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File: 246d5bb294687cd⋯.png (2.7 MB, 1319x1866, 1319:1866, ran angry 1.png)

File: 40fe18dd46e5123⋯.png (84.15 KB, 389x275, 389:275, RATATAT.png)

File: 9e70b0a300c6347⋯.png (15.31 KB, 220x171, 220:171, tewi pillage.png)

File: 6b81faba5b38d17⋯.png (3.91 MB, 1800x2546, 900:1273, uuuu.png)

File: 485f8384c3bc809⋯.png (4.8 KB, 770x289, 770:289, yuukas mindset.png)

08cf10 No.316802

because nobody else is going to do it

last bread >>314740

/monster/ NEWS

>MGE Volume 2 is out

>Kamaitachi released >>316047

>It's the end of the month, remember to bully Tewifag

8chan NEWS

>Summerfags have mostly vanished, leaving us only behind with /intl/, /leftypol/, goons, liberal invaders, JIDF, pedos, r/the_donald, shills, Spencers alt-lite buttbuddies and possibly some CTR remnants doing it for free. As a direct effect, board quality is slightly increasing again.

>Jim released an app on the Google Store that lets you look at his dead news board

>He also doesn't properly verify DMCA claims which led to several retarded post deletions on /hgg/

>Said claim was made by Cuckdev #3, who is centering the majority of the upcoming Towergirls games content around NTR, because /hgg/ is trying to make their own non-shit version of the game >>>/hgg/128112 with images from his version even through the authors of said images still owned the images and had no problem with Anons using them he launched a unrightful claim in revenge, several artists of the images already announced that they would now supply /hgg/ with their own content

>GamerGate (unsurprisingly) gets the full 3rd Reich treatment >>>/v/13490466

World NEWS


>SJW (((localizers))) are going straight for the source now and try to censor our beloved gook games while they're being produced >>>/gamergatehq/330858

>Famous Bunnygirl lover Hugh Heffner (91) is dead

>German AfD wins a good amount of seats in the parliament and forces Merkel to form a triple coalition to stay in office

>Austrian parliament elections are set for the 15th October

>Catalonia might soon declare independence from Spain

>Pipi Longstockings is racist >>>/pol/10679625

>King of South African Khoisan tries to declare Independence, invites former white colonists to join him

>Audio recording from secret Antifa meeting, discussing plans for terrorism https://mega.nz/#!7MghDQbZ!wBB4As9bY1bKhfT-M9KYFlsQxL4E_mOU4k-AFHSERmI / https://vocaroo.com/i/s0gCVTGOyOQH / >>>/pol/10637750

Let me post Codemonkey

Attempt 4

08cf10 No.316805

File: 7e0eefa42175faa⋯.png (136.05 KB, 1345x235, 269:47, 2 bird pictures.png)

>3 threads

>deleting just spits out 502 Gateway errors

I'm sorry

f30324 No.316806


70b15f No.316817

Hey why're all the shitposts in the Dragon Bully thread being deleted? I want to see Jexx being bullied goddammit!

e1510e No.316821

File: 118434270f498a6⋯.jpg (255.99 KB, 1152x864, 4:3, best.jpg)

A best.

776e22 No.316822


You have my hand

ee36a5 No.316825

File: 5d066395441112e⋯.png (125.42 KB, 255x300, 17:20, 5d066395441112e5d6d1301713….png)

Reminder that ushi-onis are good girls who deserve better than just being antagonists in stories

996033 No.316826

File: b31915b78567ed9⋯.png (1009.63 KB, 1000x1416, 125:177, __original_drawn_by_daidai….png)

File: 136040b63abf289⋯.jpg (273 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, downloadfile.jpg)

File: 2b2237e85ab7cc6⋯.jpg (796.23 KB, 1000x934, 500:467, __original_drawn_by_hisato….jpg)

File: 1e16cbb1f1f1021⋯.jpg (306.23 KB, 850x968, 425:484, __kaguya_granblue_fantasy_….jpg)

File: 852ad88a2c23b85⋯.jpg (90.86 KB, 850x835, 170:167, __original_drawn_by_tamano….jpg)

Autumn full moon in the West on October 5th and in Japan on the 4th. Are you guys ready?

ebf893 No.316827


I wonder what would happen if we all meditated during this time.

996033 No.316833


I don't know, I thought it be nice to enjoy the view of the harvest moon. Just check your lunar calendar. I want a moon rabbit girl.

94a0ab No.316838

File: d57b2d4797ceebc⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1280x1583, 1280:1583, 1503829817213.png)

File: 91257040a4e8838⋯.jpg (655.09 KB, 1740x2152, 435:538, ushi_oni.jpg)


No fucking kidding. I seriously need to get back in the saddle with writing again.

c70993 No.316843



Pythonprimate, fix your shit

ed8ef9 No.316848


i'm surprised aux-kun hasnt just deleted the thread in its entirety since the story is over and people retarded faggots who cant deal with the fact that the story's over keep on necroposting it

ac603c No.316903

Wich 2hu wud u fug?

5c4384 No.316908

File: 6c75c176ab94edf⋯.jpg (199.89 KB, 888x1243, 888:1243, __imaizumi_kagerou_and_inu….jpg)


Either of the wolfus

e7dd2d No.316918


>It's the end of the month, remember to bully Tewifag

I am not for bully!


I want to have children with my waifu.

d0af72 No.316923


>Harvest Moon

If only I knew where they sold mochi. If only a cute bunny girl makes mochi for me.

802a7d No.316937


we need a simple story about a anon taking his ushi daughteru out for ice cream

3889d8 No.316958

File: ea486ed3393d1e2⋯.jpg (96.55 KB, 1022x496, 511:248, ea486ed3393d1e22c25c754240….jpg)

Its funny how its already been years, and some furry from /v/ constantly gets mad at us for not accepting their furshit, then has the gall to call a place that doesnt accept their shit as a safespace. The internet is already mostly their safespace.

They already have reddit, fur affinity, and /fur/. I dont know why they try to conflate their disgusting westernshit fetish to japanese content.

776e22 No.316959


Yeah it's fucking bullshit. Also btw did you see those reports I made in the greenskin thread? There were some complaints I made about monsterboys, mmf and blacked images.

5c4384 No.316960

File: b185aadaeffead7⋯.jpg (247.02 KB, 1300x900, 13:9, 65213241_p0.jpg)


<"Why won't you tailor your board to what I like versus what everyone else likes

This kinda shows what their mentality is, they don't care about how comfortable other people are, everyone has to accept what they like

Fuck 'em

11eed9 No.316987

51459b No.316991


>they don't care about how comfortable other people are, everyone has to accept what they like

Is this something new now?

bb63f6 No.316993

File: cd33d4928691b8c⋯.jpg (65.59 KB, 726x662, 363:331, 496aa927b7c166e794a4007b8a….jpg)


this entire thread

9c3147 No.316996

File: e91f38a2941c4b3⋯.png (219.23 KB, 580x299, 580:299, e91f38a2941c4b3c64af170062….png)


What the fuck is wrong with these people

51459b No.316997


Am I missing something?

Is there a post that should be laughed at that isn't?

5c4384 No.316999

File: acea29246b158e6⋯.png (615.04 KB, 600x1079, 600:1079, 1427499220412.png)


Holy shit that thread is gold

0ed984 No.317001

File: c5ae9d6942f650c⋯.jpg (96.34 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 14592072_145698999244976_2….jpg)





I want my old /v/ back.

b79754 No.317003

File: 0919c35058df67b⋯.png (781.31 KB, 982x980, 491:490, laughing russians.png)

ac603c No.317004


Great taste. Momiji is one of the best tbh.


>he wants to lovingly impregnate his rabbit waifu

Lmao you're such a faggot Tewifag.

11eed9 No.317005

File: b6f78f8e872d2b1⋯.png (7.5 KB, 1549x111, 1549:111, don't do this.png)


Whichever newfag made this post needs to remove themselves posthaste.

e7dd2d No.317011

File: c7fbb9fae11d7bf⋯.jpg (97.41 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, c7fbb9fae11d7bf9f7099bf20b….jpg)


>rabbit waifu

That's where you're wrong.

fb4510 No.317014

File: 50c457f5acfa035⋯.jpg (2.13 MB, 3264x1836, 16:9, 20170814_034511[1].jpg)

File: 2bd25b4016a9bbf⋯.jpg (2.16 MB, 3264x1836, 16:9, 20170814_034504[1].jpg)

From the makers of Kemono Friends comes Friendzoo! Tasty, family-friendly sweets for everyone to enjoy!

624205 No.317015


I can't help but think about Tewi and Meiling yuri.

e7dd2d No.317016

File: 9b753daee094cb4⋯.jpg (72.33 KB, 640x512, 5:4, Mei&Tei color.jpg)



Bunny no!


Sounds nice, doesn't it? It doesn't exist though.

dba859 No.317017

File: 8a87e4ffbb82b59⋯.jpg (20.99 KB, 288x499, 288:499, Why.jpg)


Why is there a noose? also my captcha was a die tk

0bca4f No.317018



She's sad because she's not real yet.

043bf2 No.317021

File: 0a153a88b65dad8⋯.jpg (174.85 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 1484613116487.jpg)



what happened in the story anyways that made anons upset at jexx

043bf2 No.317023


who else but that lovely huge oni

>no oni to mate press

ed8ef9 No.317024


autism and some sort of belief that jexx promised something for an epilogue that hasnt been posted yet when jexx never even said he'd do anything beyond the end of the story

70b15f No.317025


Jexx is just a magnet for shitposting. I think the catalyst for the flood of more shitposting than usual was someone rolling a d20 for Jexx to stop being a cuck and getting a 1

7f22c0 No.317105


>I want my old /v/ back

How new are you? /v/ has always been like this.

802a7d No.317108


You must be new.

Old /v/ on 8ch did used to be more comfier.

7f22c0 No.317110


not really.

802a7d No.317111


>Not really

>Provides no proof

Ok if you wanna be a faggot you can go back to cuckchan where half assed replies like that are accepted at face value

c6abd0 No.317132


/v/ has always been shit in all it's incarnations to the point that people keep making alternative boards for it and complaining about /v/ here and pretty much every other board. You're the one claiming otherwise so the proof is on you.

f6fa35 No.317187

File: 93df1be735bd7b7⋯.png (4.1 KB, 278x145, 278:145, fix v (05-08-06).png)


Chop your head off with an axe faggot.

9d5903 No.317190

/v/ - The gay furry autistic image board™. Any community that gets its laughs at pretending to be faggots eventually get flooded by real faggots that think they're in good company.

63489c No.317199

File: cab73cce0ea4a48⋯.png (68.86 KB, 332x330, 166:165, Itsagoodidea.png)



I really, really hate the ardent newfags here

I know neo-/v/ called monster girls furries but this is no reason to be shitposting about things you don't know on the meta thread.

3889d8 No.317205


You obviously don't remember the 2011 /v/ga awards Back in 2011 all the results from /v/ were shared with reddit. and it ended up being a huge pisshow that ended with tired 4/v/ oldfag regulars. having a minor exodus from /v/ newgaggers that ended up chasing them to other boards and fag enabling tumblr cancer on /a/, because the new /v/eddit refugees had shit taste in anime.

Its been shit for a long time.

Post last edited at

63489c No.317207


Oh come on, we're talking about 8/v/.

4f6169 No.317210


That awards bullshit and Skyrim fractured that fucking board. I miss /v/ from 2004-2008.

3889d8 No.317211


Its been a series of fuckups 8+4/v/ hasn't been good in a long ass time, considering mark constantly wants to be the opposite of 4/v/ by allowing crossboarding cancer. Right now 4/v/ has more quality than marks /v/ since /trash/ sucks up all the general and furshit cancer.

But this isn't a good thing, it means that the standards have fallen so low that you get embarrassing unironic cringe posting that has no place on 8/v/.

63489c No.317213


>Right now 4/v/ has more quality than marks /v/

>Right now

I'm going to cry myself to bed


3889d8 No.317214


don't cry for 8/v/ its already dead.

f25f0b No.317215


It's not like you can overthrow Mark and usurp him. As long as the board carries the legacy name of /v/, those anons will always kiss Mark's gay Jewish ass.

Alternative boards won't work. Anons refuse to abandon the /v/ name.

3889d8 No.317216


the jew will always demand his pound of goyflesh.

f25f0b No.317218

File: 7776d3197979798⋯.jpg (37.42 KB, 600x800, 3:4, B01jMU4IMAIqOQZ.jpg)


As long as he's in charge of the legacy board, it's dead.

eca395 No.317219

Mark is a wannabe e-celeb that likes attention, whether it be positive or negative. He thinks he's funny and that he has a loyal fanbase that likes to ironically joke about him. He isn't fit to be BO, he seems to be the type of guy that would namefag if he were just an anon.

63489c No.317221


>He thinks he's funny and that he has a loyal fanbase that likes to ironically joke about him

He DOES have a loyal fanbase.

Whenever Mark is being bullied, just link the gamergate general to the thread. Out of fear the shitposters are goons trying to bully Mark into leaving, they will shower him with love.

eca395 No.317222


The gamergate threads are usually filled with shitposts, off topic /pol/ discussion and a circlejerk of faggots posting traps.

8d41c3 No.317223

File: fe7472e47cd546a⋯.jpg (185.79 KB, 850x1202, 425:601, Multi-armed Waifu.jpg)


Stockholm Syndrome.

63489c No.317224

File: 79bf90c4a93b785⋯.png (40.17 KB, 510x530, 51:53, 1470517982407-1.png)



Excuse me, are my posts hard to read? Is my grammar flaky or something? It has happened before that people could not read my posts so I wanted to know.

bb63f6 No.317237

File: 0fd3613601b6ae4⋯.png (136.32 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 0fd3613601b6ae4e99081650ba….png)

File: 761cd4a9fb64588⋯.png (99.6 KB, 1912x1080, 239:135, muslim kawakami.png)


bb63f6 No.317238

File: a922ce344cae99d⋯.png (84.68 KB, 514x542, 257:271, muslim kawakami.png)


oh whoops

c38abd No.317241


they're just trying to bring in the new European audience. isn't diversity wonderful? if only she was a refugee too, that would make her truly perfect!

2ac54b No.317245


>said she's Iranian in the thread

Well if she's like jontron I guess that makes her SORT OF white.

e7dd2d No.317255


Why are they worshipping muslim women so fucking much?

06ec4f No.317296


Not sort of. If she is of the old Persian stock it's like 95%. Iran and Ireland share the same root word, guess what it is.

