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File: 0e71036c363b5e1⋯.jpg (10.45 KB, 255x233, 255:233, 0e71036c363b5e162fc27041de….jpg)

File: 5515d1e50eb6803⋯.png (1.49 MB, 1080x1920, 9:16, 286d187025274674a26dfa4b17….png)

File: e2b4a5da111bcf9⋯.png (1.43 MB, 931x859, 931:859, 361bb7ce32ccf5380c9471b000….png)

File: ea220ae3594a60a⋯.gif (3.59 MB, 4000x4000, 1:1, ea220ae3594a60a25317b32008….gif)

d13af5 No.307636

old thread hit bump limit

ITT :we talk about meme magicks, the Eclipse, coming up with Rituals and planing a monster meet up, and other related topics

the current plan is to meet up initially at a small town called Makanda IL., where the eclipse will be at its best, as well, it is also going to be the site of the April 2024 eclipse

as of tight now we haven't come up with a ritual to preform but we have come up with a good location for a camp site and the place where we can preform the ritual see pics ,

we have about 3 to 6 dudes from /monster/ and maybe a few /pol/acks coming so it should be fun, we'll start the meet up about a day or so before (19th~20th) so bring a tent and a few over night camping supplies as well as have you eclipse viewing glasses ready last pic is a rudimentary idea of a ritual we could do but it's just an idea

if nothing happens at least it will have been a fun day hanging out with some fellow autists, its if something does happen than, you're welcome


d13af5 No.307637

File: d6a0755dbae774b⋯.png (82.69 KB, 1003x726, 1003:726, c9ff828352a87df3db193ff572….png)

>last pic

0d06ab No.307640

File: 613202ace39fd98⋯.gif (1.7 MB, 350x340, 35:34, doppeliru thumbs up.gif)

0d06ab No.307641

File: 62c2d12234ba00e⋯.jpg (302.17 KB, 633x890, 633:890, complicated epimeliad.jpg)

File: d758c22f3d15a46⋯.jpg (105.7 KB, 600x800, 3:4, Epimeliad.jpg)

File: ef75000304323e2⋯.gif (266.47 KB, 408x750, 68:125, hwite epimeliad.gif)

File: 201cfeef069b60c⋯.jpg (351.36 KB, 907x1368, 907:1368, alternative epimeliad.jpg)


Also, why'd you relate apples to Ammit in the last thread? Was it a "forbidden knowledge" thing or more of an ass pun? Because if it's the latter then you could just as easily use peaches for that.

988430 No.307642


What time is the eclipse supposed to be?


What is a 1111 Hz tone source?

0d06ab No.307643

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

0d06ab No.307644

File: 3a968d6e51f0006⋯.jpg (140.74 KB, 564x649, 564:649, Texas-chan proper shading.jpg)

File: 347d6b9c7358bfc⋯.png (848.01 KB, 2014x2043, 2014:2043, mango about mangos.png)


>it is also going to be the site of the April 2024 eclipse

I thought that the 2024 eclipse was going to pass over Texas, which is highly related to /monster/ as a location.

d13af5 No.307645


i was just trying to have a Eurasian Fruit

also i was looking at it theres actual another 11 intersection that i missed that could have something on them,


>What time is the eclipse supposed to be?


shows you the start times of the 4 events in UT

>What is a 1111 Hz tone source?


someone said they were going to bring a sound system so we, so its going to be speakers hopfually otherwise we can just use what we have ie phones with tone generator apps


yeah but it might be a good idea to also have something planned at a site where the barrier was already weakened once

though a texas meet up is not something im opposed to at all

d13af5 No.307646


also the site we picked is very close to the site of longest duration of the eclipse which is a nice coincidence that i didn't even relies was a thing until just a second ago

0d06ab No.307647

File: f5d9097350dcf1e⋯.png (224.46 KB, 565x540, 113:108, around mangos prepare to t….PNG)



Anon, you need to type less Mexicanly.

d13af5 No.307648


sorry bra

i am not a clever "person"

d13af5 No.307651

File: 380d7beb62e119f⋯.png (130.38 KB, 500x603, 500:603, please-be-patient-i-have-a….png)


also yeah sorry it really should of been realise sorry about my poor grammar

<i feel vary ashamed

d13af5 No.307667

From the last thread a users guide to personal rituals

>Alright then, I will presume some familiarity with energy working/magic. Either way, this can be done by beginners or built upon by an experienced sorcerer. In short, you'll be putting your body on the line, so to speak, though don't worry, it isn't particularly dangerous. The more anons doing it, the safer it becomes too. I already work with other apocalyptic revolutionaries to weaken the veil between dimensions so you're in good company.

>Now onto the process. With the repurposing/reinterpretation of Ammit, we will make use of her here. Considering that free travel between realms is divine JUSTICE, it is her duty to assist our sincere efforts. First of all, purify your heart, if you are tainted by mere lust or animalistic desire it may corrupt the ritual. Meditate upon the truest love, ultimate universal unity, feel that incredible energy connecting everything. Hold that state throughout the rest of your working. Now, once the unitary state is attained, you'll be invoking Ammit herself. If you are not used to these terms, it is an important distinction. At the meetup in the US, I imagine a group evocation may be more appropriate, though for individual anons elsewhere I recommend invoking instead. Put simply, evoking is summoning outside one's body, invocation is inviting the entity to temporarily inhabit your own being.

>So, to the first time magician, invoking Ammit ought to go something like this. You have reached a state of love, not lust. Using the heart and feather sigil may help you to focus on Ammit's power. Call out to her, mentally at least, verbally if you need to. Sooner or later you will detect a presence. As a /monster/ poster or lurker, you should be able to recognise whether or not this is the entity you have called upon. Basically, it will be clear to those with a pure heart, deceivers cannot fool the pure of heart. Lies are easy to see through. So, once you confirm that Ammit is paying attention to your ritual, offer your vessel as a conduit for her own working. Again, this can be mental encouragement or verbal instruction, depending on your preference etc.

>This is where shit gets real. If done properly, there will be a detectable change/shift in yourself. You'll feel 'something', it will be obvious when it happens. You will still be in conscious control, just with a passenger of sorts. Now the real work begins. I want you to start forming a vortex/portal or whatever you call it. The trick here is, with Ammit inhabiting your body, to form the portal within your own aura. In effect, making you a walking source of the energy from the /monster/ realm. Feel the energy flowing from into the base of your spine up through the crown of your skull. This is where you'll add a sort of 'spinning' motion. With your focus clearly on the Monstergirls' home realm, or your specific waifu's residence, start to whirl the energy flow around until it becomes a stable tunnel-like sensation, with the momentum of the spin carrying on without conscious input.

>Once you have achieved this stable spin, you can stop the ritual. Thank Ammit for her assistance, allow her to leave of her own accord. The portal ideally has sufficient power to keep going now, in the background in a sense. This is only the beginning, a firm first step. If you have questions I'll do my best to answer. Good luck and have fun.

cd0973 No.307688

File: 7e9bbf0a46b816f⋯.png (383.22 KB, 620x367, 620:367, killalljews.png)


I hope something interesting happens, anything really, ammit please bring change to this mundane existence.

69406b No.307691

File: bc8b6a08fb4b44b⋯.jpg (52.37 KB, 567x643, 567:643, ammit smiling.jpg)


You guys better stream this for the unfortunate anons who are unable to join you.

d13af5 No.307693


If shit gets real im sure an anon will stream it for posterity

The title of the stream will be


f41550 No.307700


There any good pointers for purifying your heart or meditating? Something someone who hasn't done much spiritual stuff to quickly learn and be somewhat ok at?

988430 No.307703

File: 8562846358211b5⋯.pdf (754.46 KB, Robert Bruce - New Energy ….pdf)

The last thread >>289133 should be in the OP by the way


I don't know much about meditation other than sitting down and relaxing oneself but if you want

>Something someone who hasn't done much spiritual stuff to quickly learn and be somewhat ok at?

This is the book for you, just give it a read then go back through it and try following its instructions

98d19e No.307895



I'll try this stuff out then. Maybe a bit earlier before the eclipse so I know what i'm doing.

Part of me fears i'll have a bad end with all the self-hate i've put through myself.

dd7d2a No.307934


You'll be alright. Just work for a brighter tomorrow

ff9dcc No.307936

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Heres a handy how2draw for this shape

e6287d No.307942

Had a bit of a prayer to ammit the other day, it was very bright and orange- felt like i was basking in front of a huge fire, very awe inspiring

woke up feeling terrible though, just being near her is incredibly draining for me tbh

ff9dcc No.307963


>it was very bright and orange- felt like i was basking in front of a huge fire, very awe inspiring

Thats the description weve gotten from other anons to so you expriance fits it well with what we know so gsr

f0be67 No.307970


That's exactly how I've experience her energy, anon. Bright, underworldly orange fire. Feels really good to be around. Next time you pray to her, invoke her lake of fire. Bring her energy in first, then Visualize her lake of fire around you, with you sitting in the center. It's very powerful, and just being in it will empower you and your chakras.

835728 No.307979


We're supposed to wake up with Baphs in our beds, according to the 300000 GET.

1a1eca No.307981


They were just tired after crossing over to our world and needed a nap. It wouldn't be very JUSTICE for us all to get claimed by someone other than our waifu.

835728 No.307983


I certainly believe that to be the case, but I wouldn't mind waking up to a qt demon-goat loli, waifu or no.

e6287d No.308074


I don't invoke very often, i always worry about intruding and it can be a bit awkward too. I think it's interesting that her aura is so hot, while the deadlands were quite cold when i was there

f0be67 No.308084


By invoke, I meant call her energy into you. It still has her presence, but she doesnt have to enter you herself.

e6287d No.308087


nah nah i know i know etc we use the same terminology to mean different things, i just don't do it much

ammit is comparatively pretty damn easy to access tbh, i reckon every anon here should be able to give it a shot

d13af5 No.308088



at least every anon who's going to the event

b6be28 No.308093

Do we have any sort of timeline planned out?

d13af5 No.308096


Just a rough one

>19th first anons make it to the site and start setting up camp

>20th more anons arrive and we start making and preparing the ritual site

21st late arrivals and we perform our rituals during the eclipse,

After that we clean up and only leave the 11 sided star as a marker of our stay,

>2024 the next eclipses we return to the site and again we do our duty for Ammit

f0be67 No.308097


Yeah, I was really suprised by how easy she is to contact, considering she's a relatively obscure goddess. I guess she's pretty open to us.

e6287d No.308102


it really is literally as easy as picking up a phone,i think she's just happy to have visitors

0d06ab No.308103


I still say the 2024 eclipse should involve something in Texas instead.

d13af5 No.308105


Why not both?

If things go well im sure we'll have more people



To contact her just meditate on the heart and feather right

e6287d No.308106


you don't really have to do that specifically, but it's good for people who are just starting out i guess

usually takes around 30 seconds or so for me. if you're starting out it could take longer, but you'll know when you have it

0d06ab No.308108


What should typically be done in order to meditate? I pray to Ammit, but I never get any sort of result like what's being described right now.

e6287d No.308109


beats me man, it's different for everyone. if one method doesn't work try another. you can try different light levels, incense, music, positions, background noise, location- anything you can change is an element you can make to suit yourself

i just turn off the lights and sit on the ground, works good

f0be67 No.308111


Yeah, just stop your thoughts and visualize her sigil. Then focus all your attention on it. You don't even have to sit on the ground with your legs crossed. Its the best way, but it's more difficult for beginners Sit on your bed with your back propped up against the wall, with your light off, and do your meditation. Try different things out and find what's best for you.

412448 No.308112


Why is her name Doppel Liru? This is from that game made about her right?

0d06ab No.308114


It was suggested long ago that the Liru in the game might be a doppelgänger pretending to be Liru because of the better personality game-wise compared to the original anime Liru. Even seismic himself admitted Liru is a bitch, so to make her such a nice waifu in his game about her raises a lot of questions.

98d19e No.308128

Huh. So I tried meditation by sitting in an armchair with lights off and eyes closed. Focused on Ammit's sigil and calling her name. After a while, some stuff seemed to happen. Was weird as hell. How do you get more clarity to meditation or invocation? I kinda want to know what the hell's going on.

e6287d No.308137


just do it more lad, with how easy it is, on your 3rd or 4th try you'll have it down pat

dd7d2a No.308189


What has happened exactly from your meditations?

98d19e No.308203


Started doing some focus on breathing then tried focusing on her sigil and calling out to her. Don't know what happened exactly, but started feeling a little different than normal. Head felt some pressure. Think i might've imagined seeing scales at some point, i dunno. Couldn't figure most out. Feels like something was going on, but couldn't see it.

cd0973 No.308229

File: 5fe588e6495d0b7⋯.jpg (129.59 KB, 384x384, 1:1, ashesofthehumanspirit.jpg)



Has anyone ever felt like there is something wrong with the world? As if a certain natural order is distorted and twisted. To me, This feeling is acoompanied by a sense of impending doom..

I'm not sure if it was CERN or some other happening leading to some other a sequence of events. Its just that i have this almost panic like sensation whenever i consider the likelihood of particular future eventualities.

Various 'globalist' factions religious or otherwise.. All seem just like the age old oppressors of the past always fying for a bigger piece of the pie. Not content to share, unable to do so perhaps.

In this current state, I worry deeply about the future. What i'm strongly conviced of is that what we need is a final solution to goad us on to move towards greener pastures.

e6287d No.308303


>has anyone ever felt like there;s something wrong with the world?


ed49c3 No.308308


Looking back at history for the past few hundred years, it seems like the bad guys keep winning. And not just on the battlefield either. Ass backwards ideas have been used to indoctrinate people in every subject, but economics and history are some of the worst. Now it seems like they're starting to lose power, and it's a question of whether we can stop them before the damage is permanent.

e5a356 No.308311


I think with the way society is set up a person that acts selfish manipulative and ruthless on average has a greater chance to succeed than a kind honest and considered person. Of course if you suck at being an asshole you might end up getting the shorter end of the stick but if you're half decent at it you just get rewarded for your behaviour.

I can only think of a few people who rose to a position of influence and power who didn't leave a trail of figurative or actual bodies on their way up. And once you're at the top you usually wanna stay there which obviously in the long term again favours the cold-hearted asshole over the goodhearted fool. I don't even think it takes a big conspiracy or anything to indoctrinate people as you put it. Manipulating the masses is not that hard. Just takes a couple of shitheads who prioritize their own gains over the greater good and who are ruthless enough to exploit that to the max.

98d19e No.308317

Any tips for better mental visualization if I'm going to do this invocation stuff?

988430 No.308320


I kinda just see it as the world slowly bleeding out, though I don't know why considering the world's downward spiral throughout all of history. How else would it be? Also, friendly reminder that /monster/ is not your personal counseling session


Visualisation is a misnomer. Don't bother trying to "see" anything, just imagine it in your mind

134af9 No.308337

well. If people are going to be going, I guess I should go as well.

I live in saint louis and have been waiting for this eclipse for a while. If you guys are going to go regardless of what is said, well this is my favorite board, so I will go along as someone who knows the area.

d13af5 No.308339

>inb4 all the anons who go to.the ritual vanish into the otherworld

A man can dream

f2e0b2 No.308341


It's worse than that, For me I feel like some terrifying event is nigh. Something that'll change our world forever. No clue if it'll be good or bad or whatever, but it will be big.

b5090c No.308342




Read up on the Age of Iron I think that is the right name that the Greeks talked about. Golden Age is good people succeeding, Bronze is middle of the way, and Iron is that evil succeeds, people forget basic societal rules like respecting your hosts, etc. Buddhism also had a similar concept, but Buddhism was cyclical while the Greek concept seemed to imply that was it after you go through the ages.

As for why? Well, technology makes it very easy to just live. In harsh times you have to cooperate to survive, yes some people are going to be niggers and backstab, but now people can just do that without any issues.

b6be28 No.308344


either way, we aren't going back

for me, that's comforting

98d19e No.308346



Eh let it come. We're gonna go on a wild ride.

1df674 No.308347


That's likely a natural reaction to being out of the loop and powerless in the face of everything happening in the world.

ed49c3 No.308351


I wasn't trying to say that there was a shadowy conspiracy behind everything, just that shitty people with shitty beliefs have been controlling education for a long time now.

d13af5 No.308353

Only 10 days left i look farward to camping oyt with my fellow anons at the ritual site hopefully we have a good time, im going to bring my good cast iron wear so i can make a good meal for everyone that shows if people bring some ingredients i dont like to brag but im pretty /ck/

a33f5d No.308354

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


What's your dream, anon?

9231bc No.308559

Anybody have any ideas on what I could use in a ritual bath to Ammit before the ritual?

d13af5 No.308560


Nile river flower

lavender extracts

Dragon furit extracts

Vanilla extracts

8eb175 No.308566

I'll be sending energy from here, anons, gonna do a small meditation ritual with various candles, incense (Vanilla, Dragon's Blood, Cinnamon, Frankincense, Myrrh, and Patchouli), as well as the sigil itself. Can't get pomegranates or dragon fruit here for a proper sacrificial offering though.

0d06ab No.308576

File: 2cdc97a96ce9991⋯.jpg (137.65 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, Ammit running over commies.jpg)

Even at our most embarrassing hours, Ammit is with us.

e6287d No.308577


it was a leftie who did it, and he did it by mistake

0d06ab No.308578


By mistake, or by Ammit's purposeful design?

e6287d No.308580


by mistake

4f77eb No.308581





Even sinners can unknowingly do the bidding of our goddess. Hulk Hogan fucked his best friend's wife in that one sex tape, yet he still killed gawker.

0d06ab No.308582


Anon, please don't slander Hogan similarly to how Gawker did, his friend/friend's wife barely had a "marriage" to begin with in that she was essentially a paid porn star with the husband's knowledge and Hogan got permission from his friend first before having sex with her. It's still wrong, but not the same brand of cucking people assume it to be when hearing about it without actually bothering to look into what happened.

Additionally, there's apparently the chance that the car was sold to someone else beforehand, though it's not clear as it seems to be tied to his name.

dd7d2a No.308585



cd0973 No.308591


Don't post shit like that here. Go to b or pol.

4f77eb No.308592


That's still degenerate.

