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File: c3e016a4f2f69a9⋯.png (215.67 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, sharkfriendcover.png)

7150e5 No.295835

A useless filler story featuring a grumpy beach hermit and a shark.

7150e5 No.295836

File: b49ede0582b7fd9⋯.png (264.76 KB, 4833x1152, 537:128, 1.png)

File: df3b56166e5038e⋯.png (246.99 KB, 4833x1152, 537:128, 2.png)

File: 919b0b0428fa5bc⋯.png (54.44 KB, 1089x1406, 1089:1406, 3.png)

You wake up at 6:00am to a clanging sound. To your surprise, a strange sea creature sits in the middle of your kitchen.

A. Attack it.

B. Offer food gently.

C. Say Hi.

D. Go back to bed, you're clearly dreaming.

f24369 No.295837


C, need to know if she can talk.

8186b5 No.295838


C, tentatively greet the shark

84612c No.295842


>C. Say Hi.

67c569 No.295847


C. but headpat her when she isn't looking.

c4e28f No.295850


C sounds good.

1c6f74 No.295861


We should boop her nose instead.

71d91a No.295867


Definitely C

f7e998 No.295872


im eager to see your new work waifu.

say HI and the go back to sleep

67c569 No.295878


Bit close to the pointy serrated teeth don't you think?

cd9b14 No.295892


Quit being a pussy.

6f770e No.295893




>black sclera


061523 No.295897

C. Time to make a friend.

e22da7 No.295898




Sage you newnigger.

a97e26 No.295901




Greet her tentatively, then boop her nose and pat her head.

dbc943 No.295906


Yes. This.

bfdb3d No.295907


Yup, this

b3f934 No.295909


A. wrestle her to the ground to establish your dominance in this situation as the alpha and then pat her head and boop her nose

dbc943 No.295910


You fucking nigger. Sage.

b4a144 No.295912




French national anthem


Give peace a chance


When you wish upon a star (your dreams come true)

706d20 No.295915


D., if only because it'd be kinda funny.

93d494 No.295924


Be careful with the nose booping; don't sharks dislike that? Maybe we should stick to headpats.

93d494 No.295925


What the hell, I ticked Sage three times.

8c7b38 No.295932


C pls

Also, throw a bucket of water on her or something.

2c3e6a No.295933

Dice rollRolled 59 (1d100)



6925f3 No.295947


C. But don't say it like we're a morning person

a97e26 No.295962


It causes a sensory overload. While I don't know how exactly that'd feel, I imagine it'd be a "HOLY SHIT WHAT THE FUCK" kind of feel, like tickling, except more hardcore.

Perfect for bullying the little shit who just broke into our house and ate our chips.

46f9ba No.295966


Going with D because >>295915

7150e5 No.295967

File: d9b8ab548aa359c⋯.png (256.71 KB, 4833x1152, 537:128, 4.png)

This is probably real and you're probably not dreaming. The dreariness you felt waking up at 6am is gone now that this reality has sunken in.

You raise up a hand.


No response.

You step forward and reach out towards it. The creature slinks back a bit, eyes wide.

A. Headpat.

B. Pull back your hand, and just stare for a while.

C. Start eating the food on the ground.

D. Ask questions.

46f9ba No.295968


Poke it with a stick.

a97e26 No.295969



Take the food on the ground and offer it to her as bait. Once she tries to get it you boop her nose then start headpatting her once she's confused.

Also, feed her while you pat her, it's the proper thing to do.

93d494 No.295970


Poking her with our stick comes later. For now, what >>295969 said.

8c7b38 No.295974


A. Headpat. Do not forget to let her sniff our hand first cause idk it works on dogs

Also give her food like



653c6d No.295978


This is the most accurate representation of every /monster/ user and aux I've ever seen

B, Observe the tardlet sharkgirl that destroyed your kitchen, you need to be cautions and hopefully not startle her.

7150e5 No.295979

File: f98055ed5daf44a⋯.png (263.42 KB, 4833x1152, 537:128, 5.png)

It's probably hungry. Maybe offering food will help. You grab a piece of stray bologna and lift it up to the creature's face.

It sniffs your hand, then the bologna. You're still processing how all of this is happening.


Serrated teeth sink into your wrist. You feel its tongue weave around your fingers. You fight the urge to scream. It's very difficult.

A. Scream and tug your arm out.

B. Hit the creature over the head.

C. Bite down on your lip very hard and give her a headpat.

D. Cry.

7f2a86 No.295981


B. First your kitchen and now your arm, there will be no headpats for this forsaken creature.

93d494 No.295982


Tugging sounds like a great way to make sure the wrist gets as mangled as possible, so let's not do that.

We should take note of normal shark attacks: now is the time to go after her nose like we've been considering. And not some nice gentle boop either.

71ca5f No.295983



Show your dominance.

653c6d No.295985



Remember, you asked for this. you let a dumb sharkgirl person stay in your house, and now you offer it food expecting it to not act like a animal. just try not to kill her, it might be illegal or endangered or some bullshit like that.

b3f934 No.295986


YOU are the master of this house, and this THING has the gall to assault a man in his castle?

B. Show this shark girl who is the MAN with a blow to the nose

a28527 No.295989


C. The LAST thing we should be doing is escalating altercations guys. We can still correct her calmly, let's not give up yet.

029355 No.295991

d33d4d No.295992


B. You gotta know when to smack a bitch

e22da7 No.295994

ITT people who can't fucking sage their posts.

36c4bb No.295999

Damn gubmint black ops labs with their hungry mutant dogs…

A will tear up the wrist, and the thing might start playing tug-of-war with it.

B, if it's on top of the head, will dig her jaws in deeper. Too deep, and the arm comes off. On the front of the head may tear up the wrist if the hit is too hard, but it may let go.

C is iffy.

D is also iffy.


Just make sure to hit it on the forehead, not the scalp.





67c569 No.296000



Anyone who doesn't pick C doesn't know shit about monstergirls.

a97e26 No.296002





8c7b38 No.296004



The road to a loving shark waifu is paved with the blood of many arm bites.

37de46 No.296005


gotta pick c to save this poor girl

37de46 No.296006


>no sage

Im sorry

7150e5 No.296007

File: 6489da3518c5210⋯.png (282.33 KB, 4833x1152, 537:128, 6.png)

Your immediate reaction is to punch the creature in its stupid face. It invades your arm, destroys your kitchen and bites your fucking arm. It had it coming.

The creature reels back and covers its nose, crying.

Your arm is bleeding and you're angry. The strange creature is silently weeping.

A. Send it outside. Go back to bed. Forget this ever happened.

B. Wrap up your arm and try to feed it more.

C. Apologize and try and hug or headpat.

D. Clean up kitchen.

b341a1 No.296008


B, duh.

She might just be dumb and didn't realize that the food part wasn't your arm.

a97e26 No.296010



Headpat whilst feeding.

013495 No.296011


B. We've shown it that we have boundaries, now we can play nice.

d9219a No.296012



We must teach it to feed from the hand.

b341a1 No.296013


Well, maybe not the hand. From the fingers, at first?

7f2a86 No.296014

File: b7f50eee7df4077⋯.jpg (54.92 KB, 400x308, 100:77, b7f.jpg)

File: 46de3fe5e8215d4⋯.png (28.9 KB, 271x357, 271:357, BAM.png)

653c6d No.296016



You punched the dumb shark thing, obviously you need a peace offering, but this time keep the meat at arms length, or at least put it on a stick or something before trying to feed it. also don't try to pet it until you know it won't bite you.

