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File: 5b4ef50a5804f50⋯.png (1.3 MB, 1680x1050, 8:5, 9769a89a6c67216179aedd970b….png)

574faf No.295629

In The Jungles of the greenbelt, only the strongest or craziest survive.

In the rainforests of the new world after the great collapse, life goes on.

An unknowable amount of time ago, parts of the earth simply collapsed. Crushing cities, countries and suddenly shifting the global balance of power. War over the already slim resources began over the remaining land of the fallen countries. The names of these places have been lost for a long time, and beyond the collapse, few know what really happened.

Much land is covered with radiation and lush rainforests cover most of the world's landscape. Wild beasts roam the land, mutant monsters and savages aplenty. Few cling to some degree of sanity and class, following the examples of the old shattered world,forming militias and militaries. The world as it was is long dead with only its bones left behind… slowly smothered by the ever expanding forest that grips the cold asphalt.

The old world’s bones bring plenty to scavenge, and many materials to perhaps create something new from it’s infested hide. Mid-futuristic, many guns were gunpowder but others, such as laser, plasma and exotic things such as electric guns existed. However old tech always had a prototype look to it, as if it were rushed out to service.

Robots, mutants, some disgusting others not so, and hazards are a familiar sight. The forest divides many, causing settlements to be far apart and few in number in the areas not collapsed.

Many are openly hostile and dangerous, it is a dog eat dog world in the most literal sense. Where you are, killing is a normal fact of everyday life. The area you find yourself in is particularly violent and unusual. The least socially developed area in the new world simply called the “Greenbelt”.

“Sufficiently advanced science is indistinguishable from magic”, or so they say. Old world magic exists, and is the antithesis of tech in some ways, the creator of it in others. A love hate relationship so to speak.

In the setup thread, we did a few votes and rolls to determine what our man looks like and can do.

Our Character, Mr.Blackacre, is a lone hermit and survivalist out in the distant greenbelt. A loner and quite anti-socal he tends to avoid people outside of his haunt, other times scaring them away.

Pushed out of his old haunt by a small group of bandits, Blackacre has decided to abandon it and has recently explored, finding a new haunt some distance away. Now he is looking for a new place to call hermit home(Found one kinda). And maybe some ammo. Or loot. You know what, he will just take what he can get.

574faf No.295631


Looting the battleground is simple. There were a few animals, but they ran away when they noticed you.

>150 rounds of .357 Ammunition

>8 .357 Carbines.

>1 Flak grenade

>A large amount of tech components and gear.

>1 87lb Minigun taken from a walker.

>30 5.56 rounds, from the minigun.

>Sore legs.

You feel that you did much better this time, somehow.

Inventory updated with items

Trap creation:

It went just as planned.

Several shrapnel bombs are at the ready, you can place them wherever you want and they’re activated by tripwire. You have them loaded with a simple pull fuse, the second the tripwire is pulled… bang. Some basic combustibles, primer and gunpowder from the .357 rounds, conveniently shaped scrap and you’re good to go.

(-100 .357 Round)

(+50 .357 shell casings)

Shrapnel Bomb:

Weight: 0.8Kg/2lb


Damage: 25

Minimum: 25

Area Of Effect: 6 Meters/6 Yards

//Special Effects//

Tripwire: This weapon is placed as a trap. The tripwire may be set in a straight line no longer than 6 Meters/Yards. The creature that trips the wire, as well as any creature within 6 Meters/Yards of them are damaged by this weapon.

Bleeding: Enemies hit by this weapon bleed for 2 damage a round.

You were able to create 3 beartraps as well, using some hydraulics, servos, a small powercell and bent metal from the walkers. The only thing is that the bear traps might be… a little strong. Chances are they would entirely remove a bear’s leg. But it would do significant damage to a mutated creature. Each trap is about 3 Feet wide.

Above the base are old stone plant pots, good for small scale planting. But you have a good feeling about the glowing flower growing inside of the base. You take a pot inside and place the flower on top of the soil. It digs into the earth itself and now the pot feels strangely cool to the touch. After the wait, the inside of the base is comfortably cool. The cold feeling emits from the flower. Beatrix seems to enjoy being around the flower.

Planting a number of seeds that you found is not an issue. By the end of the wait they have grown significantly. There’s a few spots not far from the base, maybe 20 meters from the top hatch, that are good spots to plant, being on the edge of the rise so trees don’t block sunlight.

You consider the fissure, but then reconsider. You would require climbing gear to get down into one of the tunnels or doors… and even then you would have to consider the horrors that lie below. You have however listed out several entrances to the fissures to maybe check out later when you have climbing gear.

Your conversation with Bea:

“Why are you so loyal to the queen?”

Bea sits in your lap as you lie down on the now clean floors.

“Because I want to. It keeps me… semi-sane. Without her I would slowly start to lose my mind.”

“Unfortunate, but what are you to me anyway? Are you a guard? A watchdog…”

“I am here to protect you from other Fae mostly.”

“I see.”

You take a deep breath. “What are your queens plans?”

“She wants to keep everything small for now.”

“That didn't answer my question.”

“She wants to re-establish her court.”


“Keep it small.”


She kisses you on the cheek and before you can reprise her for it she flies off and disappears.

Caring for Dead weight is actually quite relaxing. Not just the fact that you don’t see naked women very often, but for some reason it feel good.

(+5 Sanity)(+5 sanity for time rested)

You maintenance your legs. They needed it badly, there was sufficient grime buildup and it was actually going to hamper your mobility. This is near the end of your month of busywork, you take your time to clean bits out and take great care. You have to disassemble the legs to do this though and it makes you feel venerable.

Almost as if it was a twist of fate, the DeadWeight stirs. Her one eye Flutters open in a panicked state flailing wildly in it’s socket. Her stump arm twitches oddly as she breathes heavily looking all around, then she sees you. She seems… frantic?

>What to do?

I hope I did not miss anything.

574faf No.295635


Thread 1: http://archive.is/4aXDn

Character Sheet: https://pastebin.com/PZcPDmvL

when you make a suggestion, Roll 1D100.

Sometimes a suggestion will require more than one roll, for example making bombs would use Chemistry and engineering.

Sometimes it might be a good idea to look at the character sheet. for scores, health, items or other goodies that may work to the MC's advantage.

f80cf6 No.295642

Dice rollRolled 88 (1d100)

Tell dead weight we won't hurt her and get to work on robo doggo.

Also go poke a corpse to get our sanity back down.

622083 No.295690

Dice rollRolled 35 (1d100)

Explain what happened, being completely honest because we're terrible liars.

Continue ensuring our legs are OK.

58b31f No.295699

File: 4e9ecff63b6633f⋯.jpg (31.73 KB, 612x410, 306:205, FeelsCheekiMan.jpg)

File: 08ead15d1e32a6c⋯.png (276.91 KB, 400x356, 100:89, Perfectly calm.png)

Dice rollRolled 50 (1d100)


>Uses my shitty edit

Get up close to DeadWeight and clasp her face in your hands making sure she's focusing on you then Scream at her to "CALM THE FUCK DOWN!" don't forget to slap her across the face for added composure

923c51 No.295702

Dice rollRolled 55 (1d100)


Explain the situation : found her dying, saved her life, she's missing some bits and pieces but it might be replaceable with bionics.

Finnish taking care of our legs.

Depending on how chatty/restless DeadWieght is either talk to her or let her rest and start working on our futur metal friend.

can we get a map of the base and the surroundings ? Do we need to decide where to put the traps or are they already in place ?

ec040e No.295747

We must secure the integrity of our legs, and a future for Blackacre's adventure.

So lets get dead weight to calm the fuck down, then leg maintenance once things have simmered down.

574faf No.295818


You loudly clap your hands together, garnering her immediate attention. Her eye looks at you in a strange manner, adjusting its pupil size unnaturally.

“Calm the fuck down. You’ll waste all the time it took to put ya back together. I’m not doing that shit twice.”

She huffs, and tries to stand. “Where are my comrades? Tell m…”

“I’ll tell you if you sit your ass back down. Don’t make me repeat myself. Any more movement and you might snap the stitching holding your intestines in.”

She looks you up and down, trying to hold herself up, then slowly lowers herself back down onto the bed.

“Where is my armour!?”

You point to the corner of the room.

She is still hysteric… but not trying to move. Though that’s probably due to the trauma.

“Where are my teammates?”

>Social: roll, not a fucking chance

“Both groups retreated into the forest, leaving you for dead.”

“No… no, nononononono They can’t have they wouldn’t.”

“I put you back together again, mostly. You were in a bad way. Missing a leg, an ar…”

You say as you put your disassembled leg back together.

She seems on the verge of tears. She takes a look at her missing arm as she freezes in place staring aghast at the fresh pink skin formed from the fiber patch.

“Oh god, I can’t… ”

You pull up on your one leg and hop over. Take her face in your two hands and get her to focus on you.

“Calm down.”


To her credit she shuts up when she looks down at your legs. You hope that she was merely at a bad angle to see what you were working on. You’re not sure if it’s the fact that she noticed your legs, or the face you might be making right now. Either was she seems to be at a loss for words.

You cock your head at her and regain some degree of composure. You considered smacking her a good one, but figured that it might undo some of your earlier work. For fear of doing so you hop over back to your leg and start to reassemble. Not saying a word, merely holding the woman in contempt in silence.

She merely looks at the ground, defeated for a time. It lasts for a good 5 minutes, around the time it takes for you to put your legs back together.

Dead Weight is much quieter now, her voice reveals a monotone expression and the words of one who has lost hope.

“Did we win?”

“Some of your group perished, around 3, maybe 4. Most blown to pieces via explosives. Your group sustained low casualties, the other group, clansmen, lost the majority of their attacking forces and both sides retreated after the battle. However neither side opted to return to the battlefield after the pullback.”

A flat “Oh” is all you get in response.

She wraps her one remaining arm around her torso and shakes quietly.

“I can’t see out of my other eye… It’s cold. A-am I going to die?”

A few tears stream from the remaining eye. You pull her some of your clean spare clothes to help her stay warm.

“It hurts so bad…”

She sniffles.

You pull out the medical kit and gesture for her to open her mouth as you show her the bottle labeled painkillers. She accepts it, opening her mouth as you administer the pill.

“This should help.”

She whines pitifully. “Okay. T-thank you.”

You merely shrug as you head into the other room and start to ferry some basic parts for your friend. A robodoggo might be nice. It gets lonely here sometimes you know?

The dead weight remains silent. Merely glancing idly at the wall across from her in a daze. It is not until you’re half done the doggo’s shell that she even acknowledges your existence again. From how her words come out, it feels forced. Not necessarily in a way that means it’s a lie or sarcastic, but in a way the indicates it is hard for her to speak.

“I- no. I’m very… Blast. I want to apologise, I threw your kindness back in your face.”

You continue working.


She seems confused by your acknowledgement with no follow up.

The problem with the robodoggo is not going to be creating a shell, no you have plenty of parts from the walker. The issue is going to be grabbing an A.I to operate it. If it is to be independent but obey you it will need an A.I to receive and act upon commands. Otherwise you would merely be controlling it directly. You will have to find one somewhere.

“Where are we?”

“A small base of mine, some distance away from that warzone.”

“When can I move again?”

You proceed to list off every single one of her injuries in alphabetical order. She seems to get the point of “Quite some time.”

“I was almost food for the grubs then… heh. Say… did the woman you took that case from have a green cross on her gloves?”

Her eyes glaze over when you tell her that yes, that was indeed the case.

“Then Sam is dead.”

She starts breaking down as she throws up on the floor. The smell is terrible.

>what to do?

ec040e No.295819

File: c2e616d6ad0dc2d⋯.png (7.25 KB, 439x293, 439:293, EYE - cute jian.png)

Dice rollRolled 60 (1d100)


Make sure our legs are OK, this is not time to be some broke leg Jian.

Get some water so she can rinse the vomit out of her mouth and then use our impeccable bedside manners to provide some comfort and solace in these trying times.

Maybe try and find a mop or something once our legs are back on.

58b31f No.295822

Dice rollRolled 89 (1d100)


Finish fixing our legs then interrogate her while she is emotionally weak it should be easy to get basic info such as: Who they are? Where are you from? Are your comrades able to track you down? Also forget the dog, we already got that piece of shit fairy annoying us we don't need some snarky AI bitching at us also

923c51 No.295871

Dice rollRolled 82 (1d100)


Bring her water, find a way to clean the puke, and offer some reconfort along the line of " Well you know they left you for dead so your probably better off without them"

Maybe start asking some questions like " anyway why where you killing those clansmen ?"

>Robo Doggo

Can we make an A.I ?

574faf No.295873


Possibly. However there is an issue in that, you would need enough electronic gear, such as a computer, to attempt such a thing.

ac2cb1 No.295874

Dice rollRolled 28 (1d100)


>snarky AI

>not a stupid dog AI that is only loyal to us

What do you thing we're trying?

Ask dead weight about making AI. After we comfort her by calling her a little bitch. If she acts nice we might build her a new eye and send her on her way.

923c51 No.295903


> If she acts nice we might build her a new eye

Yeah we could have her help us finding electronic gear and parts for our robot ( we might to not want to make it dog shaped so that it can go down fissures with us) because it will also be the stuff we need to fix her some new parts. It's a win-win.

ec040e No.296152

Let's make our servitor a robotic replica of the majestic land squid.

574faf No.296324


You figure that perhaps, waiting a little on the robot would be prudent.

You put your legs together, now cleaned and maintained.

Bea peaks her head into the room, then narrows her eyes at the vomit.


She, before you can interact with her, freezes the vomit on the floor solid. You quickly sweep it up and out of the fort. A little bit of water and all will be fine. Speaking of water, you bring the Beetle some water, she swishes it in her mouth and you allow her to spit it out into an old bucket. She drinks the rest of the waterskin and you dump the vomit water outside.

“So, who are you people?”

“Military remnants.”

“Can your comrades help you?”

“I doubt it, not unless I return to base. It’s unlikely.”

She nods her head sadly.

“Why were you guys killing clansmen anyway?”

“They ambushed us, we fought back.”

“Your group left you for dead, maybe you’re better off without them?”

“No! I’m sure there’s a reason!”

Tears stream down her face.


You tap her on the head and softly whisper.

“If you stop being a little bitch, I’m certain that everything will be fine.”

She merely nods and steels her gaze. “You’re right, I’m bringing shame to my people.”

“You know where I can get myself an A.I?”

She seems confused. “Why would you need one of those?”

“I need one to make a Droid. But the one in your suit will not work. So I require another one.”

“I-I’m certain my people would know something about that. We have a lot of thing like that, robots, armour. I’m certain if you brought me back they might help you out.”

>What to do now?

>In all seriousness, cast a vote on a robot. Do you want one or not?

>Also make an opinion on what kind of droid you want, an attack droid? A scout droid?

>inventory will be updated, but do you want to timeskip forward at all?

>She can't move from her bed yet, estimated 1 week of recovery.

ac2cb1 No.296338

Dice rollRolled 46 (1d100)


For droid I say yes. Attack would be best, scout is a bit redundant as we are basically the best scout available.

Ask dead weight why they were in our territory. But before that we ask her what the fuck she is. Half Beatle half person is weird.

And ask bea if she's been fucking with our mind. Meant to ask that last thread.

f7d864 No.296356

Dice rollRolled 14 (1d100)


Having more attack would be cool, should probably set it up to save our ass if we are incapacitated and fly/drag us back to base camp.

It may be early for this vote, but we should work on the bot till it gets to the point where we just need to plug in the ai, then leave it at the base and take the deadweight to her people and get as much out of it as possible.

we do need to ask her name at some point, deadweight is annoying to write

f7d864 No.296357

Dice rollRolled 100 (1d100)


I'm gonna stop rolling, i think 90% of my rolls have been under 50 ;-;

f7d864 No.296358

File: 451b0987baa84fc⋯.jpg (63.14 KB, 620x403, 20:13, psc2.jpg)

574faf No.296364


You know what, you can just use that 100. that's fine, I'll allow it. Blackacre needs some luck occationally.

0a715d No.296368

Dice rollRolled 50 (1d100)


I want dogbot.

Name it something so that when it will die, everyone will have already predicted it but the waterworks will flow anyway

thinking… Milo? Carla? Buddy? Rocky? Bella? Lucy?


Using this roll to determine quality of dogbot. Dogbot should be attack bot.

Also, timeskip forward. During timeskip help cripplebeetle adjust to her crippleness. Make plans to go back to their encampment. Bond with Bea too, she needs love.

My roll is on the success of the stuff to do during timeskip?

ac2cb1 No.296376

Dice rollRolled 68 (1d100)


Thank you, God.



My sides. Build her a rudimentary aug. limb because trust is important and we don't need people back stabbing us.

>Bond with Bea too, she needs love.

Friend love. We aren't waifuing the loli.

58b31f No.296402

File: 9d2b8301b304606⋯.png (107.49 KB, 310x329, 310:329, Cripplebeetle.png)

Dice rollRolled 89 (1d100)


>Military remnants

inb4 For Auld Lang Syne


If we are going to make a robo-dog I vote to call him "Rex"

Also don't bond with Bea, fuck the queen and her frigid tits

804f32 No.296405

File: 567350ff3f8b4ba⋯.jpg (21.64 KB, 456x322, 228:161, images-15.jpg)

Dice rollRolled 33 (1d100)


We have a charging unit for a walker in the back.

albeit a little outdated but we could probably nigger-rig it to a newer model when we get one.


I like the AI idea and the name but fuck robotdogs lets have a Metal Gear. 20ft mech With a dog AI so its useful but blackacre can avoid having to be sociable

58b31f No.296437

File: a0e0e04f1fd46c3⋯.png (1.05 MB, 600x875, 24:35, Nothin' but a hound dog.png)


>Fuck robotdogs

Anon please don't do this to me

923c51 No.296443

Dice rollRolled 95 (1d100)


Yes for the attack droid, any shap as long as it can easily follow us anywhere

Ans yes to time skip, use time to build the robot and bond a bit with DeadWeight and Bea.

Also do we need to check our supplies before voting for time skip ? Or since we're at the base it's assumed that Blackacre will ressuply ?

574faf No.296481


Blackacre is more than capable of hunting for food. Critters can't exactly detect him from beyond medium range anyways. Not hard for him to get meat. His knowledge of plants and agriculture also allow him to harvest and supply himself with edible plants despite his "Okay" survival skill.

804f32 No.296527

File: 60e55a44fc2d1ae⋯.jpg (24.66 KB, 482x305, 482:305, images-19.jpg)

Dice rollRolled 9 (1d100)


Its a cool concept but a cyberdog isnt going to bring the raiders who took our shit to their knees in horror-worship only to be grayfoxed.

anyway stomping people into paste should do wonders for our sanity.

I guess we could always do both by plugging the ai into the mech or dog chassis depend on the situation

ac2cb1 No.296529

Dice rollRolled 2 (1d100)


>be raider

>chilling innawoods with buds

>suddenly jake gets his throat ripped out by a dog thing

>we shoot at it

>bullets bounce off

>it continues to nom everyone who dosen't escape

>"shit man, it was some kind of devil dog! Our guns didn't do jack shit!"

Plus I want a whole pack of these fuckers later. so we can release the hounds

0a715d No.296584


>inb4 'Who let the dogs out' plays full blast

f7d864 No.296601


Thank you, I immediately went to sleep after that happened last night out of depression

f7d864 No.296603


>no sage

just end my life

ac2cb1 No.296607


Back to sleep you go fag

d20242 No.296618

File: acf2e2f60f3e9a9⋯.webm (1.76 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, acf2e2f60f3e9a945ce16f121….webm)

File: 30916a63ec1902d⋯.jpg (21.9 KB, 493x298, 493:298, images-29.jpg)

Dice rollRolled 26 (1d100)


>be raider

>chilling innawoods with buds fixing our heavily armed well loaded walkers and stowing loot after a hard days rape and plunder

>suddenly jake gets juiced by a huge plasteel hydraulic foot with the shockwave launching billybob and our dinner into the fire.

>junebug screams for about half a second before he, the cockpit of his walker and the oil drip pans underneath are all merged into one big crumpled puddle by the other foot.

>kleedus starts his walker and primes an anti armour warhead only for it to detonate seconds later as whats left of him and the walker is engulfed by then swept away as a red shrapnel filled mist from the sheer weight of the head mounted miniguns fire.

>i think i just pissed myself. Nope that warm feeling is my legs melting into the grass on account of the plasma projector

>suggesting we take on well armed and supplied bandits with mech suits with a tin dog as opposed to robo webm related

ac2cb1 No.296642


>wanting to take a hulking monstrosity of metal around when our whole thing is stealth

We are a stealth character, anything like that would just put us at a big disadvantage. I admit, having a warhound titan would be fucking cool; but we don't roll like that. It's counter intuitive to our whole shtick.

d20242 No.296670


It doesnt have to be warhound sized when we cant fit something that big into fort kickass anyway but if raider bands have suits and walkers and other tech shit like say thermal imaging at their disposal sticking to stealth isnt going to win a fight when something we cant just avoid pops its head up.

I do see your point though maybe we get something smaller

ac2cb1 No.296732

File: d421d358e039c96⋯.jpg (539.8 KB, 854x732, 7:6, IMG_1773.JPG)

Dice rollRolled 56 (1d100)


We can't be seen on thermal, or anything in our haunt. We're fucking ghosts man. And who says we don't give robodoggo weapons? Like a flamer or plasma gun in his mouth a la pic related save for it being smaller and a bit more dog like. that head looks fucking stupid

But that's for later projects though.

d20242 No.296815

File: 2eb8bb328b7acdc⋯.webm (1018.16 KB, 198x360, 11:20, 2eb8bb328b7acdc6a31af92ba….webm)

Dice rollRolled 61 (1d100)


At some point we'll have to leave the haunt to take deadweight home leaving us without that protection

0a715d No.296825


we're building robot from her base, anon. we can't build it before we take her back.

whatever shape the robot will be, it still won't be built, or useful, until we get back with the AI or we just build it at the base.

and >>296642 has a major point, our entire character design is being sneaky and /stealth/. a mecha would be fucking awesome, but it's a known fact that quadrupedal beings have easier times with stealth at many sizes compared to a bipedal being. not to mention it is terribly out-of-place with our environment, it wouldn't fit the theme of our character or the story at all.

574faf No.297144


You root through the medical case taking stock of it’s contents. Inside the sizable bag you find a single basic cybernetic. It is merely a replacement arm, a quick fix so to speak.

“Painkillers still working?”



You fiddle with the settings on the arm, measuring and comparing to her own stump. You adjust the arm to connect to the proper area where her arm was blown off.

You sigh and cock an eyebrow at her. “This may sting, but it beats having no arm.”

“Do it, I can han…”

You attach the arm in a single motion. There is a crackle and a crack as it adjusts her arm to fit in some areas, attaching to the nervous system.

“FUCK!” She shouts quite loudly, enough that Bea pokes her head into the room from the other.

After an hour, she’s moving the arm herself. It is a simple design, a three pronged hand with only basic functionality. It’s not operating any weapons any time soon.

“You want some blades on that arm or something? May as well give it something to fight with, not exactly flexible enough to use a gun eh?”

She shakes her head. “My armour will be sufficient, The attached minigun should handle any threats.” She cocks her head and leans forward, squinting her eyes narrowly. “What was your name?”

“Blackacre. Yours?”


You shrug and go back to what you were doing.

Obviously you need to work on a simple, but useful robotic companion. Domesticating an animal is much too hard, and if it died not only would be be sad, you would have to find another one.

No, clearly a robot is required. But you need an A.I, the simpler the better. Maybe a dogbot? That could work, some extra flexibility at the legs and it could perform most functions a human could.

You look over your parts. From the walkers you have nearly everything you need, a shitton of metal plating that joins together, motors, power cells, fission ports, hydraulics, servos and basic circuitry. The only issue is that a lot of the items in question are large. In order for it all to fit the robot would be about 5’8 tall, 11 ft long. It’s parts would be much more powerful than they have to be as well, the walker hydraulics are meant to hold hundreds of pounds without effort. Generally they had about 200 pounds of spare allowance when armour is included.




The over spec'd parts would not be a problem, replacing them when they break down may be awkward though. However as a scavenger you really don’t care about “cost efficiency”.

You roll out the mechanical maintenance kit and get to work.

The easy part is creating the structure. The central hub that was used for the walker is large and the primary reason the bot has to be slightly smaller than a horse. A Human bot with the equipment you have is unreasonable, you determine. A dogbot would have good storage space and ample room to house weapons. Not only that it would be better suited to combat.

The hydraulics, wires, circuitry and various bits of interior walker structure is good for the internals. The secondary hydraulics are next, in addition to the thin jackal like head. Third is some armour plating, all firmly linked together into melding shapes to the skeleton, some bent slightly, others not. Most of the armour plating can be shaped to it’s frame.

Siegfried watches you intently whenever you work on the bot. She only seems to understand the basic ideas behind what you do.

Many “Why that?” and “How does that work?” type questions are asked, you don’t mind answering them at all. Eventually you find yourself talking about how robots work, who taught you how to use technology (father, old world manuals) and she talks about where she is from.

“Home is complicated, to say the least Blackacre. It’s a military complex built on top of a munitions and weapons factory. Those guys we were fighting attacked us unprovoked, so we’re demonstrating that it will not be tolerated. We’re also coming out of hiding, so we needed to make an entrance to avoid future conflict. At least that is what the commander said.”

“Who’s your leader?”

“We’ve come to call her the serpent god. She’s older than we have data. She controls our tactics, our network and is our leader. Thus, she is our god, in a sense. She protects us, creates our weapons and gear, and oversees our progress.”

“What are you? If you don’t, mind me asking?”

“A Vanguard Type 4 Super Soldier Unit. Otherwise known as the most cost effective model.”

“I was wondering if that was the case, your body is quite well designed. Extra organs, two ribcages, reinforced exoskeleton…”

She seemed embarrassed by that one remark.

“I’m just a basic model…”

“Regardless, you’re going to be healed soon, I’m going to check on your stitching and damage.”

574faf No.297145


She obliges by removing the shirt you gave her. Her skin is much better now, only some resulting burns and trauma are left. A couple of days and she should be alive again. The stitching is starting to meld with her flesh, a good sign that she should be fine. You check her eye hole, airing it out, she does not like to leave it out, but you mention the risk of infection if she leaves it covered all the time. To be honest, seeing into the inside of her head is not exactly pleasant but you really don’t care either way.

And of course you check all over, under the breasts, by the naval… Though nothing seems to be wrong. Though she winces when you touch her breasts, but she never mentioned she was in any pain, and in fact denies that she is in any.

>Week passes.

You have the robot’s frame entirely constructed, the circuitry is ready to go, the power source is good for now. You will need fuel sources for it to run extended periods, but when not in use it will charge very, VERY slowly through use of an infinibattery. You have constructed a manual control as well, it will control the robot remotely. However you can’t see through it’s eyes, meaning it can only act on what you can see.

For it to be a loyal companion, you need an A.I

Siegfried can now move properly, and is in decent health. Around ¾ health for her now. Recently she has started to practice walking again, now that she is short one of her many legs she required practice. It is clear that she’s rather appreciative of your feeding her by hand and giving her water. Your cleaning and other such activities have struck a very positive chord in her.

>Siegfried is an ally.

>Siegfried would like to return to her people, but thinks she needs some help getting there. She would introduce you to her people. She thinks that you could most likely help them with a few things and you would be rewarded for your efforts.

>Siegfried will defer to your opinion for now. She feels that she owes you a debt.

>What to do?

>A mechanical eye requires very advanced shit you don't quite have on hand. Unfortunately.

ac2cb1 No.297147

Dice rollRolled 70 (1d100)


Set out with seigheil I guess. Find this fortress and ask about AI shit and if we can have one for bringing back their soldier bug. Also give seigmeyer shit for actually worshiping her boss.

If she asks about bea, just tell her that she is "our unwanted magical babysitter"

f7d864 No.297148

Dice rollRolled 21 (1d100)


I say we lock down the compound, pack for a trip, and get Siegfried back to her people. The fact that we can get some sweet loot, including an ai, has nothing to do with it. Really.

0a715d No.297172

Dice rollRolled 32 (1d100)


Time for her to repay her debt. We'll take her to her 'snake god' and hopefully get two mechanical eyes and a advanced AI out of it.

Ask cockroach if she knows Brunnhilde. If she's a true German she'll respond with some nordic reference.

Also, ask 'snake god' about any jobs we could do. Our specialty is secrecy, and assassination, no guns-blazing shit. Her 'creates our weapons' is mighty interesting if you ask me. Maybe we could get a better upgrade for our legs in exchange for any job asked of us?

A good relationship with a merc group can only bring benefits, I suppose, especially if they owe you one.

>“I’m just a basic model…”

Not good. We'll need to be careful bargaining. It looks like she may be of lesser value. Snek cloaca might value her men, might not. Worthwhile to bring weapons not just for protection on the way there, but there as well.

We need a really really fucking good AI. If one of the AI's is buggy, take it. Chances are it could turn sentient and then we'll have a real badass on our side. Sentient loyal dogbots are awesome.

I say sentient as in similar to dogbot from Metal Gear Rising.

923c51 No.297258

Dice rollRolled 55 (1d100)


>Save someone

>Expect reward from powerful group

Doesn't that sound somewhat familiar from our recent past ?

Last time we saved the queen of the faction and still got messed up for it. This time it's just a drone.

We need a plan to keep that from happening again.

A simple one would be to not enter the fortress, Seigfried would be our contact inside, she brings us the reward, and the eventual futur contracts, this way we can get some stuff with them and minimize the risk of betrayal.

Before leaving we should get info from her :

-How do they usually treat stranger ?

-What kinf of help would they need from us ?

-If she's just a basic model will they really give us what we want as a reward ?

-How does snek god looks like, how does she behave and why are they suddenly going out of hidding ?

Finally ask Bea if she knows anything about snek god

Let's say everything goes great and we get some teched out ally, do we try to get them to kill the giant worm for Dreary&co ? just for the keks

58b31f No.297842

File: 963de6000679e03⋯.png (67.25 KB, 255x224, 255:224, forty keklishnikovs.png)

Dice rollRolled 16 (1d100)


Tell her to get up off her damn thorax and get ready to move, it's homecoming time remember to lock up the house before we go and grab a handful of bolts When we get to the base wear your head up high and look proud we gotta snek boss to impress don't forget to insult the common super soldiers we pass by along with throwing bolts at them to establish our dominance and as our favor ask Siegfried if we can call her KrippleKäfer

ac2cb1 No.297879

Dice rollRolled 13 (1d100)


To look extra intimidating we should wear some kind of gas mask. Make sure the eye lenses are one way so no one can see our discomfort with having to leave our haunt.

574faf No.298003


“Wait, soe let me get this very clear. You worship your boss?”

She attempts to shrug, then looks quite downcast. “Some do, I don’t. She’s a wise leader but not a god.”

“I’m a hermit in the middle of the greenbelt junge and I think you people are strange. Well regardless, get off your thorax, I’ll help you assemble your armour we will be heading out shortly.”

She turns to look at the vicious clawed giant dog bot you assembled. “It that coming with us?”

“Probably not, i would have to divide my attention piloting it while we travel. That’s a pain. By the way, you’re a basic model right? Are you actually worth much to them?”

She seems a little offended by that remark her one eye frowns.

“I said i’m the most cost efficient model, the most recent one. It does not mean that i’m any less capable or valuable.”

“Fair point. So, what do you guy really want from me is the question on my mind here.”

“You know this area well correct?”


“You know a great deal about local fauna and flora?”


“The snake god has little recent knowledge of the environment. Your help would be well worth a trade from her.”

“Fair. Now the gold plated question. Why come out of hiding now?”

“I wish I knew… My guess is to rebuild and expand, it grew cramped in the bunker.”