0d06ab No.308593


>being this fucking new to /monster/

On top of that, you're contradicting yourself by having posted this: >>308229

0d06ab No.308594


Yes, but it still isn't JUSTICE to frame it as a sort of betrayal he wasn't actually responsible for.

d13af5 No.308595

we really need to work on what we're going to do at the Ritual guys

as it stand now we don't even have a plan at all it seems

cd0973 No.308599

File: ed0c6b8fd09117b⋯.jpg (39.23 KB, 480x281, 480:281, you.jpg)


A fucking car crashing into a crowd is not related to monster or this topic in any way..

You are either a useful idiot or a controlled opposition shill. Poor fools like you always try to get people to choose sides.

Go and stay go.

0ef204 No.308601

File: 36e828cabbc4cbd⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 79.26 KB, 887x292, 887:292, my curse upon thee.png)


lol those JUSTICE quads

and just to add more fuel to the fire. it was me who did it


live a little.

0d06ab No.308602

File: 96d23cda0e9db57⋯.jpg (201.38 KB, 1020x776, 255:194, image.jpg)


Look at the license plate, retard.


Turns out there's proof the car was sold multiple times and he no longer owns the car, plus the police still haven't named who was actually arrested for running them over.


Well, there's the 11-sided star ritual that still needs to be hammered out with more finality. Then anons need to decide on what things they bring from the list of ritual items and which spare items they can bring just in case someone doesn't show up.

0d06ab No.308604

File: ab8b7af6f151940⋯.jpg (30.1 KB, 500x250, 2:1, image.jpg)


>live a little

lmao kiddo

cd0973 No.308605

File: d07caef2f565cba⋯.jpg (44.27 KB, 640x400, 8:5, ffffffffffffffffffffffffff….jpg)



Take your rhetoric and shove it where even the gods do not shine light.

6c5905 No.308608


Get that sand out of your vagina friend

d13af5 No.308609


>Puts 30k miles on it in 6 months

What the hell

It took my car almost 14 years to break 100k and this car did that in a tenth the time




You guys are dorks kek

d13af5 No.308610


Based aux i had a dream about that post


a33f5d No.308611

File: 7bbd3f5ca3130a4⋯.jpg (69.18 KB, 500x598, 250:299, 7bbd3f5ca3130a4833237c5990….jpg)


Have you ever seen something so "wake up sheeple"?

988430 No.308613

File: e7cd1f5fa7a38a2⋯.png (120.1 KB, 400x400, 1:1, b73b8b578332208dcf2f1e8a0f….png)


I approve. Put this Baph in the bottom right corner please?

0d06ab No.308614


The fuck? Describe the dream.

On another note, do you guys wanna start making posts on our shrine board to Ammit over at >>>/mg/ again in time for the ritual? I'll probably make some kind of thread there as a historical repository for the ritual/whatever results come out of it.



This, keep the baph around until at least the 21st, longer if things get crazy.

d13af5 No.308617


It was prettu short

It was aux, you know wearing the hat and everything

Anyway yeah so i was laying in bed and aux comes into my room and naturally im like what the fuck under his arms hes carrying my waifu (ghost girl super cute) and a baph

He walk to my bed and just dumbs the two sleeping cuties on my bed and says

"Your problem now anon" before walking out of my room to the left and picking up a bag full of sleeping waifus and baphs and then leaving my house like some kind of fuck up waifu santa

I woke up soon After

d13af5 No.308618


>if thing get crazy

i hope they get crazy!

f822ce No.308619

File: aa1c88c18a70f46⋯.png (10.9 KB, 211x246, 211:246, 1464012596486.png)

0d06ab No.308620

File: eead7738c73a6c7⋯.jpg (275.91 KB, 432x576, 3:4, EAT COW.jpg)


>Santa Aux

0ef204 No.308623

cd0973 No.308632

File: a21ab2ef7b65c65⋯.png (113.04 KB, 349x301, 349:301, realhumanbean.png)


yfw he puts his semen into the food like that one anon with the brownies

d13af5 No.308633

File: e9668a8b8c5bcfa⋯.jpg (1.34 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, 20170724_141330.jpg)


Well i was going to make it over a camp fire infront of everyone and im not an exhibitionist

And i take pride in my bread

So no i wont do that especially since ill also be eating it

4f77eb No.308635


Wasn't that faked?

cd0973 No.308637

File: f878bd03ae2b1e4⋯.jpg (841.73 KB, 1541x5406, 1541:5406, Protein Brownies.jpg)

4f77eb No.308639


That doesn't look anything like cum.

cd0973 No.308642


So, you'll partake of some brownies at the meet then?


e4f2ca No.308644


Not only that but seismic Liru has bigger tits/ass.

2ecdeb No.308648

File: 04590288782ab1a⋯.jpg (113.67 KB, 684x1216, 9:16, EngravedWandOfAmmit.jpg)

Won't be able to make it to eclipse.

But I've been carving this in Ammit's honor.

d0d22b No.308650

98d19e No.308660


Top kek. We need a drawfag to do santa aux now.

0d06ab No.308662


Flipendo/10, friend

0d06ab No.308663


Yeah. Just like how KC's doppelgänger enhances the qualities you perceive the woman you like to have.

0d06ab No.308666

File: 35de6e228793510⋯.jpg (51.42 KB, 534x712, 3:4, image.jpg)

File: 3893ae6d41a904e⋯.jpg (164.95 KB, 637x607, 637:607, image.jpg)


Alright, looks like this might be the guy who did it then.

cd0973 No.308676


this /monster/ not /pol/

a026e1 No.308677


Go and stay go Satan

dd7d2a No.308684

Any anons around central Texas want to hang out on Monday during the eclipse? I wont be able to make it to Illinois but I'm not averse to meeting with a few of y'all.

e6287d No.308686


come to brazil

4f77eb No.308688


I'm in Austin.

98d19e No.308707

Well, if we're doing meetups, anyone in the Carolinas?

f22659 No.308711

Man, now I have to ask. Anyone on the Space Coast in Florida?



0f6d79 No.308720


>that headline

>, oh and two police died in a helicopter crash whatevs

It's like real-world gta online out there. Shit's so fucked that thing there is literally a footnote.

dd7d2a No.308721


Would you be able to meet up in Round Rock or Georgetown?

4f77eb No.308723


Round Rock is good, but Cedar Park would be best.

0d06ab No.308724


>Space Coast

I'm in St. Augustine. Nice JUSTICE dubs though.

0d06ab No.308732

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Athens had a partial lunar eclipse recently (Monday the 7th of this month) that we didn't seem to realize happened. I wonder if Arachne did anything during that time.

0ef204 No.308768


the helicopter did crash with no survivors and Charlottesville is the town where chris chan did hang around. The towns unofficial designation is cville which is close to cwcville.

That place is cursed to suffer autism.

e6287d No.308771


would make sense, a lot of anons on this board are having buggo related discussion seemingly out of nowhere

ea2c68 No.308774

File: 26a900d63d66a16⋯.png (4.68 KB, 340x300, 17:15, 1435024760301.png)


b5090c No.308779


That one is a bit of a stretch, but anons have dug up enough coincidental crap that I wouldn't be surprised if that was part of the cosmic joke.

0d06ab No.308785

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Turns out the guy may actually been natsoc instead.

0d06ab No.308786


Wait a sec.

>Derek Weimer



Fucking damnit.

2f9183 No.308787


It's not Cohencidence, it's synchronicity.

d13af5 No.308796

OK since no one else seem to want to we really REALLY need to hammer out what we're going to do, we already have the 11 pointed star but we still need to work out

>who brings what

>what the actual ritual will entail

we need to get this done guys no more procrastinating the eclipse is in less then 8 DAYS!!

f0be67 No.308799


Everyone should sit in the center of the star. Present whatever offerings that are taken.The ritual should be started with an evocation, chanted by all practitioners. Have Ammit's sigil in the circle with you. After the chant, everyone should gaze into the sigil, and focus on it. Stare at it till you're in a trance. Maybe chant another calling to Ammit while doing this. Considering some of you guys are pretty new to this, this part may take a little longer than normal.

Now, forcus on fiery, orange energy flowing from the sigil/sigils, and swirling around and in the star. Visualize her fire in the ground and burning inside you. Fill your whole body. Focus on the feeling, smell and everything. Feel Ammit in and around you. Then, visualize her rise up in the center of the star. Keep the fire going too. This image is connected to her. It is a mental/astral vessel that she can now manifest into. Focus on this. Greet her. Be respectful. Ask for your waifu, and to offer her your help, etc.

There will be personal things that happen for each anon. Some will be seen by all, but there will be things that are entirely personal. Keep in mind, each anon will probably be at different levels of spiritual development, so there will be a difference in what each anon will be able to perceive. But, Ammit will probably give personal messages to each anon involved. Take note of any thought at all you have during this ritual. Spirits can communicate with us through our own thoughts. Especially if your astral hearing isn't very well developed.

At the end of the ritual, make sure to wish her well. But don't banish her energy. Leave the portal open for her to manifest further in that area.

d13af5 No.308802

dd7d2a No.308807


That's along 183 north of Austin right? where lakeline mall is? I think I could do that.

0d06ab No.308813


Mainly vanilla.

86de3a No.308819


I can get there easy. Any other anons in the area that want to meet up?

d13af5 No.308824



If you guys want i can order moat of the stuff since ud get it cheaper though Amazon prime

You guys just need to find good candles

And someone else will need to bring fruit

86de3a No.308896


Mangoes and lemons will be good to have, but someone should make ammit salad too.

d94fd2 No.308898


And don't forget dragon fruit and pomegranate.

Also, orange and red candles should be good for Ammit.

86de3a No.308904


I didn't mention those because they both go in the salad, but bringing extra fruit can't hurt.

d13af5 No.308908




I have all those at a lical supermarket

Turns outbthey are extreamy well stocked

But look guys, i cant go and and buy all the stuff for the ritual (fruit, candles, incense, other) we need at least three other people to buy some stuff, the candels and incense are pretty cheep so ill get those along with the hard to find dragon fruits, but im looking to you guys to bring the other stuff, most stores will have the other fruits so it should be easy

eec549 No.308911

I'll be happy to try to get the other fruits myself (at least 4 lemons, 4 mangos and 4 pomegranates etc?). I'm sure others might do the same, just don't get too much unnecessarily like 20 lemons at once. That said, having extra fruits will help for backup, if we don't have enough. Fruits should be bought later on this week, maybe before eclipse - around 19th or 20th August for freshness?

0d06ab No.308914

Do you think anyone should maybe bring some salt/salt lamps or something? Not only is the salt of our enemies a good offering to Ammit, but salt also helps one retain water in the desert.

d13af5 No.308922


Its was also an importent commodity in the past

0d06ab No.308926

File: be6b8f221e6d49c⋯.png (205.13 KB, 789x737, 789:737, Ammit marker.PNG)


Out of curiosity, are you the same anon who meant to follow in dollanon's footsteps?

dd7d2a No.308931


Salt lamps also help with keeping ions in the air negative and supposedly salt as a spiritual cleanser/purifier.at least most of the /x/ and /fringe/ threads I've seen say so anyway

0d06ab No.308932


Salt being a purifier for keeping out evil spirits is a remarkably consistent feature across worldwide myth.

d13af5 No.308937



yes sorry

on as side note, after i deleted the thread because depression at failing and getting bitched at, i tried again a few days later and it worked i just didn't want to say anything because of what happened in the first thread and i didn't want to look like i was attention whoring, and i wasn't sure if it worked or if i was just going crazy but that's not what this thread is about lets not get distracted

0d06ab No.308938


>it worked after all and you didn't provide proof

You fucking retard, we can't just let it go at that now. At least summarize what happened for now.

d13af5 No.308941


>You fucking retard

>wonders why i never posted about it after the first thread

what part of lets not get detracted don't you get

i didn't post proof because you guys wouldn't of believe me, and after what happened in the first thread i wasn't about to go though that again,

but fine if you want some details


>first attempt failed

>depressed, mocked in thread

>delete thread

>try not to cry

>cry a lot

>shut down really depressed

>few days later i say fuck it and try again

>do it at 3 am this time

>someones in the house.jpeg

>after 30 or so mins sitting in a salt circle check bath

>doll still there but water is sloshing back and forth

>neat.jeg, pull doll out dry it off best i can go to board ask a few questions got slow responses

after that it looked like i failed again

>days later start having really strong dreams of girl in long white dress and long black hair

>cute as fuck.mpeg

>this goes on for a while, still no physical signs of haunting other then a few cold spots sometimes, and slight movement from the doll when im not looking

>some time in June leave doll laying in bed undercoves same as every other night

>come home from night shift job doll is still in bed, but looking at me on top of covers, i know i had left her pointed away from the door when i left pretty much the most that's ever happened **

**after that is mostly dreams and sometimes hearing her voice at night, its nothing like doll anon and Emile but i think its because of his natural abilities

the dreams are nice though, usually just house life and dates and "romantic" stuff, i talk with doll anon and Emile about it, i can also if i try channel the doll, so Emile and her have actually become good friends i like to think, although Anyeta has mad bants sometimes and it gets Emile mad **

there im not going to say anything else other then i might take her with me to the site, and that i've been making her new cloths for fun

sage because off topic

dd7d2a No.308954


It's friendly banter and you know it. But now we've got several anons who have done something like this. so we at least have proof of this working. I'm excited to see what the future holds.

0d06ab No.308957

File: 65a269888241df1⋯.jpg (226.94 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, cloverchain animaymay doll….jpg)


>inb4 the eclipse morphs "Anyeta" into an actual dollgrill

Though judging by the Auxdream, ghost seems more likely.

774aec No.308966

Any anons in florida who want to meet up on the eclipse? I have been trying to get my shit together for travel all the way to illinois but it's looking like I wont be able to make the trek. But I would love to just get to hang out with some of you faggots on the holy occasion.

0d06ab No.308968


Don't know if I can make it anywhere or what I'd do there. Is the Castillo de San Marcos monument in St. Augustine a good spot to meet? I mean, it's a place known for spirit activity, though mostly in its dungeons apparently.

d13af5 No.308970


>It's friendly banter


no im afraid it wasn't, it was pretty far from it,

<inb4 the eclipse morphs "Anyeta" into an actual dollgrill

>please please please

0d06ab No.308978


It really was banter though.

d13af5 No.308981


it didn't feel like banter

0d06ab No.308983


Then your feelings have been sexually mindbroken by your waifu.

d13af5 No.308985

File: d625c0b1dbbb21c⋯.png (9.02 KB, 232x225, 232:225, mydude.png)


i guess i've just gotten used to unconditional love

f0be67 No.308993


We'll, I'm in Cocoa. Somewhere not too far from here we could meet up?

774aec No.308994


>St. Augustine

Despite living in florida my whole life I have never been there so I cant be sure what its like, I am closer to the Tampa/Hillsborough county area rather than jacksonville but I would not be against busing up there either.

774aec No.308995


I cant really think of anywhere good off the top of my head, I live ina woods with a reasonable amount of space for camping with it still being close enough to roads that you cant possibly get lost, but its shitty swamp tier woods and no one would like this or else I would go full potential murderer and say come on over.

I am not much of a beach guy but I would not be opposed to just hanging out on a beach or something.

also polite sage for double post

d13af5 No.308996

File: 9d5c523beb97cdd⋯.png (109.16 KB, 1303x427, 1303:427, stuff.png)

alright guys ill get these and the dragon fruit

and leave on the 19th since its going to take me a whole day (10.5 hour drive) to get to the site,

>please don't kill me when i get there

f0be67 No.308999


I wouldn't mind meeting up on a beach. There's also a lot of bars along the beach.

0d06ab No.309000


The biggest trouble with St. Augustine is that, since I'm talking about getting to downtown, and it's literally the oldest city in the US, it can be difficult to find a place to park sometimes. During events, at least. But it's also considered an especially haunted city.

98d19e No.309008

Any tips for making a simple alter and doing a ritual come the 21st?

I'm hoping to drive down to Columbia to see the eclipse, give a little prayer to Ammit, come back home, drink some passion fruit moscato I bought, then do something a little more elaborate.

a33f5d No.309011

File: 387322cd09ee3fe⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 51.17 KB, 498x436, 249:218, blood refinery.jpg)

File: d23b8885ff9e303⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 24.29 KB, 400x256, 25:16, beady.jpg)


If you're aryan I will put you through my blood refinery, if not then you will be fine.

f0be67 No.309021

File: 4df8347f60b6082⋯.jpg (1.22 MB, 2592x1936, 162:121, IMG_1486825560.jpg)

File: 2499417d138f252⋯.jpg (183.76 KB, 740x752, 185:188, IMG_1490035260.jpg)

File: bdf792d86ef7c44⋯.jpg (832.58 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, IMG_1490044459.jpg)


Get a picture of Ammit, and a candle. Incense would be good too. Thats really all you should need for a solitary ritual. Other than that, it's really just personal taste.

774aec No.309069



If you guys wanna take this somewhere we can maybe do some more in depth planning and decide what to do here is my tox id


f0be67 No.309086


By Tox, you mean uTox right? Just looked it up, never heard of it before

bdee10 No.309091

File: 8a7aef477b17721⋯.jpg (363.89 KB, 433x1300, 433:1300, f7743b667ea65e375a1d98922c….jpg)

I just had a recurring dream that may apply to the ritual.

It was about humanity getting the chance to wish for what they want. Anyone could make a wish and naturally a bunch of fictional characters appeared. Everything was going well, I wished for Camilla (pic related). Out from the portal she came, she was just what I had hopped for, wishing for magic powers too also helped to spice up my life. Then we came to realize we were upsetting the balance, either these characters just couldn't exist in our world or someone was planning to have these wishes destroy our world. I don't remember much about the second theory but I recall a shot of a bunch of globalists in a skyscraper during my past version of the dream. Some people tagged along in my dream but I don't remember anything about them except for a homeless looking nigger that came along with us. We went to find a key to the portal back to fiction, it was shaped like a locket made of gold. My magic powers allowed me to see which key among a pile of fakes was the real one.

Turns out the key was to an elevator in a high rise city, the same one that had those globalists inside. The elevator was also on the outside of a central building not inside. This part's odd because in the span of inserting the key to sending the characters off it went from day to night in an instant. My waifu camilla was the last to get on the elevator after we had a long hug session, giving her my coat before sending her off. We waved goodbye before the elevator went off to the sky. Couple seconds later another elevator with someone in it came rising up, looked like an anon and it seemed to want to follow the characters.