71ca5f No.296017


B again

6f770e No.296018



enjoying yourself waifu?

b3f934 No.296021


Secret option E.


67c569 No.296022


Good work /monster/ you made the shark tits cry, do you feel like a big man now?

B or C I don't care.

b341a1 No.296023


sharktits don't respect bottom-feeding sissyboys, man.

Hitting her in the nose probably was a bit much, though, since there's that nerve cluster there.

a28527 No.296024


Did you have to break her nose and lip!?

C&B with medical treatment already!

cffae0 No.296025


B show her that its not okay to bite people because she could of hit an artery.

67c569 No.296026

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Punching a woman is like punching a child or a dog.

Women have no sense of accountability you have to teach them that stuff. Violence is proven to be ineffective for disciplining according to science and will make the receiver less intelligent in development.

e7d0f8 No.296027


This isn't Dragon Bully 2

024df1 No.296029


It is now. I claim this CYOA, the writer is my waifu.

fe43d1 No.296030

File: 106dce4cb892f1b⋯.png (140.81 KB, 403x403, 1:1, IMG_0954.PNG)

fe43d1 No.296031


>violence is ineffective

You just haven't tried enough violence

024df1 No.296033

File: 03fdfa2d73aa393⋯.png (61.63 KB, 768x1196, 192:299, you missed.png)

I know it's a double-post but just wanna say, come the fuck on now. Also I vote for shitter option E, robust her.

e8ebef No.296039

File: 6d85eb211a147aa⋯.png (63.39 KB, 395x744, 395:744, ss (2017-06-19 at 11.04.37….png)

Put her in a box.

7150e5 No.296043

File: f6e0c4543a9c0ad⋯.png (318.85 KB, 4833x1152, 537:128, 7.png)

You go into the bathroom and wrap your arm with some bandages. You make sure it's tight and secure.

Returning to the kitchen, the creature is on the floor, groaning softly. Maybe you hurt its feelings? You might've punched harder than you needed to, but you didn't think you broke its nose.

You kneel down and softly shake its head.

"Hey. I'm sorry I punched you. Can you sit up?"

It continues to lay there. Its skin is pretty dry.

A. Start pouring water on it.

B. Pick it up and put it into the ocean.

C. Try and shove food into its mouth.

D. Hydrate the creature with your piss.

013495 No.296044


A. just get that gif of the doggo splashing water on the fish drying on the dock

cffae0 No.296045


A pour water on her start feeding it soggy wheat bread.

ac90a5 No.296046


A it kindas looks like its dying so give it some water.

71ca5f No.296047

60c93a No.296052


The kitchen's already too much of a mess without getting water all over the floor. It'd be fine if the option was to use a bathtub or something, but it ain't.



I think you're lost. SS13 is a few parsecs away.

024df1 No.296054

File: 9c1609bf77ebe11⋯.jpg (35.89 KB, 328x324, 82:81, smug.jpg)


I guess you could say SS13 is BYOND my reach.

b3f934 No.296055


It's the legendary pee shark, it can only live in pee and being without pee is dangerous for it, so we better give it the D.

07ef54 No.296057


D. I love that it's even an option, how could one resist?

e8ebef No.296058

File: f63c8c64585584f⋯.png (55.52 KB, 521x417, 521:417, ss (2017-06-19 at 11.59.40….png)


A. Give her the lemonade

a7a458 No.296059


A is reasonable, but D is the more interesting option and a good way to lose our dick

2c1dd4 No.296061


I'd say A, but judging by the time she's been messing around in the kitchen, it doesn't seem like breathing is a concern for her. Unless the sea is so devoid of prey that she had to resort to going on land to find food.

Well, whatever. Just pour saltwater on her.

e7d0f8 No.296062


I gotta pick D, just to see if waifu is really gonna draw that

af7227 No.296063


Give her the Pee D

07ef54 No.296064

File: d729465b0fee9e1⋯.png (67.09 KB, 200x239, 200:239, 200px-Magical_realm.png)


I like where this is going.

67c569 No.296066


>Blast it with piss

6b1fdb No.296068



Don't piss on your fish waifu you mongs watersports is furry tier shit.

cffae0 No.296070


> ip hopping.

9224be No.296071

File: ed7d0dd27e52e34⋯.png (39.53 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 1464672863056.png)


It's not watersports if it's hilarious.

D all the way

fe43d1 No.296074



I honestly want to see if drawfag will actually do it.

0d2110 No.296076


D, you fucking faggot. Blast her with your piss.

7150e5 No.296077

File: ea1cdd23964096d⋯.png (234.24 KB, 4833x1152, 537:128, 8.png)

Pissing on the creature has given it enough energy to sit up. Incredible! You truly are a prodigy. Fresh water wouldn't work for a sea animal such as this, and dragging it all the way to the ocean would be dangerous.

Your urine contains enough salt to moisturize its skin and get it back on its feet. It now sits and blearily looks around the kitchen. It hasn't said a single word since you met and you punching it hasn't made it too fond of you.

A. Decide your next course of action.

6b1fdb No.296078


Shit on her, because apparently we are allowing this sort of shit to fly here

9224be No.296079


Now we show her affection via gentle headpats, we've successfully established our domination here.

9224be No.296080


saltier than a torrent of piss.

d2b401 No.296081

File: 95eb19d26b70e88⋯.png (740.71 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, CtZQwNrWEAENXo4.png)

67c569 No.296082


HAHAHA that confused look.

I am gonna go with >>296079 But maybe give her a bit of a clean first… She might smell like piss right now.

024df1 No.296083

File: 209b249e0a4f05c⋯.jpg (50.6 KB, 640x360, 16:9, herestoyoukid3.jpg)

God damn, you make me proud.

Never forget the mad hatter, you glorious lady you.

07ef54 No.296084


Try to communicate. Get a paper and some crayons if talking won't work. Reward her with treats if she responds well. Get some salt water in case your bladder runs empty.


Don't touch the pee-shark, anon.

60c854 No.296087


Ask her if she can speak English

024df1 No.296088


You don't think she woulda said something like; "Bruh, stop pissing on me." if she could speak english? I say we rape her, lock her upside down in the washing machine room and leave it at that.

ff017f No.296090


>Fresh water wouldn't work for a sea animal such as this, and dragging it all the way to the ocean would be dangerous.

Wat… The danger for salt water creatures in fresh water is Hypertonia, which CAN'T HAPPEN IF SHE'S ALREADY DEHYDRATED TO THE POINT OF PASSING OUT!


Also look at us, we are beefcake. Scoop her up, take her to the shallows, let her recover. If she struggles in the process GENTLY rub her nose/forehead. If she swims away, it is the will of Ammit, if she doesn't, then it's meant to be.

Thy Waifu Chooseth Thee.

60c854 No.296091


Bad anon, bad! You don't rape monstergirls, they are the ones who do the raping

ff017f No.296092


Further to this, if we princess carry her that might be enough to render her catatonic in and of itself, depending on what type of shorkgrill she is.

67c569 No.296093


+1 for this as it is a good way to clean off the piss and yourself.

e8ebef No.296094

File: 9d41db61cae4b3e⋯.png (74.65 KB, 732x504, 61:42, ss (2017-06-20 at 01.03.55….png)

Give her bath

07ef54 No.296095

File: 4be7324645db458⋯.png (156.84 KB, 578x445, 578:445, fish diploma.png)


>Wat… The danger for salt water creatures in fresh water is Hypertonia, which CAN'T HAPPEN IF SHE'S ALREADY DEHYDRATED TO THE POINT OF PASSING OUT!

