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File: 0a647741f98a363⋯.jpg (61.85 KB, 800x471, 800:471, musicianssmall.jpg)

34be31 No.301852

/monster/ News

-Don't fall for the Eternal Summer. Newfags come and go like a bad infestation of fleas, but a good treatment of self-moderation and bully will do the trick. Also content helps too, learn to draw or learn to write and help the board.

-Also, Funimation is a crock of shit for of agenda pushing dykes and kikes. Who knew?

-Also as a palette cleanser, Monstergirl Encyclopedia Volume Two is up for preorder and release is in a few months



-Support your fucked up nip and have a nice hardback on your bookshelf. Or not and just wait for scans. After all, books aren't poorfag friendly.

8Chan News

It's fucking Summer

-Other than that, for some reason, the ban list has been scrubbed.

-Also, UIDs have shot up You newfag lurkers best learn by examples of public flogging

World News

-Trump Jr. released documents pertaining to himself and a Russian lawyer about Russian connections to the Democrats. In the process, he ruined a journalist's year effort and the media is in a tissy again. Russia Russia Russia Oooga Booga Cold War never ended. God, please let modern media die quicker.

-The GOP committee proposed a budget for the border wall for $1.6 billion. Considering that is still cheaper than a handful of F-35's, this sounds good. Build the wall and build it tall

-Some guys in the Mediterranean are planning to launch boats to intercept migrant boats and send them back to Africa.

Also since this actually sparked some nice discussion in the last thread, I want the comfy feeling to continue. What is your favourite book and why would your waifu like it? In my case it would be Dracula and I think the only reason why an Automaton would like it is lost on me. Or perhaps because it is a story about a man trying to save his wife from the taint of a monster is a true sign of loyalty. And what is more loyal to you than a machine that loves you.

07f948 No.301854

File: f6e900e034cc3df⋯.png (548.7 KB, 1186x1475, 1186:1475, ratatoskr oppai.png)

first for best girl

2a728a No.301856

File: 86d27d9abe91a09⋯.jpg (870.35 KB, 850x1177, 850:1177, very pretty dryad backgrou….jpg)


Ratatoskrs are really great waifus, but dryads are true best girl because your waifu must rely on them for shelter.

07f948 No.301857


>What are houses

616bb4 No.301863

File: 9a2c2642a1724f4⋯.jpg (551.95 KB, 1280x1873, 1280:1873, Remilia (1).jpg)

File: 29eb87415b592a9⋯.jpg (427.8 KB, 1280x1851, 1280:1851, Remilia (2).jpg)

Lolis are for ___

2a728a No.301864


Squirrels live in trees, not houses.

02a4a1 No.301865


>lean down

>little girl

>do you know what you just asked for

>you will not enjoy it

>but i will

<then surprises happen

>i was wrong about everything.mpeg

but no yeah, lolies are almost always for hugs,

unless they really want it then i guess fug its ok as long as its full of love and feelings

07f948 No.301866


hugging and fug_ like any other waifu

d6e93c No.301867

File: a9abffb84611d1a⋯.jpg (136.73 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 27801930_p4_master1200.jpg)


lolis are for bullying

f07564 No.301869

File: 1640892844821a2⋯.png (236.38 KB, 480x360, 4:3, InanalternateuniverseDanuk….png)

loli's are for watching your back around

2a728a No.301873


Around lolis, don't be jolly.

5a0fc4 No.301874


Lolis are for setting up with shotas so they don't outlive their husbands by 25 years

2a728a No.301875

File: 2b4ca3bc4c89cb1⋯.jpg (255.46 KB, 1016x1025, 1016:1025, Alice pouty.jpg)


Not if they're permalolis. Though come to think of it, it still probably is best to set them up with shotas so that they stay alive together for as long as possible.

616bb4 No.301876

File: 143e1ee4765b1cb⋯.jpg (670.94 KB, 1280x1810, 128:181, 5.jpg)

File: c7e692c0783dfe8⋯.jpg (618.52 KB, 1280x1822, 640:911, 6.jpg)

File: cb019122a3fb1a7⋯.jpg (634.76 KB, 1276x1807, 1276:1807, 7.jpg)

File: ca5a698395da78c⋯.jpg (684.47 KB, 1280x1813, 1280:1813, 8.jpg)

File: c07dbec81656183⋯.jpg (689.48 KB, 1276x1809, 1276:1809, 9.jpg)


Imagine a loli that has the magic to turn you into a shota.

23d952 No.301884

File: 98aa8161459d264⋯.jpg (167.76 KB, 639x600, 213:200, Spoder headpats.jpg)

Reminder to headpat your spider

0f6c05 No.301892


>not giving her a lecture that loli is not for fug

Loli is for loving fug

5a0fc4 No.301893


I've already been through puberty once, I don't need that shit again

And besides, if I'm a shota, how will my waifu snuggle herself into my beard on cold nights as we sit by the fire, enjoying a well deserved rest after finally getting our daughterus asleep in bed?

And now I'm thinking of the complications that could arise from a girl with a loli's body giving birth. You might get one, maybe two kids before her body just won't be able to handle pregnancy anymore.

350eef No.301929

So it's been years since I've checked anything moster girl related(4chan a/tg) and it I'm at a loss as to where to catch up on the quality writefaggotry. Any help in the right direction would be appreciated.

98a86c No.301933


Touch Fluffy Tail is a good site for that. Your milage may vary when it comes to content but everything is tagged so that should save you some time. A lot of anons here have saved their stuff to pastebin though, you might have more luck getting that from the write thread here. >>301852

98a86c No.301946


Dammit, that's not the link I wanted to post. Here's the correct one:


43d59f No.301951


Raising into a fine young woman who goes out and gets a husbando around her own age.

616bb4 No.301956

File: 1dcadf86e1c3372⋯.jpg (987.6 KB, 1123x4992, 1123:4992, loli_is_for_hug.jpg)

f0741b No.301982


Danuki are good girls

616bb4 No.302039

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

2dc26b No.302040


Smugg, Hugg and Fugg.

1545e0 No.302064

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>monstergirls = satanism

toppest lel

eac6c6 No.302066


Is Satan a tsundere girl?

02a4a1 No.302067


Very clearly

375540 No.302068


>Our world is steeped in sin and decadence!

Ok, that's right.

<AND IT'S THE JAPANESE DOING IT! Look at this video of these Japanese girls putting horns on their head! Clearly Masonic!


eac6c6 No.302069


They are already calling it "Cotton Candy Satanism".

Is there any Christian on /monster/?

02a4a1 No.302070

375540 No.302071


Doll Anon made it pretty clear that he was Catholic.

2a728a No.302079

File: e3a9cc8063dc1f3⋯.jpg (247.73 KB, 654x1000, 327:500, satan KC.jpg)


Satan is a skindentation girl.

2a728a No.302080

File: 089f64bda9a6759⋯.png (205.53 KB, 726x1090, 363:545, Lorka.png)


Orzh is Christian too from what I've heard.

5eab16 No.302094

File: 9e2444ae489c574⋯.jpg (1.52 MB, 6760x6700, 338:335, stop masturbating.jpg)



2a728a No.302096


Varg hates waifus too, though.

d6e93c No.302097


Varg just wants you to get off your ass and make white babies.

67b47c No.302100

File: d85d798906e511d⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 47.62 KB, 200x235, 40:47, I wonder who could be behi….png)


Varg is a self proclaimed snow nigger though. Really our best hope would be to act like Polish Catholics and breed like crazy, kill Muslims, while also straying away from degeneracy.

616bb4 No.302102

File: 2113fb6d5086eb2⋯.jpg (84.3 KB, 780x519, 260:173, Polish MEP (1).jpg)

File: 94b6d9f48e2724e⋯.jpg (33.52 KB, 450x600, 3:4, Polish MEP (3).jpg)

File: 8b0cd5169542b30⋯.jpg (706.81 KB, 2048x1361, 2048:1361, Polish MEP (4).jpg)

File: b7db4509fe1765e⋯.jpg (51.83 KB, 683x384, 683:384, Polish MEP (5).jpg)

File: 7302e1cd187e1e4⋯.jpg (33.76 KB, 315x236, 315:236, Polish MEP (2).jpg)


Poland has been pretty cool. Remember when the Polish MEP triggered BBC?

adf2ef No.302105


Read up on the man. He's pretty based.

0ebd9b No.302122


Yes, there's some Christians and catlicks that browse /monster/

80a55a No.302127


That's because he wants you to turn 3D women into perfect waifus. What better material do we have to create monstergirls than women that already exist? Take the monster within and plant it without.

616bb4 No.302128

42f616 No.302132

File: 0065f27e2807a7c⋯.mp4 (565.66 KB, 326x184, 163:92, Both is good.mp4)


>Yandere elf

>Sadistic tsundere human mother

>Both big breasted

>Free reincarnation

tbh both are pretty Danny DeVito, also I'm more of an ass man

f0741b No.302133


This Saturday night anyone wanna watch Gundam 0083 in a stream?

2a728a No.302146


Only if you make sure to remind kiddos during it that bluehairmilf is married.

616bb4 No.302149

f0741b No.302156



>mentions GBF

do you live in stupid land or is the only Gundam show you've ever heard about been GBF? congrats you've triggered my Gundam autism

616bb4 No.302157


I swear it always ends in Iori Rinko dumps when GBF is brought up. Anyways I love G Gundam.

f0741b No.302162



>The one that's a result of corporate fuckery

I'll do it maybe at like 8PM EST tomorrow night. 0083 is a short OVA 13 episodes in total. Gonna do subbed because the dub is horrendous

4b863c No.302171


I would love to! But I wage slave on weekends. Maybe invite /m/? It's a slow board but I'm sure they wouldn't mind hanging with you for some gundam.

1b682b No.302193


I would but i work over nights

I can do sunday?

586a9b No.302217

File: c8b7838344b6df8⋯.jpg (46.27 KB, 600x400, 3:2, ad21f906026ce534cc3fec0584….jpg)



JKM is a legend. He's a little crazy but very red-pilled and his trolling skills are top-notch.

9a7123 No.302223

File: 594a9efc516f555⋯.jpg (32.45 KB, 550x398, 275:199, 1345656213932.jpg)


>"Video about monstergirls" is not actually about monstergirls

You wasted 10 minutes of my life and I want them back

20af25 No.302237

File: d910a808a6d53a7⋯.png (870.85 KB, 657x900, 73:100, 1496126528011.png)


Its more about the rantings of some jap christfag, trying overthink about the most irrelevant things. When instead he can see how global factions are trying to trick the Christians by fulfilling some conditions in revelations like "damascus being ashes" aka the Syrian region.

