” The warrior blinked in confusion at this inexplicable display. After the lion finished hurting himself, it then raised his head and looked at the warrior with an expression that was pleading. It felt surreal as the animal then patted the ground next to him in the flower patch.

“You want me to…come over?” The warrior looked at the patch of flowers and the lion sitting in them warily. This smelt really troublesome and wrong somehow. Animals were not supposed to act in such fashion. The warrior was about to bail out of there but something in the old lion’s tired eyes made him feel a strange sense of understanding, as weird as it was.

Was it perhaps their shared loss? This beast had lost his master to some fire that broke out in Barstone and the warrior had lost his best friend to the abomination that controlled the Black Forrest.

The man’s legs moved by themselves as he continued to look into the lion’s eyes. Before long, the two looked at each other intently and as they did so, the sun had vanished over the horizon completely, drawing all the light in the area away.

At least for a brief moment. The lion threw his head backwards and suddenly let out a roar. It was not deafening and yet it seemed to be incredibly intense and powerful, as a blast of wind produced by it nearly knocked the warrior back and the flower patch began to furiously move around from the force being projected on it. And then the beast began to glow. The warrior could only stare in awe at the lion who seemed to project light from everywhere in his body at once. At the next moment, a terrible splitting headache suddenly assaulted the warrior.

“Gaaah!” The man clutched his head, which pulsated furiously in pain that only grew rapidly along with the intensity of the golden light that poured from the lion. But then, as quickly as it started, it was gone.

The warrior collapsed on one knee, painting furiously. The light was gone and the lion and the man once again, stood across from each other in the darkness.

8dddda No.269534

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

“What the…hells was that?” The warrior looked at the lion. Something about the beast felt very different. It’s blue eyes now shone with brilliance and intelligence akin of that of a man or a monster.

“You can hear me, yes?” An old, deep masculine voice inquired the warrior which startled him and made the man look around, trying to find its source only for him realize that the voice was coming from within his own head.

The lion blinked once. “Then it worked. The pact is complete. Do not be alarmed. The voice that you are hearing within the confines of your mind belongs to me.”

The warrior turned to the lion with sheer disbelief.

“I am…” The lion’s expression suddenly shifted into one of a deep sadness and regret. “Or was perhaps the familiar of the man known as Jordan Stern. A magical creature, bound to a wizard’s will.”

Bernsen had no idea how to react at what was happening and so he just continued to stare silently.

“Well met, young warrior. I am Zapp.” The lion shook his head a little, which made the beasts majestic mane flow gracefully under the light of the rapidly appearing stars in the sky.

>What do you do?

8dddda No.269535


d36055 No.269539

Oh lordy

>hello zapp

>tfw your now technically the lions familiar

Oh man writeman what are you going to do next!

maybe buy some art for your story?

1183a4 No.269542

Wait are we the familiar of a lion now? Or did he just make the pact for us? Are we the master or the bitch?

Anyway I guess if we wanted to know anything about the dead wizard now is the time to ask.

d36055 No.269546


>are we the master or the bitch

I don't think thats how tjis works bra

Are you sure you want to ask about something so painful?

e5cc8a No.269549

jesus what an update first we weaponice headpats and then zapp casts a ritual on bearson.

oh man ace is gona have fun with this one.

well full exposition dump, lets get to know our new friend/master and what his story is.

and tomorow, lets start sahras combat training and build her forge.

6d33aa No.269565

What's the range on this telepathy? It could be very usefull, perhaps even more so that our scrying bowl.

I guess we should ask Zapp where he's from and stuff, and then give our backstory, since he wasn't there to hear it.

1183a4 No.269567


From what I remember from wizardquest the range is huge if not limitless. Just think about when the wizard was taken by the thunderbirds or got lost after the avalanche.

e5ec8f No.269581

ask about his master then tell him about wiggles

8dddda No.269782

“Hello Zapp?” Bernsen continued to the stare at the scene in disbelief, unsure how to react or even process what just happened. Deleor was a weird, weird place.

“I understand why you would be confused or feel threatened but I have no intention of causing you any more harm. For the wound I have inflicted on your body a moment ago, I apologize. The familiar binding ritual requires the blood of both participants to complete and I had to extract it one way or another.” The old lion’s voice kept talking but his mouth was not moving. He must really be talking in his head. The warrior thought.

“Familiar, wait? You keep saying that word, what does that mean?” The warrior finally began to snap out of his shock and addressed the plethora of questions that was flooding his mind.

“As I have already said, it’s an… agreement between two individuals for mutual benefit. Magic that is powerful and ancient. One that is used to bind someone together, both in mind and spirit.” The lion calmly continued in his deep and wise sounding voice.

The warrior rubbed his head and closed his eyes before breathing out. “Oookay. Fair enough but why did you decide to randomly bind our minds and spirit together?”

“Because I was running out of time.” The lion turned his head down to look at the rapidly crumbling pastry that was quickly turning into dust.

“Huh? Okay you lost me again there.” The warrior pointed his finger at the strange talking animal again.

“Animals like myself are not naturally able to achieve such extents of intelligence. To grow and then maintain it, a price is necessary. Spirit energy to be precise. Usually it is provided by a magically talented individual such as a sorcerer or a wizard but well…

For a long while now I was slowly degrading into a feral state. I tried my best to conserve the remains of what I had left but alas, I finally slipped. You saw firsthand what that looked like in the circus. I have only vague recollections of that time and if you didn’t shake me out of it, I would, no doubt, eventually attack someone. So for that, you have my gratitude.” The lion slightly bowed his head politely.

“You are…welcome? But then why didn’t you do…this.” The warrior spread his arm out and gestured at the circle of flowers. “Right away?”

“Because I was not sure what your motivation and disposition was at first. Make no mistake, this decision was not an easy one. There are plenty of magic users in this town who I could convince to take me in but chose not to do so.” The lion closed his eyes and shook his large head gracefully.

“But why? I can’t even use magic.” The man shrugged in confusion.

“I was not looking for magic. I was looking for something else. A person who I could entrust with my friend’s secrets.” The lion opened his eyes again and looked at the warrior in meaningful fashion.

“Secrets?” The warrior cocked his head.

“Indeed, a road of familiarity goes both ways. In the same way that I can read your mind, you can also read mine…or well you would, if you knew how. And believe me, Jordan was no ordinary wizard. He was a genius scholar and an experienced adventurer who had walked many of this world’s roads.

The grand underwater kingdom ruled by the queen of the southern seas. The cold wastelands of the monster nation. The dusty plains and deserts of Ectria. He and I had seen them all as we traveled the world and learned the secrets and history of their inhabitants. Many of them, known by very few and much of that knowledge has the potential to cause great calamities.” The lion began to walk along the patch of flowers.

“And yet these secrets also hold the potential for great good. But for that I needed someone rare. A person with a certain character trait who I could trust not to misuse this knowledge. A person like you.” The lion stopped and turned his head at the warrior again.

“No offense, but we hardly know each other. If your friend’s knowledge is that dangerous, then how can you trust me with it?” The warrior turned around to face the animal again.

“Don’t be coy. I have been paying attention to what was happening and what was being said. And the more of your memories that I see passing through me, the more relieved I become that the right person arrived just in time, as if guided by gods or perhaps fate.” The lion’s muzzle twisted into something resembling a smile before turning serious again.

“I am not very comfortable knowing that you are digging through my memories as we speak. And I have no interest in whatever powers or secrets your friend had learned, whatever they may be. And I do not believe in fate either.” Bernsen calmly answered the lion.

8dddda No.269784

“I can sense that through this link I had crafted. But this is precisely why I chose you. You have something that few people have. Or perhaps it’s that you lack something that most have. Ambition, thirst for power and destruction that rules many people’s lives. You do not pursue it and are instead content with what you are already have. And you will also make sure that what you have stays with you. It is this state of mind that allows one to wield even the most dangerous weapons and magic without hurting yourself and others. A trait most commonly found in wizards.” The lion explained in an even voice before continuing.

“If you are bothered by my presence then you have the power to sewer this connection, should you wish so. The link is fresh and even you will be able to break it if you concentrate on my presence in your mind and crush it using your willpower. But before you do so, allow me to finish my plea. I know I had used you for my own selfish gain and for that I, once again, apologize. Usually the terms of the familiar contract are established before it is signed but we will have to discuss this now.

I, Zapp, require your cooperation and spirit energy produced by your body to continue to maintain my wisdom. In turn, you shall have access to my vast knowledge and power as well as assistance in whatever other tasks you might need.” The beast extended his paw at the warrior as if expecting a handshake but the man shook his head.

“I already told you. I am not interested in what you are offering. What use would a wizard’s secrets even be for me? I can’t use magic. There is something I want to know however: What happened to Jordan?”

The lion slowly lowered his powerful claw back down. “Your heart is pure but you lack in tact is disturbing. Still, I can sense that your decision could be changed by what I might tell you. In that case, I shall tell it to you. My friend Jordan was murdered.” The lion’s face twisted in rage and he let out an audible snarl.

“I figured that much. When the residents of Barstone explained to me what happened, it immediately felt suspicious to me.” The warrior nodded solemnly. “Why are you not pursuing them?”

The lion lowered his head and his whiskers twitched twice.

“Because I do not know who she is. It was a witch of great power and skill who one day arrived in my master’s home. She wore a curious stone mask and was looking for information about the item that Jordan had discovered on his last trip to the eastern dessert. A mysterious yellow stone with no clear purpose or historical record that was held in an ancient Pharaoh’s tomb. Jordan was in the middle of trying to find out what it was when she arrived. Once my friend had confirmed that the stone was indeed in his possession, the fiend had struck out at him with powerful fire magic.

I immediately tried to help but her power was great and she was effortlessly able to overpower me with it. It was cruel and sad. Such a fast and undignified end for a great and powerful man like Jordan. The witch had taken the orb that she came for and laughed all the while as she set loose a plethora of flames that quickly spread throughout our home.

I could not see her face because of the mask. But her eyes. Those mad, cruelty and glee filled green eyes. I will never forget them.”

“But wait, you said you failed to bring her down, how are you still alive then?” The warrior asked curiously.

“The reason why I yet live came with a great price.” The lion sadly looked away in shame. “Jordan, even though his body was torn and burning had survived the witch’s surprise attack. As we laid there, next to each other as the building burned and crumbled around us, he knew that he was done for and so gave me an important last order.” The lion then looked back at the warrior and to the man’s surprise, little tears had begun to build up in the corners of the animal’s eyes.

“Live. He told me. Live Zapp. He pleaded me. These journals and books I wrote may burn but the knowledge in them yet remains in our heads. Carry these memories outside with you so I can live through them too. My research was unable to bear fruit but maybe someday, someone will be able to finish it and you will help them like you had helped me.

After that he raised his hand, channeling the last bits of his magic and severed our familiar contract. Then he healed my wounds, that were less serious than his, as he drew his last breath. Normally, when one of the familiar contract members dies, the other does too but by doing what he did he had my saved my life.

8dddda No.269785

I escaped the building, leaving his body behind and fell into a great depression until one of Jordan’s friends had arrived to take me as his inheritance. For a long time, I did not know what to do. I could not avenge my friend’s death because I did not know who caused it. All I could do was wait as I performed pointless tricks for entertainment of the common rabble. Wait and hope that someone I could entrust Jordan’s legacy to would arrive as madness slowly eroded my mind, making me regress back into my old, feral self.” The lion sadly concluded and looked at the warrior again.

“Even if you reject me now, it will be fine. The spirit energy I had absorbed from you already will last me for another month or two if I conserve it. Perhaps during that time, someone else like you will arrive and accept my offer… and if not. Well. Such is the will of the gods then.”

The man carefully pondered on everything that the lion had said before answering. “You loved him a lot didn’t you?”

“He was like a brother to me.” Zapp replied.

“What is this a secret so terrible that you would not dare to share it with anyone? I have seen plenty of good people in Derrick. Surely one of them will not misuse it?” The warrior turned his body to face the quaint town near the river.

“One that could end the world as we know it. The secret of how to bring back the dark goddess Dollora into this world.” The lion answered and immediately, the air around the warrior began to feel colder.

“That’s…but you said it could also lead to good earlier? How?” Bernsen narrowed his eyes.

“By using her divine power to fix a millennia old mistake and finally end the source of strife that had plagued this world for so long. To give the monsters the ability to birth sons.” The lion gave the warrior a determined look. “That was Jordan’s dream.”

The warrior frowned as some memories of the facility found at the center of the Black Forrest came flooding back. “Many have tried this before. None of them succeeded.”

“Because they were trying to solve it the wrong way. They tried to modify a divine creation using their own magic and power, instead of using the power that had created it in the first place. Jordan believed this to be the key to success and spent his whole live researching powerful dark magics and for a way to call upon the full divine might of Dollora. This lead him to the concept of [Integrity Cores].” Zapp continued his explanation, sounding a little tense.

“The what now?” The warrior asked in confusion.

“Integrity cores. Powerful ancient artifacts that were used by Solos to imprison the dark goddess in the days of old after her betrayal. There are six in all and each one holds a small portion of her divine might. When brought together and channeled with powerful dark magic, it would be possible to free the dark lady from her jailcell. But more than that, it would be possible to also directly tap into her power with them.” Zapp eyes twinkled a little as he told this.

“This sounds incredibly dangerous, you know. Dark magic is not something that can be messed with.” Bernsen shook his head.

“Precisely. This is also why Jordan spent years to find a way to protect himself form its influence. He had visited many places and he found the solution in a far temple atop the great mountain of Zipangu where an order of monks worshipped Solos and studied a unique martial art.” The lion walked off to a nearby tree and pushed his claw against it. The beast the took a deep breath and exhaled sharply. Suddenly, his paw began to glow with a soft barely noticeable golden shine that transferred into the tree over the bark. A second later, moss and small flowers quickly began to grow and bloom over the tree’s bark.

“Whoa.” The warrior blinked, looking impressed.

“[Spirit Energy Manipulation] is what Jordan named it. For it is the act of using one’s spiritual power to interact with the world in many ways. Healing wounds. Protecting one’s body from both magic and sword. Striking at the very heart of evil to permanently destroy it. This and much more I will teach you how to do if you will accept my offer.” The lion turned back to the warrior, looking determined.

“W-wait, isn’t this magic? I already told you I can’t do this stuff!” The warrior pointed at himself and then at the lion.

“Do not be fooled. What you saw was not magic but rather the manipulation of your body’s own spirit energy. The act of magic is using spirit energy as a resource to alter the fabric of reality. Spirit energy manipulation is using that raw resource to interact with the world that is already around you. An ability that anybody can learn…providing they know of its existence and how to harness it properly.” The lion smirked again.

>What do you do?

8dddda No.269786

File: 0d86bbcffd5d4df⋯.jpg (57.9 KB, 460x345, 4:3, 0d8.jpg)

Here is your fucking muscle magic. Now fuck off.

d36055 No.269794


T…thanks writeman

You to good to us

There is literally no good reason to reject the offer, even if we were not getting this rad ability, helping the lion would be the right thing to do, plain and simple

We accept but not because we are getting the power, clearly

e496f3 No.269796

File: a2fdde170391ef2⋯.png (240.23 KB, 640x480, 4:3, smile.png)


an anagram for Ectria is Erectia haw haw

also learn hamon from the tiger through a karate kid training montage

1183a4 No.269799

Let's start the muscle monk quest

e5cc8a No.269800

File: 6464bf198f3aa49⋯.jpg (42.14 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Reaction, THE FUTURE'S SO ….jpg)


the ripple hu?

hmm i thought when you were asking about ripple vs stand the stand had more votes but well that was like half a year ago.

this offer, well we have to exapt it just to make sure that it wont fall into the wrong hands, and if jordan was able to come up with it then sooner or lather someone else will too.

with the words of the blood ravens "knoledge is power, guard it well"

what to actually do with it is the real question, this is big i mean extinction level event big if anything goes wrong.

and the wizards are already working on this, but what if there is just one single sperg that fucks something up or gets some idiotic ideas?

jesus that like being handet the history eraser button or something.

pah fuck it, oppenheimer had the balls to build the first nuke and so shall we.

but first lets improve our standing in the eyes of the wizards before we give them the info, otherwise they might not even belive it.

so then onward towards a gloryous future!

e496f3 No.269801


>we wont also be using the tiger as a stand

cmon man you know us better than that by now

e496f3 No.269802


fucking forgot to sage yay

d36055 No.269822

>beware of power creep

Thats my only advice for writeman and ace

1183a4 No.269824


As long as it doesn't devolve into marvel levels of degeneracy.

6d33aa No.269848

File: 775e39b6302a323⋯.jpg (39.05 KB, 423x348, 141:116, tumblr_nx6xggzvMY1tz1yvgo1….jpg)


Let the training begin

We should see how Sarha and the others are doing

8dddda No.269899

File: d28c2c4a80b2c24⋯.jpg (45.08 KB, 348x500, 87:125, langk1.jpg)


>Talking about a power creep in a world where the top tier monsters and wizards are city busters.

4416e4 No.269917

ask zapp if we can rename him tigger

d36055 No.269926



f546cc No.269985

“Yea, okay. This is pretty hard to say no to.” The man wiped some sweat off his forehead and nodded. “Welcome to the team Zapp.”

With that bizarre event concluded, the warrior had returned to the inn where everyone was already waiting for him.

“There you are agent, you were out for quite some time, I was about to send you a message.” Ellen smiled at Bernsen’s arrival and the other two likewise acknowledged it. Sahra in particular looked pretty content and also had a new distinct accessory resting on her head.

“Nice hat.” The warrior gave the witch a genuine compliment as he examined the pointy leather piece of headwear. It was sort of like the ones wizards wore but instead of pointing directly up, the tip was slightly curled. The tiara with the strange round bloody red stone was still in use too, by resting on the hat’s brim.

“I figured out that if I am going to follow stupid stereotypes, I might as well go all the way.” The dwarf snickered and slightly pulled the hat back to see the warrior better, without craning her head too far up.

“I believe this fits your getup quite nicely as well miss Smith.” The elf nodded in approval and the dwarf blushed a little.

“So where had you been anyway? It’s pretty late.” The wizard gestured toward the warrior and the two monsters also gave him a curious look.

“I…umm.” The man looked at the lion standing next to him.

{If you wish to keep my intelligence a secret, I will play along but I can sense that you dislike concealing anything from your family.} The lion spoke within the warrior’s mind and judging by a lack of reaction from others, besides awkwardness from his lack of response, only he could hear him.

“I went on a walk with Zapp who then kind of tricked me into performing some dark magic ritual and now he is talking in my head.” The warrior shrugged and gestured toward the blue-eyed beast who mimicked the gesture as much as he could with his feline body.

“What.” Webster’s face blanked out. Ellen frowned. And the dwarf just gave him a look that said “You’ve got to be kidding.” But when the warrior made no attempts to make a punchline she also became confused. “Wait, what?”

The man fortunately was able to explain in detail what happened afterward and when the short recap concluded everyone looked at the lion curiously.

“So, if he can talk why can’t we hear anything?” The dwarf inquired, still not buying the story entirely.

“A lion does not have the necessary vocal cord structure to imitate human speech miss Smith.” Webster rubbed his bare chin thoughtfully. “A familiar can only communicate with his master by directly sending this thoughts to him through their familiar link, not unlike you would send messages to someone over the communion matrix. But this connection is much more powerful and faster and more importantly, secure.”

“Does anyone have a pencil and a piece of paper or something?” The warrior suddenly asked and the elf in the blue tunic quickly handed him one with a small notebook. Instead of writing anything however, the warrior handed the pen to the lion and set the notebook on the floor below him.

The beast gently moved the writing instrument in his mouth before pushing the notebook away with his paw. The man then picked it up and showed it to the rest of his group.

>[Hello, my name is Zapp. I enjoy eating meat, fighting and exploring the world. It’s a pleasure to meet you.]

The writing was not only on point but also was written in a fancy cursive text.

“Holy crap. A magical talking lion.” The dwarf’s eyes bulged out in comical fashion.

“This is…quite unusual.” Ellen examined her notebook as she took it back along with the pen.

“H-how come it picked you! You are not even a wizard!” Webster looked oddly offended at this and the warrior glanced at the lion briefly before turning back to the wizard, looking rather nervous.