Beach Hermit did exactly the right thing! Trust me, I happen to be an expert on this.

7150e5 No.296098

File: f244d607f461a5c⋯.png (350.94 KB, 4833x1152, 537:128, 9.png)

File: 7b7fb4f330d2c14⋯.png (319.98 KB, 4833x1152, 537:128, 10.png)

Deciding on what to do next, you hoist it up with your beefcake arms and princess carry the creature out towards the shore. You wonder how it found its way into your house in the first place.

The jagged rocks of the cove glisten with the rising sun, seagulls screeching overhead.

You walk into the ocean until the water is up to your chest and cradle the creature. It stirs in your arms and presses its head into your body.

"Do you speak English at all?"

The creatures shakes its head.

"But you understand it?"

It nods.

A. "Why were you in my house?"

B. "How's your nose?"

C. "Do you have a name?"

D. "Now that you've properly destroyed my home, how about you leave now?"

8186b5 No.296099


>A. "Why were you in my house?"

6a1a90 No.296100

024df1 No.296101


>D. "Now that you've properly destroyed my home, how about you leave now?"

Shit dog.

07ef54 No.296102


>C. "Do you have a name?"

Do the whole "Me [x] you …?" if she doesn't understand you.

60c854 No.296103


C, A, B in this order

024df1 No.296104

File: 83f7489ec79c06f⋯.png (120.43 KB, 2073x1137, 691:379, Untitled.png)

d157b6 No.296106


C, B, and A in that order

im going to enjoy this I think.

7150e5 No.296107

File: 2ecfa8d231fc1ff⋯.png (229.36 KB, 4833x1152, 537:128, 11.png)

File: 02fe18c8ccbd98c⋯.png (227.96 KB, 4833x1152, 537:128, 12.png)

"Do you have a name?"

It shakes its head.

"Oookay…well, why were you in my house?"

The creature gasps and quickly covers its face. Did you ask about something bad? Weird.

The lack of an answer kind of pisses you off but you don't dwell on the subject.

"Well, my name is John."

"I should call you something other than shark."

Maybe fish dog? Pee gills? You think about asking about its nose, but you don't have the energy to really care right now.

A. Think of a nickname.

024df1 No.296109



9224be No.296110

e17e40 No.296111

File: bbbc865bfa4ca64⋯.gif (775.77 KB, 514x667, 514:667, 1453986859422.gif)

8186b5 No.296112



It's qt and I'm told it's German for 'shark'.

928834 No.296114

Mako, like the shark.

60c854 No.296115


I like "Mako"

67c569 No.296116


Name her Sherk after Sean Sherk. I think she was looking for a husband that is why she's embarrassed.



Yeah but it's really common. Like a goth calling themselves "Raven" kinda lame.

e7d0f8 No.296117



Gotta say, I really like the idea of us just calling her knucklehead/knuckleface from now on.

cf8b7c No.296118


I vote this.

c4e28f No.296125


Mako, I like this.

024df1 No.296126


Quickly, awaken. It is clear knuckleface is in the lead. Update now, before the momentum is lost!

16a044 No.296127


I like Mako. Common but cute enough.

c2380f No.296130

File: 88f8ed3a5b13763⋯.png (43.84 KB, 446x364, 223:182, ClipboardImage.png)



I vote for this and can confirm that it is German for shark. It's pronounced like the Japanese word for yes or the english "hi".



Naw, that girl from "Monster Girl Island" is already called like that. Don't want her to be called a copy of that, right?

c2380f No.296131



Actually yeah. Forget about my last post, let's go with that. We can still short it into something like "Knucky" when the time is right.

67c569 No.296135


We could just call her Knuckles.

653c6d No.296137


Why not, Sushi.

67388b No.296140

You faggots actually punched the waifu?

Talk about being a bunch autistic virgins

Dude women lmao

71ca5f No.296143


Most suggested a boop instead of a backhand to the head. OP went full sperg and had us punch her in the fucking nose full force instead.

c2380f No.296150

File: 52f4b36fd0256b0⋯.png (3.13 KB, 399x117, 133:39, ClipboardImage.png)



>Most suggested a boop instead of a backhand to the head.

Are you blind, dumb or do you just like to lie? Most people went for B., two even specified to punch her in the face and only one single person wanted to boop her. Stop being so whiny about it.

c2380f No.296151

File: 52964ecd0b2ce20⋯.png (143.86 KB, 1369x1508, 1369:1508, 1497969459165.png)


Sorry, I got that wrong. Should have written "most, including you went fot B." and then you peed on her. Now I agree with these choices but I don't get why you'd complain that OP did what you told him to do.

3120fe No.296155




Sage you retards

9778ca No.296158

6f770e No.296161


this one

8c7b38 No.296162



I agree with Hai. Mako is too mainstream and Hai sounds cute and Knuckleface is just fucking retarded

6d27b9 No.296164

Another vote for Hai

67388b No.296167


I did, you dumb ducking twat.

cffae0 No.296170

name her Hai

9db732 No.296173

Vote for Hai

6a35f1 No.296176

Vote for knuckleface

b97d3b No.296178

I vote Knuckleface.

So far:

Knuckleface and derivatives: 8

Mako: 5

Hai: 5

6a35f1 No.296180


Knuckleface or bust!

55c4ea No.296184

061523 No.296192

92a9a2 No.296195


6a35f1 No.296199

Remember kids, Knuckleface or your all a bunch of cucks!

6f770e No.296200


Vote shark grills nane

3ba2ce No.296206


I think knuklehead is better than knukleface.

4ebb25 No.296207

Knucklehead is best off as a pet name after we waifu her.

ac90a5 No.296211


9778ca No.296212

>Not going Knuckleface

>Not making this adventure as lulzy as possible

ec6e03 No.296213


We've already punched her in the face and saved her life with a golden shower. Picking a name as normal as Hai would be a waste.

f77061 No.296227


4c9de8 No.296232


sage you nig

6b1fdb No.296236


Piss for brains, in honor of her introduction. failing that, buttshork.

061523 No.296237

There is too much bully in this thread.

f77061 No.296241


fug. sorry, been drinking.

7150e5 No.296242

File: 7bea4e610c4d433⋯.png (256.9 KB, 4833x1152, 537:128, 13.png)

From what you can tell this creature isn't very smart…although that could just be because it can't talk.

"You're not the brightest bulb…"

You ponder for a moment.

"How about Knucklehead?"

It's kind of a lame nickname but it fits. You considered maybe Mako or Hai but Knucklehead felt better.

The creature once again became flustered, its ears bouncing up and down. You probably should stop calling it it. It would be a good idea to confirm its gender later.

"Stop that."

The floundering about was completely unnecessary.

By the way, is it going to become a permanent addition to your life? You should probably keep it out here in the shallows…but you have plenty of basins and bins that are large enough to fit something of this size.

A. Keep it in the ocean.

B. Keep it in your bathroom.

C. Keep it in your backyard.

D. Keep it in the freezer.

b08e49 No.296243



Who knows what havoc she'd wreak if you left her in your house unattended. You saw the kitchen.

f37dc1 No.296244



We're going to make spaghetti and the meat has to come from somewhere

061523 No.296245

ac90a5 No.296246


A sharkgirl should be on the ocean. A

6f770e No.296247




most sharks because of their "top predator" status has a lot of dissolved mercury in their bodies, so any meat collected from them would be to toxic to eat



>implying its a she'

f37dc1 No.296248


Do we look stupid?

