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File: 3476ba05f1965da⋯.png (391.39 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, gaming apophis.png)

8b5a1b No.323559

Alright so we've come to the conclusion that /monster/ is going to attempt making a video game together. What kind of game? Well that's what we're going to decide here among other things. Obviously it'll have to be /monster/ related and above all else


For now I'm just going to shill /avgd/ if you want to get an idea of making a game but experienced individuals are more than welcomed. Also how many artists, programmers, sound designers, etc we need will heavily depend on the game so keep that in mind. A name is also in due order so I hope we come up with a good one.

So pitch an idea in this thread and if we can all agree on it that's what we'll put our resources towards in creating our game. Be as descriptive as you can with the genre, style of graphics, how the game is played and if you want to get into minute details go ahead. I won't set up a poll because those can be too easily influenced and we want this to be a /monster/ game.

8b5a1b No.323561

Also I have some experience coding in java 7, learning C#, some art skills and have lead a few unsuccessful or on hold projects in the past.

396916 No.323562

File: b4bfa376ef93401⋯.png (274.84 KB, 630x627, 210:209, Ammit and Ebola laughing.png)

I still hold that it should be this: >>323510

dfaabb No.323564


HDoom with KC characters. Replace Doomguy with a Paladin and make new backgrounds of forrests, beaches and junk. Also animate sex scenes for different monsters, such as raping an Alice, getting raped by Ushi-Oni and consensual sex with Inari and much more. Updates for every girl in MGE making this a huge project.



Minecraft with monster girls? Monstercraft?

19026c No.323565

File: 8e460787117a9ec⋯.png (136.31 KB, 545x542, 545:542, 1510056129909.png)

I think the most realistic idea to actually get finished is a coc clone with mg's instead of furries and horse dicks

Maybe a simple VN would work if you have someone who can control everyone unlike the last time one was attempted here

8b5a1b No.323566


That already exists Anon.

I guess I'll submit my own idea. A 2d action platformer, you play as a few monster girls or a human boy with different kinds of jumps in order to traverse a level based around different mythologies. You gotta avoid being captured by each land's version of the inquisition before reaching the end which will most likely be a portal to the monster world which will end the game. Art style will heavily depend on drawfags available and it should be relativity easy to make.


I'm up for a text adventure rpg.

8b5a1b No.323567

File: 171b9e8e72c08f8⋯.png (105.7 KB, 320x240, 4:3, aypapi.png)


forgot my image

dfaabb No.323568


Sounds good. Though it would be nice if we kept to one or two drawfags. One of my biggest gripes with MGQ is the conflicting art styles that make it all seem out of place. It's a good idea. Though it would be interesting if there's anyone that can do 3D.

caf0f7 No.323569


This is a good idea. I would be best to start with something simple and easily extensible. The VN engine could be acquired or made relatively easily and anons could focus on making bite sized modules of content to add.

157d8d No.323570


If a bunch of people on 4chan were able to some together and make Katawa Shoujo then we can make a good VN too

dfaabb No.323572



Agreed. A VN is more within the realm of possibility. Get a few dedicated drawfags and come up with original designs for the usual monster girls.

b53c64 No.323575



I was gonna say, a VN game is the easiest to make, even if it is probably the most obvious kind of game to come out of a board like this.

All you really need are some good writefags and drawfags, which we have, and some coding to bind it all together, which we also probably have.

You don't have to worry so much about 2D/3D animation, game mechanics, game/difficulty balance, etc. etc. You just tell a story.

I'm not saying it has to be a VN, but that's a good genre to go for if you want to produce a quality product with limited resources.

On the other hand, take Cave Story as an example. Excellent 2D Metroidvania style shooter/platformer, and it was made entirely by one guy over the course of something like 5 years.

478072 No.323578


There's a game Plague inc where we can make our own disease. Why not start there with a virus that monsterizes girls?

dfaabb No.323581


Coming up with original designs rather than just using KC might be the interesting part. Imagine a Sphinx with added wings or a three headed hellhound. Drawfags can do concept art to see which one is good or not based on reception.

523e64 No.323583


Well they've already released scenario creators where you can make your own virus and scenario for it. I think a text based adventure would be a good first go for the board. We have plenty of writefag who could help and it's not as difficult to code. This gives us some better motivation for when we inevitably try again as we'all have a track record for success.

86a81f No.323585

File: 58def84a0c76651⋯.png (396.88 KB, 1202x752, 601:376, monstergirlrpgmaker.png)

So I bought rpg maker back when it went on one of those big sales seriously don't get it for the full price it gets massive discounts and I guess this made me finally get around to playing with it. So I had an idea about it

have it 50 years or longer after the old demon lord was defeated. This would not be a succubus demon lord thing. The gods all got into a big fight over afterwords on who should be the leader of the pantheon and got their worshipers to join in. After a while a succubus rose to power and declared herself the new demon lord. She wants to convince/corrupt the other nation to stop fighting each other. Your job is to basically act as a liaison/agent and infiltrate various nations.

For gameplay I was thinking a bit like FFVI's world of ruin. make it pretty open and allow you to go get the waifu you want. So for example after the beginning part you can go to x town and get the angel at level 2. Then you can go to y town and get the orc at level 3ish. I kinda want something like a class system too. What I think I will do is have diffrent stages for each nation and each stage will have a jump in difficulty encouraging you to roam around and play the first stage of each nation if you are not looking to a challenge or power though if you want it. so something like:

nation x

>stage 1 getting into town basic contacts

<recruit angel

>stage 2 do favors for people and get them starting question what they thought of monsters

<get new class

>stage 3 get into contact with high ranking people

>stage 4 establish trade or something with demon nation

<corruption starts happening with random women become succubi or something? random monster girl visitors to town?

>stage 5 meet king/leader

<upgrade to class?

>stage 6? get leader to declare support for you





I honestly think that if people decide to make things from scratch a text based game in java would be best. It is something a lot of coders know though I somewhat dislike the language myself can be played on pretty much everyone toaster and we don't have to worry about hosting it somewhere.

4e0cb0 No.323586




A good thing to keep in mind is that this is a launching point, /monster/ is not restricted to making one single game ever so we should start simple and expand.


This is something I'd like to see more of in general, and I think doing something like that in a patriotic /monster/ project might get even more creative juices flowing for the rest of the board.

dfaabb No.323592


It would be nice to start with smaller projects and have the VN as the big project. It's good to that there are anons for the idea of original designs for the VN. Imagine a busty milf Baph with a tail pussy, black bird wings, and black hair/goat fur as an example. Though I can imagine artists coming up with their own interpretations of Baph and it will be fun in and of itself.


The siths will benefit from the redesigns.

b53c64 No.323593

If we go the VN route, remember that a VN is only as good as its story, characters, and artwork, and the first two will determine a lot about the last one.

Whatever happens, I hope anything that is actually released is a least as good as Katawa Shoujo

Also, if the tooling that we use is good enough, we could always keep it around for the future if anons on this board want to make another game of the same style later.

dfaabb No.323594


A VN is a good idea, it can stand as a testament to /monster/. Hell, we all still remember Katawa Shoujo years later. A VN is something a board can do and is something that can be memorable.

4e0cb0 No.323595



If we're doing a VN, we should start spitballing some ideas for a setting, because that will determine a lot about the characters and story. If we choose a generic high school etc etc, we're going to need some real high grade characters and designs in order to create interest and uniqueness. Otherwise an interesting story can support some more generic characters, like say a famous gladiator who begins to fall for one of his rivals in the colisseum, or a captured soldier in a monstergirl POW camp.

dfaabb No.323599


>Paladin High

>An all boy school that was originally made to educate young knights to slay monsters

>It became a co-ed school last year and many monster girls have enrolled

Or something original like what you said. A highschool setting is the easiest route though.

2e2e56 No.323601

Let me just say this here and now:

There are plenty of writefags here who would want to write for this, HOWEVER we already tried to make a VN once and it flopped very, very hard.

Main reason? The guy in charge didn't have a firm grip on the writers for deadlines and such and the actual plot wasn't communicated well. So one, it made the lead writer, Bromont, leave and two, left it without much direction and no one ever submitted anything, leaving it to peter out into nothing.

So basically, if you want a VN or any project, you need a firm project lead who will expect their writers to hit deadlines/ work with them. I basically was waiting for anything from the leader of the last project and never received anything, so I left my story as a rough, though completed, draft.

My two cents.

dfaabb No.323606


The writefags do their thing first, the drawfags interpret it and the programmers to bring it to life. You're spot on in having different groups.


Katawa Shoujo had better resources and communication than /monster/. It's seems difficult for a small board to do projects due to limited resources and low communication between devs.

2e2e56 No.323608


Sure, but once again this was more of a managerial thing. Actually I have no idea if anyone else even write their shit either


Ehhh a few months actually, but it was obvious early on it was going to fail.

8dd507 No.323609

A fighting game where you play as your waifu that you create before the game starts.

dfaabb No.323610


That's more work than a VN.

22a2d7 No.323612

So you figgits actually making something this time or talking about it?

dfaabb No.323613


I'm not all that opportunistic. This board is really slow and gathering the talent of this board won't be easy. Means of managing and communication are important.


At this point, we might as well just be talking.

b53c64 No.323615

The only reason I have suggested a VN is because it seems to be the kind of game with the fewest moving parts, but if people have the tools and skills to handle more game aspects, so be it.

One other idea I had was to make a some setting where NPCs go about a daily schedule (like in Majora's Mask, Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley, or the latter Persona games), and the player character has freedom to go about and choose who to interact with and when, learning and paying attention to their schedules. That's the kind of thing that could be done either as a VN or RPGmaker style game. The location could be all kinds of places. A school, a resort, an entire town, etc.


This. Story, Characters, and Gameplay, if applicable. At least one of those needs to be strong for it to be any good.

Can anyone remember something like a JRPG that had a terrible, bland plot, but you still loved it because the battle system was so good or the character interactions were so fun to watch? Or maybe the battle system was boring or janky, but the plot was so good you powered through it anyway.

It's like that. If you go with some generic setting that's been done to death a thousand times before, you'll need really well written characters and dialog to pull it off, and maybe even some interesting twist on the scenario. If you have a really well written plot or fun gameplay, you can get by with lesser characters.

(That said, I would think characterization would be the heart and soul of a board like this, so I would really hope that part would come out strong and polished.)

22a2d7 No.323616


>As long as there is someone to make the art

I might be up to do it. Kinda depends on what's going need to be done. I've actually done some work on a /monster/ game that got finished and like to fag up the drawthreads regularly.

2e2e56 No.323618


>Game that got finished.


22a2d7 No.323619


I know, right? I was the one drawing shit for it and I was surprised too. It was Lizardry, that Wizardry clone that got made a little ways back.

2e2e56 No.323621


Ahhhh, that one.

I didn't follow it much so I didn't know it got finished. That's good to hear, was it any good?

Oh and back to the topic, if someone wants to take lead on this that's the first step. Once we have that, then gather people who want to participate and in what capacity, then figure out what exactly we want/ have the ability to make.

First thing's first though.

dfaabb No.323622

File: 013c27f58b3c704⋯.png (2.43 MB, 3000x2000, 3:2, Cu Sith.png)


Encourage artists to do original designs. I'm not against using Crabman and KC as reference for inspiration, but it's best to come up with something rather than just copy paste design from MGE and MonMusu

22a2d7 No.323623


>was it any good?

It seemed to be fairly decent considering. I honestly never made it very far myself though. Keep getting the ever living shit kicked out of me at every possible turn. The game is not for the faint of heart of the low on autism.

e023c2 No.323640

I want to see a /monster/ game and I don't want to see this project fizzle out and fail. Don't underestimate how much work it would be to "just get some drawfag to do XYZ". If it's a real game like an RPG or platformer then you'd need say a spritesheet for the main character, assorted mobs, and all the backgrounds and foreground tiles, etc. and each of these could be broken up into multiple sets of graphics, and each set could take many hours, not to mention discarding or redrawing assets. Multiple drawfags mean overhead in coordinating their drawing styles to make the game look unified.

Let's do a text adventure or a visual novel, use that as practice for our userbase to develop something collaboratively.

4e0cb0 No.323642

The main problem that /monster/ seemed to run into with it's last few attempts at games is accountability. People bring ideas to the table, volunteer their time into development, then for whatever reason it doesn't pan out and the entire project slows to a halt. Lizardry seems to be the only project that succeeded, and if I remember correctly that's because one anon just sat down and powered through all the gameplay and stuff by himself. Drawfags and writefags contributed here and there, but the majority of the work was done by the guy who proposed it.

My solution is maybe getting together on a (((Discord))) server or a Steam group. We take development one leg at a time, maybe every week we take submissions for first girl's route act 1 or second girl's route act 3 or so on and so forth. The writing may be spotty, but if we have well-defined, brainstormed characters that we all collaborated to create, then it shouldn't be too much of a problem. Save the drawfagging for the end when we know we need 3 copies of X character with X, Y, Z facial expressions, and one CG showing copious handholding. If we get too ambitious we'll build too high without a foundation and crumble.

d65ab3 No.323643

File: 9fa1efb34fa3f30⋯.webm (2.57 MB, 872x712, 109:89, monster goty.webm)

File: f1dc3dc1503728e⋯.webm (3.48 MB, 872x712, 109:89, vid3.webm)

Everyone step aside, I got this.

4537c1 No.323649

Don't forget about BluX, he's the guy that made Lizardry for us, and the local artfags here helped him with the art. Thankfully he made a small itch site for the game.


d65ab3 No.323664

File: 06bf2b0cb4801a3⋯.png (755.56 KB, 628x1065, 628:1065, 1500054738213.png)

Alright, I'll actually throw you a bone.

Turn based SRPG where you go on expeditions from a single hub town that grows as you progress.

You start out with a tiny party of just you, and one or two more people.

You arrive in a town that is troubled by various kinds of monsters.

The guy in charge asks you to take care of one of several "monster problems", be it things raiding nearby farms, fishermen disappearing while at sea, a mine being occupied by something scary, etc.

Each of these expeditions can consist of many episodes, which you don't necessarily have to do all at once.

Naturally, monster girls are behind all of these, and their troublemaking is more misunderstood than malicious. After clearing a route, the mamono behind it move into the town, and their leader ends up joining your own party.

The process is repeated (with plenty of variety) until you've gathered every monster girl species possible.

Then, for the grand finale, some dumb paladindus catch wind of what you're doing, and they don't like it, so they come to get their shit kicked in.

A game like this can be easily done in its most basic form, and then expanded forever.