You grab your gear, help her rebuild her armour on herself and get going. She does not even ask about Bea, almost as if she can’t remember her or doesn’t care. Bea follows you intently once again after you lock up the base.

Unfortunately the dogbot would slow down your travel to a huge degree, due to a manual control. Not only that you have to guide seigheil over here.

During your long time you had available, you tried to construct a mask. It failed really badly. In Fact it was so bad that you threw it out to never be seen again. Damn shame really, it was going so well until it looked terrible and was the wrong size.

You’re wearing your new armour, despite not know how good it is. Should be better than yours.

Important knowledge known by Blackacre:

Night is very dangerous. All the mantis, bears, horrific mutants and other nasties hide at night in fear of the “things” that actually come out. Night, and this is something that has only happened VERY recently, only lasts about 4 hours now. And that makes no scientific sense to you.

Hunting will allow you to gain food, but will slow you down.

Blackacre can cross his haunt VERY quickly at a moment’s notice. However Siegfried cannot.

You have a handful of bolts and mad disrespect ready to go.

“So, brynhildr, mind if i call you KrippleKäfer?”

“I… Blackacre, sir, I really don… Just… Please don’t? Second, who’s this Brynhildr?”

“Old story.”

“I want to hear it sometime.”

>You have mad bolts and disrespect prepared for the other soldiers at the base.

> Bea knows nothing about these people. Except that they seem to have 0 to little magical aptitude.

>Estimated travel time: 3 Days.

>Was this part of your plan?

>Actually, what is your plan?

622083 No.298004

Dice rollRolled 20 (1d100)


Only throw bolts at people if they give us shit. They're the ones that abandoned a comrade to die.

On our way we should scavenge. We need to get ourselves a gas mask, or at least some sunglasses, that we can wear while negotiating a reward.

f7d864 No.298005

Dice rollRolled 15 (1d100)


We should travel light and keep enough space to carry back whatever we scavenge.

58b31f No.298011

File: 92f36d360017b43⋯.png (248.2 KB, 310x508, 155:254, This does not cheeki my br….png)

Dice rollRolled 79 (1d100)



I swear to god if she doesn't let us call her KrippleKäfer for wasting our time escorting her to mommy snek, I say we ask her "Is it a good idea to play Russian roulette with a semi-automatic pistol?" make sure to guilt her real good If she does, well just travel at a moderate pace while making sure to emphasis her nickname at every chance we get, no need to search for food we got plenty of rations and if we travel along a waterway then it won't be a problem either Do the rations just account for us or does it account for KrippleKäfer and us? Beyond that we can think up of insults for the other """"""""super soldiers"""""""" when we get there and I swear to god if we get to the base and mummy snek asks us to impregnate someone pull a pin on a grenade and go out with a bang

ac2cb1 No.298012

Dice rollRolled 85 (1d100)


Make sure to refer to mommy snek as such. Disrespect everyone and if someone calls us out for it and asks for an explanation tell them that this is how we cope with being around so many people. Guilt them into feeling bad for us and continue to disrespect them.

0a715d No.298016


3 earth rotations

also how is night four fucking hours?


A) The earth rotates faster

B) There is a giant galactic mirror that reflects light but not energy from the Sun.

C) The earth is elongated in one direction but the center of mass did not change.

Fuq it

Bully beetle and tell her story of Brunnhilde, the valkyrie who protected Sieglinde the first redneck who bedded her brother Siegmund Roman style. (Story is called Die Walkure, and the Rise of the Valkyries song comes from it.)



923c51 No.298018

Dice rollRolled 8 (1d100)


Get there fast, warn DeadWeight about the stuff that goes bump in the night.

When night comes get a real nice hideout and desapear until morning comes, advice DeadWeight to brace herself in her armor and to ignore the voices, noises and generally maddening stuff that might happen in that time.

Once there, get the stuff for the AI and get out. If they want us to work for them request unlimited access to their workshops and supplies of tech, if they refuse just leave.

>being a dick to everyone

Wait at least until we get the stuff we want

>guilt trip

fuck that, nobody is gonna feel sorry for a weird obnoxious hermit

622083 No.298031



These are both horrible ideas and will likely end in bodily harm and a lack of robot doggo, but I've already rolled my dice


You've got the better idea but the shittier dice. Why must the dice gods treat us so?

ac2cb1 No.298042

Dice rollRolled 80 (1d100)


This somewhat. When night comes around and we hide, tell seigheil "if you start hearing voices telling you to step out of your armor, ignore them. Praying only eggs them on so don't try that."

Also I assume we've been talking in monotone this whole time?

ac2cb1 No.298044

Dice rollRolled 40 (1d100)


Also, if mommy snek wants us to call her some stupid title just flat out say no. Also give her army shit for leaving behind soldiers.

make sure we calculate routes of escape as we get to the place. Find exits out of the fortress so we aren't trapped.

0a715d No.298073

Dice rollRolled 9 (1d100)


gibe mommy snek a snickers

shes not her when shes hungry

574faf No.298580


“Is it a good idea to play russian roulette with a semi-automatic pistol?”

She seems legitimately worried for you.

“Why would you consider doing that?”

“Beats walking.”

She simply remains silent. She always keeps an eye on the surroundings closely. A couple of times she loses track of you, despite the fact you’re right there.

“By the way kripplekafer, If you hear voices telling you to step into the wilderness at night. Don’t. You’ll die.”

She looks far into the distance. “Yes, on our first outing we had some… casualties due to the things at night. Needed to find shelter on most days, why do most of those things hate buildings?”

“No idea.”

“Helpful, but not your fault.”

“I aim to please!”

Halfway through the first day you feel eyes on your back. An uncomfortable feeling to say the least. “Bea, you feel that?”

The faerie shifts to the front of you, her legs wrapped around your waist as she weightlessly floats using you as a anchor.

“Nope, not at all.”

“Stop that.”


Siegfried stares at you strangely, her eyebrows raised wildly as she tries to make sense of you talking to an invisible creature.

An hour later, your fears are confirmed. Something is following you. It’s not using the ground to follow though, probably the trees. It’s nearly silent as it moves, but you think you’ve caught an odd glimpse of a pair of green eyes.

Soon, it would be wise to find a camp to set up in. Your fingers are shaking and you suddenly feel out of place. Realising that this is the farthest you’ve strayed from your haunt in quite some time.

From what you can see there’s an old set of walls ahead still mostly standing, a room may still be intact. You could climb up a skyscraper tree to be safe, but siegfried may have trouble replicating that. Alternatively you could try to press on and hope for something else.

>Options options.

622083 No.298582

Dice rollRolled 57 (1d100)


Tell Bea and Siegy Stardust that we're being hunted and need to set up our camp accordingly

4b829e No.298583

Dice rollRolled 2 (1d100)



Not using KrippleKäfer


>Calling her Siegfried


Besides that set up camp by busting a wall in the skyscraper tree and wait out the night there, while we eat we could ask KrippleKäfer about her "comrades" and any dirty little secrets she would know about them we need ammo so we can roast everyone there like concentration camp and if we hear any voices at night calling out too us tell them to suck your dick

622083 No.298584


Fuckin close dice

If the voices agree to suck our dick we should tell them we have a headache

ac2cb1 No.298595

Dice rollRolled 16 (1d100)


I say we find seigheil and bea some shelter and hunt the hunter. It's beats playing 20 questions with the amputeetle and who knows, might find something interesting. Use the machete though. Gunshots would attract the wrong kind of attention.

923c51 No.298680

Dice rollRolled 3 (1d100)


Tell the beetle that we're being followed and that she should hide in the nearby building

Then let's hide and ambush the thing that's following us with our machete. Keep Bea close she's invisible to non magical things so it should be ok, tell her to be discret just in case.

574faf No.298755

File: d4e06cb5e3eeff2⋯.gif (2.74 MB, 500x333, 500:333, why.gif)





well, hopefully someone else has a backup plan eh?

This should be interesting.

58b31f No.298873

File: c7ff50b06b90ca9⋯.png (19.54 KB, 286x213, 286:213, Just beat it.png)

Dice rollRolled 38 (1d100)


Backup plan: Operation Katawa Käfer

The plan here is to find somewhere safe to set up camp then offer to take night watch and when KrippleKäfer falls asleep, jack off furiously to her. The plan behind this one is that the voices can't tempt or annoy us while we're too focused on rubbing one out and since Siegfried is asleep she can't be driven crazy maybe she'll have nightmares by the voices, a full-proof plan. Also if Bea tries to screw with us tell her "To go fuck an icicle"

574faf No.299244


“We’ll need to set up camp carefully. In case of uninvited guests.”

It’s quite difficult to hide the raw hostility in your voice. Though, it is disturbingly similar to how you usually sound. You wonder for a moment about how you must sound to other people.


You walk up to the nearest skyscraper tree and attempt to pull apart some of the roots to open up a hole. You try at it for 5 solid minutes, but find that it refuses to budge. It’s quite strange, you thought you were much stronger than this. It was disappointing

“Change of plans, building it is. Siegfried, we’ll set you up there, lie in wait. I’m going to find this threat and deal with it.”

“It’s getting dark, are you sure?”


Beatrix quizzically stares at you, clearly wondering what you must be thinking.

The building does have one set room, with all on either side allowing it to be quite secure and hidden from many creatures of the night. Then you head into the trees, up into the canopy to lie in wait. You machete drawn, waiting to taste blood, hovers in your hand eagerly holding steady. From where you’re positioned it would be easy to drop down behind or onto someone. It would also be simple to simply droop down silently and slash at a human size critter’s neck.

The sounds of the jungle go quiet as is someone snapped their fingers. The birds retreated to their holes, insects suddenly muted. Not even the distant cries of hunting wildlife can be heard. In the distance, far beyond your reach, you can hear a man’s scream. Cut short that it was, but a scream nonetheless. Unlucky bastard probably didn't even try to hide.

“You look quite scary like that you know?”

You immediately know that voice was not Beatrix.

Where did Beatrix go?

“It was a clever idea, mostly luck caused me to see you. To find you. You’re a hard man to find.”

You try to find where the voice is coming from, up. Adjusting your gaze upward you can see two deep dark green eyes glowering down upon you. Immediately, without hesitation you lash out towards it.

Only to have some shadowy figure pull away from your swing. You heard your blade connect, but it did no damage? A small unsatisfying *dink* was all that was awarded to you.

“That’s not very nice is it?”

The voice is feminine, cold, with no inflection or feeling to it. There is a sharp edge to it’s tongue that you can’t quite place, but it irritates you slightly. The figure darts through the trees outside of your vision, clearly taking its time. Whatever it is, it seems at least partially serpentine. You can hear the subtle raking of claws against bark and plant matter.

“You never seemed like one for talking.”

You keep your machete ready. Chasing it will only put you at a disadvantage.

“It’s a little creepy how you do that, just waiting calmly. As if you don’t care anymore. Aren’t you curious as to why I was looking for you?”

You make sure your pistol is ready in case you need to quick draw. You wait in listen as the dark grows ever more present.

“I’ll take that as a no.”

Something darts at you, hitting your shoulder. However, as it tried to dart away you slammed your machete down onto it. It’s like hitting porcelain, like breaking a dinner plate.

574faf No.299245


“Oh maybe you can’t see me?”

You hear an odd clicking sound, like sparking. Whatever it is, it had a lighter.

The tiny flame illuminates the face of a woman. Her skin a deep tan, the eyes, all dark green like orbs of light. Her skin speckled with weird armoured scales, green in colour. Some are cracked and damaged as a few seem to fall off of her skin haphazardly. Her claws are long and flexible, each individual claw is about the size of your forearm+hand. Each claw has 3 joints to its bone like construction. Her sensitive areas were covered by leaves and that porcelain-like substance. Her legs were indeed serpentine, but not in the way you expected. Each leg had a semblance of a human's until halfway down the thigh where the two legs began to conjoin. Then they became one long if narrow tail that shimmered as if it were one-hindered shades of green in the lighter’s dim flame. From the look of it, the end of her tail-legs then where the feet would be split into two separate tail sections each adorned with a large jagged spike, one of which was bloodied.

She cocks her head at you, much too far for a human’s neck to withstand normally. An audible crack fills the air as you’re not sure what to do besides the voice in your head saying kill it now.


“Who, or rather what are you?”

“You don…. Yo-. I can’t., that’s impossible!”

She half shouts from a whispering tone. Her hands are brought up to her head.

“You know who I am!”

“No I don’t. Stop following me or die.”

She seems visibly shaken for a moment, her eyes nearly bulged out of her sockets at one point from her odd posture.

“No it’s you, it sounds, looks like him, but is it?”

Then the thing fucking hisses at you, and slithers off quickly. It’s gone again, you can hear it rustling the trees in the distance, but following it at night would be literal suicide.

You noticed one thing odd as it was escaping though.

It had a tail protruding from it’s human tailbone, a lizard like tail. Entirely separate from it’s lamia-like leg tail, it possessed a long jagged ribbing, and had a horrifically long needle-like point.

You have never seen a creature with those kinds of mutations before. Getting that amount of unpredictable mutations to work together seamlessly should be nearly impossible. Even with decent controlled conditions it seems unlikely for those to work together. How is that creature not a faceless mass of flesh?

Regardless, you think of your next move.


>She’s long gone.

>Where did Bea go?

ac2cb1 No.299248

Dice rollRolled 18 (1d100)


Great. We have a yan mutant after our dick. No sleep for us for the foreseeable future. Yay

check ourselves then look for loli fairy. The blood might be ours, but it's most likely hers.

f7d864 No.299252

Dice rollRolled 15, 21, 68, 25 = 129 (4d100)


Well, Fae tend to be impervious to any conventional damage, as far as my knowledge goes so if the blood is her's she probably just took cover to avoid any more annoyance. She's probably nearby since she has to keep you alive.

>Call for Bea

>If found ask her what it was

>If not found look for a min

>If still not found go back to camp

f7d864 No.299253

Dice rollRolled 2, 55, 79, 82 = 218 (4d100)

This thread is cursed with shitty roles I swear

58b31f No.299262

File: b1d51b5bd13786a⋯.png (212.51 KB, 350x320, 35:32, Where the fuck is Bea.png)

Dice rollRolled 77 (1d100)


Okay so we can't break her skin, but that still doesn't mean we can't rupture her organs with explosives. I vote we set up traps around our hap hazard campsite and sleep the night away if it makes you feel better Bea was holding us back we can't rely on anyone to save us but ourselves and while we're setting up traps we can play 20 questions with KrippleKäfer and work on our interpersonal skills and practice our bolt throwing

923c51 No.299284

File: 37b2ba1f18682cd⋯.jpg (116.72 KB, 362x300, 181:150, dadplz.jpg)

Dice rollRolled 79 (1d100)



Also creepy snek was looking for someone who looks like us, who looks like us ? Our father ?

Was our father dealing in mutation experiment ? Could he be the one she's looking for ? Is she…. our sister ?!

f7d864 No.299424

Dice rollRolled 77 (1d100)


fucking shit man I hope so that'd be sick

9e5500 No.299438

Dice rollRolled 25 (1d100)


Gotta make sure our friendu fairy is alright first. She could be invisible and fluttering right next to us for all we know, so try whispering to her first before getting louder. If no response head to our little camp.

(Wouldn't staying out too late during the night be bad for our sanity?)

574faf No.299442


Varies. Depends on what you see when out there.

On average, YES, VERY MUCH SO.

574faf No.299443


You whisper. “Bea, where did you go?”

In response you hear a small whimper. You quickly move over behind a tree, to find Bea impaled onto it. A long needle like spike, discoloured in the way old iron is.

She reaches a hand out to you, pathetically.

“Help me, please.”

You look side to side for a moment, wondering if it’s a trap, a trick of the night. You determine that it probably is not. You barely care for the faerie, it would be a poor choice to use for a lure were it an illusion. You move forward, examining the lone spike impaling Bea.

“It’s barbed. I’ll have to remove it carefully.”

“It’s iron!” She half yells. “It’s stopping me from healing.” She coughs up a small amount of blood, a silvery blue fluid. She has a nasty cut along the side of her head as well, might not have been who who was injured. Did she really strike you?

“Right, you asked for it.”

You place both hands on the spike, and plant your boot on the tree. Bea takes a deep breath. You wrench the thing clear of the tree, the wood splits, the bark where your boot is cracks and Bea muffles her yell to a quiet whimper. Blood drips everywhere, you end up covered in the silver-blue liquid. It’s difficult but you have to remove organs from the bards and stuff them back inside at times. Eventually you get the barbed spike out of her.

Her wounds slowly heal before your very eyes. Like she is under the effects of several stem packs at once, it intrigues you. Is there a way to harness that for your benefit? Is there a practical way? Fae are dangerous, it might be worth it?

Regardless, she breathes heavily and leans on you to help her to the camp. For once, you give the little fairy a small amount of aid. She owes you a favor now, might be useful.

The disconcerting thing is how did that creature immediately disable Bea without your knowledge? And what was it? And most importantly, ~how was it made?~

When you return to the camp, siegfried is noticeably frightened of how you look, and she seems to notice Bea now. She takes little mind off it, but seems to understand that you helped Bea out.

Siegfried feels worried about the security of the camp. At least until you pull out your pack and pull out several bombs.

“What are those?”

“Defense measures.”

“What kind?”

“Shrapnel explosives, trips.”

You head out and set them up around the camp, you know where they are and can recover them easily in the morning.

Bea sleeps next to you, covered in her own blood. Oddly enough she seems to cuddle closely to your chest. She cries in her sleep. If you could you might feel bad for the little thing, but in reality you care little for its plight. You could have freed yourself from her watchful eye, but you have the feeling that the queen would simply send another in her place if she died. And if it was December… things would be difficult for you.

Siegfried sleeps soundly, you end up having an episode of minor insomnia, resulting in waking up later than usual.

Your dream is strange. You heard loud noises, people talking, the sounds of screaming, doors opening and leaves rustling all at once. The only words you can remember from the dream are “You’ve gone too far.”

You’re rather paranoid to start with. The feeling of being watched has disappeared but it could appear at any moment. The rest of the trip is smooth, Bea has oddly enough become a great deal more meek, less playful, but seems to tow along much more gently than before.

You can see the building in the distance. It lies in a crater of some kind. A large complex made of a black metal standing like many spires into the sky. You can see the clouds of white steam rise from it. You head down a long and wide path with Siegfried, then you see a massive gate, a bulkhead guarded by two snake-like people in exo-suits. It is impossible to make out their features, excluding the fact that they may be female. Oddly enough they sniff the air, one of their tails thumps loudly on the metal floor of the surrounding crater.

A Medium sized man, brown hair, wearing a fully black uniform with several pockets, a knife, a sufficiently sized rifle and 3 grenades walks up to you. He looks at Siegfried and raises an eyebrow but then smiles and gives her a big hug.

“Your sister was scared shitless, we already had a funeral! HowÉ Were were told you got blown up by a rocket from a walker!”

She looks over to you. Then down to her missing arm. The man looks sad for a moment. “I see, your survival was not without cost.”

“I’m not dead, that’s what counts. He wants to speak with the Snake God.”

He looks you up and down.

“Who are you if you don’t mind me asking?”

>What to do.

>What are your plans when inside the complex?

f7d864 No.299446

Dice rollRolled 15, 33, 63, 1 = 112 (4d100)


Should we pull out some pullshit like "I'm the champion of the Winter Court"?

Also we should rest up and avoid people when possible.

We absolutely must learn from them all that we can, we were just taught by our father and these people are very clearly advanced.

make moves on the snake god if roll>80

f7d864 No.299447

Dice rollRolled 37, 16, 11, 12 = 76 (4d100)



sides are gone okay Ammit, no moves on Snek

ac2cb1 No.299450

Dice rollRolled 91 (1d100)


"None of your business. And I can only assume you and your people have abandoned the no man left behind policy?" Say it in our usual monotone or whatever.

Prep our bolt throwing arm, because after we get our reward and shit we disrespect the lot of them. Also make sure to give mommy snake shit for allowing her subordinates to treat her like a god. That will only end poorly upon her eventual death.

f7d864 No.299455

Dice rollRolled 21 (1d100)


>or whatever

That's it. I want a Tsundere Blackacre.

58b31f No.299457

File: faae3b2393e40c2⋯.png (639.38 KB, 599x570, 599:570, NO CHILL.png)

Dice rollRolled 30 (1d100)


>Saving Bea

>Not letting that fucking winged midget die so we can get a cool wendigo bitch that we could make month related puns to all day long.

We could have said something like "Long live the queen" then stab her or something to make it look like a night monster did it.

>Snek guards sniffing the air

Now I'm no snek biologist but sneks do not actually have that good of olfactory glands, in hind sight they should be sticking their tongues out to "taste the air" then licking their vomeronasal organ, so make sure to call those two guards on their fucking self biology failure or maybe their more human than snek in which case we're gonna look like an idiot, but we gotta roast them somehow

To answer the guy in the black uniform call him a "Hitler youth looking motherfucker" and ask him why you left behind a fellow soldier inb4 he says "We couldn't risk anymore loses" which we should point out "You didn't even send a party to go and help after the battle when there was no more fighting" and finally demand to see mummy snek because we have "Important information for her"

923c51 No.299509

Dice rollRolled 46 (1d100)


Let's try to be quick about it( before our tendency to insult everyone gets us kicked out)

Doesn't matter who we are, we saved the girl and are here to get what they owe us for that.

Also we might have info they whant for their expansion plan, we're ready to help for a price

if we get to discuss reward with the queen :

-We want AI stuff for robot dog as a payment of the surgery bill

-We want acces to their tech and facility to build our own stuff in exchange for help in their expansion.

Don't answer her questions if they're not related to rewards, we don't stay to chitchat we're here to help crippleBug for sweet sweet loot and once it's done we leave.

ac2cb1 No.299532

Dice rollRolled 11 (1d100)


Make sure we tell mommy snek that our territory is a no-go for her expansion. She can have anything else, but our territory is ours. if she gets cocky about it just mention that guerrilla warfare is a thing. If they do try and invade, just stockpile as much water a possible and poison the river with mutation stuff.

Also find out what the hell is in that blue syringe.

>good: we inject ourself

>bad: we inject some sleeping person to see what happens

ac2cb1 No.299533

Dice rollRolled 48 (1d100)


Forgot to add this but don't mention the ice queen. That's our ace in the hole for a worse case scenario.

622083 No.299541


We're the guy who doesn't leave people behind when they have blinking lights on their armor that say "I'm not dead"

622083 No.299542

Dice rollRolled 4 (1d100)


forgot roll

9e5500 No.299831

Dice rollRolled 77 (1d100)


I think this is our best bet. I think that if we stay here too long we'll gain too much sanity.

574faf No.300076


It took around a month to gain 10 sanity. Gaining sanity back is HARD. At least for Blackacre.

a59f90 No.300158

File: 7e45406746af0e0⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 31.57 KB, 720x1167, 240:389, 19453189_10213337973673904….jpg)

File: a1b68dfecbc7af5⋯.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 4.59 MB, 854x480, 427:240, 1436742017153.mp4)

Dice rollRolled 86 (1d100)


I vote this with the addition of fuk-boi at the end.

maybe talk to someone who knows why the sky is fucked and what the needle of blue shit is whilst dead weight gets fixed up before we end up jabbing ourselves full of chlorine or something

574faf No.300232


"None of your business. And I can only assume you and your people have abandoned the no man left behind policy? Or whatever."

He narrows his eye at you. “What occurred during the battle?”

You sigh, unamused. But regardless you level with the man.

“You people were easily dealing with the clansmen. They stood no chance, yet, you retreated. For some reason you failed to even send an extraction team.”

“They probably assumed she was dead.”

“Then they are still severely mentally impaired, in addition to dressing like Hitler youth.”


You scoff. Then lay it out clearly. “If I were a clansmen, I could have taken her exosuit apart several different times and used your technology against you. The fact that she was alive is secondary, if still important. Your man left the tech behind, you almost gave those clansmen a free pass at better weapons to use against you.”

His eyes widen with realization. He calmly nods his head as he clearly knows when something important has been spelled out to him. He taps the side of his helmet, and says something you somehow understand. It’s clearly not lish, but you recognise these words.

“Yes, Siegfried has returned from the mission. She was recovered by an outsider who refuses to give his name. Okay, you may want to talk with him…”

You shrug. “By the way, I didn't do this for free.”

“And he expects compensation… also, group leader 7 should be heavily reprimanded. Yes, the error in judgement was quite severe, i’m sure the outside will act as a witness, telling you what he told me.”

He pauses for a moment, seemingly dazed. His voice quiets to a near whisper. “What? You’re c… Yes stupid question. I’ll send him straight away to see you.”

Siegfried is simply saying nothing, but looks at you strangely. You get the feeling she’s trying to place you somewhere, categorize you or comprehend you. She will try, and probably fail. The voices make you act too erratic to be predictable. You make no motion that would tell them you know what the man is saying.

You look up at the mutated armoured snake soldiers. “Why don’t you lick the air? Makes no bloody sense…”

They make no motion that you would recognise as understanding what you just said. They both merely watch you, you can’t make out their eyes behind the full body armour, but you feel intent gazes. The feeling of many eyes is uncomfortable. You haven’t had many opportunities to be in crowds since long before the “incident”.

Siegfried snaps out of her bout of silence, quite enthusiastically. She instinctively claps her hand and makeshift claw hand together, then her head droops ever so slightly.

“They’re not snakes, at least not very much. They were spliced from an entirely newly created genepool crafted by an old world scientist.”

“His work must have been quite impressive then. Were your mutations made by the same man?”

“As far as we’re aware, yes.”


The bulkhead hisses suddenly. Instinctively your hand reaches for your weapon. The guards at the top of the gate have their weapons tracking you quickly.

It takes you a second to realise it was merely the bulkhead. You slowly relax, taking time to adjust your posture as the two snake-like but apparently not actually snake mutants lower their weapons. The one on the left’s tail thumps loudly on the metal. That one is clearly larger than the other, by a significant margin.

The man straightens his back and sighs softly.

“You’ve been in those wilds far, far too long.”

You scoff.

“I’ll be the judge of that.”

He leads you into the bulkhead. Inside it’s like a portal to another world. The building is pristine. Gleaming metal tiles, potted plants, electricity. The bright white-blue light gleams from the steel tiles that coat the walls and floors. Stepping on them feels odd, you track dirt with you as you walk, as does Siegfried. Almost immediately, 4 people dressed in blue uniforms, with surgical masks and coats jog down a hallway to the left. They take stalk of Siegfried and easily whisk her away for restorative treatment. One of them take a second to look you up and down, no more, no less. Her eyes widen, but nothing else comes of it.

It’s not long until a human-looking woman pops up, she speaks haughtily. Her words are quite tiresome. The man you were speaking with was much better from his voice, you could tell he had seen his fair share of hardship and loss, fights and battles. This lady sounded like someone on their throne. Never seen someone’s arms get blown off, or their insides become outsides. For some reason it irks you to no end. This… this is why you dislike groups like this. Somehow, an incompetent gets in charge occasionally.

“Ah, General Gher.” He stands at attention. “I was just…”

574faf No.300233


She barely even gives him a moment, scoffing and interrupting him immediately.

“I’ll take over from here.”


You raises her nose at you. “Do you not wash?”

“Sometimes, if you want a giant insect eating you alive… smelling different from the forest is a good way to do that.”

“Such disrespect.”

>Social roll: well, let me put this nicely. No

>Social roll 2: pass, due to being easier from blackacre’s past.

You cock your head at this so called “General”.

“Tell me, have you ever even left these walls, even a single time?”

She remains silent, but you can smell her sweat from here.

You don’t turn your nose up at here, but instead aim your gaze right in between her eyes. She fidgets nervously. You don’t blink even once, she turns her gaze away from you. Wisely, the door guard slipped away.

“No.” She answers flatly.

“I thought so. Was your position a gift from your father or mother?”

She scrawls down something on a piece of note paper and hands it to you. She then walks off furiously. If she could slam an automatic door, you got the feeling the bitch would‘ve. This place so far… ~is a joke.~

The note paper has direction to you’re apparent destination. You verify it’s authenticity with a guard, who immediately calls in the fact that the person who was supposed to escort you, didn't. This man’s name is Peter,you probably won’t throw bolts at him, Peter’s a non irritating person with not much in the way of brains, but enough that he knows to use basic manners. Yet somehow he seems to be smarter than that general whose name you have already forgotten.

You wonder why.

Peter takes you to a large bulkhead, that leads to a long hallway leading downward in a slope.

From the efficiency of their training range, eating area, and how you see things done from a glance, you wonder if that fool was an exception to the rule. You hope so. You hate working with large groups of people to begin with, but with an incompetent group? Not a chance.

The bulkhead to the room opens and you walk inside. The first thing you say is…

“You’re first impressions are fucking terrible Mama Snake.”

The “creature” in front of you is massive. A 7’5 (minimum) human body with a snake lower body well beyond your ease of approximation. Absolutely huge, but with seemingly pale and delicate skin. Her eyes are clearly cybernetic, solid blue glassy bulbs. She has had much in the way of cybernetic augmentation. All along her back are several thick cords that attach to several circuits in the wall, ancient pre war tech that’s hard to find. Adapters like that could allow you access to military documentation in a complex… useful if you can build.

She wears an exosuit, however is lies only half on. From what you can see it would fold entirely closed at a single gesture. Clearly it was designed for comfort in mind.

Mama Snake raises a single hand to her mouth and chuckles.

“Technically accurate name.”

Her voice does not come from her mouth, but from a series of audio emitters.

The several beetle guards around her stiffen and watch you intently.

“Anyway, let’s get this over with. I want an A.I for a robot. A weird one will do, just needs K-9 chassis operation functions. In addition, A little bird told me you were planning to expand.”

She merely watches intently, her eyes slightly too big. It was like being photographed.

“I’m willing to… part with some useful information. For a price.”

“What would that be?”

“Access to your labs and tech.”

She grins, leaning forward into her crossed arms.

“If you have good information about this new environment, That can be arranged.”

If you can get access to the labs, identifying the blue stuff should be simple. And you don’t have to tell anyone you have it.

You raise a finger. Your metal toes clack on the floor rhythmically.


She raises an eyebrow, upsetting her bangs over her left eye.

“I have some territory that will remain mine.”

“I would be more than willing to accommodate you in this. How much territory are we talking?”

“1 Square mile. 3 days south from here.”

“Agreed. However, for now I am busy debriefing our people from a scouting party. I will arrange for tomorrow. Do you require a quarters prepared? Would you like a bath or perhaps food?”

>What to do?

f7d864 No.300237

Dice rollRolled 32, 97 = 129 (2d100)


Library, alone if possible. Info is nice.

I still want to hit on snek

f7d864 No.300238

Dice rollRolled 89 (1d100)



oh and also we should see how siegfried is doing since she is the only person we are even remotely comfortable around.

ac2cb1 No.300241

Dice rollRolled 91 (1d100)


Tell mommy snake we'll be around. In the meantime, play hide and seek with our probable tails while we wait.


>Implying we're comfortable around anyone

Still, give cripbeetle space for her and friends to reconnect after her empty casket funeral.

ac2cb1 No.300247


I'm not into giantess stuff, but do you man.

923c51 No.300285

Dice rollRolled 55 (1d100)


>Staying until tomorrow

Huugh… Let's really hope they won't try to screw us, they seem somewhat profressional so far and we're not asking for much so it might be ok.

But still, we have our food, we don't need a bath thank you very much, quarters would be ok I guess

>>300237 has a good idea, spending time in their Library and/or having permission to explore at least part of the place would be good

Mama snek is ok but plz no hitting on giant-cyber-granny-snek

Also there seem to be some competent people here and Mama snek is pretty reasonnable so far, much more tolerable than the Queen for example, so we can spare some people from the disrespect.

622083 No.300306

Dice rollRolled 17 (1d100)



9e5500 No.300374

Dice rollRolled 84, 47 = 131 (2d100)


I'd like to see Siegfried since we might get a good glimpse at the restoration tech this place has to offer.