We do, we're going to make spaghetti out of her meat anyway and die of mercury poisoning.

b08e49 No.296249

b3f934 No.296251


Of course, it's obviously a zhe

6b1fdb No.296252


given that we engaged in watersports with a waifu-esque character, sounds like the people here really ought to go there

d9219a No.296255



Feed her only dog food though.

7150e5 No.296257

File: c58fc4f9ba449ab⋯.png (234.02 KB, 4833x1152, 537:128, 14.png)

"Nah, you're better off in the ocean."

Better out here then wandering around your house. It's probably not toilet trained either. Gross.

"Stay out here. Leave my house alone."

You make sure to use a stern tone of voice so it doesn't think you're playing around.

You walk out of the ocean and begin to walk back towards your house. Your feet shuffle through the course sand, bits of tree leaf, rock and wooden bits crunching underfoot. After a few moments you hear another pair of feet following close behind.

It followed you.

A. Convince it to stay in the water.

c58a29 No.296264

Tell her you'll come back to visit her, but she'll be a lot happier somewhere her skin won't dry out in the meantime. She probably won't disobey if she knows you're not gone for good.

f37dc1 No.296265


Turn around and whip your dick out. Put your hands on your hips and stare at her expectantly. She wants the D

034521 No.296267


Tell her, you'll be back with ham.

6925f3 No.296269



This, also headpet her because she's sorta cute

please do not forget to sage

ff017f No.296270


Aquiesce, but tell knucklehead that if she doesn't keep her own hydration under control there will be no more princess carrys.

b08e49 No.296271


Tell her you come out here to fish every so often, so it's not like you'll be gone forever. But you will be if she breaks into your house again.

Though… does she even have a cove or anything to sleep in? Maybe she broke in because she got ran out of her hole by some bigger, meaner shark.

6f770e No.296273

029355 No.296275


Punch her in the face again and scold her.

b3f934 No.296276

034521 No.296278


Headpats are patrician tier. Also this.

358035 No.296280


This, remember to apply good conditioning to the girl, even if shes a wild animal.

I think we've had enough shark abuse for one day.

6b1fdb No.296282


>It's probably not toilet trained either. Gross.

says the man that pissed on a random intelligent person/creature

tell her if she leaves the ocean you're gonna piss on her again.

80a3dd No.296288

No punches. No pissing. Sit down and head pat her, and talk to her. See if you can get some answers. Ask her if she's still hungry, and if she is, feed her.

9a1235 No.296293


Yes, sate her hunger with a KNUCKLE SANDWICH

55f27d No.296296


why are there always faggots like you trying to fuck up a CYOA story?

f37dc1 No.296298




b08e49 No.296302


Because, funny as it may seem, some people get their kicks stomping on a dream.

9a1235 No.296304


you ever consider writing folk songs?

b08e49 No.296306


Sometimes, but this Frank guy always seems to be a step ahead of me.

46f9ba No.296308

File: 677c1b0ffaa6c03⋯.png (223.65 KB, 958x550, 479:275, mershark wants headpats.png)


She scavenged our house for human-made munchies, so the logical course would be to promise her some for the next time we go fish, on condition that she stays in the ocean/stops breaking in.

Then headpat her if she nods in comprehension.

46f9ba No.296309

What the fuck I swear that the magic sage button was checked.

67c569 No.296318


Just put some salt water in your bath. Not rocket surgery here guys.

a97e26 No.296322

fe43d1 No.296323


It happens from time to time. Just give an explanation why right away next time.

6a1a90 No.296329


a. trow a stone near her

653a40 No.296330

people always pick the worst choices in cyoas

8c7b38 No.296335



i agree with these bad boys. sharks love ham.

t. sharkgirl extraordinaire

3a1207 No.296362

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Grab sand shovel.

dig little pond near or under the house.

then a small stream to said pond so at hightide it fills like eel fishing but with the guts being inside

*for consentual lovemaking in the missionary position to the purpose of procreation*

83dd59 No.296386


Best option

7150e5 No.296388

File: 2dc44f5dcae9f84⋯.png (263.27 KB, 4833x1152, 537:128, 15.png)

File: d769ca55396234d⋯.png (214.99 KB, 4833x1152, 537:128, 16.png)

File: d0c9e9df41a2c65⋯.png (306.31 KB, 4833x1152, 537:128, 17.png)

"Look, I'll visit you. We can…fish together."

She doesn't look impressed.

"But if you stay in my house you'll die."

You can't properly store an entire sentient creature like this comfortably. It's only a couple minutes walk from your house anyways, if even.

"Are you still hungry?"

It shakes its head.

"No? Alright."

"I'm going back to sleep. When lunch rolls around I'll come back with ham."

Its expression is lonely and distraught, but you ignore it and turn around to head back home.

After cleaning up the kitchen for an hour, you return to bed.

Several hours later, you have a ham sandwich and the rest of the package of ham in each hand, walking down the beach. Knucklehead is right where you left it. As soon as it notices you it begins to charge, tackling you full force. Your sandwich tumbles onto the beach, ham package following its descent.

A. Throw Knucklehead off.

B. Start yelling and punching.

C. Greet Knucklehead normally, laughing it off.

D. Politely ask Knucklehead to get off.

eeffcb No.296392


She's just happy to see you.

d157b6 No.296394


C/D she's kinda like a lonely puppy. Maybe she got separated from her family?

94c525 No.296396


C. and pat the Knucklehead.

6c4c8f No.296397


E. Playwrestle/tickle knucklehead before pinning her on the sand briefly to establish dominance. Then C.

8186b5 No.296399


>C. Greet Knucklehead normally, laughing it off.

a16dd0 No.296403


Nice dibs


67c569 No.296406



C'mon dude who doesn't keep their ham sandwich in a plastic sandwich holder?

People are just hanging around for this to escalate into ledwness or happy ending.

7150e5 No.296408

ignore the fact that his bandages disappear for like 5 pages woops

7150e5 No.296410

File: e59fbeee38febee⋯.png (299.3 KB, 4833x1152, 537:128, 18.png)

File: a79d9ab359005ee⋯.png (186.76 KB, 4833x1152, 537:128, 19.png)

File: 4b108f29e37f141⋯.png (232.97 KB, 4833x1152, 537:128, 20.png)

File: 7afc9f59cf095bc⋯.png (243.42 KB, 4833x1152, 537:128, 21.png)

With an actual bit of sleep under your belt, you have the patience to deal with its shenanigans. You pat its arm and let it nuzzle up against you. Its skin is pretty rough. You didn't really notice before.

"Hey, Knucklehead. You didn't have to tackle me."

As much as you enjoy being on the receiving end of shark creature cuddles, being thrown onto the ground every time you come outside might get old.

"You kinda dropped my lunch."

You and Knucklehead both stare at the disemboweled sandwich.

"Guess I can eat later."

Knucklehead seems to think this over for a moment and then jumps up to run back to the beach.


You watch the creature swim around in the shallows while munching on a piece of ham.

A few minutes later, Knucklehead returns with puffy cheeks and sits down in front of you. You think you know where this is goin– and it spit up a dead fish.

You never minded the smell of fish. For Heaven's sake you've lived near the ocean all your life. A fisherman by heart, you're pretty much immune to smelly fish.