86a81f No.323670

File: c40fb185a6e48d1⋯.png (426.34 KB, 818x656, 409:328, monstergirlrpgmaker.png)

File: aab0911e4c5ada9⋯.png (209.08 KB, 576x288, 2:1, PartyMembers.png)

Interestingly I found some sprites of MGE for various versions of rpg maker. unfortunatly they are spread out across versions so they look rather weird when imported in.

dfaabb No.323671


It's best to make assets from scratch instead of using someone else's assets.

86a81f No.323672


I know anon. I just am not much of an artist so I can't make the more fantastical things.

dfaabb No.323673


It doesn't have to be fantastical, just decent. Plus the other drawfags may help.

396916 No.323675


I like the idea of an SRPG too.

6ffb4b No.323678

I was planning on making kind-of-sequel for Lizardry but more in style or overhead SSI-style RPG rather than dungeon crawler but I have enough free time now to help with whatever. I still have prototypes of the text adventures and MUD, MUD actually just needs some writers if someone wants to pick it up. Someone had the unfinished parts of the VN, too.

dfaabb No.323679


So instead of Wizardry with monster girls, you plan on making an Ultima with monster girls?

6ffb4b No.323680


More like Exiles/Nethergate but yeah, that was the plan it's still in early engine development stage anyway.

8b5a1b No.323681

File: a4c99f160e8e716⋯.png (162.41 KB, 895x893, 895:893, AdrXqn.png)


So we can have a few writefags working on the MUD if they want to. Assuming we have enough/good enough ones to even spare some in that direction.

However for the most part it seems we've agreed to try making a visual novel, again. Hopefully finish it this time. We need to know the resources i.e skills at our disposal so reply with what you can do. I already said I can code, write, draw and have done a bit of leadership. Also voice if you're really asshurt about us doing a VN so we can bully you.

6ffb4b No.323682


Try to find Bromont or Tacomelt for the scraps of the failed VN project, there were parts that could be salvaged I still have the semi-finished RenPy theme, bunch of minigame scripts and some cartoonish backdrops I made.


Let's not go there. Ever.

dfaabb No.323683


If you do draw, I would like to see your creativity in original design of the monster girls. Like a tall busty baph, a kobold that's a horned reptilian loli imp and the siths actually looking favorable. Let your imagination soar.

8b5a1b No.323684

File: 1a310d0e61d81bd⋯.jpg (537.34 KB, 1528x1176, 191:147, yugioh.JPG)

File: 40172617f8e4c00⋯.png (289.94 KB, 1200x1500, 4:5, Bane.png)


I'm not the best artist and it would take me a full day to make one decent cg. Also on the creativity side I like to think I'm a funny guy. Original monster girls I can do too.

523e64 No.323689


>discord alternative

There's always Wire that we could try. Though I'm not sure that it has voice chat for groups.

6ffb4b No.323691


Or you could just use IRC like a normal autist.

4e0cb0 No.323693


Never heard of Wire, but after a cursory glance it looks pretty good for what we want. Any kind of Discord-like system where you have one group and multiple "rooms" is perfect for this kind of development. We could have one general tab, an ideaguy tab, and a tab for each of the characters so we can decide what direction to bring them in.

6ffb4b No.323694


Tox is probably the Discord alternative you're thinking of but it's also sorta shitty. You'll need git repo or FTP to organise the shit either way so file upload isn't high concer for communication. I don't even think voice comms is needed for this kind of shit. As a matter of fact start by making repo in gitgud or something.

I'm making the engine in Lua again using LOVE as base framework, shit just werks.

dfaabb No.323695


>Even if it ends up looking kind of shitty, I'd much rather a comfy homemade game than a towercuck-like with "borrowed" assets.


>Mango eating baph because memes.

A tall mango eating Egyptian baph with thick thighs, wide hips, brown skin and black hime style hair.

396916 No.323696


>that one Discord alternative I can't remember the name


396916 No.323698

File: 9c40d40d7904a9c⋯.jpg (178.05 KB, 507x496, 507:496, chupacabra original eyewit….jpg)


>A tall mango eating Egyptian baph with thick thighs, wide hips, brown skin and black hime style hair.

What about a Mexican chupacabra girl?

396916 No.323702

File: e04f9ad302914fc⋯.jpg (147.77 KB, 850x1683, 50:99, chupacabra gril.jpg)


>Post those pics of the brown dirty heh, pleonasm chupacabra.

I only have this, but I dislike the "dog" version of the chupacabra myth becaus it's not the original type sighted and implies that it's just rabid dogs chewing on goats instead.

dfaabb No.323703


>Just give her small breasts and I'm both in and in.



Then be creative on whatever chupacabra design. Vampire girls should have cute bat ears and bat wings.

5f012e No.323704

Ya'll are getting ahead of yourselves again.

Really, who is taking charge as project lead? They should probably have a name.

6ffb4b No.323705


LOVE is great if you're basically doing your own stuff from scratch, it's barebones engine. Think of it as of Pygame for Lua. Disclaimer: Lizardry was the first time I used Lua and I didn't know shit about Lua and I still don't know shit about Lua, I just use reference manual and throw shit on wall until it sticks using generic programming logic.

6ffb4b No.323707

I made things easier for you nogs, there's the gitgud group, just request access when logged into Gitgud and I'll pull you in by tomorrow:


Now go ahead and pick project lead.

d549df No.323710


I may be able to do music.

dfaabb No.323711

Imagine a Hellhound as a shadowy specter doggo. She's shy and gloomy and always avoids eye contact. Hellhound gets flustered if you stare at her eyes.

396916 No.323713


Can you post examples of music you've made?

4e0cb0 No.323716



I mean, I was thinking more actual original mishmash monsters than different takes on existing ones. If someone not affiliated with the project sees X monster girl, they're going to expect the typical X as opposed to what we present, and their expectations aren't being met.

I'm trying to get an example down on paper, but I'm an awful drawfag and I don't think I could put the concept accurately into words, if anyone wants to take a shot then I can try.

dfaabb No.323717

File: 3c6cfb5e5cb9ba5⋯.png (539.96 KB, 939x564, 313:188, Gargoyle.png)


>I was thinking more actual original mishmash monsters than different takes on existing ones.

That's more than welcome and also preferable.

>If someone not affiliated with the project sees X monster girl, they're going to expect the typical X as opposed to what we present, and their expectations aren't being met.

Like the difference between KC Matango and Crabman Matango.

22a2d7 No.323718


>headpats as a game mechanic

Well, obviously.


>I really liked the art for that

Ah good ol' emotional validation. Part of an "artist's" massive ego's diet.

>so we have an artfag at least

Just as long as I'm not expected to draw any cuckshit.

>Do you do normal drawings or only pixel art?

Normal drawfagging usually. Lizardy was the first time I've ever given that sort of thing a try.

dfaabb No.323719

File: 5cd8e22403e98b9⋯.jpg (49.4 KB, 912x324, 76:27, 2905788cbc64b974ae98d038a3….jpg)


>Just as long as I'm not expected to draw any cuckshit.


1f2a92 No.323721

File: f38fe02161bcbcc⋯.png (711.6 KB, 1146x1050, 191:175, 5a72e508bb0f6581e7937850a8….png)


I wouldn't mind seeing something like that Jersey Devil girl from a draw thread a while ago. Maybe as the protagonist, protecting monstergirl kind and nature from an encroaching futuristic human society.

22a2d7 No.323722

File: 772d281416a6969⋯.png (758.24 KB, 754x675, 754:675, a-na-ta~.png)

File: 5ae4e0cac5b876c⋯.png (1.58 MB, 2000x2500, 4:5, happy birthday.png)

File: 981487230d3f98b⋯.png (2.01 MB, 1402x1054, 701:527, necessary life saving meas….png)

File: f229edff713de5d⋯.png (860.69 KB, 1183x1592, 1183:1592, raiju.png)

File: dfbe7c91a52c0bf⋯.png (342.23 KB, 1571x900, 1571:900, WEARING A CONDOM IS A CRIM….png)


>We could do something like Teaching Feeling

>sit down for an entire in game day headpatting your waifu

I'm okay with this.

>Can you post some of your normal drawings?

O'tay. All of these has been posted in one drawthread or another, but here's some of the autism that overflowed and fell onto /monster/.

d549df No.323723



I'll have some stuff made in milkytracker in few days/week that I'm making for a game.

I'll see if I have anything handy on my computer. I haven't recorded much. I play several instruments, and am a theory nut, but I've only started messing with electronic stuff in the past few years.

dfaabb No.323724

File: c8ac9b98cb1fb69⋯.png (387.98 KB, 534x640, 267:320, 7mYhWFTqpR.png)

File: deec5a07bf0bd80⋯.jpg (133.28 KB, 600x847, 600:847, __baphomet_original_drawn_….jpg)

File: 6b6a69b0c42ab23⋯.png (684.68 KB, 695x911, 695:911, __baphomet_original_drawn_….png)

File: 82bea356e961278⋯.jpg (870.67 KB, 2604x3508, 651:877, __baphomet_monster_girl_en….jpg)

File: 9fe403b67c99d00⋯.jpg (383.16 KB, 1032x693, 344:231, __baphomet_monster_girl_en….jpg)

Look at all these baphomets, it's cool how artists have so many different interpretations of the same monster. But since you guys plan on doing MGs KC hasn't made yet, let your imagination run even more wild than reinterpreting existing MGs. However if you do want to do some of your favorites, then go ahead.

dfaabb No.323728

File: 3a18a46feea17d0⋯.jpg (200.66 KB, 850x1189, 850:1189, sample_fbcd523a9679ed08e0e….jpg)

File: b7b8eed9b91c951⋯.png (618.44 KB, 1330x629, 1330:629, Kobold_eng1.png)


That's why I've mentioned a horned lizard loli imp as a Kobold redesign. We can have a redesigned Cu Sith as a dog girl. For the Cu Sith, you can borrow elements from Polt and KC's Kobold to produce it to be more tasteful.

dfaabb No.323730

File: fdb4eca5d18222c⋯.png (469.12 KB, 1280x1153, 1280:1153, Smug_fluff Thigh Fuck.png)


Might as well throw in this fox for a bit more Cu Sith redesign inspiration.

8b5a1b No.323731

File: f090e8071d2c133⋯.jpg (145.43 KB, 1595x2000, 319:400, 968bbe60d1325262eb523f723f….jpg)


I don't think polt is the best inspiration for a kobold redesign, if we even have a kobold. Alright I'm gonna draw up some concepts and submit them tomorrow, hopefully y'all will like at least one.

2e2e56 No.323732


That's a raiju.

dfaabb No.323733


I'm not talking about Kobold redesign, I'm talking about a Cu Sith redesign using the kobolds as an inspiration. If we do an actual Kobold, we can have it be a horned imp loli lizard. Anyway, the all of the design decisions is up to the drawfags, so be confident in your creativity.

dfaabb No.323735


So it is. Her tail looked kind of fox-like in that image, even though she's a weasel.

8b5a1b No.323736


Sorry my mistake, Cu sith redesign, my point still stands. Also don't say it's all up to the drawfags, this is a group effort after all and Insight is useful.

22a2d7 No.323737


>seems like we could find out where you live, enslave you and build a full CG game with it.

That sounds like it'd cut too much into my vidya time so I'm going to have to decline being a slave. If you're looking to lock some dude up in your basement I figure the faggots on /cuteboy/ would be up for it though. Careful not to catch the AIDS.

On a slightly more serious and far less gay note is the plan to set up a server on discord or something similar to coordinate efforts if there's enough people/interest to actually do something? I'm a lazy cunt and I'm doing something so I'm not going to search the thread right now.

dfaabb No.323738


You're right, it is a group effort. Anyway, let's not forget to have fun.

2e2e56 No.323739

Anyway I'll keep an eye on this and will offer writefag services, but again, not until we have a project lead. We have all the talent present, but without someone to whip our sorry asses into shape and solidify something this is as good as dead in the water.

dfaabb No.323740


It's funny, we have the talent here but what we need now is leadership. Be funny if Aux takes charge or something.

2e2e56 No.323745


As per Aux:

"Nah, I'm playing PSO2"

dfaabb No.323746


Okay, one of you mother fuckers should suck it up and take the lead. Aux is stuck playing addictive MMOs right now apparently. I nominate the guy that did Lizardry.

c5c935 No.323748

If this gets off the ground would it be open or closed source? I would say open in the event the game falls apart before completion so someone else can take up the reigns.

b87676 No.323761

File: ffe388661c55d1c⋯.png (694.11 KB, 954x724, 477:362, Nut.png)

What is it exactly that you want to do?

Is it a MUD or a VN or an RPG Maker game?

dfaabb No.323762


According to thread, a VN.

b87676 No.323763


Is this a VN using characters from KC's monsterpedia or are you making OC's?

What is the setting? What is the point of the story beyond "I want to fuck a monster girl"?

dfaabb No.323764


If you read through the thread, Anons agreed to do original monsters and original designs of existing monsters instead of just copying KC's designs. The writefags are going to come up with a setting, however we need a guy to take the lead of the project.

318b83 No.323765


the thing about a vn is the tone of the story, if its allover the place its going to fail and lose sight of what it was supposed to be. Each route could have differences but overall has to abide to what happens in the place where it takes place in.

Like a bunch of mg's coming from another world will be equally clueless, while a story where the monstergirls and society adapted to eachother would be more varied, but is a landmine for writers who want to take their routes into their personal directions since one route can contradict what happens in another one when it comes to backstory and explanations on how shit works back in their world.

I dont want to sound like a dick, but you must first work on how the scenario happened in the first place, then you can sperg out about species later on. If you do the species first then agreeing on backstory will be an uphill battle.

318b83 No.323766

anyways, make an outline, practice K.I.S.S, do not begin a project with a serious tone for a first project. and if you want to make routes memorable, you must have a proper mix of bittersweetness rather than have it all be overly saccharine, keep it grounded because if you overdo the character flaws then it can either be a slog or read like a parody of something.

dfaabb No.323768


I agree, scenario should come first. Also, you, Bromont or the Lizardry anon should take charge of the project. Anyway, I guess nobody would be for the idea of Paladin High.

>Paladin Academy

>An all boy school originally to train young knights to slay monsters

>Monsters had intergrated into society in modern times

>Barely anyone enrolls into the old school

>To survive, the school became Co-Ed and allowed the admission of monster girls to enroll

>The protagonist is from a long line of paladins that had a legacy in that school

>Romance the monsters

This is just a crappy suggestion as an example.

318b83 No.323769

File: 42e5e2c757a326c⋯.png (147.93 KB, 569x538, 569:538, 1506367158295.png)


we could do something different.

Have a story where different guys meet different monstergirls, it will flex the creative muscles because the MC wont have to constantly change behaviors and lose consistency with each individual girl like what happened in kawata shoto.