“What? What did he say!?” The blonde man impatiently asked.

“Basically, he just thinks that I am more compatible. He says that someone like you would be better off with something like a giraffe. Though I am not sure what that is.” Bernsen replied with a strained voice.

“A giraffe? Hmm. They are a bit large but I could see that. Long slender limbs and necks. They are quite majestic.” The wizard smiled as he closed his eyes and imagined what it would be like.

f546cc No.269986

“Wait, a moment. Where is Kenzie?” Sahra suddenly noticed the absence of their fairy companion.

“She is in her room.” The warrior tried to pull her out but only angry hissing could be heard from within as he clutched nothing.

“Whoa, Kenzie are you okay?’ Sahra stood on the tips of her toes to look into the warrior’s beard.

“No I am not! Bernie doesn’t want to use his finger on me!” The high-pitched voice came out, sounding hurt and offended.

The room was immediately filled with awkward silence.

“I-t’s not what you think! I just looked up something in a monster anatomy book and-“

But the warrior’s attempts to diffuse the situation only made his friends give him even dirtier looks.

“Anatomy book?” Ellen narrowed her eyes.

“Is that what kids these days call it?” Webster shook his head in disgust.

“C-come on you two, Bern isn’t like that! What really happened?” The dwarf frowned and addressed the warrior who sighed in gratitude.

The man’s name was quickly cleared of charges of fingerbanging fairies and after some convincing by the wizard and the dwarf, the fairy finally left her nest. Albeit she was still upset and had to make due with the inferior “regular” head pats and a lollipop that the wizard conjured for her.

The day had come to an end and the next morning the warrior’s scrying bowl listed two new messages. One from Anderson and another one from Franklin. Bernsen decided to look at the wizard’s reply before seeing what his superior had to say.

>[Re:Need any help?]

>[For fucks sake, how many times do I need to tell you that I am on a fucking vacation? And exactly how do you plan to help us out? We already have our automatons and trolls doing the heavy lifting. I guess if you have nothing better to fucking to do, you could send bits and pieces of magitek or other weird magical shit you find on your murderhoboing journeys, like that fancy ring you showed me the other day. Basically, the only thing we are really looking for outside is old magical junk, the older and more mysterious, the better because that means there is a high chance that we haven’t encountered and reverse engineered its enchantments yet. Now stop texting me about pointless shit gods damn it. If you want to brag about how many skulls you have lined the floor of your house with, you can take it to Horace or something. That bastard is so socially deprived that he’ll take any kind of human interaction.]

Huh, well this was pretty much expected, the warrior realized. Considering everything those guys had in their…dick tower, there was hardly anything the warrior could offer in gratitude. Well there was the Fairy Ring he had accidentally picked up but…

Now let’s see what Anderson has to say.

>[Information compiling complete.]

>[Good morning agent. I hope you enjoyed your day off because you are heading out to Cair. The spots that the crew you captured revealed demand immediate investigations and I am short on people I can trust so agent L will be withdrawing from operation Spice Trail. You are hereby promoted from rookie into a field agent and will act as the CO for the duration of this task.

>As for the additional intel, we have discovered that the spice that gets delivered to Derrick is being transported to Cair by a monthly passing caravan that carries goods to and from the monster nation to the north. Unfortunately, it has already left and is currently located far to the north, so you will not be tracking them and will instead travel directly to Cair. If our analyst’s suspicious are correct, it might be housing a large-scale cell of Al-Sabbath operations who use the citie’s economical independence to conceal and direct their activites in Deleor.

>There is a good chance that Victor Tuchniy might be held there. If you manage to locate him, prioritize his safety above all else, use a STARS unit if necessary to quickly evacuate him.

>Unfortunately, due to certain agreements, DSS agents are unable to operate in the open in Cair. So I can’t dispatch some people ahead of time like in Derrick. But luckily for us, Cair is currently under the attention of the monster nation’s Chat Noir agency. One of their members will be waiting for you in the city to share whatever intel they had discovered. You are tasked to answer in kind should you discover anything. We are allies and their members can be trusted.]

>DSS reputation has increased. You are now Liked by them.

f546cc No.269988

“Read your morning mail yet agent?” Ellen inquired with a small smile as she drank a large cup of coffee.

“You are moving somewhere else?” The warrior asked in turn.

“Wait, huh?” The dwarf blinked in confusion. “You are leaving?”

“Yes. Anderson is very interested in the human trafficking that is taking place at the southernmost part of the country. I am being dispatched there to oversee the investigation and eventual termination of that terrorist cell.” The elf put down her cup and leaned back in her chair.

“Don’t you need any help? These Al-Sabbath assholes have bunch of psychos in their ranks.” The dwarf looked incredibly worried for some reason.

“My, my miss Smith. That can’t be concern for some “filthy elf” that I am hearing in your voice, can it?” Ellen raised her hand to her mouth and let out a small chuckle which made the dwarf go red in the face.

“H-hey, I know I can get carried away with the banter sometimes but I don’t hate you or anything. You are alright, for an elf.”

“This is very sweet coming from you miss Smith. Thank you. And don’t worry about me. This is not my first day, I had plenty of close encounters in my life and came through most of them unscathed. This is just another job and I am not going to be doing it alone.

More importantly, you and agents B and W should concentrate on figuring out why the majority of the spice supplies go to Cair. We each have our roles to play.” The agent concluded and straightened out.

“A morning ship back to the capital is heading out from the docks in an hour. I will take it and then travel south from Sanctiford, along the river on another vessel. Oh and by the way.” The blonde monster reached into her pocket and extended some shiny, shield shaped metal badge that had a crown decal carefully carved over its surface and then surrounded by three gemstones: one red, one blue and one green.

“You are now a full-fledged member of the agency. With this badge, you will be able to boss the local law enforcement around and open most doors in this country. Just keep in mind that you won’t get much use out of it in Cair since it’s status is…questionable.” The elf glanced outside the window and shook her head.

“Thank you, L. I will put it to a good use. I appreciate the trust.” The warrior bowed his head with respect and the elf returned the gesture.

>Bernsen obtained [DSS badge.]

After the breakfast, the elf immediately left. The farewells were kept brief and professional. Everyone involved knew that it was a necessity, as there were too many fires around for one group to take care off. The warrior could not say that he grew particularly close to this woman during their brief travels together, but he respected her dedication to the job and clear headedness. She had a lot of loyalty for her chieftain and that was worth a lot in his eyes.

As the group gazed at the rapidly leaving vessel, the wizard slightly turned his head to him. “So, do I call you “Boss” now? Agent B? BB?”

“Just Bernsen is fine.” The warrior turned away from the docks and put his hands in his pockets before beginning to walk away.

“Cair, huh. Home, sweet home.” The dwarf sarcastically muttered.

“Hmm? You were born in Cair miss Smith?” Webster blinked in surprise.

“Yea, I was. At least that’s what my ID says. For all we know, I might have been born in some shitty cave and I am just not aware of it.” The witch pulled out her new broom and sat down on it sideways before making it gently float along the ground.

“I mean no offense, but you do not resemble someone from that city if I may say so.” The wizard narrowed his eyes and shook his head. “Nasty city, full of greed, corruption and poverty.”

“Tell me about it. I am lucky I didn’t accidentally get tricked into becoming an indentured servant.” The dwarf frowned and pulled her hat down.

“A what?” The warrior turned around to join in on the conversation.

“Basically a slave. It’s something that became popular ever since the new countess took control of the city. They are just barely legal to not be prosecuted by the law and because of how rich and influential the city is, the Deleor royalty lets it slide. It’s a contractual agreement between two people to have someone become someone’s servant for a specific amount of time.” Sahra elaborated.

“Why would someone agree to something like that?” Bernsen shook his head in disbelief.

f546cc No.269989

“They don’t.” The wizard sighed. “There are no prisons in Cair you see. The criminals are dealt either by having them become indentured servants to the state or well…”

“Fighting to the death for people’s amusement in the arena. Gladiatorial fights used to be outlawed but recently they made a comeback. Nasty stuff, much different than regular fights but it’s very popular and attracts a lot of tourists because it’s bloodier and more spectacular.” The witch concluded.

“That sounds kind of fun.” The little caith sith poked her head out but when she noticed the kind of face Sahra was making she quickly shrunk back.

“H-hey, they are criminals, right? That means they are bad people. What’s wrong with having them fight each other?”

“It’s a matter of ethics. Even if they are criminals they are still humans and monsters and deserve basic rights.” The wizard explained to the fairy. Kenzie did not seem to understand entirely what he meant but she was not arguing.

“Well anyway, we still need to get there. Sahra, you’ve been there, what kind of road do we take?” The warrior shook his head and addressed the witch.

“There is only one actually. Goes northwest from town through the swamp. It’s fairly well traveled and safe. We can either hire a carriage or go there by foot. Are we on a strict time schedule?” The dwarf inquired.

“Doesn’t look like we are but shouldn’t we take the fastest way naturally?” The warrior asked no one in particular.

{Taking the scenic route could provide us with the time necessary for me to start teaching you spirit energy manipulation.} Zapp suggested to the warrior.

“Well, what do you say boss?” The wizard asked, sounding slightly sarcastic but not disrespectful.

The warrior pondered on this. What Zapp described sounded incredibly useful but did he really even need it? So far, he did not have many issues with facing enemies and he felt confident in the newfound abilities he had acquired already. There was also the question of preparations. They won’t be going back to Derrick any time soon. Did this magically specialized town have anything else that they could use?

>What do you do?

e5cc8a No.270002

quest compleated, we lost a companion but gaind rank.

good times.

so id say lets take the short route, we dident do the raid here all that cleanly so the sabbath might have send a runner before the feds shut them down, therefore its better not to give them any more time to prepare then we have to.

what to get from the market

some better arrows, maybe some with an elemental effect or something.

some more thunderclay, i have a feeling that we will need to blow shit up soon.

some more potions of various effects,heal, anti toxin, featherfall, haste, shit like that.

the equivalent of a grapling hock and climbing gear, no idea if we will ever need it but more movement options are always good.

camping gear for anyone that dosent have any, pretty sure webster dosent.

more field rations, some booze and a small hord of cigars.

anything else?

4416e4 No.270041

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


i trust zapp and stand by my decision earlier learn hamon from the lion

i wanna see what its like if it does special damage like disabling magic or mind control kisses and shit dont forget everyone we couldnt get past that wyrm's scales we need this for super powerful opponents who are good against normal pysical attacks

4416e4 No.270043

File: 917aa66af179b41⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 34.69 KB, 959x600, 959:600, watching.jpg)

we've already beaten the pillarwomen so im expecting the leader of the al sabbath to be a certain vampire that can stop time but with a different backstory of course

im watching you writefag and just to make sure ive already deleted the time ahead of this time creating an alternate timeline it just works

3f424a No.270078

I say we take the long route in order to learn the spirit energy manipulation. We already had massive problems with Blitzkrieg and now with Elles holy magic gone we might be in trouble if they throw another powerful undead at us. Even if it takes us a while longer to get there i think it's well worth the time.

c39246 No.270133


>the monster nation’s Chat Noir agency. One of their members will be waiting for you in the city to share whatever intel they had discovered

I'm hoping for a Salamander!

d36055 No.270143

Take the long root

Getting trained in this new art could prove vital, though we should only use it in extream situations

also lore wise i think that there should be a small monument to the girls/creaters the wizard and co killed while traveling though the swamp something like "in loving memory if those lost" i think it be tasteful since it/they were someones daughter before… you know

6d33aa No.270148

File: 6e14ae523e71f30⋯.jpg (529.96 KB, 682x1024, 341:512, 13104849085_69760376bb_b.jpg)


>he did not have many issues with facing enemies and he felt confident in the newfound abilities he had acquired already

We must not underestimate our enemies, take the scenic root. Who knows, we might encounter some interesting characters along the way.

If we didn't stand our before, we certainly do now. The kebabs we had arrested might not have been able to message there friends, but eventually words going to spread about a 7 foot tall warrior-cyborg and a lion wrecking their operations. So when we start investigation and/or infiltrating our wizard should disguise us, or at least the most noticeable members of our group, although the kebabs will probably piece together that a 7 foot tall blonde guy and a tiger are the same two guys who have been ruining their operations, just magically disguised. So maybe Zapp should stay behind during until we need him, maybe do some research if he can use a scrying bowl.

He could also position himself on a high roof when we are infiltrating a place and inform us if someone else is coming or something like that.

8dddda No.270214

File: f48b574b48bc97e⋯.jpg (17.08 KB, 210x240, 7:8, enrico-pucci-jojos-bizarre….jpg)


Oh snap, you figured me out.

4416e4 No.270235


we could disguise him as a tiger

4416e4 No.270238

and we could disguise bernson with a moustache a top hat and a monocle

688d0a No.270267

“Nah, let’s walk.” The warrior made up his mind. “But first, there are a few more things I think we should grab while we are in Derrick.”

However, much to the warrior’s disappointment, thunderclay ended up being a restricted substance that could not be easily purchased, so he would have to make do with what he had. What this town did have however, was potions. And boy what a selection it was. He ultimately decided to get a little bit of the most popular stuff, even if it ended up being rather pricy.

>Bernsen obtained [Healing Potion x 5]

>Bernsen obtained [Feather fall potion x 5]

>Bernsen obtained [Zoom potion x 5]

>Bernsen obtained [Detox potion x 5]

The healing and detox ones were self-explanatory, though the potion shop owner warned that the latter would only cover the more commonly encountered poisons and that the high-grade ones needed specially brewed antitoxins or a skilled plagamancer to purge.

The feather fall was more interesting: upon consumption, it would apparently render the wearer incredibly light which would protect them from fall damage and lessen the physical damage taken at the cost of being easily knocked around. It also did not affect the weight of the users equipment for obvious reasons.

And lastly, the zoom potions, they were the most expensive ones and were made out of blue fairy dust. They sharply increased your reflexes and speed to the point where it appeared that the world had slowed down but were very short lasting and had a nasty withdrawal effect.

Besides the potions, the warrior also made a point to get the wizard his own tent, because he was getting sick of sleeping on the floor or ground all the time. The fancy man was still refusing to let them just sleep in his vault, to the point where he began to screech like an irritated amphibian when the warrior suggested it again.

And lastly, the man stocked up on a bunch of food items and drinks, after much of Sahra’s and Kenzie’s nagging. They were refusing to sustain themselves on the heated bread pouches and mountain elixir that the wizard apparently had a near limitless supply of.

With these preparations complete, the group had set out from town in the afternoon. The warrior walked in the lead, followed by the wizard lagging behind while the witch and the fairy floated overhead and occasionally pointed out things of interest, which there were few of. The road was well traveled, just as Sahra explained earlier. Even after they went far from town and past all the herb growing plantations, they still kept encountering odd farms and houses here and there as well as passing travelers who rode on carriages or just on top of horses between Derrick and Cair.

“Weren’t we going to a swamp?” The warrior pointed out curiously.

“It’s still some distance away.” Webster explained with a yawn. “A bunch of it had been dried out on both ends in the last few years to make room for more farms. There were considerations to dry it out completely by the Deleor royalty but after a lot of arguing from Monster Nation representatives, it was decided to leave a part of it as it is and make it a reservation for the Jagga Jagga tribe.”

“Those are the strange lizard women, right? I think I saw a few of them in Derrick.” The warrior turned his head back to chat with the wizard.

“Mhmm. They are fairly friendly if a bit territorial. A good portion of them had been integrated into modern society but there is still a large group who prefer to live on their ancestral homeland. They keep the path relatively safe from predators and the like.” Webster explained matter of factly.

“Hmm.” The warrior turned back and wondered if it was anything like his own homeland where things were much simpler and straightforward.

After a few hours of traveling in such calm fashion, it was time for a break. Sahra found a nice empty spot behind a group of trees by the road and soon they had a nice little campsite going for them. A small fire that the witch conjured was burning while a few sausages roasted on it.

However, the warrior did not join in on the meal as the lion mentally tugged at him to grab his attention and then gestured to the side, where a small stream of water was running in the distance.

“I’ll eat later. Zapp wants to teach me something.” The man raised his hand in front of him and shook it dismissively.

“Eh? What, like magic or something?” The witch curiously asked and the Fairy also raised her head while munching on a sausage that was bigger than her. “Wuff iff faff?”

“Have you never heard of swallowing before you start talking?” The wizard chided the fairy who did that and then smugly replied. “No, but you seem to be an expert on it.”

“Huh?” The wizard blinked in confusion and scratched his head.

688d0a No.270268

“Kenzie! Don’t be rude!” The dwarf waggled her finger at the caith sith and the fairy rolled her eyes. “I am just messing around. Anyways, can I watch?”

{You have to tell them to stay behind. You will need to concentrate and we only have a few hours until the sun sets.}

“Sorry Kenzie, but Zapp says that it’s hard and requires total concentration.” The warrior smiled wanly and ran his index finger across the fairy’s ears which made her vibrate slightly. “Mm, okay. But I want special headpats later.” She gave the warrior a lecherous smile which made the man break into sweat.

“I uh, I’ll think about it.”

It was only the lion and the warrior now as they stood next to the small water stream and gazed into it.

{Alright. Take off your clothes.} The lion ordered in the warrior’s mind and he gave the beast a weird look.

{Don’t argue. Just do it.}

The warrior narrowed his eyes but did so obediently before carefully setting the clothes down in a small pile next to one of the trees.

{Hmm. Yes, this is a good spot.} The lion gestured to a brightly illuminated area on the grass and patted the ground there. {Sit down here and get comfortable. Cross your legs, yes just like that.}

The lion observed the warrior and walked a circle around him.

{This will do. Now, allow me to explain just exactly what you are being taught. I can see from your memories that you know a fair deal about magic and spirit energy so I will skip ahead a little bit. As you know, all living thing poses a certain amount of spirit energy in them. Men in particular have the largest supply of it that they naturally produce, however only wizards can directly tap into that supply to use it to weave spells and alter the reality around them in such fashion.

What you will be doing is tapping into that supply and using this spirit energy as it is, instead of weaving it into a particular shape. It is a very primitive form of magic if you can even call it that and it has a lot of drawbacks. First off, you will have to learn to properly awaken the spirit energy in your body} The lion sat across from the warrior and began to speak in his mind.

“Awaken it? What do you mean?” The warrior slightly cocked his head.

{The spirit energy reserves in your body are used to maintain its vitality, to naturally heal your wounds and combat diseases but a large portion of it is inert, stored within you until the body needs it like fat reserves. To make it active, to be able to wield it, you need to awaken it by using a powerful catalyst. Like using a spark to start to fire. In this particular case: sunlight.} The lion pointed at the clear skies above.

“The sun?” The warrior followed to where the lion was pointing.

{Indeed. The first step is to take the light of the sun within your body and meditate while under its radiant light.}

The warrior groaned loudly.

{I see you do not enjoy such activities and consider them a waste of time but unfortunately, until you become more proficient, that will be the only way to build up a reserve of active spirit energy you can use. Do not fret, it is not as difficult as it seems. I will not ask for something as pretentious or foolish like looking within yourself or trying to understand the concept of magic through a state of nirvana. All you need to do is rest within direct sunlight while completely relaxed and breathe.}

“Breathe? That’s it?” The warrior blinked in surprise.

{There is a certain trick to it. A special breathing technique that allows your body to completely relax and soak in the residual light that upon contact with your inert spirit energy awakens it. I will show it you. Pay close attention at the rate of my breathing and it’s magnitude. It is very specific.}

The warrior narrowed his eyes as he observed the lion who closed his eyes and laid on his side, looking completely relaxed as his massive chest rose and fell in rhythmic, almost hypnotic fashion. This lasted for several minutes and eventually the warrior started to notice that the lion’s body was beginning to glow and shimmer just a little bit.

{Mhmm. This should be enough.} The lion’s eyes opened and he stood up before walking into the stream of water ahead. Immediately, the water began to ripple, as glowing white pulses traveled over its surface and seemed to linger for a little bit. The lion raised one of its paws above the water and then placed it over its surface. Instead of sinking however, it firmly stood over the water’s surface and the lion then climbed out of it completely before looking back at the warrior as he stood over the water like it was solid.