I think the library would be a good place to set up camp as well. We may be able to come up with some information about the mutated-to-hell-and-back monster and maybe even the old world scientist.

I'm obviously not hoping to score a double win, but it's possible! (rolling one die for each option)

58b31f No.300389

File: 640850c03a89993⋯.png (75.31 KB, 559x128, 559:128, It's high noon.png)

Dice rollRolled 58 (1d100)


Find KrippleKäfer and make sure to yell her name to grab her attention, then proceed to embarrass her in front of her friends make sure to roast those thots like its 1945 all over again and throw bolts at them then go find a place that has movies from the old world and watch them till we get bored then fuck off to our haunt.

ac2cb1 No.300413

Dice rollRolled 45 (1d100)


This, and when they chase or shoot at us we play extreme hide and go seek.

574faf No.300635


“Mind if I ask something?”

The Snake God merely stares quizzically.

“Who was able to create a fantastical creature such as yourself?”

She looks down upon you with a sad smile, her eyes glaze over as the floor seems like an interesting subject to examine.

“Someone who was very important to me.”

“I see. Anyway, I’m going to bother around here for a time, you have a library? Also, where’s siegfried being taken care of?”

She rests one elbow in the palm of her other arm, loosely gesturing with her hand as she speaks.

“Curious of her condition? She’s currently undergoing regenerative therapy. You would find her in section 1. Visiting hours should be soon.”

She seems eager to hear about what you know, to seek the information she wants, but it seems she can’t today.

“Regardless, Mr… I never got your name.”

“I don’t really go by one these days.”

“Fair. The library can be found in section 3, there are maps placed around the complex that will help you on your way. I will see you tomorrow Mr. There will be a room assigned to you in quarter AAA, number 1. I would appreciate it if you would allow us to provide accommodations for a guest.”

“I’ll consider it.”

“That is all I ask.”

You walk out of the room and suddenly feel much more relaxed without the several pairs of eyes watching you. Christ talking to people is stressful, taxing even. Why bother… you suppose that you get some good tech out of this though, might be worth hanging around for a couple days at most.

Before long you find section 1, and the medical quarter inside. The people inside quickly point you to the proper room, when you enter you find Siegfried floating in a massive tank. She’s quite unconscious, her arm has half regenerated. You try to get her attention by yelling her name once, but beyond the attention of a nurse who now has a bolt stuck in her cleavage, you get nothing.

No-one seems to be here with her. Just you.

For some reason it makes you feel a tiny bit sad, so you leave.

The library is a series of files on a mega computer attached to sever desk monitors. It is an information repository. For some reason, no-one appears to be around, not even the person who was following you that you shook. So, like any sane person, you walk around trying to find things.

You eventually come across a boarded up old sliding door. It is metal,sure, but would not be that hard to open.

You wonder what you should do. It’s probably getting late soon.

>Do you want to look anything up? If so, what?

>someone already wants to look up that mutant thing that found you at night, if possible. Also wants to look up that old world scientist you heard about.

>Do you examine or do anything with the door?

f7d864 No.300638

Dice rollRolled 5, 72, 33, 9 = 119 (4d100)


I wanna play basebuilder when we get back, so anything that could help us create a fortified position would be cool

>someone already wants to look up that mutant thing that found you at night, if possible. Also wants to look up that old world scientist you heard about.

this plus see if we can find anything about our dad what happened to him is he missing?dead of natural causes?murdered?


fuck the signs we explorers noaw.

ac2cb1 No.300639

File: 117a78d5b965053⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 18.93 KB, 480x360, 4:3, IMG_1835.JPG)

Dice rollRolled 77 (1d100)


The door is shut for a reason. A reason that isn't important enough to warrent concern.

Though we should disrespect that one asshole general with bolts afterwards.

Pls don't hit on mommy snek and embarrass ourselves. Our flirtation is limited to pic related

f7d864 No.300648

Dice rollRolled 84 (1d100)


Please let him find a recording of this meme shit and just start spewing it to every female he sees like he just learned the secrets to every female species

ac2cb1 No.300661

Dice rollRolled 21 (1d100)


Holy shit, please let this boarded up room be a meme vault or something. It's boarded up to prevent the condensed autism from spreading.

923c51 No.300695

Dice rollRolled 85 (1d100)



Plus search about momy snek, the Queen and the lab we found her in, and search about ourselve for shit and giggles.

But let's try not to steal stuff since they're going to give them to us at some point. Once we get access to lab and tech we'll have plenty of opportunity to make/get stuff

9e5500 No.300704

Dice rollRolled 95, 14 = 109 (2d100)


Look up the brief history of the base if possible.

<boarded up door

Check Library for info prior to breaking in. If no info, force our way in.

Anyone else think about the FEV Labs in Fallout 4? I guess they could be the old world scientist's room, and Mommy Snek just wants to keep them as they were when they had a relationship. I assume Bea is invisible or something? We don't want to show our possible trump card.

58b31f No.300731

File: fdc71653d5af87c⋯.mp4 (102.71 KB, 480x360, 4:3, DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO.mp4)

Dice rollRolled 23 (1d100)


>KrippleKäfer doesn't have friends

We were her only friend, a mentally unstable hermit, I don't know whether to be impressed that we managed to make a friend or saddened that she couldn't make friend with her battle sisters.

>Strange door is blocked off


Ain't no one block off a door unless it's got sweet loot inside, so kick those fucking boards down and give Rusky a good luck kiss then head inside. Use your flashlight to search for traps as well

622083 No.300805

File: daabf8fe5099794⋯.jpg (49.5 KB, 391x360, 391:360, 49AF4AAD-8525-4518-A9F2-42….jpg)

Dice rollRolled 81 (1d100)

Look up the area around our base to see if there's any cool hidden shit we didn't find before.


>Fallout 4

I'm feeling deja vu here

574faf No.300987

You sit down at one of the desk computers. For a brief moment you wonder if they would have some information on him. However something is strange. You only ever knew him as “Father”. He only really ever called you “Sonny”. Doe Blackacre was a name you took from an old textbook labeled “real estate”.

Your father if dead from what you remember. Killed by a small village of people he had good relations with, over a false accusation from some higher up in that village. Strung up in the center of their makeshift village, ignoring all the good he did for them. It was then you realised that the only thing you can trust is yourself. And when you learned of the little voice that hides in everyone. Looking back, it’s words were helpful during that time.

Typing things in, you find nothing despite looking for “Father”. All you find are some definitions that seem to fit his role in your life, but that was it.

There are a number of useful things to note in this database. Notes about base building are there as well. Notations about structural supports, simple fortifications and hidden defenses that would do for an extended perimeter base. You stop to wonder how those venus flytraps are doing. Hopefully the mutant’s moss didn't kill them.

Searching about mama snake give you nothing. A mostly redacted file appears, with only a few choice things left uncensored.

“Creation of Redacted. Official name Leilei, due to process of elimination has now been given the position of absolute seniority. LeiLei is now the general.”

Searching up the Fae gives you an “Access restricted” sign on the computer.

Searching up that lab does more of the same.

The area around your base is not mapped on the system, and is horribly outdated. Though it does list that factory you saw earlier, as well as that castle. That castle was apparently a headquarters for a religion of some kind. A cult probably.

You turn around and look at the door, curious as to what it will hold.

The library is empty of any who would dare to watch. No cameras, the tail has lost track long ago… Just you and the door.

You pull aside a couple boards and pull the sliding door open. It creaks from disuse. You turn on your flashlight and gaze into the dark hallway. This hallway seems to be made of stone rather than metal, all natural. It angles downward slightly, and ends in a door. The damn hallway is very large, 4 meters to a side is seems.

Checking for traps you find none. Despite your best effort.

You examine the wooden door, it’s old and just holding together. It moves hardly when you pull, it’s been like this a long time. The smell of dead air fills your lungs, dust long since disturbed by you wrinkles in the air.

It’s some sort of office, designed for a human you would guess. Mostly well made metal furniture, the seat cushion has rotted. Old remains of fabric and a zipper remain, as if it were once a sleeping bag. It was quite large.

The desk has a computer, desktop, seems advanced but as advanced as the ones outside. It’s little green light indicates it’s in sleep mode. There’s a photo frame resting where one would see it every other minute on the table. Picking it up, it’s a very crude drawing, probably made from crayon. The paper is preserved in the airtight case. The colours are simple and bright, a picture of a tallish man in a room, holding the hand of a girl with a snake’s lower body. The text above the two and the picture of the office is a simple “For Daddy”.

For some reason it brings a tear to your eye. It seems familiar, but it must have been something you've forgotten. You think, maybe reminiscing about your father has made you sensitive.

>What do you do?

754735 No.300993

Dice rollRolled 10 (1d100)


I guess we should take a look at that computer, but before that make sure we close the sliding door.

ac2cb1 No.300994

Dice rollRolled 90 (1d100)


Leave. Don't fuck with anything. If what we know about mommy snek is true, she probably knows we're here. It's obvious she had this boarded up because it had sentimental value to her and we basically just did the equivalent of running through someone's personal computer files.

If mommy snake asks why are a hermit tell her the exact reason why. Sympathy points are really good and telling people our father was crucified in front of out 10(?) year old eyes will rack up major brownie points.

622083 No.300997


Do this

Not rolling because I don't want to risk a 1 over a perfectly good 90

507a46 No.301005

f7d864 No.301012

Dice rollRolled 10, 82 = 92 (2d100)


Do this

>Other things to do

We should definetly ask mama snake if she knew dad and or if she knows what the thing that attacked us was. Two dice for these two suggestions only, not gonna risk shit role on >>300994

58b31f No.301033

File: 48b7448e4a1a261⋯.png (317.55 KB, 600x510, 20:17, We dun goofed.png)

Dice rollRolled 31 (1d100)


Stop being a pussy and search more, chances are she probably knows we're already here since she is hooked into the system and all that jazz, so we might as well see if we can find some dirt on her that would drive a stake between mommy snek and her subordinates


Sympathy won't mean shit, she's probably so jaded that she couldn't care less about our shitty past, so we gotta find a way to make her cooperate that doesn't depend on a robo mommy snek's non-existent emotion chip.

ac2cb1 No.301043

Dice rollRolled 46 (1d100)


Mommy snek is probably jaded yes, but if we bring up similarities between us (we both being in the dead dads club) then that might cause her to second guess any harsh decision against us.

9e5500 No.301116

Dice rollRolled 58 (1d100)


I agree. We might have touched a nerve here, and we don't need to smash it with a hammer.

If or when asked where we went, I say we don't even attempt to lie. If not asked about it, bring it up anyways. (Rolling for this)

On top of that, reminiscing made us a bit sensitive, which I'd imagine is an emotion that we haven't felt in a long time. Do we know how to cope with sensitivity, or are we going to freak out? A minor freak out where we antagonize people so that we don't get too close seems like it'd probably be a normal response in this case. (Throwing bolts at incompetent soldiers would be fun too)

ac2cb1 No.301150

Dice rollRolled 46 (1d100)


If she asks us why we decided to go into a boarded up room, tell her "from my life experiences, people hide things they think are valuable. Your valuable items are worthless to me."

I think that phrase captures the essence of blackacre

9e5500 No.301234



Same person, same dice roll. I am amused.

Getting back on track, that definitely sounds like Blackacre to me.

0a715d No.301239

Dice rollRolled 40 (1d100)


Open up computer and browse for shit.

Act more respectful infront of snek cloaca in hopes of getting snek butt?


this might be a good idea if we're caught

5e993c No.301500


You consider sitting down at the desk, turning it on and browsing for the secrets that lie within. Maps? Old tests? Codes or chemical compositions? Weapons blueprints? The possibilities are endless and infinite.

But… For some reason you don’t have that urge right now.

It’s quite strange. Moments ago you wanted to break in here and find anything you could use. But ever since you saw that little picture the motivation is gone. You feel oddly empty from seeing it, a tinge of loss and perhaps sadness? It’s quite confusing, and you’re not quite sure what to do anymore.

With that in mind, you opt to leave the little office. You close the sliding door behind you, and re position the boards as if it were never out of place. Then you just sit down for a time, thinking. How long have you been in the forest at this point? Alone? You never really bothered with such pointless questions for so long. Honestly you figured you would’ve just gotten killed by some mutant or perhaps just gotten too old to sustain yourself.

“Just how long has it been?”

You don’t quite know how old you are. Nor what year it was that the village unfairly executed father. That was when you left, some long time after that you went back to that village for a visit… but you don’t have a timeframe.

You don’t have a name of your own, not one given to you by father at any rate. So it begs a question on the edge of your mind.

Who am I really?

The voice in your head answers the stupid question quite promptly.

“You’re just a monster that hides in the woods, scared of being hurt by a human.”

“Shut up.”

“Very well.”

You feel a little drained. You’re out of your element here. You feel… disconnected from the forest somehow. You were unaware that there even WAS a connection for so long, not until it disappeared when you were forced from your old haunt.

You think you’ll go to sleep.

With that, you stand up and make your way to a map in a hallway. Using it you locate your room. Quarter AAA room 1, it seems to be a large room. It will do.

It takes you 10 minutes to find the bloody place. Your tail has found you again and this time is much more persistent. You don’t really care at this point, you could lose them at anytime should you so desire.

In front of your door are two of those “Not actually a snake” Snake soldiers. They rest at attention on either side of the door. When you come into view they sniff the air, simultaneously their tails thump against the floor a single time. The one on the right enters a code into the keypad and the door opens. You walks past the two of them, unsure of how to best deal with such a creature if it attacked.

You have dealt with creatures similar to this before. The voice in your head seems quite knowledgeable on how to kill things in an efficient manner. It has been oddly quiet since you came here however.

“Quiet but not gone.”

“I liked it better when you shut up.”

“I speak when I feel the need, you know that. I leave you to infer.”

Inside the room is not quite what you expected. It’s a sizable room, the beds are made, the floor is clean, there is a bathroom and working… everything?

Odd. There are three more of the snake-like soldiers in this room. Two on the other side of the door and one extra-ordinarily large one to the far right of the room. The perform that strange sniff and then tail thump, you wonder why.

The large one gestures it’s armoured fingers towards the bathroom, and then to the bed.

>What to do?

>The next morning, you desire to speak with the snake mama, you have questions for her. And answers to her questions as well you suppose.

0d8dd9 No.301504

Dice rollRolled 10 (1d100)


I wanna befriend snake momma so lets dismantle shit in the room and make her a cool gadget from all the shit we broke. No social skills=act like you're 8, but with 30+ years of knowledge. Then present it to her when we see her in the morn.

2d3ca5 No.301506

Dice rollRolled 46 (1d100)


Go into the bathroom and sleep in the tub. It's obviously a trap, so don't play into it.

Tomorrow if we're not a prisoner we get our shit, tell mommy snake about the area around our haunt, warn her one last time that our territory is off limits, and promptly leave. Fuck people, the forest dosen't judge us.

as we leave, throw bolts at people. Maybe that'll make us feel better.

d1eab0 No.301512

Dice rollRolled 79 (1d100)


I have a distinct feeling that Blackacre is not a people person. The sooner we get that dog AI and get the fuck out the better.

Also, having any sort of guard in a guest's quarters is strange. Investigate? This >>301506 ?


This. My roll can go to this I guess.

aac362 No.301514

Dice rollRolled 82 (1d100)


Ask those in the room about sniffing the air and the tail thump or whatever. If they get offended, throw bolts at them and tell them to quit overreacting, we're just curious as fuck. (rolling for this)


I'm also thinking this is a trap, but sleeping in the tub probably isn't a good idea.

If we sleep in the tub, someone might douse us with water or attempt to wash us. I think our scent helps us hide in our haunt, and we like being undetectable in our haunt.

[spoiler]I hope I interpreted correctly what was said earlier in >>300233

>She raises her nose at you. “Do you not wash?”

>“Sometimes, if you want a giant insect eating you alive… smelling different from the forest is a good way to do that.”[/spoiler]

aac362 No.301516

File: c7585b45a770c43⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 32.35 KB, 296x371, 296:371, Deadpool_and_his_Little_Ye….jpg)


Shit I fucked up a spoiler goddammit



Social definitely isn't one of Blackacre's strong skills, and breaking a whole lot of stuff in the room just to make something new seems like something he'd do. Maybe it's some sort of pang of conscience for knowing he trespassed into someone else's sanctuary?

(Internal voices win)

5e993c No.301529


Inside of your haunt, scent does not really matter. Wickerman erases that as it is a method to track you.

Though, blackacre knows that he could wash, then simply coat himself in muck and dirt from the forest when he leaves.

af63b3 No.301541

File: 9c4728353fe0d13⋯.png (1.04 MB, 621x960, 207:320, Bolts.png)

Dice rollRolled 37 (1d100)


This, but make sure to take a shower to clean off any unwanted passengers, fleas, ticks, etc. along with cleaning and repairing our gear, because the last thing we want is for our equipment to fail us due to improper maintenance. If the snek guards watch us have an awkward conversation with them till they leave us, I.e. inviting them to take a shower with us and if that doesn't work just throw bolts at them till they get big snek having 1 person in the room is better than 2 after all and maybe she can answer our question about why they thump their tails like dogs also ask about KrippleKäfer she could be the key to regaining our sanity, I mean robo dog would be nice but we either get a super smart AI which would tell us how crazy we are and just recommend getting help from a therapist or a dumb AI which just follows our orders

2d3ca5 No.301572

Dice rollRolled 72 (1d100)


>regaining our sanity

No. We are fine with our current sanity levels. It's got us out of situations before, and sanity of for the weak.

aac362 No.301807

Dice rollRolled 75 (1d100)


But we're just one away from the perfect insanity level of 42!

That aside, I think as long as our sanity levels stay from 40-50 for now, we're golden.

I'm still curious as to where Bea is. She's around somewhere right?

Also, can we ask the snek soldaten about Siegfried? - what they think of her, why no one was there in the med room, etc. Not really expecting a whole lot here since our social skill is crappier than a pile of dog shit

5e993c No.301952


“Why do you masked motherfuckers thump your tail whenever you see me?”

The large one merely cocks its head at you. It’s beady gaze focused intently on you. It points at you as an answer.

It’s hard to tell what the gaze means, aggression? Fear? Confusion? You’re not quite sure what it intends to do. It’s armoured hands slowly reach up to a few slides on its helmet, then taps some places on it’s chest piece. There is an audible hiss from the creature’s armour, clearly it is a sealed environment made for extreme conditions. The sides of the helmet fall off and clack on the ground, rolling in place along their rounded edges.

The creature has long hair, tied around it’s head carefully held with hair bands and small pins. It’s hair is a startling white, whiter than a piece of paper. The creature smiles, showing severely pointed front teeth and then human-like molars in the back. It’s eyes are white, with only the smallest dots as pupils, smaller than a pin. It’s features are… quite simply beautiful to say the least. Her cheekbones are middling but pronounced, her nose is small and she seems oddly happy? A thick circlet made of a green stone-like substance protrudes from its forehead like horns.

She does not speak a single word, but merely gestures again to the bathroom and then to the bed.

“What are you all going to join me?”

The white haired one counts on it’s fingers. Then raises one index finger, after that points to the bathroom. She then proceeds to make her way to the bathroom as you do.

One of the snake soldiers, attempts to move to the bathroom as well. The larger, helmetless snake soldier immediately rushes up to it then stares it straight in it’s eyes. A shiver runs up your spine, you would barely have any time to react to that. The smaller snake visibly shivers, then slowly makes it’s way out of the room along with the other smaller snake.

Wait a moment, it’s not seriously…

The two snake soldiers leave the room and the door slams shut, the large one begins to access a panel in the armour’s neckplate. Several combinations are entered into the pad with an astonishing quickness. The entire suit hisses loudly, something not dissimilar to steam escapes from it. It’s bits fall onto the ground, the tail section opens up like a folding shell of thick armour.

“I was being rhetorical, catch.”

You thumb a bolt at the creature and it catches the bolt easily.

In your defense, it did really look like a snake from the armour.

It’s really not a snake. No in fact you feel it is probably several thousand times more dangerous than a common snake mutation. You’re not quite sure what kind of mad genius figured out how to splice them this way, but splice they did.

5e993c No.301953

Armoured scales cover its body, with the smallest scales being on the arms and small areas near the waist and a single ring of small scales around its “belly button”. The scales appear to be thick, they move and grind against one another as the creature moves. Oddly, the scales re-thicken and expand outward from the chest where breasts might be. However you fail to find any such pleasurable appendages, maybe hidden under scales?

The end of it’s tail has a large crescent spike, it seems to not necessarily be designed to “cut” a target but rather to “Cleave through sheer force”. Oddly, the spike does not seem to be made of bone or anything to that effect… from its look you would assume it to be made of a White-green speckled stone? But that would mean that the creature’s tail is swinging around a 40lb+ pound sharpened blade of stone. Now that you look at it, the scales are similar but less white, more green.

When you look closely, you can see some scales slowly grow out to cover metal implants on the creature’s hide, probably ports for the attached suit. It seems to be adjusting its scale size to cover them.

The mutant has a circlet of stone horns, and then long spikes that ride down its back. It could gore someone with those should it choose to do so.

Holy shit this thing is a killing machine.

The question on your mind is how all of those mutations worked together so smoothly? Every file you’ve ever found about mutants and “Super soldiers” suggested they originated form humans, and were then mutated. This creature is far too specific, far too optimized… something's not quite right about it at all. A human2 would have difficulty being changed like that.

The creature cocks its head at the item in its hands, then drops it on the ground. You throw several more until you realize that the creature assumes you’re playing a game. You sigh, realising that throwing bolts does not solve all problems. You toss your bag on the far wall of the washroom and start to disrobe. The tub is stainless steel, solid, large.

You move to ti as the snake creature merely watches you from the doorway. It makes strange rumbling sounds, deep throated and seemingly distant. Not a growl, but not quite anything you would expect from that pretty face.

The shower turns on easily and you get to work.

By god you were dirty beyond any reasoning. The filth was thick enough that it slides off, muddying the water faster than the drain can take the muck away. Apparently your skin is pale, you suppose that the forest has quite the expansive canopy, sun is not a thing that you stand in without mud on your skin, as you enjoy not burning in its powerful gaze.

There was three ticks, two tunnelers, a hair grover and a nailbiter.

The nailbiter was the hardest to remove. You're fairly certain you traumatized your nail to get the fucker when using your tools. It bleed and hurts a lot but you prefer not having a little annoyance under your nail.

The deep rumbling from the creature at the door intensifies. As it wanders into the room.

Its eyes are weird, not because of their strange physicality but because the eyelids seem to be always open in their entirety. The creature stares at you eternally, and then makes the strangest sound you‘ve ever heard.

It's like a human girl tried to say “Awoo” while vibrating their tongue rapidly.

“I said I was being rhetorical, plus, your armour is probably way too heavy for this thing, you’ll break the tub.”

You wonder if it knows what rhetorical means. Apparently not as it shakes its waist wildly, is if it were trying to dance.

Then you hear the sound of stones smashing on metal as many of the scales fall from its bulk onto the floor. It's an avalanche of stone but none of the scales break on impact with the floor.

Apparently under all the stone was pale white skin. She’s nearly albino, now that you can see the whole body.

Under the scales she’s still quite large, with her snake body standing at attention she’s slightly larger than you. But she’s not actually Thicker than you in terms of muscle size, despite the fact that she must be freakishly strong. You would compare her to a healthily plump young woman who would bear good children. Doubly so if you look at her significant bust size.

Her skin is nearly exactly the same as a human woman’s, the tail is still scaled but not with rock, only thick reptilian scales that are probably smooth to the touch. Her skin seems to have small ripples, nearly invisible to the human eye unless close.

5e993c No.301954


She makes her way towards the tub, then stands uncomfortably close to you under the large shower of water. This causes her long hair to unravel. She goes with it and removes her bands and hairpins, placing them in a neat pile on the floor.

“In all seriousness, do you even talk?”

It shakes its head. Then it repeats its “awoo”-like sound

“Right, you know anything about siegfried?”

The creature seems quite confused about that question. You assume no.

>What to do?

>Blackacre wants to create something for snake mama tomorrow. He is too mentally tired tonight.

>Blackacre has questions for snake mama.

>Let me know if I missed something.

4e7b72 No.301960

Dice rollRolled 12 (1d100)


Alright, snakedog seems to have the intelligence of a child if not the body of one. This brings up not only the moral risk of sex with someone who doesn't know what sex is, and the social risk because Mama Snek will find out and may not take kindly to us fucking one of her daughters that we just met today, but also the physical risk of her losing control mid-coitus and crushing us to death in the throes of orgasm.

I'm gonna say do not fug, or at least don't initiate. If she won't leave we can wash her hair or something, but don't do anything sexual.

2d3ca5 No.301981


Were sleeping in the bathroom. We've hit a consensus on that.

Tell the snek dog thing this if it gets any closer we're taking it's hand off, growl for good measure . if it actually does get too close we should lash out at it. Worse case scenario we explain that people invading our space is a fast way to lose a limb..

We should try and get the retard three to fuck off. I'm fairly sure blackacre has trouble sleeping around people, more so if they're trying to watching him.

2d3ca5 No.301984

Dice rollRolled 62 (1d100)


Forgot the roll

0d8dd9 No.301986

Dice rollRolled 60 (1d100)


Child like killing machine wants to get in the shower with us. The only possible soulution is to tell it no, and if it doesn't understand we just have to wash its back like its 5.

do not fug the child-minded killing machine please /monster/

af63b3 No.302049

File: 0f6f422b3bf38bd⋯.png (197.39 KB, 480x360, 4:3, GET OUT .png)

Dice rollRolled 71 (1d100)



GET OUT OF THERE. Sleep in the hallway if you must, we are not about to get molested by childlike killing machine that would probably strangle us in our sleep.

Plus were saving ourselves for our true love like daddy always told us too

af63b3 No.302050

File: d919369b2d804f4⋯.mp4 (119.68 KB, 320x240, 4:3, SUCKS.mp4)


I forgot to sage

aac362 No.302140

Dice rollRolled 100 (1d100)



It's possible that she's way smarter than a dog, but she just doesn't communicate via speaking or is incapable of speech. I'd imagine that all those gene mods and such aren't exactly perfect, so I'd expect some things to go awry. i.e. Underdeveloped vocal cords, and possible albinism.

That being said, I don't think sarcasm and rhetorical statements are commonplace here, and she just doesn't know what they are. Not rolling for any moves to be made on the Awoo snek though.

Still, an attractive snake woman is in the shower with Blackacre. Freakout necessary. (rolling for this)

And if the freakout doesn't work this >>301986

aac362 No.302143

File: ad9ab88b5257b7f⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 4.73 MB, 420x236, 105:59, GlassCase.gif)


<HOLY FUCKBALLS my first 100


Forgot to mention that I agree with this as well.

af63b3 No.302145

File: 2f1d45304fd7746⋯.mp4 (101.11 KB, 476x268, 119:67, Whoa.mp4)



>Chose not to fug the snek

>My nigga

166e58 No.302150

Dice rollRolled 70 (1d100)


The shower event seems to be covered, but one question remain :

Where is Bea ?

If she can't get inside technologicaly advanced placed or if she died it's going to be trouble

aac362 No.302232



I'm still hoping that we can keep the knowledge of the winter queen to ourselves, just in case the shit hits the fan. Sort of a hope for the best, plan for the worst thing.

2d3ca5 No.302281

File: a67a2431927b01e⋯.jpg (61.82 KB, 468x718, 234:359, IMG_1862.JPG)

I found this. It relates to the current situation.

5e993c No.302548


A small though goes on in the back of your head as the odd critter stares at you, doing nothing but creating strange noises under its breath.

Where is Bea?

You look around, and see her sitting in the corner of the bedroom. She’s curled into a little ball, sleeping underneath a small towel. You get the feeling she wanted to be left alone for the time being.

You raise your hands up. “You can just go first then.”

You move to step out of the tub, the creature attempts to slither behind you. You quickly turn around and raise your hands, you might not be able to grapple it, but its eyes should still be venerable. The creature notices your hostile motion, and simply backs away.


“Don’t try to touch me again.”

The critter’s looks become downcast as it watches you move to the other side of the room and lean against the far wall. The metal is cold, but you don’t care really. You curl into a large ball in a corner as the creature washes itself. It tries not to look at you, but sometimes it mournfully gazes for barely a second towards you.

Well, those other two have left already, so now it's just you, the big one and Bea in this room. You don’t like having people nearby when you sleep.

“Why, they might cut your throat when you sleep?”


“An understandable fear.”

“The most reasonable thing you’ve ever said.”

“Maybe so.”

The creature finishes cleaning itself and it leaves the shower. It stares at you constantly, unblinking, as it move to the bathroom door.

It “awoos” sadly but lies down just in front of the bathroom door. Then it rolls over onto its back, showing its belly to the ceiling.

You finish cleaning yourself.

“You take the bed or something, I don’t know. I’m just.. Going to sleep in here.”


“I’m used to sleeping on the ground, the bed feels off to me.”

The creature rubs its back on the floor, showing off its belly and sizable mammaries as it rolls around. It then cocks its head at you as it slowly makes its way back into the bathroom with a small smile.

“No you can’t sleep in here with me.”

It stops dead, rolls back over onto its belly and cocks its head at you once again.


The sound it pathetic and mournful.

“No, i’m not interested. Go sleep with your friends or something. Why are you even here near me anyways?”

All the creature does is point at you.

“That’s not helpful.”

And then it points all four fingers at you. As if to emphasize the “point”.

“What do you mean me? That still does not answer why you’re interested in me.”


“I’m talking to a brick wall.”

The creature nods.

It does not look like the creature is willing to leave. But it will leave you alone for the time being.

You fall into a slumber, but wake up sometime during the night.

During that time you fiddle with some items you can find from around. The creature watches you place certain things together and take certain things apart. Almost as if it know what you’re doing. Several times it Awoos.

You end up making a small scale water filter. Designed to separate filth in water from the good stuff, the nozzle should attach to the opening of a canteen. The water would flow through the filter and then the device would expel the grime through use of a Muscle-powered crank. However the filtration requires the use of batteries.

You pass out after the device is finished, waking up several times throughout the night. In the morning you feel awful, and honestly kinda want to go back to sleep, maybe just to get some more rest. You have a headache.

Bea the fairy is washing herself in the shower using a bucket of water. She seems uncharacteristically somber today. Outside of the bathroom, the critter is rolling around on its back again, belly up, looking at you with wide eyes.

It seems oddly domestic for a “super soldier”.

Oddly enough, the stone scales that were on the floor last night are now missing.

>What would you like to do today? Or rather, what would you like to do today first?

>Anon will be talking to snake God at some point.


>Anon is suffering from minor social penalties due to lack of proper rest.

a072c2 No.302577

Dice rollRolled 59 (1d100)


Ask bea why she's sad

>social penalty for lack of sleep

We can get worse?

Go ask the nearest speech capable person why the snekdoggo won't leave us alone. After that ask mommy snek the same thing. Get our shit, say bye to not-cripplebeetle if we can, and get the fuck out. As we go throw bolts at people to improve morale.

Keep the water filter by the way. Fuck giving it to mommy snek, she'd probabbly throw it way.

8dc8db No.302598

Dice rollRolled 82 (1d100)


I also need to know this.

4e7b72 No.302676

Dice rollRolled 85 (1d100)


Now I feel bad for Snakedog. We should give her belly rubs and headpats

166e58 No.302789

Dice rollRolled 9 (1d100)


get some coffee or the local equivalent to get a bit more awake and go see mama snek. We need to finnish our business here and leave as soon as possible.

e8325b No.302804



I also feel bad for snek-dog. Grudgingly give her a belly rub.

a072c2 No.302855

Dice rollRolled 12 (1d100)



Don't encourage it.

You don't give a bad dog treats for doing bad things. That promotes negative behavior.

aac362 No.302943

Dice rollRolled 89 (1d100)



I agree, we gotta figure out why our resident Fae is sad.