This apocalypse bullshit is why the most retarded of the christian christcucks the ones who are the craziest follow and fund the kikes plans like israel is some key into making god come down from the sky, which is stupid since that's not the point of this world, or the point of the bible.

462d23 No.302241

history in the making



1545e0 No.302246


Hilarious as that is

>that thread

How /v/ continues to tolerate that sort of cancer is beyond me. Worse still, they complain and yet are still completely unwilling to go to or make their own alternative. Then again, a friend told me that in a multiplayer game discord for /v/ a lot of them admit to going to reddit, so this shouldn't be too surprising.

f0741b No.302258


and thus why /games/ needs to be a thing. Should ask your friends for screencaps so you can plaster them all over /v/

685672 No.302261


Yeah /games/ definitely needs more posters already.

8989ca No.302297


>My Final Fantasy would be to stick my tits between Tifa's dicks if you know what I mean.

Goddamnit /v/

1545e0 No.302324


I gotta feeling /games/ won't get much more posters until fall, if at all. Seems like /v/ermin don't want to move over and for some reason all the anons on /monster/ that wanted a better /v/ aren't here or are too busy to post much. I say fall because I think lots of posters have fled 8chan for the summer.

The funny thing is, when /games/ was really hitting it's stride, before the sitewide glitch when it had 80 UIDs, /tg/ really cleaned up it's act in terms of posting quality and Mark brought back Meta threads on /v/. So if nothing else, /games/ scared them into action, if only temporarily.

685672 No.302327


Just have to keep reminding people it exists till then.

f0741b No.302337


Join /monster/ and /m/ for Gundam and shitposting with Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Star Dust Memories


f0741b No.302345


f0741b No.302346


f0741b No.302364


5eefa7 No.302395



thats what i get for having a life

d1076f No.302400

File: e1913082307ab67⋯.png (312.26 KB, 781x590, 781:590, f47a0729bf4fc842a343409bea….png)

huh. i didn't knew papi has little bit of plumb to her thighs

07f948 No.302402

>>302400 Checked

Logically, harpies would have rather meaty thighs, gotta take of somehow

e8f518 No.302405

File: 775362ab1cc266e⋯.jpg (40.47 KB, 531x683, 531:683, 1420675132904.jpg)

>watched ringu a week ago

>sadako didn't visit me today

why live

44f738 No.302407

File: 20dfdca1d78526c⋯.png (793.57 KB, 569x802, 569:802, bean.png)

98a86c No.302408

File: 1a9c05aeb3c45d4⋯.png (195.39 KB, 249x386, 249:386, 15 - 1.png)


>someone smaller

07f948 No.302409

File: 9dc0519f9466916⋯.png (996.85 KB, 657x890, 657:890, ClipboardImage.png)


She's just shy, anon, give her time

2a8567 No.302440


Gonorrhea-Chan is evolving!

91fc0b No.302442

File: 8d86d7efa1f88e3⋯.jpg (160.38 KB, 1244x866, 622:433, 63612194_p0.jpg)


Alright, so don't fuck anyone with weird shit leaking out their genitals or you'll contract a superbug.

685672 No.302446


The wave of JUSTICE destroying the unclean degeneracy of this world begins to over take the land. At long last.

462d23 No.302495

File: 8b1ceaf98142a72⋯.jpg (46.9 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 1461608033679.jpg)


if you think you seen it all you aint seen shit

e55e7c No.302496

File: 56d82a4312a1349⋯.png (917.82 KB, 1000x1173, 1000:1173, 1464806542979.png)


Yes. Is there something wrong with that?

616bb4 No.302498


I-I thought that only happens in doujins. Apparently hentai continues to become real.

Hopefully monster girls are next on the "to be real" thing.

616bb4 No.302501


Also like to add that I hope the worst kinds of hentai don't become real. The nipple fucking thing made me feel uncomfortable.

616bb4 No.302524

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Any fightan game fags on /monster/ could keep themselves busy with 3D Mugen.


3c1ab5 No.302537

Is the Tor ban gonna be a permanent thing, or just until the spammer gets bored?

3c1ab5 No.302538


>pirate burger

>lawful neutral instead of chaotic neutral

>dictator burger

>chaotic neutral instead of lawful neutral

e8f518 No.302543

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>implying 3D mugen doesn't already exist

7e621b No.302546


i think you should take another look at that

f0741b No.302547


I guess Halo Wars is trying for a new audience.

7e621b No.302550

File: 91a376e382b6cc3⋯.jpeg (30.69 KB, 480x451, 480:451, image copy 3.jpeg)

dce01a No.302575

File: 3b12f57ec8bdc34⋯.jpeg (232.59 KB, 537x758, 537:758, 1500265158_1335adbe5d1863….jpeg)




ac5552 No.302578


I wonder who is behind this.

ac5552 No.302579


The animu nazis are at it again.

93814b No.302592

File: bec15de8b2d3217⋯.webm (411.94 KB, 846x466, 423:233, laugh.webm)


God bless /u/

f0741b No.302599


someone with amazing taste

2a728a No.302602


But anon, where are the fluffy calves?

9a7123 No.302608


Halo Wars is automatic shit taste though. You don't want to associate fluffy tails with shit taste do you?

f0741b No.302663

93814b No.302670

File: 32be12921ba1af1⋯.png (11.18 KB, 658x143, 658:143, screenshot-steamcommunity.….png)

File: b270250df224a16⋯.png (283.38 KB, 986x1325, 986:1325, screenshot-steamcommunity.….png)



Looks like he really is our guy

5a0fc4 No.302672

File: 5f06f69a3b16887⋯.jpg (104.18 KB, 592x814, 8:11, ss (2017-01-20 at 12.08.34….jpg)


>provocative anime artwork spam

>his "artwork" does hurt hwde's sales

Givin me a chuckle

If I'd seen Mamizou on the Halo Wars page I might have actually paid full price for it

f6631a No.302686

File: 809d837477445d0⋯.jpeg (10.27 KB, 177x255, 59:85, 9C134EB5-2347-4150-B5AE-4….jpeg)


>The mods aren't even bothering to delete his stuff?Ugh…

Mods have good taste

462d23 No.302693



f0741b No.302704

File: 32cc4595a436323⋯.png (62.04 KB, 643x547, 643:547, dasfa.png)


f0741b No.302707

File: a093872aa6e894b⋯.png (24.52 KB, 662x206, 331:103, wew.png)

8989ca No.302729


Danuki are automatically shit taste tier, they're just gravitating to more of the same.

1545e0 No.302733

File: 804aac6e36e4344⋯.png (143.13 KB, 674x500, 337:250, 「MORE THAN A FEELING」.png)


>Sadako comes after guys who watch the ring, but they get scared at run away

>she cries a bit every night, thinking a guy would try to propose to her if she called her video "the ring"

9a7123 No.302747

File: 28074e8e69e3e51⋯.png (1.39 MB, 1600x1280, 5:4, 7d71f4b100d03d1f5da7414d3b….png)


>fluffy tail

>shit taste

Pick one buddy

616bb4 No.302753

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

5a0fc4 No.302756


>Nice catholic men

Could this be the secret to dollanon's success?

2a728a No.302758

File: adc5fc542beb291⋯.png (368.19 KB, 800x800, 1:1, faggotcat loli.png)

375540 No.302761


>The entirety of /monster/ converts to a syncretic Ammitist-Catholic faith

f3e859 No.302769

File: 6ed024ae26f9b2b⋯.jpg (172.68 KB, 523x1255, 523:1255, 1468096157524.jpg)


i reall want to slam my peepee down to their baby room

245ee1 No.302770


Fuck… If that doesn't sound like the most ez-mode ritual to write…

I'm half tempted to get started right now.

1545e0 No.302771

File: 1fce4094b7d9bc8⋯.jpg (72.53 KB, 599x450, 599:450, absolutelyjian.jpg)


>fusing with Catholicism

I'll only consider it if Aux gets crucified by kikes, comes back eleven days later, Mary Magdalene is a baphomet, and our descendants ritually eat mangos as communion.

f3e859 No.302772

File: ef52dc245cd8afd⋯.gif (768.9 KB, 320x180, 16:9, 1475613509317.gif)


>all those retards complaining she looks too young

2a728a No.302773


All joking aside, not a good idea, considering Ammitism believes in giving credit where credit is due when it comes to deities and is thus polytheistic while Christianity is inherently monotheistic.

20af25 No.302774

File: 04afc50d9ec1d28⋯.png (95.43 KB, 324x354, 54:59, 04afc50d9ec1d288131caeb12e….png)





You fags should know that spics from univision used to air an movie near Christmas time where Jesus had an Egyptian teacher and his family was saved by a legionary when they tried to cross a vast wasteland.

They tried to damage control it very hard after univision sold its stocks to more jew shareholders, and now they don't show it anymore.


2a728a No.302777

File: 465d851dcec8d51⋯.jpg (63.48 KB, 332x499, 332:499, Imagining the World Into E….jpg)


I already knew that but thanks for pointing it out to others.

20af25 No.302781

File: 4f9d249d4b7beec⋯.png (933.85 KB, 869x609, 869:609, burning_throne_by_frosted_….png)


then you have pope francis, divorce jesus from the catholic faith with his new speech.


616bb4 No.302782

File: eda16b5dd576f54⋯.png (57.14 KB, 308x299, 308:299, 9d4543bd4301acff7fcfe416eb….png)


That's normalfags for you.

6738ca No.302784

File: 22c108a8a7e828b⋯.png (198.14 KB, 603x720, 67:80, no thank you.png)

1545e0 No.302786


To be fair, at this point and with how shit the church has been for the past centuriesseparating jesus from the church seems like the nice thing to do.

5205cd No.302788

File: b2321a5288c28a8⋯.jpg (1008.75 KB, 2480x1748, 620:437, b2321a5288c28a826acd36e5f1….jpg)


I want to reclaim the Vatican from the heretics that have seized control.

a54aab No.302791


The anons in that thread are right that the Church generally did not look well on not having the priestly go between, but it still doesn't look good when you include the mess the church is in now.

616bb4 No.302797


I swear I keep hearing Catholics saying that they are converting to Eastern Orthodoxy because of Francis and the current state of Catholicism. Though I heard Catholicism has been on decline since Vatican 2.