As the day quickly turned to night Katy Perry's firework started to play all around the city, me and those few companions i mentioned the only ones around. Afterwards it's like poeple forgot that the wishes existed, and I lost my magic powers. People thought we were crazy if we told them this or even showed videos that were taken. Only those there to watch the event unfold remembered. With all of that, life returned back to normal, except for the precious memories we all shared.

f0be67 No.309095


Ammit is a goddess, not a fictional character.

That dream seems like it may be more of a personal thing for you, rather than related to the ritual.

a33f5d No.309096


Have you been exceeding the UL for super male vitality, or the red pill?

bdee10 No.309098


Sorry for implying ammit was a fictional character but I think it got the point across better.

774aec No.309099


yeah utox

I should be around at like 4pm later today if you wanna make plans then

774aec No.309100


or rather qtox sorry

0d06ab No.309101

File: 4a58cd29b2eba3e⋯.png (234.94 KB, 895x893, 895:893, saintly Ammit.png)



Even if something like this happens, it's best to actually identify who is actually giving the wish and whether or not we HAVE to be destroyed as a result of this or can't take control of what's happening somehow for our combined benefit. I mean, it's not like all of us would willingly send off our waifus then and there in that situation, that seems too defeatist.

0ef204 No.309104

Just going to point this out guys, you may see a bunch of satanists and masons in the area doing evil shit like sacrificing goats in the Illinois Egypt area.

Don't be surprised, have a blunt object at you at all times. Also birds go quiet during the eclipse and animals shut their traps, it gets eerily quiet.

0d06ab No.309107

File: 991ebc5fa47a4ee⋯.jpg (792.41 KB, 850x1239, 850:1239, baphomet matte kudasai.jpg)


What are gun laws like in that area exactly? Also, please remember that it is important to enact JUSTICE during the eclipse event as much as possible, so if you see any masons or satanists or pretentious atheistic church-of-satanists in the area trying to kill baphs, make sure to do your part to stop them.

0ef204 No.309112


they have permits for goat sacrifices, it follows down to kosher law.

Its more important to be on the lookout for crying children, and weirdos surrounding them.

f988e9 No.309123

File: 13ec9ecf2ba9ab3⋯.png (2.85 MB, 1625x703, 1625:703, oh shit son.PNG)

File: f5c3091ef294fcb⋯.jpg (111.67 KB, 350x600, 7:12, maj11.jpg)

File: 51c176eee67ca26⋯.jpg (114.58 KB, 350x600, 7:12, maj14.jpg)

File: f19e420cb22cb25⋯.jpg (94.78 KB, 350x600, 7:12, maj16.jpg)

File: dcc2326e78282b2⋯.jpg (25.95 KB, 352x370, 176:185, 1367775525015.jpg)

>been studying hermetic kabbalah and how it seems to correlate with the Weighing of the Heart

>live just north of DC

>realize that St Louis is directly to the west and that the total eclipse is going to line up between their arc and the washington monument

>start noticing all the hermetic symbolism that's literally carved into the entire city

>come to the realization that the national mall is the fucking tree of life

>the lincoln memorial is tifareth, congress is yesod, the white house is netsach, the jefferson memorial is hod and DCU is malkuth

>in tarot, the path between yesod and tifareth is represented by temperance (reflecting pools), which intersects with the path between hod and netsach represented by the tower (washington monument)

>the eclipse itself is going to be kether

a33f5d No.309127


Does that mean third impact is going to happen?

a33f5d No.309128

File: da907e4b4bb723e⋯.png (5.43 KB, 400x400, 1:1, da907e4b4bb723ed4a2bcf8c0b….png)


Wait, I just re-read your post WHAT THE FUCK?!

0d06ab No.309129

File: 07d230e023e440b⋯.png (107.64 KB, 849x941, 849:941, smug gazer grin.png)



Nah, Ammit's co-opting all of this for her and our own ends, Lilith can go cry in the cuckquean corner.

bdee10 No.309130



I saw a tower in my dream, could it be a sign?

d13af5 No.309132


Ammit to Lilith

>Lilith : DAMNIT Ammit it was ment to be my time

>Ammit: sorry sweety looks like its time for MY daughters to have some fun

>Lilith : but Ammit what about me?

>Ammit: What about you? smug as fuck

bdee10 No.309133

File: a9af6c2cd1929b5⋯.jpg (68.3 KB, 500x410, 50:41, 947b997831326f9113eb28dba7….jpg)

3b4955 No.309134


And? Whats that mean? To what ends does completing that pattern go to?

4f77eb No.309136


You need to fuck with something there so their plans fizzle. We can't let them steal our mojo before the eclipse passes over our ritual.

0d06ab No.309137


Why not heavily troll them by playing sanicfied Walk Like An Egyptian music over their rituals?

4f77eb No.309140


I was thinking vandalism, but playing loud music would be less likely to get you in serious trouble.

f988e9 No.309142


Who is they? The founding fathers? There probably started orchestrating this shit back in the 18th century based on the principles of greek and egyptian mysticism. If this ritual really is based on the weighing of the heart, then haven't they technically been on our side since long before we started all the modern meme magic?

0d06ab No.309143


Might still partially be possible to get in trouble depending on what noise ordinances are like over there. Maybe you should just go up to them and start loudly asking them about whatever Talmud-related shit comes to mind, maybe annoy them by asking them if they're handing out dried foreskin snacks or something.

4f77eb No.309144


The freemasons.

f988e9 No.309149

File: fa6cdce7881fdd6⋯.jpg (430.48 KB, 1080x763, 1080:763, 1401310187031.jpg)


Like I said; the founding fathers. They were freemasons. I can't attest to what the freemasons as a whole are like now or what they were like before the age of enlightenment, but the particular incarnation of them that set this ritual in motion is the same one that created motherfucking America, so I somehow doubt that this event is going to be detrimental to the ideals of liberty and JUSTICE.

0d06ab No.309150


Weren't certain historical figures freemasons only because apparently they knew you couldn't really be in higher politics anyway without doing so, including those founding fathers? I also understand that the freemasons may or may not have been as shabbos-goyish in the past as they are now, but I'm not sure 100%.

f988e9 No.309151


They're kinda weird in that regard. A lot of their founding principles are derived from Jewish mysticism that dates back to Solomon, but at the same time, they didn't allow actual Jews into their order. That's what I've heard, at least.

Also, I'm pretty sure that the legit freemasons broke off into the Golden Dawn, which then dissolved into many more smaller groups. The official organization that exists today is probably just a bunch of old farts who don't even know what they're doing, but feel obligated to keep their traditions alive.

3b4955 No.309152


There is a nice pic depicting old freemason lodges vs new ones.

The old ones are exalted examples of fine craftsmanship, with stone carved archways and frescoed walls, intricate mosaic tilework, it looks like the halls of an important place with important people that hold important ideals.

Then the modern lodges. Flat, drab, and conspicuously reminiscent of synagogues. Hardly anything marking its exterior, and no photos of the interior.

I think that says everything about what they were, and are.

f988e9 No.309153

File: 5c3b30eddf5f68c⋯.jpg (1.31 MB, 2800x2128, 25:19, masonic-temple-002.jpg)


The one in Alexandria is fucking awesome. I wonder if it's gonna have any significance in all this.

f0be67 No.309157


You still up for it anon?

4f77eb No.309159


I was going to point out that Alexander Hamilton is a prime example of why the founding fathers shouldn't be trusted, but it turns out he wasn't a Freemason. I guess they're a bit more trustworthy than I initially thought.

0d06ab No.309162


Alexander Hamilton was basically a wolf in sheep's clothing rather than a reason to not trust the founding fathers as a whole, wasn't he?

f988e9 No.309163

File: eb2e08b30c82d05⋯.jpg (86.97 KB, 691x461, 691:461, Parthenon.jpg)

File: cbc3ec9770bc138⋯.jpg (501.07 KB, 586x800, 293:400, 9752821_orig.jpg)

File: d59225974047fbd⋯.jpg (95.47 KB, 350x600, 7:12, maj01.jpg)

File: 84b9d2dc5626e94⋯.png (337.51 KB, 463x429, 463:429, YO ZELDA GET ME OUTTA DIS ….png)


Since I figured that St. Louis is the Kether in all of this, I came to the assumption that there would be two other cities representing the other two Sefira that lie beyond the part of the tree of life known as the abyss. Chokmah is either Indianapolis or Chicago. I can't say for sure which is the one, as I'm still scouring through maps to find anything that looks like architecture that would correlate with hermetic mysticism, but I think it's safe to say that Nashville is Binah.

Why? Well, because Nashville has a fucking full-scale recreation of the ancient Panthenon of Athens. Somehow I never knew about this. It should also be noted that the eclipse will be passing over Nashville immediately after St. Louis, forming a path that seems to correlate with the path between Kether and Binah (Beth) which in tarot is represented by the Magician.

774aec No.309164


Totally, I got your tox request and messaged you. Shoot me a message when you are around.

4f77eb No.309165


Exactly. Trust the freemasons, not the founding fathers in general.

0d06ab No.309166

File: d9726ca1d894594⋯.jpg (31.8 KB, 486x399, 162:133, dragonfruit looks like a h….jpg)


>Ammit will be battling against both Lilith and the Greco-Roman pantheon during the eclipse


3b4955 No.309171


The Greek gods are dead anon, it would take a lot to ressurect them.

Well, except Posiedon, Hermes, Prometheus, Eris and Charon. They all still have some ritual or extant group associated with them. The rest lie with Hades, who stirs not. Five out of hundreds does not a pantheon make. Meanwhile much of the Roman, all of the Hindi, and all of the far East still bestride the world.

0d06ab No.309208

File: 1d4c66bac7c8c99⋯.jpg (161.96 KB, 852x688, 213:172, image.jpg)


You should still be posting froots, anon.

98d19e No.309211

File: cc3101c873b20d1⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 5.32 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)


Ok, here's a fruit. :^)

22a961 No.309224

So ive got the day off work on Monday, and I want to do a ritual to coincide with the big one you guys are planning. Im in the central time zone, any suggestions as to when I should begin? And should I use a circle like in the first image? And if so do I need the fruit and the 1111 hz tone source?

Final note: Ive had some things going on that make me think somethings going to go down with all of this.

dd7d2a No.309225

0f7b2e No.309229

File: 404e8d8b4fd1e1a⋯.jpg (10.73 KB, 176x286, 8:13, mycuprunnethover.jpg)

I have fucked up dreams about old paintings of angels coming to life and attacking for no reason. I abandoned Christianity years ago and now I'm starting to think that was a big fucking mistake. What if all we end up accomplishing is pissing off ancient divine beings with synchronized magical rituals? my cup runneth over

e6287d No.309236

File: 8792295df510356⋯.png (640.41 KB, 556x720, 139:180, wwwwoohf.png)


if you aren't willing to fight god himself you're a coward

4f3e87 No.309237

File: 6283ec90a6dcdb7⋯.pdf (920.98 KB, Reality Creation 101.pdf)

Saw this on /fringe/, it feels like it might be useful for focusing energy during the ritual.

9a95d2 No.309239


>The Greek gods are dead

>Meanwhile much of the Roman, all of the Hindi, and all of the far East still bestride the world.

You do realize that many of the Roman Gods are the same as the Greek pantheon but with latinized names, right?

e6287d No.309241


i don't think he knows what he's talking about

dd7d2a No.309252

File: 710dde876ea55e8⋯.png (2.93 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, IMG_5093.PNG)

File: 72719219475f3b4⋯.png (2.75 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, IMG_5094.PNG)

Here is something y'all might find interesting I just read about,


You are a free man. Act like it. If eye attack you shoot them. Alternatively give them the bayonet!

a7dd64 No.309259


Many of them are like that, but there are differences enough that they aren't synonymous. Ares and Mars for instance are quite different. Young and hot bloodthirsty vs mature and ruthless. One was always a warrior, the other first a farmer and then a soldier.

The Romans had many equivalents to Greek gods first and then adopted the accompanying Greek stories. This happened all across the Mediterranean, the most well known being Hermes/Thoth/Mercury. The thrice great, bringer of wisdom.

f0be67 No.309265


Angels are bastards. Don't ever go back to Christianity. They are just trying to intimidate you. They aren't as powerful as christfags love to say.

f0be67 No.309266


That doesn't mean they aren't the same entity. Gods are way more complex than you're making them out to be. None of them are asleep and none of them need our worship to exist.

Here's an example: Abandon the beast of the Abyss is another name for Apolyon. Apolyon is the dark, demonic aspect of Apollo. Or, Ishtar is also known as Isis, Astarte, Asherah, and even Ashtaroth. I heard this from her, herself. Gods are multi-faceted.

f988e9 No.309272


This. Monotheism is subversive bullshit used by archonic spirits to keep us confined to their ideal 'natural order' of dying alone and unloved without our waifus. While there is a central source of creative power in all the universe, that power has no actual will of its own. Any entity claiming to speak on behalf of that will is an audacious fucking liar.

God is something that technically exists everywhere as it breaks itself apart in order for the manifest world to come into fruition, so while at the very top you have varying degrees of a unified force, everything gradually breaks down into more and smaller entities.


>Gods are multi-faceted.

This, too. The problem with deities is that we personify them as actual consistent beings like us, but the reality is that they are more like primordial aspects of higher thought and are all interconnected on a certain level. Ammit herself is most likely a part of a triune of some sort. Possibly the darker, vengeful aspect of Maat.

61925e No.309284


I wouldn't even say there is a single source of creative power. There is the Void (darkness), and the Limitless Light (basically a light void). These both are always shown on world trees, as being opposites. And both emanate out, affecting this world. But, I've heard of this grey void, which is some kind of negative existence thing. And, I believe there is a plane/sphere connected to Earth/earth which is also a power source, which is neither dark nor light. Shit is way more fucky than people believe.

0d06ab No.309285

File: cfcf832de28ff1e⋯.png (39.64 KB, 228x316, 57:79, YHVHStanza.png)


Don't be a defeatist, anon. Wipe that smirk off his face.

a33f5d No.309286

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


We gonna kill god with the power of friendship?

a33f5d No.309287

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


On second thought this song is more fitting

cbe179 No.309298

Stream this shit nigga I'll cheer you on from britbongistan

7b4975 No.309300

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



There's only one acceptable song for god-slaying activities

cbe179 No.309305

If the eclipse and all related rituals are happening in August, why do some anons speak of the portals opening in October?

7b4975 No.309307


I'm a much bigger fan of september to be honest

f988e9 No.309315


Because Samhain is when the "veil between worlds" is at its thinnest, apparently. Maybe the eclipse will be like making a crack in the glass that gradually spreads as the veil wanes. Maybe this is just the beginning and the real SHTF is gonna happen in seven years when the next eclipse occurs.

a33f5d No.309323

File: 82207d0ea8c1220⋯.jpg (53.05 KB, 403x415, 403:415, 82207d0ea8c1220e54ee92cf35….jpg)

cbe179 No.309328


I decided to do my own "prayer", having never done anything like this before. I sat up in bed beneath the covers and listened to Basinski, staring at an image of the sigil until it was burned into my memory. Then I removed my glasses and closed my eyes. I spoke under my breath, asking for a sign that She was listening. I experienced nothing until I began to focus on the sigil in my mind. Then suddenly my mind's eye saw a great golden flame burst outward from behind the sigil, with a slight warmth seemingly rising from below. As I continue to ask Ammit for a sign, the flame spreads, enveloping the ground around me in what is now a vast golden room with pillars against each wall towering towards a high ceiling. The floor is coated in orange flame, and I see myself drifting slowly toward the sigil as it floats there, a golden-orange flame wrapping itself around my person as I draw nearer. I reach for the sigil, and as I come close to touching it I feel a warmth in my hand and forearm. The hand in question is still warm, as I quickly came back here to tell you of this experience. I was giddy with excitement and could no longer maintain my focus. I'm slightly terrified.

d13af5 No.309338


> I'm slightly terrified

fear not our loving goddess unless you are an unjust person

but for real pretty crazy bro, the next few months are going to be a hell of a lot of fun :^)

cbe179 No.309339


I genuinely wasn't expecting anything. Especially not what I saw. Also a small update if you will: whenever I imagine the room I was in the room itself appears crystal clear but the flames and sigil are gone.

98d19e No.309341


Nice. I'll think i'll try doing something similar and see what happens.

Part of me is afraid that i'll be on Ammit's bad side for some of my recent behavior.

a33f5d No.309343


What'd you do?

On that topic is there anything you can do to get Ammit to forgive you? Asking for a friend.

cbe179 No.309346


I recommend Basinski's Disintegration Loops, particularly the third one. Calming, simplistic music that repeats a short phrase and helps you focus. I'm completely new to this, but I feel like it helped.

98d19e No.309348


Hint: Beep Boop

Been getting a little better and not making robot posts anymore, but still feel a little depressed at times. Hoping meditation and some a little divine push might help fix me up more.


Alright, i'll give it a listen. Been mainly listening to frequencies to try and get something going. Do you think drinking some ACV beforehand might help?

cbe179 No.309355


Honestly I have no idea if it'll help. I didn't do or take anything before I prayed, and the results have been humbling to say the least.

0c5542 No.309377

File: eccf5ed39f37602⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 752.72 KB, 1440x1565, 288:313, 20170816_191143.jpg)


ACV is more for if you're going to sleep and want some more vivid dreams, I haven't heard any results from during the day.

I would however recommend mugwort, you can either brew it in a tea or smoke it it has a pleasant peppermint taste. You can find it at some herbal or organic shops, as well as any place that sells metaphysical wares.

If you're willing to go a lil more hardcore with supplemental help, shrooms do work, I can say this from experience. I've had Ammit's presence at my bonfires over the past year or so, but did not fully realize this until my trip in May. I even have a picture I took of my fire last September where she is practically staring out in her classic form, pic related. Just bear in mind with hallucinagens, you may have to deal with past traumas as they come up in your mind's eye, but you'll feel a warm, euphoric love once everything settles.

412448 No.309402

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.