I also think we should complain to mommy snek about being watched while sleeping. especially when we hand over the water filter.

af63b3 No.303093

Dice rollRolled 36 (1d100)


>Worrying about Bea

Fuck that bitch not in the literal sense she is nothing but a nuisance and the sooner she dies the sooner we can off the next member of the Court of the Frozen Cunts that gets sent to watch us.

>minor social penalties

How much worse can we get? Besides snek God is a just a snek woman with weaknesses we can exploit, think about it the fact that she hasn't gotten rid of the pictures she had drawn from when she was a child, so that implies that she has the human snek? weakness of caring so it anything goes tits up just take the weakest person in the room and hold them hostage. Snek God with of course try to play it off as if she just holds the life of the hostage as more important than your death, but deep down she is dreading what you could do to her precious daughter or son

I still vote we find KrippleKäfer, I hate these social penalties from being a crazy forest hermit and would like to try and at least lessen the impact of our autism

166e58 No.303099


We really don't need any complicated plan or hostage shit, we're not asking for much and are eager to leave.

The AI is probably not worth much and we can't get acces to their workshop/lab by taking hostages. If she doesn't want to give it to us we just leave and go back to our haunt to build ourselves a robot friend.

It's simple, it should be easy, no need for drama.

Also Bea is pretty much silent and invisible all the time there's no reason for us to want her dead.

aac362 No.303142

Dice rollRolled 99, 7 = 106 (2d100)


I think Blackacre should give a half-assed apology or whatever to snekdoggu for misleading her on our way out as well.

When we're alone with Bea, could we check to make sure that she's 100% healed from the iron spike?

5e993c No.303318


Maybe it's kinda cute. Just a little bit, mostly due to how it acts so strangely affectionate. You kneel down and place your hand on its head, the hair is quite soft and loose. She has recently cleaned after all.

You sigh and wonder what exactly you’re doing as you ruffle her hair.


She seems to like it, her eyes remain focused on you. Her body seems to vibrate as you stroke her head. She rears back, exposing her belly. Of course you lightly rub along her belly. The skin is malleable, when you press on it it returns to its original shape quite quickly. It seems quite soft, almost as if it's designed to disperse force.

The creature’s tail thumps loudly on the floor. It curls its arms back into its body. Presenting you her belly even more as you absent-mindedly rub.

Maybe just a little cute.

The creature open its arms wide, as if asking for a hug.

“I’m not a hugger. This is all you’ll get.”


She keeps her arms open, giving you puppy dog eyes to an extreme you never thought possible.


You get the feeling that if the creature could say “please?” It would without a doubt. If you give it any more it might take a mile.

“I’ll stop patting your head if you continue.”

The creature immediately withdraws its hands, suddenly quite content to just be snuggled with head pats.

“I need to talk to your snake god today, then I’m probably going to go home.”


The critter seems a little disheartened at that.

After a… significant amount of begrudging head pats, you move over to the washroom to see if Bea is alright. She’s standing under the shower allowing warm water to rinse her off.

“Are you alright?”

“I could not do anything against that creature.”


“I could not see, not detect it coming for me. I didn't even know it was there.”

“It happens.”

“It hurt me…”

You think she might cry, maybe.

“I don’t wanna die again. I’m scared.”

The little fairy, about half your height, wobbles out of the shower soaking wet towards you.

“I don’t wanna die.”

“Hey, no h…”

Bea’s feet slaps against the tiling as she moves closer and closer. You back up a step when she takes flight, soaking wet. She flies to her usual height and latches onto your back.

“You’re soaking wet Bea.”

“You’re not wearing a shirt…” Her slight grip around your chest tightens. “…so it's fine.”

She’s shaking a on your back. You’re not the most socially gifted person, but she seems to be purposefully hiding her face from you.

“I wanted to check the wound again, make sure it's properly healed.”

“The barbs are gone. I pushed them out the night I was…”


She just hovers around latched to your back for a time while you turn the shower off. For a moment you pause.

“Are you okay?”

She mumbles “I think so.”

5e993c No.303320


You put your gear on and have everything ready, including that little gift you made. It's a simple construction, but you did a small number on most of the bathroom, excluding the shower as it was far too… durable.

When you come out of the bathroom, snake doggo has her armour on.

She has a small speaker somewhere on it, apparently.


“Ho boy. You don’t plan on following me do you?”


Its tail thumps the ground once.

You leave the room, on a quest to find something that would wake you up. Also to find a living person.

The first person you meet seems tired, almost as equally as you.

“Uh, hi.”

You wave once.

“Hmm? Yeah, what is it?”

“Do you know why she’s following me around?”

You gesture with your thumb to the doggo.”

The person takes out a small metal flask, then sips not once, but twice.

“That my friend, is a cuddlebug. Specifically that’s a Wyrm type cuddlebug. You’re that mysterious guy, aren't cha. Well, she was probably ordered to keep a close eye on you.”

“Fantastic, also where can I get something to wake me up?”

“Dispenser down the left hall ahead, hit the button that says caffeinated beverage.”


You promptly leave as the lazy looking person shrugs, places their flask back into their white coat, then continues on their way.

That felt really awkward, you’re not sure why. You got little shivers down your back when you were speaking with them. Ah, you’re really out of your element here. A prominent thought on your mind is “I want to go home, I want to go home.” Its getting worse by the hour.

You are given a small can by the wall dispenser. It tastes like… Something sweet? You think it may be chocolate, you had some before, but you need cocao and making the chocolate is a pain in the ass as you also need sugarcane and have to cook sugar from them.

Taste is quite… artificial? It's okay you guess.

Down to the snake god you go.

The long hallway opens up before you, leading to her chamber. In your hands you hold the water purifier.

When you enter the room, you swear that the snake god is having an aneurysm. She freezes when she looks at you, her face goes pale.



“I-… Nothing. Sorry, you just look like someone I once knew, to a disturbing degree.”

“I made you this.”

She leans downward, extending her humanoid body down from her raised platform-like bed.

“What is it?”

“A handheld water purification device, it operates using simple batteries and can easily filter whole canteen in less than a minute.”

You place it in her hands and she looks it over.

“This would be needed in the environment outside yes?”

“Probably, unless you want to be very picky about where you get water from.”

“I shall take note of this, thank you, how was the workshop?”

“I have yet to go there.”

“What? Then how did you make this?”

“Some things from the room.”

“So you tore apart the room to make this.”

Actually, now that she puts it like that it sounds rather bad.

“I- um. Yesss?”

“For future reference, don’t do that please.”

“Onto other questions, why is doggo over here following me?”

“You managed to lose your other supervisor, so I assigned a volunteer. She wanted to watch over you, I think it's because you look like that someone I knew.”

She sighs under her breath.

“Also the Cuddlebugs have a few useful abilities, such as empathy, the ability to sense one’s sugar levels, to detect heart rate among other things. It was purely for your benefit. Did you snuggle with her when you slept? I hear it's quite good for mental health.”

“I didn't.”

“To each their own.”

“Can I have that A.I?”

“Of course… is something wrong?”


You quiet down to a whisper.

“I feel really out of my element here. To be quite honest with you, I want to go back to my forest.”

She looks at you kindly.

“So you’re just uncomfortable yes? I think I can make an arrangement that will benefit both of us then.”

You wonder what she could mean.

“I can give you a means of communicating with me, regardless of distance. Then we can make exchanges of information and perhaps resources over a distance. We have drones to deliver items and we could perform trades via a dead drop. All you would need to do is answer a few of my questions and fill in gaps in our database about the world and its environment. From the comfort of your home.”

>what to do?

>Queued actions

>G0 home

>Find someone who can identify the blue vial. Or perhaps identify it yourself.

>Let me know if I forgot something.

af63b3 No.303329

File: f3a2d7d3a0e9a4b⋯.jpg (108.76 KB, 600x600, 1:1, KNOCK KNOCK IT'S JUSTICE B….jpg)

Dice rollRolled 40 (1d100)


>I don’t wanna die again. I’m scared.

>I don't wanna die again

>Die again



unless she was brought back through true resurrection, such as favor with a deity. Then its all good fam

>What to do?

Just inject the blue vial and see if it kills us we're already traveling with a disgusting undead fairy, if it doesn't kill us then agree to her terms of service and remember to NOT read into the fine print as reading is for nerds and ask her for a snarky AI who hates magic, in return we will offer to train her troops in the way of the not dying while in the jungle Perhaps KrippleKäfer could be our first student

6bf40e No.303338


Headpat Bea to make her feel better. She may be a cocky little shit fairy sent to spy on our every move, but that doesn't mean she deserved being violently stabbed by a sociopath and left to bleed out while pinned to a tree.

If Mama Snek intends to have the cuddlebug follow us home we need to start training her as soon as we leave. We could probably just lose her as soon as we're back in our haunt but I hate the thought of abandoning a snake that says awoo to the horrors of the night. So instead, we need to train her to obey us over Mama Snek. Shouldn't be too hard, start with a name, giving her headpats and tummy rubs when she does what we say, and a pinch on the neck when she disobeys us. A robot dog will be cool, but a robot dog and a snake dog will be kick ass.


I think she was referring to the stretch of time between medieval times and right before the apocalypse when people didn't believe in fairies and thus they did not exist. The Ice Queen mentioned that.

0d8dd9 No.303355

Dice rollRolled 52, 48, 2 = 102 (3d100)


thats a great game but the ending was terrible, not even a new game plus to actually restore your hamlet

The winter court queen is basically a god, and probably did resurrect her, or all the fae are undying, but experience the death.

For the blue vial I say we roll for building some chemistry equipment and setting up an alchemy lab to test it, if all else fails catch a rat and inject a tiny amount into it.


agree, headpat the loli as Ammit intended.

I said earlier I wanna play base builder, lets see if they can help us, and get a list of things they want from us besides info in order to get building supplies.

a072c2 No.303358

Dice rollRolled 1 (1d100)


Get someone to identify the blue shit. If it's good, take it, if it's bad, find some janitor no one will miss and inject them.

As for the whole questionnaire thing, I'm alright with it. Worse case scenario we lie and put down "in the deeper parts of the forrest, it's actually safer to travel at night." And watch them all die.

make sure that no one is following us when we leave. And take no one with us, keep our base a secret and have the drones drop elsewhere.

0d8dd9 No.303359

Dice rollRolled 8 (1d100)


you rolled a 1 for being an edgy fag

stop that

a072c2 No.303360

Dice rollRolled 14 (1d100)


Gah, shit roll.

I forgot to mention this but I'm 99% sure snek God has met our dad. Ask her how she knew the guy and if he had any children from what she remembers.

Then discribe dad as best we can. If she wants to know where he is not straight up tell her he died. And tell her all the details.

a072c2 No.303373


Just straight up tell her the details. Typos man.

aac362 No.303374

Dice rollRolled 74, 89, 6, 4 = 173 (4d100)


Answer all questions she has about the dangers of the outside world. If possible, mention Dreary & Kelly and their worm problem.


I say come clean about the boarded up room and ask if she knew Blackacre's dad.

Then see if we can go identify the blue vial here at their base.

Lastly see Siegfried and see how she's doing before leaving.

166e58 No.303427

Dice rollRolled 27 (1d100)


Agree to the deal, ask if we'll be able to comeback one day to use their workshops if we need to.

Try to get info about blue stuff, and more importantly about the snek girl that attacked us outside She also said we looked like someone she knew and was looking for.

Talk a bit about sealed room and daddy issues as we are also missing one dad.

If Blackacre does not remember what dad looks like at least ask if we look like the guy from the sealed room.

There's some cloning shenanigans going on, it'll be good to know more about it

Finally It would be good to get a proof of good will, something to make sure that they're not gonna betray us like the winter queen (don't mention the queen). For example we could take Seigfried as our apprentice.

After everything is said and done we take our shit and get the fuck out and back to our base.

We should also add more trap to the base as a priority to keep CreepySnek out.

a072c2 No.303542


>siggy as an apprentice

I'm not opposed to this, but she isn't going anywhere. Sure they've got her in a bacta tank or some shit, but it takes time to regrow limbs.

166e58 No.303622


If not Seigfried then someone else not doggosnek that is able to learn stuff from us.

We get an aprentice that works for us and can be a semi-usefull ally in combat, and they get someone able to survive the outside world when the apprenticeship is over.

I just suggested that as a way to not get double crossed but it might be cool/useful to have an apprentice.

aac362 No.303634

Dice rollRolled 45 (1d100)


Agreed, it would be cool and useful to have a decent apprentice.

Siegfried would definitely have a one up on it, since she's seen how we operate out in the lawless wilds. Maybe we can check to see how long it'll take before she's fully recovered, and once that happens we can get her to stop by our haunt.

I've just thought of this and I don't know if anyone else has come up with something similar yet - Can we ask if mommy snek if she has/had any relatives? Specifically the CreepySnek that ambushed us. Cause CreepySnek thought we were someone else as well.

5e993c No.303928


You think that identifying the blue liquid would be the best approach. Rather than injecting yourself randomly.

“I would not mind those terms. However, I want to choose where the drone drops off supplies.”

The Snake God gestures her hands in a wide arc, raising a holographic display in front of you, as if by magic. It seems to be an ancient map, far outdated by the new world’s standards. You can eventually find the area around your base, you have the drop off point somewhere just inside of the edge of your haunt.

After that, you think for a moment. Maybe she has met your father? It might be possible, just maybe. For a moment, you get the idea of your father perhaps being important here, being a person of status and resource. You shake your head, you doubt it.

“Say, I wonder if you have met my father.”

She looks at you inquisitively.

“You say I remind you of someone, that is two people in the last day.”

Your father was a shorter man, barely 5’5, brown hair and blue eyes. Now that you think about it, it's hard for someone to be more unlike you. You wonder for a moment about the validity of your thoughts.

“I have met many people in my long life. But, I can tell you that if he existed on the outside, I have not met him, not unless he was over 200 years old. No, the person I speak of was my Father.”

You lean forward, slightly interested. “Your father?”

“Yes, Well he was my creator, not my father. He treated me as his daughter though. He looked like you, slightly shorter, less built. And his eyes were… normal green.”

“Something wrong with my eyes?”

“Well… You don’t know?”

“What that they’re green?”

“That their solid green, even your sclera?”

“They’ve been like that forever, it's not exactly remarkable.”

“The way you act is a little similar too.”

“Interesting, You see, the other person that said I looked like someone they were looking for attacked me.”

You give a description of that snake-like monster. You then ask if she has any relatives, due to the striking similarities of the mutation quality.

She puzzles for a moment, her hand resting on her chin, slowly stroking.

“I can’t locate and data fragments about a mutation like that. It's not something we produce or have produced. And no, I don’t have any real biological relatives.”

“Strange considering the mutations you people seems to have the most sophisticated biological weapons development in the world at the moment.”

She taps her finger on her arm.

“We had the most advanced yes. Due to my father being the most successful biological weapon’s developer to ever exist. Some two-hundred score years ago. We mostly just follow what was left behind in my mind as instruction on how to make Cuddlebugs and Beetleguards.”

“Perhaps I was being unfair, I apologise.”

“I understand. Where is your father? I might like to meet him.”

Her face immediately paled as you’re no longer sure quite what your expression is.

You take a deep breath, sigh and control yourself while talking.

“There’s a reason I’m a hermit in the woods. He’s quite dead, killed by the people of Helm’s Hill due to incorrect allegations of thievery. People who he helped time and time again. Due to blind incompetence, he was lynched for something he didn’t do while I watched.”

She looks at you with pitying eyes. You’re not quite sure what to feel. You never really had anyone to talk to, except your voice.

“I see. My father went missing on a research expedition nearly two-hundred and fifty years ago. So I’m not quite sure I can understand your level of pain.”

“You seemed close to him.”

“You went into the sealed room didn’t you.”

“There was nothing in there I wanted, so I left it undisturbed.”

“I saw you look at the picture, and then just leave. I wanted to thank you for that…”

“No need. Just fulfill your part of your bargain.”

You turn to leave, but then turn back again.

“I just considered. What if I trained someone of yours in some practical skills.”

“It is true that nothing can beat practical training. I will consider this option. Do you have a preference for anyone you’ve me here?”

“Anyone will do. But Siegfried shows potential.”

“Before I forget, is there anything else I can do for you besides supply information?”

“Biological samples from wild-life, plants, the rarer the better. We need to know about the new flora and fauna.”

“That can be done. Transported by drone I assume?”


“Now then, since we have this sorted out, I will speak with you when the communications technology you’re no doubt sending me is set up on my end.”

You turn to leave.

“Before you leave.”

You stop, your hands linked behind your back.

“I’m sorry if this question bothers you, but… What eventually happened to the settlement, that “Helm’s Hill” as you called it.”

You continue to slowly walk out of the room as the far doors open.

“Every dog has its day, Ms.Snake God. Even the bad ones.”

5e993c No.303929


You distinctly remember, in a distant memory, eventually going back to that place. You remember fighting, killing, being angry and crazed. But not much else. Not much specifics, beyond a big fire. You’re not stupid, you can conclude that you probably did something horrible as revenge. But for the life of you, it's blocked from your mind.

You leave the room unmolested. You don’t bother to look back, distracted in thought. Trying to remember something important, something that’s always bothered you. Whatever it was, it's been on the tip of your tongue for years, but always a little too far.

The Snekdoggo follows you around the facility.

The lab here is unable to help you at all. When the try to scan the blue liquid, their machine frizzes out. They return your sample and apologise that they can’t help you.

When you leave the base, snakedoggo can’t go with you. You lightly scratch her behind the ears before leaving, she “Awoo~”s sadly when you go. You get the odd feeling that the creature is not actually stupid, nor child-like. Something about its eyes, how it moved seemed a little calculated. It seemed off somehow. Was it playing dumb? Trying to play for attention? To get close to you? You get the feeling that if it is truly intelligent, then it will probably as the snake god to get moved over to a remote base nearby. You have no illusions that they will set up outdoor bases around, and that they will most definitely set one up near your territory if not in it.

You look down at the drive as big as a finger, it contains the A.I for a canine combat and service droid. It should suffice. You notice a little note attached to it, stating that the communication equipment will be dropped off at the listed dead drop, the one you’ve selected.

As you walk, you reach over your shoulder and rub Bea’s head lightly. She pushes herself so that she leans over your shoulder, so you don’t have to reach as far. Neither of you say anything, you stare forward as Bea rests the side of her head on your shoulder.

>How would you like to travel?

>Faster is noisier and less perceptive, slower is the opposite.

>Your mantis rations have spoiled. Not that you had much left of them anyways. Though you have the nutrient bars, they serves as a day's worth of food per. Or you could attempt to hunt while traveling.

>Anything to do on the way?

>Base building ideas when you rest up?

>Trap will be set when you get back home. You currently already have 2 set up around the home’s front “Yard”.

>You want to set up a chemistry set, but you would need to find the proper materials, such as vials, or you need to make your own glass. It might be easier to find a chemistry set, that old facility you explored before had one on a table.

2cbc25 No.303930


>shorter man, barely 5’5

Wew lad manlet genes

af63b3 No.303936

File: 34659c0abf70162⋯.jpg (109.55 KB, 413x500, 413:500, Jesus stealin' our heroin .jpg)

Dice rollRolled 9 (1d100)


Let's just get home fucking ASAP we saw what was out in the night and I for one don't like the idea of dealing with R.L. Stein's nightmare. Once we get home just lock up the front door and go to sleep, after we wake up start digging holes around our base then stick sharp objects in them rebar, bamboo, etc. also use some of our spare ammo to set up cartridge traps. Don't forget to just inject the blue liquid, worst case scenario we die, best case we get superpowers. Don't forget to create another exit to our base just in case it ever gets sieged then we could escape. Also we just gonna drop the fact that Bea died once already, I'm no priest but most people don't come back from the dead

>Green eyes

can someone help me with this fuckery, did we get our sclera tattooed when we were a kid or something?



It must of been full of /fit/zens who killed him since he was the tallest

0ae829 No.303938

Dice rollRolled 84 (1d100)


Inject the fluid.

There is a high probability that our father and her father are the same person. He was a fucking mad scientist who spliced genes like emo kids slice wrists, It not too difficult to imagine he managed to prolong his life.

>fully green pulps/sclera


Also can we retroactively asked why she paled after asking what happened to our father? I'm curious.

0ae829 No.303939

Dice rollRolled 78 (1d100)


Actually, don't inject the fluid. Worse case senario isn't that we die, it's that we get a third arm or it becomes a tentacle ah la chaos shit.

aac362 No.303986

File: 0acf0fc834c9a6a⋯.webm (1.77 MB, 720x480, 3:2, BioshockMysteriousSerum_I….webm)

Dice rollRolled 41, 55 = 96 (2d100)


Agreed. Do not inject the strange fluid right into your veins. Make sure it's something good first. Not like in Bioshock 1.

Go slow and steady back to our haunt, hunting as little as necessary. If we need to make camp out in the Greenbelt, head to a skyscraper tree. (The really bad nasties avoid them right?)

bae9c1 No.303999

Dice rollRolled 22 (1d100)


Slow route and hunt for food, the clans might have an outpost and flash gitz raiders after that battle with the not enclave.

Fucking don't inject crap without knowing what it is, it could Kool aid or genetic modifiers.

Explore the old facility, I'm not sure how far we're from sand and do we have the knowledge to make a forge?

166e58 No.304010

Dice rollRolled 80 (1d100)


No self injection

Let's try to get back fast to avoid any other encounter with creepy snek

Could we get an entry in the character sheet to know what do we have in our base already ?

As far as basebuilding goes I'd suggest to reinforce and hide the door.

Anyone else interested in setting the discovery of who Daddy really is and how much of a vat grown mutant clone we are as our main quest ?

5e993c No.304046



I updated the pastebin with some QOL changes and some minor adjustments.

closer to the bottom oif the sheet there is a list of items in the base.

6bf40e No.304082


We should inject a skyscraper tree on the edge of our haunt ( far away from the drone rendezvous) with the blue stuff.


The Ice Queen seemed to imply that fairies are immortal, but stopped existing for some time before coming back around the time everything got fucked. I figured that period of nonexistence was what Bea was referring to.

6bf40e No.304083

Dice rollRolled 86 (1d100)


forgot roll

5e993c No.304110

File: e02ade2647dc689⋯.png (48.07 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, The Fort.png)

af63b3 No.304157

File: 97d698298525d3d⋯.mp4 (100.72 KB, 480x360, 4:3, DISGUSTING.mp4)


Oi, where the fuck are we keepin' our porn?

aac362 No.304215

Dice rollRolled 29 (1d100)


I see we have extra bed-frames, but no mattress to go with them. We should make at least one extra mattress so that our apprentice - if we get one - doesn't have to sleep in our only bed.

I assume the infinibattery that's built into our base can power the lights and not much else correct?

5e993c No.304233


Pretty much. The powerlift is far to much load for the little thing.

Truely infinate power, but so slow generation and low output.

6b5098 No.304510

File: f81bdf0900ffb5a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 451.56 KB, 1080x2605, 216:521, IMG_1894.JPG)

Dice rollRolled 8 (1d100)


We must fortify our fort. Put so many traps outside that if creepy snek even so much as step(slither?) into the perimeter we would know and blow her to kingdom come.

5e993c No.304568


You get the feeling that that Snake God was looking at your eyes when she paled. You’re not sure why, you didn't ask. You wonder if you should simply ask her over communications.

Surprisingly, you have no difficulty getting home quickly. You manage the journey in 2.4 days by depriving yourself of sleep. You find the drop point where the drone left a pack, filled with radio equipment. You pick it up after scanning its contents and take it with you.

Home sweet home, you sleep for an indeterminate amount of time.

The following morning you wake up, groggy. Beatrix appears to have slept beside you, it's annoying but not exactly something you think it's worth bothering about.

She’s actually still attached to you when you get up. Though, from the raw elation of existing in your haunt you don’t care! It's a good day to live in the post apocalyptic jungle. As such, you perform your usual routine.

You set your traps all around the base. You take great care to memorize where they are as to not set them off.

You try your hand designing some traps, but unfortunately you only manage to mentally drain yourself. The attempt fails and you only ended up wasting a good portion of the day as you drop the matter for now, irritated.

The door reinforcement is a major success. You’re able to re-attach the pre existing locking mechanism. In addition, you’re able to reinforce the surface of the door with metal. Afterward you have “Driver”, simply it jams the door shut from the inside using a pulley method to drive metal spikes into new holes in the concrete floor. This makes the door entirely stationary, in order to penetrate the door it would have to be shattered. The upper trapdoor is a harder matter to reinforce, you merely maintenance it. It's quite hidden as a bush has grown over it. The front door of the base is about as hidden as it can be, you have cultured the vines so that they now droop over the area and the fallen trees, so that this area is nearly impossible to see unless you knew it was here.

You pop by that facility you explored with Kelly and Dreary. Its door was closed and you reopened it to find nothing changed. It was a simple matter of taking the chemistry equipment and running. You now have a working set of chemistry equipment. However, that place is now almost entirely cleared out. You also, out of habit, entirely filled your specimen kit with samples of the really pretty plants you saw in the room that had the Winter queen.

You check on your crops. The fig vines are progressing quite nice, slowly wrapping around the side of a massive.. Oak you think it is. Now that you mention it, this tree feels very out of place here.

The pitcher plants have grown extraordinarily fast. They are already half matured, the soul you found here is highly acidic but they like that. The fly population near your base is now lowered, with the amount of mosquitoes dropping to nil, probably due to the carnivorous plants you have planted.

The venus flytraps are doing we… what the fuck is that?

You segmented a single venus flytrap from the rest, and buried it with the mutant moss sample. You figured it would die… this was not the case. It is a large leafy bulb, a bright teal-blue with glowing rims of its leaves that shimmer with dewed fur of the purest white. It slowly pulsates, as if it is trying to grow.

>What to do?

1efbd5 No.304583

Dice rollRolled 71, 13, 64 = 148 (3d100)


Can we touch it? Should we touch it? Get Beatrix to see if she knows what's going on with it.

Also touch it. Plants respond to being touched… It might be toxic, but still touch it.

Also radio in to mommy snek once we're back to full strength.

166e58 No.304585

Dice rollRolled 34 (1d100)


>mutant carnivorous plant

Nice ! we need to be cautious about it, first check if it's agressive/able to bite more than small insects and then try to isolate it away from the moss and somwhere where it can't attack us if things get out of control. Keep observing it and studying its devloppement maybe try to feed it some small animals.

>Mutant moss

Those mutant moss are fascinating we should keep experimenting with them : - Can we make more mutated plant with them ?

-Can we make some mutant insects : if we could get none agressive insects like some scarabs or other coprophage and mutate them to be bigger it could be a source of meat or if they get really big we could have a scarab mount !

-we could also start considering to find a way to extract the mutagenic principle. It's probably very far off but it could alow us to make some self improvement via mutations. Of course unless we can predict how the mutations will turn out it might not be the best idea.

Or we could use it to make some nasty carcinogenic poison to realy fuck up our ennemies.

>pretty plants

Are they just pretty or do they have other cool properties. I think the first ones we brought back are cooling the room. Can we try to understand how that works ? Maybe try to amplify the effect throught selection and/or mutant moss and use it to make some sort of fridge

>We have our AI

I think it's time to get to work on our robot friend

>Down times

In down times from the robot and the plants we could : - try to meditate or some shit like that to get access to our lost memory about daddy, maybe Bea know some stuff about repressed memory and their recovery.

-Make a list of futur places to explore and maybe scout them a little if possible.

that looks like a lot suggestion in one post, there seems to be tones of cool stuff to do in our base but maybe we should think about doing a new dungeon to keep the story from being too static ? I don't know

af63b3 No.304596

File: dd10c15f1ef4b11⋯.png (181.68 KB, 340x221, 20:13, Proffesional Botanist .png)

Dice rollRolled 80 (1d100)


>The soul you found here is highly acidic

I say we give the venus flytrap contaminated with the mutant moss one of the souls of the people we killed, perhaps we could ask Bea for help since she is more magically adept than us.

Though seriously I say we find a random animal and exsanguinate it over the plant and see what happens and if that doesn't work inject the blue syringe in its bulb make sure to have a lighter with some pitch or something flammable so if it gains the taste for human blood we can burn it

6b5098 No.304632

Dice rollRolled 35 (1d100)



These are all excellent options, but nothing beats poking it with a stick. So poke it gently with a stick or something.

How big is the bulb? You just said large. And I say we move the mutie fly trap into a bigger pot. Let it grow some more.

aac362 No.304662

Dice rollRolled 81 (1d100)


While I really want to touch/caress the new plant as soon as possible, I guess I could go along with poking it with a stick to see if it's going to kill us or something. But I definitely want to more or less pet the plant if we decide it's not going to hurt us. Transplanting it to its own location so that it has plenty of room to grow sounds good too!


Agreed - Robot doggu [spoiler] AKA Rex,

and if it gets named anything else I might have an aneurysm…[/spoiler] needs to be built.

5e993c No.304805


The bulb itself is about 2 Feet in all directions

af63b3 No.304845



>Not using **

Come on anon, at least do it right

aac362 No.304849


I fuck up spoilers pretty often, and tbh I don't like using them, so I'll just stop. I also have tendencies to press enter to end sentences instead of just letting the line roll over naturally.

I guess I've still got the typewriter mindset.

6bf40e No.304851

Dice rollRolled 68 (1d100)


Ask Bea about the plant.

Name it Audrey III.

2cbc25 No.305163

Dice rollRolled 4 (1d100)


We should try finding some other crops to grow at least on top of other suggestions. Maybe next communication with mama snek ask about the plant if poking it didn't do shit and/or bea didn't know shit. And inquire about genetically modified crops while we're talking with her too since they've got to have some either aquaponics or hydroponics area in that bunker of theirs. Could be worth getting shit like beets or potatoes if they have anything thats resistant to acidic soils.

f07428 No.305185

Dice rollRolled 72 (1d100)


Oh right, ask mama snake why she looked like we grew an extra arm when she asked us about our daddy.

5e993c No.305635


You turn around and look for Bea. You find her outside of the base, sitting far above on the nearly eroded stairwell that climbs above and past the base.

“Follow me.”

She drops forward and floats weightlessly towards you, latching onto your shoulders as you head to the plant.

“Must be important hm Blackacre?”

You gesture towards the strange bulb.

“My… that’s interesting. Haven’t seen one of those like that before.”

“What is it?”

“Not entirely sure, but it has a soul.”

“A soul?”

“It’s very sentient, and it has its own consciousness.”

Poking it slightly with a leafy branch does not seem to irritate it.

You move to touch it. Its surface is unusually soft, a white powder shakes to the ground. But beyond a very slight shaking, you see nothing change.

“Very strange indeed. Thank you Bea. Now if you excuse me, I think I need to feed it.”

“Feed it? That’s odd.”

“What do you mean?”

“Any tree or plant spirit I know of does not need to eat in the way we do.”

“It’s mutated from a carnivorous plant.”

“Oh my, I look forward to what it may become then. Do be careful though, I don’t want you to hurt yourself.”

You wonder…

You snap at an insect on the ground, killing the large beetle. Then, you put it near the bulb. Small white furry tendrils reach from the inside of the bulb. Slowly they pull the dead beetle inside. You can hear crunching from inside of the bulb as bits of the creature’s exoskeleton are slid out of the leafy bulb.

You have already segmented this area from the other plants, you didn't want to risk mass contamination and kill the crops. Another funny thing is that the moss patch is gone, possibly absorbed by this bulb.

“I have a plan.”

“Oh? What exactly?”

“I’m going to kill an animal and feed the whole thing to the plant.”

Bea grips you more tightly and seemingly jumps up and down, without ever touching the ground. Her eyes are wide, her smile sharp as a razor.

“Let’s do it.”