1545e0 No.302805


Catholicism has been on the decline since the first crusade."You're absolved of sins if you go on this long, agonizing campaign kill these people who mostly have it coming, but not for JUSTICE so much as our and the HRE's political interests" is when people should have known to jump ship. Really, it took the church setting up a pay to get rid of sins program for some guy to make another major branch of Christianity, and even then Catholics were still the majority and said branch ended up being modern-day Protestantism. That, and the whole "the Pope is infallible" thing is an utterly inane premise.

616bb4 No.302809

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

20af25 No.302810

File: 334f92062f4fb81⋯.jpg (268.15 KB, 914x1280, 457:640, 1494094363919.jpg)


then the pope was stupid enough to listen to the french king and allowed the Jews to consolidate banking power after those vultures killed off their own people. The Templars. Templar imagery and usage is incompatible with Catholicism since the enemy already corrupted and destroyed the old order.

616bb4 No.302822


The Templars were accused of worshipping Baphomet and got executed on a Friday the 13th.

79b2de No.302877

File: f1f25285982f168⋯.png (897.09 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, f1f25285982f16862061cd47aa….png)

On an actual meta topic, marineposting should be a deletable, if not bannable offense. Going into a thread purely to call incest/harems/femdom/maledom (AKA "a thing I don't like") heresy/chaos actively lowers the quality of the board even though there's literally nothing wrong with the content.

23cbad No.302880


harems are wrong dude

1 man 1 waifu

A harem is no different from NTR and should not be allowed on monster

Male/fem dom is ok as long as it stays clear of cucking and it has a clearly defined expectation of mutualisim/romance

1ea071 No.302881


>there is literally nothing wrong with incest

I suggest you lurk a bit more before preaching about what is and isn't allowed here.

79b2de No.302882

File: 30f38f21f56c6c6⋯.jpg (931.69 KB, 1280x1831, 1280:1831, pg_203.jpg)



>all relationships on /monster/ have to be healthy, monogamous, and consensual

For what reason? No matter how much you wrap it up in talk of domestic life with your daughterus, monster girls exist as sexual wish fulfillment. Saying "X fetish should not be allowed on /monster/" is just telling somebody they're having fun wrong.

e0dab1 No.302885

File: a8767ff1ae333f0⋯.jpg (34.62 KB, 336x491, 336:491, 1445664589275.jpg)


>A harem is no different from NTR

One wife a multiple concubines (if bigamy is illegal in your society) has been part of human sexuality since the dawn of mankind, you fucking idiot. Men of high status and an abundance of resources have a god given right to as many waifus as he desires.

1ea071 No.302887


>No matter how much you wrap it up in talk of domestic life with your daughterus, monster girls exist as sexual wish fulfillment.

Well done exposing your complete cluelessness about board culture. It's called the 'last bastion of romance', not 'another bastion of random porn'.

>Saying "X fetish should not be allowed on /monster/" is just telling somebody they're having fun wrong.

You sound like you'd be better off on >>>/chaos/. I don't say that with any malice, as it seems like you've just confused the two boards.

23cbad No.302888


Those same dudes also shit in the street and thought the earth was the center of the universe and that you got sick from "bad air"

Just becuase something is done for a long time doesnt make it right

Those dudes were assholes





4d6acb No.302889


>On an actual meta topic, marineposting should be a deletable, if not bannable offense.

I agree. It's against the rules even.

>Follow the Thread Theme, basically don't derail threads, the same goes for off topic dice rolls too.

>Hide threads, posts and content you don't like, do the best you can to self moderate.

1ea071 No.302890






Stop drivelling memes, you look like a twelve-year-old.

e0dab1 No.302891

File: 2cd2f32bb3c883f⋯.jpg (254.53 KB, 1054x1200, 527:600, __baphomet_familiar_and_wi….jpg)


How I can tell you don't belong here. A board steeped in anime/manga style, theme, motif, etc and can't abide harem. What the fuck do you think fuels half the whole god dammed industry. Get the fuck outta here.

6738ca No.302893

File: d87deb8bfd3b2f9⋯.png (56.78 KB, 393x380, 393:380, c.png)


>cuck telling anyone to leave

23cbad No.302894


Fuck off harem is shit and its one of the many aspects killing the industry's along with the sjw infestations and the over use of the "cute girls doing cute things" meme


How am i drivelling out memes?

Do i have meme diarrhea

Ive only made like three posts

1ea071 No.302895


>harem is killing the industry

>what is Monster Musume

>Ive only made like three posts

In what, your life? This isn't halfchan, talk like an adult or fuck off back to kekistan.

4d6acb No.302896


>Do i have meme diarrhea

MIght as well, judging by all the other arguments you out of your ass.

23cbad No.302898


>Monster Musume

You mean that show/manga where the mc doesnt want to/cant be in a relationships with any of the girls out of fear of breaking the other girls hearts?

Or that the whole thing is set up so that in the end he has to choose a single girl no matter what and will end up.hurting the other girls no matter what because hes been stringing them along for so long

If anything Monster Musume shows exactly why harems are shit



1ea071 No.302900


>Or that the whole thing is set up so that in the end he has to choose a single girl no matter what

>Implying that's going to happen

Regardless, what >>302891 said is correct in that it's sustaining the industry well enough. I'm personally ambivalent to harems on /monster/, although they are a bit of a nuisance because of the autistic heresyspam that they invite.

23cbad No.302902


They may sustain it for now but im reeally hoping we as consumers move away from the "i can have any girl i want" mentality to the "there's only one girl for me and im the only man for her" mentality

Also yeah that, the "ma heresy" stuff xan get old, and i feel like im just rehashing old arguments as far as im away most people on monster agree that. Herams dont really fit all that well here becuase they are to close to NTR in nature

23cbad No.302903


To be honest im mostly worried about us sliding into accepting cucking as ok

And i feel like Harems are the first step to accepting the cuxkhold mentality

4d6acb No.302906



Please tell me you are drunk.

>sliding into

This is always a shit argument. Do you know what leads to accepting cucking? Actually accepting cucking. This won't happen as it is forbidden by the rules.

Harems (and the rest that >>302877 mentioned) are not cucking, the fact that you don't like them won't change this.

23cbad No.302908


So having sex with someone while your lover/waifu watches isnt cucking?

Next you'll tell me red is green

4d6acb No.302909


Yeah, that is exactly what I am telling you. Fucking with multiple girls isn't cucking in a harem or polygamy.

23cbad No.302910


Your fucking retarded then becuase ues it is

What do you think cucking is nigger?

4d6acb No.302913


Please calm down. It's obviously different. Nobody get's cheated on, everyone is loved equally. Something closer to a historical harem like >>302885 described isn't cucking/NTR either. One girl might be loved more than the others, that doesn't change the fact that they are like family to the man.

245ee1 No.302914


Not him, but you seem to be the one confused friend.

Cuckolding is when you force your partner to, by ignorance or just because you're a beta faggot, raise someone else's offspring as your own (From the base: Cuckoo). It has since expanded to include relationships in which a person is materially providing for a partner who fucks around (And this is the important bit) and neglects/denies the provider.

A harem or a polygamous relationship isn't cuckoldry because of the absence of neglect. The primary legitimately cares for the emotional and physical wellbeing of all members of his harem.

Personally, I'm a monogamous equalfag myself, but if people enjoy harems, so be it. Monster Girls doesn't have to be All-Serious-All-The-Time, after all.

23cbad No.302916


No dude it is cuckong and your kust tring to justify that your cucking your waifu

Cuxkimg Technectly isnt cheating either but its still wrong


Fuck off with that shit

If a woman was sleeping around with multiple guys and called it a harem it be wrong

You faggots are just trying to justify your shitty behavior

23cbad No.302917


Fucking small keyboard but still you get it you wouldnt want/be ok with your waifu sleeping with mutiple dudes so what makes you think its ok if you sleep around with multiple other girls?

4d6acb No.302918


>Harem and cucking are not the same

<No you are wrong

>Here are some arguments why it is not the same

<No yoz wong


Now, a girl having a harem is certainly more /chaos/ related but that doesn't change the fact that it isn't the same as sleeping around.

d1076f No.302919

File: 8498db4e0d1851a⋯.jpg (30.65 KB, 539x470, 539:470, shitpostbot NO!.jpg)

9a7123 No.302920



>female-oriented harems

Make no sense whatsoever. A woman can only be pregnant by one man at a time. What man would waste his time on a woman who only has a fractional chance of carrying his child?

23cbad No.302921


>dleeping with multiple partners isnt sleeping around

>is ok that he cheats on me i know he does it so that makes it ok

>is ok that my love isnt wnough for him and ima failure as a waifu

6738ca No.302922

File: 45cd213ef1f3902⋯.png (62.36 KB, 383x188, 383:188, j.png)

Even purely as a fantasy, harems attract shitty people. This is a fact.

4d6acb No.302923


Nobody. It certainly wouldn't work in 3D then again, neither would regular harems nor in a setting like KC's, Crabman's or most stories here. That's why I called it /chaos/ related. Let's say, hypothetically, it is a setting with a almighty demon queen, vampire or some other powerful being, who might not even be able to get pregnant in the first place. It isn't something that belongs here but it is still possible.

43d59f No.302924


Go fulfill your wishes somewhere else.

a2a8ac No.302926


It's not common, but it exists in 3D.


4d6acb No.302928


Thanks, I didn't know that. That's interesting. I guess it does make sense in times and regions where the potential fathers have to risk their lives every day.

2a728a No.302932


Harems should really only happen as part of the "waifu chooses you" way of doing things rather than anons intentionally heading out and seeking many waifus.

245ee1 No.302933


>If a woman was sleeping around with multiple guys and called it a harem it be wrong

Harems with multiple guys don't work. It's not in chick's programming, they don't have those kinds of power fantasies. Which is what it comes down to. It's a goddamn POWER FANTASY, it's no more realistic than someone dreaming what it would be like to be king. Nobody's seriously thinking "When the Day of the Rape comes around I'm going to have so many bitches" because fuck's sake, even perfect waifus with the monster on the outside take emotional investment. But as a harmless little "That'd be cool for a day" power fantasy? No harm in it. Unclench your shitter and have a little fun for fuck's sake.

02a4a1 No.302935


Yeah well, its a shitty fantasy and people who have it are shitty poeple

fa785e No.302938


Go read The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress if you want an example of a society where polyandry would be possible due to necessity. It also gets into some wacky shit with the group marriages.