Knucklehead points to its mouth, pressing the handful of fish towards your face. It seems very proud of what its doing.

A. Hesitate, but eat the fish.

B. Knucklehead should eat the fish. You're not hungry.

C. "Feed it to me with your mouth."

D. "That's disgusting. You're disgusting."

8186b5 No.296412


>A. Hesitate, but eat the fish.

C is a bit lewd, we only just met her.

f01ea2 No.296413



Also pat her head

a16dd0 No.296415


But… maybe cook it first

a16dd0 No.296416


(Ie: cozy beach camp fire)

ff017f No.296417


Fish that fresh? Even if it's been in her gob for 5 minutes it's gonna taste fine.

A/B - slice off a fillet and offer het the rest.

f01ea2 No.296418


But what about potential parasites and the fact that the bowels are still in there?

a16dd0 No.296419


Its fine its just like sushi..probably

6925f3 No.296421



We need to protect her smile, B and headpet

a16dd0 No.296422


Also waifu just wanted to say


67c569 No.296423



Let's progress the story a bit with some positive behaviour.

f7e998 No.296432



we need to protect that smile, but not die in the process


029355 No.296435


D and then A. Let her know that what she did is disgusting and should give something to us by hand instead of mouth, but still eat the fish anyways to show that you're grateful to make her happy.

649d93 No.296436

File: 225795074b342d3⋯.gif (58.98 KB, 326x251, 326:251, Oh god it is right up his ….gif)

Please keep going this is good stuff

f7e998 No.296444


learn to sage fucker

f2ae5a No.296445

File: 2b61f95f1294665⋯.png (97.42 KB, 790x773, 790:773, 1415576292827.png)



tfw just at the beach but no shark waifu to bite me

3ba2ce No.296447

980bd3 No.296458



A. optionaly cooking it over a campfire first.

d157b6 No.296463

A. But Let's cook it before eating it. Sushi is great and all but we probably don't know what a healthy and edible fish really looks like.

d564be No.296477



Cook it first, though. You don't want no diseases.

f7e634 No.296480


I would love to see a whole manga made about this. No bullshit drama, just a beach bum and a mershark causing some splice of life shenanigans.

5463bb No.296525


A. Cook it first, ya dumb ass.

28fae2 No.296536

Holy shit I can't remember when I last saw a cyoa thread were so many people were too retarded to sage. At such a consistency no less. Is there something special about this that attracts so many newfags?

Oh and also go with option A.

7150e5 No.296548

File: 49a02468f16e14c⋯.png (266.25 KB, 4833x1152, 537:128, 22.png)

File: 9519531e63827c7⋯.png (273.31 KB, 4833x1152, 537:128, 23.png)

File: 249f959d9bcbcf0⋯.png (214.55 KB, 4833x1152, 537:128, 24.png)

"How about we cook that."

You gather a few pieces of firewood from your storage and gather tinder. It doesn't take long for a mini bonfire to take shape once you light it on fire.

Both you and Knucklehead sit together, watching the tiny piece of fish cook on the stick you used to gut it and pierce it.

The fish cooks quickly and you take a bite, offering the rest to Knucklehead. It's never seen cooked fish before so it hesitates, and grabs a cautious nibble.

It must taste pretty good to Knucklehead because it then eats the rest in one bite, taking some of the stick with it.

A. Make small talk.

B. Grab more fish.

C. Go back inside.

D. Go swimming and play with Knucklehead.

d33d4d No.296550


Give her the option D

6925f3 No.296551


D it's not like we have a job or anything

4c9de8 No.296553

3ba2ce No.296555


A and D.

6b1fdb No.296557


maybe no pissing on it too

eeffcb No.296561


034521 No.296564


D and A, she seen to like it.

8c7b38 No.296568


D and B on the way

6a1a90 No.296576

D and after the necessary play montage ask her what shes doing here

358035 No.296583


You have introduced the dumb girl to fire and cooked food

D PLAY WITH SHORK TO ESTABLISH FRIENDSHIPS AND HOPEFULLY NOT GET MURDERBONED. Also I feel like we should go in naked, it is just us, and we won't have to wash our clothes. God forbid the ocean and sees your Magnum dong.

46f9ba No.296586

File: ebc4a2cfc585048⋯.jpg (17.54 KB, 240x245, 48:49, descartes close-up.jpg)


What >>296550 said.

46f9ba No.296587


8a6887 No.296591



It's getting close guys I can feel it.

029355 No.296597


A, we need to teach her how to talk to learn more about her anyways.

c58a29 No.296623


D. We must dick the shark.

718334 No.296627


A. if needed try sign language, draw pictures in the sand and so on.

7150e5 No.296630

File: 81b2aadfeb44aed⋯.png (303.73 KB, 4833x1152, 537:128, 25.png)

File: ef97dbf213e5c40⋯.png (225.4 KB, 4833x1152, 537:128, 26.png)

File: e2c6e8ba8a1543b⋯.png (214.59 KB, 4833x1152, 537:128, 27.png)

File: e3b07e40b95f114⋯.png (247.99 KB, 4833x1152, 537:128, 28.png)

"Wanna go for a swim?"

Your question sparked excitement in Knucklehead. It immediately grabbed onto your shirt and shook you violently.

"I guess that's a yes."

You both head into the ocean, but you still have a couple questions you still want to ask.

"I know you can't really talk but… why were you in my house again?"

Knucklehead opens its mouth as if trying to speak, but closes it. It then turned around to face one of the larger rocks, using a seashell to write into the stone.

After drawing the illustrations, Knucklehead immediately scribbles over it and shrugs, diving underwater.

8687f4 No.296631

oh pan, you and your short attention span but qt drawings.

Good times.

9a1235 No.296632


headpat top of head

33c438 No.296637

67c569 No.296638


Prepare the interspecies breeding pit

0d2110 No.296644


Headpat her face instead.

8883f2 No.296646

File: 43f16fa88563a04⋯.jpg (95.86 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

Cogito ergo dareo eam D.

a303d6 No.296647

File: 290eeb173645367⋯.png (177.51 KB, 1307x1096, 1307:1096, It couldn't be clearer.png)



d157b6 No.296648


Quite clearly she wants to play leapfrog. That's the only logical explanation for these images

a303d6 No.296649


Cogito ergo dabo ei F (fallum)*

7150e5 No.296655

File: a0ad0fb5e63024e⋯.png (208.33 KB, 4833x1152, 537:128, 29.png)

File: da5f3be40ca3c32⋯.png (212.1 KB, 4833x1152, 537:128, 30.png)

You bring a hand down upon her head. You understood.

"It's alright. I understand."

Knucklehead was just lonely. It just needed someone else.

"You wanna play leap frog with me."

"It's a bit difficult to do in the sand but we can pull it off."

"There's plenty of watersports we can play too."

"From your drawing it looks like we have a couple friends but I don't have many friends…so it's just us."

"What would be a good starter game?"

A. Marco Polo

B. Scavenger Hunt

C. Keep up the beach ball

D. Sharks and Minnows (really it's just underwater tag with two people.)

404e7d No.296656


Voting for D.

7e25d9 No.296657


>"There's plenty of watersports we can play too."

I thought we already did.

D sounds good because there is some physical contact at least…

a303d6 No.296658

33c438 No.296660



Wafiu you make me smile that last panel was great!