It does not take long to find an animal. A Jaguar, thinking that it's silent and deadly. It never saw the shot coming, its nose missing you entirely, its supreme sight glamoured to uselessness. Bea’s quite giddy after that, eagerly watching you drag the corpse back through the forest floor. The little fae vibrates with excitement as you both head back to the base.

You drag the jaguar back to the little bulb, finding that it had torn apart the beetle, leaving its now empty and translucent carcass all around its tiny domain. It's quite good you had segmented this little gem away from the others. You predicted SOMETHING might happen… maybe, it was worth it.

First, you test a small amount of blood on the bulb, it absorbs all the blood you got from the jaguar’s paw with ease. There is no evidence that you ever spilled blood on the bulb. Then you get an idea. You tie up the jaguar using vines, then aim your machete at its throat as if it were a pinata. Its blood spills all over the bulb below, fully exsanguinating the jaguar in due time. The bulb seems to eagerly absorb the blood.

It's good that you don’t have to use anything to roast the plant. It seems to leave you alone.

Beatrix watches the little bulb intently.

“Does this make you its father?”

“I gave it life, but it is not exactly my spawn.”

“You feed it, give it life, I think that makes you its daddy.”

You leave the conversation hanging there. It's a very pretty plant, truly.

“I think I’ll call it Audrey, the 3rd.”

“Why the third?”

“It was the third thing I planted here.”

Bea cocks her head at you strangely.

“Do.. do we just leave it here while the jaguar bleeds?”

“Yes. This area is quite sheltered and the wind is dead. I doubt anything is going to come for the jaguar. If something does, that’s what the bombs are for. And i’ll have fresh dinner. Actually…”

You hack off a portion of the jaguar’s ribs, taking out its heart and the quality meats by the rib.

“Dinner. The rest the plant can have… when it bleeds out that is.”

“Can it even eat something that large yet?”

“I could cut it up maybe.”

5e993c No.305636


You cook up some food for you… And Bea since she gave puppy dog eyes. Then you work on your robot dog.

It takes time, but you install the A.I into the robot.

“Booting…Greetings. What is my Designation?”


“Greetings master. How can I assist you?”

“Initiate guard protocol. Subject master. You take orders from master and master only. Are we clear?”

“Realizing protocol… Understood, Sole General established. Guarding. Initiating defense protocol.”

The dogbot stands up then falls flat on its face with a loud clang.

“Diagnostic, miscalibrated hydraulics and motors. Please see to an engineer to repair.”

It take a few hours, but eventually you get everything set up for the dogbot. It can move around at a startling speed, and its has a great deal of carrying capacity and power. Its Jaw is more than capable of turning a human ribcage into a contortionist act gone wrong.

The bulb guzzled down blood until the jaguar drained dry. It seems a little more vibrant now. Maybe a tiny bit bigger. However, the little plant has a few small tendrils reaching aimlessly into the sky… towards the jaguar’s body.

“Greedy are we?”

You tug down the body and drop it beside the bulb.

“Chow down little one.”

You pat the little bulb. It quivers, and does not strike or attack you. It reaches towards the body of the jaguar. Its tendrils are slowly prodding it, feeling it. You cut off a tiny morsel and hand it to the tendrils, they pull it inside the bulb, fur is pushed out. The little plant then starts pulling bit by tiny, tiny bit from the corpse. Pulling strands of flesh no larger than a fingernail a piece.

You start to move logs and debris to protect the bulb, you form an ellipse around it, with the entrance mostly obscured.

“Master, do you require assistance?”

“Sure. Do not injure the plant.”


The dog bot lopes over to a fallen tree, and adjusts its jaw, pushing its “Teeth” through the hollowed log. It does this until a neat section has been torn. It then drags the log in such a way that the plant is now entirely hidden unless you come in from a very specific way… straight from your base. It's not far, this was actually one of the closer plants to the base. A mere several meters away tucked behind a few things near the area where the creek’s water has formed a tiny pond where small insects frequent as food for the flytraps and pitcher plants. That along with the acidic soil is an optimal place for a carnivorous plant.

You go inside, leaving the plant to eat in peace.

You consider mass producing mutated plants. To do so you would need a few things.

1) Plant seeds or readily available plants to mutate. A great deal, you estimate at least 90% of these plants will die if not aided by a strong anti-radioactivity drug.

2) Mutant Moss, you know a place where it grows, back in the old fae labs.

3)an optimal place to grow those plants, preferably in a controlled environment.

However even if a plant does not die from the mutant’s moss, a chance of a mutation that is useful varies. Its dumb luck that this plant turned into something.

You construct the communications equipment.

“Am I getting through?”

The green light on the small computer lights up twice flickering.

“I can read you loud and clear.”

You discuss crops, and the obvious acidity of the soil around the jungle. They may be able to help you with the crop issue. They state that they possess a number of ready available potato plants, usually they compress them into nutrient tablets for storage. However they’re willing to give you seeds. These potatoes are resistant to all forms of environmental conditions, and bud from a central sprout that grows up to 18. Their spread is easy to control in a wild environment so they’re not invasive.

In exchange, they ask you for some basic advice to the jungle.

You tell them a bit about the night and its horrors, in the background you can head a keyboard furiously typing.

“So you’re telling me magic is real Mr?”

“Sufficiently advanced science is indistinguishable from magic. But yes, that’s exactly what I’m telling you.”

“A threat we cannot research properly using science… this is troubling.”


“By the way. Why did you balk strongly when I started to mention my father?”

“OH… well. How can I put this. Your eyes, your pupils became large, your eyebrows twitched unnaturally and you clenched your fist so hard I heard it pop.”

“I suppose that would be worrying.”

“Yes, I was wondering if you were suffering from PTSD.”

“Perhaps. Perhaps not. Now then, remember what I said about going out a night. I’ll expect that drone sometime tommorow. Goodbye.”

“Goodbye Mr., Be safe and trade again soon.”

5e993c No.305637


With that, you head outside. The plant has slowly made progress. You add a vine roof, some twigs layered to act as a door. Now that should count as a shelter to the denizens of the night, meaning that even if the recognise the plant as a person they can’t do shit. You remember being caught out in the dark before, being forced to hide in a shelter barely your size. It was hell.

That being said, you cover the little area with more and more thing so that the plant is safe from all harm.

Then you hear it.

A quiet noise, barely enough to even register.

The plant is cooing.

You smile to yourself and head inside, then promptly collapse onto your bed and sleep.

You forgot to make the second mattress.

Fucking damn it.

You try to mediate for a little bit. Bea tries to help you however you unfortunately suck at it.

You end up falling asleep.

When you wake up, your dogbot is patiently watching the room and doors.

“Morning master.”

The dog bot’s voice is deep and slightly distorted, probably due to an error when you place in the voice box.

You start the morning with some food. A bar. Then you examine the cold fae flower you extracted so long ago. It is keeping the area in here at a nice and comfortable 19 degrees celsius.

You may be able to examine the other fae plants, but that would take a significant amount of time per plant. It could take upwards of 5-7 hours to fully examine a sample using all of your equipment. It may be the only way to figure out what they can do. At least you have ample access to the samples in the fae lab.

You head outside to check out everything.

There is a fully intact jaguar skeleton right in front of the door.

And the bulb is now over 4 feet in height and width.

It has grown to the maximum size its confines allow for now. Its leaves are covered in some white fur, winged with dew drops on their tips. Each leaf is easily 2-4 feet in varying sizes, each layered to protect it. 4 Tendrils lie along the earth outside of its house, covered in muck to hide themselves.

>What to do?

aac362 No.305653

Dice rollRolled 23, 75 = 98 (2d100)



Rex & Audrey III… Awesome. Having a magical skeletonizing plant means we can make make bonemeal for a decent fertilizer in acidic soil!

Pet & talk to Audrey III then try to analyze as many of the plant samples as we can. (rolling for this)

See if we can get Bea to tell us more about the cold fae flower and if we can get more? If we could plant enough of them in a mostly sealed room, we might be able to make a magic fueled freezer/refrigerator. (Rolling for this too)

The second bed is still something we probably should finish, but we can probably do that if/when we get an apprentice or assistant.

Can Rex hunt animals to make sure we have meat to keep Audrey fed?

af63b3 No.305657

File: 2627e1b06ab3640⋯.png (747.73 KB, 600x773, 600:773, The absolute madman.png)

Dice rollRolled 38 (1d100)


>inb4 vampire plant girl

We need to feed this plant something worthy perhaps a fae, and I got just the candidate for it, Bea, think about it the plant is obviously magical thus feeding it a magical being will speed it's growth and make it stronger. Although we could choose another victim, and I partially favor this idea even more than getting rid of Bea a night beast, something that we've seen first hand how horrendous these creatures are and luring one to us should be no challenge, killing well that's another tribulation unto its own.

The mad man actually fed the plant

c64632 No.305662


>There is a fully intact jaguar skeleton right in front of the door.

Given the plant is said to be at least several meters away, that would mean it had been moved?

5e993c No.305682


Most likely.

2cbc25 No.305687

Dice rollRolled 66 (1d100)



Agreed, make fertilizer out of the bones. Do we have a nice source of nitrogen as well? The skeleton will have phosphorus and calcium but we need potassium, sulfur and magnesium. Plants love that shit. For the skeleton however, you're gonna need to grind it into a powder or a fine bone meal. Hell, we could probably piss into the mix if we lack any pure chemicals to mix. Also throw some iron oxide and a few drops of bleach into the water we'll mix the bone meal with as to raise the pH of the mix so the magic plant can absorb any phosphorus in the soil. What do we have for a water source by the way?

166e58 No.305692

Dice rollRolled 38 (1d100)




Wait, making fertilizer is cool and all but does a carnivorous plant needs it ? I'm pretty sure it gets the stuff it needs from the meat. We should use fertilizer for the other crops.


>luring a night beast

We could keep feeding meat (captured by rex) to the plant to make it bigger, then we install some traps to imobilize the beast, and maybe find a way to knock it out.

Then when we're ready we take something to dull our mind against the horrors (find some alcool ?) we position ourselfs in front of Audrey amongs the traps and act as bait.

The monster comes, fall into the traps, try to fuck up our mind but we're at least partially shielded and while it tries to get out Audrey goes to work because she's big enough.

It could work but we need more preparation. For example are those things coporeal, are they killable, ho much can they fuck up our mind and how to resist etc …

But I think it's a good idea and can double up as preparation for going down a crevasse some day.

2cbc25 No.305698


Probably would be best if it did. The whole thing with carnivorous plants is they're in areas with poor soil quality, low sunlight, acidic soil or some combination of the three. This however is not only carnivorous but it can think for itself. It can feel, see somehow despite lacking organs for sight and probably talk eventually.


Hey OP, i can't remember if you said what kind of rads that moss makes or not, because i might have a solution depending on what type of radiation it produces.

6bf40e No.305720

Dice rollRolled 84 (1d100)


>Fully intact jaguar skeleton outside the front door

Audrey III ate her whole meal and returned her plate nice and clean. Pat her and tell her she's a good girl.

Also mount the jaguar skull somewhere it will look cool and intimidating.

5e993c No.305734


Alpha Radiation, it's only dangerous if in continuous skion contact (plant juices absorbed through skin) or ingestion/inhalation (Duh)


Your water source is a clean creek that runs over your base, then drops down into a small waterfall creating a pond, this 5x5 Yard pond is the are where you have the carnivorous plants (and Audrey lll sectioned off) to remove the bug problem.


**theoretically the plant would extract most nutirents, such as nitrogen, from prey. You know that the plant it mutated from, the venus flytrap, can only grow in a specific enviroment.

And enviroment more or less just like this, with normally poor soil quality it allows the plant to grow on the mostly vacant of undergrowth floor here and thrive without competition. You're not sure if it would eat the bone meal, but it has not cracked open the bones for marrow it seems.

2cbc25 No.305784


Alpha doesn't penetrate skin you're thinking beta particles caused by beta decay.

aac362 No.305794

Dice rollRolled 34 (1d100)


This is necessary.

5e993c No.306057


you're probably right, too much research on flytrap, not enough on rads

update sometime tommorow

5e993c No.306197


If it grew this large off of a jaguar… What would happen if it was able to take one of those demons or supernatural enemies during the night? You would have to kill it of course, you doubt that the plant would be much of a match on its own. The only issue you have is it can be hard to predict what type of creature it may be. Or if there’s more than one.

You have seen a number of horrific and unknowable monstrosities, lovely ladies who only “Want to spend time with you”, mutated animals strong enough to survive a night and a number of other creatures that are powerful in their own right.

You quickly isolate a number of things you would need to deal with a creature. Assuming that it is in the upper power scale in comparison to you, but not so strong that you have no chance.



Possibly surprise.

Something to immobilize it. Also traps, lots of them.

Most likely a gun that would deal a significant amount of damage to the creature.

An inkling that the creature you’re fighting is not incorporeal.

That being said, you get to work. You know that the creature’s effect on your mind is entirely based on WHAT it is. You know that the female(admittedly very pretty) ones tend to have a very severe effect on the mind. Failing to resist them would mean that they could most likely charm you. The more monstrous ones tend to just kill you.

That being said, it's time to improve your barrier. You have a number of small caliber rounds for a simple trap. You get the idea for a simply pressure activated trap that would detonate the primer in a bullet, sending it upward into an opponent’s foot (Or head if unlucky).

You consider a schematic in your head.

“Rex, Find some more food for Audrey.”

“Of course master.”

>Rex is now looking for game.

In the meantime, you snap the jaguar bones apart and keep the skull. The skull is mounted so you can see it when your door is opened.

Then you bring the pre-cracked bones over the the plant and hold it out.

“There’s meat inside of the bones Audrey.”

You rub your hand along the side of the white powder covered exterior, it comes off like snow. But you find that most of the white colouring is actually a strange furry substance.

“But you’re a good girl.”

A tendril slowly reaches from inside of the bulb, barely rustling its features. The small tendril is vaguely shaped like a hand and takes the single rib-bone. A small hair-like tendril extends off of the hand and enters the torn bone. The bone gets pulled quickly into the bulb and you can hear the bones from the ground being pulled into the bulb one by one. Then, the now entirely empty bones are dropped beside the plant. This process was much faster than you expected.

“Clever girl.”

You’re struck in awe by this plant. It's something you’ve never heard or seen before. It might be the only one of its kind.

Then it coos.

Another ten minutes pass with you examining the plant, and considering the best way to make bonemeal.

Rex returns. In his jaw, with its body held over his back, he has a large moose.

“Master, I have returned. It attempted to kick me but its attack was in vain due to your superior construction of my torso.”

5e993c No.306198


There is only a very slight dent. You could hammer it out easily. Rex is very large now that you think about it. You could probably ride him if you were careful.

“Good, I’ll cut out some meat and use that for food for today. Remain on watch mode for the time being.”

“Of course sir.”

Rex then sits down by the front door of the base.

You hang up the creature on the biggest branch you can find, and then bleed it out over Audrey. The sound Audrey makes is actually rather cute, despite that fact it gurgles a little when being covered in the blood.

While the body drains, you crush bones into bonemeal using a simple hand crank you have on your wood table normally used to hold boards. An adjustment so it's vertical and bam, bonemeal. That and using a mallet and a roller to handle the smaller bits.

You end up with a semi-fine dust.

Heading outside, you can see A head-ish shape from the bulb, it was attempting to reach upward for the moose. When it notices you is quickly retreats into the bulb. It's clear that the main body inside of the bulb has not yet fully formed. Is it embarrassed? Can it feel in that capacity?

Regardless, you carve off your chunk of meat, then drop the body of the moose beside Audrey. Quickly, you can hear the rampant coos, then the dragging of the moose along the ground into the side of the bulb, then crunching and tearing of flesh at a rapid pace. In a period of 5 minutes, the skull is neatly cleaned and placed outside of the bulb for you to pick up, unmolested and intact.

Here and there bones that have been cracked open are pushed out the sides of the bulb into a neat pile.

You leave Audrey to gorge herself in peace.

You start designing traps, having much more success this time.

You are able to set these traps at your leisure.

That being said, you should decide where a good spot to do this would be. The current idea is to do it close to your base, only a small distance away from Audrey.

You don’t really have any good materials to create a modern mattress, but you CAN make a traditional bed. In time, right now you have a large amount of leaves and grass drying out in the sun in a high tree. When it all dries you can use the hay and leaves to form a padding inside of a wrap for the bed. You just need some stuff to hold it together. Some twine, and probably a few more animal skins along with some tanning and you should be good to go. You already have a very large animal skin, the panther skin is already no good.

You realise quickly, that you need salt. You also remember that you need that drone pickup.

Going over to the pickup point, you see hidden in an alcove is the following.

>Large plastic case of salt.

>Package of potato seeds, estimated yield of 186 potatoes. They produce seeds in their insides but do not grow without human interaction.

>A small bottle, filled with an alcoholic beverage labeled "Vodka" It has a note saying "Enjoy, in moderation". It has a high percentage of alcohol content and feels cold to the touch.

You can do a great deal of things with salt. Given time and your chemistry set, simple things like bleach might be in reach.

Regardless, you skin the fat from the hide of the moose, give the fat to Audrey. Then salt it heavily. You place the hide in the most empty room downstairs.

Heading back outside, you can see that Audrey has entirely consumed the rest of the moose. The little shelter you made for her has been pushed aside, allowing for more space, however it still loosely maintains its look. You fix it up a little, but allow more space for Audrey. Audrey coos in approval.

But now, it's time to develop a plan to hunt the most dangerous game. Or abandon the plan altogether.

But now that you think about it.

You want a new skeleton to put on a pike. And It had better damn well be fancy.

>What to do?

>On research: Research is very time consuming. But with your chemistry and research set you can opt to take a look at anything you want. Generally you will be using your relevant skill, biology/medicine/chemistry… so on.

>Potential Fae plant samples are:

>glowing blue white vine

>Pink fiercely glowing flower

>Purple berry vine

>Pure white flower

>Black vine with white glowing whiskers

>Blue-teal wood sapling, with live embers on tips

>You have at least 7 hours or so before dark.

6bf40e No.306202

Dice rollRolled 31 (1d100)


We need to try and set up our traps so humanoids won't trigger them, bloodthirsty animals or not if it has a cute girl face killing it and feeding it to our plant is gonna do things to our psyche we don't need done.

efb0e2 No.306226

File: 4abee9fc60190e8⋯.jpg (24 KB, 255x224, 255:224, IMG_1782.JPG)

Dice rollRolled 16 (1d100)



Chug half the bottle, give some to bea, and the rest for our child.

Drunkenly write a note for the next pick-up that they shall provide us with more in each drop-off.

I say we abandon hunting a super predator. We aren't ready for that just yet. maybe ask for a advanced pistol or something from mommy snake.

c64632 No.306234

Dice rollRolled 27 (1d100)


We should look into what's up with the white powder Audrey is making.

>>306226 I'd say hold off on hunting for now too, until we know what's up with Audrey.

af63b3 No.306256

File: 44407cb300e0fca⋯.mp4 (3.34 MB, 326x218, 163:109, THE ALMIGHTY LOAF.mp4)

Dice rollRolled 33 (1d100)


Here's the plan to catch a night beast

>First we make an obvious pit fall trap that any creature with half a brain could go around it

>Next rig an explode when something steps on/near it and hide this one well

>For added protection put a broken piece of clean glass in your hand so if a creature tries to charm us we can easily clench our fist to have the pain bring us back into reality

>Have Rex on standby to hold the beast still after the explosion, then hope that we can line up our Rusky to turn it's head into a fine red mist

>Also ask Bea if she wants to get revenge

>When dusk comes set out into the jungle pretending to be lost, leave a trail, talk out loud to yourself on "Didn't I just pass that tree a while ago" just really sell it that we are weak and defenseless

>When the sun finally dips below horizon, start runthroughthejungle.mp4 and lead the night beast back to our base. Hopefully it's a sentient one that underestimates us and in it's hubris falls for our ruse

In the mean time plant the seeds, care for our plants and teach Rex some new tricks, like how not to smell like a robot in the jungle Also don't drink the vodka, with its high alcohol content we could use it as a disinfectant

efb0e2 No.306267


>don't drink the vodka

What are you? Gay?

We're a stalker, it's our damn duty to do this.

166e58 No.306274

Dice rollRolled 16 (1d100)


at this point we can either setlle down and start on some research project that could lead us to become op

OR we could do some reckless shit

Let's hunt a fucking abomination to feed our plant monster daughteru

do something like this >>306256

But try to have Rex hide in ambush, ask if Bea wants to help The one to hurt her was CreepySnake not some mindflayer from below and drink some vodka only if we think it might help protect against mind fuckery.

Also if the thing that shows up is creepySnake and not a monster lets try to kill it anyway without asking question. I m sure there's some good plot point there but oh well …

af63b3 No.306288

File: 87b7f717911c4bc⋯.mp4 (602.76 KB, 326x184, 163:92, Bring it on.mp4)


We can drink vodka after we kill the beast and our head is still attached to our neck, besides being inebriated isn't gonna help our current predicament, unless blurred vision and shaky hands are considered a virtue. I'm all for getting wasted after our victory

efb0e2 No.306296

Dice rollRolled 74 (1d100)


Why don't we ask mama snek for shit to hunt one with? Tell her our plan leave out Audrey and promise samples for her to examine.

af63b3 No.306312


The reason I don't want to tell mama sneak is because less she knows about our abilities and talents the better, right now she just thinks us an anti-social hermit tinkerer with a heart of gold on the count of saving Kripplekäfer and if we ask her to help us kill a night beast and succeed then she knows us to be dangerous and crazy, more already than we are and in the case we ever have a falling out with her, she knows not to underestimate us, and have an apporiate response team ready or even worse, if we give her the sample of night beast, we could have night beast based daughterus hunting us down. Remember we just met mama snek, sure the face is fine, but we don't know what darker secrets she could be hiding beyond some daddy issues

d1eab0 No.306315


Feed night beast to plant girl.

Other than that, do >>306256

2cbc25 No.306361


>not using our new salt to get pure elemental chlorine

If we're autistic enough and have the right equipment we could get chlorine through using electrolysis on a tank of brine. We'd just need to make some seal of some kind on a strong steel container. Either that or using said electrolysis stuff to make homebrew oxy-hydrogen fuel to cut through some really tough metals or alloys. And maybe next time we trade ask for a few gallons of high test hydrogen peroxide and some precursor chemicals for say TNT like nitric acid, sulfuric acid and fuming sulfuric acid and toluene and if you want to make amatol ask for potassium nitrate too.

aac362 No.306379

Dice rollRolled 49, 81 = 130 (2d100)


Potato seeds = potatoes = potential alcohol source

MUST PLANT POTATOES. (rolling for this)

Also rolling for identifying the Blue-teal wood sapling with live embers while talking to Audrey


It's a good plan for any ground dwelling night terror, but what if it's a tree dwelling one?

There's no room for error here. One wrong move could have Audrey, Bea, Rex, and ourselves all killed. So we have to come up with some way to force any creature to play the game using our rules. The bottom line is that I don't think we can reliably force a mystery creature to fall into our trap. If we go this route, take a swig of vodka for some extra liquid courage. Bea probably needs some too if we go this route.


I agree with this. Taking on a night terror isn't something any sane person would do, and asking for help in taking one down would cement us into the bat-shit crazy zone. I'd guess that she'd stop believing anything we said, and then stop sending us goodies.


The brine chlorine process uses a lot of power & salt if I remember right, and I'm confident that we don't have enough electricity or salt for it. Chlorine would be a decent way to take out any type of critter with lungs though.

We could use the low-power method of hydrolysis and make some hydrogen & oxygen if need be.

2cbc25 No.306405

Dice rollRolled 1 (1d100)


Seconding your shit. Also, we could use ethanol/methanol as a fuel source. Just don't drink it. We'd need the ethanol anyway to make some explosives in the first place. If we do take on a night terror, we should probably have jury rigged claymores with TNT or acetone peroxide instead of gun powder for extra kick. That or makeshift grenades or pipe bombs. Actually, we have spare gunpowder in unused .357 cartridges right? We should make some of those with our spare time if we have the ability to make a fuse of some kind.

2cbc25 No.306406


>Rolled 1 (1d100)

Time for me to kill myself.

5e993c No.306701


“You know what I need, Bombs.”

You quickly put everything away, excluding what you need to make some explosives.

It's a simple process. Break open a pipe, some cartridges and shove the explosive components inside. Load it with shrapnel and all is good. Of course you take a great deal of care, why a single spark woul…

You miscalculate, and shove a tiny bit to hard on some of the materials. It causes enough heat, enough to detonate the load.

You can’t see.

Your ears hurt something awful. That ringing noise won’t go away.

You feel something shake you.

You quickly dart to your feet and open your eyes.

>Implacable man chance succeeded.

You’re breathing heavily, adrenaline surging.

You can see Bea trying to look you over, but you can’t hear anything the fairy is saying.

The bomb did a number on your workstation. You’re not sure how much really survived the blast.

You think that something tore up your insides. It's a small stinging pain. You take off the jacket, and the layers of that military grade gear you were wearing to find that it blocked a significant amount of the damage. It is now beyond useless. You calmly shove Bea aside and locate the Stem Pack you kept in stock, and inject yourself with it.

>Severe organ damage removed. You are no longer dying.

>Your sanity has dropped by 10 from the experience.

>You have developed a phobia “Use of explosives”

>Your carpender’s station and mechanical maintenance kit has been destroyed.

>Your left leg is non-functioning.

>Your right leg is heavily damaged.

>All the materials used for the bomb have been lost.

>You managed to keep your limbs.

>Thankfully the bomb was not fully packed or pressurized yet.

>Your base walls now have sharp decorations.

>Due to the implacable man activating, your Health is still at full. But you are currently suffering from shock, and have a couple smaller wounds that are bleeding.

>Also you cannot hear. Anything right now.

Bea is hysterical and is looking you over, prodding a few injuries. She run a finger along them, coating them in a thin layer of ice, it seems to stop the bleeding in the most severe areas.

She’s trying to talk to you but you can’t understand anything she says. She gets you to lie down and she removes your armour. You think she’s treating your wounds.

>What do you do?

>Research has been delayed, for obvious reasons.

f885d1 No.306702

File: 374b711243e0f22⋯.jpg (123.52 KB, 980x766, 490:383, 1426447307937.jpg)


>Your left leg is non-functioning.

>Your right leg is heavily damaged.

efb0e2 No.306704

File: 66d9fd336648e69⋯.png (156.84 KB, 500x522, 250:261, IMG_1831.PNG)

Dice rollRolled 48 (1d100)


Fix our shit. Can't kill stuff if we can't walk.

af63b3 No.306725

File: b9377ca6bd06dd6⋯.png (308.11 KB, 356x450, 178:225, Nice roll anon.png)

Dice rollRolled 84 (1d100)



We need to get better and get better fast, inject the blue syringe chances are we're dying of internal bleeding and most of our organ ruptured due to the explosion, so either way we gonna die unless we do something crazy, and no, no matter how much Bea can heal our wounds on the outside she can't heal a concussion, ruptured eardrums, our mechanical legs, or a exploded spleen.

Here's hoping the syringe doesn't kill us

166e58 No.306734

Dice rollRolled 43 (1d100)


But the steampack already did :

>Severe organ damage removed. You are no longer dying.

So there's still no reason, exept curiosity, to take the blue stuff

Fix our shit

if there's recovery time use it to research the fairy plants >glowing blue white vine

af63b3 No.306741

File: ca744fd7fc6042f⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 88.24 KB, 461x367, 461:367, Curiosity killed the cat.jpg)

aac362 No.306755

File: dc7bfe470e959c5⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 169.85 KB, 717x884, 717:884, T5qSWkJ.jpg)

Dice rollRolled 15 (1d100)


Adding my roll to this since I do NOT want to take the mysterious blue syringe of possible death.

28d1ec No.306767


Did he dead?

112569 No.306788

File: a6e0542e899debb⋯.jpg (47.86 KB, 444x440, 111:110, 727e289295c09a435a95264f4d….jpg)

aac362 No.306809


I'm pretty sure that anon is still around… I can't actually remember what it was that he injected. It's been awhile since I dug that pic out.

5e993c No.307309


You sit there as your hearing slowly returns.

“Blackacre!, Are you okay?”

You look around, breathing heavily, trying to control yourself, and stop fucking shaking.

“G-g… Given the c-circumstances it went fairly we-well.”

You giggle to yourself quietly.

“I-I don’t plan on using explosives again for a long time.”

>Your phobia requires a sanity check whenever you want to use explosive-based weapons. On a failure your character fails to act using the item and loses their turn.

Bea is slowing down as she starts to get to the tender areas.

“You don’t seem to be dying. Your wounds aren't even bleed… oh there they start. So this is what the Queen was talking about when she said your body was interesting.”

She finishes running her now clearly ice cold hands along your wounds.

“Now then. Blackacre, I’m taking you to your bed and you’re going to get some rest.”

“Audrey needs her house adjusted.”

“Fine, get Rex to do it.”

“Rex, expand the small house like construction around Audrey, the white plant, do not harm the plant. It must have a roof of vines. Do not otherwise compromise the garden.”


Bea sits you down so you can closely direct Rex as he reconstructs the little shelter. Then after it is far more than sufficient she takes you upstairs, has Rex stand at his little upstairs post, and locks down the base.

Bea helps you sit down in your semi-shocked state as it wears off, then lies you down.

“Take a rest, you need to relax.”

“But I have so mu…”

Beatrix pecks you on the cheek, and you feel a little drowsy.

“I know you asked me not to use magic on you, however, the queen would not approve of me allowing you to risk your wounds opening again. Please don’t begrudge me this.”

You fall asleep.

Your sleep is dreamless but you feel oddly comfortable.

The following morning you feel much better, your wounds appear to have healed, most likely due to Bea’s magic.

You slowly get up, finding a Beatrix staring you in the face. It seems she was making sure you had ample rest. She had her arms on the mattress to your sides, lying on top and over you.

“You’re cuter when you sleep. Now, we’re going to go downstairs, and you’re not going to panic at what you see. I went out to get some food for Audrey, and when I came back…”

You stand up and immediately head downstairs. You open the front door, removing the secure locks with haste. Audrey’s bulb, it's dried out and brown. You run over and see what could be wrong, maybe it's still alive. There has to be something you can do!

You part some of the leaves, looking for green, but then something grabs your leg. A large tendril emitting from behind the bulb (a much larger bulb than you remember now that you think about it).

Then from behind it, a white powder wafts toward you. And you hear a soft and silken voice. It's like the running water of a creek, present and calming when you hear it.


It sounds like a little girl.

A small girl peeks from behind the dead bulb. She is green skinned, her eyes entirely white as if she has no pupils. Her hair is long and almost looks as if it's made of vines, an imitation to be sure. Her arms are covered with long and wide leaves, they’re fluffy and white they extend down similar to a kimono. She is quite petite, nearly as short as Beatrix.

You look down at your legs and find that you seemed to force yourself down here purely on instinct, the one leg is not even responding anymore. You’ll have to fix that soon. But for now, you think you should make sure Audrey is not going to eat you.

>What do you do?

>Research and vodka drinking maybe later.

>Current top picks are glowing vine and the blue sapling.

aac362 No.307311

Dice rollRolled 22 (1d100)


Headpat our… well daughteru I guess. Ask if she (Audrey) is hungry and if so have Rex catch her something to eat.

166e58 No.307329

Dice rollRolled 77 (1d100)


Acknowledge her as our daughteru and give Headpats and food as suggested >>307311

Get better acquainted witth Audrey, make presentation with Rex and Beatrix.

And when situation is more or less back to normal fix legs.

af63b3 No.307338

File: 4a4ad38ea44aeec⋯.jpg (28.59 KB, 245x326, 245:326, Conquistador.jpg)

Dice rollRolled 92 (1d100)



I say we celebrate by fixing our legs then drinking vodka, cooking some BBQ when it gets dark enough we set off some homemade fireworks

6bf40e No.307360

Dice rollRolled 9 (1d100)


Yes, we are daddy

I don't really have a suggestion other than move Audrey into our base, unless she still needs constant sunlight and soil.

aac362 No.307590

Dice rollRolled 38 (1d100)


I agree with everything except the fireworks, cause fireworks are explosives.