I've heard that similar situations did actually pop up in Australia and North America amongst colonists/convicts because of the similar situation of many men and few women. Whether this is bullshit or not, I don't know.

b0fb2e No.302939

File: 440377e800ba4e8⋯.png (276.52 KB, 2028x1196, 39:23, tanstaafl_by_razgrizbsg_27….png)


Good book. Those sorts of situations are very artificial, almost universally colonial in setting. Currently only Alaska has the potential for that to occur and it appears to be without.

Funny thing of note, it is also the only work of fiction where radical libertarianism is viable. When they have the advantage by the law of gravity, where you literally pay for the air you breath, and where every asshole gets spaced before he can reenact the tragedy of the commons.

6ddeef No.302941


Any situation where there is a great deal of individual accountability, easy defense against external aggressors and you can murder shitty people with near-impunity would work similarly.

I have this theory that one of the important factors of the evolution of europeans is the winters forcing a situation like that of the Moon 3 months a year where anybody that pisses off the village does not survive their exile. So, like the loonies, people were forced to be more tolerable to one another and work together better. But then again, this doesn't really account for the mediterraneans, does it?

b0fb2e No.302948


How often did a fishing vessel return a few hands short?

20af25 No.302949


>Getting triggered by harems. When there is way worse things.

May Ammit curse you anti harem fags with multiple waifus.

And may ammit curse the ones who want harems with one girl.

Also the heresy templar posters are all hypocrites, they keep posting pictures of heretics that worshiped demons. The memefags have no sense of irony and took their shit too seriously.

Post last edited at

4d6acb No.302953


>And may ammit curse the ones who want harems with one girl

So if I want a harem, all but one of my children would be sons? That's a strange curse.

f0741b No.302954

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>This shitfight

20af25 No.302960

File: b4ce15379ff9b29⋯.jpg (60.55 KB, 680x420, 34:21, 9f61a296f49253a4ec4b2bcdf5….jpg)


People who spam templars are just heretics themselves. They just overused /pol/ meymeys instead of researching shit first. So all of those fags by proxy are baphomet lovers.

20af25 No.302962


Its a mystery.

Post last edited at

9a7123 No.302963

File: 7d74e07740d7897⋯.png (759.05 KB, 884x1280, 221:320, 143380467854.png)


>baphomet lovers

Nothing wrong with that

07f948 No.302966

File: 1ad3a003c4405dd⋯.png (5.8 MB, 2121x3000, 707:1000, Baphomet in the rain.png)


Hear hear

27e8ad No.302969

Did you guys see that monstergirl game that is being posted on /v/ really good stuff actually.

2nd girl you get is polt tier not that it should put people off the game or anything.

2a728a No.302970

File: 3a246829a7e8773⋯.png (135.24 KB, 1254x382, 627:191, fairy-san pls.png)


<"really good stuff"

<can't tingle tingle kooloo limpoon with the fairy

98a86c No.302972

File: 337b85dfa497183⋯.png (89.71 KB, 249x266, 249:266, 1433379693262-1.png)


Never change, Aux.

616bb4 No.302975

File: 8a13bc0e4eeafec⋯.png (816 KB, 660x1010, 66:101, Dragon smug.png)


<monster when discussing fetishes.mp4

I love you guys.

02a4a1 No.303014


>When there is way worse things.

im Warning you Aux as someone who's watch shit go down before

Things don't stop

(((They))) don't stop

you Allow Harems you start down the road of shit

it start with Harems, then before you know it your allowing cuckery

>no dude its only reverse harem with a Fem dom theme

>no dude im not a cuck im just raising my Waifues other lovers daughter

>no dude see its ok see its just a Harem, so its ok if i abuse one of my waifues, its only one of them

>no look dude its only a waifu their a dime a dozen cut her up all i want, its all fun and games,

> you can't ban me, you let that guy have his Harem, and Abuse his waifu why can't i shit in my waifues mouth, its all same after all

>so my waifu has a dick zix just part of my harem :^)

we've all see the slippery slope Argument been proven to be true just look at cuck chans

it didn't start out being full of literal faggots begging to be cucked, it got that way because mods didn't stop it when it was easy to stop

don't give an inch Aux

im warning you bro, if you don't act to stop the "its ok if's " now you arn't going to be able to stop the "It's onlys" when they move to the worse shit,

In 3 years when you're allowing fucking furfags to post snout, im going to be their saying " fucking told you bro, i tried to warn you"

7a0b41 No.303015


I wouldn't call myself a regular but yeah.

f07564 No.303017


but harems have always been allowed here

34be31 No.303019

File: 951d903230a89c6⋯.gif (742.54 KB, 500x281, 500:281, YAAF.gif)


Fuck off you histrionic retard.

616bb4 No.303020

File: dd6734842625bb6⋯.png (79.31 KB, 468x465, 156:155, Smug Obi.png)


We had harems from the beginning of this board and we still aren't compromised.

d6e93c No.303021

File: 8211edaab1affdb⋯.jpg (492.5 KB, 1280x1757, 1280:1757, 8211edaab1affdb22f9fb9578c….jpg)


except your slippery slope argument falls apart as soon as you reach

>no dude its only reverse harem with a Fem dom theme

because the board will cry REEEEEEE and let loose the shitposts of war, and then baphbait spic will ban them for trying to subvert the board. This kind of shit has happened here before, your argument is a shit. Stop sperging. Harems are a shit, but I don't need to go into the harem thread to constantly remind them of their shit taste, you can do the same.

02a4a1 No.303024


well if it makes you feel better i do self regulate and hide threads i don't like im just letting my option be know

in all Honesty im just REALLY worried about it

I Don't want this board going to shit so i'm just trying to raise a flag in the meta thread that shit can happen, slow enough that you don't notice it happening

616bb4 No.303028


Just calm down on the Paranoia. This board is in the safe hands of a Magical Mexican Nathan Explosion and his mango juice powered Baphobot.

d6e93c No.303029

File: ae8e3a942cc1e1b⋯.jpg (507.5 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, 59697587_p12_master1200.jpg)


>in all Honesty im just REALLY worried about it

>I Don't want this board going to shit so i'm just trying to raise a flag in the meta thread that shit can happen, slow enough that you don't notice it happening

Lurk longer then. The attempted subversion you fear has been attempted before, and it was slapped down hard before, and we will do it again. At this point, you are just sperging out and giving a fracture point for subverters to go after.

320426 No.303030


As it's said, harem has been here since the beginning and we still became more vanilla over time, so you're worried over nothing. If anything, a slope can go both ways. If Aux bans harem, then more people will come in and demand a ban on lolicon, then /ss/, then Femdom, then feet and it goes on.

02a4a1 No.303031



alright buds, ill try and be less Paranoid about it, as long as you guys keep a guard up

sorry for spergin about it, i've seen a LOT of good places go to shit because people didn't keep a guard up



i guess your right, but still keep an eye out

id rather see us slide into Vanilla then into Degeneracy if i had to choose a way to slide

34be31 No.303035


>because people didn't keep a guard up

>Saying that here of all places.

Christ i want summer to end.

02a4a1 No.303038


>implying i'm summer


im not

i'm just a loser working 12 to 6 overnights everyday and i have nothing in my life that gives it value or meaning and im deathly afraid of losing even the smallest places i find joy

413bd8 No.303040

File: 5cb0da9ce3d5a1d⋯.gif (954.47 KB, 500x235, 100:47, sometimes you have to shak….gif)


>im Warning you Aux as someone who's watch shit go down before

>as someone who's watch shit go down before

Were the console wars your personal 'Nam?

02a4a1 No.303041


no the crash of 02 was

98a86c No.303044


You too eh? Worry not, /monster/ is full of good people and aux has our back. We may all have different tastes but we're united with a common cause. This place will NOT fall.

02a4a1 No.303045

File: 5e54fb130b2b9cb⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 42.31 KB, 267x438, 89:146, 11.jpg)

File: f9748670ce58a99⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 568.17 KB, 320x240, 4:3, 332310c6776b61073fa4526791….gif)


> This place will NOT fall.

07f948 No.303047

File: 218cf84b568d559⋯.jpg (119.47 KB, 545x690, 109:138, Dubs.jpg)


Dubs of truth

2a8567 No.303074

I was looking into how well that shirikodama kickstarter was doing since I had the free time, and now I notice they're almost 10K already. They had some article on Sankakucomplex but I didn't look into that.


They announced they're going to do an AMA on fucking reddit's monster girl board, r/monstergirl to answer questions.

Right now they're doing a livestream playing catherine, willing to ask some questions, but there's hardly anyone in that chat right now, unless they made guests invisible?


Now what's funny about this? I saw the livestream notification from one of their friends?, Nina Freeman. And if you don't know who she is, well, she used to have ridiculous pink hair and made a 'game' called Cibele. She was one of the few people that was part of the indie clique I believe.


Really activates the almonds…

5a0fc4 No.303080

File: b645bcd0dc9c041⋯.png (105.8 KB, 205x288, 205:288, Alp in waiting.PNG)


I told you about hair bro

I warned you dog

2a728a No.303084

File: 038eee0ed723c82⋯.png (232.17 KB, 927x554, 927:554, monstergf.PNG)


lmao kiddo

ff13cb No.303088


Isn't Catherine that one Paladyke game about cuckshit and how men are pigs?

462d23 No.303089

8989ca No.303097

File: 9ac9b060be1770a⋯.png (240.76 KB, 900x518, 450:259, Capture.PNG)

2ab307 No.303108

File: 284dadeed25b37a⋯.png (279.18 KB, 911x504, 911:504, monster gf & pol.png)


I had a giggle.

616bb4 No.303110

File: 13183eedea11d99⋯.jpg (171.83 KB, 800x1150, 16:23, Musuko ga Kawaikute Shikat….jpg)

File: 5bbdcfc828d7389⋯.jpg (153.42 KB, 800x1150, 16:23, Musuko ga Kawaikute Shikat….jpg)

<Feather Pillows

1545e0 No.303112


That is fucking adorable, but

>monsterboyim son

I just want my demongirl waifu to produce a regular human boy, or at least a Dante-esque half-demon. Is that too much to ask?

616bb4 No.303120


>Have demon waifu

>Have Dante-esque half-demon kid

>"Featuring [your kid] from the Devil May Cuddle series."

79bac7 No.303125

Whatever happened to that VN project a few /monster/ users were making?