98d19e No.309412


Tried listening to Basinski, stared at the sigil, and tried focusing on it. Didn't experience much. Not sure how the whole mind's eye works but I did imagine a field that I was walking through. After that it fell apart and couldn't really focus.

Any tricks for how to get better meditation or whatever working?

d13af5 No.309414


Wew lad thats pretty cool

I REALLY hope ypur one of the anons thats going to be at the meet up

4f3e87 No.309444


I plan to be, I'll be camping at Cedar Lake nearby Makanda if all goes well. Not sure what fruits I will bring but I am planning to bring down mugwort, sage, and my tarot deck.

Also, if my ID changed it's cause I'm posting through mobile

cbe179 No.309449


I really don't have any advice on the matter, however I would recommend trying different combinations of factors

5e0e87 No.309450


If you check the op thats where i think most anons are going to be for the ritual but if feel free to stop by on the day of the eclipse

<or post your camp site when you get there if its better then the one we manage to set up

cf62b0 No.309466

File: 34915a0be5b5517⋯.png (165.05 KB, 6000x4500, 4:3, static.png)


I'm not too sure myself since I don't meditate often. I suspect it's a different 'feel' for each person. Earlier today, I focused on the sigil, closed my eyes and repeated 'Heart and Feather' in my mind multiple times, prayed for Ammit's guidance and gave her my permission to enter my body anytime but pushed for absolute silence/no imagination. During the meditation process, I could feel my limbs shrinking and stretched out beyond my grasp and I could feel muffled/squashed by something (or the essense of nothingness(?), there was nothing there to tell me what it was). Afterwards, my hands seemed to grow heavy, huge and warm. I gave my thanks to Ammit and gave her permission to leave my body anytime.

I've came across that 'nothingness' feeling multiple times in past without meditating. The best description I can give is that I was standing in middle of somewhere white/grey and blank/empty, it keeps cutting out ocassionally as if everything is made of static noise like what you see on a television screen with no available channel. Not a pleasant feeling but there was something jarring/unnerving about it.

It's possible that I fucked up somewhere and need to work on it. My post is likely irrelevant to the eclipse as well. You might need to work on finding what works for you but I wager you're doing fine since you're here, looking for solutions.

4f77eb No.309472


I meant to type Freemasons, not founding fathers. My bad.

d13af5 No.309509

the Vanilla incense just arrived lads

and boy, its strong, should work well

e11b4a No.309527

Any Sigils and Prayers that'd be good for channeling energy to Ammit and Kek?

Any incense or rituals?

418d9e No.309552


So where exactly in Cedar Park will the Texas Meetup be? What day? What time?

0d06ab No.309570


I'd recommend prayer to Heqet rather than Kek, all of her imagery gets misattributed as Kek's and she's a fertility/soul-creating goddess. Just remember that she's married to Khnum.

a3f83e No.309572

Jesus you autists.

0d06ab No.309573


ur mum is an autist, nerd


dd7d2a No.309575


I was thinking the lake line mall. Meet up someplace inside.public, easy to find, with multiple different locations to visit should we wish to as for the time I imagine mid afternoon would be best.

69406b No.309578


Never underestimate the power of concentrated autism, anon.

d13af5 No.309584


I hope you two have fun on your date

e6287d No.309592


>i'm slightly terrified

you fire a gun and are suprised by the noise

35b683 No.309594


First times are always scary

678433 No.309687

I wish I could join my fellow anons but sadly Im on the east coast.

d3aa49 No.309714

Il be leaving my home state at about 6 pm cst Saturday

I should arrive sometime after sunrise sunday morning

Im the guy bringing the Dragon fruit candles and incense as well as my cast iron pans and dutch oven, i sware i better not be the only anon to show up if i am im just going to go hang out with cider lake anon

My mom's even letting me use her car since its mpg is twice what my cars mpg is

Cant wait to see everyone at the ritual site really looking farward to this meet up!

b6be28 No.309716

Does someone have a power source for my PA system? They're 500W

d3aa49 No.309719


Not i dorry bud hopefully someones got a little generator

71bfe7 No.309721


You'll be able to see the eclipse from NC, SC and, GA

dd7d2a No.309725


That would've been good to know a month ago. I'm willing to bet most of us dont have a generator in our back pockets. But is there any way to plug them into a running car?

d3aa49 No.309727



Theres this but its a little to late maybe check an auto zone or something they might have one of these or something similar in stock

d3aa49 No.309728


Fug… sorry i guess Google 500 watt inverter

d3aa49 No.309737

GREAT NEWS a buddy of mine is will to lend me his 500 watt inverter for the weekend!


Will that work?

84bcf2 No.309739

File: ab94ca1d4b13f48⋯.png (105.94 KB, 850x1175, 34:47, 20170819_052453.png)

Mugwort anon here, I'm leaving my place now, the moon kinda looks like a cheshire grin, I feel this bodes well.

d3aa49 No.309740

File: 11abc0c30b1fa25⋯.jpg (759.13 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, 20170819_053212.jpg)


See ya sunday morning bud

8f1403 No.309741

May Ammit and Kek bring JUSTICE to this world good luck everyone.

d3aa49 No.309746

Just got 30 dollors worth of dragon fruit you guys better be grateful

And aomeone better bring a blender for tje fruit smoothies

(And i wouldnt mind being reimbursed at least a little if you guys can spare it)

d38a93 No.309749

Do yourselves a favor and avoid Carbondale like the plague. It's half liberal university town, half Detroit.

0ef204 No.309751


that would mean twice the chance of finding some liberal weirdos or psycho cults torturing a baby or goat for some edgy ritual cheese pizza party.

0ef204 No.309752


atleast in the outskirts nearing some forests.

b6be28 No.309792


It should. I'll just bring one of the speakers

5e0e87 No.309804


Well the guy flaked sorry lad,

but i can get a 410 watt inverter is that going to be good enough? I leaving in about an hour

b6be28 No.309807


Idk but we can try

d13af5 No.309809


cool beans

and hey if it doesn't at least we'll have our phones right :^)

anyway kansas bro here, im leaving in about 20 mins so i should arrive at the camp site/parking lot at about 7:30~ 8 Am sunday morning im bringing the dragon fruit, incense the red and orange candles and also some salca a friend of mine madeits some good homegrown stuff guys holy shit, and i didn't make it so there's no cum in it i promise (and also bacon lard and my cast iron dutch oven/pans so if we want to make so actual food we can)

ill see you guys there in the morning ill post whenever i stop for gas or snacks otherwise ill be saving data for the event, look forward to meeting everyone

b6be28 No.309810

speaker lad will be there around 6-8p Sunday night

8efa40 No.309811

Mugwort Anon here, I arrived at my cedar lake site around 6, just finished setting up camp now. I am with a couple buddies of mine but they're pretty red-pilled and pretty cool about all the esoteric stuffs, though I don't think they'll join us for the ritual. I was told there is a glass blowing shop and a coffee shop in Makanda, so I will be stopping at those places for sure tomorrow, not sure what time though. Also, the sky is going to be fucking gorgeous tonight, completely clear.

c818d2 No.309821


Kansas anon here hit some rodeo traffic delays expected

103 miles out

e6287d No.309828

The time is almost nigh lads, feelin' pretty nice

it'll be nice to see ammit again, i'm sure she's excited as much as we are!

749ed2 No.309842

File: f51cf32150f0892⋯.jpg (824.56 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, 20170820_062323.jpg)


I have arrived

749ed2 No.309843

File: 3fcb03edf515005⋯.jpg (748.33 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, 20170820_062845.jpg)


Sorry i wanted to post both

749ed2 No.309844

Just waiting on you guys now i guess

749ed2 No.309848

Hey guys just got done talking with a park person

The spot op picked out is a hunting area and they dont allow overnight parking camping

Also the rules for state parks/national parks different we can do overnight camping the problem is finding over night parking so im going to see if we can find a spot near cader lake to set up camp

Sorry for the last minute hic up but we should get this work out pretty quickly

I post an update as soon as i can

Again sorry if i fucked this up a bit planning things is hard

e11b4a No.309850




Great Job Anon! It's the effort that counts, and you've certainly made it. Do what you can tomorrow. It will be alright

749ed2 No.309852


Its mostly aboit finding a camp site Which i found

Oakwood Bottom interpretive site

I think if were sneaky we can still use the hunting grounds we just all have to go in one car to avoid suspicion

749ed2 No.309853


Anyway im going to set up my camp here

And head back up to makada sometime today to hang out with you guys

749ed2 No.309856


Im camped here


And also holy fuck is it hot

487489 No.309857

Wishing you guys luck on this

t.texas anon

a3abac No.309858

File: 577522d88324398⋯.jpg (11.5 KB, 351x220, 351:220, confession.jpg)

Does Ammit forgive those that confess their sins? I have committed a grave sin months ago and it's been nagging me. I'm afraid that I won't be worthy of her grace because of it.

749ed2 No.309860


No she isnt christ

If you feel that wjat youve done has tipped the scale to much then you need to start doing good things the tip the scales back

7275f4 No.309862


I might have to dogsit for someone tomorrow, but I'll try to make it.


Where in Texas? You should come to the Meetup if you can.

8c0544 No.309863

File: 7ca258cf18f139b⋯.jpg (3.67 MB, 5312x2988, 16:9, 20170820_114242.jpg)

Mugwort anon here, I'm wandering Makanda with my buds right now, we're going to check the glassworks shop. >>309848


My campsite at cedar is in a bit of a clearing, so it might be a good substitute spot, otherwise we will be hiking around the area, may come across better clearings. I will talk to my buds and see what they say. I can guarantee one thing, the area is definitely charged. I had a UFO fly overhead of my spot last night, and I already found Kek/Heqet's presence in town.

487489 No.309864


San Antonio sadly I won't be able to make it in time to be there for it, I do hope this event happens.

48d12b No.309865

Irish anon here. Looks like there's no dragonfruit in the entirety of Dublin 12. Good luck over there in St Louis.

749ed2 No.309866


You still walking around bud?

Im actually also walking around im park infront of the of the village hall right now

749ed2 No.309867


Im in the red car next to the rv

Feel free to knock pn my window

749ed2 No.309868


Also sorry sage

749ed2 No.309869


one more thing, im in a light blue shirt with rad looking aviators

dd7d2a No.309870


We'll I'll try to be at the mall sometime around 12 or so. Might just hang out at the auntie Anne's or the chick-fil-a there.

dd7d2a No.309871


Until someone else arrives*

a7ef30 No.309872




We had to run to Carbondale quick for a walmart visit, but we're headed back afterwards. I'll be wandering through the sculpture park later, its through the back of that farthest right knick knack antique shop. I'm in a Boba Fett shirt with a green bandana and purple glasses.

749ed2 No.309874


Ill wait for you in my car park infront of the village hall

3b4955 No.309880

If you're having trouble with dragon fruit, find the closest chinese grocery. That's the way I got mine.

0d06ab No.309881


What significance does dragonfruit even have to chinese groceries, anyway?

4fb761 No.309884

I couldn't get my hands on any pomegranates where I am, unfortunately. I still got some mangos and lemons though. I plan to drive to Makanda in the early morning on the day of the eclipse - it could take me a few hours.

749ed2 No.309885


well be waiting for you buddy

(bring chips i ran out and still have to things salsa)

0d06ab No.309887

File: e17e41bdaa3524d⋯.jpg (62.53 KB, 1020x765, 4:3, lemons.jpg)


Reminder to give Ammit froots in spirit if you can't make it to the event itself.

66ac44 No.309890


One of the most common types of dragonfruit is Asian. Known as Pitaya.

749ed2 No.309891


still here

still waiting

0d06ab No.309893


>is Asian

No it isn't. The Pitaya is indigenous to the Americas as a type of cactus fruit.

a7ef30 No.309894


Just leaving wally world now, gotta stop at the campsite quick then I'm headed back down to Makanda.

749ed2 No.309895


hope ypu guya got chips for this top class dip

seeya soon bud

43a3c2 No.309898


the rv left im the red car all on its own in the hrassy fiels infront of the village hall

a7ef30 No.309899


Alright, may take me a lil bit, I'm walking from my campsite

43a3c2 No.309901


fuc dude where are you right now ill just swing by and pick.you up

0ed600 No.309902


I really hoping he's not just rusing you to make you wait forever in a parking lot.

43a3c2 No.309904


me to if he is

dick move dude dick move

cd0973 No.309905


I'm from northern parts of netherlands, according to wiki eclipse should be visible for me at sunset.

Gonna go inna woods near the coast and setup a tent. To the folk in america, may you find <JUSTICE.

Wiki states; The event will touch land on the Oregon coast as a partial eclipse at 9:06 a.m. PDT on August 21, and will end later that day as a partial eclipse along the South Carolina coast at about 4:06 p.m. EDT

43a3c2 No.309907


if hes not here by 4:30 im just going to go back to my camp and ill be back here at 6 am

9e291e No.309908


Just got service again, I'm on Jacobi road heading towards the main drag that goes through town, i think its 51. Sorry its taking a bit

43a3c2 No.309910

got it old highway 51


43a3c2 No.309911


if ypu got a street numbers it help out

are you coming down the long twisty road?

9e291e No.309912


Yeah, just walked past dead mans curve lane, I'll update next road I see

9e291e No.309913


Just passing 1655N spring hill lane now

43a3c2 No.309915


kk at deadmans curve now

plotting new root

9e291e No.309916


Passing flamm orchards right now

f822ce No.309917

I hope you've all done your rituals, boys. I just finished mine.

803be8 No.309918

File: c4dd6398fd14101⋯.jpg (26.56 KB, 670x368, 335:184, Starfruit.jpg)


Would the Starfruit/Carambola count?

7b218a No.309922


Aren't you guys doing that shit on the Eclipse? Or is there some pre-ritual shit going on?

f822ce No.309924


Dunno, I'm not even in America. I just did my own ritual.

Slit my finger and drew the heart and feather on my chest, prostrated for 11 seconds and said my waifu's name. Complete improvisation, as you might guess.

0d06ab No.309925


Of course it would. It has seeds.

0d06ab No.309926


I don't think Ammit actually approves of blood rituals like that, anon. She probably appreciates the zeal, but that's more along the lines of her friend Ebola-chan's thing instead.

7b218a No.309927

Oh boi anons I'm not prepared at all. I've just fapped for one, so I guess my orgone energy or whatever is down. Beyond that I'm largely unrepentant for all of my "sins". I've barely done any meditation or yogic shit. I haven't sorted myself out basically. I don't got a clean room for Kek or Ammit, and you know what I don't care. Don't get me wrong, I'm not down with Moloch/Yahweh (Funny how Moloch doesn't need a spell-check but Kek and Ammit do) either, but I really just wanna be left alone. Just because a being that compared to us is god-like, doesn't mean their opinion on how we should live our lives is any more objective then any randie on the street's opinion. Beyond that remember everything will come around again, remember this.

0d06ab No.309928

File: 12e37fa9e4cab25⋯.png (64.37 KB, 641x251, 641:251, ron paul birthday.png)

Happening Man's birthday is today, one day before the eclipse.

98d19e No.309929


Yeah, i kinda feel the same as you. Been fapping as usual, don't have an alter prepared unless a hand-drawn sigil, some mandarins, and a glass of passionfruit infused wine would count and i'm sure all the robot posting and treating myself like crap i've done before wouldn't be looked upon well. Also, i'm still kindy shaky on the whole meditation stuff. I get weird vibes or whatever the hell when I close my eyes and focus, but otherwise not sure what i'm doing.

61b95d No.309930

Irishanon here, I remembered that I got an apple tree from a very obscure apple breed that might be in fruit. They're not too tasty but I'm sure they'll do the job.

7b218a No.309932


Hey man you're more prepared than me with a ritual prepared, I did very little but meditate in a half-assed way a few times. I mean I'd be willing to pledge fealty to a god but not Ammit, Kek, or Moloch/Yahweh. I don't want to follow Ammit and co. because I have no interest in waifus or monstergirls. I don't want to follow Kek and the rest of the Ogdoad because I'm not a big fan of his current most fervent worshipers and according to them he wouldn't accept me anyway because I'm a "degenerate". I don't want to even fucking touch anything or anyone to do with Moloch/Yahweh, for reasons I'm sure you know very well. I don't know, some god that meshed well with my current lifestyle would be nice, as I'm very lazy and stubborn. Not a good combo at all for changing yourself. Plus I'd kinda like there to be actual immediate benefits from worshiping the god, like powers or some shit. Although if you're an Ammitist yourself, I'd say you've really got to step it up, for me I haven't committed to any higher power yet, so I have a slight bit more of a "excuse" if you will. No offense is meant by that though, just a warning, becasue the punishment for failing the scale test is apparently getting devoured by her and put into a formless void for eternity. Although taking into account things like "pregnant voids" that might be a good thing for you, who knows?

0ef204 No.309935


just watch the shitshow. cook some burgers or something.

hopefully something big happens tommorow involving richfags being pedos, or the biggest wildcard being trump getting shot at or killed by some NGO.

7b218a No.309936


I'm not going to the ritual unfortunately, but I will be in the path of totality. I believe that the entities many anons have contacted are 4th dimensional entities, as in a 4th geometric axis not some hippy dippy shit. There apparent god-like nature is simply due to them having at least one extra spacial axis to work, therefore being infinitely more complex than us, just like we would be to a two-dimensional creature. I also believe in an infinite variety of afterlives, and the afterlife isn't typically the final destination either in my opinion. I believe the 4th dimensional beings might have some insight into our "souls", for lack of a better term, and how to gather and manipulate them. I guess the "souls" in this instance would be whatever information makes up us. The only thing 'll be doing is hoping that the Eclipse Glasses I got aren't faulty and getting excited about potential happenings.

0d06ab No.309940


>because I have no interest in waifus or monstergirls

But then how did you even get here?

7b218a No.309941


I like looking at other people's beliefs.

0d06ab No.309942


>and put into a formless void for eternity

I don't know if the Matango Pit and/or lake of fire count as formless.

7b218a No.309943


What this Mantango Pit? This is first time I've heard of it. I suppose it's your version of hell. As for the lake of fire, why do you even bring that up? You guys are pagans right? Or is it like a lot of those fucking Wiccans with Christianity somehow fuzing with completely non-christian heretical beliefs? Because I'd say that in most cases, that's bullshit. You can't have both Ammit and Jesus in your heart it's one or the other.