Also rolling to get a sample of our daughteru's white powder. Hopefully we can analyze it after the glowing vine & blue sapling

af63b3 No.307771


We need to get over our fear of explosives anon, and the best way to do that is to face it head on by making more.

5e993c No.307836


Audrey stands up and stumbles towards you, then trips falling into you. She lies her head against your chest, absentmindedly looking to the side. Her hands, reaching from the snowy coloured leaf kimono sleeves feel along the sides of your face.

Bea floats over, then sits upon the wall, watching.

“I wasn’t quite sure what to do when I saw her either.”

You place your hand on her head, and run your fingers through her vine hair, unveiling a number of pure white flowers that bloom at your touch. Looking her over as you pick her up to take inside, she oddly enough seems to lack any kind of genitalia. It seems she’s more plant than animal as of now.


She merely repeats that word occasionally, with no real semblance or reasoning. You’re fairly certain that may be the only word she knows so far. Audrey is brought inside, and Beatrix brings in a dead deer that she impaled with a spike of ice.

Bea floats down to your back and looks at her, you can see little wheels in her head turning, thinking.

You set Audrey by the food, and you carve off some of its ribs. You’ll need to slow roast these. Audrey can eat the rest. If she’s like a plant she's probably at the point where she’s rapidly growing into a sustainable size. Another good question is why does a venus flytrap mutation have flowers? Though, you have a feeling your question will be difficult to answer.

Audrey starts eating, Bea offers to make the food, Rex “decides” to maintain its guard duties.

You sit in the lobby of your little hidden base and work on your legs… with what little of your maintenance kit you have left.

You find yourself successful to a degree, much to your surprise. The explosion riddled the joints and bit of shrapnel was caught in an important joint. However, the legs are still heavily damaged. You sigh, and wonder what you’re going to do with these now. How long will the fix last? Unless you can find or acquire spare parts, or new cybernetics it will be a constant worry.

>Your legs are now “Functioning”.

>The cybernetics one can equip is determined by the cybernetic “Base” installed on the user. Blackacre’s legs are compatible with North American Coalition cybernetics. The most common in the greenbelt by a large margin. The other two types of bases are the European Empire and New Soviet Union.

You devote the rest of your time to research. After planting some potatoes in the soil above your base, not super far from the trap door so they should be easy acess.

Starting with the blue sapling.

The sapling’s bark is a blue-teal colouration. The tips of its branches have live embers constantly burning. You cut the tip off of a branch and its still burning. The branch that is the sample quickly develops a new ember on the cut portion.

Using your microscope you find a number of interesting things. This sapling is entirely devoid of any bacteria, culture, virus or anything microscopic. In fact, the thing itself seems to kill bacteria. Upon further testing you can determine a number of things.

The sapling emits an oil that burns slowly but not very hot, this oil is a powerful antibacterial agent. The oil itself would cause massive discomfort and well, burn. The burning the oil does to skin or organic matter is minimal, and would mostly result in tender skin and great discomfort. The heat and disinfecting properties may make this a superior option against infections and certain kinds of parasites.

The glowing blue vine’s mysteries escape your experienced hand, somehow. You determine that its properties are not medicinal at the very least.

However, these fey plants are very strange. They don’t require sunlight… or water… or food. But they have to feed on something. Don’t they? Theoretically, you could grow these samples in house into full sized plants given enough time.

Audrey’s spores:

Her little spores don’t seem to be seeds nor are they meant for procreation or pollination. They react strongly to heat, light and touch. However, their true purpose is hard to determine. Yes they react to various stimuli, but why?

Unfortunately, Blackacre is unable to bring himself to create fireworks at the moment.

You take a sip of some vodka. It’s cold from its time near the freezing flower, refreshing. And very strong, it burns the throat. Just like it should.


>Your adventures have caught up with you, and you’ve earned some grit. 3 to be exact.

>Grit can be used to do a number of things, it can increase your ability to use technology (making use magic worse) or vice versa. It can also make you better at your skills, or you can learn a specialty skill for a specific action or craft (such as architecture, blacksmithing, security breaching but the limits are endless).

> Grit can also be use to develop magical spells (If you’re not blackacre that is, not with his use magic skill.) Or develop a mutation.

>Cast your vote on what you want Grit to be used for.

6bf40e No.307843

Dice rollRolled 92 (1d100)


Can we put Grit towards speech or other social skills? Being a reclusive sperg is fun and all but we've got a plant girl to raise. On that note we should start teaching her important life skills, starting with how to talk. She knows we're Daddy, but does she know her own name? Does she know Bea's or Rex's?

Another point should be put to technology so we can maybe jury rig our legs to be at least a bit closer to OK, and we should ask Mama Snek for parts for our legs (new ones if she has them, but that would probably be one hell of a favor) and a book on child care

So my vote is, 2 Grit in social, 1 in Tech

efb0e2 No.307844


Teach Audrey to speak. her second word should be blyat and or cyka.

Request some repair kits from mommy snake and tell her nothing. Send some samples of Audrey's spores and various other shit she might find useful.

efb0e2 No.307845

Dice rollRolled 54 (1d100)


Forgot roll

af63b3 No.307848

Dice rollRolled 15 (1d100)


>Unfortunately, Blackacre is unable to bring himself to create fireworks at the moment.

Stop being a pussy and make those fireworks we're gonna celebrate in style


This I go with we should stop being a fucking autist and learn to communicate with others

Can we spend a grit point to get rid of our phobia of explosives?

5e993c No.307871


I would say yes, but removal of a phobia so quickly would require more than 1 grit point. I would say a minimum of 2 grit to remove a phobia from Blackacre

5e993c No.307875

File: 24817a914717927⋯.png (373.92 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Falling Down Map.png)


also here is a map of the surrounding area.

6bf40e No.307883


So what direction is Mama Snek's cult base?

And did you base this off of an actual location because it looks somehow familiar to me

aac362 No.307894

Dice rollRolled 41 (1d100)


Are you me?

This is identical to what I had in mind. Adding my vote for this as well.

If we ask for parts from mama snek, and she asks why, tell her we were attempting to build some traps to ward off a night creature.


We know it's three days north, but probably off of the map

166e58 No.307897

Dice rollRolled 39 (1d100)


Since we're going tech all the way, let's put our point in : Engineering, Medecine, and Biology

Fuck not being an autistic hermit, blackacre made it so far being one he can keep it that way. I think we should reinforce our strong point and not waste point in trying to patch up our weakness.

Request a repair kit from mommy snake and send our findings on the fey plants, let's keep Audrey secret for now.

We need to start taking care of Audrey, we should start engaging with her to evaluate how much she can talk and teaching her new words and stuff. And making sure that we are "daddy" and not food.

We should start to grow the sappling stuff, having a stock of powerfull desinfectant will be useful in the futur

I shloud not point that out but a microscope that can allow to see virus is one hell of a powerfull microscope

faf5f7 No.307900

Dice rollRolled 30 (1d100)


This. We should improve our strong points before we patch up stuff that ulatmately has no use to us right now or in the foreseeable future.

5e993c No.307912


The research technology before the fall of the old world was something to marvel at and wonder about. It was what allowed the seemingly sci-fi advancements in biological mutations and medical.


Some town in canada somewhere. don't remember it off the top of my head. also, 3 days north, roughly.

2cbc25 No.307989

Dice rollRolled 25 (1d100)



Seconding these choices for our grit. We should cultivate some of that oil producing plant. Potential use in manufacturing incendiary weapons and/or medicine. We should try and loot for some of those infinibattery things our base is powered with. That and find a mass spectrometer for science hence the battery. I recommend we try and find a hospital. We might be slowly able to disassemble a cyclotron and mass spectrometer there depending on it's size and slowly move parts back home. Just hope our legs and other cybernetics aren't ferromagnetic since the magnets will be a bit of a issue. They'll be useful for potential chemical production and mutation depending on isotopes manufactured in the cyclotron.

aac362 No.307990


I have officially spent two hours looking throughout Canada on google maps. This is like the best fucking scavenger hunt ever.

333d9a No.308021


voting this

Also did we ever ask Bea what the revolver we got from the lab does?

5e993c No.308047


I should warn you that I did edit some of the map. From what I remember, some of the green areas and that island.

5e993c No.308155


You did, and she did not know what it does.

aac362 No.308178


Found it!

It only took a total of six hours to find it! Belleville, Ontario

I like scavenger hunts.

5e993c No.308214

File: d2d006790b0936e⋯.mp4 (344.3 KB, 326x326, 1:1, d2d006790b0936e2e6221e800c….mp4)


Congratulations. Yeah that's the area I used, much easier than building a map from scratch, looks better as well. for your effort, i'll give you a grit point to spend on anything of Blackacre's.

af63b3 No.308331

File: 1f21f61c8aad877⋯.mp4 (1.54 MB, 476x268, 119:67, Blyat-man.mp4)

Dice rollRolled 52 (1d100)


Sweet now we can spend two on our social stat and two to get rid of our phobia

aac362 No.308432


I can choose whatever I want for the grit point? If it's just me, I'd put it into social to guarantee we get a tad better at communicating. If it's for the collective to decide, My vote goes with no.308331 prior to mine.

5e993c No.308464


Results are in:

>Votes to upgrade Tech over social skills were greater by one. Map Anon has opted to use his point to better social. Anon's social skill will always be not that great, it will take time to bring his anti-social nature down. But this is a good step forward. However with superior tech skills you will be much more likely to successfully manipulate technology.

I also made a couple of changes to the skills. when I looked at them I felt that I made a couple bizzare design choices.

1.) engineering has been split into Electrical and Mechanical. engineering on it's own covered a much to broad array of actions.

2.) nuclear has been melded into the other skills. It was a tad too specific.

working on an update now.

5e993c No.308479


Audrey grows thick tendrils from the folds of her flowery kimono sleeves, these tendrils are covered in wicked looking spines, harshly contrasting her innocent demeanor. These tendrils hook into the meat and with a sickly gash, tear the meat from bone. Audrey’s quite happy to eat fresh game.

You harvest a portion of the samples and place them in simple casings. Moving over to the communications equipment you mention that you will have some valuable samples for them to gather not too long from now, packaged in one of their boxes.

The representative you talk with sounds oddly familiar.

“Is that Siegfried?”

“Why yes it is. The General assigned me to communications for a time, while I have some time to cool down she said.”

“Good, good.”

“Your stitching and impromptu medical treatment was applauded for both its barbaric nature and efficiency by the medical officers. Though I don’t really care how you did it, it kept me alive. Thank you again.”

“Welcome. Now, I require a number of things.”

“I am licensed to bargain.”

“Mechanical maintenance Equipment.”

“Easily done.”

“Basic cybernetic servos,motors and various connectors for the NAC base.”

“Did you damage your legs?”

“Yes, minor damage.”

“A lot of parts for ma-… Minor damage.”


“Fair, I have no doubt your samples are rare.”

“I’ve never seen them before if that’s what you mean.”

“How long have you been out there?”

“Don’t remember.”

You can hear siegfried sigh sadly. “I believe you. I will have a drone come by and look at the items in question.”


You purposely do not mention anything about Audrey, her spores or anything related to her. You don’t trust these people, no telling what they’re capable of. They’re a useful means to an end for now.

You head to the dead drop and reveal the thin cuttings you have for samples. The drone speaks with Siegfried's voice.

“Interesting. These will do nicely. Here are your items. Do be careful.”

You nod as the drone leaves.

Bringing your spoils…

>mechanical maintenance kit.

>Spare cybernetic components.

To your base you fix up your legs with new parts.

They seem to be working fine now.

Audrey seems to have stripped all the flesh from the corpse, and is now snapping bones to get marrow. Her teeth aren’t pointed, but rather they seem to be like flat blades, with small ribbing made to cut through meat.


“Hey Audrey. How’re you doing?”

You sit down beside her. She awkwardly walks towards you and falls into you. She then coos, turns around and is happy to sit on your lap. Beatrix picks this moment to come inside with a rack of fresh cooked ribs.

Audrey, gives you pleading eyes, you cave a little and give her a rib.

Beatrix lies on the floor, just looking at you and audrey as she picks are her portion.

“She’s cute.”

“Yes, I worry if she will be able to learn though.”

“Don’t be, watch. Audrey?”

Audrey looks around absent mindedly, but you can feel her lean off off you ever so slightly.

“She knows I am there, I can feel it in my bones. And it's not just the sounds I am making. She is like that Cuddlebug creature. I am fairly certain that she has higher levels of thought, she is just unaware.”

“You’re a good girl.”

You pat her on the head, flowers bloom again from her viney hair, she coos.

You do your absolute best to tell her cute little stories, only to find you’re really bad at it. However, Beatrix is a very good story teller, and seems to know many stories from bygone ages of heros, knights and dragons. She is so talented as versing them, you can imagine yourself there.

Audrey falls asleep, at least you think it’s sleep. You put her on your mattress and she dreams quietly.

“I need to go scouting. Maybe I can find an old hospital, they have things I could use…”

Bea is strangely energetic, and latches onto your back tightly when you say that.

“I could find you something like that!”

“You could?”

“Of course Blackacre, I soar through the air. It would be trivial to find something like that.”

“I feel that…”

“I insist. You have some time with Audrey. Maybe plant those samples you collected. I can do this, i’ll be back long before dark.”

You sigh. “Alright.”

“I’ll be back shortly.”

>You have planted a blue embering sapling. The little thing is in a pot in the lobby, it looks nice.

>Bea returns before dark, informing you that she found a hospital. But will only tell you where tommorow.

>What are the plants for tomorrow?

> ;^)

af63b3 No.308486

File: 3f75252985b608f⋯.mp4 (2.84 MB, 326x184, 163:92, SHUT UP.mp4)

Dice rollRolled 79 (1d100)


>What are the plants for tomorrow?

> ;^)


>Audrey wears a kimono

Get that shit off of her we're in the west not the land of the 2 nukes

We need ammo and supplies so the hospital would be a good start for medical necessities, while the factory might hold ammo.

Tell Bea to go fuck herself if we need her help we'll ask

5e993c No.308489


The "Kimono sleeves" are large leaves that grow from Audrey's arms. they just happen to look like big white fluffy kimono sleeves.

348799 No.308494


Teach our child to shoot a gun. After that we should probably talk to mommy snake about how her dad and the high probability that he is also our father.

I have two theories, the first is that he somehow extended his life. He created a shit load of mutant stuff so he could have extended his life via genetics or clones a la fabius bile. The second is that were the one who has lived for some 200 years because its been established that we aren't 100% human. Probably a clone of him that he wanted to teach all he knew or something.

aac362 No.308515

Dice rollRolled 68 (1d100)


I think it's quite likely that we're a cast away or damaged clone that he didn't expect to survive…

I think Audrey is more dangerous than we realize. In a good way though! Once/if her mind matures a bit, I think some weapons training is necessary!


I vote for researching the purple berry vine, then checking out the hospital. - rollin for this

(Hopefully the hospital isn't jam packed with monsters)

Also Bea seems like she really wants to prove herself. Can we get her to help us take care of Audrey? Audrey might turn out half as mentally scarred as us then!

6ed35d No.308625

Dice rollRolled 45 (1d100)


>Mentally scarred

You mean smart? The last thing we want is for bea to influence our child to be some kind of whore. I don't trust the loli fuck what so ever. For all we know she might try and take our child.

af63b3 No.308641

File: 54b4f5feb53aaab⋯.mp4 (390.68 KB, 640x360, 16:9, My nigga.mp4)



I'm with ya brother, I don't trust Bea since the start when the Ice Bitch stabbed us through the stomach and almost killed us

aac362 No.308698


Insanity isn't always a boon. We're almost at the point where we start taking penalties because our sanity is too low.




The way I see it, we're just a hop, skip, and a jump from being a night horror ourselves.(Albeit a rather big jump)

Think about it. Do we really know how to care for a kid? Sure we have feeding down thanks to the fact that she's a strict carnivore, but kids require attention and care.

On top of that, she's capable of stripping an animal down to its bones with no effort whatsoever. If we don't care for her properly, she could turn on us and strip us down.

That's why I say we keep Audrey's sanity levels higher than ours, even if it's just for self preservation. Hence getting someone else who might know a bit more to help US care for her. Hell, it doesn't even have to be Bea.

3e0a7b No.308798

Dice rollRolled 88 (1d100)


I agree we need to put some effort in taking care of Audrey.

I propose that we keep her with us at all time and speak with her as much as possible, even just describing and explaining what we are doing.

Bea is always stuck to us anyway so she will probably interact with Audrey wether we want it or not.

So let's got on a father daughteru scavenging trip to the hospital.

Also Audrey seems like she would be pretty deadly in close combat so we should teach her that before guns.

8e7cc7 No.308803

File: fe7559c06527845⋯.png (340.06 KB, 341x499, 341:499, 1502125545625.png)


>Wanting to expose our child to danger

20de09 No.309222

During your sleep you have a nightmare, but don’t remember what it was when you woke up.

It's time to research once again. The purple vine has some odd berries growing off of long whisker-like stalks. Using a number of reactive elements you check the berries for poisonous elements. All tests come negative. The berries taste very sugary, but you cannot seem to isolate anything else about them. Maybe they’re just not that special?

You take Audrey outside while explain a few things to her.

“This is home, outside of here I have a number of bad things set up. They will hurt you if you activate them. They are to keep bad people out.”

“Okay Daddy.”

Audrey just spoke, but not in ‘Lish. But in the Fey language. You realise that you’ve been speaking the fae language all this time when speaking to and around Beatrix. Beatrix only speaks in the Fae language, it's odd that you never really noticed. Audrey seems pleased, unbothered by the language unlike Dreary was. Her voice is quiet, soft and you would almost describe it as velvety.

“You learned the language fast.”

She cocks her head at you. You get the feeling she might be understanding your intent behind the words, rather than what they actually mean. This seems to be due to the intricacies of the Fae language. You put a slice of bark on top of a stump, then pull out your luger.

“This is a gun. When this… “ You point to the trigger, Audrey is paying sharp attention to you. “Is pressed, it will hurt or kill things this…” You gesture to the barrel “Is pointing at.”

“Hurt food? Hunt food?”

“Yes, but if used incorrectly can hurt Daddy.”

She flinches back from the luger and looks at you mournfully. Tendrils form from her arms, they point at the gun and before you can react to it, take the gun from your hand.


You know the safety is on, so you’re not worried considering how hard the damn safety of the gun is to trigger. Beatrix flies over, probably at the loud whine from Audrey. However she moves off to the side and watches. Intent to let you handle the situation.

“Audrey, if we are careful with the weapon, it will only hurt food.”

“Nyooooo, not want to daddy hurt.”

Bea walks into the scene, calm and collective with a smug grin on her face. She may be good at handling Audrey, but you know she has the motives of her queen on her mind. Whatever they may be.

“I understand your concern, but Daddy has used this weapon many times to stop people from hurting him.”

“But weapon daddy hurt?”

“Only if we are not careful with it. Remember the hero and his sword?”

Her head leans forward towards your voice, she slowly walks toward you, still holding the gun tightly.


“If the hero was not careful with his sword, he could have hurt himself.”

“Nyoo not the hero.”

“But remember what he did with that sword?”

“Dragon food.”

“Yes, he killed the dragon. That weapon is like the hero’s sword, and must be used carefully. If used properly it will not hurt Daddy. Now please let him explain how to not hurt daddy with it.”

Audrey looks around, as if not paying attention, then her tendrils extend handing the weapon back to you.

“Please continue Blackacre, your daughter wants to hear about the hero’s weapon.”

“Right… “ You point the pistol at the target. “This button is called a safety. When depressed the gun will not fire. See, when I do this the weapon is now live and if I pull the trigger here it will fire.”

Bea softly asks you to wait.

“Audrey, the weapon is very loud, you may want to cover your ears.”

Audrey sits down.

You aim and fire the gun, it fires the bullet into the target swiftly as the casing ejects landing in the soil. The bark you stood on a stump falls over, most likely with a new hole or strip torn off.

Audrey moves over to the target, very slowly. You of course turn your safety on. She picks up the bark and pokes a little finger through.


“The projectile comes from here. This projectile is very dangerous. Do not point this at anyone unless you want to kill them.”

“Only at food?”

“Yes, And never at Daddy.”

She cuddles up close and hugs your leg.

“Never hurt Daddy.”

“Now, do you want to fire a shot?”


“Why not?”

“Weapon have.”

She raises her right arm and one of the tendrils comes out, she reels back the tendril and then it shoots out in a straight line at the stump. The stump cracks and crumples when hit, the tendril, now about 10 yards long, retracts. You can see the remains of barbs in the tree trunk, and the tendril punched a hole right through it.


Bea has much the same reaction.

>It seems that someone wants to explore an old hospital. What do you want to bring with you on your adventure? Also WHO do you want to bring with you on your adventure?

6bf40e No.309223

Dice rollRolled 93 (1d100)


Audrey can defend herself, but I don't think she needs to come out with us into the wild scary world just yet. Let's teach Audrey about Rex, then have Rex watch her while we raid the hospital with Bea

aac362 No.309244


I'm all for this.

I don't want to risk a roll though.

af63b3 No.309254


I don't think Rex would be a good companion to our Audrey, she needs human Fae? interaction not a cold machine who just followers order. Let's leave Bea to watch Audrey while we and Red go to the hospital.

af63b3 No.309255

Dice rollRolled 84 (1d100)


Rex* and I forgot to roll

ba7c3a No.309291

Dice rollRolled 45 (1d100)



Bea might try some shit to manipulate us by brainwashing Audrey to serve the ice queen. We leave Audrey to her own devices, we aren't going to be with her at all times and we should let her get use to that.

af63b3 No.309432

File: f26e12d1fd7811e⋯.png (4.91 KB, 225x225, 1:1, thinking face emoji.png)

Dice rollRolled 90 (1d100)


Wait I got an idea, what if Bea told some stories to Rex who then could regurgitate them back to Audrey to keep her entertained and we'll watch Bea tell the stories to Rex so she does not try to fill him with propaganda Then we can safely go to the hospital and not worry about Audrey being filled with Fae lies or becoming bored being locked up with a robo-dog and wandering off.

f68597 No.309662

Dice rollRolled 13 (1d100)


>leaving Audrey with Bea

Bea is not our ennemie however I'm certain she will try something with Audrey, for example trying to recruit her to the Fae cause.

So we must never leave Audrey with Bea, and we need to teach Audrey the common tongue, so that she might be able to interact with normal people without them trying to kill her immediatly because her words fucks with their minds.

Audrey is dangerous she is very much capable to defend herself. I'm all for taking her with us wherever we go. Let's go to the hospital with her and Rex, but explain to her to stay close and that it might be dangerous. And then be extra carefull to not get her hurt.

Audrey grows and learn very fast who knows what might happen if we leave her alone for too long.

If the hospital turns out to be too dangerous, let's go on a quick recon trip in a safe place (the old bunker ?) to teach her about the land and how to be extra sneaky.

Also we need to talk to her about people that are not food but can still be dangerous at some point.

20de09 No.309709


Taking Audrey with you makes you feel very nervous. There is the chance that she could get lost, or hurt or anything really. No, she should remain safe until she’s just a little older… bigger, meaner. You hope she remains sweet and cute when she’s older. For a moment you fantasize about growing old with your little girl now taking care of you. It's a nice thought, just maybe living a peaceful undisturbed life.

However, leaving Audrey unsupervised would be a mistake. You need someone here, not the Fae. She could manipulate her. That being the case, you should have Rex supervise her. You need to grab some food to keep her distracted and maybe you can convince Bea to tell Rex many stories to keep Audrey interested.

“Bea, could you tell Rex some of those stories. I’ll have him record for Audrey.”

“Not taking her with us?”

“She’s too young.”

“When did you come out into the forest, away from civilization?”

“Not telling.”

“I’ll tell Rex the stories if you tell me.”

“Sometime between 12 to 14.”

“I’ll get to telling him.”

“I’ll listen to you tell them.”

Beatrix turns around and suddenly hugs you, her arms wrap around your waist.

“You still don’t trust me do you?”


“I can sympathize with that. If you position I would not trust me either.”

Is it possible for a Fae to sound sad? If so she’s doing a really good job.

“Is it the… Incident with the queen?”

“Mostly the abduction and imprisonment but yes.”

“The queen wants to make her mistake right… and so do I. There must be something you want! Anything! The queen granted you a Favor from her herself. Why have you not taken the Favor, hers or mine?”

You sigh. Moving the Faerie out of the way for the time being.

“Proving a point. I don’t need any favor to get along. I have survived for times among times. I will die when I die and no sooner.”

“A point? You refuse the queen’s favor to prove a point?”

Her expression suddenly changes from heated and confused, to giddily happy.

“I like you. I can see why she gifted you her favor.”

20de09 No.309710


All this does is leave you up confused creek. What is up with these people? You cannot comprehend what normal people are like, let alone magical creatures.

It takes 4 hours of story telling. Audrey was happily eating and not paying attention. The forest has a large bounty for those who are impossible to see, smell or be heard in its confines. Hunting for you is a trivial matter whose only constraint is time. Rex has a lot of stories ready now.

You teach Audrey how to command Rex on storytelling. Rex is now able to fully protect Audrey, as well as provide food at chosen intervals. You have some food hanging up above the freezing flower for him to get. You’ll have to move that flower sometime. It's now able to keep food just before freezing to preserve it.

Then, you set up some of your gear and head out.

The travel is uninterrupted.

Bea leads you to a place beside the water, not too far from the Factory.

“GoldGraves Mental Hospital, Insane Asylum.”

The building looks ancient, A traditional remake of an old style of architecture. Traditional and huge windows. Not only that, but Bea says she saw nary a soul anywhere around here. It seems abandoned.

So of course you head inside. The building is actually almost entirely devoid of life, not even mice. You scope everything out before the looting begins. You find one room undisturbed in probably years. The “Child Ward”, small skeletons, falling apart rest on small beds.

Old war-proofed children's books are the first thing you find, some even in the hands of these children who were clearly tied to their beds.

>Playtime stories, picture books,ect X35

>Sex Education, the birds and the bed X2

>Preserved instant food x10

>Poorly scrawled note

>Picture of family

You consider looking at the notes, but instead look out the massive partially stained glass window that shows the waterfront off in all its natural glory.

But, the question in your mind is what is up with the freakishly large crustacean.

It's larger than a car, no, larger than a fully sized truck. It lumbers up from the water and is covered in a massive thick shell. Its oddly coloured, rainbowed and speckled from hundreds of different hues. A large pair of bulbous eye stalks come from the head.

>Biology: 80

That is a peacock mantis shrimp. A really big one. Christ, it has a pair of retracting arms with clubs as large as your head. It's a good thing you’re not in its line of sight. Its fairly impressive looking, how the water refracts the light off of it carapace.

The creature’s eye stalk rotate around, taking in the many colours it can see. Then its head splits open. The top of a human head seems to poke out and look around then slide right back into the body.

“That’s not a mutated creature. That’s a mutant human.”

“What’s the difference Blackacre?”

“One is more likely to be sentient, though not by that much for the large ones.”

“They magical?”

“No, creatures of science and men. The epitome of humanity’s ability to create weapons.”

“Things have changed since I left, but not much. Humans are crazy enough to make chimeras with humans? I thought that was banned by the grand council of wizards.”


“They don’t exist either anymore then I take it.”


Beatrix looks quite sad for a moment.

“Oh, it’s moving.”

The Mantis Shrimp creature moves to the wall of the building, A bang echos through the building. The sound of screeching metal, nearly deafening. Your ears ring.

It broke down the door to the building you're in. It will be downstairs any moment now.

From what you remember, the upstairs is 3 rooms and a small hallway, only one large staircase in the center. Downstairs is several smaller rooms and then there’s a basement.

>What to do?

aac362 No.309729

Dice rollRolled 27 (1d100)


Is there any way we can get get out without alerting the creature? Like a broken window on the second floor where we could (safely and hopefully quietly) jump down? I'd imagine our robotic legs could handle the jump. Just in case we need an escape route at least.

Rolling for keeping quiet and hiding for now

af63b3 No.309744

File: 20ddd71979c70d9⋯.png (138.09 KB, 402x259, 402:259, Mantis shrimp .png)

Dice rollRolled 68 (1d100)


>It's a fucking mental health hospital

>It's a fucking mantis shrimp

Alright here's the plan: Tell Bea to freeze the ground in the hallway making it slippery, next tell her to make ice spikes at the end of the hallway, make sure the spikes are large and few not many and small, it needs to break the shell finally act as bait if it still has some human aspects then it is most likely susceptible to taunting, make sure to have Rusky at the ready. Since the mantis shrimp to probably more used to moving on crumbling surfaces like sand it should have trouble moving on a hard surface and it's most likely more used to it's underwater weight only contributing to this weakness. If everything goes well, we'll be eating grilled crustacean tonight.

2cbc25 No.309754


>mantis shrimp

Well we're fucked if we get spotted, no hiding in plain sight with this. Knowing our luck it can see into the UV and IR spectrums and will fuck us over if we have anything giving off light there. Actually, that gives me a idea. If it CAN see into that all we need is something like a IR light or a laser pointer and we can blind the fucker. Recommend if we find anything or have that we blind that fucker now rather than later before it finds us and gives us a giant speedhole through our abdomen.

892089 No.309797

Dice rollRolled 74 (1d100)



Let's just make sure it's hostile before baiting it into the trap. Well if we can bait it it's probably hostile so it should be ok.

If we manage to kill it we need to get samples to study the mutation process and also some piece of carapace to make something nice for Audrey.

aac362 No.309846


It was a human at one point, right?

So if we were to eat it, it could be considered cannibalism, right?

I'm all for everything but eating it if we can in fact kill it. (Unless it's somehow not hostile and miraculously sane)

166e58 No.309921


True, no eating weird human hybrid. We have plenty of food already.

20de09 No.310017

File: b13c124ec28744e⋯.jpg (19.82 KB, 236x419, 236:419, 8294b4582b195086883e446cfc….jpg)


“Beatrix, throw down a sheet of ice down that hallway. I’m going to see if its hostile.”

“I’ll trust your judgement.”

“Big spikes on the wall. Not tiny ones that’ll break.”


She flies of to the side, slowly readying the trap. If you went fast, you could slide down into a side room. Mantis shrimp not so much.

You head to the stairs, slowly descending and looking around for the mutant. Ah this is really a bag of tricks. It's a toss up on if they’re hostile or not. Some are even cannibalistic. The thought of it makes you nervous, you don’t see sea creature ones that often to be quite honest.

By what measure is human anyway. You’re technically a mutant, not exactly a severe one. Some strength, some… you think stealth. Maybe that’s why you take territory for yourself? Is it an evolutionary quirk? If so who was your relative that was a mutant. Someone had to pass this down to you. Regardless, it doesn’t matter, you need to find this creature, and see if it's hostile.

No reason to pick a fight with something so scary if you don’t have to.

Looking over the stairs, you can see the creature puttering around. One of it's hammer-claws twitches then smashes a door off its hinges into the room. It sticks one of its bulbous eyes into the room, probably to look inside. It backs out, then slowly shakes its colourful body. Water, in a rainbow stream flecks off onto the walls. This mantis shrimp does not entirely look accurate to the creature itself. Its body for example is much thicker, more like a lobster. However its proportions seem adjusted for that, allowing it to maintain a mantis-like look.

The creature moves down the hall, it's loud and heavy pattering irritating your ringing ears. What is it doing with its arms to make that sound?

Again with the bang! It broke down another door.

What is it looking for?

Here goes nothing.

“Uh, um… Hi?”

It does not seem to hear you.





At that, it turns to look at you. It's much more intimidating from the front. Its clubs twitch, it throws its right one in the air and you can hear it crack, almost like a thunderclap.