We could have one where a bunch of guys who have trade skills washing up in a fantasy world and adapting to the change will getting the attention of some monstergirls that they're put on that route.

dfaabb No.323770


Yeah, something like that. See Aux, I knew you could be the leader.

b87676 No.323771


It's a start.


>Have a story where different guys meet different monstergirls, it will flex the creative muscles because the MC wont have to constantly change behaviors and lose consistency with each individual girl like what happened in kawata shoto.

That was tried that last time, Aux. Means the writers have to come up with the scenario from start to finish, ends up with a world lacking cohesion and tone.

318b83 No.323773


we could retool that, fewer characters with monstergirls tied to one guy on their routes, it will pit one route against the other and temper it to have more cohesiveness.

dfaabb No.323776



Last attempt failed because of lack of lead from what I've heard. As you guys said, it has to be a setting writefags can work with. The coders, drawfags and writefags agreed to do this, but one of you guys need to take charge. I can't stress this enough.

b87676 No.323777


Why not just make each main character related and have it be about the brothers taking care of one monster girl each?

318b83 No.323778


Good idea, it can show some dynamics between each brother. aside from just monstergirls, it will give an audience a breather during a story break and possibly some humorous scenes. we can also use it to show the status of the relationship flags each brother is currently on but not have it be too blatant.

Post last edited at

dfaabb No.323779

File: b1d6885524ab718⋯.jpg (595.87 KB, 829x1200, 829:1200, __monster_musume_no_iru_ni….jpg)

File: e5bcbd360368ab3⋯.jpg (1.06 MB, 868x1200, 217:300, downloadfile.jpg)

File: 285b7cbf6016301⋯.jpg (482.97 KB, 898x1200, 449:600, __monster_musume_no_iru_ni….jpg)

File: 9d426b557bd9438⋯.jpg (258.36 KB, 871x1200, 871:1200, __monster_musume_no_iru_ni….jpg)

File: 5ef4b83eea63393⋯.jpg (653.73 KB, 852x1200, 71:100, __monster_musume_no_iru_ni….jpg)


Reminds me of the proto-MonMusu where each of the eight brothers had a different monster girl.

b87676 No.323781

File: 613c9273845ab02⋯.jpg (288.43 KB, 1020x1002, 170:167, Mundo.jpg)



I like it, let's do that.

59e272 No.323782

Just a word of caution: watch out for scope creep.

I wouldn't want to see the game/VN fizzle due to ever increasing demands or goals.

Clear production goals and good leadership are two things that almost always guarantee a finished game.

2e2e56 No.323783


Alright, that's a starting place.

So we have a finite set of brothers. Even if we had a lot of writefags want in on this, should limit the scope at first, especially based on the number of drawfags present and what they could handle.Is five a good number?

Again, still missing that key element of a project lead, however it's something to kind of solidify what we'd want.

3feec1 No.323785


Uh, dating sim perchance?

dec0c0 No.323788

what would be the responsibilities of being lead?

im the guy that made the new "how to draw thread" so i might be able to take on the role of directing everyone

just give me a bulleted list of what you need in a lead and ill see if i fit

b87676 No.323790

File: 3c479a05c0c6dfe⋯.jpg (103.74 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Japanese Moonman Halloween.jpg)


Five-Six is fine. I'm assuming we're talking tonal nuance somewhere between comedy and drama. Tragic comedy is best in my opinion.

What you need:

A. Dynamic between the brother and the monster.

B. Conflict, why the relationship is not perfect or if there is one to begin with.

C. Resolution, how to fix the problem or how to get the girl.

Now do these siblings live together or in their own respective spaces? Is this a school setting or a house setting?

69753f No.323791


>Managing writefags and drawfags, enforcing coherency of the product.

>Deciding and enforcing deadlines.

>Being the hardass who rejects submitted work if it's not up to par, or scraps assets if there's a change of plans.

>Telling dramatic faggots to fuck off.

At this stage you might as well be the guy who decides what the setting is going to be and which characters will be present too. I like the band of brothers idea. Hope there's a shota for recieving ara ara.

Regarding coherency of the art style, I think a production line setup would make that easier. That is, have a guy drawing roughs, then a guy drawing clean linework, and then a guy doing the colouring.

dec0c0 No.323793


oh yeah i can do that i think

one issue

i got perabanned on my home pc so thats going to need to be fixxed

i got the ban for posting a faggot cat for cheep lols and it was only moderately worth it so Aux id you could unban me that be great,

othet then that yeah i can do all that pretty easily, ill set. up a discord or other service depending on what is needed,

and i should be able to keep people on track and drama to a reasonable shitposting level

all and all yeah i think i can do all that pretty easily

22a2d7 No.323795

File: 6c7f529879f4052⋯.png (416.6 KB, 600x604, 150:151, memecat brain damage.png)


>i got perabanned

>for posting a faggot cat

wat? How'd you manage that? Isn't there an entire thread dedicated to meme cat?


>Deciding and enforcing deadlines.

Maybe I'm missing something, but is there really a reason to set deadlines for something that essentially just for fun?

b87676 No.323796


You type like a faggot, I wouldn't work with you.

dec0c0 No.323797


that's because im typing from a phone in-between doing work at work bud,

i promise im actually pretty easy to get along with


it was in the dead shark cyoa, really i was just adding onto a previously posted gotcha meme in the thread… i thought it was pretty funny but i guess Aux didn't agree

but no yeah, i think i can do it, get everyone on the same page and working on decent deadlines but really its up to you guys if you want me to take on that roll, if you do ill do my best°!

dec0c0 No.323798


how many draw fags, writers, and programmers are available/committed to this project?

b87676 No.323799

File: 09e0c8a2241a747⋯.jpg (163.27 KB, 600x600, 1:1, Ew.jpg)


>On your phone in the workplace

>Claims to be responsible

You from reddit? Pozhole or neghole?

254299 No.323801

Just tuned into this thread

I'm a programmer so I basically just lurk 24/7 on this board, and I would love to contribute back. I also happen to be a lua wizard. Might not have much time with finals coming up, but I think I can pump ~5h a week into something.

dec0c0 No.323803


it took 15 mins to get all the stuff i needed done to get done

my job is litrally just stand around and check ids

as you can imagine it leaves me with lots of free time

dec0c0 No.323805



but really though its up to the guys in the thread, they asked for a lead and i said id do it if they wanted, if you have someone else in mind go ahead and nominate them if you think they're any better than me

b87676 No.323806


If you've got time to lean, you've got time to clean, Juan. Get back to work.

6ffb4b No.323808

Again - https://gitgud.io/monster for the git group

And https://chat.gitgud.io/monster for the not-Discord shit. Request access in Git group and I'll pull you in, also jesus fuck cut down on idea faggotry for a second and stop thinking about fleshing out world before you even have the world.

Decide setting and basic plot devices in very rough outlines - like fantasy world, MC is literally Hitler, there's magic artifact that makes your dick glow, etc.; decide number of girls - remember that routes will have to branch or interconnect somehow, just saying "make as many as there's writefags" will lead to complete trainwreck, get maximum of two nogs to work on single route.

Worry about art, music, programming etc. AFTER you have basic idea of what you're making.

dec0c0 No.323809


this, thats why i was trying to find out what assets we have in terms of people to see what we can expect, i also agree that we need more of a setting, im liking the 6 brothers idea, and based off the poll results i think people want a VN and CoC hybrid, so for setting it can be something like

"fallin world/ portals opening in feudal era Europe( at least in stile of civilization) and monster girls being slowly introduced to the mc(s) as the game progresses

b87676 No.323810

File: 2a8d4167cf66361⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1129x761, 1129:761, B-O-G.png)


There's an AmeriJap highschool participating in a extraspecies mingling program headed by the Bogdanoffs, where humans and monsters take the same courses. Five siblings take part after being expelled from every other school and attend, only to end up finding love in the unlikeliest of places.

The monsters are from the lost continent of Mu, which recently reemerged following the 2016 presidential elections, almost as if an act of god took place. Modern fantasy. Omnibus format.

You need a snek, a spider, a werewolf/fox/cat, a dullahan, and a slime. Bonus, a shota sibling and an ara ara dragon.

There, ball rolls, and coincides with 8chan, the primary audience.

dec0c0 No.323811


so a highschool romance vn?

but with monster girls?

b87676 No.323812


No, a holocaust memoir.

But with Jumanji.

dec0c0 No.323814


how can you have a memoir for an event that didn't happen?

b87676 No.323818


If you've got time to deny the holocaust, you've got time to get the counter glossed, Juan.

Get back to work.

dec0c0 No.323820


why ya bustin my balls Jerry?

359084 No.323821


I'll see your shota/ara ara dragon, and raise you a shota/ara ara creepy ghost girl janitor.

6ffb4b No.323826


Invite link for the Mattermost on gitgud, get there and start throwing shit on wall to see what sticks.

396916 No.323828


I thought the Bogdanoffs were too busy ruling France to be in charge of anything with a focus on monogamous relationships. Plus, as much as I shamefully admit I actually like the Bogdanoff meme, it has little to do with /monster/.

cbe4cf No.323830


how about

5 different MCs working in shitty low paying jobs get an influx of new monster girl employees because of

>The monsters are from the lost continent of Mu, which recently reemerged following the 2016 presidential elections, almost as if an act of god took place. Modern fantasy. Omnibus format.

you need to waifu your coworkers and teach them how to live in the human world

i'm sure there are a lot of people from here that have or had those kind of job, so its kind of related to everyone

>security anon gets a werewolf coworker and they have to stop hellhounds form breaking and entering

>programmer anon gets a new monster coworker (diversity amirite??) and he has to teach them from 0 how to even use a computer (they create a /human/ board?)

>cleaning anon anon and slime girl

>spider in house building for the new monsters ?

dfaabb No.323831

File: 056d6e2c4cafb1a⋯.jpg (310.77 KB, 900x740, 45:37, __yakumo_ran_kemono_friend….jpg)

Okay, so we got the setting ideas




>Paladin Academy, which takes place in a modernized fantasy world

>Bromont's interspecies exchange highschool

>Monster girls entering the workforce after Mu reemerged

Any more ideas?

dfaabb No.323832




6ffb4b No.323833


Imagine: post-apocalyptic vehicular adventure.

Year is 2027. Last year, Anita Sarkeesian held a public speech before the UN that was broadcasted worldwide. The sheer idiocy of the SJW bullshit she spewed made brains of all males unfortunate enough to listen to the broadcast melt on spot and every female spontaneously evolved into monstergirl as their very being forced them into evolution in attempt to reject the very notion that they could be same species as Anita. 80% of male population and 70% of human female population was instantly erradicated. Anita was then revealed to be an alien sent to destroy human race all along and she left in flying saucer.

Now, our hero, the daring watermelon delivery boy, was lucky enough to not have paid his electricity bill so he was spared of horrible death by SJW bullshit on the fated day. Today he and his trusty Lada 1200 with dual .50 cal machineguns and fried chicken launcher has to deliver a shiny, delicious watermelon to Mr. Jamal Noga accross half the continent. While facing the dangers of ruined cities, roads and fields he will meet many curious fellows: gang of male hunting scavengers (heroine 1 goes here), an orphan who lost her relatives to the horrible broadcast (heroine 2), a scientist interested in this unforeseen evolution of species (heroine 3), car mechanic (heroine 4) and a member of newly formed phallus worship cult (heroine 5). On his travels he'll get chance to interact and romance those wonderful and diverse (TM) cast of characters. Will he survive? Will his Lada run out of gas in middle of nowhere? Will he find true love? Will Mr. Noga pay him if he's late with the delivery? Where will the road take him? And where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

Coming to cinemas near you this winter.

5f012e No.323837


That top part is really fucking gay and cancerous

The bottom part is top kek however. I still think Bromont's is more accessible and easier for multiple writefags however.

6ffb4b No.323838


I literally took 1 minute to come with that plot, there could be better premise or better yet there doesn't need to be premise outside of guy on adventure, keep it simple. Either way we're still just throwing shit at wall to see what sticks here.

396916 No.323840


What about something where monster girls aren't in our world yet, but each brother is working to bring monster girls into our world in their own way and thus each ends up with their own love interest depending on their method?

22a2d7 No.323843


>Anita Sarkeesian

Ewwwwwwww. That's some heinous shit, mang. I pity the poor son-of-a-bitch expected to spend time and effort putting that to paper.

>Will Mr. Noga pay him if he's late with the delivery?

A better question is if Mr. Noga will pay him at all.

6ffb4b No.323844


Mr. Noga will pay him alright in crack and hip hop CDs

846d0b No.323845

Whatever we decide on, I can try helping with faggot cat. This sounds more entertaining than writing my own obscure story.

22a2d7 No.323846


Would Mr. Noga be willing to part with his crack?

6ffb4b No.323847


I say make vote and throw the settings ideas in there, once something is decided that's it, no more ideafaggotry. Otherwise we'll get nowhere.


I thought alternative to Anita scenario would be ancient aliens landing on Earth and kidnapping 90% of male population as test subjects for their new penis enlargement pills. The radiation from the saucers mutated women into monstergirls. But I'm not entirely sober.

846d0b No.323848


I'll hop onto the Git once I get home, I have high hopes for this. I'll mold whatever I have in mind around what the majority seems interested in however.

6ffb4b No.323849


Again, for people who're signed into git - https://chat.gitgud.io/signup_user_complete/?id=ebyax5tn3ibmjkmcgdziui67ma discussion group for this.

dfaabb No.323851


I'd rather we not reference Anita. She doesn't deserve to be mentioned in vidya. Though I'm up for Paladin Academy or Bromont's idea. Bromont should be the lead.

6ffb4b No.323852


I already made it more sanity friendly >>323847

40541b No.323855

Perhaps a fork of Free Cities?

dfaabb No.323856

File: a88329a6953e776⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1077x808, 1077:808, Two Headed Hellhound.png)


Of course.

b87676 No.323863


Act 1: Brothers go to highschool, each one has one-two scenes where they meet the monster girl that clicks with them.

Act 2: Player chooses which brother to play as, then it turns into a normal visual novel where the brother woos the monster, or the monster woos the brother, depending on the writer/character. Brothers can criss cross into each other's stories if need be. End with graduation and epilogue.

(Optional Act 3: Raising a daughter and giving headpats or just married life with monster girl)

It doesn't seem that complex to me, but if it's too hard to comprehend I guess it doesn't work.

6ffb4b No.323865


Too splintered of poll. Let's not complicate it, we're doing this in RenPy. It's modular and easy to use. It's fucking Python.

22a2d7 No.323866

Since we're doing a VN are we planning on bad ends? Because I have thoughts about that: Human women. I know, but let me explain before you wretch in disgust. Have them act like 3DPD and all. If you choose badly and end up with one the usual crap happens. Divorce, alimony, false rape charges etc.


>There's the gitgud chat.