688d0a No.270269

{What you are seeing is me sending my spirit energy through the water in this stream to interact with it in such way that I can grip it, which allows it to support my weight. It is one of the most basic things you can do with it but incredibly useful. Jordan and the Lotus order monks could alter their spirit energy in such fashion that they could even attach themselves to any wall and climb it using nothing but their fingertips.}

“Whoa.” The warrior stared at the sight of the lion defying the laws of nature in such casual fashion. But eventually Zapp slowly began to sink back into the water and then climbed out.

{Now then. Close your eyes. Relax. Empty your mind of all thoughts. Feel the warmth of the sun. Feel it’s rays slowly flow into your body through your skin as you calmly breathe.} The lion ordered and sat down across from the warrior again.

Bernsen closed his eyes then and relaxed. Concentrate on the sun, huh? This didn’t sound so hard. He did not particularly like to sit motionless in one place for too long but he knew the importance of being able to keep a clear head from years of training under his gran to properly harness the strength of his warrior’s trance.

{Yes. Like this. Now, imagine yourself as a grand tree. One that is reaching with its branches toward the sky, toward the sun. Breathe and raise your hands.} The lion suggested next.

The warrior did as told, though it felt kind of silly. At least he had a point of reference about what being a tree was like from one of his old acquaintances.

Bernsen wasn’t sure how long he kept at it. He didn’t feel particularly different but he wasn’t arguing, even when Zapp’s suggestions turned downright silly.

The intensity of the sunlight on the warrior’s bare skin was fading and he shivered slightly. Even with his eyes closed, he knew that the sun was setting.

“I don’t know Zapp. I don’t think this is working.” The warrior finally muttered but still kept breathing in and out properly.

{Do you now? Open your eyes.} The lion commanded and the warrior blinked and looked down to his body only to realize that it was softly glowing yellow in the same fashion as Zapp did earlier.

“HOLY SHIT!” The man exclaimed in surprise but then the light vanished like it was never there. “W-wait, what? It’s gone?”

{Yes. Your body is not yet used to being able to project its spirit energy outward in such fashion and so as soon as your mind perceives it, it ceases to do so.}

“But, ho-I didn’t even feel anything! How long was I doing this glowy stuff?”

{One hour, three minutes and twenty four seconds.} The lion casually replied in the warrior’s mind.

“How do you-“

{I am a magical intelligent lion that is speaking in your head and you are weirded out by my ability to count?} Zapp’s tone seemed to be playful. {Jests aside though, this was good. The experiences you have come through in your life already gave you a head start here. As for your inability to feel anything strange? Why should you? Being able to move your spirit energy is the same as moving your hand. It is supposed to come as naturally as breathing. But because you believe it to be strange you can’t project it outward.}

“So where did it all go?” The warrior looked around, hoping to see something cool, like flowers sprouting around him or something but the grass was the same as before.

{Back into your body obviously. You do not know how to manipulate it yet. You will have to spend some time getting used to projecting it before you can even attempt it. Your mind must accept it as part of your body. Something that it can do without even thinking about it, like breathing.}

“Oh damn it, why’d you have to say that? Now I am going to be bothered about breathing manually for hours.” The warrior pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed while the lion laughed in his mind.

{Do not fret. You’ll get the hang of it yet. Jordan spent days studying it before he could reliably project his spirit energy outward.}

>Bonus feat obtained: [Spirit Breathing] A special breathing technique that allows you to tap into your body’s reserve of spirit energy while under direct sunlight.

“Geez, took you long enough!” The dwarf complained when the warrior returned.

688d0a No.270270

“Sorry, this ended up being trickier than I thought.” The warrior shrugged helplessly as the animal next to him walked up to the fire and promptly grabbed one of the leftover sausages.

“So, what did erm Zapp teach you?” Webster narrowed his eyes at the lion before turning his head toward the warrior.

“Can you punch someone so hard that they explode yet?” The fairy climbed from under Sahra’s hat and floated toward the warrior.

“What? No! I mean-can I?” The warrior addressed the lion.

{No yet.}

“He says not ye-wait what?” The warrior’s head shot back to the lion in surprise.

{I will tell you tomorrow. I am tired now.} The lion laid on his side and the warrior could sense his presence seemingly vanish out of his head.

“So… what did he teach you?” Sahra repeated the wizard’s question, also curious what it was about.

“Not that much actually. I just sat around in the sun a lot and napped mostly.” The warrior honestly replied.

“Really? Man, I wish I had come along. I love doing that.” The wizard complained and leaned back on a striped lawn chair that he most likely procured from his vault.

“Didn’t you do that all day anyway?” The witch sarcastically replied.

“But it’s more fun as a group activity!” Webster exclaimed and Kenzie let out a high-pitched laugh.

“Anyway, I also glowed sort of and learned how to breathe.” The warrior continued.

“Glowed?” The wizard piqued up, looking interested.

“Learned how to breathe?” The dwarf gave the warrior an incredibly smug look.

“I should learn how to word things better.” Bernsen sighed. “It’s some weird sort of kind of magic that manipulates spirit energy.”

“So, like what? You slap someone with raw mana? That doesn’t sound so useful.” Sahra pointed out.

“Zapp managed to use it to stand on water like it was ground. That looked pretty cool.” The warrior shrugged.

“Huh? So it’s hydromancy? Or did he freeze it?” The wizard rubbed his chin and leaned forward.

“No, no. he didn’t manipulate the water itself he just put a lot of this spirit energy in it and then stood on that, using the water as frame or something. You can apparently use it to climb walls too.” The warrior explained.

“That’s weird, I never heard of anything like that.” The dwarf scratched her head in confusion. “I hope it’s worth it. It sounds gimmicky.”

“Zapp said that eventually I’ll be able to heal myself with it or make some sort of shield so I hope so.” The man nodded to himself.

As the sun set, the night came soon after. The warrior took the first watch while his friends slept soundly in their own tents or in the case of Kenzie her mansion in his facial hair.

The night was quiet and no one was traveling on this road this late out. There weren’t any other sources of light besides their camp fire either, as the houses and farms were left behind and only a dark swamp loomed before them that they would be traversing tomorrow.

As time went on, the pressure in the warrior’s bladder grew and he left the camp to briefly relieve himself and as he did so, he spotted something unusual in the distance. It was another clearing, a little further off the road that was being illuminated by the moon overhead.

It housed only one thing, a handful of red mushrooms with white splotches on them. They were incredibly poisonous but that was not what caught the warrior’s interest. Rather, it was the peculiar arrangement that the mushrooms were growing in. It was like a circle or a ring, with an empty spot inside that was large enough for a grown person to stand in. It looked rather weird and a little foreboding, did someone plant them here in such an arrangement? But why?

>What do you do?

cb7001 No.270274

We can do one of two things

1.get Kenzie to put the ring on in the circle


2.relieve ourselves and put it out of mind for the time being

cb7001 No.270275


Sorry did not mean to bump

e5cc8a No.270276

well time to try out the fairy ring, lets see what will happen.

i mean what could go wrong, its not like bearson would be teleportet to jaktors realm and has to fuck around with a titania or something.

e5cc8a No.270279


yea we really should ignore the mushroom ring for now and check it on the way back, the more time we loose the more likely it becomes for the boyim to get killed or blitzkrieg to break out of fed costody.

further, jacktors realm is something we should check when bearson has learnd the hamon and can defend himself from wierd magical shit.

3f424a No.270287

File: 3a58d5318c1b126⋯.jpg (443.75 KB, 650x560, 65:56, 453673542.jpg)

>The feather fall was more interesting: upon consumption, it would apparently render the wearer incredibly light

Use our [Leap] ability in combination with the potion to jump into orbit and become the first man-made satellite.

If thats not an option get Kenzie and show her the shroom circle.

688d0a No.270298

File: cc2ed56e9e5c23c⋯.png (56.83 KB, 300x300, 1:1, LIVING THE DREAM.png)


See, those are the kind of stupid bullshit solutions to problems that you haven't even encountered yet that I like.

4416e4 No.270304

File: aac789983f2cd3c⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 154.71 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, elf.jpg)

File: f7bbd9eb7b59ee7⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 333.77 KB, 600x360, 5:3, stupid elf.png)

god damn it this party needs a damn bard as a permenant member for musical accompanyment slapstick comedy and comedic relief

maybe an elf with a lute

stupid long ass quiet ass camping trips the party must be bored as shit im starting to think higher of bards now they where assholes but they where fun distracting assholes we need a bard whos an exceptional fuckwit

6d33aa No.270361


Maybe time passes differently in Jakors realm?

Maybe we should ask Kenzie about this and how dangerous it could be before going in ourselves or sending her in.

If its safe enough than I say we go in for a few minutes.

b31e81 No.270528

I think we should keep the pyrite ring far away from our fingers. Bernsen is a tough dude but he doesn't need what that thing is gonna do to him.

da5c44 No.270533

File: 7223cf5dce4ecdd⋯.jpg (39.27 KB, 640x358, 320:179, IMG_0728.JPG)


Put the ring on and step into the fairy circle

f546cc No.270595

“Psst, hey Kenzie. Kenzie.” The warrior prodded his beard a few times and after a few moments, the tired looking fairy emerged from it with a cute yawn.

“Mmm, Bernie, It’s so late. What is it?” The fairy rubbed her little eyes and slightly adjusted the tiny sleeping cap that Webster had apparently sewed out of sheer boredom while the warrior was away with Zapp.

“Want to go on a magical adventure?” The warrior held the [Fairy Ring] in front of her and Kenzie blinked in confusion. “Huh?”

“Remember this ring? I asked around, turns out it can help you go into the fairy world.” The warrior smiled mischievously.

“What’s a fairy world?” The caith sith asked with a flat expression and the warrior froze, taken off-guard.

“You… don’t know?” He asked the cute humanoid but she just shook her head in confusion.

“Really? I mean, you are a fairy.” The warrior helplessly pointed his finger at the caith sith but she just shrugged and shook her head again. “I thought you didn’t like this ring Bernie.”

“Well, yea, but now I know what it does…either that or I am making a very big assumption here. Honestly, I am just very curious. My mom always said it was a vice.” The warrior scratched his head and handed the ring over to the fairy.

“It’s supposed to open a gate in a circle of mushrooms like that over there if you put this ring on and turn it counterclockwise three times.” The warrior then gestured toward the ataxia patch that the fairy eyed suspiciously before looking back at the warrior.

“Bernie, I am always up for some fun but this place is weirding me out and mister ring is a liar, remember?”

“Well he did not really lie, it’s just that you were cheated out of your hard earned-or well hard cheated money since you were making the other gamblers unlucky.” The warrior rubbed his chin. “Wait, weirding you out? How?”

“I dunno, it’s just.” The fairy ears twitched a few times and she shivered. “It’s making me feel all anxious and tingly.”

“Huh? You too? Maybe this is a bad idea after all.” The man blinked and tried to put the ring away but the fairy quickly scooped it out of his hand and put it over her waist again before landing in the middle of the mushroom circle.

“Whoa, hey!” The man exclaimed as the fairy buzzed her wings loudly.

“It’s so weeeeeeird! Now I wanna know what it does too!” Kenzie began to buzz even louder as she spun the ring over her torso once, twice and finally thrice.

Nothing happened.

“Uh, “counter clockwise” Kenzie. The other direction.” The warrior pointed out awkwardly.

“Oh!” The fairy blushed slightly in embarrassment and repeated the motion, now in the right way.

The warrior remembered his gran saying that his curiosity would kill him one day. He didn’t think it would come so soon though. As soon as the ring completed its final rotation, the ground beneath the two erupted in a brilliant pink light followed by the deafening sound of something akin to thousands of chimes suddenly ringing at the same time. The warrior felt a powerful pulling sensation and felt his consciousness immediately fade.


“Hmm, took you long enough. You are one of the worst couriers I ever saw.” A strange regal voice awoke the warrior and he blinked his eyes repeatedly. He felt incredibly dizzy and disoriented and someone was shaking him.

“Bernie! Bernie wake up!” The warrior’s eyes flew open at the caith sith’s scared voice and he jumped to his feet immediately to assess the situation.

“Oh thank goodness!” The caith sith sighed and stood up next to the warrior. “Are you okay?”

The warrior blinked once as he realized that he was looking the standing caith sith in the eye.

“K-kenzie, when did you get so big?” The warrior’s jaw nearly tore off his head as it dropped in surprise.

f546cc No.270596

“Oh she ain’t big. You are just tiny.” A deep feminine voice called out from above and the warrior raised his head to behold a colossal woman with a smug expression. She had long flowing purple hair with a black bang in it as well as black wings and a purple dress. He realized that she was a caith sith too but much, much bigger than Kenzie and her body looked more lean and elegant.

“Aww, he is kind of cute.” Another giant woman, this time with dog ears and partially see through green wings and dress leaned forward and suddenly sniffed the warrior with enough force to nearly knock him off the table. “He smells nice too.”

The warrior tried to reach for his weapon by instinct, only to realize that he was completely naked. “W-what the? Where is all my stuff?”

“With your body, obviously.” The regal voice that awoke him spoke up and the warrior turned around to see a handsome looking man with short platinum blonde hair. He wore a fancy looking suit, kind of reminiscent of the ones the gamblers from the Zeni Tower had and atop his head rested a large top hat. The giant man had a bored looking expression on his face as he studied the warrior with his unnaturally blue hued eyes. As Bernsen stared at him, the giant reached for a nearby colossal clay mug that had the words [World’s #1 Dad] written on it.

The warrior slowly looked around himself and suddenly realized that he was standing in the middle of a giant dinner table that had a bunch of plates full of sweets and tea cups on it. Besides the giant cat and dog fairy women sitting across from each other, this table also had many more giantesses sitting behind it and all of them were studying him and Kenzie with varied degrees of curiosity.

“My…body?” The man finally snapped out of his stupor and looked down to see his naked form. “But it’s right here?”

The blonde giant that sat at the head of the table suddenly let out a loud laughter which startled Kenzie and she hid behind the warrior’s back.

“Oh no lad, this is your soul you are looking at. Your body is currently lying face down on the grass and drooling out as it inhales a bunch of ataxia fumes. Oh no wait, your allies got attracted by the ruckus.” The man took another sip of his drink from his giant cup and tapped his finger against the table rapidly. This action made one of the apples from the nearby fruit vases jump out onto one of the empty plates and then begin to roll around it’s outer rim. This somehow made a picture appear on the plate’s surface.


“Do something! Do something!” The dwarf shook Webster by the collar in near panic as her face darted back and forth between the warrior and the wizard she was shaking.

“I-I am not a healer! It’s been over sixty years since I had attended my first aid class in school!” The wizard nervously replied and this made a bunch of the giant winged women let out a series of laughs.

“You are a fucking wizard! Who cares about first aid, fix him!” Sahra finally shook the wizard with enough force to make the lanky blonde man fall down on his behind and he began to sweat furiously.

“M-maybe we can give him a healing potion? He doesn’t look hurt but maybe it will help?”


“Spoilers, it won’t.” The blonde giant snickered and the group of giant women attending the tea party let out a series of disappointed groans.

“My lord! How could you reveal the plot twist like that!” The giant caith sith leaned back in her armchair with an annoyed sigh.

“Now now, my dear, don’t call it quits yet. The show is just starting after all.” The blonde man set his cup down and tapped the table again which made the apple stop moving and the picture on the giant plate vanished.

“Who are you! What’s going on!?” Kenzie yelled at the crowd who just let out a series of giggles at the outburst.

“Now this is just downright rude. I know my worthless kids have no respect for their elders whatsoever but surely you would remember your father?” The blonde man made an “o” shape with his lips and suddenly let out a few sharp inhales and exhales which sounded like he was breathing through a tube. This made the crowd of giant fairy women laugh even louder as the warrior and the fairy nervously looked around.

“My father? You are not my dad! My dad was the drunk that my mom and her friends gang raped when he accidentally walked into a cemetery at night!” The fairy protested and began to hiss at the giant man.

f546cc No.270597

“Oh I am speaking figuratively honey, I obviously didn’t sire you but you are my child all the same, as all fairies are.” The blonde man finished drinking whatever was in his cup and then squinted one of his eyes as he confirmed that it indeed was empty before casually tossing it over his shoulder which made a large explosion occur, followed by a flash of light and a rapidly raising mushroom shaped column of smoke to appear behind his chair.

“Jack?” The warrior narrowed his eyes.

“Oh we have a winner!” The man clapped loudly.

“Congratulations!” The giant caith sith smiled and addressed the warrior.

“Congratulations!” The dog fairy mimicked the motion.

“Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations!” All giant fairy women began to clap and congratulate the warrior in some fucked up synchronized fashion.

“Okay, okay, that’s enough. Also Jack, huh? Haven’t been referred to as that for a while. I prefer Jackor myself, but my friends call me Jackie. I don’t have any friends though.” The giant man in the silk gibus casually raised his hand and all the fairies’ at the table went quiet, save for one.

“What do you want for us?! Let us go!” Kenzie suddenly took to the air before the warrior could hold her back and she floated up to the giant man’s face.

“Let you go? Dear, I am not holding you hostage. You are my child, you can come and go freely to my house as often as you like. Just twist that ring on your tummy clockwise three times and you’ll be right back.” The blonde giant pointed at the pyrite ring that Kenzie wore over her body and she immediately began to move it around.

“Just keep in mind that this boon only extends to the members of my family. And your bearded naked friend there ain’t my kid. Well unless…. there was that one time with a lovely grizzly… but nah. Nah. Definitely not.” The blue-eyed man shook his head.

“W-what?” The warrior blinked again, feeling incredibly exposed and weak, not even his trance was working right now.

“Yea kiddo, haven’t you heard all the stories about kids and adults vanishing in the woods after stepping into one of these cursed little circles? What were you thinking? Your soul is mine now.” The man leaned down on the table and casually flicked his finger at the warrior but Bernsen’s reaction speed was still on point and he quickly rolled away and hid behind a teapot.

“Ooh, a quick one. My girls are going to like you.” Jackor made a wry smile as the other tea party visitors began to yell.

“Lord Jackor, can I have him please!?”

“No, I want him more! He was closest to me when he appeared!”

“Nonsense, I am Lord Jackor’s favorite, so I should get him.”

“You are nobody’s favorite you cheap skank.”

“Why you!”

“Girls, girls! Quiet!” Jackor politely addressed the crowd and they immediately sat back into their seats and looked down at the warrior anxiously, some of them even licking their lips in predatory fahsion.

“Now, usually I would just throw any uninvited visitor like you to my kids to play with buuuut-“ The blonde man raised his hand over the table and mimicked a set of scales with them.

“You did kind of help me by revealing the location of a valuable piece of my property to me. Mmm, what to do, what to do? It would be kind of assholish to just keep you as a plaything for my girls for eternity for that. Well, I mean unless that was precisely WHY you came here?” The god let out an amused chuckle and leaned his head down again to the warrior and Kenzie.

“No!” The warrior and the fairy yelled simultaneously.

f546cc No.270598

“Aww bummer. And here I thought I would kill two birds with one stone. I had people come here for that, you know? You sure? Well nuts, we are at an impasse then. Then again…there was also that one time you saved a bunch of my kids from a life of torture and eventual death. That’s worth a lot of brownie points.” As the god said this, a bunch of pastries suddenly began to rain from the purple sky above and right down on the plates of everyone attending the party.

“Mmm, brownies.” The dog fairy began to salivate and promptly tore into the pastry with eagerness using her bare hands and mouth.

“Ugh, what a pig.” The giant caith sith complained and proceeded to eat her own brownie with a set of twenty-six utensils neatly arranged around the plate.

“Soooo. Here is what I am going to offer you two. Since you’ve been such good little kids and helped uncle Jackie out like that, I am going to let the bear guy here have his soul back and leave. BUT. You will give me back my ring in return. Pretty straightforward and fair agreement, don’t you think? What do you say?” The blonde man extended his pinkie out toward Kenzie and Bernsen and the two exchanged nervous looks.

>What do you do?