4bbceb No.309944


In doing mine tonight the best I can

7b218a No.309946



Unless of course your mixing those two together in the vein of perennial philosophy, which is actually acceptable and reasonable.

0d06ab No.309947


>As for the lake of fire, why do you even bring that up?

Christianity isn't the only religion to have fiery areas in their afterlife. Ammit is portrayed as being by a lake of fire in an amount of egyptian lore. As for the Matango Pit, it's something that started off as a joke based on what a lot of people here and other places that talk about monster girls have described as being the worst monster girl (the matango). But it's also something believed to be turned into a punishment area in the afterlife by Ammit later, to fit in line with Ammit's love for her followers to the point where she's willing to build upon our jokes like this and let us have an amount of say over how sinners are punished in the afterlife, even if the real Matango Pit might be more mildew-related than actually consisting of being continually raped by matango girls.

7b218a No.309948


I know that. Jebus man, you have a huge ego if you think you or anyone, even your gods, has the right to punish eternally for a finite crime. I suppose I better find a patron god stat to protect my ass from your meme hell, if any of this is even real.

0d06ab No.309949


I never even said eternally, in all honesty. We're not even sure if said punishments are necessarily eternal as of yet, frankly.

7b218a No.309950


All right, sorry. I just presumed so becasue that's what I'm used to from the Abrahamic faiths.

6c5905 No.309951


Just remember kek embodies chaos and chaos isn't all bad, it's change itself. Remember this is change so kek is in a way part of this entire ordeal. Don't bother with kekistani faggots, they're project chanology tier, in fact the entire thing is chanology 2.0

de1f26 No.309953

Speakeranon here

Can someone drop a google maps needle for me? I'm in town

7b218a No.309954


Kekistan is bullshit that makes no sense for a chaos god in the first place. It's not Kek I have a problem with so much as his current biggest fans on 8chan pol.

6c5905 No.309955


those guys are retards. chaos doesn't care. chaos is what it is

7b218a No.309956


How would you even worship something like that though? I suppose rituals are somewhat out of the question.

43a3c2 No.309957

File: dcf77b809c76350⋯.jpg (573.96 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, 15032805202732122754551.jpg)

we cozy now bros

de1f26 No.309958

Where is everyone at? I'm blindly driving around right now

7b218a No.309959


Have fun you goys. Try not to get everyone in that fine town raped now.

7b218a No.309960


Aren't they at the same camping spot shown in the OP? Or did they chose another one since then?

43a3c2 No.309962


no.no over night camping allowed thwre turns out

put this into ypur Google nav


a33f5d No.309963

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Disregard him, pierce the heavens with your dick!

7b218a No.309965



Ya see that mate? Type it in. I'm not in the area myself but I'm still going to the path of totality tomorrow, I'm practically on the border.

6c5905 No.309967


chaos is just change. embrace the coming change of monster girls


TTGL is shit

f0be67 No.309968


Not only that, some anons were saying that the heavy heart was more about anons being too weak to accept themselves. As in, they hate themselves,are personally unfulfilled, and are spiritually ignorant/stunted. In other words, weighing the heart could be like the test at the end of someone's path of inner alchemy. Though, I honestly don't know what she actually wants.

a3abac No.309969

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Thread theme

43a3c2 No.309970



where ars you at right now?

7b218a No.309971


I kinda expected the AMV to be a lot less gay than it was. Very dissapointed in you lad.


I'm up for whatever really mang, as long as what we're headed towards isn't permanent either. So I'm with Kek on that.


I honestly don't really know if I accept myself or not. It depends on the day I guess. As long as it isn't eternal, though, it's fine either way.

7b218a No.309972


South Carolina


I don't fucking understand this video or song. In this context or any.

43a3c2 No.309973


sorry i ment the anon driving around aimlessly

7b218a No.309974



Fuck posted too soon. Yeah she says total eclipse of the heart in there how is that-oh, I see.

138dfc No.309975

Ammitism more like autism

7b218a No.309976


I figured as much. Just wanted to mess with ya a little because you replied to my comment. No harm done mate.

7b218a No.309977


Hey, don't diss autism mate. Anyway what the fuck are you going to be doing tomorrow?

a3abac No.309978



Yeah, the song is called Total Eclipse Of The Heart. The music video is shit, but the song is relevant enough for the thread.

43a3c2 No.309980


sall good nearlyout of the kindling i collected

if he doesntshow soon my nice little fires going to be nothing but embers

hurry dude bring camp firerablez

138dfc No.309984


I'll be traviling up to Kansas city, Missouri with my family to get a better view of the eclipse and to meet up with some complicated relatives of mine. It sound like it will all be nice and comfy.

0ed600 No.309985


Nice, wish I could have came but its just too far away, managed to get into the path of totality though.

a33f5d No.309986


Your taste is shit.

a3abac No.309987


I'm gonna be missing it all. Flying home to Houston from New Jersey tomorrow. Bless you guys who get to meet Ammit.

0d06ab No.309988


Jokes on you, the religion was purposely named that so that that exact pun would be easy to make and give all of this increased publicity as a result.

98d19e No.309989

So my plan tomorrow is pretty much this.

>Put down a hand-drawn sigil of Ammit on my table. Not a very good drawing but it's something.

>Put some mandarins on a plate next to the sigil. I think 3 would be ok for an offering.

>Pour a glass of passionfruit moscato and also place it next to the sigil also as an offering.

>Meditate or at least try to.

>Drive out to a more empty spot in the path of totality.

>Wait for the eclipse to start.

>Do some glances every now and then. Didn't get fancy eclipse glasses so I'll just use my regular shades.

>When the sun is completely eclipsed, stare at it and give a prayer to Ammit and probably Reitia too. Not sure exactly what to say though. Doubt they'd really want to hear from a nobody like me.

>Once the eclipse ends and some happenng didn't happen, drive back home and do some more meditation.

Anything else I should probably do? Also, what exactly do you do with the offerings of fruit and/or booze afterwards?

f0be67 No.309990


Holy shit lad.

43a3c2 No.309991


well it jusy about 10 oclock

imma let the fire die and imma stop posting becausei want to be up brightand early to get to site and set up what i can

just bexause we cant do over night parking/camping doesnt mean we can do early morning "hiking"

0d06ab No.309992


>give a prayer to Ammit and probably Reitia too

I'd also recommend a prayer to Ebola-chan along with that.

69406b No.309993

File: b1723eb202d3fb6⋯.jpg (617.88 KB, 2448x3264, 3:4, shrine to the waifulord.jpg)

I decided to create an autism shrine. I would make a more ostentatious one but I don't want my family to know I'm insane.

a3abac No.309994


Have a good night, Anon

de1f26 No.309995

Tfw got here right after everyone went to bed

Oh well, I'll find you in the morning

61b95d No.310000


Ammit is the goddess of Love and JUSTICE. The reasons to pray to her are for the hope that your waifu will eventually come to you and the other is to pray that JUSTICE befalls those who deserve it. Through belief, you gain the desire to keep your heart on the lighter end of the scale. Your heart can be burdened by sin and regret but one can lift that sin by seeking to be righteous, and helping make sure JUSTICE prevails. Fruits make good offerings and seeking redemption is the first step to lightening ones heart.

The other Goddess /monster/ acknowledges is Reitia, whose spheres govern Love, Marraige and Fertility. To Reitia, a love between two souls is blessed and should be celebrated. Followers would tend to be those who seek a loving family to raise. Do not lewd the Reitia, for her desire is to unite people in love, rather than people with herself. She handles very little afterlife business, preferring to instead foster love in this earthly plane.


Do the invocation ritual from here too if you need inspiration:


Don't forget, the concept is memes. Stuff that is relevant to Ammit is more powerful than stuff that is just ritualistic in nature. This is why sigils are used, because we assign meanings to them. So you should pick objects that you feel are relevant to Ammit in particular.

98d19e No.310002

>>310000 (checked)

>seeking redemption is the first step to lightening ones heart.

I get the strong feeling that i'm probably going to be screwed no matter what. I honestly bet that upon truly meeting Ammit, first thing she'd do would be to not even judge me but immediately just tear my heart out and incinerate my body. She'd be 100% in the right.

There are people who are probably too far gone, too much of worthless nobodies to even be worth considering redeeming. How do you even do that anyway?

7b218a No.310003


Look at it this way mate. Whenever a predator eats it's prey, that prey becomes a part of the predator. They say Ammit will make use of your "wasted" virtues, so in a way part of you is becoming one with her. Besides Egyptians believed in a soul with many parts, the heart of which only symbolized one.

98d19e No.310008


Fuck, All I want is a nice house in the countryside with a loving kikimora waifu that'll make me feel like i'm worth something. Also for my parents to feel proud of me.

I suppose that's asking too much though. Either way, I want something to happen tomorrow.

7b218a No.310009


Welp, it's tomorrow.

15c423 No.310010


I see you too carry a copy of the old testament.

7275f4 No.310011


Have you considered Discordianism or the Church of the SubGenius? There's also Baneposting, Ebola-chan and friends, or /sp/'s pantheon if you don't want to stray too far from imageboards.

69406b No.310012


I also had a question. Can I eat the fruit afterwards? I can't help but feel like it would be somewhat disrespectful to do so. Or maybe that's just me.

7b218a No.310013


Nah, not really. Maybe I should, although all things considered Kek might not be all that much of a problem to worship, like at all. It's just I wouldn't be a mainstream Kekist, which is probably in the spirit of the god. /sp/ has a pantheon?

8fbc63 No.310014

Eclipse Recon -

Hi, I live in the path of the total eclipse but want to be closer to the epicenter tomorrow.

I drove 40(?) minutes today from my house to Cerulean, KY, where the epicenter of the eclipse will be:

- There is nothing there but farmer fields and the actual epicenter is in the middle of this corn-field where it will probably be off limits.

- People are charging from $25.00 to $65.00 to park in their yards.

- There are lots of areas that are taped off with "Private Property, No trespassing" red tape and all that. Kind of gay, if you ask me.

I also drove to Hopkinsville, KY:

- Hopkinsville, KY was not as "Hoppin'" as I thought it would be.

- They have a festival there in Hopkinsville, so there are like 2 live bands.

- There is also an anniversary (I can't remember how many years ago) that little green men abducted a family on the 21st of August a while back. Maybe that's what the festival is for - the little green men festival. I can't be sure.

- Center of Hopkinsville is cordoned off to pedestrians only. Hopkinsville is normally a very boring hole in the ground and whatever history it has might only be as old as the civil war.

fcafc3 No.310016

well i just learned i cant go camping

because i get horrible panic attacks for no reason so i just broke camp and i guess ill just go for a drive to walmart or something idk i need to cool off for a while


see you guys tomorrow

Ammit bless

7275f4 No.310023


Wade Davis, Wadina Davis, Bonzi Buddy, and probably a few others I know nothing about. The main form of worship for them is stealing GETs.

d2edfa No.310024

File: efc7ac6fcc28e6a⋯.gif (131.11 KB, 222x533, 222:533, Justice.gif)

Dawn Of

The Final Day

-24 Hours Remain-

Godspeed you glorious autists.

dd7d2a No.310025


If you dont have the eclipse glasses dont stare at the sun. You'll go blind even if it's with sunglasses on.


I recall when we had doll anon and Emile around Kek was described as somewhat untrustworthy and out for his own ends. If you worship him, make sure it's anonymous because it seems whenever you dont something happens. Like that one guy who broke his wrist immediately after praising Kek.


Robot. Youve seemed to have improved since you first started posting. Just remember it's not over until it's over. It is never too late to change. We all have trouble like you.i myself had thoughts telling me to sell my soul to the devil when I was a Christian. Now it's that whenever I pick up a knife or pair of scissors that I should cut my own heart. I nearly went insane over it. As well as some other deviancy I still struggle with from time to time. But the point I'm trying to make is that so long as you never give up on yourself it's never too late to fix your mistakes or problems.

de1f26 No.310026


Odd, I couldn't sleep either

Not sure if it was nerves, but I'm headed to Carbondale

fcafc3 No.310027


i just got back to the oakbottom grounds now that ive cooled off s bit ill try get somesleep in my car unless you want to meet up someplace that lets us park over nights

ccd3d5 No.310028


Pretty sure it's a combination of me working night shift and attempting to sleep in a car

See you tomorrow

e6287d No.310030

File: 1baaf1f6964332d⋯.jpg (86.33 KB, 482x329, 482:329, 1baaf1f6964332df5585cf5062….jpg)

Had my designated religious experience 5 minutes ago

>take a shower

>turn off lights and sit in front of my shrine

>blah blah invoke etc

>i flop over backwards on the ground

>hear voice greeting me

>introduce myself and my reason for being there etc

>i give some of my energy not pleasant

>voice thanks me in a very roundabout fashion, and apologizes for the "ordeal"

>tell her i'm going to go for a while

<good to see you, anon

>later, alligator

>i kind of fall into a stupor for a minute and then turn on the lights and stumble to my computer and write this

apologies if this is written a bit vaguely. i feel pretty drained obviously, and i was in a pretty meditative state during the time ammit's aura is warm, but i'm always left feeling colder with its absence

ccd3d5 No.310032


If you end up not being able to sleep, I'll be walking around walmart aimlessly for a few hours

fcafc3 No.310033


well see what happans

f822ce No.310034

I've still got this sigil drawn on my chest

Should I was it off or keep it for the entire 21st?

dd7d2a No.310035


Well washing it away would break the charge I think. Iirc similar magic works partly on forgetting about the sigil after you've charged it. So basically what you should do is wear normal clothing over it and not pay attention to it. Because focusing on it will charge a sigil but it actually works in an "out of mind" fashion

e6287d No.310036


whatever floats your boat i reckon, but i think keeping it on would be a nice touch

4fb761 No.310038

I think I'll make it to Makanda village around 8am or earlier today. I'm still not sleeping properly since arriving and I keep thinking it's possibly just a combination of jet lag, body clock screwing around and the general insanity of this whole affair. Not that it's a bad thing, mind you.

To the anon who asked for chips, any preferred brand you want? Can't promise anything but will see to getting something on my way to Makanda.

4fb761 No.310039


*Makanda village hall/community center. I need to check before I post often.

3ee3c0 No.310040

I'm not in the US, and don't think I'd have the balls to do what you autists are doing even if I was.

Good luck lads.

b30d6d No.310042

File: 5f61d3ced17c2ff⋯.jpg (36.9 KB, 400x392, 50:49, 1502314258187.jpg)


>later, alligator

ccd3d5 No.310043

Alright, I'm heading back to camp. I *should* be able to sleep now

Knock on wood

ccd3d5 No.310044

Oh, and before I sleep

I brought some Weihen Stephaner Weißbrau for celebration after the rituals

d0413f No.310046

Any SCfags have details on upstate sc? Would Greenville make us want to contemplate suicide?

fcafc3 No.310051

rise and shine lines it the dawn of the final day

ccd3d5 No.310052

I'm gonna get headed over to the trade post. I'm wearing a grey hoodie and combat boots

0d06ab No.310053


>She handles very little afterlife business

That doesn't sound accurate, especially since she has to do with death and might be a psychopomp as well.

0d06ab No.310054


You could stretch things and say they worship Ganesha considering which Patriots team member also worships him.

0d06ab No.310055


>If you worship him, make sure it's anonymous because it seems whenever you dont something happens.

This. I can't even begin to imagine how fucked the Kekistani autists are. Funny enough, that shit has been more successful than anything in reducing Kek worship on 8ch.

0d06ab No.310056


>Now it's that whenever I pick up a knife or pair of scissors that I should cut my own heart.

You should look up "intrusive thoughts".

0d06ab No.310057


What does her voice sound like, anon?

98d19e No.310059


Haven't been to Greenville yet. Only been here a month. Fort Mill is nice and where i'm living. I'm going to head to Sumter national park to watch. Seems empty enough.

fcafc3 No.310060

ok at the agreed appone ritual site

instead if tramping off into da woods juat go to thw little hook.at the end of the hunting area

im going to go take a look around and find a good out of the way spot to get it set up in

f0be67 No.310061


Anon, the start of my spiritual path was filled with intrusive thoughts and OCD like you had that would literally keep me up all night. No matter how bad those thoughts are, you have got to accept them. It's the only way to deal with them. They aren't meant to be ignored or run from. It's like the mind itself has a way of forcing you to face you inner problems and insecurities. Who knows, maybe Ammit herself is influencing them?

fcafc3 No.310062

File: 2951ebdb56a0071⋯.jpg (2.32 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, 1503317493750159415530.jpg)


be here brothers ive found the site

ill be waiting in the parking lot at the agreed on location

fcafc3 No.310064


hint im in the red 4door

ccd3d5 No.310065

Just making sure, we're still doing the ritual in the OP location?

fcafc3 No.310066

fcafc3 No.310067


were meeting in the parking lot be there by 930 so we can get everything set uo by 11 and start performing the ritual by 1230

418d9e No.310070


I managed to clear up my schedule, so I'll be there.

6747da No.310072

The locusts are attacking my car lol

Yahweh's tryna spook us

a604e5 No.310073

File: 4836c491acc0441⋯.jpg (6.25 MB, 5312x2988, 16:9, 20170821_084400.jpg)

Due to time tables and my buds splitting up after the eclipse, thus severely limiting my ride options back home, I don't think I can make it to the ritual. However, I've left my offerings at my campsite, and the site itself may work as a substitute ritual spot if need be. I will be praying and doing mantras during the eclipse to help provide energy. Coordinates are 37.598966, -89.252347. Keep left on the gravel road. I hung up paracord at the start of the trail.

7a7e71 No.310075

File: bf8f76f1449a252⋯.png (1.63 MB, 931x859, 931:859, 1503323979959.png)

heres the finalized location btw get here at 930 10 am

7a7e71 No.310076



well we'll miss ya root anon

i better not be the only dude to show up i swear to Ammit

a604e5 No.310077

File: 5b29d7d23eaad30⋯.jpg (7.67 MB, 5312x2988, 16:9, 20170821_084617.jpg)

This is on the road to the campsite, notice Kek and father time?