70b15f No.317298

File: 7ee0e3d0ec1ff5b⋯.jpg (80.98 KB, 850x290, 85:29, striptease.jpg)

File: e0a991578db6713⋯.gif (227.74 KB, 629x492, 629:492, __shantae_shantae_series__….gif)

File: a4f29fc8a66ce57⋯.gif (2.56 MB, 600x800, 3:4, shantae fugged.gif)


I think 2D arab women are hot

The towels leave more to the imagination

f67c41 No.317300

File: 2cff45aab61effd⋯.jpg (84 KB, 640x452, 160:113, globalcolorsmall.jpg)



They still have shit genetics because of all that muslim inbreeding. Only muslims acceptable for marriage are Bosnians.

7ad0b0 No.317305


Why do Bosnians insist on remaining muslim? They could become like all the other white countries literally anytime they want.

6f929e No.317312

File: 1875d110b491eff⋯.jpg (69.09 KB, 600x800, 3:4, a face only a mother could….jpg)


>using the edited version

0bca4f No.317326

File: 2844a402557a4c6⋯.jpg (8.09 KB, 189x292, 189:292, 2844a402557a4c64f13ddb5ccd….jpg)


Took me a minute.

c35480 No.317340


The funny thing is that a goon taking over /v/ would be the better thing at this point. If a goon took over, it might be enough for the posters to leave /v/ for an alternative. As it is now, Mark is shit, but not so shit that anons feel like risking it on a new board.

2fc11a No.317342


Mark is a /v/ BO forever. And as it is said earlier, nobody wants to abandon a legacy board, the /v/ name is etched into their autism.

728cd9 No.317344

File: cf4065d9fe627ce⋯.jpg (40.61 KB, 227x250, 227:250, 1381022928189.jpg)

File: 7a51dab9b07e842⋯.jpg (40.39 KB, 444x470, 222:235, illtakeyouwithme.jpg)


So, thou shalt know the potato by their mark?

802a7d No.317350


reminds me I don't think I posted on here during the TF2 Vintage gamenight mark was in game and he kept trying to get us to add OC content to the game. I was trying my damndest to stay polite but goddamn

4234ce No.317361


>I was trying my damndest to stay polite

I will bully you

I will definitely bully you

802a7d No.317363



Don't act like a fucking nigger. When the entire playerbase for a mod is centered on one board and we kinda need it to keep going to survive the best you cna do is firmly but politely explain to the idea guy that your team has a clear goal in mind and isn't seeking to expand on that idea in any way shape or form.

Mark kept trying to get us to add custom hats, wepaons and meme shit because "/v/ culture". I felt like a parent trying to tell their brat of a kid no but the child not listening.

4234ce No.317367

File: 52f8f10442aae70⋯.gif (516.29 KB, 540x540, 1:1, Kukuku.gif)


Anon, hush.

I am definitely going to bully you.

3889d8 No.317368

File: adf64d4f2b5b207⋯.png (329.35 KB, 685x514, 685:514, 64cc72b13e008f79665e8c214b….png)


>defending the jew.

Cease this faggotry, before you end up in a gas chamber with your shekel dispenser.

e4d418 No.317369

Princess Lucia hasn't updated in forever and my geuss is because the translators dropped it when it got licensed and published in the West.


4234ce No.317372


>Telling you that you should have bullied the jew is defending the jew

Whoa there panderer you might not know this but this sort of lying you're doing right now is the actual one that will get you lined with the killers of Christ and also let me avoid the same label

4234ce No.317374


>Check ID again

>Its (6) like 802a7d should've been after making a post but its actually Aux posting

Okay fuck

My point still stands

802a7d No.317375


No it really doesn't. When you're trying to play the PR game you have to be polite but at the same time affirm that they (the people asking for the content) aren't part of the team and thus have no real say in it and can rightly fuck themselves.

I think when he finally left for the night the first words out of my mouth were "Jesus H christ what a fucking faggot".

bb63f6 No.317376


they dropped it because its over

3e6dbb No.317436

Anyone have any advice for someone who genuinely can’t choose a waifu? Every monstergirl seems precious in their own way, it feels like a real Sophie’s Choice.

70b15f No.317440


You don't choose the waifu, the waifu chooses you. Whether it be by you turning her into a babbling mess with a simple hello, or by her invading your home and raping the shit out of you, you'll know her when you see her.

But to be serious you may just have to keep searching until you find the one that just jumps out at you as perfect in every way

ac1a77 No.317462



Can confirm. The yeti chose me and while I'm not complaining at all it does feel like it happened a little arbitrarily. It's as if it would have been equally likely and meaningful if the kitsune or holstaur or slimegirl had chosen me instead. I think waifufagging is just like that for some of us.

11eed9 No.317465


This. I looked all through the MGE, finding at least 10 girls that I would have been overjoyed to have for a waifu. I felt like I just couldn't decide.

Then, the moment I closed it, I knew that my waifu was manticore. I don't know how I knew, but I was absolutely certain.

6fbf2f No.317469


>Then, the moment I closed it, I knew that my waifu was manticore. I don't know how I knew, but I was absolutely certain.

She stung your brain through the back of your neck and imparted the knowledge into you.

2b41a9 No.317471


Same. I never founded yet so i have to be patient still

11eed9 No.317477


Fine with me.

2f03e3 No.317519

File: 368dfc9ecb7cfb4⋯.jpg (45.21 KB, 594x800, 297:400, Aritoki ritsu - Hanekawa t….jpg)

File: 86f9206d446c630⋯.jpg (74.31 KB, 600x849, 200:283, Branch (Blackrabbits) - Mi….jpg)


>Lay down on my bed.

>Cat comes up on top of me and start playing with the zipper of my pants.

>In the morning, she licks my face.

Is my waifu a werecat ? Is my cat my waifu ?

47320f No.317521

File: 08df88b66be3d2f⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1080x1776, 45:74, harpy.png)

Found a good harpy and dunno where else to post it.

0bca4f No.317522


post cat pics

18b19d No.317523


That's a monsterboy, actually.

47320f No.317524


It's a monster girl now.

0bca4f No.317525


How do you know?

18b19d No.317527


You mean besides that he "found" it on /chaos/, by a monsterboy artist? Just a hunch.

011f00 No.317559

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Lately I can't get this song out of my head.

c70993 No.317561


Sing it at work, or school, or whatever extremely public places you frequent

011f00 No.317562


But I don't want it to leave.

ebadad No.317563

File: fab0e858d71002a⋯.png (927.99 KB, 1365x768, 455:256, Smug_Rina.png)

Post your smug when Tatsuki came back to save Kemono Friends.

b58cd6 No.317566

File: 7ca1d6d8068b046⋯.png (566.06 KB, 627x576, 209:192, 5f6.png)

I've got a request. Turn this into a monstergirl.

b58cd6 No.317568


Fuck, wrong thread.

ebf893 No.317590


>Post your smug when Tatsuki came back to save Kemono Friends.

>tatsuki came back

>came back

if that's just your inability to properly spell or use grammar I will kill you for getting my hopes up so high.

ebf893 No.317593

File: aabc1637b4f26db⋯.jpg (64.86 KB, 447x686, 447:686, IMG_4794.JPG)


I don't know what I was expecting honestly

a5cb65 No.317603

File: 97e857815482d01⋯.mp4 (1.76 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, no_tatsuki_no_tanoshi.mp4)



Supposedly the heads at Kadokawa had been in talks with Tatsuki recently after the backlash.

f87021 No.317642

I got summoned for jury duty today for great JUSTICE

f87021 No.317653


The case settled out of court. Shortest jury duty ever

b4ba9b No.317657


Did you accept a blowjob instead of having to marry her?

d5d5c8 No.317658


> conflate their disgusting westernshit fetish to japanese content

This also goes for the clown that keeps forcing Ruby gloom and other /co/ shit like Star vs. and whatnot.

a5cb65 No.317659


/loli/ also seems to have a problem with Westernshit.

76c56c No.317720

File: ab9a132b2e5d1e7⋯.png (198.39 KB, 628x684, 157:171, monster wood.png)

02fb36 No.317759

File: 8844cc1e8be72ce⋯.png (841.72 KB, 675x1024, 675:1024, Cheeki breeki 2.png)


I'm starting to believe that there is a correlation between liking anime and being an evil racist™

10bfc6 No.317770

File: ad2261aa8851dc8⋯.jpg (37.72 KB, 635x349, 635:349, image.jpg)


Really? Didn't notice.

3889d8 No.317791

Report the futaposter you faggots.

Remember this is a monstergirl board not a fucking shemale or hermaphrodite board. This isn't fucking /v/ or any gay 8chan board. Shove it in /chaos/

Post last edited at

ecd8b8 No.317792


Thank you based Aux

73275b No.317793


You are a true hero. I have a stupid question, isn't Alp technically a cuntboy?

b4ba9b No.317796



Cuntboy is literally a boy with a cunt, like a reverse futa.

Alps are magical faggots that slowly turn more feminine. The reverse of that would be a twink that slowly gets more manly, except that twink was a girl.

Alpsare still somewhat gay though.

I'd still an alp, if I didn't get claimed by a good species first.

73275b No.317797


Thanks for answering. It's that when I was randomly looking for monster girl images, I passed by one called "dragon cuntboy" where a male knight was cursed to have his manhood replaced with a dragon cunt. Some images later and that character grew tits and became a feminine dragon girl, apparently this character was created by /d/. I got off the Internet wondering what the fuck I witnessed.

7293f8 No.317799


You are bound to find degenerate shit every now and then when searching for artwork. It happens.

5719e9 No.317810

File: bafaee8a49131cb⋯.jpg (78.86 KB, 701x800, 701:800, sagume 1.jpg)


>I got off the Internet wondering what the fuck I witnessed

How old are you?

be71ce No.317816

/tg/ here. After watching you folk use Alp as an insult so many times, refer to it often, and genuinely shit on the concept in an oblique manner without direct reference I finally looked up what the hell you were talking about.

That is a truly horrifying thing. I knew MG sometimes dipped into body horror and vore, but that is pure mkultra tier bullshit. What the hell is that even doing next to lamias and elves? Why? Who was that written for, or was it an example of the logical extreme of demon energy? Fuckin why?

6cdb84 No.317817


It's written for people with a gender bender fetish. Like the Ranma 1/2 hentai and other hentai doujins about guys magically turning into girls. MGE is full of various different monster girls that cater to various different fetishes.

5719e9 No.317819

File: d53c7a53f3bf5dc⋯.jpg (160.39 KB, 800x534, 400:267, grinding magmafish.jpg)



KC has a corruption fetish, pretty much his entire lore revolves around it to a certain extend.

6cdb84 No.317822


Corruption, Mind Break, Transformation are among those fetishes and that is just in monsterization alone. Titania and Holstaur for the lactation fetish, though Titania is more about the milf fetish. Then there are Amazon, Ogre and Minotaurs for femdom. If you have a thing for wild untameable girls, Hellhound. If you have a fantasy to rape pure innocent lolis, Alice. If you want to equalfag with a tough girl and raise strong children, Lizardman. Different girls cater to different fetishes and /monster/ with the power of sorcery makes vanilla versions of these girls.

2ac54b No.317823


You know, the most confusing thing about alps is that there doesn't seem to be anything in their genuine folklore that would imply they'd be like that if they were monster girls. They were just demons that would ride around on Nightmares.


That begs the question: what, if anything drawn from folklore, would make a more sensical alp than the alp?

be71ce No.317829


There is a native american selkie-like that people dragged underwater join the otter tribe.

Ainu folklore gas weird bullshit that could in all likelyhood include gebder bending.

But I haven't a bloody clue what could possibly cause self imposed rape except a divine madness.

Maybe a hindu diety that swaps genders, mixed with chi vampires. The very notion of not being a diety yet switching or being between genders is a new one. Satyr + Hermaphrodites?

God damn. The best I can come up with is a curse from biblical Lilith upon the unbaptized sons of Adam. Convert you into one of her children. Sounds plausible in my head.

2ac54b No.317836


Given what we use the word "mint" to describe on this board, maybe a monster girl version of this would fit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minthe

724424 No.317843

File: 8e822ff6da819cf⋯.jpg (581.69 KB, 854x1200, 427:600, Titania_L.jpg)


>Titania is more about the milf fetish

bb63f6 No.317884

have you ever read a "choose your own adventure" doujin? https://nhentai.net/g/195402/

776e22 No.317885

File: d3e7a2061893f0e⋯.png (279.5 KB, 384x494, 192:247, d3e7a2061893f0e7130fda76e8….png)



bb63f6 No.317888

776e22 No.317891

File: f867a4be61b1259⋯.png (70.94 KB, 547x322, 547:322, a3158b9a29c467db8da39cb1fa….png)


The sorcerer guy in the story, he's black in case you're colorblind.

bb63f6 No.317892


im pretty sure he isnt black but just that he has dark skin because he is an evil guy with magic powers

776e22 No.317894

File: 6779ff33d25a866⋯.jpg (140.81 KB, 503x767, 503:767, 87fc4a9aa6c7c798cc30fb537c….jpg)


>im pretty sure he isnt black but just that he has dark skin because he is an evil guy

>Dark skin immediately means evil

Sounds about right to me.

>magic powers

Yes, magic powers such as being able to disappear in the shadows, mana-enhanced genitalia, and the ability to dispel any criminal actions with the magic words, "I DINDUS DOUS NUTINUS!"

1959bc No.317918

code munky is a fag

10bfc6 No.317920

Hey Aux, can you make /human/ thread not allowed? Every time they are made, they quickly go to shit, cause you extra work with banning people, and end up deleted anyway.

ee36a5 No.317925


>mana-enhanced genitalia

Self-reported of course

2ac54b No.317927


He's already told nofunallowed posters to fuck off in the past when it comes to /human/ threads, anon.

3889d8 No.317934


theres new rule changes, if you complain about the thread On the thread itself then come to me then spam reports. them im going to fucking ban you for being autistic.

YOU send your complaints on reports do not shit up threads, it only makes things worse. grow the fuck up.

1e9abb No.317949


>YOU send your complaints on reports do not shit up threads, it only makes things worse.


f6b9dd No.318000


God damn this place slowed down.

546ccd No.318004

Who let out the turboautists?


f6b9dd No.318008


>Its been a series of fuckups 8+4/v/ hasn't been good in a long ass time, considering mark constantly wants to be the opposite of 4/v/ by allowing crossboarding cancer. Right now 4/v/ has more quality than marks /v/ since /trash/ sucks up all the general and furshit cancer.