688d0a No.270599

File: b03cec47cd084fb⋯.jpg (27.47 KB, 720x480, 3:2, ShockedRobotnik.jpg)

>They actually did it. The absolute madmen. They decided to use the faggot god's relic alone at night with no supervision or advice from people versed in magic.

a009ae No.270600


>implying there isnt a catch to giving jackoff's jackor's ring back to him

we were almost(?) jewed once by a racoon, and we're certainly not going to be jewed by a faggot god

4416e4 No.270601

since our soul is out how our hamon maybe its amplifies now that we can se our soul clearer we might not need the sun

4416e4 No.270604

also tell jack you'll think about it and ask him how time works in here

if theres a sun

if you can train hamon and go on an adventure kill some big bad get some sweet treasure unlock more inner power or if you're stuck in his kitchen

ask why fairies are bigger were a big guy why such a normal sized soul compared to ours

also we need a serious think why cant he take the ring if he wants it does he really have our soul why is our trance effected

take a head count check the surroundings

do we still have our telepathic link with zapp tell him the situation maybe use zapp to alert the others to the situation have him scratch a message in the trees or get a pen

giving him the ring is probably a bad idea

4416e4 No.270607

oh yeah most important at least ask him what he's going to use the fucking ring for BEFORE giving it to him

e3c1c6 No.270610

I think a deal is more likely to turn into some kind of bet, so I vote for no deals.

Only realistic way out is by giving him what he wants, but we could at least ask why the ring is so valuable to him.

3f424a No.270611

File: 86f95a1161a55ed⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 34.25 KB, 430x604, 215:302, God-of-War-Packshot.jpg)


If there is a catch we'll just start killig all the gods. Easy.

But seriously I don't think we have that much of a choice. I'm pretty sure this will have repercussions for us but he seems pretty harmless in the sense that he won't just straight up murders us or anyone in our party. I think.

Whatever it is we'll deal with it.

c39246 No.270612


Don't we need the ring to leave Jackor's space?

e5cc8a No.270615

File: 10baefa661acbf8⋯.jpg (31.65 KB, 292x302, 146:151, reaction, fucking why.jpg)

tolt you faggots we should learn the hamon first but noooo you saw something shiny and had go for it.

fucking hell ok first of.

>I am going to let the bear guy here have his soul back and leave.

note the absence of him saying that he would let bearson AND kenzie leave.

this is jacktor we are talking about here, this dude loves to put in little tricks like that.

just remember all the shit he pulled with toby shady during illusion quest.

nah we have to make a different deal.

tell him that us freeing the fairys was a freeby but there are others being helt in other places in delenor and if he wants to help them then jacktor has to send bearson and kenzie back with the ring for we will need it.

no idea if we will need the ring for anything but a bargening chip with the union but if jacktor wants it then it is important

and during the negotiations start reading his face and try to suptely manipulate his reactions, and end the whole thing with a "your next line will be"

there is abolutly no way in hell that that will work on the faggot god but it might impress jacktor that bearson had such collosal balls to even try that. suptle manipulation in itself

so thats what it comes down to, if we want to come out on top here then we need to outplay the biggest and best player there is.

and i just cant do that, im good at strategy but uttter shit when it comes to things "clever".

lets hope to fuck eather someone comes up with more or that writefag is mercyfull.

d36055 No.270624

Ask for the location of more spice farms are so that more fay can be saved

Make it clear that we're not doing it for "brownie points" or what haveever we're doing it because its the right thing to do, as for the ring its jacks but something tells me a certain someone else is going to want it…. also if we give the ring back how will we use it to get back home to our body?

e5cc8a No.270631


thats exactly it, if we give the ring back we WONT be able to leave, thats what i was talking about.

ever seen the movie djinn?

be fucking EXACT about anything when dealing with jacktor, that is how he fucks people over.

for example the deal jacktor just gave was to give him the ring and then jacktor would send bearson back.

but now kenzie dosent have the ring and is fucking stuck in jacktors domain´.

thats what jacktor does, so think about what we do and dont be a sucker.

d36055 No.270632


We could play tix tac toe three in a row

Using a single #

Bren plays x

Jack plays o

There sre two rules

Get three of your marks in a row

You can only make one mark per turn

Bern marks the left top then left bottom then middle left regardless of whats there

As there is no rule foe marking a place that already has a mark even bern could come up with such a easy game

And like jackieboy us going to say no to a game as easy as that

And we can say that "when" we lose we will do for him 10 things that need to be done, and that because of the restrictions of a god he can't do.

Get the list of tasks before the game but accept regardless of what they are

then do them anyway because fuck it why not

Clever enough for you camp?

d36055 No.270634


Re reading the post

Apparently she can come and go as she pleases….

e5cc8a No.270636


because she has the ring, or why do you think he gave instructions on how to use the ring to get back.

d36055 No.270638


Maybe he was just telling us that… or maybe he doesn't know that she completely lost it and things she still knows how to do basic fairy stuff?

e5cc8a No.270648


one question, why are you even arguing about this like the ring dosent matter?

fact is he wants the damn ring so it is important, be it because he wants to ensanare one of the group to do his bidding, or be it that the ring has a special power that we dont know about, or be it because he just likes the damn thing.

jacktor wants the damn thing, so we will need to hold on to it.

dont underastimate this guy, so far he always had plans and hidden agendas thet let people dance in the palm of his hands, and he is fucking ruthless.

d4dcb3 No.270701

I've had a long week beforehand etc etc and fell way behind on reading this, sorry OP.

Goshes such fun things, I'm surprised you'd bring Jackor back into this, I'm quite curious as to where this goes.

I should have known with a name like Zapp you were gearing up for this. Hopefully Zapp doesn't pull a Zappelli

I did see one thing in one of the entries that reminds me of how much I purposefully kept some of the lore vague until a later time.: How was I supposed to know someone would do something like this?

“Integrity cores. Powerful ancient artifacts that were used by Solos to imprison the dark goddess in the days of old after her betrayal. There are six in all and each one holds a small portion of her divine might. When brought together and channeled with powerful dark magic, it would be possible to free the dark lady from her jailcell. But more than that, it would be possible to also directly tap into her power with them.”

I think I mentioned somewhere that Dollora wasn't imprisoned, instead she left the heavens and formed her own realm where only Jackor was free to enter, for he was neutral(?) in the affairs of the other gods

If she directly influences the world too much, Solos will perform a counter measure, aka: She seeded the world with mana due to her great transformation, and he created wizards. Sorcerers were just a natural consequence of the now magically infused realm

8dddda No.270706


I knew I would fuck up somewhere eventually. Let's just keep going and see if I can bullshit myself out of this somehow.

0170c7 No.270741


I'm just wondering, can Bernsen perform his [Spirit Breathing], whilst in one of his poses?

d36055 No.270783


Maybe you can sau they just locked up most of her power?… or maybe they can be physically representations of her humors!

3f424a No.270808

File: d792ed287d04390⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 62.72 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 43247383743.jpg)


Maybe we have been lied to by Zapp and the lion is just playing us like a fiddle

688d0a No.270809

“No.” The warrior firmly replied and stepped forward confidently, finally recovered from the onslaught of insanity around him.

“That’s a good kid, I kne-wait what?” The blonde man quickly shook his head and stared at the man in disbelief.

“My grandmother told me stories about you! You are a liar and a cheater who plays all sides of any conflict for his own gain!” The man accusingly pointed his finger at the massive figure.

“Yea! That was your voice talking to me “Mister Ring”! You said that I was going to win the game back in that cool tower but I lost instead!” Kenzie nodded enthusiastically next to the warrior with a determined look. “You are just going to trick Bernie and me again!”

The members of the crowd of colorful titanias began to quietly mutter among themselves while looking warily at the head of the table.

The god’s eyebrow twitched once, just barley noticeably and he let out a deep sigh before addressing the pair. “First off, I didn’t “lie” to you kiddo. Had the game been played fair you would have won, but you weren’t playing it fair, were you? And second, how exactly am I going to trick you? I am practically showing you to the door with no strings attached.”

“You said you would let me go. What about Kenzie?” The warrior turned his head to his now much disproportionally larger friend and tribe member.

“I already told you, she can come and go as she pleases. Why would I even want her? You think I am short on fairies here or something?” The colossal man raised his hat a little and suddenly a whole swarm of tiny humanoids poured out from it with a series of excited giggles and laughs before spreading out and flying away into the enchanted woods that surrounded the table.

“Why even bargain then? Why not just take it?” The warrior suspiciously narrowed his eyes at the blue-eyed god.

“Because that wouldn’t be very funny obviously. My reputation might be shifty but I not some thug who just takes what he wants. I have pizzazz.” As he said so, a large flat bread pie landed on the table with a splat next to the cu sidhe, much to her excitement.

“But why do you need it anyway? What’s so special about it?” It was Kenzie’s turn to ask a question as she suspiciously eyed the piece of jewelry hanging over her waist.

“By me, you are either suicidal, stupid or really curious to be nagging me about this when your lives are at stake. Okay fine, if you want to know, in layman’s terms, this ring is the key to my house’s front door. I lost it many years ago because one of my kids wanted to play a funny prank on me and hid them. I pretty much gave up on finding it until recently when you found yourself at the right place at the right time young lady.” The god pointed at the fairy and she slightly baakced away, giving him a wary look.

“You see, fairies used to be pretty widespread in Deleor back in the day but now? Now they are all worthless parasites who are overcrowding my house and mooching off me like a bunch of nasty gnats. It’s way past their time to leave their nest and explore the world outside but until now I couldn’t do so without this little trinket.” Jackor pointed at the ring and then gestured at the pair with the palm of his open hand.

“Wait, so you’ve been trapped here all this time?” The warrior blinked in surprise.

“Trapped is a strong word bear person. Even when the front doors are locked there are ways to leave, like climbing in and out through a window or if you need to put something outside: sliding something through the crack under the doorframe. But all that dancing around is highly inconvenient and annoying to do. Sure, I could break the doors instead but that would be loud, messy and would attract a lot of unwanted attention from the neighbors and make it super embarrassing for me. So that’s why I need this ring, to spread love and joy to all the people in Deleor, or to fuck with them extra hard. That’s pretty amusing too.” The god nodded to himself and snorted.

The warrior tensely stood there as he thought about it. Attempts to reach Zapp weren’t working any more than his attempts to call upon his anger. Maybe he could try to barter with Jackor over the ring? Then again, he already made one very big mistake today and he was not feeling like tempting fate any more than he already did.

“Will you really let us both go?” The warrior addressed the giant man who rolled his eyes. “Yes.”

“You won’t do something bad like just pushing Bernie’s soul out without putting it back into his body?” Kenzie narrowed her eyes and Jackor sighed and rubbed his temples in annoyance. “No.”

“What if you go back on your word as soon as you have the ring?” The warrior tried to point his finger accusingly at the man in the silk hat but suddenly the sky above went dark as loud sounds of rolling thunder startled everyone.

688d0a No.270811

“Oh no! Lord Jackor is angry!” The cu sidhe dove under the table and began to loudly whine. The other fairy queens quickly followed suit, terrified of the man sitting at the head of the table who was now red in the face.

“I have searched for this item for centuries. It is my invention! My property! Mine! Now give it here, right now!”

The warrior slowly turned his head toward the scared looking caith sith. “Uh, I think you should do what he is asking Kenzie.” He didn’t need to say it twice and the monster quickly pulled the ring down and handed it to the blonde man who immediately swiped it and put it on his ring finger. The purple skies cleared out once more as the god of fortune sighed in contentment as he observed the ring.

“Such a small thing, and yet so precious. Just like my children. Oh yes. The coming days will be very, very interesting indeed.” Jackor opened his mouth and began to laugh in rather menacing fashion before suddenly stopping and looking down at the warrior and the caith sith.

“Oh yea, go on, get the fuck out of here now.” He quickly snapped his fingers and that was the end of it.


The warrior’s eyes flew open and he looked around himself in surprise. He was laying on his side in the forest clearing, where he was only a few moments ago but the mushroom circle that used to be here was gone.

“K-kenzie?” The warrior asked, sounding slightly alarmed and the fairy slowly climbed out of his beard, looking tired.

“Mmm, Bernie, It’s so late. What is it?” The fairy rubbed her little eyes and slightly adjusted the tiny sleeping cap that Webster had apparently sewed out of sheer boredom while the warrior was away with Zapp.

“I, wait a second.” The warrior was suddenly feeling an immense sense of deja vu. “Kenzie, you were sleeping?”

“Yea?” The caith sith blinked sleepily and yawned.

“Don’t you remember what just happened?” The warrior looked in disbelief at the little humanoid’s calm and tired expression.

“Huh? No, I told you I was sleeping already. Did I miss something?” She curiously looked around the empty clearing before staring at the warrior.

“I…no Kenzie. Sorry, you can go back to sleep.” The fairy narrowed her eyes at that comment in annoyance before sighing and climbing back into her nest.

The warrior broke into sweat and sat down on the grass, breathing in and out heavily. Thank the gods, this was just a dream. In hindsight, it made sense: the sights he saw were simply too alien and crazy to be real. All those giant people, the tea party, the raining pastries and Jackor himself? Sheesh, and he fell asleep during his watch too. That was a very poor performance. Maybe he should hand the stupid piece of jewelry to the union or just throw it away after all.

He reached into his pocket to grab the ring as he thought about this but his hand touched something else. Bernsen slowly pulled it out of his pocket and instead of the ring his hand was holding a perfectly cooked brownie that was so fresh that it was still warm. It looked very delicious and had a bunch of nuts and chocolate chips in it. Bernsen stared it and began to sweat even harder, despite the night being relatively cool.

>Bernsen obtained (((Brownie)))

The man carefully put the pastry back into his pocket and walked back into the camp to wake up the wizard so he could start his watch.


688d0a No.270812

“Uh, Bern you okay?” Sahra gave the warrior a curiously look as she floated next to him on her broom. “You’ve been looking…tense all morning.”

“I am fine.” The warrior firmly replied a little too quickly. It didn’t look like the witch was buying it but she did not press him further and instead turned back to the road. She could no longer ascend too far up, due to the dense woods that blotted out the sky around them. They had entered the swamp proper now and the humidity here was quite something, as were the mosquitoes.

“Bloody hell!” The dwarf angrily swatted another pesky insect and nearly fell off her broom in the process. “I hope this place doesn’t have any monster variants of them here.”

“D-don’t be ridiculous, they haven’t been seen around these parts for years.” The wizard replied nervously and took a swig of mountain elixir from a glass bottle to combat the heat.

The warrior upfront suddenly stopped and raised his hand, gesturing the other two to do the same. On the branches above, a strange circular object made out of string, bones and feathers was hanging. The warrior recognized its shape, even if the design was different. It was a detection charm, not unlike those that his gran and cousin put up around their mountain back in the day.

“We are entering someone’s home from here on out. Are you sure we are allowed in?” Bernsen turned his head to the dwarf and the wizard who curiously exchanged looks between each other.

“Well, yea. Carriages travel through this road all the time.” The dwarf shrugged.

“I never heard of Jaga Jaga attacking travelers unprovoked.” Webster added in his own bit.

“Alright.” The man nodded and kept walking, feeling his skin tingle slightly as he passed under the charm overhead. His worries quickly became apparent as he felt movement in the swamp waters around him. His head shot out toward one marshy patch but it ended up being just a regular crocodile that immediately dove underwater.

“That’s a…?” The warrior gestured toward the spot.

{A crocodile. A dangerous predatory reptile that dwells in humid places like this. They are known for their incredibly powerful jaws that can even crush rocks.} The lion helpfully pointed out in his head.

“Oooh?” The warrior’s pace slowed down as he noticed more of these animals hiding underwater or disguising themselves as part of the scenery. This camouflage was very sneaky actually. The warrior kept walking slower and slower to better appreciate this new unusual animal’s appearance and behavior.

“Is something wrong?” Webster looked around, completely obvious to the presence of all the beasts hiding in the water.

{You wish to fight them? Are you certain it is wise? These predators generally only attack those who idle near the shore. If we keep traveling like this, they will not make any attempts to pursue us.}

>What do you do?

f546cc No.270814

File: 59c3e63871f41b5⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.42 MB, 1000x1000, 1:1, MENACING.png)

e5cc8a No.270816

great we just unleashed the faggot god to do fuck knows what.

ok before any of you retarted faggots sudgests that we should go gator wrestling remember that we are visitors in jaga jaga territory.

how do you react to some random asshole going intro your garden and beating the shit out of your dog?

so lets keep moving.

and show webster the brownie, see if its just a pice of bakery or if it has something else in it.

4416e4 No.270855

File: 1808eff3c0ca8c5⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 11.3 MB, 720x405, 16:9, one.webm)

File: 8528832fa65e0b0⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 152.23 KB, 1000x737, 1000:737, good times.jpg)


yeah bad move guys

do yeah so do the gator wrestling because its cool and the local population will probably be super impressed with us and will think were the best dude ever

fucking toss the brownie or get the wizard to check it for magic

and find a fucking bard before everyone goes nuts from lack of musical accompanyment

6d33aa No.270870

File: b25899cdb2b5b4b⋯.jpg (54.34 KB, 444x518, 6:7, 28218-3-1355348182.jpg)


>great we just unleashed the faggot god to do fuck knows what.

The fun begins now


Don't attack them, just keep an eye on them.

e3c1c6 No.270883

Glory to the faggot god, fucking cucks couldn't just give him the ring… how often has opportunity and chance blessed us, fuck you all

e5cc8a No.270894


im going to make you eat those words when it comes back to bite bearson in the ass

8dddda No.271099

Sorry lads no gator wrestling tonight. I had a busy day. Schedule might suffer in the next two weeks. Apologies in advance. I have to uncuck my country.

3f424a No.271101


>I have to uncuck my country.

Good luck just don't shoot up a mall or something

4416e4 No.271102



d4dcb3 No.271115


I knew you were Euro due to your strange times of updates and, ugh, METERS, but I never figured you were Dutch

cb7001 No.271117


Best of luck Netherlan anon

6d33aa No.271281

Why don't we sniff around for weird smells, like chemicals or something.

Why not?

6d33aa No.271282


By weird I mean suspicious.

d36055 No.271321

God i hope we don't fight the gaders

We'll just end up pissing off the locals

42e254 No.271324


>the locals dont respect or have a gator wrestling tradition

3f424a No.271328


>We'll just end up pissing off the locals

If they complain we just start wrestling the locals instead.

d36055 No.271329


>If they complain we just start wrestling the locals instead.


f546cc No.271360

But as much as the man wanted to try his mettle against the interesting new group of animals he had encountered, he had to sadly turn away.

“No, nothing let’s keep going.” He replied to the wizard and dismissively shook his head.

If the tribe that lived here was anything like the ones that called the Black forest their home, then attacking the local wildlife would be considered hunting on their territory. At best this would be seen as disrespectful and earn the scorn of the local population. At worst, it would be seen as a crime against their tribe and get punished according to their customs.

{Being able to delay gratification like that is a sign of great experience and intellect. I can sense that you are getting anxious from a lack of worthy adversaries. I suspect this won’t be a case for much longer however. Cair has been a home to many powerful warriors over the years and it is almost certain that some of them threw their lot with your enemies. For now, let us proceed. I can sense that there is an open spot ahead where you will be able to practice your spirit energy control.} The lion’s calm confident voice spoke in the warrior’s mind as they traveled further into the swamp.

The crocodiles looked at the group with their unblinking eyes, watching them leave. It was only after they were out of sight that some of the crocodile’s heads rose over the water’s surface to reveal brown scaled women that used the animal’s heads to conceal their presence.


“Hmm.” The warrior calmly breathed in and out while sitting under a singular pillar of light. Finding an empty spot like this in the swamp was tricky but not impossible.

{Good. Open your eyes. Slowly.} The warrior did and glanced down at his body, the faint yellow glow visible to the naked eye. And then it was gone.

Bernsen clicked his tongue in annoyance. This was very different to the kind of training he was used to. Instead of forcing through something with his willpower, he was supposed to just casually accept that this state he was in was normal.

“Any luck with the pastry yet?” The warrior turned his head back and inquired from the wizard that was meticulously studying it. He was alternating between looking at it with his monocle or his own eyes and was even taking pictures of it using his scrying bowl.

“It’s a cake.” Webster sighed out helplessly. “A cake that remains warm, fresh and if I were to guess tasty. And it is magically inert.”

“I kind of want to try it.” Kenzie licked her lips in anticipation and tried to reach her little hand toward it but the witch hastily brought her hand over it.

“No Kenzie! Who knows what it will do? What if it turns you into a solid gold statue or make you horribly unlucky?” Sahra exclaimed and the caith sith let out an annoyed growl.