2a728a No.303134


Poor communication and schedules seem to have made the project impossible. Would be nice if anons tried again, though.

5bc8d3 No.303137

File: 919a36eba7b0cec⋯.jpg (109.88 KB, 456x628, 114:157, 1453732546343.jpg)

Damn it I was late for some high class bullying. Faggots need to learn to present some grounded arguments and that if a fetish is shit it will be bullied. Hint; all fetishes are shit.

8a83aa No.303138


0/10 obvious bait. Try harder next time.

c77420 No.303140

File: a8ee1b8ed2cfcfe⋯.gif (553.67 KB, 250x188, 125:94, 1413875515249.gif)

This was a while ago (long ass while ago) that there was a thread talking about a "what if" scenario about there being monster waifus fantasize about making anons their husbandos and shite which sounded like a fairly decent idea

Then there was supposedly a VN



What happened with that and how far did it go with the story and possible characters/girls?

0b2064 No.303152

File: b94185a77b73073⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1012x606, 506:303, ClipboardImage.png)


You deserve a Donte son for not liking her little boy the way he is.

6ae512 No.303161

File: 79169e32d802569⋯.jpg (24.4 KB, 851x315, 851:315, 79169e32d80256971020ce9664….jpg)

6ae512 No.303163

ETA on 777777 GET for tech?

ff17f2 No.303165


Fuck you.

a4d8b7 No.303167


but who's gonna be his prom date you ugly sack of shit?

1545e0 No.303186


Like I said, he's cute and all, but I just don't want monsterboy progeny. I could live with them being human-looking like a vampire or Dante-esque demon or some other minor-demihuman, though.

>Donte son

>not an adorably edgy, chunni Donna daughteru

f0741b No.303197

616bb4 No.303200

File: 1e3ee1ce6400f06⋯.jpg (78.1 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, a3e7c74a320466204b6fc2e665….jpg)


I personally don't give a shit as long as he's my kid and resembles me. I'm fucking my monster wife, not my monster son.

a35741 No.303208


The madman.

90e975 No.303229


That is the spirit.

685672 No.303232


This man gets it.

25e4d5 No.303236

File: 9085d1a56109712⋯.jpg (69.67 KB, 601x865, 601:865, 9085d1a561097127506c601552….jpg)

File: bb1efa9d1ca698e⋯.gif (99.68 KB, 374x400, 187:200, cirno laughing sprite.gif)

462d23 No.303237

2a728a No.303238

File: 90833ac399e617e⋯.jpg (305.49 KB, 700x912, 175:228, SHE.jpg)

1545e0 No.303241

File: 79474634e8ffa59⋯.png (198.42 KB, 496x525, 496:525, CE.png)

6ae512 No.303247


Couple of gets coming up soon.

2a728a No.303250

6ae512 No.303255


I haven't played since /int/ took it's ball and went home. I miss my /2hu/ bros.

6ae512 No.303256


Oh you got Chad Thunderwheels script?

2a728a No.303257


You should try playing again starting now.

6ae512 No.303258


Stuck on a phone for the time being. I can't run six virtual desktops to place my Marquee anymore.

2a728a No.303260


You should try playing getball at your local library's computer, then.

6ae512 No.303262


Gay as fug

How did you guys run your team? I remember for a while you were using /sp/ee's thread to coordinate and were having a lot of failGETs.

We used to run a three man squad. One honker, one watcher, and one sagebomber. IRC to maintain communication. Everyone would queue their Marqee if the board didn't have thread creation limits. The honker would track posts for sage bombers and bump them so they would get banned. Sage bomber would push the post count up. The watcher would monitor the post count and direct the strategy.

We had a 87% success rate for the first season until everyone got bored and quit.

2a728a No.303265

File: 75ec7452e269df7⋯.png (221.57 KB, 1044x457, 1044:457, monsterendchanspget.PNG)

File: 6590bdc22fc140a⋯.png (29.2 KB, 1049x237, 1049:237, monstercuckchanbantget.png)


In the past our team was just sorta run on the board itself.

Right now, it's mostly just me using getwatcher when I remember to now and somehow actually doing pretty good sometimes.

c1e248 No.303272

File: 81e1c262bb63d39⋯.gif (3.02 MB, 384x384, 1:1, one_smug_demon.gif)


Now that's what I call dedication.

I like how he's supposedly been doing that for months, but only a handful of people even got upset. Dead game.

7d237d No.303274


81 til GET on /islam/. Want to sagebomb it with me and we can try and steal it for our respective God?

2a728a No.303277


Maybe when it's lower, if we start all the way from 81 then they'd possibly notice us in the middle of it.

7d237d No.303279


7d237d No.303281

File: 1172d05943c9942⋯.png (326.74 KB, 1227x441, 409:147, 20170719_162749.png)


Should have checked tbeir PPH. They had an hour gap.

7d237d No.303282


Monster plays GETball

1545e0 No.303284


Nothing ruins a stolen GET like butthurt from the stealers

7d237d No.303286


Nothing rubs salt in the wounds like reminding a mudslime that Constantinople will be returned, but that get can never be recovered.

1545e0 No.303296


>Nothing rubs salt in the wounds like reminding a mudslime that Constantinople will be returned

That is the dumbest shit I've heard all day. If I stole your house and you were unable to do anything about it sans your descendants crying about how they'll take back that house to my descendants hundreds of years later, that wouldn't make them butthurt. At worst they'd be annoyed, but they'd likely laugh, not so much at their ancestral misfortune as the fact that they're still butthurt hundreds of years later and can do nothing about it except bitch and moan. It's like a nog throwing a tantrum about how he'll make whitey pay for slavery. I thought this Constantipole shit was mostly a meme but the fact that some people take it seriously both amuses and saddens me.

That, and I don't think you'll find a mudslime that gives a shit about Constantipole sans Turks and some particularly autistic Arabs. Bottom line, acting asshurt about Constantipole won't do anything to muslims. Actually taking it back would, but as recent events have shown, western intervention in the middle east benefits no one but Israel and Saudi Arabia.

7d237d No.303298


You seem pretty mad to me.

8989ca No.303303



>Engaging in /tg/ tier monsterboy degeneracy

That's a nope. He's going to be raised proper and be free from faggotry.

7e621b No.303307

File: efb608a1c28ac41⋯.png (755.8 KB, 891x1200, 297:400, 1471898435344-1.png)


>McCain has brain cancer


>No more shekels for ISIS


>Rapefugees btfo


1545e0 No.303309


I just don't get it, shit's like

>"You stole something from me and I'm still upset about it, but I'll take it back one day, so IN YOUR FACE, FAGGOT"

You constantly reinforce the fact that the mudslimes cucked christfags out of a city crusadefags fetishize like crazy. I understand that the Turks are assholes who don't deserve any sort of clay, but fact is screeching about it and acting like said screeching upsets muslims is stupid.

That said, seems /islam/ deleted the GET, but I think that was moreso for insulting Muhammad and calling Jesus a king.


>no more CIA funding terrorists

Fucking finally

616bb4 No.303310


Today was a good day.

ff17f2 No.303330

File: d7af6869831aa66⋯.png (80.97 KB, 242x259, 242:259, 1496987113944.png)


Why not just end the CIA?

e21660 No.303352


Remember what happened when Russia ended the KGB? Do you really want a bunch of highly trained identity thieves and slavers running amok in the USA? Better just to keep them around as they are, but let them rot to irrelevance.


It has been said that pirate ships are the only historical example of true, working democracy.

2ab307 No.303386

Hey Aux, i'm feeling like a worthless piece of garbage again. Please get everyone to insult me before banning me again.

2ab307 No.303391


Oh, and if you need some reason to ban me. I made a thread about if a guy asked his monster girlfriend to abuse him as punishment for his fuckups.

Just be sure to insult me as you boot me out again.

7c13ea No.303394


Why do you even bother to get out of bed in the morning? It's not like your life is ever going to change. Spinning your wheels and desperately trying to escape from yourself you waste your time online. Maybe if you act like a passive agressive bitch someone will notice and you can argue for a few minutes in the hope of forgetting reality.

Your next line will be

>Your just projecting

Because, of course, with your limited abilities and narcisscistic world view you need to act like a women. So maybe that person will treat you like a bitch and say, "the lady protests too much, methinks."

Before ignoring you. Thus deprived of the argument you sought you will stew in your own bitter and wasted life.



27e8ad No.303403

File: 7ebb419b4f6cbd3⋯.jpg (8.55 KB, 200x196, 50:49, 1397436818285.jpg)


Hey buddy, I think you've got the wrong thread, the Alp thread is two pages down.

9a7123 No.303406


That's fair enough, but monsterboys are still pretty shit. Humans and monsters should breed true: human sons and monstergirl daughters, half-breeds are not JUSTICE


>there are still people who think Trump is on our side


JFK wanted to do that. You know what happened to him

2bc1e8 No.303407


Its pretty clear he is

At least from what im seeing

2ab307 No.303420

Is it possible to convince a monster girl to abuse you as punishment for your failures and shortcomings?

Not talking about just stuff like yelling or punching you, but beating you with a cheap wooden chair until it breaks and making you pay for it or making you sleep outside in the rain after kicking you in the ribs enough times.

I know she'd hate it, but is it possible? Also, how would Ammit or Reitia see some anon trying to enact or have his waifu enact such harsh punishments on him?

(You dont even need a monstergirl to punish you)

9f91be No.303422


Also forgot. Isn't is considered JUSTICE for a monster girl to beat and abuse her boyfriend as punishment for not beong good enough?

14adc4 No.303423

File: e06527a8e4e5977⋯.png (747.89 KB, 840x1200, 7:10, d913553251720589b87d9361cc….png)

What do we do about the furfaggotry in the drawpiles? It's funny seeing something tagged as /monster/'s work and then seeing cuckdragon or that meme from ever oasis.

aebe9b No.303424


>What do we do about the furfaggotry in the drawpiles?

I'm not sure anything can be done as such, they're just anons drawing whatever. It's not like they're posting it all over the board; as long as they know it's not welcome outside their drawpile sessions, I don't really care.

9a7123 No.303425


You need to be banned until you've seen a therapist


>Isn't is considered JUSTICE for a monster girl to beat and abuse her boyfriend as punishment for not beong good enough?