6747da No.310080


There's at least two of us here right now

I'm getting some bad omens though

7a7e71 No.310081



ill drive ddown as soon as you give the all clear its only 11 mins away

you sure you cant get them to stick around for the eclipse?

they don't have to go to the ritual they can just hang in the parking lot well.keep our autistic ramblingtill we're out of earshot

7a7e71 No.310082


what do you mean bud?

6747da No.310083


I couldn't sleep plast night, but dozed off for an hour, and saw a vision of Egypt burning

Now locusts are violently throwing themselves at my car

On the day of an eclipse

6747da No.310084


Too many biblical coincidences for my liking

7a7e71 No.310085



yeah the flys here. are pretty bad

do not lose faitgh anon

its just fly girls wanting your dick :^)

7a7e71 No.310087


btw are you in the red car or the gray car?

dd7d2a No.310088


Excellent. I'll be hanging out around the Chick-fil-A. I'll be there around 11 or so I hope. Will be wearing blue jeans and an orange polo and will probably be writing in a journal or reading something on a blue iPad

a604e5 No.310089

File: 3513dc02d5416ef⋯.jpg (7.09 MB, 5312x2988, 16:9, 20170821_083725.jpg)


Thanks, I wish I could be of more help. May Ammit and Reitia bless us and guide us on this powerful day.


I can try, but they wanted to head a bit aways for a more wide open view, and my ride is leaving home immediately after.

Here's where I left my offerings by the way.

7a7e71 No.310090



do you wany me to go get them now thenm

a604e5 No.310091


Go for it. I'd stay parked on the gravel and walk the rest of the trail to the spot, you'll cross a stream into a clearing, that's where its left. Also, there are three incense matches in the bag with sage and mugwort, burn them about a third to half before waving them out to smolder. The scent is called Our Goddess of Egypt. Seemed fitting.

20b853 No.310093

5 bucks say that /monster/ autism doesn't trigger a waifu age, but a third impact.

dd7d2a No.310094



Forgot to mention, I will be responding to the name stone if you're uncertain it's me or someone else.

7a7e71 No.310098


go down near kek right?

a604e5 No.310100


Yeah, keep following the gravel path to the bottom of the hill, you should see the trail and the paracord I hung up on the right.

4f77eb No.310101


I'll be wearing a black t shirt, blue jeans, and a green cap.

0d06ab No.310103


Sounds more like YHVH is trying to scare you out of his own current fears. Try telling the locusts to leave you be in Ammit's name.

0d06ab No.310106



Another thing, given a lot of the various lore on him, Mastema might be a being that can be considered the brains behind much of the violent and evil shit YHVH has done throughout history/myth. Naming Mastema might be as important as naming the jew in the long run.

0d06ab No.310111



Keep in mind, confession was a primarily jewish-originated rite that wasn't even used in Christianity until after at least a few centuries, possibly even a millennium if I'm remembering right.

0d06ab No.310113

File: 11fa8a6ad8217cf⋯.png (905.46 KB, 909x651, 303:217, Ammut red anon statue.PNG)


Try to ask her to let you take a picture of her front, a picture of her left side, a picture of her back, and a picture of her right side. If you do this, and post said pics here, it gives us the ability to later use said pictures to commission a sculpture of her. I remember very clearly that there was a site that made sculptures for you based on you sending them pictures in that set format.

0ef204 No.310114

File: 9a730b423dc01e7⋯.png (48.46 KB, 660x354, 110:59, lovecraft.png)


I hope we get a big chimpact, because last night was HP lovecrafts birthday.

bdee10 No.310115

Nothing will happen but it'll look pretty.

7b4975 No.310116

File: d85810608801a8e⋯.jpg (37.03 KB, 782x577, 782:577, 1348387667317.jpg)


Even if nothing happens everyone getting hyped feels pretty comfy

20b853 No.310118


I retract my shitty joke, you guys have my support.

I'll meditate and send you my energy, genkidama style.

Anything for a cute Shoggoth waifu.

4c945f No.310119


Oh wow. Synchronicty, I just posted The Compleat Lovecraftian Bar Guide last night in a coffee addled haze. Some illicit substances in the ingredients.


ca870c No.310120

Is it cloudy over in Illinois? There's a pretty bad overcast here in Missouri.

efb3cf No.310121

Let there be Dragons or let there be death!

0e6d1d No.310122

Best of luck, you crazy, crazy bastards.

1dacf1 No.310123

Godspeed you glorious bastards

f98eee No.310124

File: 48839a693ef6eae⋯.jpg (2.82 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 1503332352372563643597.jpg)

11 candles, a poorly hand-drawn copy of the heart and feather, and a stack of all /monster/ materials I own, that being a copy of the MGE, and the first volumes of Monster Musume, Monster Nurse Hitomi, and 12 Beast. Anything else I could use to spruce up a small shrine?

I've started feeling that election day feeling in my gut too, from when Trump was elected and everyone was cheering him on and giving him their energy. Its a nice feeling, it feels like meme magic.

f0be67 No.310125


Honestly, Mastema is the bastard who goes out and threatens people who leave Christianity, so they return out of fear. He's still just one of Yawheh's servants.

efb3cf No.310128


Perhaps it may be so, I like the shrine.

418d9e No.310129



You running late or what?

0d06ab No.310130

File: 4876a1f47706c1d⋯.jpg (511.58 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Churio pls.jpg)




Are you really sure about that, anon? It's like he's the man behind the jew.

On an unrelated note, Churio seems to have come to celebrate the eclipse.

a604e5 No.310131

Now remember, the eclipse is going to cause powerful reverberations, we may not see immediate effects, but things are going to get stranger and more wild as each day after the eclipse passes. Days that already had a charge are going to be overflowing with energy, Halloween for example is going to be extremely energetic.

The eclipse has just started.

e1e0de No.310132

File: c588421c255b2c4⋯.jpg (863.89 KB, 2560x1536, 5:3, 20170821_114913.jpg)

Hopefully ammit will be pleased with us brothers.

bdee10 No.310133

f0be67 No.310135


Yeah, I'm pretty sure of it. I've read accounts of pagans who have been persecuted by him for leaving Christianity. He drives people who dropped to be Christianity back to Yaweh. He only seems to go for people who are still fearful of damnation. Tbh, most angels do this. And so do Christianized Djin. I wouldn't be suprised if there are angels or Djin trying to fuck with the anons in Makanda.

f0be67 No.310137


This, tbh.

Anons, if you don't see any huge effect right away during the ritual, don't let it kill your faith.

ab5ecb No.310139

File: 10e908b814b250d⋯.jpg (545 KB, 1008x714, 24:17, @_by_spoom (Pixiv ID 63048….jpg)


>Halloween for example is going to be extremely energetic.

<I always spent it watching horror movies all night.

<My face when this time a monster waifu will ring my doorbell.

Praise Ammit

0585ec No.310140

If any anons are around the lakeline mall and want to talk I'll still be here for another hour or two

efb3cf No.310141

I just lit a candle and put a bouquet of flowers next to it at a safe distance. Ammit bless you all.

0d06ab No.310142


>I've read accounts of pagans who have been persecuted by him for leaving Christianity.

You what? Link us to some of them.


>went and ate a lime and a couple watermelon slices just now for froot acknowledgement

>coincidentally finished eating at 1:11 PM

0d06ab No.310143

File: 4e8271d57479777⋯.png (2.65 MB, 1845x1217, 1845:1217, seshenet.png)


What kind of flowers?

5f3f86 No.310144

File: bf2cdf8272bcd12⋯.jpg (3.81 MB, 4128x3096, 4:3, shrine.jpg)

Sadly dont have much to offer except for some meager fruits and some alcohol. Please tell me alcohol is okay

efb3cf No.310145


Roses, Daisies, and Lilies. There is another type of flower I do not know.

6747da No.310146

File: 07226c7c978691c⋯.jpg (3.83 MB, 3264x1836, 16:9, 20170821_121627.jpg)

Makanda team checking in

It's kinda hard to see it, but we got the star up

We'll start once the eclipse hits 50%

0d06ab No.310147


Alcohol is definitely okay, souls that passed the heartweighing would get to drink sweet ale with the gods afterwards in egyptian lore.

5f3f86 No.310148


>sweet alcohol

good thing i used a very sweet alcohol then.

Are there any prayers i could do infront of my little shrine?

0d06ab No.310149

File: 993d8441a0dceba⋯.jpg (1.43 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, image.jpg)

Drew her sigil. May Ammit smile upon all of you as well as myself.

0d06ab No.310150


This is a happy time of us coming together, so maybe pray for her to smile upon us and wish her happiness in return.

5761a5 No.310151

left an offering of homemade bread and some fruit outside under a tree. didn't make a sigil because I can't draw my way out of a paper bag, but I offered a prayer.

it should be enough, right?

ca8533 No.310152

Hey guys, I'm on a plane right now and have alter set up. Is it okay to at least draw the sigil?

f0be67 No.310153


Nigga, I don't know where to find those links. One was by a satanist, who was mentoring someone that was terrorized by Mastema that converted back to Christianity and dropped all occult practice. Others were random chaos magicians and traditionalist pagans. It was mostly chaos magicians. All I know is that he coerces former Christians back to Christianity, assuming they give in to him.


What time is that going to be, you think? I'm gonna start my ritual down here when you guys start up.

ca8533 No.310154


*have no alter set up

f0be67 No.310156


That's fine anon. As long as you had the intent for it to go to her.

efb3cf No.310157

I made a crappy sigil, but my whole house is an offering to Ammit

6747da No.310158


Total eclipse is estimated at 1330 cst

0d06ab No.310159


Go ahead and draw it, anon.

efb3cf No.310161

Should I print a picture of my favorite Monster guys?

0d06ab No.310162


Do it so long as you mean you'll print out a picture of your favorite monster and not your favorite monster guys.

1de61e No.310163

How long should we keep the offerings up? I'm going to have to leave my house during the eclipse, and I don't wanna leave any lit candles alone at home or have someone walk in just toss it in the trash.

efb3cf No.310164

File: 3613c1ee7a8ef64⋯.jpg (26.42 KB, 500x514, 250:257, Ok.jpg)

4f77eb No.310166

Lakeline meetup went alright.

f98eee No.310167


I've got the same problem. I plan to say a quick prayer before leaving and then again when the eclipse actually happens.

1de61e No.310168


I'm nor in the eclipse line, but I'll see some partial coverage, but I think I'll be able to make an offering during the total eclipse time.

3e19be No.310169


>yeah but it might be a good idea to also have something planned at a site where the barrier was already weakened once



I presume you people know what you are doing.

Care to expound on the "barrier" thingie?

496159 No.310170

I suck at drawing, hopefully it'll be good enough though

3e19be No.310171


>What i'm strongly conviced of is that what we need is a final solution to goad us on to move towards greener pastures.

You better prepare for it whether you like it or not. It is going to be bloody.

85b643 No.310173


1de61e No.310174

Who knows, maybe a portal will open up this time.

7b4975 No.310175


Apparently this eclipse signifies the "veil" getting weaker. Now that could mean fucking anything, if it's happening at all:

>We're going SEL and the Internet is becoming reality

>Magic will progressively get stronger from now on

>The old ones start spreading their influence like it's an HP Lovecraft story

Basically, it's a mystery box: IT COULD BE ANYTHING including something horrifying. But we're in 8chan, consequences aren't the same here as in the rest of the world

8e2e37 No.310176

The time is coming here in the middle of the US. Praise be.

2728c0 No.310177

Is anyone taking pictures of it or what?

20b853 No.310178

Take pictures please.

Makes visualising easier.

9a40a7 No.310179



Of the eclipse itself or the altars etc?

3e10b6 No.310180

File: 37a3129d0202a32⋯.jpg (1.44 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, IMG_3086.JPG)

How is this for a sigil?

efb3cf No.310181


I like it, nicer than mine

85b643 No.310182

File: 3db79897538aa47⋯.jpg (51.6 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, IMG_0926.JPG)

File: f5ced9f30a486d3⋯.jpg (66.2 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, IMG_0927.JPG)

From a telescope.

0d06ab No.310183

File: 5b51566c5302437⋯.png (25.42 KB, 643x164, 643:164, almost no black people.png)


20b853 No.310184


Both, please.

3e10b6 No.310185


Thanks, drawing Godzilla for so long is starting to pay off.

9a40a7 No.310186


If you want to see the eclipse just watch the nasa livestream or something

7b4975 No.310187

File: 6122df2900115dd⋯.jpg (38.26 KB, 1016x1036, 254:259, sigil.jpg)

>Draw sigil

>Put a nice apple next to it

>Happy about it

>Realize I drew it next to my horse drawing studies

Ammit I'm okay with any monstergirl, but could you please bring something more practical if possible? I live on a 5th floor



0d06ab No.310189


Keep in mind, there is at least one bipedal horsepussy in myth known as the Kelpie. If you have scottish ancestry you might end up with one.

efb3cf No.310190

I'm hearing people saying that they're seeing Venus, is this a sign?

0585ec No.310191


Lovecraft and Ron Paul both had their birthdays yesterdaynow that I think about that, we may be dooming the world

0d06ab No.310192


What, you mean the planet?

efb3cf No.310193

7b4975 No.310194

File: 88198e5d95c92fd⋯.jpg (20.67 KB, 361x250, 361:250, bob page.jpg)


>we may be dooming the world

Why contain it?


0d06ab No.310195


Then I have no idea, we dislike the Greco-Roman pantheon for a reason but I don't know how tightly the pantheon is actually tied to the planets.

1de61e No.310196

File: 23060d22c818e57⋯.jpg (3.18 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, my altar.jpg)

An attempt was made, anons. I hope Ammit likes it.

f2b92d No.310197

File: 8dcffbdc57b9371⋯.png (150.17 KB, 600x491, 600:491, IMG_1946.PNG)

>This whole debacle.


9a40a7 No.310198


What did you expect would happen?

0d06ab No.310199



>saging in a thread past bump limit

In addition, Aux's get did say we'd wake up with baphs AFTER the eclipse.

f0be67 No.310200


Like has been said, give it some time. Expect a whole lot more meme magic than we've ever seen before.

1de61e No.310201


Don't be such a negative nancy, anon.

1091aa No.310202

File: 06f1d40329f987b⋯.jpg (420.75 KB, 1512x2016, 3:4, 20170821_134901.jpg)

I drew some amature stuff in favor of the eclipse. didnt feel right not doing anything and this set me straight. Prase be her thighs

69406b No.310203


>He expected waifus to rain from the sky

That's not how it works, mang

a4f79a No.310204






>Giving the tumblrtaleposter life sustaining (you)s

0d06ab No.310205

File: 751c618e160827c⋯.png (70.82 KB, 450x500, 9:10, ammit.png)

File: 51ef38cc3a2250f⋯.jpg (26.39 KB, 651x205, 651:205, Ammit lying.jpg)


That pic reminds me, I wish we had a hieroglyph-style pic of Ammit in her monster girl form.

1091aa No.310206


Thats a pretty interesting idea

What would she be doing? sitting on a throne? or ?

0d06ab No.310207


A throne could work. With her drawn as much taller than whatever followers might be gathered before her, especially since the importance of different beings in Egyptian lore was emphasized using size.

4f77eb No.310208


Either we make it all better or we let this nightmare finally come to a close once and for all.

0d06ab No.310209

File: 13243c730ac6181⋯.png (2.67 KB, 925x24, 925:24, 3pm 8 21.PNG)

Hey, our UIDs are back over 200 again. Looks like the eclipse did something for us after all.

fca9e4 No.310210

I don't know about you fuckers, but I contributed to the blood price.

0d06ab No.310211


Elaborate, but keep in mind that blood rituals are more of a thing you do with Ebola-chan.

1091aa No.310212


I'm not all familiar with Egyptian lore as much as other anons, I get the scales and the heart and feather but what about ammit should be symbolized other than her animal features

fca9e4 No.310213


motherfucker, if you want to deal with dark gods, you pay in blood. I shed some of my blood to the dark sun to get my fucking hellhound waifu damn it.

0d06ab No.310215


Her smile should be symbolized, for one.


Ammit is a good goddess, please do not slander her.

f2b92d No.310216


Honestly, I was really hesitant to use one of those because of the whole tumblr: the game character, but it really discribes this whole thing and was too good to pass up.

Really wished I would've used the gif, honestly.

259181 No.310217

File: 78331e4e41fd1cc⋯.jpg (2.16 MB, 3264x1836, 16:9, 20170821_132314.jpg)

We 3 at Makanda experienced different things. I felt a hug from behind, and was blinded by strobing soft white light whenever I closed my eyes

As one anon put it, I agree with his hypothesis that we created a "crack" with our energy

I'm tired, sweaty, beaten up, and don't wanna drive 4 hours home, but my resolve has been strengthened

This is speakeranon signing off

fca9e4 No.310218

File: 6863169698bbbc0⋯.jpg (18.17 KB, 202x192, 101:96, SchwarzeSonneArtifacts.JPG)


you made offerings to Ammit which is fine I guess, but I made a blood offering to the black sun. We will see which one the spirits appreciated more

0d06ab No.310219


The hug seems reminiscent of what anons who had meditated on Ammit felt, but

>strobing soft white light

That's new. The hug might've been your waifu after all rather than Ammit then.


Impure offerings grant impure waifus, my cucked friend.

8a4a40 No.310220

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

fca9e4 No.310221


unappreciated offerings grant nothing my forever waifu-less friend.

The black sun hungers for blood, not strawberries.

fca9e4 No.310222

Surely one of you cowards have also made an offering of blood

3bc0ae No.310223

File: 2f8c0dd8da37338⋯.webm (3.84 MB, 704x480, 22:15, gondolaSeaside.webm)

File: 220175508e670e1⋯.png (331.69 KB, 441x665, 63:95, 1471916657799.png)

> get home from viewing the eclipse

> feel tired and worn out so I lie down on my couch and close my eyes

> start to have a vision of lying down in a field with my waifu while the eclipse is overhead

That was comfy to say the least

7b218a No.310224



TBH that just seems like it would be part and parcel of worshiping a chaos god. Oftentimes chaos brings pain and suffering.

7b218a No.310225

So I take it you goys didn't succeed.

0d06ab No.310226

File: da5372777e2b8fc⋯.gif (32.35 KB, 200x197, 200:197, Jarilo symbol.gif)


Ammit isn't the black sun, and your misuse of Jarilo's symbolism gets you nothing.