“It looks fine.”

“It was baked by a god.” The wizard leaned back and put his monocle away before shaking his head. “Well at least that’s what big boss man over there is saying. Honestly if it weren’t for it constantly projecting a small amount of heat I wouldn’t think twice about it being odd.”

“So what’s your conclusion mighty wizard?” The dwarf sarcastically inquired.

“It’s a cake. Dispelling attempts provide no feedback whatsoever. Cutting a small piece of it did nothing strange, but the cut off piece stopped heating itself. Multiple examinations under different mana frequency filters revealed absolutely nothing unusual about this cake. Knowing Jackor, it might very well BE just a self-heating cake and this is all a big fucking joke to send us on a wild goose chase or endless speculations.” Webster rolled his eyes and flicked a single blonde lock of hair that was covering his eye away.

“So the only way to tell for sure is to eat it! I volunteer!” The fairy tried to reach for it again but once more, the witch pulled it out of reach.

“No! No eating mysterious god cakes!”

“Technically, it’s a brownie I think.” The warrior calmly pointed out while resuming his meditation with the lion. “That’s what the party participants referred to them as anyway.”

“I don’t think such specific information matters here Bern.” Sahra rolled her eyes in annoyance while repeatedly pulling the pastry out of Kenzie’s reach, much to her annoyance.

“Wait…brownie?” The wizard blinked and then his eyes widened slowly.

“Oh you’ve got to be kidding.” The dwarf narrowed her eyes at the wizard. “Did you just figure something out?”

f546cc No.271361

“It was a very long time ago but I vaguely remember reading a children’s book about a young succubus named Alice getting lost in Jackor’s realm once.” The wizard rubbed his temples and it was Sahra’s time to freeze and blink repeatedly.

“Oh, I think I know what you are talking about it. It felt really trippy and I heard the writer was crazy. But what does it have to-“ The dwarf looked at the brownie in her hand again. “Holy shit, you don’t think-“

“Well it doesn’t have an “Eat me” label but there were definitely brownies involved there.” The wizard leaned down at the pastry and squinted one of his eyes.

“What are you two talking about?” The warrior opened his eyes and the glow surrounding him vanished once more before he could even take a good look at it.

“This Brownie probably shrinks you.” Agent W rubbed his chin. “But there is no way to tell. The book in question is considered to be fiction. The only way to try it out for sure would be to test it on something.”

“I volunt-“

“No Kenzie.” The witch crossed her arms on her chest. “What if it’s really how it works and you will shrink to the size of an ant? Or worse, disappear completely?”

“Aww.” The fairy pouted.

“Test it on something, like an animal?” The man cocked his head and glanced at the lion.

{No.} The beast immediately replied through the mental link.

“I wasn’t planning to feed it to you Zapp. But maybe we could catch a small rodent or something. Didn’t see any around though. I wonder what the crocodiles here eat. I guess it’s something to try out later.” The man closed his eyes again and resumed his rhythmical breathing.

“Umm excuse me B, this whole spirit energy manipulation thing.” The wizard timidly addressed the warrior. “If you have an issue with accepting it why not imagine it as something else for example? Like an uh, set of clothes maybe?” The man nervously glanced at the warrior’s naked form.

“Clothes?” The warrior frowned without opening his eyes.

“Well yea, you don’t really pay attention to the fact they are there most of the time, it becomes a part of you. In fact, it’s when you are naked that you feel vulnerable and chilly. So why not imagine this spirit energy that way?” The wizard pointed at the warrior with the palm of his hand.

{What nonsense. How can you compare the energy of your very being to wearing some irritating piece of cloth over your bod-} The lion narrowed his eyes and looked at the wizard in mocking fashion but then had to quickly look at the warrior who’s hand was glowing.

{No way. I refuse to believe this.} Zapp muttered in disbelief and let out an annoyed growl.

“That…was some really good advice Web, thank you.” The warrior looked between his hand and the slightly blushing wizard.

“Did it work?” Sahra looked back with curiosity on her face but was forced to look at the naked man in the process and quickly looked away in embarrassment.

“Did it?” The man looked at the lion who appeared to be greatly annoyed and simultaneously confused.

{I suppose the thought of this never occurred to me. I have little need for clothing and do not understand why humans and monsters need them. Hmm, well this puts us ahead of schedule. Let’s see if you can shape it now.

With your spirit energy now covering your body, try getting a feel of it and move it around. It’s not particularly useful when it’s spread out like this. Concentrate it in your primary hand. And keep breathing}

The warrior took another deep breath and the barely noticeable corona around him slightly shook and appeared to be shrinking at first but what it did do was something different. Even though the glow around his body was fading, the glow over his right hand was becoming brighter!

Suddenly, his hand began to crackle audibly as something akin to an electrical bolt jumped over its surface.

“Whoa!” The warrior exclaimed and the energy in his hand popped like a balloon and faded completely.

f546cc No.271362

{You couldn’t hold it tightly enough. It dissipated once it’s concentration got too high. You should still have a lot of active energy in your body however. Call it forward} The lion helpfully instructed and the golden corona over the man quickly build up again.

{Now do it again and keep holding it. The spirit energy resembles lightning when it reaches a certain level of density, this is normal and won’t hurt you.}

The warrior nodded and continued to concentrate, this time making sure not to drop it.

“Oooh.” the fairy floated to the glowing hand that was crackling with energy like a moth to a candle. “Preeeetty.”

“Hey Kenzie, watch it!” The warrior exclaimed but the fairy already tried to touch it and one of the yellow bolts lashed out against her.

“Ow ow ow!” The fairy shot back immediately. “That stings!” She complained and rubbed her hand.

{Do not be alarmed, your fairy friend will be fine. It is only when you direct this energy somewhere in its entirety is when you can cause some serious damage. This is the [Spirit Overdrive], the most basic ability where you concentrate your spirit energy and lash out against a living target with it. Instead of attacking the person physically, it strikes at their very spirit.}

“Is this what you meant when you mentioned “striking against the very heart of evil?” The warrior asked and then looked back at his hand that was crackling and glowing with some yellow energy.

{Hmm, not quite. Are you familiar with the concepts of Ying and Yang? I suppose not. It is a philosophy of opposites. The way spirit energy overdrive works is that you forcibly attack someone with your spirit energy.

The amount of damage you deal is directly proportional to how different the target’s spirit energy composition is from yours. Generally, it’s reflected by their disposition. When wielded by an honest and good natured person with pure intentions like you, the spirit energy will carry primarily “Yang” or positive energy with it. It will cause those with “Yin”, or negative energy in their body to feel pain when struck. The more of that negative energy they have, the more pain they will experience. Most people usually carry an even amount of these two types of energy in them and so will experience pain when struck with your spirit overdrive. But if the amount of “Yin” in their body is much greater than “Yang”, then the damage you will cause will be so immense that their physical vessel will reflect it and wounds will start appearing all around it.}

“So, what would happen if someone who has a lot of yin learned to do this?” The warrior immediately asked.

{This is precisely why I had to find someone I could entrust with this knowledge.} Zapp gave the warrior a meaningful look and Bernsen nodded.

“So, do I just punch people like this?” He gave the lion one last quizzical look and made a thrusting motion with his crackling fist.

{Yes.} The lion plainly answered. {But remember that without sunlight to feed it, your spirit energy will quickly fade and become inert again. With training, you will be able to extend the time it takes to do so but for now you should only attempt to execute it during daytime and outdoors.}

>Bonus feat obtained [Spirit Overdrive] Use the energy produced by [Spirit breathing] to directly attack a person’s spiritual body. Particularly effective on evil aligned targets.


“Halt! Who are you travelers?” It didn’t take too long for Bernsen and co to finally arrive at the swamp’s midpoint after the warrior’s training session had concluded. The road diverged here, with one going straight to Cair while the other lead to the Jaga Jaga tribe’s home. The intersection seemed to be well guarded by several tough looking lizard monsters and strangely enough, men armed with spears and round shields.

They were all warily eyeing the group but were not pointing their weapons at them yet. They seemed to be rather sparsely clothed too. Men in particular, had nothing but a loincloth and some warpaint on, although considering the climate here, it was probably appropriate to be dressed like that.

“We are a group of proud warrior and sorcerers, we are seeking entry into Cair to test our skill against the others duelists in the yearly championship.” The warrior replied calmly with a lie that was decided ahead of time by the group.

“You come by foot?” One of the Jaga Jaga suspiciously looked behind the trio to notice the absence of any carriage or wagon to speak of.

“It would be a shame to move past the scenery of your beautiful land so quickly. It is my first time coming here.” Bernsen bowed his head slightly in respect.

f546cc No.271363

“Ha ha. Your honeyed words will do you no good traveler. No one except for our tribe can really appreciate the wonders of this swamp. I would let you pass but night is quickly approaching, the swamp not safe for outsiders at night. Many dangers lurk about, be it poison gas or predators or else. You should seek shelter in our village. Village is good, safe.” The crocodile monster smiled with her sharp teeth and gestured to the road leading northeast with her hand.

“Hmm.” The man glanced at the sky but it was impossible to even see it because of how thick the woods were.

{She is correct its half past seven.} The lion pointed out.

“Do you have beds?” The dwarf quickly interrupted the warrior’s line of thought.

“Oh yes. Warm and soft. Many travelers come through here and Jaga Jaga take good care of them.” The crocodile warrior nodded.

“Hells yea, I am sick of sleeping on the ground!” Sahra smiled triumphantly.

“It’s only been one night.” The wizard narrowed his eyes condescendingly at the girl floating on the broom.

“A good place to rest and a good company is always welcome. Thank you.” Bernsen extended his hand toward the tribe warrior and she firmly shook it before addressing the warrior again.

“Just keep following the road. Not long road, well-guarded, you will be in Jagga Jagga’s home in no time.

True to their word, the group had quickly arrived into a large open space in the swamp. The air here was not nearly as humid and there were a lot of open spaced overhead that showed a few stars that had begun to appear in the sky. The warrior wondered how exactly would someone be able to have a home in such humid and swampy area but the monsters’ creativity shined through in the form of hanging houses.

Instead of having foundations, the wooden structures were built upon a tall series of wooden beams that were firmly planted into the swampy ground. It appeared unstable at first but when the warrior had gotten up the stairs leading to one of them, he realized that were quite sturdy. None of the wood was old or rotten either. Both the homes and the countless sets of wooden bridges and planks that connected it all together were well maintained.

It was actually kind of hard to call it a village or a camp. It was a proper town with all the necessary amendments a traveler would need. There was even a small church of Solos bizarrely enough. It was the only stone building in the town and looked very out of place. Erecting it in such an area was an incredibly difficult thing as was apparent from the artificial foundation in the form of a lot of sand and gravel poured around it to create a small island where it was built. The reason for it was apparently so the travelers and pilgrims could stop here and give their prayers to their god as they traveled the land.

It was by no means a large town but it was quite densely packed. For one thing, there was a bunch of carriages stabled right outside the road. Various tourists and travelers could be seen moving around, some of the richer noble ones, even using their scrying bowls to take pictures, although oddly enough, they always tried to get themselves on the shot as well for some reason.

“Oh, what an interesting place. It’s so traditional.” Webster marveled at the sights of the town that was warmly illuminated by countless tiki torches.

“I love it! It feels just like home!” Kenzie excitedly floated about.

{It has been many years since I visited this area. The Jaga Jaga tribe has expanded considerably.} Zapp noted absentmindedly in Bernsen’s mind.

Only the dwarf was not pleased.

“I am not going there.” Sahra was pale and was sweating profusely. Not because of the humidness either. It seemed like the town decorations used a lot of bones and skulls in them. Most of them were obviously belonging to animals but a few of them were definitely human or monster.

“Sahra come on, it’s just a few bones. They are not moving, see?” The man put his hand on one of the wooden poles, over which the round object was set. Suddenly it began to glow purple and it’s jaw started to move.

“It’s perfectly safe!” The skeleton shouted in a high pitched feminine tone and the dwarf cried out in fear, before tumbling down from her broom. Thankfully, she was only a couple of feet above the ground when it happened.

“Kenzie!” The warrior judgingly looked at the caith sith floating overhead who had a shit eating smile plastered on her face.

“Sorry, sorry. I just can’t help it. This place looks so fun.”

f546cc No.271364

“I wanna go home.” The dwarf sucked on her thumb and clung to the broom like it was her mother as she laid on her side until the warrior sighed and gently picked her up to hold her in his massive hands.

“There, there. No skeletons will get you Sahra. I’ll smash them all to bits if they try, especially the ones glowing purple.” The man gave the fairy an evil eye and Kenzie gulped loudly and looked down nervously while poking her index fingers together.

“I’ll behave.” She quietly muttered.

It didn’t take long to find a place to sleep, though in this case, it was not an inn but rather a boarding house. Instead of having separate rooms for everyone, the travelers just slept together in one large one but no one seemed to be bothered by it.

The atmosphere in the town was welcoming and merry. The Jaga Jaga tribe looked like it was hosting a party for the visitors at the center of the town. The various merchants and travelers could be seen drinking some strange cloudy white liquid that was obvious alcoholic in nature. Some of them seemed to even get a little “too friendly” with the locals and were promptly carried away somewhere for some private time.

“Moonshine, huh. Always wondered what it was like.” The witch sniffed the cloudy liquid suspiciously and took a sip of it, slightly smacking her lips. “Hmm, not bad. They have some questionable decoration choices but their drinks are great.”

The warrior also grabbed a cup of it. It did not seem to have much of a taste and it had a mild sensation when drinking it compared to Sally’s. It went down very easily.

“Hey W, you should try it too!” The dwarf offered the wizard a cup but he quickly shook his head and raised his arms in front of himself.

“Oh no, no. I don’t drink, thank you.” He admitted, sounding slightly embarrassed.

“What are you, a pussy?” The fairy egged the blonde man on while already lapping the contents of her own cup.

“Aren’t you like seventy years old?” Sahra gave the wizard a look of disbelief. “You would disrespect all these fine monsters by not sharing a drink with them?” The dwarf gestured around herself and a bunch of the locals immediately started to give the wizard shifty looks.

“Umm, well maybe just a little bit.” The blonde wizard smiled nervously as a Jaga Jaga poured him some moonshine in his cup before playfully winking at him.

“I like you, you are a lookah.”

While the wizard began to shake and make attempts to blow off the crowd of lizard women that was rapidly building up around him, Bernsen struck a conversation with one of the local men who had a peculiar headdress made out of feathers.

“So, you are a man living here, huh?” The warrior inquired.

“First time here?” The tribal asked in return and Bernsen nodded.

“You must be pretty weirded out but it’s honestly pretty nice here. The life is simple and peaceful, none of that pretentious identity politics or corruption like in the capital or large cities. The community is very close knit and friendly.” The man replied as he took a sip form his cup.

“You are not being held here against your will, are you?” The warrior narrowed his eyes and quietly inquired. The tribal looked greatly offended at this and put his cup down.

“Now I know there are a bunch of nasty rumors floating around outside about this place but let me cut through them right away. No one is being held hostage here, all the guys are here on their own volition because they liked what they saw and decided to stay. Sure, we might not have all the wonderful magitek advancements here like trains but we don’t need them. And before you ask, no we do not shun the outsiders either. A lot of our children choose to leave the tribe when they grow up. Some even attend the school in Derrick.” The tribal man gestured toward the only road leading outside.

“I noticed, yea.” The warrior nodded.

“What about you traveler? Going to Cair for the championship? You certainly look the part.” The tribal pointed at the massive sword that the warrior was carrying on his belt.

“Yea, but also looking for something. Ever heard of spice?” The warrior quietly asked and the man cocked his head a little.

f546cc No.271365

“Spices? Yes, sure the caravan organized by the Caroline trading house that goes from Danusreal to the monster nation up north passes through once a month. Our tribe does not particularly like them but we do some trading here and there. Crocodile leather is a sought-after commodity and the Jaga Jaga are one of the few who can safely breed these animals. You might have seen our farm on the way here.” The man shrugged.

“Oh that was-oh! I see. Well no, not the spice I meant but thank you anyway.” The warrior nervously replied, much to the tribal’s confusion but the man eventually just shrugged and walked away to join a conversation with a few of his peers.

This relaxing atmosphere continued for a while until the amount of liquor being passed around caused a heated argument to no one’s surprise.

“How dare you!” One Jaga Jaga woman hissed and snapped her teeth loudly at some massive figure sitting behind one of the tables.

“Oh relax, girl. I am just getting enriched by your culture.” The voice of the massive figure belonged to a mature woman from the sound of it and the warrior got up from his seat to curiously approach the conflict.

“You fondled my husband!” The crocodile woman accusingly pointed at the massive monster that the warrior finally managed to get a good look at. She was…hard to describe, she appeared to be a huge turtle woman at first but she also possessed a pair of massive black horns, very similar to the one that Midori had.

The heavy and thick shell she wore also had a bunch of sharp spikes protruding from her back. The weirdest part of the turtle woman was however the fact that she had six limbs. Two feet that she stood upright on and two pairs of massive, bright orange scaled claws. One pair was held crossed on the monster’s large pair of breasts while the other was casually shrugging at the angry looking Jaga Jaga woman. Her red hair was oddly cut in a savage looking mohawk and her pair of red eyes were mockingly looking at the Jaga Jaga in front of her. Despite her rude demeanor however she was not savage, she wore a suit of orange painted metal scaled armor that covered her exposed front.

{A tarasque? Here. Hmm.} Zapp seemed to notice the conflict as well.

“What’s that?” Bernsen gestured at the arguing duo.

{A certain species of lesser dragon. Very violent and strong, similar to wurms in a way as their intelligence is limited as well. I am surprised though, it is very far away from its homeland.} The lion explained.

“Hey, don’t try to pin the blame on me. Your guys are asking for it, dressing like this.” The tarasque suddenly grinned and swiftly uncrossed her second pair of arms to forcibly grab another tribesman’s crotch. “Fufufu. Why don’t we get more closely acquainted?”

“Have you no shame! You come to our home, eat our food, drink out moonshine and have the audacity to grab our men so inappropriately?!” The Jaga Jaga glared at the tarasque and a bunch of crocodile women quickly surrounded her.

“You are not welcome in Jaga Jaga tribe anymore, begone!” The warriors threateningly pointed their spears at the dragoness but this only seemed to greatly amuse her as she smiled and her face became more flushed.

“Oh, she is drunk.” The warrior realized.

“How about you shove those sticks right up your buttholes. Do you have any idea who I am? I am the queen! You don’t want to mess with me!” The tarasque glared at the group around her, completely unfazed.

“I don’t care where you are from, this our land and you are a nobody here. This is your last warning, begone!” The warrior suddenly realized that the voice that shouted the last exchange belonged to one of the local men who he had exchanged some words with earlier.

“Oh, you are gutsy. I like gutsy men.” The tarasque raised her upper set of arms to cover her cheeks dreamily. Realizing that the monster was not leaving, one of the Jaga Jaga’s stepped forward and attempted to thrust her spear but the lesser dragon’s head moved lightning fast and her huge teeth bit on the wooden handle of the spear, effortlessly breaking it.

The tarasque then spat a few wooden pieces out of her mouth and gave the crowd a menacing grin.

“Oh, you shouldn’t have done that. I was saving my energy for the tournament but the journey here was so bloody long. I think I need a workout.” The tarasque licked her lips and suddenly charged forward at the warriors that she was easily towering over. The spears were thrust at her but every single one shattered when they struck the heavy armored shell she had and her set of orange-painted armor.

The party immediately turned into chaos as the visitors began to bail in fear while the locals joined in on the brawl but no matter how greatly outnumbered the tarasque appeared to be, she was somehow gaining the upper hand, effortlessly tossing and tumbling everyone who tried to attack her away.

f546cc No.271367

“Why issh ett shoo lawd?” Kenzie blinked lazily and raised her head up from the table as a bench sailed above and fell into the swampy water outside the boundaries of the wooden platform they were on.

“Oh shit, we need to get out of here!” The dwarf quickly got up from her seat and looked around for the wizard. But Webster was nowhere to be found for some reason.

>What do you do?

3f424a No.271374

>I am just getting enriched by your culture

She needs to be removed. Maybe tell Kenzie to get as many boneman as she can under control and pile up on the dragon until we figure out our gameplan.