That's a little extreme though. 4/v/ has no "board culture" left and no original OC since cuckchan mods delete whatever they feel like, and the regulars are scared that Reddit will hijack it and spread it on r/4chan

1959bc No.318024


Summer is over, nothing of value was lost.

802a7d No.318048

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


To be fair they're already inundated with the little shits. Mark has no balls

Posting video from the guy who records a bunch of shit for /v/. Listen to him fucking blogpost.

178daa No.318064

Just a test post to see if the site's even remotely unfucked.

178daa No.318065


Only took a second or two to post, for anybody interested.

af06a9 No.318082

File: 8d61ad616caecd3⋯.png (58.63 KB, 624x888, 26:37, edd9dadbc4ea3859ad0f440311….png)


> >>>/v/13535975

>Futa shill is here

Another day on /v/.

(USER WAS BANNED FOR Linking his own post.)

2204a1 No.318083



Enough with the discussion of Mark and /v/. Complaining without proposing a final solution is called whining.

5c4384 No.318085


someone did create >>>/games/ but no one wanted to abandon /v/ for it

2204a1 No.318086


Someone did mention that nobody would leave legacy boards and their board names.

826cf2 No.318087


Mark has to be removed from BO, but he didn't do anything do to deserve removal.

3889d8 No.318092



>ignoring the fact that mark said if one of those people on vintage got his fb message.

802a7d No.318093


the dude he's talking about is the jackie 4chan dude from the first HWNDU. Yeah mark kinda embarrasses the fuck out of him.

697443 No.318094

Oi Aux, why'd you give me a permaban when you said 3 days for reporting and complaining in the thread?

3889d8 No.318095


i was going to let those three days pass then unban you. because it was a mistake on my end.

82331d No.318101

Will /monster/ ever reach a standard of 300 UIDs or will 8chan die beforehand.

2ac54b No.318102


It'd be nice for us to grow for the sake of more OC, but we need to actually think carefully about the best way to draw the kind of people we'd want here.

724424 No.318126

File: a84cb6a8a5950f5⋯.jpg (574.28 KB, 1000x1335, 200:267, Perfect kitty kneepits.jpg)

Sucks that there's not a lot of good monster girl kneepit images. Damn my kneepit fetish.

b4ba9b No.318130


Make a leg thread over here as well then.

724424 No.318136


Okey dokey then.

f6b9dd No.318276



We need to grow soon. Board is starting to slow down and its quite worrysome. UID right now is the lowest I've seen. Is OC just drying up or is affecting all of thd monster girl community?

dd447b No.318277


It's hard to draw only desirable people to an imageboard, it's not like you can vet lurkers and posters so it only ever works in our favor. It may be more worth our time to try to cultivate talent on the board with stuff like the learning to draw thread or the CYOA meta thread, maybe even try to utilize stuff like our unused Steam group to build a deeper sense of community. That way it's easier to exclude undesirables and draw in other people willing to support the monster girl cause.

f6b9dd No.318278


This. We need to start utilizing what we're good at. The Steam group for sure needs to be used again. Then again most people are on Discord

f7883b No.318290


I would expect a -small- drop in UIDs when the semester starts taking off - starting in September or October, but it doesn't explain for how slow the board has been.

ab1770 No.318295



>That begs the question: what, if anything drawn from folklore, would make a more sensical alp than the alp?

Priestess of Derketo

In the ancient mythology of the Phoenicians there exist a story that the Scythians once plundered the Temple of Derketo in Ascalon and as a punishment Derketo turned them into women and forced them to become her Priestesses.

f6b9dd No.318303


Possible lost of interest?

f4549b No.318304


>steam group, discord chat

I'm under the impression that this sort of thing tend to fracture anonymous imageboard communities. I wasn't around when the steam group was made, and it seems to be well-regarded here. Did it turn out unusually well or something?

b93ecd No.318305


Both were good. I haven't been on in a while. But I'm assuming they're still doing good. I imagine Discord is still the most active.

83a3f8 No.318306

File: 846856421f0bbfa⋯.png (151.61 KB, 470x509, 470:509, 1507634172375.png)


8ch is dying


fuck discord

724424 No.318311

File: e74850c485d9f78⋯.jpg (106.62 KB, 680x1012, 170:253, bcd.jpg)

The other boards seem to be doing fine. If you think about it, threads here often get ignored, not many participate to discuss, write greentext and post images even though there's a lot of that to do and much material to work with. Threads like the Oni or Kitsune do well, but when it comes to other monsters such as Selkie or Golem or whatever, they die pretty quickly. Aside from not much variety, I also think that it's possibly due to the monster girl fad dying, which leaves only real monster girl lovers here. Whatever the case, we need a plan.

7d8d98 No.318312

Anyone else come here for the discussions more than for the pornography and erotica?

0bca4f No.318319

802a7d No.318324


>Try to make a thread about danuki and their superior fluffy tail

>Only one that posts in it aside from "danuki are le jew" meme faggots

Maybe it's time I started reposting my shit story to keep it pumped

d7e526 No.318329


>I also think that it's possibly due to the monster girl fad dying, which leaves only real monster girl lovers here. Whatever the case, we need a plan.

That's what saddens me. Monster Girls are one of the very few niche's im passionate about, and its sad it could be dying off. We seriously need more OC and creativity. One of the problems we are facing is 8ch is slowly dying. Most people seem to be either moving back to halfchan or onto Discords. Losing Hotwheels and /sp/ really hurt the site a lot.

That being said, we arent dead. /mgg/ still goes strong on halfchan's /jp/ and /d/. We just need to start getting more creative and fast.

d7e526 No.318331


Also the people I've met in the steam and Discord room are all cool guys. There's a good community going on

6e63e0 No.318335

File: 1046b1ce5beb870⋯.jpg (87.82 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1046b1ce5beb8709185b6d9ea4….jpg)


Its impossible for a Discord community to be "strong" in one way or another, as in what it gives to us, it also gives to jews, and when it misinforms it users, it also misinforms the jews, so any tip of the scale also vertebrates into the other side.

I'd make a proper argument for something else here but people have already sold their blood to mammon so what does it matter

724424 No.318336



In other words, thread participation and more kinds of monster girls posted outside of the few that constantly get posted. We get a lot of manticore and cheshire, but when was the last time we get a chochin obake or a red cap? It's a good time to be creative.

2ac54b No.318337

File: 4a81ab69088b884⋯.jpg (443.34 KB, 864x1100, 216:275, redcap kc.jpg)


>/mgg/ still goes strong

/mgg/ is falling apart though, isn't it?


Redcap is an extremely underrated girl. I hope KC also makes a bluecap.

dd447b No.318339

File: 6532e2dba7bc1e7⋯.jpg (82.77 KB, 979x832, 979:832, 6532e2dba7bc1e7603483e46ea….jpg)



These things seem to be pretty related as far as I've seen. Threads just become image dumps rather than discussion, stories, etc, and a lot of people just cease participating. And on the other hand, the people who abandon threads when it becomes no content and all discussion.

Aside from that, October is a great month for monster girls. If we are going to do anything to try to boost participation around here, this would be the time to do it. Horror streams, spooky drawfagging and writefagging, daughteru trick or treating, anything goes basically. Maybe a /monster/ AGDG to combat the rise of monstergirl game devs proving to be untrustworthy pandering fucks.

3c8852 No.318340



Not sure.


So yeah we need more thread participation. Dont know how we can get more people though

3c8852 No.318341


Another good point. If we become nothing but image dumps, we WILL turn into /fur/. Getting conversations going is key. I think Aux should consider that, any thread that becomes nothing but an image dump with ZERO conversations going on is subject to deletion. It might be harsh, but it will force people to be more active

2ac54b No.318342

File: 76b168dd9771e5f⋯.jpg (484.5 KB, 1565x1461, 1565:1461, '''''JUSTICE''''' moon.jpg)



Why don't we try using meta threads to point out which threads could use more discussion and aiding them from now on?

724424 No.318344


I don't know about deleting threads with dumps, I do know we should encourage discussion on these threads. If we all remember the first crow and harpy thread, it was a dump of many harpies and crow girls, mostly the 2hu crows. Then down the line people discussed the birds and crow anon arose with his first drawing of a crow girl. In other words, even if a thread has dumps, it shouldn't discourage people from discussion and writing stories.

83a3f8 No.318345


>/monster/ AGDG

What would qualify?

1e9abb No.318348


>any thread that becomes nothing but an image dump with ZERO conversations going on is subject to deletion.

That's a bit much imo. The more rules that get laid down about posting, the less enjoyable it gets.

f6b9dd No.318349


That's exactly what's going on right now.


True you're not wrong on that. But we need to get people more involved. I hate to see this place just die off. Hell you can apply that to the entire monster girl community to.


Aux should make some kind of sticky dictating that people should start doing that along with encouraging people to use the meta.

2ac54b No.318352


Do you have something particular in mind?

1e9abb No.318356


>Aux should make some kind of sticky dictating

Aux isn't the answer to everything. Besides, how are you going to compel people to discuss certain things if they don't feel like discussing them?

On an unrelated note, as long as there is a discord the invite should really be somewhere

83a3f8 No.318357


I'm just asking if it would be only for original /monster/core lewd or romantic content, or if anything with a monster girl in it would count.

724424 No.318358

File: 58d7c0f62d534c3⋯.png (223.68 KB, 562x408, 281:204, COMMUNITY.png)


>the entire monster girl community

f6b9dd No.318359


I know that. But we need to start getting more people on here. Let people know that if you a good imagination and you're not an autist, there's a place for you.

2ac54b No.318360


I think it'd be fine to have the latter in it too.

83a3f8 No.318361

File: 0a5e69a008627de⋯.png (234.64 KB, 562x390, 281:195, the monster community.png)


you asked for it

83a3f8 No.318362

File: 6e9ff5c1cf2d1d2⋯.jpg (93.95 KB, 1200x1000, 6:5, 1485758046606.jpg)


>not an autist

who are you trying to fool m8

2ac54b No.318363


A musclegirl cheshire prowrestler would probably actually be really interesting to watch.

f6b9dd No.318364


>/mgg/ is falling apart though, isn't it?

Not really. Its actually doing pretty good right now. This might be another issue: anons slowly moving back to halfchan

1e9abb No.318365


>This might be another issue: anons slowly moving back to halfchan

Not much we can do about that other than try to offer a better product.

f6b9dd No.318366


I think we do. We have creativity and we make good CYOA's. We just need to capitalize on it.

f6b9dd No.318367


Love the halloween idea

1e9abb No.318370


>We have creativity and we make good CYOA's.

We also have retarded spammers who sperg out and go on tirades over shit that's not even against the rules. The purity shitposting got out of hand a while ago, an audience liable to go ballistic with indignance like a pack of hysterical SJWs is not an audience attractive to content creators.

0bca4f No.318371


It's not nearly that serious, and we've still got plenty of native born content creators even if it was.

724424 No.318372


I remember an anon once saying that a slippery slope can go both ways, either something puritanical or something really degenerate. We just need to remind anons the rules.

f6b9dd No.318373




Its not nearly as bad as it used to be

f6b9dd No.318374


Good idea.

2ac54b No.318376

File: ffd162d3221e052⋯.webm (2.75 MB, 758x734, 379:367, FROOT FAIRY.webm)


Personally, I especially wish this thread were revived: >>297088

728cd9 No.318379

I should continue that one gazer story that I was writing in the headpats thread earlier. Probably need to restart it since I think the pacing was a bit awkward.

That's another thing I noticed, when it comes to discussions, there's still a large handful of monstergirls left out, and ones I thought would be somewhat popular aren't as popular as I thought they were. Heck, the one cyclops thread I was image-dumping on occasion doesn't nab other posters. I think writing might help a bit, but maybe some other content would help.

dd447b No.318385


Maybe make it into some kind of rolling game, where you roll and have to make a piece of content corresponding to the monster girl you get. Draw a quick picture or write a quick greentext with a theme determined by a different roll. From what I've seen there's a lot of great monster girls that people just simply forget about because of whatever new hotness or the usual 5 overshadowing them.

44f7db No.318386

I remembered the creative stories we had here. Remember the old Wonderland CYOA where the loli Queen of Hearts had an army of dullahans with pink heart-shaped smoked coming out of their necks? Their necks have pussies and under their heads also had pussies (3 vaganias) so they had to carry their heads constantly. It also had a pink holstaur that lactates strawberry milk. We need that kind of crazy creativity again.

dd447b No.318398

I'm gonna look into setting up a movie stream, any good monstergirl/Halloween horror movies you guys want to see?

So far I've got Killer Mermaid, V/H/S 1, The Host the Korean one, and The Grudge vs The Ring as ideas. I'll try to think up some more and start a thread after work.

2ac54b No.318400


Matango and Mermaid in a Manhole. Also Stephen Chow's The Mermaid and Kung Fu Hustle.

f6b9dd No.318441


We need that back. I think a sticky at least telling people about the meta should be made. People should be encouraged to share ideas or thoughts on how to improve the threads.

724424 No.318447

Maybe I should start a region themed thread another day. I was thinking of doing a wonderland thread, but we had enough of that so I might go with Zipangu. My wonderland writefag would have been like this:

>Cheshire: Welcome to Wonderland, I'm the Cheshire Cat

>Anon: A monster girl… Say, you're going to rape me are you?

>Cheshire: Heavens no, I'm already married. If anything, I may hook you up with one of my friends. Also, we are having a party and my husband is setting up the decorations.

<Cheshire's husband arrives to greet Anon from behind

>Chad: Sup, I'm her husband Chad. Mind joining the party with us?

>Cheshire: I met my husband Chad in a hentai manga.

>Anon: Hentai manga?…

>Chad: Anyways, everyone is waiting.

>Anon: What are you all celebrating?

>Cheshire: Your unbirthday of course!

>Anon: My what now?

>Cheshire: Do you know how 364 days of the year are not your birthday? That's what we are celebrating.

>Chad: It's my unbirthday too.

<Jabberwock in a party hat blows a party horn behind Anon

>Jabberwock: Happy unbirthday to me!

>Anon: So we are celebrating the day that we aren't born?

>Cheshire: Yes.

>Anon: So, that means you guys celebrate everyday?

>Cheshire: Yup

>Anon: Do you celebrate actual birthdays?

>Cheshire: The parties are even larger!

>Anon: oh…

This is just an example. I haven't greentext written in a long while, so I'm rusty.