Maybe where you're from, but not around here it isn't

aebe9b No.303426


>replying to him


9a7123 No.303428


I don't mean to give him attention, I'm just stating what I think should happen

a35741 No.303430


>ever oasis


246615 No.303432


Indy game. Might be misremembering but from the maker of cave story?

a38bc0 No.303434


Next task. Fixing the immigration system and welfare system and then I say we're on the express train of WINNING.

a7a195 No.303441

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



it's a new game for 3ds. You play as this magic person thing. I say thing because it's not quite human, but looks really human. The purpose of the character is that they can create an oasis that a town gets built around. The game is an rpg mixed with town building elements.

2a728a No.303449

File: d44d82a272bda3d⋯.png (210.61 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, remove snout.png)


The issue is that some of those drawpile pics are being posted over in the drawfag practice thread, and a thread like that should actually help newfags on /monster/ learn what the culture here is actually like. The most recent drawpile posted there doesn't seem to have furfaggotry, though. I guess the solution is for /monster/ anons to draw monster girls holding flamethrowers and have the fire emitted from them cover up the furry drawings.

e32362 No.303473

I have to ask, is there any circumstance where furshit or anything like it would be acceptable? I'm perfectly aware of the rules, but are there any acceptable exceptions?

For example, if I found something relevant to a discussion thread, and while the ideas brought up by it are interesting, it includes furries. Should I spoiler the image to prevent people that don't want to see furries to not see it and leave it for everyone else, just not include it at all so people don't spaz out, or do something else?

f0741b No.303483



>ever acceptable


375540 No.303484


Don't include the furry under any circumstance. You can include MGs that are relevant to said ideas that you bring up, but no furries.

e1e57b No.303487


Search for /pol/ in this link.

980ad6 No.303493

>Even Heil had enough of the post-election bullshit

If anyone here is autistic enough to moderate that hellhole then please go ahead and apply. Better degenerates control that board before commies, cuckchan or even /intl/ gets its hands on it. Maybe it can still be fixed

e32362 No.303494


Even if what I bring up doesn't really focus on the existence of furries, but on something else and furries just happen to be there?

2a728a No.303496

File: 67932ec438da258⋯.png (63.76 KB, 675x895, 135:179, pol on claims list.PNG)



f3f375 No.303497


Are the furries on fire or otherwise suffering?

246615 No.303498

File: 155e10d4e3d7e32⋯.png (445.91 KB, 630x628, 315:314, 37ed2b254cc5714e90a9928747….png)


That's worrying.

375540 No.303499


>The boards contained in this list are considered abandoned and anyone can claim them.

<second largest board on the site that gets loads of traffic every day is included

There is some fuckery afoot here.

2a728a No.303500


<anyone can claim them

Believe me, there are occasionally some exceptions when it comes to large boards and littler boards connected to them. I've tried claiming /ameta/ multiple times.

3bb6ef No.303501

File: 9755fa108fe2224⋯.png (80.03 KB, 502x312, 251:156, 1430192847066.png)



e32362 No.303502


You probably already know the answer…

I mean, I get why they aren't here generally, to prevent furfags from flooding into the board and yiffing the place up, but I feel like there are some good things that just happen to include furries as well, and we miss pulling ideas from those things because they have furries in them.

Granted, I do acknowledge if we did allow some furry stuff on this board, it would be difficult to fight against the slippery slope into degenercy.

375540 No.303503


What the hell is your point? Don't post furries in any context here. We don't want them. If you want to fap to furries buttplugging each other, do it away from here.

2a728a No.303504

File: e949eb57c553af8⋯.png (160.5 KB, 700x600, 7:6, THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING S….png)

File: 904016e499c37e2⋯.png (6.5 KB, 1363x41, 1363:41, pol claims email.PNG)



ok kiddo I sent this

31523f No.303506


Ban the people drawing snouts.

2a728a No.303507


Whoever's moderating the drawpiles will have to start doing that.

501868 No.303508

File: 455db7ea404c463⋯.jpg (162.32 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, simJfyw.jpg)


That's weird.

e32362 No.303512


To reiterate, I'm talking about things that include furries, not about furries.

Never said anything about fapping to them, just things that have ideas that are interesting to discuss, but just also include furries. It may include cringe elements, but if the things it brings up are ultimately interesting to discuss, are put into the proper context, and are even warned to include furries in them so people aren't triggered, what's the harm?

e282b1 No.303514



2a728a No.303515


What do you mean, like posting a Towergirls pic that lists multiple princesses?

375540 No.303516



>/monster/ controls /pol/

We shall be the true masters of the site.

2a728a No.303517


Better yet, it means Ammit has some reign over the board in time for the eclipse.

e282b1 No.303519


Plus Aux has experience as BO and has done a good job so far. I'd rather /v/ gets put on claims for Aux to clean up.

e32362 No.303521


More like something that could have the furry characters be replaced with monster girls, humans, whatever, and still provoke similar discussion on certain themes.

2a728a No.303523


In that case, why not just actually discuss what those themes are instead of posting a furry for it?

e32362 No.303525


Because the furry stuff provides context for the themes that can be easily followed as a story.

I mean, a person could just completely remake it so that the furries are replaced with monster girls, for example, but if we didn't act like spazs about furries, it would seem like a waste of time.

2a728a No.303527


>Because the furry stuff provides context for the themes that can be easily followed as a story.

Give a clearer example.

e1bbb1 No.303528


So basically what you're saying is that you're interested into the setting, world-building, backstory, lores, politics etc that show up in stories with furries in them, but you'll be reworking/changing the furries to monstergirls? Not sure if that's what you're getting at.

246615 No.303529

Anyone wanting it should be wary. Being suicided is a real possibility.

20af25 No.303531


if a board Owner doesn't log after two weeks then its put up for claims.

/pol/ mods either lost the mod account, board owner got blackbagged, fbied


what this guy said.

9a7123 No.303544

File: 3c2d97c95fdfffd⋯.jpg (51.34 KB, 424x553, 424:553, 3c2d97c95fdfffd8d64ea8b941….jpg)



Why couldn't it have been Mark?

616bb4 No.303554


/v/ is tsundere about that gay jewish man.

2a728a No.303557

File: c3bc7a7f4d3f96c⋯.png (477.04 KB, 844x907, 844:907, averagetears.png)


Too late to claim /pol/ now.

9a7123 No.303558


By the way, if you are looking to claim a board, /8cc/ is available. I doubt it would ever get used again but it would be good to have for preservation purposes

246615 No.303564


I knew a guy in highschool that looked almost exactly like that. Except Hispanic. Guy was obsessed with zombie games, especially the shittier RE's. Somehow got the most chipper, devoted, and melon sized breasted girl to fall for his dumb ass, and then ignored her in front of a crowd like he was annoyed. Gave no reason for the breakup, and it was news to her as well as us other nerds. I don't usually subscribe to phrenology, but there seems to be something there. God damn retard.

616bb4 No.303567

File: 45cc43093ab8a44⋯.png (1.8 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, She'll blow your brains ou….png)

Episode 5 of PSO2 is upon us. Also don't forget to check out the Team Room and do Team Orders.

5400d8 No.303616

Can we please, PLEASE, just gas the jews already so Mark won't be able to put his filthy shekelgrubbers on /v/ anymore and kidtendo threads will be deleted on sight.

fff059 No.303618


i am sad the alternative vidya boards never last




1545e0 No.303640


Nigger, /games/ was made so that /monster/ and disgruntled, non-cancerous /v/goers (all 7 of them)can have a better place for vidya discussion. It was also initially intended to substitute /tg/ but /tg/ really cleaned up their act and Chrow's been a nice fellow so that's no longer an intended purpose, but you can still talk about tabletop shit there.



Would not recommend


I'm pretty sure that's a /leftypol/ or /v/-mod run board

b27388 No.303653


>/tg/ really cleaned up their act

/tg/ hasn't really changed in the past year and Chrow was always a nice fellow so I never really saw the point for a substitude. A few years ago maybe but /games/ has only really been active for months now.

616bb4 No.303780

File: ed1ee80b7d3b355⋯.jpg (142.29 KB, 850x1133, 850:1133, __caseal_phantasy_star_and….jpg)

File: 2b9832191af8448⋯.jpg (129.02 KB, 850x1159, 850:1159, __caseal_phantasy_star_and….jpg)

File: e08f14c55668099⋯.jpg (152.8 KB, 850x1167, 850:1167, __caseal_phantasy_star_and….jpg)

File: e7eef89547b6175⋯.jpg (117.1 KB, 850x800, 17:16, __caseal_phantasy_star_and….jpg)

File: 629a7a3d9a600bd⋯.png (716.33 KB, 1000x961, 1000:961, __caseal_phantasy_star_and….png)

When would be a good PSO2 game night?

Here's a cute robutt.

616bb4 No.303818

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This got me mad.

616bb4 No.303819

File: d1209d5bec360a2⋯.jpg (45.3 KB, 745x195, 149:39, d1209d5bec360a2ea1082abc9f….jpg)

375540 No.303822



>mentally ill

>thinks she could move to Japan because "Japan is the country that makes the cool cartoons and sushi, they'll love me there :^)'

She's going to get obliterated in that country.

3bb6ef No.303823


>Extremely tight muslim screening

>Constant surveillance on muslims even if they're allowed in

31371a No.303866


>I went and bought this Koran. I started to read from front to… continuing forward

kek she didn't even read the whole fucking thing before buying her headscarf. Aaaand she already admitted to not wearing her hijab daily and she loves smoking hookah. That's some real commitment right there. A true believer.

7b23c1 No.303878


You're trying to eliminate choice. People have to take their own path to the one true waifu (who ultimately finds them)

(Personally I don't see anything wrong with 2 waifus, but I do think having more would mean you'd wind up not spending enough time with them. Even just one waifu demands enough personal time. Frankly I think having the one true waifu that actually satisfies all your needs is the most patrician taste, but some people just aren't ready for that step towards complete satisfaction)

7b23c1 No.303879


/pol/'s in good hands, Aux can do his thing, we'll do ours. Good luck to everyone next month.

2a728a No.303882

File: 5569788b4169279⋯.jpg (157.55 KB, 960x540, 16:9, Mashu spore excite.jpg)


<in good hands

Wait, who managed to claim the board, then?

2d82e4 No.303884


/pol/'s BO was just in hibernation.

2a728a No.303924


But he said he was in good hands.

2a728a No.303925


*said /pol/

27e8ad No.304000


You know she's doing retard shit for attention because her slice of life/information on japan vids are failing. It is getting competitive if you want to do well in the "I live in a non-western country videos for westerners" there are dudes who do 4k resolution videos with real production quality and drone camera shots and show real places and interesting information about the country.