>But Webster was nowhere to be found for some reason.

He'll be fine. It's going to be a lot of fun when the crocs that are trying to charm him realize that this handsome young fellow is just some old gramps under all the beauty enchantments.

42e254 No.271377


grab a bunch liqueur and beat the shit out of her face while forcing liquer down her throat shes drunk so well get her passed out drunk then get the locals to throw her outta town or lock her up

if she isnt getting drunk fast enough try drowning or wrestling her maybe give some hamon a tryout if we can

a6f0ee No.271385


>time for tarasque

strike a pose and get its attention, if anyone in the area has a chance against that thing its bernson, maybe try using [spirit overdrive] or mixing said skill with our adamantium fist

try to recruit her in the morning, we need another strong melee fighter

e5cc8a No.271390

File: 0f45d75859f67b2⋯.jpg (58.57 KB, 400x296, 50:37, Tarrasque.jpg)

>“I wanna go home.” The dwarf sucked on her thumb and clung to the broom like it was her mother as she laid on her side until the warrior sighed and gently picked her up to hold her in his massive hands.

to much cute,

must not waifu,

urge to abandon wizardhood overwelming.

seriously my poor heart, that was just way to cute

a tarasque

are we talking anime dragonturtle, or the d&d kaiju?

eather way if that brawl gets out of hand she might kill someone in her drunken rampage.


lets do what this guy said and call a challenge to her while giving a pose.

then wrestle her for a while to gauge her skills for the upcoming turnament and finish her of with bearsons weaponized headpats untill she passes out.

and maybe during the "normal" wrestling try out the overdrive on her, lets see how much power bearsons internal energy can muster without the sun and is the queen is evil or not.

afterwards have the jagas just dump her on the sider of the road, i doupt thats the first time that happend to her so no hard feelings.

d36055 No.271399

On a side note…if when were doing on spirt energy thing we are concentrating our yang using the sun to power it…. could we do the same thing with yin using the moon…. when we have time and zapps sleeping give it a shot, we have to maintain balance after all

6d33aa No.271401

File: 8f54e1c6eb36f12⋯.jpg (23.23 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault8D20XQMX.jpg)


We should tell Zapp that humans and monsters wear cloths because it allows them to regulate their body temperatures in different climates, i.e. warmer clothes for cold climates, cooler cloths for warmer climates, and thus allows them to live in a wider variety of climates than if they were naked.

>what do

Fight her I guess.

If worst comes to worst we can scare her with our spoopy scary skeletons when she's about to kiss us.

If we can get her in a headlock then utilise head pats.

SpiritOverdrive punch/kick/headbutt/grointhrust her after we've tenderised her a bit to finish the fight.

There's a bunch of furniture to smash onto her/ smash her into, and moonshine can be used as well flammable?. Keep in mind that she might use those as well, though I'm guessing she won't think she needs to.

And our friends should help if need be cause this isn't a tournament. Sarha can light our moonshine as we throw them.actually the bar is made of wood, so maybe we should hold off on the fire

d4dcb3 No.271416


Indeed, even Bubs enjoyed his little hat.

Zappel… I mean, Zapp needs a checkered hat. Cair will most certainly have one for him.

Oh, and for the Tarasque. Clearly, she needs to be distracted from the others, best to [pose] to get her attention. :^)

Also, where are the shamans? There should be at least one since Rapodaie left.

3f424a No.271419


>Also, where are the shamans?

Probably milking a very sexually confused wizard right now

6d33aa No.271447


Also, we could shove the Tarasque's head through a chair and use it like a bridle to ride around on her back. Or at least maneuver her into a furnace or pur friends attacks or something.

7e2739 No.271452


>must not waifu

You should not resist the urge to waifu. It is an instinct that tells you how clearly how Sahra is best girl. Do not deny it, embrace it. We don't need wizard powers, we have spirit powers which are truer to our form and origin. If we squander the chance to waifu Sahra while the action is less intense we will never get that chance. OP will take her away from us like all the other waifus.

So, that means we must bully the shit out of Sahra.

a009ae No.271461


>Zapp needs a checkered hat

why did i immediately think of a top hat and monocle?

3f424a No.271544


Yes please. I think it's time to start advocating for the best end. They'd make beautiful babies of average height.

688d0a No.271595

“What the, where did L’argent go? Hey Bern did you-“ The dwarf addressed the warrior but the man was already rushing toward the dragon turtle woman.

“Oh gods damn it Bern.” The girl clicked her tongue in an annoyance and grabbed the drunken fairy off the table shortly before a Jaga Jaga warrior crashed into it. “C-call the sh-shaman. Was all she said before going limp.”

“Oh geez.” Sahra looked around nervously but did not see anyone resembling the word shaman and instead charged after the warrior and the lion.

“Come on, come on. Show me what you got!” The tarasque leaned toward one of the terrified semi naked men and pointed at her cheek, gesturing him to hit her while the other warriors in the circle watched, not sure what to do, as their weapons just kept breaking against the massive monster and she easily overpowered any attempts to dogpile her.

The man finally clenched his fist and struck the lesser dragoness but immediately recoiled in pain while clutching his hand. The tarasque threw her head back and began to loudly laugh at that while crossing her lower set of arms. “Bwahaha! You call that a punch? Here, let me show you how it’s done!” The tarasque reached back with her upper right hand. The man covered his face in fear but the dragoness thrust her hand down at the wooden floor instead. This caused the construction to let out a creak as a massive crack ran forward along the platform, making it shake with enough force for the man to stumble and fall down in the hole with a scream followed by a loud splash.

The massive monster laughed even louder and glanced down to see one of the crocodile women jump down into the hole after her husband to drag the man away to the shore. “Yea! I am the queen bitches!”

“Hey!” A loud powerful male voice cut through the chaos of the brawl and the tarasque turned her head curiously at its source. Her jaw immediately dropped in almost comical fashion when she saw it.

“If you are looking for trouble.” Bernsen smirked in challenging and confident fashion as he sat crouched on one knee with his right arm extended to the side and his left one resting on his knee. He was looking right into the monster’s eyes. “Then I have plenty to spare.”

The tarasque completely turned around, and kept looking at the man as if completely bewitched by his shocking appearance, instantly forgetting about the crocodile women and their husbands.

“Hey, isn’t that one of the visitors? Why is he sitting in such weird fashion?” One of the male tribal warriors narrowed his eyes in confusion and looked at his fellow tribe members but to his surprise found all the female members of it sharing the tarasque’s expression.

The man then calmly stood up and pulled his axe and sword out of their respective sheath and leather ring holders before tossing them to the side and spreading his arms out.

“Well? What is it?” The warrior inquired with a bemused grin.

{Don’t overdo it.} The lion spoke in his mind while standing a little to the side.

“You.” The dragoness pointed her scaled claw at the warrior. “I like you. I am going to take you as my concubine!”

“You can try.” The warrior taunted the monster again and the shock that her body was trapped in faded and was quickly replaced by glee as she kept clenching and unclenching her upper hands in excited fashion while holding the lower pair open and reaching toward the warrior.

The fight had begun as the tarasque charged…or well moved forward. She was actually not particularly fast on her feet despite having excellent reaction time. He could probably use it to his advantage but for now, he wanted to see what this new monster was capable off. He already knew that his weapons were out of the question against an armor this thick, so he tossed them away to not get weighted down by them.

The wooden boards creaked and shook with each step that the excited tarasque took. She finally reached the man and swiftly thrust all of her hands at him to trap him in a powerful hug. But the warrior saw the obvious attack coming and quickly moved sideways behind her to grab her in a-

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!” The warrior was quickly forced to back away. He did not think this through as he damn nearly impaled himself on the sharp and jagged spikes that covered the tarasque’s back.

“Hey! Stop running away!” The drunken beast turned around quickly and tried to grab him again without success.

Okay, so getting a good grip on her could get tricky. The warrior concluded and looked at his right hand. He couldn’t test his spirit overdrive since it was night either but his left arm on the other hand…

“Come on you tease! You can’t just say something like this to a girl and then ru-Whua-“ The dragoness’s eyes widened as the warrior suddenly charged at her and performed a crouching slide, right under her claw swipe and delivered a crushing blow to her abdomen.

688d0a No.271597

The power first let out a heavy gonglike sound as it’s hydraulic systems forced the weapon forward, adding even more force to the warrior’s punch.

The tarasque’s armor caved in from the impact and she slid backwards a few feet, leaving a deep gash in the wooden boards as she clutched her abdomen in pain.

“Gah! *hack* *cough* Okay that was not bad.” The monster gasped for breath and straightened out again, looking none the worse for wear.

The warrior concluded that he was not a fan of dragons at that moment. First wurms and now this. How did regular Order heroes even deal with them back in the day? He was pretty sure, by the stinging and numb sensation in forearm, that the recoil from his attack hurt him more than his attack hurt his target.

“I see you like to play rough, that’s fine by me.” The tarasque cracked the knuckles on her upper pair of hands but at that moment, a huge ball of flames descended from above and collided with the back of the turtle, causing her to shout in surprise and stagger forward.

“What the?” The tarasque looked behind her in confusion, seeing no one.

“Head’s up!” A loud voice shouted from above and the dragon turtle instinctively looked up, only to receive another fireball to her face.

The dragoness roared in pain and stumbled back again, nearly tripping over her spiked tail. Sahra was not about to stop though and kept raining a spell after a spell at the tarasque from her elevated point, provided by the magical broom she was riding. Each fireball exploded into showers of red sparks and stunlocked the monster but seemed to do little else. This monster seemed to be particularly resistant to being set on fire.

At that moment, the warrior noticed a bunch of the leftover liquor bottles laying around and immediately started tossing them at the tarasque’s back.

“Gods damn it! Stop throwing all this garbage at me, you jerks!” The tarasque roared loudly but then the next fire spell struck her moonshine covered body and she was finally set on fire.

“Yea! Nice one Bern!” Sahra pumped her hand up but her cheering was a bit early as the burning only seemed to mildly annoy the massive monster.

“Rrragh!” She roared and jumped up.

Despite her rather slow walking capacity, the tarasque turned out to be quite a jumper. Her leap, that would even make Bernsen jealous, ended up being so high reaching that she actually got as high as the witch was. It was only because of Sahra’s recently improved reaction speed that she was able to rapidly ascend with a yelp. Missing her mark, the turtle dragon began to descend and her body crashed on the wooden platform, completely smashing through it from the combined force of her landing and her impressive weight.

A following splash confirmed that she indeed landed in the water and that quickly extinguished the fire she was on. There was a tense silence for a brief moment and then the tarasque roared and the platform shook.

“OH NO!” The warrior shouted as the wooden beams that held the construction began to get broken in half one by one by the pissed off dragoness below. Before long, the platform crumbled completely and came crashing down into the swamp. Fortunately, by that point, all the visitors have bailed out and the Jaga Jaga tribe members quickly jumped away from it so the platform only carried down the warrior and the lion down with it.

Upon reaching the water, it fell with a massive splash and broke in multiple places which began to float over the swampy water while the furious looking tarasque in the middle of it all looked at the warrior.

“Okay, forget making you my concubine. I am going to kick your butt!” The turtle woman moved forward, much faster this time. She was a better swimmer than a walker apparently.

The man was forced to jump from floating platform to floating platform as the enraged dragon ploughed through them with enough force to send them flying or outright shattered them into a bunch of wooden splinters.

{If you are unable to attack your enemy directly, you should use their own strength against them.} The lion pointed out while sitting on the shore as he observed the battle

“I tried but I can’t grab her! She is all spiky!” The warrior shouted at the lion and jumped away.

“You got a problem with my spikes!?” The tarasque snarled and punched another piece of driftwood away. The warrior realized that he was quickly running out of places to land.

{Then grab her in a way in which you won’t hurt yourself obviously.} Zapp rolled his eyes slightly.

688d0a No.271598

“How about you help me out instead!?” The warrior accusingly looked at the lazy lion.

“I am working on it!” Sahra shouted from above and breathed out some smoke.

“What, no! I was talking to Za-Oh crap!” The warrior finally messed up and the tarasque tackled him off the piece of driftwood before they both landed into the water.

While the man struggled against the beast that held him underwater with two of her hands and punched him repeatedly with her other pair, he could hear the lion’s voice in his head as clear as always, despite being submerged.

{It’s just a lesser dragon. You can take her. Just use your head.}

The warrior forcibly headbutted the monster and she recoiled in pain while holding her nose which allowed the warrior to quickly swim up.

{Not what I meant but this is a start.} The lion noted, sounding amused.

The warrior’s skin was now bright red as he had activated tranquil fury. The tarasque appeared over the water moments later while holding her face and glaring at the man. Before she could say anything however, a bright green bolt of energy struck her head and she roared in pain while backing away.

“What the hells is going on here!? Are you the one who destroyed our guest space?!” A young-looking Jaga Jaga woman, wielding a green glowing staff shouted from the shore.

“It’s her! The turtle woman! She did it!” The members of the tribe began to shout together and pointed their weapons at her.

“Gah! Stop getting in my way!” The turtle monster angrily shook one of her hands at the shaman but then a second bolt of magic, blue this time, came sailing from another direction which upon contact with the water, quickly caused it to freeze around the beast.

“Nrrgh?” The turtle struggled against the rapidly forming ice in surprise.

“S-sorry, am I late?” The wizard who for some reason was shirtless nervously asked and looked around in horror. “By the gods, what happened here?”

“Bern! Get out of the water, hurry!” The dwarf from above shouted loudly. Trusting his friend’s advice, the warrior tensed up and swam toward the shore with an incredible speed before leaping out of the water and rolling back to his feet.

“Gah! Come back here, I am not done with you yet!” The turtle struggled against her binds which began to crack and break but then felt something dangerous above and looked up to see the witch in the red dress balancing on the handle of her broom and looking like she was holding in her breath.

“Wait, what?” The tarasque uttered in disbelief but it was too late.

The next instant, the witch sharply exhaled and a huge blast of flames, much bigger than the warrior ever saw her perform, flew downward, blasting out of her mouth as it quickly expanded over the large pool of water which immediately got superheated and exploded into a massive cloud of scalding steam.

Fortunately, everyone was out of its range and most of it just harmlessly sailed above. The already humid air had become almost akin to a sauna hot. The witch made a small circle and landed down next to the warrior while breathing in and out heavily.

“Bern, are you alright?” She inquired, sounding worried.

“Yea, I am. Doesn’t look like we are done yet though.” He nodded at the rapidly vanishing mist. The water in the swamp pool had now completely evaporated and in the middle of it was the huge figure of the tarasque.

“Tch, really sorceress? You fancy yourself a dragon? Let me show you what a real dragon’s breath is like!”

The beast then began to rapidly inhale air which kept going and going far longer than her lung capacity should have physically allowed.

The warrior could not let this happen and immediately rushed forward with his fist outstretched. The dragoness smirked and exhaled then, releasing her fire breath prematurely. Even when at low power, it was so intense that the ground it had washed over had become red hot. Bernsen was very thankful that he got an obvious read on her intentions earlier and leaped over her, high into the air before landing behind her.

688d0a No.271599

He gave a quick look over, once again cursing his inability to get her into a chokehold without seriously injuring himself. But then he noticed the spiked tail that was poking out from underneath the shell.

“Hey! Stop stealing my moves!” The dragon angrily yelled and tried to turn around but then was suddenly forcibly pulled back and yelled in surprise.

“Raaaaaaagh!” The warrior roared in his rage and sharply tugged on the tarasque’s tail with enough force to lift her off the ground and pull her behind him to make her smash into the hot ground of the swamp. Even protected with her shell, the beast exhaled sharply in surprise and choked on whatever words she was going to say. She tried to swath at the warrior with her claws then but Bernsen pulled her over his shoulder again and this time smashed her face first against the ground with an equally devastating amount of force.


The earth of the swamp shook from every forceful impact of the turtle dragon’s body against the ground as the warrior banged her down like a sack of potatoes. Unable to reach him in this state, she was forced to only scream profanities in futile anger and spew out small bouts of flames.

The tarasque was incredibly heavy and the warrior’s spine felt like it could snap at any moment but he kept bashing her against the ground until her resistance had slowed down. Finally, the man spun her around and tossed her away.

The dragoness sailed through the air and her body crashed into one of the nearby houses which immediately collapsed upon her.

“Hah….hahh….” The warrior caught his breath and touched his back with a frown. It was fortunate that he healed quickly.

“Holy shit.” The shirtless wizard uttered. The members of the local tribe seemed to share the sentiment as they stared at the collapsed house and then at the warrior.

“Nrggh…” A muffled groan came out of the large pile of rubble.

“No fucking way.” The dwarf’s eyes widened “She is still alive after that?”

The top part of the pile came undone and the tarasque’s head popped over it. One of her horns was broken in half and her face was bloodied and beaten but she was still very much ready to keep going as she let out a deafening roar.

“Camilla! Camilla, where are you! Get your lazy butt in here!”

As the dragoness shouted, one of the wagons near the entrance of the town stirred as a nervous looking lizard woman in a blue robe quickly beamed toward the tarasque by riding a broom through the air.

“Your highness! W-what happened?!” The lizard girl asked in a scared and confused tone.

{A kobold?} The lion curiously noted in the man’s head.

“Shut up and cast your stupid magic! This town is grinding my gears! I am going to smash it to bits!” The tarasque snarled at the lizard witch who swallowed nervously.

“Ah, l-lady Bellatrix! But we are not in our homeland right now, are you su-“

“NOW!” The tarasque roared in rage and the lizard witch nearly fell off her broom from the force of it.

“Right away your majesty! One spell coming up!” The robed lizard girl quickly pulled out a wand with a large red gem on the tip and swung it over the semi buried monster’s head. A bunch of something vaguely resembling fairy dust poured out from it and the lizard woman then quickly bailed out of sight.

The group of Jaga Jaga and the warrior’s party stared at the pile of rubble that the tarasque was trapped in. It suddenly shook violently and then began to grow and spread out. Well to be precise, it was just the body of the tarasque that was growing.

“T-this is a joke, right?” The dwarf’s eyes bulged out as the tarasque quickly grew almost three times in size and now stood tall enough to reach the bottoms of the houses that stood over the water. Her armor had popped right off her body and she was stark naked now, although this did not seem to bother her in the slightest.

Bellatrix let out a deafening roar, now free of her temporary bindings and looked at the warrior with fury in her eyes.

>What do you do?

42e254 No.271602


tell the other sahra and fancypants to beat the shit out of that witch or make her friend revert back and ask zack for some fucking help o wise lion whos supposedly been everywhwere and seen some shit

maybe get sahra to breath into the tarasque's mouth her internal organs might not be immune to fire

try and lure her into some quicksand mud sink her into the earth if theres none near get sahra or zapp to make one

we cant over power her we cant lift her so drown her in the thickest mud of the swamp mud maybe quickly ask the locals for the location of a quicksand pit maybe their shaman can help

aslo equipment check what the fuck do we have on us for this shit

42e254 No.271603


really bad at remembering names

e5cc8a No.271608

jesus writefag first the delinquents had a bigger powerlevel then the sabbath and now a simple barfight turns into pacific rim.

the rule of cool is definatly being followd here but shit is getting rediculous.

so on what do.

shout to sahra and webster to restrain the kobold thanks for making them lizards and not fucking dogs

then drink a health potion if needet and drink one of the hast potions, we will need the bullettime.

ok on how to defeat her, i see 2 tactics.

eather we go the traditional rout how your supposed to defeat a tarasque by having it swallow you and killing it from the inside.

or we trust in the faggot god.

with bearson forcefeeding her the brownie by throwing it into her mouth.

and then knock out the very confused and very small tarasque.

e5cc8a No.271613

one other thing, im pretty sure that tarasque queen bellatrix is a reference to bowser from super mario, im not a nintendofag so i know fuck all about the lore, is there a surefire way to defeat bowser that can be used here?

42e254 No.271617

File: 7e3e523ff884e9a⋯.jpg (57.43 KB, 480x270, 16:9, swtin.jpg)

File: 1186d01d4269215⋯.jpg (76.13 KB, 400x607, 400:607, b1.jpg)

File: 70608d05f8e9879⋯.jpg (1.41 MB, 1915x1387, 1915:1387, b2.jpg)


wait a minute tho i just had an idea…what if the brownie makes us a giant

e5cc8a No.271619


a possebility but dangerous, we have no idea how to reverse the effect.

but eather way we have to trust in the faggot god.

i have no other idea how to survive this.