Never used something like that before. Not that I'm going to have shit all to do until the rest of you figs figure out what needs to be drawn though.

dfaabb No.323867

File: 984f5cf5599a39b⋯.jpg (38.53 KB, 480x353, 480:353, 1501302920444.jpg)


How many brothers? It would be interesting if you guys do eight as a nod to Crabman.


6ffb4b No.323868


Register on gitgud, join through this link https://chat.gitgud.io/signup_user_complete/?id=ebyax5tn3ibmjkmcgdziui67ma

Then request member in the gitgud group to have access to repos and shit.

b87676 No.323873


Eight's too many. I guarantee you'll have trouble writing two brothers, let alone five.

523e64 No.323874


2 codefags, 3 writefags, and a drawfag. We might actually have something here. Though having a single drawfag for the entire project seems a bit too much for one guy

22a2d7 No.323875


>The invite link was invalid. Please speak with your Administrator to receive an invitation.

No dice.

6ffb4b No.323876


It worked for Lizardry but take in account that took 6 months to make and there was less work to do. I can do backgrounds.

6ffb4b No.323877


Gotta be on gitgud group first, just request member when you have gitgud account setup.

b87676 No.323878


Why not just use IRC or something anybody can join and not have to make an account

That just seems needless.

6ffb4b No.323881


Mainly because having git repo that's combined with chatroom with media support is gonna help in cooperative dev. I mean, even if the shit fails the group will stay there for other anons to use for their projects. At least it's not Dickcord.

396916 No.323883


>Because I have thoughts about that: Human women. I know, but let me explain before you wretch in disgust. Have them act like 3DPD and all. If you choose badly and end up with one the usual crap happens. Divorce, alimony, false rape charges etc.

So it's like Unteralterbach where sleeping with nonlolis gets you a game over?

22a2d7 No.323884



>join the gitgud group

>got to make an email account

Goddammit. Well, I refuse to give google my soul, so gmail is out. I'm off to fine something that will work.


I guess? Never played it or really paid much attention to it so I'll have to take your word for it.

6ffb4b No.323885


Use temporary mail like nada or shit, wew lad.

Either way once we decide on setting let's draw a big fat line. No changing of setting once we start working.

dfaabb No.323887

File: 909786a55b3f5f5⋯.jpg (238.2 KB, 870x1237, 870:1237, Devilchi_8_15.jpg)


>No changing of setting once we start working.

This is common sense. Once a group works on something, stick to it.

8b5a1b No.323891

File: 3d8f115a6e58a99⋯.jpg (94.51 KB, 500x750, 2:3, 02c1905aed47de6ec90b81f732….jpg)

Alright I got five races in mind. Lamia, slime, dragon, demon and spider. But before I get to drawing the girl's concepts we should probably try to figure out a setting to place them in. How does a mix between western European style cities and countryside backdrops, with occasional visits to the beach for things like vacations. Also a modernish time period.

b87676 No.323892

File: 7bb6fb2e7facbbc⋯.png (11.21 KB, 300x300, 1:1, _.png)


If you have to make a tutorial for people to use a program just to chat and exchange ideas, don't you think that's a bad move?

6ffb4b No.323894


With all due respect to you faggots - I had to explain to people how to upload shit to FTP, open 7zip archive and join IRC channel all on imageboard. You niggas just dumb.

8b5a1b No.323895


Nah it's good, it'll prevent retards from joining the project and screwing things up.

>inb4 no one joins

5f012e No.323899


Look nigga, im at work most of the day and i aint doin that via mobile until ive looked it over.

IRC is super easy if you really give a shit about discord. Yer fucked anyway so whatever.

dfaabb No.323901





Perfect! those are iconic staple monsters, the lamia and arachne addition is a nice touch. Better luck next time, harpy.

6ffb4b No.323902

Granted group access to everyone who sent request.

8b5a1b No.323904

File: 57aed5f3485d6ae⋯.gif (104.46 KB, 500x497, 500:497, 57aed5f3485d6ae968b52a5ce3….gif)


Looks more like a boy than a monster girl.

dfaabb No.323907

File: b60ffe546ffb83f⋯.png (513.29 KB, 1121x1600, 1121:1600, 14.png)


22a2d7 No.323909


>Lamia, slime, dragon, demon and spider

I thought we were going we less common or Original the Character Doughnut Steels.

8b5a1b No.323911


That's just the race, what they actually look like can be changed drastically.

dfaabb No.323912


It was originally proposed that the designs of these monsters should be original rather than copying KCs designs. Original doughnut steels are welcomed, but aren't the only thing necessary. Anyway, I would personally prefer a harpy over a lamia. Also, Spider should be a glasses wearing nerd. Dragon girl should be blue and an occult loving chuuni. Demon should be a bully. Slime should be the harmless smiling ditz.

dfaabb No.323913


Exactly. The demon might look more like a satyr/baph for all we know. This is when things get interesting.

22a2d7 No.323914



>It was originally proposed that the designs of these monsters should be original rather than copying KCs designs.


As far as girls go what about putting up a poll with a bunch of ideas for girls and seeing which five are the most popular?


>demon that looks like a satyr/baphomet

Wouldn't that just be a baphomet?

396916 No.323915


But anon, lots of different mythologies have wildly differing types of snek, slime, dragon, demon, and spider monsters that can be used to make more original mamonos. Well, maybe this isn't the case for slime, but you get the idea.

b87676 No.323916

File: f3465a4194d1873⋯.jpg (407.76 KB, 1000x1236, 250:309, Dotdotdotquestionmark.jpg)


Nah, spider should be twins. A passive and kind sister that copes with loneliness and an abrasive older sister who's overprotective and obtrusive to potential mates for her imouto.

dfaabb No.323917


Lamia or naga as they're also called


22a2d7 No.323922


>lamias or naga as i like to call them


>We were talking about it in the gitgud chat

Should I even bother joining in yet? I was volunteering to do some drawfagging, but don't really know how much I can contribute to the conversation. I requested access a while ago, but it hasn't been accepted yet.

>You don't need to make a shit girl

That's what human women are for.

86a81f No.323924


A shapeshifter would probably require a lot of different character images unless she is only changing into the other girls or something.

dfaabb No.323925

File: 604f65e532edb55⋯.jpg (745.26 KB, 1300x1500, 13:15, __nalica_original_drawn_by….jpg)

File: ed124e8b8ac4801⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1267x1443, 1267:1443, __chloe_bechstein_and_sait….png)

File: 4c63afba88061ed⋯.png (8.82 MB, 3508x2480, 877:620, __chloe_bechstein_original….png)

File: 0f716437db51cc9⋯.png (456.7 KB, 577x814, 577:814, __grea_granblue_fantasy_an….png)

File: 71d9a5d360bc878⋯.png (2.89 MB, 2000x2800, 5:7, __original_drawn_by_hariga….png)


I'm going to post images to inspire.


318b83 No.323926


You're not shitting up the thread, the purpose of this thread is to talk about a game that can be made. complicated shit can be handled on gitgud like coding and other stuff, hosting pictures can be fine here, just make sure to not spoil the story here.

dfaabb No.323927

File: d84828ea162adef⋯.jpg (886.77 KB, 1191x1684, 1191:1684, __original_drawn_by_ohako_….jpg)

File: 273fef6d3cff282⋯.png (673.13 KB, 808x1141, 808:1141, __okiku_touhou_drawn_by_ar….png)

File: 55d0e27701bf2b3⋯.jpg (696.19 KB, 986x1280, 493:640, __slime_dragon_quest_drawn….jpg)

File: 3ae78be8446c355⋯.jpg (322.05 KB, 977x902, 977:902, __king_slime_dragon_quest_….jpg)

File: 8c5d56c5d7e93b7⋯.jpg (586.5 KB, 1250x1017, 1250:1017, __hassan_and_king_slime_dr….jpg)


dfaabb No.323928

File: 79c4aa253b9df31⋯.jpg (1.46 MB, 1300x1950, 2:3, __baphomet_monster_girl_en….jpg)

File: 2aedd1014e2e7a0⋯.png (484.32 KB, 744x850, 372:425, __hellice_frost_demon_puzz….png)

File: e695c951a587485⋯.jpg (371.27 KB, 600x908, 150:227, __original_drawn_by_haraba….jpg)

File: fc3f00e0f8c9b37⋯.jpg (790.19 KB, 708x1000, 177:250, __drawn_by_gattsun__59eabf….jpg)

File: 7342a8487fe4c2d⋯.jpg (2.01 MB, 1500x2000, 3:4, __maiyu_and_ogre_dragon_qu….jpg)


86a81f No.323930

katawa shoujo was in Ren'Py I believe which is open source and free to use for commercial and non commercial shit. I am not really familiar with game engines designed for VNs besides that. could use regular game engines too but it seems a bit like using a tractor pick up your dog's shit.

dfaabb No.323931

File: f8ab36635b9b1fd⋯.png (202.27 KB, 354x430, 177:215, Dragon Lord.png)


>Scale Pussy

Be nice if the dragon is purple as a subtle reference to this motherfucker.

2e2e56 No.323932

There, I signed up for the git.


dfaabb No.323934


So, everything to suggestions will go to gitgud? Or do we still use this thread?

b87676 No.323937



Well, have fun with that. Hope you guys finish what you make, and if you don't, learn from it.

22a2d7 No.323940


>It's quicker to get a reply in there

Not that I can get in. Well whatever. While I'm waiting I guess I'll dick around with some sketching or something.

By the way did anyone get picked as the retard wrangler?

dfaabb No.323942


You can post your concept art and get responses both here and gitgud rather than just on one site. Well, have fun sketching.

22a2d7 No.323944


I just wanted confirmation on what girls were going to be in the game before I started.

dfaabb No.323945

86a81f No.323947

Just an idea for the spider-girl to throw out. You know how they usually make a lot of things like cloths with their silk? There never really seems to be anything done with that though. So make her an assistant to some fashion designer or working in some clothing store. Perhaps have her being taken advantage of for her skill or silk or something.

22a2d7 No.323950

File: 7a1bb056d3849df⋯.png (534.35 KB, 1400x1702, 700:851, time to get bullied nerd.png)

Delinquent girls that are pure maidens are one of my weaknesses.

dfaabb No.323953

File: 71d9a5d360bc878⋯.png (2.89 MB, 2000x2800, 5:7, __original_drawn_by_hariga….png)

File: ed124e8b8ac4801⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1267x1443, 1267:1443, __chloe_bechstein_and_sait….png)

File: 181158e3eb4e237⋯.png (201.41 KB, 354x430, 177:215, Dragon_Lord.png)

File: 11c9e2fdc0c9fa5⋯.png (408.3 KB, 500x889, 500:889, __sylvanas_windrunner_warc….png)

To the drawfag, here's a neat idea on the dragon design. She can look like first image, but with the horns of second image and instead of ears, she will have fins on the side of her head like the dragon of third image. The dragon scales will be purple, but her human skin will be a light blue color like the fourth image.

Sorry to bother you.

dfaabb No.323956

File: 00ffa15b7afc736⋯.png (275.79 KB, 528x600, 22:25, latest.png)


I just realized that much of what I said is already MGE's dragon. Never mind.

6ffb4b No.323987

Accepted all member requests on git. Empty repo for project is initialised.

55b80f No.323989


Made a member request. I might chip in with drawings.

6ffb4b No.323990


You're in.

55b80f No.323991






A little is welcome, but keep in mind that drawfags and writefags want to see their own ideas realised as much as you do.

55b80f No.323992


This chat seems to redirect to a channel called MomcestTrainer which is deprecated, has 45 members, and has none of these rooms in the list.

6ffb4b No.323994


Just login into chat.gitgud.io/monster

55b80f No.323995


I followed the instructions at >>323889 including the bit where you have to sign into the gitgud chat with gitlab. It still redirects.

6ffb4b No.323996

dfaabb No.324002

File: 84384372ecae2ed⋯.png (74.31 KB, 225x258, 75:86, Crème Caraslime.png)

File: 26027163ce35318⋯.png (85.3 KB, 300x400, 3:4, Magic Slime.png)

File: 10d82ae004ce0f7⋯.jpg (136.32 KB, 708x1000, 177:250, __original_drawn_by_zankur….jpg)

File: 2f7d935ec6052d4⋯.png (1.25 MB, 753x1063, 753:1063, __original_drawn_by_freeri….png)

File: c7ba18aa5cf5a97⋯.png (566.96 KB, 899x885, 899:885, __flanny_original_drawn_by….png)

More references.

dfaabb No.324009

File: 8475a9a4a033391⋯.png (314.37 KB, 513x620, 513:620, latest-6.png)

File: 775a28b6b55b857⋯.png (13.66 KB, 256x184, 32:23, latest-7.png)

File: b36d87db687d183⋯.jpg (875.7 KB, 1653x2078, 1653:2078, __original_drawn_by_spike_….jpg)

File: 5999fd6cbd425a8⋯.png (800.1 KB, 849x907, 849:907, latest-3.png)

File: dedc4f177370512⋯.jpg (136.39 KB, 640x800, 4:5, __original__4dfbafdfee8351….jpg)


Forgot to mention that the idea of a desert slime or a green magic slime girl would be best if you guys are interested. Anyway, here's a lamia for reference.

dfaabb No.324010

File: 7e9442d081d659f⋯.png (3.72 KB, 138x112, 69:56, Arachne-ffd.png)

File: 248916fecbc3a3e⋯.png (7.04 KB, 96x123, 32:41, FF4PSP_Arachne.png)

File: 2ba78a7e12532b4⋯.png (13.32 KB, 194x159, 194:159, FFBE_Arachne_2_Sprite.png)

File: 179658b7899816f⋯.png (206.64 KB, 639x340, 639:340, 80349ab2e37e27a26aae6b7fc7….png)

File: 02aefc260e9c954⋯.jpg (399.64 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Guar Zigmorde.jpg)


And with that, I'm done with my useless references and opinions.

86a81f No.324033

So can we get some more ideas and concepts for the girls we have. Looking for either personality/situation












86a81f No.324034


meant slime to have the ditz

dfaabb No.324035


Slime is such a harmless ditz.

8b5a1b No.324037

File: 3374588a750dcc5⋯.jpg (194.75 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, OCs.jpg)

I can't draw

8b5a1b No.324038


Should be done the concepts by the end of the day

86a81f No.324039

396916 No.324042


>exotic change student option for snek

That gives her the option to be a naga from India, among other things.

dfaabb No.324044


Belly dancing out of a large jar.

019a81 No.324052

Wouldn't it be better to come up with the ins and outs of each character before assigning any species to them, rather than just taking a set species and applying a bunch of stereotypes and cookie-cutter characteristics and hoping they stick? It would help to flesh out the girls and make them more interesting and fun to read and write for that matter rather than simply having something like Tsundere Dragon #8982 with no depth or personality otherwise.