0d06ab No.310227


Mixed results. See:



20b853 No.310228


I'd stay an extra night.

You know, to be near the ritual site a bit more in case of anything happening.


>he fell for the chaos is bad meme

Chaos is highly complex order, and often signifies change.

7b4975 No.310229


Strange, I also felt very drained during the eclipse and wanted to sleep.

7b218a No.310230


I guess a changing of an era would happen slowly. But this is just seems kinda low energy, not gonna lie. Then again what do I know?

0ef204 No.310231


speak for yourself, I taught my neighbors how to make eclipse projectors and ate some boigahs and hotdogs with my family.

The surge of bees was strange, but birds and stray mutts were very quiet.

c1f843 No.310232

File: 9cad63a2c02af96⋯.png (3.89 MB, 2480x3507, 2480:3507, 54.png)

File: 73dcf42de4bdbb2⋯.png (611.74 KB, 512x725, 512:725, XA5WITNJ1HICCHCKGRXKFPT0SB….png)

Reminder to fap to your waifus for maximum effect fellas.

1091aa No.310233


It was a pretty cozy time, I drew some offerings and working on another one right now. Felt like shit during the eclipse though.

1f4014 No.310234

File: b5bd8f9b0206693⋯.jpg (39.88 KB, 640x480, 4:3, UXwywU.JPG)

Here, the least I can do.

Shitty camera but it still works.

fca9e4 No.310235


you're right, ammit isn't the black sun, I didn't make a sacrifice to ammit buddy! Also the black sun means different things to different cultures. The particular one I used may have been for Jarilo but that was not to who I made the sacrifice.

496159 No.310236

Your waifus aren't real

fca9e4 No.310237


Blood to represent the death of the old, Seed to represent the birth of the new!

At midnight I shall let loose my seed and complete the ritual

7b218a No.310238


I never said chaos is bad. I said it had the potential to bring up things that one might perceive as bad. A new state is not necessarily going to be a good one for you. I know chaos is essential order and that the two are one as well. Something only seems "chaotic" if you can't handle it. I basically just mean that a change is not always a good or safe thing, but it damn well can be.


Yeah I just spent the day bitching to my poor driver that we weren't able to get the path of totality because he didn't want to drive through the traffic. What can I say? I'm a fucking manchild, I'll admit it. Though we also saw the partial eclipse out on the docks that was nice.

0d06ab No.310239

File: 3e29acc45d8a629⋯.png (804.14 KB, 1024x1365, 1024:1365, smug matango.png)


>The particular one I used may have been for Jarilo but that was not to who I made the sacrifice.

Fucking wew, nice job spilling your blood for nothing. This is a place of JUSTICE, nerd.

fca9e4 No.310240


not yet

496159 No.310241


I'm hoping they will be soon, but there's like no chance of it happening

0d06ab No.310242


Your 3DPDfu's soul isn't real

7b4975 No.310244

File: 29d59f94cf2ec8e⋯.gif (564.5 KB, 500x281, 500:281, Tail slap.gif)


D-don't sully her name like that!

7b218a No.310245


Even the partial eclipse I saw was pretty awesome. I feel fine now. That's probably becasue you're giving your "energy" to other beings. I did no such thing.

fca9e4 No.310246


JUSTICE seeks to keep the walls between realms thick, loser. You must turn to the dark gods to break the laws of existence and be united with your waifu, who may I remind you is a monster and thus not associated with order!

0d06ab No.310247

File: 7881c32dec6119b⋯.jpg (145.84 KB, 756x1612, 189:403, Soul Man smugly making a b….jpg)


>locking us out of knowledge because "lol ids forbidden"


8a4a40 No.310248

Wait when did /monster/ turn into some crazy cult

dd7d2a No.310249

Got back from lakeline. The meet went well. Talked for a bit, then left. Proof of concept I guess


Go be a homosexual somewhere else


What exactly are you doing? Just making up a ritual is bad enough but you're also playing around with blood magic? Not to mention that you use symbolism you dont understand or even recognize. I question your mental sanity.

496159 No.310250


when the eclipse happened

20b853 No.310251


The downwards spiral of autism has been going on for a while now, lad.

7b4975 No.310252


Weren't you here for the blood moon? The crazy was always here

0d06ab No.310253

File: f679429f30e7fe7⋯.jpg (171.77 KB, 740x752, 185:188, Ammit-chan golem shrine.jpg)

File: 73e37c0293c802a⋯.jpg (3.23 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, Ammit salamander shrine.jpg)

File: e3074074a98152c⋯.jpg (336.33 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, Ammit yeti shrine another ….jpg)


Where have you been all this time? Do you even praise Her Thighs?

7b4975 No.310254


Weren't you here for the blmod? The crazy was always here

a4f79a No.310255


Wow, how long have you been gone? Feels like we've always had Ammit-chan around here.

7b218a No.310256


That would be an awesome troll if you got a bunch of people to become fanatic Ammitists of that strain. They would almost certainly find the /monster/ Ammitists to be heretics and go on a literal holy war.

fca9e4 No.310257


Desperate times call for desperate measures anon! If I get dragged to hell, I'm still going to get my hellhound waifu!

0d06ab No.310258


This is the kikest post I will ever read on this board this month.

8ccedb No.310259

File: e58b710d26513b7⋯.jpg (227.93 KB, 408x935, 24:55, ammy.jpg)

dd7d2a No.310260

File: 1bf672b7ceb49e3⋯.jpg (43.01 KB, 480x740, 24:37, IMG_4865.JPG)


>encouraging others to follow his stupidity

>wanting to spread heresy

>worshipping dark gods rather than Ammit or Reitia

fca9e4 No.310261


motherfucker, my waifu is hellhound, Dark gods are the only way I am getting my waifu and all you other people who waifu dark monsters best understand that you will not get her through the light, for that is not her sphere.

0d06ab No.310262


Almost. Just give her her lionarms and it's beautiful.

dd7d2a No.310263

File: 0259aacdc73744e⋯.jpg (44.12 KB, 429x645, 143:215, IMG_4399.JPG)

a49cb3 No.310264


candle anon here

did you notice all the damn spiders trying to fly off

there was lots of thin silk strands coming out of the ground

should i have metioned this before

also im sun burned i have a headack and legs are extreamly sore

but agreed what little i felt has givin me strength as well

sitting in a walmart parking lot waiting for traffic to die down

it was also fun meeting the two of you guys i look forward to the 2024 reunion in Texas

0ef204 No.310265


you should atleast bother to read blackdog lore before overdpeneding on greek, roman and semetic bullshit.

Read up on church grims.

dd7d2a No.310266


Will it be in Texas or do we want to do it again in makanda?

9a40a7 No.310267


I don't know shit about that whole ritual stuff but getting a loyal and loving waifu through darkness and chaos sounds kinda odd to me. How does that work?

7b218a No.310269



I merely would be spreading chaos to see what emerges, brothers. Everything is more interesting when it's more complicated. There is simply no story without a struggle.

0d06ab No.310270


You've got too little faith and knowledge. Hellhound is a catch-all term for dog beings throughout western myth. Even the moddey dhoo, the quite agreeable Manx black dog spirit, and the church grim of swedish folklore, count among hellhounds, as does Cerberus, Orthrus, the barghest, Irish version of the cu sith known as the cu sidhe, the variety of other black dogs throughout the west and others.

dd7d2a No.310272


There is a key difference between chaos as we want it and what he's describing. Chaos for us is a means of change. As you said it helps keep life interesting. What he describes would be akin to us throwing our lot in with molech/Yahweh who are enemies to Ammit and Reitia.

0d06ab No.310273


>I merely would be spreading chaos to see what emerges, brothers

Take your Talmudic loopholes elsewhere, heretic.

a49cb3 No.310274


Texas seems lots of monster bros live there

and since it so far off


1091aa No.310275

I actually didnt contribute anything till I started drawing. and I didnt start feeling better till after I made the feather and heart.

0d06ab No.310276

File: 547d1c0a0f1c441⋯.png (361.01 KB, 803x856, 803:856, IF YOU'RE SEEING THIS LITT….png)



Oh, and make it so that the hippo-colored parts of her legs don't rise above her knees, please.

dd7d2a No.310277


In my defense I do have a job that I spend half my waking hours at. Hopefully by that point I can maybe retire if everything has gone roughly according to plan.

fca9e4 No.310278




Object all you want, but blood has been spilled and the ritual is done. If the results are agreeable, I shall share the results with you all. If I am punished for cavorting with dark magic I will warn you off my path.

487489 No.310279


t.texan here

I wouldn't mind helping at 2024 wasn't it so-posed to be around the San Antonio area to start with?

dd7d2a No.310281


Roughly yes. See pic related. Now if we actually did make a crack in the veil. Our two options before us are to either go back to the same location and do another ritual and make the crack/hole present largerand we dont know how long that crack/hole will remain there. In 7 years time it may fix itself. or we open up another crack/hole in Texas. Either of which is viable I think. We could try both I suppose but that might not be as effective as doing just one or the other.

dd7d2a No.310282

File: e04ddb5691a51c4⋯.png (245.55 KB, 707x424, 707:424, IMG_5109.PNG)


Forgot pic

0d06ab No.310283



Why not try continually praying at that spot every day that you can to see if the effects intensify?

8ccedb No.310284

File: 40c3e378c2f6d36⋯.jpg (220.01 KB, 402x922, 201:461, 2.jpg)

0d06ab No.310285


Good job, anon.

fca9e4 No.310286


guys I think I made a mistake, I woke up at noon but now its only 4:30 and I am dead fucking tired.

also THIS FUCKING DOG WILL NOT LEAVE ME ALONE. Does it think I have food or what? usually it just sleeps in the corner all day like a lazy asshole. Does it smell the blood?

0d06ab No.310287


Headpat it to see how it responds.

7b218a No.310288



Alright I see your point. What's so Molochian/Abrahamic about the "suggestion" though? The ban on occultism? Or is it the fact that he called your god and your waifus unholy and monstrous? Well if I was to create a meme of this, I would definitely lead the later part out, it self-contradicting, and instead create a sect of Ammitists who believe they will rewarded with waifus upon death if they pass the test of the scales or whatever you goys call it and that any attempt to speed up this process through ritualism is against JUISTICE and have them go on crusades against you guys. Of course I wouldn't do that for two reasons. One, I'm lazy as fuck. And two, I kinda like and sympathize with you guys even though I don't share your path.

7b218a No.310290


Hell maybe spreading that meme will be a good thing for people's safety. Let's see how this pans out first.

44ffd0 No.310291


What color is it?

fca9e4 No.310292


It seems neutral on the headpats

0d06ab No.310293

File: 91cb7a814254ece⋯.jpg (355.31 KB, 900x689, 900:689, froot jooces.jpg)



fca9e4 No.310294


its white. The black one is continuing to be a lazy asshole

0d06ab No.310296


>choose darkness instead of JUSTICE

>end up with the exact opposite of the waifu you wanted

lmao kiddo get fukt

44ffd0 No.310298

File: 8577df92a12c5cf⋯.jpg (79.85 KB, 400x579, 400:579, berserk_eclipse.jpg)


>they had to be black and white

you deserved this you know

9a40a7 No.310299


Well he wanted a hellhound waifu and got a dog. Close enough if you ask me. Enjoy your new life with your dog anon.

0d06ab No.310300


He wanted a hellhound and seems to be getting a heavenhound instead.

fca9e4 No.310301

7b218a No.310304


FUG. Well I'm sure it sounds like that in some accent somewhere. I think I've heard that accent too but I don't know. Just read in whatever accent that is. I can't believe I misspelled that.

4f77eb No.310305


Blood rituals could be ok if your waifu drinks blood, but other than that it doesn't make sense. It would be better to do something with hearts if you want to please ammit-chan in particular.

7b218a No.310306



Now that I think about it, considering the nature of some of her preferred offerings, this might actually be a golden memetic opportunity. Maybe that will be how it's spelled and said in this new sect of Ammitism.

0d06ab No.310307


Nah, we'll still say JUSTICE, but JUISTICE could be used to describe various fruit rituals.

1091aa No.310308

File: bb8233ef218250f⋯.jpg (486.43 KB, 1512x2016, 3:4, Ammit be praisedd.jpg)

I tried fam, hieroglyphs are hard

3b4955 No.310309


It's all about proportions anon, literally make a grid and have a ruler handy to make it authentic.

1091aa No.310310


I had no ruler on hand and going off of Ra in his throne probably wasnt the best idea in hidesight considering proportions are FUCKED in that image

f0be67 No.310311


Anon, Ammit and Reitia are both dark underworld goddesses. And Ammit is a predatory goddess. She likes blood. Don't think darkness is bad. Darkness is the reason there is still hope for us and this world.

703776 No.310313

File: 9bb4f4f7d1f7d5b⋯.gif (250.43 KB, 635x457, 635:457, 9bb4f4f7d1f7d5bdd168f0a591….gif)


You'll try, anyway. I assume you've already made out a will?

487489 No.310314


Don't you have a third world country to overthrow?

ae3e17 No.310315

File: 1a68a502463211c⋯.png (230.61 KB, 700x600, 7:6, 1447810729238-1.png)


CIA man when you meet your new waifu while dealing with this crack, tell her she still owes twenty bucks to my waifu.

3b4955 No.310316


>third world

Anon, that's a funny joke. The greater majority of their efforts are in the U.S. nowadays.

7077c1 No.310317

soo… were the fine anons of this event successful?

0d06ab No.310318

9a40a7 No.310319


Well at least one anon is having a wonderful romantic evening right now involving a white dog.

0d06ab No.310320



The Inuits apparently do have white doggo people in their lore.

487489 No.310321


Its a start in the right direction, good luck to that anon.

4f77eb No.310323

Don't forget daily prayers to strengthen the crack. at 11:11 AM.

487489 No.310324


Time zone wise? what are we talking cst, est, pst?

dd7d2a No.310325


Hypothetically speaking. If we assume you aren't just full of shit could you perhaps tell us of these techniques or where they originated from?

98d19e No.310326

File: 86ce90fa17363a7⋯.jpg (1.68 MB, 2592x1936, 162:121, image.jpg)

So I had a kinda decent, kinda shitty day.

>Made a crappy heart and feather the night before.

>Set up an offering for Ammit. Hoped it would be decent enough. Probably wasn't

>Drove out to a small town to watch the eclipse.

>Fucking clouds covered up the sun right as it was getting to totality.

>Just had darkness with no visible eclipse.

>Spent a couple hours driving back and blaming myself for choosing such a bad spot and how I didn't get pictures of the total eclipse.

>Got home, had a chat with my mother. She thought I left work early to see the eclipse. I took the day off and used paid time off hours (had ~135). Mother said it was bad that I used a whole day (8 hours).

>Went and bashed my head against the wall for a bit. Punched myself in the head for good measure. Thinking maybe I shouldn't have gone to the eclipse and just worked today.

So what do I do with the offerings? Eat them I guess? I already fucked everything up as usual. So, do any of us really expect waifus to come? I kinda hope for a baphomet in the morning, but I doubt we'll get that.

487489 No.310328

File: f0ae4b1597cc5de⋯.png (287.45 KB, 708x407, 708:407, 1413011354675.png)


Don't be so hard on your self anon. You can't gauge or predict weather being as it is. You did what you could and what else can you do? pic related.

f6e425 No.310329

File: a477c70510b2d11⋯.png (335.89 KB, 800x567, 800:567, sushi roll.png)


one day at a time man. We will get our waifu's

have an encouraging picture

4f77eb No.310331

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You're not welcome here small guy.


Relative to the crack seems like the best bet. Should we ask /sp/ and /ebola/ if they'd be willing to help?


Eating the leftover offerings always seemed like it would defeat the point to me.

7077c1 No.310332


the more you struggle to achieve it the sweeter the end result will be, keep that in mind anon

0d06ab No.310333


>Relative to the crack seems like the best bet. Should we ask /sp/ and /ebola/ if they'd be willing to help?


4f77eb No.310334


We should probably invite /bane/ while we're at it. They're experts at this sort of thing and the CIA is supposedly involved now.

98d19e No.310336


So what exactly do I do with the offerings? I don't want to leave it there to rot and throwing it out seems like a waste and kinda insulting.

0d06ab No.310337


May as well, but I'm not sure of how to word things.

0d06ab No.310339


If you don't want it to go to waste, use the seeds of the fruit to grow new life.

98d19e No.310340


What about the actual fruit and wine?

0d06ab No.310341


Maybe squeeze out the fruit and use it to water the seeds a bit/give it nutrients. You might just have to drink the wine though, I don't know if pouring alcohol into soil is exactly beneficial.

4f77eb No.310343


I keep my offerings pretty small most of the time. More symbolic than anything else.


I was hoping someone else did.


It's not hard to boil off the ethanol while keeping all the other stuff. Just heat it up to 173 degrees in freedom units

98d19e No.310349

So, any tips for what to do if you feel that you've fucked up any ritual?

Is there some effective way to contact Ammit to apologize for being a fuckup?

f0be67 No.310352

File: 0400ec9e129eec6⋯.png (159.08 KB, 270x270, 1:1, IMG_6475.PNG)



487489 No.310353

File: 5095b79dfa2714a⋯.png (191.65 KB, 1252x1252, 1:1, 1457124921666.png)


As much as I'd like to believe your story I feel some where in your words you don't believe in your work. Why bother being a puppet ? I know this is bait but why be a puppet to a lost cause.

4f77eb No.310354


This is fun, but you're laying it on a bit thick buddy

4fb761 No.310355


One of the three anons here. My apologies for not getting back to you on what I thought I experienced. I'll confess that I'm not sure on what I experienced from the ritual. All I could feel was this comfortable heat all over, chills up my spine and quickened heartbeat than usual but it could be the heat talking, rather than the ritual itself. Only Ammit knows.

Perhaps my spiritual energy was weakest out of three of us, so I'm concerned that I might had a negative effect on the ritual. That said, I'll continue mediating and focus on self-improvement for myself and for her regardless.

One thing to add: before the darkness arrived, I could hear a low humming noise from the sky which was weird for me. Either it was the helicopter or the 1111 Hertz noise (I have no idea what they're supposed to sound like.)