6301ba No.271620

Force feed her the brownie



42e254 No.271625

File: 62b04a5e04157ec⋯.png (365.07 KB, 1276x708, 319:177, huge huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu….png)


no we will become eat the brownie and become final form bearson

all other decisions suck


d36055 No.271626


We haven't even tested the brownie tet we have no idea what it will do

We shouldn't even use it

Just go straight for the tactical head pat and call it a night

42e254 No.271627

File: ad7fc73c0cc34a7⋯.png (43.64 KB, 600x630, 20:21, tomoyo239.png)


no fuck you my ideas awesome we may never get this opportunity again this is our moment out highpoint theres no way a god of tricks wouldnt let a kaiju fight happen if he sees this he has to know what were thinking and he's gotta be like oh fuck yes theres literally no way he'd pass this up hed be a loser if he let this chance go by


e5cc8a No.271632

File: b47dc85f422fb92⋯.gif (600.13 KB, 320x133, 320:133, Reaction, fightn.gif)


yea i can see that logic


hmm you are right, now that she is so much bigger bearson might fit inbetween her spikes to asply offensive headpats.

well 2 interressting plans, lets see what writefag wants

d36055 No.271635

What ever happens we need to focus

Also we're kind of fucking tbe village up… best head into the swamp to try and at least pretend we want to mitigate some damage

7e2739 No.271648

File: d45dc35ade55e6c⋯.jpg (67.25 KB, 500x352, 125:88, doit.jpg)



3f424a No.271665

>The robed lizard girl quickly pulled out a wand with a large red gem on the tip and swung it over the semi buried monster’s head. A bunch of something vaguely resembling fairy dust poured out from it and the lizard woman then quickly bailed out of sight.

Super Mario World 2? If that's the reference does it make her baby Bowser instead of the real koopa queen?

I don't suppose there is a conveniently placed contractible bridge around with a bunch of lava under it? Can we feed her some thunderclay?

And definitely tell the others to restrict the witch and tell them to search their cart. Maybe there'll be something useful in there we can use. Or maybe just some greasy Italian plumber she kidnapped.

d4dcb3 No.271685

Eat the brownie.

You know you want to.

Tfw there are multiple fluffy Kobolds and even a Polt reference twice in Illusionistquest

6d33aa No.271715

File: 7b63cfa259c3595⋯.png (52.47 KB, 180x156, 15:13, 180px-Kamek_and_Baby_Bowse….png)


I don't know what to do, if we can make her trip our wizard friend can freeze her eyes and Sahra can smash them with her fireballs **I'm sure her kobold can heal them later"". We'd have to get close enough to them both to tell them that without letting the dragon or her minion hear us though. If the locals can get their crocodiles to attack her and shoot at her with some arrows/spears it would make a good distraction.

Or maybe eat the browie and hope it makes us bigger.

Concubine only refers to females, just saying

92b369 No.271728


a0eb3c No.271753

Split brownie in half, we eat half and feed the other half to the angry dragon lady. Everyone gets brownie.

8dddda No.271799

“You are pretty tough.” The warrior reached toward his eyepatch and quickly pulled it off, revealing the red mechanical contraption underneath. “But no matter how much bigger you grow, you are not going to win.” The warrior pointed his finger at the giant monster and smirked.

Even despite their size difference, the tarasque’s expression shifted from anger into confusion and finally tension at that. The memory of the fierce trashing he gave her was still very fresh.

“What are you talking about? I can squash you like a bug in this state!” Bellatrix’s voice sounded much deeper now and each word caused ripples to run over the swamp water in all the nearby pools.

“I already have a plan you see. One that you won’t be able to anticipate.” The warrior continued, sounding incredibly confident.

“P-plan? What are you talking about?” The huge monster nervously began to look around, as if expecting a surprise attack. “You plan won’t work on me!”

“Way to go Bern!” The dwarf gave the man a thumb’s up before floating down to him and starting to whisper. “So what do we do? Blow a bunch of flames in her mouth? Have Web freeze her eyes to blind her?”

“No. Your job is to catch her.” The warrior pointed at the short lizard woman floating on a broom near the tree tops.

“As for you…” The warrior looked at the massive dragon turtle menacingly.

But then he turned around in an instant and started to run. Amplified by the effects of his trance, the warrior’s legs quickly carried him out of town into the very thick of the swamp.

Everyone stared at the rapidly shrinking form of the man and then Bellatrix finally snapped out of her stupor and roared in rage. “What!? This is not a plan! Come back here you coward!” The massive beast stomped forward after the warrior, looking furious and embarrassed. Her increase in size greatly increased her speed as well and soon she was far away from the town, just like the warrior.

“Ah, your highness! Wait!” Camilla exclaimed and tried to give chase but was forced to stop in her tracks as the dwarf quickly cut in front of her while holding a fireball.

“And where do you think you are going?”


{She bought it.} The lion noted in the warrior’s head. {Also, just so you know, you don’t need to verbally address me, I can hear your thoughts, remember?}

{Oh, that is useful to know.} Bernsen replied nonverbally and glanced over his shoulder to see the giant dragon turtle knocking a few trees down in her path as she chased the running warrior.

{Well you got her out of town. Now what’s the next step of your master plan?} Zapp asked.

{I haven’t thought that far ahead to be honest. She was nearly impervious to damage before and now she grew thrice in size. Any ideas?} The warrior jumped over a large puddle of water to avoid a gout of flames that the dragoness breathed out.

{You still have a lot of thunderclay with you. It appears to have worked well on the dragonkin for you in the past. It won’t be enough to damage her scales but if you were to toss some in her mouth while she was ready to blow some fire… } Zapp pondered.

{That would kill her for sure.} The warrior frowned and shook his head before zigzagging in-between some trees.

{Hmm, I can sense that you do not wish for that.} The lion curiously pointed out.

{She is being really destructive but I don’t sense any malice from her. Even when she breathed fire earlier, she did so at an angle, as to not hit anyone behind me.} Bernsen explained.

{That so? Hmm. Your priorities are unusual. In that case how about attempting to subdue her using those very inappropriate fondling techniques of yours.} Zapp suggested.

{…It’s grappling Zapp. And I call it cuddle attack. Also, I already tried, she is too spiky for me to get a good grip.} Bernsen rolled his eyes internally and slowed down a little as the tarasque was having trouble to catching up to him and appeared to be slightly out of breath.

{But her body has changed. Surely there is more flat space to work with now?} Zapp pointed out.

8dddda No.271800

{That sounds like a start.} The man thought back and darted his eyes around to find a fitting tree. One that was sufficiently large was quickly found and the warrior leaped up at one of the branches. He then pulled himself up to it and then leaped again, repeating the process until he was near the top of the tree and above the dragoness.

Bellatrix stopped in front of the large mahogany tree before grabbing it and starting to angrily shake it to make Bernsen fall. The man was not planning to stay up there though and immediately jumped down on his own accord, toward the massively grown tarasque.

Bellatrix looked up triumphantly and reached toward the falling man with all four of her hands to catch him but the warrior had no intentions to give up. Instead, he focused all of his masculinity and struck a dramatic pose as he sailed down on the dragoness with his arms spread out at an angle over his head.

The effect was not as intense as when he did this the first time but the tarasque’s brief moment of hesitation and awe lasted just enough for him to slip right past her grasp and land on top of her head before stopping his momentum by grabbing one of her horns.

The dragoness quickly snapped out and reached toward her head using her hands to pull the man off. Bernsen had only seconds to spare as he quickly located the precise point of stimulation on the dragoness’s head and slapped it with his right hand’s palm before forcibly starting to knead it.

“Huwaahhh!?” The dragoness let out a cute and surprised yelp and stumbled back, nearly losing her balance as she wildly spun all of her four arms around and balanced on the tip of her tail.

“What are you doing!? Stop that! You can’t touch me there!” The tarasque started to furiously blush and looked very disoriented but even then, tried to grab the man again. The warrior stimulated the spot harder then and the dragoness moaned deeply, feeling her legs tremble before giving out.

She landed into the swamp with a splash on her knees, her body now only being held up by her lower set of hands.

“Y-you! How dare you! A filthy peasant rubbing my head so inappropriately! You won’t getAaauuuuhhh~” The tarasque nearly fell down but barely managed to hold herself up with her second set of arms.

It was working. The warrior felt very dirty, but it was working! Just a little more and she would fall down.

“Rrraaaargh! No!” The tarasque roared and began to furiously shake her head back and forth. The warrior clung to her horn, using his mechanical arm but he could do little else as his body flailed back and forth from the force of the movement.

Without having her scalp stimulated anymore, Bellatrix quickly got up and finally succeeded in grabbing him before quickly prying him off from her horn. The warrior messed up because he could not see it coming, as he was disoriented and now he was held tightly by his waistline in the beast’s massive claws.

“Hah…hah…got you!” The tarasque breathed in and out heavily with her face flushed red and stared at the man. The warrior tried to push down against her hands but they were not even budging an inch. Not even his tranquil fury could match the sheer mass and size of this monster right now.

“Now, I am going to beat you up until your face goes numb. And then, I am going to copulate with you until your hips go numb!” The dragoness smirked and flicked her index finger at the warrior’s exposed face. The blow caused ringing in the man’s ears and his head reeled back, seeing stars. It was not the worst he was struck with but he definitely felt that one.

A blow after blow rained on him as the tarasque laughed in triumph and excitement at finally gaining the upper hand.

“Ugh, hey! Aren’t you forgetting something!” The warrior spat some blood to the side and looked the tarasque in the eyes.

“Huh?” She blinked in confusion. What could she have forgotten?

“You are supposed to have dinner first.” The warrior reached into his pocket and threw the brownie in the tarasque’s open mouth.

“Mmph!?” The beast instinctively swallowed and then smacked her lips.

“Hey, that was pretty goooooooaaaaahhh!” The tarasque muttered but then shouted in surprise as her body began to rapidly shrink. Before long, she could no longer hold the warrior in her hands and he quickly punched her wrist, causing her to drop him.

But it did not stop there. After reaching her normal size, the tarasque kept shrinking further down, much to her shock and surprise. She kept growing smaller and smaller until she finally stopped when she was roughly as big as Kenzie.

8dddda No.271801

The warrior got back up to his feet, panting loudly and wiped some blood off his face before walking up to the tiny tarasque.

“Umm.” The beast spoke up in a high-pitched tone and nervously looked around. “This is all a part of my plan!” She screeched and then began to quickly run away which meant that she very slowly began to traverse the soft ground of the swamp to reach the water.

Bernsen leaned down and with some effort, managed to scoop the little dragon up, much to her protests and held her upside down by her tail, which was the only part of her body that he could hold without injuring himself. Even tiny, she was still as spiky as chestnut.

“Put me down! How dare you, I am the queen!” She screeched loudly and angrily breathed out a minuscule puff of smoke.

The warrior smirked and put his index and thumbs together.

“Wait, don’t tell me. No! No, do not even think about it!” Bellatrix’s eyes quickly bulged out in fear.


“Ow!” The tarasque yelped and held her face.

Flick. Flick. Flick.

“Ow! Ow, stop it! Ow! OW!” The tarasque complained as the warrior dished out some karmic retribution. Still, even through all that, she never started crying or begging for mercy and eventually, the man stopped and raised her up to his face to give her an annoyed look.

“Not so tough now, are you?”

“Screw you! You cheated! You made me small!” The tarasque complained.

“You grew up first.” The warrior pointed his finger at the now little dragon.

“Yea? So? I am a queen, I can do that!” The dragon turtle replied immediately.

{If you are done fooling around, you should go back. Your friends finished subduing the entourage of this queen.} Zapp gave the warrior an update and Bernsen looked back. At least retracing his steps would be very easy. All he had to do was to follow the trail of destruction and the massive footprints.

When Bernsen returned back to the town, he found a whole bunch of the short lizard girls just like the one who cast some kind of spell on Bellatrix. All of them were tightly bound and gagged and looked a little miserable. The one in the blue robe, in particular, looked like she was set on fire multiple times, judging by the countless burn marks on her clothes.

“Bern! You are back, what happened? Did you lose her?” The witch asked the approaching man but then noticed what he was holding.

“Wait, is that… her?” The dwarf’s eyes widened in disbelief.

“The brownie worked.” The warrior noted and held the nervous looking tarasque up while addressing a few Jaga Jaga’s. “Sorry for causing trouble, she is yours. Careful when you hold her though, she is very spiky.”

“Thank you kind stranger. Your help is very much appreciated. We do have an occasional fight here and there: tempers tend to heat up but what happened today is outrageous. We’ll make sure this troublemaker gets what she deserves!” The shaman angrily glared at the little tarasque and snatched her out of the warrior’s grasp.

“Mmmph!” The gagged lizard girl in the blue robe and cracked spectacles struggled against her bounds, looking distressed.

“Hold on, this one wants to say something.” Webster, who was now fully dressed again, quickly pulled the gag down.

“P-please! Do not hurt the young princess, I know she can be a handful but she is not a bad person, she is just very short tempered and a mean drunk.”

“Shut it Camilla! And stop calling me princess, I am a queen!” The tarasque screeched in a high-pitched tone, due to her considerably shrunk vocal cords.

8dddda No.271802

“We are very wealthy so we’ll pay you for all the damage we caused. If you want to take anyone prisoner you may do so, but please, let her young majesty go!” The short lizard woman continued to plead.

“Pay us off, will you? You think we care about money here? Can you pay off the besmirched honor of all the men your princess groped too?” The shaman narrowed her eyes.

“What kind of queen are you even? I never heard of any ruler like you and I am quite confident in my political knowledge.” The wizard leaned down toward the tiny tarasque curiously.

“I am the true heir of Blackfire Reach! Queen Bellatrix the first!” The little dragon announced triumphantly.

“Wait what? But that’s the wurm kingdom, isn’t it? You are not a wurm.” Sahra blinked in confusion.

“I don’t care what titles you may or may not have.” The Jaga Jaga shaman shook her head. “And I have no interest in your money like I already said. You are a rotten and spoiled brat and the only way that I will even consider letting you go after all you pulled off, is if you personally apologize to every single member of our tribe that you wronged and then fix all the damage you caused.”

“What?! I’ll never do that!” The tarasque growled, but it sounded cute instead of intimidating due to her little size.

“Your highness please! For your late mother’s sake!” Camilla exclaimed, sounding desperate.

For some reason, this outburst made the tarasque frown and look down, as if ashamed.

“Ugh, alright. But I am only doing this because we will be late to the tournament otherwise.”

Sleeping tonight proved to be a difficult proposition due to all the ruckus being caused. After individually apologizing to every member of the tribe, the shaman had finally let Bellatrix go and untied Camilla who used her magic to promptly fix the queen’s “height” issue. Everyone tensed up then, half expecting the tarasque to go wild again but she instead scratched her head in embarrassment and growled a muttered thank you to the short lizard woman. The monster then ordered the rest of her entourage, which consisted of a couple dozen monsters, all reptilian in nature, to start cleaning the area up to start fixing it.

“So, what’s the deal with these little lizards anyways? Are they dwarf lizards?” Shara curiously pointed her finger toward one of the monsters while drinking another glass of moonshine. Although a feast was out of the question, the grateful crocodile women at least provided them with food and drink to their heart’s contents for their help. The steak in particular was quite delicious.

“Zapp says they are called Kobolds.” Bernsen noted before putting a large piece of the crocodile meat in his mouth.

“Aren’t those dogs?” Kenzie groaned and drank some milk while clutching her head. She was in much pain from the amount of liquor she had drank earlier.

“Ah, you see, there is actually a funny piece of history related to that.” Webster perked up. “The word “Kobold” used to refer to a species of underground dwelling lizard monsters that were particularly weak and small but somewhat skilled in magic and relatively clever builders. They are poor at organization though and because of that, usually serve more powerful monsters like dragons.

Now as for the dog monster kobolds. They come from the breed of werewolves that humans had enslaved after their victories in the earlier monster invasions. From generations of servitude and urban living, their disposition had changed considerably from their savage wild ancestors, as did their physical appearance.

During one of the monster invasions that happened after that, the Order of Heroic brotherhood had actually recruited these domesticated wolf women to fight with them. When the monster lady who was a dragon at the time saw them among the ranks of man, she mockingly referred to them as “kobolds”, a word means “servant” in the dragon tongue. She was trying to get them to turn on the humans that had enslaved their ancestors so long ago but the wolf women did not react to the provocation and proved to be very capable and disciplined fighters. The human side’s victory in that war was won in no small part thanks to their contribution. Ever since then, they proudly use that word to describe themselves, as they take great pride in being the humanity’s first accepted monster ally.” The wizard quickly concluded.

“Huh? The more you know.” Sahra muttered. “So where were you earlier and why were you almost nake-“

“Oh, I just remembered that I left my stove on!” The wizard exclaimed and suddenly vanished in a flash of golden light.

“There is a stove in his vault?” The warrior blinked in confusion.

When the morning rolled around, the group of reptilian monsters had finished all the repairs, much to everyone’s surprise and promptly jumped into their carriage to immediately leave in great haste.

8dddda No.271803

Bernsen and co had said their goodbyes to the tribe and returned to the road to Cair as well. They were on the last leg of their journey now. The swamp was beginning to recede and the group made a stop next to one of the dry spots of land to have lunch. It was then that the warrior found out the horrifying truth.

“How is this possible?” The dwarf spoke out, sounding terrified.

Bernsen kept holding the brownie in his hand with a grim look on his face. Somehow, it found its way back in his pocket, looking as fresh and delicious as before.

Kenzie, whose mouth was covered with a couple of chocolate stains, licked her lips as she nervously looked around.

“It was in my pocket?” The warrior gave the caith sith a suspicious look and the fairy nodded enthusiastically.

“Sahra, burn this cake.” The warrior casually threw the pastry in the air and Sahra quickly threw a fireball at it, instantly reducing the pastry to ash.

The warrior took a deep breath and patted himself over. Surely enough, he then pulled out another identical looking brownie from a completely different pocket.

“Well.” The wizard rubbed his temple with his index finger. “I guess you will never go hungry?”

“At least Kenzie doesn’t seem to be any smaller from it.” The dwarf looked the caith sith over curiously.

“So if someone eats it, they will shrink. That’s kind of…weird.” The warrior shook his head and put the cake away.

>[Brownie] was identified as [The fairy cake]. Consume it to greatly shrink in size.

{Are you finished?} Zapp asked impatiently.

{Yea, let’s go.} The man walked up to the lion and sat down cross-legged on the grass under the sun before starting to breathe. Even with the majority of his body now covered with clothes, he was able to summon the spirit energy easily enough which made the lion nod in approval.

{Good, your control is improving. We can start branching out a little now.}

{What do you mean?} The warrior inquired while sitting still.

{You learned how to concentrate your spirit energy and strike with it like a weapon in the form of [Spirit Overdrive], but that is only the most rudimentary use of it. At your current level of mastery, I think you will be able to do something else. Remember how I showed you how to travel over the water’s surface without sinking in it?} Zapp asked.

{Yea, that was pretty cool.} The warrior replied quickly.

{That ability is known as [Spirit Climbing], it allows you to cling to any solid surface as well as get a foothold where it would normally be impossible to do so, such as the surface of water or quicksand.} The lion explained.

{That sounds useful.} The warrior noted before opening his eyes and observing his subtly glowing body.

{It is, but there is also something else you might want to attempt. It is harder to perform but I believe that under my guidance you will be able to do it. The ability I am talking about is healing.} Zapp raised one of his paws to observe them and then put them back down.

{Healing?} The warrior slightly cocked his head.

{Yes. The [Spirit Overflow]. It redirects your own spirit energy through your heart, causing your body to rapidly heal all the wounds inflicted to it and allow your body to purge itself from all diseases and cleanse your humors from abnormal presence.} The lion put his paw down and it began to glow. The spot around it began to transform, as the grass started to grow longer and more vibrant in color.

{But more than that, you can also let your spirit energy flow through someone else to share your vital power with them for a similar effect.} The lion pulled his paw away to reveal that a small flower had sprouted underneath it.