74a133 No.318449

File: e0f2d76f4ba92bd⋯.jpeg (89.02 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 71A902D5-B29C-43ED-AF6A-8….jpeg)



But other than that sounds good.

23d029 No.318461

File: e62a947b6b90507⋯.jpg (13.87 KB, 468x314, 234:157, images.jpg)

all this talk of opening up the /monster/ comunity and the encouragement of creativity is a double edge sword, while it is true that this campaign might breathe new life into /monster/ there is also the danger of certain types of anons coming on the board that will write content that this board frowns upon.

ex. AFTYN, bobanon, justanotherwritefag

just an advice

724424 No.318462


Not a problem as long as we have our mods and the report button.

c70993 No.318463


Then we shitpost the faggots like those down and ban them if they continue to be alps on the board.

f6b9dd No.318467

Ideas to improve and grow /monster/ so far:

>Link threads here on the meta to encourage people to post and create OC, whether written or drawn

>Possibly sticky a meta thread so everyone can see it. Encourage people to use the meta more often.

>Get the Steam group back up and running.

>Start creating more CYOA's.

>Start making threads for holiday specials like Halloween, Christmas, etc

That everything?

f6b9dd No.318468



Threads like these are good for creating original OC and greentext. That should be encouraged more. Some monster girls like Ushi Oni's for instance are lacking in the story department.

f6b9dd No.318469


So long as we have good mods and an effective team of shitpoters to scare the newfags off, we should be good. The risk is always there, but I believe we need to take this opportunity and use it. We offer much more than /mgg/ does, like actual CYOA's and more story content, we need to advertise that.

23d029 No.318470



then comes another problem because if we are putting this front this campaing of aceppting newblood and their creativity and when they on the board with content that they dont accept and will get banned for it they will call us a bunch of hypocrites and a hugbox board and as a cosequence of that new people will see that and will be discourage from coming into the board and write content

sorry if this bothers you anons but i feel the consequences of opening the board to newblood and encourage their creativity need to be debated

why do you think halfchan /hbg/ threads keep thriving?

23d029 No.318474


you just countered your own argument how the fuck are we supposed to bring up the number of anons into the board and make them participate i threads if we are gonna be banning them because they dont know the board culture

come on now boi be smart about this

ed8ef9 No.318475


another issue is that certain people just CANNOT produce quality content/oc

granted while the quality of something is subjective, the more content producers you introduce to a group/fandom/community, the more shit you're gonna get and the harder it's going to be to find the good stuff

0bca4f No.318476



I think you mean khenmaat.

2834da No.318499


Don't be an autistic downer.

10bfc6 No.318528


>not celebrating both

As a certain slavic saying goes "more holidays means more excuses to drink"

You with your oni flag should appreciate that logic.

dd447b No.318534




Maybe we update the rules and guidelines to suggest new people lurk for a week before posting. The most common misconception I've seen is that /monster/ is a dumping ground for every type of monstergirl content, so you get people who post monstergirl NTR, monstergirl futa, monsterboys, etc and other shit that belongs on /chaos/. There is a culture that people will have to assimilate into, the problem is that not everyone will and that calls into question the whole idea of bringing people on in the first place because we don't have the resources to mitigate the damage they could cause. Wait a minute, that sounds familiar

372412 No.318536


More a loss of pornography. You cannot run a porn board based on hand holding and head patting fetish alone.

The monster girl fandom and /monster/ grew rapidly, because people finally could get access to monster girl porn without furry shit or shifting through porn in general in mass only to get a one off scene or picture.

Yet this board has slowly but surly turned hostile even against most forms of straight porn, you cannot have a porn thread without some monogamous fag crying "cuck" and derailing the thread, because a picture or story doesn't cater to his snowflake specifications how pure sex is to be conducted.

And with these nagging nancies, who wants to have a discussion on this board? It used to be the way that you could discuss monster girl anatomy on this board, now if you describe how a Lamia pussy could work your post will only attract these drama queen and Aux will delete the discussion.

Hell stories from our story archive from the time of the founding of /monster/ are treated as haram by these fags. Who wants to sit down and write a story on /monster/ only to have it torn down, because it isn't the 145072387520357 version of cuddly monster heartwarming handholding?


>Its not nearly as bad as it used to be

It has become less, but only because activity has gone down. The worst thing was that Aux was indirectly enabling these purity fags by deleting posts and nuking threads, instead of banning the people who started the drama.

Must have driven away of shit tone of people when they saw their threads and post deleted that weren't against the rules, only because a purity fag started to screeched about their made up board culture.

This is also another point, the meaning of board cultures has been twisted by the purity fags to only mean their fetish, /monster/ used to be a board that had several fetishes but now if you post anything other than purity fagging you get told that it doesn't belong on this board anymore.

But whatever in the end you have made your bed, now lie in it or start changing your attitude.

7d8d98 No.318538


Would I be correct in assessing the border of allowed/forbidden content like this: Allowed is yuri, rough sex, harems, and femdom (unless it's hard ballbusting femdom) and forbidden is multiple dicks or human males, hyper-sized genitals/breasts, and all other stuff listed in the rules post (NTR, snouts, monsterboys, furry, gore, kemono, mlp)?


At my part time job today (math tutoring place) I must've helped out the dumbest girl with an assignment. Her answers to questions on the sheet were barely-coherent regurgitations of stuff from lectures and when she was unsure of any little thing she'd not think towards an answer, instead she'd just smile and giggle at me. Acting like a ditz to guys is probably how she got anything done in her life ever. It really turned me on, so I think I'll make a /dumbgirls/ thread when I collect enough pictures. Which monstergirls do you guys suggest? I figure wurms, all kinds of slimegirls, and maybe some birdbrains for a start.

0bca4f No.318539


Jesus is a cuck baby and a commie fag. And I don't need an excuse to drink.

259d38 No.318540


Reminds me of the time when the rape thread was stealth anchored and it caused a bit of a shitstorm.

3889d8 No.318541


oh please, you were being played by both sides. The complainers mostly had 1 or 3 posts to their ID which is funny considering you only have one post on this board. I slowly started banning them out. then had a recent rulechange, anyone that complains rather than report is now going to get 3 day ban, if they repeat that offense it will turn into a month long ban.

469604 No.318543

File: 0f26651a5eb988e⋯.png (156.1 KB, 270x270, 1:1, 0400ec9e129eec6e6e45c47e1d….png)


Sounds healthy.

3889d8 No.318545


/mgg/'s drama is not our drama, if they want to post stories here that don't break the rules then its okay.

11eed9 No.318547


>It has become less, but only because activity has gone down.

If I was feeling cynical, I'd blame our drop in activity on the god-awful summer wherein newfags galore showed up, took one look at the already pretty extreme purity shitposting and (probably because they were underage) took it into new levels of hysteria because they thought they were jumping on a bandwagon. This was probably the final straw for many posters.

724424 No.318554

File: a709577b7423792⋯.png (151.7 KB, 515x528, 515:528, huh.png)


>rape thread was stealth anchored

f6b9dd No.318559


It was a suggestion, one I admitted was too extreme. My point I'm making is that we need more content and OC.


My concern with that is newfags, specially ones from Reddit, refuse to lurk before posting. This is a problem that /v/ is facing right now: These people believe that all serious discussions should be on Reddit and that they only come to the chans to shitpost.


I think we should be a bit more open to things like Fat Monster Girls and whatnot. I agree with banning dickgirls and NTR though.


Summerfags always ruin things. My hope is that people will return on here once they notice the purtiy fags are finally gone >>318547

8dbe7a No.318560

File: 8792e1ca894216b⋯.gif (1.66 MB, 318x221, 318:221, 1472605158758.gif)


if anons are serious about getting more people into /monster/, then its time for them to adopt a different type of board culture, the abandoment of traditions such as the belittlement of newfags and adopt an, how do i put this, a value in the way of bringing people up to speed instead of inmediately shutting the down and tell to lurk more cause thats not going anymore if we want to bring more people in

if people want this board to survive then this is one of many things that need to be discussed

03c4c2 No.318562


There was a thread about raping monster girls, it got stealth anchored and then a small shitstorm happened. Some anons were not only mad that it got anchored, but that it was a stealth anchored. /a/ got wind of this and were bad mouthing the board because of it, so it furthered the divide between both boards. Some SJW types showed up to praise Aux for doing it, but it got on his nerves because he didn't want to be "their" hero. This didn't cause the board to lose numbers, but it probably was part of a chain of events that did. The first time /monster/ lost big was when the site was completely broken which caused us to lose drawfags in the process.

f6b9dd No.318563

>/a/ got wind of this and were bad mouthing the board because of it, so it furthered the divide between both boards

Our /a/ has to be the biggest cesspool on 8chan. They were the main reason /sp/ left to 76chan and many anons on here never forgave them for that. Also their board is run by a Tranny Nazi who bans people for the stupidest of reasons

3889d8 No.318564


there's a difference between newfags and mallicious shitposters, anons need to recognize who are part of the ever growing mallicious cancer festering on 8chan first, rather than just consider all newfags to be in the same pool of cancer.

Belittlement has a place, but it needs to be used sparingly. To outright do away with this is a bad idea, just as its a bad idea to let people get away with shit just because they want to crosspost the version of board culture they have been fed on another board.

Best thing we can do here, is do away with buzzwords that are used on other boards and call the cancer for what it is. Least we attract more people who actually get the terminology wrong and get into proxy autist fights or approval with them.

Post last edited at

f6b9dd No.318566


>there's a difference between newfags and mallicious shitposters,

Problem is Aux, is that its become so difficult to spot the difference. As I stated here >>318559 /v/ is facing this problem right now. If a newfag sees a whole lot of shitposting going on, he or she is going to automatically assume that is the norm. So the newfag becomes a shitposter because that is all he or she is seeing.

>Belittlement has a place, but it needs to be used sparingly. To outright do away with this is a bad idea, just as its a bad idea to let people get away with shit just because they want to crosspost the version of board culture they have been fed on another board.

Good point. We have to find a good balance between the two: We have to tell people that "no we have our own board culture here so you better lurk and adapt to it", yet we can't be outright hostile to them and drive them off for good. Its a delicate balance

a59189 No.318567

File: e00faa0ebfc7c63⋯.jpg (23.85 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 1466988222102-0.jpg)


>Also their board is run by a Tranny Nazi

3889d8 No.318569


its become easier for me to spot them, because some morons just come here to complain and shit up the board with buzzwords and culture that comes from other boards. some long time posters have gotten reprimanded for shitting up threads, and helping this cancer.

Leftypol and /pol/ are the biggest offenders, I know for sure if monstergirls existed all of a sudden, this peachy bubble shit would immediately end.

But the best advice i can give you guys is to do away with buzzwords and call things out for what they are, instead of using buzzwords and terminology of another board that isn't applicable here.

dd447b No.318571


If people are coming around to start shit, they're going to find a way to do it regardless of our mass reaction. If people are coming around out of curiosity, they may start a bit of shit being new, but eventually they'll learn. All we can really do to differentiate is to be firm but fair in elaborating and reinforcing the values of /monster/. The shitposters will reveal themselves and the newfags will be that much more cultured.

ca1be7 No.318573

Maybe part of it is just the lack of really popular source material that has little to do with the board itself. The monster musume anime was extremely popular but I haven't heard much about the newest manga releases at all. Is crabman still on break?

And when was the last time anyone really cared about a new MGE entry after the initial hype died down? Maybe the gremlin + automaton entries in march? That's over half a year ago. There have been a lot more monsters in anime etc lately but nothing really too exciting imo that would want to make me actively look for more /monster/ content online I think.

Not saying we shouldn't think about changing the board culture some and make an effort to better the board but maybe part of it is just the natural ebb and flow of things.

adbfaa No.318574


And please don't stealth anchor fetish threads that aren't the rules.

8dbe7a No.318576

File: 4eb82bb959b2fda⋯.png (74.18 KB, 332x183, 332:183, 1472603758916.png)



another thing that some anons proposed up in the thread is that we have to compete with /mgg/ and show monster lovers that we are better than the competion offering things that /mgg/ doesnt, problem is, how can we appeal to a wider audience when we have the site literally falling around us, the last fuckup we had still shows some scars still visible in threads in the form of broke images, now fair enough the last time the site broke was beause some hackershit caught us slipping, but tell me when was the last time halfchan had this problem, when some idiot with a little know-how can make the site crash for days

adbfaa No.318578


We are competing with both /mgg/ and halfchan's /d/. Their /d/ has non-futa monster girl threads along with drawfags

3889d8 No.318581


at this point ignoring /mgg/ and doing our thing is going to be more constructive than dwelling about old broken images, people may lurk in those threads but they keep driving out content creators. The hacking happen, its no longer that relevant. Right now codemonkey is busy with the site and its pathing issues.


threads with incessant shitposting get anchored, especially if the OP takes part in it, but whatever the vocal aspie tier complainers will get banned if i don't find some chaos tier shit.

74b0d8 No.318582

File: 3e1de3bdff46e70⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 10.97 KB, 182x276, 91:138, 3e1de3bdff46e70ad634ca0986….jpg)

File: 6cdd69a068c7771⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 108.16 KB, 1270x1136, 635:568, Baganism.png)

File: f33ab931be9b168⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 63.77 KB, 980x484, 245:121, paganism.png)

File: bd95803bdde1ff3⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 610.96 KB, 1588x2632, 397:658, bd95803bdde1ff36515ee235a0….png)



Good posts.

adbfaa No.318584


>threads with incessant shitposting get anchored, especially if the OP takes part in it, but whatever the vocal aspie tier complainers will get banned if i don't find some chaos tier shit.

That's fair. Maybe next Rape thread will do well, though I'd doubt there will be such a thread in a long time.

3889d8 No.318585


technically speaking this year has been kinda tumultuously autistic, 2016 was tolerable if not filled with slight fatalism, but going back to 2015 /monster/ would be better than letting things get out of control.

for fucks sake, we had /leftypol/ try to shit up the /mgg/ thread with low quality posts just to get back at the monstergirl content, nothing will top that fucking autism.

74b0d8 No.318587


>The complainers mostly had 1 or 3 posts to their ID which is funny considering you only have one post on this board

Remember that there's stuff like dynamic IPs and such. I have to enter the captcha more than once every 24hrs and my ID changes even more often. Might be the same for this guy.

"People got mad at your post so you must be a troll" should never be a reason to delete posts.

8dbe7a No.318588

File: c4065598cefb7d2⋯.gif (1.99 MB, 448x252, 16:9, 1467150191298.gif)


yeah ever since /pol/'s golden boy came into power things have been out of control

74b0d8 No.318589


My advice would be not to stealth anchor any threads. Anchor them if you have to but don't stealth anchor them.