736ce7 No.310356

Do not give up hope, anons. We can bring about divine JUSTICE if we believe.

9636d5 No.310357

Sleep it off, we'll all wake up next to our waifus.

8ccedb No.310358

File: 312524a5e4301ea⋯.jpg (36.38 KB, 680x424, 85:53, 1481202341944.jpg)



Lotta loyalty for a hired gun!

bde7e8 No.310359

File: ae887d5515691e5⋯.png (74.16 KB, 690x199, 690:199, That's Hilarious!.png)

File: ca9358eabfea411⋯.gif (3.71 MB, 480x480, 1:1, We are the flames of ascen….gif)


How does it feel to get beaten at occultism by random neckbeards on hatechan™ ?


efb3cf No.310360


Is that you trying to start shit, /leftypol/?

f0be67 No.310363

With these pics of altars with the MGE, I have got to wonder what KC would think of all this if he saw it.

98d19e No.310366

File: 7ef4446331daa88⋯.jpg (114.63 KB, 437x613, 437:613, image.jpg)


Well, it's not like we're sacrificing people or animals. Also, if he sees how fucked society is over here, it'll make a little more sense.

Hell, I could be looking for a regular girlfriend. Yet here I am doing fairly ritualistic things on a nazi, mongolian, fingerpainting appreciation site, all so I can hopefully get a loving wife/meido from my cultural heritage. And I prefer it that way.

I still want a kikimora wife though.

efb3cf No.310367


Tfw no Nazi Dragon wife ;__;

Still though I tried having a nap right after the Eclipse when my shrine was finished and I felt oddly good.

I felt really lightweight as if I was flying for a moment, it may sound autistic but I think in some degree it worked because damn did I feel pretty good during that.

9636d5 No.310368


>lmao this dumbass gaijins will die virgins

fca9e4 No.310371


>Well, it's not like we're sacrificing… animals.

Not until 2024.

I summoned a dog, with but a pin prick. Imagine what I could do with a chicken, or a goat!

487489 No.310374


Cog or Puppet same thing in the long run. Adios G man may you find peace in the mountains of paperwork you do.

fca9e4 No.310375


now I'm sure that with a proper human volunteer I could work some real magic. Imagine what I could do with a pint?

f0be67 No.310376


Shit, I still feel that lightweightedness now. It's hard to describe the feeling.

0f7b2e No.310377

I've seen the light brothers. Waifus tomorrow!

4f77eb No.310378


You and your kind will fall. Chaos is always there, always poking and prodding for weakness, always ready to strike. The days of this greyfaced society are numbered, even if no one can possibly know what that number is.

0d06ab No.310379


Elaborate on why you feel so sure.

3b4955 No.310381


"Clockbreakers" have risen. You underestimate the size and depth of the current problems you face.

I'm chuckling a bit here, it feels like I was guided to type that. Intuition and the rest of the background of the brain.

'Lady Gray' says hello? Got a mental image of a square of drifting mist. Just a little disconcerting that this shit is coming unbidden.

fca9e4 No.310383

The sun thirsts for blood my friends, its been so long that he will surely grant a boon to those who slake his thirst

fca9e4 No.310384

File: d036ad51b9d5fc3⋯.png (1.62 MB, 894x894, 1:1, aztec sun.png)

3b4955 No.310385


The current sun is of Quetzacoatl's make. The one diety who refused human sacrifice. What they sacrificed to was the underworld gods to release the sun if I recall correctly.

4f77eb No.310387


The more you impose order, the more chaos it creates. Push down on one pocket of discord and it simply wells up elsewhere.

98d19e No.310389

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


So we're going to wake up next to baphomets tomorrow?



You could've at least posted this, you fag,

259181 No.310390


The middle east as it is today is a great example of that lol

a33f5d No.310395


Do you feel in charge?

259181 No.310396


Ironic, as it was a combination of the commies and glow in the dark CIA niggers

f3f1fe No.310397



Why don't you go after Scientology instead of anonymous posters on the internet? Also, how are you going to fix the crack? Not even WE would know how to fix the crack...Do we?

4f77eb No.310398


That's just because not enough people ran over those glow in the dark niggers with their cars.


They'll only be able to fix the crack if we don't pray enough. it has to be done at 11:11 AM CST for maximum power.

3b4955 No.310399


Don't call it a crack. It's a door we are carving.

4f77eb No.310400


It's not a door yet, but it will be when we're done.

259181 No.310401


Regardless, mended walls tend to be weaker, from my experience with the metaphysical

So he'd probably gather a few others and create a new one

Also, to the cia nigger - I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be able to tell me, but how's Gestalt doing? Still having attunement issues with his new body?

7b218a No.310402


Michael is a fallen angel?

487489 No.310403


I usually work during this time so its not going to be a easy task at hand. and that quad being exactly at 11:11.

7b218a No.310404

What fucking crack are you guys talking about?

f3f1fe No.310405


So do I. It makes me wonder how I am going to pray while at work.

7b4975 No.310407

File: 3f133963dde88af⋯.png (172.87 KB, 436x432, 109:108, 3f133963dde88afa414ab76355….png)



f3f1fe No.310408

This is probably unrelated, but an hour after the eclipse ended there was an earthquake that happened on a volcanic island off of Naples, Italy. It was only a 3.8 on the richter scale, but it did shit loads of damage with a lot of people missing.

0d06ab No.310409


You did fine, robot-kun, take it easy.

e0e403 No.310410


Fuck me, of course the pasta niggers got to cross the portal first.

c54a84 No.310411

I'm still in the area. Didn't actually go to the ritual, because I was out here from Texas to meet some /pol/ buddies, but I'm camping out in the area. There's a storm rolling in. Don't know if it's related, but a man can dream.

7b218a No.310412




You know what? I can respect you mate. If I acquired a high level of spiritual development I'd probably be joining the org your a part of too. you know join the winning team and all that. That or find a way out of this world. Yeah probably the latter, but if not that I'll definitely do the former. The current world ain't that bad, at least not to me. The anons around here just wish to become the new order when there's no need for one, at least not where I'm standing. I just hope you goys don't lead us to be enslaved by Moloch/Yahweh.



You have a rather simplistic understanding of chaos. The reason there's more chaos when there's more order is because, as was said earlier in this thread, chaos is hyper-complex order. Chaos just means the system is just too complex for you to control or predict.


We're all slaves to something.


Tell those "Clockbreakers" and 'Lady Grey' that there's always a bigger fish in the sea. Nothing is at the top because there is no top, nor is there a bottom. Everything is in the same fucking boat essentially, including them so tell them to avoid being so fucking smug about it too. It'd be wise on their part.


Just don't sic them on me and mine and we'll be fine.

7b218a No.310413


Yeah there's a storm over here too. Isn't that common in August though?

259181 No.310414


Usually, yes, but it was pretty clear in the Makanda area during the ritual

4f77eb No.310415


That's just a more complex way of saying what I said.

7b218a No.310416


I didn't get that from the comments I've replied to but OK, if you say so.

0d06ab No.310417


>I'd probably be joining the org your a part of too

That's really gross, anon.

4af41c No.310418

File: 652051749e64ae0⋯.jpg (991.54 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, 20170821_193743.jpg)

i saw a girl in the sky.

f3f1fe No.310419


Nice sunset, but what am I supposed to be looking at here?

487489 No.310422


Not to be a nay sayer but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that you didn't capture it in time. Do you happen to have a description of what she looked liked?

a4f79a No.310424

File: dff63304a51a547⋯.pdf (2.33 MB, CIA-RDP96-00788R0017002100….pdf)


So is nobody actually going to comment on this or what?

dd7d2a No.310432


In order to find those spiritually advanced people you would either need to be able to track them or find them. The first choice seems to be just keeping track of occult resources and finding who buys/reads them and see who advances or follows them. The problem with that is the sheer amount of manpower and resources that would consume. The only option that I believe would be feasible is if you were able to track them down by following their energy/aura/orgone (whatever you guys call it) meaning that you will also be able to trace various ritual sites and possibly individual acts of magic. My first question in this case would be if your detection method was mechanical or psychic in nature.

Though you imply you can easily correct any breakage or tears in the barrier, each rend and repair weakens the barrierat the very least where the tear was originally if not in a wider area I wonder how many times it can be repaired before it breaks down completely?

In addition to this I can guarantee that we weren't the only group to attempt some form of ritual. There are likely lots and lots of holes in the entire area the eclipse covered. If you're method of repair and detection is mechanical then you could possibly fix them all within a short period of time with few issues and the limiting factor being how many of these theoretical devices you can field at one time.

but if it's fixed and/or detected by a psychic individual then I dont see how you can possibly fix them all in a short period of time. Even if you had multiple teams of individuals. They would eventually become exhausted fixing everything. Not to mention they will have to be trained in various different forms of magic and energy manipulation to be most effective because of how many different groups would've done so many different rituals with different invocations/evocations and types of energy for each ritual. Even an organization like the one you claim to be in would be hard pressed to deal with all of these issues. Not including any repeat rituals/prayers/sigils that were left behind or will be done in the future.

So to deal with this most effectively at the very least your method of repair would have to be mechanical in nature.unless you augment your psychic individuals in some way. Which is possible I suppose.


whats in the PDF?

a4f79a No.310434


Read it, it's really interesting. But the tl;dr is it's basically a CIA review of a psychic training manual that can let you do all sorts of cool stuff, potentially including see the future, psychic healing, and, most importantly, contact beings from other dimensions.

Quoting directly from the document:

>Be intellectually prepared to react to possible encounters with intelligent, non-corporeal energy forms when time-space boundaries are exceeded.

My question is where can I get this psychic training manual for something cheaper than the asking price of $500?

9636d5 No.310435


Now I know the faggot was roleplaying.

That shit was posted on /pol/ some months ago, nothing new.

9636d5 No.310436


>My question is where can I get this psychic training manual for something cheaper than the asking price of $500?

Just go to >>>/fringe/ nigga

dd7d2a No.310437


Dont waste your money. Go to >>>/fringe/ and check out their library. The occult seed especially. I guarantee you you'll get better results that way and you won't have to pay through the nose for it.

7b218a No.310438


It's an ad? Doesn't it explain it in there?

fe9773 No.310439


Dug a little bit more and found the following:


Like >>310435 said, this was posted on /pol/ a little while ago.



That's the founder, and the thing listed in the pdfs. Just looks like the normal binaural beats stuff. It seems that the founder still has stuff going, as there's an active website for it.


Looks pretty new agey to me.

7b218a No.310440



d218d0 No.310441

I have returned for a short while, maybe checking later.


> order to find those spiritually advanced people you would either need to be able to track them or find them.

It is not as complicated as you make it out to be. Although it is not my job, I am familiar with the process. Once individuals reach a certain level of advancement they have a certain… Glow. Spiritual glow. I know a few coworkers who spend their time finding such individuals, and then some of my other coworkers either try and get them into our group or eliminate.

To reach such a level takes a long time without the sort of "training" I and the others are put through. The survival rate is not very high, drugs, vibrational rooms, powerful spiritual beings, and other "stuff" is used in the process. I'm am a lucky one, going through it with not many problems. The largest issue is conforming to the system, I took to it easily.

I can not go into detail on how such things are fixed or on how the barrier works/exists. Only that my job is fixing them.

>we weren't the only group to attempt some form of ritual

The others are always dealt with in due time. My group's only concern is problems which exist within the USA or will effect the USA on an non containable scale.

>augment your psychic individuals

The physical and the spiritual effect each other, physical things can be used to effect the spiritual and spiritual actions can effect physical things.

Whether people around here are "augmented" or not able to be shared.


>where can I get this psychic training manual for something cheaper than the asking price of $500?

Not everyone has the capabilities of reaching such potential. Very few find the proper information, even less use it properly, even less study it enough for it to become useful, even less advance to a stage where they become an issue, and even less survive beyond such a stage outside of my system.

I do not recommend that individuals study it, as it can lead to encountering one of us in a troublesome scenario. But the chance that you reach such a stage within your lifetime is smaller then 0.001%. And the entire path towards such a level is similar to trying to climb a mountain, simple enough at first but you'll eventually discover just how much more you have bit off then you can chew.

I am one of the few who got into where I am without reaching a problematic level, I was discovered through one of the many "recruitment" programs meant to discover individuals who have the proper potential.

a4f79a No.310442


>smaller than 0.001%

You retarded CIA nigger, it says in the document that ~5% of people who are in the program reach level 15. Not 0.001%. At least read the damn document.

d218d0 No.310448


That is an old document and the level of advancement I am describing is not contained within. The document is also a bit old and is not filled with the current equipment and methods used.

7b218a No.310450


Why'd you delete your previous comments?

d218d0 No.310451


I did not, I would never do that. I believe a moderator did, either that or I stepped out of my bounds too far with some information.

9636d5 No.310452


Didn't you say that you couldn't keep replying as to not risk upsetting your employer or some bullshit?

Or were you just trying to aound interesting and edgy?

>Can't tell you more, the organization will get me!

at this point I'm sure that it's either lazy bait or 8th grader's syndrome.

8ccedb No.310453



Someone picked a bad day to visit a church.

d218d0 No.310454

>Didn't you say that you couldn't keep replying as to not risk upsetting your employer or some bullshit?

>Or were you just trying to aound interesting and edgy?

I did not mean to come across in such a way, only describing possible issues. The reason why I'm writing up now is because a coworker of mine told me that just about everything I have written and more has already been spread around in various ways and that I did not have any concern with my boss.

I would not say I have an "employer" I serve the government of the USA in full. I'm theirs in heart, mind, and body. A tool for this.

If you do not believe me that is nothing new, there is plenty of information around that will provide you with more then I have written here.

9636d5 No.310455


Ahh, my left arm aches with the souls of the unavenged.

*teleports behind u*

*shoots you and throws you off plane*

nothin personel kid

487489 No.310460


Doubtful but it won't stop whats already in motion. Just like the rock it to eventually wares down and becomes dust.

fca9e4 No.310469



98d19e No.310477


So where are the waifus, m8?

f0be67 No.310478


Give it time. This kind of shit doesn't just happen over night. It's been set in motion though.

69406b No.310479

>/monster/ actually convinced me to build a shrine to a waifugod

So I lit my shrine yesterday, turned off all the lights, and tried to meditate or whatever. I admit, I have never, ever done anything like this before and I've had a lot of spoopy shit happen to me and my family in the past, so I was very skeptical of my actions. I just sort of sat there on the floor with my shrine lit, thinking to myself and trying to go through the steps of meditation that the anons on here recommended (relaxing the body, letting your thoughts flow, "invoked" Ammit and told her she could chill in my body for a bit, all that jazz). I was getting nothing at first, because my thoughts weren't making much sense because I was trying to think of Ammit and also think about how fucking crazy I must have looked. Then I started to thank the shrine for all the things /monster/ done for me this board has helped me a lot more than someone would think it should, both sexually and mentally and then things started to get really weird. My room was freezing cold because my house's AC is jacked up, but I got really warm. It's like my body temperature immediately rose. My head started to feel like it was swirling, like an overbearing weight was put on my head. It didn't feel painful or anything, it was just really, really fucking weird. I eventually got to a point where the swirling stopped once my thoughts ran dry. I thanked Ammit, unlit the shrine, and my body slowly started to get cold again to match the room's normal temperature. I have to say, that was very oddly pleasant. I'm giving a lot more credit to you occultfags from now on. Did I do it right?

ab5ecb No.310483

>Go to sleep last night, praising Ammit and wishing for a waifu.

>I dream of reading the Monster Girl Encyclopedia with Ammit.

It was comfy until my cat started meowing and woke me up.

2c9bea No.310488

Just woke up without a baphomet. I'm not sleeping in my own bed right now because of reasons, so maybe she's back at home.

bdee10 No.310492

>Didn't get waifu on night it was supposed to happen

>"Oh that just means it'll happen later"

Stop moving goalposts or you'll face eternal disappointment

f3f1fe No.310493

All I felt last night was a chill. That was it. No waifu or anything.

61a5cf No.310499


Yeah anon, that was fine. Keep at it though.

2c9bea No.310500



If you're going to give up this fast, you might as well go all the way and put a bullet in your head.

0ca133 No.310502

File: 7b2524c1192b8f4⋯.webm (5.74 MB, 1000x562, 500:281, alex jones anime is real.webm)



2c9bea No.310535

Don't forget your daily prayer!

0d06ab No.310537


>dream of reading the MGE with Ammit

You should elaborate on that dream, I wanna know what she thought of different entries and so forth.

906068 No.310546


I never said I was giving up.

dd7d2a No.310560

I'm not very religious, but perhaps I will give this praying and meditation stuff a shot.

98d19e No.310583

So when are we going to get our waifus?

Also, any good tips for meditation or prayer for someone who's spiritually inept? I can't seem to figure it out because it's so nebulous. I want to be able to actually see Ammit, get my shit slapped, and to remember it.

e0e403 No.310604


Focus on your breathing.

That whole "being so concentrated that you don't have stray thoughts" is mostly a meme.

If you have intrusive thoughts (being distracted from your breathing by mundande shit) just take a step back, let them flow, they're just thoughts.

Big focus on relaxation, do not tense your body.

Focus on your body too, feel your weight against the floor, your clothes, the beating of your heart.

Start small.

If your attention span is as short as mine, it will be really hard, do 5 minutes daily, at the same time everyday, and increase it when you feel more comfortable.

>So when are we going to get our waifus?

Fucking never if you just expect them to fall into your lap.

The very existance of monstergirls is something that is not yet here.

Look at this, if we all create a little piece of reality then maybe something will happen.


ab5ecb No.310649


>elaborate on that dream

I usually don't remember my dream, especially since I always wake up at 3 am for whatever reason.

>I'm sitting at my computer, reading/looking at the MGE.

>The whole room is warm and the light is orange.

>Ammit is beside me, either on my left or behind.

>After a while, I think she point at the screen.

And at that point I woke up due to my cat meowing, can't remember what monstergirl she pointed at, or if she even pointed at all. Sorry to disappoint.

ee9c9f No.310676

So should we start preparing for September 23 for the planetary alignment next?

7c072f No.310689


Absolutely. Go ahead and make a thread for it, anon.

dd7d2a No.310698

Final post, may as well take it.




Love your waifus with all your soul and honor the goddesses and we will have our victory men!

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