{These two techniques are much harder to execute so choose wisely which you believe you will need more in near future. And before you ask, I will not teach you both. Your body needs to adapt to them, same to how it adapted to being able to project its spirit energy into an overdrive. If I try to teach you both at once, you will fail at both.}

The warrior pondered on this and scratched his chin.

>What do you do?

42e254 No.271808


is this legit healing magic tho will we be able to reattach limbs and shit maybe regrow our fucking eye and arm

e5cc8a No.271809

thats not even a question, learn the heal.

im guessing we will encounter heavy shitskin resistens in cairn and eather bearson or one of our friends will get fucked up by them so we will need something better then over the counter potions.

and when we reach cairn, shall we remove kebab or do the turnament first?

if we do the bodukai first then we might find midori and bellatrix again wich can help us as deputy kebab removers.

especially because im paranoid that we will encounter blitzkrieg again or someone on his level.

8dddda No.271810

File: 4454aa08c7fa0b5⋯.jpg (82.15 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 1458404886355.jpg)


>Someone on his level

42e254 No.271829

also whats fancypantse's deal he was half naked


42e254 No.271830

also i wonder how jackor and the fairies reacted to seeing us use the brownie to take out a terrasque considering he's happily replenishing our supply of brownies im assuming he's laughing his ass off

42e254 No.271834

we've got a nice stockpile of magical shit but we still need magic armour and maybe a magic weapon

im thinking war bear rage armour solves the issue of having a split personality in our head because the armour does the raging so we can tranquil rage whilst we rage although it should come with the risks of raging aka attacking everything near you

it'd be sick cuz bernsen would be scared of losing himself to the armour

as for weapons im thinking a hammer that does something cool like a lightning magic attack's or mind control or teleportation

post cool magic shit you think would be awesome is a good idea shits probably gonna get harder and more magicale from here

7e2739 No.271836

File: dbd520520ac501e⋯.jpg (10.96 KB, 255x143, 255:143, waifu_wars.jpg)


>OP gives kenziefags a better chance at waifuing

Too bad Sahra is best girl.

42e254 No.271847

File: 0514446171b3b04⋯.jpg (29.99 KB, 400x247, 400:247, 0514446171b3b046a46d7a72bd….jpg)

7e2739 No.271852

File: 4262731736dab21⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 233.71 KB, 885x626, 885:626, ants.jpeg)


No. A jpeg for dwarves

cf6400 No.271863


Sahra is indeed the waifu for the patrician taste.

When we enter Cairn we should be prepared and ready to be ambushed at any moment. The dealing nurse in the school knew who Sahra was and attacked on sight. I'm sure by now Al-Kebab knows how Bernsen looks too and won't underestimate him. Not sure if we can avoid an attack by keeping a low profile since a giant of a man walking around with a lion is probably not that hard to spot so lets go in there ready for some fun murder time.

42e254 No.271866


i believe i came up with apt disguises already



517af7 No.271870


Remeber, Wizardhood is still best Girl. Any other girl can wait till Bernson either hits 30 or DM fiat happens. Just cause Bernson can do some fancy light tricks now doesn't mean it compares to real magic. Gotta save himself so he can join the esoteric brotherhood of autistic wizards.

d36055 No.271881


This we have to show them how its done

What it means to be a real wizard

42e254 No.271883



i like the autistic brotherhood but wizards are girly men who wear skirts and skirts are for alps and girls

d36055 No.271891


Thats why we have to show them how to be real men!

6d33aa No.271895


If we want disguises We could feed Zapp a browie and get our wizard friend to make him look like a house cat. The only problem would be growing back to normal size

6d33aa No.271897


Walking on walls would be pretty usefull, but healing is better overall.

d36055 No.271948

cf6400 No.271957


Maybe Zapp should teach us how to sage instead.

8dddda No.272019

{How effective is this healing?} The warrior glanced at his mechanical arm meaningfully as he spoke.

{Not as effective as you think unfortunately. [Spirit Overflow] enhances the body’s natural healing rate at the cost of rapid spirit energy consumption. That means that blood clots faster, cutting wounds close up, broken bones grow whole again and the contents of a person’s humors becomes refreshed. It cannot restore lost limbs, unless the individual in question has the capacity for that. Lizardmen for example have the ability to regrow their tails naturally so spirit overflow would help to do it faster.} Zapp answered in a slightly somber voice.

Bernsen looked through the contents of his beard and counted seven healing potions. This was a pretty respectable amount and would surely last them for a while if they played it safe. And yet his answer was unexpected.

{Alright. I want to know how to heal using spirit energy.}

{Are you certain? From your past experiences, I see that you are someone who would rather mitigate damage by avoiding it. Spirit climbing could considerably improve your movement options in combat and your ability to heal is already impressive.} The lion slightly cocked his head curiously.

{You can’t avoid everything, and besides, It’s not myself getting hurt that I am worried about.} The warrior glanced at his trio of companions who were mingling among each other while the warrior meditated.

{Hmm. I see.} The lion nodded after following the warrior’s gaze. {A reasonable position to take, but I must warn you not to become overconfident, it is not healing per se and it will not be able to save someone from a mortal wound. It is intended for first aid in combat or a way to buy more time until proper help can be administered. With that said, let us begin. Concentrate your spirit energy in your hand again and hold it.}

The warrior nodded and soon, the thin layer of light that covered his body quickly traveled up to and condensed in his fist.

{Now, open your hand. You are not using it as a weapon this time, your touch must be gentle.} Zapp gestured toward the man’s hand by flicking his tail at it.

{Huh, but I’ll drop the energy if I do that.} The man slowly tried to unclench his fist but felt the spirit energy rapidly escape as he did so.

{Do not rely on your limbs, it helps to visualize and control it but your spirit energy is a separate organ from the rest of your body. You do not control it with your body, you control it with your mind and willpower. Just as you will your body to move, you must will your spirit energy to move as well, now that you are aware of its presence and have accepted it.} The lion took a deep breath and the light that surrounded his body condensed and began to move over its surface like a small ball, traveling all over the beast’s hide without any movements done by Zapp.

The warrior tried to do as Zapp said but the energy quickly dissipated when he unclenched his fist.

{Again.} Zapp requested. {You must drop the crutch that is your body. Your body is only the frame over which it travels, like the skeleton to which your flesh is bound to. Keep breathing and do not move it. Move your spirit energy using only your willpower.}

The man repeated the spirit breathing technique under the light of the sun and his spirit energy was brought forth again, evenly spreading out over his body and enveloping it like a thin layer of clothing. He could feel it’s presence now, just like he could feel the gentle breeze over his skin, he could feel the same wind passing over his spiritual body.

But how would you move it? He knew of its presence now and could even force it to move around using his muscles but Zapp said that this was inefficient. Like forming your hand into a fist by individually clenching each finger on your hand using your other hand instead of controlling the fingers in it directly.

He began to experiment then, trying to prod and interact with it using only his mind. There were reactions here and there but it was a slow process that went for over an hour. But eventually, he had succeeded somewhat. It still felt very awkward and imprecise but he managed to move his spirit energy around his body and now held it in his hand’s open palm without it breaking apart.

{Good, now touch the spot where your heart is located.} The lion poked the warrior with his claw and Bernsen placed the glowing hand over his chest, feeling the warmth of the light it was projecting on his skin.

8dddda No.272020

{Now comes the tricky part. You need to discard that energy by pumping it back into your body through the heart. But you must be extremely careful and do it gently. Think of your heart as a container or a cup that you are filling with your spirit energy like a liquid, even when you feel like it’s full, you must keep pouring the energy into it until it overflows with vitality and life. I’ll be watching closely so don’t worry too much. If you botch it, I will pull the energy away through our familiar link.}

The warrior swallowed hard and breathed in and out heavily before gently reaching with the spirit energy through his skin and all the way into his body, until he felt it touch his own heart. After another moment of hesitation, he forced his spirit energy into his heart and shuddered at the bizarre sensation. It was not painful but it felt very, very odd. The mass of condensed spirit energy began to shrink as his heart seemingly absorbed it and as soon as it happened, the warrior felt a brief rush. All the colors in the world suddenly became more vibrant and bright and his body felt incredibly relaxed as all tension in it seemed to melt away.

This process reminded him of his warrior trance state in a way, with how incredibly alive he was feeling from it but the sensation was a brief one and soon faded away.

{Alright, you look like you got the hang of it. But healing yourself is much easier than to heal others. See that tree?} Zapp pointed at the side of the road where one lone birch was growing and then stood up to walk over to it.

The warrior did the same and quickly followed his familiar who gestured him with his head to touch one of the branches.

{Now. When you heal someone else, there is something that you must keep in mind. Remember what I told you about Yin and Yang?}

{Negative and positive energy, yea.} The warrior nodded.

{Before you can even attempt to heal someone, you must synchronize your spirit energy to match the person or creature you are about to heal. Otherwise, their body will reject it or worse, you will cause them great harm like striking them with an overdrive. To do so, you must make your spirit energy passive, calm and soft. Nonthreatening in any way so you can fool their body into letting it in. The key to being able to do that is love. Familiar, friendly or erotic, doesn’t matter. Your own heart must be overflowing with that sensation before you can reach out to another to share your spirit energy.} The lion took a few steps back and expectantly looked at the warrior.

{Love, huh?} The warrior noted somberly as many different memories came up in his head. He didn’t even hesitate for a moment and sent his spirit energy into the tree. In an instant, the branch he was touching began to sprout little growths, out of which little leaf bulbs quickly started to grow before forming into leaves and then finally flowers when the warrior finished transferring the spirit energy into it.

{I see you have been blessed with many wonderful friends and family members in your life.} The lion noted, sounding genuinely impressed. {You carry their memories and ideals with you wherever you go. Only the blessed few have the luck of making one true connection like that in their life, let alone so many.}

>Bonus feat obtained [Spirit Overflow] Redirect your spirit energy into your own or someone else’s heart to greatly speed up the natural healing rate.

8dddda No.272021


“Well. Here we are. Home, sweet home.” The dwarf suspiciously darted her eyes around. The group had finally reached their destination late in the afternoon.

Cair was a very large city. Bernsen even estimated it being nearly as big as the capital was but there were a few major differences. For one thing, the city lacked the colossal outer wall surrounding it which the man found to be very strange, as even Barstone had one. The only side that the massive city was protected from was north, as a wide blue river ran there.

A great port with massive docks could be seen there but for some reason, it looked completely deserted and devoid of any activity which the warrior found to be unusual compared to the busy ports of Derrick and even Somalot.

“Wondering why the port is empty?” Sahra inquired plainly and the warrior nodded.

“Galmathoria is just down this river to the left.” The dwarf pointed to the side with her finger. It was obviously impossible to see from this distance but apparently, the infamous region that had splintered off from the rest of Deleor was located far to the west.

“Yup, Cair used to be a central trading hub in the north between it and the monster nation but after the embargo was put in place, all civilian sailing has been strictly forbidden by law along this stretch of the river.” Webster joined in on the conversation as well. “Only Deleor military vessels are allowed to operate over its length.”

“Don’t they need a place to stay too?” The warrior asked, curious as to why such an excellent post was condemned.

“Oh no, they are all staged in Fort Carlsbad, it’s on the other side of the river. You can sort of see it from here.” Webster pointed his finger forward and indeed, Bernsen could see a very distant shape of some great stone structure shrouded in mist.

“Wasn’t there some caravan that went north? How do they get over the river if you are not allowed to sail?” The warrior scratched his chin and quizzically looked at his two more knowledgeable companions.

“By taking the long way around.” Sahra shrugged and pointed to her right. “There is a road that circles around the lake to the east and goes up to fort Carlsbad on the other side.”

“So technically Galmathorian forces could easily sail here. Is that why Anderson thinks the Al-Sabbath hub is located here?” The warrior pondered out loud.

“Could be, but the security is pretty tight near the border, they would have better luck going around the whole continent and approaching Galmathoria from the sea to be honest.” Webster nodded before looking at the warrior. “So boss, how do we go about it?”

The warrior looked back at the city itself again and then addressed Sahra. “This is your home, isn’t it? I think you should be taking the lead here, what do you suggest?”

“Err, well.” The dwarf looked anxious at the weight of responsibility suddenly placed on her. “I don’t think we will be shot at on sight. I mean Cair is bad, but not that bad. There is at least a vague attempt to keep order, so no one is going to shank us out in the open.”

“Then let’s go. Stick to our stories and if something goes sour, follow my lead.” The man nodded and stepped forward into the city.

Despite not having a wall around it, Cair was not short on security at all. If anything, it looked like it was ready to go to war with the number of guardsmen around. All of them were equipped with topnotch expensive steel plate armors and even had the luxury of possessing, not one, not two but three whole weapons on their persona: a spear, a sword and a crossbow.

To enter the town, you had to pass through one of the border posts that were built on every road leading up to and from Cair. The only exception to that was the elevated leyway train line going from the south that bypassed all of this and dropped off the passengers in the middle of the city.

“This security looks a bit excessive.” The man noted as he stood in line, behind a whole bunch of people who wanted to enter the town. At least his line was a short one compared to the one for the carriages which stretched out far along the road, way out of the town’s grounds.

“Well Cair has got to protect its interests. The headquarters of multiple merchant families and trading guilds are located here after all.” The wizard thoughtfully contemplated.

“Nah, it’s not usually this dense. It’s because of the yearly tournament that the security is heightened. This happens all the time, that’s normal.” The dwarf dismissively moved her hand.

8dddda No.272022

“Name?” The armored guard inquired the warrior in a grouchy voice. He had brown eyes but the warrior could not get a good look at his face because of the chainmail veil that all guards wore.

“Bernsen.” The warrior quickly answered.

“And the lion?” The guard glanced at Zapp.

“Pet.” Bernsen replied.

“Reason for visit?” The guard scribbled something on a long piece of parchment.

“Joining the tournament.” The warrior answered in similar fashion as before.

“Cutting a bit close there, the signups are finishing up today. Better get a move on if you don’t want to wait until next year.” The guard nodded as he wrote something else on the parchment. The warrior took a careful peek at it and saw that the man was actually writing down his physical appearance along with his name and reason for visit.

The guard then checked a long list of names and then looked back at the wall of the booth he was in where a bunch of faces were drawn. After confirming that none of them belonged to the warrior, the guard nodded and tapped a scrying bowl on his table which flashed brightly once. He then made a stamp on the piece of parchment and deposited it into a large wooden box.

“Alright, go along and don’t cause trouble.”

The warrior left the booth and then began to wait for the wizard and the witch to complete registration as well. Webster was done pretty quickly. Apparently, nobles were on a fast track list of some sort but Sahra was taking her sweet time. Eventually the warrior started to get nervous and tried to go back into the booth but the door opened then and the dwarf quickly walked out, looking annoyed.

“Sorry, sorry. They had to confirm my identity since I am one of the locals.” She apologetically explained and quickly rejoined the group.

After passing the checkpoint, they were finally in Cair. The city’s buildings were kind of a hit and miss and chaotic. City planning was nowhere near as precise as in Sanctiford or even Barsone. The town was not only big but also incredibly dense with countless building in different designs and state of upkeep put so closely together that at times, it looked like the town’s buildings grew into each other in some deformed fashion.

The streets were not much different, they held so many people and carriages in them that it was almost akin to the yearly salmon migration that Bernsen had the fortune to observe many times in his life.

And just like the buildings, the people here came from such vastly different backgrounds that it was almost unnerving as beggars, nobles and craftsmen passed so closely by each other. There was a fair deal of tough looking monsters and people too. Most likely those who will be participating in the tournament.

But out of all those colorful individuals visiting or living in Cair, one group stood out among them by the virtue of having much less color than everyone else. The warrior at first mistook them for beggars, based on their clothes but the steel collar that was tightly bound around their neck spoke otherwise.

“Hello sir, please visit Goldman’s Jewelry store. We have the finest accessories in town that will be sure to win the affection of any woman or monster.” A cat girl suggested to Bernsen in a chipper tone as the warrior passed by. But when he observed her, his skin crawled a little. Even though she was smiling and her voice was upbeat, something about her face and especially eyes was off. They almost reminded him of Kenzie when he had first found her in the basement of one of Somalot’s warehouses.

“Just keep moving Bern.” The dwarf quickly pulled his hand to lead him off and as soon as the warrior stepped away, the catgirl repeated the same exact set of words to the next passerby who just walked past without even looking at her.

“Is she-“ The warrior began.

“One of the indentured servants, yea. Probably was caught stealing something.” The wizard quietly muttered next to the warrior, keeping his head low.

“What’s with the iron ring around her neck?” The man frowned and finally took his eyes off her when the monster was no longer visible in the crowd of passerby.

“A compliance enforcement device. CED, for short. A special magically enchanted collar that the indentured servants must wear.” The dwarf quietly muttered as she lead the group through the town. Finding an Inn under the circumstances would be impossible but apparently, she knew a bar owner who hopefully would help them out with that.

“What does it do?” The man scanned the crowds, noticing that there was actually quite a few of these people and monsters in town, mostly performing manual labor or advertising for the countless stores, bars or whorehouses that lined the streets.

8dddda No.272024

“Enforces compliance obviously.” The dwarf frowned and shook her head. “They basically shock you with lightning if you try to resist working.”

{Cair has changed considerably. The air here is heavy.} Zapp noted as he followed closely behind the warrior.

{When was the last time you visited it?} The warrior asked.

{A little over twenty years ago. It was a rather greasy place back then but now?… Could you ask the unmanly wizard something for me?} The lion suddenly asked.

“Hey Web, these people are prisoners, right? How come they are working for private businesses?” The warrior repeated the inquiry from the lion.

“Ah, well. The state rents them out. Citizens of Cair are able to do so for a nominable fee. There is only so many workers Cair’s ruling class needs after all and having them idly stand by would be a waste of resources in the countess’s eyes and the town has no facilities to keep them anyway.” The wizard quietly answered, sounding tense.

Eventually, the witch led them to a particularly far off part of town, hidden from sight under the roofs of much larger buildings. The only way to access it was through a shady alley full of rats and trash that made the wizard sigh in disgust and dry heave a little.

“Are you sure about this place? It feels like we are going straight into an Al-Sabbath den or something.” Web carefully stepped over a rotting piling of refuse that was left by some drunk who knows how long ago.

“It’s been four years but everything looks relatively the same. Yep, still there.” Sahra noted and the trio found themselves in front of a rather crappy looking tavern that was neatly placed between two much larger stone buildings.

“Just be quiet and let me talk, okay?” She turned back to the warrior and the wizard and they nodded in unison.

The interior of the tavern was oily but it was not in a depressingly poor state like the bar in Somalot. The tavern was quite crowded actually and the people in it did not look particularly gloom and in fact, seemed to be having fun and even playing games. Cards mostly.

“Well sheeeeeeeiit. If it isn’t the pipsqueak.” A very broad bodied and dark skinned woman whistled as the dwarf approached the counter.

“Nice to see you again too auntie Joline.” The dwarf rolled her eyes and climbed on one of the bar stools to reach the same eye level as the woman in the deep blue dress.

“What? Did that job as an enforcer for them scorpions not work out?” Well if you are lawking for work, then you can keep lawking. After you left, I got another waitress and she doesn’t need no stool to reach the counter and pick up the plates after the customers, imagine that!” The woman grinned widely, showing that she had a bunch of golden teeth.

“As if I would want to work in this shithouse again. I would rather go out there and starve to death than wipe another pile of vomit off the floor.” The dwarf sarcastically replied.

“Mmm, mmm, mmm!” The woman put her hands on her hips and swung her body back and forth. “Look at all that lip. I clearly didn’t beat yo ass enough here if you still talk back like that! So if you are so high and mighty and wearing a fancy hat then why are you here, hmm?”

“I am looking for a room for me and these two gentlemen.” Sahra pointed over her shoulder with her thumb and Joline followed her gaze.

“Eh, these people with y-BY LAWD IS THAT A LION?” The woman’s eyes suddenly bulged out in fear and she quickly backed away and hugged the wall behind the counter.

“Oh yea, for him too.” The dwarf smirked, pleased at the woman’s violent reaction.

“G-get out! Get this beast out of here! Animals are not allowed!” The woman suddenly grabbed a mop near the wall and angrily began to thrust it at the beast who gave her an annoyed look and backed away a little to get out of range.

“Relax Joline, he is tamed. He is not goi