Im tempted to go with D because puns

>inb4 the brotagunis ia gay

f2ae5a No.296661

File: 503136cb45d4767⋯.png (128.29 KB, 247x252, 247:252, 1416297723599-1.png)


>Marco Polo

I vote for "leap frog"

Waifu you're manipulating the vote by making your choice the D option so that people always want to give you the D, aren't you?

7e25d9 No.296662



Posting here you should know the rules anon, the mental illness homosexuality (Yuri is okay) is strictly banned.

d157b6 No.296664

She obviously came to us to have fun and a good time. We must show her this by playing leap frog and other fun games. She'll never forget about this dayand she will cry whenever she remembers it

d157b6 No.296665

forgot sage

33c438 No.296666

Gets say do more "water" sports

7e25d9 No.296667


Quads… Shit that means he has to do it hopefully it is Knucklehead having a piss on the MC so at least he might get a boner or something…

ff017f No.296668

File: 1871f419cbc3f79⋯.png (149.55 KB, 1005x841, 1005:841, Capture.PNG)

>>296655 (Checked)

>9000 hours in MSpaint

>also captcha "tio whn"


33c438 No.296669


As the guy who go the gets i also want to add in some kind of bondage as well

If thats ok

7e25d9 No.296671




You're making this into your deep dark fantasy aren't you?

33c438 No.296672



i just like seeing girls bound in rope

653c6d No.296676


How about we get past toilet training and place of accommodation before we go and start having wild sex, also words would help.

I guess D cause everyones going for it.

eeffcb No.296678


029355 No.296679

02d7b6 No.296682


Guess I'll vote C.

Man, I would have wanted him to play leap frog with her. D. wouldn't be much of a game with a shark person, would it?

f7e998 No.296684

>>296655 (checked)

time to become "ANON the densest man in the seven seas"

also D

physical contact for increase tease and gold dense behavior

i doubt we can even float in this situation

3ba2ce No.296697

0e402d No.296699


This. We must not lewd the Knucklehead. Only pure fun and games.

Do you think she likes vidya?

67c569 No.296706


What if sharktits gets pissed off and uses her retard strength to rape MC?

a303d6 No.296710


>implying that's a bad thing

0e402d No.296711


Oh boy, a wrestling match!

>inb4 the MC used to wrestle back in school.

67c569 No.296712


Sharkgirls are supposed to be inhumanly strong, if she isn't she's obviously defective and not waifu material.


he he he.

456f84 No.296713




She just needs love and handholding and she'd be back at peak strength in no time.

0e402d No.296716


Nah m8. We need to make her /fit/. Squats and oats, lifting (we need to get her to 2pl8), and feeding her protein-rich foods. Maybe get her a horse mask while we're at it.

456f84 No.296719


>protein-rich foods

no jerking off into her food she'll steal our gains then

456f84 No.296720


>do not bump selected

>bumps anyway

Fucking hell.

f7e634 No.296721


Why not just play hard to get and have him make believe that he is really dense?

0e402d No.296727


>make believe dense

>not actual dense

Step it up

6925f3 No.296802


D and when we tag her, we kiss her

48e4a2 No.296805


I'm in favor of this idea.

f1d9fe No.296817


>C. Keep up the beach ball

She's probably retarded and will pop the ball, and we can laugh at her, and laugh and laugh and laugh.

36dc87 No.296824


>Implying wrestling is 100% about strength

It's all about who can pin the other, sure strength is good but it won't help if your arms are stretched behind you.

>Implying all MGs have to be Mary Sue's

D I guess

7150e5 No.296879

no update tonight, spilled water on my laptop and I'm giving it a night to dry off.

67c569 No.296890


*Unsheathes switchblade*

Motherfucker use a sipper bottle around your workstation.

f2ae5a No.296891


>drawing a new comic

>whilst also at the beach

b97d3b No.296931


Of course he's at the beach. Don't tell me you thought he was making this all up?

8778a2 No.296932


>sipper bottle

You Gay bro??

e8dc67 No.296943


OP is currently peeing on a real shark for reference. Just kidding, I'm looking forward to the next update.

f704d0 No.296996

7150e5 No.297019

File: 160efb501c08478⋯.png (217.29 KB, 4833x1152, 537:128, 31.png)

File: fc023d0908fb691⋯.png (240.4 KB, 4833x1152, 537:128, 32.png)

File: 2b829acef2221e2⋯.png (268.75 KB, 4833x1152, 537:128, 33.png)

"How about Sharks and Minnows? I can teach you how to play."

It takes only a few minutes to explain the basic concept of the game. There are different facets of strategy when there are more than two people, but for now it's just a game of tag.

"I have to swim past you."

"I'm a pretty fast swimmer."

You're proud of your swimming abilities. Maybe you'll have a shot of winning.

You begin by pushing off with a strong front stroke, going as fast as you possibly can. Within moments you feel something swim up beside you with terrific speed. Knucklehead explodes from the water and chomps down on your head. It doesn't bite hard, though, so it doesn't break skin.

"I guess it was naive of me to think I could outswim a fish."

Knucklehead presses its face against yours, rough skin hitting face stubble.

"Wanna see if I can catch you?"

Knucklehead looks unsure.

A. You can go easy on me, swim a little slow.

B. Swim as fast as you can!

C. Or we could play something else.

D. I should go inside.

dec3e3 No.297028


women love to be chased, metaphorically or whatever. give it your all.


c4696e No.297037



She's a shark so Knucklehead is gonna win no matter what, at least give it your all.>>297019

dec3e3 No.297038


sage you stupid nigger

01ea84 No.297044


B. gotta go fast!

c58a29 No.297053




We're being asked what we should tell the sharkfu to do, not what we should do ourself.

I vote A. Not much will happen if we don't have any shot of catching her.

ee8462 No.297056


B, if only to confuse the born and bred predator being on the run for once.

46f9ba No.297059



Because where I come from, Marco Polo can lead to sexual.

68e891 No.297062


The confusion's as a result of sharkfu going "I want his hands on me, but that means losing to a human…"

6925f3 No.297068


C. and we say something lewd if we catch her

6a1a90 No.297080



>or we can play something in my room

take out jaws and a NES form a shoe box

029355 No.297096


B, we need to lose the weight anyways.

20f5b8 No.297107



The last thing we need is our fat ass getting too tuckered out and needing Knucklehead to save us from drowning, we've already spilled our spaghetti, we don't need to look worse. Plus if she's going easy it gives her opportunity to toy with us and show more of her playful side.

20f5b8 No.297108


Apologies for lack of sage

20f5b8 No.297109

File: 9d8ad9aac15f82e⋯.png (589.78 KB, 1200x1300, 12:13, Shiggy Shoggy.png)


>I fuck up twice

8186b5 No.297110

File: 356a6c0cb1e8790⋯.jpg (90.73 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 1437543658753.jpg)

8778a2 No.297198

Who the hell do you think WE are??!!

Obviously B!

54648f No.297203


Please sage next time fucktou

766233 No.297221


Fish for sushi is frozen down to below -20c before thawing back up, to kill off the parasites in the meat.

8186b5 No.297223


>they still aren't fucking saging

8778a2 No.297224


Shit! I forgot, sorry Anon.

8778a2 No.297236


Shit! I forgot, sorry Anon.

b9a3c3 No.297237



8778a2 No.297239

File: 926042eaa91969c⋯.png (239.77 KB, 700x1000, 7:10, 1455262331333-0.png)




Ara ara, what have I done??

8186b5 No.297240


Well memed fuckbrain.