86a81f No.324053


whoever writes them has the final say this is more just to get an idea

22a2d7 No.324054

File: 8a3131a83610c75⋯.png (212.43 KB, 1087x1523, 1087:1523, slime consept.png)

Slimegril consept.

22a2d7 No.324057

File: 80a7cb8468f4473⋯.png (216.31 KB, 654x1528, 327:764, hex slime.png)

And a shot at the current slime leader.

396916 No.324058

File: b7554ae8acde0db⋯.jpg (109.04 KB, 653x1000, 653:1000, confused shoebill.jpg)




It's good to hear that, but in that case, why don't we come up with a bunch of personalities we'd really like to see in a girl and then look through myth to see if we can come up with a monster girl that would fit said personality.

9f11d4 No.324069


Hex is really cute.

8b5a1b No.324075

File: 73ba93fcad98a2c⋯.jpg (75.23 KB, 786x1017, 262:339, 7fc58f8fb0b9be6cdb06bb5ae8….jpg)

>Exotic exchange student lamia

I went for a bit of a black adder design so it would make sense if she was a home grown Aussie. In the vn itself we won't really say where she's from but a shitposting personality and general uplifting nature should give anons the idea. She's a bit reckless though and will find herself getting into trouble more so than the other girls in the visual novel itself. You'll also have the opportunity to see into her homeland at some point.

>Ditzy Plastic Slime

With monster girls being real I thought it'd be cool to have one of the girls be man-made, primarily the slime. The slime would technically be the youngest of the girls, being made sentient recently thus explaining her ditzyness. The fact she's made of plastic is interchangeable but I think it's a cool element to make her out of, could bounce like a madwoman. If writefags wanted to we could have her curiosity of the world stem towards occultism. Whatever the case MC should try to help her through this new world to her the best he can.

>Bully demon

This girl seeing a new world with all these new people sees also new targets to make mischief with. She takes a liking to the main character and the route will focus about her realizing if she continues her ways she may lose her one chance at love. The MC and her try to tackle the problems being the biggest bully have caused as well as the source of her need to belittle others. Is the most well known in the school. That source most likely being abused herself for looking like a demon. a representation of sin. Her look can be somewhat biblicaly inspired with more feathery wings than most demons, a bit like angel wings and a serpent-like leathery tail.

>Nerdy spidergirl

She's very shy because obviously arachnophobia isn't down and aracnophilia isn't increasing yet so does her best to lay on the down low, subjecting herself to mostly solo tasks. Uses the MC to prop her up and become more open to others. They have an attraction to each other thanks to the MC's acceptance of her and willing to open her up which she appreciates, first views it as an unnecessary burden on him. Wolf Spider-like appearance to add to the contrasting personality, her main spider body looking deadly with her hair very cute, a bit dog-ish and the rest of her upper body very nerdy looking.

>Chunni Dragon

The dragon, through enough effort and will establishes herself in a somewhat important position in the school kek as student council president. She's paranoid of being betrayed thanks to some pettiness involving her accession to student council president. The MC's job is to sort these kinks out in her character and being the devoted husbando she wanted all this time. Her eccentricities change over the course of the story, following those of a love story than typical fantasy. Her design is a bit cold an unmoving,

Anyway those are the character summaries/ideas I came up with. Now I have to construct some good enough art for these unless the better artfag wants to take up the mantle.

8b5a1b No.324078


Oh yeah damn I forgot to ask if you guys like these or not.

cdf1ba No.324080


I'd prefer the Hex Slime actually. There needs to be a creepy-cute in there. Other than that, the rest is good.

55b80f No.324083


Hey phoneposting nigger, are you the leader or not?

6f004d No.324085



It looks good. But I think the hex maniac would have been a more interesting and unique choice. A ditz would just be a Suu 2.0. A hex slime may bring something new to the table.

8b5a1b No.324087

File: def9d9f1e6cdd8a⋯.png (171.26 KB, 480x641, 480:641, 1456464621687.png)



Alright I can play around with the idea of a hex slime. because she's not exactly human there could be some interesting ideas involving her making potions that change the very construct of her being among other things. Hex Maniac exactly I don't know but it's an interesting idea, perhaps she even summons a shog.


Perhaps we can make her mature. Although at this moment I have no idea how a plot around a serious snake would revolve.

10f28f No.324088


>Hex Slime

>She sells potions

>"I made these myself"

There's a lot of potential in that hex slime.

86a81f No.324090


the mc could just be roped in into being her guide at school. it would be an easy introduction and give a reason for her to get attached or something.

8b5a1b No.324095


I'm fine with whatever makes a better VN.

dfaabb No.324099


If you're doing the hex slime. You can have her be a lonely stalker yandere.

2dedb0 No.324107


Why can't I open the snake concept picture?

55b80f No.324143

It doesn't look like anyone's stepping up to lead this thing before we run out of steam, so I (rapedaniel) will do so unless I receive a strong objection.

b87676 No.324151


I'm beginning to think I should do it, since I have the most experience writing here.

55b80f No.324152


I'm going to be maintaining a design document on the git. Currently it lists staff roles, but will contain setting and gameplay details later. Go to https://gitgud.io/monster/VN and download designDoc.pdf.

What does the project need now?

We have people willing to writefag and drawfag. I'm looking for someone to be the main writefag and for someone to be the main drawfag. Step up on https://chat.gitgud.io/monster/

As for the nitty-gritty tasks, I'd like a main writefag to:

>Come up with world details especially the backstory of how monstergirls came to be. Decide on what kind of school the game will be set at.

>Finalise the characterisation of the monstergirls.

>Begin the characterisation of the protagonists.

Drawfags can:

>Produce rough sketches of the monstergirls so we can decide what they'll look like.

55b80f No.324153


In that case, how about you be the main writefag?

b87676 No.324154


What's your experience with delegation, music making, story composition, and character design?

55b80f No.324156


>music making

>story composition



>character design

Barely any.

I see my role as a lead not so much as about providing the writing and art content, and more as being the guy who says, enough discussion, we're going with XYZ because it's good enough and we need to get a move on. That is why I decided to lead despite not having the skills you mention—I saw that the lack of a lead was stalling the project, I figured that I could do an adequate job at the role, and I want to see this game made.

b87676 No.324157


Well okay, you're enthusiastic about the role, and that's the right attitude. However, by what metric do you measure how XYZ is good enough when you have no frame of reference in XYZ or XYZ related accessories?

55b80f No.324158


>However, by what metric do you measure how XYZ is good enough when you have no frame of reference in XYZ or XYZ related accessories?

By my artistic taste. My ability to judge good work does not depend on my ability to produce work of that quality, so I disagree that I have no frame of reference.

b87676 No.324160


Hitler thought as you do, his artistic taste was that having the bigger tanks would mean surefire victory. So he had super tanks built. Problem was, the Maus and the Ratte were damn near useless despite their enormous size. So all that money and effort was essentially flushed down the drain because of it.

But I'll throw you a bone, what's your plan for getting this project finished?

55b80f No.324161

File: 475ce870050d3b8⋯.png (430.27 KB, 500x479, 500:479, Bane's_tears.png)


My plan is to identify gaps in the project and direct people to fill them until it is complete.

b87676 No.324163


And if the gaps are too big and there's not enough guys?

55b80f No.324164


Then it won't get finished.

4b8e85 No.324165


If it fails again I'll just take the scraps and make something out of them this time.

b87676 No.324166


Don't post a picture of bane if you're not going to banepost.


What's stopping you from taking the scraps from the previous project and making something out of it?

dfaabb No.324167




Let's get more opportunistic at least. Though I think Bromont has better qualifications, at least if there's someone at the lead then it should go more smoothly than the last VN attempt. I'll do my best as an editfag.

396916 No.324171


Once again, wouldn't it be far better to come up with a bunch of personalities we'd like to see and then choose monster girls that would fit them?

dfaabb No.324201

What time is the group most active?

4b8e85 No.324208


Around the clock but mostly US it seems.

22a2d7 No.324226


Because it was kinda generic shit. I'm going to start on something that's hopefully less shit here in a minute.


>someone to be the main drawfag

I was under the impression that was going to be me.

dfaabb No.324227


Check out the references at the snek channel.

55b80f No.324228


<someone to be the main drawfag

>I was under the impression that was going to be me.

You are the anti-condom drawfag? I did have you in mind for that role. I put you on the list as main drawfag.

22a2d7 No.324231


>You are the anti-condom drawfag?


Yeah, that's me.

8b5a1b No.324233

File: 17eee35ac3c2196⋯.jpg (2.29 MB, 2004x2438, 1002:1219, 1a769d38ad3fc22e58a3c55906….jpg)

There will be a poll later today created to figure out what kind of male main character's we'll have. We've agreed they'll all be related siblings so keep that in mind when the time comes. During that I'll focus on fleshing out the girls more and finalizing their character. Do people agree for shy potion making somewhat yan slime and mature goofy doesn't quite understand social interactions here snake? The other three characters seem pretty universal so say if you any issues with the other three girls.

86a81f No.324236


Worked her ass off to become student council president and so has become insanely protective and paranoid about her position. This has led her into maybe not quite blackmail but twisting the arms of people around her to continue to support her. Is actually a chuuni but hides is as she thinks it will hurt her ability to win reelection. This is due to her dragon nature of protecting everything she considers hers which in this case is the position of president. Her secret chuuni nature conflicts with her stoic president image she has created. The romance will be about getting her to relax around the brother and letting her chuuniness out a little bit and mostly just learning to trust others.

As an idea about the plot the first thing that comes to mind could be that the election is happening. The brother gets roped into helping out. As she starts to trust her group that is helping reelect her with her chuuni nature they use that as a way to boost her into winning.


A new? Member of the book club. A bit shy but nothing really debilitating. Is a big push over and really does not want to impose as she will not really fight back over anything as she wants to show that her species is not scary. People as a whole are fairly accepting of her but she scared a few kids before so she does not like to be in their presence. Since she is so submissive it is hard to tell what she wants mabye leading to the brother to misinterpret and do things she really does not want or something. Her route can be about getting her to stand up for herself. A bit generic but I think it would be nice.


Foreign exchange student who is really proud of her culture. Acts a bit like one of those rude tourist. Is the object of curiosity in the school and always likes being asked about her home so she can talk about it, just another fictional place maybe based on India or something. Is actually supposed to be husband hunting but is reluctant to do it as she is afraid of the culture clash if she has to live in the town or bring her husband back to her home. Quite clingy and makes the brother who first showed her around school continue showing her around the town.


Relentlessly teases people and not the more playful way. Still would not be a big deal but does this constantly day in and day out to people. Was not as bad in the past but since she was a demon so everyone considered even really small things really bad. Eventually she just decided that if she was going to be given the bully role she would embrace it. This is only at school though and her family is ironically quite religious and volunteers at church all the time. Does not have much friends at school as she is stuck in the evil bully role. Still likes to tease people. The plot could be about showing the school that she is really just a good girl who likes to tease people a bit.

dfaabb No.324243


The shy potion making somewhat yan slime is great. Could use some creepy cute. The goofy snek will appear to be a lot of fun.

55b80f No.324244

dfaabb No.324248


The twin route might be harder for the writefags, though if you want the ending to for the MC to have to spider GFs. However, this will be a lot of legs for the drawfags. We already settled with the spider being a nerd.

22a2d7 No.324252


>pajeet lamia


dfaabb No.324253

File: 0db25fbf4293d0b⋯.gif (937.88 KB, 400x289, 400:289, __miia_monster_musume_no_i….gif)

File: 67a15f5914cc0ce⋯.gif (811.64 KB, 573x889, 573:889, __tuki_shantae_half_genie_….gif)

File: 3bd9c0789facb56⋯.jpg (138.21 KB, 850x850, 1:1, __tuki_shantae_half_genie_….jpg)

File: 8d061b43f1f1e80⋯.jpg (49.43 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)



b87676 No.324258


Why would you want conjoined twins? Are you making Katawa Shoujo?

318b83 No.324264


less kawata shojo more monstergirls. dont make this into an overcomplicated mess.

396916 No.324270


There'd be nothing wrong with a conjoined twin mamono, but it'd have to be one that'd actually make sense, like an Orthrus or something.


But of course, people would then just be asking why it wasn't a Cerberus instead.


>That's what I suggested earlier, but seems people have already set on the characters. I just hope it doesn't turn into a "you date this perfect girl and nothing went wrong" setting. Some people might like that IRL, but it doesn't make that great of an story.

It seems more like someone suddenly made a poll for five monster girls they wanted and asked what personalities they should have. I think we really need to slow down for a second before deciding on those five. I mean, 3 out of 5 of them are already monster musume mamonos, and I'm not getting any sense of "this is what /monster/ would choose" from the selections either. I mean, there's not even a yeti or red oni in it. Plus, didn't someone already say those were just possible choices to get a feel of things for now?


>just another fictional place maybe based on India or something

Once again, if you're gonna do this, best to call her a naga.


dfaabb No.324275

File: 672e2da35c35b90⋯.jpg (147.11 KB, 1024x1287, 1024:1287, Delicious Brown.jpg)


Delicious Brown Snek.

22a2d7 No.324280

File: 7b9273d899bdc62⋯.png (401.15 KB, 1075x1746, 1075:1746, snek concept.png)

Less shitty snek attempt.

dfaabb No.324281



396916 No.324286


That actually looks really great. Though if you go for the naga instead:



then you'd apparently have to base her design on one of these: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/King_cobra

>Nāga (IAST: nāgá; Devanāgarī: नाग) is the Sanskrit and Pali word for a deity or class of entity or being taking the form of a very great snake, specifically the king cobra

8b5a1b No.324300

File: 51cdaaca73db058⋯.jpg (353.85 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, OCs.jpg)

I came up with some more ideas for how the girls should look for our dedicated drawfag. It's almost time to figure out while our mcs are like, meanwhile I'll be expanding on the personality of each female lead.

937f2d No.324301

some poll on what you don't want in the brothers.


396916 No.324302


You should give it a break for the time being, I'm not sure it's certain yet that those are really the five specific monster girls that'll be used in the end.

5a024e No.324303

Some suggestions to help keep the anons working on this focused on the project and stop them from devolving into a circlejerk:

>make and stick to a schedule of progress updates on the board

>make any hubs used to coordinate the development progress publicly available to view

>figure out early on how long the routes should be and try not to go over


No cuckshit should go without saying. That's like asking someone not to piss in your coffee.