3889d8 No.318590


true but if the reported post has /chaos/content its going to get deleted anyways.

74b0d8 No.318591


That's also one thing I'd like to talk about. Pure love is fine and dandy but what should be the official ruling on literal semen demons being semen demons? I mean, if it's the story about sombodies waifu fucking around then that's clear but in other cases not so much.

Also, the usage of KCs canon in some cases.

>Wait, why should that be against the rules

<he didn't read the MGE entries

>but it actually happens in these

<implying KC is gospel

Maybe it's just me but I see that sort far too often.

724424 No.318592


NTR is something everyone should be against. But other things in MGE should be fine. Dark Elf had that incest thing and the Siths did stirred the commotion, but banning/going against KC things did probably start some kind of spiral.

dd447b No.318593


It's kind of hard to imagine monster girls being the type to fuck around before settling with their husbando, despite all evidence to the contrary. I suppose it doesn't exactly violate any rules but a lot like the rape thread it certainly doesn't leave a good taste in my mouth. And the KC entries that do mention male harems or NTR, like bicorns or charybdis, are some of the most skewered and memed on this board.

0bca4f No.318595


cuckshit isn't allowed, period.

724424 No.318596


I don't remember anything in MGE mentioning male harems, only female ones.

adbfaa No.318599


Don't forget that the Elf-san manga scanlator stopped updating on /monster/ and only updates on /a/ now. Discussions on new monster girl anime and manga might likely remain on /a/.

a59189 No.318602

File: dd9230d6d5ebadc⋯.jpg (222.22 KB, 857x1134, 857:1134, dd9230d6d5ebadcf06cb262b0f….jpg)


>See a furry in some innocent japanese producer's manga

>Sperg out even though he had and probably still has no idea what was wrong

It was legitimately fated that the things you enjoy would leave you.

f6b9dd No.318603


That was a huge loss, and our /a/ isn't even that good.


This. Stealth anchoring has got to stop, its only pissing people off and driving them off of here.


>Their /d/ has non-futa monster girl threads along with drawfags

I'm also noticing a lot of writefags on there as well. Halfchan is still sadly the place to get attention and notice to yourself. It sucks because they don't really have a community like we do, although I respect the anon culture. AT the end of the day, we have got to start making changes for the better if we are going to get more people and creators on here.

adbfaa No.318605


Japan is more liberal with the term "monster girls", just look at Polt and the Siths.


>That was a huge loss, and our /a/ isn't even that good.

At least he still updates, even though he keeps the threads on /a/.

f6b9dd No.318606



another major thing I noticed is that, because they are generals, they strike the right balance between images, writing and conversations. I despise generals because they all eventually end up turning into a massive circlejerk in the end, but somehow /mgg/ made it work. We are different though, we have an entire board dedicated to monster girls, and that should be easily appealing. Really in the end it comes down to cracking down big time on shitposters, stop stealth anchoring threads, allow more fetishes besides NTR to be posted, and generally using the meta to get people aware of certain threads that could use more OC. I get not wanting to turn this board into a hugbox because that's what happened to /pol/, but we need to let shitposters know that, if all you're gonna do is bitch and moan you can kindly fuck off back to Reddit or Tumblr.

Just my two cents.


He should come back.

3889d8 No.318607


/mgg/ did not make it work, they consistently threw out their content creators. the mgg from 2013 is vastly different from the one in 2017.

f7fa5a No.318609


/mgg/ these days is also somewhat dying, sub 200 UIDs.

adbfaa No.318612


Which explains why the content creators went to /d/.

3889d8 No.318613


or they just flat out left, luth is now doing more warhammer drawings.

724424 No.318614


Sounds like monster girls as a fad has passed.

3889d8 No.318615


its mostly drama that causes it, lots of artists went to tft and then either slow down or stop doing art unless someone commissions them.

1e9abb No.318619


>cracking down big time on shitposters

>allow more fetishes besides NTR to be posted

Anybody shitposting about





should get a report, especially if they try and suggest that 'board culture' forbids these things.

3889d8 No.318623

File: 63f285037ae8e10⋯.png (2.42 MB, 5670x6050, 567:605, DON1.png)


condom shit is an annoyance but not mallicious its just one awkward autist that does it consistently, so just watch him like you would with a observe some autistic animal in a safari. The anti yuri and anti harem posting are cancerous and is a known vector for leftypol or other anti monster shitposers to shit up the board. Its always the same sort of mentally ill posting, its also tryhard tier, since there is more fucked up things to get angry about.

Post last edited at

f6b9dd No.318625


That was always going to be the case. We were always a niche subject, but even so we still have a passionate fanbase despite all of that. But yes I honestly blame the furries and the tumblrinas for causing the amount of drama in the fandom.


/d/ thread might be a bit slow, but I do agree a lot of the OC creators are over there.


Mostly because of that shitty attitude they had. However, I have noticed that its become a lot more laid back and calmer. I think they realized how badly they fucked up and are now slowly trying to repair their image. I lurk and post there btw, and even they admitted that writefag stories are being put out at a snail's pace.

f6b9dd No.318627


Exactly. I'd also like to suggest to Aux to maybe get two or three board volunteers who can handle things while he's away. That way we can always be on top of things

7d8d98 No.318636

what site is /mgg/ on? this is a piece of /monster/ history I'm not familiar with.

2ac54b No.318637

File: d32288ed9c7df78⋯.png (619.33 KB, 1237x898, 1237:898, artfairy anti-condom psa.png)

File: 9e9f16a1571f769⋯.png (276.97 KB, 1571x900, 1571:900, holstaurus anti-condom psa.png)

File: a07318c04f2697c⋯.png (926.19 KB, 1316x738, 658:369, demon anti-condom psa.png)

File: e56ac35c3f19a5a⋯.png (446.85 KB, 789x799, 789:799, grizzly anti-condom psa.png)

File: 4570b613ae5ed27⋯.png (602.65 KB, 1091x658, 1091:658, mucus toad anti-condom PSA.png)



Did anti-condom stuff ever actually end up as anything other than funposts?

c38abd No.318639


It's not just a funpost, people that have sexual morality really dont need condoms

f6b9dd No.318640


halfchan's /jp/ board

a59189 No.318643

File: 8c127f4026317e7⋯.png (151.77 KB, 278x472, 139:236, Dailyreminder.png)


>Sexual morality

>KC canon

724424 No.318646

File: f87c0b08e82797c⋯.jpg (26.43 KB, 339x388, 339:388, Ram Smug.jpg)

2ac54b No.318647

File: b104e9a5cafbe9f⋯.png (284.31 KB, 669x968, 669:968, ryu anti-condom psa.png)

File: 97a6122b05ded73⋯.png (969.07 KB, 1122x849, 374:283, hakutaku anti-condom psa.png)

File: 067e68541199f02⋯.png (221 KB, 733x664, 733:664, mantis anti-condom psa.png)

File: 21fe2b4635fe544⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1143x735, 381:245, dragon anti-condom psa.png)

File: 44ebb91374b2774⋯.png (213.46 KB, 1153x788, 1153:788, ushi-oni anti-condom psa.png)


But anon, what about /monster/ canon?

724424 No.318648

File: 685ab825252fafc⋯.jpg (567.12 KB, 1739x1213, 1739:1213, 685ab825252fafc07ef80ab584….jpg)

File: 29c55bf9b0afce0⋯.jpg (238.38 KB, 870x1237, 870:1237, 29c55bf9b0afce03595a7e340b….jpg)

File: deb173fd81b3b45⋯.jpg (253.67 KB, 870x1237, 870:1237, deb173fd81b3b45f40898f6a45….jpg)

File: 05d2ac4c3f91820⋯.jpg (228.15 KB, 870x1226, 435:613, 05d2ac4c3f91820b8520cd9b97….jpg)

2ac54b No.318649


But anon, your canon is wrong because he desires to end up with a harem of 100 girls.

2ac54b No.318651

File: 8f2f61c7be1f4bd⋯.png (632.66 KB, 1328x629, 1328:629, houri mge.png)


No anon, KC would write about 72 virgins.

f823f5 No.318661


or you could call them cucks and filter them xd

7d8d98 No.318664

Was thinking about harems of monstergirls. There are two questions a monstergirl setting can answer. First, do monstergirls give birth to human males, or not? Second, are there harems of monstergirls?

1. It seems to me that there is harmony if the answers are no and yes, respectively. Monstergirls can just have a low population and they feed off the human population, siphoning off a few of the males, and the remaining human males can reproduce with the human females and keep the human population stable. In the long term, the monstergirl population may grow quite large, but the human population would not necessarily be imbalanced in sex ratio even then. This is how MGE does it, I think. Not sure what the ratio of human to monstergirl populations is in that setting.

2. If the answers are yes and no, then there is also harmony. Monstergirls are then just human girls with the monster on the outside, and they're resolutely monogamous. If I made a monstergirl setting I would choose this—it's the ideal situation to me. I don't know of any works where it's explicitly said that this is the case.

3. If it's no and no, then things are similar to the first case, but the monstergirl population is more precarious. They'd need to take away a larger proportion of men, and there'll be more harems between human women and human men.

4. If it's yes and yes, well, look to Islam to see how that turns out. How are you gonna get rid of the excess males?

My preference ranking for these settings in terms of which I'd like to live in is #2, then #1, then #3, then #4.

a59189 No.318665


>How are you gonna get rid of the excess males?

2D fantasy magic.

There, done.

7d8d98 No.318666

dd447b No.318667


When I think this shit out for a setting, I usually go with the assumption that alleles that decide monster girl traits in the reproduction process are femdominant. Because of this, the male to female birth ratio is somewhere between 1:4 and 1:8. I'm not someone who minds harems, so usually I also like to say males are free to marry more than one monster girl, it just means one more monster girl has a husbando in a near constant state of men shortage.

2ac54b No.318668

File: bb4222a972572a7⋯.png (169.25 KB, 491x516, 491:516, Emile wistful.png)



The ideal way to deal with excess males is for large quantities of additional monster girls to be drawn out of the afterlife.

7d8d98 No.318671


Imbalanced birth sex ratio is something I didn't consider and it's a good way of solving some problems in >>318664. The reason that sex ratios are 50/50 or close to in real life is because it's the stable equilibrium over evolutionary timescales, but such timescales are too long to be relevant in human culture and lifetimes.


That's good too. I love Houris.

f6b9dd No.318673


Won't work. You gotta sometimes show force with these faggots.

ca1be7 No.318678


Or maybe they just don't want children at the current stage of their life. Nothing wrong with wanting to travel the world with your waifu or just to spend the whole weekend in bed without any real responsibilities for a couple of years before having children. Or wanting to get into a more stable financial situation before starting a family. Or not wanting to have any more children after already having a few. Or a thousand other reasons that have nothing to do with sexual morality (unless we have widely different definitions of that term).

In the end condoms are still the easiest and least harmful way to prevent pregnancy. As long as your waifu and you are on the same page when it comes to when and if to have children I don't see anything "immoral" with condom usage. Plus why give a shit if someone wants to use a rubber in a committed monogamous relationship. I think that's perfectly fine to talk and fantasize about (if that happens to be your fetish for some reason) on a vanilla board like /monster/. It's not like it's comparable to depraved degenerate shit like vore or handholding.

5c4384 No.318683

File: 6d86cff14991bea⋯.png (541 KB, 915x1200, 61:80, DLo30w8XUAAInkd.png)

Are we all talking about the same places?


they have good drawfags and maybe two good writefags left after they chased the rest out,

A day doesn't go by that it gets derailed by alps, daughter fucking, or someone posting about how they want to be pegged by hellhounds or something similar

>Halfchan /d/

pretty much just an image dump with one decent writefag that delves into some non futa or trap /d/ fetishes

I know we've gone down in uid's but I don't think we really need to panic about these places, we should just focus on making OC and maybe stop autisticly screeching at different tastes

724424 No.318686

File: 0c7237d884daf6b⋯.png (366.05 KB, 680x425, 8:5, 608.png)


>daughter fucking

It's funny when we had motheru threads with incest mother fucking. Though I assume their daughter fucking discussions usually have Dark Elves, right?

>we should just focus on making OC and maybe stop autisticly screeching at different tastes

>stop autisticly screeching at different tastes

Easier said than done, but hopefully the new rules will make it easier.

7d8d98 No.318687


>stop autisticly screeching

Related: the latest /human/ thread had a rough patch but now it's enjoyable and free of REEEs. I appreciate that.

f6b9dd No.318689


We've come up with a lot of good ideas.

5c4384 No.318690


mostly kobolds, baph, and familars all while talking about cunny, and cummies

there was also unironic toddlercon discussions a few months ago

724424 No.318691


Ah, that kind of daughterfucking. I thought it was about Dark Elves who decide to marry their human dads as part of a mother-daughter harem or something.

74a133 No.318698

We've gone up a good 30 UIDs, let's keep the ball rolling.

73c71d No.318710

File: e5d42d09f55af37⋯.jpg (183.12 KB, 600x600, 1:1, cyclopi are like onions.jpg)

File: 511ee018d32cbfa⋯.jpg (88.66 KB, 278x546, 139:273, CyclopsHair.jpg)

File: 1cc12e2c16ee10c⋯.jpg (489.75 KB, 665x931, 5:7, CyclopsHat.jpg)

File: 3a45e652efe42b5⋯.jpg (128.7 KB, 817x937, 817:937, CyclopsWitchMasha.jpg)

I'll admit that it's annoying that some of the users end up not coming back when the site shits itself on occasions. It's not that frequent and it comes back up shortly after. I can understand when autists that don't read the rules can deter some of the people around here though. Unfortunately, some people are just born to shitpost, and only think of doing so; they don't understand the concept that anonymous boards can also bring serious discussion. There's a great deal of potential with a 'niche' genre like monstergirls.

In regards to the people who want to stir shit just because, I'm almost in line with just banning them outright, however. They can derail topics rather quick. But I admit, the anti-condom stuff was rather amusing, and I also admit that I didn't know that it was going to annoy people.

ebf893 No.318717

Guys I'm in desperate need for a kiki image I can't find. It was akikimora with an anon laying his head on her lap while she petted him. I know it's been posted here before but I can't find itsorry if it's the wrong thread

5c4384 No.318720

File: 9d58e0a6dc2a295⋯.jpg (67.54 KB, 686x600, 343:300, Kikimora31.jpg)

724424 No.318728

File: 05812fff1be3f97⋯.jpg (164.3 KB, 870x1230, 29:41, Tensei Shitara Slime Datta….jpg)

File: 455d87d05723197⋯.jpg (158.04 KB, 870x1230, 29:41, Tensei Shitara Slime Datta….jpg)

File: c6ed25959988ee4⋯.jpg (165.92 KB, 870x1230, 29:41, Tensei Shitara Slime Datta….jpg)

File: 1be71d2640305ee⋯.jpg (142.26 KB, 870x1230, 29:41, Tensei Shitara Slime Datta….jpg)

Might as well lighten up with something cute. Hopefully things get better.