9d9708 No.297538



I want to see some Muromi-san level water plumes here

989a19 No.297832


B baby. We just need to back her into a corner.

c58a29 No.297834

Is thread kill?

db58fb No.297873


OP has this thing where every time she writefags and drawfags at the same time, a feat mortal man was not meant to attempt, the sheer effort required kills her. After every update a legion of necromancers have to revive her to continue her write/drawfagging.

Sometimes the necromancers get killed too though so then they have to revive themselves and then OP, it can be a drawn out process.

67c569 No.297874



You what?

7150e5 No.297880

File: 28471c699b6b21b⋯.png (244.71 KB, 4833x1152, 537:128, 34.png)

File: 6dc0d35dbe13f24⋯.png (189.94 KB, 4833x1152, 537:128, 35.png)

File: 5ad0e798f892578⋯.png (199.44 KB, 4833x1152, 537:128, 36.png)

File: 92079d1d6484fa9⋯.png (278.02 KB, 4833x1152, 537:128, 37.png)

"Go as fast as you possibly can."

"Can you do that?"

Knucklehead nods its head in response. It rears up to begin swimming and in the blink of an eye, dives under the water. You wait until you see the dorsal fin break through the water before you start swimming.

You swim as fast as you possibly can but being a natural born ocean creature it swims much faster than you.

You go at it for a few minutes before Knucklehead goes under the water once more.

You don't see it for a while before something pulls you under the water. You manage to take a deep breath before you come face to face with Knucklehead.

"Jah–Jan… Jawn."

You can hear it! A soft, feminine voice. You try to reply but your voice doesn't work underwater.

A. Go above water and talk.

B. Try and talk anyways.

C. Stay quiet, let Knucklehead talk.

9a1235 No.297881






013495 No.297882

a16dd0 No.297883



<pop a boner

827398 No.297885

6b1fdb No.297886


E try not to drown

C for real tho

9a1235 No.297887


fat people have big lungs and can therefore stay underwater longer


6b1fdb No.297889


>whales, seals, porpoises, need to breathe air, but they stay underwater for significant amounts of time

>their bodies are largely composed of insulating blubber

>blubber is essentially just fat

>MC is fat, so he must have blubber then

I figured out why knucklehead came to this guy, he's actually a whale.

9a1235 No.297892


>sharkgirls like big boys


a6e292 No.297896


let the woman speak.

She probably wants to talk about the next game we want to play.

a16dd0 No.297901



C lets see what miss sharkbutt has to say… maybe gurgel a "you can talk!?"

9c59f8 No.297903

C my man, don't ruin this magical moment.

fe43d1 No.297910



I don't think the MC is fat. Swol is more likely since he's a beach bum and fat homeless people are unsurprisingly rare.

Also C.

9a1235 No.297912



this man be living more comfortably than i am

9c59f8 No.297913


MC is chubby af.

9a1235 No.297914


yeah burly maybe but in no way sw0l

9c59f8 No.297915

File: 6375f19752ed138⋯.gif (58.9 KB, 326x251, 326:251, 225795074b342d320cc151edc1….gif)


He looks like the average /monster/ anon.

9a1235 No.297917


>the average monsteranon lives on the beach in a shack

i fucking wish

c58a29 No.297918

I also vote C. Only option that makes much sense. Not that that's stopped us before.


>Swol is more likely since he's a beach bum and fat homeless people are unsurprisingly rare

Found the Europeanon.

Also, he isn't homeless.

9a1235 No.297919


actually come to think of it, most of the homeless burgers i've seen have been pretty damn fat, i guess from subsisting only on cheap fast food

c58a29 No.297924

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Fast food alone won't screw you - as long as you limit your portions and avoid the stuff they put there to draw in stoners, you can maintain a normal weight. There was even a documentary on it that my class watched to kill a day back in grade school(embed related).

It's pretty intuitive once you think about it. Poor decision making skills and a preference for instant gratification are bad for both your health and your economic standing. Come to think of it, a Danuki fixing a homeless derelict might make a decent greentext, if it hasn't already been done.

67c569 No.297930


>Whenever I see that supersize me I get hungry for fast food and want an obscenely big packet of chips and drink.

Man if that is so cheap you could get the "super size" combo and eat it for a few meals.

f7e998 No.297941

faba0d No.297942

d3298f No.297943

dc3eef No.297955


>Fast swimmer

>Does extreme fishing, if the swordfish over his bed was caught by his own hands.

>His punch earlier

He's likely pretty strong, just has a beer belly going on or something.

9c59f8 No.297962


You do realize that fat people usually are pretty strong, especially when they exercise like the MC does.

You can have some muscle underneath a THICC tissue of fat.

e1b93e No.297965


Fat belly and strong core are not the same thing at all.

9c59f8 No.297969


You don't have to be buff to be strong. And don't you think that fat people that don't sit on their asses all day long don't have somewhat refined muscles from carrying all that weight? I'ts like constant calisthenics workout.

67c569 No.297972



That is some delusional fatcell thinking there boyo.


This has to be trolling now.

9c59f8 No.297976


What does it mean "to be strong" to you?

MC clearly isn't a bodybuilder lifting 200kg daily for hours.

I'm talking about an average strength of people who don't work out on a daily basis. Fat people have to carry more weight than slim people, it's only natural for them to build some muscles because of that, and I'm not talking about a huge amount of muscles.

Or maybe you think that they're really skinny without muscles underneath that fat and are still able to carry it like they do? If you do then I don't know how to help you, sorry Anon.

c58a29 No.297994


We really should avoid derailing the thread, but the answer here isn't that hard. Fat people often don't work out, and aren't strong by virtue of being fat - that's absurd. That said, there are plenty of middle aged blue collar workers in America who have strong muscles due to their jobs, but don't look toned or /fit/. That's probably what our MC is.

9c59f8 No.297996

File: d424205159fe740⋯.jpg (10.29 KB, 480x360, 4:3, waifu3.jpg)

File: fe5905ec1afc70e⋯.jpg (50.95 KB, 960x721, 960:721, waifu476.jpg)

File: 1ced8be3eca7dda⋯.jpg (52.61 KB, 960x540, 16:9, waifu.jpg)

File: f0fc4eaa39f0cce⋯.jpg (28.2 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, waifu2.jpg)


Pics related how MCs body probably looks like.



6925f3 No.298040



this makes me want to get /fit/ with my waifu

7150e5 No.298129

File: 3fa31a67edf0c44⋯.png (276.99 KB, 4833x1152, 537:128, 38.png)

You don't say anything.


Is it trying to say Knucklehead?


You try and reply but your words are jambled.

"Nukelhid! Jawn!"

e39fd6 No.298131


She wants the D.

a4e6d1 No.298134

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



We all know what she's trying to say.

30d1f8 No.298136


So is her name Knucklehead Jawn ? Go to the surface so we don't drown and go back to inquire some more.

fb2be7 No.298139


Oh man i know!

We can understand her and she can understand us

But she can only vocalize in watet and we can on vocalize in air the solution is obvious

Find a nice calm legoon and the have mc float on his back with his ears underwater but his face above the water, then have knucklehead float on her front with her face underwater but her ears above the water

d157b6 No.298142


Why that has to absolutely be the oat genius idea I've ever heard of. Let's do it!

e39fd6 No.298144


When I imagine this it seems kinda silly but that's a good idea.


c58a29 No.298146


Support. Make a sketch for shark friend if she can't figure out what we're talking about.