937f2d No.324308

One of the setting ideas:

30 years ago scientist discovered a reaction that released a immense amount of a new form of energy. This energy was able to be easily harvested, stored, and could efficiently turned into other forms of energy like heat or electricity. Eager to capitalize on the new source of energy governments started building huge reactors to power their country. It was not until 20 years ago that it was discovered that the reactors were releasing small amounts of the unconverted energy into the atmosphere which spread with the wind currents throughout the world. This initially was thought harmless but then children starting being born with strange mutations. They are “healthy” but have monstrous traits like having spider legs or being born with blue skin, horns, and wings like a demon.

dfaabb No.324309


It doesn't effect the Y chromosome. Because of this, human males can still be born from female monsters.

8b5a1b No.324314


Another possible idea I was coming up with.

Prologue: Before the events of the visual novel Mankind underwent a logic-defying transformation. Over the course of a second the laws of nature forever thanks to lab accident. Magic was now feasible thanks to the laws of physics but relatively unknown to humans. This also changed some humans possessing two x chromosomes and thus a fraction of human females, namely 15% became monster girls. Now humanity is trying to integrate these new creatures into their own society while further exploring the possibilities of magic.

Present: During the VN the brothers are taking courses at one of the school’s whose job it is to implement monster girls into modern society. As the visual novel progresses monsters integrate further into society, causing changes in the scenery while mankind further learns about the possibility of magic, eventually causing the main characters to learn about it and even attend class for magic lessons.

Seems our ideas are largely similar but overall I think I prefer yours.

dfaabb No.324318


> Over the course of a second the laws of nature forever thanks to lab accident.

You forgot to add change betweeen nature and forever.

> This also changed some humans possessing two x chromosomes and thus a fraction of human females, namely 15% became monster girls.

What kind of accident occured for this to happen? Also, what about the exotic one?

8b5a1b No.324324


Yeah my mistake, and I was alluding to the idea that monster girls are now possible thanks to these changes in physics but forgot to add how they turn into monster girls.


Mutation sounds more believable as an end result to create monster girls, whether that mutation is the result of magic or not.

b53c64 No.324325


Ok, so I'm not a biologist, but couldn't anything that mutates the X chromosome also produce mutations in males? In fact, males might be more susceptible to mutation (think about color blindness for an example).

My fridge logic is detecting a faint whiff of unintended heresy.

937f2d No.324328


it is going to be a bit weird no matter what but like >>324319 said it is never going to make perfect sense just enough that it gets kinda accepted.

b53c64 No.324333

Really, I guess it boils down to which broad type of scenario do you like best for explaining the existence of monster girls:

1) Monsters have always been among us in secret and have only revealed themselves to the public in recent years. (This may also imply male monsters, and is also one of the least plausible imho. It works well enough for MonMusu to hang a story on, but imho it is one of the weaker premise ideas, at least for our purposes here)

2) Monster girls have always existed in some alternate world that has begun to connect to or bleed over into ours in some way. (Just so long as the trigger event doesn't involve a mute protagonist riding a dragon… even if the end result would still be a slow motion extinction of humanity)

3) Monster girls are a fairly recent phenomenon in our world due to (something, something, magic, mutation, mumble, mumble).

I do like >>324308 's idea, but I'm trying to think of a way that the mutation could affect females but not males (unless we just want to handwave the /chaos/ away).

One other thing I like about the "mutation" angle is that it provides the option of dealing with the girls as more like "mutated humans" rather than full on "mamono," if that is how you want to play it. What I mean by that is that, just like in "Interview with Monster Girls", the girls could basically view themselves as humans with unique quirks rather than as something fundamentally different from humanity (as in MGE). I'm not advocating either way, just doing a little ideafagging.

4) Or something else entirely

Finally, depending on which monster types we decide on, we may need to either come up with a brief explanation for how magic is now a thing or tone down any magical aspects associated with the monster types.

937f2d No.324338


bully demon you mean

b53c64 No.324339


>If you stay fateful to your waifu and treat her right, you'll get a good end. If not, you'll get nothing, maybe less.

Part of me really likes the idea that was floated about the "Bad Ending" route being winding up with a 3DPD, with everything that could potentially involve irl.

Actually, if there were brief epilogues to the various routes that show how things turn out several years down the line (marriage, starting a family, etc). we could have a nice payoff for each MG route and room to show just how bad the "Bad Ending" path gets, whatever form that takes.

396916 No.324341


Is there any reason in particular why you're that set on those five monstergirl types? With the polls that have been done in this thread, why not gauge whether people are interested in sticking with those types or having more time to decide on other monster girls?

396916 No.324343


*girls using another poll

8b5a1b No.324345

b53c64 No.324347


To me, the most important thing is having good characters. A red oni can be a good character, but a red oni that is depicted as nothing more than a delinquent that likes to drink a lot is just a cliche.

I mean, sure, there are a few monster types I would like to see that aren't in there. You have to start somewhere, though, and you can only have so many routes. As long as the characters are interesting and well written (and some thought was given to matching characters to monster types), I'm good.

By the way, does anyone like the idea of a "hidden route" of some sort, or would that be too much, especially since we are already splitting routes by separate protagonists?

Because in any school setting, there's an obvious mamono type we could put in, either as a background character or something more.

4c23b8 No.324348


I think the only thing really "missing" is a fluffy beast-type monster girl. The spider can be fluffy but it's just not the same.

396916 No.324349


>To me, the most important thing is having good characters. A red oni can be a good character, but a red oni that is depicted as nothing more than a delinquent that likes to drink a lot is just a cliche.

Yeah, but in that case, shouldn't it have started out with us naming types of characters we'd want to see and then choosing monster girls that fit those types? Yet the monster girls were quickly chosen and followed by personalities instead.

b87676 No.324369


All right, I don't care if I'm leader or not, that needs addressing.

>The MCs are going to be 5 brothers. The brothers can have some characteristics and a bit of personality


>but they'll be mostly blank slates


>The brothers go to school and each falls in love with a classmate.


>Exotic exchange student snake. The stoic cool beauty type that only slimes when alone with the brother she likes.

'slimes' when alone? Also too vague and underdeveloped. A domineering delinquent type with a mischievous streak combined with a reclusive nerdling brother that folds from peer pressure would work better, as it would be a case of the snake symbolizing temptation.

>Bully dragon (demon). The kind to go over the top with bully and get misunderstood.

To a certain point, it should be a tsundere if you're going to do a dragon/demon, and the brother should be an expert at tsundere diffusal. That provides conflict, conflict moves the story.

>Hex slime. The shy yandere that can be clumsy sometimes, do NOT drink the potions she makes.

A yandere slime, how does the brother in question go along with the yandere? Does he encourage it or run away each time she approaches him? Does he freeze up when she tries to shower her love or does he try to out-yandere her? Does the slime in question have ungrounded personal fantasies and the brother in question have grounded preconceptions for dating? Is this one of those situations where the yandere must out-yandere herself as the story goes along and professes her love at greater hyperbole? There needs to be a dynamic between the brother and the monster.

>Chuuni seitokaichou dragon. Really serious and gets shit done, but can't control the "hidden power" inside her for long.

If somebody wants to write it, but again, the hell's the dynamic? The dragon says something chuuni and immediately gets struck by the brother? Is it a tail of the brother being serious and starting to turn chuuni from the dragon's influence or the other way around?

>Nerd spider. The standard bully bait.

Boring. Fraternal or identical twins is better. Siamese is stupid, can't believe you polled that.


Listen, monster girls are like the force in Star Wars, you don't need to explain how they work. A vague answer is simple enough, making them mutants is a terrible idea and should be disregarded. Secondly, mix west with east so you can have whatever monster you want and it not seem weird. That makes school uniforms in a western setting not seem so obtuse.


If there's no minigames or extra games, why would there be need of coders? Renpy is pure scripting, it requires less than a cursory understanding of coding. Are the coders just diagramming the game? It should be planners then, not coding.

>If you stay fateful to your waifu and treat her right, you'll get a good end. If not, you'll get nothing, maybe less.

Too obvious. It should be a good ending, best ending with daughter, and a UFO ending. Sky's the limits, bad endings will only seem forced, the weirder the better instead.

b87676 No.324382

File: 68efa69d3b43878⋯.png (3.73 MB, 2804x3200, 701:800, GET HEADPAT YOU SLUT.png)


>Just stating the poll results. Ultimately, it's down to the writefags to decide. Besides, there are 5 MCs, you can have ones with more personality than others.

Blank slates offer no dynamics with the girl, if it's just the player's proxy interacting with the girl, there's no need for five brothers because it'd all just be the same. That said, you can still make them personality-less, just as long as you make the brother's responses entertaining. The worst thing you can be is mediocre, neither making an impression nor make the player hate the main character. Nobody wants to read a generic, faceless, cookie cutter protagonist. Put some spring into your step and make the two main characters of your route endearing.

>>making them mutants is a terrible idea

>Why? That's pretty much how it goes in MGQ.

Mutated from the dark genes of a dark goddess isn't the same as scientists making mutant people/animals by accident, and I'll explain why. It doesn't serve the story because it just explains why they exist in a plain format, instead of giving them a purpose for existing. That's why the whole religious angle comes into play with MGQ; they're made from Alice I, who's a corrupted dark goddess, thus the monsters are corrupted with her perversions. This makes them monstrous, it gives them a purpose for being what they are and what they do. Do you understand that from a narrative perspective? Just saying X exists because of Y isn't good enough, because Y doesn't give X an innate purpose. Just because real life is full of nebulous coincidences doesn't mean fiction should be, as fiction should be interesting first and foremost and serve a narrative.

A reason and a purpose with their origins should be something along the lines of 'In medieval times, a demon lord created an army of monsters to conquer the world, but a group of brave heroes lead an army to defeat the demon lord. However, upon defeating the demon lord, the monsters existed in a leaderless untamed horde-like state, and thus humans make the effort to coexist in order to avoid conflict.' This explains where they come from and why an extraspecies highschool exists, to bridge the gap, as well as make the monster girls seem more monstrous first before interacting with humans and becoming more girlish. Conflict, the most important concept you could have. Which is the point. They're monsters. And they're girls. Monsters first, girls second. As with Katawa Shoujo, you only see the cripple girls as cripples first before they become girls second.

Monster girls (KC's) were spawned off of Dragon Quest, turning enemies like a common slime into a common slime with tits. You didn't need to know how the demon lord made them with black magic (though of course he explains it later), you just know they're monsters and rape men like giant fat orcs want to rape and pillage elves because that's the purpose they were given from their creation.

>I think good endings only would kind of ruin it, make it have like a fabricated happiness feeling to it.

Doki Doki Literature Club is nothing but bad/bittersweet ends and that works. Don't see why purely positive outcomes couldn't. I think having strange and unusual endings alongside the good ones instead of good/bad helps give the concept a Japanese nuance to it. Not enough quirky shit in the world.

That said, I'm a weird fellow, so if you just want to have 'say X and she'll marry you, say Y and she'll miscarriage b^u style', that's all well and good. It's a tried and true format. I just like to think outside the box.

>Also, join the gitgud chat please. Even if you're not going to actively contribute to the project, you can still talk with the writefags and give them your two cents.

I'll give you my two cents here.

8b5a1b No.324385

File: 62e38d713af3225⋯.png (64.25 KB, 422x558, 211:279, tumblr_oyi52kbv9O1uanzz4o1….png)


Writefag here who should really be sleeping, I thought I mentioned in the git gud chat that we ran a poll for desires not wanted in mcs as away for the writers including myself to be as restricted in creating dynamics between the characters.

The explanations for the origin of monster girls were thought of in ten minutes a couple hours ago and can be changed. However, it was mostly a side effect of discussing magic in our world and we thought that if a modern accident could great magic why couldn't it also create monster girls? The idea of monster girls being corrupted females can make them rejected not because they're monsters in the sense you proposed But because they're drastically different from the human form. Although your idea may work And if the vn itself is disconnected from the prior events most of this shall be brushed aside by the reader.

I don't agree with having only good endings but there was some discussion of an ending where the mc ends up with a blowup-doll so in the end the vn could take on a more lighthearted tone. Contrast is nice though and if there's a moment of cruelty midway through the game it'd be quite queer if all the options were good ones.

8b5a1b No.324386

Also I've noticed that some people don't like the selection of girls and would like to hear why. If the case is it's because your waifu didn't get in I chose these girls to try please as many as I could with only five routes. Perhaps if we have the time and resources to add in a sixth route we can have another girl and brother. I doubt it

8b5a1b No.324387


*be less restricted

b87676 No.324391


>Writefag here who should really be sleeping, I thought I mentioned in the git gud chat that we ran a poll for desires not wanted in mcs as away for the writers including myself to be as restricted in creating dynamics between the characters.

Please go to sleep then reword that statement when you wake up, because I'm having trouble understanding your dialect.

>The explanations for the origin of monster girls were thought of in ten minutes a couple hours ago and can be changed. However, it was mostly a side effect of discussing magic in our world and we thought that if a modern accident could great magic why couldn't it also create monster girls?

Because it doesn't give them purpose, just explained that in the post above.

>The idea of monster girls being corrupted females can make them rejected not because they're monsters in the sense you proposed But because they're drastically different from the human form.

So it's more you'd rather go with a freak/outcast narrative as opposed to interacting with a second species. I believe that narrative goes against the prime principles of monster girls, as that makes them girls first, monsters second. That's not the allure, I can tell you right now.


>Also I've noticed that some people don't like the selection of girls and would like to hear why. If the case is it's because your waifu didn't get in I chose these girls to try please as many as I could with only five routes. Perhaps if we have the time and resources to add in a sixth route we can have another girl and brother. I doubt it

You have two lizard types and a demon, poor representation I'd say.

18498c No.324396

I don't think stereotype/cliche is that bad when it is used as baseline/foundation of the characterization rather than the sole trait.

Someone mentioned heavy-drinker delinquent Oni which sounds quite a cliche but for example, she could actually score rather good grades (fact that she does her best to hide, maybe up to a point where most teachers have agreement with her to not make big deal when she gets good grade or even pretend she got bad one when handing exams back) From what I just described she sounds more and more like chuuni which could be fine. Also/alternatively she could have really sof spot for cute things and/or animals.

55b80f No.324397

Am >>324143, will namefag from now on when making project posts.

I've added the writefag contributions of >>324236, >>324308, and >>324334 to the design document. I've also listed a main drawfag and a main writefag.

Monstergirl characters are not finalised. Regarding the issue of the chosen monstergirl species, I agree with the objections. There are 3 of 5 species in common with Monster Musume and we're also missing an opportunity to put in some girls that are real standouts in the board culture such as the yeti and the manticore.

After the monstergirls and protagonists are finalised, we should definitely write a prologue and then get one of the routes completely finished. As an arbitrary choice, let's do the slime.


>I'll give you my two cents here.