74a133 No.318741

File: 5662abecffa0d07⋯.png (517.59 KB, 711x711, 1:1, 0C317601-05E5-40AA-9CC7-79….png)


>sorry if it's the wrong thread

You will shall be bullied and redirected to >>289418

daa31c No.318755

File: 7aa4752d88b30c7⋯.png (90.58 KB, 473x496, 473:496, can't you tell.png)



>Purity is killing /monster/

I would say lack of OC would be the killer, but it's hard to find non-degenerate artists and the sort these days, and a lot of anons here have jobs or school and don't have the time/dedication to draw-fagging or continuing a story for more than a few posts.

Not only that but there really hasn't been any good official MG material in awhile either. All the new KC girls are pretty "meh" and will maybe get one or two pictures of them, All the recent MG anime has just been subpar, yuri, or hard to get into like kemono friends. It's kind of hard to keep discussion alive when KC only produces good art and crabman slowly worldbuilds a tiny bit every few months. There just isn't really anything to talk about.

>Get more people in, open the gates to degenerates and weird fetishes!

>ban anyone who says someone's taste is trash or waifu a shit!

I really now need to question what you value more: A slower /monster/ free of most bullshit you find in any other monstergirl dump, or a /monster/ full of tumblr-tier obese lesbians and degeneracy in every thread?

I'll take the former.

Honestly, I can't speak for other anons but I rarely find myself posting these days because of how thin-skin a lot of anons have become here, you can't really seem to discuss anything or even banter without some anon sperging about something, even if what set him off was more shitpost than anything. I know we're supposed to be paranoid about /leftypol/ and CIAniggers, but this place has really lost it's sense of humor.


>degenerates want us to stop posting degeneracy



Holy shit, calm down sperg. You are the kind of anon I'm talking about when it comes to thin skin.

ed8ef9 No.318757


i'd rather have quality over quantity

you can't rub one out to some godawful deviantart-tier drawing, but by god does a well-written smut piece make my dick diamonds

6fb5f7 No.318768

File: 1597c09267b0bba⋯.jpg (84.14 KB, 600x454, 300:227, _.jpg)


I beg to differ sir.

The solution to stagnation is and always will be the same, and that is conflict.

Only through intensive shitposting do you acquire lulz, the lifeblood wrought forth from the ancient winrars, progenitors of times armorial and your forefathers. You cannot produce lulz without conflict, conflict cannot exist if you do not allow it to. IE, shutting yourself off and blocking people who disagree with you, nor allowing a discussion not to be challenged. A community, a civilization cannot grow unless you allow shit to be flung unto one another.

Sanitizing the internet, no matter what community you occupy, only invites stagnation. If an individual does not lurk moar, their fate cannot be changed.

427320 No.318779


>Would I be correct in assessing the border of allowed/forbidden content like this:

My point isn't to argue what belongs to /chaos/, because fuck everything /chaos/ and especially NTR for destroying many monster girl doujinshi that had potential.

No my point is to decry that on this monster girl board we have people that even get triggered by vanilla things like horse pussy or snake cloaca.

We cannot have fun, because we cannot go crazy anymore and we cannot go crazy anymore because we have been forbidden to acknowledge that monster girls have a inhuman side to them.

There is a tone of material inside the MGE that we just never talk about and the reason for that is that some anons here are causing a shitstorm the moment you even mention its existence. And I am not even talking about the infamous things that have become memes here.


>The complainers mostly had 1 or 3 posts to their ID which is funny considering you only have one post on this board.

I tend to only post if something gets me to give a shit, which is becoming less these days because I am occupied by my job.

My last post before this one was probably the one about cowboy centaurs in in centaur thread. So you can put away your tinfoil hat Aux.

79d290 No.318798



>hard to get into like kemono friends

Yeah, those things are really bad. I don't think I really realized how much I hated this board until now.

760ed9 No.318799

Also, whenver you want to post something that is forbidden here, might be forbidden our just would cause people to sperg, then why not come over to /chaos/?

I'm always kinda sad when sombody get's told to go there with or without getting his posts deleted and he just stops posting completely instead.


>and our /a/ isn't even that good.

/a/ is one of the finest boards here and it sure is better than half/a/ was, even a long time before the exodus.

d1e70c No.318800


It's been a while since I really posted here, but when did this anti-condom meme start? These are pretty funny but only because who would really use them in their fantasy?

It's just a weird direction to take monster girls discussion.

1e9abb No.318801


>>when did this anti-condom meme start?

>those images get made

>shits and giggles had by all

>a few newfags start shitposting at any mention of condoms because missionary for the sole purpose of procreation XDDD

>the word 'condom' became enough to derail a thread

2ac54b No.318802


I don't remember it derailing any thread that badly.

2ac54b No.318803

File: 1547496d8e3de03⋯.png (115.82 KB, 600x600, 1:1, wadina davis higher qualit….png)


>/a/ is one of the finest boards here

d1e70c No.318804


So a bunch of people here are easily triggered? I shouldn't be surprised but I kinda am. That sounds almost as bad as the paladin edgeposting. I still remember some faggot posting some ebin greentext about him going fucking school purger on some monster girls.

Did anyone save that shit?

3889d8 No.318805


look faggot most of the complainers that got banned were just do nothing memefags spewing buzzwords from some other board who were starting to use the boards own culture against it. The last thing we need is to lose from of communication and resort to buzzwords. Use your own words dude, the memes coming from other boards and being used out of context are just showing me that people would rather use another board identity to explain their current problem rather than use their intelligence to make a concise argument.

3889d8 No.318806

File: b31bf59dcf647a8⋯.png (734.36 KB, 856x478, 428:239, image.png)


half /a/ has more content, they also don't have metashit surges of cancer like 8/a/ does, their mods allow them to derail a NON META thread to shit on other boards.

There's a time and place for everything its just that boards who are supposed to be legacy boards on 8chan are allowing that site killing cancer to fester hard.

Post last edited at

1e9abb No.318807



Can't find the thread at the moment, but the reason I remember it was because it pissed me off to such an extent that I almost came to the meta to whine about it.

760ed9 No.318809


>they also don't have metashit surges of cancer like 8/a/ does, their mods allow them to derail a NON META thread to shit on other boards

That never happened on any other thread than that one Potato Elf thread. Which only happened after the manga got deleted here. This means you wouldn't need to get buttblasted about full/a/ if you hadn't deleted them, Aux..

dd447b No.318810




The anti-condom thing is a meme. It is a meme that's a logical conclusion of the kind of values a lot of anons think /monster/ to be a paragon of, but its a meme nonetheless. The condom represents a get out of jail free card for all the consequences that arise from meaningless lustful sex and assorted degenerate behaviors, rather than the passionate lovemaking one would have with a wife in order to start a family. In a weird psychological kind of way, the anti-condom meme represents the general distaste for just porn dumps and the tendency toward genuine content and the lifestyle /monster/ represents. Ergo, people who disagree with the anti-condom meme seem to disagree with values associated with the board as a whole. It does seem a lot like this board is heading toward a major schism over what defines the monstergirl spirit.

d1e70c No.318811


Whoa there, not trying to get into a super deep discussion about birth control or values, I just thought it was really silly that people here are actually thinking about condoms for what is a sexual fantasy on any level. Except those who have a condom fetish or whatever

Maybe I'm part of that "schism" but I've always seen this board as a mostly porn board with a heavy focus on content creation along with various non-porn media discussion. The "/monster/ lifestyle" has never really crossed my mind since I just assumed everyone had their different lifestyles complete separate from their waifu fantasy. Unless that isn't at all what you meant by that.

1e9abb No.318812


>The condom represents a get out of jail free card for all the consequences that arise from meaningless lustful sex and assorted degenerate behaviors, rather than the passionate lovemaking one would have with a wife in order to start a family.

This is exactly the kind of moral haughtiness that pisses people off. I don't have a problem with the anti-condom meme, what I have a problem with is when people take it too seriously and start turning a joke into a serious discussion about birth control and non-procreative sex. That's not fun.

>In a weird psychological kind of way, the anti-condom meme represents the general distaste for just porn dumps and the tendency toward genuine content and the lifestyle /monster/ represents.

>the lifestyle /monster/ represents

This is not a lifestyle board. This is a monstergirl content board with a penchant for monogamy. Not that I'm against monogamy in any way, shape or form - but at the end of the day, until our waifus become real this is a fetish board, not a lifestyle one.

I just want to make it absolutely clear at this point that I am not, repeat NOT, shilling for polygamy or NTR or any of that shit-tier trash.

>Ergo, people who disagree with the anti-condom meme seem to disagree with values associated with the board as a whole.

I don't think I'm being too presumptive when I suggest that people here don't give much of a toss either way about condoms. As I said earlier, the problem is when people see a meme and take it too seriously.

>It does seem a lot like this board is heading toward a major schism over what defines the monstergirl spirit.

I don't know about 'the monstergirl spirit', I'm just here to produce and consume straight monogamous monstergirl content.

724424 No.318813

File: 7b74a461075c4f3⋯.png (60.91 KB, 706x431, 706:431, 1507827921693.png)


>The condom represents a get out of jail free card for all the consequences that arise from meaningless lustful sex and assorted degenerate behaviors, rather than the passionate lovemaking one would have with a wife in order to start a family.

d1e70c No.318814


>not enjoying your harem of monster girl waifus

Oh come on…. Don't worry, I'm just giving you shit


>some anons having fun when another person gets all pissy and starts telling everyone else to off themselves

I really hope that guy was just meming…

3889d8 No.318815


dude it happens on /v/ all the time. the legacy boards here have everpresent cancer, even dusky knows this, he has seen this site decline so hard. Its not being about buttblasted its about seeing how people are acting like vindictive redditors rather than enjoying the content they post.

1e9abb No.318817


That's pretty shameful.

3889d8 No.318818


> /monster/ lifestyle.

Holy shit dude, are you for real. you enjoy the stuff thats presented on the board and have fun, don't take imageboard shit too seriously this exactly the last thing you should do because its a one way trip to goytown. This is the problem with post 2016 8chan.

760ed9 No.318819


>dude it happens on /v/ all the time

Yeah. /v/ is shit. So? Saying that the shitposting on /a/ is on the level of /v/ or /monster/ or just about any board that can be considered active is just denying reality. Straight up lying even.

3889d8 No.318820


Dude it doesnt change the fact that this site is fucking itself over by allowing angry offboard drama. this is what people who hate this site always wanted and what the legacy board owners have forgotten. Don't play into their games.

Don't get asshurt because this post is true, be a big boy.

724424 No.318821

File: 5e8a8959d075a51⋯.jpg (159.8 KB, 778x501, 778:501, Suffering.jpg)


Mark needs to be relived of his board. He's just a wannabe e-celeb that allowed /v/ to reach such a sorry state.

760ed9 No.318822


>Dude it doesnt change the fact that this site is fucking itself over by allowing angry offboard drama

I ain't the one who brought /a/ into this.

>this is what people who hate this site always wanted

Well, I'm not the one who keeps going to back to halchan either.

>Don't get asshurt because this post is true, be a big boy.

I'm not but I'll sure disagree with you.

3889d8 No.318825


whatever dude, you have an emotional investment in your legacy board, this is a grave mistake anons make. You're supposed to enjoy content not completely dwell in one place and get burned out.

724424 No.318826


It was mentioned about how their autism are attached to legacy boards, so they refuse alternatives that don't carry the name. This itself is a problem.

7b34b0 No.318827

File: 4fb398c078f348a⋯.png (3.17 MB, 1544x2112, 193:264, 1455842531785.png)

File: 2df77f6c3297171⋯.png (182.06 KB, 500x400, 5:4, son let me tell you a stor….png)


>All the recent MG anime has just been subpar, yuri, or hard to get into like kemono friends.

lets do a recount shall we of mg anime this year

you got gabriel angel girl anime which everyone shat on, then came dragon maid that got everyone fretting over the yuri, the only worthwhile thing for me that came out out of that anime was lucoa and /ss/, i dont know what the fuck happened in kemono friends that freaked out both /a/ and hafchan's /a/ and made them proclaim it was the best thing ever, so i suspect it was a nonsense fucked up thing and then we have centaur worries which no one gave a fuck about before and after the anime

the problem with most of this MG animes is that they didnt have a male character for the mg girls to fret over, why do think monster musume got as popular back in 2015, most of this anime had an all female cast so yuri undertones were strong, fine there was two animes that had male characters but one was monsterboys (centaur worries) so that goes into the trash and the other was a side character thing (dragon maid) so nothing that showed human-monstergirl relationship and that hurted us this year

3889d8 No.318828

Anyways for you new people and old people,

You can do two things, focus on your waifu or content that you like, or get into fights with greasy frustrated wandering autists trying to meme. One is more gay than the other. Make the choice, and also don't take things too seriously.

79d290 No.318829


>That was a huge loss, and our /a/ isn't even that good.


>half /a/ has more content, they also don't have metashit surges of cancer like 8/a/ does, their mods allow them to derail a NON META thread to shit on other boards.


>Dude it doesnt change the fact that this site is fucking itself over by allowing angry offboard drama. this is what people who hate this site always wanted and what the legacy board owners have forgotten. Don't play into their games.


>You can do two things, focus on your waifu or content that you like, or get into fights with greasy frustrated wandering autists trying to meme

..⌒ヽ           ' ⌒ヽ           /.|:::::::::::|
乂乂||          |乂乂||         |  |:::::::::::|
乂乂||          |乂乂||         |  |:::::::::::|
乂乂||          |乂乂||   ___|_|:::::::::::|____
乂乂||          |乂乂||  /|::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::|
 ̄ ̄            ̄ ̄  i  |::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::|
      _____         .|/ ̄ ̄ ̄../|:::::::::::| ̄ ̄ ̄/
     ||L L | L L ||        ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄|  |:::::::::::| ̄ ̄ ̄
     ||L L | L L ||               |  |:::::::::::|
     ||L L | L L ||_________ .|  |:::::::::::|
===========l| L L l================= i  |:::::::::::|
二二二二二二ヽ   iヽ二二二二二二二二i  |:::::::::::|
:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::i   ヽ|     _____.i  |:::::::::::|
 ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄\   ∧_∧.._______|  |:::::::::::|
 ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄|......( ´Д`)_______|  |:::::::::::|__
::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: |  /aux(S)::::::i\  ....|  |:::::::::::|  \
 ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄| .\ ....\|:::::::::::|    \
      ____/|____  .|   .\    ̄ ̄
     | O lord, how do I get people to like me? Please respond, for I am alone...