9c8957 No.298153

you leapfrogging spastics realise she's trying to say john, right?

23e87f No.298160


How about we give Knucklehead a fish bowl as a helmet and fill it with water so she can talk instead?

e1b93e No.298178


>So is her name Knucklehead Jawn ?

Are you retarded?

653c6d No.298203


Go up for air dumb-ass.

a6e292 No.298210

File: 18a949c576a4fda⋯.jpg (1 MB, 1012x1500, 253:375, 18a.jpg)

a6e292 No.298211


Oh god I am sorry, please forgive me.

6925f3 No.298227

we hug her and then breathe

768658 No.298263


no shit sherlock

5675eb No.298347


we hug her and then breed


f23afa No.298357



Goodnight, sweet prince.

You were too good for this world.


Wait for her to finish, rub her nose for that sensory overload to let her free you and swim up to breathe.

7150e5 No.298570

File: 5e18ec22fc03c22⋯.png (250.65 KB, 4833x1152, 537:128, 39.png)

File: c169ca679a87eed⋯.png (230.77 KB, 4833x1152, 537:128, 40.png)

You resurface for air with a loud "Pwah!" with Knucklehead resurfacing along with you.

"So…you can only talk underwater?" Knucklehead gives you a nod.

"I guess that makes sense." Knucklehead is an underwater creature, after all. It's biology is adapted to life without air.

"Meanwhile I can only talk above water."

So how are you going to solve this problem? Obviously, with you floating on your back, ears in the water, and Knucklehead floating on their front, mouth in the water.

"Can you hear me?"

"Yah." Knucklehead's response is gurgly and a bit faded but you can hear it.

"I guess we can actually talk this way."

A. Think of questions to ask.

sorry for slow updates. i'm very busy raising money via commissions and my parents have me working on misc projects that eat up my time.

db58fb No.298574


So why'd she come all the way into our house and nearly dry out just to play leap frog? I mean, I like leap frog as much as the next guy but she's going to some extremes here. She must really love her game.

653c6d No.298575


1. Where did she come from

2. Where did she go, Cotton eye-Joe

3.Why is she interested in us

4. Is she in heat.

013495 No.298586


ask her if she actually has a real name, though knucklehead is a good nickname, then ask about her like where she's from, where she plans on living, what she's doing here, etc.

9e0f4b No.298594

Remember lads she can only speek broken English lets keep things easy

Is she wearing a swimsuit?

How old is she?

1eb81e No.298606


try to finally get an answer for why she was in my house

e7a1d3 No.298632


Ask her if she has a boyfriend. Then ask her if she wants one. :^)

e7a1d3 No.298633


Fuck, forgot to sage.

67c569 No.298640

File: afcb5e1c1d5c9af⋯.jpg (12.78 KB, 232x132, 58:33, no way.JPG)

Peep my sick capcha haha.


+1 for >>298575



We already know the answers to both these questions she drew us a picture, waste of question.

463e4c No.298647


But has John figured it out yet?

061523 No.298669


She's not watching, pat her head before she notices!

ff017f No.298682






a6e292 No.298701


I'm down for this, the best way into a monster girls heart is to be the densest mother fucker in the universe.

Hope we don't sink.

c58a29 No.298786


I support.

a01ef9 No.298863


Nobody wants to have babies with a retard.

fc9b6a No.298864

faba0d No.298869


Ask her for her real name and why she came to us?

b40869 No.298949


First off, scoot in closer. I wanna see arms touching.

db58fb No.299120


We aren't actually this stupid, this is just a way of getting her to spell out that she wants to have sex, for the sake of bulli

7150e5 No.299365

File: 42fd194c3bbb076⋯.png (258.42 KB, 4833x1152, 537:128, 41.png)

File: 3dfcbc4b810d279⋯.png (235.26 KB, 4833x1152, 537:128, 42.png)

File: b0f43ec40439abf⋯.png (228.58 KB, 4833x1152, 537:128, 43.png)

File: 832663120c0b544⋯.png (207.53 KB, 4833x1152, 537:128, 44.png)

You reach over and lightly pat Knucklehead's…well, head. You feel it's body flinch underneath you for a moment before it relaxes.

"So where are you from?"

"Puh-Puhcific Ooshin."

Pacific Ocean? Yeah that makes sense, you are on the East Coast.

"Why are you interested in me?"

"Jawn…help…help Nukelhead."

Help? How did you help someone you haven't known up until now?

"Jawn…geev…geev feesh. Save Nukelhed."

Give fish? When have you ever given fish to anyone other than marketplace customers.


When you were small you would always throw back the fish your Dad caught. It would drive him insane. You didn't quit that habit until you were well into your teens. Although as a teen you mostly threw away fish to spite him.

"Are you talking about when I used to throw Dad's fish off the boat? I remember seeing something in the water that followed us whenever we went out."

A. "So are you just here for more fish?"

B. "Do you have a real name?"

C. "Do you like me?"

D. "Why were you in my house?"

c4696e No.299370


A. "So are you just here for more fish?"

But ask it sarcastically as a way to gauge just how infatuated she is with us.

>B. "Do you have a real name?"

However seriously ask B

c874a3 No.299377

Pacific Ocean, east coast? What?

7696ab No.299393


I agree with >>299377, wrong coast

59aa4a No.299402



She used the northwest passage.



2b5443 No.299436

653c6d No.300220


First off laugh at the fact that you wasted your fish for a shark woman, IT ALL PAID OFF, TAKE THAT DAD. second B.Does she have a real name, gotta know her name before we get the bone in.

f7e998 No.300263


>how long have you been following me?

541908 No.300447

File: 16057989f0a1255⋯.gif (969.62 KB, 500x249, 500:249, oinon.gif)








59aa4a No.300631


To many syllables to scream out during sex.

c58a29 No.300747


I support.

b6b1ea No.301049


7150e5 No.301188

File: 0431cfa0fb8f849⋯.png (225.21 KB, 4833x1152, 537:128, 45.png)

"So are you just here for the fish?"

Knucklehead bursts out of the water, yelling incoherent, guttural noises. It stops for a moment before dipping its head back into the water to respond more calmly.

"No! Ahm…heer for Jawn."

A. What's your real name?

B. Why me?

C. Do you have any other friends?

D. Are you mad that I pissed on you?

7696ab No.301214


give her the D

4dc20d No.301262


I think we've all given enough silent approval for D.

We also want to keep calling her knucklehead because we're a chucklefuck, the "Why" was explained pretty well.

I'd give an E but I'm like 80% sure you've been drawing this entire time.

905de7 No.301265


D all the way. I'm rally curious what she thinks of it.

62be58 No.301335


I'm curious about where B an C would lead, but D just seems more fitting. I don't think it's time for a heart-to-heart yet.

0b2eb8 No.301518

New thread soon

Give her the "D"

349bbb No.301616


Wait lads Knucklehead is still an "it".

E. "Are you a girl?"

d923a7 No.301677

File: 64587a72231615d⋯.gif (304.66 KB, 220x171, 220:171, tenor.gif)


I agree.

baf464 No.301727

File: 1396db6edf88e22⋯.png (651.07 KB, 1067x800, 1067:800, 1463625191164.png)

708772 No.301804



D and E. *almost forgot to sage*

4800ce No.301835

File: ac172ee052054f2⋯.png (51.53 KB, 667x669, 667:669, howtoromance.png)

46b1ef No.301879




Bump limit my dude dont worry about it till tye next thread

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