Much appreciated. It's good feedback.

b87676 No.324399


1 slime

1 beastman

1 lizard

1 undead

1 insect

That should be the standard.

dfaabb No.324400


We can replace the Lamia with a Harpy. Demon with a Beetle and the Spider with an Undead or Beastman. We can redo personality again.

18498c No.324401

File: 42ba2cdf6ea8d04⋯.jpg (187.1 KB, 1223x1129, 1223:1129, DLqpDy7W0AEqXXE.jpg large.jpg)


If you meant soldier beetle, please give her six main legs (that she uses to walk around) she looks just so shobby/ able to just stand with only four.

dfaabb No.324402


Maybe we can switch Demon with Minotaur, Spider with Undead and Lamia with Insect and keep the personalities. These are just suggestions. But Slime and Dragon is good.

dfaabb No.324405


>Because it doesn't give them purpose, just explained that in the post above.

Personally I want to go with the idea that the story takes place in a fictional fantasy world and that in modern times, monsters and humans have learned to live together and the monsters have been integrating into society.

b53c64 No.324406


>we're also missing an opportunity to put in some girls that are real standouts in the board culture such as the yeti and the manticore

I like the idea of putting in a yeti or manticore or something like that. In other words, a monster type that is fairly popular on this board that you also don't see much of in other monster girl works.

As for a random idea off of the top of my head (warning: I sometimes like exploring subversions or twists on MGE tropes)

A yeti who has been ostracized, bullied, and/or abused previously to the point that she has become depressed and isolated, and the main character's route will involve gently bringing her out of her shell and helping her overcome her anxiety and fear of rejection as she gradually warms into the affectionate cuddlebug we know and love. If you guys don't like that, that's fine too. I spend about 2 minutes coming up with it.

dfaabb No.324410


Interesting, but I rather not go with yeti and manticore unless they can be redesigned to look different from MGE.

989ece No.324411

File: 1f173f6627f2724⋯.jpg (160.09 KB, 995x1200, 199:240, DKQcTzOVYAAuyPx.jpg)


>manticore redesign

something like this?

dfaabb No.324414

File: c9cddbb10664611⋯.jpg (2.2 MB, 1808x2587, 1808:2587, Lion.jpg)


Something. Personally I like the idea about the Minotaur being the beastman to replace Demon.

ef2ed6 No.324415

Maybe we can make our own races for each monster category? Why not combine some too like undead beastman.

dfaabb No.324416


>Zombie Wolf

396916 No.324417


>as many as I could

Anon, it's a /monster/ VN without a red oni, yeti, hellhound, shork, baphomet, kikimora, shoggoth, artfairy, or autismwan. It feels more like you just chose five girls off the top of your head.


>poor representation I'd say


396916 No.324418


I think the dragon should be replaced rather than the snek, sneks are kinda important to /monster/'s history and the Indian nagini thing going on so far seems like it could be fun, while the dragon just seems like two archetypes put together at random.

dfaabb No.324419


I don't know. I'm personally fond of the dragon. Snek has been iconic with Miia and Alice, but we don't get much dragon.

396916 No.324421


It'd be fine to look through myth to create certain monster girl types, but let's refrain from ending up with things like: >>324416, please.



Bromont, do fairies count as insects? They tend to have bug wings, after all.

dfaabb No.324422


Fairies aren't really bugs despite wings. Though, can a fairy be a good stand in instead of insect?

396916 No.324423


You could easily redesign yetis by making it more clear that they're ape girls with their design.


Unless a more interesting dragon can be made than our exchange student nagini, both in terms of personality and design, it's not a good idea to go out of our way to have a girl that /monster/ might not really care about as much. There's a lot of myth to look through about dragons, like vouivres and tatzelwurms and so forth, you might come up with something really good if you're passionate enough to think about it.

396916 No.324425


Possibly, but I think there should be at least one minigirl, so it'd make the most sense as the insect, wouldn't it?

a83b14 No.324427

8b5a1b here

How about we fill the quota by making the demon a corpse and having a quick vote to either drop the lamia for the beastman or the dragon?

Bromont I'll continue talking with you once I get home in six or seven hours. I appreciate everything though.

396916 No.324428


Make sure to also make an option to keep the snek and drop the dragon instead.

2a9138 No.324429


I worded that a bit poorly, drop either the snake or the dragon for the beast

b87676 No.324430

File: d7e222a7c661355⋯.jpg (133.63 KB, 721x665, 103:95, SMT.jpg)


Fairies are fae or elemental. They serve as better sidekicks rather than love interests, but that's not to say it's not possible.

Just tragic.

dfaabb No.324431


Agreed, it's best to go with an actual insect. But what about the setting being >>324405

b87676 No.324433


>Personally I want to go with the idea that the story takes place in a fictional fantasy world and that in modern times, monsters and humans have learned to live together and the monsters have been integrating into society.

Then the story should occur pre-mutual harmonious existence, during that period were integration is beginning and starting to take route. That would make the relationships special, because they are new. Not to mention risky, as it's venturing into uncharted territory, which is added conflict.

dfaabb No.324434



989ece No.324436


We could add protest by puritans since preserving humanity and all that shit

I know that shit will happen when day of the rape happens since people can be absolute cunts

dfaabb No.324437


I'm unsure about this take.

318b83 No.324438

File: f8c1c83f8443089⋯.jpg (44.81 KB, 750x519, 250:173, mark dice.jpg)


governments and corporations who have a stake on this would d/c and fracture those organizations, not to mention other people who dont have any power but social pull who want society to move on to greener pastures. The smart thing to do is to either stop it, or guarantee a security taskforce that is open and says what monstergirls and humans are doing to eachother crime wise, so it wont be one sided.

Protests wouldn't fly in a time where things are slowly fixing itself. You also have to take into consideration about the countrys history, a country with a monarchy would probably not have the right to protest, or a country with more freedom can consider protests to violate the NAP and are liable to getting shot for tresspassing.

Lets just say that the school where this takes place on is private property, and the staff is a weird mix of governmental workers and private sector stiffs.

This is the loophole a government would use on protestors.

8a52ff No.324442

I don't know about the other writefag but these are my thoughts:

I like the idea that monster girls are a new phenomenon and were not always there just not integrated. I think it would be more fun to write and allow for some stories like a religious family giving birth to a demon and raising her as a devoted christian or the spider if we change her I would prefer her to be one of the more "horrifying/monstrous' species being traumatized by how horrified her extended or even immediate family sees her. I don't think it would work quite as well if it was something like an adopted/host family.

To talk a bit about my views on monsters:

To me monsters not just monstergirls defy logic. Look at something like a gryffin that has the head of an eagle, the body of a lion, and the front legs of the eagle and that is not even one of the crazy ones like a chimera. If you asked a biologist they might take a while to classify what exactly it is. They defy what we consider orderly and natural, Now look at monstergirls they are monsterous yet we find them attractive. They look evil yet they are loving. Goes along quite a bit with conflicting aspects of regular monsters too. This is one of the reasons I like the pious demon. She should be evil yet she is striving to do God's work. This is why I am ok with them sticking out like a sore thumb and not making complete sense as aren't they supposed to not make sense? They are there and you are going to have to try and marry their existence to the laws of what should be possible and your own worldviews.

I am a bit pressed for time so it will be a bit before I can get back

318b83 No.324445


theres different layers to demons, overall if you go by with what the christians say, theyre very selfish and constantly want the people they inflict their terrors on to eventually adopt their personality. Then you have the portrayal of a demons word or promise being one of the absolutes because if they cannot fullfill a promise or atleast a threat then the hell in which they reside in will see them as weak. Also you have the not often seen protrayal of evil beings being of defiance, to see their status of rebellion as a symbol of honor, unyielding to whatever made them in the first place.

dfaabb No.324449


Was joking about the zombie wolf. No ghostly scottish cat neither.

8b5a1b No.324466

File: c3260b0ec3b6537⋯.png (94.37 KB, 432x372, 36:31, votes.png)

Alright this will be what decides the end group of monster girls. I don't like the displeasure I'm seeing about the current selection so let's fix that once and for all. Since we have two scaled girls it's probably best we get rid of one. We're filling in the rooster gaps by adding in a beastman and making our demon a bit more undead. If you want someone else to take the death helm be sure to say so but I think demon is the easiest to integrate, could make her a dullahan or something. Once that's done will flesh out the girls personalities and post them here along with our prologue chapter plan.

Who gets the boot poll


What kind of beast girl will the replacement be?


55b80f No.324467


>Other(reply with specific other girl)


8b5a1b No.324469


>misspelled roster

fuck me

396916 No.324472

File: be0a6b2fe066c0b⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 53.99 KB, 600x480, 5:4, nepal eyes.jpg)




I'm going with yeti too. We could differ it from KC's design while letting her keep qualities we like by letting her keep cuddly white fur but making her more apelike. Maybe making her toller/stronker. Since yetis are from Nepalese folklore about the himalayas, you could give her soulstaring green eyes like pic related.


Better hope people don't beg for a cockatrice girl just to poke fun at you.

8b5a1b No.324486

File: 52724ef55361f8a⋯.png (420.82 KB, 1222x1525, 1222:1525, thicc_leg_spread_fixed.png)

Latest world building attempt, will hopefully finalize our setting.

Monstergirls started being born on Earth 10-20 years ago. Some fraction like 1/5 or 1/10 of female births worldwide are monstergirls. This occurs due to new powerplants that utilize magic/science energy (DOESN'T MATTER WHAT.)

With this in mind: Who do people blame for monstergirl births? How do people feel about the uncertainty of monstergirls' reproduction? (i.e. they may give birth to humans or monstergirls, it's unknown because we're in the first generation.) What do governments do to try to quell the civil unrest? (School!) How does being a monstergirl affect your integration with the culture you are born in?

Who do people blame for monstergirl births? A few people naturally believe the new energy source is responsible for these changes. However in order to prevent an uprising over the change in the human population the government decides to try and get people to accept these new monster girls. Eventually being able to reveal the source of these changes with little backlash. There are efforts to distract the people with other potential causes like radiation, depletion of the ozone layer, maybe even religious reasoning.

I say government but it can be made so that it’s more than one nation who are in on the truth hidden behind their new power source. Ultimately I think it should be one country who knows about this and is using this magic power, but is effecting things on a global scale. During the vn it could be revealed what the government is doing thus starting the magic classes and shit.

How do people feel about the uncertainty of monstergirls' reproduction? (i.e. they may give birth to humans or monstergirls, it's unknown because we're in the first generation.) There’s some worrying that it will lead to the extinction of the human race being purely human at first, but in the end it’s mostly women who are worried due to being the primary victims. Other people don’t really care as they feel they can get by just fine with what numerous human females are left. A few weirdos are excited at the idea humanity will be part male part monster. Others are dreading the idea but are just accepting this is how things are. The government and monster girl enthusiasts do their best to ensure humanity will never die least from something like this.

What do governments do to try to quell the civil unrest? (School!) As I mentioned earlier they do their best to integrate monster girls into modern society so people can accept them. The biggest desire they hold is preventing the cause of all these changes from getting out. School doesn’t teach to never defy the government that would be too big of a change, it’s not 1984 here. The sole different is nudging people and monster girls together through the education system. Our story won’t take place past this, the monster girls won’t grow old enough to be out of high school but we could have some sections where these ladies go through job selection like normal kids, shine some light into their lives.

How does being a monstergirl affect your integration with the culture you are born in? When a girl is born as a monster it has largely a negative effect on integration with the host culture. Simply being pushed off as weird for their looks and differences. People are largely scared of them but that doesn’t mean everything is horrible and some areas have grown to accept monster girls; of their own volition or due to outside influences. Monster girls born during the time of the story are treated much better than when they were first around, which is coincidently when most of our main heroines were born. In the area our story takes place in it’s designed specifically to try and bring humans and monsters closer, so relations are on the neutral scale in these areas.

The current state of the backstory behind this world. Also we're gonna wait a bit longer before we close the polls on the final girl. If we could have a few more writefags to do the extra route we might not even need to sacrifice the dragon to get our beastly friend in. That's a big if though and the members in gitgud chat has not changed since the project start.

55b80f No.324491


Good. Added this backstory to the design doc: https://gitgud.io/monster/VN/blob/master/designDoc.pdf

The backstory is finalised, and we will now work on the characters.

8b5a1b No.324492


Forgot to specify really in all that explanation this is taking place at the very forefront of integration.

b87676 No.324494

File: ee5bf4be48b616e⋯.jpg (106.29 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, _.jpg)


Well, the problem with your idea is that it's convoluted and it's focus is on the government rather than monster girls. Not only that, but saying monster girls are mutant humans being born within a couple decades completely takes a shit on monsters/race from legend/myth. Just because somebody is born with pointy ears doesn't make them an elf, it just makes them a person with pointy ears. It's the heritage aspect from hundreds of years going back and tradition that give monster girls a otherworldly mystique. It's like you're trying to write X-Men instead of Monster Musume.

Accepting mutant girls from freaks to people also doesn't sound as good as monster girls from another race learning not to rape but to love, simply because one is serious and the other is comedic. And you're not making a serious visual novel. Keep the tone consistent.

Brevity is also important. 'Government makes mutant babies by accident, makes a school to integrate them into society to distract people from even greater devious plots. Also five brothers fall in love with mutants as international relations improve/don't improve' sounds too all over the place. 'Two races create a school to interact with one another' keeps it simple and understandable to the reader. The depth comes from interaction, not the background.

b53c64 No.324499

File: 4d9783654342d1a⋯.jpg (65.85 KB, 640x480, 4:3, chronopolis.jpg)


After mulling this over a bit, I have to agree that we probably want to write monster girls, not mutant girls. It makes a big difference in how the girls view themselves and interact with others.

Mutant girls, especially in a setting where they are a new thing, don't really know what they are. It's practically the confusion of adolescence multiplied a hundredfold.

Monster girls do know what they are. They may abide with, live with, be friends with, and be in love with humans, but they are not humans. Beyond the physical differences, they may have instincts, desires, norms, and traditions that differ in subtle and not so subtle ways from humans.

Part of the potential of the "integration school" is lost if it changes from a neutral space for meetings and cultural exchange between different species to "Xavier's School for the Gifted (and some Normalfags, too)"

The problem I can't get around with any "mutation" backstory is that it either doesn't give enough time for monster girls to really establish their own identity as a separate species (if that is what you want in the story), or it has to take place far enough after the initial appearance of monster girls that monster girls are mainstream enough for an integration school to no longer be necessary–unless some plausible plot element has kept humans and monsters separated or segregated for a long period after the initial appearance.

If you guys are set on the "secret science/magitek" explanation for MGs, mind if I just throw some half-baked ideas out and you can ignore them, dissect them for parts, or do with them what you will?