This bitch is trying to cash in from drama because she's got a fanbase as a worthless talking head.


Even retards can go to Japan and rake in over 40k usd a year teaching English. Teaching language overseas brings in all kinds of LBH (losers back home) and mentally unstable people.

This bitch started out doing that and got a YT following too but I guess it is drying up.

77d716 No.304020

== I'M DRUNK AND I WANNA FUCK MY WAIFU == I'm gonna eat her eout so good she'll be stugk to my face fot a week. I'll kiss her all ober so much that if I wore lipstick, she'd be covered in it head from toe. I'm gonna have babies with jer, I'm gonna marry her anf be tye best goddamn husbanf ever! Anf no kike is gonna stanf in my way! Our kids will be strong and proud. And I'm gonna be happy. HAPPY, YOU FUCKING READ ME?!

efe979 No.304021


Okay, don't bother us with it, it's not like we care about "waifus" here or whatever.

98a86c No.304022


Good man, that's the spirit! You two will have the time of your lives!

2a728a No.304024


waifu detected

77d716 No.304025

File: 542194334a8dba1⋯.jpg (115.07 KB, 857x1100, 857:1100, c524721dbe35e7556b12897c6e….jpg)


Hey, lemme check those digits for ya. Have a good fucking weekend.

3bb6ef No.304030

File: 91a3f4c8e1e2eeb⋯.jpg (87.66 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, Culture.jpg)


>another skurl lover

77d716 No.304035

File: 28a8eda8cd341fd⋯.mp4 (1.43 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 28a8eda8cd341fd1c94f7599e6….mp4)


Ratatoskr is from norse mythology, and I'm a fucking viking. I have viking blood flowing in my veins. Why should I not adore the most viking thing in MGE? Ratatoskr is adorable, just look at that tail and those feet. I'm gonna cuddle her. I wanna grab an axe and protect her with all my might, gonna wrestle the shit out of anyone who messes with her. I'm also all outta booze, but still buzzin'. I'll make Fenris my fucking bitch, I'll fight Thor, I'll challenge Odin to a fucking runic spellingbee! I'm white, I'm a vikining and I'm proud of my country's bloody history, 'cause we weren't a bunch of pansies! We were warriors and drunkards and brawlers and we owned the oceans! The sea was nothing to us! But not these days… At least we still fish, unlike the ikea blondies. They probably think fishing is racist or something. I'd make a mother out of that squirrel. Especially if she looked like >>301854 . What can I say, I like tits and wide hips. A fine ass too I bet.

efe979 No.304036

77d716 No.304037

File: b033b980b554157⋯.webm (2.07 MB, 328x480, 41:60, nord.webm)


.. Wus kangz? Are you calling me a fucking liar, you little bitch??

aebe9b No.304038

File: d64f3b3a3ae8003⋯.jpg (89.04 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, alfie.jpg)

File: e95aa9bdbac15a2⋯.png (32.72 KB, 1205x227, 1205:227, eat steel fucking snow nig….png)

File: 595ff164472c5c0⋯.jpg (125.3 KB, 800x997, 800:997, godwinson.jpg)

File: 9db55d6f771f1ea⋯.jpg (63.52 KB, 616x410, 308:205, Arbo_Battle-of-Stamford-Br….jpg)

>I'll make Fenris my fucking bitch, I'll fight Thor, I'll challenge Odin to a fucking runic spellingbee! I'm white, I'm a vikining and I'm proud of my country's bloody history, 'cause we weren't a bunch of pansies! We were warriors and drunkards and brawlers and we owned the oceans!

Alright, wind it in there Bloodaxe. Remember how that story ended.

616bb4 No.304074

File: e9fdddb8e701a46⋯.jpg (180.98 KB, 850x991, 850:991, __melrandia_phantasy_star_….jpg)

File: a8b5815d64a401d⋯.png (652.87 KB, 700x700, 1:1, __io_phantasy_star_and_pha….png)

File: ffc23ef130c60b1⋯.jpg (233.82 KB, 850x1491, 850:1491, __phantasy_star_and_phanta….jpg)

File: 85a3d196a8fa4f6⋯.jpg (204.95 KB, 850x1176, 425:588, __phantasy_star_and_phanta….jpg)

File: 27fdd3ea5c28f14⋯.jpg (89.35 KB, 850x729, 850:729, __original_phantasy_star_a….jpg)

Would next Friday be game night? I think episode 5 will be out by then.

616bb4 No.304139

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b001cf No.304191


>kobayashi im thw background


53f95a No.304193


>fried eggs for dinner

the nips are off the fucking hook

27e8ad No.304196


It is on a burger patty. Don't you put fried eggs in your burgers?

209e1d No.304254

Go check out the fluffy tail thread. NTR apologists, summerfags, the ruination of one of them anyway best monstergirl and retarded trollfeeding for all to see.

Please tell me that we're close to the end of this nightmare

27e8ad No.304259


This is a false claim. Go away.

aebe9b No.304264


No, a reddit-tier overreaction.

20af25 No.304270


I read it, looks like tragedy to me. If anything you should get mad at incestfags because the dad kept raping his daughter.

616bb4 No.304347

File: d198ed28e7a7fed⋯.png (1.77 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, [Persona].png)

How would you save a monster girl from being succumbed to darkness?

7e621b No.304354


shit like this always reminds me of how anime characters look more white than asian

a1d6ed No.304366

File: 08b89ccbbb0e02e⋯.jpg (13.49 KB, 250x300, 5:6, 1434904821767.jpg)




I looked at the thread, and they left out two pages which make it ntr

27e8ad No.304372


Doesn't matter, evidence was presented after judgement was passed.

If anyone was getting NTR'ed in that situation it would be the Kitsune he was supposed to marry from birth.

a1d6ed No.304381

File: 031ca4c5335c7b4⋯.jpg (91.48 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 2e39df43329b2a9740f8b878e6….jpg)


Honestly, I think its ntr even without the two pages

>guy has crush on girl

>guy finds out girls dad is raping her

>guy tries to get him to stop


>has to fuck lady he doesn't like to get dad to stop

>girl ends up hating him and marring some one else

Also the kitsune didn't love him, she loved his great grandpa.

She was also was the guys great grandma and wanted his kid or something?

Either way it was a shitty story.

020ed0 No.304382


It's disgusting no matter how you call it.

What a waste of time.

27e8ad No.304383


>great grandma

She was also his grandmother and his mother.

27e8ad No.304389

It is an interesting conversation brought up by the Kitsune story though.

Originally the founder of that family would have fallen in love with the Kitsune and been with her. But he's a mortal man and grows old and dies, we've had threads on this before and I think some anons agreed to having their descendants be with their waifu after their death so she doesn't get lonely or kill herself from grief.

I myself prefer cheesy explanations like the guy getting life extension through sex with his waifu.

20af25 No.304429




Yeah its NTR, faggot who posted that story probably wanted the kitsune fags to feel shitty or something. Anyways went in there and gave him a permanent ban.

aebe9b No.304437


Good work.

9db755 No.304445

File: f34748e4ebc3337⋯.png (124.55 KB, 664x382, 332:191, ClipboardImage.png)


Kinda doubt that, seems to me like he just wanted to dump some porn and not start shit. Are you sure you aren't getting unreasonably paranoid?

20af25 No.304447


Nah, he got rid of two pages, which held alot of context. He tried to sneak it in here, not realizing that /monster/ actually investigates shit. Other users found out that he skipped out on pages which made the story be netorare.

He could of thought about what he was going to do, but he instead posted it anyways.

9db755 No.304455

File: ef6db16b003ece1⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 469.61 KB, 797x437, 797:437, ClipboardImage.png)


>not realizing that /monster/ is an internet detectiveman

You make that sound way cooler than it was, considering I was the one who called him out for missing two pages and later I posted the two translated pages.

He might have just missed them if he just looked at the thumbnails, since the chapter's title is at page 3. I'd give him the benefit of the doubt.

20af25 No.304458


well he did stop posting afterwards. there was no followup

so he could of explained himself or said "oh shit i fucked up."

27e8ad No.304460


Yeah, maybe he could have apologised too and said "Oh shit I'm sorry".

4454cd No.304467




Thanks for what you did.

Maybe we should hold a discussion on how to identify NTR so that this shit doesn't happen again?

c2c192 No.304480

/sudo/ is collecting board tans. Fill in gaps please

2a728a No.304481

File: 8a2c08ae7b22128⋯.png (702.09 KB, 852x688, 213:172, Ammit doing pomegranate ga….png)


You should have linked to the thread.


efe979 No.304484


Holy shit this thread is a diasater.

20af25 No.304486

File: a6a0549c1c78007⋯.jpg (282.03 KB, 847x724, 847:724, __lisa_phantasy_star_and_p….jpg)



kinda looks like leftypol/intl wants to do the most communist thing possible and drag everyone down to their level. The lower bracket level. along with the fredditors, /pol/&leftypol and Frederick Brennan invited to this imageboard during the first days and during the /r/socialism fuckout.

Post last edited at

b3a0c4 No.304493


/sudo/ is freech-territory since its creation if I remember correctly

d1076f No.304496


well that thread gone to shit. Just like memri-tv but instead shoes they are using shit.

b60831 No.304516

>>304000 (checked)

I vaguely remember some shit going down with her a few years ago. Apparently she was trying to stir shit between expat judentubers and I think she was trying to sabotage other peoples channels.

She is insane, like actually bonkers. Makes me wonder why she's not been kicked out of the country yet.

eb702d No.304534

File: 69bf191ee875f8b⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 598.68 KB, 1280x1622, 640:811, 1.jpg)

File: e4c6a720c49a537⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 368.39 KB, 1280x1819, 1280:1819, 3.jpg)

File: ca9b8eae2f01a06⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 700.44 KB, 1280x1888, 40:59, 51.png.jpg)

File: 2ce7f828f44242c⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 452.96 KB, 1280x1896, 160:237, 217.png.jpg)

File: d3058f0081fd856⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 757.76 KB, 1280x1885, 256:377, 325.png.jpg)


>Thanks for what you did.

Eh. It had more to do with the fact that I hate it when content get's withheld and deleted. Actually, I hate the fact that content was deleted from that thread because of information I revealed.