074cfb No.318830


Your ascii art is a bit off.

3889d8 No.318832

File: 5398b195f8b528c⋯.png (207.14 KB, 327x316, 327:316, 1505167456965.png)


you got triggered by the opinion of another person on this board on the meta thread on your first post. But if you want to meme, like you do on your homeboard and give the board another IP, then be my guest.

79d290 No.318833

File: b5b2506ee067281⋯.png (8.94 KB, 620x394, 310:197, screenshot_1573.png)


I hope you're not phoneposting and have your fonts installed.

724424 No.318834


There was that one Japanese anime based off a Chinese LN about a boy and a fox girl.

760ed9 No.318835


I hate "nod argumend :DDD" posts so I hate do mak them myself but you have yet to say anything about why full/a/ is shit besides that anons were negative about /monster/ once.

Saying that people who disagree with you are butthurt is all you did so far.

3889d8 No.318837


> hate do mak?

are you on mobile or something?

3889d8 No.318840


But I will tell you something, stuff that's said to be meta goes to /ameta/ which is the sole place that has ID's. new people to the board get a free pass by mods or are indifferent to drama they bring to the board, unless it reminds them of an intl spergout.

Its easier to drama fag on the /a/ board and they let you get away with its hostile posting not aimed at them, and depending on the maids, they will ban if you make a grammatical mistake. Which is sort of silly because of the anti emoji rule which is something /a/users don't use. Maid dicksucking is pretty counter intuitive and sometimes tricks them into banning specific things rather than enforcing the full set of rules they have put up, banworthy offtopic edgeposts sometimes gets ignored for lesser shitposts the moderator has put up a bot that targets specific words (of a somewhat cancerous nature). Those words could of been phased out with stronger board identity or atleast wordfiltered, without the use of an actual bot. Bot's being used in place to take over moderation is kinda fucked up especially if it doesn't involve global rule violations, the moderators should at least share the full blame when they fuck up.

But that's how they want to run their board.

760ed9 No.318841


How can you, as a board owner, still not understand how IDs work?

3889d8 No.318843


/a/ doesn't have board id's. I say the bot is a mistake, it forgoes accountability for easier management.

Can you not understand how that works?

b6d29d No.318844


>and sometimes tricks them into banning specific things rather than enforcing the full set of rules they have put up

Any examples?

b6d29d No.318845


>the bot is a mistake, it forgoes accountability for easier management

What do you mean by it forgoing accountability? The bot just purges by specific keywords based on a publicly available list as linked in the rules, how is that anything other than a beginners trap designed to weed out crossboarders who can't read the rules? I don't understand how accountability enters this picture.

b6d29d No.318846


He does understand, he's saying that any board that doesn't have IDs is shit. /a/ of course has a culture that prizes anonymity and derides IDs as the mark of a shit board that needs training wheels. I think his problem lies at least in part with /a/'s userbase as well as the moderation.

2ac54b No.318847


I don't think he's saying any board that doesn't have IDs is shit; the main reason why IDs exist on this board is so that writefaggotry doesn't get derailed with people pretending to be the writer and so forth.

3889d8 No.318848


if the bot makes a mistake when it bans a long time user for a one time infraction, it sours anons experience and helps to incite more user loss. the bots are also a sort of crutch when it comes to having strong board identity. You also make it so that anons are afraid of talking to the moderation on the place where its most relevant, the board itself, not a seperate meta board.


> training wheels.

To this day the legacy boards dont use sage correctly, its a downvote on those boards. The first time it was used correctly on this site is with cyoa's on this board.

2ac54b No.318849

File: 87cca82773da1db⋯.png (34.23 KB, 1449x356, 1449:356, ameta.PNG)

File: 3e29acc45d8a629⋯.png (804.14 KB, 1024x1365, 1024:1365, smug matango.png)


The funniest thing about /ameta/ is that it's been neglected by meidos to the point where it's been on the board claims list many times, and every time I tried claiming it to see what would happen it would end up off the claims list after a little while. I later found out that those who handle claims seem to specifically make an exception for /a/'s neglect when it comes to board claims by notifying the BO and asking them if they're okay with it being claimed or not when it happens. Though I think /ameta/'s COMPLETE lack of use has changed since I sent the emails in pic related, I've still seen enough neglect that it still ends up in the board claims list.

760ed9 No.318850

File: e366a35e000bf26⋯.png (43.92 KB, 1208x337, 1208:337, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 337dbd397f063b0⋯.png (124.97 KB, 643x309, 643:309, ClipboardImage.png)


>if the bot makes a mistake

It is a bot. It doesn't make mistakes. It searches and bans for pic related. A "long time poster" wouldn't type like a nigger since he either follows the rules or he wouldn't be a long time poster in the first place.

>You also make it so that anons are afraid of talking to the moderation on the place where its most relevant

You are known to ban posters for disagreeing with you, delete their posts and then you state that they were crossboard raiders or something.


>its a downvote on those boards

I haven't seen this on any board besides /v/ which, as anybody agrees, is shit anyways.

3889d8 No.318851


yeah but, the use of the bot automatically assumes that the moderator who installed it has disdain for the posters who use those minor shitposts. its then assumed that all posters that use that word are chaff, you get rid of more people that way, instead of having faith in the board's culture.

Atleast i can admit i did wrong, but even worse is someone who admits the point of 8chan is easier to disavow for comfort.

8chan was built on the foundation that anons can be their own moderators who moderate their hobby or specialty boards. the bots being used are killing this site. it makes posters weaker instead tackling the problem and seeing how it can be resolved like what you saw here.

Sure anons here are sour because the ongoing state of automation and radicalization that 8chan has been bubling inside of 8chan for a while. Its not an option to take part in in the sites destruction because you don't have faith in your userbase when you finally go to sleep.

Post last edited at

79d290 No.318852


>It is a bot. It doesn't make mistakes.

That's some funny argument right there because its empty, since it can only be trying to either imply that bots don't break their code(Which is true, but not what people are looking for, and therefore not relevant) or that bots are perfect at moderation(Which is false, since if a coder makes a mistake, the bot will make it too).

It will meme some people though, I'm sure.

79d290 No.318854


>instead of having faith in the board's culture.

When has this worked out well other than /tg/? Here in /monster/ your own culture has went the other way into the slippery slope and now you are so puritan there are still outbursts over lolicon 2 years later.

"Muh daughteru", I suppose.

>8chan was built on the foundation that anons can be their own moderators who moderate their hobby or specialty boards

It was built on the foundation of making your own board. If you reject people that want high moderation, you are breaking Hotwheel's intent of letting anyone make a board.

>Its not an option to take part in in the sites destruction because you don't have faith in your userbase when you finally go to sleep.

Who are you to say that, seeing as your board is limited by itself harder than /a/'s moderation limits others?

If you say "I don't have people discussing X in /monster/ and therefore no more /chaos/fags are coming", I say I can discuss X in /a/ because all the crossposters are removed.

760ed9 No.318855

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The former, obviously. You tell him to look for a word, it looks for that word. It won't ban anybody unless that requirement is met. It doesn't judge, it just does what it is made to do but I agree that the post sounded like some Deus Ex dialogue.


Look at your post and compare it to what was discussed above. About the loss of users here on /monster/ specifically.

3889d8 No.318858



Bad moderation practices who use bots tend to gatekeep and dont give people a chance first.

face it guys, this isint a thing that can be defended, its more than elitism, its a sort of anon shoah, it shows that you don't even give out a chance to humor one single shitpost.

this is why dusky is right about 4/a/, they're funnier than you guys. You guys are okay with a bot that deletes a few annoying words and that says volumes about yourselves.

Post last edited at

79d290 No.318859

File: 8fa40dac233ae42⋯.jpg (482.27 KB, 782x1200, 391:600, c6574bb881570f709618d2f8dd….jpg)


What a graceful defeat. You even left your pride behind.

3889d8 No.318861


the bot will never have a soul. Defending it is a shallow attempt at saving face.

b6d29d No.318862


The maids don't log in or capfag much, but they definitely do monitor the board >>>/ameta/6290

760ed9 No.318863


>the bot will never have a soul

Was anybody implying that?

79d290 No.318864


It is, ironically, a shallow attempt form Aux at saving his own face.

3889d8 No.318865



guys here is the thing, since you dont have experience with moderating. What is banned, what is deleted is always the board owners fault. Just getting rid of a few words who don't harm anyone and that would eventually die out is just something that leaves a sournote. The idea that the Board belongs to the moderator is a mistake based on the reddit mentality.

The board will grow and eventually belong to the users moreso than the mods, the mod needs to understand that old shit that doesn't have to to do when the boards topic that used to get banned will stop being non issue because people will slowly either ignore it or it will become an unspoken rule to not do it.

The bot is a cruch, making the meta go on another board is also a mistake. It breeds cancer and people will eventually lose faith in the moderators because anyone could go on that board and say the board is unusable because the mods don't want to respond to those posts.

Atleast try to grow as people who don't accept all mod practices with full faith because its banning people you dislike, thats how you end up losing in the end.

Its making you look crazy here, you respect worse mod practices because you have a personal problem with me, instead of having a personal standard for what moderators should do, use the same rules you apply to me to the homeboards you post on.

Post last edited at

c38abd No.318866


>A "long time poster" wouldn't type like a nigger since he either follows the rules or he wouldn't be a long time poster in the first place.

how long have you been using imageboards? People type like they're genuine retards on imageboards all the time.

760ed9 No.318867


Not if it is against the rules of the board. For example: It doesn't matter how popular traps are these days, they don't belong here.

2ac54b No.318868

File: e43c20ea1fdc9a2⋯.jpg (584.88 KB, 960x927, 320:309, suspiciously smug raiju.jpg)


>comparing posting images of traps to saying "lel" at something a user might find funny

1aa557 No.318869


>you got gabriel angel girl anime which everyone shat on, then came dragon maid that got everyone fretting over the yuri, the only worthwhile thing for me that came out out of that anime was lucoa and /ss/, i dont know what the fuck happened in kemono friends that freaked out both /a/ and hafchan's /a/ and made them proclaim it was the best thing ever, so i suspect it was a nonsense fucked up thing and then we have centaur worries which no one gave a fuck about before and after the anime

>the problem with most of this MG animes is that they didnt have a male character for the mg girls to fret over

You didn't include Demi-chan wa Kataritai and that has a big guy.

79d290 No.318870


Well, if you're back to making arguments, you're technically not losing anymore.

Back to the main posts, then.

>The idea that the Board belongs to the moderator is a mistake based on the reddit mentality.

The community that still sticks on /a/ and agrees with the current moderation can't have it because that is thinking the board moderator owns the board is bad.

So we have to listen to the community.

Which wants more moderation.

Ironically, the one rioting for /a/ to ignore its own users right now is none other than you, a board owner of a 400+ UID board.

The rest of the post is founded on the same argument, "people can't have the board they want because the board is made for them and has to appeal to them". How have you even justified this to yourself?

Sidenote: I think this argument is blown up by Hans Herman Hoppe except it was, ironically, referring to people arguing for more government. But things wrap around, and if you wanted a commune with specific rules in ancap nation, you would be able to find it, so even the most stout right wing anarchist would allow people to set up their own rules.

I guess this means Aux is a left-wing anarchist! Voluntary actions are a big no-no now!

Other notes:

>making the meta go on another board is also a mistake. It breeds cancer and people will eventually lose faith in the moderators because anyone could go on that board and say the board is unusable because the mods don't want to respond to those posts.

>It breeds cancer

What cancer? You mean as in shitposters?

79d290 No.318871


That reminds me, weren't a lot of people shitting in the new smugloli doujin because apparently it had "/monster/ no-no content?"

Funny that.

7b34b0 No.318873

File: 9a78d4400b32465⋯.gif (1.93 MB, 300x300, 1:1, 1467145013694.gif)


shit you are right

but ironman was a professor and you know fags were going "le creepy"

2ac54b No.318874

File: 88396cd486b1d8c⋯.png (55.67 KB, 600x347, 600:347, hakutaku wondering what sh….png)


>a board owner of a 400+ UID board


>"/monster/ no-no content"

There were anons annoyed with it because the vamploli used her dead dog's collar for petplay, anon.

3889d8 No.318875


you could have more users like you did when the board started but your user base got cut in half, do you even have /a/ sings? you don't, this is getting sad, all you have is a bunch of people who are following established /a/ legacy board mannerisms with ever increasing moderation increments. The board exists in that manner because its already established a shared identity with expectations of what an /a/ board should be. if you think the moderation keeps it in line then you are sorely mistaken.

760ed9 No.318876


I'm just assuming this here and I'd be happy for anyone who can provide numbers but even if you factor in the fact that /a/ is more popular and therefore newfags come to it first, the percentage drop in useres here is probably still far higher, so any "useres will leave because of /a/'s moderation specifically"-arguments don't really work.


I only saw anons sperg about the femdom and the collar parts when the previews came out. I could be misremembering it but I doubt/hope it was more than a few autists.

1aa557 No.318877

I've never had a problem with /a/'s moderation. I've had bad posts deleted and gotten short term bans for shitposting, and every time it happened I had to admit that the mod action was fair and that I should post better. I broke one of the clearly defined rules and that was that.

They can afford to do shit like have an autoban script triggering on shitposter language, or tempbanning for bad grammar, because they have a bigger board and more shitposters coming in from elsewhere. (e.g. when everyone was redirected to smugloli during the april hack, or /a/non's wedding bringing in lots of twitch tv shitters.) The moderation decisions that make sense for them wouldn't make sense for our board.

c38abd No.318878


>So we have to listen to the community.

>Which wants more moderation.

Reddit is also an option, or making a split off board that has all the moderation you want. That's how 8chan was supposed to work. you don't like a boards administration? make your own that you can administer to your needs. The fact that they don't do this means they must not really want it that badly. They have the tools, if they think need more mods to intervene they can use them.

79d290 No.318879


>The board exists in that manner because its already established a shared identity with expectations of what an /a/ board should be.