A (possibly secret) science project to achieve some sort of teleportation/portal/wormhole/whatever technology backfires spectacularly and pulls in an entire island or small landmass from another world or plane of reality into our own, rewriting a portion of our maps somewhere out in the ocean. Kind of like Chronopolis/El Nido from Chrono Cross, but with space/dimensions instead of time. (I think at least one of the Suikoden games also had to do with alternate dimensions collapsing in to each other). On this landmass are various species of monster girls, who find themselves as bewildered by their sudden change of scenery as we are by their abrupt arrival. You guys can decide how we handle males from the other world. It wouldn't be hard to take a page from MGE here and somehow explain that there are only female monsters in the other world, and that human males and females might also have been brought in on the new landmass from the alternate world.

Now, with no way to undo this, the nations of our world have to deal with a new region and the fantastical creatures therein. You could even explain the emergence of magic, if you want to, via a new kind of ambient energy from the alternate world that was released across the globe from the incident, or say that some residual link between the two worlds allows the magic from that side to bleed over into ours.

The integration school could be part of a recently constructed city or whatever on an island near the new landmass. The purpose of these facilities is to study the new landmass and its inhabitants, and also to provide an initial neutral and contained area where inhabitants from both worlds can come to understand each other. The new landmass and the facilities around it would initially be under a kind of quarantine by the governments of the world, but diplomatic relations would serve to alleviate tensions as much as possible, and try to get both sides to understand that baby steps are necessary at first as two very different worlds learn to become one. You can decide how far down that timeline we want to set the story. If you liked any parts of that.

dfaabb No.324501


They insist on the mutation setting so much. Only thing to do is try to iron it to work.

396916 No.324503


That, or actually make a setting that fits the /monster/ spirit instead of continually pushing this.

dfaabb No.324505


I tried to argue with them to go with this idea >>324405 , but after so much talk, they still went with the mutation idea. So I tried my best to fill in the wholes. They should tone down a bit of the government thing. But we could go with "The mutation only occurs in certain females due to genes. These genes came about from when ancient monsters and heroes sired children. When magic was lost in the world, so did the pure monsters leaving behind their genes in these human descendants. Awaken by the unstable magic power that was rediscovered and used as an energy source."

b87676 No.324508

File: 9f976e4adddfadd⋯.jpg (614.21 KB, 1000x1414, 500:707, Salt.jpg)


Or you could not make a convoluted mess and keep it super simple in a tonally consistent manner.

Which, spoilers, is the only way this project is going to go anywhere.

dfaabb No.324509


I know. But they won't have my argument. I rather we do a poll.

b53c64 No.324511

File: b9680bff289c883⋯.jpg (30.32 KB, 265x374, 265:374, Kaiju_Girls_Poster.jpg)


>"The mutation only occurs in certain females due to genes. These genes came about from when ancient monsters and heroes sired children. When magic was lost in the world, so did the pure monsters leaving behind their genes in these human descendants. Awaken by the unstable magic power that was rediscovered and used as an energy source."

You almost exactly described the premise of the Kaiju Girls anime. Pic related.

Also, I nearly posted another long spiel for a mutation backstory involving planet colonization, mutation due to something on the planet, and the integration being between the normal humans of Earth and the new race of monster girls (and maybe not-incubi) that had begun to thrive on the new planet, but that all started sounding like way too much superfluous sci-fi for this, so nevermind.

dfaabb No.324512


Can we just have a poll on which setting we want to do? We got the girls down. But the whole "mutation" thing. I did my best to want to make it work, but I don't think it would roll well. I still want to do a "Fantasy World set in modern times when monsters began to integrate" as a setting. I think a poll works best to get the opinions of the anons here.

8b5a1b No.324513

File: 8fe9b16cd8acfdf⋯.png (179.71 KB, 514x514, 1:1, 1465249606195.png)


Alright I see the issues your saying. We decided the tone in the visual novel itself would be light and happy with this backstory as a contrast in order to amplify the happiness and give reason for conflicts.

But a fundamental flaw here is they're mutants not monster girls and in this the races lose identity and meaning. My issue with your idea of these schools teaching girls not to be rapists. Well it doesn't go with what I had planned for the VN and would seem to play up the girls as dumber and less, well, not really human metaphorically speaking. Which is the point after all you wanted to really accent the monster part not the girl part but would be out of place in the story I had planned.

Brevity is indeed important I agree but it's ultimately both integrating monster girls into normal society for different reasons. One is to bring the future and current humanity closer together while the other is bringing two separate species closer together both with high school.


We could just go for the less serious approach yes.


Alright we could make it just a fun story about two races fixing their differences through high school.

b53c64 No.324517


>My issue with your idea of these schools teaching girls not to be rapists. Well it doesn't go with what I had planned for the VN and would seem to play up the girls as dumber and less, well, not really human metaphorically speaking.

I'm not the guy you were replying to with that, but, I mean, throughout the MG fiction I've read so far, even with the stuff that tries to be implicitly or explicitly based on the MGE world, I see them take the whole semen demon aspect of all MGE monster girls to varying degrees. Some people write like every monster character might as well be an Ushi-Oni with the seal off. Other people write like being a monster girl is more or less like being a normal person who just happens to have noticeably lower than average inhibitions and a higher than average sex drive, but is otherwise a fully functioning and mostly well-adjusted person. Or you can look at MonMusu, which has none of the spirit/demon energy stuff that pervades MGE. MonMusu monsters only really differ from humans in their unusual forms/biology and whatever implications arise directly from that.

These are monsters, not humans, but the nature and extent of their differences from humans is up to us to determine by the tone we want to take and the worldbuilding we want to create or draw from.

dfaabb No.324518

After doing some convincing, one writefag decides to not go with the mutation story. Finally.

b87676 No.324519


>My issue with your idea of these schools teaching girls not to be rapists.

That's not the point of the school, the point of the school is to provide social interaction between two races on top of academia. Monster girls come from a place of barbarity, odd traditions/religions, and whatever else associated with whatever foreign race they are, hence the struggle to adapt to human tradition and laws. For example, if a werewolf comes from a strange mythical forest place where physical strength determines everything, only to find out she can't force a human boy to love her with flexing alone, and has to actually be romantic when going after a human boy's heart, conflict arises. Classic fish out of water scenario.

> Well it doesn't go with what I had planned for the VN and would seem to play up the girls as dumber and less, well, not really human metaphorically speaking. Which is the point after all you wanted to really accent the monster part not the girl part but would be out of place in the story I had planned.

Yes. A monster girl is a monster first and a girl second. The girl part has to come out the more interaction occurs, but the monster characteristics are incredibly important. That doesn't mean monster characteristics make them stupid, in fact in some cases, that should make them incredibly cunning. Cunning like a fox, tricky like a snake. It only heightens their personalities to something that is above human standards.

>Brevity is indeed important I agree but it's ultimately both integrating monster girls into normal society for different reasons. One is to bring the future and current humanity closer together while the other is bringing two separate species closer together both with high school.

One is about mutant humans, the other is about monster girls. I wonder which one is more /monster/?

8b5a1b No.324521


I don't think they should be mutants really anymore and if they are, least been around long enough that they're established as their own races. By that point we could've gone the separate race and saved ourselves a lot of trouble. So yeah, guess that's out.

22a2d7 No.324522

File: 1978566e05752dd⋯.png (206.91 KB, 666x1536, 111:256, doggo consept.png)

Wan concept.

dfaabb No.324523


>One is about mutant humans, the other is about monster girls. I wonder which one is more /monster/?

exactly. We shouldn't do "Boku no X-men Academia."

b53c64 No.324524


That's not the point of the school, the point of the school is to provide social interaction between two races on top of academia. Monster girls come from a place of barbarity, odd traditions/religions, and whatever else associated with whatever foreign race they are, hence the struggle to adapt to human tradition and laws. For example, if a werewolf comes from a strange mythical forest place where physical strength determines everything, only to find out she can't force a human boy to love her with flexing alone, and has to actually be romantic when going after a human boy's heart, conflict arises. Classic fish out of water scenario.

We are exactly on the same page about that. My previous post >>324517 was my way of saying I kinda wanted to deemphasize the "every monster girl is part succubus and craves sex" part of MGE and look at how monster girls have to learn to adapt their natures and traditions to humans and how humans have to learn to adapt to monster girls, and how friendship, romance, and love might blossom within that context.

396916 No.324535


There's a lot that could be done with a doggo OC for this. Could be a rambunctious hellhound as would be the most obvious choice for a /monster/ VN, could be something more specific in terms of a hellhound like a black dog or barghest or so forth, could be one of those eskimo arctic wolf monsters I forget the name of, could just be your standard jap dnd bootleg kobold, could be a Cerberus, the list goes on.


This, let's actually do a poll again. Mutation really cuts out a lot of the unique origins of many monster girls.

b87676 No.324536


That's pretty cute. Personally, I don't like weregirl types that much simply because they're the closest you can get to furries, but I'm not dogging the doggo. Maybe rip her skirt a bit, though. Give it a feral feeling.


A life revolving around semen demonry is pretty eh, you're right. Still, they should want to fuck, simply out of heightened instinct. Mating season and all that. Just, like you said, deemphasized.

8b5a1b No.324537

Alright the backstory for our setting is now from this >>324486

To the lord of monsters and humanity wishing to better relations between their species so they try to integrate with each other with the help of a diverse high school.

Largely unneeded poll http://poal.me/fwtsd4

396916 No.324539


>A life revolving around semen demonry is pretty eh, you're right. Still, they should want to fuck, simply out of heightened instinct. Mating season and all that. Just, like you said, deemphasized.

This, monster girls are non-frigid, high-libido girls, but that doesn't sum up their whole personality.

8b5a1b No.324542


I hope after this we can make the second thread and work on the prologue section.


Like I said I wanted to play up the fact they're still girls more. Going to need to change my frame of mind for the rest of the vn development.

dfaabb No.324543


The doggo is actually our revised "Cu Sith" and she's Scottish-like and upbeat.

396916 No.324544


That could work, but remember, she has to actually be green-furred if you're set on her being a defurrified cu sith.

dfaabb No.324547


That's the plan.

396916 No.324548


Don't forget the guard dog personality traits either.

b53c64 No.324549



I probably should have worded >>324524 as "friendship, romance, love, and sex" instead of just "friendship, romance, and love", but I implicitly included it as part of love instead.

My mind thinks of sex more in terms of "making love" than "fucking". I know. I'm a filthy degenerate.

That's all I was going for. Yes, monster girls are going to be into sex, but that's not all there is to them.


>The lord of monsters and humanity wishing to better relations between their species so they try to integrate with each other with the help of a diverse high school.

This, or something equally simple, I like. It's short, uncomplicated, and it doesn't leave us struggling to cram our own version of the Silmarillion in as a backstory during the prologue when we should be focusing on adequately presenting each of the MCs and their monster girl.

dfaabb No.324550


It's a fantasy world set in modern times. For now, let's call this world "Theia".

dfaabb No.324551

Or Antichthon as the world's name.

b87676 No.324552

File: c0d07700ce963ca⋯.png (231.7 KB, 666x1536, 111:256, 1..png)


Is this a pastel color setting?

b53c64 No.324565

sage for possibly stupid idea

Given the new setting, does that mean a "Bad Ending" route might see an MC winding up with a paladindu girl?

83a71d No.324578


If it's needed, I can work on debugging the code and refactoring it for neatness. I'd offer to help write it, but I'm swamped with IRL shit.

55b80f No.324582

I am coming around to the idea of having a backstory that's not the mutation thing because there are arguments against it in this thread that I agree with.

That doesn't necessarily mean I'm going to go with changing it, however. The reason is that the mutation idea has been EXECUTED. It is fleshed out over two pages of the design document, it gives details, it addresses sources of conflict that would arise in that particular setting, and explains the reason for the integrated monstergirl/human school. The proposed alternative, however, is this:


>To the lord of monsters and humanity wishing to better relations between their species so they try to integrate with each other with the help of a diverse high school.

That's not a backstory. That's a one sentence idea. Changing established shit around just because people like this five second idea more, or that other five second idea more, will stall the project to shit.

If this proposal gets a decent execution—in the range of 500–1000 words—then I will be happy to make the change. If not, then not.

Also why are people assuming that the prologue or whatever would immediately sperg out about all the overly complicated backstory shit? It won't.

396916 No.324583


Cu siths are said to be more of a dark green.

dfaabb No.324589


We don't need an overly long backstory for the setting. The long backstories are fine for the girls, but not for the setting it takes place in. Keep in mind that you're making a High School Romance VN and not some "Deepest Lore" JRPG that spans into sequels.

dfaabb No.324592

In the planet of Theia, the centuries of conflict between humans and monster has been put to an end when the Demon Lord was slain by the heroes and brought peace to the human world. The new Demon Lord wanted to make peace with humanity and signed a treaty in an attempt to better human/monster for the goal of coexistence. The most powerful nation and home of the heroes in the human world has executed the plants to do a monster exchange student program in order to help integration of monsters into human society and that they and humans can learn more about each other. The first school to partake in this project was traditionally an all boys Paladin Academy that has recently become coed and takes in the enrollment of monster girls. However there's still huge a distrust between humans and monsters as all those centuries of conflict can't easily be forgotten and discrimination of the new exchange students have occurred. Among the people in the town and staff of the school are those who fought in the conflict against the monsters.

This is just a concept draft to give an idea.

396916 No.324594


This could work but only so long as this type of setting doesn't get in the way of making things less serious like we're trying to do.

dfaabb No.324595


It's just s concept draft. The writefags can retool it if needed.

318b83 No.324596


don't make it too serious, thats the problem when westerners make a vn, you're doing a fun project because you want to, not to prove shit to nonexistent ghosts.

Post last edited at

396916 No.324598




Maybe something more like the new Demon Lord deciding to end the taboo of establishing direct contact with the human world. If you wanna further establish things as less serious you could have Ammit be said new demon lord.

318b83 No.324599

File: 9b01029c0e81b30⋯.jpg (205.52 KB, 800x1134, 400:567, what american race wars lo….jpg)

anyways, mutants have been done to death, they carry the discrimination baggage which can fag enable SJWS, and are just mutants, they have more humanity than most monstergirls from other settings would have since they were raised by humans from the start.

another path is needed, you can just do crabmans thing of where they just suddenly appear after the governments can no longer hide their numbers or something.

Post last edited at

396916 No.324600


>another path is needed, you can just do crabmans thing of where they just suddenly appear after the governments can no longer hide their numbers or something.

That or what I said here: >>324598 would probably work best, yeah.

And you're right about the discrimination thing being done to death.

dfaabb No.324601


So, this >>>324592 without the last two sentences?

dfaabb No.324602


So, this >>324592 without the last two sentences?

396916 No.324615

Are we getting a new thread soon?

396916 No.324639


07e2dc No.324646


New thread is at >>324645

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