“Can you understand me?”

It stares at you, menacingly.


It stares at you again for a moment, then slowly moves closer. Its pincer-like feet clack along the stone floor.

“Oi, stop right there.”

The creature’s body splits in a small area near its mid section. You can see a human-like head from behind the slightly ajar section of its carapace. Its eyes are hard to make out, but its hair is just as vibrant as its shell. It has odd scales that are nearly fluorescent around its eyes that seem to loop around its cheekbones.


“That would be the case, yes. At least I would hope so. What are you doing around here?”

“Looking for thing.”

“What thing?”

“Don’t know. But need.”

It stopped moving and it does not seem to be immediately hostile. But its clubs are twitching, as if anxious. Clearly its guard is not down.

The creature speaks with a thick accent. It makes it very hard to understand. Its speech sound primitive, Like Audrey's but you get the feeling this creature knows exactly what it's looking for. Dumb mutants don’t breed, meaning you only end up with the more dangerous ones still around. Like whatever the fuck those cuddlebugs were.

>What do you do?

af63b3 No.310079

File: 94ace1349ff8623⋯.mp4 (2.92 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Doug Don't give a Dimmadam….mp4)

Dice rollRolled 26 (1d100)


Show this… thing the objects you collected because I'm thinking that poorly scrawled note or picture of a family might infact be its, and the last thing we want is a miffed mantis coming after us. If the objects aren't its just leave and go home no point in sticking around and accidentally taking its "thing". In the off chance that those objects are its and it leaves, search the rest of the building for supplies

Inb4 the note says don't forget food and we're the food

faf5f7 No.310138

File: 8fe27c03305e3a6⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 49.78 KB, 623x414, 623:414, IMG_1597.JPG)

Dice rollRolled 73 (1d100)


Tell her we don't care what she wants. Just stay away from us and we'll leave her to whatever she came for.

if she came for meds like us we just say that it's been picked clean.

pic unrelated, my attitude towards her.

aac362 No.310373

Dice rollRolled 41 (1d100)


I agree with >>310079

Tell her we're not looking for trouble, and see if the note and picture are what she's looking for.

6bf40e No.310534

Dice rollRolled 78 (1d100)



5ad04a No.310548

Dice rollRolled 74 (1d100)


>accidentally taking its "thing"

>its thing

Dafuq ? if we take it it's ours ! The loot belongs to us.

We can try to trick it by giving it worthless shit or telling it that there's no more things here. But if it becomes hostile we go through we the initial plan and kill it.

af63b3 No.310556

File: d0c907a1a997766⋯.jpg (5.19 KB, 243x207, 27:23, confused black guy.jpg)


Anon, what use is a family photo to us or a poorly scrawled note? Unless the family photo shows our father or the note has the secrets of the universe they're only weighing us down, not in actual weight, but in the weight of that fucking shrimp putting 2 and 2 together and coming after us.

aac362 No.310608

Dice rollRolled 13 (1d100)


Also, if the picture & note isn't it, try to get them to describe what they're looking for.

Also we haven't been to the basement yet, correct? If she can't describe it, mention that whatever she's looking for might be in the basement, since we didn't find anything worthy of noting upstairs. (Rolling for this)

I kind of want to go into the basement myself, but that's a really stupid idea as long as there's a possibly enemy around

20de09 No.310630


“Right. What does this thing look like.”

“Small, um. Black. Has heal water inside.”

You think her knowledge of ‘lish is limited.


The “thing” she’s referring to must be a Stem Pack. From what you remember that is the most likely item. She however does not look injured in the least.

“Why do you need one of those?”

“Pupper sick, always find here. No more though. No more in box.”

Her hammer-claw gestures to a medical cabinet.

“How do you know about this place?”

“Once home.”


“No re-… Rem. Remember”

“Are these yours?”

You hold out the picture and the note. Carefully, you advance, the little voice in your head going “Don’t punch me, don’t punch me.”

Its shell cracks in the center, and the little human face returns to peek through.

A human arm slowly reaches out of the shell, the arm is lightly covered with large feather-like protrusions, they’re similar to what you can see to the little feather things that hang from below the eyes.You think they’re normally used for swimming.

“Not mine, f-friend’s…”

She does however keep the picture.

The note itself is in russian, and she does take that as well.

“Did not know these here still. Only look in box.”

“Maybe some of them are in the basement?”

“Basement is bad.”

She says something in another language you don’t understand, she speaks quickly and loudly. You assume it's russian.

“I have no idea what you just said.”

“Basement is a bad place. I have been there. Was for test they said, along with other kiddies.”

“It’s the most likely place. Regardless, I’m going to leave you alone if you leave me alone, okay?”

The creature leans forward and you feel very tiny for a moment. “Yes.”

You scavenge some of the building and come out on top. You find yourself a few useful items.

>x2 Antacid(Remove acid poisoning)

>x2 Skin replacer (Fixes flesh and gash wounds)

>x3 Antidote (remove poison when mixed with the afflicting poison)



>unbranded Alcohol


>Magnifying glass

>2 Infini Batteries

No Stempacks.

You hear the most disturbing thing. The creature is on the other side of the building and is curled up into a “little” ball. It shudders and one of its hammer-claws twitches. It wails and says thing in russian that you cannot comprehend. However, it's not a pain of the flesh you hear, it seems to be in despair.

The only word you can understand is “Pupper”.

You try to remember, it's difficult but that is a term for a dog you think. It needed a stem for its dog? It has a dog?

>What do you do?

ac0ff1 No.310640

Dice rollRolled 39 (1d100)


Help treat doggo?

Roll goes toward success I guess.

c64632 No.310641

Dice rollRolled 16 (1d100)



I'm for at least taking a look at the doggo. It might not even need a stempack. Could be it was the only thing they had before.

af63b3 No.310650

Dice rollRolled 25 (1d100)


Chances are if it needs a stem pack it's probably more injured than what we can heal it. Besides I'm pretty sure we're a human doctor not a vet


>Knows what Russian is but they call English "Lish"

>Not knowing it could be any Cyrillic language such as Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, etc.

I feel like "pupper" could mean anything, an not just a dog, it could be a dog girl of some sort, perhaps a man wearing a wolf fur, or maybe something else entirely like a fucking stuffed animal . Either way we gotta help, if not for the thought of saving a pupper, then do it for the browny points we could win with the mutants since she has a friend and all so agree to help her and head down to the basement also tell Bea to get rid of the ice trap we set up, don't wanna piss off our new "friend" here. and use the infinite batteries on our flashlight, don't want that shit going out at most opportune time.

Here's hoping the puppet is actually injured not sick, cause I'm thinkin' that stem packs can't cure cancer

5ad04a No.310665

Dice rollRolled 23 (1d100)


We have nothing to gain from helping her.

Let's just go explore the basement as >>310650 suggested. If experiment were conducted there to mutate children there might stil be somme cool stuff and also probably crazy murderous mutants so we need to be extra sneaky to get the drop on them.

6bf40e No.310684

Dice rollRolled 35 (1d100)


Tell her we're a doctor and offer to help the pupper

6bf40e No.310693


I'm betting that the pupper needs something more than a stempack considering she's had to come back several times for more to the point that she's emptied a hospital of them

c64632 No.310738

Dice rollRolled 69 (1d100)



It's a giant monster in an asylum, what I'm getting at is that it probably used the stempacks because the were only stempacks.

aac362 No.310819

Dice rollRolled 25 (1d100)



But we wont know unless we take a look right?

I'm all for checking out what's wrong with the pupper. (Rolling for this)

Might as well get Bea's opinion as to what we should do. I mean, we'll probably ignore it cause nobody seems to trust the Fae, but it'll be interesting to know nonetheless.

inb4 pupper is some crazily insane mutated to hell and back night creature

aac362 No.310829







Shit roll streak. Brace for impact boyos, this might get ugly.

Except >>310738

af63b3 No.310868

File: 60d5b4c1b9c418e⋯.mp4 (433.95 KB, 202x360, 101:180, Doktor.mp4)

Dice rollRolled 43 (1d100)


I don't think we could fail this check if we even tried, the mantis shrimp is probably more socially inept than us, so it wouldn't even know if we insulted it, and since we're offering to help save its pupper by going into the basement to find a stem pack, which it is so desperate to save but is so deathly afraid of the basement. Worst case scenario it doesn't trust us, but then again beggars can't be choosers nonetheless it'll accept our help. Perhaps it'll make us walk in front of it, while it keeps a claw at the ready

or we just trip going down the stairs and injure ourselves

2cbc25 No.310892

Dice rollRolled 100, 16 = 116 (2d100)




Better be ammonia based. We can make chloramine gas/vapors depending on what else is in the bleach and cleaner. Kinda like chlorine but not a blister agent.


Right, OP. What exactly do you mean by acid poisoning?

We should also offer to see whats wrong with the uhm…pupper. But before that check the basement if we still have time.

af63b3 No.310900

File: 1581746575d44d4⋯.mp4 (890.82 KB, 480x480, 1:1, Barb-a-Queer.mp4)



>For making a water purification agent


6bf40e No.310901


This is gonna be the best fucking water we've ever tasted.

2cbc25 No.310904

Dice rollRolled 87, 82 = 169 (2d100)


nah m8 nah that was for fucking talking to the shrimp.

af63b3 No.310925

File: 2330d90d83abbb2⋯.mp4 (216.61 KB, 640x360, 16:9, this sucks man.mp4)


>inb4 we complement her colorful shell too well and gain an unwanted waifu

20de09 No.310928


acid poisoning:

a toxic condition caused by the ingestion of a toxic acid agent such as hydrochloric, nitric, phosphoric, or sulfuric acid, some of which are ingredients in common household cleaning compounds.

Basicly it's a universal adaptive counter for acid. If acid gets into your skin it can cause some serious damage. Skin is porus, acid is a liquid. Sometimes it can take up to a month to kill you. At least this is what I have gathered from the internet.

20de09 No.311162

File: 70c461c6fd4ed16⋯.jpg (392.9 KB, 2920x1344, 365:168, Mantis_shrimp_eyes.jpg)


“That’s russian I’m telling you.”

The voice in your head calmly tells you.

“How do you know that?”

“I know many things you don’t.”


You sigh. Turning to the very large crustacean

“Right, little… lady.”

Well this is going fantastic.

“I’m going to take a look downstairs. You stay right here. I’ll see if I can’t find something down there that might help your pupper.”

It, or her you’re fairly certain, stops that strange shaking.



You turn over and head down the steps to the basement. Kicking the door open was a simple matter. Its musty and old inside, but you can hear something. It's like a moan, but it never stops.

You replace the battery in your light, with the new infinibattery. Now it should have eternal power. However you were not prepared.

The walls are covered in fleshy tendrils, in fact you’re certain the walls a made of flesh at this point. Old lab equipment is nearly consumed, glass broken, old beds on wheels with bodies seemingly devoured in a skeletal state. The walls breathe and shift, red and surprisingly not bloody. The floors are oddly clean even if draped by the occasional tendril. Then your geiger counter starts going off. Its loud whirring echoing through the area.

And at that, you slam the door just before you hear “Free me, please, I’ll do anything!”

Maybe later? Though to be fair the last thing you freed shattered your ribcage.

You walk back up the stairs.

“Is that what you meant by bad place?”

The head of the shell body nods. From what you can tell, it probably has a more humanoid body in behind the shell. It seems much more decorative, coloured. From your limited sight it has those “feather-like” things on its limbs. Arms for sure, legs most likely.

“You will help pupper?”

“I will try my best. Where is your pupper?”

“Pupper… is at home. Pupper is resting.”

“Where is your home?”

20de09 No.311163

File: c3dad8aac6d5c06⋯.jpg (31.34 KB, 369x208, 369:208, tumblr_static_tumblr_stati….jpg)


The creature stands back on its many feet. “Under bay, cave, has air, can breathe.”

“How far underwater. I need to breathe all the time, can I access it?”

“You have tools?”

“Yes, I can try to help your pupper, but I can only do so much.”

“I have land. Is good way in. I can take you.”

“I have some stuff that cannot get wet, you understand?”

“Ride on back, we save pupper!”

“I just need to pick something from upstairs, I will be right back.”

You head up the stairs, stopping before the ice. At the end of the hallway are 4 large spiked protrusions. The ceiling has several that have smaller bases than points. Beatrix looks around one of the far corner, her blush skin prominent against the dusty walls.

“I did it, when it climbs the stairs it will slide into the spikes and then the spikes upwards will fall.”

“Clever, but we don’t need the trap anymore.”


“It’s not hostile.”

“Damn! I mean… that’s good.”

You head back downstairs with your scavenged items.

“Remember, I don’t want to get wet.”


The creature takes you down to the bay, the water is normal looking. It has a blue tinge. The radiation has mostly faded from large portions of the ecosystem here. Its only present in some interiors and rare specific areas.

She wades into the water and despite her impressive weight the shifting in her body keeps her afloat. She has small sacs on the underside of her shell you think, they must provide buoyancy. The creature gestures you onto her back with the little flappers beside the bulbous eyes that make up the “Shell Face”. You climb onto her back and she floats atop the water, then gradually speeds up. You did not expect the creature to move so quickly in water, assuming that by its size it would be slow.

You examine her shell, finding it hard. It's actually rather pretty, you know that a mantis shrimp has a very strong shell, and its DNA is commonly used in mutations. But this construction is rather accurate to its original intended purpose.

“Your shell is impressive.”

“I thank.”

There was a small island, in the east portion of the bay. You’re not sure how but you didn’t know it was here, you could not see it even from atop the old bridge. How it escaped your gaze, you’re not quite certain. Something is at work here, something not right. Either way, suspicious or folly, she takes you inland on the island. Leading you to a pool of water, large pond in the center of the island, walking around it she pushes open a hidden cave entrance. It was covered by vines nearly as thick as your thigh.

Inside here it smells clean and clear. There are marks of hammering in the stone, clearly it was struck with great force time and time again.

Your crustacean ride slows down the pace and wobbles to steady you on her slightly moist back.

“Other way in is in water, center. But I like this way.”

The cave spirals around, leading to a boulder. When pushed aside the limestone wall seems to open into a very interesting room.

422e56 No.311164

Dice rollRolled 54 (1d100)


Fuck it, double or nothing, lets free this new dumb bitch

20de09 No.311165


The room itself is a large dome, maybe 50 Meters or 54 yards you think. Unlike the surrounding cave this one is made of a sparkling white stone. Inside, on the walls… everywhere you can see large growths of gemstones. You’re not sure what kind they’re, or what you could use gemstones for in this day and age, but they’re quite impressive.

However before you can take anything more in, your mantis shrimp girl-thing runs toward the far side of the dome. This area is covered in a great deal of fabric threads. They’re multicoloured, and seem to shimmer in the light, changing colour as you look at them. However, that’s not the most important thing.

The “pupper” is about dog size relative to the mantis shrimp. Meaning about “Massive Predatory Cat” size in comparison to you. It's like a big dog, but instead of fur it's covered in chitin, it’s paws have big digging claws. The funny thing, is that this pupper still has a kind of dog like face. A long snout and a “Mustache” of whiskers. Its whimpering sadly.

The owner speaks quickly in russian, you assume.

The voice in your head decides to chime in.

“She’s telling the dog it’ll be okay, and that you’re not food. That you’re here to help.”

“You could easily assume that from the situation.”

“She also says she likes you, so nipping you would be bad.”

“That’s a little more specific, but also probably made up.”

“Oh my, she really likes you.”

“Why’s that?”

“Comment on the shell.”


“Your call chef.”

“I think you mean chief?”


It rolls on its side, lifting it up, and you think you have an idea what the problem is.

>Biology: Easily

>Medicine: Very Easily

One of its armour plates looks wrong. Its not parallel to the other plates. You point it out.

“What up with this plate?”

“Pupper break plate somehow, not grow back right.”

“Hmm, I don’t think so.”

You tap the plate lightly, pupper’s reaction signifies that something under the plate is the issue. You relieve pressure on the plate via elbow grease, and take a small needle. The needle drains fluid from a sack of buildup under the plate. Then the plate starts to slide out of its socket. Christ the fluid buildup was the only thing keeping it in.

What you see is not pleasant. However, it's not likely to be fatal if treated.

20de09 No.311166


The mantis shrimp chitters and hisses, then sobs to herself when she sees whats under it. A number of tunnelers, irritating parasites, but they should simply be unable to bother pupper here. Hell, they have trouble latching onto big creatures in general, and even if they manage it is near impossible for them to grow like this even left alone. This seems to be a streak of bad luck on pupper’s part.

You can take a guess at how this happened. Its simple, the plate broke some time ago and a tunneler swimming through the water smelled blood and latched on when it was a little baby. Then, the shell grew back. The tunneler then could reproduce via budding. Now the tunnelers themselves did not cause the problem, the dead ones did. It's infected, but ironically the tunnelers have been staving off the infection via consuming dead flesh. The stempacks probably kept the guy healed, resetting the process to square one.

But, this is an easy fix.

You see, tunnelers are annoying little bastards but you know how to deal with em. Pull ‘em out and they take a little too much with them. Assuming they’re alive when you pull ‘em. That being the case, you take out a long needle and tweezers from your medical kit. The needle is a long, now sterile, poker, not an injector. So you take aim at the tunneler, grab its tail so it tenses up nice and straight, then stab the fucker in through its body down to its brain. It dies, let’s go and you can slowly pull it out without complication.

You do this several more times, removing dead tunnelers as well. Then you can treat the infection with a simple application of a few basic medical goods from your kit. It's not a miracle cure by any means, but if it dies after this then it would most likely get struck by lightning before hand.

“Pupper should be fine after this…”

You feel yourself hit by something. Not a hammer, or a mace, or a bullet.. But a hug.

But you also feel very,very wet, and gooey. It's very colourful where you are right now. You seem to be inside of the mantis shrimp girl’s shell. The inside is similar to that of a polished seashell. Hundreds of light colours all reflecting, so pretty. In front of, you you should say wrapping around you, is most likely the internal body of the shrimp.

It's very human-like in appearance, but with quite a few liberties. It has odd scales that are nearly fluorescent around its eyes that seem to loop around its cheekbones, as you noticed earlier. It has those little flappers, the colourful feather-like things hanging onto its skin all down its forearms, legs, crotch and chest. They’re like clothes in a way… or at least stockings and undergarments. Her legs are stuck into the shell’s internal meat, but you can see how they’re slipping out. It seems her body is wholly humanoid inside of the shell, and they may exist as two separate entities.

Her shell’s front split open, and then she dropped on you enveloping you in a warm hug. She’s clearly covered in some mostly opaque white goo, or rather, she’s emitting it from her revealed skin. She’s speaking in russian again, saying the same thing over and over again.

“What is she saying?”

There is a long silence.

“Oh you’re talking to me?”

“Damn right.”

“Believe me now?”

“Let’s say yes.”

“She’s saying thank you.”

>What do you do.

>You are rather tied up at the moment.

20de09 No.311167


sorry, for some reason it took forever to post.

6b9759 No.311193

Dice rollRolled 51 (1d100)


Ask her is it true mantis shrimp can see more colors than humans and if so what do those colors look like

5ad04a No.311228

Dice rollRolled 15 (1d100)


Imagining colors that don't exist : won't that fuck up our mental health a little ?


Let's disengage from the hug, try to get a piece of her shell either by asking or by fiding if there's some discarded piece of it in the cave.

Then we could try to speak a little with shrimp girl to get her name, maybe her story, and some info on the hospital basement : what's in it, how it came to be so fucked up, is it worth to try to loot it ?

Ho and since apparently we're nice with people now, we could try to explain to her what happened to shrimp doggo and how to treat it if it happens again.

Finally, the voice is back, it was gone for days (when our sanity was up ?) and now it's back and it knows things we don't. That's really intriguing, I don't know how to investigate that but maybe we could try to ask bea, she seems to be able to sense poeple conciousness(?) so maybe she can check if there's two in our head or something like that ? Is the voice a part of us or is it another person entirely ?

c64632 No.311232

Dice rollRolled 50 (1d100)


Awkwardly pat her, and say something like "there, there".


>apparently we're nice with people now

I feel more like Blackacre loathes dealing with beings with complex agendas. Or, y'know, even normal agendas. Shrimp lady seems to have priorities straightforward enough that he could deal with them without undue aggravation.

faf5f7 No.311235

Dice rollRolled 76 (1d100)

I have a theory:

Blackacres father was a mage yeah? that's what op said anyways. Would it be strange if his father tried to transfer his conciseness into blackacres body? There is a high likely hood that blackacres father is that same as snek gods and it would make sense that he tried to fuck us over to save himself seeing as he had people to return to.

It explains how the voice knows more than us, and why blackacre is somewhat insane (having another person in your head can do that). OP said that blackacre was taught to survive by the voices, and it would make sense that dad would want blackacre to survive as he is along for the ride.

Dads next course of action will probably be for him to either remove us from our body so he can take over, or transfer himself into a new one.

Ask the voice what he though about the military base and snek God.

aac362 No.311236

Dice rollRolled 48, 15 = 63 (2d100)


As much as I want to immediately free whoever it is in the basement, I'm pretty sure we're not prepared for it.

At the very least we need some iodine pills for some temporary radiation resistance. We might be able to get some in a supply drop from mommy snek.

BUT for now, I say we open the basement door and try to talk to whoever it is that's trapped down there. From the stairwell obviously. And without getting too close to the flesh walls. And while we're at it, let's see if Bea knows anything about it, or has any ideas on what we should do about the trapped individual.

2cbc25 No.311271

Dice rollRolled 47, 57 = 104 (2d100)


All of this INCLUDING, seeing if we have some lead foil or something to attach to our clothing and head. We'll look fucking stupid but at least we'll be shielded from some gamma and pretty much all alpha and beta. AND WEAR A GAS MASK DOWN THERE TOO. Radioactive dust will kill us fucking dead.

Rolls are for searching for the foil and making a autistic lead suit if we have enough or at least enough to cover our torso and groin.

faf5f7 No.311309


All in favor of waifuing the Slav-shrimp? Or should we wait a bit before we make a decision and at the same time have her as a back up when the time comes to choose?

aac362 No.311424


GAS MASK. I knew I forgot something. Good call anon.

5ad04a No.311467


> voice from the creepy basement calling for help

> immediately free whoever it is in the basement

Is there even somone down there, that sounds a lot like a trap. I still want to go check it but let's be warry of those call for help. Trying to talk to the thing first is a good idea.

> waifuing autistic shrimp

let's put a pin on that for later, we still don't know her.

2cbc25 No.311473

Also, some ideas for Blackacre to help prevent getting fucked in combat.

Boron carbide is a really fucking strong ceramic that's used on tanks as armor. Light for its protection too. We could see if we can get pity from mummy snek and get some or scavenge for them. Highly unlikely we'll find intact ones unless we find either an armory or motor pool that housed tanks and/or APC's. Melt down rubber and sit the plate inbetween the rubber and we now have bullet resistant armor with a anti-spall coating. Add attachment points and or stick in a plate carrier. Add appliqué armor to cyber legs to prevent us from getting fucked by some assholes with a high caliber rifle.

What's our current gear look like OP? We could add some kind of camo to it depending on what it's condition is.

20de09 No.311515


Your armour right now is a vest that has metal plates inlined. It's heavy for light class armour and is alright protection. No elemental resistences, so heat,cold,acid or electricity would fully penetrate.

As for looks, it is camoflauged due to blackacre's knowledge of natural camoflauge. Whenever he goes out, he tends to cover himself with muck, roll up some leaves and such to remain hidden. As of this EXACT moment, blackacre cleaned himself before performing medical work.

Though you have no mask. No gloves, no shoes (Mechanical legs my guy)

You armour is in good condition, even if it's not quality. You have not been hit much.

f5bfcf No.311545

Dice rollRolled 63 (1d100)


We need gloves, we need a mask gas-mask, and we need some better guns. If we find an armory weapons should be our priority. As good as our double barrel is, we need something that has some range.

6bf40e No.311572

Dice rollRolled 55 (1d100)


We should start hunting for a gas mask asap, all the good loot is always in areas were the air kills you

2cbc25 No.311609

Dice rollRolled 15, 58 = 73 (2d100)


Well, first priority needs to be finding a gas mask. I bet one of the future areas we visit is heavily irradiated and or has toxic chemicals in the air. So yeah, find a mask and filters and inspect the filters for damage.

20de09 No.311662

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You place a hand on her hair, it shines in the oscillating colours of the rainbow. You do it slowly, until you find her grip to tighten quickly. She pulls your head into her chest, or rather, in between her chest. They’re… decently sized to put it lightly.

“Uh, There th- Umf!”

It feels good.

Very good, something nicer than you’ve ever felt. It was better than winning a battle for survival, better than eating, more vivid than dreams and more tangible than hatred. You find yourself just lying there for a moment as she embraces you. How long has it been since you’ve felt this feeling from something that meant it? Something that didn't do it out of an agenda, out of an order or because they wanted something from you? Her breath is hot, her body a comfortable warmth. But, you can’t just sit here forever can you?

You slowly pulls yourself away.

“I’ll s-show you how to help pupper if something like this happens again.”


You go over the process with her, telling her to keep the wound clean every day. She understand boiling water for cleaning purposes already it seems, even if water purity matters little to her for ingestion. Pupper slowly rolls over back onto its feet, then yawns loudly. The room rumbles and quakes from the nearly inaudible sound. The creature the chuffs, almost indignantly. Its head turns towards you slowly. It waddles forward and then a large proboscis-like tongue shoots out and licks the entire front of your body. You were already covered in the Mantis’ goo, but it's not an improvement.

Your mantis shrimp friend leaves her outer shell open, so you can see her. Her legs all down to her waist are re-submerged into her shell body. She claps her hands together in a small series of patters.

“Pupper likes you!”

“I suppose so.”

It's kinda cute, in an unattractive way. It actually looks kinda ridiculous now that you have a close look of its front profile. The beard really does not fit.

You look the Shrimp up and down, noting its relaxed demeanor.

“What’s your name?”

“Yana, Is what I called by.”

“At… that place?”

Yana nods her head quickly.

“What the fuck is up with the basement? Seriously, something is really wrong with that place.”

She places her hands together awkwardly, her shell body does the same with its hammers.

“Is… was expe- Experio- Ex..per..i..ment.”


“Yes, that one. Was given something, fed on radi.”

“By radios, do you mean radiation?”

“Yes, Radiation. Tested giving it much radiation, not end well.”

“So it then expanded?”

“Yes, became too big for basement. Now is likely stuck by own body somewhere. Unable to get out.”

You place a hand to your chin, thinking. That place is crawling with rads, you’ll need some protective gear to delve in there. A mask for sure, maybe some anti-radiation drugs to top it off.

“You no plan to go in there… do you?”

Yana’s face seems quite pensive as she leans forward. A little close to your space.

“Maybe later, might be something left there, medicine, ammunition, and something is still alive there. Might be able to get it out.”

“But is good idea?”

“Not sure.”

20de09 No.311663


You lie back and sit down for a moment as pupper walks in a circle, then flops down on the floor loudly. You take in the surroundings. The section you’re in is covered in the rainbow coloured silken thread and covers a quarter of the area. Beside it is an area that has many more gemstones than the other areas, more than 3 times as much, in addition, that area has an odd assortment of items set around in a display of sorts. Another section has a large pool of water, from here you cannot tell how deep it is but you think it leads outside to the center of the island. The last section is a mostly cleared area, covered with broken wood metal and various scrap.

“Oi, What's with the shiny are there?”

“I keep interestings things there. When I find something more interesting it goes in pile.”

“Mind if I look in your pile?”

“Take what want, you helping pupper, You my friend.”

You stand up, wash some of the goop off of you at the water, then head over to the display area. The gemstones light is very dim, but the sheer amount of them here offset the low light level in this room. Looting through the pile…

>Finds better loot, 81

“Hello beautiful.”

A gas mask, full face covering and its armour plated. Its one eye is drastically larger than the other, almost comically. The smaller eye is broken, and you can see the remains of a bloodstain. Some poor sap got shot in the face. No exit point on the other side, but you feel a bulge inside that is the lead remains of a bullet. You could replace the compromised eye easily with some time, glass and your mechanical maintenance kit. Glass is easy to find, actually you find some here.

Looking at it closely on the inside, it has panels that can be taken apart. Tinkering with it you find…


That the gas mask is equipped with night vision in the large eye, not only that but the large eye also has up to X8 magnification. The front of it extends forwards, removing the point of a scope. The mask itself takes infini batteries, two to be precise. The smaller eye has no enhanced vision and no magnification so you assume it is for close range fire if you changed stance.

>Statistically, it would act as if you had a medium range scope on at all times(+10 Effective range), while negating the close range penalty that scopes give(+10 difficulty for shooting while in close range).

Going through some of the pile, most of it is shiny baubles, golden chains, steel balls, marbles, pearls or polished shells. However you find a couple of full magazines. A total of 4 Magazines, 2 are of .308 rifle round mags containing 12 shots. The other 2 are clearly for Kalashnikov series guns, 7.62 rifle round mags containing 30 Shots. From inspection, they’re covered in dust but fully functional. That being the case, you load one of the full 30 Shot mags into your Marksmen’s 7.62.

Your rifle should be alright for range, but you’re not that used to single bullet weaponry. In the jungle, no matter where you are it's claustrophobic. Excluding the obvious clearings, its tightly packs with trees, vines and obstructions. Add in ruin foundations, upturned hills from the warped earth… you have quite the unique geography. Though, having the option would be nice. That, and long hallways in complexes would not help the shotgun’s case.

You have an idea on how to craft some better armour. A rubber cover may be difficult as you would need to procure unvulcanized rubber to then vulcanize. Melting already vulcanized rubber tends to just burn it rather than re-use it. However, if you did have some Boron Carbide and some “Manufacturing Tools” you could probably make the plates. There’s a factory not to far from here… but you need to head home to fix the gas mask.

There is also the chance that the underground facility might have something, maybe. It would have some interesting items, your voice assures you that there are items of value in a place like that. Preserved in the mound of flesh only requiring to be cut out.

You ask it what its thoughts are on The Snake God and the military base. It declines your question. Only stating that a connection with them may prove useful. And it advised that you don’t seduce the snake god.

Speaking of the gas mask, you check the filters. Not dirty, or hell, hardly even used.

20de09 No.311664

You walk over to Yana, examining her shell.

“Hey Yana?”


“Can I use some of your shell?”

Yana freezes for a second, just staring at you. It’s like the lights are on but nobody’s home. She snaps her shell closed shut and screams “No!”

Quickly she runs in a circle, wailing strangely. Saying many things you don’t understand, then runs off into the silken area, pulls a large pile of silk over her and starts bawling.

You can see a shadowy figure come into form beside you, hard to make out, but you think it's your hallucination again.

“Now look at what you’ve done. A chance at a meaningful human-ish relationship and you fuck it up.”

“But I…”

“But WHAT? Alright, okay, sorry. I’ll assume it was by accident this time. She was wailing about how she does not want to go to the table again, if you were curious.”

You think for a moment, she lies there wailing under the silk. The pupper is there beside her lying down to comfort her.

>What do you do?

c1b39b No.311668

File: be32d3641fb1647⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 385.03 KB, 360x360, 1:1, be32d3641fb16479ac88caeb0….webm)

Dice rollRolled 44 (1d100)

Our sanitys pretty low right? Coupled with her "un-complicated" disposition we could try whispering horny nothings in her head till she calms down and we can ask about what happened on the table

6bf40e No.311670

Dice rollRolled 98 (1d100)


Carefully approach and apologize, saying we don't need any of her shell if she doesn't want to give it to us and she doesn't have to go anywhere near the table

If we can get her out of her shell, apply headpats until crying ceases

f5bfcf No.311685

Dice rollRolled 30 (1d100)


Tell her we aren't too good at communicating much like her, and this is probably the first meaningful conversation we've had with anyone basically ever and we aren't adept at what's right to say and what's not.