If you are outside those very expectations, can you point me to the loss the board has taken by removing all those things they have?

And do it unbiasedly on your side, please.

I joke, I hold you in low regard. You always had this aura of a buffoon to me. Slow on the uptake. I don't know how you are a good board owner, it seems like a stroke of luck to me.



Alright, alright.


Is this a counter argument or support? I can't make heads or tails out of it.

We're talking about /a/, for reference. Aux wants /a/'s administration to be different.

760ed9 No.318880



Well, at first we were discussing how to improve /monster/'s user count and then why /a/ is supposedly the worst kind of cancer on fullchan. Both with little success so far.

2ac54b No.318881


>the worst kind

No, but they are one of the site's flavors of it.

79d290 No.318883

File: 47080967a453000⋯.jpg (599.52 KB, 1550x1120, 155:112, 47080967a4530009d127a809ae….jpg)

3889d8 No.318884


Dude the moderators can ignore some of the things random anons mention, they don't have to immediately default to mod action when the userbase can fix by itself if it at least recognizes whats wrong. The mistake here is implementing changes with utmost finality when there is probably no need.

All I'm saying is that there is a balance to this moderation thing, the more you take or add the more things can backfire, making things more complicated will lead to more complicated issues. Have a sense of forbearance before just accepting things, if things go wrong stuff needs to be accounted for so the solution can be brought forth.


the site and the boards needs to change. There a major slow burn happening. and I do think its time for a fresh start.


they're not the worse place on the site, they just do somethings wrong and there's cancer that settles on their meta board that prevents them from fixing said issues, because nobody who mods wants to see rabid anons use memes to explain their frustration.

Post last edited at

79d290 No.318886


>Is that there is a balance to this moderation thing, the more you take or add the more things can backfire, making things more complicated will lead to more complicated issues

I think most people would fuck up and try to fight this argument when it is pretty blatantly true. More rules means more fuck ups.

But even if it is, so what? We should give up and go to rest because getting what we want is hard? If things go wrong stuff can to be accounted for so the solution can be brought forth.

>All I'm saying is

You mean all you're saying now, since you're not arguing that 8/a/ was going against what 8chan was meant to be anymore.

3889d8 No.318887


nah its more than that, the problem is becoming severe on this site, the Bots being used for non global rule violation applications are slowly pushing users out. /pol/ and /fur/ have severe problems with their raids but then, the problems for hobby boards is less severe, it seems more like a nuclear option in a place where it might not even need it as much.

The behavior of acceptance for it, is a problem, You're anons but you should remember that not every anon suggesting every concession for more control is an anon like you, they may be outsiders trying to perpetuate an idea of complacency. The mods themselves need to work with anons but not actively hold their hand for every little problem.

Post last edited at

760ed9 No.318890


What I'm saying is that the moderation on /a/ works just fine. Like >>318877 I have had any problems with it and I have yet to see any evidence of somebody getting wrongfully banned.

More quality posts and a stable website that doesn't shit itself every couple of days is what is needed, not a fresh start. On the boards that I visit anyways. There's a few that are just complete shit but that won't ever change, as they are pretty much newfag tourist-town.

> there's cancer that settles on their meta board that prevents them from fixing said issues

Which are? Besides you personal frustration with /a/, what are some of the problems that need fixing? Where are they pointed out in their meta board? There's shitposters that are buttmad about not being allowed to shitpost and newfags that didn't read the rules.


>The behavior of acceptance for it, is a problem

I'm not really sure what you are talking about here. I really don't know and don't care how /pol/ or /fur/ are moderated.

What I care about is discussing /a/ material on /a/. Without tons of template threads and generals clogging up the board. Without shitosters everywhere. These are the things I disliked about half/a/. Even though I'm a weeb, I haven't gone to /a/ for years after leaving halfchan, because of how much I disliked half/a/. I'd rather have people get banned for niggergrammer than "I don't even watch anime" redditors shit up every thread with lowest-tier trollposts.

79d290 No.318892

File: 280bd04fe52dac6⋯.jpg (571.01 KB, 1066x1000, 533:500, 1667513747d4db3fb7286e5c77….jpg)


The whole "bot mod is not necessary thing" seems overblown to me. Its enforcing one rule, total.

As for this:

>The behavior of acceptance for it, is a problem, You're anons but you should remember that not every anon suggesting every concession for more control is an anon like you, they may be outsiders trying to perpetuate an idea of complacency.

I'm going to be honest I have no idea how to reply to this. If anti-/monster/ posters could organize and pretend to be /monster/ posters and demanded less rules your board would fall for the same trick, right?

3889d8 No.318893


its not about shitposting, for one second stop using this boogynoodle meme. Its just that having that sort of measure can escalate afterwards. You have seen more rules implementations. You have seen your metaboard and disregarded the board as an untouchable place because the point of it was to divorce the problems from the board.

If few irrelevant words that are losing relevancy being removed are making you accept these conditions as being normal then you're not good on the uptake. you may as well put relinquish your anoncard.

70b15f No.318894



I was meming at the condom use but not at the guy who suggested abortion

I suppose I should have included a smug anime girl

Really though, I hate condoms because they're just rubber cum rags, but hentai authors seem to think it's hot for a girl to suck the semen out of used ones like it some kind of disturbing candy. As a result I tend to avoid "condom" tags and really, if you don't want your girl pregnant, why not just cum on her ass? Or in her ass? Or have her take a morning after pill, there's plenty of options

3889d8 No.318895


Its been tried and it has failed, mods on /a/ probably don't have time to see all the posting contributions from the anons asking for a rulechange. This is a problem with legacyboards because the bar is set lowest for them when it comes to user contribution.

Good anon contribution expectations are so low on legacy boards that the standard there into a mod taking them seriously is if they haven't shitposted often. This is the common sense approach that anons don't often think about.

Post last edited at

760ed9 No.318897


But it is about shitposters and keeping them out. That is the point.

I don't have anything against rules, as long as I don't disagree with said rules. I assume it's the same for most. People leave when they don't like the rules that get enforced. Especially if they are unofficial, like what happened here before.

3889d8 No.318899


I know thats a valid point but going that route is is less work for more problems. It would be easier for anons to actually have faith in their own board mannerisms.

This is like banning people for frogposting, when the frogposting fad is slowly dying and going back to /pol/. Eventually the words on that botlist will become irrelevant.

Post last edited at

d1e70c No.318908


I can understand that, I find abortion to be really disgusting too, both in fantasy and IRL. Although, I have to keep my emotions separate and live with the fact that even before abortions were made legal, women were having them or being forced to by their boyfriends/husbands/dads, I just wished that at the very least that women would just deal with the 9 months and give the child to someone who actually will care for them.

Never thought about that though, I tend to avoid manga with pictures of girls and condom skirts for what it's worth. Plus, having worn a few condoms, they aren't really all that great feeling anyways only recently have I tried custom fit condoms, those were awesome but it's as you said, there are other ways to avoid babies.

3889d8 No.318938

File: 8f17d7aa7bc68e6⋯.jpg (34.09 KB, 357x534, 119:178, rest in peace.jpg)

2ac54b No.318939


I'm not believing you until we see pics of his funeral and his waifu is lowered into the coffin with him.

70b15f No.318941

File: 0a4ab7485b9ef9b⋯.jpg (48.15 KB, 604x453, 4:3, Low places.jpg)


He's with his waifu now

May we all be so lucky

d1e70c No.318942


That's pretty sad, I just learned about Grapekun. I too hope he is with his waifu.

ebf893 No.318943

I feel a bot isn't necessary. I trust the users to guard the culture well enough to berate newfags and such that may break the board rules. secondly the bot is a bot, it cannot tell between a harmless shitpost and someone actually breaking the rules.

Besides that though, I dont think shitposting should be something you get banned over unless it's highly excessive. Buzzwords carry over from time to time and I know I myself have picked up a few here and there.


Thank you anon. I've had a long week and this is exactly what i needed.


RIP. May he and his waifu enjoy peace in the afterlife

5c4384 No.318944

File: 0830bb337ac4efc⋯.jpg (342.27 KB, 913x913, 1:1, __grape_kun_and_humboldt_p….jpg)

File: 22e037f308b0812⋯.gif (338.45 KB, 250x150, 5:3, grape-kun.gif)


He deserves happiness

76c56c No.318945

File: 611d839f418b8f8⋯.png (300.3 KB, 622x600, 311:300, 1467026272514.png)


Should we make a card for the zoo?

70b15f No.318947



No, this is a terrible idea.

ebf893 No.318950


Dear Tobu Zoo

we will write this letter and nothing shall stop us!

76c56c No.318951



A card with drawings you idiot, not a letter.

724424 No.318952


That little guy showed us that love for pure 2D waifus is universal.

2ac54b No.318953


This, we honestly should do it.

d1e70c No.318955


>This just in 8chan users who are massive racist white nationalist misogynists on steroids and brought Donald Trump into the White House send a Japanese zoo showing their condolences for the death of their penguin overlord "Grapekun" who had a thing that is called a "waifu" or imaginary girlfriend. They sent a card with hate speech like "Grapekun is based as fuck" and "I hope that little fella is still happy in the afterlife" . The zoo being in Japan had oppressed Japanese people communicating their hurt with one man saying, "It's really cool that people across the world really loved Grapekun as much as we did".

Oh come on dude, what's the worse that could happen? That greentext wouldn't even happen for real. We get some drawfags and make a really cute picture of him and his waifu.

b42b7f No.318960


Fucking this. Any anons proficient in moonrunes willing to do translation for us?

802a7d No.318972


We could easily fix this by proclaiming danuki best girl. with our fluffy tailed merchant ally all monter girls would be loved equally.


You're a dense idiot. You are honestly the kind of person better off not being allowed their opinion on how to handle situations.


There are a few we could ask. aux get the resident moon speaker

11eed9 No.319005

File: 356a6c0cb1e8790⋯.jpg (90.73 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 1437543658753.jpg)

5b93e2 No.319011



Fret not he was bury with his waifu…. Not all of us will be that lucky.

b3792c No.319012


I wouldn't mind more of that.

f6b9dd No.319083


>Honestly, I can't speak for other anons but I rarely find myself posting these days because of how thin-skin a lot of anons have become here,

That's one of the things that's been talked about. Shitposters simply need to start being publicly banned. Or at least some kind of clear rule that states "Stop your bitching or get banned".

As for what you said about OC, we can still make it, we just need to be more creative with it. We should look at other genre's like Science Fiction and whatnot

f6b9dd No.319084


One day they will return.


Make it clear that constantly bitching about a subject you don't like will get you banned and ridiculed. Because its just the internet.

f6b9dd No.319085



The ideas to improve /monster/ all sounded simple and good. Seriously lets just stop bitching about /a/. The main reason people don't like them is because they drove off /sp/, which was hands down the best board on 8chan at the time. Lets just get back on task because shit like this is why threads get derailed so much

ebf893 No.319103


We can't just ban shitposting. It's a time honored tradition for all anons, regardless of boards. That's like saying we should ban baneposting. Banning shitposting ain't gonna solve the problem.

e75175 No.319115


I hope the western ban returns as if it were day one at least explicitly for cartoon images.

960a94 No.319154


I can't say I much care for the cartoons either, that feels more like a /co/ thing. But there is lots of good western art otherwise. Thankfully, hiding threads is really easy! I don't have to deal with poor taste if I don't want to. Less work for the mods to do too rather than instituting a ban.

6fbf2f No.319156

new meta thread when?

1f1f0b No.319201


>he main reason people don't like them is because they drove off /sp/,

Except it was Josh but hey, the /a/ board owner is a tranny too am I right?

2ac54b No.319254


They weren't the reason /sp/ was driven off, but their moderation would act like complete spergs every time their GET was stolen.

b6d29d No.319326


>but hey, the /a/ board owner is a tranny too am I right?

I laugh whenever I hear this one. The one accused of being a tranny was only there for a couple of months at the very start, and the board has changed hands completely at least twice since then. But the tranny thing has absurd staying power and will probably stick around forever.

/a/ would probably find it pretty funny that everyone's blaming them for driving /sp/ away.

f6b9dd No.319405

Well board numbers went back up. Good to see at least something came out of this thread. Though we still need to work fixing this place

f6b9dd No.319481

To summarize how to fix /monster/

>Use meta threads to help promote threads and topics on here.

>Be more open to certain fetishes excluding NTR to attract more people

>Ban people who wont stop bitching about a certain fetish or subjects. Seriously no one wants to hear your bitching, take it to the meta thread if need be.

>Promote threads about monster girls we haven't seen before, get people interested in them who can contribute OC

>Make holiday themed threads and stories and coordinate them. Halloween is coming up

>see >>318467 and >>318564 >>318342

74a133 No.319511


The numbers came up, but they seem to be dropping back down. A more permanent and visible solution.

daa31c No.319515

File: cc9b1b196f38a75⋯.png (251.11 KB, 665x574, 95:82, amiretarded.png)

So are we seriously going to ban taste-fights?

Isn't that a huge part of waifu discussion?

c6abd0 No.319541


What they're suggesting isn't so much banning taste fights it's banning spergs who won't shut up about it and derail threads. Telling someone they have shit taste is fine, but when there are more posts about that than the thread's topic it's kinda gotten out of hand.

f6b9dd No.319566


^ This. Its those shitposters that drive people away. Aux needs to crack down big time on them

f6b9dd No.319567


It seems to be fluctuating

daa31c No.319661

File: 07e25b3ea699fde⋯.png (121.76 KB, 566x528, 283:264, confused papi.PNG)



Kinda sounds like a slippery slope to me. This place is kind of no fun allowed as it is. I personally think it's anons with thin skin who drive everyone out. Every time terrible shitposting happens everyone should just smug post and move on, I hardly see the problem with it.

74a133 No.319712

File: c4267568023ea9a⋯.png (129.76 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, IMG_2097.PNG)

File: 59e986671517075⋯.png (148.03 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, IMG_2098.PNG)

As much as I would love the /human/ thread, it seems to be less shitposting as monstergirls and more cancerous roleplay at this point


It's already back down to nearly where it was before.

73c71d No.319732

Is it time for a new meta thread?

8ca925 No.319743


Isn't that the whole point? It's meant to be a mirror image of /monster/. If they aren't roleplaying as monstergirls then it'd be a pointless thread. Look on the bright side, it's good practise for writeing and there's no erp going on. They're keeping it tame and contained to one thread.

c7d5b4 No.319962

finally got around to making a new meta thread >>319959

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