It's high time the entire thing (Towako Ichi) got a complete translation, considering some of the modern day classics it contains and I'm glad that anon indirectly informed me about it.

75b63b No.304539

File: 7040921213faad2⋯.png (210.19 KB, 800x600, 4:3, pat.png)


>lolicon anthology has shit taste

Who would've thunk it.

Seriously though of all the stories in that hentai he posted the NTR one, it was pretty obvious what he was doing.

616bb4 No.304547

File: 27df34c08cb30d8⋯.jpg (46.56 KB, 508x257, 508:257, Alma-Omnibus-Quests-508x25….jpg)

File: 55432b4dddb74fc⋯.jpg (57.86 KB, 508x286, 254:143, Ephimera-Blooms-Entire-Wor….jpg)

File: 0f573496d9173a7⋯.jpg (60.39 KB, 508x286, 254:143, Alma-1st-Gen-Klariskrays-5….jpg)

File: fc5763819915573⋯.jpg (42.03 KB, 508x286, 254:143, Harriet-Img-508x286.jpg)


PSO2 Episode 5 has elves and a spirit girl. Just two more days or so.

616bb4 No.304582

File: 7d0065c17314ecf⋯.png (286.77 KB, 609x593, 609:593, BBC.png)

27e8ad No.304609


White foreigners can get away with quite a bit in Asian countries.

It is only when they do things with drugs or involve themselves with criminals they get in over their heads.

c675d3 No.304624

File: f724cc6d0862731⋯.png (335.23 KB, 560x278, 280:139, ClipboardImage.png)


Nigger, did you just shit talk Yupiel?




The level of retardation it went to is amazing, considering the most bitched about Board Tans are already in the OP. I guess this once again proves that no cancerous growth is as bad as reddit.

5ca290 No.304631


>expecting for it not to be a trainwreck

I wish for 8chan to go back to how it was back in 2014. Back when things were new, when we gave halfchan the finger, when /pol/ was good instead of filled with halfchan and reddit rapefugees.

Fuck, I really just want the internet to go back to pre-2007 times.

>tfw you will never get to discover and experience oldschool /b/ again

c675d3 No.304634


I expected it to be a shitflinging but that sort of low-level bait is kinda meh. What I didn't expect was for sombody from /monster/ to go there, take the bait, swallow it whole and then go "Just dump those hooks directly into my mouth please".

5eeaa6 No.304646


It was still kind of a fun thread though

Im glad it happaned

aebe9b No.304664



Right, because what we need is for more wankers to see how autistic some anons on here can get and start shitting it up here for keks.

c675d3 No.304670


This. If you absolutely have to reply to bait like "catgirl = furry" then make it short and simply. Don't start posting about the dreams some anons had about Ammit.

5eeaa6 No.304671


Yeah that was pretty dumb but the other stuff was ok i think it just showed the differences between esch of the boards and the boards rivals

ie /pol/ vs /leftlypol/ /monster/ vs /furry/ hopefully that comes though in this years board mascot portraits

27e8ad No.304675

You know it might not even be posters from this board taking the bait. If you go on /v/ you'll see people who've been booted outta here (rightfully so) making all kinds of insane slanderous claims about /monster/ it all comes from them not being welcome here they are jealous and angry or simply want to subvert the board and shitpost.

I wouldn't be surprised if the guy is taking his own bait via samefagging.

c675d3 No.304683


I'd be fine with just an other happy group shot. I wonder what Board Tan they are going to use for /fur/ anyways, since /furry/ is dead.


That might be true but if he actually is from /monster/ then I have to say he made himself look like fool.

02a4a1 No.304689


Hopefully their old one hanging from the neck with a hole in its chest

20af25 No.304696



it was worse for the furfags because they were using /monster/ as the placeholder to the frustration they have towards their dad. they even kept forcing furfaggotry on videogames because of antropormorphic characters. which made them like /r/furry spergs.

aba6cf No.304714


Not so sure about that. This theory could >>304675 could be true for those posts as well. Or maybe it is just spergs that are mad about a thread of that Oasis game or something.

>which made them like /r/furry spergs.

I don't know how a reddit furry posts and I really don't want to find out.

20af25 No.304728


its easy, the furfagposting you on /v/ is on the same level as those subreddit failures.

efe979 No.304731


The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

aba6cf No.304747


>its easy, a redditor posts just like those subreddit failures

Well anyways. While you are available, could you please remove the 3D that was posted here days ago?



b3a0c4 No.304776


They apparently still use Nate.

b60831 No.304803


> If you go on /v/ you'll see people who've been booted outta here (rightfully so) making all kinds of insane slanderous claims about /monster/ it all comes from them not being welcome here they are jealous and angry or simply want to subvert the board and shitpost.

I've actually seen this a couple of times before I stopped going to /v/ altogether. The last guy was a couple of months ago, said he got banned because he wanted to see more "monstrous" girls and was all pissed off because Aux banned him.

The thing he posted, which he found sexy, was slime. Not a slime girl, just puddle of slime with some unidentifiable organs in it. It didn't even look sentient let alone female.

I'm not surprised he was banned if that was the shit he posted.

79151a No.304820

Uh guys, DOTR soon


And it's not even August yet.

367155 No.304821

There's a banner thread on /pol/, contribootin's welcome from /monster/.

3b4cb5 No.304823


I think we're smarter than that to get involved.

ec1c0e No.304824

File: b833cc6a6a54071⋯.jpg (66.12 KB, 820x518, 410:259, [Commie] Kizumonogatari - ….jpg)


sounds legit

2a728a No.304825


I know that they might kinda want a Miia banner, but prove you're a mod first, kiddo.

aebe9b No.304826


>Hey, fetish board, come and push your content on a completely uninterested and intensely autistic userbase

We should not do this.

f3f375 No.304829


If they want monster girls on their banners they'll put monster girls on their banners. They don't need our help.

97431c No.304830

File: c2c1772fe9130a0⋯.jpg (133.42 KB, 726x677, 726:677, cailliou.jpg)

9a7123 No.304831

File: 1d64c600e0f1e33⋯.jpg (64.97 KB, 386x500, 193:250, 1d64c600e0f1e330c6ca77cdc1….jpg)



79151a No.304833


>implying this only affects christcucks

9a7123 No.304834

File: dff05d317d6d964⋯.png (961.9 KB, 1302x770, 93:55, dff05d317d6d964a34542cd075….png)


Trump being evicted from the White House only affects people who still think he's /ourguy/ for whatever reason. Besides, /pol/ goes Doom Paul every September

20af25 No.304847


how about no

1545e0 No.304916


What makes you think Trump isn't /ourguy/? Genuine question, from what I see he's not what /pol/ expects him to be but he isn't doing poorly

>/pol/ goes Doom Paul

/pol/ abandoned Crisis Grandpa after he said things skeptical of Trump, the pussies

e61c7a No.304926


His fall from fashion coincided more with the shift in libertarian to more moralist nationalism. Rand is nice and all, but he professes an economic politic. His policies say nothing of /pol/'s monomania about degeneracy.

1545e0 No.304988


Fair point. That said, not sure if they realize that lolberg policies, while strictly against eliminating degenerates without direct provocation, is just as strictly against fag enabling.

/pol/'s shift in values amuses and saddens me. God knows how they would have treated the Dorner case had it happened today. But hey, that's the natural result when you let swarmfront and reddit colonize your board.

506942 No.305000

File: 6eb42346f92eeab⋯.png (62.87 KB, 360x363, 120:121, 9e210ac40bc5c77b5b6c480f24….png)



As an outside observer who learned a knack for identifying origins, the crossover between those and /pol/ goes the other way. What seems to have occured, in my eyes, is that lurkers without merit began to post. It happened to olde /b/ when it got popular, where content makers were drowned out by content fans. With the hype of the election finally dying I've seen an increase in quality seeking threads, where a dearth of interesting news leads to the want to create it.

Or I'm bullshitting so hard I believe it myself. That's been happening a lot too.

Regardless, be wary of your own readership. Unless they follow excellence their writing is only dimishment of quality.

d0930d No.305034



The shills were actively pushing for polarization on all boards, not exclusively /pol/. Most of the "kill all niggers immediately!" posts are JIDF, about 80-90% of them as far as I can tell. Same goes for the "murder all gays in the street!" posts. Vocal (((minority))) and all that. Never underestimate the lengths shills will go to achieve their objectives.

f6631a No.305071

Why is the site so fucky lately? Thread's are 404ing, posts disappearing, I even saw an image that was deleted days prior. How did codemonkey fuck up this time

506942 No.305089


I like the Halo 2 analogy. He's on a plane that is still being built, that has caught fire, and is being attacked by ninjas. I'm surprised its not more jenky.

1545e0 No.305095


I can believe that, but why isn't there more pushabck on /pol/ against such positions? I get that having to fight against shills on all fronts is autism even /pol/ could get tired of, but it's weird looking at /pol/ now and seeing (((anons))) circlejerking over the thought of white neo-colonialism or saying "morality only applies to your own race" and nobody calling it out as kike mentality. /pol/ was always racist, I have no illusions about that, but now they seem a sincere version of the sort of psychopathic strawman a leftist would come up with.


Checked. To my knowledge, and someone correct me if I'm wrong, /pol/ was freely linking to r/The_Donald and other such subreddits. They also didn't really seem to care about or were open to redditors from the deleted subreddits coming over to /pol/ because they came from the nigger-hating subreddits. I've heard claims as well that said nigger-hating subreddits are actually filled with spics and cucked self-hating nogs, but I can't say I know for sure.

0ad3fc No.305145

File: 62d5a98e411976c⋯.png (981.48 KB, 957x877, 957:877, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 139b1f422306aeb⋯.png (905.1 KB, 575x827, 575:827, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2cd3a35f90a28c5⋯.png (75.2 KB, 1104x927, 368:309, 100% white american.png)


To my knowledge, /pol/ has always been full of self hating non-whites that call actual whites race traitors. However, judging by what I found after a quick google search, the amount of them might have increased.

21ee56 No.305257


Anons simply don't have the time to refute every shill.

NSDAP/Nat Soc philosophy has always had room for each nation to have their own homeland. They even tried it for the jews, but the jews kept right on jewing so they don't get to have another chance, especially because their behavior is genetic.

The neo-imperialism/neo-colonialism is just a polarization attempt, but as far as "morality only applies to your own race," that's true as far as whites can't trust any other race until the kikes are dealt with. Once bitten, twice shy.

fce231 No.305420


New Thread

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