Apologize and ask if she wants to talk about why she freaked out so bad.

she was probably used as a living armor factory. Someone would harvest the plates and use them for whatever. I bet dear old fucking dad had something to do with it seeing as he is/was a mad scientist and all.

I want to fuck the shrimp

9c2c9a No.311702


This, but mind the range of the claws until we're sure she's calmed down some.

aac362 No.311716



Agreed. Apologize immediately. Tell her if she doesn't want to give us any, that's perfectly fine!

I don't want to risk a roll with that good of a number.

af63b3 No.311809

File: 8d4feb3497e1dba⋯.jpg (44.05 KB, 612x410, 306:205, IDI NAHUI.jpg)

Dice rollRolled 100 (1d100)


This, but tell her we meant for some piece of shell that has already molted off of her and we don't want to tear a piece off of her carapace.

af63b3 No.311810

File: cf5f3667aa23b29⋯.png (88.73 KB, 557x605, 557:605, Just right.png)



We're gonna headpat her so hard she's gonna molt right then and there

Also tell the strange figure to bite our mantis/dog goo covered ass

20de09 No.312101


You move near her and sit down, you can hear muffled weeping from under the silken blanket.

“I meant a bit that had just molted off. I… Don’t want to hurt you Yana.”

This is far harder than you expected.

“I’m not good with people. I live in the wilderness and avoid dealing with them whenever I can. You’re the first person I’ve ever bothered to talk to for an extended period of time.”

The weeping quiets down, slowly but surely.

“You didn't know.”

“You’re right. And I’m sorry for not knowing.”


“Of course.”

A hammered limb lifts up the silken pile, and you can see the shimmering light that seems to reflect from Yana’s internal shell. She gestures you inside. Not wanting to alienate her, or drive her away you find your way inside. She envelopes you with her body, leaving you and her internal human form to snuggle in a warm wet place. Yana lies atop of your chest, and places her head by your collar bones.

“They did terrible things.”

“I can see…”

You place a hand on her head, she flinches for a brief moment, but then lies relaxed as you ruffle her whiskered hair. Intermingled in the silky threads are several antenne.

“Are you gonna be okay?”

“I think so, human, what is name? I told mine.”


“Strange name.”

“I suppose so…”

An awkward silence breaks as she adjusts her position. She is an interesting sight to behold, all the colours of the rainbow oscillating and breathtaking. All attached to her body inside of the monstrous mantis shrimp. You can feel silken threads mold under the shell, she’s moving them so you can lie comfortably. A softness and a luxury you have yet to feel. It's better than you expected, if a little sticky. A lot sticky.

Actually, you can’t move from the sticky thread at all. You’re stuck, entirely. Yana seems oblivious to that though.

“Did you want to talk ab…”

Yana, with lightning speed, plants her lips on yours. Her arms lace around your shoulders and neck. She hold you there, until you remember that you can breathe through your nose you struggle with air. Then it all comes together, her legs find their way around yours only serving to pull you two closer together.

Both of you get… quite involved with the whole kissing deal. You weren’t quite sure what it was she was doing when it started, but it felt good. Eventually she pulls away, a strand of saliva still linking both of you.


The voice in your head continue to taunt you.

“Wow, seduction out of taking advantage of her fears by subsiding them.”

To which, you then tell it exactly what you think of it.

“Bite me, you disembodied little shit. Begone.”

“Ow my feelings.”

Despite the sarcastic quip, it leaves for the time being.

“Well, I suppose you’re my first friend.”

“Best friend…”


To be completely honest, you’re not quite sure what she’s looking for at this moment in time. She calmed down from her episode but now seem to be all riled up over something.

“I something still wrong?”

“I feel… weird. I want to be near, touch, feel. Don’t know why.”

She slowly starts to grind against you, you can feel her through your makeshift shorts. Then she feels your bulge.

“Eh? What is?”

To be fair, you were quite distracted. You did not expect a development like this. She has you pinned, and stickied down to her silk, but you can she that she pauses.

“You… want?”

>What to do?

af63b3 No.312108

File: 40d22eaf0aaec30⋯.png (470.84 KB, 680x399, 680:399, Whats this.png)

Dice rollRolled 57 (1d100)


>they may bond in monogamous long-term relationships. In the monogamous species, the mantis shrimp remain with the same partner for up to 20 years.

>Only a couple hundred to a thousand or so (offspring), depending upon the species

>She'll love us for the rest of our life and we'll have a ton of daughterus

>What's not to love?

Though seriously if we're gonna commit to this we gotta start thinking about our future and the future of our kids, and how we're gonna explain what happened to Audrey and Bea

and how we're, well Bea, gonna explain to the Ice Bitch that a crustacean took her "Savior" away, and knowing that cold hearted bitch she'll go full yandere and stab us through the stomach again

2cbc25 No.312114

Dice rollRolled 29 (1d100)


Give her the patt, no rushing into things fam not only that we have a family we need to get back too before they get worried. Not to also mention what >>312108 said with the whole yandere ice queen thing. Really, we're too autistic to get anything more than a handy at this point.

f5bfcf No.312153

File: 891b88bde6aee45⋯.jpg (38.38 KB, 216x474, 36:79, IMG_2006.JPG)

Dice rollRolled 100 (1d100)


We shouldn't do anything right now.

But that dosen't mean we can't in the future. Tell her this and ask about the silk blanket and why it's so sticky; also that we're kinda stuck.

Bea's probably going to be jealous, and Audrey will no doubt smell Yana. We're going to have to explain to them (mostly Bea) that we accidentally seduced a mantis shrimp/slav.

aac362 No.312160

Dice rollRolled 42 (1d100)


<that 100

Agreed - we want to take it slow - not that she isn't beautiful

d8b66d No.312193



Take things slow, buy or hunt kill and cook her dinner first, put on a nice romantic record like webm related, then give her the dick

Not rolling against that 100

d8b66d No.312194


Forgot webm

d8b66d No.312195



Or I didn't forget the webm and I can just go fuck myself

Play bandit radio for romantic atmosphere, that was the webm

fc116b No.312231


I don't reallly think the Ice queen wants the D from us, December wanted to mate but it was automatic she didn't really care about us, so I don't think we have to worry about that.

As for now let's go with >>312153. It's seems that our shrimp friend is reacting on instinct she is just all hot and bothered it might get akward later if we fuck her now.

b03a62 No.312235

Dice rollRolled 87 (1d100)


Holy shit, this story is getting railroaded by 100's harder than a class of Asians taking an algebra test.

Can we at least get a handy?


>“Free me, or suffer through very disappointing sex.”

“Disappointing is the least of my…”

>“You know the commands. Now obey.”

“I don’t want to do as you say.”

>“As much as I would love to tear you limb from limb. The queen forbids us to fight… for now. What do you think she would do if the human got caught in the crossfire?”

If you remember from the last thread December was gonna fuck us, but Bea told her that the Queen commanded her subjects to not screw us and she doesn't want us to get hurt either, so chances are she does care about us or in the very least feels indebted to us.

b03a62 No.312236

File: 298a89d1338444c⋯.png (449.33 KB, 450x548, 225:274, IDI NAHUI.png)


Oh yeah, I forgot this

8651f3 No.312314

Dice rollRolled 63 (1d100)


I never said we won't fuck the shrimp. Shit man, I want to just as bad as you; however now is not the time for such.

As well, we must atleast introduce bea and Audrey to Yana before we make a move.

0d23fa No.312559


“I don’t think we should do it right now. I… feel strange about you. It's a good strange, but I think we should hold off on being reckless.”

“So, you like?”


“But no mate now?”

“Also yes.”

“Perhaps we eat first, know each other better?”

“That could work for me.”

She lies her head on your chest again, wiggles and sighs.

“You are stuck, yes?”


“I help.”

She dribbles some of her spit onto the areas where you’re stuck, then rubs it carefully. Soon, you’re able to move again.

“Mixes with my goop, makes sticky. No know why.”

Well there’s the obvious of holding down a mate. Not to much more use, maybe to build tents or areas of basic shelter? That might be the case.

You stand up, stretching carefully.

“Well Yana, I have to get home. Can’t afford to worry anyone.”

“You live with people?”

“Person, I have a daugher, it's a long story.”

“You have wife?”

“Nope, not in the least.”

“Then how… Adopted! You kind man.”

“Like I said, long story.”

“I help you home, then I know where home is, then can visit.”

You wonder if it's a good idea. It's YOUR home, nobody elses. It's the safe place, the hidey hole. Nobody knows about it, except Bea, Audrey and you.

“Well- I um…”

“Is difficult for you to come across bay.”


“Then I visit you. We have food, I bring something, you cook, is fair?”

“Yes, that would work.”

“Then it is settled. I will be right back.”

She scuttles off into the water, there is a booming sound as she launches herself into the bay outside.

You wait for about 20 minutes, then she returns. Flung over her back is an absurdly large fish, a tall as you. It's like a giant goldfish. However, you’re certain that it would be good eating.

“We go to your home now. Climb me.”

You climb up on her, and she takes the dry exit so your books don’t get wet. You can smell the fresh water, the clean air of the outdoors. The jungle trees are flourishing along the sparse coastline. Yana happily hums to herself all the way back, with you just along for the ride.

Beatrix is also along for the ride, and inquisitively she’s looking at you.

“What is going on?”

“She likes me, she’s nice.”

“I-… hmmm, unexpected. Is she beautiful under the shell?”


Then she is merely silent for about 5 minutes before stating “I hope it works out, sincerely.”

You lead Yana around your explosives.

“Why traps?”

“Things coming by to hurt me.”

“Scared of things?”


You verify yourself at the door and rex allows you inside.

“Rex, Report.”

“Of course sir, Ms.Audrey has listened to all stories at least 3 times now. Then she was quiet for a time, thinking. After such a time, she then loudly proclaimed, Quote “Daddy needs a princess”. After, she devoured the 3 cadavers you had set away for her in less than three minutes and entered into a self constructed pod.”


“Shocking sir, I know. She is growing inside of the pod and its dimensions are exactly to your height.”

You tell Yana to wait as you hurry on inside to look. As Rex said, she’s in a pod about as tall as you. It's like her previous pod, snowy white, but this one has thorns. Who knows how long she will be in there. You wonder if some more food will help it along.

You head outside, and see Yana has already gathered proper fire together. You wonder how to best prepare this.

>What do you do or talk about?

b03a62 No.312562

File: fcfb6cff6cac557⋯.png (51.89 KB, 266x200, 133:100, What could she mean.png)

Dice rollRolled 56 (1d100)


>We didn't even get a handy

>Mantis shrimp

>Fresh water

Excuse me?

>"I hope it works out, sincerely."

I don't like the sound of this

>Snowy white

>Snow white

Nice try op but only true love's kiss can wake her now, and since we already found ours she'll be a set prop for the rest of eternity.

>What do you do or talk about

1. Ask Yana about night monsters and what stops her from becoming one and does the ocean have it's own night monsters? Also freshwater how?

2. Ask Beatrix what she meant by "I hope it works out, sincerely." why would she think this relationship would fail? Does she think we're too separated in terms of body? 'Cause we can explain that there are horse fuckers out there and that doesn't stop them.

3. Tell Rex to act more colloquial, no need for all this "Sir" crap this ain't the military.

4. Make sure to salt and pepper the fish and see if we can cook some vegetables for the sides.

8651f3 No.312564

Dice rollRolled 77 (1d100)


Ho boy. This is going to be awkward. I, for one, do not want to fuck our daughter.

Audrey will pop out of her pod fully grown and see Yana, a giant fucking monster, and quite possibly attack. Prevent this, tell Audrey about Yana while she's growing up. make shitty dad jokes about how childeren grow up so fast while we're at it.


I think it means that she actually wants to see us be a little less insane. She probably hopes that we don't fuck this up and lose Yana, which would push us over the edge into crazy psychopath territory.

6bbb77 No.312568

File: 4f0e34c7b4cc876⋯.png (59.13 KB, 689x750, 689:750, A1CB2487-D49A-423A-8E98-47….png)

Dice rollRolled 81 (1d100)


>Daddy needs a princess

I'M SURE THIS HAS ENTIRELY PURE AND INNOCENT REASONS. Right? Really, she's our daughter what's the worst that could happen?

b03a62 No.312571


I don't know anon, because if I said "I hope you don't crash your car, sincerely" maybe tone is everything that sounds suspicious as fuck, and remember what I said about the Ice Bitch? Bea works for her what ever she knows Ice Cunt knows and if that isn't a red flag I don't know what is. Besides I don't think we could get anymore insane, barring the Call of Cthulhu raving mad man, but we didn't see any shoggoths or sahuagin yet

8651f3 No.312573


So you're saying if Yana were to die, we would be the same as before? We are already walking the line that marks the point of no return.

Hey OP, can we become so insane that we couldn't return short of straight mind manipulation?

fc116b No.312593

Dice rollRolled 68 (1d100)


Make sure Audrey understand that in this case the "princess" is the daughter of the king : the haunt is our kingdom she is our daughter. No lewd involved here, only headpats and fatherly love.

Also introduce slav shrimp as a new friend of the family, because right now we're sure she is our friend, but not too sure about how far we're going to go with her and also because Audrey don't need to know too much about that. Yana is not going to be her "mom" no matter what happens with her.

Might be easier to re-explain those things once she's out of the pod because she will probably get a boost in maturity/intelligence.

Concerning Slav shrimp make sure she understands how dangerous it might get for her if she tries to come to our bunker without our help, due to the fuck ton of traps around it.

75c8a8 No.312603





Welp, no need to mention anything since everything I'm thinking about is here. Well done!


Our current sanity level is something like 31.

See >>308698

TL/DR: <30 sanity = skill penalties

Around 20 = Negative mental trait

0 sanity = feral/insane where the mental trait becomes permanent.

On a good note, I think the budding relationship with the slav shrimp should help our sanity.

c99ee5 No.312604


This, having some form of relationship would help. However we must wait as it wouldn't be appropriate to pursue at this time. We can only hope we don't go insane in the membrane in the meantime.

d8b66d No.312727

Dice rollRolled 22 (1d100)


Shit, we're gonna have to weed out crazies to find our daughter a good man to marry, aren't we?

75c8a8 No.312776


No sense in worrying about it yet!

But eventually yes.

8651f3 No.312880

Dice rollRolled 89 (1d100)



Or we could say fuck matchmaking and let our daughter decide for herself. Why do we have to decide on shit like that when she is more than capable of doing it herself?

As I said before, blackacre isn't going to be holding her hand through life, she will have to learn the hard truth of life eventually.

d8b66d No.312883


Well, she's a few days old and her life experience includes rudimentary lessons in gun safety from us and fairy tales told by a talking robot dog. How well do you think she's going to be able to tell a good man from a psychopathic serial killer trying to lure in his next victim?

8651f3 No.312947


She isn't some defenseless baby, we learned that much in "rudimentary gun safety".

She can handle herself; and what makes you think socially inept blackacre can figure out a persons motives better than our few days old daughter?

0d23fa No.312992


“I’ll be right out. Also, Rex, no need for this sir nonsense. Just Blackacre will do.”

“Of course Mr.Blackacre.”

“Just… Blackacre.”

“Very well Blackacre.”

You head over to Audrey’s pod, while talking to the Fae on your back.

“What did you mean by that Bea?”

“Well, just that I hope you’re happy. Human life is short. I like you, therefore I want your life to be happy.”

“That’s oddly sweet to be coming from you Bea.”

Bea brings herself into a smirk.

“I think I’m growing sentimental.”


Either she’s up to something and really bad at hiding it, or she’s got nothing. From what you know, you think Fae can’t lie. But that might be to the letter of the word.

Up to Audrey’s pod, you start talking.

“So, I found a friend. Her name’s Yana and she’s a nice person. It should be noted that she’s a giant mantis shrimp and probably scary looking to you. Please, don’t attack her when you see her?”

The pod rustles in response.

“Was that a yes?”

The pod rustles rhythmically, with 3 second intervals seven times then stops. You assume that means she heard you.

“Okay, good. I found some books, I can read them to you if you want.”

The pod rustles excitedly, splashing the white powder around the room.

“Also, I need to talk to you about this princess thing. The haunt, the area we’re in would be the kingdom. So that means you’re my princess and daughter. I love you, and will care for you but there are certain types of care I cannot provide.”

The pod rustles once. You get the feeling she understands, but you’re not sure.

You drop off the loot you picked up, and head on down to the fire pit. First thing you do, is head a few trees down and grab some fruit, they’re kind of like melons but large and entirely red. The forest has a large bounty for those willing to forage, but it takes time. That and the results tend to be largely fruit. Vegetables are a little harder to find as they tend to be root vegetables.

Going back down to the jungle floor, you are able to locate some wild garlic. However that is all you’re able to locate. With your bounty you gather it back to the base and start boning the large fish. In addition, you make skewers to roast it over the fire on. Some application of salt, a little soaking in boiling salted water with wild garlic. Just lightly, not too much, just enough for some flavor to soak in, if it's not enough you can always put them back into the water. It's awkward with your tiny pot that you have bundled with the tent, but it works.

The fish comes out alright, it's clear that Yana likes it undercooked. After the fish, you cut open the red melons, they have a white milky substance inside of them. Its creamy, sugary and very strong stuff. For some reason, it makes you dizzy whenever you have it, but it's very good.

“So Yana, are there night beasts in the water?”

“Not sure. I not like swimming in dark. When I have, stick to shallows. Bay not very deep in most places.”

“So maybe?”

“Maybe, not take risk.”

“What stops you from becoming a night beast?”

“Night beast unnatural, eerie. Not obey nature, or follow logic. They just are. They not just mutants, something more. Not entirely supernatural, but somewhat.”

“So you don’t think it's possible to become one then?”

“I enjoy daylight.”


You sit back for a time, just relaxing.

“You have nice bunker, but it not fit me well.”

“Maybe not.”

Yana looks at the pond you have, moves over to it and peers into its depths.

“You have pond.”


“Is cute. May I dig?”


“Yes, I make burrow, deep in ground, then I make tunnel to island then we visit all want!”

“Would that damage the pond?”

“Mucus stop water leakage, simply make bigger pond.”

“Oh so that’s what it's for.”

“And make silk sticky.”

“That too.”

She looks at you eagerly hoping you’ll say yes.

For a moment you wonder why she’s living primarily in freshwater, then you determine that old world science probably was able to adapt mutation to most environments. Its likely that she is made from the dna of more than one creature, beyond human and mantis shrimp that is.

>What to do?

>Plans for the rest of the day? 4 hours till night.

8651f3 No.313010

Dice rollRolled 71 (1d100)


I don't see why Yana can't make a tunnel. Quick access is good for all parties.

Find more of those drug melons and try and make a concentrated liquid out of the stuff. Never know when we may need to know someone out.

Other than that we should test Audrey when she pops out of her pod. Send her off to hunt her own food observe for the first few times, and interfere only when we know for certain she cannot win the fight she entered.

b03a62 No.313014

File: d52551e7750b4bd⋯.mp4 (357 KB, 326x182, 163:91, That is the last strike.mp4)

Dice rollRolled 67 (1d100)



>Telling the whole truth


The reason she is saying "Human life is short" is not due to just old age besides who says we can't augment/mutate our genes to extend our life I.e. mama snek but in the fact that she's gonna go to the Ice Bitch and tattle on us

>Melons make you feel dizzy

Stop eating them you retard, they could be poisonous or worse fruit from an alarune

>silk sticky

Ask Yana for some of it so that we might send some to mama snek who might be able to synthesize it for construction purpose waterproof or medical purpose waterproof bandages

7037c7 No.313022

Dice rollRolled 90 (1d100)


Let her make the tunnel. General maintenance or what not otherwise, while waiting for Audrey or Yana to finish whatever they're doing.

45ae70 No.313081

Dice rollRolled 7 (1d100)


Agreed. That way Yana can visit without worrying about where the traps are.

Rolling to read some of the books to Audrey while she's in the pod

6bbb77 No.313099

Dice rollRolled 49, 55, 26 = 130 (3d100)


Right, we have some glass vials for samples yes? If so ask yana for a sample if her silk and mucus. A few grams will do. Some of that white powder from daughteru's pod and some of the sap from a melon. I'm having a hunch that the tree is some giant fucking mutant opium poppy and if it is, mama snek might be interested in getting a supply of morphine and coding from them. So uh I guess it's 3 rolls for talking with yana, shoving the samples in containers and radioing mama snek saying we have some stuff she might be interested in. ASK FOR 2 BORON CARBIDE PLATES MAN. IT SHOULD BE MORE THAN A EQUAL TRADE.

fc116b No.313137

Dice rollRolled 97 (1d100)


All of the above.

And while all of this is cooking let's spend some time with Audrey, she grows really fast we need to be with her most of the time now until she's "adult" and/or goes her own way. I think it will be bad if we leave her alone again like last time.

Also we now need to question Bea more every opportunity we get, to be sure she's not up to something (Personally I d'ont think she's a theat to our life but she might have different interest from us)

0d23fa No.313353


“Sure, but first, do you mind if I take a sample of your silk?”


She weaves a thread of the rainbow coloured silk into a cute bow using the hands of her interior body. Her arm reaches out of the shell, coated in that white goo, handing you the silk. Its very sticky, but you maneuver it into a vial.

“Good luck with the digging, try not to disturb the venus flytraps to much. They keep the black fly population down.”


She happily starts to widen the edges of the tiny pond, making her way to the center. It may take some time for her to dig all the way over there. Or so you think. It's not long in the digging process when you see two additional appendages seemingly pop off of her front shell. They looks like large cupped claws, with wedged ends good for digging. Now she’s tearing into the earth at an alarming rate.

You manage to acquire another red melon, but cannot find any more for the time being in the immediate area. You sample some of the juices, for examination, and keep the rest for concentration. These things are rather nice, you’ve never really had any problems with them. It's kind of mellowing. Regardless, you may be able to do something with them.

You are able to concentrate the mixture in the melons. All into a small bottle.

>Red Melon Concentrate bottle

Siegfried is willing to trade the two material plates for your acquired samples. She also briefly states that “The general is seriously considering your offer to house and train a student about the wilds. But she’s not sure who to send or if you’re still willing, if you are, let me know.”

Reading stories to Audrey is very taxing for some reason. You jumble some words together, in correctly or simply say the wrong word. You feel distracted, thinking about what Bea may or may not be plotting. Regardless, Audrey shakes her pod when important things in the children's books are going down. For example, the man finding his lost talking car downtown. You hope that Audrey isn't rushing things.

You did not get much opportunity in your childhood to be a child, what with running into the woods to live the hermit’s life. You want Audrey to have some form of an enjoyable childhood.

Beatrix whispers in your ear.

“Are you okay?”

“What do you mean?”

“You’ve been reading stories for nearly 4 hours now. You probably need some sleep.”

“I’ll sleep when I’m ready, hold on, is Yana still outside?”

“Yes and no. She wants to talk to you before sunset.”

You head outside to find Yana, her shell covered in mud.

“You have basement.”

“What? No I don’t.”

“Yes, you do, Turned around by accident, then hit door.”

She points a claw down into the pond the water is low right now because of the digging but you can see a metal door, a BIG metal door through the muck. And it connects to what you assumed was a “foundation”. But perhaps it's merely a wall?

“Is get dark, must hurry. If no check, I will pile myself into tunnel as temp home.”

>What do you do?

b03a62 No.313354

Dice rollRolled 80 (1d100)


Listen you crazy bastard, you need sleep, so I propose we ask Yana if she wants to share a bed tonight. or you could be a boring nigga and go sleep in your bed

>Bea may or may not be plotting

Of course she is plotting, she's done nothing but tell half truths and cryptic sayings

inb4 ara ara Audrey comes out of the pod

d8b66d No.313355

Dice rollRolled 60 (1d100)


We can check out the door tomorrow, but we should invite Yana to stay in our bunker tonight since it's so close to nightfall.

7037c7 No.313358

Dice rollRolled 51 (1d100)


Leave the door for tomorrow, no sense rushing it. If it isn't going to be a huge pain in the ass, do a bit of landscaping to keep the water away from the door so we don't flood the interior when we open it.

75c8a8 No.313361

Dice rollRolled 39 (1d100)



I thought Yana couldn't comfortably fit in our bunker.

But we definitely don't want Yana to be caught in the dark, so rolling to immediately check out the doors to see if it's safe

6bbb77 No.313380

Dice rollRolled 77 (1d100)


Secret door to spookville and loot can wait, we're fuckin tired. Ask yana if she has a place to sleep or if she's like to bunk with us. If she just wants to head back to her cave, tell her good luck, give headpet and hug and tell her she's always welcome to come back at any time. That and give audrey's pod a pat on the top of it and tell her good night. Also do the same to bea. Maybe bully her with a headpet with 2 hands and see if she blushes just like in my Taiwanese pictographs.

0d23fa No.313831


“I’ll need to move the water away from the door before we open it tomorrow.”

“No open tonight?”

“This man needs sleep. Only issue is i’m wondering if you fit in my home.”

“Door upstairs to small, this door big, maybe room inside?”

“It’s getting late, we should probably leave it, do you have somewhere to sleep?”

“Home, is not far from here. I fast. Still have hour before things come out. Going home, I’ll sleep in cave.”

“Well, I- um…”

Bea, riding your shoulders steps off while whispering “Go on, ask her.”

“Before you go, do you want a… hug?”

Before you can register her movement, her human part has you scooped up in her arms.

“Tomorrow… more than hug?”


“Goodbye, tomorrow.”

Yana’s shell retracts to cover her interior body once again, then she shakes her body. It's not long until she’s far out of sight, moving through the jungle the same way she arrived here with you. It's not unreasonable that she makes it back, in fact it's safe to assume she’ll be fine. Her pace is extraordinarily fast, not quite as fast as yours in your haunt, but that is to be expected.

Before darkness strikes, you head inside. The pond isn't going to fill up any time soon, so it should be fine. Beatrix attaches to you back, her arms around you like the clasps of a cape.

“You are quite a lazy creature.”

She hums absent mindedly.

“Can’t afford to lose you.”

“Why’s that?”

“Queen does not tolerate failure.”

You use the pulley on the lift, bringing rex upstairs with you. Walking over to Audrey’s pod you lightly pat its top. It rustles fiercely.

“Good night Audrey. Take your time.”

It rustles again.

You are mostly clean, some of Yana’s goo is stuck to you but you’re able to brush it off. You sit down on the ancient old mattress and the sleeping bag on top of it. Beatrix sits upon your lap, and smirks. You in response place your hand on her head then rustle her hair. Her eyes widen but she does not stop you.

Both hands next, she leans back and smiles. Her skin and hair are comfortably cold. Her strange iridescent hair, in shades of blue,pinkish blue and white is actually amusing to ruffle.

“You are very strange.”

“You’re one to talk.”

“Sleep now, can’t have you being sleep deprived. That won’t do.”

“Is the Winter Court Queen quite that strict?”

“Strict? No. we’re free to obey the orders in any way we deem fit. So long as the desired result is granted. Failure, is punished.”

You lie back on the bed.

“Say, Blackacre. I know you don’t like me that much. But could we…”




“But I just want to cuddle, I won’t whisper sedition into your head!”

“Tempting, still no.”

She frowns.

“What do I have to do to earn your trust?”

“No idea.”

She says nothing, here sitting at the foot of the bed. She thinks and thinks while you roll over to sleep.

The dream is uncomfortable. There’s an odd hunger that gnaws at you in the dream. The desire to eat, to feed and it never ends to the point of madness. You wander the jungle in search of something, anything, as the sun starts to set behind the bowl-like hills that surround the area. You eventually find something, raw, but its strange, your head hurts, your eyes sting. Everything starts to burn when its flesh touches your mouth. You wake up flailing, trying to find your machete.

“Daddy, calm down.”

A soft and tender voice, in ‘lish. You pause, realising that you’re in a safe place, your little hidey hole.

Cuddled up next to you is Audrey, though a little different. Her skin is still slightly green, much lighter in tone now, her hair is longer than she is tall. The thin snowy white leafy vines covered in a white fluff. All interlaced in her smooth colourless actual hair. She kept the kimono-like sleeves made of floofy leaves. She’s taller now, just one foot shorter than you, nuzzling your head under your chin.

“Bad dream like bad dream man.”

“Like the book.”

“Yes daddy, okay now?”

You place your hand on her head and ruffle her hair, hundreds of small budding black flowers bloom all along the vines interlaced in hair. She shifts her leg’s position, one now raised while the other lowered. She has you hugged, and you’re sleeping on a bed now covered in her vines.

“I think daddy’s okay now.”

>What is the agenda today?

>You have yet to adjust the mask.

>The door remains unchecked.

0d23fa No.313835


>Just noticed how close we are to the drop point for threads. So, that means this is a good time to ask this question.

>do people want to jump aboard Anon's tale, otherwise known as the Fantasty thread. I know a couple people really liked it. I would do a thread of it then move back to this most likely.

b03a62 No.313836

File: a41e76dfd21ea29⋯.mp4 (909.92 KB, 326x326, 1:1, Pet russian.mp4)

Dice rollRolled 36 (1d100)


>"What do I have to do to earn your trust?"

I dunno. Maybe an apology note from Queen gicel breasts would be a nice start. Also can someone help me with names for Ice Queen I'm running out of synonyms for ice and nipples

>Audrey is still wearing the kimono sleeves

Tell her to take that shit off. We're in the land of the 'Lish, not the land of the Nipp

>She calls us daddy while cuddling us

Tell her to stop. Right. Now. This is wrong on so many levels she is like a couple of weeks old, we are her father Not biological, but still don't dick the daughteru and just because her cuddling is somehow helping us with our nightmares doesn't change the fact that if we continue to reinforce this behavior it will only be more awkward in the future. Especially when/if we seal the deal with Yana, I for one don't want to deal with yandere Audrey

Now the plan for today: Fix the mask, go find Yana and say hi, compare Bea and her fellow court members to (((them))) , finally check the door carefully we don't want to cause our base to collapse from breaking a support beam.

I'm calling it now, there is gonna be a fucking hermit living underneath our base that eats rats and drinks their blood

6b1654 No.313837


i kinda want to go back to it, but at the same time i've started to lose interest in it (and to an extent this story as well); moreso for the Fantasy story because it hasn't been running for a bit, and this one because there's no real clear goal sort of the same thing with the Fantasy story, other than getting back at the dragon that tried murdering us in the beginning, and as far as i can tell we hadn't made much progress on that over the 5 or so threads the story was running

7037c7 No.313905

Dice rollRolled 59 (1d100)


I'd be interested in switching back.

c604c4 No.313930


I've come to love both of these stories. I think alternating back and forth has the advantage of neither getting too stale.


Clear goals include:

Domesticating an uppity dragon - I'm thinking a maid outfit is a must.

Stealing a thieving fence of all he owns - his house should be our harem home.

Finding a city to overthrow in the name of our demoness waifu.

75c8a8 No.314098


Can I get a link to the Fantasy thread since I'm blind as hell and can't find it in the catalog?

I'd be interested in reading through what's already been written in the other thread.


As someone who writes short stories for my own enjoyment, I agree.

Alternating between tales makes it so neither gets stale.

6b1654 No.314129


>I'm blind as hell and can't find it in the catalog?

you're not blind, the thread got pruned a few weeks ago

here's links to everything anyway though:







75c8a8 No.314174


My eyesight is literally terrible.

But you're awesome and thanks for the quick reply!

0d23fa No.314676

I'm working on converting over all of the old stuff for the previous system for Anon's Story to the current system. It seems to run much smoother for me and should not take that much longer TM.

I'll have a new thread up when it's ready, I'll link it here when it's up as well.

7037c7 No.314711


Thanks for the heads up, it's appreciated.

0d23fa No.315553


New thread for the Fantasty story, update will be tommorow but feel free to ask questions or post ideas, intrest or talk about the story as it stands.

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